General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 30, 2015 on GH

Luke remembered killing both his parents. Sam and Patrick agreed to move in together. Spencer found Jason's wedding ring in Nikolas' safe. Nikolas was stunned when Elizabeth mentioned Jake had a wife.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 30, 2015 on GH
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Franco runs into someone special

Franco runs into someone special

Monday, March 30, 2015

Duke's guard wondered why Duke hadn't told Sonny that Jordan had been wearing a wire. Duke replied that Jordan, as an informant for Anna, was his problem. He'd known that Jordan had tried to get him to repeat his order to kill Julian. The guard wondered if they should warn Shawn. Duke turned that idea down, thinking that Shawn would either protect or warn Jordan. He thought they should tell Shawn after Jordan had been "dealt with." He clarified that Julian was no longer his priority.

Duke's guard asked if Duke was going to talk to Sonny about Jordan, but Duke reminded the guard that Sonny needed "complete deniability" due to the custody case. Duke reasoned that Anna would need a witness to testify against him in court, but the case would fall apart if Jordan wasn't around to testify. He needed to "remove" Jordan to ensure everyone's protection.

Duke admitted that he'd underestimated Anna, who could never let her "strong moral convictions" go. He remembered trying to turn his back on the mob, but he hadn't been able to. "Lucky for Sonny," the guard commented. Duke knew that, in order to deal with Jordan, he'd have to cross a line that Anna would never understand -- or forgive him for. He realized that he was deciding his future in addition to Jordan's.

Jordan burst into Anna's hotel room. "We were just discussing you, Agent Ashford," Kyle said. He divulged that Jordan's boss from the D.E.A. had filled Kyle in on Anna's "undercover operative." Anna told Jordan that they had to fully cooperate with Kyle. She wondered how the meeting with Duke had gone. Jordan told Anna and Kyle about how Duke had called off the hit, and the three listened to the recording of the meeting.

Kyle was satisfied that Duke still believed Jordan was loyal to the organization. "Unless he's playing us and he's onto her," Anna suggested. Jordan remarked that Duke hadn't given an indication that he suspected Jordan of wearing a wire but acknowledged that if he had, she'd have a "bigger target on my back than before." Anna helped Jordan take the wire off, and Kyle had to leave to attend to other business. Anna warned Kyle about not leaking any information because she believed he'd be willing to "advance his career at the expense of everyone else." He promised the secret was safe with him, and he left.

Jordan worried that Duke suspected her of being a cop. Anna suggested that he'd called off the hit because the murder would put a lot of scrutiny on the organization. Jordan thought Duke knew she was "a rat." She wondered if Anna trusted Kyle. "No," Anna stated, but she promised to "handle" Kyle, as long as Jordan could "ensure Duke's trust. And then we make him pay for it," she added.

Jake grabbed two coffees at Kelly's and bumped right into Carly. She wondered if one of the coffees was for his wife. She proceeded to tear apart Hayden's story, and she couldn't believe that he believed Hayden's story. He reminded her that Hayden had had proof, but Carly had an explanation for almost everything. She implored him to stay in Port Charles, which was the only place where he knew people. She reminded him that "Sloan has you on a leash."

Carly offered to call Diane for Jake, but he wanted to take care of his problems on his own. She wanted to have him close rather than away with Hayden. She told him that, if he went away with Hayden, he'd be starting a new life -- but in Pentonville. "You have a point," he said as she took a coffee. He informed her that he started his work with Julian the next day. He realized that his only option was to stay in Port Charles. She assured him that she would support him no matter what. She kissed him on the cheek and left.

A short while later, Jake walked away from the counter with two more coffees and bumped right into Kyle. He informed Kyle that he started his new job with Julian the next day, but there was a new situation in his life that could complicate things. Kyle advised Jake not to break his commitment and took one of the coffees. He wished Jake luck, reminded him that there was "a lot of riding on this," and left.

Franco and Nina asked Olivia that Champagne and chocolate be sent up to a free luxury suite for them. Olivia wondered if Franco was still "trippin'." He threatened to tell Julian that Olivia was carrying Julian's baby. Nina commended a wide-eyed Olivia, because "not every woman can claim two babies by two different mob bosses." Olivia insisted the baby was Ned's, but Franco reminded her of their conversation while he had been faking his LSD trip in Shadybrook.

Franco demanded the complimentary suite in exchange for his silence. Olivia told Franco and Nina to do what they wanted because no one would ever believe anything they said. Nina replied that they only needed Julian to believe them. Franco and Nina walked straight over to Julian, who was sitting at a table with Alexis.

Alexis asked Julian what she'd interrupted between him and Olivia. He told her that he'd apologized to Olivia for insisting he was the father of Olivia's baby, and he'd promised that he and Alexis would "let it go." Just then, Franco and Nina were standing next to the table. "Can I help you?" Julian wondered. "I can help you," Franco responded as Olivia watched.

Alexis had thought Nathan was picking Nina up at the courthouse. Nina responded that she wanted to spend her freedom with Franco. Julian advised Franco and Nina to celebrate their freedom elsewhere. Franco announced that he had something important to tell Julian. Just then, Olivia ran over to the table. She babbled on about Franco and Nina bothering Julian and Alexis and offered to find another table to Franco and Nina.

As Franco began to talk to Julian, Olivia cried that Franco and Nina's Champagne had arrived in their suite. Eyes rolling, she cited that "the customer is always right at the Metro Court." Julian wondered what Franco had wanted to say. Franco gave his condolences to Julian for Ava. "Don't speak to me about my sister," Julian warned. Franco assured Julian that he was there for Julian in his time of need, and Franco, Nina, and Olivia left.

Away from the table, Franco assured Olivia that she'd done the right thing. He advised her to think of it as a "down payment," and "the first of many installments." In addition to the room, Nina wanted a standing reservation at the best table at the Metro Court restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Olivia countered that the table was Carly's, and she couldn't possibly explain that to Carly. Franco replied that it was Olivia's problem, just as Carly appeared.

Valerie divulged to Lulu and Dante that Patricia had been "sick for years" with multiple sclerosis. Patricia needed round-the-clock medical support, so she'd had to go to Oak Hill, which was a convalescent hospital. She hadn't wanted to tell Luke where Patricia was, but he'd threatened to kill her. Dante advised her to rest while he checked on Patricia. He promised to help Patricia if Valerie would tell him where Oak Hill was located. She wanted to go with Dante. "I'm stronger than you think," she said, but she fainted into Dante's arms.

Dante put Valerie on the couch and picked up his phone to call an ambulance. He instructed Lulu to find directions to Oak Hill. A few minutes later, Valerie woke up, still wanting to go with Dante to Oak Hill. Dante advised Lulu to stay with Valerie until the ambulance got there. "Hell no," Lulu bellowed. Valerie tried to get up to go with them to Oak Hill, but she passed out, again falling right into Dante's arms. Lulu ran out of the apartment as Dante yelled at her to return, to no avail.

Dante called for an ambulance again and assured Valerie that help was on its way. Valerie wondered where Lulu was. "Making the biggest mistake of her life," he replied.

Bobbie knocked on Patricia's door in Oak Hill. She and Tracy entered the room and were shocked to find a gun-wielding Luke. Tracy tried to appeal to Luke, but he only said, "You're dealing with me." He realized they were there because Valerie had told them he was there. He informed a confused Tracy that he'd been in the apartment the entire time she and Lulu had been there. Bobbie demanded to know where Patricia was. Luke pulled the curtain back from around the bed to reveal a woman in the bed, bound and gagged.

Luke introduced Tracy and Bobbie to Patricia. Bobbie informed Patricia that Luke was "sick," so he didn't mean anything he was doing or saying. He asked Patricia if she'd rather take the gag off or watch him shoot Bobbie or Tracy. Patricia shook her head. Luke continued that Patricia was "old enough to remember things you shouldn't." He wondered, "if there's no one left alive to remember an event, did it happen?"

Luke pulled Bobbie over and threw her on the bed. He sarcastically marveled over the three Spencer siblings being together again. Bobbie reminded Luke that he'd always been her protector. Luke responded that the past was "a different place" which he intended to "eliminate." He pulled Tracy to the bed and pointed his gun at the three women. Tracy thought the man she loved was still "in there somewhere."

Luke yelled that Bobbie and Tracy should have died on the Haunted Star "with the rest of the sheep." He realized that it only proved that "if you want someone dead, you have to take care of it yourself." Just as he pointed the gun at Bobbie, Lulu burst into the room. He pushed her to the bed. "Welcome to the party," he told her, assuring her that he had enough bullets for everyone.

Jake decides to remain in Port Charles

Jake decides to remain in Port Charles

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Ric entered Kelly's as he spoke to Hayden on the phone. She warned him that they had a problem because Jake hadn't returned with the coffee Jake has stepped out to fetch. Frustrated, Ric reminded Hayden that he had gone to great lengths and paid Hayden a lot of money to get Jake out of his life, so he expected her to hold up her end of the bargain. He barked at Hayden not to "screw" things up, but quickly disconnected the call when he saw Elizabeth standing in the doorway. Elizabeth asked if he was okay, so he lied that the call had been work related.

Elizabeth admitted that it had sounded like an important case, so Ric cryptically explained that he cared very much for the client. Elizabeth started to walk past Ric to let him get back to work, but Ric followed her to the counter. Elizabeth seemed leery about spending time with Ric, but he assured her that he had accepted her decision to end things with him. He admitted that he wasn't happy about it, but he was trying to move forward and had even taken Molly's advice to look into online dating. Ric added that he'd already gone on a date, but it hadn't worked out. He then shifted gears to ask about Elizabeth and Jake.

Elizabeth quickly filled Ric in about Hayden's appearance. Ric pretended to be surprised by asking where Hayden had been since Jake's disappearance, so Elizabeth admitted that it was a long story, but the bottom line was that she and Jake were over. Ric claimed to be sorry, but Elizabeth was skeptical. Ric assured her it was true because he didn't like seeing her in pain. However, he had an idea that might help her get over Jake.

Ric asked Elizabeth to give him another chance, but she reminded him that she had ended things with him for several reasons, not just because she had feelings for Jake. Ric conceded he had made mistakes, but Elizabeth argued Ric's attempt to get rid of Jake went beyond a mere mistake. Ric acknowledged that it had been wrong to try to send Jake to jail for life, but Ric insisted he had been trying to protect Elizabeth. Ric implored Elizabeth to reconsider because he and Elizabeth had history together, but she wasn't swayed. Ric pointed out that if he could look past her having feelings for another man, then she should be able to look past his transgressions.

Elizabeth warned Ric that she felt pressured, so he agreed to back off, but he advised her that she shouldn't waste time pining for something she couldn't have. Ric started to leave but stopped to remind Elizabeth that Jake could never give her what Ric could.

At Metro Court, Jake entered the suite as Hayden realized that Ric had disconnected the call with her. Jake was curious who Hayden had been talking to, so she claimed she had checked in with a friend back home to share the good news about Jake. Hayden accepted a cup of coffee from Jake and took a sip, but she immediately grimaced when she noticed there was creamer but no sugar in the coffee. Jake apologized but pointed out that he had no idea how she preferred her coffee. Hayden dumped out the coffee as she informed him that she liked two sugars with a splash of soy milk in her coffee.

Hayden changed the subject by asking what had delayed Jake's return, so he admitted that he had bumped into Carly. Hayden was not pleased because she suspected that Carly had continued to accuse Hayden of lying about Jake and Hayden's marriage. Hayden argued that it didn't make sense unless Hayden was a "card-carrying lunatic," so Jake apologized if Carly's comments had hurt Hayden. Hayden insisted that Carly's suggestion was an insult to both Hayden and Jake -- and their life together -- but Jake insisted Carly was protective of her friends.

Jake was confident that Hayden would grow to like Carly once Hayden had a chance to get to know her, but Hayden didn't have any intention of getting to know Carly, since Hayden and Jake would soon be returning to Beechers Corners. Hayden was surprised when Jake objected to leaving Port Charles because he had accepted a job with Julian Jerome. Hayden argued that Jake's life was in Beechers Corners with Hayden, where they had a home and friends, but Jake refused to leave the only life he had ever known.

Hayden recalled Ric's warning to get Jake out of town, so she continued to plead her case, but Jake stubbornly refused to change his mind. Frustrated, Hayden wondered where she and Jake would stay, so he suggested they remain at the hotel until he figured things out. Resigned, Hayden waited until Jake slipped into the bathroom to change clothes before she called Ric. She reached Ric's voicemail, so she left a message warning him that they had a serious problem to deal with.

Moments later, Jake returned to the room then made his way to the left side of the bed. Hayden informed him that she slept on the left side of the bed, so Jake walked to the other side. After they both slid under the covers, Hayden asked if anything seemed familiar. Jake shook his head, so Hayden rolled to her side away from Jake. Jake quietly turned off the light then turned his back on Hayden with a troubled expression.

At the hospital, Alexis bumped into Patrick, but the tension was thick as Patrick tried to make polite conversation. Finally, Alexis decided to take the bull by the horns and asked exactly what Patrick had seen when he and Sam had walked in on Alexis and Julian. Patrick claimed that it had been a "big blur," but Alexis took offense. Patrick assured her that he hadn't meant to insult her, but Alexis remained tense. Eventually, Patrick confessed that he had seen Alexis' breasts, but he quickly reminded her that he was a doctor. Alexis admitted that Julian had assured her that a doctor viewed a naked body the same as looking at a phonebook, but Patrick merely smiled politely.

Alexis decided it would be best for her and Patrick to forget the incident entirely and never speak of it again, so Patrick agreed. He then tactfully changed the subject by revealing that he might have a solution to avoid a similar situation in the future. "A time machine?" Alexis asked. Patrick confided that he had asked Sam to move in with him. Alexis was surprised, but Patrick revealed that Sam had asked for time to think things over.

Patrick quickly assured Alexis that he wasn't trying to enlist Alexis' help to persuade Sam to agree, but he was curious what Alexis' thoughts were. Alexis conceded that things had progressed rather quickly for Patrick and Sam, but she thought Patrick and Sam were great together. Alexis acknowledged that both Patrick and Sam had experienced profound losses, but they had each emerged on the other side, stronger than ever. Alexis had faith that Sam would take a chance with Patrick, so she advised Patrick to give Sam some time then left to attend to a deposition.

At the penthouse, Sam studied her wedding ring as Julian entered through the front door. Julian apologized for startling Sam, but he was relieved that he hadn't walked in on Sam and Patrick while the couple had been in the middle of something. Sam became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation because it was a reminder of her walking in on her parents while they had been about to make love. Julian felt bad because he realized that he and Alexis should have gone to the bedroom, but Sam didn't want to talk about her parents' love life. Julian confessed that he had hoped to avoid similar situations by asking Alexis to move in with him, but Alexis had balked at the idea.

"Like mother, like daughter," Sam quipped. Sam told her father about Patrick's offer for Sam and Danny to move in with Patrick and Emma, but Sam had been reluctant to agree. Julian wondered what was holding Sam back, so she confessed that she had no idea because she was crazy about Patrick and wanted to be with him and only him. However, there were other people to consider, including Danny and Emma. Sam explained that living with Patrick would mean becoming a family with him and Emma.

Julian sensed a "but," so Sam explained that she and Danny should have been a family with Jason. Sam confessed that it still hurt to think that Jason had never known the truth about Danny's paternity. Julian felt bad for Sam, but he reminded her that she and Danny could have a wonderful life with Patrick and Emma. Julian was a firm believer in second chances because he had been given one when he had returned to Port Charles and had met Alexis, Sam, and Lucas.

Sam argued that her situation was different. Julian agreed because Sam mourned the life she could have had with Jason. Julian assured her that she had nothing to feel ashamed about then mentioned seeing her studying her wedding band when he had walked in. Sam revealed that she had been looking at it because of Jake, not Jason. Sam told her father about Jake's strange remark about there only being one ring prior to Jake's recent brain surgery.

Sam confessed there was something unsettling about Jake, prompting Julian to question if he should allow Jake to work for him. Sam rushed to assure Julian that she hadn't meant it in a bad way then added that Jake deserved to have an opportunity to rebuild his life.

A short time later, Alexis arrived home. She was pleasantly surprised when she saw Julian seated on the sofa sipping a glass wine. He greeted her with a kiss, which quickly turned passionate. Alexis started to lead him to the bedroom, but Julian assured her that it wasn't necessary because Danny was asleep, Molly had gone out with T.J., and Sam had left. Alexis mentioned running into Patrick and their discussion about Patrick's proposal for Sam to move in with Patrick. Julian smiled as he assured Alexis that Sam had decided to give Patrick an answer.

At the hospital, Sam approached Patrick at the nurses' station. She asked to speak to him privately, so he followed her to a quiet corner. Sam confessed that she had given his offer some consideration and had decided to move in with him. Patrick was delighted.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Olivia was outraged when Nina requested Carly's table. Nina was confident that Carly would understand, but Olivia disagreed. Olivia had no idea how to explain Franco and Nina's stay at the hotel, but Nina warned Olivia that Olivia would have to think of something quickly because Carly had arrived. Carly glared at Franco as she approached the trio and demanded to know what Franco was doing in the restaurant. Franco revealed that he and Nina had been released from Shadybrook and no longer faced legal charges.

Carly demanded that Franco and Nina leave the hotel, but Nina accused Carly of overreacting. Furious, Carly informed Nina that Franco was a "vicious psycho" who didn't deserve to live. Carly refused to allow Franco to stay at her hotel, so she threatened to call security to have him removed. Franco warned Carly that it would be a mistake because Olivia had agreed to allow Franco and Nina to stay at the hotel for free. Carly stared at Olivia with disbelief, but Olivia remained silent.

Franco assured Carly that it was true, so Carly demanded that Olivia explain. Olivia reluctantly confirmed that Franco was right. According to Olivia, she had empathized with both Franco and Nina, since Olivia had once been a victim of Heather's too. Carly demanded to know if Olivia had lost her mind, but Olivia stuck to her story. Carly refused to allow Franco and Nina to stay because Franco was responsible for Michael turning his back on Carly, but Franco argued that Michael had turned against Carly because Carly had lied.

Carly reiterated that Franco couldn't stay, but Olivia reminded Carly that Olivia had every right to invite guests to stay, since Olivia was a co-owner of the hotel. Furious, Carly stormed off. Franco praised Olivia for standing her ground but advised Olivia to continue to cooperate unless she wanted Julian to know the truth about Olivia's baby's paternity.

A short time later, Franco and Nina entered their suite. They immediately decided to order Champagne and caviar as Nina scanned the menu for other delicacies to order. Franco fetched two small complimentary bottles of alcohol to toast their new start on life. "Watch out, Port Charles -- we're back," Franco said as he and Nina clinked bottles.

Meanwhile, Carly returned to the bar to talk to Olivia. Carly wanted to know the real reason Olivia had agreed to give Franco and Nina a hotel suite.

At Oak Hill, a convalescence home in Pennsylvania, Luke waved a gun at Tracy, Bobbie, and Patricia. Patricia remained gagged and bound in the bed as Tracy and Bobbie stood at her bedside. Luke confessed that he was eager to become a widower, but first he intended to shoot Bobbie. He advised his youngest sister to prepare to die and to say hello to her deceased daughter, B.J., but Lulu suddenly burst into the room before he could fire a shot. Lulu was shocked when she saw her father with a gun, but Luke forced Lulu to join Tracy and Bobbie next to Patricia's bed.

Luke assured the ladies that he had plenty of bullets to kill each of them, but Lulu warned Luke that the police were on their way because Dante had alerted the authorities of Luke's presence at Oak Hill. Luke wasn't concerned as he took aim at Lulu, but Tracy suddenly stepped in front of both Lulu and Bobbie. Tracy refused to let Luke shoot his daughter and sisters, so Luke decided to start with Tracy.

Tracy was confident that Luke wouldn't pull the trigger any more than he had been able to allow Tracy to die on the Haunted Star. Luke scoffed, but Tracy argued that Luke had made certain Tracy would follow him off the ship on the fateful night the bomb had been planted. Tracy insisted that -- at his core -- Luke loved his family because they were as much a part of him as he was a part of them. Tracy assured Luke that they all loved him and that no trauma, no matter how bad, would ever change that.

Luke's expression suddenly clouded with confusion as he quietly asked, "Where am I?" Tracy was relieved because she immediately recognized the Luke she had known and loved for years. Luke was surprised when he saw Lulu and Bobbie standing next to Patricia's bed. Luke's confusion turned to shock when he recognized his eldest sister, Patricia. Bobbie quickly removed the gag from Patricia's mouth and the tape around her wrists as Luke tearfully greeted Patricia. Patricia offered a watery smile as she confessed that she had instantly recognized Luke even though it had been 52 years since she had last seen him.

Luke sobered because he suspected that was because he looked like their father, but Patricia clarified that she had recognized Luke because he was her brother. Luke was curious why they were at Oak Hill, so Patricia explained that she had multiple sclerosis. Luke was filled with regret when he realized that he had gagged his frail sister, but he didn't understand why or what they were all doing at the convalescence home. Tracy started to explain that they had hoped to talk to Patricia about Luke's childhood in the hopes of finding out why he had suffered a mental "break," but a knock at the door cut the conversation short.

Police officers identified themselves then demanded the door be opened. Tracy and Lulu decided to step into the hallway to deal with the police officers. The police officers revealed that Dante had alerted them to that Luke was at Oak Hill, but Tracy and Lulu assured the officers that everything was fine and under control. Lulu promised to check in with her husband, so the police officers left.

Tracy and Lulu braced themselves then entered Patricia's room to get some answers about Luke. However, both Tracy and Lulu were stunned when they noticed that Luke had vanished. Bobbie explained that Luke had slipped out the window before Bobbie had been able to stop him.

Luke remembers killing both of his parents

Luke remembers killing both of his parents

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The 52nd anniversary episode featured Jason Thompson, Ryan Carnes, Rebecca Herbst, and Laura Wright recreating the roles of Doctors Steve Hardy and Phil Brewer; Jessie Brewer, R.N.; and Lena Spencer.

Covered in dust and police tape, the old Spencer home on Elm Street stood silent as Luke slowly approached the front door. Breaking the silence, Luke remarked, "It all started here." He hurriedly ripped the police tape from the front door then turned the doorknob several times, but the door would not budge. Luke searched his pockets for the key to unlock the door then slowly entered his lifeless former home.

In Patricia's room at Oak Hill, Bobbie assured Patricia that Luke would be okay. "My little brother always beats the odds," Patricia replied softly with confidence. Lulu wanted to call Dante to have him put out an APB on Luke, but Patricia begged Lulu to reconsider. Seeking some privacy, Bobbie closed the door to the room then told Patricia it was time to talk about what had happened in their old house.

Inside the Spencer house, Luke dusted off the doorjamb to the boarded-up cellar stairway. He smiled slightly when he saw old pencil height markings for each of the children on the wall, so he closed his eyes to reflect on a time long before.

A young boy walked into the modestly furnished Elm Street home, dejected from a baseball game loss. As he fiddled with a pack of cigarettes, a woman called out, "Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, is that you?" The young boy answered affirmatively as a woman wearing a gingham dress and white apron worried that Luke had arrived home later than usual. However, she was relieved that his father was running late. Luke noticed a bruise on his mother's arm, but she quickly dismissed it as a mishap while vacuuming.

Young Patricia Spencer trotted down the steps to check on her brother. Upon seeing her, their mother was aghast. "Patricia Spencer, what are you doing wearing pants? Who do you think you are? Mary Tyler Moore?" Patricia and Luke's mother asked. Patricia groaned that she didn't want to wear a dress, and that all of her old dresses could be tailored to fit her younger sister, Barbara Jean. Upon realizing that Barbara Jean, affectionately known as "Bobbie," was nowhere to be found, everyone began searching for her. A few moments later, Bobbie popped out from behind a curtain and shouted, "April Fools!"

As Bobbie celebrated her prank and Luke called her a "knucklehead," the front door opened. "What the hell is all the racket?" grumbled a man as he walked in. "And why is there no dinner on the table?" the man demanded.

Present day Luke hovered in the background, observing the events, and scowled. "Daddy," he snarled.

At Oak Hill, Lulu warned Patricia that whatever secret Patricia had been keeping had likely been what had caused Luke to "break." Patricia thought it was "only fitting that all this comes out today." The most traumatic moment of her life -- and Luke's -- had happened exactly 52 years earlier. Bobbie cocked her head to the side as she realized it was day their mother had died and their father had abandoned them.

Back in 1963, Tim Spencer complained about President Kennedy and how it was going "to be impossible for a white guy to get a job in this country." He remarked that he had fought in a World War but was being forced to work alongside "a bunch of immigrants." Patricia remarked, "You fought in Korea, jackass." Tim warned his daughter to watch her mouth then resumed complaining about politics as dinner was served. Lena Spencer bowed her head and apologized for overcooking the roast, but Tim soon became distracted when he learned about Luke's baseball game.

Tim demanded to see his son's swing, so Luke reluctantly demonstrated, only to be ridiculed by his father. "You swing like a little girl," Tim lamented. Patricia stepped forward and blasted her father as an "old drunk." Without warning, Tim slapped his daughter across the face. "You keep your damn mouth shut, you little bitch," Tim growled.

At Oak Hill, Patricia held her hand to her face as she recalled the beating she had taken so many years earlier. Patricia remarked that if she had kept her mouth shut, they would all be leading very different lives. Bobbie remembered that she and her siblings had all been on the receiving end of their father's abuse, but Bobbie couldn't remember any details of the night their mother had died.

Patricia recalled arguing with her father, while Luke had sent Bobbie to her room. After Patricia had sassed her father, Lena had tried to calm the situation, but it had further inflamed Tim. Tim had blasted Lena for undermining his authority then had threatened to hit Lena.

At Oak Hill, Bobbie recalled that their father had beaten their mother until her appendix had burst then had left Lena for dead. Patricia shook her head and explained that Bobbie's recollection of the events was inaccurate.

Patricia's memory returned to the incident and Lena lying motionless on the ground with blood dripping from a gash on her forehead. Patricia and Tim called out to Lena, but Lena was unresponsive, so Patricia decided to take her mother to the hospital. "Nobody's going to the hospital," Tim objected. Several long moments later, Lena regained consciousness, but Patricia remained adamant that Lena get medical attention. "Well, la-di-da, if it ain't Princess Grace?" Tim callously asked, and then instructed his daughter to take the bus rather than his car.

Luke wanted to go with Patricia and Lena, but Patricia begged him to stay behind to watch over Bobbie. Tim tried to chase after Patricia and Lena, but Luke prevented him from leaving the house.

At Oak Hill, Patricia tearfully recounted how she'd taken her mother to the hospital in her father's car. "He loved that damned car more than he ever loved us," she revealed. Bobbie's cell phone suddenly rang, but Bobbie decided to send Lucas' call to voicemail because she wanted to hear what Patricia had to say about the night their mother had died.

Patricia's thoughts returned to 1963 when she had taken her mother to General Hospital. Dr. Phil Brewer approached Dr. Steve Hardy to consult about a patient, so Steve reviewed the patient's chart and decided to check on the patient personally. Phil thanked Steve and walked away.

Moments later, Nurse Jessie Brewer bumped into Steve, so she quickly updated him about a patient who had been traumatized by a facial injury and refused to look in the mirror.

Meanwhile, Patricia arrived with Lena and called out for someone to help them. Phil quickly ran over to check on Lena, who had a cloth pressed to the side of her head to stem the bleeding. Alarmed, Phil asked what had happened to Lena, so Lena claimed that she had stumbled down the basement steps. Patricia scolded her mother for not telling the truth, but Lena stuck to her story. Moments later, Jessie walked up to ask her husband what was going on.

Phil explained that Lena had fallen, but it was clear he was skeptical of the story. Lena decided that she didn't belong at the hospital, so she stood to leave but immediately fainted. Phil caught Lena in his arms as Steve rushed over to help. Phil gently laid Lena down on a gurney as Steve instructed the orderlies to take Lena to "Cubicle One." Patricia started to follow, but Jessie explained that Patricia had to remain in the waiting area.

Jessie joined Steve at the entrance of the cubicle as Phil examined Lena. Steve confided that the patient was Lena Eckert Spencer, so Jessie offered to get Lena's husband's phone number from Lena's daughter. Steve explained that Tim was known to slap Lena and the children around, so he asked Jessie to contact Lena's brother, Fred Eckert. Steve revealed that Fred owned a bakery in town.

In the waiting area, Patricia clutched her necklace with a crucifix pendant as she prayed for her mother to be okay.

At Oak Hill, Patricia held the same crucifix pendant as she recalled Steve and Phil trying to save her mother's life. She explained that in those days, family members were not allowed to be present while their loved ones were being treated. Patricia admitted that it had felt like hours before she had received word about her mother's condition, but in reality, it had likely only been half an hour.

Patricia recalled Jessie handing Patricia a tissue as Steve joined the young teenager in the waiting area. Steve sat down next to Patricia to break the news that Lena had passed away. He assured Patricia that Lena had never regained consciousness before succumbing to the brain swelling resulting from the injury on the side of Lena's head. Stunned, Patricia followed Jessie when Jessie took her to see Lena.

Patricia returned to the present as she told her sister, Bobbie, that all Patricia could do was kiss their mother and promise to take care of both Luke and Bobbie. Bobbie assumed the trauma of witnessing Tim kill their mother had given rise to Luke's dark side, but Patricia explained that it wasn't that simple. However, Bobbie became distracted when her phone rang. It was Lucas again, so Bobbie decided to take the call.

Bobbie stepped into the hallway to talk to Lucas. He revealed a neighbor had called to alert him that Luke had been spotted entering the house on Elm Street. Lucas couldn't understand why Luke had gone there, since the police were still investigating the explosion from weeks earlier.

Meanwhile, Luke stood inside the shell of his childhood home as he watched the events of the fateful day his mother had died unfold before his eyes. Luke saw himself as a teenager straightening up the living room as Tim sullenly drank from a bottle of alcohol. Luke was furious with his father but held his temper as Tim viciously berated his son. Moments later, the phone rang, so Tim staggered to the next room to answer the call.

Young Luke sat down on the sofa and tried to calm down. He was determined to stop his father from further mistreating Lena and the rest of the family during Tim's alcoholic rages. Moments later, Tim returned to the living room with a dazed expression. Luke jumped up to inform his father that things would change once Lena returned home because Luke expected Tim to start treating Lena with respect, but Tim revealed that Lena had died. Shaken, Luke refused to believe his father.

At Oak Hill, Tracy realized the appendicitis story had been a lie to avoid the reality that Tim had murdered his wife, Lena. Patricia tearfully told Tracy and Lulu that the story was far more complicated than that, but she didn't have an opportunity to explain because Bobbie returned to inform everyone that Luke had been seen at the Spencer house on Elm Street.

At the Spencer house, Luke continued to watch the day of his mother's death play out. He watched himself as a teenager accuse his father of lying about Lena's death, but Tim coldly shouted "Your mother is dead!"

At Oak Hill, Lulu was curious why her father would return to the house on Elm Street when everyone had been searching for Luke. Patricia was certain that Luke was desperate to remember what had happened when Lena had died. Tracy sensed that Patricia was holding something back, so she demanded to know what it was.

Patricia's memories drifted back to when she had sat in the hospital's waiting area after her mother's death. Steve gently urged Patricia to tell him what had really happened to Lena, but Patricia remained tightlipped. Steve explained that revealing the truth might prevent another tragedy from happening, but Patricia didn't have a chance to reply because Jessie approached to announce that the Eckerts had arrived.

After Steve left to talk to the Eckerts, Patricia remained in the waiting area until she felt someone tap her shoulder. At first, Patricia had assumed the young man standing next to her was her brother, Luke, but the teenager introduced himself as her cousin, Bill Eckert.

At Oak Hill, Bobbie's expression clouded with confusion because Luke and Bobbie hadn't even known of Bill's existence until Bill had returned to Port Charles in the 1990s. Patricia assured Bobbie that Patricia had met their cousin the night Lena had died, but Tracy wanted to know what Bill had to do with what had happened to Luke.

At the house on Elm Street, Luke continued to watch the nightmarish events from his youth unfold as Tim continued to drink heavily while Luke busied himself preparing for Lena's return home. Furious, Tim demanded to know if Luke was deaf. Luke ignored his father and carried a vase filled with flowers to set down on a table. Tim advised Luke to save the flowers for Lena's grave, but Bobbie ran into the living room before Luke could reply. Young Bobbie anxiously asked where her mother was, so Luke told his sister that Patricia and Lena had gone out for a walk.

Tim scoffed at Luke's explanation then took a swig of alcohol. Luke sent Bobbie to her room to get ready for bed, so Tim waited until Bobbie scampered off then confronted Luke about the lie. Luke seethed with fury as he glared at his drunken father. Tim ignored the hatred shining from Luke's eyes as he instructed Luke to tuck Bobbie in for the night and tell her the truth about her mother. Luke shouted for Tim to "shut up," but Tim grabbed Luke to reiterate that Lena was dead.

Tim warned Luke that no amount of "whining" would change that, so Luke shot back that at least Lena was safe from Tim then blamed Tim for Lena's death. Luke was disgusted when Tim reached for a bottle of booze because it was all Tim truly cared about. Luke invited Tim to have another drink. "Have the whole damn bottle. Drink until you're passed out," Luke screamed at his father.

Luke warned Tim that no matter how much Tim drank, it wouldn't change the fact that Tim had regularly beaten Lena and the children until each and every one of them was broken. Luke continued to rant at his father, but Tim merely smirked then took another drink.

At Oak Hill, Tracy, Lulu, and Bobbie decided to go to the house on Elm Street, but Patricia insisted on joining them. Bobbie gently explained that Patricia wasn't in any condition to travel, but Patricia stubbornly refused to be left behind, so she threatened to get into the wheelchair herself and find a way to her childhood home. Tracy agreed to take Patricia with them, but first Tracy wanted to know the rest of the story and what had happened after Bill had appeared at the hospital.

Patricia confessed that she had been shocked because Lena had been estranged from the Eckerts, so Patricia had never met any of them. However, Patricia admitted she had felt like she had known Bill her entire life when she had looked into his face.

Patricia's memories returned to her first meeting with Bill when she had told her cousin that he looked uncannily like her brother, Luke. Bill confessed his father, Fred, had mentioned it several times then revealed that the Eckerts had known about the abuse Lena had suffered at Tim's hands. Bill confided that the Eckerts had tried to rescue Lena and the children from Tim, but Tim had stopped them. Patricia wasn't surprised. Bill was curious if Tim had been responsible for Lena's death, but Patricia insisted that she needed to get back to the house to get her brother and sister away from her father. Patricia was touched when Bill decided to accompany her.

At Oak Hill, Patricia settled into the wheelchair as she recounted how she and Bill had raced to the house in Tim's car. Patricia had intended to take her siblings and move in with the Eckerts until she could figure something out. She had warned Bill that it wouldn't be easy, but Bill had been determined to do whatever was necessary to help his cousins. However, Patricia and Bill hadn't been prepared for what they had seen when they arrived at the house.

Patricia recalled entering the house with Bill, but stopping short when she'd seen a shaken Luke crouched on the floor with his arms wrapped around his knees. Nearby, amid the strewn furniture, was Tim's lifeless body.

Shocked, Tracy quietly asked how Tim had died, so Patricia revealed that Tim had died before Patricia and Bill had arrived.

At the Spencer house, Luke was lost in the past as he recalled confronting his father about Lena's murder. Tim claimed that he had loved his wife because Lena had been the only good thing in his life and the only reason Tim had tolerated their three "brats." Tim decided to leave town without the kids after he paid his respects to Lena. Luke was shocked that Tim intended to leave Patricia, Luke, and Bobbie in the state's care, but Tim pointed out that they would all finally get what they wanted.

Tim insisted that Luke had no one to blame except Luke, so Luke accused his father of being a monster. Tim laughed when Luke picked up a baseball bat. He asked what Luke intended to do with the bat, since Luke couldn't even swing properly. "Shut up, shut up," Luke shouted at his father.

Luke returned to the present as he looked around the remains of his childhood home. He spotted the baseball bat and picked it up as a horrible truth dawned on him. "Oh, I did it. I-I killed my father," Luke quietly said in shocked disbelief. Luke tried to deny the truth by reminding himself that his father had taken off, but he couldn't recall what had happened after he had picked up the baseball bat during the argument with his father.

Luke suddenly recalled crouching on the floor and silently weeping, while he stared at Tim's dead body on the floor. Luke remembered hearing echoes of someone's voice, but he couldn't place who it had been.

Moments later, Tracy burst through the door. She was relieved that Luke was there and appeared unharmed, but Luke was shocked when he saw Bobbie and Patricia follow Tracy into the house. Luke insisted that Tracy and his sisters shouldn't be there, but Patricia's eyes filled with tears as she explained that he didn't belong there either. Luke disagreed because he had killed his father, but he noticed that no one seemed surprised.

Patricia explained that she had told Tracy and Bobbie everything, so Luke confessed that he couldn't recall what had happened after he had picked up the baseball bat. He begged Patricia to fill in the blanks, but Tracy urged Luke to try to remember on his own because the answer was inside him. Luke explained that he couldn't, but he was certain that he had been responsible for his father's death. Luke conceded that he wasn't sorry he had killed the "bastard," but Tracy was certain a part of Luke regretted what had happened, since Tim had been Luke's father.

Luke assured Tracy that he couldn't escape the fact that Tim had been his father because he saw Tim staring back at him every time Luke looked in the mirror. Tracy insisted that Tim had been a coward who had abused his wife and children, while Luke was a man who had the strength to face the past. Luke turned to Patricia for help, so Patricia confessed that once she had realized her brother had blocked everything out, she had decided to hide the truth from everyone else. Luke vaguely recalled someone helping Patricia drag their father's body to the basement to bury Tim in an unfinished wall.

Patricia confessed that she had signed the house over to "him" to make certain the truth remained buried, so Luke demanded to know who had helped her. However, Luke suddenly recalled seeing a young Bill Eckert helping Patricia. Luke argued that it didn't make sense that Bill had been there, since Luke hadn't met Bill until Bill had died years later.

Luke recalled Bill remarking that it was "bitter justice" that the last face Bill saw before death claimed him was his own, but Luke realized those hadn't been Bill's final words. Luke remembered Bill grabbing Luke's hand to say something else, but Luke struggled to recall what Bill had said. Luke's eyes suddenly rounded with horror as he remembered Bill urging Luke to forgive himself for what Luke had done to Luke's mother. Patricia began to cry as Luke desperately tried to make sense of his cousin's words.

Luke flashed back to the final argument with Tim when Tim had told Luke that Luke could accuse Tim of being an abusive bully, but at the end of the day Tim was not the one who had killed Lena. "You did," Tim yelled at Luke.

Horrified, Luke recalled what had transpired earlier that fateful day when Tim had cruelly taunted Luke about striking out during a baseball game. Luke remembered Patricia standing up to their father by defending Luke, while Luke had rushed over to order Bobbie to go to her room. Meanwhile, Lena desperately tried to keep the argument from escalating, but Tim ignored Lena's pleas as he angrily accused Patricia of being a "smart-ass little bitch." Unfazed, Patricia snidely told her father that with any luck, he would fall into the harbor and drown.

Tim's fury mounted, so Lena stepped between father and daughter. Tim was disgusted because Lena continually tried to protect the children. As the argument continued, Luke picked up a baseball bat to warn his father to stay away from Lena. Luke refused to allow Tim to hurt any of them again, but Lena was desperate to keep the confrontation from turning violent, so she reached for her son's arm to pull him away from Tim. However, Luke was caught in the grips of a blind rage and swung the bat, accidently striking Lena in the head.

Luke's memory jumped to his final confrontation with Tim when Tim had accused Luke of killing Lena. Tim insisted that Luke and Tim were the same, so one day, Luke would look in the mirror and see Tim's face. However, Tim added the only difference between Tim and Luke was that Luke had killed Lena. Luke angrily accused Tim of being a monster then struck his father with the baseball bat.

Distraught, Luke returned to the present as he realized that he had killed both his mother and father. Luke fell to his knees as Bobbie and Patricia reached out to comfort their brother.

As the scene faded, Luke was surrounded by his sisters and the children they had once been on the fateful day of their parents' deaths.

Patricia Spencer passes away

Patricia Spencer passes away

Thursday, April 2, 2015

At General Hospital, Elizabeth stood before the wall of remembrance, studying the pictures of the doctors, nurses, and benefactors who had passed away but had left a lasting impact on the hospital. Patrick approached Elizabeth and asked what was on her mind, so she admitted that she had been thinking about all the doctors and nurses who had paved the way for them. Patrick glanced at the picture of Dr. Steve Hardy then commented that Elizabeth's grandfather had been a legend. Elizabeth smiled and revealed that Steve and Jessie Brewer had made a great team because Jessie had set the standard for nursing. Patrick thought he and Elizabeth were also a great team, prompting Elizabeth to tease him about being humble.

Grinning, Patrick confessed that it was a gift as he followed Elizabeth to the nurses' station. As he clocked out, he asked how things were between Elizabeth and Jake, so she revealed that she and Jake had had a perfect first date until Jake's wife had shown up. Stunned, Patrick listened as Elizabeth filled him in about Hayden's appearance and then wondered if she had done something terrible in a past life to warrant her string of bad luck with Jake.

Elizabeth pointed out that Ric had returned from the Witness Protection Program just as she and Jake had grown close then Ric had tried to manipulate Jake into accepting a life sentence in prison. Patrick reminded Elizabeth that Ric had had good reason to feel threatened by Elizabeth's feelings for Jake, so she conceded that Patrick was right. Elizabeth shifted gears by quietly confiding that Ric had asked for another chance, but Patrick wasn't surprised.

Elizabeth explained that she had told Ric about Jake's wife, so Patrick was curious what Ric's reaction had been. Elizabeth told Patrick how Ric had feared Jake would hurt her and that, despite everything, Ric still loved her and wanted her. "It's that simple -- and that complicated," Elizabeth added. Patrick assured his friend that he wanted her to be happy, but he wondered if she loved Ric. "Very much," Elizabeth answered, but Patrick heard her uncertainty.

Elizabeth confessed that she feared she might take Ric back because she couldn't have Jake. She admitted that a part of her wanted to run into Ric's arms, but mostly she wanted to get the image of Jake and his wife out of her head. Patrick decided to take Elizabeth's mind off her troubles by inviting her out for dinner and drinks. Elizabeth explained that her shift wasn't over, so Patrick offered to wait. Elizabeth didn't want to keep Patrick from Sam, but Patrick revealed that Sam was busy packing because he had asked Sam to move in.

Elizabeth walked with Patrick to the elevator as she assured him that she was happy for him. Patrick promised that things would turn around for Elizabeth, so she hugged her friend and assured him that she would get over Jake one way or another.

At Metro Court, Hayden jumped out of bed as she grabbed her ringing cell phone. She quietly dashed to the balcony then answered Ric's call. He was curious what she had been doing, so she admitted that she had been in bed with Jake. Ric was surprised she had answered the phone, but she explained it had been necessary because she had a big problem. Hayden revealed that Jake refused to leave Port Charles because Jake had accepted a job with Sam's father. According to Hayden, Jake felt obligated to take the job, since Sam had gone to bat for him.

Ric growled with frustration because Sam was to blame for the latest snag in his plans. However, Ric didn't elaborate because he abruptly ended the call. Annoyed, Hayden returned to the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Jake slept fitfully as he dreamed about asking Sam to move in with him. He confessed that Sam was easy to love, so he didn't want her to question his feelings for her. Sam smiled as Jake leaned forward to kiss her, but the dream ended when Jake suddenly bolted awake. Hayden was startled when she noticed sweat dotting his forehead, so she asked if he was okay. Jake assured her he was fine, but he was curious why she was awake.

Hayden claimed she had been talking to her sister. "You know how she is," Hayden said but quickly apologized when Jake smiled awkwardly. Hayden explained that her sister tended to call at all hours of the night because her sister lived in Los Angeles but didn't pay attention to the different time zones. Jake wondered why Hayden's sister had called, so Hayden told him her sister had wanted to check on Jake and Hayden.

However, Hayden was more concerned about Jake because he didn't look well. Jake confessed that he'd had a dream about asking a woman to move in with him. Hayden assumed the woman had been Elizabeth, but Jake revealed that it had been Sam. Hayden suggested it might have been a subconscious way of trying to make amends for taking Sam hostage. Jake seemed uncertain, but Hayden continued to downplay the dream's significance. Jake confessed that it hadn't been the first time.

Hayden was eager to learn more, so she encouraged Jake to tell her about it. Jake explained that he'd had a dream about Elizabeth, but it had felt more like a memory. Hayden pretended to be hurt, so Jake apologized. He assured Hayden that he wished he could remember her, but Hayden reminded him that they would have plenty of time. Hayden smiled softly then invited him to join her in bed so he could be well rested for his first day at work with Julian.

Jake appreciated Hayden's understanding because he knew it was a difficult situation for her. Hayden insisted she and Jake were together for better or worse, so she was confident that things would improve soon. Jake tentatively slid under the covers as Hayden smiled and confessed that she was happy to have her husband back in bed with her. However, she hoped he wouldn't have any more dreams about the "Port Charles babes."

Jake promised Hayden that she didn't have anything to worry about, since he was wide awake. Hayden knew exactly how to tire him out. She claimed that in the past, they would leave their problems on the other side of the door once they hit the bedroom. She reached for his hand as she told him they had always found the strength to conquer any problem by lying naked together in the dark. "So, what do you say?" Hayden asked with a seductive smile.

Jake confessed he was uncomfortable with the idea of making love to his wife while she felt like a stranger to him, so he wanted to wait until they knew each other better. Hayden feigned hurt over the rejection, prompting Jake to apologize. Hayden insisted that it wasn't necessary, since their circumstances were unusual. After she rolled over to go to sleep, Jake's expression clouded with guilt.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly left Spinelli a voicemail message imploring him to return her call as soon as possible. She explained that it was urgent because she needed help proving a woman's claim about being Jake's wife was a lie. After she ended the call, Lucas approached his sister. Carly was curious if he had talked to their mother because Carly was anxious for news about Luke. Lucas revealed that Tracy and Bobbie had gone to a convalescence home in Philadelphia, hoping to get some answers.

Lucas and Carly talked about Luke's recent odd behavior and agreed that their uncle couldn't possibly be in his right mind after trying to kill Lucas twice and blow up the Haunted Star with innocent people, including their mother, on board. Carly explained that Tracy, Bobbie, and Lulu hoped to reach Luke by uncovering the childhood trauma that had turned him homicidal, so Lucas was curious if Carly's call to Spinelli had been for Luke. Carly confessed that she had hoped to enlist Spinelli's help to learn the truth about someone else.

Lucas and Carly walked to the bar as Carly filled her brother in about Hayden's sudden appearance in town and suspicious claim. Carly confessed that Hayden's story lacked a ring of truth because it seemed more designed to fill in all the gaps rather than explain Jake's appearance in Port Charles. Lucas thought his sister was being unreasonable, since it didn't make sense for someone to lie about being married to a stranger. Carly thought Lucas was too trusting, but Lucas wondered why his sister was so invested in Jake's personal life.

Carly explained that Jake was a friend, but Lucas sensed there was more to Carly's feelings for Jake than friendship. Annoyed, Carly reminded Lucas that she was with Sonny, but Lucas continued to tease Carly until his phone rang. He immediately answered it when he saw that it was his mother. Bobbie revealed that she was in town and with Luke, but she couldn't talk. She promised to call Lucas later then ended the call.

At Sam's penthouse, Ric disconnected the call with Hayden when he heard Sam slam the front door. Sam demanded to know why Ric was in her home, so Ric revealed that he had dropped Molly off after taking his daughter to see a movie. According to Ric, Molly had gone to bed, but Sam argued that it didn't explain why Ric was still in the penthouse. Ric claimed he had answered a call, but Sam wasn't satisfied because he could have taken the call in the hallway or on the sidewalk, where the reception was better.

Sam wanted to know what Ric's phone call had been about, but he insisted that it didn't concern her. Sam disagreed because she had heard him mention her name. Ric was forced to confess that he knew Sam had gotten Jake a job working for Julian. He wondered if Sam had considered Sonny's feelings about the matter, but Sam was unapologetic about turning to her father for help, especially since Jake lacked a past or any identification.

Ric revealed that Sam no longer had to worry about Jake because Jake's wife had arrived in town. Shocked, Sam asked what had taken Jake's wife so long to track him down. Ric explained that Jake was from Beechers Corners, and he recounted Hayden's story. Sam was curious how Ric knew all the details, so Ric claimed Elizabeth had told him. Sam smiled snidely as she taunted Ric that he might have a chance with Elizabeth since Jake was out of the way.

Sam's mood shifted as she confessed that she had wondered if someone had been waiting for Jake to return home. Ric noticed that Sam seemed upset by the news. Stunned, he asked if Sam had a thing for Jake, too, but Sam insisted that she had merely been surprised to hear that Jake was married. Ric didn't believe her, since Sam had bent over backwards to get Jake a job -- even at Sonny's expense.

Sam ignored the accusation as she admitted that she was relieved she wouldn't have to worry about seeing Ric again when he visited Molly because she and Danny would soon be moving in with Patrick. Ric assured her that it wasn't necessary for her to leave on his account, but Sam explained that she was moving in with Patrick because Patrick had filled a blank space in her heart that Jason had left.

At Oak Hill, the convalescence home in Philadelphia, Dante tried to comfort Lulu, but she was worried about her father. Lulu hoped that Tracy, Bobbie, and Patricia succeeded in getting through to her father, but she needed to be with her family. Dante agreed to take her to the house on Elm Street, but Dante and Lulu were startled when Valerie suddenly burst through the door, desperately searching for her mother. Valerie became upset when she noticed Patricia's empty bed, so Lulu assured Valerie that Patricia was fine.

Lulu explained that Patricia had accompanied Tracy and Bobbie to Port Charles because Patricia had been determined to help Luke. Outraged, Valerie demanded to know how anyone could have allowed "that violent psychotic" man near Patricia. Lulu assured Valerie that Luke wouldn't harm his sister, Patricia, but Valerie wasn't satisfied because Luke and Patricia's relationship meant nothing to Valerie. Valerie questioned if Lulu even cared about Patricia, so Lulu promised her cousin that she did. Valerie didn't believe Lulu because Lulu hadn't protected Patricia from Luke.

Lulu conceded that Luke could have killed Tracy, Bobbie, Patricia, and even Lulu, but he hadn't because Tracy had managed to reach the man that Lulu had loved her entire life. Valerie needed to see her mother to ensure Patricia was safe, so Dante and Lulu agreed to take Valerie to Port Charles.

At the Spencer house on Elm Street, Patricia promised Luke that everything would be okay because she, Bobbie, and Tracy were with him. Luke wept with grief as he crouched on the floor. Bobbie and Tracy tried to comfort Luke, but he remained distraught at the realization that he had killed both of his parents. Tracy explained that they would find a way to help Luke, but Luke wondered how he could possibly live with the knowledge that he had killed his parents.

Luke stood up as he conceded his childhood home had been a prison, and Tim Spencer had been the jailor. Luke admitted that he had hated his father. "We all hated him," Luke added as he looked at his sisters. However, Luke feared that he was just like his father. Bobbie disagreed, but Luke argued that Patricia had instantly recognized Luke after 52 years because he was exactly like Tim. Luke was horrified when he realized how he had mistreated his frail sister, Patricia, at Oak Hill.

Patricia blamed herself for Luke's breakdown because it had been her decision to enlist Bill Eckert's help to cover up Tim's death when she had realized that Luke had blocked everything out. Patricia conceded it had been wrong of her to wall up their father's body in the basement and tell everyone that Tim had abandoned his children. However, she had been desperate to avoid a police investigation because she hadn't wanted Luke to be blamed for what had happened. Luke reminded Patricia that he had killed their parents, but Patricia argued that their mother's death had been an accident.

Patricia explained that she had put Luke and Bobbie on a bus bound for Florida to live with their father's sister, Ruby, so Luke quietly wondered if Patricia had known that Ruby ran a "whorehouse" during those days. Horrified, Patricia began to weep as she admitted that she hadn't. Bobbie rushed to assure her sister that Ruby had been a wonderful -- albeit unconventional -- woman. Luke added that Ruby had loved both Luke and Bobbie, but he was curious why Patricia hadn't gone to Florida with them.

Patricia revealed that she had feared her presence would trigger Luke to remember the tragedy, so Patricia had signed the house over to Bill, sold Tim's beloved car, and started a new life in Philadelphia. Patricia had convinced herself that everything would be fine as long as she never returned to Port Charles, but she realized that her poor decisions had hurt Luke rather than helped him. Luke was stunned that Patricia had stayed away from her family to protect her siblings.

Luke confessed that he didn't care about himself, but he had cared deeply for their mother. Patricia insisted that Luke was not to blame because their father had intended to hit their mother if Luke hadn't intervened. Luke scoffed because his "help" had killed their mother, but Patricia argued that Tim had been an ugly drunk who had been getting increasingly worse as the years dragged on. Bobbie assured Luke that she loved Luke for saving them, but Luke wondered how Bobbie could say that to him when he had tried to kill both her and her son.

Luke was filled with regrets because his actions had been unforgiveable. Tracy decided it was time to take Luke to the hospital, but Lulu, Dante, and Valerie arrived, followed by Carly and Lucas. Valerie ran to Patricia to check on her mother. Patricia promised she was fine, but she noticed the bandage on Valerie's temple. Valerie glared accusingly at Luke then tearfully explained that Luke had forced Valerie to tell him where Patricia was. Valerie apologized for betraying her mother, but Patricia assured Valerie that she was glad Valerie had told Luke.

Patricia explained she'd held a secret that had needed to be revealed, but Valerie feared Luke had hurt Patricia. Patricia smiled lovingly at her daughter then insisted that Luke was a good man. Patricia wanted Valerie to understand that Luke, and everyone else in the room, was Valerie's family. Valerie coldly greeted her family then asked everyone to make certain Luke stayed far away from Patricia. Lulu promised Valerie that Luke would never hurt Patricia, but Luke asked Lulu not to defend him because Luke was deeply sorry for the hurt he had caused everyone.

Lulu's eyes filled with tears as she realized Luke was the father she had always known and loved. Patricia smiled as she watched Luke embrace his daughter, but Dante cleared his throat then announced Luke seemed well enough to be taken into police custody. Tracy insisted Luke needed medical care, not jail, but Valerie argued that Patricia was the one in need of medical attention. Patricia promised she was fine, but she wanted her brother to get the help he needed.

Valerie revealed that Dante and Lulu had filled her in about what Luke had done, but Patricia decided it was time for Valerie to finally get to know her family. "Damaged and deranged though we may be," Patricia added with a soft smile. Patricia regretted that she had lied to Valerie, but Valerie insisted Patricia had nothing to be sorry for.

Meanwhile, Lulu appealed to Dante to at least take Luke to the hospital as a prisoner rather than to jail. Dante warned her that he would have to place Luke in handcuffs, but Tracy objected. Dante reminded Tracy that Luke hadn't taken a crowbar to her head, and he handcuffed Luke as he formally arrested Luke.

Luke realized he had made a mess of things, but Patricia argued that they had all tried to protect each other. Luke's expression softened as Patricia told him she loved him. His eyes filled with tears as he promised that he loved Patricia then gently kissed her cheek.

Nearby, Valerie asked Bobbie to keep an eye on Patricia while Valerie made arrangements for Patricia to return to Oak Hill. Bobbie walked over to Luke and Patricia, so Patricia smiled with joy because she was finally reunited with her siblings. Bobbie doubted it wouldn't have happened if Luke hadn't stopped Tim.

Moments later, Tracy and Lulu approached Luke as Dante announced it was time for Luke to get the help he needed. Luke started to follow Dante out but stopped to tearfully apologize to Lucas for everything he had done to his nephew. Lucas admitted that he was just glad it was over. Luke became choked up as he looked at Carly. "Caroline, did Bobbie ever tell you how much you look like our mother?" Luke asked as sadness clouded his eyes.

"No," Carly tearfully answered. Luke assured Carly that Lena had been a strong and beautiful woman like her granddaughter, Carly, so Carly quietly told Luke to get better because they needed him. Luke smiled sadly then left with Dante, Lulu, and Tracy. Carly and Lucas turned their attention to Bobbie to ask if she was okay. Bobbie began to cry as she confessed that she wasn't, so she was glad both her children were there. After they hugged, Carly decided to take her mother home, but Bobbie was eager to introduce Lucas and Carly to Patricia.

Nearby, Valerie became alarmed when she noticed her mother was slumped in the wheelchair and unresponsive. Lucas rushed over to help his aunt, but it was too late. Valerie was grief-stricken as Lucas gently explained that Patricia's heart had stopped, and nothing could be done to save her. Valerie wept over her mother's body, which Lucas had laid out on the floor when he had performed CPR. Valerie begged her mother not to leave her as Carly wrapped her arms around her sobbing cousin.

Carly reminded Valerie that Valerie was not alone because Valerie had her family with her. Bobbie tearfully took Patricia's hand in hers and promised her sister that she would take good care of Valerie. "Don't leave me," Valerie continued to cry to her mother as Carly held her cousin.

Hayden claims she and Jake have been intimate

Hayden claims she and Jake have been intimate

Friday, April 3, 2015

At Wyndemere, Nikolas entered the foyer then set his bags down, while Spencer followed behind. The right side of Spencer's face was covered with an opaque plastic mask, so Spencer was glad to be out of the public eye where people could stare at him. Nikolas changed the subject by asking if Spencer wanted to go to Spencer's bedroom, but Spencer decided to see the changes Nikolas had made to the living room after the fire. Spencer entered the room and looked around at the new furniture and decor.

Nikolas hoped it met with Spencer's approval, so Spencer conceded it wasn't bad. However, Spencer tensed when he suddenly had a flashback of the fire. Spencer muttered an excuse then fled to his bedroom. Nikolas appeared troubled as he realized what had prompted his son's hasty retreat.

Later, Nikolas thanked Chandler for putting Spencer at ease when he had met them at the airport. Nikolas explained that Spencer was self-conscious about the mask, so Chandler conceded Spencer could be a handful at times, but he was never boring. Nikolas smiled in agreement. Chandler shifted gears to hand Nikolas a ring that had been found among Nikolas' clothes after the fire. Nikolas immediately recognized Jason's wedding ring, so he thanked Chandler.

After Chandler left, Nikolas made his way to a large cabinet housing shelves of books. He opened the glass cabinet doors and moved a shelf to reveal a secret safe. Nikolas quickly keyed in the code then placed the ring inside, but Spencer suddenly appeared to ask what Nikolas was hiding in the safe. Nikolas closed the safe and tried to distract his son by changing the subject, but Spencer wanted an answer. Nikolas carefully explained it was a piece of jewelry, so Spencer assumed it was a Cassadine family heirloom.

Nikolas didn't have an opportunity to reply because Chandler returned to announce a visitor. Spencer angrily reminded Chandler that Spencer had expressly forbidden visitors until Spencer had been permanently settled in the attic. Nikolas made it clear that Spencer would not be living in the attic, but Spencer remained adamant that the visitor be turned away. Sonny entered the living room to ask if the ban on visitors extended to him. Spencer cried that Sonny didn't understand, so Sonny invited Spencer to explain after Spencer hugged his uncle.

Nikolas smiled as Spencer ran into Sonny's open arms. Sonny confessed that it was good to see Spencer, but Spencer doubted Sonny would feel the same way if he saw what was under Spencer's mask. Nikolas explained that the mask was designed to protect the skin while Spencer's burns healed, but Spencer insisted his face was disfigured. Nikolas clarified that the doctors were hopeful, so Sonny announced he had a present for his nephew.

Spencer eagerly tore into the present and was delighted when he realized it was a boxing robe like the one Sonny had given Spencer as a birthday gift. Sonny explained that Spencer could keep the robe as long as Spencer didn't value it -- or anything else -- above Spencer's own life. Sonny reminded Spencer that the robe could be replaced, but Spencer could not. Sonny was grateful Spencer was okay, but Spencer argued he was far from fine because Cameron had started the fire out of spite to get Emma back.

Nikolas insisted Spencer was wrong, but Spencer accused Cameron of being a "pyro" who had tried to set the house on fire. Sonny felt Spencer was being unfair, but Spencer was adamant that Cameron had intentionally set the fire. Frustrated, Nikolas reminded Spencer that the fire had been ruled an accident, so Sonny added that an investigation had confirmed the fire hadn't been set deliberately. Spencer feared Emma would run back to Cameron once Spencer's "hideousness" was revealed. Nikolas' phone rang, so he asked Sonny to try to talk sense into Spencer while Nikolas spoke to Spencer's plastic surgeon.

After Nikolas left the room, Sonny reminded Spencer that Emma wasn't superficial, and she appreciated what a good catch Spencer was, but Spencer was skeptical. Spencer pointed out that Emma had known he'd be returning, but she hadn't been at Wyndemere to welcome him home. Sonny assured Spencer that Emma was loyal, but Spencer reminded his uncle that Emma and Cameron had history, which Spencer could never compete with. Spencer decided to make certain Emma wouldn't leave him when the mask was removed by giving her a ring.

Spencer confided that he had intended to give Emma an engagement ring until Nikolas had gotten wind of Spencer's plans and taken the ring away. Sonny urged Spencer to simply be himself, so Spencer readily agreed and thanked his uncle for the helpful advice. Moments later, Nikolas returned, so Sonny decided to leave. Afterwards, Spencer encouraged Nikolas to take advantage of the nice day by going horseback riding, but Nikolas revealed that they had to meet with Spencer's plastic surgeon.

Spencer became upset at the idea of having to remove the mask, but Nikolas reminded Spencer that it would just be Nikolas, Spencer, and the doctor. Spencer implored his father not to make Spencer go, so Nikolas reluctantly agreed to meet with the doctor alone. After Nikolas left, Spencer broke into the safe to look for a ring to give to Emma. He was surprised when he found a simple wedding band inscribed with Alan Quartermaine's name.

At Metro Court, Hayden snapped at Ric as they stood in his suite, so he asked why she was grumpy. Hayden grumbled that Jake had been too chivalrous to have sex with his "wife," since he considered her a stranger -- which she was. Ric reminded Hayden that it was imperative to convince Jake that Hayden and Jake were married, but Hayden argued that she was working on it. "Not getting laid and not getting paid makes for a very unhappy me," Hayden complained. Ric couldn't help her with the sex, but he could give her more money.

Hayden's eyes narrowed because she had been under the impression the money had been tied up. Ric assured her he could loosen the purse strings a bit to give her more money, but he needed her to help him seal the deal with Elizabeth. Hayden was surprised that Ric had failed to seduce Elizabeth, but Ric assured Hayden he had made headway. However, he needed Elizabeth to turn to him, so he wanted Hayden to give her a much-needed nudge.

Hayden pointed out that her services weren't free or cheap, so Ric promised to pay. Hayden hesitated until he reminded her that he hadn't missed any of his payments. Later, Ric walked Hayden to the door as he advised her to be careful because he couldn't afford for Hayden to overplay her hand and tip Elizabeth off. Hayden promised to have Elizabeth begging to take Ric back, provided Ric's payments continued to roll in.

Ric tensed when Cameron suddenly approached the door as Hayden stood in the hallway. Hayden greeted Cameron, but Ric quickly got rid of her. After Ric closed the door, Cameron asked about the woman, so Ric claimed Hayden was a client. Cameron asked why Ric was representing her, but Ric explained all clients were protected by attorney/client privilege. Cameron seized the opportunity to confess that he needed Ric's help because Spencer intended to send Cameron to jail for starting the fire at Wyndemere.

Ric reminded Cameron the fire had been ruled an accident, but Cameron argued that Spencer was a Cassadine with power and money. Ric promised that Cameron didn't have anything to worry about because Cameron had the best attorney, but Ric would need a retainer. Ric smiled when Cameron explained the retainer was at home because Cameron only wore it at night. Ric offered Cameron a few words of encouragement, so Cameron confessed he wished Ric and Elizabeth were still together. Ric revealed that Cameron might get his wish, which pleased Cameron, since Elizabeth seemed happy when Ric was around.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth recalled Ric telling her that Jake would never be able to give her what Ric could, but she snapped back to the present when she heard Jake call out her name. She was surprised Jake was in town rather than in Beechers Corners, so he revealed that he had decided to remain in town. Jake had wanted to let her know so she wouldn't be surprised if they bumped into each other. Elizabeth appreciated Jake thinking about her, so he confessed that it didn't require a lot of effort, since he thought about her all the time.

Elizabeth quietly suggested that Jake try to refrain, but he reminded her they were friends. He realized they couldn't go back, but he knew he'd regret not trying to remain friends with her. Elizabeth liked the idea of moving forward as friends, but she admitted that she would have to talk to Ric about it. Surprised, Jake wondered why Elizabeth would check with Ric, so Elizabeth confessed that she and Ric had discussed trying to work things out. Jake wasn't happy about the news, but Elizabeth rushed to assure him that nothing was official.

Jake was curious when Elizabeth and Ric had started talking again, so Elizabeth revealed that she had bumped into Ric at Kelly's the previous day. She admitted that Ric had asked for another chance when she had opened up to Ric about Jake and Hayden. Jake was curious what she wanted, but Elizabeth danced around the question by confessing that she hadn't been prepared to give Ric an answer. Jake wished things could be different, but Elizabeth reminded him they weren't.

Elizabeth changed the subject by asking about Jake's job. He admitted he was scheduled to start later that morning, so Elizabeth suggested he head out, since she doubted he would want to be late on his first day. Jake muttered that he could add that to the list of other things he didn't want, and he left.

A short time later, Hayden approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station to ask for a moment to chat. Elizabeth reluctantly agreed, so they retreated to a quiet corner. Hayden decided to cut to the chase by explaining that she and Jake had decided to remain in Port Charles. Hayden was startled when Elizabeth revealed that Jake had already stopped by to let Elizabeth know. Hayden insisted Jake meant everything to her, so she asked Elizabeth to stay away from him.

"Excuse me?" Elizabeth asked. Hayden explained that Jake felt obligated to help Elizabeth because he saw her as a "helpless broken little bird." However, Hayden pointed out that Jake needed to focus on repairing his marriage, so he didn't need Elizabeth distracting him. Elizabeth conceded that Hayden had a point. Pleased, Hayden smiled brightly and made a point of mentioning that Hayden and Jake had been intimate. Elizabeth's expression clouded with hurt as Hayden confided that "amnesia sex" was better than "make-up sex."

Hayden confided that Jake was every bit the man Hayden remembered but then pretended to realize that she might have volunteered too much personal information. Hayden quickly apologized then shifted gears by suggesting that Elizabeth consider getting back together with Elizabeth's ex. "What?" Elizabeth asked as her eyes narrowed with suspicion. Hayden claimed that Jake had mentioned Elizabeth's relationship with Elizabeth's former husband, so Hayden had the impression that Elizabeth had had a good thing going with the man. Elizabeth's annoyance was evident, so Hayden agreed to stay out of Elizabeth's relationship if Elizabeth extended the same courtesy to Hayden.

After Hayden left, she passed Ric in the hallway. Ric smiled with satisfaction as he exchanged glances with Hayden then approached Elizabeth. Ric claimed he had stopped by to tell her about Cameron's visit. Elizabeth was frustrated that Cameron continued to worry about going to jail when the fire had been an accident. However, she appreciated Ric reassuring her son. Ric promised he would always be there for Elizabeth and her son because he cared for her. Elizabeth remained quiet as Ric gave her a quick kiss then left.

Elizabeth spotted Nikolas rounding the corner, so she ran over to greet him. Nikolas frowned as he started at Ric's departing back. He was curious why Ric had been there, so Elizabeth told him about Cameron's concerns. Nikolas promised to talk to Spencer but asked Elizabeth to let him know if Ric tried to charge Elizabeth for legal fees. Elizabeth assured Nikolas that it wouldn't be a problem, even though things were complicated between her and Ric.

Elizabeth explained that she had ended things with Ric and had nearly gotten together with Jake until Jake's wife had appeared. Meanwhile, Ric joined Hayden in the elevator. He was impressed with how Hayden had softened Elizabeth up because he was closer than ever to getting Elizabeth back.

At Sam's penthouse, Sam was on the phone with Patrick. She was curious if he was ready for the "big day" because Alexis and Julian had already started making plans to renovate the penthouse the second Sam moved out. Patrick assured Sam that he was eager for her to move in with him, so he wondered when she and Danny would be arriving. Sam promised to be there soon, but she thought it best if she, Patrick, and Emma spent the first night without Danny.

Sam was surprised when Patrick confessed that he hadn't told Emma about the plans for Sam and Danny to move in, but he didn't foresee it being a problem. Sam was relieved because she was certain the four of them would be a fun family. A short time later, Alexis entered the living room and spotted a box on the desk. Alexis offered to carry it to Sam's car, so Sam teasingly wondered if Alexis were trying to get rid of her. Alexis playfully assured Sam that she was heartbroken at the idea of Sam and Danny moving out.

Alexis turned serious as she assured her daughter that she was truly happy for Sam because Patrick was a great guy. Sam joked that Patrick wanted Alexis to have a mole on Alexis' breast checked out, so Alexis made it clear that the odds of Alexis exposing herself continued to decrease exponentially. Sam confessed that the odds of Sam having another run-in with Ric were equally low. Concerned, Alexis wondered what Sam was referring to. Sam told Alexis about the encounter with Ric when Ric had dropped Molly off after seeing a movie.

Sam explained that Ric had been in her face about Jake and had tried to mess with Sam's head by dropping the bombshell that Jake was married. Sam admitted that something about Jake's wife didn't feel right, but Alexis was curious why Sam even cared. Sam reminded her mother that Sam had gotten Jake a job, but Alexis had reservations about Jake, since Sam had once been certain that Jake had been a professional gunman. Later, Sam prepared to leave. She reminded Alexis that Sam and Jason had spent a lot of good years together in the penthouse, so Alexis promised to take good care of it.

At the Drake residence, Patrick sat down to have a talk with Emma. Emma assumed it was about Spencer because he was due to arrive home. She vowed that she would not allow anyone to pick on Spencer, so Patrick praised his daughter. He was proud of how she defended her friends. However, he confessed that he had wanted to discuss another matter with her. Emma's smile faded when Patrick revealed that Sam and Danny would be moving in with them.

Patrick promised it would be a lot of fun, but Emma wondered if she would have to share her bedroom with Danny. Patrick explained that they intended to convert the guest room into a bedroom for Danny and suggested Emma help Sam decorate it. Emma liked the idea, but she was curious where Sam would sleep. Patrick gently revealed that Sam would share his bedroom, but Emma was upset at the idea of Sam sleeping in Robin's bed. Patrick reminded Emma that he and Robin were divorced and Robin lived in Paris.

Emma asked if Patrick loved Sam, so he confessed that he did. Emma was curious if Patrick intended to marry Sam, but Patrick revealed that it was too soon to say. He explained that living together was a test of sorts to see if they could all get along, but Emma wondered what would happen if things didn't work out. Patrick admitted that Sam and Danny would move out then added that he and Emma would always be together because Emma was the most important person in the world to him.

Across town, Julian spoke on the phone to Alexis about the plans to renovate the penthouse as he approached Johnny Zacchara's old auto shop. Julian opened the door but froze when he saw the place had been vandalized. Julian abruptly ended the call with Alexis, drew his gun, and entered the shop. Moments later, Shawn appeared in the doorway. Julian aimed the gun at Shawn, so Shawn wondered if Julian was nervous. Julian refused to acknowledge the question, prompting Shawn to invite Julian to shoot.

Julian demanded to know why Shawn was there, so Shawn explained that he had stopped by to discuss the shipment Julian had hijacked. Julian denied stealing a shipment, but Shawn was annoyed because Julian's men had broken the driver's kneecaps, even though the man had children to support. Shawn demanded that Julian pay the man's medical expenses and return the shipment, but Julian refused because Julian considered it repayment for Shawn and Duke's men intercepting Julian's shipment on the docks. Shawn threatened to put Julian's "ass in the ground," but Julian wasn't intimidated, since Julian could easily shoot Shawn and plant a gun on him to claim self-defense. Julian was certain the police would believe him when they saw the condition of the shop.

Shawn smiled as the sound of two guns cocking filled the air. Julian glanced over his shoulder and saw two of Shawn's men aiming guns at Julian. Julian was quickly disarmed then the men grabbed him. Shawn informed Julian that it was time for Julian to visit the marshes. Shawn's men started to lead Julian out, but Jake arrived and immediately sprang into action.

Jake made quick work of knocking out the two goons holding Julian then grabbed a gun. Jake aimed it at Shawn, who had taken Julian hostage at gunpoint. Jake advised Shawn to drop the gun and release Julian because Jake could easily make the shot, so Shawn reluctantly complied. After Julian secured his own gun, he smiled smugly at Shawn. "You were saying?" Julian asked.

Shawn's goons stumbled to their feet, so Julian ordered Shawn and the men to leave. Shawn warned Julian that it wasn't over. Julian agreed but made it clear that Julian would decide when to finish it. "They day's coming, Butler. Be prepared," Julian said.

After Shawn left, Jake asked to keep the gun. Julian had been impressed with Jake's skill but reminded Jake that he intended to keep Jake out of the illegal business. Jake revealed that he could use the money because he had a wife to support. Julian was surprised about the wife but would only agree to give Jake's request some consideration. Until then, Julian wanted Jake to work in the garage. Jake admitted that he didn't know a lot about mechanics, but Julian suspected Jake knew far more than Jake realized.

Later, Jake called to update Sloane on the progress Jake had made with Julian. After the call, Jake pulled a cover off a motorcycle, which spurred a memory of Jake inviting Sam for a ride on a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, Sam approached the garage. She was on the phone with Patrick to let him know she was running late because she'd had car trouble. Patrick revealed that he had talked to Emma, and everything was fine. Pleased, Sam promised to keep Patrick posted then entered the garage as she disconnected the call. She stopped short when she saw Jake.

At the penthouse, Alexis greeted Julian with a kiss. Afterwards, she asked why he had quickly ended their phone call earlier. Julian explained it had been a minor business matter.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Shawn met with Sonny to report what had transpired at the garage when Jake had arrived to save Julian.

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