General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 27, 2015 on GH

Pete agreed to expose Ric's lies for a price. Nikolas confessed to Elizabeth that Jake was Jason Morgan. Britt slipped into town for a brief visit. Sam overheard a shocking secret. Avery mysteriously resurfaced.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 27, 2015 on GH
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Family Ties

Family Ties

Monday, April 27, 2015

Liesl was going through patient files when Franco appeared. She was very happy to see him and wondered if he was ready to return to work. He revealed that he was there about Nina. He recounted what Nina had said about Liesl's "horrible" words to Nina. Liesl admitted that she'd accused Nina of kidnapping Avery, but Franco informed Liesl that Nina had denied committing the crime. Liesl confided that there was evidence against Nina.

A few minutes later, Franco and Liesl were in an exam room, and Liesl showed Franco the footage from the hospital's security cameras. He thought the footage, which showed Nina peering into Avery's hospital room the day the baby had been kidnapped, had been tampered with. Liesl insisted that the footage had been untouched. She warned Franco that he would end up in Pentonville if he continued to support Nina. She thought the "unbalanced" Nina was just dragging Franco down.

Franco didn't believe that Nina would kidnap Avery again. Liesl suggested that Franco go through Nina's things, because there would surely be a sign if Nina had kidnapped the baby. Just then, Liesl's beeper went off, and she scoffed that it was Lucy about the Nurses Ball. Before she left, Franco wanted to know about the apparent secrets that Liesl had threatened Nina with. She claimed it had been a ploy to "throw Nina off her game" so she would confess to the kidnapping. "If she didn't, who did?" Liesl wondered and left the room.

Nina was looking at an article about Avery's kidnapping entitled "Baby Come Back" when there was a knock on the door. She was happy to answer the door to Nathan, and she asked him if Avery had been found. He informed her that the baby was still missing, and, while Michael was the lead suspect, Nina was a suspect as well. He informed her that there was evidence against her, which he'd gotten from Liesl. Nina thought Liesl could have tampered with the evidence, but Nathan denied the claim.

Nathan produced a flash drive and sat down with a computer to show the security camera footage to Nina. They recounted the events at the hospital, which culminated in Nina peering into Avery's hospital room. Right after Nina left the area, the footage cut off. Nathan told her that whoever had shut off the cameras had probably kidnapped Avery. He advised her to speak to an attorney.

Nina knew that Alexis was representing Michael in his custody case, so she couldn't use Alexis. Nathan quickly suggested Diane, which made Nina wonder if things were really that bad. Nathan believed Nina when she told him she hadn't taken Avery. "You're the only one who does," she replied.

A short while later, Franco returned to the suite, calling out for Nina. When he found that she wasn't there, he noticed her purse sitting on a chair. He picked it up and began to dig through it. "Looking for something?" Nina said as she entered the suite.

Sonny arrived at the Metro Court bar, looking glum and wanting to talk to Carly. He informed her that everything that had happened to Michael had been due to Morgan. He recounted the entire story to a shocked Carly, who immediately ran out to have a "long discussion" with Morgan and Kiki. Sonny tried to stop her as she got on the elevator. As Carly got on the elevator, Lulu and Valerie got off. Lulu attempted to introduce Valerie to Sonny and Carly, but both were in a hurry to leave.

A short while later, Lulu and Valerie were sitting at a table in the restaurant, and Lulu explained about Sonny and Dante's complicated families. Valerie saw the resemblance between Sonny and Dante, and she wondered if Sonny were as charming -- and had as great a smile -- as Dante. Changing the vein of the conversation, Lulu admitted to finding Sonny intimidating, even thought he had been a fixture in Lulu's life growing up.

Just then, Lulu got a text message from Lucy about Lulu's number for the Nurses Ball. She explained to Valerie that she and four other women were dancing as the Haunted Starlets, and Lucy was convinced they needed another dancer. Valerie offered to be the sixth dancer, citing her professional training. Lulu told Valerie that the women were amateurs, so Valerie probably wouldn't want to. Valerie looked at the video Lulu had taken at her dance rehearsal, and Valerie insisted that she was a quick learner.

Lulu thought that another dancer would throw her and the others off, but Valerie thought Lulu just didn't want Valerie to join. Lulu immediately took back her statement and begged Valerie to join. After a little convincing, Valerie finally agreed, and Lulu texted Lucy back. Valerie admitted that Lulu didn't seem comfortable around Valerie. Lulu confessed that it was a "difficult situation," and she knew that Valerie would be comfortable in Nikolas' mansion.

"Welcome dancing cousin Valerie," read Lucy's text back to Lulu. Lulu thought it would be a fun way to get to know her cousin better. She told Valerie about the Nurses Ball, and about how something "spectacular" happened every year. "To the Nurses Ball," Valerie toasted, and the two women clinked their glasses together and drank.

At ELQ, Michael ranted to Sabrina that, after drugging him, Morgan and Kiki had probably kidnapped Avery. He took out his phone and called the police. A short while later, Dante arrived, and Michael told him the entire story. He gave Dante the drugs he'd been taking, and the drugs that had fallen out of Morgan's pocket. Dante apologized for not believing in Michael and promised to open the investigation as soon as Avery was found. Michael suggested that Dante look into Morgan and Kiki as suspects.

Michael wondered if Dante could get a search warrant for Silas' apartment, which was where Kiki was living. Dante couldn't get a warrant without evidence, so Michael suggested that Dante interview Morgan and Kiki about drugging Michael while keeping an eye and ear out for any sign that they had taken Avery.

Before leaving, Dante gave Michael some advice: if a cop wanted to search his house, let him. He informed Michael that refusing the search had made Michael look guilty. Michael apologized for losing his temper that night and for putting Dante between Michael and Morgan. Dante just wanted Avery home safe. He instructed Michael to stay away from Morgan and Kiki, and he left.

Michael wanted to call Alexis to petition the court for custody of Avery, but Sabrina advised him to wait to hear from Dante. Michael thanked her for looking out for him and for being the only one to believe in him. He believed she'd gone "above and beyond" by proving that he'd been drugged. Sabrina thought Michael had been "great" to her, and she wanted to help him in return. He took her hand and told her that he was grateful to have her in his life. "Me, too, Michael," she replied, and Michael kissed her.

Morgan assured Kiki that he would "take the rap" if Michael pressed charges against them. Just then, Kiki looked past him and noticed a crib in the corner of the room, and Avery was inside. Kiki picked up her sister and expressed how happy she was to see the baby. They wondered where Avery had been and how she'd gotten there. A few minutes later, Morgan entered the apartment and told Kiki that he hadn't seen any signs of forced entry.

Kiki suggested they call the cops when there was a knock on the door. Morgan answered the door to Carly, who immediately began yelling at Morgan for his actions against Michael. Sonny was right behind her, and he saw Kiki holding Avery. He got Avery from Kiki, and a shocked Carly lambasted them for kidnapping Avery. Morgan insisted that they knew they'd been wrong in drugging Michael, but they'd just found Avery in the apartment about twenty minutes before. Carly didn't believe it.

Carly demanded to know how Morgan could do something like that to his own brother and reminded him that Michael -- or anyone he had been in contact with -- could have gotten hurt. Morgan thought he and Kiki had done the right thing, since Michael had fixed the initial custody trial. Carly called him on doing it to hurt Michael. Carly wanted to call Dante, but Morgan thought they'd lose Avery again if they told anyone she was back. Carly wondered if Morgan intended to hide Avery for the rest of her life. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and it was Dante.

Sonny handed Avery over to Michael

Sonny handed Avery over to Michael

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Valerie thanked Lulu for dinner, but Lulu insisted it wasn't necessary because Lulu had wanted to celebrate Valerie's big move. Valerie pointed out that they still hadn't heard from Nikolas about Valerie staying at Wyndemere, but Lulu was confident that her brother wouldn't object to Valerie moving in because Nikolas could never say no to his sister. Lulu decided to call Nikolas, but the call -- like the others -- went to voicemail. Valerie seemed relieved as she confessed that she was uncomfortable with the idea of imposing on Nikolas, but Lulu promised that Nikolas would open his home to Valerie.

Lulu decided to pay her brother a visit, since Nikolas tended to keep "vampire hours," so she quickly called out to Olivia, introduced Olivia to Valerie, and then asked Olivia to keep Valerie company until Lulu returned. After Lulu left, Olivia smiled politely then offered her condolences to Valerie on Valerie's mother's passing. Olivia praised Valerie for taking care of Patricia, but Valerie confessed that it had always just been Valerie and Patricia. Olivia suspected that Valerie and Dante got along well because they both knew what it was like to be an only child, but Valerie pointed out that Dante would soon have another sibling.

Olivia smiled as she explained that the baby's due date was months away. Moments later, Olivia doubled over in pain. Concerned, Valerie asked if Olivia was okay, so Olivia admitted something was wrong. Valerie offered to call 9-1-1, but Olivia tossed Valerie the keys to Olivia's car and requested that Valerie meet her in front of the hotel and take Olivia to the hospital. After Valerie left, Olivia called Ned.

At Wyndemere, Rosalie burst into the living room as Nikolas prepared to answer a call from Lulu, but Rosalie insisted that Lulu's call wait because Rosalie had important information to pass along to Nikolas. Nikolas let his sister's call go to voicemail as Rosalie revealed that Ned had given away his eleven-and-a-half percent of ELQ shares to and Rosalie's "crazy" ex-boss, Nina, and Franco. Nikolas realized that Ned's shares would be enough to secure control of ELQ, but Rosalie reminded Nikolas that Franco and Nina were lunatics who might not hand over the shares. Nikolas assured her that he could persuade Franco and Nina to see things his way, but the conversation was cut short when Lulu entered the living room.

Lulu was relieved to see her brother because she had started to fear that Nikolas had fallen and couldn't get up. Lulu's sarcasm turned to teasing when she suddenly noticed Michael's assistant, Rosalie, standing in the room. Rosalie quickly rattled off an excuse then fled, so Lulu grinned knowingly as she asked how long Nikolas had been dating Rosalie. He decided to play along by claiming that he had been tightlipped about the relationship until he was certain things had gotten serious between him and Rosalie then he deftly changed the subject by asking why Lulu had been "stalking" his voicemail.

Lulu admitted that she had hoped Nikolas would let her cousin, Valerie, stay with him because Lulu's place was too crowded, but Nikolas sensed there was another reason his sister was eager to foist Valerie off on him. Resigned, Lulu confessed that she had residual bad feelings toward Valerie for holding a scalpel to Luke's throat. However, Lulu rushed to assure Nikolas that Valerie wasn't a threat to either Nikolas or Spencer and that her cousin's stay wouldn't be indefinite. She smiled with gratitude when Nikolas reluctantly agreed to let Valerie stay.

Shortly after Lulu left, Nikolas called to thank Rosalie for the information about Ned's shares of ELQ, but he made it clear that she was to call before stopping by again. Rosalie was startled when Nikolas shifted gears by adding that she would be expected to pretend to be his girlfriend.

In Franco and Nina's suite at Metro Court, Franco searched through Nina's purse as she entered the room. "Looking for something?" she asked as Franco quickly dropped the purse back into the chair and tried to distract her with a casual greeting. Nina's temper flared as she sarcastically advised Franco to check the bureaus and under the bed for the baby then picked up the purse to dump the contents on the floor as she pointed out that the baby clearly wasn't in the purse. Franco refused to apologize because he had seen incriminating proof of Nina's guilt.

Nina accused Franco of lying, but he revealed that Liesl had shown him video surveillance of Nina standing outside of baby A.J.'s hospital room moments before the baby girl had been taken. Nina argued that it wasn't proof of anything other than her checking on the welfare of the baby. She realized that Franco might not have cared about A.J.'s injuries because he had laughed at the footage of Michael knocking over the stroller, but Nina had been worried about the baby. Franco wondered why Nina hadn't mentioned it before, so she admitted that she hadn't thought it was necessary, since she was innocent.

Franco was surprised when Nina suddenly decided to put an end to their "so-called" friendship and move out. Franco desperately tried to get Nina to change her mind by explaining that he had been concerned. He reminded her that she wouldn't get a second chance if she had taken the baby again, so he wanted to help her before she got into trouble. Nina was unmoved because she was hurt that he hadn't believed her. She started to walk out the door, but Franco stopped her by reminding her that she could never be comfortable staying in Nathan's small apartment over a diner, since she was a "society" girl used to the finer things in life.

Nina realized that Franco was right, so she ordered him to leave. Franco argued that he was the reason they had the suite, but Nina informed him that she could just as easily blackmail Olivia. She marched Franco to the door, informed him that she didn't want to see him until he decided he believed her, and then slammed the door in his face. Franco stood speechless in the hallway, staring at the door.

At ELQ, Michael kissed Sabrina, but she pulled away in embarrassment because she suspected he had kissed her out of gratitude. Michael told her that she was wrong then kissed her passionately to drive his point home. However, the kiss abruptly ended when Ned knocked on the door as he entered the office. Startled, Sabrina quickly bolted before Michael could stop her. Ned was curious what he had walked in on, so Michael admitted that Michael and Sabrina had been celebrating.

Michael told Ned about Morgan and Kiki's attempt to discredit Michael by drugging him to make Michael appear like a raging alcoholic. Ned was stunned, so Michael warned Ned not to make another power play for ELQ. Ned confessed that it wouldn't be a problem, since Ned had been forced to hand over Ned's shares of ELQ to Franco. Shocked, Michael reminded Ned that Franco had nearly bankrupted the company during the "five minutes" Franco had posed as a Quartermaine, but Ned insisted it had been necessary to protect Olivia. Michael feared that Franco had threatened Olivia's unborn child, so Ned asked if he could trust Michael.

Michael promised he was on Ned's side and would help, so Ned prepared to tell Michael the truth about the paternity of Olivia's baby's. However, Ned's phone rang. It was Olivia explaining that she was on her way to the hospital.

At the hospital, Felix was on the phone with Lucy. He explained that he couldn't attend the final rehearsal for the Nurses Ball because Lucy had all the other nurses working on it, so someone had to be on hand to work in the emergency room. Felix quickly wrapped up the call when he spotted Sabrina approaching the nurses' station. They briefly commiserated about Lucy's demanding ways before Felix asked how Michael had reacted to the news about the switched medication. He was shocked when Sabrina revealed that Morgan and Kiki had tampered with Michael's allergy medication in an effort to have baby A.J. taken away from Michael.

Felix's surprise turned to delight when Sabrina told him about the kiss, so she tried to downplay things by suggesting that Michael had been caught up in the moment. Felix was curious if Michael had said that. Reluctantly, Sabrina admitted Michael had confessed it had been more than that. Felix could barely contain his glee as he asked how Sabrina felt about Michael. Before Sabrina could reply, Olivia and Valerie arrived. Felix immediately enlisted Sabrina's help as Felix took Olivia to an examination room.

In Silas' apartment, Morgan warned Sonny, Carly, and Kiki that they couldn't risk telling Dante that Avery had been found. Morgan reminded everyone that Michael wouldn't hesitate to petition the court to have custody returned to Michael, but Carly feared that keeping silent would make matters worse. They all jumped when Dante suddenly knocked on the door. Sonny quietly instructed Kiki and Morgan to hide Avery, while Dante yelled through the door that Dante was there on a police matter. Morgan and Kiki slipped out of the room with Avery as Carly urged Sonny to tell Dante the truth about the baby, but Sonny insisted that he would handle things.

Dante was surprised when Sonny opened the door, so he asked why his father and Carly were there. Sonny claimed that he and Carly had stopped by to check on Morgan and Kiki. Dante appeared skeptical, but he turned his attention to Morgan and Kiki as they strolled into the living room. Dante explained that Michael suspected Morgan and Kiki had staged Avery's abduction to frame Michael, but Morgan accused Michael of trying to deflect because Michael was a drunk who had knocked over Avery's stroller. Dante watched Morgan carefully as Dante noted that luckily their sister had escaped injury.

Morgan agreed but added that Michael had refused to act like an adult and take responsibility for the incident. In the background, Carly glared at her youngest son, but remained silent, while Dante continued to question Morgan and Kiki about Avery's disappearance. Kiki reminded Dante that she hadn't had any reason to take her sister, since she had been awarded custody of Avery, but Dante clarified that Kiki had only been granted temporary custody. Morgan reiterated that Michael's accusations were insane, so Dante asked to look around the apartment.

Sonny immediately asked if Dante had a warrant, but Dante explained that he wouldn't need one if Kiki agreed to the search. Kiki remained silent, so Sonny suggested that Dante had his answer. Dante conceded that he couldn't search the apartment, but he could arrest Morgan and Kiki for drugging Michael. Carly cried out with dismay when Dante pulled out two sets of handcuffs and arrested both Morgan and Kiki. Dante sat Morgan and Kiki down as he asked if either of them realized they had committed a felony by switching Michael's allergy medication.

Morgan and Kiki were defensive, so Dante warned both that they could face serious jail time if they had also abducted Avery. Dante informed Morgan that in the real world, Morgan couldn't "whine" his way out of the consequences. Disgusted, Dante decided to take Morgan and Kiki to jail, so Sonny advised Morgan and Kiki not to say anything without an attorney present. After Dante, Morgan, and Kiki left, Carly begged Sonny to call Diane, but Sonny decided to call a pilot to whisk Avery out of town. Stunned, Carly implored Sonny not to sacrifice one child for another.

Sonny realized Carly was right, so he opted for another course of action. He quickly filled Carly in, but Carly thought it was a drastic plan. Sonny insisted it was necessary -- he just hoped it would work.

At the police station, Dante led Morgan and Kiki to the interrogation room then told them to make themselves comfortable. Morgan made a snide remark, which enraged Dante. Morgan was curious what Dante's "problem" was, so Dante explained that he resented having to arrest one brother for drugging another. Dante also wasn't happy that Morgan was a suspect in their sister's kidnapping. "Does that sufficiently explain my mood to you?" Dante angrily asked.

Kiki assured Dante that she and Morgan understood then tried to apologize, but Morgan argued that he wasn't the least bit sorry. Dante advised both Morgan and Kiki to stop talking because they were each in a "world of hurt." Moments later, Valerie called to let Dante know that Olivia was at the hospital.

At the hospital, Olivia continued to writhe in pain as Ned hovered over her with concern. Olivia was touched when Ned referred to her baby as theirs when he asked Felix if the baby was going to be okay. Felix explained that he was just a nurse, but Felix suspected Olivia's pain were Braxton-Hicks contractions.

By the nurses' station, Valerie greeted Dante when he exited the elevator. She quickly filled him in on what she knew. A short time later, Sabrina approached Dante to let him know that the doctor had been called, but she was confident that Olivia was experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions. Relieved, Dante hugged Valerie just as Lulu arrived.

At ELQ, Michael was busy at work when Rosalie returned. Michael asked where she had been, so she claimed that her appointment had run late. Michael explained that they had an emergency, so he needed all hands on deck, but he tensed when he saw Sonny and Carly appear in the doorway. Rosalie offered to escort them out, but Michael dismissed Rosalie. After Rosalie left, Carly apologized for thinking the worst of Michael and not reaching out to him, but Michael realized Sonny and Carly were there because Dante had arrested Morgan.

Michael suspected Morgan and Kiki of staging their sister's abduction, so Sonny told Michael that Sonny's men had found Avery. Stunned, Michael wondered where Morgan and Kiki had stashed her, but Sonny ignored the question by offering to return Avery in exchange for Michael dropping the charges against Morgan and Kiki. Michael countered that he would drop the charges if Sonny not only returned baby A.J. but also withdrew the complaint against Judge Walters and stopped fighting for custody because it was in the baby's best interests.

Sonny reminded Michael that Avery was Sonny's daughter, but Michael was curious if Sonny was prepared to see Morgan go to Pentonville. Carly implored Sonny to think about their youngest son, so Sonny told Michael to make the call. A short time later, Michael ended a call with Sloane and assured Sonny that Morgan and Kiki would be released. After Sonny promised that Ric had been instructed to withdraw the petition against Judge Walters, Carly slipped out to fetch the baby. Michael immediately took his sister from his mother's arms and promised his sister that he would never let her go. Sonny clenched his jaw and looked away as Carly's eyes filled with tears of sadness.

At the police station, Morgan and Kiki were surprised when a police officer entered the interrogation room to inform them both that they were free to leave.

Lucas and Brad reconnected

Lucas and Brad reconnected

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It was the day of the Nurses Ball. There was a lot to do in very little time. Molly and Elizabeth folded napkins for the tables and passed the time by gossiping. Molly filled Elizabeth in on the fact that after Elizabeth had broken things off with Ric, he'd stuck his toe into the Internet dating pool and had wound up meeting a married woman.

When not declaring and/or making love, Lucas and Brad spent the morning discussing recent events. Lucas filled his beau in on the fact that Valerie would be moving in with Nikolas at Lulu's request. Eventually, their talk turned to the Nurses Ball and how much things had changed for them since the big night the year before.

Brad couldn't help but miss his gal pal, Britt, admitting that the two of them had watched the ball on TV the previous year and had cattily dissed the looks walking the red carpet. Eventually, Lucas got dressed and left to rehearse the annual Magic Milo strip routine. No sooner had Lucas departed than there was a knock on the door. Brad didn't seem particularly happy to see whoever it was.

Lulu and Valerie arrived at Wyndemere, and Valerie seemed pretty pleased with the surroundings. Lulu partook in her new favorite hobby -- poking fun at her half-brother's love life -- by asking after his new "girlfriend," Rosalie. Valerie and Lulu had a nice chat about the latter's motives, with the former admitting she'd feared she was being shuttled off to the island because Lulu was jealous. Although Lulu insisted more than once that she was not even a little bit green around the gills, the fact that she kept flashing back to Dante and Valerie's hug indicated that might not be entirely true.

Once Lulu had taken Valerie upstairs to settle in, Nikolas found himself dealing with another not-entirely-welcome person when Hayden barged through the patio doors. Nikolas quipped that Hayden "had stalker potential" but then seemed prepared to reward her initiative with a sexy romp. They were interrupted, of course, by Valerie, who mistakenly assumed Hayden to be Rosalie.

What could have been an awkward situation for Nikolas instead resolved itself when Hayden went along with Valerie's assumption. But once alone, Hayden -- apparently forgetting that she, in short order, had attempted to seduce half the men in town -- declared, "There's Valerie, and apparently someone named Rosalie. How many women are you sleeping with?" Nikolas suggested that was none of her darn business, but Hayden offered up the line of the day -- "Watch your tone, Prince!" -- before reminding her royal lover that she knew he knew what Jake didn't know: who Jake really was.

At General Hospital, Olivia woke up and realized Ned had spent the night, sleeping in a chair beside her bed. Or, as Ned admitted, not so much sleeping as tossing, turning, and generally fretting. The two cooed and bonded and very nearly had their secret -- that Julian, not Ned, had fathered her baby -- discovered when Dante walked in on their chat. Alone with his mom, Dante told her about Valerie moving in with Nikolas. Olivia went from saying nice things about Dante's attempts to help Valerie to wondering if Lulu's cousin might be a problem for Lulu. "You know Lulu's the only one for me," promised Dante, "and Lulu knows it, too."

When Dante and Olivia's conversation turned back to the baby, Dante said it was probably nice for his mom to know that her baby's daddy wasn't a gangster. Before he could notice or comment on the face that remark elicited, Ned arrived to wheel Olivia out of the hospital and take her home. Having not learned a single thing from Dante walking in on them earlier, Ned and Olivia had yet another conversation -- this one near the hospital's elevator banks -- about the fact that her baby's father was Julian. Unfortunately, this time someone did overhear them -- Julian's daughter, Sam.

At another set of hospital elevator doors, Dante reunited with Lulu and pulled his wife into a hug. She told him Valerie was snug as a bug in a kinda creepy, possibly haunted rug -- a.k.a. Wyndemere -- adding, "Just so we're clear, I'm not jealous or suspicious or anything."

Jake showed up at the hospital for a follow-up appointment but learned that his doctor had cancelled all his appointments. He ran into Sam, who was glad for the opportunity to thank him for having found Jason's wedding ring. In fact, she was so grateful that she wanted to bestow upon him two tickets to the Nurses Ball. Although appreciative, Jake admitted to suspecting that "big social events aren't my thing." Sam pointed out that Liz had been working very hard and would be "front-and-center" during the festivities. But when Jake didn't react the way she thought he would, Sam said, "If seeing Liz at the Nurses Ball with Ric is too painful, I'll take [the tickets] back." But in the end, Jake decided he wanted to attend.

Back at napkin-folding central, Molly and Liz continued gossiping. "I was worried," admitted the teen, "that if you didn't take him back, Dad would revert to his old ways and do something desperate." Right at that very moment, Ric was desperately trying to keep Hayden from spilling the beans on him unless he coughed up some cash. Hayden had been forced to pay Pete, which meant Ric owed her.

Ric promised to get Hayden $20,000 then barked, "Get the hell out of here before someone sees us!" Not surprisingly, someone was, in fact, seeing them together at that very moment. Luckily for Ric, it was just T.J., whom Ric dealt with by saying Hayden was a client. T.J. later told Molly about having seen her dad having a tense meeting with a "very demanding client." Ric and Liz later reflected on the previous year's ball, and he confided to Molly his plans to propose to Elizabeth that night.

What Ric couldn't know, of course, was that trouble was knocking -- on Pete's door. When he opened it, Carly was on the other side. She claimed to be there to offer him a job posing as a guy named Jake Barnes. "Oh wait," she said, all but snapping her fingers, "you already have that job!" He played dumb for a while, even claiming never to have heard of Port Charles, saying, "That's upstate, right? I don't even go to Jersey!" Carly trotted out the Photoshopped pictures and demanded to know what was up. She threatened to call the police, then pushed for answers again.

At one point, Carly even made herself comfortable -- or at least as comfortable as one could be on Pete's furniture. "The only acting you're going to be doing," she threatened, "is role-playing with your fellow inmates in prison!" At that point, rather than confess, Pete tried turning the tables by asking Carly why she was, as the kids would say, all up in his grill. And while that might stop a lesser woman, Carly didn't bat an eye.

Carly whipped out her phone and threatened to call the police yet again. Apparently, the third time was the charm, because Pete finally started to crack. Carly even gave him a little bit of an out by admitting she didn't believe for a hot minute that he or Hayden was behind the scam. Latching onto that, Pete admitted someone had been paying them to make Jake think he had a wife. Without even waiting for Pete to name names, Carly offered up her two-word theory: Ric Lansing.

Carly paid Pete to help her expose Ric's lies

Carly paid Pete to help her expose Ric's lies

Thursday, April 30, 2015

At the hospital, Liesl asked if Sam was okay because Sam seemed unusually pale. Sam recalled overhearing Olivia and Ned's conversation about Julian being the father of Olivia's baby but decided not to share the secret with Liesl. Instead, Sam claimed that she was looking for Patrick. Liesl informed Sam that Patrick was operating on a patient, so Sam decided to wait. Liesl smirked as she wondered if perhaps Sam was hoping to run into Jake, but Sam admitted that she had already talked to him.

Liesl couldn't understand why women continued to flock around Jake -- a man without a past who had hurt a lot of people in Port Charles. Sam accused Liesl of hypocrisy because of Liesl's relationship with Cesar Faison, but Liesl defended the man she loved by insisting that Jake lacked both Cesar's "subtly and nuisance." Liesl was baffled as to why Sam, Elizabeth, and even the "formidable" Carly Jacks had rallied around Jake unless each woman had romantic feelings for Jake. Liesl was curious what Patrick would say to that, but Patrick suddenly appeared behind Liesl to invite Liesl to ask him the question directly.

Patrick suggested that just because Liesl's daughter had had a history of being duplicitous with men didn't mean that Sam was the same. Liesl resented Patrick disparaging Britt, but Patrick ignored Liesl as he calmly explained that Sam and Jake were friends, much like Patrick and Elizabeth were. Patrick was furious that Liesl had been giving Sam a hard time, but Liesl became distracted when she received a text message.

After Liesl hastily excused herself, Sam confessed that she was grateful Patrick had showed up when he had because she had overheard troubling information. Patrick assured Sam that she could confide in him, since he was on her side, so Sam told him about Olivia and Ned's discussion about Olivia's baby. Stunned, Patrick wondered if it was possible that Sam had misunderstood, but she was certain she had heard correctly. However, Sam had no idea what to do with the information because a part of her understood Olivia's apprehension about Julian's involvement with the mob, but another part of Sam thought both of her parents deserved to know that Julian was the father of Olivia's baby.

Sam feared that she might blurt something out during the Nurses Ball, so Patrick suggested they switch the seating at the table to keep Sam away from Alexis and Julian. Patrick was curious who else would be seated at their table, so Sam revealed that she had invited Jake and Hayden. Patrick didn't appear pleased, prompting Sam to wonder if he had a problem with Jake and Hayden joining them. Patrick tactfully avoided the question by turning the conversation back to Sam's dilemma with Julian. Patrick advised Sam not to say anything until after the ball because the shocking news had the potential to disrupt the ball.

At Brad and Lucas' apartment, Brad was shocked when he answered a knock at his door. "Oh, my God, " Brad said when he saw Britt standing on his doorstep, sporting a big floppy hat, dark sunglasses, and a trench coat. Brad and Britt squealed with joy as they hugged each other then slipped into the apartment before anyone spotted Britt. Brad couldn't believe that Britt was in Port Charles, so he wondered if Nikolas had dropped the charges against her. Britt admitted she was still on the lam from the law, but she had wanted to watch the red carpet arrivals with Brad.

Brad was delighted by his friend's visit, but he was curious what her life had been like since fleeing town. Britt admitted that she and her father moved around a lot, but she didn't mind because she enjoyed Cesar's company. Britt assured him that her "Papa" was still crazy, but Cesar was also sweet because he had arranged for her to visit Brad. Britt changed the subject by asking about Brad's life, so he told her that he and Lucas were living together as a couple. Britt was delighted that her friend had found the man of his dreams, even though she had lost hers.

Britt admitted that she didn't blame Nikolas for pressing charges against her, but she desperately missed Spencer. Brad realized that Britt hadn't heard about Spencer's accident, so he told her about the fire at Wyndemere. Britt became upset, but Brad was confident that Spencer would recover, since Spencer was out of the hospital. Britt confessed that she wished she could see Spencer, her brother, and even her mother. As if on cue, Liesl banged on Brad's door, demanding that he let her in. Liesl threatened to fire Brad if he didn't comply, so Britt quickly slipped into the bathroom while Brad opened the door.

Liesl shoved her way past Brad then informed him that she knew he had a houseguest. Liesl decided to revoke Brad's personal day off and ordered him to go to the lab. After Brad left, Liesl called out to her daughter. Britt stepped out of the bathroom to shyly greet her mother, so Liesl revealed that Cesar had told her about Britt's visit. Liesl was hurt that Britt hadn't reached out to Liesl, so Britt hugged Liesl and assured her mother that she had missed Liesl.

Liesl explained that she didn't have long with Britt because Liesl had to get to work on the ball, but she wanted Britt to know that Britt was always on Liesl's mind. Britt hugged her mother again then tried to lighten the mood by asking if Liesl intended to crash the opening number like the previous year. "Wait and see," Liesl replied as she flashed a secret smile.

At Wyndemere, Hayden warned Nikolas to watch his tone with her because she knew that Nikolas held the truth to Jake's actual identity. Nikolas was not intimidated because Hayden had far more to lose than he did, but Hayden didn't believe him. She was certain there were people who would bury Nikolas for keeping the secret about Jake. Satisfied that she had made her point, Hayden approached Nikolas with seduction on her mind, but he caught her by surprise when he twisted her arm behind her back then spun her away from him. He whispered menacingly in her ear that he would bury her if she told anyone anything.

Hayden was curious if Nikolas was threatening to kill her, so Nikolas clarified that he didn't have to resort to such extreme measures. Nikolas released Hayden as he explained that it would only take one phone call to the police commissioner to make Hayden disappear in a remote prison. Hayden saw the promise in Nikolas' expression, so she immediately backed down. Pleased, Nikolas reached for her, but Spencer suddenly entered the living room. Spencer stopped short and quickly apologized for intruding, so Hayden asked who Spencer was.

Nikolas reluctantly introduced his son to Hayden, so Hayden asked about the mask. Spencer's smile instantly vanished as he stepped back and claimed the mask was intended to shield Spencer and the world from the horror underneath. Nikolas rolled his eyes then clarified that the mask protected his son's injury as the skin healed. Spencer changed the subject by asking if Hayden was their new houseguest, Valerie, so Hayden decided to let Nikolas explain who she was. Nikolas introduced Hayden as an associate who had been on her way out.

Nikolas marched Hayden to the front door but stopped to quietly warn her to tread carefully. Hayden was confident that Nikolas wouldn't carry out the earlier threat because the sex between them was too good. After Hayden left, Nikolas returned to the living room to tell Spencer to get ready for the ball. Spencer refused because it meant nothing to him without Emma on his arm. Nikolas reminded his son that beauty was on the inside, not just the outside, but Spencer merely scoffed.

Nikolas promised that Spencer would soon be as handsome as ever, but Spencer disagreed. Frustrated, Nikolas reminded Spencer that Spencer had refused to talk to the doctors, so Spencer hadn't heard the doctors' assurances that Spencer would be okay. Nikolas agreed to let Spencer skip the Nurses Ball, but he pointed out that sooner or later, Spencer would have to accept what Spencer looked like. Nikolas confessed that he was proud of Spencer because Spencer was the bravest and most wonderful boy in the world in Nikolas' eyes. Nikolas was confident that Spencer would find the strength to get through the recovery because it was what Spencer's mother, Courtney, would have wanted.

Outside the ballroom at Metro Court, Elizabeth bumped into Jake. She was startled, but quickly recovered then explained that she was busy getting everything ready for the ball and her performance. Elizabeth wondered if Jake planned to attend the ball but regretted the question when she realized that elaborate affairs were not Jake's style. Jake confessed that Sam had invited him, which surprised Elizabeth until he added that the invitation had included Hayden. Jake shifted gears to admit that Carly had told him about Elizabeth's reconciliation with Ric, so Elizabeth confirmed it was true.

Elizabeth softly confided that it had been hard for her to get over Jake, but it had been necessary, especially after Hayden had tracked Elizabeth down to tell Elizabeth that Jake and Hayden had grown close once again. Jake frowned as he asked what Elizabeth was talking about, but Elizabeth insisted that it didn't matter. Jake disagreed because he wanted to know exactly what Hayden had told her. Elizabeth explained that Hayden had let her know that Jake and Hayden had reconnected as lovers, but Jake insisted Hayden had lied. Jake admitted that he couldn't be intimate with a stranger, which Hayden was.

Jake wondered why Hayden would lie, but Elizabeth suspected Hayden had been afraid that something might still be simmering between Jake and Elizabeth. Jake confessed that he wished it were, even though he was a married man and Elizabeth was with Ric. Jake realized it was wrong, but he couldn't stop thinking about Elizabeth because she was the woman he remembered and the woman he continued to miss. Jake and Elizabeth drew closer to each other as they looked deep into each other's eyes but instantly stepped apart when Hayden suddenly called out to Jake.

Hayden approached then reached for Jake's arm, but he shrugged Hayden off. Hayden smiled awkwardly as she tried to pass it off as Jake's abhorrence for public displays of affection, but Elizabeth decided to get back to work. Hayden seized the opportunity to ask if Elizabeth could snag a couple of tickets to the ball for Jake and Hayden, so Jake revealed that he already had two tickets. Hayden was excited and eager to pick out a grown for the evening, but Jake decided he and Hayden should have a chat first. Jake led Hayden away, but he glanced back at Elizabeth longingly.

In Metro Court's ballroom, Ric showed Molly an engagement ring as he confided that he planned to propose marriage to Elizabeth. Molly smiled as she assured her father the ring was lovely, but Ric sensed that Molly was holding back. Molly admitted that Elizabeth was the best thing to happen to Ric, but she urged Ric to reconsider the proposal. Molly feared it was too soon, so he advised him to take things slowly. Ric reminded Molly how close he and Elizabeth had been before he had been forced into the Witness Protection Program, but Molly continued to have reservations about the timing.

Ric insisted he and Elizabeth were destined to be together despite Elizabeth's brief infatuation with Jake, but Molly argued that Elizabeth might not be over Jake. She feared that Elizabeth was on the rebound, but Ric was disappointed by his daughter's lack of support. Molly promised she wanted the best for her father, but she had watched Elizabeth seesaw between Ric and Jake since Christmas, which made her wonder if Elizabeth had unresolved feelings for Jake.

According to Ric, the connection he and Elizabeth shared was unwavering. He conceded that Elizabeth might have had her head turned by Jake, but Elizabeth's heart had always belonged to Ric. Molly realized that her father remained determined to propose, so she hugged her father and wished him well. She was certain that he and Elizabeth would be happy together. Molly wondered when Ric planned to ask Elizabeth to marry him, but Ric confided it was a surprise.

Moments later, Elizabeth approached Ric and Molly then asked what she had missed. Molly cryptically told Elizabeth that Elizabeth would have to wait to find out.

In New York City, Carly figured out that Ric had been behind the scheme for Hayden to pose as Jake's wife in a desperate attempt to free Elizabeth up for Ric, but Pete refused to confirm it. Carly was eager to blow Ric out of the water, so Pete asked why Carly hated Ric. Carly listed a few of Ric's crimes against her, including kidnapping her and locking her in a panic room, so Pete conceded that Ric sounded like a piece of work. Pete closed his apartment door as Carly wondered why Pete was protecting Ric until she suddenly realized that Pete didn't want to expose Ric because Pete had been blackmailing Ric.

Carly warned Pete to stop stonewalling her or she would call the police, but Pete assured her that he was "squeaky clean." Carly easily saw through the lie, but she offered to pay him to turn on Ric. Pete's interest was piqued when she explained that she owned Metro Court and had far more money than Ric could ever dream off. Carly sat down to work out a deal with Pete then had the money transferred into his account in exchange for his help. She instructed him to grab his tuxedo because Carly planned for Pete to give the performance of his lifetime.

Pete fetched his tuxedo and followed Carly out the apartment. He was curious what her plan was, so she promised that the 2015 Nurses Ball would be one that people would not forget.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Jake was Jason

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Jake was Jason

Friday, May 1, 2015

At Metro Court, Lucy was a nervous wreck in her dressing room as she decided she didn't have anything suitable to wear. Felix patiently looked at the racks of designer gowns then promised to find Lucy the perfect dress. However, he urged her to relax because the red carpet festivities were about to begin.

At Wyndemere, Lulu tried to persuade Spencer to change his mind about attending the Nurses Ball, but Spencer stubbornly refused because he didn't want photographers to snap pictures of his hideous face. Lulu gave up, so Nikolas warned his son that Spencer was not hideous. Spencer argued that his face was disfigured, but Dante countered that Spencer looked tough. Spencer's mind was made up, so Nikolas, Lulu, Dante, and Valerie reluctantly left without Spencer. Spencer picked up the remote then turned on the television to watch the Nurses Ball on television.

"What the fudge?" Spencer asked when he saw Ric, Elizabeth, Cameron, and Emma walk the red carpet together. He immediately called Josslyn to find out why Cameron and Josslyn were no longer a couple, so Josslyn revealed that Cameron had ended things because Cameron had accused Josslyn of being a "noodge." Spencer conceded that Cameron was right, and abruptly ended the call in frustration.

At Brad and Lucas' apartment, Brad spoke to Lucas on the phone. Brad explained that he had been delayed at work, so he wouldn't be able to make it in time to walk the red carpet with Lucas. However, Brad promised to be at the ball in time for the opening number. After Brad ended the call, Britt smiled because Brad had sounded "sickenly sweet" with Lucas on the phone. Brad ignored Britt's remark as he jumped on the bed to settle next to her and watch the red carpet arrivals.

On television, the host introduced himself as Donny Sheldon and welcomed the first guests, Ned and Olivia. Britt was shocked when she realized that Olivia was pregnant, since Olivia was a grandmother.

On the red carpet, Ned had reservations about Olivia attending the ball because of her labor scare the previous evening, but Olivia insisted she wouldn't have missed the Nurses Ball for the world.

Nearby, Sam stared at Olivia. Patrick asked if Sam was okay, so she admitted that she hated not telling her father about the baby. Moments later, Julian and Alexis walked up. Julian was curious what Patrick and Sam had been talking about, so Patrick revealed that Brad wouldn't be able to walk the red carpet with Lucas.

In Brad and Lucas' apartment, Britt was surprised when she saw Patrick and Sam together. She tried to find fault with Sam but couldn't because Sam's glittering dark dress was beautiful. Brad snarked that at least Sam had been classy enough to leave her leather jacket at home, prompting Britt to burst into laughter.

On the red carpet, Ric and Elizabeth arrived with Cameron and Emma. Meanwhile, Hayden and Jake were in the elevator. Hayden wanted to explain why she had lied to Elizabeth, but Jake wasn't in the mood to discuss it. The elevator doors opened as a reporter asked Elizabeth if Elizabeth would be performing at the ball. Jake couldn't take his eyes off Elizabeth. She sensed someone watching her, so she glanced over her shoulder and saw Jake. Ric noticed and quickly hustled Elizabeth and the children into the ballroom.

Next, Michael and Sabrina arrived. Donny asked about baby A.J., so Michael assured the reporter that the baby was safe at home.

After Michael and Sabrina entered the ballroom, Shawn, Jordan, T.J., and Molly walked the red carpet. However, the crowd erupted in applause when Lucy, wearing a dazzling white gown, arrived with Duke as her escort. The host asked Lucy a few questions about the ball, so Lucy patiently answered them then moved on. Out of the limelight, Lucy thanked Duke for being her date even though they were no longer a couple. Lucy was disappointed that things hadn't worked out for Duke and Anna, but Duke reminded Lucy that Anna was with someone else.

Moments later, Anna arrived on Kyle Sloane's arm.

In Brad and Lucas' apartment, Brad admitted that he was bored with the parade of people on the red carpet until Lucas and Felix suddenly appeared. A reporter asked if Lucas and Felix had rekindled things, but Felix quickly clarified that he and Lucas were just coworkers and friends. Brad was pleased when Felix added that Lucas was in love with someone else.

After Lucas and Felix entered the ballroom, Maxie and Spinelli sailed down the red carpet. A reporter asked Maxie questions about her gown, but she reminded the reporter that the focus of the night should be the charity, not the fashions. Maxie's smile faltered when she suddenly saw Nathan and Ellie arrive together. Spinelli was equally surprised to see Ellie with Nathan, so Maxie decided to have a talk with the couple. Spinelli tried to stop Maxie, but Maxie was determined to confront Nathan and Ellie.

Maxie started to walk toward Nathan and Ellie, but Spinelli unintentionally stepped on the hem of Maxie's designer gown. To Maxie's horror, she tripped and fell as the halter of her dress slid down, while the crowd let out a collective gasp.

"Jackpot," Brad and Britt yelled in unison as they gave each other a high-five.

On the red carpet, Maxie quickly pulled her dress back into place as Nathan reached her to ask if she was okay. Maxie was grateful that she had been wearing something under the gown, which had spared her from complete humiliation. Spinelli and Maxie questioned what Nathan and Ellie were doing together, so Nathan reminded Spinelli and Maxie that he and Ellie were single.

After Spinelli and Maxie left, Ellie worried that both Spinelli and Maxie had been upset. Nathan was pleased because it meant Nathan and Ellie's plan was working.

At Brad and Lucas' apartment, Brad announced that he had to leave because he had promised to meet Lucas in time for the opening number. Britt was disappointed but hugged her friend goodbye. After Brad left, Britt watched as Nikolas walked the red carpet with Valerie Spencer. Britt glared at Valerie as the reporter asked Nikolas about Spencer. Nikolas explained that Spencer had decided to stay home.

Backstage, Carly led Pete to a storeroom. She instructed him to stay put until she signaled for him to join her. Carly explained that Ric was scheduled to perform, so she wanted to make certain that it would be a performance no one would forget.

In the ballroom, Molly thanked Duke for paying for T.J.'s college tuition. Shawn and Jordan walked up as Duke assured Molly that T.J. had a promising future. Nearby, Brad approached Lucas. Brad and Lucas decided to place a bet on whether or not Liesl would crash the opening number. Lucas doubted that Liesl would do it, but Brad was certain Liesl had something planned.

Elsewhere, Carly watched Ric and Elizabeth. Ric tensed when Carly walked up, but he politely asked where Sonny was. Carly admitted that Sonny had decided to stay home because Sonny wasn't in the mood for a party after dropping the custody suit for Avery. Carly surprised Ric by adding that she wanted to make peace with him for Sonny's sake and move forward. Ric seemed skeptical but accepted Carly's olive branch.

Moments later, the announcer introduced the host for the evening, Lucy Coe. Lucy appeared on stage in a sexy black gown. She reminded everyone that they had gathered together to raise money for the treatment and hopeful eradication of AIDS. Lucy added that Aveeno had generously sponsored the evening and would donate to the charity as well.

Finally, the nurses took to the stage to sing the opening number welcoming everyone to the 2015 Nurses Ball. As the song and dance number drew to a close, a loud boom filled the air. Seconds later, Liesl appeared dressed in a red suit as she began to sing 99 Red Balloons in German. Liesl switched to English as she sashayed around the stage, popping red balloons. After the song ended, a few people in the audience clapped.

Liesl admitted that the song reminded her of the "halcyon days of 1983" when the threat of "global thermal nuclear war" loomed over everyone. Lucy tactfully escorted Liesl off the stage for the next performance.

At Wyndemere, Spencer stared at his television with awe. "That. Was. Fabulous," Spencer decided. Spencer turned when he heard someone enter the room. His face lit with joy when he saw Britt. After they hugged, Britt confessed that she had missed Spencer and had heard about his accident. Spencer grumbled that he was a freak, but Britt refused to listen to Spencer wallow in self-pity. She demanded to know why he wasn't at the ball, so he lamented that it was meaningless without Emma.

Britt urged Spencer to stop sulking and go the ball, but he remained reluctant until Britt reminded Spencer that he was a prince. Spencer decided to take her advice, so he walked Britt to the door and called for Chandler.

At the ball, Carly pulled Spinelli aside to enlist his help. Meanwhile, Molly approached Elizabeth's table to tell her that Ric had asked Molly to give Elizabeth something he wanted Elizabeth to open during his performance. Molly set the small black ring box on the table then left.

Moments later, Ric walked out on the stage. He talked about the difficult year he had endured and how grateful he was for being given a second chance at life, being a father, and love. The soft strains of a guitar filled the air as Ric began to sing a romantic song about getting married. Touched, Elizabeth's eyes filled with tears as pictures of Ric and Elizabeth's life together flashed on a screen in the background. However, Ric realized something was wrong when Elizabeth's suddenly frowned. He turned and saw Hayden and Jake's wedding picture on the screen just as Carly walked out to join Ric on the stage.

Carly apologized for interrupting Ric's performance, but she was eager to introduce someone. Ric was shocked when Pete strolled out and revealed that Ric had paid Pete to pose as Jake prior to facial reconstruction. The audience was stunned when Pete added that Ric had enlisted Hayden's help in a desperate attempt to break up Jake and Elizabeth. Furious, Ric accused Carly of deliberately humiliating him, but Carly was unfazed because it was typical of Ric to deflect by trying to blame others.

In the audience, Elizabeth had heard enough, so she stood up and fled the room. Ric ran after Elizabeth in a panic, while Carly looked at Jake. She apologized to him for outing Hayden as a fraud, but Carly was satisfied that at least he knew the truth about the "lying bitch" in his bed. Concerned, Nikolas decided to check on Elizabeth.

Outside the ballroom, Ric caught up with Elizabeth and begged for an opportunity to explain his side of things, but Elizabeth angrily accused him of being a lying bastard as she slapped him hard across the face. Ric insisted he had been desperate to get her back because he loved her, but Elizabeth didn't believe him. She doubted that Ric had ever loved or respected her because he had taken away her choice. "There shouldn't have been a choice," Ric snapped with irritation because he firmly believed Elizabeth belonged with him, not Jake.

Elizabeth argued that she had given Ric chance after chance because she had wanted to believe there was good in him, but he had continually let her down. Elizabeth questioned if there had ever been any good in Ric, but she was certain that he was not good enough for her. She made it clear that she never wanted to lay eyes on him again then stormed away.

Meanwhile, Jake followed Hayden out of the ballroom to get some answers. Hayden admitted that her name had been real, but the rest had been a lie. Jake was furious, but Hayden suggested that he save his anger for the person responsible for the deception. Seconds later, Ric walked up, followed by Carly. Carly didn't mince words as she ordered both Ric and Hayden out of her hotel. Hayden wanted to get her things, but Carly agreed to have Hayden's things packed up and tossed to the curb. Carly asked Jake for the wedding ring.

After Jake handed the ring to Carly, she tossed it at Hayden with the suggestion that Hayden pawn it. Carly watched with satisfaction as Hayden followed Ric out of the hotel then told Jake that she had always known that he would never marry a woman like Hayden.

In the ballroom, Lucy tried to salvage the show by dragging Brad to the stage to finish Ric's song. Brad reluctantly agreed, but decided to make it upbeat, so Felix ran backstage to grab half a dozen men to act as backup dancers during the performance. Brad sang the song to Lucas as the crowd swayed along to the song. Afterwards, everyone erupted in applause, including Lucas, who gave Brad a standing ovation. Pleased, Lucy returned to the stage and thanked Brad then remarked that there hadn't been any pressure for him to propose to anyone.

"Why not?" Brad asked then stunned the audience by proposing marriage to Lucas.

In the dressing room, Elizabeth was in tears as Nikolas entered to check on her. Agitated and crying, she paced the small room as she berated herself for foolishly giving Ric another chance. She was furious about what Ric had done to Jake, but she suddenly realized that she could be with Jake, since Jake wasn't married. Elizabeth decided to find Jake, but Nikolas urged her not to. Elizabeth ignored Nikolas as she marched to the door, so Nikolas confessed that Jake was married. Confused, Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that Hayden was not Jake's wife, but Nikolas revealed that Jake was Jason.

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