General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 13, 2015 on GH

Elizabeth was reunited with little Jake. Carly accepted Sonny's proposal of marriage. Luke caught Tracy and Paul in bed together. Dante begged Valerie not to tell anyone that they had slept together. Morgan and Denise slept together.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 13, 2015 on GH
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Reunited and it Feels so Good

Reunited and it Feels so Good

Monday, July 13, 2015

"What was that about?" Dante asked a tearful Lulu after her conversation with Carly was over. Lulu informed Dante that she knew "all about" what had happened between him and Valerie. He sincerely told her that he was "so so sorry" and tried to explain that he'd thought she'd been sleeping with Dillon and lying about it. He continued that he'd been crazy with anger and grief, and he'd made a stupid mistake that he felt beyond horrible about. He wondered if she'd be able to forgive him. "Depends. Was it just one kiss?" she asked.

Dante, who'd thought that Lulu knew all about his and Valerie's night together, was clearly startled. Lulu explained that Carly had told Lulu what had happened, presumably after Dante had told Sonny. She blamed her own lies for pushing Dante away and admitted to hating Valerie at that moment. Dante told Lulu that he'd kissed Valerie, who had immediately put a stop to it.

Since the incident was "out in the open," Dante hoped that he and Lulu could move past it. She agreed that she wanted the prior few weeks to be "a distant memory." He moved toward her to embrace her, but she flinched away. He told her that he loved her, and she repeated the sentiment back to him. She excused herself to go wash off the day's events.

In Jordan's office, she confessed to Valerie that she was uncomfortable having an inappropriate relationship happening within the department. Valerie assured her boss that Dante had "called the whole thing off." She explained that Lulu hadn't been having an affair, and Dante had told her that they needed to keep what had happened a secret.

Jordan admitted that, "woman-to-woman," she was sympathetic toward Valerie. However, as Valerie's boss, Jordan told her that she needed to act like a grownup and deal with her drama on her own time. She offered to take Valerie out for a drink, but Valerie just wanted to go home and let the events of the previous day and a half sink in. She thanked Jordan for the advice, and Jordan left.

Just then, Valerie's phone rang, and she answered it to Dante. He informed her that Lulu knew about their kiss but nothing else. He made sure that she would keep their secret. "The secret is safe with me," she promised, and she hung up.

Sam surprised Patrick at the hospital. She told him that she'd dropped Emma and Danny off at Mac and Felicia's for a sleepover, and she offered to treat him to dinner. He needed to wait for a patient's test results, so she decided to wait with him. He mentioned that it was Hayden's test results that he was waiting for. He explained that her vitals had spiked then fallen back down. He thought there was a chance that she could soon wake from her coma.

Sam suggested that Hayden would be able to tell them who Jake really was when she woke up. Patrick wondered how anyone could take Hayden's word after she'd done so much lying. Sam related that Hayden and Nikolas had also lied about their connection. She informed him that she'd run into Valerie, who'd told Sam that Nikolas and Hayden had "a past."

Lucky stood outside Elizabeth's home. Luke and Jake walked around the side of the house as Lucky knocked on the door. A shocked Elizabeth answered the door and immediately embraced him. He followed Elizabeth into the house, and she wondered what had happened to him. He summarized that he'd been kidnapped, and that Luke, Laura, and Lulu had saved him, but it was too long of a story.

Elizabeth knew that Aiden would be excited to see Lucky, so she ran upstairs and got their son. Aiden ran right over to Lucky, who apologized for missing so many Skype calls. Aiden replied that it was all right, because he'd had fun with Jake, "Mommy's friend." A confused Lucky looked to Elizabeth for answers.

A short while later, Lucky returned downstairs after putting Aiden back to bed. Elizabeth informed Lucky that Jake was the man she'd been seeing. "Another Jake?" Lucky asked. Speaking of Jake, Elizabeth told Lucky that their son Jake's kidney had helped Josslyn be cancer-free for five years. Lucky was happy for Josslyn and Carly, but he replied that "Jake didn't save Josslyn."

Elizabeth didn't think Lucky was making sense, and she responded that saving Josslyn's life was the only way she'd been able to survive without her son. "Jake's alive," Lucky divulged. He continued that Helena had taken Jake and had been hiding him on Cassadine Island. "I brought him here," he added. Lucky went outside to retrieve Luke and Jake. "This is your son," Luke told a tearful Elizabeth.

Luke introduced Jake to the mother he didn't remember. Elizabeth kneeled at Jake's level and expressed how much she'd missed him. Luke asked if Jake would watch over his mother. "I will, I promise," he said. She asked Jake if she could hug him, and he nodded. Crying, she took him in her arms. "Are you sad?" he asked, noticing her crying. She admitted that she was "the happiest I've ever been."

Luke pointed out some toys across the room to Jake so that Elizabeth could get some air. Outside, Elizabeth confided in Lucky that she felt like she was in a dream. "We got our son back, in one piece," Lucky told her with misty eyes. After a comforting embrace, she admitted that she wanted to hold on to Jake and never let him go. They went back into the house and found Luke and Jake playing together.

Elizabeth wondered if Jake was hungry. Lucky took Jake into the kitchen for a snack. Elizabeth thanked Luke for returning her son. He responded that seeing Elizabeth and Jake together was "worth whatever it took to bring him back." He praised her resilience and advised her not to question her happiness, because second chances were rare.

When Lucky and Jake returned with snacks, Luke excused himself. He needed to find Tracy and tell her the truth. Elizabeth wished him luck, and Lucky walked Luke out. When they were outside, Luke bluntly asked Lucky what he was afraid of. Lucky fearfully told Luke that he felt the "darkness" inside himself fighting to get out. Luke assured Lucky that Lucky was the bravest, most honorable man Luke had ever known. He advised his son to be honest with himself and to believe in himself, "like I do."

Luke continued that Lucky needed to "face the demon" head on, even though it would be easier said than done. The two men exchanged "I love you's" and a hug. Luke instructed Lucky to let him know as soon as he was "weary from battle," and Luke promised to be there. "Next time, I'll rescue you instead," Lucky said. "You already have," Luke replied, and he left.

Jake arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, and Monica answered the door. Jake wondered if Michael was home, but Monica told him that Michael was out with Sabrina. Jake apologized for not calling first and turned to leave. Monica called out that Michael shouldn't be out much longer, and Jake could wait inside. She told him to make himself at home in the living room, and she went to get them drinks and snacks. In the living room, he picked up a picture of Jason and A.J.

Monica returned, and Jake apologized for just picking up the picture. She explained about her sons. Jake admitted that he'd heard a lot about Jason. Monica replied that Jake had probably only heard about Jason Morgan. Jake said that he would love to hear about Jason Quartermaine. She explained about how Jason wasn't hers biologically, but she had fallen in love with him. She reminisced about how the "kind, thoughtful, selfless, smart" boy had become the "heart of the family."

Jake related to Monica that he'd only ever heard good things about Jason. She regretted that Jason had been taken so soon. Jake put his hand over Monica's and expressed his sympathy. As Monica regained her composure, Jake observed that Michael seemed in no hurry to return home. He thanked Monica for hosting him and told her that it had been a pleasure getting to know her. He saw himself out.

A few minutes later, Luke entered the house, wearing a suit and tie. Monica immediately yelled for Alice. Luke demanded to know where Tracy was.

At Elizabeth's, Jake was on the computer as Elizabeth asked Lucky how she was supposed to explain the situation to everyone. He knew that she would know exactly what to say. She wondered what his plans for the night were. He wanted to go see Laura, but he wasn't sure about after that. She asked him to check in with her, and he promised he would.

Lucky thought that everything was "finally right." He thought that his and Elizabeth's boys were lucky to have her. He hugged Jake goodbye. In front of the front door, he promised her that "this isn't goodbye." "I know," she replied, and he left. She returned to Jake and asked to play with him. She wondered which toy was his favorite, and he pulled out the motorcycle. She remembered how it had always been his favorite. Just then, Jake returned home, puzzled to see the little boy with Elizabeth.

Nikolas looked at Hayden's license but quickly put it back into the safe when Laura entered. He thought congratulations were in order for her and Luke, but Laura immediately set him straight on where she and Luke had actually gone. She concluded with the news that Jake was actually alive and back in Port Charles. She added that it was a shame that Jason hadn't lived long enough to reunite with his son.

Laura demanded that Nikolas "stop brooding," because all of the news she'd given him had been happy. He remarked that he was thinking about Jason. "It is what it is, right?" she commented. "Wrong," Nikolas stated. As she wondered what he meant, Lucky entered.

Lucky to be Home

Lucky to be Home

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Luke bumped into Dillon in the Quartermaine mansion. He wondered if Dillon had seen Tracy. Dillon scolded Luke for not talking to Tracy sooner. Luke explained to Dillon about finding Jake alive. Luke headed up the stairs to find Tracy. He knocked on her door and announced himself. When there was no answer, he warned Tracy that he was entering the room. When he walked in, he was shocked to find Tracy and Paul in bed together.

Tracy yelled at Luke to leave the room. "You moved on, why wouldn't I?" she added. Luke insisted that he hadn't moved on. He told Paul to leave, and Tracy thought it would be better if Paul left, so he did. Luke told Tracy that his and Laura's reunion had been a lie, and he briefly explained what had happened. He continued that she was the only person he was interested in. He knew he was responsible for Tracy jumping into bed with Paul, but he wanted to move past it.

Tracy wanted to know why Luke hadn't told her the truth in the first place. He replied that he'd been specifically told to keep Tracy in the dark. She accused him of trusting Dillon more than her. She said that he'd made his decision to leave her behind because he didn't see her as his equal. "You blew it," she told him. She demanded that he leave. He hoped that she would see things differently the next morning and assured her that he wasn't giving up on her. He left, and she watched him leave before slamming the door behind him.

Dillon texted Lulu. He told her that he didn't want to interrupt her reunion with Dante, but he wanted to let her know that Luke was there. He continued that he had his "fingers crossed" that things went well between Luke and Tracy. Right after he sent the message, Paul entered, much to Dillon's surprise. They embraced, and Dillon wondered why Paul was there. "To see you," he responded. "That's a first," Dillon cracked. "Better late than never," Paul reasoned.

Dillon wondered why Paul was wearing one of Tracy's robes, because he knew that his parents couldn't stand each other. Paul confessed to his son that Luke had walked in on Paul and Tracy in bed together. He quickly updated Dillon on the end of his marriage to Jenny. He explained that both he and Tracy had been "screwed over" by their loved ones, so they'd gotten drunk, and "one thing led to another." Dillon informed Paul that Luke hadn't actually "screwed" Tracy over.

Dillon explained the situation to Paul and dubbed it a "disaster." Paul apologized to Dillon for not having "much" of a relationship with his son. Dillon corrected him and said that they had no relationship. "That's not judgment; that's statement of fact," Dillon added. Paul wanted to be the father he never had. "In the meantime, you slept with my mom," Dillon observed. Paul knew things were awkward, but he wanted to make things right with Dillon, and he vowed to let no one stop him.

As Sonny and Carly got ready for bed, they discussed Lulu and Dante's situation. They agreed that, while Lulu shouldn't have lied, she'd done the right thing by helping her family. Sonny hoped they couple could put the situation behind them. Carly sheepishly admitted to slipping to Lulu that Dante and Valerie had kissed. Sonny thought Dante and Lulu would "bounce back." Carly thought they would, as long as Dante could "own up" to his mistakes.

Changing the subject, Carly gushed to Sonny that Josslyn was officially cancer-free. She thought back to the night when Jake had died and she'd had to go to Jason to ask for Jake to save Josslyn. Sonny related that Jason would have done anything for Carly. She added that she missed Jason every day.

Carly admitted that she hadn't wanted to tell Sonny about Josslyn's tests because she hadn't wanted to appear weak in front of Sonny. Sonny reasoned that Carly had seen him at his worst and implored her not to hide anything from him. She promised as long as he promised the same. He told her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and kissed her.

Lulu caught Dante on the phone with Valerie, and she demanded to know who had called whom. Dante freely admitted that he'd called Valerie to let her know that Lulu knew about their kiss. Lulu shouted that she was "not okay" at all. He'd wanted to do the right thing by warning Valerie, but Lulu shot back how it made her feel like "crap," leaving the room for a few minutes and returning to find him on the phone with Valerie. She related that the fact that Valerie was her cousin and also Dante's coworker did little to comfort her. Dante wondered if Lulu wanted him to quit his job. "Sure, why not?" she replied.

Lulu launched into a rant about how, when Johnny had bought a part of the Haunted Star, Dante had demanded that Lulu sell her share. Calming down, she admitted that didn't actually want Dante to quit, but she did want Valerie to quit and move away so Lulu could forget that they'd ever met. Just then, Dillon's text message set off Lulu's phone, and Dante threw it in her face.

Lulu explained that she and Dillon were just friends, and if Luke and Tracy got married, they would be step-siblings. She showed Dante the text, which was about Luke and Tracy. Both hoped that Tracy forgave Luke. Dante also hoped that Lulu could forgive him. She told him that it would take "more than tonight" to get past his mistake.

A short while later, Lulu and Dante were ready for bed. She told him that she loved him and that she wouldn't give up. She wanted to fight to get back to where they had been. As they got into bed, he agreed with her sentiment. He kissed her, and they embraced. As an afterthought, she asked him if he'd changed the sheets on their bed. He nervously confirmed it. "Thanks, babe," she said.

Laura told Nikolas the "happy news" about Jake and ordered him to "stop brooding." Nikolas explained that he was down about Jason not being around for Jake's return. "Well, that's the way it is, right?" Laura said. "Wrong," Nikolas responded. Before he could respond to Laura's question about his meaning, Lucky entered. Laura was surprised that Lucky hadn't stayed with Elizabeth and Jake, but Lucky hadn't wanted to intrude on Elizabeth's time reconnecting with her son. Laura hoped to give her sons the same opportunity to reconnect, and she left.

Nikolas expressed how happy he was that Jake was alive. He insisted to Lucky that he'd had no idea that Jake had been there. Lucky believed it, because "it wouldn't be the first time Helena blindsided you." He knew that Nikolas would never keep a secret like that from his family. Nikolas wondered how Lucky was holding up. Lucky replied that he was overwhelmed to be back in the town that had broken him years before. He'd been traveling all over, trying to figure out who he was, and he didn't think he could be with his kids until he became a person to be proud of.

Lucky continued that the "old Lucky" was no longer there, but Nikolas replied that, "I know he is." Lucky likened himself to Luke, a "great dad" when not near his children. Nikolas insisted that Lucky was nothing like Luke. Lucky thought his children were better off with Elizabeth, even if her boyfriend was a stranger. Nikolas slipped that Jake wasn't a stranger. After pestering Nikolas over and over to talk, Nikolas blurted out that "the man Elizabeth is seeing is Jason."

Nikolas quickly explained the situation to Lucky and added that he, Lucky, Helena, and Elizabeth were the only ones who knew. Lucky was shocked that Elizabeth had a part in keeping Jason from his family. Nikolas reasoned that Sam was with Patrick, and the rest of Jason's family and friends had mourned and moved on. Nikolas had told Lucky because he wanted Lucky to feel all right about leaving his kids if he so chose. Lucky countered that Jason had a right to his own life. He didn't want to keep the secret just because it was convenient for him.

Lucky wondered if he wasn't supposed to worry about his sons, since they "have another dad." He pondered what would happen if Jason suddenly remembered his life. Nikolas had told Lucky because he trusted his brother. He said that, if Lucky decided to leave, his boys would have Jason. If he stayed, Lucky's boys would have him.

A short while later, Laura returned and wondered where Lucky had gone. "He left," Nikolas said simply. She wondered how their conversation had gone. He assured his mother that he and Lucky hadn't fought. She'd noticed that there was a lot that Lucky wasn't saying, and she hoped that he'd confided in Nikolas. Nikolas only told her they'd been honest with each other, and whatever Lucky chose to do was all right.

Jake arrived at Elizabeth's and stopped in his tracks when he saw a little boy. "This is my son," she said happily. Jake pulled her aside, wondering how the boy was alive. She briefly explained it to him, and he made sure she was doing all right. "I've never been happier," she gushed. She led Jake to her son and introduced her two guys, both named Jake. Jake played with the boy with the toy motorcycles. Just then, he had a flash of a memory of himself walking into Elizabeth's house, which had been strewn with toys, and he'd picked up the toy motorcycle.

Jake got up and started to tell Elizabeth about the flash of memory he'd had, but he thought better of it. He expressed how happy he was for Elizabeth, and he returned to playing with Jake. Elizabeth announced that she had something to tell Jake, and both guys turned. Just then, Elizabeth's son said that he was tired. Elizabeth understood and told him he would have a "big day" the next day, because a lot of people would want to see him. She took her son upstairs to get him ready for bed.

A short while later, Jake and Elizabeth returned downstairs because Jake had wanted to say goodnight to his mother's boyfriend. Jake shook the boy's hand theatrically and said that he was happy to have met the boy. He handed Jake the toy motorcycle and suggested that little Jake could see Jake's motorcycle. Jake told Elizabeth he would stay at his own place to give Elizabeth and her son time to reconnect. Elizabeth wanted Jake to stay, so he agreed.

Jake asked to help put Elizabeth's son to bed, and she happily agreed. She announced that it was bedtime. Jake asked the boy if it was all right for Jake to help tuck him in. As the three enjoyed their last moments together before bed, Lucky arrived at the house. As he was about to knock on the door, he heard laughter from inside. He looked in the house and saw the fun the three were having, and they looked like a family.

Jake, Elizabeth, and Jake were about to head upstairs when Elizabeth remembered the toy motorcycle. She handed it to her son, who replied, "Thanks, mom." She smiled widely and tearfully, and the three headed upstairs. Lucky walked away sadly.

Ava asked Franco to steal evidence

Ava asked Franco to steal evidence

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael was surprised when he saw Kiki standing on the doorstep. Kiki apologized for dropping by unannounced, but she admitted that she needed to talk to him. Michael invited her inside, so she seized the opportunity to tell him how sorry she had been to hear about what had happened with ELQ. Michael appreciated her sympathy, but he doubted it was the reason for her visit. Kiki admitted that he was right; she had a favor to ask.

Michael led Kiki to the living room, and Kiki revealed that she knew he had returned Avery to Sonny. Michael explained that it had been the right thing to do for their sister because he had been tearing Avery's family apart. Kiki smiled because he sounded like the Michael she had once known. Michael smiled awkwardly then switched gears by asking Kiki why she was there. Kiki confessed that she had hoped to persuade Michael to talk to Sonny on Denise's behalf because Sonny had refused her aunt access to Avery.

Michael wasn't surprised by Sonny's decision, so Kiki admitted that she hadn't been, either, since Denise looked eerily like Ava. Kiki knew it was a lot to ask of Michael, especially after what Kiki and Morgan had done to Michael in their misguided efforts to get Avery taken away from him. Kiki assured Michael that she deeply regretted her actions, which was why she wouldn't have turned to him for help if it hadn't been important. Michael confessed that he thought Denise's fixation with Avery was odd, but Kiki explained that Denise thought she was the closest thing Avery would have to getting to know Ava.

Kiki was overjoyed when Michael reluctantly agreed to talk to Sonny. After Michael offered Kiki a cup of coffee, Kiki and Michael sat down on the sofa to finish clearing the air. Kiki assured Michael that she and Morgan hadn't abducted Avery from the hospital, so Michael promised that he hadn't been behind Avery's kidnapping either. Kiki believed him because she recalled how desperate Michael had been to find their sister. She was curious if he had any idea who might have snatched Avery, so Michael admitted his prime suspect was Nina.

Kiki agreed because Nina had kidnapped Avery once before when Nina had suffered from the delusion that Avery was Nina and Silas' daughter. Michael admitted that the only flaw in his theory was that it hadn't made sense for Nina to return Avery. Kiki suggested that perhaps Nina had panicked, fearing the police had been closing in, so Nina had dropped off Avery at Silas' apartment. According to Kiki, it made a strange sort of sense, which worried her because Avery might still be in danger from Nina.

Michael assured Kiki that Avery was safe, and Kiki changed the subject by thanking him for agreeing to talk to Sonny on Denise's behalf. Kiki wished she could repay Michael, but Michael admitted that he didn't need anything except for ELQ. Kiki jokingly offered to facilitate a high-stakes poker game if Michael decided to challenge Nikolas for ELQ with a game of chance. Michael smiled as he promised to keep it in mind.

Meanwhile, Morgan knocked on Silas' office door until Silas opened the door. Morgan greeted Kiki's father with a smile then added that he had heard about Josslyn's latest test results. Morgan was grateful for everything Silas had done to keep Josslyn healthy, so he wished he could repay Silas for everything. Silas suggested that Morgan start by keeping his hands off Denise. Startled, Morgan claimed he had no idea what Silas was talking about, but Silas wasn't fooled.

Silas insisted that he knew all about Morgan and Denise's illicit encounters, but Morgan continued to deny that anything inappropriate had happened. Morgan assumed Silas had been referring to the incident at ELQ when Rosalie had walked in on Morgan and Denise, so Morgan reminded Silas that Rosalie had a tendency to lie. Silas agreed, but he clarified that he had heard the truth about the encounter from Denise. Morgan quickly recovered from his shock and desperately tried to ease Silas' concerns.

Morgan insisted that he and Denise had never planned for anything to happen, but Morgan admitted it had been difficult for him to think straight around Denise because of her strong resemblance to Ava. Silas was not impressed with the explanation, but Morgan assured Silas that both Morgan and Denise had agreed not let it happen again because neither wanted to hurt Kiki. Morgan begged Silas not to tell Kiki because whatever attraction Morgan and Denise had felt for each other was over. Silas reluctantly agreed to keep quiet about Morgan's secret, but he warned Morgan not to so much as "brush hands" with Denise, or Silas wouldn't hesitate to tell Kiki what a "sick, weak bastard" Morgan truly was.

Shortly after Morgan left, Kiki stopped by her father's office to share her good news. She revealed that Michael had agreed to talk to Sonny on Denise's behalf.

In Ric and Nina's hotel room at Metro Court, Ric was reading a newspaper in the sitting area as a baby could be heard crying. Nina slowly emerged from the bedroom then looked around for the crying baby. She became concerned when she didn't see one, so she asked if Ric heard the baby's cries. Ric appeared genuinely perplexed as he admitted that he didn't hear anything. Nina became increasingly agitated as she searched the sitting area for source of the noise until it suddenly stopped. Alarmed, Nina turned to Ric for answers.

Ric suggested perhaps the crying baby had simply been part of a dream. Nina conceded that she had been thinking about the loss of her own child because of her mother as she feel asleep, but Nina was certain she hadn't been dreaming. Ric clucked with sympathy then suggested perhaps the episode had been a result of going without breakfast. Ric offered to order breakfast while Nina changed. After Nina disappeared into the bedroom, Ric stepped out on the patio to call Madeline with an update.

A short time later, Nina returned to the sitting area. She helped herself to breakfast as she admitted that she was concerned about Madeline's appearance in town. She confided that Franco suspected Madeline might be after Nina's fortune, so Ric reluctantly agreed that Franco might be right. However, Ric promised to secure Nina's fortune before Madeline could get her hands on the money. Nina was relieved until Ric confessed that he needed to ask Nina something important.

Ric went to a cabinet to retrieve a pink blanket, which had the initials AJQ embroidered on it. Nina stared at a soft pink baby blanket, which Ric claimed he had found in the bottom of her dresser where she kept her important papers. Nina denied ever seeing the blanket before, but Ric gently explained that he had been Sonny's attorney at the time of Avery's abduction, and Ric distinctly recalled Morgan and Kiki describing a blanket just like it when Avery had been taken. Nina became agitated as she insisted that she had no idea how the incriminating evidence had ended up in the bottom of her dresser drawer, so she suggested perhaps someone had tried to frame her.

Ric offered his wife assurances as he promised Nina that they would figure things out and get to the bottom of the blanket's unexplained appearance. Ric was curious if she had any suspects in mind, but Nina couldn't think of anyone. However, she reiterated that she hadn't snatched Avery from the hospital. Ric was confident there was a logical explanation, so he promised to take care of everything, but he advised her -- as her husband and her attorney -- not to mention the blanket to anyone.

Ric claimed that he worried people might assume the worst, which would ultimately land Nina back in Shadybrook. Nina assured him that she wouldn't breathe a word about the blanket to anyone, so Ric promised to keep quiet too. Grateful, Nina hugged him, but her expression clouded with concern as she rested her head on her husband's shoulder.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny held Avery in his arms as he entered his bedroom. Carly was asleep in bed, so he quietly approached the bed as he whispered to Avery about Carly waking up until Carly opened her eyes. Carly smiled brightly when she saw Sonny and Avery. Carly took the baby from Sonny's arms, and he left to fetch a breakfast tray while Carly played with Avery in bed.

Sonny smiled when he returned and saw Carly cooing to the baby. He watched them for a few minutes then set the tray down on the bed. Carly confessed that she loved quiet mornings like the one they were enjoying, but she quickly changed the subject when she showed him the Port Charles Press front-page story announcing that he was once again in charge of the Corinthos organization. Sonny explained that it had been necessary because Sonny couldn't trust anyone else to run the organization with Duke and Shawn gone.

Carly asked if there would be any trouble, and Sonny admitted that it was possible, since he doubted Julian was truly out of the mob. Sonny suspected Julian intended to let Sonny's enemies move in then take advantage when Sonny's guard was down. Carly assured Sonny that she had long before accepted the choices Sonny had made, but she asked that he make two promises. She wanted him to tell her when she or the children were in danger, and she wanted him to take every precaution necessary to safeguard his family.

Sonny insisted that he would do everything in his power to keep his loved ones safe. Carly smiled because she believed and trusted him. Sonny relaxed then invited her to have a croissant from the tray. Carly picked one up but froze when she saw a large diamond engagement ring nestled in a small black velvet box that had been hidden under the pastry. Carly's surprise turned to disbelief when Sonny asked her to marry him. Carly took the baby from Sonny as they discussed his marriage proposal.

Carly reminded Sonny that they had been married four times without success, but Sonny argued that the last time hadn't counted because he had tricked her. Carly was content with things the way they were, but Sonny asked if she loved him. Carly assured him that she did, so Sonny promised her that their fifth marriage would work because they were both wiser and had seen each other through the darkest of times. Carly's expression softened as she admitted that she would love to be "Mrs. Corinthos" again. Delighted, Sonny slid the extravagant diamond engagement ring onto Carly's left ring finger.

Carly was overjoyed, but Sonny suddenly realized that Carly would become Avery's mother when Carly married him. He worried that she might have a problem with it because Carly had despised Ava, but Carly assured him that she didn't see Ava when she looked at the baby. Carly promised to love Avery like her own. Relieved, Sonny confided to Avery that she would have the best mother in the world. Carly admitted that she was almost as happy about being Avery's mother as she was at the idea of being Sonny's wife.

Sonny grinned then started to make wedding plans. They agreed Avery would make a perfect flower girl. Moments later, Sonny's phone rang. It was Michael calling to ask if Sonny had time for a visit. Sonny confessed that he would love to see Michael because Sonny and Carly had some good news to share.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava continued her act as Denise while reading the morning newspaper. Julian was working out with a heavy bag and weights as Ava complained that Julian had put Sonny's picture on the front page with the announcement that Sonny was once again kingpin of Port Charles. She was also annoyed that Julian, Ava, Duke, and Carlos' pictures had been shown marked out with a red x. Julian explained that it was his way of keeping his promise to Alexis about leaving the mob.

Ava began to grumble about Sonny because he had denied her visitation with her "niece." Ava couldn't understand why Sonny couldn't simply accept that she was Denise, not Ava. Julian offered to talk to Alexis, but Ava declined the offer because she wasn't ready to head to court with Sonny. Ava revealed that she had another plan, so Julian asked what she had in mind. Before Ava could reply, someone knocked on the door. Ava dashed out of the room on the pretext of freshening up.

Julian was not pleased when he saw Franco standing in the doorway. Franco took in Julian's shirtless and sweaty state, and he made a few snide remarks. Julian was about to close the door on Franco until Franco pushed his way inside. Julian demanded to know what Franco was doing there, so Franco realized that Julian didn't know about Franco and Denise. Franco smiled with satisfaction as he informed Julian that Franco and Denise were dating.

Stunned, Julian waited for his sister to return then confronted her about Franco's claims. Ava smiled as she confirmed that Franco had told the truth. Ava warmly greeted Franco with a kiss, but Julian questioned the relationship. Ava claimed it had been kismet when she and Franco had met. Ava reminded Julian that Franco was a famous artist, but Julian argued that Franco was also a serial killer. Ava brushed off Franco's criminal past by insisting that Franco had simply been misunderstood. Ava and Franco resumed kissing, so Julian decided to take a shower.

After Julian left the room, Ava quietly demanded to know why Franco was there. She explained that she couldn't afford for Julian to learn the truth about her real identity, but Franco wondered why Ava had confided the truth to him. Ava admitted that she had thought that Franco could help her. Confused, Franco asked how, so Ava reminded him that Scott had been building a murder case against her when she had "died." Ava wanted Franco to get his hands on the incriminating recording of her confession.

Ava was confident that Scott wouldn't have a solid case against her without the recording, but Franco warned Ava that several people had heard the confession. Ava argued that it would be hearsay. Franco was skeptical that Ava's plan would work, but Ava was determined to find a way to return to Port Charles as herself and claim her daughter. Ava promised to help Franco get Nina away from Ric in exchange for the recording, but Franco remained reluctant. Ava pushed until Franco admitted that he wanted Nina back more than anything.

Pleased, Ava reminded Franco that she could do whatever she set her mind to, so she was confident that she could help him lure Nina away from Ric. "You always make evil sound so easy," Franco replied. Ava ignored the remark as she asked if he would help her. Before Franco could answer, Julian returned to announce that he was leaving. Ava and Franco continued to act like a couple infatuated, so Julian warned his newfound sister that they needed to have a serious conversation about Franco.

Ava smiled brightly as she assured Julian that Franco was a pussycat. "Meow," Franco added for emphasis, but Julian ignored him. After Julian left, Ava asked Franco if they had a deal.

A short time later, tears shimmered in Ava's eyes as she stared at a picture of Avery she had on her phone. She quickly pulled herself together when she heard a knock at the door. After she made certain her wig was on straight, Ava opened the door. She was startled when she saw Morgan standing on the doorstep. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Morgan angrily asked. Ava seemed at a loss for words, so Morgan explained that he knew she had told Silas about their steamy encounters.

In Scott's office, Scott tossed the newspaper down in disgust when he saw the headline about Sonny. Moments later, Jordan entered. She quickly realized that Scott was in a foul mood for the same reason she was. Scott explained that Sonny had never left the mob. Jordan agreed, which was why she intended to put Sonny behind bars. Scott was surprised when Jordan revealed that T.J. had moved in with Sonny because T.J. blamed Jordan for Shawn's arrest and resented her for failing to intervene when T.J. had been recently arrested.

Scott empathized with Jordan's concerns because Sonny had also ruined Scott's daughter's life. Scott warned Jordan that it wouldn't be easy to send Sonny to jail because Scott had been trying unsuccessfully for years. Scott had been hopeful that he had finally prevailed when Sonny had killed A.J. until the governor had stepped in to give Sonny a full pardon. However, Scott assured Jordan that he had proof that Sonny was a killer. He pulled out an evidence bag from his desk, which contained the recording of both Ava and Sonny's confessions.

Jordan asked if the recording of A.J.'s murder had truly incriminated both Sonny and Ava. Scott admitted the recording had been a gold mine of evidence that could have sent both Sonny and Ava to jail for life. However, Sonny had managed to walk, and Ava had been declared dead, so there hadn't been any justice for A.J. or Connie. Jordan pointed out that at least Ava had been taken off the streets. Scott assured Jordan that she would have his full support to send Sonny away, and Jordan suggested they work together.

After Jordan left, Franco stopped by with two frozen coffee drinks. Concerned, Scott asked if Franco was in trouble. Franco assured his father that he had just stopped by for a visit, but Scott smirked as he pulled out his wallet to give Franco some money. Franco explained that the visit wasn't about money, but the money would be welcomed. Franco took the money Scott had set on the desk then admitted that he'd had a specific reason for seeking out his father.

Morgan and Ava gave into temptation

Morgan and Ava gave into temptation

Thursday, July 16, 2015

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian apologized for running late. He gave Alexis a quick kiss then took a seat at the table as she asked if everything was okay. Julian assured her that things couldn't be better then handed her the latest edition of the Port Charles Press. Julian conceded that despite his personal dislike of Sonny, the crime lord was good for business because Julian had record sales of newspapers whenever Sonny appeared on the front page. Julian had instructed his editor to find ways to keep Sonny on the cover.

Julian invited Alexis to read the article about Sonny because Julian wanted her to see that a source at the police department had confirmed that officers assigned to keep tabs on the Jerome crime family had been moved to other targets, since the Jeromes had "retired." Alexis smiled because it confirmed that Julian had indeed left the mob. However, she was concerned because she knew it wasn't always as easy as walking away.

Julian admitted he had a few loose ends to tie up, but he had taken precautions to allow himself to quit without causing problems. Julian explained that he intended to stay out of things, which had secured Sonny's place as the undisputed king of Port Charles. Satisfied, Alexis let the matter drop, so Julian began to mutter about the frustrations of living with his newfound sister because Denise had eaten him out of house and home. Alexis flirtatiously reminded him that he could have called Alexis to help relieve the stress, but Julian hoped Denise's new boyfriend would soon take Denise off his hands.

Alexis was surprised when Julian revealed that Denise and Franco were an item. "Poor Denise," Alexis said then asked if Julian had warned Denise about Franco. Julian assured her that he had tried, but Denise had refused to listen. Alexis doubted that Denise and Franco were seriously involved, since Denise had only recently arrived to town and Franco was on the rebound from Nina. Alexis decided to distract Julian by suggesting they make plans for the evening.

Alexis invited Julian to her place to watch a movie, but Julian wanted to spend time alone with Alexis in bed. Alexis warned him that it wasn't an option because Molly was home, so Alexis offered to return home with Julian. Julian quickly nixed the idea because he wanted to avoid Denise and Franco.

In the Jerome apartment, Morgan demanded to know why Denise had told Silas about their encounters. Stunned, Ava managed to maintain her pretense of being Denise as she tried to get to the bottom of what Morgan was talking about, but Morgan was agitated and wanted answers because he resented Silas accusing him of cheating on Kiki. Ava was startled by the revelation, but Morgan mistook her reaction as an attempt to appear innocent. He advised her to drop the act because Silas had told him that Denise had confided to Silas about Morgan. Resigned, Ava apologized, but Morgan couldn't understand why she would tell Kiki's father about their passionate encounters.

Ava claimed that Silas had made unwanted advances toward her, so she had told him that she was involved with Morgan in a moment of desperation. Morgan was confused why she would blurt out his name instead of Franco's, since she was dating Franco. Ava quietly revealed that she and Franco weren't a real couple, and Morgan admitted that Kiki had already told him. However, Morgan wanted to know why she hadn't told Silas about Franco instead of naming Morgan. Ava insisted that she had panicked and inadvertently named the man who had been haunting her thoughts day and night.

Ava quietly admitted that she couldn't get Morgan out of her head because she was drawn to him. Morgan confessed that he felt the same about her, but he didn't want to hurt Kiki. He knew he should leave, but instead he kissed Ava.

In Nina and Ric's suite at Metro Court, Nina feared that she might be sent back to Shadybrook because the discovery of Avery's monogrammed blanket implicated her in the baby's abduction. Ric promised not to let anyone take Nina away, so Nina hugged him in gratitude. Afterwards, she pulled away because she needed to stay busy. She slipped into the bedroom to grab her purse, and Ric pulled out his cell phone to play the recording of a baby crying to get Nina's attention.

Ric deftly slid the phone back into his jacket pocket as Nina returned to the sitting area to ask if he had heard the crying. Ric once again denied having heard anything, so Nina decided to downplay the unsettling incident by suggesting the baby was in the hotel room next to theirs. Nina rambled about the neighbor's children, prompting Ric to seize the opportunity to prey on Nina's paranoia by asking why she seemed out of sorts. Nina assured him that she was fine, and Ric feigned relief. After Nina left, Ric played the recording then quietly urged Nina to return soon because the baby missed her.

A short time later, Madeline appeared on Ric's doorstep. Ric ushered her inside as she asked if it was safe. Ric smiled with satisfaction as he promised Madeline that her daughter would not return for a while because Nina needed time to get her head on straight. Madeline was pleased when Ric assured her that their plan to gaslight her daughter had worked like a charm. Despite the good news, Madeline remained a bit tense, so Ric kissed her.

Later, Madeline poured herself a drink as Ric played the recording of the crying baby he had tormented Nina with. Madeline seemed to realize that their plan would cost her daughter's already fragile sanity, but Ric was curious if Madeline had a better idea to achieve their goal. Madeline admitted that she didn't, but Ric sensed Madeline's reservations. He reminded her that she had made it seem like a stint in Shadybrook might actually do Nina some good, but he was curious why Madeline thought Nina needed to be institutionalized in the first place.

Madeline tried to evade the question, but Ric suspected that Nina had suffered a childhood trauma that had followed Nina into adulthood, since Nina had been troubled long before the coma. Ric pushed Madeline to tell him what had triggered Nina's mental instability because he wanted to exploit it to their advantage. Madeline warned him to let it go, since things worked out as they had planned. She cut off any additional questions by kissing him.

Later, Ric showed Madeline the replica of Avery's monogrammed blanket he had commissioned with the intention of planting seeds of doubt in Nina's mind. Ric assured Madeline that Nina's fortune would soon be theirs, but Madeline remained uneasy because the plan wasn't foolproof. She reminded Ric that they couldn't afford for Nina to tell anyone what had been going on, but Ric assured Madeline it wouldn't be a problem because he had isolated Nina and made her completely dependent on him.

In Silas' office, Kiki told her father that she was confident Michael would be able to persuade Sonny to grant Denise permission to visit Avery. Kiki was eager to share the good news with Morgan and her aunt, but Silas questioned why Kiki would make such an effort for a person she barely knew. Kiki reminded him that Denise was her aunt then explained that she had felt an instant connection to Denise, as if Denise had always been a part of her life. Silas admitted that he had concerns because he didn't want Kiki to get hurt, but Kiki assured him there was nothing to worry about because Denise would never hurt her. Silas remained troubled, but Kiki appeared unaware as she announced that she had to cut their lunch date short because she wanted to get both Morgan and Denise up to speed about Michael's decision to help Denise.

Silas mentioned that Morgan had stopped by earlier to thank him for helping Josslyn. Kiki was touched by Morgan's thoughtfulness, but Silas scowled. Kiki suspected Silas' dislike of Morgan stemmed from fatherly concern, so she promised Silas that she and Morgan were in a good place despite a few rough patches in the past. Kiki smiled brightly as she insisted there was nowhere for her and Morgan to go except up, but Silas urged his daughter not to rush into anything.

Moments later, Nina barged into the office, eager to talk to Silas. She stopped short when she saw Kiki because Nina hadn't realized that Silas had company. Kiki doubted that would have stopped Nina, so Kiki quickly bid her father goodbye. Before Kiki could leave, Nina asked if Kiki intended to report Nina's visit with Silas to Franco. Kiki conceded that Franco cared deeply about Nina, but Nina quickly disagreed because Franco had moved on with Denise. Kiki wondered why it mattered, since Nina had married another man.

After Kiki left, Silas asked if Nina was okay. Nina admitted that she was afraid she might be losing her mind then quickly filled him in about hearing a crying baby in her hotel suite. Silas suggested the baby might have been in the room next to Nina's, but Nina explained that Ric hadn't heard a thing. Silas was startled when Nina confided that she was afraid that she might have kidnapped Avery after all. He immediately assured her that she was mistaken, but Nina feared she had been "circling the drain" since she had emerged from the coma.

Silas argued that Nina couldn't possibly have kidnapped the baby from the hospital and returned her to Silas' apartment without being aware of what she had done, but Nina told him about Avery's monogrammed baby blanket that Ric had found. Silas insisted there was no evidence to tie Nina to the abduction, but Nina reminded him that the police had never found the kidnapper. The discussion was cut short when Silas received a call about a patient.

Silas explained that he had to leave, but he promised to finish his discussion with Nina later. He reiterated that she hadn't taken the baby then added that he believed in her. "That makes one of us," Nina quietly said after Silas had left.

Meanwhile, Kiki left Morgan a voicemail message to let him know that Michael had agreed to talk to Sonny on Denise's behalf. Kiki admitted that she was eager to share the good news with her aunt, so she was right outside Denise's apartment door.

Inside the apartment, Morgan and Ava landed on the sofa as they kissed and began to tear off each other's clothes.

In Scott's office, Scott assumed his son had stopped by with coffee because Franco was in trouble or needed money. Franco denied either was the case, but he admitted that he did need a favor from his father. Scott realized Franco had "girl trouble," so Scott wondered what it was about "redheads." Scott thought about his own rocky relationship with Bobbie then pointed out that Franco had his own hands full with Nina. Franco revealed that he and Nina were over because Nina had married Ric.

Scott advised Franco not be too hard on himself because Nina was not the first woman to fall victim to Ric's "voodoo." Franco confided that he wanted Ric dead, but Scott reminded his son that the title of D.A. stood for District Attorney not "Deadly Assassin." Franco asked for fatherly advice on how to get Ric away from Nina because Franco was certain that Ric was only interested in Nina's millions. Scott appreciated his son's concerns, but explained that Nina would have to figure things out for herself.

Franco explained that he didn't have the patience to wait, so he had moved on with Ava's twin sister. Shocked, Scott admitted that he wasn't happy about Franco's new girlfriend, but Franco seized the opportunity to broach the subject of Scott's case against Ava and Ava's confession to killing Connie. Franco perked up when Scott mentioned that the recording of the confession was locked away in his desk. Moments later, Scott's assistant popped into the office to pass along Jordan's request to meet with Scott as soon as possible. Scott quickly introduced his assistant to Franco then asked Franco to wait until he returned because Scott wanted to grab a bite to eat with Franco.

Franco waited until Scott and the assistant were gone then grabbed a letter opener to pry open Scott's desk drawer. Franco worked furiously on the lock until he heard Scott approach the door. Forced to abandon his attempt to get the recording, Franco quickly returned to his seat just as Scott entered the office. Scott announced that he had to cancel his plans to go to dinner with Franco because of work, so Franco reluctantly started to leave until Scott called out for Franco to return the letter opener.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny warmly greeted Michael at the door then invited him inside. Moments later, Carly hugged her son. She was delighted that Michael would be the first to hear the good news, so Michael asked what was going on. Sonny and Carly happily announced their engagement. Michael was surprised that Sonny and Carly had decided to marry for a fifth time, but Sonny explained that both Sonny and Carly had learned a lot from their failures and the time they had spent apart. Michael realized the marriage would mean that Carly would be Avery's mother.

Carly promised to love the baby as her own, just as Sonny had loved Michael. Michael became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, but Carly didn't appear to notice as she revealed that she and Sonny wanted Michael to be a part of the wedding. Sonny quickly added that he knew things could never be the same between him and Michael, but Sonny didn't want Carly to pay for Sonny's mistakes. Michael assured Sonny and Carly that he wished them well, but he couldn't attend the wedding.

Michael explained that he simply wasn't ready to forget what had happened, so it wouldn't be fair to lie and pretend that everything was okay on a day meant to be a celebration. Carly insisted that they needed to find a way to move forward as a family, but she respected Michael's decision because she and Sonny loved him regardless. Satisfied, Michael agreed to think about it.

Sonny changed the subject by asking why Michael had stopped by, so Michael explained that Kiki had asked Michael to talk to Sonny about Denise spending time with Avery. Sonny and Carly were outraged that Kiki had gone to the one person who had more sway over Sonny than Morgan, but Michael defended Kiki. Sonny was curious why Michael had agreed to help Kiki, and Michael admitted that he had done it for Avery.

Sonny explained that he had to protect his daughter, so he refused to allow someone he barely knew around Avery. Carly added that she'd had a bad feeling about Denise, but Michael assured both Sonny and Carly that he wasn't personally invested in their decision. He had simply hoped to give Kiki some good news.

A rival made a move against Sonny

A rival made a move against Sonny

Friday, July 17, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael was pleasantly surprised when he saw Sabrina lounging in a chair, enjoying the sunshine, and sipping on iced lemonade. Sabrina greeted him with a smile then revealed that she had good news to share. Michael admitted that it would be a nice change, since he had some bad news to give someone.

Sabrina listened as Michael called Kiki to let Kiki know that Sonny had refused to grant permission for Denise to visit Avery. After he ended the call, he admitted that he felt bad for Kiki, but not for Denise because it wasn't his job to make Denise feel connected to Avery. Sabrina was relieved that Michael's request hadn't started another feud between Michael and Sonny, so Michael explained that he was determined to maintain the peace for Avery's sake, even though he couldn't forgive Sonny for killing A.J.

Sabrina was surprised when Michael told her about Sonny and Carly's decision to marry for the fifth time and their desire to include him in the wedding. Michael confessed that he couldn't attend the wedding because it wouldn't feel right. He admitted that he pictured Sonny and Carly when people asked him about his parents, but he couldn't forget that he'd also had another father, whom Sonny had murdered. Michael couldn't pretend that A.J.'s death hadn't mattered, so Sabrina offered a toast to Sonny and Carly's wedding as a way of ending the discussion. Michael smiled then asked about Sabrina's news.

Sabrina smiled with satisfaction as she revealed that she had decided to fill the void left when Michael had returned Avery to Sonny by working on a project Michael had started before ELQ's troubles had pulled him away. Michael was shocked when Sabrina told him that she had successfully petitioned the hospital's board to finance the A.J. Quartermaine Memorial Clinic. Deeply touched, Michael confessed that it was exactly the kind of project he needed to focus on while Jake worked to find a way to force Nikolas to relinquish control of ELQ.

Delighted that she had made Michael happy, Sabrina added that the board had expressly requested that Michael spearhead the project. Michael kissed Sabrina then told her that he looked forward to working with her, so they could show the world what they could accomplish together. However, he warned her that they would be busy once the project kicked into full gear. Michael suggested they take advantage of their few remaining spare hours by spending the rest of the day on the lake, followed by a candlelight dinner on the terrace.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny saw Carly admiring her new engagement ring, so he jokingly offered to get her a new one if she didn't like the one he had picked out. Carly grinned as she assured him that it wasn't necessary because she loved her stunning diamond ring. Sonny wondered if she had any doubts about marrying him, but Carly promised that she wouldn't have accepted his proposal if she had. Carly admitted that she had been thinking about how lucky they were to be planning a wedding because six months earlier, he had been facing a life sentence in jail and had refused to see her.

Sonny quietly confessed that he felt bad for turning down Michael's request, but Sonny had an uneasy feeling about Denise, so he didn't want her around Avery. Carly admitted that it seemed as if Michael had supported Sonny's decision, but she couldn't understand why Michael had agreed to help Kiki, especially since Kiki had treated Michael horribly. Sonny worried that Denise might try to enlist Julian's help to push the issue, which would cause problems because he didn't want a dispute with his former mob rival.

Sonny once again questioned if Carly had any concerns about marrying him because of his lifestyle, but Carly assured Sonny that she would never give up the things about Sonny that bothered her if it meant that she would lose the things that she loved about him. Sonny teasingly wondered what those things were, so Carly explained that he was arrogant, ruthless, vindictive, violent, and cruel when angered. However, Sonny was also loyal, courageous, an incredible father, and the most charming man she knew. "And my God, those dimples," Carly said with a sparkle in her eyes as Sonny kissed her.

Later, Sonny and Carly sipped Champagne on the back patio. Sonny revealed that he had often referred to her as his wife between their marriages, so Carly teasingly asked if the wedding was his way of making life easier for him. Sonny admitted that being with Carly was the only life he wanted then he took her hand to dance under the moonlight. Carly enjoyed the romantic interlude until she suddenly recalled the last time they had danced. Sonny promised Carly that he was healthy and had been taking his medications, so she relaxed.

Moments later, Sonny and Carly were startled when they heard Max call out to Sonny that they had been hit. Sonny and Carly ran into the living room but stopped short when they saw Max holding up an injured guard. Max helped Vito to the sofa as Carly dashed off to fetch a towel to stanch the blood pouring from Vito's arm. She tossed a towel to Max when she returned to the living room then dug through the first aid kit as she advised Sonny to call an ambulance. Sonny explained that it wasn't an option because the police would get involved.

Sonny and Max retreated to the foyer to discuss the shooting while Carly patched up Vito's arm. Max revealed that it had been a professional hit, and the shipments had been stolen. Sonny asked if it was possible that Julian had sent the men. Max confessed that he had no idea because he had grabbed Vito and run when Vito had been shot. Sonny assured Max that Max had done the right thing.

A short time later, Sonny called Ric but reached his brother's voicemail. Sonny informed Ric about the hijacked shipments then offered Ric an opportunity to prove his worth as Sonny's "consigliere" by finding out who had been behind the hit on Sonny's organization. After the call, Carly joined Sonny to let him know that the bullet had grazed Vito's arm and that Max had taken the injured guard to a safe house to recuperate. Sonny feared the incident had made Carly reconsider her decision to marry him, but she reminded him that she didn't scare easily.

However, Carly was curious if Julian had been behind the attack. Sonny didn't know, but he warned her there would be hell to pay if Julian was still in the mob.

Outside Julian's apartment, Kiki left Morgan a voicemail message explaining that Michael had agreed to talk to Sonny on Denise's behalf. Kiki was eager to share the news with her aunt, so she had dropped by Denise's apartment. After Kiki ended the call, she approached the door and prepared to knock when her phone rang. It was Michael. Michael regretfully explained that Sonny had refused Michael's request to allow Denise to visit Avery. Kiki was disappointed, but she felt worse for Denise because the news would break her aunt's heart.

After Kiki ended the call, she dropped her phone into her purse then turned back to the door and softly knocked. Moments later, Franco walked up. Kiki happily greeted him with a hug, but she was curious why he was there, since Denise and Franco weren't a real couple. Franco explained that he had hoped spending a lot of time with Denise would increase his chances of being spotted by Nina, who was already jealous of Franco and Denise's relationship. Kiki warned Franco that Denise might not be in the mood for Franco's games because Kiki had to break the news to Denise that Michael had failed to persuade Sonny to allow Denise time with Avery.

Franco offered to spare Kiki the difficult task by telling Denise himself. Kiki started to decline the offer, but her phone pinged to alert her to a new text message. She pulled out her phone and saw a text message from Morgan asking her to meet him at Metro Court Restaurant for drinks. Realizing that she didn't have time to share the news with Denise, Kiki decided to let Franco handle it. Franco assured Kiki that he would be gentle with Denise then waited until Kiki left before loudly banging on the door.

Inside the apartment, Morgan and Denise began to tear off each other's clothes between passionate kisses. Eventually, they stumbled into the bedroom, where they made love. Afterwards, Morgan asked about Denise's tattoo on her breast. Ava tensed as she recalled Sonny confronting her in jail and accusing her of using the tattoo to cover up the scar left by Carlos' bullet. Ava returned to the present as she smiled awkwardly and cryptically explained that the tattoo had been "damage control" for a mistake she had made.

Morgan quietly wondered if he had been one of Denise's mistakes. Morgan acknowledged that both he and Denise cared about Kiki and didn't want to hurt her, but he confessed that what he had shared with Denise felt right to him. Ava stared deep into his eyes then kissed him. After the kiss, she admitted that she had something to tell him. However, her confession was cut short when someone continuously banged on the front door.

Ava jumped out of bed then grabbed her robe as she reminded Morgan that they couldn't afford for anyone to know he was there, so she instructed him to remain in the bedroom as she slipped out the door. Moments later, Ava frowned when she opened the door and Franco pushed his way into the apartment. Ava objected, but Franco ignored her protests as he told her to drop the fake accent. Ava sternly whispered that they weren't alone, prompting Franco to notice her attire.

Startled, Franco asked if Ava had someone in her bed, but Ava told him to get his mind out of the gutter. She claimed that Julian and Alexis had been going at it like "bunnies" in Julian's bedroom. Franco was horrified by the mental image, so he decided to troll the Internet to find a more hideous image to replace the one in his mind. He started to leave, but stopped to pass along Kiki's message and admit that he had failed to get his hands on the recording of Ava's confession.

Ava was livid. She reminded Franco that she needed the recording in order to return to town as herself and reclaim Avery. Ava warned Franco that she would not continue to help him with Nina if he failed to turn over the recording. After Franco left, Morgan rounded the corner to ask Ava about the visit. Ava admitted that Franco had stopped by to tell her that Michael had failed to get through to Sonny about allowing Denise to visit Avery.

Ava was suddenly filled with remorse because she had betrayed Kiki, who had only tried to help her. Morgan reminded Denise that they hadn't meant to hurt anyone, but he wasn't ready to walk away from what he shared with Denise. Moments later, Morgan received a text message from Kiki, wondering where he was, so he quickly got dressed and left.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Julian suggested that he and Alexis get a room at the hotel, since they couldn't spend time alone together in either of their apartments. Alexis appeared shocked by the "cheap and tawdry" proposition, but her eyes twinkled with approval. Julian reminded her that an afternoon in a hotel room would allow them an opportunity to be whoever they wanted to be.

A short time later, Alexis was busy typing away on her laptop at a desk when room service knocked on the door. Julian, dressed as a hotel employee, pushed a cart into the room as he apologized for the delay in delivering the food. He claimed the kitchen had been backed up. Julian referred to Alexis as "Ms. Robertson," and she glanced at his nametag with the name Tristan printed on it. The couple continued to role-play as Tristan profusely apologized when Ms. Robertson complained about the order being wrong.

Tristan offered to make it up to Ms. Robertson because he couldn't afford to lose his job. Alexis smiled when Tristan confessed that he had quit his previous job to please his girlfriend because it had been too dangerous. Tristan insisted that he would do anything to make his girlfriend happy. Moments later, Julian's phone rang. Alexis invited him to answer the call, but he refused. Pleased, Alexis adopted a stern expression as she ordered "Tristan" to strip because she had an important presentation later that day and needed to "blow off" steam.

After Julian and Alexis made love, Julian confessed that the tryst had been fun, but no one rocked his world more than Alexis did. Alexis admitted that she had enjoyed Tristan, so Julian decided to punish her by turning on the television, which had a special news report about an incident on the waterfront. According to the reporter, it appeared the Jerome crime family might still be active. Alexis looked at Julian, but she remained silent as he turned off the television.

Later, Julian checked his phone as he finished getting dressed. He noticed that he had a missed call, which had gone to voicemail, but decided not to check. Alexis assured him that she didn't mind, but Julian claimed the number had been blocked, so he would listen to the voicemail message later. Alexis tensed, and Julian assured her that he hadn't broken his promise about leaving the mob. After several long seconds, Alexis admitted that she believed him because he had given his word to her.

Relieved, Julian followed Alexis into the hallway to kiss her. Nearby, Franco stopped short when he rounded the corner and saw the couple in a passionate embrace. Franco realized that Ava had lied to him, but he wondered why.

In Nina and Ric's suite, Ric insisted that it was time for Madeline to leave because Nina might return soon. Madeline seemed reluctant, but Ric reminded her that they couldn't afford for Nina to find out that they knew each other until they had secured Nina's millions. Ric grabbed Madeline's hand then dragged her to the door, but he froze when he opened the door and saw Nina standing on the doorstep. Nina's smile immediately faltered when she noticed her mother.

Ric tensed as Nina entered the suite, demanding to know what her mother was doing there. Madeline reminded her daughter that it had been a long time since they had seen each other, but Nina was unmoved by Madeline's sad tone because she didn't trust her mother. Nina suddenly realized that perhaps Franco had been right to suspect Ric of helping Madeline get out of jail, so she confronted her husband with her suspicions. Madeline immediately sprang to Ric's aid by accusing Nina's new husband of being rude.

Ric explained that Madeline had shown up unannounced, and he had been in the process of throwing her out when Nina had arrived. Nina remained skeptical, so Madeline manipulated Nina by insisting that Ric was only interested in Nina's fortune. Nina started to defend Ric until Madeline revealed that Ric had told her about his petition to become Nina's financial custodian. Stunned, Nina turned to Ric for an explanation, but Ric managed to distract Nina by covertly turning on the recording of the crying baby.

Rattled, Nina asked if Madeline and Ric heard the cries. Both Madeline and Ric denied hearing anything, but Madeline feigned concern about her daughter's well-being. Meanwhile, Ric turned off the recording as he played the protective husband by ordering Madeline to leave. Madeline refused until she knew what was wrong with Nina, so Nina brushed off the incident as a migraine.

After Madeline left, Ric assured Nina that everything would be okay, but Nina disagreed because she feared the baby's cries were a result of her subconscious mind telling her that she had snatched Avery from the hospital. Ric suggested they keep the strange incidents to themselves until they could figure things out. Nina remained tense, and Ric urged her to get some rest before they went out for dinner. Nina apologized for allowing her mother to get to her and making Nina doubt him, but Ric assured her that he understood.

After Nina disappeared in the bedroom, Ric slipped into the hallway, where Madeline was waiting. Madeline had been shaken by the sight of her daughter's suffering, but Ric didn't have any sympathy for Madeline because she had hired him to do her dirty work. Ric assured Madeline that Nina's suffering would be worth it once they secured Nina's fortune. Madeline smiled then kissed Ric.

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