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Scott confronted Ava in court with proof that Denise and Ava were the same person. Morgan lied on the witness stand to make Franco appear guilty of murdering Silas. Olivia returned to town. Sonny and Carly set a wedding date.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 17, 2015 on GH
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Family Matters

Family Matters

Monday, August 17, 2015

Dante was pleasantly surprised to open his apartment door to Olivia. Olivia hugged Dante and Lulu, and they told her how much they'd missed her. Lulu got Rocco so he could see his grandmother. Olivia couldn't wait for Rocco to meet his "Uncle Leonardo." As Lulu distracted Rocco with some toys, Dante asked why his baby brother wasn't with Olivia. She responded that Leonardo was "hiding out" with Ned and Brook Lynn.

Dante informed Olivia that Julian still believed that his son had died. Olivia expressed her guilt over that. Dante wondered if she was having second thoughts. She replied that she wondered whether she was doing the right thing or just keeping a child from his father "for no good reason." She asked if Julian was really out of the mob. "No one knows for sure," Dante told her skeptically. She suggested that she would return to Port Charles with Leonardo if Julian's business was no longer a threat.

Dante informed Olivia that someone was after Sonny, which had left a couple of Julian's old henchmen dead. Julian had sworn that he'd had nothing to do with any of it. Olivia wondered what she was supposed to do.

Later, when Olivia was gone, Lulu sat on the bed and read to Rocco. Dante sat with them and wished that Leonardo was in their lives, but it was up to Olivia. He hoped that she would make the "right decision" regarding her son.

On the phone, Julian angrily asked the person on the other end of the line what had happened. Just then, Alexis walked in, and Julian ended his phone call. Julian claimed that Bobbie had called to tell him that Brad and Lucas had called the wedding off. He filled Alexis in on all the details he knew. "I want to tear him apart for hurting my son," he growled. He regretted not checking in more often with Lucas. He admitted to having been preoccupied with the death of his baby.

Alexis was relieved that Julian hadn't been upset over the newspaper headlines about the attacks on Sonny. He was agitated that, after all they'd been through, she still doubted him. In response, she reminded him that she'd defended him against Jordan's "Spanish Inquisition." She insisted that she had faith in him, but she was an analytical person who questioned everything. He was grateful to her for sticking by him through everything, especially the loss of his child.

Julian was still confused as to what had actually happened to his child, but he'd known that the baby was gone once Liesl had shown him the baby's ashes. All he had left was the baby's hospital bracelet. He'd learned a lot from Sam and Lucas, and he'd thought that he would enjoy being a father from the beginning. Alexis knew that Julian thought about it a lot, but he never talked about it, so she didn't want to ask. He didn't want to shut his family out, but he didn't want them to think that he cared more about the baby than about them.

Julian continued that he knew he was a lucky guy, but he couldn't help dreaming about "what might have been." Alexis offered to listen any time Julian needed to talk, but he didn't want to be a burden. Alexis wished that he would trust her the way she trusted him. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Julian was surprised to answer the door to Olivia.

One of Sonny's guards announced a visitor to Sonny, and Jordan entered. Sonny told her that the police department had failed at following the lead Sonny had given them. "I know who did it and why," Sonny exclaimed. He thought Julian had been trying to "tie off loose ends" by killing his own former associates. Sonny remarked that he wouldn't be surprised if "the other guy" was dead as well. He warned Jordan to find the remaining associate before Julian did, or Jordan would have "another death on your hands."

Jordan saw herself having more questions for Sonny, and he promised to make himself available but instructed her to go through his attorney. Before she left, she wondered about T.J. She knew that her son considered Sonny his benefactor, but she also knew that T.J. had only agreed to live with Sonny as payback. Sonny reminded Jordan that he'd promised Shawn that he'd look out for T.J.

Sonny informed Jordan that he and Carly had been pushing for peace between Jordan and T.J. "We've been where you are," he told her. She had to get back to the police station to check on the status of the search for the other associate. Sonny hoped she found the man. She commented that he did a good impression of "a guy abiding by the law." He reminded her that they were on the same side regarding his business and her son, and she left.

Jake put the engagement ring on Elizabeth's finger, and the two shared a kiss. Just then, the phone rang. She needed to answer just in case it was the hospital. Jake went upstairs to check on the boys. Elizabeth answered the phone to Nikolas, who informed her that he'd moved Hayden into Wyndemere. He vowed to make sure that Hayden didn't remember anything and assured Elizabeth that Hayden didn't remember any part of the house.

Elizabeth made sure that Nikolas would be keeping a close eye on Hayden because, "I have more to lose." She informed Nikolas that she and Jake were engaged and that she would do anything for Jake. She regretted betraying Jake's trust, but she told Nikolas that Michael had hired Sam and Jake to investigate Nikolas in order to get ELQ back, and they thought that Nikolas knew who Jake really was. Jake returned downstairs, and Elizabeth ended the call.

Jake was curious who Elizabeth had been talking to, and she told him that it had been Nikolas. She confessed to spilling everything to Nikolas about being investigated. "Did he tell you who I am?" Jake asked. Elizabeth swore that Nikolas would have told her if he knew, especially since he knew that Jake and Elizabeth were engaged.

Elizabeth also told Jake that Nikolas had invited Hayden to stay with him. Dripping with sarcasm, Jake remarked on what a generous guy Nikolas was. Jake thought that Nikolas would be keeping Hayden quiet if she remembered anything. Elizabeth reasoned that Nikolas wanted to protect everyone from getting "conned" by Hayden again. Jake assured Elizabeth that no regained memories could ever make him stop loving her. If the past returned, he would deal with it, but he vowed to love her until the day he died.

Hayden circled the living room at Wyndemere. She touched a vase on the table and had a flash of memory of throwing a vase across the room, shattering it. As she picked up the vase, the memory continued of her fighting with Nikolas and Elizabeth. Nikolas entered and took the vase from her hands to put it back on the table. She wondered what had happened to the other vase in the pair. He lied that it had accidentally broken. On the contrary, Hayden responded that she clearly remembered purposely throwing it across the room. He wondered what else she remembered.

Hayden remembered that she had been furious and having a confrontation with Nikolas and a woman. After trying to throw her off the trail, Nikolas lied that it had been his ex Elizabeth, and Hayden had been jealous with Elizabeth there. He informed her that she'd had strong feelings for him. She wondered if the feelings had been mutual. Nikolas thought about their times in bed and replied that "we had our moments."

Nikolas admitted that he'd had feelings for Hayden, too, and he got close to her, seemingly about to kiss her. However, he remembered that he'd promised her that he wouldn't expect sex in return for his generosity. He took her hand and kissed it, reminding her that, "I am a prince after all," and he left the room.

Lucas wondered how Brad and Rosalie knew each other. Brad reluctantly admitted that Rosalie was his wife. Rosalie couldn't believe that she'd been in town for months and had never run into Brad. Between Brad proposing to Lucas and Rosalie asking Lucas out, he wondered if the two had an open marriage, or if he was being "Punk'd." Brad begged for a chance to explain and got it.

Brad started that, after he'd been adopted, he'd lived as an only child with his parents in Iowa. He'd ended up in Miami for college, which was where he'd met Rosalie at a party. Rosalie jumped in that they'd hung out all the time. Brad continued that, when he'd come out to Rosalie, she'd stuck by him. Since he'd been too scared to come out to his parents, they'd naturally thought that Brad and Rosalie were a couple. They'd gotten married partially in order to keep his parents happy.

Brad added that there had never been anything between him and Rosalie, and they'd lost touch for a few years until they'd both ended up in Port Charles. Lucas wondered what had been in it for Rosalie. Brad and Rosalie stammered out some excuses, but Lucas didn't believe them. He screamed at Brad for lying "since the beginning," and he stormed out of the room. Brad ran after him and told Lucas that his feelings had never been a lie. "If you love me, then get a divorce," Lucas suggested.

Brad admitted that he and Rosalie had to stay married. Lucas reminded Brad that marriage equality was "the law of the land," so Brad needed to come out to his homophobic parents. "Tell me now, or I swear I'll walk out the door and pretend we never met," Lucas threatened. Brad look to Rosalie for permission, and she nodded. Brad confessed that he and Rosalie needed to stay married "so we won't be able to testify against each other in a court of law."

Julian was arrested

Julian was arrested

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Carly and Maxie entered Carly's home after a successful shopping spree for a wedding dress and "resort-wear" for Sonny and Carly's honeymoon. Carly reminded Maxie that Carly and Sonny hadn't set a wedding date yet, but Maxie waved away Carly's concerns because "Carson" were soul mates, unlike Brad and Lucas. Carly and Maxie agreed that Brad had been a "jerk" to Lucas, but Maxie wondered if Lucas might ultimately forgive Brad. Carly didn't know, but she suggested that Maxie try to imagine what it would be like to be in love with a married man.

Valerie tensed as she appeared at the top of the staircase in time to overhear Carly's remark. Carly was surprised when she saw her cousin, so Valerie explained that Bobbie had invited Valerie to stay until Valerie found a new place to live. Valerie was embarrassed and offered to leave when she realized that Bobbie hadn't told Carly about Valerie's temporary stay, but Carly assured her cousin it wasn't necessary. Carly insisted there was plenty of room, since Carly spent most of her time at Sonny's place while Josslyn was in Australia, visiting Jax.

Carly announced that she had to get to Sonny's. She grabbed some bags and started to leave. Maxie called out to ask to go through Carly's jewelry to look for something to accessorize the wedding dress with. Carly assured Maxie that it was fine. After Carly left, Maxie and Valerie fetched Carly's jewelry boxes then spread them out on the living room coffee table. Valerie was amazed by the amount of expensive jewelry Carly owned, but Maxie revealed there was more in storage because all of Carly's exes had been wealthy men who had showered Carly with jewels. Valerie held up a gaudy necklace as she wondered who had bought the piece of jewelry for Carly.

Maxie laughed because she had never imagined that she and Valerie would bond over ugly pieces of jewelry. Maxie regretted lashing out at Valerie, but Maxie admitted that she had simply wanted everyone to be happy. Maxie confessed that Valerie seemed like a loose end because Valerie didn't have someone special in her life. Valerie revealed that she had been dating Dillon. Maxie was stunned because Maxie's sister Georgie had once dated Dillon.

Maxie and Valerie once again bonded as they talked about the pain of losing someone they had loved who had also been their best friend. Maxie confided that she had named her daughter after Georgie to help ease the pain of missing her daughter's namesake, while Valerie opened up about how close Valerie and Patricia had been. Again, Maxie apologized for how she had treated Valerie because Maxie wanted them to be friends. Valerie was touched, and the two women shook hands as they agreed to start over. Maxie was certain that Lulu would approve.

At the loft, Lulu was embarrassed when she saw Dillon standing on her doorstep because she realized she had forgotten their appointment to go over the rental contracts for the location shoot. She invited Dillon inside as he explained that he had stopped by to check on her because he had been concerned when she had failed to answer his calls or return his messages. Lulu apologized then admitted that she'd had a hectic morning because Dante had been unexpectedly called in to work. Dillon was curious if there had been trouble with Sonny, but Lulu had no idea.

Dillon offered to return at a later time if Lulu was busy with Rocco, but Lulu settled her son at the table with some food then joined Dillon on the sofa to go over the contracts. Dillon kept an eye on Rocco as Lulu read through the contracts and signed them. After Dillon put them away, he asked about Lulu and Dante's plans to expand their family with more kids. "Kid," Lulu corrected. She filled him in on her struggle to have a baby, the surrogacy fiasco with Maxie, and Rocco's unorthodox birth.

Shocked, Dillon wondered if Lulu intended to ask Maxie to carry the last frozen embryo, but Lulu smiled as she revealed that she had undergone surgery that would allow Lulu to carry her own child to term. Dillon was happy for Lulu but admitted that he didn't see children in his future. Lulu was surprised because he seemed great with children. Dillon explained that he didn't mind children for a short period of time, but he wasn't interested in raising his own. Lulu reminded Dillon that he had wanted to be a father when she had been pregnant, but he explained that the situation had been different because Lulu had already been pregnant.

However, Dillon acknowledged that neither he nor Lulu had been ready to be parents because they had both been too young. Lulu suggested that he might change his mind in the future, but Dillon argued that not everyone was cut out to be a parent -- like his father. Lulu suggested that Dillon was too hard on his father because Tracy had taken off with Dillon, but Dillon argued that Paul had never made any effort to find Dillon; instead, Paul had opted to start a family with Jenny Eckert. Dillon refused to follow in his father's footsteps, but Lulu doubted Dillon would ever be like Paul.

Dillon conceded that he might change his mind if he met the right woman, so Lulu wondered if Valerie might be the one. Dillon laughed because he and Valerie had only been out on two dates. Lulu urged Dillon not to wait then asked when he had last seen her cousin. She was surprised when Dillon revealed that he had helped Valerie move out of Wyndemere earlier that morning. She asked where her cousin had gone. Dillon explained that Valerie had decided to stay with Carly until Valerie could find a place of her own, but Lulu thought Dillon should invite Valerie to stay at the Quartermaine mansion.

Dillon made it clear that it wasn't an option because it was far too soon for him and Valerie to live together. Frustrated, Lulu explained that she simply wanted everyone to be in love with the right person. "Me, too," Dillon quietly muttered as he watched Lulu turn her back on him.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny called out to T.J. when T.J. arrived home. Sonny told T.J. about Jordan's visit, but T.J. accused his mother of abusing her power to harass Sonny because T.J. had decided to live with Sonny rather than Jordan. T.J. decided to set his mother straight, but Sonny didn't want to make things worse between T.J. and Jordan. T.J. admitted that they couldn't get worse because he would never be close to his mother again, but Sonny hoped for T.J.'s sake that T.J. was wrong.

Sonny confided that he knew what it was like to be estranged from his mother because Sonny had walked out on his own mother and had chosen a path Adela hadn't approved of. Sonny admitted that it had broken his mother's heart, so there hadn't been a day when Sonny hadn't missed his mother. Sonny implored T.J. to be a better son than Sonny had been.

Later, Carly arrived and unloaded numerous shopping bags on the sofa as she greeted Sonny. Sonny tried to peek inside the bags, but Carly shooed him away. She gushed that she had found her wedding dress, which meant that she and Sonny were closer to becoming husband and wife. Sonny offered to marry her the following day, but Carly didn't want their final wedding to be thrown together at the last minute. However, she intended to be the last Mrs. Sonny Corinthos, so she wanted to marry him sooner rather than later. Sonny and Carly checked their calendars then set their wedding date for September 2.

At the hospital, Brad explained that he had to remain married to Rosalie in order to ensure that neither of them could be compelled to testify against the other, as marriage was the only thing keeping both Brad and Rosalie out of Pentonville. Rosalie nodded in agreement as Lucas tried to absorb what Brad and Rosalie had told him. Lucas pulled the two to a quiet corner to demand the whole truth, including which spouse could be forced to testify against the other and why. Brad refused to make Lucas an accessory or to risk Lucas' physical safety, and Rosalie added that she didn't want to be married to Brad any more than Brad wanted to be married to her.

Brad promised that he loved Lucas, and he was desperate to know if Lucas still loved him. Lucas studied Rosalie and Brad's expressions then asked to speak to Brad alone. After Rosalie left, Lucas admitted that he hated knowing there was a part of Brad that was walled off from him, but he still loved and missed Brad. Relieved, Brad passionately kissed Lucas. After the kiss ended, Lucas made it clear that he would accept Brad's secret as long as Brad agreed to work with Lucas to get out from underneath it. Brad readily agreed, so Lucas and Brad went home together.

In Jordan's office, Dante greeted Jordan then asked why she had wanted to see him. Jordan told him about her visit with Sonny to let Sonny know that one of the alleged hijackers had been killed and the other had disappeared. Dante was curious if Jordan thought Sonny had been responsible, but she couldn't answer the question. However, she revealed that Sonny had pointed the finger at Julian, which didn't surprise Dante, since Dante was certain Julian had lied about leaving the mob.

Jordan reminded Dante that they needed a witness to name Julian as the person who had ordered the men to hijack Sonny's shipments. Moments later, Nathan entered the office with a suspect. Jordan immediately recognized Charlie, one of the alleged hijackers, so she asked where Nathan had found him. Nathan explained that Charlie had been at the bus station, trying to catch a ride out of town, but Nathan warned her that Charlie had been tight-lipped. Jordan decided to question Charlie, but Charlie demanded an attorney.

Jordan smiled sweetly as she instructed Nathan to place Charlie in the jail cell next to Max Giambetti. As anticipated, Charlie immediately panicked then agreed to cooperate. Pleased, Jordan asked Charlie to name his boss.

Later, T.J. entered his mother's office. Jordan was surprised to see her son, but her smile vanished when T.J. confronted her about paying Sonny a visit. Jordan claimed it had been police business then grumbled about Sonny involving T.J., but T.J. informed her that she was wrong about Sonny because Sonny had urged T.J. to mend fences with Jordan. "He even went to bat for you," T.J. added. Jordan appeared at a loss for words.

T.J. explained that he hated the distance between him and his mother, but he couldn't get past the lies Jordan had told or her role in sending Shawn to jail. T.J. doubted he could ever forgive Jordan, but he knew she had been trying to protect Port Charles. Jordan promised to try to make things right, so T.J. relaxed until Jordan suggested they start with T.J. moving into her apartment. T.J. refused because he wasn't ready for that. Jordan accepted T.J.'s decision, but asked for a hug. She smiled with delight when he wrapped his arms around her.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian was stunned when he answered a knock at the door and saw Olivia on the doorstep. Olivia quietly greeted Julian and Alexis then revealed that she had to tell Julian something. Julian invited Olivia inside and asked what she had to say. Olivia recalled her conversation with Dante and Lulu when Olivia had contemplated whether or not to tell Julian that his son hadn't died. Olivia pushed the memory away as Alexis asked about Ned. Olivia assured Alexis that Ned was fine, but Olivia was surprised that Julian and Alexis were back together.

Olivia had assumed that Duke's murder had been the end of Julian and Alexis' relationship, so Julian explained that he had left the mob. Olivia wondered if Alexis believed Julian's claims because word on the streets was that Julian had been going after Sonny. Julian assured Olivia that he was through with the mob, but Olivia wondered what had changed. Julian admitted that the death of their son had profoundly affected him, and he refused to squander the opportunities with the family he had left.

Olivia was startled when she noticed Julian holding the hospital bracelet their son had worn, and Julian admitted that it was all he had left of the baby. "What if I could give you more?" Olivia softly asked. Olivia explained that she had named their son Leonardo. "Leo Falconeri," Olivia added as Julian smiled. Olivia appeared on the verge of telling Julian that their son was alive when Dante and Nathan knocked on the door. Dante informed Julian that one of the alleged hijackers had surfaced and had named Julian as his boss.

Outraged, Julian insisted that the man had lied, but Dante handcuffed Julian. Julian claimed that he had been set up, and he begged Alexis to help him. After Dante and Nathan carted Julian away, Alexis gathered her things as she asked what else Olivia had intended to tell Julian. Olivia claimed that she had wanted to apologize for not revealing the truth about the pregnancy sooner, but Olivia realized that she had made the right decision by keeping quiet because it was clear that Julian had lied about being out of the mob. Olivia warned Alexis that Julian was dangerous and would continue to hurt those he loved.

In Jordan's office, Jordan smiled with satisfaction as Julian was led in. Julian continued to proclaim his innocence and accuse Charlie of lying. Jordan started to question Julian, but Julian demanded to speak to his attorney. Jordan advised Julian to find another attorney because she doubted that Alexis would continue to believe Julian's lies.

At Greystone Manor, T.J. arrived home as Sonny and Carly snuggled in a chair and kissed. T.J. immediately apologized for intruding, but Sonny and Carly assured him that it was fine. T.J. told Sonny about T.J.'s visit with Jordan then revealed that on the way out, T.J. had overheard that one of the hijackers had been apprehended and had named Julian as the man behind the order to steal Sonny's shipments.

Carly questioned if Morgan might be bipolar

Carly questioned if Morgan might be bipolar

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

At the loft, Dante arrived home and saw his mother reading the newspaper in the dining room. He was curious if there was any hot coffee. Olivia pointed to the kitchen as she continued to read an article. Dante was curious what his mother was reading. She walked over then tossed the newspaper on the counter as she confessed that her worst fears had been realized. Dante glanced at the newspaper, which featured a picture of Julian with the caption "Jerome Jailed" in bold letters across the top.

Olivia felt foolish for convincing herself that Julian had truly left the mob when it was clear that Julian had lied. Dante reluctantly admitted that there might be room for doubt because Julian had proclaimed his innocence. "What else is he going to say?" Olivia asked. She insisted that she always tried to give people the benefit of the doubt, but she refused to risk Leo's life by dragging her baby into the middle of a war between Julian and Sonny. Dante was curious what Olivia intended to do, and she explained that she would have to leave again.

Dante fetched his mother a cup of coffee and handed it to her as he returned to the living room. Dante knew his mother would hate leaving Port Charles because she would miss her family and friends, but Olivia insisted it was imperative to protect Dante's baby brother from Julian's dangerous world. Dante admitted that he didn't think going into hiding with Ned and Brook Lynn was the answer, but he promised to support his mother if Olivia chose to leave. Olivia wondered what else she could do.

Dante noticed the time and explained that he had to get to court. Olivia was concerned because Dante hadn't had any rest. He asked his mother not to leave town until she had said goodbye to him.

In a courtroom, Ric listed the criminal charges against Julian, relating to Sonny's hijacked shipments and the murder of one of the alleged hijackers. Sonny watched the proceedings as Julian pleaded not guilty to all of the charges. Ric argued that Julian should remain in jail until the trial, but Alexis insisted that Julian was "an upstanding citizen" with ties to the community and therefore not a flight risk. After Judge Chua set Julian's bail at $500,000, Julian thanked Alexis for believing in him. Sonny approached the couple to sarcastically congratulate Alexis on the victory.

However, Sonny warned Alexis that Julian was playing her for a fool. Alexis assured Sonny that he was wrong. Julian smiled smugly at Ric then led Alexis away. Ric immediately apologized to Sonny for failing to keep Julian locked up. Sonny was frustrated because he didn't see the benefit of having his brother working as the district attorney if Ric couldn't keep Julian off the streets.

Ric clarified that he was merely the acting district attorney until the next election when Ric would resume working for Sonny. Sonny let the matter drop. Ric explained that he had to get to the next hearing because Ric was determined to put Silas' killer away for life.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava read an online article in the Port Charles Press about Julian's arrest as she sipped on a Bloody Mary. She realized that her brother had been holding out on her, but she hated being stuck pretending to be Denise DeMuccio because Denise couldn't step in for Julian. Moments later, someone knocked on the door.

"Guten Morgen, Miss Jerome," Liesl said with a knowing smile as she sailed past Ava. Ava sputtered with outrage, but Liesl was undeterred. She suggested that Ava drop the "dime store theatrics" so the two women could get down to business, but Ava stubbornly stuck to her act as Denise. Liesl explained that it wasn't necessary to pretend with her because Franco had told Liesl everything. Ava refused to confirm Franco's claims. Ava's eyes rounded with fury when Liesl threatened to call Kiki to let Ava's daughter know that Ava was alive and had been playing "hide the sausage" with Kiki's boyfriend.

Ava quickly dropped her Denise act as she ordered Liesl to put the phone away. Liesl smiled with satisfaction, but Ava simply glared. Liesl decided to push Ava's buttons by suggesting that Ava loved Morgan more than Kiki, but Ava insisted that Ava and Morgan had ended things for Kiki's sake. However, Ava pointed out that her personal life was none of Liesl's business. Liesl disagreed because Ava had dragged Franco into it.

Liesl wanted Ava to end the charade and clear Franco's name, but Ava refused because she claimed that she hadn't murdered Silas. Liesl threatened to reveal the whole sordid story to the police and let them settle things, but Ava advised Liesl against it because Ava would be forced to turn over the incriminating photograph of Nina with the murder weapon in hand as Nina had perched over Silas' body. Ava was certain that Franco would never forgive Liesl for pushing Ava into pointing the police in Nina's direction.

Ava made it clear that she would give the picture of Nina to Franco in exchange for the recording of Ava's confession to Connie's murder, but Liesl explained that it was impossible to obtain the recording because Ric had taken over for Scott. Ava didn't care; she demanded that Liesl steal the recording, or Nina would pay the price. The two women argued until Julian suddenly arrived home. He greeted "Denise" and Liesl then asked why Liesl was there. Liesl claimed that she had stopped by to urge Denise to go to court to support both Kiki and Franco, but Denise had refused.

Ava went along with the lie to avoid arousing suspicion. Liesl shifted gears by once again apologizing to Julian for the clerical error that had resulted in his son's cremation, and she left. Julian was eager to shower, but he made it clear that he expected Denise to tell him the truth about Liesl's visit when he was done.

A short time later, a refreshed Julian returned to the living room, sporting clean clothes. He poured himself a drink then asked Denise about Liesl's visit. He reminded Denise that they were siblings, so she could trust him to help her if she needed it. Ava dropped her accent as she confessed that Denise didn't need his help, but Ava did.

At Carly's house, Morgan was reading an online article about Franco's impending trial when Carly arrived home. She called out to Morgan for help with some bags, which were filled with extra towels to accommodate her new houseguests. Morgan muttered okay, but he continued to focus on the article. Annoyed, Carly accused him of ignoring her. Morgan pulled his attention away from the article to apologize to his mother. He admitted that he had been distracted with reading an article about Franco's trial.

Carly refused to waste her time thinking about Franco because she wanted to focus on her rapidly approaching wedding to Sonny. She announced that she and Sonny had decided to get married on September 2, and she wanted Morgan to be there. Morgan was surprised, since Carly and Sonny had recently accused him of murdering Silas. Carly refused to apologize because she believed that she and Sonny had had good reason to be concerned about Morgan.

Carly pointed out that Silas had been about to reveal to Kiki that Morgan and Denise had slept together. Morgan asked his mother to keep her voice down because he didn't want Kiki to overhear. As if on cue, Kiki appeared at the top of the stairs. Kiki was curious what Morgan and Carly were hiding from her. Morgan explained that he and his mother had been discussing Franco's trial. Morgan appreciated that Kiki was under tremendous strain, in part because she had doubts about Franco's guilt, and Morgan had hoped to spare her unnecessary pain.

Carly was curious why Kiki had doubts about Franco's guilt. Kiki confessed that she suspected Silas' death was connected to whatever it was Silas had desperately wanted to tell Kiki. Morgan appeared uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation. He reminded Kiki that they had to get to the courthouse, and Carly offered Kiki some words of encouragement then wished her luck.

A short time later, Sonny stopped by to let Carly know about Julian's arraignment. Carly blamed Ric for failing to keep Julian behind bars, but Sonny explained that his brother had done the best he could. However, Sonny hoped that Ric had more success prosecuting Franco. Carly confessed that she would feel better once Franco was convicted of the murder because she wanted the case to go away. Sonny realized that Carly still had doubts about Morgan's innocence.

Carly wished she could believe Morgan, but there were too many red flags suggesting that Morgan might have killed Silas in the heat of the moment. She explained that Morgan had been preoccupied lately, but Sonny thought it made sense, since Morgan's girlfriend's father had been murdered after catching Morgan and Denise in bed together. Carly pointed out that Morgan had to have been desperate to stop Silas, but Sonny defended their son by arguing that a person couldn't change that radically. Carly suggested that Morgan might be bipolar, but Sonny immediately rejected the idea. Carly explained that it was possible because there was a genetic component to the disease.

Carly pointed out that Morgan had been a sweet and calm child, but he had changed dramatically in his twenties. She reminded Sonny that Morgan had developed a gambling problem, tricked Kiki into marriage, joined Julian's organization, and had left Michael at the piers to drown after a physical confrontation with Morgan. Carly explained that Morgan seemed to lose control easily when angered and acted out sexually, which were symptoms of the disease. Sonny remained in denial, but Carly insisted that Morgan's affair with Denise had been another example of Morgan's reckless behavior.

Sonny blamed it on Morgan being young and impulsive, but Carly feared it was manic behavior. She admitted that Morgan had been deeply depressed when Sonny, not Morgan, had been revealed to be Avery's father. She insisted it was their duty as parents to look at their son's behavior with an open mind because Morgan needed their help. Carly reminded Sonny that Morgan could live a rich and full life with medication, but Sonny was shaken by the idea that he had passed the disease down to his son. Carly refused to blame Sonny, but he felt responsible, especially if Morgan had killed someone in the grips of a disease.

At Shadybrook, Nina was agitated as she tried to sketch a portrait of a catatonic patient. Nina blamed her inability to perfect the drawing on the woman's fidgeting then conceded that it wasn't the catatonic woman's fault. Nina admitted that she'd had trouble concentrating because she was concerned about Franco. Nina hated the idea of Franco facing a trial for a murder she knew he hadn't committed, and she was annoyed that her aunt Liesl had failed to help Franco. Nina couldn't understand why Liesl hadn't secured Ava's recorded confession. She decided to call Franco.

At the courthouse, Franco sat in an alcove with his hands confined to handcuffs. He jumped up when he saw his father approach because he was eager to know if Scott had figured out a way to keep Franco from going to Pentonville. Scott grumbled that his hands were tied because Franco refused to allow Scott to mention Nina's name. Franco argued that Nina hadn't killed Silas, but Scott was certain that Franco was protecting Nina. Franco wondered why. Scott reminded Franco that Franco had spoken in "Haiku" when questioned about the night of Silas' murder and had tried to get rid of incriminating evidence, and Mrs. Shipley had overheard Franco and Silas arguing about Nina.

Franco carefully explained that Nina hadn't been the only person Silas and Franco had argued about. Scott asked Franco to elaborate. However, Scott's phone rang before Franco could reply. It was Nina asking to speak to Franco. "My son can't play right now, he's in detention," Scott said then added that Franco would have to call her back. Franco realized Nina was on the phone, and he asked Scott to hand him the phone.

After Scott reluctantly complied, Franco stepped away to gently scold Nina for calling. Nina explained that she had been worried about Franco, but he assured her that everything was fine. Nina was stunned when Franco mentioned that Ric would be prosecuting the case, and she offered to take the fall for Silas' murder. Franco warned her to stay away then explained that he was confident his father would get him acquitted. Scott sat up straight when he heard his son's assurance, but Nina was furious that Franco might end up in Pentonville because "that skank" had refused to retrieve the picture of Nina from "the cloud."

Franco tensed as he carefully asked if Nina had talked to Ava. Scott warned Franco that it was time to enter the courtroom, but Franco asked for another minute. Franco wanted an answer, but Nina tearfully confessed that she was scared and didn't know what to do because she loved him. Franco promised Nina that he loved to her, too, but Scott snatched the phone away from Franco then disconnected the call because it was time to enter the courtroom.

At Shadybrook, Nina warned the catatonic patient not to tell anyone about the conversation. Nina suddenly smiled because she was touched that Franco loved her enough to protect her. She was determined to believe that love would conquer all, but she sensed the catatonic woman was judging her. Nina growled that she hoped Ava was exposed for the "lying murdering bitch that she is" because it was the only way for Franco to be free.

Meanwhile, Kiki and Morgan sat behind Franco as the judge entered the courtroom. Ric began his opening argument by informing the jury that Franco had been a serial killer who had escaped conviction because of a "legal technicality." Ric revealed that Franco had also attempted to stab Heather to death. Ric promised to prove Franco's guilt beyond a shadow of doubt by taking the jury through each step of the day leading up to Silas' murder.

Next, Scott addressed the jury. Scott explained that Ric's case had been based on pure conjecture. Scott revealed that he had stepped down as district attorney because he hadn't been able to prosecute the case against Franco with a clear conscience due to the lack of evidence. Scott vowed to prove that someone other than Franco had murdered Silas.

After Scott sat down, Ric called his first witness. Mrs. Shipley took the stand to testify that she had overheard Silas and Franco arguing the day of Silas' murder. Scott questioned Mrs. Shipley's account of what she had heard by illustrating to the jury that the woman had difficulty hearing.

Morgan leaned close to Kiki to ask if she was okay. She confessed that she was grateful for his presence because she needed him. Moments later, Dante took the stand to tell the jury about what had transpired when the police had arrived on the scene of the murder and the results of the forensics tests. After Ric finished questioning Dante, Scott asked if Dante had recovered Silas' cell phone. Dante confirmed that the police had reviewed Silas' phone records. Scott asked about the last incoming call.

Dante revealed that Denise DeMuccio had called to invite the doctor to dinner, but the call had gone to voicemail. After Dante finished testifying, Ric called Kiki to the stand. Kiki recounted how she had bumped into Franco in the hallway when she had returned home from her trip and Franco's insistence on taking Kiki to dinner. Kiki became emotional when she told the jury about finding her father's body and Franco's odd behavior before Kiki had called the police. After Ric finished questioning Kiki, Scott established that Kiki hadn't seen Franco commit the murder or even exit the apartment.

Ric objected when Scott asked if Kiki had doubts about Franco's guilt, but Kiki admitted that there hadn't been any problems between her father and Franco. Kiki revealed that she had a gut feeling her father's murder was connected to whatever Silas had wanted to tell her. Ric once again objected. The judge sustained it then called for a short recess.

Morgan followed Kiki out of the courtroom to check on her. Kiki admitted that she wished she knew what her father had wanted to tell her, but she was certain that it hadn't had anything to do with Franco. Morgan's expression clouded with guilt as Kiki disappeared into the bathroom to splash her face with cold water.

In the courtroom, Franco thanked his father then asked if Scott thought things had gone well. Scott groused that he had done the best that he could do, since Franco was "lovesick" and refused to allow Scott to mention Nina's name. Moments later, the judge returned to the bench and invited Ric to call his next witness. Ric called Morgan to the stand.

Morgan lied when he testified against Franco

Morgan lied when he testified against Franco

Thursday, August 20, 2015

At Shadybrook, Nina flipped through numerous channels on the television in the common room, hoping to find news coverage of Franco's trial, but none of the stations had any updates. Frustrated, Nina tossed the remote away then glanced at a catatonic woman in a wheelchair. Nina confided that she was afraid Franco might "fry" because he was trying to protect Nina from a crime that neither she nor Franco had committed. Nina contemplated exposing Ava, along with Ava's motive for killing Silas, but quickly dismissed it as an option because it would force Ava to turn over the incriminating photograph of Nina with the murder weapon in hand, kneeling over Silas' body.

Nina knew that deleting the picture would not solve her problems, either, because it was a "brave new world," which meant that nothing could be permanently erased. Nina realized that Franco's only hope was for Scott to successfully defend Franco, but she decided to show Franco her support by attending the trial. Nina started to leave but stopped short as Madeline appeared in the doorway. Nina ordered her mother to step aside because Nina intended to go the courthouse, but Madeline advised her daughter against leaving. Madeline reminded Nina that Franco was a known killer, but Nina blurted out that Ava, not Franco, had killed Silas.

Nina suddenly recalled Franco's warning not to tell anyone that she knew Ava was alive because it would give Nina a motive for wanting Silas dead, since Silas had kidnapped Avery to save Ava's life. Madeline gently reminded Nina that Ava was dead, so Nina apologized and claimed that she was easily confused. Madeline feigned motherly concern as she guided Nina to a seat to rest. Madeline set her purse down then shoved the catatonic woman's wheelchair out of the way without a thought to where the wheelchair stopped. Nina watched with alarm as her fellow patient's wheelchair crashed into the piece of furniture, but her attention snapped back to Madeline when Madeline asked Nina to sign a document.

Madeline explained that the document would authorize Madeline and Ric to control Nina's finances, which would allow Nina to remain at Shadybrook rather than being transferred to Ferncliff. According to Madeline, Shadybrook was an expensive private facility, but Nina refused to sign the document until she'd had a chance to thoroughly read through it. Annoyed, Madeline assured Nina that it wasn't necessary, but Nina reminded her mother that Madeline had taught Nina from a young age never to sign anything without reading it first. Madeline reluctantly agreed to leave the document with Nina but promised to return shortly to collect it.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava confessed that she needed her brother's help. Stunned, Julian had difficultly believing that Ava had been posing as Denise, so Ava told him how she had reached out to Silas for help and had managed to successfully return as Denise DeMuccio. Julian remained skeptical until Ava recited the loving words Julian had said during her memorial service. Ava tearfully admitted it had been the highest compliment she'd ever received. Julian joyfully hugged his beloved sister as all doubt about her identity vanished.

However, Julian was curious why Ava had risked returning to Port Charles rather than starting a new life far away, so Ava explained that she hadn't been able to stay away from her daughters. Julian understood Ava's desire to be a part of Kiki and Avery's lives, but it had been risky for Ava to turn to Silas for help. Ava reminded her brother that it had been necessary, but Julian tensed. "And now he's dead," Julian quietly said before he asked if Ava had killed Silas. Hurt, Ava insisted that she had loved Silas, who was the father of her daughter and the man who had saved her life, but Julian remarked that it wouldn't have been the first time Ava had killed to protect a secret.

Ava refused to apologize for killing Connie because Connie had known the risk of being involved with a man like Sonny. Julian argued that his point was that Ava had taken on a new identity because of Connie's murder. Ava carefully explained that she wouldn't have to remain Denise if Julian used his resources to break into the district attorney's office to steal the damaging recording of Ava's confession to Connie's murder. Julian reminded his sister that he was no longer involved in organized crime, but Ava smirked because she didn't believe him.

Ava conceded that Julian might be able to fool everyone else, but he couldn't lie to her because she knew him too well. Ava was certain that Julian had been responsible for Sonny's recent hijacked shipments and the murder of one of the hijackers. She urged Julian to help her reclaim her identity, so they could work together, take down Sonny for good, and take back their territory. Julian reiterated that he was out of the mob, but Ava continued to plead her case until there was a knock at the door. It was a process server.

At Carly's residence, Sonny insisted that it was on him if Morgan was bipolar because his son had inherited the disease from Sonny. Carly reminded Sonny that they didn't know for certain if Morgan had been responsible for Silas' murder; they only knew that their son had grown increasingly impulsive and volatile. Carly was more certain than ever that Morgan was in crisis and needed their help. Sonny wondered what Carly proposed they do. Carly hoped that Franco would be convicted of Silas' murder, and she wanted to wait until the trial was over before approaching Morgan with their concerns.

Sonny was certain that Morgan would balk at seeing Kevin Collins for a consultation, but Carly insisted that they owed it to Morgan to try. She reminded Sonny that no one was more stubborn or determined than the two of them together. Sonny smiled as he admitted it was one of the reasons they made such a good team; they fought to the death to protect their children. Moments later, Michael walked in.

Michael appeared surprised when he saw Sonny, but he greeted both Carly and Sonny politely and explained that he had stopped by to let Carly know that the plans for the memorial clinic were back on track. Carly was happy for Michael, but Sonny stiffened when Michael expressed relief to finally have an opportunity to honor his father. Sonny quietly congratulated Michael because he knew how important the project was to Michael. Michael thanked Sonny. Carly changed the subject by revealing that she and Sonny had set their wedding date for September 2.

Carly added that it would be an intimate affair with just family, and she hoped Michael could attend. Michael gently explained that he would be too busy with the clinic. Sonny carefully hid his disappointment as he wished Michael luck with the clinic and left. Moments later, Josslyn called Carly. Michael waited while his mother took the call. Afterwards, Carly revealed that Josslyn wouldn't be able to attend the wedding either. Michael assured his mother that he wished both Carly and Sonny well, but he wasn't ready to let Sonny back into his life, and he didn't know if he would ever be ready.

Carly decided to change the subject by confiding that she and Sonny were concerned that Morgan might be bipolar. Carly was careful not to mention her fear that Morgan had killed Silas as she opened up about Morgan's erratic behavior. Michael conceded that he had never imagined Morgan would be capable of drugging him. Carly asked Michael to keep an eye on Morgan -- particularly Morgan's highs and lows.

Michael revealed that he'd had a recent odd encounter with Morgan at Metro Court Restaurant. Carly's brow furrowed with worry as she asked him to elaborate. Michael explained that Morgan had been in a "bad place" and had asked why Michael continued to care about Morgan when Morgan acted like an "ass." Carly nervously asked if Michael recalled the date. Michael told her that it had been on July 31. He remembered because it had been the day that ELQ's stock prices had plummeted.

Carly realized that it had also been the night that Silas Clay had been murdered. Michael doubted that Morgan's mood had had anything to do with Silas because news hadn't broken of Silas' murder, so only the killer had known about Silas' death.

At Greystone Manor, T.J. and Molly sprayed each other with water guns as T.J. chased Molly to the back door. Molly managed to slip inside the house then refused to open the door until T.J. had put the water gun down. They each grabbed a towel to dry off then kissed. However, T.J. and Molly quickly jumped apart when Sonny's housekeeper entered the living room to collect the wet towels and take their lunch order. T.J. handed his towel to Graciella then asked for hamburgers on the grill. Graciella promised to make Molly a vegan burger before disappearing down the hallway.

Molly's expression filled with concern when she realized that T.J. had taken very well to living with her uncle Sonny. After they changed in to dry clothes, T.J. suggested they take the speedboat out for a spin or watch a movie in Sonny's theater room, but Molly was worried that T.J. enjoyed living under Sonny's roof a tad too much. T.J. was unapologetic because he was mere steps away from a sauna and a swimming pool, but Molly reminded T.J. that he would soon be returning to dorm life when classes resumed at Port Charles University in two weeks. T.J. admitted that he might continue to live with Sonny to spare Sonny the expense of paying for housing on top of tuition, but Molly argued that Sonny could easily afford both.

Molly pointed out that the main reason she had decided to attend PCU was to be close to T.J., but he reminded her that they would be living in separate dorms if he returned to living on campus. T.J. assured her that they would still get to spend time together regardless of where he lived and added that Sonny's place would provide them ample space to study. Molly explained that she was concerned that T.J. might get caught in the crossfire because she knew better than T.J. that people got hurt around Sonny.

Molly immediately regretted her words when she saw Sonny standing in the doorway. She started to apologize to her uncle, but Sonny assured her that it wasn't necessary because he appreciated that she had been concerned about T.J. T.J. promised Sonny that he trusted Sonny to keep him safe, but Sonny assured T.J. that T.J. was free to move in with Jordan if it was what T.J. wanted. T.J. conceded that he and Jordan were in a better place, but he refused to live with his mother.

Moments later, a bodyguard appeared to announce that T.J. and Molly's lunch was ready. Molly lingered behind to apologize to her uncle again, but he promised Molly that it was fine. After Molly left, the guard informed Sonny that Julian was at the apartment, and everything was in place. Sonny ordered his guard to wait because Sonny was certain that Julian would make a mistake while the new police commissioner was watching. After the guard left, Sonny looked up as he let out a deep sigh. He wondered if everyone he loved had to get hurt then questioned if he was responsible for his son's life falling apart.

At the courthouse, Franco's trial was underway as Ric called Morgan to the witness stand. Kiki was stunned, but Scott immediately objected, since Morgan's name hadn't been on the prosecution's witness list. Ric explained that new information, which was critical to the case, had been revealed during the short recess. Judge Chua agreed to allow Morgan to testify, but she warned Ric that she would not tolerate his last-minute theatrics in her courtroom.

After Morgan was sworn in, he testified that he had been in Silas' apartment on the day of the murder because Morgan had spent the night with Kiki to see her off on her trip to the Hamptons. Morgan went on to reveal that Franco had stopped by to talk to Silas. According to Morgan, Franco had threatened Morgan with a knife during a heated confrontation when Morgan had told Franco that Silas hadn't been home. Next, Morgan identified the murder weapon as the same knife that Franco had wielded during the argument with Morgan.

"You little tool," Franco muttered under his breath as he glared at Morgan. Scott asked Franco if there was any truth to what Morgan had said, but Ric continued to question Morgan. Morgan painted Franco guilty by stating that Franco had claimed to have unfinished business with Silas before storming out of the apartment. Infuriated, Franco jumped up to accuse Morgan of lying and perjuring himself under oath. The judge warned Scott to get Franco under control, so Scott dragged Franco back to the defense table.

Franco promised Kiki that he hadn't killed her father, but Kiki stared at him with shock and confusion. After Franco sat down, Scott asked why Morgan hadn't told the police about the encounter sooner. Morgan explained that "tumor or no tumor," he had believed Franco when Franco had threatened to kill Morgan if Morgan breathed a word about the visit. The judge decided to call a short recess. Morgan left the witness stand as Franco repeatedly accused Morgan of lying. Morgan ignored Franco to chase after Kiki.

Morgan caught up with Kiki in the hallway. Kiki was shaken by Morgan's revelation, but she was curious why he hadn't told her about it. Morgan explained that there had been sufficient proof of Franco's guilt, but Morgan had become concerned when it had appeared that Scott had planted reasonable doubt with the jury. Morgan had decided to seek Ric out to tell him about the confrontation with Franco. Morgan feigned relief that he was no longer burdened with the secret. Kiki asked him to keep her in the loop from that point forward because he could always trust her, no matter what was at stake.

Franco's expression filled with disgust as he watched Morgan and Kiki hug. Moments later, everyone returned to the courtroom. Kiki immediately approached Franco to rail at him for lying to her. She insisted that she was tired of Franco manipulating her, and she hoped Morgan's testimony convicted Franco of her father's murder. Franco scoffed. "Because if your boyfriend told you something, then it has to be the truth," Franco cryptically said.

Kiki demanded to know what Franco was talking about, but the judge returned to the bench. Kiki made a point of joining Morgan on the prosecution's side of the courtroom as the judge invited Ric to call his next witness. Ric announced that the prosecution had rested its case. Judge Chua allowed Scott to call his first witness. Scott called Denise DeMuccio to the stand. Morgan squirmed as Denise entered the courtroom.

Denise asked why Scott had called her to testify. Scott suggested that she take the stand to be sworn in so they could all find out together.

In the Jerome apartment, Julian looked at a photograph of him and Ava as he thought about Ava's request for his help to reclaim her identity and her offer to rule Port Charles by his side.

Scott claimed DNA tests proved Denise was Ava

Scott claimed DNA tests proved Denise was Ava

Friday, August 21, 2015

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael kissed Sabrina on the side of her neck as he joined her on the back patio. Sabrina smiled as she teasingly warned that it had better be Michael, not Mr. Hornsby, who had kissed her. Michael chuckled as he reminded her that it could have been Dillon, but she smiled because she thought Dillon looked good swimming laps in the pool. However, she assured Michael that he was the only man for her. Relieved, Michael promised that she was the only woman for him.

After Michael sat down, Sabrina asked if Michael had had an opportunity to discuss the memorial clinic with Lucas. Michael shook his head as he explained that Lucas hadn't been at Carly's, but Michael had bumped into Sonny. Michael told Sabrina that Carly and Sonny had set a wedding date, so Sabrina asked if he intended to go. Michael confessed that he had considered it, but he couldn't get past Sonny's role in A.J.'s murder. Sabrina wondered if he would ever be able to forgive Sonny, but Michael doubted it was possible.

Michael explained that he would like to forgive Sonny and let go of the anger because it was what A.J. would have wanted, but Sonny had instilled in Michael at a very young age that a person's word was all a person had, so if a person broke their word, then they had nothing. Michael admitted that Sonny had been determined to kill A.J. the night of Connie's murder because Sonny had firmly believed in A.J.'s guilt, but Michael had begged Sonny to let A.J. live. Sonny had given his word to Michael that Sonny wouldn't kill A.J., which was why Michael had never suspected Sonny of A.J.'s murder.

Sabrina was curious how much Michael knew about the circumstances of A.J.'s murder. Michael explained that he had listened to the recording A.J. had made of Ava confessing to Connie's murder, followed by Sonny's arrival. Michael had heard every ugly detail, from Ava accusing A.J. of trying to strangle her to A.J. pleading with Sonny not to shoot. Michael revealed that his father had tried to explain what Sonny had walked in on, but Sonny had been furious and had pulled the trigger. Sabrina gently pointed out that the situation had been chaotic, and Sonny had bipolar disorder, but Michael argued that Sonny had been on medication at the time.

Sabrina explained that dealing with mental illness and treating it with medications wasn't an exact science, and Sonny might not have been in full control of his actions at the time of A.J.'s shooting. Michael quietly confided that Carly feared Morgan might also have bipolar disorder. Sabrina wasn't surprised because patients often manifested symptoms in their twenties. Michael filled her in about Morgan's impulsive and risky behavior over the past couple of years. Sabrina conceded that it might be possible that Morgan suffered from the disease, but Michael pointed out that Morgan could also simply be a "screwup."

Sabrina was curious what Michael thought, and he admitted that he hoped Carly was wrong because he had grown up watching Sonny struggle with the disease and knew the toll it took on a person. Sabrina warned Michael that Morgan would need to be in treatment if Carly's suspicions were correct. Michael agreed, but he feared that it would be a difficult conversation to have with Morgan. Sabrina thought Morgan would be more receptive hearing it from Michael rather than from Sonny and Carly, but she advised Michael to wait until after the wedding to avoid any friction between Morgan and the rest of the family. Sabrina promised to support whatever Michael decided, including if he changed his mind about attending the wedding. He thanked her before pulling her close for a passionate kiss.

At the Jerome apartment, Julian set a photograph of him and Ava down as Alexis arrived. She immediately sensed that something was troubling him, and she wondered if it had to do with Sonny's reaction to the judge granting Julian bail. Julian admitted that Sonny had annoyed him, but he was concerned about his sister because a process server had arrived to take Denise to court to testify at Franco's trial. Alexis wasn't surprised, since Denise had dated Franco. She remarked that DNA was a powerful thing because Ava had been attracted to Franco, and so had Ava's twin sister.

Alexis was curious if Denise knew anything about Silas' murder. Julian recalled asking if Ava had killed Silas, but he decided to keep the startling revelation about Denise's real identity a secret. "It's possible," Julian quietly answered. Julian shifted gears by picking up Leo's hospital bracelet then admitting that it had seemed as if Olivia had wanted to tell him something before the police had arrived. Alexis revealed that she'd had the same feeling, and she had questioned Olivia about it after Julian had been taken away.

Alexis explained that Olivia had wanted to apologize to Julian for not telling him the truth about the pregnancy. Julian was curious if Olivia had said anything else, and Alexis admitted that Olivia had doubts about Julian being out of the mob. Alexis revealed that Olivia had tried to warn Alexis about Julian, but Julian was more concerned about Alexis' thoughts on the matter. He realized that no one believed that he had turned over a new leaf, but Alexis assured him that she would not allow Sonny or Olivia to shake her faith in him. Alexis promised that she believed Julian then hugged him as his gaze drifted to the photograph of Ava.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny had Avery on his hip when he answered a call from Carly. Carly explained that she had wanted to check on him because she had noticed that he had left in a rush when Michael had made an excuse not to attend their wedding. Sonny confessed that he couldn't stop hoping that Michael might change his mind. Carly pointed out that Michael had left the door open, and Michael might show up at the last minute. Sonny promised Carly that he would be fine as long as he had both Carly and Avery by his side.

Sonny smiled at Avery while Carly told him that she was certain that Michael was about to turn a corner with Sonny. Sonny thought it was wishful thinking on Carly's part, but she insisted that she and Michael had had a good talk. Carly changed the subject by revealing that she had told Michael about her concerns about Morgan. She quickly filled Sonny in about Michael's encounter with Morgan on the night of Silas' murder when Morgan had seemed agitated.

Carly feared that Morgan had been upset because he had known about Silas' murder, even though the media hadn't reported the news at the time. Sonny argued that Morgan had been worried about Silas telling Kiki about Morgan and Denise's tryst, which didn't make their son a killer or bipolar. Carly agreed to drop the matter until everything had settled down, but she warned Sonny that they would have to discuss their concerns with Morgan and figure out a way to help their son.

Moments later, Carly ended the call to deal with a potential problem at the restaurant. Sonny promised Avery that he and Carly would do right by her and not repeat the mistakes they had made with Avery's brothers. He vowed that Avery would never feel unwanted because he would make certain his perfect daughter had the perfect world. Olivia gasped with delight as she appeared in the doorway and saw Sonny with Avery. Sonny smiled as he welcomed Olivia back, but Olivia confessed that she wasn't certain how long she would remain in town.

Olivia took Avery from Sonny's arms and cooed to the baby. Olivia confessed that she had known that Michael would do the right thing by returning Avery to Sonny, but Sonny admitted that Michael no longer considered Sonny his father. Olivia advised Sonny to give it some time. Sonny explained that Carly had invited Michael to attend Sonny and Carly's wedding, but Michael had declined. Olivia's face lit with joy at the news, and she congratulated Sonny on the impending wedding.

Olivia conceded that Sonny would always be her first love, but they would have never been able to go the distance because there had been parts of Sonny's life that Olivia couldn't have accepted. Olivia acknowledged that Carly was a perfect match for Sonny and probably the only woman who could handle every part of Sonny's life. Sonny suddenly realized that it might be difficult for Olivia to be around Avery after the death of Olivia's infant son, but Olivia assured him that it was fine. Olivia thanked him for the condolence flowers, but she took comfort in knowing that her son was safe and away from Julian.

Olivia wondered if it was possible that Julian had told the truth about walking away from the mob, but Sonny scoffed at the idea. Olivia revealed that Julian had seemed genuinely affected by Leo's death and wanting to protect the family Julian had left, but Sonny promised Olivia that Julian would soon make a mistake. Sonny reminded her that Julian was the same man who had hidden from Sonny's wrath behind Julian's own grandson by refusing to bank his bone marrow in case Danny needed it in the future.

Sonny also pointed out that Julian had ruthlessly ordered Duke's murder. Sonny and Olivia discussed how the Jeromes always seemed to walk away from their crimes, which meant that Connie would never get the justice that she deserved. Olivia wished that Ava hadn't died because Ava had deserved to rot in jail for life, surrounded by criminals as ruthless as Ava had been. Sonny confided that he had refused to allow Ava's twin sister visitation with Avery because he didn't want his daughter to be exposed to someone who reminded him of Ava.

Sonny insisted Carly was Avery's mother, which he hoped would cancel out any Jerome blood flowing through his daughter's veins. Olivia was confident that Sonny would raise Avery to be happy, healthy, and untouched by the Jeromes. Olivia was adamant that the Jeromes couldn't touch Sonny's daughter any more than they could touch Olivia's son.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Madeline sat at the bar, waiting for a bartender. She became frustrated when no one appeared to take her order, and she looked around until she spotted Carly on the phone. Madeline approached Carly and asked if anyone worked in the restaurant or if Madeline was expected to make her own drink. Carly wrapped up the call then stepped behind the bar to make Madeline a gin martini with a twist. Madeline was impressed that Carly had remembered Madeline's preferred cocktail.

Carly smiled politely as she sat down to talk to Madeline as Madeline took a long sip of the martini. Madeline smiled with relief as she confessed that she had needed the drink. Carly recalled that Madeline had said something similar the last time they had talked. At the time, Madeline had been upset about Silas. Madeline admitted that Silas' murder had been terrible. Carly reminded Madeline that Franco was on trial for the crime.

Madeline groaned because Franco was another example of Nina's poor choices. Carly wondered if Franco was the reason that Madeline had needed a drink, but Madeline confided that she was frustrated with Nina. Madeline explained that Nina was deeply troubled, prone to overreact to everything, and incredibly impulsive. However, Madeline assured Carly that Nina never intended to do bad things; it was Nina's mental illness. Madeline rushed to add that Nina was aware of her troubled mind, which was why Nina had committed herself to Shadybrook.

Carly admitted that she might have done the same thing, just to get away from Ric, but Madeline defended Ric by confiding that both Madeline and Ric wanted what was best for Nina. Madeline told Carly about the documents that Madeline had asked Nina to sign, but Nina had insisted on reviewing everything first. Madeline grumbled that Carly had no idea what it was like to have a child who was mentally ill, but Carly confessed that Madeline might be wrong.

Carly explained that one of her children had been exhibiting troubling behavior. Madeline empathized because it was difficult to accept that one's child was ill. Madeline revealed that she had tried for far too long to manage Nina's illness on her own, to both Madeline and Nina's detriment. Madeline admitted that she had tried to blame Nina's behavior on everyone except Nina until it was impossible to deny that Nina was troubled. Madeline warned Carly that having a mentally ill child could make a parent's life impossible. Carly wished that she knew how to help her son, but Madeline didn't have an answer.

At Shadybrook, Nina was pleasantly surprised when Nathan entered the common room. She ran into her brother's arms to hug him as he explained that he had stopped by to check on her. Nina confessed that she was concerned about Franco and had tried to attend his trial, but Madeline had stopped her. Nathan was curious why Madeline had been there. Nina told him about the documents Madeline had asked Nina to sign, which would grant Madeline and Ric control of Nina's finances. Nina explained that Madeline and Ric wanted to ensure that Nina remained in the comfort of Shadybrook rather than ending up in a dungeon.

Nathan skimmed over the documents that Nina handed him then warned her not to sign them. Nina was relieved that Nathan had backed up her decision because Nina suspected that Madeline had been trying to pull a fast one on her. Nathan revealed that he also suspected Madeline and Ric of working together to make Nina believe that Nina had abducted Avery from the hospital. Nina assured Nathan that she knew for certain that she hadn't taken Avery. Nathan's eyes narrowed as he questioned how Nina could suddenly know that.

Nina became evasive, which only fueled Nathan's suspicions. Nina insisted that her stay at Shadybrook had helped to clear her head, but Nathan knew she was hiding something. He continued to push for an answer until Nina blurted out that Silas had snatched Avery from the hospital. Startled, Nathan tried to question her about the shocking claim, but Nina refused to elaborate.

Nathan recalled following up on Liesl's suggestion that Silas had been behind the abduction by travelling to New York City to talk to Silas at another hospital. Nathan admitted that he had thought it strange that Silas hadn't rushed home to support Kiki during the crisis. Nathan also realized that Silas would have known how to turn off the security cameras at General Hospital, since Silas had been on staff. Nina warned Nathan not to speak ill of the dead, but Nathan wanted answers because Silas had had the means and the opportunity to take the baby. However, Nathan was curious what Silas' motive had been.

Nina would only confirm that Silas had had a motive and that Franco was innocent, but she refused to say more. She tried to change the subject, but Nathan urged Nina to trust him because he wanted to help her. Nina explained that she had promised Franco that she wouldn't say anything, so she begged her brother to stop pressuring her. Nathan agreed to let the matter drop for the moment, but he warned her to stay away from the trial then took the documents that Madeline had left for Nina to sign and left.

In the courtroom, "Denise" demanded to know why she had been called to testify. Scott suggested that Denise take the witness stand to be sworn in, so they could all find out together. Ric objected to Denise's appearance and asked to approach the bench. The judge invited Scott to join them. Ava walked over to Franco to ask if he had been behind the summons. Franco assured Ava that he didn't want her anywhere near the trial, but Ava decided to remind him what was at stake by pulling out her phone and carefully threatening to reveal the incriminating picture of Nina.

Desperate, Franco tried to stop Scott from calling "Denise" as a witness, but the judge took the matter out of Scott's hands by ordering Denise to put the phone away and take the stand. After "Denise" was sworn in, Scott questioned her about her phone call to Silas an hour before the murder. Ava stuck to her cover story about wanting to arrange a surprise family dinner for Kiki to welcome her "niece" home from a trip to the Hamptons. Scott was curious why Denise hadn't extended the invitation to Silas when Silas had stopped by the Jerome apartment earlier in the day. Ava sputtered as she claimed that she had no idea what Scott was talking about. He explained that all visitors to the building were expected to sign in with the doorman upon arrival.

Scott showed Denise a visitors' log with Silas' signature, the time he had arrived, and his intended destination written in it. Morgan appeared worried as he recalled Silas walking in on Morgan and Denise in bed together. Meanwhile, Ava pushed away the memory of Silas threatening to expose the truth about her, including her affair with Kiki's boyfriend. Ava claimed that she hadn't been home at the time of Silas' visit. Franco tried to end the questioning.

Scott ignored his son's objections and asked about Denise and Franco's relationship. Ava once again stuck to her cover story that she had been trying to spare Kiki's feelings by avoiding Kiki's attempt to play matchmaker between Denise and Silas. Scott questioned if there had been more to Denise and Franco's relationship as he held up a file. Ava nervously asked what was in the file, but Scott wondered if Denise had ever had a DNA test. She explained that she had taken one to prove that she was Ava's "fraternal twin," but Scott was confused because the DNA test in his hand proved that Denise and Ava had been an exact match, which proved that Denise was, in fact, Ava.

Morgan and Kiki were stunned.

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