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Johnny kidnapped Valerie and took her to a cabin where he tied her up. Valerie knocked over a candle in her struggle to break free. Hayden and Nikolas made love. Sam found two witnesses to exonerate Jason of attempted murder. Sabrina left town with Carlos.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 11, 2016 on GH
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Liars and Cheaters Liars and Cheaters

Monday, January 11, 2016

Jason picked up the broken picture on Elizabeth's floor and saw that it was their "family" picture. He checked the house as Elizabeth checked on Jake, who was in his room. A short while later, Jason assured Elizabeth that the house was empty, but Elizabeth panicked because she couldn't find Jake. Jason went upstairs and found a frightened Jake in Elizabeth's room, under the covers. Jake babbled that he'd heard a noise, and he'd thought that the "bad man" had returned.

Jason promised to make sure that everything was all right. He asked Jake to be brave and took him upstairs after muttering to Elizabeth to call the police. When Jason returned downstairs, there was a knock on the door, and the cops announced themselves. Jason let them in, and they discussed starting a more "thorough" investigation. The cops saw that there was no forced entry, so they would try to gather fingerprints from the scene.

Citing "full disclosure," Jason advised the cops that he was in their database, so his prints would be everywhere. He continued that he was out on bail and awaiting trial. The cop wondered if Jason had any enemies, but he admitted that he didn't think he was the target, since the incidents had started after he'd already moved out. He asked to have a patrol car outside the house, but the cop didn't believe there was "enough of a threat" for that. Jason argued that Elizabeth was alone with three young boys, so the cop promised to "do what I can," and the officers left.

Jason instructed Elizabeth to get Cameron and Aiden and stay somewhere else that night. Jake returned downstairs and asked if they were safe. Jason promised to make sure they were safe and offered to put the family up at the Metro Court. Elizabeth thanked Jason for watching out for them.

Maxie entered the Haunted Star and was shocked to see Johnny. She immediately took out her phone to call Nathan. Johnny wrestled the phone away from her, and she told him how helping him the previous year had almost cost her her relationship with Nathan. She distracted him by asking about where he'd been and grabbed her phone back. Johnny chased her around until Lulu finally grabbed the phone out of Maxie's hand. She begged Maxie to "hear me out."

Lulu informed Maxie that if Maxie called the cops, Lulu would go to jail for willingly helping Johnny. Suddenly, Maxie noticed the large bouquet of flowers behind the bar, and Johnny took credit for them. "Oh, my God, you're sleeping together!" she exclaimed, horrified. Maxie was offended that Lulu hadn't told her, but Lulu insisted that she hadn't slept with Johnny. "That was her choice," Johnny explained. Lulu added that they'd only kissed. Maxie updated Lulu about Dante being on the "warpath" for Dillon.

Maxie instructed Lulu that, if she wanted to salvage her marriage, Johnny needed to go. "Soon," Lulu agreed. Maxie demanded to know what was really going on. Johnny claimed that he'd visited town for a "breather." Maxie related that she was "super happy" that Johnny was alive, but she wasn't making any promises. She grabbed her phone and ran out.

Lulu realized that Maxie was right about Lulu's marriage being over if Dante ever found out about Johnny. Johnny wondered if that would be "for the best," which angered Lulu. Johnny yelled that Dante didn't treat Lulu the way a husband should treat a wife. Lulu replied that Johnny needed to "finish this thing with Valerie and go." She thought that he should leave "now," but she thought that getting rid of Valerie was her "only prayer" of reconciling with Dante.

Sonny and Carly arrived at the hospital, and she suggested that Sonny give his new doctor a chance. Sonny wished that Patrick had waited to start a new life out in California. Lucas arrived, and Sonny hoped that he was Sonny's new doctor, but Lucas was only there for "introductions." He explained that Sonny's new doctor was "highly regarded" but warned that the man's bedside manner was "lacking." Just then, Dr. Mays barged into the conversation, wanting to get the meeting "out of the way."

"I'll take it from here," Dr. Mays told Lucas, who wanted to stick around for his brother-in-law. Dr. Mays suggested that Lucas read Sonny's chart later and instructed him to go back to the ER. Lucas left, and Carly explained Sonny's progress. Dr. Mays sharply told them that he'd do his own examination and draw his own conclusions. He wanted to see Sonny alone. Sonny angrily told the doctor that Carly could be there if he wanted her there and that he wouldn't have made any progress if not for her. "If you don't want her around, I don't want you around," Sonny spat.

Dr. Mays told Sonny that he was the only doctor at General Hospital that could treat Sonny. Carly asked for a moment with Sonny. She told him to give the doctor a chance and to concentrate on getting better. She left to get some work done at the hotel. Sonny suggested to Dr. Mays that they end things before they started. The doctor told Sonny that Patrick had specifically asked him to take over Sonny's case. "The way you treat people, I don't want you anywhere near me," Sonny stated, ordering the doctor, "Get the hell out of here." "Your loss," Dr. Mays said, and he walked away.

Lucas returned and found an exasperated Sonny, who wondered if Lucas had a "plan B." Lucas got an idea and got on the phone. He explained on the phone that he had a patient who needed help and that he would send the patient's records. Lucas promised that the doctor he'd called was "on par with Patrick."

Nikolas told Hayden that the lawsuit over ELQ could be in court "for years," and ELQ could still end up with the Quartermaines. Hayden had a suggestion as to how to prevent that from happening: "Marry me." She explained that, when a situation like theirs arose, two people would get married, and the assets would be put into the name of the spouse so that no one could touch them. She would just sign everything back over when the trial was over. "How do I know you won't steal everything?" he asked.

Despite being offended that Nikolas would think she could be a thief, Hayden suggested that they sign an "ironclad pre-nup." She admitted that she enjoyed living at Wyndemere with all the luxuries, but she had panicked when Nikolas had almost died because she cared about him. She reminded him that she was a working woman and not a "freeloader." She told him that "money corrupts as much as power." He believed she was sincere, and he appreciated it, but he told her that he had attorneys to figure out the case instead of a "sham marriage."

Hayden was hurt that Nikolas couldn't see that her feelings for him were "real and deep." He agreed that they had a connection, but he wanted to see where the relationship went. He didn't want to sacrifice the relationship for ELQ. "Did you just choose us over ELQ?" she wondered in mock surprise. He wanted to explore their relationship, and she agreed. They held hands and smiled.

As Sam packed her things, Alexis wished that Sam and Danny weren't moving out. Sam wanted to give Alexis and Julian their privacy. Just then, Kristina entered with the mail. She picked out a letter from her school and opened it. The letter informed Kristina that she was on "academic suspension" due to her low GPA. She hid the letter in her purse and gave the rest of the mail to Alexis, who wondered when Kristina's first day back at school was.

Brushing the question off, Kristina took a sudden interest in knowing if Jason had noticed Sam's necklace. Sam informed her that he'd remembered putting the necklace on her and kissing her, but that was it. She revealed that they were growing closer. Kristina hit Sam with more questions, and Sam warned her that Sam might have to tell Alexis that Kristina was studying Pre-Law. Alexis was beyond ecstatic, but her phone rang, and she ran off to take the call. Kristina was annoyed at Sam, who wondered why Kristina really didn't want to talk about school.

Alexis returned a short while later and told Sam and Kristina that Diane had called to ask if Alexis could cover Jason's pre-trial hearing. She broke the news to Sam that Nikolas and Hayden had sworn that Jason had intentionally pushed Nikolas off the balcony. Sam was upset, and she left to investigate the case. When Sam was gone, Alexis expressed her happiness that Kristina was following in her footsteps. She was proud of Kristina and excited for her future.

Sam explained Jason's situation to Carly at the Metro Court. Carly assured Sam that the police had talked to every guest and staff member who could have seen the altercation between Jason and Nikolas. Sam suggested that there was someone else to talk to who hadn't wanted to get involved. She suggested that they talk to the people who'd had the rooms overlooking the restaurant balcony that night.

Carly pulled up a list of guests on her computer as she asked Sam about her progress with Jason. Sam replied that she'd had some conversations with him, and things were more open with him since she'd accepted who he was. Carly thought about how awful it would be if Jason's memory returned while he was sitting in jail. Carly looked through the list of guests and was excited to find someone on it that Sam could talk to.

Anna suspects Sabrina knows Carlos is alive

Anna suspects Sabrina knows Carlos is alive

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

At Kelly's, Michael stopped to chat with Anna and ask about Robin. Anna smiled as she told him that Patrick and Robin were doing well in Berkeley. Michael was glad and asked Anna to let the newlyweds know that he wished them both well. Michael turned to leave but bumped into Sabrina as she entered the diner. Anna watched with interest as Michael and Sabrina exchanged stilted greetings.

Sabrina admitted it broke her heart that she and Michael were suddenly like strangers. Michael didn't want to add to her stress, but he admitted that he couldn't get past her deception. After Michael left, Anna called out to Sabrina and invited Sabrina to sit with her. Sabrina thanked Anna and sat down to ask about Patrick and Robin. Sabrina was happy for Emma because Emma finally had the family that Emma had always wanted.

Anna agreed but shifted gears to ask about Sabrina and Michael. Sabrina revealed that Michael had ended things because Sabrina had lied about the baby's paternity. Surprised, Anna asked about the baby's father, but Sabrina carefully explained that the baby's father was out of the picture. Anna perked up when Sabrina mentioned that the baby had been conceived in May because Anna realized that Carlos might be the baby's father. Sabrina reluctantly confirmed Anna's suspicions but admitted that it had been a mistake to sleep with Carlos.

Sabrina revealed that she had tried to tell herself that Michael was the baby's father until the sonogram, which had established that Michael could not be the father. Anna felt bad for Sabrina, especially since Sabrina would have to raise the baby alone. Anna conceded that she had never cared for Carlos, but it was sad that Carlos had died without knowing about the baby. Uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, Sabrina apologized to Anna for Duke's passing.

Anna noticed that Sabrina seemed rattled. Anna insisted that Duke's murder hadn't been Sabrina's fault. Anna reminded Sabrina that Carlos had been responsible for his own actions and urged Sabrina to focus on the baby. Anna promised to make herself available if Sabrina needed anything -- including a babysitter.

Moments later, Anna left. In the courtyard, Anna called to arrange to meet Jordan at Jordan's office. A short time later, Sabrina left the diner and called Carlos but reached his voicemail. Sabrina insisted that she needed to talk to him right away.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny dreamed about racing to the piers to help someone. He was jolted awake when Morgan entered the living room. Morgan noticed his father's startled reaction and assumed that Sonny had had a nightmare, but Sonny admitted that it had been a good dream because Sonny had been walking in the dream. Sonny was certain that the dream had been assuring him that he could handle whatever life threw at him, including resuming control of the organization.

Concerned, Morgan felt it was too soon and offered to help Sonny until Sonny was at full strength. Sonny refused to consider it because he didn't want his children involved in the mob. Morgan was disappointed, but Sonny insisted that it was important for Morgan to focus on getting well. Morgan knew that Sonny was under threat from enemies, but Sonny was adamant that Morgan not get involved with Sonny's business. Sonny promised that things were well in hand and changed the subject to ask how things were going with Morgan's medications.

Morgan knew the medications were important to treat his bipolar disorder, but he was still getting used to them. Sonny reminded Morgan to work with the doctor because the doctor would find the right balance of medications. Morgan knew that the medications were beneficial and added that he had an appointment with Andre later that day. Morgan started to leave as Michael arrived. Michael greeted his brother, but Morgan was sullen and snapped at Michael.

After Morgan left, Sonny questioned if things were okay between Michael and Morgan. Michael brushed off the terse exchange with his brother, so Sonny asked about Sabrina. Michael told Sonny about the encounter with Sabrina at Kelly's and conceded that he missed Sabrina, but Sabrina had broken his trust. Sonny empathized with Sabrina because Sonny had been in a similar situation when he had lied to Michael. However, Sonny pointed out that Michael had set his anger aside and forgiven Sonny. Michael insisted he wasn't mad at Sabrina, but Sonny suspected that Michael cared too much about Sabrina to let himself feel the anger.

Sonny advised Michael to channel the anger and direct it at Carlos, but Michael pointed out that Carlos was dead. Sonny wondered if Michael felt that Sabrina had betrayed Michael with Carlos, but Michael shook his head because Sabrina had been intimate with Carlos prior to Michael and Sabrina's relationship. Sonny explained that Sabrina had been in an impossible situation because she knew how much Michael had despised Carlos, but Sonny was curious if Michael could love the baby despite who the baby's father was.

Michael promised that loving the baby had never been an issue. Satisfied, Sonny assured Michael that Michael could be a father to the baby if Michael wanted to make things work with Sabrina. Michael admitted that he didn't know what he wanted, but Sonny didn't believe him. Sonny urged Michael to stop thinking with his head and to listen to Michael's heart.

On the piers, Raj concluded his business with Paul by handing Paul a briefcase filled with money. Paul made it clear that he would welcome another opportunity to do business with Raj. Raj promised to be in touch.

At the police station, Jordan was reviewing Carlos' file when Andre knocked and entered her office. He explained that he'd been giving testimony and had decided to stop by to drop off a gift. Jordan was pleasantly surprised when he set a small figurine of a jaguar on her desk. He explained that the jaguar figurine was from pre-Columbian Mexico and had been a symbol of power, which had made him think of Jordan. Jordan was impressed, but curious how Andre knew about pre-Columbian idols. Andre revealed that archeology had been a hobby of his since childhood when he had repeatedly watched Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Andre confessed that he'd always had a fascination with ancient civilizations and had even visited the Mayan ruins. Jordan smiled and asked if there was anything that he couldn't do. Andre insisted that he wasn't a good dancer, but she disagreed. Andre offered to remind her if she went out on a third date with him. Jordan happily agreed. Andre promised to call her to make arrangements for a time and place then left.

Later, Morgan entered Andre's office for a therapy session. Andre was curious how Morgan had been doing and if Morgan had been having any problems. Morgan admitted that he had missed a few doses of medication but quickly added that he had taken the next doses as directed. Andre wasn't satisfied because it was important for Morgan to remain on schedule, or they wouldn't be able to make an accurate assessment and fine-tune things if necessary. Morgan promised that he was back on track, but Andre asked if Morgan had consumed any alcohol.

Morgan revealed that he'd had a few sips of beer on New Year's Eve, but Andre reminded Morgan that it was imperative for Morgan to stay away from alcohol. Morgan promised that it wouldn't be a problem because a friend of Morgan's had set Morgan straight by listening to Morgan, not judging him, and being supportive. Andre was pleased but asked if anything else had been troubling Morgan. Morgan admitted that he felt like he didn't fit in with the rest of the Corinthos family because Morgan had never accomplished anything except a long list of "screwups." Andre reminded Morgan that dealing with bipolar disorder and getting healthy was a huge accomplishment, but Morgan shrugged.

Andre explained that there were brilliant and gifted people with bipolar disorder who had never reached Morgan's level of equilibrium, but Morgan feared that he would eventually mess up again. Andre had faith in Morgan as long as Morgan avoided certain triggers and alcohol, and continued to take the medications. "Stability is everything," Andre emphasized. Morgan was disappointed because he had hoped to do more with his life.

Morgan explained that he had wanted to help Sonny run the organization because Morgan believed that he would be good at it, since Morgan was a lot like Sonny in many ways. Andre wondered if Morgan had discussed it with Sonny, but Morgan shook his head and explained that Sonny refused to allow any of the Corinthos children to get involved in Sonny's business. Morgan was frustrated because he wanted Sonny to be able to depend on Morgan to take care of things. Andre was curious how Morgan intended to be the man that others could ask for help.

Morgan realized that he needed to find a way to be stable. Morgan revealed that Sonny worked hard to try to walk again, but Sonny did it more for the family than for himself because Sonny was determined to protect and safeguard the family. Andre thought Morgan should follow the good example that Sonny had set.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Kiki worked as Ava sat at a table reading a computer tablet. Kiki decided to take Ava's order, but was careful to remain professional. Ava was disappointed because she had hoped Kiki would at least say, "Hi, Mom." Kiki took Ava's order and disappeared. Moments later, Kiki handed Ava a glass of wine and sat down.

Kiki explained that she had taken a break, but she made it clear that Ava couldn't keep stopping by and expecting Kiki to chat when Kiki had work to do. Ava was hurt because she thought that they had made progress over the holidays. Kiki conceded that she had enjoyed spending time with Ava and Avery over Christmas and was grateful to Ava for allowing Kiki to take Avery to visit Sonny, but that hadn't wiped away all the horrible things that had transpired between mother and daughter.

Kiki was frustrated that Ava seemed to always expect Kiki to act like nothing had happened. Ava admitted that she didn't see the point in dwelling on the past, but Kiki wanted Ava to acknowledge Ava's wrongdoings.

Meanwhile, Paul entered the restaurant, but decided to take a seat at the bar when he saw Ava and Kiki talking. Paul eavesdropped as Ava explained that she had no desire to argue with Kiki. Kiki's eyes filled with tears because she was tired of being angry, but she wanted to set boundaries for her mother. Ava readily agreed because she wanted things to get better between them. Relieved, Kiki explained that she needed Ava to stop showing up at Kiki's work and instead allow Kiki to set the pace of their relationship.

Kiki didn't want Ava to get upset if Kiki declined to spend time with Ava, and Kiki was adamant that Ava stop trying to manipulate her. Ava agreed and offered to take Kiki shopping. Kiki looked down when she received a text message. "No, thank you," Kiki answered with a big smile. Hurt, Ava asked why, but Kiki reminded Ava of the boundaries that they had just discussed. Ava backed down when Kiki admitted that the text message had been from Morgan.

Ava was curious how Morgan had been doing, but Kiki warned Ava that Morgan was off-limits for discussion. Ava nodded in understanding. After Kiki returned to work, Paul approached Ava's table and set the briefcase down on a chair. Ava admitted that she preferred meeting Paul at the restaurant rather than in an alley because it was too cold outside for clandestine meetings. Ava looked into the briefcase then asked if he intended to announce their alliance on social media. Paul wondered if there was a problem, but Ava pointed out that he had just given her a briefcase filled with dirty money.

Paul assured Ava that it wasn't a problem because her art gallery was the perfect cover to explain their meeting and the exchange of money. He reminded her that he was an art collector, but Ava pointed out that Tracy could cause problems. Paul admitted that he had taken a room at the hotel because Tracy had kicked him out of the Quartermaine mansion. Ava wanted a key to his room, but Paul thought it would be best if they kept things professional for the time being because Tracy could be vindictive. Ava was disappointed, but Paul merely smiled and told her to invest the profits from Raj's shipment into valuable art. Ava wanted to spend time alone with Paul, but Paul reminded her that waiting would make the reward sweeter.

After Paul left, Kiki returned to the table to ask if Ava was in trouble with the law. Ava assured her daughter that everything was fine and added that Paul was interested in making an art purchase. Moments later, Morgan walked up. At Kiki's urging, Morgan reluctantly thanked Ava for letting Avery spend time with Sonny on Christmas. Ava claimed that she wanted to find a way for all of them to be civil, but Morgan appeared skeptical. Kiki dragged Morgan away to ask him about his therapy session. Morgan admitted that he felt better. Delighted, Kiki hugged him and decided to throw her rules out the window and take the rest of the day off to spend with Morgan.

Meanwhile, Raj approached Ava as she was about to leave. He warned her that Morgan had been snooping around the piers on New Year's Eve when Raj had been meeting with an associate.

Across town, Anna entered Jordan's office to tell Jordan about the "revealing" conversation that Anna had had with Sabrina. Anna suddenly noticed the jaguar figurine on Jordan's desk. Jordan smiled as she explained that it had been a gift from Andre. Anna was impressed because she had once seen the original piece, but she quickly returned to the topic of Sabrina. Anna was certain that Sabrina knew Carlos was alive and how to get in touch with him. Anna urged Jordan to put 24-hour surveillance on Sabrina, but Jordan insisted that Paul would need to sign off on it. As if on cue, Paul entered the office.

Sabrina leaves town with Carlos

Sabrina leaves town with Carlos

> Sabrina leaves town with Carlos

Sabrina leaves town with Carlos

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie nervously set the latest edition of Crimson on the table. Moments later, Nathan walked up. Maxie's mood immediately lifted as she hugged him and told him how much she'd missed him. Maxie made it clear that she didn't want Nathan to take anymore out-of-town assignments, but he tactfully changed the subject by asking about her day. She started to tell him about her encounter with Johnny on the Haunted Star, but Nina walked up to greet her brother.

After a quick hug, Nina revealed that her first edition of Crimson had hit the stands. Nina picked up Maxie's copy of the magazine and handed it to Nathan. He noticed the green overlay, but Nina explained that it was intended to be a challenge to the fashion industry to interact with people around the world, not just "fashionistas." Maxie confessed that the printer had screwed up their order, but Nina had managed to spin things to their advantage.

Maxie admitted that she was concerned because she hadn't seen anyone reading the magazine, but Nina revealed that Nina had bought up all the Crimson magazines within a one-mile radius to hand out for free as a promotional stunt. Nina hoped that it would create a stir among the right people and spark an interest to see what the big deal was about the magazine. Maxie had reservations about Nina's plan, but Nina asked Maxie to trust her. After Nina left, Nathan announced that he had to get to the police station. Maxie reminded him that she had something important to tell him, but he insisted that it would have to wait.

Nathan gave Maxie a quick kiss and left. Maxie grumbled that it was unlikely that Johnny would be leaving town anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Valerie filled out paperwork at the bar as Olivia walked up and asked if she could help Valerie. Valerie flashed Olivia a friendly smile and explained that she had been applying for a job in the hopes that Carly could use some help at the restaurant. Olivia coldly informed Valerie that Carly didn't hire the restaurant staff. Valerie couldn't ignore the hostility in Olivia's tone and asked what it would take to make things right. "A time machine," Olivia proposed.

Olivia decided to cut to the chase and asked Valerie to leave. Disappointed, Valerie picked up her purse, but Olivia clarified that she had meant that Valerie should return to Pennsylvania because it was just a matter of time before Dante and Lulu found their way back to each other. Furious, Valerie refused to uproot her life to make Olivia feel better about Olivia's own failings. Valerie accused Olivia of setting a poor example for Dante by lying to him about Sonny and then repeating the same mistake decades later with Leo.

Valerie insisted that Olivia didn't have any right to act superior to Valerie. Valerie conceded that she had screwed up, but at least Valerie had owned her mistakes and learned from them -- unlike Olivia. Valerie made it clear that she'd rather take a job shoveling snow than work for a self-righteous hypocrite like Olivia, and she stormed off.

Later, Nina approached Olivia at the bar to give Olivia a copy of Crimson. Olivia was taken aback by the green overlay and reminded Nina that Olivia's cousin had started the magazine. Nina was well aware of Crimson's history, but Nina was desperate to save the magazine, which meant that Crimson had to change and grow with the times. Olivia realized that it wasn't her place to judge and decided to read the magazine.

Nearby, Maxie offered copies of Crimson to customers entering the dining room, but they all declined. Nina walked up, excited that she had already given away her copies of Crimson, but Nina's smile faltered when she noticed Maxie still had a stack of magazines. Maxie confided that she was worried about her future with Nathan then asked if Nina had ever had information that would have impacted people's lives if it had ever become public knowledge. Nina reminded Maxie that Nina had once pretended to be confined to a wheelchair to hold on to Silas. Nina conceded that she should have told Nathan the truth, but Nina realized that she might not have met Franco if she had.

Later, Nina looked around the restaurant and noticed that nearly everyone was reading Crimson. "Not bad," Olivia muttered as she flipped through the pages. "Thank you," Nina replied with a big grin. Nina stepped into the hallway to take a call from the magazine's circulation manager. She was overjoyed when she was told that the latest edition of Crimson had been a success.

At the police station, Jordan led Paul and Anna to the interrogation room and invited Anna to tell Paul what they had been discussing. Paul tensed when Anna admitted that she had been investigating Carlos' death because she continued to have doubts that Carlos had died. Jordan added that Anna had wanted to officially reopen the case, but Jordan had refused. Satisfied, Paul thanked Jordan. Anna assured Paul that she was prepared to drop the investigation, but Paul appeared skeptical.

Anna apologized for not following protocol, but Paul conceded that he understood why the investigation had been important to Anna since Carlos had killed Duke. Paul wanted to believe that Anna was sincere about dropping the investigation and moving forward because he she was a valuable asset to the department. After Paul left for an appointment, Jordan asked why Anna had lied. Anna decided to confide that she suspected Paul was the mole in the police department.

Stunned, Jordan listened as Anna pointed out that Paul was the only person with the power to cover up a crime and close a case. Anna had no idea why Paul had been part of the conspiracy to fake Carlos' death, but she was certain he was involved, and she needed to find Carlos to prove it. Jordan trusted Anna's instincts and decided to question Sabrina. Anna worried that Sabrina would tip off Carlos and suggested that they put 24-hour surveillance on Sabrina and tap her phones.

Anna also wanted to pull Nathan and Dante into the investigation because both detectives could be trusted. Jordan reminded Anna that they couldn't bug Sabrina's phone without a warrant, which might alert Paul to the investigation. Anna realized that Jordan was right. Jordan suggested that they pay Sabrina a visit and put some pressure on Sabrina to cooperate.

In the park, Lulu was startled when a masked man grabbed her from behind and attempted to drag her away. She fought the abductor until he backed off and pulled up his ski mask. Stunned, Lulu demanded to know what Johnny had been thinking because someone might have seen Johnny's prank and called the police. Johnny explained that he had wanted to see Lulu, but she urged him to return to the Haunted Star because the longer he remained in town, the greater the risk that he would be apprehended by the police.

Lulu pointed out that both Dillon and Maxie knew Johnny was in town, but Johnny was confident that Maxie wouldn't say anything to Nathan. Lulu warned Johnny that Maxie would not protect Johnny at the cost of Maxie and Nathan's relationship because Nathan had been the best thing to happen to Maxie. Lulu feared that it was only a matter of time before Nathan realized that Maxie had a secret, but Johnny assured Lulu that he intended to wrap things up later that night.

Lulu reminded Johnny that time was not on his side, but he promised that he had things well in hand and had arranged for a chance encounter with Valerie in the park during Valerie's daily run.

At Volonino's gym, Dante worked out with the heavy bag as Michael walked in. Michael noticed the intensity of Dante's punches as his brother relentlessly pounded the bag. Michael decided to take over as spotter and talk to Dante to find out what was troubling his brother. Michael suspected it had something to do with Dillon. Dante's punches slowed as Dante conceded that he disliked Dillon, but Dillon was not to blame for Dante's marital woes. Michael was surprised when Dante revealed that Lulu had decided to repay Dante for cheating by sleeping with someone on New Year's Eve.

Dante realized that he had no one to blame except himself, but Lulu had made it clear that their marriage was over. Michael wished he could help, but Dante wanted Michael to learn from Dante's mistakes. Dante explained that he and Lulu hadn't appreciated the home and family they'd been blessed with. Dante urged Michael to do better if Michael was lucky enough to find someone special to share those things with. Michael took what Dante had said to heart and excused himself because Michael had to "see a girl about a kid."

At the police station, Dante bumped into Valerie. Nathan watched from his desk as Dante and Valerie greeted each other. Valerie explained that classes had ended early, so she had decided to go for a run to blow off steam. Valerie started to walk away but stopped to thank Dante for offering to help her study for exams. She was grateful, but she thought it would be best if they continued to keep their distance. Valerie wished Dante and Lulu well then left. Dante entered the squad room but warned Nathan not to say anything because Dante and Valerie had decided to end things.

Nathan was curious if Dante would be able to work with Valerie once Valerie graduated from the police academy, and Dante assured his partner that it wouldn't be a problem. Dante conceded that the relationship wouldn't have lasted because Valerie was focused on her career, while Dante had a lot of things in his life to sort out. Nathan smiled as he looked past Dante. Dante turned and saw Lulu standing in the squad room. Lulu explained that she had stopped by to let Dante know that Rocco was too sick to go to Dante's later that evening.

Dante questioned if Lulu was simply making an excuse because she wanted Rocco to spend time with her and her new boyfriend. Annoyed, Lulu marched out with a promise to get in touch with Dante when Rocco was better. Dante grumbled as he returned to his desk, prompting Nathan to ask if Dante had told Lulu that Dante and Valerie were over. Dante explained that it wouldn't have made a difference because Dante and Lulu's problems were bigger than Dante's affair.

Moments later, Maxie entered the squad room and demanded to talk to Nathan. Nathan pointed out that he was working, but Maxie ignored him as she practically dragged him away from his desk to the interrogation room. She shut the door and explained that she needed to tell him something, but Nathan cut her off to reveal that the case he'd been working on involved her. Confused, Maxie asked why. Nathan confided that the police had information that Johnny might try to return to Port Charles and contact Maxie.

In the park, Johnny pretended to be on the phone, angrily telling someone that he was tired of being kept waiting. "Greg?" Valerie asked as Johnny ended the call. Johnny smiled and feigned surprise as he greeted Valerie and told her that his car had broken down then added that he'd been on the phone with the tow truck company. Valerie offered to give "Greg" a lift, but Johnny declined. Valerie felt that she owed it to "Greg" because he had helped her when her car had broken down.

Across town, Felix entered his living room as Sabrina stared off into space while folding laundry. Felix suspected that Sabrina had been thinking about Carlos. "You don't know the half of it," Sabrina replied as her phone rang. It was Carlos. Carlos greeted Sabrina and admitted that he'd been delighted to receive her message. Sabrina waited until Felix left the room to warn Carlos that Anna suspected that Carlos was alive. Sabrina urged Carlos not to return to Port Charles, but Carlos revealed that he'd never left.

Carlos refused to leave without Sabrina and the baby, so he'd arranged for a boat to whisk them out of town. Sabrina explained that she couldn't leave, but Carlos told her that he loved her more than ever then resorted to blackmail by threatening to turn himself in to Anna, who wouldn't hesitate to kill him because Anna had tried before. Sabrina begged Carlos just to leave without her, but Carlos insisted that Sabrina meet him on pier 54 within half an hour, or he would follow through on his plans to go to Anna.

A short time later, Michael arrived to talk to Sabrina, but Felix informed him that Sabrina wasn't home. Frustrated, Michael explained that he was desperate to see Sabrina because he loved her and wanted to be a part of the baby's life. Felix warned Michael that it might be too late and handed Michael a letter that Sabrina had asked Felix to give to Michael if Michael stopped by.

Later, Michael sat on a park bench to read Sabrina's letter. Sabrina had written that she deeply regretted lying to Michael because she loved him and always would. As Michael read the letter, it became clear to him that Sabrina had decided to leave town.

On pier 54, Paul was outraged that Carlos was still in town. Carlos promised that he would soon be gone and never be seen again. Paul handed Carlos an envelope filled with money as he made it clear that Carlos had to leave, or Carlos and Carlos' loved ones would not be safe. Nearby, Sabrina ducked out of sight when she saw Carlos talking to Paul. After Paul left, Sabrina stepped forward. Carlos was thrilled that Sabrina had decided to meet him, but he immediately noticed that she didn't have a suitcase with her.

Sabrina asked why Carlos had been talking to Paul. Carlos lied by claiming that Paul had been hiding Carlos in a safe house in exchange for Carlos' agreement to testify against Julian. Sabrina believed Carlos, but she was confused why Carlos was determined to slip out of town. Carlos told her that he had merely agreed to cooperate to buy himself time while he persuaded Sabrina to run away with him. Carlos begged Sabrina to leave Port Charles so they could start a new life with their baby as a family.

Sabrina appeared undecided until the boat pulled up. Carlos was relieved when she agreed and took his hand.

At the apartment, Anna and Jordan were disappointed when they discovered that Sabrina was gone.

Johnny makes his move against Valerie

Johnny makes his move against Valerie

Thursday, January 14, 2016

After searching Felix and Sabrina's apartment, Jordan and Anna returned to the living room. Anna suspected that Sabrina had tipped Carlos off to Anna's suspicions that he was alive. Jordan agreed, but both women turned their attention to the door when they heard a noise. It was Michael. Startled, Michael demanded to know what Jordan and Anna were doing in the apartment. Jordan carefully explained that she and Anna had continued the investigation into Sonny's shooting because Ava couldn't be trusted to tell the truth.

Anna added that she and Jordan had wanted to ask if Sabrina knew anything about Carlos' accomplice, but Michael revealed that it was too late because Sabrina had left town. He gave Jordan the note that Sabrina had left for him. Jordan read the letter and noticed that Sabrina had failed to mention where she had gone. Michael admitted that he had called Sabrina's father, but Sabrina's father hadn't seen Sabrina since Christmas.

Meanwhile, Felix was on the phone, talking to Donny, as Felix approached the door. Felix invited Donny over for dinner but quickly ended the call when he entered his apartment and saw Michael, Jordan, and Anna in the living room. Jordan explained why they were there and assured Felix that Sabrina was not in trouble, but Jordan and Anna needed to ask Sabrina a few questions about Carlos. Felix revealed that Sabrina had returned to Puerto Rico to stay with her cousin Juan and Juan's wife Becky. Jordan was surprised that Sabrina was related to a famous recording artist, but Michael reminded Jordan and Anna that Michael had already talked to Sabrina's family.

Jordan suggested that Juan had lied to Michael at Sabrina's request, but Juan might be more forthcoming if the police commissioner called. A short time later, Jordan wrapped up a call with Juan and confirmed that Juan and Becky hadn't seen Sabrina. Anna added that Sabrina's father had sounded genuinely concerned when Anna had talked to him. Felix couldn't understand why Sabrina had lied about where she had gone, but Michael was concerned that Sabrina was alone and weeks away from delivering a baby. Anna cryptically assured Michael that Sabrina was not alone and followed Jordan out the door.

Michael paced the living room as he expressed his regret over not realizing sooner that he loved Sabrina and wanted to raise the baby with her. Felix assured Michael that it wasn't too late because Jordan and Anna were determined to find Sabrina.

In Metro Court's lobby, Olivia called Dante at the police station to let him know that she would be picking up Leo then heading to the loft to spend time with Dante and Rocco. Dante explained that Rocco was with Lulu because Lulu had claimed that Rocco was sick. Olivia heard the doubt in Dante's tone and asked if he thought Lulu had lied. Dante grumpily told his mother that it didn't matter and abruptly ended the call to get back to work.

At the police station, Maxie and Nathan stood in the interrogation room as Maxie revealed that she had talked to Johnny earlier that day. Nathan quickly fetched Dante because he wanted Dante to hear what Maxie had to say. Nathan questioned Maxie about her encounter with Johnny, but Maxie lied to keep Lulu's name out of it. According to Maxie, Johnny had stopped by the apartment, asking for help, but Maxie had turned him away. Alarmed, Dante asked if Johnny had talked to Lulu, but Maxie assured Dante that Lulu and Rocco hadn't been home at the time.

Dante was confused because Lulu had stopped by to tell him that Rocco was sick. Maxie claimed that she'd been on a business call when Lulu and Rocco had left, so Maxie had no idea where Lulu had gone. Maxie promised that Johnny had no idea that Lulu and Rocco had been staying with Maxie, but Dante wasn't appeased and wanted to know if Johnny had asked about Lulu. Nathan explained to Maxie that Johnny had gotten involved with arms dealers, and he reminded Dante that Lulu would have mentioned seeing Johnny when Lulu had stopped by to talk to Dante. Dante had his doubts, but he decided to issue a BOLO for Johnny.

Maxie wanted to leave, but Nathan explained that she had to make an official statement. After Nathan stepped out of the interrogation room, Maxie called Lulu to warn Lulu that Nathan and Dante knew that Johnny was in town. A short time later, Jordan entered the squad room to ask Nathan for an update on Johnny. Nathan explained they had issued a BOLO, but there hadn't been any leads yet. Jordan decided to wait for an update in her office as Maxie approached to let Nathan know that she had given her statement. Her expression clouded with guilt as Nathan thanked her for trusting him with the truth and hugged her.

At Maxie's apartment, Lulu thanked the sitter for watching Rocco and asked how he was feeling. Denise collected her things as she admitted that he seemed better and had eaten before falling asleep. After Denise left, Lulu received a text message from Johnny assuring her that the plan was moving forward and Valerie would be out of Lulu's life the following day.

Later, Olivia stopped by, claiming to be concerned about Rocco, but Lulu suspected that Olivia wanted to make sure that Lulu hadn't lied. Olivia conceded that a small part of her had wondered, but she had also wanted to talk to Lulu about Valerie. Lulu groaned because she was tired of hearing her cousin's name every day. Lulu muttered that she wished Valerie would leave town, but Olivia admitted that it wouldn't solve Lulu's problems. Olivia told Lulu about Olivia's talk with Valerie and conceded that Valerie had made a point by reminding Olivia that Valerie hadn't been the only person to make mistakes.

Olivia suggested that perhaps Olivia and Lulu shouldn't put all the blame for what had gone wrong between Dante and Lulu on Valerie. Hurt, Lulu asked when Olivia had decided that Valerie was blameless in wrecking Dante and Lulu's marriage. Olivia promised that she was on Lulu's side, but Lulu insisted that Dante and Lulu's marriage had been fine until Valerie had shown up. Olivia gently reminded Lulu that Valerie had simply wanted to get acquainted with Valerie's new family. Lulu scoffed because Valerie had skipped over all the Spencers and had made a beeline for Dante.

Lulu pointed out that Valerie could have asked Lulu or Carly for a job, but instead Valerie had opted to work at the police station where Lulu's husband worked. Olivia delicately reminded Lulu that Valerie hadn't slept with Dante against his will, but Lulu promised that she blamed Dante for the affair too. Olivia believed that Dante and Lulu's problems had been bigger than Valerie because the previous year, Dante had been upset about Johnny going into business with Lulu. Olivia urged Lulu to sit down and have an honest conversation with Dante because there had been a lack of trust between Dante and Lulu before Valerie had entered the picture.

After Olivia left, Maxie called to warn Lulu that Dante knew Johnny was in town. Lulu realized that she had to warn Johnny, but Dante knocked on the door as Lulu ended the call with Maxie. Lulu asked if Dante was there to see if she had lied about Rocco, but Dante revealed that he wanted to ask Lulu some questions about Johnny because Johnny had been spotted in town. Lulu feigned surprised but denied Johnny had contacted her. Lulu claimed that as far as Johnny knew, Lulu and Dante were still together.

Dante didn't believe Lulu because he recalled how "chummy" Johnny and Lulu had been the previous year, but Lulu laughed at the irony, since Olivia had just talked to Lulu about Dante's jealousy. Lulu reminded Dante that she hadn't been the one to cheat on her spouse and never would. Dante ignored the barb and offered to give Lulu time to think things over while he checked on Rocco.

A short time later, Dante returned to the living room and admitted that he could spend all night watching their son sleep. Lulu agreed, but she felt bad that Rocco had a stuffy nose. Dante changed the subject by asking if Lulu had anything to add about Johnny, but Lulu stuck to her story that she hadn't seen Johnny. After Dante left, Lulu sent Johnny a text message informing him that she wanted him to call off the plans for Valerie immediately and urging him to get out of town right away.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Alexis and Julian waited for a table as Julian read a text message from Nina letting him know that she was working late. Alexis was curious why Nina would waste her time, since the latest edition of Crimson had been a disaster. Julian admitted that he had no idea, but Alexis suddenly realized that many of the patrons in the restaurant were reading Crimson. Stunned, Julian realized that perhaps the issue had been a success, which was not good news for him.

Julian and Alexis sat down as Julian explained that he couldn't afford for Crimson to succeed because he owed a small fortune in back taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. Julian needed to make certain that Crimson folded to avoid the Justice Department using the magazine's success as an avenue to send him to jail. Alexis reminded Julian that she was his attorney and would do everything in her power to keep him out of jail for tax evasion. Julian remained worried because he feared that he would not get to watch Leo grow up.

Alexis promised that not only would Julian get to marry her, but he would also attend Lucas and Brad's wedding and watch Leo graduate from college. Julian smiled as Alexis kissed him while Olivia watched the couple from the doorway. After the kiss, Alexis confided that she was concerned about Olivia because Olivia hadn't seemed pleased about Julian's engagement to Alexis. Julian had gotten a different impression, but Alexis quickly warned him to drop the subject when she noticed Olivia approach with a bottle of Champagne. Olivia offered Julian and Alexis a glass of Champagne to toast to their engagement.

Julian thanked Olivia as Alexis smiled awkwardly. Olivia ignored Alexis' reaction and announced that she wanted to host Julian and Alexis' engagement party. Julian appreciated the offer, but Alexis balked and carefully explained that Alexis and Julian would have to discuss it. Miffed, Olivia walked away, prompting Julian to ask what was going on. Alexis explained that she preferred to skip the engagement party and just pick a wedding date. Julian didn't have any objections, so Alexis kissed him, unaware that Olivia watched Julian and Alexis.

At the bar, Robert thanked Mac for presiding over Patrick and Robin's wedding ceremony. Mac hated that Patrick and Robin had left town, but he was glad that they had gotten a happy ending. Robert was surprised when Mac shifted gears and asked Robert to stick around Port Charles. Robert explained that it wasn't possible because Robert worked for the World Security Bureau, but Mac wanted Robert to make Port Charles his home base between assignments. Robert appreciated Mac's desire to spend more time with Robert, but Robert remained reluctant to commit.

Mac revealed that he always told people that he had three daughters when they asked if Mac had children. Mac realized that Robin, Maxie, and Georgie weren't Mac's biological daughters, but Mac had raised the girls and had loved them as his own. Robert warned Mac that accusing Robert of being a deadbeat father was not the way to persuade Robert to stay, but Mac rushed to assure his brother that he had great respect for Robert because the world needed heroes like Robert and Anna. Mac reminded Robert that there were still people in town who cared about Robert, including Mac, Felicia, and Anna.

Robert laughed at the idea that Anna would want him to stick around, but Mac revealed that Robert was wrong. Mac conceded that Anna was a proud woman, but she was in trouble and needed Robert's help. Mac filled Robert in about Anna's investigation to prove that Carlos was alive. Robert was surprised when Mac mentioned that Paul Hornsby might be involved.

Mac suddenly noticed the time and suggested that he and Robert leave, but Robert decided to stay and mull things over. Mac smiled and started to leave, but Robert chuckled because it hadn't escaped his notice that Mac had left Robert with the tab. Mac grinned and offered to pay the next time. A short time later, Anna approached the bar. She was delighted that Robert was still in town because she needed help from someone with international connections.

In Valerie's car, Valerie was oblivious that her passenger was notorious mobster Johnny Zacchara. Johnny flirtatiously wondered how much it would cost him for the lift, but Valerie told "Greg" that he could repay her by helping her study for an upcoming test. Johnny agreed, sent Lulu a quick text message, and then gave Valerie directions to a restaurant where he claimed his friends were waiting. Johnny was startled when he realized that she had a police scanner in her car, but she smiled as she explained that she liked to be prepared and used the scanner as a mini quiz to help her study.

Johnny accused Valerie of being an overachiever and turned the topic to her personal life. Valerie made it clear that she wasn't interested in dating because she had just gotten out of a relationship with a man who hadn't gotten over his ex. Valerie assured "Greg" that the man had been one of the good guys and that she wished him and his wife well. Johnny admitted that they had something in common because he had been in a similar situation, which was why he had decided to leave town later that evening. A short time later, the police dispatch announced a BOLO for Johnny Zacchara, who was described as 5-foot 10-inches tall with brown hair and eyes.

The dispatcher added that Johnny used various aliases and posed as a mechanic. Valerie laughed at the vague description. Johnny agreed that it could describe half of Port Charles. Valerie noticed that they had traveled off the beaten path, but Johnny assured her that the restaurant was close and added that being in a remote location was part of its charm. Moments later, Johnny's phone chimed, but he tucked it away as he told Valerie that it was likely his friends wondering where he was. Johnny instructed her to pull over, but Valerie didn't see the restaurant.

Johnny explained that he would walk the rest of the way because the road wasn't in good shape, and he didn't want her car to end up in a ditch. After Johnny got out of the car, Valerie's smile vanished as she quickly grabbed her phone. Seconds later, Johnny opened the driver's side door and informed Valerie that she had made a big mistake. Valerie was rattled when Johnny howled like a wolf at her. "Gotcha," Johnny said as he glared at a frightened Valerie.

Valerie's life is in peril

Valerie's life is in peril

Friday, January 15, 2016

In Mexico, Tracy cried out in pain as a masseur worked the knots of tension from her back. Tracy groaned that a "certain business associate" should be the one feeling all the stress, not Tracy. The masseur wondered if there was something he could do to help Tracy relax. She admitted there was and asked him to fetch her phone.

At Wyndemere, Hayden helped Nikolas to bed and fluffed the pillows as he sat. He noticed that she appeared troubled, so she admitted that she couldn't stop seeing the image of him falling over the railing of the restaurant. Nikolas suggested that Hayden focus on the positive because they'd been able to use the incident to their advantage, but she reminded Nikolas that Jason would go to jail. Nikolas argued that Jason had made the choice by rejecting Nikolas' offer, but Hayden worried that the events on the terrace were open to interpretation. Nikolas wasn't concerned because there hadn't been any witnesses.

Later, Hayden fetched Nikolas a pill as he wrapped up a phone call with Spencer. Nikolas chuckled because Spencer had embraced the towns' people ever since Spencer had learned that Courtney had been a townie. Hayden smiled and handed Nikolas the pill as he admitted that he didn't know what he'd do without his son. Nikolas couldn't understand why Jason would risk being separated from Jake and Danny by going to jail. Hayden was curious if the case against Jason was strong. Nikolas nodded because no one could support Jason's claims.

Nikolas changed the subject by admitting that he no longer questioned Hayden's feelings because he'd seen during his recovery that she genuinely cared. Hayden smiled, but guilt clouded her eyes as he told her that she had a loving and generous heart. Moments later, the phone rang. Hayden tensed when she heard Tracy's voice greet her. Tracy explained that she had called for an update, but Hayden carefully let Tracy know that Nikolas was present. Tracy decided to use Hayden's real name as she warned "Rachel" that Nikolas would learn the truth if Rachel failed to help Tracy regain control of ELQ.

Shaken, Hayden ended the call and told Nikolas that it had been the nursing company checking to confirm that Nikolas had dismissed the nurse. Nikolas smiled as Hayden returned to his bedside to help him settle in. Nikolas reached for her hand as she turned to leave. Hayden grinned as he reminded her that he needed a nurse. She pointed out that Nikolas was too injured to touch without causing him pain, but Nikolas assured her that his lips were fine and kissed her passionately to prove it. Things quickly heated up as Nikolas made love to her.

At the resort, Tracy smiled with satisfaction as the masseur continued the massage. He noted that she seemed much more relaxed. Tracy assured him that she was because things were about to change for the better.

At Metro Court, Sam knocked on a guest's door. Moments later, a man dressed in a spa robe opened the door, expecting a woman named Veronica. He was startled when he saw Sam, but she quickly explained that she needed to talk to the doctor. Dr. Sheinberg insisted that he didn't have the time, but Sam refused to take no for an answer and let him know that she knew he'd been renting a room at the hotel once a week to meet a woman who wasn't his wife. Sam pushed past Dr. Sheinberg and assured him that she wasn't interested in blackmailing him.

Sam told Dr. Sheinberg about the altercation on the restaurant's terrace and her search for a witness who could tell her what had really transpired. Dr. Sheinberg admitted that he had seen an argument between a dark-haired man and a light-haired man the night of the Nutcracker Gala, but he explained that the dark-haired man had instigated the fight, while the light-haired man had tried to disengage. Relieved, Sam asked the doctor to go to the police and make a statement because the light-haired man might be charged with attempted murder.

Dr. Sheinberg refused because he couldn't risk anyone finding out about his mistress. Sam held up her phone as she informed the doctor that she had recorded their conversation and would turn the recording over to the police. Dr. Sheinberg was outraged, but Sam assured him that she hadn't broken any laws. The doctor warned Sam that he would tell the police that he had lied to get her to leave. "Milton?" A woman asked as she entered the room and saw Sam.

Sam smirked as Veronica demanded to know what was going on. Sam told Veronica about her investigation and begged Veronica and Milton to do the right thing. Milton feared that he might lose Veronica because of a scandal, but Sam tearfully explained that the light-haired man was Sam's husband. Sam told the couple how she had lost Jason a few years earlier and admitted that she couldn't lose him again. Veronica was touched by Sam's story and told Milton that they had to help. Milton reluctantly agreed.

Delighted, Sam explained that she would contact a friend in the district attorney's office to arrange for Veronica and Milton to give their statements. Sam pulled out an affidavit and two pictures -- one of Jason and one of Nikolas -- as she asked the couple to write down everything they had seen transpire on the restaurant's terrace. Milton was surprised when Sam mentioned that one of the men involved in the altercation was Jason Morgan because Milton had been the one to run the DNA test for Carly to confirm that Jake Doe was Jason Morgan.

In Jason's hotel suite, Elizabeth entered the living room and yelled down the hall to Jake to read a book after he finished playing the video game. Seconds later, Jason returned to the suite. Elizabeth was eager for news about the person who'd been lurking around her house and had smashed the family portrait, but Jason admitted that there hadn't been any activity at the house and all the fingerprints on the frame had belonged to the family. Elizabeth decided that it was time for her and Jake to return home, but Jason objected.

Elizabeth quietly explained that spending another night in Jason's suite wouldn't be good for Jake or Elizabeth. Jason insisted that Elizabeth and Jake stay a few more days and offered to pick up Cameron and Aiden from Audrey's, but Elizabeth feared that having the whole family there would just confuse Jake more. Jason appreciated her concerns, but he pointed out that they were sleeping in separate bedrooms. Elizabeth didn't have an opportunity to respond because Jake ran into the living room and happily greeted his father.

After Jason gave Jake an affectionate hug, he sent his son down the hall to the bedroom because Jason wanted to talk to Elizabeth. Jason waited until Jake was out of sight before conceding that Elizabeth had had a point about Jake getting the wrong impression. Elizabeth was afraid that things would get more confusing the longer she and Jake stayed with Jason. She confessed that it was also difficult for her, but not for the same reasons. Elizabeth knew that she only had herself to blame for losing Jason, but the love she had felt for him hadn't disappeared.

Jason felt bad for putting Elizabeth in an uncomfortable situation, but he had to put the safety of her and the children first. Jason doubted that staying one more night would hurt, since Elizabeth had an appointment for Jake to see the therapist the following day. Jake returned to the living room to ask if Jason still intended to take Jake for ice cream. Elizabeth assured Jason that it was fine, but she declined Jake's request to join them because she wanted to get ready for bed. Jake smiled when his mother promised to wait up for them.

A short time later, Sam knocked on Jason's door. Sam's smile faded when Elizabeth answered the door, wearing a satin nightgown and robe.

In Metro Court Restaurant, Jason warned Jake that Jake could only have one scoop of ice cream, but Jason promised that Jake could pick the flavor. Jake smiled as he looked over the menu. A short time later, Jason and Jake were enjoying their ice cream when Milton and Veronica approached Jason to introduce themselves and explain that they had witnessed Jason's altercation with Nikolas. Jason was grateful when Milton added that he and Veronica intended to go to the police in the morning to clear Jason's name, but Milton revealed that Jason's wife deserved all the credit because Sam had persuaded Milton and Veronica to do the right thing. Jake frowned as Milton sang Sam's praises.

At the police station, Dillon approached the front desk to ask if Valerie was there. The desk sergeant informed Dillon that she wasn't, but Dillon tensed when he heard the sergeant take a call about the BOLO on Johnny. Dillon waited for the sergeant to finish the call to question him about Johnny, but Nathan walked up and filled Dillon in about Maxie's statement regarding Johnny. After Nathan walked away, Dillon turned to leave, but Dante entered the squad room and asked why Dillon was in a rush.

Dillon explained that he had stopped by to pick Valerie up for dinner, but she hadn't been there. Dante was annoyed because Dillon was already involved with Lulu, but Dillon clarified that Dillon and Valerie were just friends. Nathan returned and remarked that Dillon had acted "weird" when Nathan had told Dillon about Johnny, but Dillon denied it. Dante warned Dillon that it was a felony to withhold evidence, so Dillon agreed to talk to Nathan and Dante in private. The three men went to interrogation room, but Dillon balked when Nathan decided to record the conversation.

Dillon made it clear that he would only talk off the record. Dante agreed to hear what Dillon had to say, but Dillon wanted Dante to promise not to charge anyone who might have helped Johnny. Dante refused, prompting Dillon to clam up. Dante threatened to arrest Dillon for obstruction of justice, but Dillon wasn't concerned since Dillon's father was the district attorney. Dante suddenly realized that Dillon was trying to protect Lulu. Stunned, Nathan asked if Dante was right.

Dillon told the detectives about his encounter with Lulu and Johnny on the Haunted Star but rushed to assure both men that Lulu had told Dillon that Johnny had left after one night. Dillon had suspected that Lulu had lied when Dante had confronted Dillon about spending the night with Lulu on New Year's Eve. Dante realized that Johnny, not Dillon, had been in the stateroom with Lulu. Dillon implored Dante not to blame Lulu, but Dante stormed out. Dante was about to leave when the desk sergeant called out to him.

Dante was shocked when the desk sergeant showed Dante video images of Valerie appearing to accept a bribe from Johnny and Johnny getting into Valerie's car.

At Maxie's apartment, Lulu sent Johnny a text message ordering him to call off all plans for Valerie and to leave town immediately. She put her phone down to answer a knock at the door. It was Laura. Laura explained that she had seen the news about Johnny. Lulu feigned surprise, but Laura wanted Lulu to assure Laura that Lulu hadn't helped Johnny. Lulu insisted that she hadn't seen Johnny, but Laura easily saw through her daughter's lie. Lulu was frustrated that no one believed her, especially her mother, but Laura was not fooled.

Laura recalled the messy stateroom on the Haunted Star, but Lulu insisted that Lulu had spent the night in the cabin. Moments later, Lulu's phone rang. Laura waited for Lulu to answer it, but Lulu ignored it. Laura was certain that Lulu knew it was Johnny, but Lulu was hurt by Laura's lack of trust. Laura pointed out that Lulu could easily clear things up by giving Laura the phone, but Lulu became indignant, which Laura thought was suspicious. Defeated, Lulu admitted that she had helped Johnny, but Lulu assured her mother that Johnny was gone and it was over.

Laura disagreed because there was a manhunt for Johnny. Laura couldn't understand why Lulu had helped Johnny, but Lulu blamed Valerie because if Valerie hadn't broken up Dante and Lulu's marriage, then Lulu wouldn't have risked helping Johnny. Laura thought it was a stretch to blame Valerie, but Rocco woke up crying. Lulu explained that Rocco was sick and might benefit from some time with his grandmother. Laura went to check on Rocco but warned Lulu that they would continue their conversation. After Laura walked away, Lulu picked up her phone and listened to Johnny's voicemail message.

Meanwhile, Johnny dragged Valerie to a cabin in the woods. Valerie cried out for help, but Johnny told her that it was a waste of breath because no one could hear her. Valerie's arms were tied behind her back as Johnny shoved her into the cabin and sat her in a chair. Valerie demanded that he let her go, but Johnny yelled at her to shut up. He tensed when he heard a police siren wailing in the distance, but the sound faded away. Valerie warned him that next time the siren would be for him, but Johnny informed her that they were deep in the forest.

Johnny decided to find a flashlight and light some candles. Valerie suddenly realized that Johnny hadn't intended to abduct her because it was clear that he'd been making things up as he went along. Annoyed, Johnny reminded her to be quiet, but Valerie warned him that it was just a matter of time before they were found and Johnny was arrested. Johnny complained that Valerie was more trouble than she was worth as he lit more candles then pulled out his phone. Valerie asked who he was calling, but he ignored her as he dialed Lulu's number.

The call went to voicemail. Johnny left a message explaining where he was and admitting that his plans had gone awry. He insisted that Lulu owed him and demanded that she meet him with his bag and cash because he needed to get out of town. Moments later, Johnny opened the window to get some fresh air. Valerie warned Johnny that she would be missed because she'd had plans to meet a friend for dinner.

Johnny's frustration mounted when he noticed that his phone battery was dead. Valerie continued to push Johnny's buttons until he decided to gag her to keep her quiet. Valerie thrashed and screamed when Johnny told her that he intended to leave her in the cabin, but he assured her that she would be fine. He made certain that she couldn't escape by securing her feet to the chair with rope. After Johnny left, Valerie tried desperately to loosen the rope binding her hands together, unaware that she'd jostled the table and knocked over a lit candle.

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