General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 7, 2016 on GH

Paul offered Carlos immunity, but Carlos declined. Anna told Sonny that Carlos was alive. Griffin confessed that he'd been following Anna. Tracy had a biopsy to determine if she had brain cancer.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 7, 2016 on GH
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I Will Always Love You I Will Always Love You

Monday, March 7, 2016

Tracy called Alice and told her to send a car, because Tracy was going to check herself out of the hospital. As she hung up the phone, Dr. Mays entered with Monica and Griffin. Dr. Mays confirmed that the MRI had shown multiple lesions in her brain, which could mean more than one tumor. The tumors would have to be biopsied in order to find out if they were malignant and operable. Tracy wondered if she had cancer.

Monica gently told Tracy that it was possible that she had cancer, but Griffin advised Tracy not to jump to conclusions. Dr. Mays was going to book an appointment for Tracy and told her that someone would be in touch. He left, and Griffin followed.

A short while later, Monica entered Tracy's room to find that Tracy was almost fully dressed to go home. Tracy shouted that she would return when she was on the schedule and that she was going to live her life until then. Monica offered support, but Tracy didn't want to hear it.

Monica approached the nurses' station, and Griffin wondered how Tracy was doing. Monica was frustrated with Tracy and welcomed Griffin to state a second opinion. He agreed that it was too soon to give a prognosis, but he had some "ideas." She offered access to Tracy's records, but Griffin knew that Dr. Mays wouldn't be happy about that. "Dr. Mays's happiness is not my concern. Tracy's health is," she stated.

Monica returned to Tracy's room with Tracy's anti-seizure medication. Monica advised her sister-in-law to accept the help she was being given. Tracy exploded at a shocked Monica about how Monica couldn't wait until Tracy was dead so that Monica no longer had to deal with her. Following Tracy out of the room where Griffin listened in, Monica told her, "I have put up with you for over thirty-five years, you bitch, and I'm not gonna quit now. So you can be as hateful as you wanna be. I'm going to continue overseeing this, and if you don't like it, tough!" She walked away, and Tracy noticed Griffin staring. "What are you looking at?" she demanded, and she left.

On the phone with Sam, Nikolas asked for progress on her investigation of Hayden. She revealed that she was about to meet with Baxter. She saw the man enter and ended the phone call. Just then, Hayden entered and greeted Nikolas. She informed him that Elizabeth and her boys were settling in. She reminded him that, as newlyweds, they were supposed to be figuring out who they were as a married couple, but it would be difficult with such a full house.

Hayden had already had a bad couple of days and informed Nikolas of what had happened to Tracy. When Tracy had collapsed at the Floating Rib, Hayden had been reminded of the time her father had had a heart attack right in front of her. He'd been all right, but she'd been scarred for life. Nikolas took her hand and observed that it was only the second time she'd talked about her family. Hayden reasoned that she'd rather focus on the future than live in the past.

Changing the subject, Hayden said she had a belated wedding gift for Nikolas and left to get it. She returned with something behind her back. She handed him a first edition copy of The Great Gatsby. She'd written an inscription but made him promise to read it after she'd left, because she was embarrassed to be sentimental. She left, and he lounged with the book. On the inside cover, she'd written, "To my Gatsby, love always, Your Daisy." He remembered the night they'd gotten engaged.

Baxter sat down with Sam at Metro Court and asked about her situation. She told him that, after a divorce, she'd gotten about ten million dollars in liquid assets. He gave her a few ideas as to what to do with the money, and she was impressed. She admitted that she'd never met the mutual acquaintance she'd claimed had recommended Baxter. It had actually been her friend Rachel who'd recommended Baxter, and she showed him Hayden's picture.

Baxter was grateful to the woman for the recommendation, but he told Sam that he didn't remember her. Sam told him that Rachel had mentioned bumping into him in Vegas, but he again claimed not to remember. "Too much partying?" she joked. He left the table for a minute to make a phone call. "You're a good liar, but I'm better," she said to herself.

Baxter returned and offered to get drinks for himself and Sam. She accepted, and he went to the bar to order. As he made small talk with the bartender, Sam picked up Baxter's phone from the table and took a picture of the last number dialed on the phone. She returned the phone just in time. As they talked about the market, Hayden entered the restaurant. She was shocked to see Baxter.

Sonny acknowledged that he'd lied to Carly and that she'd been through hell, but he wondered what was going to happen next. "Are you gonna leave me?" he asked. "You don't wanna ask me that question tonight," she warned. She told him that it hurt that he hadn't trusted her even though she knew he'd been trying to protect her. She loved that he was the "alpha" in the town, but she was angry with herself for enjoying the power of the business while ignoring the cost.

Carly reminisced about falling in love with Sonny again, even though it had taken her "months to admit it." Sonny wondered if he was "losing you again." Carly denied it and cited the many times they had moved on and broken other peoples' hearts. "I would crawl through broken glass to be with you," she told him. He agreed that the feeling was mutual, and he assured her that he needed her and always would. "How long is always?" she wondered, asking when the next bullet would appear.

Carly knew that Sonny worked hard at "keeping the peace," but she informed him that he made "crime look good, and danger look sexy," and she wanted it to stop. He couldn't promise an end to the violence. She begged him to try to handle things without guns the next time a conflict arose. He promised to "do what I can." They exchanged declarations of their love and shared a kiss.

Dante was surprised to answer the knock on his door to Lulu. She invited herself in and saw that Dante had also received his divorce decree in the mail. She had something to tell him, and she needed him to hear her out. She admitted that the way she felt about "us" was still "all over the place," but their near-death experience had put things in perspective for her. She wanted to stop sending him mixed signals and tell him something "once and for all." Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Olivia called out.

Dante let Olivia into the apartment, and she immediately realized that she'd interrupted something. She was there to get Rocco's blanket that he couldn't sleep without. Dante retrieved it for her just as his phone rang. "On my way," he said. He informed Lulu that there had been a possible sighting of "the bastard that threw you into the harbor." The two women advised him to be careful. He asked Lulu to wait until he got back, and she promised. After he left, Olivia cracked that she didn't know whether she or "the criminal" had worse timing.

Lulu and Olivia agreed that they were both worried, and Lulu admitted that she still loved Dante. She was scared that something would go wrong and Dante would get hurt. Olivia stressed the importance of opening one's heart to someone while the chance was there. They shared a hug, and Olivia left. Lulu looked at the divorce papers on the table, and Dante's ring on top. She longingly picked it up.

Lulu was looking at a picture of her and Rocco when Dante returned. He told her that the sighting had been a "false alarm." After a moment of silence, Lulu ran to Dante and kissed him. He wondered if she was all right. "I'm better than I've been in months," she answered. She admitted to hearing Dante talk about how the divorce didn't matter and that he still loved her while he and Laura had thought Lulu was asleep at the hospital.

Lulu confessed that she felt the same way. Life was short, and she wanted to work through their problems while they were alive and had the chance. Dante wanted the same thing and asked if she really wanted to try again. They agreed to get back together, and they kissed again.

Hayden learns Nikolas hired Sam

Hayden learns Nikolas hired Sam

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

At Metro Court Restaurant, Hayden's eyes rounded with shock when she saw Sam chatting with Baxter. Hayden quickly ducked out of sight and turned to leave just as Curtis walked up. Curtis greeted Hayden, but she brushed past him as she explained that she had to leave. Concerned, Curtis followed Hayden.

Meanwhile, Baxter suggested that Sam start off with a small investment of two million dollars. Sam was leery, but Baxter insisted there wouldn't be a reward without some risk. Sam appeared to consider what Baxter had said, but her phone suddenly chimed. Sam glanced at the phone and feigned concern as she explained that she had to cut the meeting short because of a family emergency. Baxter offered to reschedule, but Sam told him that she would call him.

Annoyed, Baxter informed her that he had started a tab for their meeting. "You settle it," Baxter added as he stood up and left. Sam rolled her eyes, but called the phone number she had snagged from Baxter. Sam pretended to be a friend looking for Rachel, but the woman who answered quickly ended the call.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden was startled when Curtis sat down beside her. Alarmed, she asked if he had followed her. Curtis admitted that he had because she had looked spooked at the restaurant. He quickly surmised that she had seen someone from her past and had fled before the person had recognized her. Hayden insisted that it didn't concern Curtis, but he pushed for an answer because he was worried about her.

Hayden confirmed that she had unexpectedly seen someone from another life. Curtis empathized because he knew that the past had a way of catching up to a person. Hayden decided to settle the tab and leave, but Curtis urged her to stay and talk to him because he knew she was in trouble. Hayden denied it, but Curtis easily saw through the lie and offered his help. She was surprised when he added that he'd help her for free if she needed it because he considered her a friend.

Hayden conceded that the past was chasing her, but she intended to handle it on her own. After Hayden left, Curtis decided to call Jordan. However, he had a change of heart, put his phone away, and left.

Later, Hayden returned to Metro Court Restaurant. She saw that Baxter was gone but encountered Sam as Sam rounded the corner and approached the table to pay the bill. Hayden struck up a conversation with Sam in the hopes of figuring out why Sam had met with Baxter, but Sam remained tightlipped about Baxter.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas sat down with The Great Gatsby to read the inscription Hayden had written. She had likened Nikolas to Gatsby and herself to Daisy. Nikolas set the book aside when Elizabeth knocked and entered the room. She immediately sensed that Nikolas was troubled and asked if everything was okay, but he held up the classic novel as he told Elizabeth about the special gift. Elizabeth was impressed but remained concerned about Nikolas because she recognized the look on his face.

"You're doomed," Elizabeth said, but he assured her that she was wrong. Nikolas conceded that he and Hayden didn't have a traditional relationship, but he and his wife loved each other. Elizabeth acknowledged that every relationship was different and shifted gears by thanking Nikolas for giving her and her sons a place to stay for a while. She realized that it might be overwhelming to have five young boys under the same roof, but Nikolas promised there was plenty of room for everyone in the castle.

Elizabeth thanked Nikolas and assured him that she fully supported his marriage if Hayden made him happy. Grateful, Nikolas returned her smile. After Elizabeth left, Sam called to update Nikolas on her meeting with Baxter and to reveal that she'd managed to get her hands on a phone number that Baxter had called. Sam was certain Hayden had something to hide because the number had been disconnected by the time she had traced the call. Nikolas appreciated Sam's help but told her to close the investigation. Surprised, Sam advised Nikolas to reconsider, but he was adamant.

After Nikolas ended the call, he saw Elizabeth standing in the doorway. Elizabeth questioned him about the phone call, but he warned her to drop it. Elizabeth refused because she wanted to know why Nikolas had asked Sam to investigate Hayden, but he growled that even his friendship with Elizabeth had its limits. Elizabeth explained that she had regretted not heeding Nikolas' advice when he had urged her to tell the truth about Jason, but Nikolas refused to discuss the investigation beyond admitting that things were complicated.

Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that he was her best friend and that she loved him. She worried that it didn't bode well for Nikolas' happiness if he had questions about his new bride and had ordered an investigation. Elizabeth thought Nikolas should get out of the marriage before it was too late and show Hayden the door. "Excuse me?" Hayden asked from the doorway. Hayden coldly asked to speak to her husband privately.

After Elizabeth left, Hayden asked if it was true that Nikolas had had her investigated. Nikolas admitted that he'd had questions about "Rachel." However, Nikolas had decided to trust Hayden and wait until she was ready to talk about it. Hayden was relieved when Nikolas mentioned that Sam hadn't uncovered anything, but Hayden was not happy about Elizabeth and the boys living with them. Nikolas promised to talk to Elizabeth and assured Hayden that he loved his wife, and Hayden was his priority.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth approached Sam at the Floating Rib. Sam made a sarcastic remark about her day getting better, but Elizabeth ignored the jab and admitted that she knew about Sam's investigation. Elizabeth was certain that Hayden was trouble and urged Sam to keep digging into Hayden's past. Elizabeth pointed out that Spencer was desperate for a mother and would end up more hurt than anyone else if Hayden had had an ulterior motive for marrying Nikolas.

In Jordan's office, Jordan noticed a small replica of an ark on her desk. She picked it up and called Andre to let him know that she had found his "lost ark." Andre chuckled and invited Jordan to join him for dinner at the Floating Rib to return it. Jordan reluctantly declined because she had to work, but she asked for a rain check.

A short time later, Andre entered Jordan's office, sporting a fedora similar to the one that Indiana Jones had worn in the movies. He held up a bag of food from the Floating Rib as he warned her that it might be their last meal together. Later, Jordan nibbled on the dinner as she asked what Andre had meant when he had suggested that it might be their last meal together. Andre reminded her that they'd had some differences of opinions lately about Morgan and other things. As they talked, their conversation turned to Curtis.

Jordan admitted that Curtis was a sensitive topic for her because she'd had difficult history with him. Andre assured Jordan that she didn't have to talk about it unless she wanted to, so Jordan confided that she had done something she had deeply regretted, and Curtis had made a point to interfere, which had ultimately destroyed several lives. Andre didn't probe as they continued to eat dinner. Afterwards, Jordan thanked him for the food and the company.

Andre mentioned going out on a third date because he was eager to take her dancing. Jordan grinned because she'd once had aspirations of becoming a professional dancer, but Andre was glad that she hadn't pursued the dream because he might not have met her. After Andre left, Jordan noticed that he'd left the ark on her desk. She picked up her phone to call him but looked up when the door opened.

Jordan expected to see Andre, but Curtis stood in the doorway. Curtis closed the door as she demanded to know what he was doing there. Curtis admitted that he'd just had a conversation with someone about the past and how it always managed to creep back up on a person. Curtis resented that Jordan had told people about his drug problem because it was in the past, but Jordan clarified that she had only told one person. "Save it," Curtis said. He warned her to stop talking about his past unless she wanted him to talk about hers, and he stormed out.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu smiled with happiness as they agreed to work on their relationship. Dante admitted that he wanted nothing more and kissed Lulu. Lulu pulled away from the passionate embrace to breathlessly remind Dante that he'd removed his wedding band, but Dante pointed out that she had taken off her wedding rings too. Lulu admitted that she'd thought it had been for the best because of the divorce decree. Lulu assured him that she hadn't changed her mind about getting back together with him, but she didn't want to rush things.

Dante agreed it was for the best and kissed Lulu again. Things quickly heated up as they made their way to the bedroom and fell on the bed. However, Lulu suddenly tensed and turned her head away from the kiss. Dante realized that both the bed and the loft were painful reminders of his betrayal and quickly assured Lulu that he would gladly burn the bed and buy a new house. Lulu reminded Dante that he had lived in the loft for a long time, but he insisted that she meant more to him than the loft.

Lulu was surprised when Dante suggested that they look for a house with extra bedrooms and a backyard for a dog and cookouts. Dante also wanted to go shopping with Lulu to purchase a king size bed. Lulu loved Dante's suggestions, but she suggested they seek professional counseling to help them work through their problems. Dante conceded that Lulu was right, but he added that being intimate with her had felt right to him. Lulu smiled but decided to leave before she succumbed to temptation.

Across town, a mystery person lurked outside Anna's home as she stood in her living room and spoke to Robert on the phone about the search for Carlos. Anna quickly wrapped up the phone call when someone rang the doorbell. It was Paul. Anna was surprised when she saw him but invited him inside. Paul noticed Anna glance around the courtyard and assured her that he was alone. Anna closed the door as she admitted that she'd recently had a feeling that someone had been following her.

Anna dismissed the feeling as stress-induced because she had been on edge lately. She offered Paul a drink and told him that Robert had tracked Carlos and Sabrina to Toronto, the Grand Keys, and then England. Anna suspected that Carlos intended to use England as a jumping-off point once Carlos and Sabrina had secured new identities. Paul was impressed with Anna's theory and admitted that he was happy they could work together without any secrets between them. Anna clarified that nothing had changed because she didn't trust Paul as far as she could throw him.

Surprised, Paul reminded Anna that he had confided his secret about killing Kyle to her. He assumed that he could trust her, since she hadn't turned him over to the police, but she revealed that the only reason she was still talking to him was because she needed him to get to Carlos. Paul pointed out that Carlos had the power to send both Paul and Anna to jail, but she didn't care as long as Julian went to jail for ordering Duke's murder. Paul doubted that Duke would be happy knowing that Anna had sacrificed her own freedom so Duke could have justice.

Paul admitted that there was another way to make use of Carlos without Paul or Anna going to jail. Paul explained that they could offer Carlos immunity in exchange for testifying against Julian. Anna doubted that Carlos would agree to keep quiet about Paul and Anna's crimes, but Paul argued that Carlos simply wanted to live a quiet life. Anna pointed out that Sabrina likely knew the truth and could testify against them, but Paul wasn't concerned about Sabrina, since Sabrina would try to keep her baby's father out of jail.

Anna reminded Paul that Julian would make every effort to intimidate Carlos to keep Carlos from cooperating, but Paul argued that Julian thought Carlos was dead. Anna insisted that it was all moot because Carlos and Sabrina had vanished in England. Paul assured Anna that Carlos would surface again when Carlos ran out of money. Anna realized that Paul had been in contact with Carlos and had likely been instrumental in Carlos and Sabrina going to England. Paul smiled but didn't confirm anything. Frustrated, Anna warned Paul that she expected him to tell her when Carlos contacted him because she refused to work with someone she couldn't trust.

Paul looked forward to the opportunity of proving himself to Anna. Anna reminded Paul that she had a lot of information against him and could easily make his life miserable if he decided to play games with her. Paul assured Anna that he didn't play games -- he took business and pleasure seriously. Satisfied, Anna announced that it was late and time for Paul to leave. After Anna closed the door, Paul stood in the courtyard and answered his phone. It was Carlos.

Sonny learns Carlos is alive

Sonny learns Carlos is alive

> Sonny learns Carlos is alive

Sonny learns Carlos is alive

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tracy sent a call to voicemail as she entered her family's mausoleum and approached the memorial plaques, each bearing the name of a family member. Tracy's expression clouded with frustration as she asked if everyone, except her mother whom she was certain was in heaven, wanted to drag Tracy down with them. Tracy struggled with her words as she wondered if they were so bored with the afterlife that they needed her to entertain them. She warned them that she was not ready to die.

Tracy confessed that she missed everyone, including A.J. She admitted that it was lonely because she only had Monica to snipe at, but Tracy acknowledged Monica was a worthy opponent. However, it wasn't the same without the rest of the family. Tracy's eyes filled with tears as she looked at her mother's plaque and admitted that she was afraid because she could feel the lesions on her brain growing. Tracy turned to the door when she suddenly heard a noise.

"Alan?" Tracy asked as she looked at a figure in the doorway. It was Dillon. Dillon approached his mother and asked what she was doing. Tracy pointed out that she was visiting the family. Dillon remained concerned and asked who she had thought he was when he had first arrived. Tracy's brow furrowed as she desperately tried to find the right words to answer his question, but he realized something was wrong and suggested they return to the house and ask Alice for tea. Tracy appeared confused and suddenly began to convulse as Dillon caught her.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Michael met Carly and Sonny for breakfast. Carly and Sonny explained that Morgan's suicide attempt had forced them to commit Morgan to the Freedman Clinic. Sonny regretted that he hadn't been able to help his son, but he was confident that Morgan would receive the proper treatment at the clinic. Everyone smiled when Jason approached the table and greeted them. Carly jumped up to hug Jason while Michael asked about Jake.

Jason revealed that Jake was on the mend and announced that it was time for Jason to move out and find a place of his own. Carly, Michael, and Sonny were happy for Jason, but Michael noticed the time and announced that he had to meet Felix. After Michael left, Sonny admitted that he had an appointment as well. Jason noticed that Sonny was no longer confined to a wheelchair and imagined that Sonny had surprised the gunman at the church. Sonny smiled but admitted that he'd only been focused on saving Kristina.

After Sonny left, Carly and Jason talked about Jason's past. Carly confessed that she was glad Jason no longer worked for Sonny because Sonny's business was violent. Carly explained that she had lived with it for a long time until the incident on the pier with Morgan, when a light had gone off in her head. She admitted that she resented the violence, which surprised Jason because she was married to Sonny. Carly conceded that it was an "inconvenient truth," but Sonny had never pretended to be anything other than who he was, and Carly had always accepted that.

Carly added that she had talked to Sonny about her concerns, and Sonny had promised to try to make different choices, which was enough for Carly. She appreciated that Sonny played an important role in the community by helping the police keep men worse than Sonny from seizing control of the territory and rising to power. Jason shifted gears to ask Carly about his past and why he had parted ways with the Quartermaines. Carly explained that she hadn't met him until after the accident. Jason was curious how she had ended up pregnant with his brother's son.

Carly attributed the pregnancy to a regretful one-night stand when she had failed to find Jason. She told Jason how the Quartermaines had tried to take Michael away from her, but Jason had always stood by her side. Surprised, he asked if his family had truly been that bad. Carly conceded that Lila had been a sweet and amazing woman who had accepted everyone, which was why Jason had decided to keep his grandmother's maiden name when he had dropped the Quartermaine name. Carly added that his family had eventually accepted his decision and honored him by placing a plaque in the Quartermaine mausoleum bearing Jason Morgan's name. Jason wanted to see it, so Carly offered to take him.

Later, Carly and Jason entered the mausoleum. Jason looked around in awe at the plaques on the wall, bearing the names of his deceased family members. Carly told Jason about everyone, starting with Edward, who had dreamed that Jason would one day lead the Quartermaine family. According to Carly, Lila had always loved Jason and been the glue that had kept the family together, while Emily had been a kind and gentle soul who had worked hard to bridge a gap between Jason and his family. Next, Carly talked about Alan and how it had taken Jason's father years to accept that Jason was not the son that Alan had raised. She assured Jason that Alan had made peace with it in the end.

Carly groaned when she noticed A.J.'s plague but decided not to dwell on the negative, since A.J. was Michael's father. Carly looked around and admitted that it was weird for her to be surrounded by so much Quartermaine history because Jason's family had thought of her as "trailer trash" for many years. However, she was grateful that she'd always had Jason's unwavering support. Jason had no idea what his future held, but he was determined to move forward.

Jason decided to find the tool shed because he wanted to remove the plaque with his name on it. He admitted that it was unsettling to look at. A short time later, Jason successfully accomplished his goal. Carly announced that she had to get back to the hotel, but she was uncomfortable walking to the car alone. Jason assured her that he would accompany her to the car, but he intended to return to "think" while surrounded by family.

At the Floating Rib, the waitress flirted with Griffin. She offered to show him the sights, but Griffin politely declined by explaining that he was busy with work. Undeterred, the waitress asked if he there was a special lady in his life. Griffin admitted that there was as he glanced in Anna's direction.

At a nearby table, Anna was not pleased when Paul sat down. He noticed that she seemed jumpy and made a remark about her stalker having her on edge, but she denied that she had one and changed the subject to ask if Paul had talked to Carlos. Paul decided not to tell her about the phone call but claimed that she would be the first to know when Carlos called. Anna was curious why Paul was there. He admitted that he had wanted to make certain that he and Anna were on the same page with the immunity deal for Carlos.

Anna was not pleased about offering Carlos immunity in exchange for testifying against Julian because Carlos had pulled the trigger, but Paul insisted it was the only way to make certain that Carlos wouldn't spill Paul and Anna's secrets. Anna realized that Paul would do whatever he wanted, but he promised that he truly cared about her. Anna appeared skeptical but shifted gears by reminding him to call her when he heard from Carlos.

At the booth, Griffin saw Anna leave. He stood and approached the bar to settle his tab but was waylaid by Felix, who had called out to Griffin and struck up a conversation with the new doctor. Felix admitted that all the nurses appreciated working with Griffin because he was a refreshing change from Dr. Mayes. Griffin conceded that Dr. Mayes was difficult to work with. Felix advised Griffin to bypass Dr. Mayes and go to Monica because Dr. Mayes made it his mission to undercut the new doctors.

Later, Michael arrived and greeted Felix. Felix showed Michael a picture of Sabrina's baby. Michael stared at the picture for a long time then asked if it was a boy or girl. Felix admitted that Sabrina hadn't mentioned it in the letter, but she had assured Felix that leaving town had been the right decision. Michael was happy for Sabrina and confident that she would do a wonderful job raising the baby alone. Felix saw the regret in Michael's expression and promised that Sabrina had loved Michael.

At the hospital, Dr. Mayes called out to Monica to ask if she had talked to Tracy because Tracy had been scheduled for a biopsy that morning, but no one had seen or heard from Tracy. Monica apologized and promised to track down Tracy. A short time later, Griffin approached Monica to talk to her about Tracy's condition because he had a theory about what might be ailing Tracy.

Monica was curious if Griffin disputed Dr. Mayes's findings, but Griffin didn't want to speculate until he saw the results of Tracy's MRI. Griffin added that Dr. Mayes hadn't shared the results, but Monica clarified that she was in charge of Tracy's care. Monica quickly pulled up the MRI results on the computer for Griffin to review. Moments later, Dillon called out to Monica as Tracy was wheeled in on a hospital bed.

Alarmed, Monica and Griffin rushed to Tracy's side as Dillon told them about the seizure. Monica instructed the staff to take Tracy to a hospital room and followed as Dillon stayed behind with Griffin. Griffin assured Dillon that Dillon had done the right thing because Tracy needed a biopsy. Dillon was stunned that his mother had been scheduled for a medical procedure because Tracy had told him the seizure had been a result of stopping antidepressants. Seconds later, Dr. Mayes appeared and quickly ordered Griffin to step aside. Griffin told the doctor about Tracy's seizure and Dillon's concerns, but Dr. Mayes insisted on talking to Dillon because Tracy was Dr. Mayes's patient.

Dr. Mayes coldly informed Dillon that cancer could be a frightening word. Stunned, Dillon asked if Tracy had cancer. Dr. Mayes seemed surprised that Dillon didn't know, but Dillon decided to have a word with Monica. Dr. Mayes explained that Monica was busy getting Tracy prepared for surgery, but Dillon was overwhelmed and left. Griffin warned Dr. Mayes that it was too soon to suggest that Tracy had cancer when the biopsy results weren't even in.

Dr. Mayes was outraged that he was being questioned. Dr. Mayes haughtily listed his credentials and added that he had decades of experience over Griffin. Griffin argued that it was possible that Tracy didn't have cancer at all, but Dr. Mayes scoffed at the suggestion.

Meanwhile, Tracy confessed that she was afraid she was dying, but Monica vowed that she wouldn't let anything happen to Tracy. Dillon appeared shaken as he listened to Monica and Tracy's exchange.

At the nurses' station, Griffin and Dr. Mayes continued to argue about what was ailing Tracy. Griffin urged Dr. Mayes to consider other factors including Tracy's recent travels, but Dr. Mayes was adamant that Tracy's brain lesions were a result of brain cancer. Dillon returned as the doctors continued to exchange heated words until Dr. Mayes ordered Griffin to "get the hell out."

Later, Monica explained that the biopsy would provide answers, but Tracy was not thrilled with the idea of having a hole drilled into her brain. Dillon offered to call Ned, but Tracy objected and asked for a few minutes alone. Dillon told his mother that he loved her. She smiled softly and told him that she loved him too.

In the hallway, Dillon asked Monica about the procedure. Monica conceded that there were risks but promised that Dr. Mayes was an expert. Dillon revealed that Griffin didn't think Tracy had brain cancer and decided to talk to Dr. Munro.

At Anna's house, Anna was on the phone as she looked at a photograph of a man and a woman. She confirmed that the man in the picture was Carlos, but she had no idea if the woman holding the baby was Sabrina because she couldn't see the woman's face. Anna quickly wrapped up the call when she heard her doorbell. It was Sonny. She invited him in and asked about Morgan. Sonny told her that Morgan was at the Freedman Clinic and thanked Anna for trying to keep Morgan out of trouble on the pier.

Anna and Sonny talked about the hostage situation at the church and about Dixon. Anna appreciated Sonny taking down the arms dealer, but Sonny was curious why Anna had gone to Sonny's house to warn him of the sting operation. Anna noticed the picture of Carlos on her desk and carefully flipped it over as she reminded Sonny that she and Sonny had had a mutual respect for each other over the years despite their differences. She claimed that she had done it because Robin considered Sonny a friend. Sonny winced as he was hit by a spasm of pain, which he assured Anna was part of his healing process.

Anna dashed off to fetch Sonny some water, prompting Sonny to quickly look at the picture she had flipped over. He immediately confronted her with the photo when she returned with a bottle of water. Anna confirmed that Carlos was alive and had last been seen in an airport in Belgium. Anna suspected that Carlos was headed to a country that didn't have extradition with the United States. Sonny asked if the woman in the picture was Sabrina. Anna admitted that she wasn't certain but revealed that Sabrina had willingly left with Carlos.

Sonny was outraged that Carlos was free, and Sonny vowed to kill him, but Anna admitted that she needed Carlos alive because Carlos was the only person who could confirm that Julian had ordered the hit on Duke. Sonny realized that Anna had wanted Sonny to see the photo and asked why. Anna conceded that Sonny had resources that she didn't, but she wanted Sonny to promise to keep her in the loop if he found Carlos. "Done," Sonny agreed.

A short time later, Griffin stood on Anna's doorstep and prepared to knock, but the door suddenly opened. Surprised, Anna asked why Griffin was there. Griffin admitted that he'd been following Anna.

At the Floating Rib, Michael was surprised when Sonny showed up. Sonny asked about Michael's visit with Felix. Michael told Sonny about Sabrina's decision to raise the baby in Puerto Rico, but Michael was filled with regret because his lack of compassion and understanding had cost him Sabrina. Sonny felt bad for Michael and revealed that he had something to tell Michael.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Paul spoke to Carlos on the phone and revealed that Carlos had to return to Port Charles. Paul promised to give Carlos immunity provided Carlos kept quiet about Paul and Anna's crimes. Carlos refused to risk it and made it clear that he intended to stick to their original agreement. Paul warned Carlos that it was a mistake, but Carlos ended the call.

Laura offers Hayden some advice about Nikolas

Laura offers Hayden some advice about Nikolas

Thursday, March 10, 2016

At the Floating Rib, Sonny told Michael that Sabrina had willingly gone on the run with Carlos. Michael insisted Carlos was dead, but Sonny explained that the body fished from the harbor had been misidentified. Michael appeared skeptical, but Sonny revealed that Anna had confirmed everything. Stunned, Michael wondered why Sabrina would risk fleeing with a fugitive. Sonny was certain that Carlos had assured Sabrina that it would be safe.

Sonny wanted to know what Sabrina had said to Michael before disappearing, but Michael admitted that he couldn't help Sonny. Michael told Sonny about Sabrina's recent letter claiming that she was happy. Sonny advised Michael to make peace with the idea that Sabrina was happy with Carlos. Michael appeared uneasy, but Sonny wanted Michael to promise to stay away from Carlos. Michael agreed, but he couldn't understand why Sabrina had left with Carlos.

Sonny suggested that perhaps Carlos being the baby's father had meant more to Sabrina than Michael had realized. Sonny promised to keep Michael in the loop and asked Michael to let him know if Sabrina contacted Michael. After Sonny left, Michael called Sabrina. He left her a voicemail message explaining that he'd seen the baby's picture and wanted to hear from her to make certain she was okay.

At Wyndemere, Laura hoped she had enough seating for everyone, but Nikolas wondered why she was worried, since there would only be two people at the reading of Helena's will. Laura revealed that Scott had given her the impression that there would be others in attendance. Nikolas admitted that it didn't matter because they'd soon be able to close the final chapter on Helena's life. He looked forward to a life without his diabolical grandmother and felt blessed that he had a wonderful mother, a uniquely gifted son, a beautiful sister, and a wife whom he loved. Laura smiled politely as she conceded that he had all those things, but he sensed her reservations.

Nikolas asked his mother to try a bit harder to accept Hayden. He realized that his relationship with Hayden had started off "toxic," but it had become "normal." To prove his point, he showed Laura the wedding gift from Hayden. Laura appreciated the sentiment but pointed out that Hayden had devalued the first edition of The Great Gatsby by writing an inscription. Nikolas didn't care because the gift was priceless to him.

In the hallway, Hayden was not pleased when Sam showed up to talk to Nikolas. Hayden grabbed Sam's arm to stop Sam from entering the living room, but Sam warned Hayden to back off. Hayden explained that Nikolas had told her about Sam's investigation and his decision to drop it, but Sam remained determined to talk to Nikolas and barged into the living room.

Sam immediately apologized when she saw Laura but explained that she needed a private word with Nikolas. Hayden objected, but Laura dragged Hayden out of the room. Sam immediately implored Nikolas to reopen the investigation into Hayden's background for Spencer's sake, but Nikolas refused because it had been a mistake. Sam assured Nikolas that Baxter was hiding something because the number Baxter had called had been disconnected shortly after Sam had called it. Nikolas stubbornly refused to change his mind.

In the hallway, Hayden was curious why Laura had wanted Sam to talk to Nikolas alone. Laura claimed that it had been for the best and changed the subject by confessing that she'd been thinking about The Great Gatsby. Laura recited Hayden's inscription likening Nikolas to Gatsby and Hayden to Daisy then admitted that she'd never liked the story. Laura pointed out that Gatsby had devoted himself to Daisy, but Daisy had abandoned him and left him to die for her crimes.

Laura revealed that there was a theory that the character had been named Daisy because a daisy was a common flower. Laura stated that the daisy was pretty, but it had no scent or transcendent beauty, which made it a glorified weed. Hayden thought it was a harsh assessment, but Laura argued that it was true nonetheless. Laura warned Hayden that it would be a mistake for Hayden to play Daisy to Nikolas' Gatsby. Hayden explained that she'd simply chosen the story because of the great love between Gatsby and Daisy, but Laura cautioned Hayden not to underestimate Nikolas, since his father had been a Cassadine, and Cassadines had a tremendous capacity for revenge.

Moments later, Nikolas opened the doors to invite Hayden to take a stroll with him because he needed some fresh air. After Nikolas and Hayden left, Laura apologized to Sam for Laura's role in covering up the truth about Jason's identity. Sam thanked Laura but assured Laura that it was in the past. Laura was relieved and shifted gears to talk about Helena's final wishes because Laura was curious how Sam felt being included in the reading of the will. Sam admitted that she was determined not to let it bother her, since Helena had tried until the very end to play games with Sam.

Sam opened up to Laura about Helena's deathbed curse, even though Sam didn't believe in such things. Laura admitted that she'd had a similar view of things until Helena had cursed both Luke and Laura on their wedding day. Alarmed, Sam asked if she should be concerned, but Laura was certain that everything was fine. Relieved, Sam excused herself but promised to return in time for the reading of the will.

In the hallway, Sam received a text message from Jason asking her to meet because he had something to tell her. Sam quickly sent a reply and then called Spinelli to ask him to trace a disconnected telephone number. Meanwhile, Nikolas and Hayden returned to the living room. Nikolas noticed that his mother appeared on edge. Laura admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Helena.

At Anna's house, Griffin stood on Anna's doorstep and blurted out that he'd been following her. She demanded to know why, but Griffin asked if they could talk inside. Anna tensed, so Griffin agreed to go somewhere public and well lit. He was forced to answer his phone when the hospital called. After a quick exchange, which ended with Griffin promising to return to the hospital, Griffin assured Anna that he hadn't intended to upset her. He was certain she would understand once he explained things, but it would have to wait. After Griffin left, Anna called Andre to ask to meet because she wanted to pick his brain.

A short time later, Anna met Andre at Metro Court Restaurant. Andre immediately sensed that she was troubled. Anna quickly filled him in about Griffin's visit and wondered what Andre knew about the young doctor. Andre admitted that Griffin seemed like a decent guy, but he didn't know Griffin well. Anna was disappointed but realized that it had been a long shot to think Andre could shed some light on Griffin's visit. Anna was surprised when Andre asked why she had called him.

Anna admitted that Andre was a friend but also acknowledged that he was dating one of Anna's friends, and he was Anna's therapist. "What else is there?" Anna nervously asked. Andre's expression was guarded, but he remained silent as Anna shifted gears and confided that there had been something familiar about Griffin. She realized it was impossible, but she couldn't shake the feeling that she had met him long before. Andre suggested that Anna wanted there to be a connection because the idea of Griffin following her without a good reason was disconcerting.

Anna assured Andre that she'd been followed before but added that there was something different with Griffin. Andre offered to help Anna in any way that he could, but Anna was confident that she had things well in hand. Andre quickly excused himself when his phone rang. Seconds later, Anna did an Internet search from her phone on Griffin.

At the hospital, Monica reminded Dillon that they had to honor Tracy's wishes if Tracy didn't want Griffin to be part of Tracy's medical team. Dillon explained that he had reservations about Dr. Mayes. Monica acknowledged that Dr. Mayes was brusque, but she assured her nephew that the doctor was a great neurosurgeon with unimpeachable credentials.

Later, Monica stood quietly to the side in Tracy's hospital room as Dr. Mayes assured his patient that he'd done countless brain biopsies. After the doctor left, Tracy grumbled that Dr. Mayes was an unpleasant man. Monica agreed but promised that Dr. Mayes had a stellar reputation. Tracy wondered if Monica would let Dr. Mayes do a biopsy if their roles were reversed. Monica was about to reply when her phone rang.

It was Alice. Tracy perked up with interest when she heard Monica ask Alice what "security" had said. Dillon entered the room to talk to his mother, but she shushed him because she wanted to hear what was going on with Monica. Monica wrapped up the call and announced that she had to run home to check on something. Tracy made a point of reminding Monica that Alan had given Monica the house, but Monica simply agreed and promised to return before Tracy woke up from the procedure.

At the door, Monica added that she would entrust Dr. Mayes with her health if she were in Tracy's shoes. Monica told Tracy to get the biopsy done because they needed some real answers. After Monica left, Tracy quietly apologized that Dillon had to deal with her health crisis alone. Dillon admitted that he had asked Griffin to consult. Tracy appreciated Dillon's concern and desire to help, but she made it clear that she did not want Griffin involved in her medical care.

Dillon argued that Tracy should explore all avenues, but Tracy insisted that Dr. Mayes was the expert. Dillon admitted that he was concerned because Dr. Mayes was not open to other possibilities, but the argument was cut short when Brad knocked and entered the room. Brad explained that he would be taking Tracy to the operating room and handling the lab work on the biopsy.

Near the nurses' station, Griffin called out to Dr. Mayes to explain that Dillon had asked Griffin to consult on Tracy's case. Dr. Mayes was outraged and insisted that it wasn't Dillon's place, but Griffin resented Dr. Mayes's attitude. Griffin suggested that Dr. Mayes should be eager to help Tracy and hear Griffin out. Dr. Mayes crossed his arms and invited Griffin to share his theory about what was ailing Tracy. Griffin admitted that he'd seen similar symptoms in patients while working in Mexico. Dr. Mayes scoffed and insulted Griffin's medical degree.

Moments later, Brad pushed Tracy's hospital bed into the hall as Dillon followed. Dr. Mayes made a snide remark about Brad moving faster because Dr. Mayes wanted to get the biopsy done, but Tracy reached for Dillon to remind Dillon that the biopsy was simply a test. Dillon assured his mother that everything was fine and gave her a quick peck on the cheek before Brad took her to the operating room. Dillon approached the doctors to explain that it had been his decision to call Griffin.

Dr. Mayes wasn't appeased and ordered Dillon to pick a doctor. Dillon quickly made his displeasure known but reluctantly agreed that Dr. Mayes should do the biopsy. However, Dillon reminded Dr. Mayes that no one ordered a Quartermaine around. After Dr. Mayes left, Griffin admitted that it had been nice to see someone put Dr. Mayes in his place. Dillon suggested that Griffin could repay Dillon by explaining what was going on.

Griffin revealed that he'd seen cases similar to Tracy's in Mexico. Dillon was intrigued because his mother had recently been in Mexico, but Griffin refused to elaborate until he saw the results of Tracy's biopsy. Dillon agreed to take care of it as Brad returned to let Dillon know that the biopsy was over, and Tracy had been taken to recovery. Dillon was surprised and left to join his mother. Brad introduced himself to Griffin and explained that he had overheard Griffin and Dillon talking.

Brad offered to help because Griffin was Lucas' friend, and Brad disliked Dr. Mayes. After Brad left, Dr. Mayes walked up and vowed to have Griffin's "head on a stick" if Griffin ever interfered again.

At the Quartermaine mausoleum, Jason looked at the memorial plaque bearing his name then glanced at both Edward and Lila's plaques. He had a sudden flashback of telling his family about his decision to change his name to Morgan and Lila saying that it had been her maiden name. Moments later, Monica appeared in the doorway. She revealed that Alice had called to tell her that Jason had been hanging around the family crypt. Jason revealed that he'd been thinking and told Monica about his memory of Lila.

Monica smiled and admitted that Lila had been the only one who hadn't been upset about Jason changing his name. Monica confessed that it had taken her a long time to understand that changing his name hadn't changed Jason's nature. Monica described him as kind, loyal, fiercely protective, and honest despite working for Sonny. Monica believed that he had gotten his honesty from Lila because Lila had been a straight shooter.

Jason appreciated his mother's insight and admitted that he continued to search for answers in strange places. Monica hoped that Jason found them because their family was not what it had been. She explained that the lawsuit for ELQ wasn't about money -- the company was a symbol of the Quartermaine name. Jason asked if it would be weird if he kept the plaque he'd removed from the wall. Monica shook her head because she thought it would be life-affirming. "The heart has a long memory," Jason quietly said. Monica smiled when Jason added that it was something Lila had said when he'd changed his name to Jason Morgan.

Later, Sam met Jason at Metro Court Restaurant's bar. Jason revealed that he'd been thinking about his life, including how to help get ELQ back for the Quartermaines. Sam noticed the plaque and asked him about it, so he admitted that he'd taken it from the crypt. He became distracted when his phone chimed with a text message from Diane letting him know that the papers for his new place were ready to be signed. Jason invited Sam to go with him, but she had to get back to Wyndemere for the reading of Helena's will.

After Jason left, Sam noticed that he'd left the plaque behind. She called out to him as she reached for the plaque, but she hissed with pain when she pricked her finger on it.

At the hospital, Tracy muttered for Alan to stop looking at her with pity because she was not going anywhere. Dillon appeared concerned, but Monica assured him that it was the anesthesia talking. Dillon admitted that it had been the second time his mother had called him Alan.



Friday, March 11, 2016

Due to ABC News coverage of the memorial service for former First Lady Nancy Reagan, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned pre-emption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, March 14, and picked up where the Thursday, March 10 episode concluded.

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