General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 4, 2016 on GH

Jason and Sam reconnected as lovers. Tracy underwent lifesaving surgery. Julian resumed control of the Jerome organization. Alexis and Kristina had a heart-to-heart talk. Sonny and Anna went after Carlos.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 4, 2016 on GH
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Nathan comes clean about Claudette Nathan comes clean about Claudette

Monday, April 4, 2016

Maxie was shocked and disappointed to learn that Nathan had lied about Claudette and that he'd been married. He assured her that the marriage had been annulled and that it had been long over when he'd met Maxie. He implored her to "hear me out." He explained that, when he had still been a uniformed cop in New York, he and his friends had been regulars at a certain bar in the city. One night, a girl had started talking to him, and he hadn't been able to ignore her. He continued that they'd gone on a couple dates, and then he'd proposed.

Maxie was horrified that Nathan had proposed to Claudette after two dates, but she allowed him to continue. He told her that Claudette had been from Canada, and her visa had expired, so he'd married her in order to keep her in the country. He admitted that he'd fallen in love, but Claudette hadn't, and she'd been cheating on him. The revelation had killed the marriage, and he'd had it annulled.

Maxie wondered what had happened to Claudette. Nathan assumed that she was back in Canada. Maxie expressed sympathy for what he'd gone through but assured him that she would never hold it against him that he'd been helping someone. She assumed that there was another reason why he'd lied about the marriage, and he confirmed it. He claimed that he'd been ashamed of himself for making impulsive decisions and for letting his emotions cloud his judgment.

Nathan continued that he'd tried to bury Claudette in his past, so he'd never thought of her. "'Til you did," Maxie remarked. He confessed that the glove Maxie had found in his tux had been Claudette's, and that had put Claudette on his brain in order for him to mention her when he'd been on pain medication. He vowed that he had no room in his heart for anyone but Maxie and asked for her forgiveness. She gave it to him as long as he promised not to keep any more secrets. He agreed.

Curtis informed Nina that he'd figured out who was behind the sabotage of Crimson. Just then, Julian stepped off the elevator, and Curtis suddenly fell silent. Nina introduced the two men and updated Julian on Curtis' work. Curtis preferred to give her the news in private, but she thought Julian, as the publisher, deserved to know. Curtis stared at her in silence. "Oh, my God, it's you," she said to Julian, wide-eyed.

Seconds later, Curtis watched and commented as Nina chased Julian around the office, throwing things at him. Nina screamed about the blood, sweat, and tears she had put into the magazine. Curtis said that he'd send Nina an invoice and quickly vacated. Nina chased after Julian with her stiletto held like a weapon. Holding his hands up in a weak defense, he finally admitted that he'd needed the tax write-off.

Nina was furious that Julian had hired to her to "kill" Crimson, but she'd "nursed it back to health" instead. "Last year, I would have fed you to a printing press. It's a good thing for you I've mellowed out," she said menacingly, still wielding her shoe. She put her shoe back on and picked up the phone, threatening to call the cops. She calculated how many counts of fraud he would have against him, but he told her that it would be in their "best interest" to keep quiet.

Nina thought that, after overcoming sabotage, she would be a "hot commodity," but she asked for Julian's thoughts. "What do you want?" he asked. "I thought you'd never ask," she said, smiling. In return for staying quiet, she demanded that Julian give her Crimson. He offered to sell it to her, but she didn't have that kind of money. He told her that the IRS would be suspicious, but she didn't care. She told him that he would write larger checks for the magazine than before, and that would be his only involvement. "Deal?" she asked.

Julian held out his hand, and Nina shook it. She informed him that she could have taken everything he had, but she only wanted Crimson. "If you come after the magazine again, all bets are off," she warned, and Julian agreed. An incredulous Maxie entered and wondered if they'd had a break-in. Julian took the opportunity to leave. Nina excitedly let Maxie know that she'd "stolen" Crimson from Julian and promised to update her over Champagne. She wondered what was wrong with Maxie. Maxie answered, "It turns out Claudette is not a dog, but she's definitely a bitch."

Jason and Sam entered Pentonville while discussing Hayden's shooting. They believed the shooter could have been someone other than Shawn, and they were there to discuss it with Shawn. Minutes later, Sam sat on one side of the glass as Shawn sat down on the other. She told him that she had some questions about Hayden's shooting. Sam updated Shawn on Hayden's true identity and related that plenty of people had motive for wanting her dead. She wondered if Hayden had actually been the "intended target." Surprising her, Shawn revealed that Sam wasn't the first one with that theory.

Shawn continued that Hayden had visited before Thanksgiving to ask him questions about the shooting. She'd wanted to prove that there had been a second shooter, but she was afraid of another attempt on her life if she went to the cops. He hadn't heard what had happened with her investigation. Sam thanked him for his time, and he asked to speak to Jason. Jason sat across the glass from Shawn. Shawn needed Jason to know that he'd been shocked when he'd found out who Jason was, and he shuddered at the thought that he might have killed a friend "if things had gone differently."

Jason assured Shawn that "things happen for a reason," and there had obviously been a reason why Shawn hadn't gotten a clean shot. A guard entered and cut Shawn's time off. Shawn wished Jason and Sam good luck with their investigation, and he left. Sam lamented that she had more questions than before. She wondered what was keeping Hayden's shooter from trying again.

Finn got off the elevator at the hospital, and Liesl immediately cornered him. She wanted to talk to him, but he ran off to "attend to my patient."

At the nurses' station, Franco found Elizabeth looking at houses on a tablet. "I know a place you could go," Franco told her. She refused to go to his place, but he assured her that he and Nina didn't have the room. He suggested that she stay with Jason at his new place.

Just then, Finn approached Elizabeth. He jogged her memory of him by thanking her for helping him take care of Roxy when he'd first arrived. He wanted to order an MRI for Tracy. Elizabeth looked at Tracy's file and saw that he wasn't on Tracy's list of physicians. "I am the team," he assured her, continuing to reason why she should help him while she reasoned why she couldn't. Liesl appeared and clipped a badge to his breast pocket. She informed him that, if he'd stopped to talk to her, he would have known that he had been granted full privileges at the hospital.

Subsequently, Elizabeth agreed to schedule the MRI for Tracy. Finn apologized for being hard on Elizabeth and quickly walked away. Liesl expressed her hatred for Finn, while Elizabeth thought he was a "breath of fresh air." Liesl promised that he wouldn't be there long.

Continuing the previous conversation, Elizabeth told Franco that she could and wanted to do things on her own. He was proud of her for evolving from a "mess" after Jason had first left her into someone who could "stand tall." He advised her to keep it up. She had to go because she was looking at rentals with Nikolas. She thanked Franco for his support, and she left.

When Elizabeth was gone, Liesl openly glared at Franco. He wondered if she wanted to get a drink, but she wanted to keep "an eye on Finn." However, she advised him to keep an eye on his own behavior. She warned him that, if he wanted to cheat on Nina, he had to be more discreet. She added that he should also choose someone better than Elizabeth.

Liesl was delighted to answer her ringing phone to Nathan. He was calling to warn her to be careful what she said around Maxie about Claudette. He confided that he'd told her the truth. "Everything?" Liesl asked skeptically. "No, not everything," Nathan replied sadly.

Finn announced to Tracy that he'd been approved as Tracy's doctor. She cracked that he probably would have continued even if he hadn't been approved. She told him that her head seemed clearer, and she thought the treatment was working, so she wanted to go home. He informed her that she needed to have two weeks of clear brain scans.

Tracy got out of bed, and Finn threatened to "sic your sister-in-law" on her if she didn't get back into bed. Getting more serious, he wanted to make sure that the long-term effects, like more seizures, were taken care of. As she got back into bed, he assured her that he wanted her to live. He joked that he had all the time in the world to devote to making sure she stayed in bed, since she was his only patient. "Do you charge by the hour?" she bantered. "Don't you have insurance?" he countered.

A short while later, Finn and Tracy were in the middle of a game of Monopoly, in which Tracy was badly beating Finn. She wondered how he could manage having only one patient. He vaguely responded that he had other "projects and research" in the works. He joked that he was losing money in order to save her. Tracy sincerely expressed her gratitude to him, especially because she'd thought she was dying.

Finn and Tracy took a walk in the hallway, arm-in-arm, so that she could stretch a little. He told her that they could take a "stroll" to the vending machine, where they could split a candy bar. Finn looked at her and was alarmed to see blood dripping from her nose. Franco walked by, and Finn yelled at him to get a wheelchair. Just then, Tracy began to have another seizure as Finn yelled for a nurse.

Nikolas stated that his prenuptial agreement with Hayden was "ironclad." Hayden replied that it wouldn't be necessary because they weren't divorcing. She referred to his "recent history of bad decisions" and told him that it was "time to pay" for his actions. She reminded him of the day she'd decided to tell Jason who he really was. She remembered finding Jason at the garage and then waking up from a coma in the hospital.

Hayden continued that Shawn had confessed to shooting Hayden in the head, but she didn't think he'd been the only gunman at the garage that day. She accused Nikolas of trying to have her killed. He denied the story, but Hayden informed him that, not only had she heard Nikolas talking about it with Laura, but she'd gotten proof of it.

Hayden advised Nikolas to "play the adoring husband" and sign ELQ over to her, or she would go to the police. He called her bluff, since going to the cops would cause her real identity to surface. She laughed it off. She wanted to fix things between them. Nikolas explained that feelings didn't just disappear, but they would have no chance at rebuilding their relationship if Hayden forced him to stay married. "You think we have a chance?" she asked hopefully. Just then, Elizabeth stumbled into the room.

"There's nothing to rebuild," Hayden said angrily. She demanded that Nikolas be home for dinner. She turned around and revoked Elizabeth's welcome at Wyndemere. She left the room and cried. Elizabeth wondered what had happened. "My ruin," Nikolas replied.

Nikolas told Elizabeth what had happened. He regretted not listening to everyone's warnings about Hayden. Elizabeth wondered what he was going to do. He made a comment about "Hayden's life." "What do you have in mind for Hayden?" Elizabeth asked. After a moment of silence, she begged him not to try killing her again.

Curtis and Hayden walked through the park. She wanted to make sure that he had copies of everything he'd given her from his investigation into her shooting. He did, and she advised him to put them somewhere safe just in case something happened to her copies. She briefly explained what had happened with Nikolas and mentioned that she was on her way back to Wyndemere. "The hell you are," he said. He refused to let her go back to Nikolas, giving Nikolas an opportunity to "bury" her. She thought there was nothing to stop Nikolas from trying to kill her again. "You got me," Curtis assured her.

Tracy is taken in for life-saving surgery

Tracy is taken in for life-saving surgery

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jason and Sam entered Jason's apartment as they discussed what they had discovered about Hayden and Hayden's past as Rachel. Jason suggested that perhaps Hayden, not Rachel, had been the target of the gunman. Sam conceded it was possible and talked about Hayden's behavior since arriving in town, including likely targeting Nikolas because of his wealth. Sam decided Nikolas had a right to know that Hayden had been working for Tracy and suggested that perhaps Nikolas might have an idea about who might target Hayden.

In Nikolas' hotel suite, Elizabeth begged Nikolas to talk to her. She knew that Hayden had him over a barrel, but she begged him not to try to kill Hayden again. Elizabeth worried that Nikolas would end up in jail if he made another attempt on Hayden's life, but he assured Elizabeth that she had nothing to fear. He explained that he intended to go home, which was all that she needed to know. Elizabeth wasn't satisfied, but Nikolas refused to tell her about his plans because he didn't want her to be complicit. Moments later, Elizabeth received a text message requesting that she report to work.

Shortly after Elizabeth left, Sam and Jason stopped by. Nikolas invited his cousin inside, but he wasn't happy when he saw Jason. Sam distracted Nikolas by announcing that she had information to share. Nikolas was annoyed but not surprised when Sam told him that Hayden had been in cahoots with Tracy. Sam knew that Nikolas had hoped for a different outcome for Spencer's sake, but Nikolas assured Sam that he already knew that Hayden had used him.

Sam noticed the packed suitcases and asked if Nikolas was returning home because Hayden had left. She was stunned when Nikolas revealed that he had decided to work things out with Hayden despite the recent revelations. Sam discouraged Nikolas from doing it, but he made it clear that his mind was made up.

A short time later, Sam and Jason returned to Jason's apartment. Sam was upset because she thought that Spencer deserved to have a happy home life, which wouldn't happen as long as Hayden remained in the picture. Jason suspected that Hayden had something on Nikolas to force Nikolas to stay in the marriage. As they chatted, Sam realized that perhaps Nikolas had sent a hit man that fateful day to stop Hayden from telling Jason the truth about Jason's identity.

At Wyndemere, Hayden thanked Curtis for escorting her home, but he admitted that he had been concerned about her safety and had wanted to provide her with security. Hayden assured him that she was safe in the castle because Nikolas would never endanger Spencer or the staff. Curtis noticed that Hayden hadn't included herself on the list and suggested that no amount of money was worth living with one's own personal executioner. Hayden promised that she didn't have a death wish, but she felt that she had a right to everything she'd been promised in the prenuptial agreement. She also believed that Nikolas owed her a nice life after trying to kill her, but Curtis thought she should be grateful that she was still alive.

Hayden insisted that she had no interest in waitressing for a living and had been raised accustomed to the finer things in life. Hayden told Curtis how she had earned her degree and worked hard for her money until it had all been taken away from her. She refused to lose the man she genuinely loved, but Curtis sensed there was more. Hayden admitted that Nikolas had threatened to leave her penniless, but Curtis asked if lining her pockets was truly worth risking her life. Hayden refused to apologize for wanting financial security, but Curtis feared that she was putting money ahead of her own personal safety.

Curtis suggested that Hayden was addicted to money, but she denied it. According to Hayden, she had married Nikolas to repay all the clients her father had bilked out of money, but Curtis didn't believe her and suggested that she save the story for Nikolas. Resigned, Hayden admitted that she simply liked having money. Curtis appreciated Hayden's honesty, but she wondered why he even cared. Curtis explained that it was always wise to back a winner, and he could see that Hayden was a fighter and a survivor. Curtis couldn't wait until Hayden turned the tables on Nikolas and asked what she had up her sleeve.

A short time later, Nikolas entered the living room to announce that he was home in a cheerful tone -- rife with sarcasm. Hayden plastered on a happy smile and assured Nikolas that it was the beginning of a beautiful life together because there wouldn't be any more secrets between them. Hayden acknowledged that they'd both said and done things they each regretted, but she was confident that they could make things work because they challenged each other and had an undeniable connection. Nikolas clarified that the connection he and Hayden had shared was in the past. "Fine, an attraction," Hayden amended before shifting gears and revealing that a guest would be joining them for dinner.

Curtis appeared in the doorway as Hayden explained that she had invited Curtis to stay for a while to help Nikolas and Hayden keep things civil.

At Anna's house, Griffin wore a white cowboy had with a pink star as he crawled across the living room floor and weakly begged Emma for help. Emma was dressed as a "neurosurgeon" and giggled when Griffin claimed to have a terrible case of "hat hair." Anna smiled as she entered the living room and handed a cup of coffee to Griffin. Anna loved seeing Griffin and Emma playing because it reminded her of how much Duke had loved spending time with Emma. Moments later, the doorbell rang.

Anna was surprised when she saw Sonny on the doorstep. Sonny grinned when Griffin popped his head around the corner, sporting Emma's hat. Anna invited Sonny inside and offered to fetch Sonny a hat if Sonny wanted to join in on the fun. Sonny chuckled, but declined. Griffin appeared horrified when Emma threatened to put Griffin in a tutu until Anna told Griffin about the time Duke had humored Emma by wearing a tutu. Emma dashed off to grab her telescope because she wanted to show it to Griffin.

After Emma left, Sonny admitted that he needed to talk to Anna, but she assured Sonny that he could speak freely about Duke's killer in front of Griffin. Sonny reluctantly revealed that he had a lead on Carlos' location, but Griffin's phone went off. Griffin glanced down and announced that he was needed at the hospital. Griffin realized that Sonny still wanted vengeance for Duke's death, but Sonny cut Griffin off to clarify that Sonny wanted justice for Duke's murder.

After Griffin left, Sonny confessed that Griffin seemed a little judgmental, but Anna was certain that Griffin would feel different about forgiving Carlos once Carlos was captured. Anna shifted gears to ask what Sonny had found out. Sonny pulled a jump drive from his pocket and handed it to her. Anna plugged it into the laptop and listened to Paul and Carlos' conversation. She realized that Carlos was getting ready to flee again, but Sonny assured Anna that Carlos could be easily located if they retrieved the tracking device from Paul's cell phone.

Anna was curious if Sonny had meant what he had said to Griffin about capturing Carlos to face justice. Sonny carefully explained that it was what Duke deserved, and he agreed to keep her in the loop if anything new developed.

At Volonino's, Dante thanked Michael for meeting Dante. Dante cut to the chase by explaining that he wanted to know what Sonny intended to do when Sonny caught up with Carlos. Michael pretended to be skeptical that Carlos was even alive, since it had only been reported online, but Dante was certain that Sonny had told Michael about Carlos before the news had hit the Internet because Sabrina and the baby were likely with Carlos. Dante demanded to know what Sonny had told Michael, but Michael advised Dante to talk to Sonny.

A short time later, Sonny arrived as Dante worked out in the boxing ring. Dante thanked his father for agreeing to meet Dante, but Sonny looked forward to sparring with his son. Sonny climbed into the boxing ring, but he sensed that something was troubling Dante. Dante admitted that he had questions about Carlos and had talked to Michael earlier. Sonny was not pleased because Dante knew that Sonny would never share anything "business"-related with any of Sonny's children.

Dante refused to apologize because Dante was certain that Sonny intended to use all of Sonny's resources to track down Carlos. Dante begged his father to turn Carlos over to the authorities rather than kill Carlos because Sonny would be the primary suspect if Carlos were killed.

In Tracy's hospital room, Tracy slowly woke up as Finn hovered near her bed. Tracy groaned in pain, so Finn explained that she'd suffered another seizure. He encouraged her to get some rest until the test results were in. Moments later, Ned and Dillon entered the hospital room with treats for Tracy, but Finn quickly hustled the brothers to the hallway to break the news about Tracy's seizure. Monica walked up as Ned worried that Tracy might die.

Finn filled Monica in about Tracy's seizure as Liesl walked up. According to Finn, Tracy had cysts that had caused Tracy's brain to swell. Liesl suggested that it was time to operate. Finn agreed, but he wanted to wait for the test results first.

Later, Monica approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station to ask why Elizabeth was at work. Elizabeth revealed that she had been called in, but she had no idea why. Monica explained that Tracy had suffered a seizure and advised Elizabeth to be prepared because Tracy would likely need surgery.

Meanwhile, Paul arrived to check on Tracy. Ned bristled when he saw Paul and ordered Paul to leave, but Dillon admitted that he wanted Paul to stay because Tracy could use all the support she could get. Moments later, Monica fetched Ned, Dillon, and Finn to go over Tracy's test results and discuss the next step. Finn and Monica agreed that Tracy needed surgery, but Dillon made it clear that he wanted Griffin to operate because he didn't trust Dr. Mayes. Finn suggested that they discuss it with Tracy and allow Tracy to make the decision.

Monica pulled her nephews aside to remind Ned and Dillon to be careful and not let Tracy know that they were worried. Ned and Dillon promised to keep it together as they followed Monica and joined Finn and Tracy in Tracy's hospital room. Finn quickly explained the situation. Tracy didn't hesitate to inform her family that she wanted Griffin to operate. A short time later, Michael approached his cousins outside Tracy's hospital room. Ned and Dillon told Michael about the change in Tracy's condition and the impending surgery.

At the nurses' station, Finn told Griffin about Tracy's seizure as Liesl added that Tracy had requested that Griffin operate. Finn hoped that Griffin was as good as Griffin's reputation claimed because Finn intended to be right by Griffin's side throughout the operation.

Nearby, Monica slipped into Tracy's hospital room to check on her sister-in-law. Tracy warned Monica that Tracy didn't intend to let Monica have the mansion to herself. Tracy was determined to live a long life, until Alice had to carry both Monica and Tracy to their bedrooms. Monica grinned as she assured Tracy that she looked forward to it.

At the nurses' station, Liesl accused Finn of manipulating Tracy into picking Griffin to operate, but Finn reminded Liesl that Tracy was a formidable woman who made up her own mind. "May God have mercy on your soul," Tracy said as she walked away. Later, Griffin approached Elizabeth to discuss the surgery. He was concerned because she knew Tracy, but Elizabeth assured him that it wouldn't be a problem. Relieved, Griffin promised Elizabeth not to worry about Tracy because people often found their strength when they were at their worst.

Later, Tracy's loved ones were gathered as Tracy was wheeled out of her hospital room. Tracy assured her sons, Monica, and Michael that she would see them later and added that she wanted Metro Court Restaurant's Eggs Benedict waiting when she woke up. Ned offered to have Cook II make Tracy eggs and caviar, so Tracy admitted that she wouldn't mind both dishes. Tracy jokingly warned Monica to keep her hands off of Tracy's jewelry, but Monica claimed that she wasn't into costume jewelry. Tracy promised that they hadn't seen the last of her as the doctors wheeled her away.

Nearby, Paul saw Anna and Emma talk to Elizabeth. After Elizabeth walked away, Anna greeted Paul and sent Emma off to visit people and take some pictures. After Emma left, Anna realized that she had given her phone to Emma without calling Robin with an update. Paul offered Anna his phone. Anna thanked him and called Robin, but feigned difficulty hearing because of a poor connection. Anna ducked around a corner as she "talked" to Robin and quickly ejected a small device from Paul's phone.

Seconds later, Anna pretended to wrap up the call as Paul walked up. Anna and Paul chatted until Emma returned. Anna seized the opportunity to excuse herself and left with Emma.

Alexis pays Parker a visit

Alexis pays Parker a visit

> Alexis pays Parker a visit

Alexis pays Parker a visit

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Alexis approached Parker at the campus café to ask if Parker thought Alexis would go away simply because Parker had refused to return Alexis' calls. Parker closed the laptop as Alexis sat down and explained that Kristina had told Alexis everything. Alexis accused Parker of taking advantage of Kristina, but Parker was offended and denied it. Alexis pointed out that Parker was a well-liked professor, and Kristina was a young, attractive student who was uncertain about her sexuality. "Do you see the power discrepancy here?" Alexis asked.

Parker acknowledged that she was a professor and that Kristina had been a student, but Parker insisted that she had not used her position of authority to ask for or promote anything inappropriate. Alexis didn't believe Parker because she couldn't understand why Kristina would proposition Parker without any encouragement. Parker suggested that Alexis ask Kristina, but Alexis pointed out that it was impossible, since Kristina had been suspended. Parker decided to leave, but Alexis threatened to make a scene.

Alexis ordered Parker to sit back down because Alexis had concerns about a twenty-year-old student being manipulated by a professor. Parker denied seducing Kristina or recruiting Kristina for a "gay agenda" and suggested that Alexis accept that Kristina was attracted to women. Alexis pointed out that questioning Kristina's sexuality was not the same as rejecting it. Parker calmly explained that Kristina needed Alexis' support, but Alexis insisted that she loved each of her daughters unconditionally. Parker opened up about the emotional struggle a person faced while going through a sexual identity crisis and added that Kristina was afraid.

Alexis revealed that Kristina had always dated men, even following one to the Caribbean because Kristina had been obsessed with him. Alexis added that most of Kristina's relationships had been dysfunctional, which was why Alexis had to consider the possibility that Kristina's attraction to Parker was a form of self-preservation. Parker agreed that it was an option, but reminded Alexis that college was a time when a person was free to explore feelings they might have suppressed in the past. Parker didn't know if Kristina was gay or if Kristina had simply been attracted to a professor that Kristina had connected with, but Parker and Kristina had been nothing more than friends.

Parker talked about Kristina's limitless possibilities, but Alexis explained that Kristina was contemplating not returning to college. Parker was disappointed but urged Alexis to remain patient and supportive. The conversation turned to Sonny when Parker mentioned that Sonny had sent someone to the campus, digging for information about Kristina's professor. Alexis was annoyed but not surprised by Sonny's tactics. Alexis told Parker about Julian's son Lucas and how Alexis had helped Julian and Lucas work through things.

Parker reiterated that nothing had transpired between Parker and Kristina because Parker was married. Alexis thanked Parker for the talk and vowed to do better by Kristina. Parker wished Alexis and Kristina well and added that she hoped Kristina found someone worthy of Kristina's love.

Outside Julian and Alexis' house, Ava called out to her brother as she caught up to him at the bottom of the porch. Ava was eager to find out what he had learned about the threatening messages sent to her. Julian assured Ava that it could wait, but she needed an answer because she was worried. Julian explained that Sonny had sent the black rose and note to manipulate Ava into leaving Avery with Sonny. Ava was furious, but Julian cautioned her not to overreact because she was not out of the woods.

Julian warned Ava that it would be a mistake to confront Sonny while there were people who still wanted Ava punished. Ava vowed that she would not underestimate Sonny again and stormed off.

Inside, Molly passed through the living room and asked Kristina if there was anything to eat. Kristina was engrossed with the phone, which immediately made Molly question what was going on with her sister. Kristina put the phone down as she made a snide remark about Alexis looking for another "straight" daughter to go with Molly and Sam. Molly was startled when Kristina admitted that she had told Alexis about Parker, and Alexis hadn't been happy with the idea of Kristina dating a woman.

Molly questioned her sister about the conversation. Kristina revealed that Alexis had jumped to the conclusion that Parker had taken advantage of Kristina because of Kristina's past history of bad relationships. Kristina added that Alexis also suspected that Kristina had been drawn to Parker because it was a way of protecting Kristina's heart. Molly asked if those had been Alexis' words. "Pretty much," Kristina replied. Kristina continued to complain about their mother, but Molly suspected that Kristina had misread things.

Kristina disagreed and insisted that Alexis didn't want a gay daughter, but Molly argued that Alexis loved Lucas. Kristina insisted that Lucas was Alexis' stepson. Kristina worried about Sonny's reaction and contemplated telling him that she was gay because she doubted that Sonny wouldn't understand that she was trying to figure things out. Molly advised Kristina to have the talk with Sonny sooner rather than later because he would be hurt if he was the last to know.

Moments later, Julian walked in and asked to speak to Kristina privately. Molly disappeared into her bedroom as Julian admitted that Alexis had told him about what had been going on with Kristina. Kristina became defensive, but Julian asked Kristina to hear him out because Alexis had been disappointed by the way Alexis had handled things. Surprised, Kristina asked if Alexis had admitted to making a mistake. "Not in so many words," Julian conceded.

Vindicated, Kristina resumed ranting about Alexis, but Julian asked Kristina to cut Alexis some slack because it could be difficult for a parent to accept that they hadn't known their child as well as they had thought. Kristina argued that Alexis had flipped out when Alexis had told her mother about having feelings for another woman, but Julian explained that Alexis had been more concerned about the trouble Kristina had been in rather than Kristina being gay. Kristina immediately calmed down because she knew Julian had a valid point about her poor academic choices.

Julian promised that Alexis loved all three of her daughters and would do anything for Sam, Kristina, and Molly. Kristina agreed to take it easy on her mother because Kristina wasn't ready to go public and added that she hadn't told Sonny. Julian wished Kristina luck with that, but Kristina was curious when Alexis would be home. Julian revealed that Alexis had gone out of town on business and should be back in the morning. Kristina smiled and thanked Julian for everything.

Later, Kristina called Parker to tell Parker that she had taken Parker's advice and opened up to Alexis. Kristina was taken aback when Parker admitted that Alexis had just left.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny wrapped up a phone call with Anna as he entered the living room. Carly immediately asked if he had been talking to Anna about Carlos. Sonny admitted that he had a lead on Carlos, but Carly begged him to let Anna handle things. Sonny explained that he couldn't because he would appear weak to his enemies, which would quickly escalate to violence. Sonny promised that Carlos was just a means to an end, but Carly didn't care because she was afraid that Sonny would get hurt, and she couldn't go through what she had the last time Sonny had been shot.

Sonny revealed that his goal was to capture Carlos and make Carlos face justice, but Carly was curious what that meant. The conversation was cut short when the doorbell rang. It was Ava. Ava angrily accused Sonny of being a "son of a bitch" because she knew that he had been behind the black rose and threatening note. Sonny claimed that he had no idea what Ava was talking about, but she warned him that she would be taking Avery home soon because Kiki was on the mend.

After Ava stormed out, Carly admitted that it had been unwise to antagonize Ava. Sonny wasn't concerned because Ava was gone, and Avery was still with him. Carly feared that Ava might use the stunt against Sonny in court, but Sonny welcomed the opportunity to tell a judge why Kiki had been shot. Carly reminded Sonny that Kiki had been shot helping Morgan, but Sonny argued that Morgan wouldn't have been in the situation if Ava hadn't been involved in the gun-smuggling ring. Sonny added that even Ava's own organization was after Ava, so Avery was safer with him.

Meanwhile, Ava arrived home and slid between the sheets to go to sleep, but she frowned when she felt something wet. She jumped out of bed and was horrified when she saw blood on her hands. Ava pulled the covers back and cried out with fright when she saw a dead bird in her bed.

At Jason's apartment, Jason pointed out that Hayden had known who Jason was and had likely used it as leverage against Nikolas when Hayden's con with Ric had fallen apart. Sam theorized that Nikolas had allowed Hayden to stay at Wyndemere to ensure Hayden's silence, but something had gone awry, and Hayden had decided to tell Jason the truth. Sam suddenly realized that Nikolas had sent a gunman to silence Hayden before Hayden could tell Jason everything.

Sam couldn't believe that Nikolas had resorted to murder to protect ELQ. She couldn't understand when Nikolas had turned murderous because she recalled when her cousin had been known as the good Cassadine. Sam was furious that Nikolas had lied about Jason's identity, but she knew Nikolas had done it for Elizabeth. However, Sam insisted that trying to kill Hayden had been about greed. Jason was surprised that Nikolas had been arrogant enough to assume Sam wouldn't figure things out when Nikolas had hired her to investigate Hayden.

Moments later, Jason went to answer his phone in the next room. Sam continued to fume and marched out as soon as Jason rounded the corner. A short time later, Jason returned and noticed the front door was open.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was surprised that Hayden had hired her interior decorator as a bodyguard. Curtis clarified that he was not a designer, but Nikolas assured Curtis that Nikolas had already figured out that it had been another in a long list of lies that Hayden had told. Hayden doubted that Nikolas wanted to compare lies, but Nikolas made it clear that Curtis could not stay. Curtis informed Nikolas that Curtis had proof that Nikolas had tried to kill Hayden, but Nikolas argued that the evidence had been fabricated. Hayden invited Nikolas to call her bluff.

Nikolas insisted that his marriage to Hayden was in name only and demanded that Curtis leave. Curtis clarified that Nikolas no longer called the shots, but Nikolas was outraged and refused to back down. Curtis gloated that Hayden had the upper hand, since Curtis had proof of Nikolas' guilt, which Curtis had taken steps to safeguard. Nikolas was skeptical, but Curtis promised there was enough evidence to get the case into Hayden's shooting reopened. Nikolas glared at Hayden as Curtis added that a simple ballistics test would prove the bullet taken from Hayden had not been fired from Shawn's gun.

Hayden decided to give Nikolas time to let things sink in and led Curtis to Curtis' bedroom. After Hayden and Curtis left, Sam pounded on the front door, demanding to talk to Nikolas. Nikolas opened to the door to find out why his cousin was upset, but Sam immediately began to berate him for sending a hit man to kill Hayden to stop Hayden from telling Jason the truth about who Jason was. Nikolas asked Sam to calm down, but Sam was livid and threatened to call the police because she was tired of giving her cousin the benefit of the doubt. Sam pushed past Nikolas as she continued to blast him for trying betraying her.

Nikolas panicked when Sam reached for the phone and started to dial the police. He tried to grab the phone out of her hand, but Sam fought him off. Seconds later, Jason appeared and yanked Nikolas away from Sam. Jason began to pummel Nikolas for putting his hands on Sam. Hayden and Curtis rushed into the room, and Curtis immediately pulled Jason off of Nikolas, but Jason shoved Curtis away and grabbed Nikolas. Sam was forced to take action when Jason began to choke Nikolas. Sam promised that she was fine and begged Jason to let Nikolas go because Nikolas was not worth it.

Reluctantly, Jason released Nikolas and left with Sam. Hayden tried to help Nikolas, but he shook her off and staggered out of the living room. Curtis warned Hayden that Jason was lethal and out of control. Hayden realized that Jason had nearly killed Nikolas, prompting Curtis to wonder what she would have done if Jason had succeeded. Hayden admitted that she had no idea and turned to join Nikolas in their bedroom. Curtis advised Hayden to take precautions to protect herself.

In the bedroom, Nikolas threw his shirt on the floor and poured himself a drink. Hayden walked in and quietly dumped ice into a bar towel, folded it, and gently pressed it to Nikolas' ribs. Next, she moistened a cloth napkin and dabbed the blood from his face. Later, Nikolas crawled into bed. Hayden silently joined him in bed, but he turned his back on her, opened the nightstand drawer, pulled out a knife, and set it on the nightstand. Hayden watched him then pulled the ice pick out of the ice bucket, tucked it next to herself, and turned off the light.

At Jason's apartment, Sam checked Jason for injuries, but he was more concerned about her. He removed her jacket and pointed out the bruises Nikolas had left on her arm. Sam assured Jason that she was fine, but Jason admitted that he had wanted to kill Nikolas. Sam reminded Jason that Nikolas had already stolen a year from them and begged Jason not to let Nikolas take more from them. Jason kissed Sam then undressed her. Jason and Sam fell to the bed and made love.

Carly turns to Jason for help with Sonny

Carly turns to Jason for help with Sonny

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ava woke up on her living room sofa from a nightmare, but Scott was on hand to soothe her cries. Ava glared at Scott because he had failed to protect her from whoever had planted the dead bird in her bed, but he insisted that he hadn't seen anyone. Ava wasn't satisfied and asked what good he was. "I ask myself that every day," Scott grumbled as someone knocked on the door. It was Julian. Julian marched into Ava's bedroom to check things out as he questioned Scott about the incident.

After the men left the living room, Paul called to check on Ava. Ava was upset and told him that she had received another threatening message. The reception on Paul's phone was bad, and the call dropped before Ava could share the details. Moments later, Julian and Scott returned to the living room with a garbage bag stuffed with the bloody bedding and dead bird. Ava was eager to know what Julian thought about the message, but Julian refused to discuss it in front of Scott. Scott decided to dispose of the bag with "Tweety" and fetch some bagels for breakfast.

After Scott left, Julian offered to call for a proper bodyguard, but Ava insisted on taking care of it herself and asked Julian about the grisly message. Ava was certain that Sonny had left it and vowed to remove her daughter from Sonny's care immediately, but Julian cautioned Ava not to do anything rash because he doubted that Sonny had left the dead bird in Ava's bed. Julian admitted that one of their former associates had likely done the deed, but Ava argued that Julian had smoothed things over for her. Furious, Ava demanded to know who Julian had talked to because she intended to send her own message that she was not to be trifled with.

Julian reminded Ava that she had no one to carry out her orders because their former associates no longer trusted Ava and wanted her dead. He added that they saw her as a traitor, but she argued that her hands had been tied because Paul had provided the cover story to keep her out of jail. Ava was frustrated because Julian had been able to walk away from the organization without any repercussions, but he pointed out that he hadn't left with the threat of turning against everyone. Hurt, Ava invited Julian to leave, but he made it clear that he would neither abandon his sister nor allow anyone to hurt her.

Ava brightened when Julian told her that he knew exactly what measures to take. He promised that she would not have a target on her back for much longer, and he left. A short time later, Ava emerged from the bedroom after she had showered and changed. She was surprised when she saw Scott in the living room with breakfast. He pointed out that he had told her that he would return, but Ava informed him that his services were no longer needed because he had failed to protect her.

Scott wasn't pleased but reluctantly agreed to. However, he pointed out that Ava was still alive, so he hadn't been a complete failure. Scott advised Ava not to get her kids any pets and went to pack, but Ava had a change of heart and asked if he had picked up cream cheese for her bagel.

Meanwhile, Julian met with Hammer in the park. Hammer pretended to be shocked when Julian told the mob lieutenant about the latest threat against Ava. Julian informed Hammer that he wanted the men in the organization to back off and leave Ava alone. Hammer agreed to pass along the message, but Julian clarified that it was an order -- from their boss.

At Greystone Manor, Paul stopped by to speak to Sonny, but Carly informed Paul that Sonny was not at home. Paul explained that he had wanted to assure both Sonny and Carly that the authorities were doing everything possible to locate Carlos. Carly didn't care what Paul did as long as Sonny remained safe, since Carlos had tried to kill Sonny in the past. Paul promised that there was a plan in place to make certain that Carlos received the justice that Carlos richly deserved.

Later, Paul stopped in the courtyard to call Ava, but the call dropped because of poor reception. Paul wondered why his phone had inexplicably been on the fritz but suddenly recalled handing his phone to Anna at the hospital. Paul realized that Anna had likely tampered with it.

At Anna's, Anna was on the phone as she shoved a gun and some personal items into a backpack. She explained that she couldn't delay her trip and risk Carlos fleeing but ended the call when the doorbell rang. It was Sonny. Anna reluctantly invited him inside as he asked if she had any news about Carlos. Sonny noticed the suitcases in the living room and asked if she was going on a trip with Emma. Anna explained that Emma had returned to Berkeley, but Anna was headed out of town.

Sonny knew that Anna intended to hunt Carlos down, but Anna claimed that she had no idea where Carlos was because the device retrieved from Paul's phone had been damaged. Sonny easily saw through the lie but played along until he saw the gun in Anna's bag. He dropped all pretenses and insisted on accompanying Anna. Anna refused because she didn't trust Sonny not to kill Carlos, but Sonny explained that it would be shortsighted to kill Carlos, since Carlos was the means to send Julian to jail.

Sonny assured Anna that he preferred for Julian to go to jail, but she worried that Sonny would not be able to control himself when he faced Carlos. Sonny admitted that he had the same concerns about Anna, which was why they needed each other. Anna relented, so Sonny told her to meet him on the tarmac because they would take his private jet. Anna revealed that Carlos was in Ecuador, but she warned Sonny that she wouldn't hesitate to drop Sonny if Sonny even looked at Carlos funny. Sonny smiled because he hadn't expected anything less.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Anna was surprised when she saw Paul on her doorstep. Sonny smiled smugly as he greeted the district attorney and left. Paul questioned Sonny's presence in Anna's home, but she reminded Paul that she was civil to Sonny because Sonny and Robin were close friends. Paul urged Anna to reconsider her association with the mobster because it might reflect badly on Paul's office, since she worked for him.

Anna assured Paul there was nothing to worry about and announced that she was headed out of town. Paul immediately became suspicious as he asked if the trip had anything to do with Carlos. Anna reminded Paul that she couldn't possibly know where Carlos was because Paul hadn't heard from Carlos since the last phone call. Paul knew that Anna was lying and reminded her that Carlos had the power to send both Paul and Anna to jail. Anna argued that she was prepared to face the consequences of her actions if it meant that Duke had justice. Paul doubted that Duke would want Anna to sacrifice her freedom, but Anna refused to back down.

Resigned, Paul decided that the only way to protect Anna was to have her arrested. He started to call Jordan, but Anna grabbed a cloth, slipped behind Paul, and quickly smothered him until he passed out. "I need no protecting," Anna said as she dropped the cloth on Paul's unconscious body.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny arrived home to let Carly know that he was headed out of town. Carly knew it had something to do with Carlos and pleaded with Sonny to stay home. She warned him that Ava might use Sonny's trip as an opportunity to take Avery away, but Sonny was confident that Carly could handle Ava. Carly appreciated Sonny's confidence, but she begged him to allow the authorities to deal with Carlos. Sonny explained that Carlos was beyond the reach of the federal government, and Jason wasn't around to handle things.

Carly insisted that she had a bad feeling and reminded Sonny that he'd barely survived his last encounter with Carlos. Sonny claimed that he owed it to Duke to capture Carlos and send Julian to jail. He asked Carly to have the same faith in him that he had in her. Reluctantly, she agreed and kissed her husband. After Sonny went to pack, Carly grabbed her things and left. A short time later, Sonny returned and immediately noticed his wife's absence. Alarmed, he wondered what Carly was up to.

At Jason's apartment, Jason and Sam woke up in bed together after making love. Sam snuggled next to him as he asked if she had any regrets. Sam playfully teased him then made love to him again. Afterwards, Jason sensed that something was on Sam's mind. Sam confessed that she was curious if being intimate with her had triggered any memories. Jason shook his head, but he admitted that making love to her had felt familiar. Sam beamed when he added that it had felt natural and like his first experience, which meant it had been the best of both worlds.

Later, Jason wondered if his and Sam's lovemaking had always been intense. Sam nodded and confessed that even though things had been familiar, they had also been different. Sam feared that she might have offended Jason and quickly tried to clarify things, but he assured her that he just wanted her to be herself and stop worrying. Sam smiled but warned Jason that word would soon get out that things had changed between them because Molly and Kristina were notoriously nosy. She wanted Jason to be prepared because people might ask what the nature of their relationship was.

Jason suggested that he and Sam tell people that they were starting fresh but not starting over. Sam liked the sound of that and kissed him. A short time later, Jason offered to order breakfast so they wouldn't have to leave the apartment. Sam ducked into the bathroom to shower while Jason called in the order. However, Carly knocked on the door. Carly was upset and explained that she needed Jason's help, but he tactfully told her that he had company. Sam poked her head out of the bathroom to ask where the shampoo was and saw Carly.

Carly apologized for the interruption but insisted that she needed to talk to Jason about an urgent matter. Sam decided to return to the bathroom to give Jason and Carly some privacy. After Sam left, Carly revealed that Sonny needed Jason.

Meanwhile, Kristina confronted Alexis about paying Parker a visit. Alexis sat on the sofa and calmly admitted that it was true. Kristina was furious because she resented her mother's interference and refusal to trust Kristina to make her own decisions. Kristina insisted that Parker had had nothing to do with Kristina's sexual confusion. Alexis promised that she knew Kristina was smart enough to figure things out, but Kristina wasn't satisfied and continued to rant at her mother.

After Kristina ran out of steam, Alexis acknowledged that it had been wrong of Alexis to assume that she knew Kristina better than Kristina knew herself. Surprised, Kristina wondered what had changed Alexis' mind. Alexis opened up about her visit with Parker, but Kristina thought Alexis had unfairly accused Parker. Alexis admitted that she was far from perfect and had made far more mistakes than Kristina had. Alexis realized that she had taken for granted that she knew Kristina and regretted making Kristina feel that Kristina couldn't be open about what was going on in Kristina's life.

Alexis begged Kristina for forgiveness. Kristina's eyes filled with tears as she conceded that Alexis hadn't been solely to blame for the lack of communication. Alexis and Kristina agreed to make a point of being more open with each other. Kristina confessed that it was difficult to live up to Alexis's expectations, but Alexis promised that she didn't have any. Alexis and Kristina decided to try to get to know each other all over again and hugged.

Kristina tensed when Alexis wondered what they should tell Sonny. Kristina admitted that she wasn't ready to have a discussion with her father until she had worked things out in her head. Alexis promised that Sonny loved Kristina but agreed to respect Kristina's wishes.

Nina gets heartbreaking news

Nina gets heartbreaking news

Friday, April 8, 2016

Nina made her way around the living room in a sexy negligee as she put romantic music on, set a bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket, and lit candles. After she assured herself that everything was ready, she waited for Franco to arrive home. Seconds later, Franco entered the apartment. He was pleasantly surprised when he saw her, but he asked about her text message claiming there was a fire. Nina smiled seductively as she opened her slinky robe and approached Franco.

After Franco and Nina made love, Franco joked that he was surprised the neighbors hadn't made a noise complaint. Nina grinned as she invited Franco to go a second round with her. He appreciated her enthusiasm, but he was curious why she was in such a good mood. Nina explained that she was waiting to hear from Dr. Lee because Nina was certain that she would be told that she could have children. Franco frowned because he recalled that he and Nina had agreed that she would not have the test, but Nina admitted that she had changed her mind and suggested that perhaps she and Franco had created a little bundle of joy.

Franco quickly pulled on his pants as he angrily reminded Nina that he had made it very clear that he did not want to pass his tainted DNA down to children, but Nina assured Franco that he would be a wonderful father because he loved Kiki and always dropped whatever he was doing when Jake called. Franco agreed that he enjoyed spending time with other people's children, but he didn't want any of his own because he saw the damage that could be done to a child. The argument was cut short when Dr. Lee called with the results of the tests.

A short time later, Franco tried to comfort Nina as she cried inconsolably because she was infertile. Franco assured Nina that everything would be fine, but Nina resented Franco's attempt to ease her pain, since she knew that he was thrilled about the results. Franco couldn't deny it, but he insisted that he loved Nina and didn't want to see her in pain. Nina was hurt and angry because Franco had gotten his way. She dropped the bottle of Champagne on the floor and ran to the bedroom in tears.

At Anna's house, Anna looked at Paul's unconscious body on her living room floor and vowed that she would not let anything stop her from capturing Carlos. Anna checked Paul's pulse to ensure that he was alive then dragged him to the foyer, where she handcuffed him to the staircase railing and covered his mouth with duct tape. Anna acknowledged that both she and Paul would face charges for their crimes, but she insisted that it would be worth it as long as Duke received justice. Anna quickly collected her bags but froze in her tracks when someone knocked on the door. She glanced at Paul to make certain he was still unconscious then tentatively answered the door.

Andre smiled gently as he greeted Anna, but she curtly told him that she was busy and didn't have time to talk. Andre explained that it was important because he'd heard about Carlos. Andre was worried about Anna, but she assured him that she was fine and continued to try to cut the conversation short. Andre realized that something was wrong and wondered if perhaps Anna was uncomfortable talking to him because of Jordan's concerns about Andre and Anna's relationship. Anna assured him that she was happy for Andre and Jordan and tried to close the door, but Andre heard a loud groan from inside.

Anna explained that Emma was sick, but she rushed to assure him that Emma had seen a pediatrician. Andre didn't believe her and asked what was really going on. Paul continued to groan as Andre promised to help Anna, but she refused to let Andre in and insisted there was nothing to worry about. Andre knew that she was lying, but he realized that it was pointless to argue. He hoped that she would trust him one day, and he left. Anna quickly closed the door and approached Paul.

Anna apologized to Paul as she reached for the cloth and covered his face until he passed out. Moments later, Anna left.

At Jason's apartment, Carly begged Jason to help because Sonny intended to go after Carlos. Jason was curious what Carly expected him to do, but Carly was distracted by a text message from Sonny. Carly's desperation mounted as she explained that Sonny intended to leave soon, and she needed Jason to talk Sonny out of going. Jason doubted that he'd have more influence over Sonny than Carly, but Carly was desperate and believed that Sonny would listen to Jason. Sam emerged from the bathroom to find out what Jason and Carly were talking about. Carly quickly filled Sam in and pleaded with Sam to back her up, but Sam explained that it was completely up to Jason.

After Jason left, Carly asked if Jason and Sam were officially back together. Sam smiled and told Carly that Jason and Sam were exactly where they needed to be. Carly was happy for Sam, but Sam suspected that Carly had hoped that Jason would remember everything and that things could return to the way they had been. Carly admitted that she would feel better if Jason was in charge of protecting Sonny, but Carly appreciated that Sam didn't want Jason in constant danger. Sam admitted that losing Jason had changed her view of things.

However, Sam realized that being safe wasn't in Jason's nature and that he had to be true to himself and make his own choices. Carly smiled because Sam was the only woman who accepted Jason unconditionally for who he was. Sam reminded Carly that Carly felt the same about Sonny, but Carly explained that it was different with Carlos because Carlos had nearly killed Sonny. Sam wondered what Carly would do if Jason couldn't stop Sonny.

At Greystone Manor, Michael entered the living room and greeted Sonny. Sonny looked up and grinned at Michael, but Michael noticed the suitcases. Sonny carefully explained that he was taking a short trip, but Michael quickly figured out that Sonny was going after Carlos. Michael insisted on joining Sonny because Michael was concerned about Sabrina and the baby, but Sonny refused to put Michael in a dangerous situation. Sonny added that Carly would never forgive Sonny, but Michael argued that he was an adult and could make his own decisions.

Sonny explained that he needed Michael to take care of the family while Sonny was gone. Sonny also asked Michael to visit Morgan often but not to tell Morgan about Carlos because Morgan needed to focus on getting better. Michael reluctantly agreed to respect Sonny's wishes, but Michael wanted Sonny's promise to be careful and to take care of Sabrina and the baby. Michael reminded Sonny that Carlos was dangerous, and the family couldn't take another scare like the last time Sonny had faced Carlos.

Later, Sonny retrieved a gun from the safe as someone knocked on the door. It was Jason. Sonny explained that he was on his way out of town, so Jason revealed that Carly had sent Jason to talk to Sonny. Sonny made it clear there was nothing to discuss unless Jason was there to help. Jason disagreed and reminded Sonny how fortunate Sonny was, especially with a woman like Carly at his side. Jason was curious if Carlos was worth losing everything that Sonny had for, but Sonny insisted that he had to go after Carlos because Sonny couldn't change who Sonny was.

Jason pointed out that Jason had changed, but Sonny disagreed because Jason had found his way back to both Sam and Carly. Jason couldn't understand why Sonny would go after a man who had nearly killed Sonny in the past, but Sonny's mind was made up.

Later, Jason returned to the apartment where Sam was waiting. He told her about his talk with Sonny and how they had discussed whether or not Jason had changed. Sam agreed with Sonny's assessment that Jason was still the same man at his core. Jason pointed out that Sam had changed. Sam admitted that she was more cautious than she had been, but she was happy. Jason smiled and kissed her.

Meanwhile, Carly arrived home, but Sonny was gone. Moments later, her cell phone rang. It was Sonny. Carly's eyes filled with tears as Sonny gently explained that Jason had failed to talk him out of going after Carlos. Carly reluctantly accepted Sonny's decision, but she begged him to be careful and to return to her. Sonny gave his word, but he urged her to lean on Michael until Sonny returned.

On Sonny's private jet, Sonny told Carly that he loved her and ended the call. Moments later, Anna joined him. She admitted that she'd had some trouble with Paul but it had been taken care of. Anna reminded Sonny of his promise not to kill Carlos and asked for assurance that he would keep his word.

In a hospital corridor, Dillon told Monica that Ned had gone home to get some rest. Monica knew the waiting had been difficult for both Dillon and Ned, but she promised that they would soon have answers. Moments later, Griffin rounded the corner. Griffin explained that he had successfully removed the cysts, infestation, and infection from Tracy's brain, but Monica sensed that Griffin was holding something back. Griffin admitted that Tracy remained unconscious. Dillon became upset, but Griffin urged Dillon to have faith.

In Tracy's hospital room, Finn paced the room and repeatedly asked Tracy to wake up. Finn seemed agitated as he began to bang on things in a frantic effort to rouse Tracy. Tracy remained unresponsive, so Finn switched tactics and admitted that he had grown fond of Tracy despite the fact that he was certain she had cheated when she had beaten him at Monopoly. Finn implored Tracy to wake up because he wanted a rematch.

Tracy's eyes fluttered open as she softly groaned in pain. Elated, Finn rushed to her side to ask how she felt. He told her about the seizure and emergency surgery when she complained that she felt as if she had been hit by a bus. Finn fluffed Tracy's pillow to make her comfortable as he assured her that the surgery had been a success. Tracy was curious if Finn had operated, but he clarified that he had assisted Dr. Munro. Tracy smiled weakly as she expressed her gratitude.

A short time later, Dillon, Monica, and Griffin saw Finn. Finn smiled as he announced that Tracy was awake and on the mend. Dillon asked if Tracy had been cured, but Finn carefully explained that the worst was behind Tracy. Griffin followed Finn to the elevator to ask if Finn was okay because Finn seemed distracted. Finn claimed that he was exhausted and needed some rest.

After Finn left, Dillon called Ned with an update. Monica took the opportunity to ask Griffin about Tracy's prognosis. Monica knew that some patients experienced behavioral changes after brain surgery. Griffin conceded that it was possible, but Monica wanted to know if it might be permanent. Griffin admitted that there was no way to tell.

Later, Dillon and Monica entered Tracy's hospital room. Dillon was relieved that his mother was awake and confided that both he and Ned had gone to the hospital's chapel to pray for her. Dillon assured Tracy that Ned was on his way. Monica grinned and accused Tracy of being the most hardheaded woman in the world. Tracy's eyes filled with tears as she asked Monica to step closer because Tracy wanted to tell Monica something. "I love you," Tracy softly said as Monica reached her side.

Monica was moved, but tried to hide it by blaming Tracy's sentimentality on the medications. Tracy insisted that it was true, and Tracy regretted not telling Monica sooner. Moments later, Michael entered the room. Monica and Dillon decided to give Michael and Tracy some time to visit. Michael was glad that Tracy was well, but he apologized for failing her with ELQ. Tracy assured Michael that it was fine because her illness had put things into perspective.

In the hospital's locker room, Finn was shaking and sweating as he made his way to his locker. He rolled up his sleeve and retrieved the small velvet pouch with his syringe and a vial from the top shelf. However, Finn was forced to shove it back into the locker and yank down his sleeve as Griffin called out to Finn. Finn pulled himself together to talk to Griffin.

After Finn changed clothes, he was annoyed when he saw Griffin still standing by the locker. Griffin had wanted to let Finn know that it had been a privilege to work with a doctor of Finn's caliber. Griffin frowned when he noticed that Finn seemed off and asked if Finn was ill. Finn insisted that he simply needed some time alone. Griffin admitted that he liked to reflect after a difficult surgery and thank God for guiding him through it. Finn scoffed at the suggestion that God had anything to do with it.

After Griffin left, Finn stumbled to a shower stall, sat down, and injected himself with the drug he carried in the vial.

Across town Griffin knocked on Anna's door, but there wasn't an answer. He set a little pink stuffed animal against the front of the door, along with a note to Emma, and he left.

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