General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 25, 2016 on GH

Monica was promoted, and she hired Finn. Carlos revealed that he and Sabrina were married. A mystery person followed Jason and Sam. Julian took steps to eliminate an eyewitness. Franco and Nina ended their relationship.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 25, 2016 on GH
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Learning to Deal with Problems Learning to Deal with Problems

Monday, April 25, 2016

Franco got off the elevator at the hospital with the puppy box. Monica demanded to know what was in the box, but he reminded her that he didn't answer to her. He advised her to "check with your boss." Monica observed that he hadn't changed at all, and the two bickered in the middle of the hallway. Monica left after being paged. Franco took the puppy out and wondered how Nina could say no to "someone so cute."

Jason observed that Franco was late for his session with Jake, but Jake insisted that Franco never missed. When Jason got up to check in with Elizabeth, Franco rounded the corner with the puppy in his arms. Jake asked about the puppy, and Franco told him that the puppy was in need of a home. Jake offered, so Franco put the puppy in the boy's arms.

Jason returned and explained to Jake that there was no room or time in their lives for a dog at the moment. Jake kept insisting that he wanted the dog as Jason kept insisting that he couldn't keep the dog. The back-and-forth finally culminated in Jake telling Jason, "I hate you." Monica appeared, and Jason briefly explained the situation to her. She called Franco unprofessional and promised to "deal with you later." Monica told Jake that the hospital groundskeeper was looking for a dog, and if the groundskeeper kept the dog, Jake could visit whenever he wanted. The two left.

"Enjoy the dog," Franco said over his shoulder as he walked away, but Jason stopped him. Jason informed Franco that Jason and Elizabeth would find Jake a new therapist after Franco "blew Jake off" and then upset him with the dog. Franco countered that the decision not to keep the dog had been Jason's, and he spouted off some facts about how helpful dogs were to trauma survivors.

Franco continued that Jake was lonely and reminded Franco of himself when he was a kid. "My kid is nothing like you," Jason growled. "Who are you to judge?" Franco wondered, citing all the killing Jason had done. Jason pinned Franco against a wall and regretted that he hadn't "made sure you died" when he'd shot Franco. "That you remember?" Franco cracked.

Nina arrived at Crimson and was annoyed to see that Julian had let himself into her office. She went on about not giving up or sacrificing anything for anyone else's needs anymore. He wondered if she'd gotten all of his messages asking for the magazine's financial reports. She emotionally sat down at her desk and looked for the reports but started crying. "I have a lot on my mind," she sobbed.

Julian handed Nina a handkerchief as she assured him that Crimson was doing great. She promised to email him the reports. Julian asked if she wanted to talk. She took him up on the offer and told him about Franco getting her a dog. Julian advised her that men were stupid, and he didn't like Franco, but it was clear that Franco cared about Nina. Nina wasn't sure that Franco knew the real her -- or if she even knew the real Franco. As she talked about how much secret-keeping and lying went on in a relationship, Julian tensed up.

"I just remembered a meeting I have to prepare for," Julian told Nina as he stood. She wondered if his sudden mood change had to do with Carlos. He insisted that any business he'd had with Carlos had been over for a long time. Nina thought that Julian had worked hard to change himself just like Nina had. However, she advised him that people had long memories, and depending of the statute of limitations, so did the court. He instructed her to worry about her own problems, because he could handle his own, and he left.

Michael picked up a baby's rattle from the floor and asked Sabrina's aunt about it. She claimed that it belonged to her friend Linda's baby, who had been over for a visit that morning. She made a mental note to call Linda so she could return the toy. Michael suggested that she call Linda that minute.

A few minutes later, a woman and a baby were at the door. Sabrina's aunt handed the rattle to Linda, who profusely thanked her and left. Michael made sure that the woman hadn't heard from Sabrina, and she promised to call if she heard anything. Michael gave her his card, and he and Felix left.

Back at the hotel room, Michael called the visit to Puerto Rico "a bust." Felix implored Michael to stay positive. Michael thought that they needed to go back to Port Charles and ask Carlos directly where Sabrina was.

Linda was back at Sabrina's aunt's house. She gave the rattle back to the aunt, who gave Linda money and her gratitude. Sabrina's aunt took the rattle to a baby in a crib at the back of her house.

In the interrogation room, Alexis informed Carlos that there was a good chance that the charges against him would be dismissed -- assuming Sabrina didn't return to Port Charles to testify against him, she added. He believed that Sabrina had the utmost love and loyalty for him, so she wouldn't return to testify against him. Carlos remembered his one problem: Sonny. He wanted the financial means to "disappear" and suggested that Julian could do that for him. If not, Carlos would take the plea deal and turn Julian in.

Later, Alexis returned home and found Molly perched in front of the front door. She immediately demanded to know why Alexis was defending Carlos. Alexis argued that her clients were her business, and that everyone was entitled to counsel. Molly went on about all of Carlos' crimes, and Alexis warned her daughter to calm down so they could have an "adult" conversation.

Alexis explained that not everything was black and white. Molly argued that Carlos' case was, and she called Carlos evil. Finally pushed over the edge, Alexis ran to the cabinet and retrieved the dagger she'd inherited from Helena. She explained that Helena had left her the dagger that Helena had used to kill Alexis' mother right in front of her. "That's evil," she concluded shakily.

Molly expressed grief for what Alexis had been through but suggested that, to Anna, Sonny, and Duke, Carlos was their Helena. She knew that Alexis had only taken the job because of Julian. "You could be the reason he gets away with murder," Molly warned. Alexis wondered if Molly hated her. "I could never," Molly assured her, but she thought that Alexis hated herself. Molly left Alexis holding the dagger and crying, which shocked Julian when he finally returned home.

In Sonny's office, Sonny asked Ric about Carlos' case, and Ric shared the bad news that Carlos' charges could get dismissed. Ric wondered if Sonny would kill Carlos if he went free. Sonny kept quiet about his plans, which set Ric off. Ric reminded Sonny of Ric's loyalty to his brother. Sonny only said that he was "considering my options," and that he would share with Ric on a need-to-know basis.

Sonny vowed to not let Carlos get away again and insisted that any action he took would be on his own. "On second thought, the less I know, the better," Ric said. Ric had another client to get to, so he left. Sonny called Max and instructed him to put the "contingency plan" into motion "fast."

Later, Ric was at the police station, on the phone with a client. A young guy entered the station and told an officer that he needed to speak to Jordan. Ric overheard the guy say that he had new evidence in the Duke Lavery murder case.

A short while later, Sonny called Max and praised his work.

Julian takes steps to deal with a witness

Julian takes steps to deal with a witness

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

At Julian and Alexis' house, Julian questioned why Alexis had the dagger that had been used to murder her mother. He noticed that his wife was upset and offered to dispose of the gruesome reminder of the tragedy, but Alexis admitted that she wasn't ready to get rid of it, and she put it back in the cabinet. Julian remained concerned because he saw Alexis was troubled. She told him about her argument with Molly and about Molly's accusation that Alexis had compromised Alexis' ethics by representing Carlos. Julian asked if Alexis agreed with Molly's assessment, but Alexis shook her head and assured Julian that she had acted within the bounds of her professional ethics by advising Carlos not to take Paul's plea deal because the district attorney's case was barely circumstantial.

Moments later, a friend at the courthouse called Alexis to let Alexis know that the judge was ready to rule on Alexis' petition to have Carlos' case dismissed. Alexis quickly ended the call, filled Julian in, and left.

In the interrogation room, Jordan questioned a young man named Hale who had information about Duke's murder. Hale was nervous, but Jordan offered to call a family member or friend to sit with him if it would help. Hale refused to involve his loved ones and revealed that he had witnessed Duke's murder. Jordan asked why it had taken him nearly a year to step forward. Hale reluctantly admitted that he'd been dealing with some "stuff" and added that he'd had a drug problem.

According to Hale, he'd been in Metro Court's garage, looking for cars to break into to support his drug habit, when he had noticed two men -- one dressed in a tuxedo and the other sporting street clothes -- arguing. Hale had been too far away to hear the details of the argument, but he recalled someone mentioning Julian Jerome's name. Hale explained that the man in the street clothes had waved around a gun until the man in the tuxedo had made a move to grab it. Hale was certain that the man in the tuxedo had gained the upper hand until a shot had gone off, and the man in the tuxedo had collapsed.

Hale had fled after the man in street clothes had dropped the gun and left. Jordan showed him a picture of Duke, whom Hale identified as the man in the tuxedo. Next, Jordan showed Hale a sheet of mug shots, which included one of Carlos. Hale didn't hesitate to point to Carlos as the shooter. Satisfied, Jordan called a judge then stepped out of the room to ask the desk sergeant to call a stenographer to type up a witness statement.

Moments later, Alexis entered the squad room, looking for Paul because Judge White was ready to rule on Alexis' motion to have Carlos' case vacated. Jordan informed Alexis that an eyewitness had stepped forward and identified Carlos as the shooter. Jordan was confident that both Carlos and Julian would soon end up locked behind bars, but Alexis questioned the timing of an eyewitness conveniently turning up on the very day a judge intended to dismiss the case.

Later, Jordan gave Hale her business card and invited him to call her if he had any questions. Hale became anxious when she told him that he would have to meet with the district attorney. Hale balked at the idea of testifying, but Jordan was certain that Carlos's attorney would advise Carlos to take the plea bargain.

Meanwhile, Sonny was in his office when Ric called to arrange a meeting. Sonny agreed to wait for Ric's arrival, but Sonny warned his brother to make it quick because Sonny had plans to celebrate Sonny's birthday with Carly and the family. After Sonny ended the call, Carly walked in to liberate her husband and take him to his party, but Sonny explained that Ric was on his way to share some potentially good news. Carly decided to check in with Josslyn and called her daughter.

After the call, Carly admitted that Josslyn's recent trip to the hospital had reminded Carly of everything that Josslyn had endured, including a kidney transplant. She admitted that it bothered her that she had no idea where Josslyn had gotten the kidney, since it hadn't been from Jake. Moments later, Ric arrived and asked to speak to Sonny privately. Carly reluctantly gave Ric five minutes and left. Ric quickly filled Sonny in about the witness who had stepped forward to identify Carlos as Duke's killer.

"Happy Birthday, Sonny," Ric added as Sonny flashed a smile. Sonny acknowledged that the eyewitness was fortuitous and would force Carlos to cooperate with Paul. Ric questioned the serendipitous appearance of an eyewitness, but Sonny shifted gears and announced that he had a job for Ric. A short time later, Carly returned to fetch Sonny. Ric promised to take care of everything and left.

Carly immediately questioned Sonny about Ric's parting comment. Sonny admitted that he'd given Ric a job, but Carly was uneasy and advised Sonny not to trust Ric because Ric was a "snake in the grass" who was only interested in what was best for Ric. Sonny suggested that Carly might have a change of heart if Ric successfully completed the assignment. Sonny explained that he had asked Ric to find out where the doctors had gotten Josslyn's kidney.

At Franco and Nina's apartment, Ava stopped by with dinner. Ava noticed that Kiki had used the deadbolt, which surprised Ava because Kiki had never used it in the past despite Ava's numerous lectures. Kiki admitted that a person couldn't be too careful in Port Charles. Ava tensed at the reminder of Kiki's recent shooting, but Ava pasted on a smile and unpacked the bag from the Floating Rib as she admitted that she couldn't wait until Kiki and Avery were back home and they could enjoy dinner as a family. Kiki gently told her mother that Kiki was already home.

Ava assured Kiki that the danger had passed, and Ava only had a few loose ends to tie up, but Kiki admitted that it would be best for Kiki to stay with Franco and Nina. Ava promised that she would not let anyone hurt Kiki, but Kiki pointed out that it was too late. Ava tried to hide how upset she was with Kiki's decision and announced that she had to leave. Kiki wondered what she should do with all the food, but Ava smiled brightly and told her daughter to enjoy dinner and save the rest for leftovers.

A short time later, Ava arrived at Julian's to talk to him about the danger she was in and Kiki's reluctance to move home with Ava. Julian assured Ava there was nothing to worry about because he had talked to the men in the organization. Ava wondered why she should trust anyone in the organization after they had made her bed "a grave for little animals," so Julian confided that he was back in charge. Stunned, Ava wondered why Julian had resumed control of the organization, but he reminded her that it had been necessary to safeguard her from danger.

Julian explained that taking the reins of the Jerome organization had been the only way to ensure both he and Ava could do right by their children. Ava wondered how Alexis felt about his decision, but he warned his sister that Alexis could never know. Ava feared that Julian was walking a fine line because if Alexis didn't find out then Sonny would -- and Sonny wouldn't hesitate to share the news with Alexis. Julian insisted that the decision had been made. Moments later, Alexis arrived home and quickly filled Julian in about the new developments in Carlos' case.

Julian began to ask Alexis questions, but she decided to change into something comfortable first. Alexis brightened when Julian told her that Leo was asleep upstairs, so Alexis decided to check in on the baby. After Alexis exchanged a stilted greeting with Ava and left, Ava urged Julian to deal with Carlos once and for all by having Carlos killed. Julian insisted there was a better way, but he advised Ava to stay out of it because she was finally free of the organization. After Ava left, Julian called Hammer and explained that he needed a witness taken care of.

At the hospital, Franco goaded Jason by suggesting that Jason preferred to be alone with his gun because Jason's art was killing people. Jason's temper exploded as he shoved Franco against the wall. Jason growled that he should have made certain Franco had died when Jason had shot Franco in the garage. Franco thought it was interesting that Jason had remembered the incident and continued to taunt Jason about being a killer, but Liesl walked up and threatened to call security if Jason didn't release Franco. Jason warned Franco to stay away from Jake then he let go. Franco didn't miss a beat as he asked if Jason was afraid that Franco would tell Jake that Jason was a killer.

Franco continued to push Jason's buttons until Jason lunged at Franco and wrapped his hands around Franco's neck. Liesl desperately tried to get Jason to release Franco, but Jason was infuriated and threatened to kill Franco. Eventually, Sam saw the commotion and quickly intervened. After Sam dragged Jason away, Liesl asked why Franco had intentionally provoked Jason. Franco admitted that a game wasn't worth playing without a worthy opponent.

Liesl reminded Franco that he had to accept a parent's decision to remove their child from therapy. Franco argued that Jake needed Franco's help, but Liesl suggested that Franco should have thought about that before Franco had antagonized Jason. Franco explained that Jason never missed an opportunity to get in Franco's face and tell Franco how much Jason despised Franco. He doubted that Liesl would turn the other cheek if people had done the same to her. Liesl pointed out that she had done exactly that, but Franco coldly wondered how that had worked out for her, since everyone hated her, and he was her only friend.

Franco decided that redemption was an illusion, but Liesl admitted that she had never been interested in redemption. Franco revealed that he had tried hard to redeem himself and live a normal life, but it hadn't been worth it, and he was ready to give up the ghost and become the man he had been born to be. Liesl urged Franco not to let his animosity toward Jason ruin everything Franco had built, but he insisted that his life wasn't that great, especially since things were falling apart with Nina. Liesl argued that Franco did important work and advised him not to give up on Nina because it was clear that Franco and Nina were meant to be together.

Franco received a text message from Nina informing him that they had to talk. He showed it to Liesl and explained that Nina intended to end things with him. Liesl disagreed and urged Franco not to give up. She invited Franco to go to the Floating Rib for a drink, but Franco declined. Liesl assured him that the offer would remain open, warned him to stay away from Jason, and left.

At the Floating Rib, Dillon invited Nina to have a drink with him, but she thought it would be best to keep things professional between them. Dillon admitted that it wouldn't be easy because she had kissed him the previous night. Nina groaned because the reminder was like having "a bad dream chased with an awful hangover." Dillon smiled, but Nina cut to the chase and asked how much it would cost her for Dillon not to tell Julian about the incident. Dillon assured her that he had no intention of saying anything to Julian, which only made Nina more anxious because she assumed that Dillon intended to file a lawsuit.

Dillon explained that he simply wanted everything to be "cool" between him and Nina because he liked working for her and loved his job. Dillon promised that he would never hold the kiss against her or judge her. Nina was relieved, but Dillon was curious how Franco had taken the news. She admitted that Franco didn't know, and she doubted that Franco would care.

Later, Nina thanked Dillon for getting her home safely and for keeping things from getting out of control. Dillon credited Kiki with helping him. Nina frowned and told Dillon that Kiki had been locked up in the apartment since leaving the hospital. Nina suspected that Kiki had been more affected by the shooting than anyone realized. Dillon decided to drop off the rest of Maxie's engagement gifts and left.

A short time later, Liesl approached the bar, ordered a drink, and instructed the bartender to put the cocktail on Nina's tab. Nina wondered why she should pay for her aunt's drink, but Liesl suggested that Nina consider it a small token of appreciation for the advice that Liesl intended to dispense. Liesl explained that Franco was the best thing to happen to Nina and urged Nina to forgive Franco. Nina insisted that it wasn't that simple, but Liesl disagreed and told Nina to put on Nina's "big girl panties."

Liesl added that anything worth having required work. Liesl acknowledged that Nina and Franco's problems might not be resolved in one conversation, but it would be a good start. Nina explained that Franco hadn't even responded to Nina's text messages, but Liesl promised to take care of everything.

At the hospital, Franco called Kiki to let her know that his shift had been canceled, and he would be home soon. However, he hoped to avoid Nina. Kiki assured him that Nina wasn't there, but someone knocked on the door. Kiki suspected that it might be Nina and told Franco to hold on. Franco's phone chimed as he waited, so he checked and saw a text message from Liesl insisting that he meet Liesl at the Floating Rib. Franco told Kiki there had been a change of plans, and he ended the call.

At the Floating Rib, Sam handed Jason a beer, which she hoped would take the edge off his anger. Jason accused Franco of playing games with him and using art therapy to get closer to Jake. Sam advised Jason to talk to Elizabeth about it, but Jason doubted it would do any good because Franco would find a way to control the situation. Jason regretted not killing Franco when he'd had the chance. Sam perked up and asked if Jason had recalled something, but Jason explained that it had felt more like an instinct than a memory. He confided that he suspected that Franco was as dangerous as he had been in the past.

Sam explained that Franco had never paid for Franco's crimes and had walked away a free man because of a "brain tumor defense." However, she refused to dwell on the past because she was determined to move forward. Sam hoped Jason chose to follow her lead. Jason wondered what was at the root of Franco's attitude toward Jason and Sam, but she clarified that it wasn't about her -- Franco had always been obsessed with Jason. Sam revealed that Franco had arrived in town a few years earlier, claiming to be Jason's twin brother. Sam added that Franco had been envious of the life that Jason had had.

"It finally came out you weren't related, obviously, but it didn't matter to Franco," Sam revealed. Jason believed that Franco had everyone convinced that Franco was a normal guy, but Sam disagreed because she knew the truth. Jason admitted that he did, too, because he'd had a glimpse of the old Franco at the hospital, so he was determined to keep Franco away from Jake. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam were unaware that Franco had entered the bar. Franco saw Jason and Sam and quickly turned and left.

Nina saw Franco and called out to him, but he ignored her. Surprised, she turned to her aunt for an explanation. Nearby, Jason invited Sam to take a ride on the motorcycle with him, since Danny was spending the night at Monica's. Sam happily agreed. A few minutes later, Jason and Sam left as someone followed them out of the bar.

At the apartment, Kiki tensed as someone continued to knock. She relaxed when Dillon identified himself. Kiki opened the door and noticed Dillon's disheveled state. She was curious if he had been mugged, but he explained that he had a flat tire and wondered if she knew how to change a tire. Kiki invited him inside for a drink of water as he told her about his long day at work. Kiki suspected he was lying because Crimson was across town, and she knew about Maxie's engagement party. Caught, Dillon admitted that the flat tire had been a ruse to check on her because he had been worried about her when someone had expressed genuine concern for her.

Kiki assured Dillon that she was fine. Dillon was pleased but admitted that he still needed help with his tire because he had let the air out of it to make his story believable. Kiki smiled because she appreciated the effort he had gone through to lure her out. Moments later, Nina arrived home. Kiki announced that Kiki and Dillon were leaving and added that Nina need not wait up. Nina asked about Franco, but Kiki had no idea where he was.

The FBI takes Hayden into custody

The FBI takes Hayden into custody

> The FBI takes Hayden into custody

The FBI takes Hayden into custody

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In the parking garage, Dillon waited for the American Automobile Association to answer his call as Kiki asked if he intended to tell them that he had intentionally deflated his tire to lure her out. Dillon smiled because he was confident that AAA would understand and teasingly added that the incident might inspire his next script. Dillon switched gears to ask how Kiki had been handling being out of the apartment. Kiki grinned because she was doing surprisingly well.

Later, Dillon rolled a tire toward Kiki after giving up on AAA. Kiki noticed that Dillon knew what he was doing, so he admitted that he had learned to change a tire while living in Los Angeles. Kiki was curious why he had left Los Angeles, since he wanted a career in the movie industry. Dillon explained that his brother had asked him to visit Tracy, but he had decided to stay when Paul had returned to Port Charles. Dillon admitted that he was glad he had been on hand when Tracy had fallen ill.

Dillon turned the conversation to a different topic by opening up about his first girlfriend's tragic murder and how he had hidden from the world after Georgie had died. He warned Kiki that hiding out wouldn't do her any good and revealed that he had discovered that being occasionally scared had been better than feeling numb, because it had made him feel alive again. However, he made it clear that he had relied on the support of his friends and family. Dillon took a break from changing the tire to talk about his depression after Georgie's death, prompting Kiki to confide that she always felt nervous and jumped when she heard loud noises.

Dillon thought it made sense for Kiki to be afraid because she had been through "hell." He advised her to give herself a break because sometimes the mind and spirit took longer to heal than the body. Kiki told Dillon that Morgan had been through a lot, too, but Morgan had been getting better every day. She admitted that she wanted the same thing for herself. After Dillon finished changing the tire and putting everything away, he pointed out that she had managed to stay with him without having a meltdown.

Kiki realized that Dillon was right and smiled. Dillon suggested they take the next step by leaving the garage and offered to buy her ice cream. Kiki smiled and climbed into the passenger seat of his car.

At the Freedman Clinic, Morgan sent Kiki an instant message, but she didn't reply. In the hallway, Kristina bumped into a young man. She assumed he was a patient, since he didn't have a visitor's tag, and asked if he knew her brother Morgan. The young man explained that he'd only been at the clinic a short while, but he was forced to admit that he was a visitor when Morgan stepped out of the visitor room and saw Kristina. The young man apologized for the deception and admitted that he had wanted to keep their conversation going.

After the young man left, Kristina and Morgan entered the visitor room where Kristina handed Morgan a music player as she revealed that she had downloaded her favorite "happy music," which helped her get out of bed whenever she wanted to hide under the covers. Morgan thanked her for the gift and made a remark about the guy who had been hitting on her. Kristina assured Morgan that he was wrong, but he was surprised that she had missed it. Morgan admitted that he expected more from someone who attended college. Kristina suddenly realized that Morgan hadn't heard about her suspension from school or about Parker.

Kristina opened up to Morgan about her offer to trade sex for a good grade and confided that Parker was a woman. Morgan was stunned that Kristina had been suspended, but Kristina was shocked that he wasn't more surprised that she'd been interested in a woman. Morgan explained that it hadn't been a big deal to him because he had always assumed that college was a time for girls to experiment. Morgan suddenly held up his hand, and he waited for his sister to give him a high-five. "Way to go," Morgan added because he was happy that her suspension meant he wasn't the only "screw-up" in the family.

Relieved by Morgan's reaction, Kristina hugged her brother. However, she warned him that she didn't want Sonny to know Parker was a woman because she was afraid that Sonny's head would "explode." Morgan assured Kristina that their father was pretty open-minded, but she didn't want to put Sonny to the test. Morgan thanked Kristina for trusting him with her secret because he resented how the rest of the family acted like he was fragile. Kristina hugged Morgan again and left.

In the hallway, Kristina bumped into the young man she had met earlier. The young man apologized for the misunderstanding and asked if she would be interested in hanging out with him. Kristina smiled and agreed. Meanwhile, Morgan sent Kiki another message, but she didn't respond.

Outside of town, Jason and Sam ran through the rain to seek shelter in a barn, unaware that someone had followed them. The person watched Jason and Sam through a window in the barn as Jason apologized to Sam for suggesting a motorcycle ride without checking the weather forecast. Sam assured him that it was fine and admitted that she had enjoyed the adventure. Jason and Sam found some lanterns to light and a tarp to put down while they waited for the rain to stop.

Later, Sam watched through the window as Jason returned to the barn. She asked if he'd managed to flag down the person who had pulled away in a car, but Jason shook his head. Sam was concerned because Jason had had an altercation with Franco earlier in the day, and she couldn't imagine why someone would drive to the barn but leave without entering. Jason assured Sam there was nothing to worry about and kissed her, but Sam explained that she was afraid for Jason because she didn't want Franco to do anything to take Jason away from her and Danny. Jason promised that he wasn't going anywhere and suggested that they focus on staying warm and entertaining each other. Sam relaxed and kissed him.

After Jason and Sam made love, Sam snuggled under a blanket next to Jason as she asked him what he had been thinking about. He assured her that he was happy, but he was troubled by his violent reaction to both Franco and Nikolas. Sam admitted that she was worried about what Franco would do to Jason, but he assured her it was fine because Franco should be more concerned about Jason. Meanwhile, a hooded person stood in the rain and spied on Jason and Sam through a window.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Julian spoke to his associate on the phone and instructed Hammer to find the witness against Carlos and make certain the guy didn't talk. "Julian?" Alexis asked as she stood at the bottom of the stairs with Leo perched on her hip. Julian quickly ended the call and took Leo from Alexis as she asked who Julian had been talking to. Julian claimed it had been about work, but Alexis didn't believe him. Resigned, Julian lied and told her that he had hired a security firm to guard her because he refused to take any chances with her life while she worked a high-profile case.

Alexis braced herself then asked if Julian had done anything to compromise himself for the case. Julian didn't hesitate to tell her no, but he quickly changed the subject by announcing that he would put Leo back to bed. After Julian left the room, Alexis pulled out the witness statement and read the information about Hale Garrett, including his long history of drug use. She folded the document when Julian returned to the living room and asked what she had been reading. Alexis explained that it was the witness statement, but she refused to share any of the details as she tucked it away in her briefcase.

Alexis reminded Julian that some secrets were necessary because of her job. Julian apologized but insisted that he'd been concerned about Alexis' welfare because he was worried that Sonny might have been responsible for the eyewitness stepping forward. Alexis assured Julian that she would flush out the truth if the witness wasn't legitimate and added that the witness might not be all that credible. Julian wondered why, but Alexis feared that she had said too much. Moments later, Leo cried, so Alexis decided to check on the baby.

Alexis reminded Julian that she loved their life together and asked his assurance that they both would do everything possible to protect it. Julian promised Alexis that he was committed to her and their family. He waited until she left the room before he quickly retrieved the witness statement. After he returned the document to her briefcase, he called Hammer to give Hammer the new information and added that Hale had been a junkie.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden approached Curtis' table as she loudly demanded service. Curtis warned Hayden to be careful because people in the food industry, as well as bartenders, had ways of getting back at rude or self-entitled customers. "Like spitting in their drink," Curtis added for clarification. Hayden snidely wondered if those were "pearls of wisdom" from a former cocaine addict, but instantly regretted the harsh words and apologized. Hayden explained that she had been in a very bad place because everything had gone wrong. Curtis was stunned when Hayden told him about Nikolas' decision to sell the ELQ shares to Jason.

Hayden revealed that all she would get was the five million promised to her in the ironclad prenuptial agreement, but she had wanted more. Curtis advised Hayden to take the money and run, but Hayden insisted that she had hoped to repay some of the investors her father had bilked out of money. Curtis was surprised that she was sincere, but he reminded her that it wasn't her responsibility to clean up her father's mess and urged her to find someone who would genuinely make her happy. Hayden appeared dejected as she admitted that she had to leave for a meeting that would likely result in more bad news.

At the nurses' station, Epiphany slammed down a phone in frustration. Finn was reading a chart on the computer and asked if everything was okay. Epiphany explained that there had been a pill count issue on the tenth floor dispensary, which she was in charge of. Epiphany was furious that she was being audited because someone had fallen down on the job and couldn't do basic math. After Epiphany stormed off, Finn strode across the hall and entered Tracy's hospital room.

Tracy was in a chipper mood as she packed her clothes in preparation to go home in the morning. Finn teased her about being eager to get away from him, but she warned him that she wasn't through with him by a long shot. Finn wondered if that was an invitation to the Quartermaine mansion for a backgammon rematch. "Perhaps," Tracy said with a smile, but she clarified that she had been referring to something far more serious.

Tracy revealed that she planned to attend an emergency board meeting the following day to defend Finn. Finn hadn't realized that he'd been wronged, but Tracy insisted that the hospital needed an infectious disease specialist and internist like Finn. Tracy claimed that Liesl's refusal to hire him was proof that Liesl had not been acting in the hospital's best interest. Tracy intended to rectify the problem by making certain that Finn was hired.

Moments later, Hayden arrived for her meeting with Tracy. Tracy introduced Finn to Hayden and added that Hayden was also known as Rachel Berlin. Finn tensed when he recognized the name, but he quickly excused himself and left. Hayden cut to the chase to ask why Tracy had wanted to see Hayden in person. "You're fired," Tracy answered with a smirk. Hayden wondered if it had been necessary to tell Hayden in person.

"Yes," Tracy replied without hesitation. Hayden acknowledged that Hayden had only herself to blame for losing everything, but Tracy refused to feel sorry for Hayden. Tracy imagined that Hayden had been a bright star before Raymond's scandal, but Tracy also knew that Hayden was a "self-serving bitch."

Near the nurses' station, Epiphany approached Finn and somberly told him that she had something difficult to ask. Finn worried that it might have to do with Roxy, but Epiphany handed him a piece of paper and explained that she expected him to participate in the annual Nurses Ball. Finn balked because he couldn't sing, dance, or do magic, but Epiphany refused to take no for an answer. After Epiphany left to count pills on the tenth floor, Finn returned to Tracy's hospital room as Hayden left. Hayden brushed passed him and apologized for bumping into him.

Finn wondered if Hayden was truly sorry about the lives her father had destroyed. Hayden assured Finn that she hadn't known about her father's illegal business dealings until it had been too late. Finn wasn't satisfied because Hayden's father had bled Finn's medical foundation dry. Hayden promised that she would repay all the investors if she could, but Finn scoffed because it always boiled down to money for people like her. He wondered if she had looked the other way because she had enjoyed her father's riches.

At a loss for words, Hayden walked away. Tracy had overheard the conversation, but Finn didn't notice as he returned to the nurses' station. Tracy followed Finn and told him what she had eavesdropped. She was curious who he'd been referring to when he'd told Hayden that her father had destroyed lives. Finn quietly admitted that the best doctor he'd ever known had been hurt by Raymond Berlin.

At the Floating Rib, Hayden sat down at Curtis' table and told him about her encounter with Tracy and run-in with Finn. Curtis suggested that Hayden lay low for a while until the storm blew over, but she explained that it never would. Curtis pointed out that she had hit rock bottom, so things couldn't get worse. Hayden agreed and accepted his offer to buy her a drink. After Curtis went to the bar, two men in dark suits approached Hayden, identified themselves as agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and informed her that she had to leave with them.

Carlos reveals that Sabrina married him

Carlos reveals that Sabrina married him

Thursday, April 28, 2016

At the hospital, Monica huddled with several nurses and orderlies outside the conference room door as they all listened to Tracy loudly reminding the board members what the Quartermaines had done for the hospital. Finn passed by as he spoke on the phone with the airline to reiterate that he would be traveling with an exotic service animal. Monica overheard and followed him to the nurses' station. After he ended the call, she asked if he was returning to Minneapolis. Finn pointed out that Tracy was well, his job was done, and Liesl hadn't offered him a job. Monica glanced at the conference room and suggested that Finn wait, but Finn didn't see the point.

Moments later, Liesl stormed out of the conference room and caught the staff eavesdropping. She angrily ordered everyone to return to work, but Tracy strolled out sporting a flowing silk headscarf and reminded Liesl that Liesl's reign had ended. Liesl sputtered with outrage, but Tracy assured Liesl that Liesl wasn't out of a job -- she'd just been demoted. Liesl wondered what assurance she would have that her replacement wouldn't fire her, so Tracy suggested they ask Monica. Monica was stunned as Tracy confirmed that the board had voted for Monica to take over as chief of staff.

Finn encouraged Monica to take the offer. Monica smiled and happily agreed, but Monica quickly promised that she wanted to work with Liesl. Liesl ignored Monica's outstretched hand and marched off. Monica decided to hire Finn as her first act as chief of staff, but he surprised both Monica and Tracy by turning down the job. Monica and Tracy ushered Finn into the conference room to find out why he had changed his mind about staying in Port Charles.

Finn explained that he had research in Minneapolis that he had to get back to, but Tracy assured him that he could continue his work in Port Charles. Finn insisted that he required complete autonomy, and he refused to share his lab. At Tracy's urging, Monica agreed to whatever terms Finn had. Finn smiled and accepted the job offer.

Later, a young woman named Terry approached Monica to hand Monica a stack of files and binders. Terry explained that Liesl had been working on time-sensitive matters that required Monica's immediate attention and added that Monica had a meeting in twenty minutes. After Terry left, Monica set the stack of work on the counter as she admitted that she hadn't missed the paperwork that went with the job. Monica picked up a pharmacy audit at the top of the stack, unaware that Tracy read it over her shoulder. Concerned, Tracy wondered if the board knew about the pill shortage, but Monica threatened to order a two-hour colonoscopy for Tracy if Tracy breathed a word of it to anyone.

A short time later, Monica wheeled Tracy to the elevator. One of the board members exited the elevator and congratulated Monica on the promotion. Monica thanked the man for his vote, but he revealed that he had been part of the faction who had opposed Monica's reinstatement as chief of staff. He pointedly looked at Tracy as he told Monica that someone had shouted the faction down, so he hoped Monica proved him wrong. After the man left, Monica asked if Tracy had been the driving force behind the promotion, but Tracy wondered if Monica intended to make a big fuss. "Possibly," Monica answered as she pushed the wheelchair into the elevator.

"No," Tracy answered, but Monica smiled and squeezed Tracy's shoulder affectionately. Tracy smiled as she lovingly patted Monica's hand.

In the barn, Jason and Sam woke up to the crow of a rooster. Jason cuddled with Sam, but she reminded him that it was time to leave. Jason assured her that they could stay a bit longer and made love to her. Outside, a hooded figure watched Jason and Sam through the window.

Later, Jason and Sam took a last look around as Sam suggested they return to the barn the next time they needed to get away, but Jason warned her that it might be sooner than anticipated. Concerned, Sam wondered if he was worried about Franco. Jason growled that they couldn't escape "that freak," but Sam pointed out that at least his encounter with Franco had sparked a memory. Jason followed Sam outside until she stopped short when she noticed a set of footprints on the porch. Jason took a closer look and determined that the footprints were fresh, prompting Sam to wonder if the owner of the barn had seen them. Jason joked that whoever had spied on them had gotten a good show.

Meanwhile, Franco entered his apartment and saw Nina waiting in the living room. She noticed his muddy boots and asked where he had been all night. Franco slid off the boots as he told Nina that he'd had car trouble, but she sensed that he was hiding something. Franco claimed that he had decided to stay in the art room at the hospital and paint after his last patient had left, but Nina remained skeptical. Franco reminded her that he'd been painting all his life, but Nina knew he hadn't painted all night because she had seen him at the Floating Rib. Franco conceded that he had left and gone to a couple of bars, but he had pulled to the side of the road when he'd realized he'd had too much to drink.

According to Franco, he had slept in his car and woken up to discover that it had been stuck in mud. Nina pointed out that he could have called her, but he disagreed because they'd been having trouble communicating in recent weeks. Franco admitted that he and Nina were at a fork in the road and needed to decide which way to proceed and if they wanted to go together. Nina's eyes filled with tears as she told him that she hadn't been able to sleep all night because she'd been worried about him. Franco insisted that he didn't want to argue, but she asked if he'd given up on their relationship.

Franco and Nina's discussion turned heated as they argued about their different expectations and views on parenthood. Nina tearfully explained that she didn't know how to process losing twenty years of her life, a baby, and her ability to have another child. Nina insisted that she needed understanding and time, but Franco told her that he could never give her what she wanted because he didn't want to be a father. Nina was crushed as Franco gently assured her that they could move forward, but she would have to say goodbye. Franco wished that he could be enough for Nina, but he knew that he couldn't because he didn't want children.

A short time later, Nina emerged from the bedroom with two packed bags and announced that she would be staying at Metro Court. Franco reminded her that the apartment belonged to her, but Nina wanted Franco and Kiki to stay. At the door, Nina told Franco that she would send for her things, but she became increasingly upset because she had never ended a relationship with someone. Franco softy advised her to put one foot in front of the other, but she argued that it wasn't that easy. Nina asked if Franco would be okay, but he admitted that it didn't matter.

After Nina left, Franco closed the door and assured Nina that he would be just fine. "I know exactly how to handle rejection," Franco added. Later, Franco sat on the floor and sketched a picture of Nina.

At Nathan and Maxie's apartment, Maxie woke Nathan up because she needed him. Nathan smiled as he groggily turned toward her and suggestively told her that he needed her too. "Ruffled or naked?" Maxie asked. Confused, Nathan asked what she was talking about, so she held up two pictures -- each featuring a different wedding cake -- and asked which he preferred. Nathan decided to leave the wedding details to her, but she needed his input because she didn't want to inadvertently do anything that might remind him of his wedding to Claudette.

Maxie decided that she needed to know all the details about Nathan's first wedding to avoid any similarities, but he reminded her that it had been a marriage of convenience. He explained that he and Claudette had gone to the courthouse one summer afternoon and seen a justice of the peace. Maxie wasn't satisfied, but Nathan became frustrated and told her not to cheat if she wanted to be different. A short time later, Nathan returned to the bedroom and apologized for snapping at her because he knew she'd never be unfaithful. Maxie admitted that she was afraid he might break her heart because he'd cared enough about Claudette to marry her.

Maxie was curious what Nathan would do if Claudette showed up hoping to rekindle things. Nathan assured Maxie that it was unlikely to happen because Claudette had never loved him. Maxie feared that he hadn't told her everything, so he conceded that she was right because he didn't know everything about her marriage to Matt or her relationship with Spinelli. Maxie argued that Nathan had always known about both men. Nathan didn't want his marriage to Claudette to continue to be an issue and invited Maxie to ask him anything she wanted, but she surprised him by deciding that she was done worrying about it and was ready to move forward.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly greeted Michael with a hug and pointed out that she hadn't seen him in a while. Michael apologized and explained that he'd been caught up in something. Moments later, Sonny joined them. Michael wished Sonny a happy belated birthday. Sonny thanked Michael and asked about Michael's trip to Puerto Rico. Michael realized that Sonny knew about Michael's search for Sabrina and quickly defended his decision to help her. Sonny, Carly, and Michael entered the dining room and sat down at a table as Carly urged Michael to respect Sabrina's choices.

Michael reminded Carly that she had made poor choices in the past and had needed someone to step up and help her, but Sonny argued that Sabrina couldn't be trusted and Carlos was a dangerous man. Sonny insisted that he didn't want Michael near the situation and promised to find Sabrina, but Michael refused to leave it to Sonny and walked out. Carly was upset, but Sonny assured her that he would handle it and followed Michael out.

At the bar, Sam met with Maxie and asked why Maxie had called. Maxie became distracted when she noticed a piece of straw in Sam's hair. Maxie plucked it out of her friend's hair and questioned Sam, but Sam wanted to focus on Maxie. Maxie explained that she needed Sam's professional help to find out what Nathan was hiding. Surprised, Sam pressed for details. Maxie filled Sam in about Nathan's marriage to Claudette and added that she was certain Nathan still had secrets. Maxie was startled when Sam refused to take the case.

Hurt, Maxie insisted that she loved Nathan with all her heart, but she couldn't marry him with questions hanging over them. Sam advised Maxie to talk to Nathan, but Maxie explained that she had already given Nathan a chance to clear the air by asking him what he would do if Claudette showed up wanting to reconnect with him. Maxie revealed that Nathan had dismissed the possibility rather than assure her that he would slam the door on Claudette. Sam chuckled because it wasn't proof that Nathan still carried a torch for his ex-wife.

Annoyed, Maxie decided to hire someone, but Sam didn't want anyone taking advantage of Maxie and reluctantly agreed to take the case. Maxie was relieved, but Sam warned Maxie that Maxie might regret it.

Nearby, Carly saw Finn as he arrived for a bite to eat. She thought it was late for him to start the day, but he revealed that he'd already been at work and shared the news that news about his new job. Carly congratulated Finn and added that Josslyn would be happy to hear that she could continue to spend time with Roxy. Finn and Carly sat down as they chatted about Josslyn's health. Carly admitted that the hospital was a wonderful place, but it had its dark side.

Carly told Finn about the discovery that Jake hadn't donated a kidney to Josslyn, but she revealed that Sonny intended to find out where the hospital had gotten the kidney. Finn hoped Carly was prepared for what Sonny might find out.

Meanwhile, Sonny entered his office as he spoke to Max on the phone. Sonny wasn't happy when Max told him that Michael was at the police station, but he asked Max to stay close to Michael. After Sonny ended the call, Jason knocked on the door and entered the office. Jason was curious why Sonny had called. Sonny explained that Michael was determined to find Sabrina. Sonny conceded that it was possible Carlos had kidnapped Sabrina, but Sonny didn't want Michael involved because it was too dangerous.

Jason wondered how he could help. Sonny admitted that Michael wouldn't listen to Sonny, but Michael might be more receptive to Jason because Jason and Michael had a different relationship. Jason doubted that he could persuade Michael to stop searching for Sabrina, but Sonny asked Jason to keep an eye on Michael because Jason had the skills to protect Michael if necessary. Jason was reluctant to get involved, but he agreed to help if Michael landed in trouble.

At the police station, Michael asked if Nathan had delivered Michael's message. Nathan nodded and told him that Carlos was waiting in the interrogation room. Michael started to enter the room, but Nathan explained that he had to pat Michael down first. After, Nathan cleared Michael, Michael entered the room. Moments later, Liesl entered the squad room to ask Nathan to join her for lunch. Nathan couldn't leave, but he noticed that Liesl was upset.

Liesl assured Nathan that it was nothing, but he didn't believe her. "Mom, what's wrong?" Nathan asked. Liesl's eyes welled up with tears as she told him about her demotion. She hoped her situation served as a lesson to him because she might have saved her job if she hadn't lost her temper. "I'm not following," Nathan admitted. Liesl explained that confession wasn't always good for the soul and urged him not to say anything to Maxie about Claudette.

Liesl knew Nathan was tempted to confess, but he had to squelch the impulse. Nathan agreed because he knew that Maxie would tell Lulu, and Lulu in turn would tell Dante. "And you will end up in Pentonville," Liesl added.

In the interrogation room, Carlos taunted Michael about Sonny, but Michael refused to be goaded and demanded to know where Sabrina was because Michael was concerned about her safety. Carlos denied that he'd ever hurt the mother of his child and added that Michael was the furthest thing from Sabrina's mind because she loved Carlos and finally saw Michael for who Michael was. "You're a pig -- just like your father," Carlos said with a sneer. Disgusted, Michael started to leave until Carlos dropped the bombshell that Carlos and Sabrina were married.

Jordan overhears Andre talking about Anna

Jordan overhears Andre talking about Anna

Friday, April 29, 2016

Paul and Jordan entered the courtroom and saw Scott and Anna at the defense table. Jordan quickly approached Anna to assure Anna that she had Jordan's full support. Scott promised that he had everything under control and confided that he had a secret weapon, but it only made Anna uneasy. Moments later, Paul approached the table to apologize to Anna for what was about to unfold, but Scott vowed to make Paul regret messing with Anna. Paul warned Anna that relying on Scott was a mistake, and he asked to speak to Anna alone.

Scott objected, but Anna wanted to hear what Paul had to say. Paul and Anna stepped aside as Paul claimed that he hoped to save Anna from herself. He pointed out that she had confessed to crime that even the victim hadn't reported, but Anna knew Paul's true motivation was to keep the truth about Kyle's murder buried. Paul assured Anna that no one believed her paranoid accusations and suggested that it was evidence of her deteriorating mental state, but Anna questioned why Paul loved her if he thought she was unstable. Paul ignored the question and desperately tried to persuade her to retract her confession by offering to drop the charges and grant her a leave of absence.

Paul promised that the situation with Carlos would play out as Paul and Anna had planned because Carlos would accept Paul's plea deal. Anna wasn't satisfied because she wanted a jury to decide if Paul, Carlos, and her actions had been justified. Frustrated, Paul told Anna that he truly was concerned about her mental state and returned to his side of the courtroom. Anna approached Scott to ask him about the secret weapon, but the judge entered the courtroom. Anna entered a plea of not guilty before Scott requested that she be released on her own recognizance.

Paul objected and insisted that Anna was a flight risk because of her history as a highly trained intelligence agent. Scott argued that Anna was eager for her day in court and would remain in Port Charles, but Paul claimed that Anna's mental state had been greatly diminished since Duke Lavery's death. Offended, Scott reminded the judge that Anna was permitted to grieve for her murdered lover, but Paul produced a report from a psychiatrist deeming Anna unfit to be released. Paul handed Judge Chua the report as Jordan whispered to Scott and Anna that the psychiatrist Paul had used always sided with the prosecution.

Scott asked Anna about the session, but Anna assured him that she had remained perfectly composed and rational during the meeting. Jordan had to return to the police station, but wished Anna luck. Meanwhile, Paul told the judge that Anna had been crumbling under the weight of her grief, which made her a flight risk. Scott told the judge about Anna's extensive law enforcement background, but the judge decided to rule based on the psychiatrist's evaluation. However, Andre entered the courtroom and asked to be heard.

In the interrogation room, Michael was skeptical about Carlos' claim that Carlos and Sabrina were married, but Carlos assured Michael that it was true. Carlos claimed that Sabrina had told Carlos that it had been the happiest day of her life because she loved Carlos and wanted to give their son a strong name. Michael realized that Sabrina had had a boy. Carlos' grin widened as he bragged about having a son to carry on Carlos' name. Carlos looked forward to being reunited with his wife and child, but Michael pointed out that Carlos was facing a jail sentence.

Carlos was confident that the charges would be dropped, but Michael questioned if Carlos had hoped hiding Sabrina would change things. Michael reminded Carlos that Sabrina had given the police a detailed statement about Carlos' confession, but Carlos accused the police of forcing Sabrina to lie. Michael's eyes narrowed with suspicion as he asked if Carlos had married Sabrina to keep her from testifying against her husband. Insulted, Carlos denied that he'd use the woman he loved and the mother of his child like that. Carlos reiterated that he would soon be a free man as Alexis entered the interrogation room.

Carlos smiled with satisfaction as he instructed Alexis to tell Michael that Carlos would not go to jail. Alexis demanded to speak to her client alone, but Michael hesitated to leave. Michael recalled how Alexis had been concerned about the tactics Michael had used during his custody fight for Avery and how Alexis had warned him that he'd been headed down a slippery slope. Michael felt obligated to return the favor and added that for both Kristina and Molly's sakes, Alexis should drop Carlos as a client.

Michael walked away and approached Jordan in the squad room to ask about the search for Sabrina. Jordan explained that Sabrina had apparently left of her own volition and was in hiding because Sabrina faced accessory charges for aiding and abetting Carlos. Michael argued that Carlos might be holding Sabrina against her will to keep her from testifying, but Jordan informed Michael that it was in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Michael asked Jordan about the case against Carlos because Carlos was overly confident about not going to jail. Jordan revealed there'd been a new development in the case, but she couldn't share the details.

In the interrogation room, Alexis told Carlos that her motion to have his case dismissed was dead in the water because an eyewitness had stepped forward. Furious, Carlos demanded to know what the witness had said. Carlos' temper flared when she explained that the witness had heard Julian's name mentioned and had seen Carlos shoot Duke. Carlos questioned the timing of the witness and insisted that Sonny was behind it. He warned Alexis that she had better find a way to get Carlos out of trouble, or he would accept Paul's plea deal. Carlos assured Alexis that he wouldn't hesitate to take Julian down with him.

Alexis resented Carlos' threats but assured him that she could easily discredit the witness on the stand because the man had been a junkie. Carlos hoped she was right because he had a lot of information on her husband. Rattled, Alexis left and closed the door. Michael watched through the window as Carlos pounded the table with his fists and shouted in anger. Michael entered the room and feigned concern, but Carlos knew it was a lie and accused Sonny of paying people to lie and frame Carlos. Michael shrugged, but Carlos offered to tell Michael where Sabrina was if Michael agreed to break Carlos out of jail.

In the courtroom, Anna quietly asked if Andre was Scott's secret weapon, while Paul objected to Andre testifying. Andre explained that he had something vital to add to the hearing, since Anna had been Andre's patient in the past. Judge Chua agreed to hear what Andre had to say and had him sworn in. Andre explained that he'd first met Anna when Kevin Collins had referred her to Andre because Anna had been struggling with insomnia following Duke's murder. Andre conceded that Anna had been grieving, but she had also wanted justice for Duke through legal means.

Jordan stood in the hallway and listened as Andre described Anna as a person with honor and integrity. Andre pointed out that Anna could have easily gotten away with killing Carlos in Ecuador, but Anna had returned Carlos to Port Charles to face justice. Andre assured Judge Chua that Anna would not flee the jurisdiction because Anna had the moral courage to face the consequences for her actions. Andre added that Anna was brave, principled, and one of the sanest people he knew. According to Andre, she was only a threat to those who feared their own crimes would be exposed as he pointedly looked at Paul.

Judge Chua decided to grant Anna bail despite Paul's strenuous objections. After the hearing, Anna was surprised when Scott revealed that Andre had wanted to testify on her behalf. Grateful, Anna turned to Andre and thanked him. Scott and Paul left the courtroom as Jordan ducked out of sight then continued to listen in on Andre and Anna's conversation. Andre promised that he had meant every word he'd said. Anna hugged him in gratitude as Jordan glanced in the courtroom.

Meanwhile, Scott caught up to Paul, but Paul was in a sour mood. Paul informed Scott that asking Andre to lie about Anna hadn't helped Anna because she was unstable. Scott warned Paul not deal with Anna as Paul had Kyle because both Scott and Andre knew the truth about Kyle's murder.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Finn suggested that Josslyn's kidney had been found on the black market. Finn explained that it was a logical assumption under the circumstances because the transplant waiting list was long, especially for children. Carly was shocked that a parent would sell a child's kidney, but Finn admitted that it was just one of many scenarios. Carly was horrified at the idea that someone might have murdered a child to harvest the child's organs, but Finn quickly reminded her that all they knew for certain was that Josslyn's kidney had been obtained from an unknown donor.

Carly admitted that she had considered the possibility that Helena had gotten the kidney through illegal means because Helena had been a sociopath with a lot of money, but Finn urged Carly to focus on Josslyn's good health. Carly realized that she should be grateful, but she felt obligated to find out the truth in case the kidney created health complications for Josslyn down the road. Finn respected Carly's desire to fight for her daughter. Pleased, Carly admitted that it would make their friendship easier. Finn was surprised that Carly considered them friends, but she reminded him of all the ways they had helped each other since they'd met.

Carly confessed that she hadn't always been a good friend because there had been a time when she had been selfish and inconsistent. However, she had met someone who had been generous, loyal, and had never judged her or told her what to do. She admitted that she tried to follow her friend's example. Carly's smile dimmed as she conceded that she rarely saw her friend anymore. Carly suddenly noticed that Finn was eating a chocolate cookie and questioned it, since he was a diabetic.

Finn claimed that he had felt hypoglycemic, but Carly didn't believe him. Finn respected her decision not to judge or tell people what to do. Carly let the matter drop and left.

At the hospital, Lucas and Brad tried to pick a wedding date in May, but the date Lucas suggested didn't work for Brad unless Lucas wanted to get married at the courthouse. Lucas insisted that he wanted their friends and family present, so Brad shifted the conversation to venue. Lucas balked when Brad suggested getting married at the Floating Rib. Brad thought Carly might be able to help them, but Lucas admitted that Metro Court was booked through the end of May. Lucas became frustrated, but Brad pointed out that picking a date and venue was not a big deal, especially since, not that long before, he and Lucas wouldn't have been able to get married.

Lucas smiled because Brad was right. Brad kissed Lucas then checked the calendar for another possible date. Brad revealed that he was free on May 24 but added that something seemed familiar about the date. Lucas told Brad that it was the day of the Nurses Ball. Brad was disappointed, but Lucas was certain that things would work out, since they loved each other. Brad saw Finn and excused himself to talk to the new doctor on staff.

Brad approached Finn and asked about Finn's plans for the laboratory. Finn was evasive but agreed to work the graveyard shift to ensure he'd have privacy. Brad objected because Brad was in charge of the lab and wanted to be present when anyone was working in it, but Finn informed Brad that autonomy had been one of Finn's stipulations when he'd accepted the job. Brad shifted gears and pointed out that Finn hadn't told him about the research. "You're right, I haven't," Finn replied, and he walked away.

Nearby, Lucas unfolded a piece of paper and read it. "This could actually work," Lucas said with a smile.

In Sonny's office, Sonny explained that Carlos was the only person who knew where Sabrina and the baby were, but Sonny feared that Carlos might take advantage of Michael's desire to help Sabrina and put Michael in danger. Sonny implored Jason to help Michael, but Jason questioned Sonny's true intentions. Sonny realized that Jason didn't recall their friendship, but Sonny promised that he'd never manipulate a friend. Sonny worried about Michael's safety because Carlos was desperate. Sonny explained that Carlos knew Julian would stop at nothing to silence Carlos, while Sonny would take matters into his own hands if Carlos managed to walk away from the charges.

Jason was curious if Sonny hoped Jason would create an opportunity to kill Carlos. Sonny assured Jason that Sonny was genuinely concerned about Michael's welfare because Carlos might try to use Sabrina as leverage to kill Michael or take him hostage. Jason pointed out that Michael was a grown man who could make his own choices. Sonny wasn't surprised by Jason's words because Jason had always believed in making his own choices -- right or wrong. Sonny admitted that it had taken Sonny a long time to make Jason understand that sometimes it was necessary to intervene if a person was in over their head.

Sonny was certain that Michael would listen to Jason, but Jason remained skeptical. Sonny admitted that he felt bad for Sabrina despite her lies about Michael being the baby's father, but Sonny refused to risk Michael's life for Sabrina. Sonny asked Jason to urge Michael to stay away from Carlos, but Jason was surprised when Sonny mentioned that Sonny had men watching Michael. Sonny felt that he owed it to Jason to be completely honest about Sonny's plans, but Jason cut Sonny off because Jason didn't want to know or get involved in Sonny's business. Sonny promised that he would never ask Jason to do something that Jason didn't want.

Moments later, Carly entered the office and smiled when she saw Jason. Jason exchanged a quick greeting with Carly, apologized to Sonny for the misunderstanding, and left. Carly sensed that she had walked in on something, so Sonny told her about his conversation with Jason. Sonny admitted that he saw glimpses of the old Jason, but they vanished in an instant. Carly had seen the same thing on several occasions, so she empathized with Sonny. Sonny suggested that perhaps it was time for Sonny and Carly to accept that the Jason they had known was gone.

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