General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 6, 2016 on GH

Sabrina moved into the Quartermaine mansion. Nathan made a shocking confession. Alexis vowed to make Julian pay for his crimes. Jason searched for proof that Nikolas had staged the disappearance. Lucas was unable to name his attacker.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 6, 2016 on GH
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Monday, June 6, 2016

Hayden and Elizabeth were rolling around on the floor until an older woman entered the house. "Mother?" asked a shocked Hayden. The ringing of a phone went unnoticed as Hayden's mother introduced herself as Naomi. Elizabeth explained that Hayden "brings out the worst in people." She warned Hayden to "scrap" her travel plans and stormed out of Wyndemere.

Hayden demanded to know why Naomi was there. Naomi said she had heard about Nikolas' accident and wanted to help make things "okay" for her daughter. Hayden snapped that nothing would be all right after Naomi had turned Hayden's father in to the police. "It had to be done," Naomi replied, and she added that Hayden would feel different if she knew "the entire truth."

Hayden mentioned that the "Feds" wouldn't leave her alone, and Naomi offered her help in getting them to back off. In return, Naomi wanted help finding the diamond necklace that Ray had given her. Hayden insisted that she didn't have the diamonds. However, Naomi knew that Nikolas had sold one of the diamonds. Hayden broke it to her mother that Nikolas had stolen the diamonds, and they were gone along with him.

Naomi accused Hayden of lying and being "as greedy as your father." Naomi decided that she would return the next day, and she and Hayden would search the castle for the diamonds. She advised Hayden that she was staying at the Metro Court, and she left.

At the hospital, Franco left a message for Elizabeth, making sure she was all right. After hanging up the phone, he looked at a drawing he'd done, which depicted Jason as a dragon and Franco protecting Elizabeth and Jake from the dragon. Just then, Elizabeth entered the hospital for work. When she repeatedly gave one-word answers to his questions, he wondered what was going on. She blurted out that Nikolas was missing, the police thought Jason had killed him, Jake was asking about his father's whereabouts, and Hayden was a "bitch."

Jordan arrived at the hospital, on the phone with the police station. She learned that a warrant for Jason's arrest had been obtained. She ordered that Jason's apartment be checked and then Sam's. If Jason wasn't at either of those places, Diane was to be called.

In Lucas' room, Dr. Mayes asked Lucas what had happened the night before. "Somebody tried to kill me," Lucas said, prompting Liesl to glare at Finn. Jordan entered the room just in time to hear Lucas' story. He remembered Bobbie fainting at the Nurses Ball, so he'd taken her to the hospital. Finn chimed in that he'd diagnosed her with "benign vertigo" and had admitted her. Lucas continued that he'd wanted to stay, but Bobbie had insisted that he go get married. Remembering the wedding, Lucas apologized to Brad for missing the wedding.

Lucas remembered that he'd forgotten his keys and had gone back to Bobbie's room. When he'd entered the room, he'd seen someone standing over her with a syringe. He'd confronted the assailant, who had attacked and injected Lucas. The lights had been off in the room, but Lucas thought the attacker was a doctor because the person had been wearing a white lab coat, a mask, and a cap. Liesl pushed Lucas to remember a face, but Monica ordered everyone out of the room, so only Brad remained.

"You look tired," Lucas remarked to Brad. Brad understood why after a night of "fear and bargaining with God." Lucas apologized for worrying Brad and for missing their wedding. Brad only cared that Lucas was all right. "We're getting married one way or another," Brad promised, kissing Lucas' hand.

Outside Lucas' room, Jordan advised the doctors that she would need the schedule from the night of the Nurses Ball. Dr. Mayes thought that Lucas' memory was "suspect." Liesl suggested that they focus on people with an "unsavory history." "Then you're at the top of the list," Finn shot back. Liesl suggested further that they look at "drug addicts." Finn accused her of crossing the line and walked away in anger.

Jordan approached Finn and expected him to be available when she needed to question him. He promised to be, unless he was with a patient. When Jordan walked away, Liesl approached him and whispered, "Nice knowing you."

Dr. Mayes asked Liesl how sure she was about Finn being Lucas' attacker. She was sure, but he reminded her that she had no proof. She vowed to find proof and recognized that Finn was hiding something. "It takes a secret-keeper to know a secret-keeper," she said.

Liesl found Elizabeth and demanded that the nurse retrieve the files on Finn's patient. Elizabeth told Liesl that she was busy and to get the files herself. Franco jumped in and claimed that he'd heard Elizabeth being paged for surgery. He implored Elizabeth to talk to him. She said that she was sure Hayden had had something to do with Nikolas' disappearance, but she didn't know what. Franco offered to help her take down Hayden. Elizabeth couldn't handle another "complication" in her life, and she mourned the loss of her "one true friend." "That's not so," Franco said and walked away.

Monica promised Jordan the full cooperation of the hospital. Jordan appreciated it but had to talk to Monica about Jason. She informed Monica that there was a warrant out for Jason's arrest for Nikolas' murder.

At the cabin in the woods, Jason suggested that Nikolas had staged his entire disappearance. He reasoned that Nikolas could have been afraid of Hayden going to the police about him having her shot. Together, they recapped the details of the night. Jason realized that Nikolas probably had some kind of secret passage in his bedroom. Jason thought that Nikolas could have set up a dummy on the rocks, trashed the bedroom, broken the window, and then taken a passage down to the rocks to remove the dummy before Jason and Sam had gotten down there, all the while using the storm to cover his tracks.

Sam didn't think there was any way that Nikolas could have been trying to frame Jason because he couldn't have known that Jason would visit Wyndemere that night. She suggested Hayden but got no further because his phone rang. He answered it to Monica, who informed him of the arrest warrant out for him. He thanked her and relayed the information to Sam. He wanted to be able to prove that Nikolas' disappearance had been a setup before they left the cabin. Jason found some liquor as Sam got out a set of dominos, and the two toasted "to us."

Monica approached Finn and asked point-blank if he had a drug problem. He denied it. Monica asked him to take a drug test in order to exonerate himself. She reminded him that all new hires had to submit to drug tests, and he hadn't had one done only because she'd "fast-tracked" his hiring. She ordered him to take the test the next morning so they could move on.

Maxie and Nathan arrived at their apartment, and Nathan pulled her on the couch next to him to make a "full confession." Remarking on how serious he was being, Maxie joked, "It's not like you killed someone." He admitted that he'd shot at someone while he had been off-duty. He wanted to tell her the whole story about Claudette. "You shot her?" Maxie exclaimed. Nathan swore that he never would have hurt Claudette, but he had shot her lover.

Nathan started that he and Claudette had been fighting a lot, and he'd confronted her about cheating on him. She'd "made me think I was crazy," he remarked. He'd been drinking often. One night, his schedule at the station had gotten messed up, so he'd gone out for drinks with some of his friends. He'd returned home, drunk, and had caught Claudette in bed with another man. Nathan had fired a shot then passed out.

When Nathan had woken up, the guy had been gone, but his blood had been on the sheets. He hadn't been able to remember anything about the man, and Claudette had refused to tell him anything. He'd looked everywhere for the man in order to make things right, but he'd never been able to find Claudette's lover. Nathan and Claudette had divorced and moved on, and Nathan had acted like it had never happened. He wondered if they could find a way past it. "I don't know," Maxie admitted.

Maxie told Nathan that the story changed everything she thought she'd known about him. She thought he'd made everything worse by keeping it from her. He asked if they were still getting married, but she didn't want to talk about it. She wondered what would happen if the guy showed up with the cops one day. He told her that they would figure it out together, and he pleaded with her to not throw away what they had. She had a lot to process, so she was going to stay at her parents'. He begged her not to go, but she gathered her things. "I'll see you when I see you," she said, and she left the apartment.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

At Crimson, Dillon was pleasantly surprised when Kiki stopped by to drop off breakfast and coffee from Metro Court Restaurant's breakfast bar. She wanted to thank him for taking her to the Glamour Boys concert and had figured that he'd be at work, going over the pictures he'd taken of the band the previous evening. Dillon appreciated the gesture because he hadn't had time for breakfast, and he decided to give her a present. Kiki assured him that it wasn't necessary, but he grabbed a box wrapped in gold paper and adorned with a gold bow. Kiki reluctantly opened the gift but smiled when she saw a Glamour Boys T-shirt nestled inside.

Dillon presented Kiki with another concert T-shirt and suggested she sell it for a profit. Kiki laughed because she hadn't realized that he'd managed to sneak off to buy the shirts. Dillon and Kiki talked about the concert and agreed that the band hadn't aged well because the performances had been disappointing. Kiki was touched by Dillon's gesture, but he admitted that he'd had an ulterior motive --- he'd hoped she would agree to go out on a real date with him. Kiki liked the idea in theory, but she wasn't certain that she was over Morgan.

Dillon confessed that he'd felt something for Kiki when they had kissed after their performance at the Nurses Ball, and he was certain that Kiki had felt something too. Kiki didn't deny that she was attracted to Dillon, prompting Dillon to wonder if she would have welcomed a goodnight kiss after the concert. Kiki admitted that she wouldn't have pushed him away, but she also wanted him to understand that she wasn't over Morgan because Morgan had been her first love. Kiki opened up about her relationship with Morgan and how it felt as if she and Morgan weren't meant to give up on each other.

Kiki questioned if walking away from Morgan had been the right choice despite Morgan repeatedly hurting her when he'd betrayed her by having an affair with her mother. Dillon explained that he expected Kiki to have feelings for Morgan because he knew how hard it was to get over someone. Kiki knew it had been crazy and twisted that she'd taken Morgan back -- even after he'd threatened suicide -- but Dillon pointed out that love stories shouldn't include words like "crazy" and "twisted."

Kiki agreed, but she also thought that Dillon had made it sound simple. Dillon promised that he didn't want to pressure Kiki, but his offer to take her on a date would remain open. Dillon tried to lighten the mood by promising not to sleep with any of her relatives, but he quickly regretted the joke. Kiki assured him that it had been fine, so he suggested that she could cross off The Jerry Springer Show from her bucket list if it had been on it. Kiki laughed, which dazzled Dillon because he thought she looked beautiful. After Kiki collected her gifts to get back to work, Dillon stopped her and passionately kissed her.

At the Freedman Clinic, Morgan stared moodily at a picture of Kiki blowing a kiss as he recalled seeing her in a heated embrace with Dillon. Morgan's temper flared as he tossed the computer tablet aside. Sonny walked in and picked the tablet up from the sofa and asked what was troubling Morgan. Morgan claimed that he'd been frustrated with a computer game, but Sonny didn't believe his son because Sonny noticed that Morgan had been in a good mood until visiting Kiki backstage during the Nurses Ball. Morgan reluctantly told his father about the breakup and Kiki's kiss with Dillon, but Sonny sensed there was more to the breakup when Morgan let it slip that he hadn't made the decision alone.

Sonny was curious who had convinced Morgan to end things with Kiki, but Morgan refused to tell his father and reminded Sonny that part of Morgan's recovery included dealing with his own problems. Sonny was curious if Andre had advised Morgan to break up with Kiki, but Morgan insisted that his therapy sessions were private. Sonny was forced to drop the subject because he had to leave, but he promised to listen if Morgan wanted to talk. After Sonny left, Morgan picked up the computer tablet and accessed the photo album. He gazed at each of Kiki's pictures then deleted them.

Meanwhile, Sonny told the nurse at the desk that he'd forgotten to sign in. The nurse quickly slid the book toward him, but Sonny coughed and asked for some water. After the nurse left, Sonny checked the sign-in sheets and saw Ava's name among the visitors.

At Nathan and Maxie's apartment, Nathan took a drink of coffee as he entered the living room and saw Maxie at the desk, throwing things into her purse. Nathan was surprised, but she reminded him that she lived there. Nathan's expression filled with hope as he asked if Maxie was home to stay, but Maxie's demeanor was cold as she explained that she was having a hard time accepting that he'd shot someone. Nathan insisted that he'd been drunk and in a jealous rage when he'd caught his wife in bed with a lover, but Maxie assured him that she understood it had been a horrible mistake.

However, Maxie accused Nathan of breaking her trust because he should have told her everything when she'd found Claudette's glove in his tuxedo pocket. Nathan confessed that he'd been ashamed about what he'd done, but Maxie wondered if he would have told her if it hadn't been for the drugs he'd been given after the shooting. Nathan conceded that he likely wouldn't have said anything because he thought he'd been given a second chance when Claudette's lover hadn't stepped forward. Nathan knew it had been wrong to keep secrets from Maxie, but he'd decided to tell her the truth because he knew he couldn't be the hero she believed him to be unless he'd told her everything.

Maxie revealed that she'd been hurt because she thought Nathan had been the one person who would never lie to her, which was why she had decided to stop snooping into his past to learn more about his marriage to Claudette. Nathan was surprised that she'd been investigating him, but he brushed it aside because he was desperate to repair their relationship and earn back her trust. Nathan hugged her, but Maxie's expression remained troubled as she pulled away and admitted that nothing had changed. Nathan insisted that he loved Maxie, but she couldn't trust anything he said, including his feelings for her. Stunned, Nathan wondered if she still loved him, but she had no idea how to answer that because she'd made too many mistakes in the past and couldn't afford to make any more.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Kristina invited Aaron inside and thanked him for stopping by. Aaron was curious why she had called, so she revealed that she had the answer to all his problems. Kristina led him to the living room and offered Aaron a seat. Aaron was intrigued because he hadn't realized that he'd need to cover his eyes. Kristina confessed that he'd made a great impression on her father, but Aaron admitted that he'd been awed because Sonny owned Corinthos Coffee and Pozzulo's.

Kristina told Aaron it was okay to look and held up a bag of Corinthos Coffee as she revealed that Sonny had agreed that Aaron could sell the coffee on Aaron's food truck. Aaron was stunned because he knew that Sonny was very selective about who could sell the coffee, but Aaron confessed that he couldn't afford to buy or operate a food truck yet. Aaron appreciated what Kristina had done, but it had been for nothing. Kristina disagreed and asked if Aaron was familiar with Waterfront Coffee on the Promenade. Aaron nodded, so Kristina revealed that she'd done some research and had learned that the owner was interested in selling it.

Aaron was startled when Kristina suggested that Aaron invest in the coffee shop, but Aaron reminded her that he didn't have the money. Kristina thought Sonny might be interested in underwriting the purchase or even loaning Aaron the money. Aaron couldn't suppress his excitement at the idea of owning and running the coffee shop, but Kristina advised Aaron to put a business plan together and let her know when he was ready to talk to her father. Grateful, Aaron hugged and kissed Kristina. Things quickly became heated, but Aaron put the brakes on things because he didn't want her mother walking in on them having sex on the sofa.

Kristina invited Aaron to her bedroom, but Aaron reluctantly declined because he had to get to class. He hated turning her down, but he admitted that it was a very important culinary class. Aaron added that he also wanted things to be right when they made love for the first time. Kristina assured Aaron that she understood as she carefully hid her disappointment. A short time later, Kristina found a park bench, sat down, and called Parker. She left Parker a voicemail message asking Parker to return her call because Kristina needed to see Parker.

At the hospital, Ava carried a flower arrangement as she exited the elevator and approached her brother near the nurses' station. Ava hugged Julian and admitted that she had been relieved when she'd received his text message about Lucas waking up. Julian smiled and revealed that Lucas was undergoing a battery of tests, but doctors expected him to make a full recovery. Ava smiled but suddenly noticed Alexis' absence and asked where his wife was. Julian told Ava that Alexis was at home, working on some legal issues.

Ava handed the flowers to a nurse with a request to drop them off in Lucas' hospital room then turned her attention back to Julian because Ava thought it was odd that Alexis wasn't with him. Julian assured Ava that everything was fine, but Ava worried that things might not be okay because of Carlos' "unfortunate demise." Julian didn't want to discuss it, but Ava assured him that she only asked because she cared about Julian. Julian promised that nothing could connect him to Carlos' murder, but Ava doubted that Alexis would simply let things go. Julian insisted that Alexis was not a concern because his wife supported him completely.

Ava let the matter drop when Julian shifted gears and explained that he was finally free to focus on other matters. Julian promised that he loved Alexis, but he felt comfortable being in charge of the organization and having the advantage of resources at his disposal to handle any situation that compromised his position. Ava was glad that Julian had his bases covered because she was finally in a good place too. Ava told Julian that she and Sonny had reached a compromise with Avery, and Kiki was finally away from Morgan and had been spending time with Dillon.

Julian was surprised because he knew how close Kiki and Morgan had been, but Ava was confident that Morgan was out of Kiki's life for good. Julian sensed that Ava was hiding something, but Ava remained tightlipped about her conversation with Morgan. Later, Julian wrapped up a call and explained that Lucas wouldn't be ready for visitors for several more hours. Julian promised to let Lucas know that Ava had stopped by and walked his sister to the elevator. Julian tried to question Ava once more about Morgan and Kiki, but Ava told her brother that sometimes it was best to keep one's actions private.

Later, Ava tensed when she bumped into Sonny in the park. Sonny greeted Ava and let her know that he knew she'd been busy lately.

Elsewhere in the park, Diane stood near a bench when Alexis arrived. Alexis thanked Diane for meeting her, but Diane was curious why they were in the park instead of at the police station as they had originally planned. Alexis explained that she hadn't been able to go to the police with the evidence against Julian when Lucas had been in a coma and had needed his father. Diane empathized and asked how Lucas was. Alexis revealed that Lucas was awake, and the doctors expected him to recover. Diane was pleased and pointed out that there wasn't anything to stop Alexis from moving ahead with the plans.

Alexis remained reluctant, but Diane warned Alexis that Alexis needed to take action sooner rather than later because it was Alexis' only hope of working out an immunity deal and still practicing law. Alexis realized that she needed to move quickly because withholding evidence was a crime, but Alexis confessed that she wanted to see Julian one more time. Stunned, Diane asked why. Diane noticed Alexis' guilty expression and realized that Alexis intended to warn Julian. Diane strongly advised Alexis against it because Julian was a dangerous man, but Alexis assured Diane that Julian wouldn't hurt his wife. Diane remained nervous because she worried that Julian might seduce Alexis into changing her mind.

Alexis acknowledged that she faced legal consequences if she didn't report Julian's crime, but Alexis also recognized that it had been a mistake to believe that Julian could change who he was. Diane refused to fault Alexis for following her heart but added that Alexis couldn't afford to allow it to continue. Alexis agreed and promised to follow through with their plans. Alexis decided to fetch the evidence from the house. Diane offered to go with Alexis, but Alexis preferred to do it alone and admitted that she felt horrible that Lucas might witness Julian's arrest.

Later, Alexis arrived home and called out to both Kristina and Julian, but no one replied. She looked at the fireplace and vividly recalled snuggling with Julian under the Christmas tree. She pushed the memory away and ran over to the cabinet to retrieve Julian's shirt stained with Carlos' blood, but she was shocked when she didn't immediately find it. Alexis grew increasingly worried as she desperately searched each inch of the cabinet and panicked when Julian appeared in the living room. He held up the incriminating evidence and asked if she'd been looking for the shirt.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In the park, Ava bumped into Sonny. He mentioned that she'd been quite busy, but she had no idea what he was talking about. Sonny informed Ava that he knew that she'd taken advantage of Morgan by manipulating Morgan to end things with Kiki, because Sonny had seen Ava's name on the visitor's log. Sonny warned Ava that it would cost her, but Ava refused to apologize for trying to protect Kiki from someone who had repeatedly endangered Kiki. Sonny argued that Ava had been to blame for Kiki's shooting because Ava and Paul had been mixed up with an arms syndicate. Ava disagreed because Morgan's dangerous behavior had been an ongoing problem.

Ava knew Sonny hoped that Kiki would become Morgan's caretaker the same way Carly had become Sonny's, but Ava insisted that Kiki was too young to take on the responsibility. Sonny claimed that the situations were different. Ava agreed because Carly was a "ruthless bitch" who was willing to put up with Sonny's "crazy" because of his wealth, but Kiki was a vulnerable young woman who had her whole life ahead of her and wasn't equipped to deal with Morgan's bipolar disorder. Ava feared that it would destroy both Morgan and Kiki if Kiki were to try.

Sonny resented Ava's interference because it should have been Morgan and Kiki's decision to end things. Sonny acknowledged that he had passed his bipolar disorder down to Morgan, but Sonny claimed that Ava had been the worst thing to happen to Morgan because she had exacerbated Morgan's illness. Sonny regretted sleeping with Ava, but he was willing to let her live for Avery's sake. However, Sonny would retaliate if Ava continued to trouble Morgan.

At the Freedman Clinic, Andre entered the visitor's room and greeted Morgan. Morgan and Andre chatted about Morgan's efforts in the garden and how Morgan enjoyed working with his hands. Eventually, the conversation drifted to Morgan leaving the clinic because Morgan had been an active participant in the group therapy sessions, had been sticking to his schedule with the medications, and had a handle on his illness. Morgan conceded that he felt "more normal," but he was uncomfortable with the idea of leaving the clinic. Concerned, Andre decided to get to the root of why Morgan was reluctant to leave.

Morgan confessed that the outside world felt like a black hole filled with the unknown, but Andre suspected it was more about Morgan encountering Kiki. Morgan assured Andre that it was over with Kiki, but Morgan didn't want to hurt anyone the way he had Kiki. Andre appreciated Morgan's concern, but Andre admitted that Morgan would have to wake up each day and decide what kind of man Morgan wanted to be. Morgan argued that it wasn't quite that simple, but Andre was confident that Morgan was in a good place and could handle it.

Morgan believed that he was a "freak" and should remain with the rest of the "freaks" at the clinic. Andre reminded Morgan that Morgan understood how bipolar disorder affected Morgan and others, which was critical to Morgan living a full and rich life. Andre promised that he wouldn't have recommended for Morgan to be released if Andre wasn't confident that Morgan was ready. Later, Sonny stopped by to check on Morgan and to let Morgan know that Sonny had figured out that Ava had persuaded Morgan to end things with Kiki. Morgan was frustrated because Sonny had it wrong and had overstepped his bounds.

Morgan conceded that Ava had talked to him about Kiki, but it had been Morgan's decision to end the relationship. Morgan resented Sonny's lack of faith in Morgan making his own choices. Sonny apologized and conceded that it was time for Sonny to trust Morgan. Satisfied, Morgan revealed that Andre had decided that Morgan could leave the clinic soon. Sonny was pleased and admitted that Carly would be delighted.

At Crimson, Dillon and Kiki shared a passionate kiss until Tracy appeared in the doorway and loudly cleared her throat. Dillon and Kiki jumped apart as Tracy asked for a moment of her son's time. Kiki announced that she had to get back to work, so Dillon asked Tracy for some privacy. Tracy walked over to Nina's desk as Dillon escorted Kiki to the door. Kiki confided that she couldn't wait for their date. Dillon smiled and promised to send Kiki a text message once he'd worked out the plans for their evening.

After Kiki left, Tracy questioned Dillon about his relationship with Kiki, but Dillon refused to discuss it and shifted gears by admitting that he hadn't expected a visit from his mother. Tracy wondered what Dillon would have done if Nina had walked in on him and Kiki, but Dillon explained that Nina was at a lunch meeting with Kate Moss. Dillon changed the subject by asking why Tracy had stopped by. Tracy let the matter drop and told Dillon that she needed his expertise as a photographer to take pictures of Tracy and "Edward" in Lila's rose garden. Dillon admitted that his afternoon was free, but he was concerned about Tracy's attachment to Sabrina's baby.

Dillon wanted Tracy's assurance that she would respect that "Eduardo Rivera" was Sabrina's son and belonged with Sabrina, but Tracy insisted that Sabrina was in a tenuous legal situation. Dillon was confident that Michael would find a way to keep Sabrina out of jail. Dillon wanted Tracy's promise, but she assured him that she didn't wish Sabrina harm. However, Tracy believed that the baby needed structure, routine, and a mother's influence. Dillon realized that Tracy's need to prove herself stemmed from a fear that she hadn't been a good mother to him. He admitted that he'd had an unconventional childhood, but he wouldn't have changed anything about it.

Dillon acknowledged that Sabrina wasn't perfect -- just like Tracy hadn't been -- but he believed that Sabrina would be perfect for Eduardo the way that Tracy had been perfect for Dillon. Tracy thanked Dillon, but hid how much his words had touched her behind a gruff exterior as she insisted that they get going because she wanted the pictures of the baby. Dillon smiled knowingly as he followed his mother.

In the park, Ava was pleasantly surprised when she spotted Kiki sitting on a bench. Ava approached her daughter to greet Kiki. Ava noticed that Kiki looked happy and mentioned that she'd heard about Kiki's performance with Dillon. Kiki was curious if Ava had seen it, but Ava admitted that she hadn't. However, Ava was certain she'd be able to find a video of it online. Kiki smiled as she talked about how much fun it had been to perform with Dillon. Ava claimed that Kiki's face had lit up at the mention of Dillon's name, but Kiki saw through Ava's attempt to fish for information.

Ava offered to treat Kiki to lemonade and catch up, but Kiki preferred to keep her personal life separate from Ava. Ava was disappointed but agreed to respect Kiki's wishes because Ava was happy that she and her daughter were in a better place. Ava promised not to interfere but invited Kiki to go shopping at the mall because Ava wanted to buy her daughter something pretty. Kiki reluctantly agreed provided that Ava didn't talk about Dillon.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Sabrina agreed to cooperate and answer all of Paul and Anna's questions. Paul reminded Sabrina that Sabrina faced criminal charges for aiding and abetting a fugitive, but Sabrina was determined to do the right thing. Moments later, Michael arrived with a man named Henry Nelson, who worked for Diane Miller's law firm. Michael informed everyone that Henry was Sabrina's attorney, but Sabrina insisted that it wasn't necessary. Anna assured Henry and Michael that Sabrina had been advised of her rights and had made the choice to talk to Anna and Paul.

Henry and Michael sat down as Anna turned on the recorder. Sabrina started by apologizing to Anna for helping Carlos. Sabrina knew it had been wrong to protect Duke's murderer, but Carlos had been the father of Sabrina's son, and Sabrina had felt like she'd lost everything. Paul asked if Sabrina had been forced to leave with Carlos, but Sabrina shook her head and revealed that she'd left of her own accord. Anna wondered if Carlos had ever mentioned Julian's role in Duke's murder, but Sabrina admitted that Carlos hadn't said anything about Julian.

Paul tensed when Sabrina revealed that Carlos had been in contact with someone, but Sabrina had no idea who it had been. Anna continued to question Sabrina until Anna realized that Sabrina didn't have any information that might lead to Julian's arrest. Anna asked to speak to Paul in the squad room. After Anna and Paul left, Michael assured Sabrina that he would keep her out of jail.

Meanwhile, Anna asked Paul to let Sabrina go because it wouldn't do anyone any good for Sabrina to go to jail. Paul disagreed, but Anna assured him that Sabrina would remain in town because Sabrina had ties to the community. Moments later, Paul and Anna entered the interrogation room to let Sabrina know that there wouldn't be any criminal charges filed, and she was free to leave. However, Paul advised Sabrina to stay in town. Grateful, Sabrina thanked Anna for everything, but Anna told Sabrina to repay Anna by being a good mother to Sabrina's son.

After Sabrina, Michael, and Henry left, Paul agreed that Anna had been right about not pressing charges against Sabrina. Anna appreciated that Paul had agreed to her request, but she wondered what Paul expected in return. Paul admitted that he simply wanted to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with Anna. Anna appeared skeptical, but she agreed. However, Anna had a favor to ask -- she wanted her old job back as the special investigator for the district attorney's office. Anna intended to build a case against Julian for Carlos' murder.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy and Dillon sat in the living room and looked on the laptop at pictures that Dillon had taken of Tracy and Edward. Tracy was impressed with Dillon's talent and picked a picture that she wanted to put on the fireplace mantel. Seconds later, Michael and Sabrina entered the room. Tracy was stunned when Michael announced that the charges against Sabrina had been dropped, but Sabrina was curious where the baby was. Tracy explained that "Edward" was sleeping in the nursery.

Sabrina decided to pack a bag for her son and make arrangements to stay with Felix, but Michael warned Sabrina that things had gotten serious between Felix and Donny. Tracy surprised everyone by inviting Sabrina to stay at the mansion, since there was plenty of room, and the baby had everything he needed in the nursery. Sabrina was uncertain, but Tracy promised to contact the authorities and have custody of the baby transferred back to Sabrina. Sabrina thanked Tracy and accepted Tracy's generous offer to live in the mansion. Tracy warned Sabrina that she wanted Sabrina to promise not to slip away again in the middle of the night without talking to Tracy because Tracy didn't want to lose her friend again.

Sabrina apologized for hurting Tracy, but Sabrina promised that she cared deeply about Tracy and would never repeat the mistake because Sabrina valued Tracy's friendship too much. Sabrina added that Tracy was stuck with Sabrina. Tracy smiled and sat down on the sofa with Sabrina and Michael. Sabrina was surprised when she heard Mozart's music over the baby's monitor. Tracy explained that she'd heard classical music helped stimulate a baby's brain development, but Tracy was annoyed when she realized that the music wasn't the correct symphony and marched off to have a talk with Alice.

Dillon followed his mother to act as referee. In the hallway, Dillon told Tracy that he was proud of her because he knew how difficult it had been for Tracy to return the baby to Sabrina. Tracy insisted that it hadn't been a big deal because she would have the best of both worlds -- the baby would stay, and Tracy wouldn't have any of the responsibility.

In the living room, Sabrina apologized because she realized that she should have talked to Michael before agreeing to move in. Michael agreed that he and Sabrina had a lot to discuss, but they would have plenty of time.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Alexis desperately searched for the bloodstained shirt she had hidden in a cabinet, but she froze when Julian appeared in the living room and held up the shirt as he asked if she'd been looking for it. Alexis' eyes rounded with fear, but Julian didn't appear to notice as he told her that he'd never expected to see the incriminating evidence again. Alexis nervously admitted that she had been looking for the shirt, but not for the reason he believed. She claimed that she'd been searching for it because she had changed her mind about giving it to the police.

Alexis told Julian that seeing him at Lucas' bedside and praying for his son had reminded her of the man she had fallen in love with. Julian relaxed when Alexis told him that she couldn't bear to lose him and wanted to get rid of the proof that Julian had killed Carlos. Julian walked over to the fireplace and ignited a fire. Alexis watched as he was about to toss it into the flames, but she quickly ran over to snatch it out of his hands before he could destroy it. Julian's temper flared because he realized that Alexis had lied and likely had planned for Diane to secure Alexis an immunity deal.

Julian was curious if Alexis had thought she could hide her plans from him. He reminded her that he knew her better than anyone else, but Alexis was furious and accused Julian of lying to her from the beginning. Julian denied that he'd lied to Alexis, but she didn't believe him because she was certain he'd been dishonest with her since before their wedding. Julian promised Alexis that he loved her, but she didn't believe him. She insisted that nothing could justify the murders he'd ordered, including Duke's. Alexis added that Julian's love was meaningless and worthless to her, but he pointed out that he was her husband.

Alexis grabbed her purse with the intention of leaving, but Julian ripped the shirt out of her hands and asked why playing by the rules was more important to her than their marriage. He waved the bloodstained shirt around as he asked if turning him in was worth throwing away their marriage. Alexis tried to take back the shirt, but Julian grabbed her wrist. Alexis ordered him to let go of her. He immediately complied and apologized. Julian explained that Carlos would have killed him if Julian hadn't acted first, and he begged Alexis to tell him that their marriage could be saved.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

At the apartment, Maxie happily greeted Spinelli and asked if their daughter was with him. Spinelli explained that he'd left Georgie at home in Oregon because he was only in town for a few days. Spinelli congratulated Nathan and Maxie on their engagement when Nathan entered the living room, but Nathan and Maxie were both solemn. Nathan revealed that he was moving out -- unless Maxie had changed her mind. Maxie glared at Nathan, so Spinelli decided to excuse himself to give Nathan and Maxie time to talk. Maxie insisted that Spinelli stay, but Spinelli didn't want to intrude.

Nathan assured Spinelli that it was fine because Maxie would end up telling Spinelli everything anyway. Annoyed, Maxie accused Nathan of lying to her and being deceptive. Spinelli offered to return after the couple had kissed and made up, but Maxie scoffed at the suggestion. Spinelli assured her that he recognized the signs of a "lovers quarrel" that "98.37 percent of the time" ended with a night of passion. Spinelli ducked into the kitchen to fetch some tea as Maxie quietly assured Nathan that she hadn't known about Spinelli's travel plans.

Nathan promised that he wasn't bothered by Spinelli's visit -- Nathan was upset because Maxie felt as if she didn't know Nathan. Nathan insisted that he'd always regret his actions when he'd shot his ex-wife's lover during a drunken rage, but Nathan had turned his life around. Maxie explained that she needed time to process everything, so Nathan assured her that she could take as long as she needed provided she didn't tell anyone what he had shared with her because he had put his life in her hands. After Nathan left, Spinelli returned to the living room with two cups of tea and asked if Maxie wanted to talk. Maxie admitted that she did, but it was private.

Spinelli couldn't imagine what could have pulled Nathan and Maxie apart because they had seemed deliriously happy when they had announced their engagement. Maxie assured Spinelli that she and Nathan had been happy, but things had changed when she had found out about Nathan's first wife. Stunned, Spinelli listened as Maxie told him how she had learned about Claudette and the green card marriage that had ended badly. Spinelli suggested that Nathan might not have wanted to talk about the illegal marriage, but Maxie told Spinelli that the lie had just been the tip of the iceberg.

Spinelli was intrigued, but Maxie explained that she couldn't elaborate. Spinelli assured Maxie that she could trust him, but she remained tightlipped. Maxie suddenly perked up and announced that she had to leave. She gathered up her purse as she invited Spinelli to stay, but he admitted that he had a hotel room at Metro Court. Maxie was curious why Spinelli was in town, but he cryptically replied that he was there to help a client and a friend.

In Lucas' hospital room, Lucas packed his bags while Griffin signed some papers. Griffin admitted that discharging patients was his favorite part of being a doctor, but Lucas coldly asked what Griffin liked best about being a priest. Griffin realized that Lucas was upset, but Lucas wanted to know why Griffin had kept the secret. Griffin explained that it was private, and no one would have known if Griffin hadn't been forced to administer last rites to his father's killer. Lucas' anger faded a bit because he knew it had been hard on Griffin. Griffin conceded that if it had been a test from God, then it had been the most difficult one.

Lucas' temper flared because he knew the church's stance on homosexuality and wondered if Griffin had had an issue with Lucas being gay. Griffin was shocked at the idea and assured Lucas that Lucas was wrong. Griffin conceded that sometimes faith and the church's doctrine clashed, but Griffin promised that there were many priests and devout Catholics who didn't accept the church's condemnation of homosexuality. Lucas wondered if people could really pick and choose like that, but Griffin assured Lucas that it was possible. Griffin hoped to remain friends with Lucas and wished both Lucas and Brad a long and happy marriage. Relieved, Lucas hugged Griffin.

Later, Griffin was at the nurses' station when Nathan walked up and accused Griffin of both saving and ruining Nathan's life. Nathan explained that he'd followed Griffin's advice and confided to Maxie, but she had walked out on Nathan. Griffin pointed out that Nathan shouldn't have turned to Griffin for advice because Griffin barely knew Nathan and Maxie. Griffin resented being blamed for Nathan's trouble with Maxie and suggested that Nathan should have talked to family, friends, or a therapist, or tried to work things out with Maxie. Griffin asked to be left out of it and marched off. "What the hell was that about?" Nathan wondered.

A short time later, Maxie approached Griffin because she wanted to talk to him as a priest about Nathan. Griffin groaned with frustration and informed Maxie that he was the absolute last person she should talk to. Surprised, Maxie wondered why.

At the apartment, Spinelli wrapped up a phone call about Claudette as Nathan arrived home. Nathan immediately noticed Spinelli's expression and questioned why Spinelli looked guilty.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Alexis was stunned that Julian would ask if they still had a chance -- while he held a bloodstained shirt that proved he'd murdered someone. "How can you ask me that?" Alexis angrily wondered. Julian admitted that he still loved her and didn't want to lose her despite everything that had happened. Alexis set her purse and keys down as she asked if Julian had loved her when he'd ripped the bloodstained shirt out of her hands and violently grabbed her wrist. Julian immediately apologized but insisted that he'd only been trying to protect what they had.

Alexis laughed at the idea because he had lied about leaving the mob. Julian promised that he'd been out of the mob, but Alexis didn't believe him and reminded him that she'd once warned him that she couldn't stay with him if he continued to be involved in organized crime. Alexis lunged forward to snatch the bloodstained shirt out of his hands, but Julian kept it out of her reach. Frustrated, Alexis suggested that it proved that Julian was only concerned about himself, which meant that nothing he'd ever said or done had meant anything. Angry, Julian reminded his wife that she had vowed to stand by him, but Alexis pointed out that she faced murder charges because of what he'd done.

Julian insisted that Alexis wouldn't face any charges if she didn't go to the police. Alexis conceded that he held all the power because without proof, her word was simply hearsay. Alexis pointed out that Julian would be in the clear if he destroyed the shirt, but he knew that he'd lose Alexis. Alexis admitted that Julian could have her or he could get away with murder, but he couldn't have both. She held her breath as Julian struggled with a decision then left. Alexis collapsed into a chair and sobbed.

A short time later, Alexis called Diane to explain that they would not be meeting at the police station as planned because the evidence against Julian was gone. However, Alexis vowed that she would not let Julian get away with murder. Alexis ended the call to answer a knock at the door. It was Lucas. Alexis pulled herself together and invited him inside. After they hugged, Lucas thanked Alexis for her generosity because he appreciated her opening her home to him and Brad for their wedding later that evening. Lucas noticed the shocked expression on her face and quickly explained that Julian had made the offer.

Lucas felt bad for putting Alexis on the spot and offered to find another venue for the wedding, but Alexis assured Lucas that she would be happy to host his wedding. Relieved, Lucas thanked Alexis and left to take care of some things.

Meanwhile, Julian went to the pier, found a deserted spot and dropped the bloodstained shirt and bag into a large trash can. He doused everything with lighter fluid and threw a lit match on the shirt. Julian watched as everything burned.

At the house, Alexis recalled how she had figured out that Julian had been responsible for Carlos' murder. She suddenly recalled that the murder weapon was in the cabinet and went to retrieve it. However, Julian returned as she opened the cabinet door. Alexis closed it as Julian asked if he should have stayed away. Alexis coldly reminded him that he had offered to host Lucas and Brad's wedding. Julian apologized for neglecting to mention it earlier, but Alexis tearfully asked how Julian could throw everything they'd had away. Julian quietly admitted that he'd thought they were a team, but Alexis' tone turned frosty as she informed him that he'd been wrong.

On the piers, Sam expressed reservations about Jason's plan to sneak onto Spoon Island and search Nikolas' bedroom, but Jason insisted that it was necessary. Sam feared that Jason would get caught and offered to search Nikolas' bedroom, since she'd been invited to attend the prayer service. Jason argued that everyone would be watching her because they expected her to try to clear his name. However, it could work to their advantage because it would allow Jason to sneak into the castle unnoticed.

Sam worried that the search was pointless, but Jason disagreed because the police had been looking for evidence to prove that that Jason had pushed Nikolas out the window. Jason was confident that he could find something that would help clear Jason's name because Nikolas had been desperate, and desperate people made mistakes. Jason promised to send Sam a text message when he was finished, and he turned to leave. Sam told him that she loved him. Jason smiled and assured Sam that he loved her too.

At Wyndemere, Dante and Lulu entered the living room. Hayden thanked the couple for attending the service, but Lulu explained that they were there for Laura and Spencer. Lulu approached her mother to check on Laura and to find out how Spencer had been holding up. Laura admitted that Spencer remained in denial, but Laura hoped that Spencer would let his guard down when he saw everyone leaning on each other and holding out hope that Nikolas was alive.

Nearby, Hayden was curious if there had been any news about Nikolas. Dante shook his head, but he intended to keep a close eye on everyone who attended the prayer service. Hayden appeared uncomfortable, but Elizabeth arrived with Emma. Spencer rounded the corner, happily greeted Emma, and then dragged her away for refreshments. Elizabeth suggested that she and Hayden call a truce for the evening because Laura and the rest of Nikolas' family didn't need Elizabeth and Hayden being at each other's throats during the prayer service.

Elizabeth assured Hayden that they could resume "blatantly hating each other" the following day. Hayden agreed to Elizabeth's terms. Nearby, Spencer asked if Emma knew what the service was about. Emma nodded and told him that Elizabeth had explained that everyone missed Nikolas and had gathered to pray for his return. Emma admitted that she'd wanted to talk to Spencer because she knew what it was like, but Spencer argued that their situations were different because Nikolas would not return like Robin had.

Laura approached the children to thank Emma for attending the service. Laura appeared troubled as Spencer reiterated that his father was gone forever. Meanwhile, Hayden ducked into the hall but stopped short when she saw her mother arrive. Hayden warned Naomi that it wasn't a good time, but Naomi disagreed and reminded Hayden that they desperately needed to find the missing diamonds. Hayden explained that Nikolas' family had gathered for a prayer service, but Naomi entered the living room, determined to play the supportive mother.

Laura and Lulu watched as Dante talked to Spencer about Nikolas. Dante praised Spencer's investigative skills, but he was curious why Spencer didn't think that Nikolas was alive. Spencer appreciated Dante's optimism, but Spencer insisted that Nikolas was gone. Spencer refused to hope in vain because he didn't want to grieve for Nikolas twice.

Moments later, Hayden approached Laura to introduce Naomi. Naomi offered words of condolence to Laura, but Laura made it clear that Laura believed that Nikolas would be found alive. After Laura left, Naomi asked if Hayden agreed with Laura. "No, but I wish he would," Hayden answered. Laura asked everyone to take a seat so they could start the service. Laura appreciated that everyone had gathered to help each other, but Spencer grumbled that it was pointless because his father was gone.

Everyone's head turned when Sam entered the living room. Sam apologized for being tardy, but Laura thanked Sam for attending. Dante quietly asked if Sam was alone. "Yes," Sam answered and added that she had no idea where Jason was. Meanwhile, Lulu stood up to say a few words about her brother and to talk about how numb and scared she felt. Spencer cut his aunt off to ask Laura if he could leave the room. Laura agreed, so Spencer grabbed Emma's hand and left.

Laura invited someone else to say a few words. Elizabeth and Sam both started to stand up, but each quickly sat down to let the other speak. Naomi seized the opportunity to suggest that Hayden say a few words. Hayden gave her mother a scathing look but stood up, talked about how she cared about Nikolas, and then assured everyone that Nikolas would do everything possible to return to his loved ones. After Hayden sat down, Laura suggested a moment of silence to say a prayer. Naomi quietly asked Hayden if anyone else knew about the diamonds.

After the service, Elizabeth watched as Dante approached Sam to question her about Jason. Sam told Dante that Jason's memory had returned, but she claimed that she had no idea where Jason was. Dante knew it was a lie but urged Sam to let Jason know that it would be better for Jason to report to the police sooner rather than later. After Dante walked away, Elizabeth called out to Sam. Sam started to repeat what she'd told Dante, but Elizabeth cut Sam off and explained that she just wanted Sam to let Jason know to be careful. "Something is very, very wrong here," Elizabeth confided.

Moments later, Naomi and Hayden stopped to chat with Laura and Elizabeth. Naomi was curious how long Elizabeth had lived in Port Charles. Elizabeth revealed that she had moved to town with her sister and moved in with Elizabeth's grandmother when Elizabeth had been a teenager because Elizabeth's parents had lived overseas.

In Nikolas' bedroom, Jason searched for something that might help, but he only found a blank notepad. Jason ducked out of sight when he heard Spencer and Emma pass Nikolas' bedroom door. Jason spied on the children as Spencer talked about how he'd accepted that Nikolas was in a better place then shifted gears to present Emma with a heart-shaped object that had a glittering stone in the center. Spencer explained that he'd made it for Emma as a memento of the adventures they'd shared. Alarmed, Emma admitted that it sounded as if he were saying farewell, but Spencer reminded Emma that she would soon be returning to California.

Emma insisted that she'd return often and would be able to see Spencer again, but Spencer told her that people moved on. Jason frowned as he watched Spencer and Emma walk away. A short time later, Spencer quietly told Emma not to let anyone know about the gift. Emma agreed and followed Spencer into the living room.

Nearby, Sam received a text message from Jason that he was out of the castle. Sam quickly gathered her things and left. Dante noticed and called someone at the police station to request that someone be at the pier when the launch arrived because Dante was certain that Sam would lead them to Jason.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Due to ABC News coverage of the funeral of Muhammad Ali, General Hospital did not air. This was a national pre-emption, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular programming resumed on Monday, June 13, and picked up where the Thursday, June 9 episode concluded.

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