General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 20, 2016 on GH

Morgan was released from the Freedman Clinic and paid Kiki a visit. Silas revealed that he was dying from an incurable disease. Alexis felt betrayed when Julian refused to help her. Jason and Sam joined forces with Hux.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 20, 2016 on GH
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Finn tells Hayden that he's dying Finn tells Hayden that he's dying

Monday, June 20, 2016

In Finn's suite at Metro Court, Finn slowly woke up on the sofa and glanced around in confusion. He was startled when he saw Hayden curled up in a nearby chair. She handed him a bottle of water, which he held to his head as she told him how she'd managed to get him back to his suite before he'd passed out. Finn was worried about Roxy, but Hayden assured him that his bearded dragon had been fed and warmed under the heating lamp. Finn admitted that the previous night was a bit hazy, but he appreciated that she had helped him. Hayden pointed out that she couldn't afford to be linked to another missing body.

Finn chuckled, but his expression turned serious because he was grateful that Hayden had stayed with him. Hayden quipped that she didn't have anyone waiting for her, but Finn sensed underlying pain and asked of she was okay. Hayden admitted that she wasn't one to wear her feelings on her sleeve, but Nikolas had been the first person to see past her fašade and still like her. Hayden doubted that she'd find someone like that again, but Finn admitted that he'd never cared what others thought of him. Finn stood up with the intention of going to the hospital, but Hayden objected when he swayed on his feet and collapsed on the sofa.

Hayden insisted that Finn rest, but he argued that he had to get something from the hospital. Hayden could tell that he was determined and offered to run the errand for him. Finn was surprised but quickly agreed. He jotted something down on a piece of paper, instructed her to retrieve a notebook from his locker, and handed her the suite's keycard. Finn thanked Hayden, but she suggested that he inject himself with another dose of whatever he'd been taking because the last dose hadn't helped.

In the hospital's locker room, Maxie called out to Lucas and grumbled about Amy being a horrible gossip. Maxie stopped short when she rounded a corner and saw Griffin, without a shirt on, standing by his locker. She quickly covered her eyes with her purse and asked why he was always half-dressed in the locker room. Griffin pointed out that the locker room was a place for people to shower and change, but Maxie ordered him to put a shirt on. Griffin finished dressing as Maxie explained that she'd been looking for Lucas or Felix because she needed someone in the medical field to pose for the Crimson real men issue. She promised not to ask Griffin again, but she admitted that it was a waste that he refused to pose.

At Alexis' house, Sonny and Alexis were stunned when Nathan announced that Alexis was under arrest for Carlos' murder. Sonny insisted that Julian was responsible for the crime, but Nathan explained that the arrest warrant had been issued for Alexis. Nathan slapped a pair of handcuffs on Alexis as she cried that it was a mistake, but Nathan recited the Miranda Rights to her then ushered her out the door. Sonny immediately called Diane.

In the squad room, Paul assured Anna that Duke would finally get the justice that Anna had sought because they had the killer in their crosshairs. "Do we?" Anna asked. She admitted that it didn't feel right, prompting Paul to ask if she thought the arrest had been valid. "It had better be," Jordan said as she approached Paul and Anna. Jordan acknowledged that they couldn't afford any more mistakes, so Paul promised that they had followed the letter of the law. Anna argued that following the law and getting justice weren't always the same thing.

Anna questioned the decision to arrest Alexis, but Jordan became defensive and claimed that Alexis had had the means, motive, and opportunity. Anna argued that Julian had, as well, but Jordan reminded Anna that they'd found Alexis' fingerprints and a drop of Carlos' blood on the dagger. Anna made it clear that she would dig deeper to make certain Paul had an airtight case. Jordan shrugged, confident that she'd made the correct arrest based on the evidence collected, but Anna insisted that evidence could be open for interpretation.

Later, Nathan arrived with Alexis. Jordan asked if Alexis had understood the Miranda Rights and snidely offered to explain them, but Alexis assured Jordan that it wasn't necessary. Jordan ordered Nathan to take Alexis to the interrogation room, but Sonny entered the squad room and demanded to have a private word with Alexis. Jordan flatly refused, but Sonny threatened to sue the police department. Incredulous, Jordan asked on what grounds, but Sonny assured her that his attorney could think of something. Anna warned Jordan that Sonny had successfully sued the police in the past.

Paul backed Anna and granted Sonny permission to talk to Alexis. Sonny pulled Alexis aside and told her that Diane was stuck in court for several hours. He offered to call Ric, but Alexis declined because she could use Diane's delay to her advantage. Alexis turned to Jordan and informed Jordan that the questioning would have to wait a few hours because Diane was in court. Sonny was outraged when Jordan decided to make Alexis wait in the interrogation room, handcuffed to the table. Jordan made it clear that it wasn't up to him because it was her turf.

Paul and Jordan entered the interrogation room and shut the door. Paul asked Alexis about her movements on May 11, 2016, but Alexis refused to talk without an attorney. Paul warned Alexis that that they had compelling evidence against her, but Alexis remained stoic until Jordan added that the Crime Scene Unit was combing through Alexis' car and house, searching for evidence. Alexis flinched when Jordan promised that they would find something -- even if Alexis had tried to destroy evidence. Alexis recalled Julian burning the bloodstained shirt in the fireplace but pulled it together and reiterated that she had nothing to say without Diane.

In the squad room, Sonny asked why Alexis had been arrested when Julian was guilty. Anna filled Sonny in about the evidence, but Sonny insisted that he'd been with Alexis on the night of the murder. Anna asked if Alexis had been alone when Sonny had arrived. He reluctantly admitted that Alexis had been alone, but he refused to believe that Alexis had grabbed the dagger, driven to the piers, stabbed Carlos multiple times, and made it home in time to answer the door for him. Sonny relaxed when Anna assured him that she didn't believe Alexis was guilty. He suggested that Julian had either framed Alexis or allowed her to take the fall.

At Crimson, Julian decided to leave, since Nina had finished blackmailing him into being a part of her real men issue. Nina was disappointed by his attitude and suggested that he view it as one colleague helping another. She promised it would make them a lot of money and shifted gears to find out how cooperative Julian would be for the photo shoot. She grabbed his shirt, but Julian batted her hands away, which resulted in a brief scuffle until they tumbled to the floor in a heap with their hands wrapped around each other. They shared a moment, but pulled apart and jumped up when Olivia cleared her throat from the doorway.

Olivia offered to return at a more convenient time, but Julian assured Olivia that things had not been as they had seemed and added that Nina had merely been showing him an idea for the next issue of Crimson, which would feature him as one of the real men. Nina promised to have someone contact Julian with the details for the photo shoot, and she left. Olivia cut to the chase and reminded Julian that they'd had an appointment at the Port Charles Montessori School for Leo. Julian apologized but explained that he'd had a lot going on.

However, Julian thought Leo was a little young to be looking at preschools. Olivia insisted that it was imperative to get their son enrolled in a good school from the very beginning if they wanted him to go to a good college. Julian promised not to skip the next meeting. Satisfied, Olivia changed the subject to ask why Julian had been staying at the hotel. He claimed that it was because he'd been working late, but Olivia didn't believe him because she couldn't imagine Julian and Alexis spending the night apart unless something bad had happened. Olivia's eyes narrowed as she demanded to know if Julian was back in the mob, but Julian instantly denied it.

Julian admitted that he and Alexis had been having problems, but he promised Olivia that he'd never put Leo in any danger. Olivia urged Julian to work things out with Alexis because Alexis made him a better man and a better father. Moments later, Sonny strolled into the office, asking for a private word with Julian. Olivia told Julian that she would be in touch, and she left. Julian demanded to know what Sonny wanted, so Sonny told Julian that Alexis had been arrested.

At the police station, Jordan and Paul left the interrogation room. Anna wondered if Alexis had said anything, but Jordan shook her head and admitted that she hadn't expected Alexis to cooperate. Paul thought he and Jordan had struck a nerve when they'd told Alexis about the CSU searching for evidence, but Alexis had remained silent. Anna wanted an opportunity to talk to Alexis. Jordan thought it was pointless, but Paul gave Anna permission.

Moments later, Alexis made it clear that she had nothing to say without Diane, especially since Anna had been trying to put Julian behind bars from the beginning. Anna conceded that Alexis was right, but Anna wasn't there to question Alexis. Anna explained that she'd been in Alexis' shoes because Anna had been in love with a man who had violated her principals and ethics. Anna revealed that she had stood by Duke because he had loved Anna a hundredfold in return. Anna hoped that Julian loved Alexis. "Go to hell," Alexis replied.

Jordan saw Anna leave the room and smirked because Anna hadn't gotten anywhere with Alexis. Moments later, Sonny entered the squad room, followed by Julian. Julian demanded to speak to his wife as Alexis glared at him from inside the interrogation room.

At the hospital, Nathan approached Griffin at the nurses' station to ask if Griffin had seen Maxie because Nathan had hoped to take Maxie to lunch. Griffin admitted that he'd seen Maxie earlier, but he had no idea where she'd gone. However, Griffin asked to have a word with Nathan about the secret that Nathan had been keeping from Maxie. Seconds later, Maxie walked up to greet Nathan with a hug and kiss.

Maxie noticed Griffin and took the opportunity to thank him for encouraging Nathan and Maxie to work through their problems. Nathan agreed that Griffin had been a great help. Maxie was so grateful that she asked Griffin to marry her and Nathan. Griffin explained that it was impossible because Maxie and Nathan weren't Catholic, and Griffin had taken a leave of absence from the church, which prohibited him from performing ceremonies. Griffin added that the last rites he'd given Carlos had been a special exception.

Disappointed, Maxie accepted Griffin's decision and started to leave with Nathan, but Nathan stopped to ask what Griffin had wanted to talk to Nathan about earlier. Griffin claimed that he'd just wanted to encourage Nathan to keep trying to work things out with Maxie.

At the nurses' station, Franco approached Elizabeth as she read a computer tablet. He noticed her concerned expression and asked what was troubling her. Elizabeth admitted that she found it hard to believe that someone was killing patients. She couldn't imagine a doctor doing something like that, but Franco pointed out that it could have been anyone because lab coats were easy to get. Elizabeth was curious what would possess a person to kill at random, so Franco explained that there could be several reasons, but most murders were acts of opportunity.

Franco shared his theory about the killer by pointing out that the first two patients had been elderly and alone. He added that the third victim would have been Bobbie if Lucas hadn't walked in on the killer, but Elizabeth remained confused because she couldn't understand why someone on staff would suddenly decide to kill. Franco suspected that it had to do with power. He conceded that most doctors genuinely wanted to help patients, but there were some who had a "God complex." As Franco talked, Elizabeth became increasingly uncomfortable and nervous. Franco realized that she might have suspicions about him and quickly assured her that he'd had nothing to do with the deaths.

Elizabeth promised that she believed Franco but muttered that she had to get back to work and scurried off. A short time later, Elizabeth entered the locker room as Hayden shoved Finn's notebook into a clutch and closed the locker. Elizabeth demanded to know what Hayden was doing in the locker room. Hayden claimed that she'd been using the bathroom because it had been the closest facility, but Elizabeth questioned why Hayden was even at the hospital. Hayden informed Elizabeth that Hayden needed antidepressants.

Meanwhile, Nina approached Franco at the nurses' station to nervously ask if he'd be interested in getting naked -- for her real men issue. Nina explained the concept and appealed to Franco as an artist, but Franco decided to pass because he wasn't interested in being objectified. Nina accepted Franco's decision, but seductively asked if he wanted to have a "friends with benefits" relationship with her. She knew that he didn't want to have children, even though she thought he'd been amazing with Jake during the Nurses Ball. Franco pointed out that Jake had had stage fright, but Nina insisted it had been the fatherly thing to do.

Nina whispered what she'd like to do to Franco, but in the end, he declined. Nina asked him to think about it, and she left. Flustered, Franco muttered that he needed a very cold shower. A short time later, Franco was shirtless and freshly showered when he saw Elizabeth checking the locks on the lockers. Franco offered to give her tips on how to break into a locker, but she clarified that she'd caught someone else snooping around the lockers. Elizabeth wanted to know whose locker and why.

In Finn's hotel suite, Finn had changed clothes and returned to the living room. He saw the tourniquet and syringe filled with yellow substance on his table as he quietly wondered where Hayden was. Moments later, Hayden entered the suite and announced that she'd retrieved his notebook. Finn was eager for her to hand it over, but she refused until he explained what was really going on with him. Finn became furious, but Hayden stood her ground. Eventually, Finn confessed that he was dying.

Morgan is cleared to go home and visits Kiki

Morgan is cleared to go home and visits Kiki

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

At Lynch Manor, Ava banged on the door as she demanded to be let out, but Nikolas insisted that it was useless. Ava disagreed because she hoped to annoy their captor into opening the door, which would give Ava and Nikolas an opportunity to get a jump on Huxley and flee. Nikolas reminded her that he was from a long line of kidnappers and could assure her with "some authority" that the plan would not work. Ava thought it was better than doing nothing, but Nikolas suggested that they wait until Hux returned and told them what he wanted from Ava.

As if on cue, Hux entered with a tray of snacks. Ava scowled and angrily accused Hux of kidnapping her and Nikolas. Nikolas tried a different tactic by thanking Hux for the food then cutting to the chase and asking what Hux wanted. Hux was certain that Ava could figure it out, and he left. Ava glared at Nikolas as Hux locked the door. "Thanks for nothing," Ava said with a sneer.

Ava couldn't understand why everyone in Port Charles complained about Nikolas being an evil and ruthless person when she hadn't seen any sign of that side of him -- especially during his exchange with Hux. Nikolas conceded that he'd failed, but he demanded to know what Ava had that Hux wanted. Ava claimed that she didn't know, but Nikolas questioned if it really had been a coincidence that Ava had ended up seated next to him on the flight to London. Ava laughed when Nikolas accused her and Hux of being in cahoots because there were two flaws with his theory.

Ava held up one finger as she reminded Nikolas that she'd never had a conversation with Nikolas before they had met on the flight bound for London and added a second finger as she explained that it would be pointless to kidnap and hold Nikolas for ransom because he was broke. Ava assured Nikolas that she had better things to do with her time as Hux returned to the room to ask if Ava had figured out what Hux was after. Ava admitted that she had no earthly idea, but Hux cryptically explained that the object of his desire was "otherworldly and divine."

Ava stared at Hux blankly until Hux's temper flared, and he clarified that he wanted the "Weeping Naiad," which Hux was certain Ava had hidden in her case. Hux pointed to the case, which was on the sofa, but Ava refused to cooperate. Confused, Nikolas asked what Hux was talking about, so Hux revealed that the Weeping Naiad was an ancient artifact that his ancestor had brought back from an expedition a century earlier. Hux insisted that the figurine had remained in the family until it had been stolen and gone missing 50 years later. Ava was unmoved by the story and refused to give Hux the figurine.

Furious, Hux lunged at Ava, but Nikolas quickly interceded to keep Hux from attacking her. The altercation escalated when Hux suddenly pulled a rapier out of his cane and sliced Nikolas' hand. Horrified, Ava tossed the case at Hux and ran to Nikolas with a towel to stanch the bleeding. Nikolas wondered why Hux hadn't simply taken the case when Nikolas and Ava had been asleep in the car, but Hux explained that stealing was wrong, and he'd rather Ava give it to him.

After Hux left and locked the door, Nikolas asked what a Weeping Naiad was. Before Ava could reply, Hux returned to the room, clutching the figurine in his raised hand as he warned Ava that they had a problem. Hux threw the figurine on the ground as he demanded to know where the real figurine was. Ava claimed that he'd smashed it, but Hux advised Ava to rethink her answer, or she would never leave the room alive.

In the squad room, Julian demanded to talk to his wife, but Jordan denied the visit. Julian informed the police commissioner that he didn't care and stormed into the interrogation room. After Julian closed the door, Anna commented on how forceful Julian had been. Sonny explained that it was Julian's chance to play the hero, but Anna doubted that Julian would do the right thing and clear Alexis' name by confessing. Sonny conceded that Julian was a coward, and everyone except Alexis knew it.

Moments later, Sonny's phone rang. It was Morgan. Morgan sounded upset as he asked Sonny to meet him at the clinic right away. Sonny agreed, ended the call, and explained to Anna that he had to leave. As he walked out, Anna promised to keep Sonny updated.

Anna and Jordan watched Alexis and Julian through the window in the interrogation room. Jordan was curious if Anna had seen the body language between Alexis and Julian. Anna nodded and suggested that things were strained between Alexis and Julian. Jordan agreed, prompting Anna to wonder which spouse would turn against the other. Jordan wondered if there was a chance that Julian would save Alexis, but Anna shook her head.

In the interrogation room, Alexis sarcastically asked if Julian intended to confess to killing Carlos. Julian remained silent as he sat down, so Alexis assured him that it was safe to leave because Alexis would not talk to the police without an attorney present. Julian's expression clouded with concern as he asked how Alexis had ended up in police custody, but she glared at him and accused him of setting her up. Julian promised that he would never put her in harm's way because he loved her, but Alexis scoffed. Julian assured her that it was true because everything he'd done, he'd done to protect their family.

Julian insisted that he'd never intended for it to affect Alexis, but she held up her hand to show him the handcuff securing her to the table. "Too late," Alexis snidely replied. Julian assured his wife that he hated what she was going through and promised that it wouldn't last long because the police didn't have any evidence. Alexis informed him that the police had a "slam-dunk" case against her because they'd found Carlos' blood on the dagger along with Alexis' fingerprints. Shocked, Julian promised that he'd find a way to help her, but she urged him to confess if he truly loved her. Julian explained that there was another way.

Julian believed that everything would work out if she stood trial and was acquitted of Carlos' murder. Julian believed that it was their only chance, but Alexis warned him that their marriage was over. Julian was about to argue when Jordan entered and ordered Julian to leave because Alexis had to be booked and transferred to a holding cell. Alexis watched as her husband walked out. Jordan revealed that an officer would be along shortly to collect Alexis. Jordan left.

Moments later, Anna slipped into the room. Alexis wondered if Anna was there to question her, but Anna explained that she wanted to help Alexis because Anna knew that Alexis hadn't killed Carlos. Anna reminded Alexis that Alexis could avoid a trial and possible jail by helping Anna convict the person responsible for the crime. Anna decided to let Alexis think about it, and she left.

At the Freedman Clinic, Morgan greeted his father as Sonny entered the visitors' lounge. Sonny asked if there was a problem, but Morgan shook his head and told his father that Morgan had been cleared to leave the clinic. However, Morgan was reluctant to go because he questioned if he was ready. Sonny assured Morgan that the concerns were valid, but Sonny doubted Dr. Maddox would clear Morgan if Andre had any reservations. Morgan feared that he'd suffer a setback without the structure he'd grown accustomed to at the clinic, but Sonny promised that Morgan could lean on the family for help.

Sonny offered Morgan words of encouragement and told Morgan that he was proud of him. Morgan admitted that he didn't want to disappoint Sonny, but Sonny explained that it was inevitable -- just as Sonny would likely disappoint Morgan. However, they would both have to pick each other up when that happened and make things right. Morgan relaxed and hugged his father as he told Sonny that he loved him. Sonny promised that he loved Morgan too.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth smiled as Epiphany grumbled about the computer system and the new protocols they had to follow because "one bad apple" had decided to mess with the drug supply. Carly walked up to ask what Epiphany was talking about. Carly was stunned when Epiphany and Elizabeth told Carly about Finn's suspension. Carly defended Finn and questioned the legality of searching Finn's locker. Elizabeth agreed, but she revealed that the fiasco had launched an investigation.

Later, Elizabeth banged on a computer monitor out of frustration because she couldn't access the daily roster of appointments. Epiphany helped Elizabeth access the file as she asked why Elizabeth wanted to look at it. Elizabeth told Epiphany about the encounter with Hayden in the locker room and Hayden's claim that Hayden was at the hospital for antidepressants. Elizabeth wanted to check if Hayden had had an appointment with a doctor. Both Elizabeth and Epiphany scanned the appointments and confirmed that Hayden had lied.

Elizabeth wasn't surprised by Hayden's deception, but Elizabeth decided to deal with it another day because it was time for Elizabeth to leave. Epiphany asked if Elizabeth would be passing Metro Court on the way to Elizabeth's new home. Elizabeth nodded, so Epiphany handed Elizabeth a container of bugs to drop off at Finn's suite for his bearded dragon. Elizabeth warned Epiphany that Epiphany owed Elizabeth a favor and took the container.

Carly greeted Michael and wondered why Sonny had asked them to meet in Andre's office. Moments later, Sonny and Morgan arrived. Carly was delighted when Morgan revealed that he'd been released from the clinic and had to stop by Andre's office to pick up the schedule for Morgan's daily therapy sessions. Michael congratulated Morgan, but Morgan admitted that he finally understood why Michael was everyone's favorite -- including Morgan's. Morgan thanked Michael for being a wonderful brother, but Carly suggested that they go home to celebrate. Morgan agreed but decided to run a quick errand before joining everyone at Sonny's house.

After Morgan left, Carly mouthed to Sonny that Morgan was on his way to see Kiki. Sonny softly warned Carly to let it go. As Carly, Michael, and Sonny made their way to the elevator, Sonny filled them in about Alexis' arrest. Carly wondered if Julian would let Alexis take the fall for Carlos' murder. Sonny admitted that Julian would likely let Alexis twist in the wind. Sonny suddenly realized that he needed to tell Kristina about Alexis' legal troubles before Kristina heard about it on the news.

At the apartment, Kiki smiled with satisfaction because she loved the way her new red dress fit. Kiki's smile disappeared as she suddenly sneezed. She grabbed a tissue and muttered that she hoped her head wouldn't explode. Moments later, Dillon arrived to pick Kiki up for their date. He was impressed when she opened the door, but she sneezed and ran to the living room to grab a tissue. Dillon closed the door and admitted that Kiki looked great. Kiki beamed but credited Ava because Ava had taken Kiki on a shopping spree. "Go, Ava," Dillon replied.

Kiki smiled because she'd never expected to hear those words. Seconds later, Kiki began to sneeze and cough. Concerned, Dillon asked if Kiki had a cold. "No," Kiki answered and then clarified that she had the worst cold in history. Dillon wondered why she hadn't called to cancel their date, but she admitted that she had felt fine until she'd gotten dressed. Dillon assured Kiki that he wouldn't have minded if she had rescheduled because she was sick, but Kiki had been reluctant because she liked Dillon and didn't want to blow things with him. Dillon was touched and kissed her.

Kiki reminded Dillon that she was sick, but Dillon didn't care and kissed her again. Later, Kiki sat on the sofa with a blanket wrapped around her as Dillon ended a call with Monica. Dillon handed Kiki a cup of tea and told her that Monica had called in a prescription, so he had to dash out to pick it up. After Dillon left, Kiki decided that Dillon had seen her at her worst, which meant that things could only get better. Moments later, Kiki answered a knock at her door and saw Morgan standing on her doorstep.

In Finn's hotel suite, Hayden was shocked when Finn revealed that he was dying. Hayden asked for details, but Finn refused to elaborate. Hayden persisted until Finn reluctantly confided that, during his travels, he'd picked up a rare disease that had no cure. Hayden wanted details, but he doubted that she would recognize the name. He added that he'd discovered a way to moderate the progression of the illness through a drug protocol that had kept him stable until recently. Finn admitted that there were signs that the treatment had become less effective, which meant that he would eventually succumb to the illness.

Finn went to the balcony for fresh air, but Hayden wanted to know if he was under a doctor's care because she thought he should get a second opinion. Finn argued that no one could help him and changed the subject by inviting her to play backgammon. Hayden was surprised by the conversation shift, but Finn admitted that backgammon helped calm him. Finn fetched the game, but Hayden wanted to know more about Finn's disease. He explained that his illness wasn't like cancer and assured her that it wasn't contagious either.

Hayden was curious if Finn had kept notes about his illness in the notebook. Finn warned her that no one knew about his illness except him, Roxy, and Hayden. Finn set up the backgammon game as he and Hayden continued to talk. Hayden was outraged that Finn had been suspended from the hospital and offered to help him in any way possible, but Finn didn't want her getting involved. Hayden warned him that she had a problem respecting boundaries, but she agreed to try for Finn's sake. Finn explained that it was imperative that no one know because his patients wouldn't want to be treated by a doctor with a terminal illness.

As Hayden and Finn talked, Hayden realized that his wife had died from the same illness. Finn remained silent, so Hayden agreed to drop it. However, she wanted him to eat something because he was clearly weak. Finn was tired of the hotel's food and admitted that he liked the food from a small diner that served vegetarian food. Hayden knew it well and offered to get him something. She also promised that his secret was safe with her as she opened the door. Hayden was unaware that Elizabeth had rounded the corner and saw Hayden leave Finn's suite.

Jason and Sam close in on Nikolas and Ava

Jason and Sam close in on Nikolas and Ava

> Jason and Sam close in on Nikolas and Ava

Jason and Sam close in on Nikolas and Ava

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

At the apartment, Kiki invited Morgan in and asked if he'd been given an evening pass from the clinic. Morgan explained that he'd been released because he was no longer a threat to himself or others. Kiki was happy for Morgan, but he became concerned when she began to cough. Kiki admitted that she had a cold, but Morgan hugged her anyway. He admitted that he had something important to tell her, but Kiki cut him off to tell him that she hoped they could be friends even though he'd made it clear that he didn't want any contact with her. Morgan started to explain his decision, but Kiki had another coughing fit.

Morgan handed Kiki a glass of water and offered to leave so she could rest, but Kiki assured him that it wasn't necessary. She was curious what he'd wanted to tell her. Morgan quietly admitted that it had been a mistake to break up with her. Surprised, Kiki wondered why Morgan had done it, especially when things had been going well between them. Morgan explained that someone had convinced him that she would be better off without him. Kiki wanted to know who, but Morgan was reluctant to say. Kiki pressed for an answer until he revealed that it had been Ava.

Kiki was furious, but Morgan defended Ava by assuring Kiki that Ava had done it out of love and concern for Kiki. Morgan had agreed with Ava because Morgan had been concerned about the impact his illness would have on Kiki's life. Kiki argued that Morgan wouldn't have been released from the hospital if Dr. Maddox had had any concerns. Morgan smiled because Sonny had said the same thing. Morgan admitted that he'd changed his mind about ending things with Kiki because he was in a better place and had learned to think before he acted. Morgan realized that Kiki might not want to rekindle things, but he confided that she'd been "the light at the end of the tunnel" for him when he'd been in recovery.

Morgan knew he should have been honest with Kiki about his feelings and promised that he'd understand if she had moved on. Kiki was surprised when he admitted that he'd seen Kiki and Dillon kissing backstage during the Nurses Ball. Kiki felt bad and started to apologize, but Morgan was curious if Kiki had feelings for Dillon. Before Kiki could reply, Dillon knocked on the door, called out to Kiki to let her know that he'd picked up her prescription, and used the key to unlock the door. Dillon entered the apartment as he added that he'd also picked up candles and chicken soup to make it seem more like a date, but the words died on his lips when he saw Morgan.

Morgan suddenly realized why Kiki had been dressed up and announced that he had to leave because he'd forgotten his prescriptions at the hospital. After Morgan left, Kiki tried to salvage the date by lighting candles and warming the soup, but Dillon sensed that she was distant and told her that she should take time to reevaluate where she stood with Morgan. Dillon acknowledged that she'd warned him that she'd been on the rebound from Morgan, so he wanted her to think things over. He assured her that he was just a text message away if she wanted to hang out with him, and he kissed her cheek and left.

At the hospital, Morgan picked up his prescriptions and made his way to the elevator. Moments later, Kiki exited the elevator.

At Crimson, Nina had a vivid erotic fantasy about Franco until Maxie entered the office and called out to Nina. Nina quickly pulled herself together as Maxie gushed about an email from a famous designer who had agreed to let Maxie take a sneak peek at a new line of wedding dresses. Maxie was delighted, but Nina became upset as Maxie bragged about the unshakeable bond that Maxie and Nathan had. Maxie was eager to live her dream and loved the idea that she would never be alone again. Eventually, Nina tearfully begged Maxie to stop talking because Nina would never be a bride again -- or find love.

According to Nina, Nina would die "alone and old and horrid and haggard." Maxie was shocked when Nina expressed regret over the decision to break up with Franco. Maxie promised that Nina would find love again because Nina was a wonderful person with great qualities. Maxie added that there had been fundamental differences that had led to the breakup, but Nina insisted that she could accept Franco's decision not to have children even though Franco had done the fatherly thing by performing with Jake during the Nurses Ball. Maxie knew how much Nina wanted to be a mother, but Nina admitted that she missed Franco -- especially as a lover.

Maxie became uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation as Nina opened up about the great sex life Nina and Franco had shared. Nina admitted that she'd missed it enough to proposition Franco with a no-strings relationship. Maxie was relieved when Nina added that Franco hadn't taken Nina up on the offer. Nina admitted that she'd given Franco time to think things over and decided that he'd had enough time to decide. She grabbed a stack of mail to look for her cell phone.

Nina was alarmed when she heard a strange noise from the stack. Maxie had heard it, too, and quickly determined that it emanated from a large envelope. Nina was ready to call the bomb squad, but Maxie noticed that the package had been sent by "Ecstasy Explosion," which had been trying to advertise with Crimson for months. Maxie realized that the company had sent a sample of their popular "toy." Maxie opened the package as Nina's eyes rounded with shock. Maxie grinned as she turned off the personal vibrator and noted the large number of attachments.

Nina wondered if the toy was a replacement for a person. Maxie explained that it could be used in many ways -- including as an enhancement for a couple. Horrified, Nina asked if Maxie and Nathan used a toy, but Nina immediately regretted the question and shifted gears as she confessed that the toy could never replace Franco. Nina dug out her cell phone and typed a text message to Franco, asking if he'd made a decision.

Meanwhile, Franco showed up on Elizabeth's doorstep with a housewarming present. Jake sat in the living room and smiled, prompting Elizabeth to question if Jake had had anything to do with Franco's visit. Franco tried to lie because he didn't want Jake to get in trouble, but Jake reminded Franco that it was wrong to lie. Resigned, Franco confessed that Jake had called to ask Franco to stop by, but Franco had worried that Elizabeth might object. Jake had suggested that Franco pick up a toaster as a housewarming gift. Franco had gone along with it because he'd wanted to see Jake.

Franco handed the toaster to Jake, who took it to the kitchen. Elizabeth closed the front door and joined Franco in the living room. Franco quietly explained that he'd thought Jake could use a lift because Jason had been unavailable lately. A short time later, Jake was seated at the kitchen's island as Elizabeth fetched jelly and butter from the refrigerator while Franco put freshly toasted bread on a plate. Jake admitted that he'd intended to suggest that Jason buy a new toaster, but Jason hadn't answered any of Jake's phone calls or replied to Jake's text messages.

Elizabeth reminded Jake that Jason was out of town, but Jake remained hurt that Jason hadn't been in contact with him. Franco explained that Jason was likely busy doing "big important dad stuff" and promised that Jason missed Jake like crazy. Jake smiled because he missed his father too. Franco suggested that Jake draw Jason a picture to show Jason how much Jake had missed his father. Jake took off to draw the picture. Elizabeth smiled and thanked Franco because she knew it hadn't been easy for him to elevate Jason. Franco confessed that he was jealous of Jason.

Franco acknowledged that Jason might go to jail because Jason had probably killed Nikolas, but Franco envied Jason for knowing what he wanted. Franco wished that his feelings for Nina were as clear as Jason's feelings were for Sam because Jason loved Sam completely and was totally committed to her. Elizabeth was confused because she thought that Franco and Nina had ended things. Franco told Elizabeth about Nina's proposition and admitted that he was conflicted because he had no idea what he wanted. He assured Elizabeth that Nina was a wonderful woman who wanted a future with him, but he was unsure if it was the right thing for him.

Franco decided that it might be best if he simply gave up on relationships, but Elizabeth disagreed and questioned why he suddenly had doubts. Franco explained that Jason's newly returned memories had forced Franco to face how many people Franco had hurt. Franco added that Jason's hatred had reminded Franco of all the horrible and disgusting things Franco had done. Franco claimed that he'd tried to pretend that he wasn't the same man and that he was capable of loving and worthy of being loved, but it was all an illusion. Elizabeth accused Franco of being a "self-pitying whiner" and reminded him how great he'd been with Kiki, Jake, and even her.

Elizabeth admitted that Franco was not the man he'd once been when he'd terrorized her, but Franco questioned if she truly believed that. Elizabeth joked that he only occasionally gave her the "creeps." Franco assured her that he'd never meant to scare or annoy her -- he'd only hoped to make her feel better. Elizabeth never thought she'd say it, but she considered Franco a good friend because he'd been there for her when everyone else had hated her. Franco insisted that everyone made mistakes, and she had deserved a break.

Elizabeth told Franco that he'd changed and was no longer a "horror show." Franco was skeptical, but she assured him that it was true. Touched, Franco slowly leaned forward and kissed her.

At Lynch Manor, Huxley stood in the blue room and demanded to know where the real "Weeping Naiad" figurine was. Ava glared as she informed him that he'd just smashed it on the floor, but Hux warned her to rethink her answer, or she wouldn't leave the room alive. Hux instructed her to hand over the real figurine that had been stolen from his family and rightfully belonged to him, but Ava stuck to her story and insisted that she'd paid a fortune for the figurine he'd thrown on the floor. Nikolas warned Hux not to believe Ava because she was a skilled liar and couldn't be trusted.

Nikolas claimed that Ava had bragged to him that she'd intended to sell a replica of the priceless figurine for a small fortune to a hapless fool. Hux believed Nikolas when Ava pretended to be outraged by Nikolas' betrayal. Hux advised Ava to hand over the Weeping Naiad because he wouldn't hesitate to fetch his rapier. Ava claimed that the figurine was hidden in her hotel room and offered to take Hux to it, but Hux had a better idea. A short time later, Hux left Nikolas and Ava seated on the floor and bound to each other in the blue room. Hux menacingly warned Ava that the figurine had better be in the hotel room then he left.

Nikolas' back was to Ava as he asked if the figurine was in the hotel room. Ava reminded Nikolas that he'd been the one to make Hux believe that she possessed the figurine, but Nikolas refused to apologize because Hux had threatened their lives. Nikolas added that he'd bought them time, but Ava argued that it had been pointless because they were bound and locked in a room. Nikolas wondered if she had the Weeping Naiad figurine. Ava revealed that she'd bought the replica for a fortune because she'd been told that it had been the real thing.

Nikolas thought of his son and realized that Spencer might think Nikolas had abandoned him if Nikolas died. Nikolas refused to let that happen and persuaded Ava to work with him. Together, they helped each other stand up and slowly made their way to a nearby desk, where Ava found an antique letter opener. Ava immediately went to work cutting through the rope binding Nikolas' wrists. After Nikolas was freed, he helped untie Ava. Nikolas wondered if she could use her criminal skills to break them out of the room. Ava resented the assumption because she'd been a mob boss, but he admitted that she had ways of getting out of a jam. She took the letter opener and went to work on the door's lock.

At the Milton Arms hotel in London, Sam knocked on Ava's door, pretending to be a maid. After Sam's knock went unanswered, Jason suggested that Ava was not in the room. Sam was pleased that it was a low-tech hotel because it meant that she could easily pick the lock. After Sam gained entry into the room, Jason and Sam started to look around. Sam noticed that Ava's clothes were in the closet, which indicated that Ava had intended to return. Jason found a business card and showed it to Sam. Sam noticed that Ava had written a time on the back of the art broker's business card and decided to call Mr. Holmes to find out if Ava and Nikolas had kept the appointment.

After the call, Sam told Jason that Ava had never shown up for the meeting to sell an ancient statute for a considerable amount of money. Jason realized that something was off because both Nikolas and Ava had vanished. Sam wondered how it was possible for two people to disappear unless Nikolas and Ava were romantically involved and had decided to go on a short getaway. Jason found a boarding pass confirming that Ava had taken the same flight to London as Nikolas, which Sam thought was further indication that Nikolas and Ava were having an affair. Moments later, Jason and Sam heard someone at the door.

In the hallway, Hux pulled out a key and entered Ava's hotel room. Hux was on the phone and promised to call the person back after he'd completed the search. After Hux ended the call, he pulled out every drawer and upended things in a desperate effort to find the figurine. After the extensive search turned up nothing, Hux called his accomplice to reveal the search had been in vain. He instructed the person to check on their guests and added that he was returning to Lynch Manor.

After Hux left, Jason and Sam entered Ava's hotel room from the balcony. Jason suggested that perhaps the man's guests were Nikolas and Ava. He decided that he and Sam should head to Lynch Manor.

Elizabeth and Franco react to their kiss

Elizabeth and Franco react to their kiss

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Elizabeth and Franco's kiss lingered for several moments before Elizabeth's eyes suddenly snapped open in shock. She pulled away and asked Franco what he was doing. They debated who had kissed whom before Franco suggested that Elizabeth had kissed him to make Jason "insanely jealous." Elizabeth countered that Franco was the one who wanted to stick it to Jason. "Jason would kill me if he knew that I ever laid a finger on you," Franco responded. Elizabeth accused Franco of being just as bad as he'd ever been. Franco recoiled and reminded Elizabeth that just moments earlier, she had said that she believed he had changed.

Elizabeth denied that she was calling Franco a monster, noting how Franco was great with Jake and his other patients. Still, she pointed out that Franco also had a manipulative side. Franco agreed that sometimes he could be a little "over the top." Franco responded that Elizabeth made him feel like she believed in him. Franco softly explained that he'd always thought that Nina and Kiki were the only two people in the world to see any good in him. "Now you show up," Franco said, "[That] changes everything."

Elizabeth revisited the kiss between her and Franco, telling Franco that they had kissed because of Nina. "You kissed me because of Nina?" Franco asked. "No," Elizabeth chuckled, explaining, "You kissed me because of Nina." Elizabeth said it was "clear as day" that Franco was not over Nina. Franco accused Elizabeth of kissing him back because she was upset over Nikolas' possible death. The pair then promised to never talk about the kiss again.

Franco's phone chimed with a text message from Nina. Franco claimed that the noise was a push notification that informed him of how many steps he had taken. Elizabeth wished Franco good luck with his decision about where he stood with Nina. As Franco walked toward the door, he told Elizabeth that he hoped "that thing that didn't happen" didn't change her opinion of him. After he left, Elizabeth plopped down on her sofa, looked at the toaster box, and smiled.

At the Metro Court bar, a bartender poured Anna "three fingers" of Scotch whiskey. When he asked her if she was having a long day, Anna took a long sip of her drink and responded that it was "getting longer by the minute." Fidgeting and speaking more quickly than normal, Anna explained that she was nervous about a first date. She then questioned if it should be referred to as a "date," since she had never met the man before. Anna asked the bartender if he could "run interference" for her. She told him that she would tug her left ear if she needed him to help get her out of the date and would pay him $100 for his assistance. The bartender agreed.

Moments later, Paul Hornsby sat next to her at the bar and asked, "Come here often?" Anna tugged frantically on her ear. Paul tried to make small talk, but Anna wanted nothing to do with Paul. She asked him to move down a few chairs so that she could have an empty one next to her. Paul obliged, moving to the opposite side of the bar. He asked Anna was she was doing at the bar and quickly surmised that she was on a date. Anna groused that she was not discussing her personal life with Paul. Paul continued to pry, saying that he would hang around to find out who Anna's "mystery man" was and how they'd met.

Anna tried to ignore Paul, but he continued to press for details. Anna relented, saying that she'd tell Paul about her date if he agreed not to pass judgment -- and "relocate" somewhere else in the bar. Paul seemed offended that Anna thought he would judge her date and claimed that he wanted to see what "Prince Charming" had that he didn't. "Manners," Anna quipped. Anna said that her date's name was Sawyer. Paul asked if he had "a dog named Huck Finn."

Anna forced a laugh before stating that Sawyer was a doctor in private practice. She was extremely reluctant to tell Paul that she'd met Sawyer online. When she did, Paul took pleasure in pointing out that "Sawyer" could have lied about his name, age, occupation, and any number of other personal details. Anna ceded that Sawyer hadn't posted a photo of himself but said that it was because Sawyer didn't want any of his patients to see him on the dating site. Paul reneged on his agreement to move elsewhere and told Anna that he was staying right where he was in order to chaperone her date.

Some time passed with no sign of Sawyer. Anna muttered that Sawyer had probably seen Paul "glommed on" to her and left. Paul wondered why Anna hadn't resigned as his special investigator if she despised him so much. Anna countered that she wanted to see that Julian was sent to Pentonville for Duke's murder. But after that -- Anna wasn't sure what she'd do once the case was closed. Paul asserted that Anna would never leave Port Charles because she would miss him.

As the bartender passed by, Anna again pulled feverishly on her earlobe. Again the bartender did nothing. Anna reluctantly admitted that she and Paul had been friendly at one time but that Paul continually showed how self-absorbed and shallow he truly was. "The Paul Hornsby that I knew, he risked his life to help hunt down Faison's cartel," Anna recalled, asserting, "He sacrificed his relationship with Jenny to protect his daughter. Now that Paul was an honorable man. That Paul was someone to count on."

An hour later, there was still no sign of Sawyer. Paul thanked Anna for reminding him of the man he could be. Paul reflected on his past mistakes and expressed his personal regrets. Anna paid for her tab and told Paul that she was headed home to have a pint of ice cream and to throw her computer out the window.

Paul asked Anna if she needed company -- "as friends." Anna told him that they were not at the point yet where they could do that. Paul wanted to know what he could do to help advance their not-there-yet friendship. Anna told him to "try listening." Anna turned and walked away.

Nina read a rather lengthy product information sheet on the sex toy that she'd received in the mail. "Safety is our number-one priority at Ecstasy Explosion," Nina read aloud before commenting that the item looked "like it could hurt somebody." Dillon entered the office and asked Nina what she was doing. Nina collapsed onto her desk to try to block Dillon's line of sight, but it did little good.

After explaining that he'd decided to do some prep work for the next day's meeting because his evening plans had been canceled, Dillon asked Nina if she had the "Kingdom Come" on her desk. Nina shook her head from side to side, repeating, "It's not mine." She stated that the company had sent the product to the office in the hopes of getting a write-up in Crimson. She then thrust the box into Dillon's chest and suggested that he and Kiki take it for a test drive.

As Nina remarked that she'd seen Dillon and Kiki "crushing" on each other, Dillon quickly noted that nothing might ever come of those feelings. Nina realized that Morgan had to somehow be involved. Dillon confirmed her hunch, which left Nina to wonder why Kiki would be interested in Morgan. Dillon shared the plans that he'd had for him and Kiki, plans that Kiki's cold -- and Morgan -- had derailed.

Just outside the elevators at the hospital, Morgan asked Kiki if she was seeking medical attention for the cold she'd said she had. Kiki told Morgan that she hadn't shown up at the hospital for herself -- she was there for him. Kiki said that she wanted to be clear with Morgan about where they stood with each other. Kiki and Morgan agreed that they both needed to start being honest with each other.

"I just want you to be happy and healthy," Kiki said softly. Morgan wished that he could take back all the terrible things he'd said previously. Kiki seemed touched by the comment. Morgan than said that he wasn't sure where to go next -- to pick up where they'd left off or to start over as just friends.

Dillon suggested that he wasn't too concerned that Kiki would go back to Morgan but admitted that Kiki wouldn't be the first woman to go back to a man that was not good for her. Nina asked Dillon why he was staring at her when he made that comment. Dillon insisted that he wasn't looking at Nina but wondered if Nina was thinking about getting back together with Franco. Nina was silent, making Dillon fear that he had overstepped his boundaries with his boss.

Nina asked Dillon to be honest with her and assured him that his job wasn't in jeopardy. "I think you can do better than Franco. I think he's a self-absorbed, arrogant ass," Dillon said. Nina was stunned by Dillon's frankness but thanked him for his honesty. Nina tried to argue that she and Franco were "amazing" together. Dillon backed off and told Nina that he hoped everything worked out between her and Franco. Nina then offered some of her own advice. She urged Dillon to fight for Kiki.

Kiki reminded Morgan that he'd been at the clinic for a long time. Morgan nodded and wondered if Kiki had already moved on with Dillon. Before Kiki could answer, Morgan told her that he would understand if Kiki had moved on because he had given her "tons of reasons" to give up on him. Kiki said that things weren't serious between her and Dillon. Morgan vowed that things were different -- he was different. He asked Kiki to give him the opportunity to show her that he could be the man she deserved.

A man called out to Morgan and raced over to embrace him. Morgan introduced him to Kiki as Greg, someone who had been in treatment with him. "The Kiki?" Greg asked, adding, "You know you're famous at Freedman." Greg then said that during treatment, Morgan had often said that he couldn't wait to get Kiki back. Morgan never would have recovered, Greg claimed, if it were not for Kiki. Once Greg left, Kiki agreed to give Morgan a date. Morgan embraced her, but Kiki's face showed serious concern.

Outside the fortress-like Lynch Manor, Sam and Jason recalled overhearing Huxley state that he was on his way there to meet some "guests." Sam worried that Jason's freedom could be at stake if they were wrong about Ava and Nikolas being inside the manor. Sam expressed concerns that they could trip a hidden security system that would ultimately lead to Jason being apprehended and extradited to the United States.

Inside, Ava tried to jimmy open the lock as Nikolas backseat lock-picked. Ava grunted that she was doing the best she could and told Nikolas that he was free to take over if he could do a better job. Nikolas admitted that he had no lock-picking skills, which resulted in Ava retorting that he needed to shut up so that she could focus on the task at hand. "This is not how my story's going to end," Nikolas growled. "I didn't fake my own death and literally put my family through hell to be killed in some run-down manor in the middle of the fen."

As Nikolas ranted, Ava managed to open the door. As they prepared to leave, a stern-looking woman appeared before them. Nikolas realized that the woman had to be Margarethe. The woman nodded and told Ava and Nikolas that they were not to leave the Blue Room. Ava tried to press pass Margarethe, but Margarethe used a Taser to subdue her. Nikolas wrested control of the Taser away from Margarethe, who darted off. Ava was furious that she'd been Tased and vowed to get revenge. Just then, Margarethe stormed down the corridor with a lance.

Huxley was about to unlock a door to one of the many rooms at Lynch Manor when Jason grabbed him from behind. Huxley demanded to be unhanded. Jason responded by asking Huxley why he had ransacked Ava's hotel room. Huxley hemmed and hawed, denying all of what Jason said. Muffled screams sounded from behind the door to the room that Huxley had been in the process of opening. Huxley claimed that his mother, who suffered from "a touch of dementia," was making the noises and suggested that they just let her tire herself out. Jason pushed past Huxley and opened the door.

Inside the room, Margarethe was bound and gagged on the sofa. Huxley untied the woman, who immediately apologized for letting him down by letting Ms. Jerome and Mr. Carradine get away. Jason stepped in to ask Margarethe about Mr. Carradine. Huxley said he didn't care about Mr. Carradine; he wanted the Weeping Naiad.

Jason and Sam decided to try to track down Ava and Mr. Carradine. Huxley told them that Lynch Manor was isolated from the rest of the world and that they would get hopelessly lost if they ventured outside. Huxley claimed to know the area like the back of his hand and offered to help them in their search -- with one condition. Huxley said that when they tracked the pair down, Jason and Sam could take Mr. Carradine back to the U.S., but they had to agree to leave Ava with Huxley.

Ava and Nikolas found refuge in what appeared to be an old greenhouse. There, they found a shovel to use as a weapon and a bottle of liquor. They both took swigs from the bottle.

Julian contemplates his next step

Julian contemplates his next step

Friday, June 24, 2016

In Finn's hotel suite, Finn looked at Roxy and warned her that she couldn't have more crickets. Felix was on the phone with Finn and heard the remark, but Felix assumed the comment was directed at him. Finn quickly apologized and asked Felix to send over copies of patient files and test results. Felix reminded Finn that Finn had been suspended from the hospital, but Finn threatened to fetch the documents personally if Felix refused to help. Resigned, Felix promised to take care of everything and ended the call.

Moments later, Tracy called Finn to remind him that she'd had an appointment for a monthly checkup, but another doctor had been assigned to her case. Finn explained that it was out of his hands because he'd been suspended from the hospital, but he assured Tracy that he'd consulted with the doctor and was confident that she was in good hands. Tracy wasn't satisfied, so he suggested that she might have a change of heart after breakfast and mentioned that he'd be in her neighborhood shortly for coffee.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly stood behind the bar as she and Sonny talked about Alexis' arrest. Sonny doubted that Julian would be man enough to do the right thing and confess because Julian only cared about Julian. "Speak of the devil," Sonny said with a snicker as Julian walked by. Julian sighed and asked what Sonny wanted. Sonny asked how Julian was doing and reminded him that Alexis was in jail for something Julian had done.

Carly walked away as Sonny accused Julian of being a coward and forsaking the vows that Julian had made to Alexis. Julian walked away without responding. Carly returned and admitted that she was grateful that the confrontation hadn't turned violent. Sonny followed Carly to a table as he explained that he wasn't interested in fighting with Julian. Moments later, Michael joined Sonny and Carly at the table for breakfast and asked about Morgan's first night at home. Sonny assured Michael that it had been fine, but Michael sensed that something was troubling his parents.

Carly explained that she and Sonny were concerned about Alexis. Sonny added that he'd talked to Julian, and it was clear that Julian didn't care about Alexis' arrest. Michael was stunned that anyone would believe that Alexis had killed Carlos, but Michael feared for Kristina and Molly because he imagined the sisters were out of their minds with worry. Sonny assured Michael that everything was well in hand, prompting Michael to wonder if Sonny was up to something. Sonny refused to say, but he promised that the truth would eventually be revealed.

Carly decided to change the subject and asked what Michael had planned for the day. He told her that he had a meeting at ELQ then intended to head home. Carly bristled because she knew that Sabrina was at the mansion, and she worried that Michael would fall under Sabrina's spell again. Carly's fears were realized when Michael confirmed that he cared about Sabrina and hoped to work things out with her. Carly reminded Michael how Sabrina had betrayed him with Carlos, but Michael insisted that he wanted both Sabrina and Teddy in his life. Annoyed, Michael quickly said goodbye and left.

Carly believed that Sabrina was working Michael and hoping to make him feel obligated to both Sabrina and the baby. Sonny argued that Michael was his own man, and they needed to take a step back. Sonny appreciated Carly's concerns but warned her that the more they tried pushed Michael away from Sabrina, the closer the couple would grow. Carly realized that it was karma because she'd once lied to Tony Jones by claiming Tony was Michael's father.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Finn closed his medical bag as he announced that Tracy was healthy. Tracy attributed it to having a baby in the house but shifted gears because she wanted to discuss Finn's suspension. Finn was reluctant to say anything because he respected Monica and was confident that he'd be reinstated soon. Moments later, Monica entered the living room. Monica stopped short when she saw Finn and noticed that he was wearing latex gloves and had his medical bag with him.

Monica reminded Finn that being suspended meant that he was prohibited from practicing medicine both in and out of the hospital. Tracy defended Finn by explaining that she'd missed her appointment, but Monica easily saw through the lie and warned Finn that she also knew about his requests for patient files. Finn told her that he was concerned about his patients, but Monica insisted that his patients were in good hands. Monica added that he was opening the hospital up to lawsuits by treating patients while he was suspended.

Seconds later, Monica received a text message notifying her that a board member had requested a meeting about an insubordinate doctor. "Gosh, I wonder who that's about?" Monica asked with heavy sarcasm. After Monica left, Finn wondered if Tracy had ever considered getting a place of her own. Tracy chuckled and told him not to worry because Tracy had been outmaneuvering Monica for decades. Finn didn't want to cause any discord between the sisters-in-law, but Tracy admitted that Quartermaines lived for things like that.

Michael arrived home and entered the living room, looking for Teddy because he had bought a new swing for the baby. Tracy told Michael that Teddy was in the nursery. After Michael left, Finn packed up and teased Tracy that he'd no longer have to take it easy on her when they played backgammon. Tracy insisted that she was a better player than Finn and suggested that they put money on it, but Michael returned with Teddy and asked Finn to take a look at the baby. Tracy became alarmed when Finn quickly determined that Teddy needed to be taken to the hospital immediately.

At the nurses' station, Felix grumbled about how people always used him and wondered when it would be his turn for someone to brighten his day. Moments later, Sabrina walked up. Felix grinned as he warmly greeted Sabrina with a hug. Felix was delighted when she told him that all the charges against her had been dropped. However, he admitted that Carlos had been trouble until the bitter end. Sabrina wondered what Felix was referring to, so Felix showed her the Port Charles Press, which featured a story about Alexis' arrest for Carlos' murder.

Sabrina and Felix found a quiet corner as she acknowledged that she couldn't defend the things that Carlos had done, but she had seen some good in Carlos. Felix questioned Sabrina about her marriage to Carlos because Felix thought that she deserved to be with someone who would put Sabrina and the baby first. "Someone like Michael," Felix added. Sabrina tried to change the subject, but Felix wanted to know where Sabrina and Michael stood with each other. Sabrina confessed that Michael was amazing with Teddy, but she didn't think that Michael was honest with himself because she feared that Michael only saw Carlos when he looked at Teddy.

Felix conceded that Michael had been deeply hurt when Sabrina had gone on the run with Carlos, but Felix was certain that Michael only saw Teddy as an innocent child that needed love. Sabrina smiled, but she didn't think she had the right to expect Michael to rekindle their relationship when she had lied and taken off with Carlos. Felix wondered if Michael had talked to Sabrina about working things out, so she explained that Michael wanted to take things slowly. Felix sensed that Sabrina was hesitant and asked how she felt about Michael.

Sabrina confided that she wasn't sure what she wanted because she was still trying to process everything that had happened and reconnecting with her son after months of separation. Moments later, Sabrina saw Finn exiting the elevator with Teddy in his arms. Michael and Tracy followed behind Finn as Finn demanded an examination room and barked orders at Felix. Horrified, Sabrina followed Finn and Felix to an exam room. Michael and Tracy appeared dazed as Monica walked up and asked what was going on.

In the interrogation room, Diane asked how Alexis was feeling and apologized for not getting there sooner. Alexis assured Diane that it was fine because she'd been able to use Diane's absence to avoid answering questions. Diane was pleased, but she demanded to know how Alexis had ended up in jail for Julian's crime when they'd had plans in place to expose Julian. Alexis blamed herself, but Diane refused to allow Alexis to wallow in self-pity because they had more important matters to deal with. Diane explained that the police had one piece of damaging evidence, a small window of time that Alexis couldn't account for, and Carlos' decision to cut a deal to testify against Alexis' husband, which meant that Alexis had had the means, method, and opportunity to kill Carlos.

Alexis realized that her situation was dire, but Diane assured Alexis that Alexis was lucky to have Diane because Diane would question every piece of evidence and do whatever was necessary to establish reasonable doubt. Alexis breathed a sigh of relief when Diane promised that Alexis would go free.

In the squad room, Anna approached a woman to ask if Alexis was ready to be taken for arraignment. The woman confirmed that Alexis was in the interrogation room with Diane and changed the subject to reveal that someone had sent Anna flowers. Anna saw the vase of beautiful flowers, but was certain that they weren't for her. The woman handed Anna the card that had been with the flowers and left. Anna opened the envelope and read a short note from Sawyer, who apologized for not making their date because he'd been called in for an emergency appendectomy. Sawyer hoped to make things up to Anna by taking her out on Saturday night.

Paul entered the squad room and saw the flowers. Anna told him that Sawyer had sent the flowers, but Paul wasn't impressed, since the man had stood Anna up. Anna reminded Paul that Sawyer was a doctor, but Paul advised her not to give Sawyer a second chance. Anna decided to do the opposite, took her flowers, and left. Moments later, Alexis and Diane exited the interrogation room as Diane assured Alexis that Alexis would be granted bail because Alexis wasn't a flight risk. Alexis hugged Diane in gratitude as Mayor Janice Lomax walked up.

"My, how the mighty have fallen," Janice said with a smirk. Janice made a few snide remarks about Alexis defending Olivia's right to breastfeed in public then accused Alexis of being a hypocrite. Diane reminded Janice that everyone was entitled to the presumption of innocence and led Alexis away. Janice told Paul that she wanted him to do whatever was necessary to make certain that Alexis was not freed on bail. Paul suggested that they proceed carefully because Alexis might be persuaded to turn on Julian, but Janice didn't care because Alexis had made a mockery of Janice, the office, and the city by defending Olivia. Janice wanted Alexis to be put in her place by remaining confined to jail.

Later, Diane and Alexis returned to the police station, victorious because Diane had secured a $10,000 bail for Alexis. Alexis thanked Diane, but Diane conceded that some of the credit went to Paul, who entered the squad room. Diane was curious why Paul had requested that Alexis be remanded without bail because the unreasonable request had opened the door for the judge to grant Diane's request for a low bail. Diane was certain that Paul had known better, but he ignored her and walked away.

Moments later, Anna walked up to congratulate Alexis. Anna requested to have a private word with Alexis, but Alexis warned Anna that Alexis would not be tricked into answering questions about the case. Anna promised not to question Alexis, so Diane went to check on the paperwork to finalize Alexis' freedom as Alexis followed Anna to the interrogation room. After Alexis and Anna sat down, Anna admitted that she was glad that Alexis was free because Anna knew that Alexis hadn't killed Carlos. Alexis suggested that Anna drop the charges if that were true, but Anna insisted that it was out of her hands because there was damaging evidence against Alexis.

However, Anna encouraged Alexis to take the opportunity to save herself because Anna was certain that there was evidence at Alexis' house that would point to the real killer. Anna urged Alexis to find it and expose Julian.

A short time later, Alexis and Diane left the police station as Janice approached Paul to demand answers. Paul explained that the judge had seen Paul's request as unreasonable. Janice resented the implication that it was her fault that Alexis had been granted bail, but Paul smoothed her ruffled feathers by promising to send Carlos' killer to jail for a long time.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny urged Carly to let Michael handle things with Sabrina. Moments later, Anna approached Sonny to talk to him privately. After Carly left, Anna told Sonny about Alexis' hearing. Sonny was disgusted that Julian hadn't bothered to attend Alexis' arraignment. Anna explained that the good news was that Alexis was on her way home. Sonny hoped that Alexis' eyes were finally open to who Julian really was and that she would try to save herself.

Meanwhile, Julian arrived home. He was relieved when he realized that he was alone because it would make packing his things easier. He saw the newspaper article about Alexis and went to the cabinet to pour himself a stiff drink. Moments later, Carlos asked if Julian had missed him. Julian asked what Carlos wanted, but Carlos pointed out that only Julian knew the answer because Julian's mind had created the vision. Carlos suggested that perhaps Julian thought talking to a ghost would ease Julian's conscience, but Julian scoffed because he blamed Carlos for Julian's predicament

Carlos reminded Julian that dead men didn't tell tales and pointed out that Alexis was the one who couldn't be trusted. Carlos taunted Julian about falling in love with Alexis because it would be Julian's downfall. Julian admitted that he felt as if he'd been backed into a corner and had no way out. Carlos argued that there was always a way out, but Julian made it clear that hurting Alexis was not an option because Alexis was Julian's wife and the mother of one of Julian's children. Julian was certain that Alexis loved him unconditionally, but Carlos disagreed and accused Julian of being Alexis' "lapdog."

Carlos was certain that Alexis would throw Julian to the wolves because Alexis didn't really love Julian -- she loved the man she thought Julian had been. Julian believed that he could be that man, but Carlos laughed. Julian admitted that he was nothing like Victor Jerome and added that Alexis had been the best thing to happen to Julian. Carlos didn't believe Julian because Julian had returned to the mob the first chance he'd had. Julian insisted that it had been necessary to protect Ava, but Carlos knew that Julian had been drawn to the power and the thrill of getting away with breaking the law.

Carlos doubted that Julian wanted a quiet life and added that Alexis refused to be married to a cold-blooded killer. Carlos was confident that Julian would do whatever was necessary to save himself. Julian finished the drink and wiped away the tears in his eyes as Carlos vanished. Moments later, Alexis arrived home. She tensed and asked what Julian was doing there. Julian looked past Alexis' shoulder and saw Carlos smiling knowingly.

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