General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 8, 2017 on GH

Anna's doppelgänger turned up in a London hospital. Andre found a discrepancy with Morgan's pills. Hayden learned that she was pregnant. Jake received a deadly gift. Nina walked out on Valentin.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 8, 2017 on GH
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Andre is perplexed by Morgan's lab results Andre is perplexed by Morgan's lab results

Monday, May 8, 2017

Ava asked Martina about Carly's case as an "interested third party." Carly dismissed the questions as "none of your business." Ava continued that her ears had "perked up" at Martina's mention of her specialty in family law. Martina informed Ava that she was based in Los Angeles and was only in Port Charles for one case. Ava mentioned a "challenging custody situation," but Carly reminded Ava that Carly was the one with the leverage. Ava left.

As the women sat, Carly explained to Martina that Carly and Sonny always agreed when it concerned their children. Ava took a picture of the women as Carly wondered if she would seem greedy or vindictive to the judge. Martina explained it away as Carly protecting the trusts of the kids. Martina wanted to revisit the issue of Michael testifying, but Carly refused to put Michael, who didn't want to take sides anyway, in the middle. She and Sonny agreed that the divorce shouldn't affect the kids, and she added that Sonny was a great father. Martina wondered if Carly was divorcing Sonny or defending him.

Carly countered that Sonny was a good father, not a good husband. Martina advised Carly to protect her assets by getting her own bank accounts and credit cards and to start keeping a journal. She wanted Carly to keep track of all the time and effort she'd put into the marriage to make it work. Martina also advised Carly to put her rings back on in order to make a statement about their marriage, especially since Sonny had taken his off. Just then, Andre approached and requested a minute with Carly. Martina left in order to continue strategizing.

Andre asked Carly about the lab results of Morgan's pills. She informed him that the drugs had tested fine. As a doctor, he was relieved that the drugs had been good, but as a person, he'd been hoping that Morgan had just gotten a bad batch. Andre offered to listen if Carly ever needed to talk, and she promised to think about it. Andre asked for a copy of the lab results to include in Morgan's file, so she gave her copy to him.

Andre looked at the results as he walked away, when he noticed a discrepancy. He read, "Lithium: 300MG," and swore that he'd prescribed Morgan 600 milligrams. He made a phone call and asked someone to pull Morgan's file.

Sonny informed Michael that he had a plan to "handle" Carly's lawyer. He didn't want Michael caught in the middle, but Michael answered that he was already in the middle. Michael reminded Sonny that Carly had all the leverage, but Sonny responded that he just needed to expose Martina's weaknesses. Michael advised Sonny to have Diane drag out the proceedings so that Carly could have more time to realize that she was fighting too hard. Just then, Sonny's phone went off. Ava texted him, telling him that they needed to talk, so she was on her way. Attached was a picture of Carly and Martina.

Michael realized that he hadn't spent time with Avery in a while. Sonny told Michael that Avery was at the park with her nanny, so Michael decided to visit. Before he left, he reiterated for Diane to delay the divorce. When he was gone, the doorbell rang, and Sonny answered the door to Ava. Ava commented that she hated for Avery to spend so much time with caretakers. Changing the subject, Sonny wondered why she'd sent him a picture of Carly and Martina. Ava believed she had leverage after seeing Sonny follow Martina to her stateroom the night before.

Sonny hoped that Ava wasn't threatening him and suggested that Martina had actually seduced him. If Ava told Carly anything, he promised that Ava would get nowhere near Avery. He informed Ava that even when Sonny and Carly were angry at each other, they always agreed when it had to do with their children. She wondered if he had something to offer her for her silence. She proposed getting Avery for the entire weekend while he would be preparing for court anyway.

Ava took Sonny's silence as approval. She told him that she'd pick Avery up on Friday, and she hurried out happily. When she was gone, Sonny made a phone call. "You know that thing I planned for? I'm ready to pull the trigger. Do it now," he said.

Later, Sonny sat at a table in Pozzulo's. Martina entered, and he thanked her for meeting him. She told him that she'd had no choice, and she wondered what he wanted.

On the phone with Sam, Jason told her that he had finally gotten to a village across from Cassadine Island. He said that he was going to follow up on the information she'd found, and he hung up. He sat down at a table and took out a copy of Jake's drawings. He put a gun together then put it on top of Helena's book, covering it with a handkerchief. A waitress approached and reached out for a dirty glass, but he grabbed her arm. "You," she said, recognizing him. He greeted Daphne.

Daphne told Jason that she'd done nothing wrong. He begged to differ, as she'd helped Helena hurt his friends when they'd been stuck on Cassadine Island the previous summer. Jason took out a picture of Jake and wondered if Daphne recognized the boy. Daphne accidentally picked the handkerchief up and saw the gun. Clearly frightened, she swore that she didn't recognize Jake, but she'd heard rumors of Helena having a boy on the island whose parents had been lost at sea.

Jason showed Jake's drawing and the book to Daphne. She shakily brushed it off as a fairytale, but he believed that everything in the book existed somewhere on the island. He demanded that she take him there, but she refused to go back to the island. She drew him a map and instructed him to follow her directions in order to get to the place he was looking for. He promised to return for her if he found out she was lying.

Sam arrived at the hospital with Scout in order to tell Elizabeth something. Franco approached, and Sam went silent. Elizabeth convinced her to talk because Elizabeth was just going to tell Franco whatever Sam said anyway. Sam revealed that Jason was on his way to Cassadine Island to find clues about what had happened to Jake. Elizabeth promised to call Sam first if Jake drew anything else that could help.

Just then, Franco's phone went off. He looked at it and asked for a moment with Elizabeth. He told her that he had an appointment that he couldn't put off. She assumed if it was about his art commission. He gave her a long hug and a kiss, and he told her he loved her. He got into the elevator, and Elizabeth went back to Sam, who was worried about Scout. Elizabeth thought that Scout felt a little warm but that she would be fine with fluids and a nap. Sam asked Elizabeth to call a doctor, and Elizabeth obliged.

A short while later, Sam thanked Elizabeth for helping and for humoring her overreaction. Elizabeth admitted that she would have done the same thing in Sam's position. In return, Elizabeth thanked Sam for dealing with Franco. Sam confided that it wasn't easy, but it was all for Jake. Elizabeth advised Sam that she and Scout needed rest, and Sam left. Elizabeth's phone went off, and it was a text from Franco that read, "I had a last minute errand. Be home ASAP." "What are you up to, Franco?" Elizabeth wondered.

Michael arrived at the park and found Avery, Charlotte, and Nelle. Nelle told Charlotte that they needed to catch the launch back to Wyndemere, but Michael thought the launch wouldn't mind if they stayed longer like Charlotte wanted. Charlotte wanted to show Avery the flowers, so the two girls walked a short distance away. Nelle wondered why Michael was there and not at work. He explained that he wanted to spend some time with his sister -- and away from being in the middle of his parents' divorce. Nelle assumed that Michael blamed her for that, but he didn't.

Michael thought that Sonny and Carly should give each other time and space to think, but Carly had refused to go anywhere because she wanted to "protect" Michael from Nelle. He continued that he'd told Carly that he could see Nelle if he wanted to. Nelle was pleasantly surprised by the statement. Michael added that Carly had thought that Michael would forgive Nelle for everything because she had not testified against Jax. Just then, Charlotte and Avery returned with flowers. They gave the flowers to Michael to give to Nelle, which he did.

"Is there room for another?" Ava called out. Nelle walked the girls away as Ava approached Michael. He told her that it wasn't her day with Avery, but she revealed that Sonny was all right with it. Michael texted Sonny to make sure. Ava reminded Michael that Avery was her daughter, but Michael remembered all the horrible things that Ava had done to her other daughter, Kiki. Michael received a text back from Sonny, which confirmed Ava's claim. "You're not even Sonny's biological child, but you're somehow exactly like him," Ava scoffed.

Ava picked up Avery and told her daughter about the fun preschool that Avery would be attending. She gave Avery the "best news" that they would be spending "lots more time together."

Nelle returned to Michael with Charlotte, who thought that Michael should tell Nelle that she was prettier than the flowers. "Much prettier," Michael agreed. "You too, Charlotte," he added. Nelle shared her flowers with Charlotte. Michael took one and put it in Charlotte's hair.

Jason and Franco make an alarming discovery

Jason and Franco make an alarming discovery

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

At Pozullo's, Sonny thanked Martina for meeting him, but she pointed out that she hadn't been given a choice. Sonny explained that they needed to talk, but she argued that she shouldn't be seen with him. Sonny assured Martina that Max had taken precautions to make certain that no one knew about their meeting. However, Sonny advised Martina that Ava Jerome had seen them together at the Haunted Star. Martina recognized the name and recalled thinking Ava was a viper. Sonny warned Martina that Ava was a "lying, murderous bitch" who couldn't be trusted to remain quiet.

Martina promised to deny anything Ava accused her of. Sonny was pleased, but he warned her that it would be a disaster if Ava told Carly because Carly would go straight to her cousin Lulu, who owned the Haunted Star. Sonny had no doubt Lulu would turn over any incriminating security tapes. Martina was curious if Sonny expected her to step down as Carly's attorney, but Sonny admitted that he'd rather work with her to get the divorce resolved quickly. Martina explained that Carly could file a complaint against her after the divorce was finalized, but Sonny doubted Carly would bother once she was happily divorced and moving on.

Sonny assured Martina that he wanted a fair settlement -- he would have his personal assets returned to him, and Carly would get what she had entered their marriage with. Sonny explained that Carly wanted his assets to punish him, but Martina accused Sonny of wanting what was best for himself. Sonny flashed a charming smile and told Martina that Max would drop her off.

Shortly after Martina left, Kristina stopped by to catch up with her father. She told him that Amy had enlisted her to help with the Nurses Ball, but he had no idea who Amy was. Kristina described Amy as blonde and funny then added that they lived together, but Sonny had a lot on his mind and drew a blank. Kristina was worried because Michael had told her that Carly wanted to take everything. Sonny assured Kristina that there was nothing to worry about, but Kristina didn't want to add to his burden and told him to disregard the bill he would receive from Port Charles University.

Sonny was pleasantly surprised when Kristina told him about the classes she'd signed up for and her long-term plan to earn her degree. Kristina assured her father that she could work until she could access her trust fund the following year and pay off her student loans, but Sonny insisted on paying for his daughter's education. He assured Kristina that the divorce wouldn't drag out, and money wouldn't be an issue. Kristina's eyes narrowed because she sensed her father was hiding something.

In Metro Court's lobby, Bobbie appreciated the use of Carly's office. Bobbie was confident that the 2017 Nurses Ball would be the best one yet. Carly smiled up at her mother, but Bobbie noticed she seemed distracted. Carly explained that her attorney had asked her to write a journal about her marriage to Sonny. "All five or just this latest?" Bobbie asked as she joined her daughter on the sofa. "The one I'm ending," Carly answered.

Bobbie gently rubbed Carly's back as she admitted that she hated seeing Carly in pain. Bobbie suggested Carly put off journaling, but Carly didn't see the point because it wouldn't make things easier. Carly thought the sooner the divorce was finalized; the sooner Sonny would face the reality that everything belonged to Carly. Bobbie conceded that she wasn't Sonny's biggest fan, but she urged Carly to consider an equitable settlement. Carly flatly refused because Sonny had had Jax deported, but Bobbie scoffed because Jax was a billionaire adventurer who could easily buy Josslyn a new country.

Bobbie asked Carly to look at the reality of the situation, but Carly insisted that what Sonny had done to Jax had been underhanded. Bobbie wondered why Carly acted surprised when she knew the kind of man Sonny was -- a bad-tempered mobster with a jealous streak. Carly vowed to fight to the bitter end to make certain Sonny didn't see a dime of the money he'd signed over to her. Bobbie was concerned about Carly's anger, so Carly explained that writing about her marriage had reminded her what it had been like to love Sonny and to be loved by him in return. Carly told Bobbie about Morgan's prescription bottle being recovered at the Floating Rib and how Sonny had had the medication tested after Andre had confirmed the pill count had been accurate to what Morgan would have had if he'd been taking the medication as prescribed.

Carly revealed that she and Sonny had talked about Morgan like two parents mourning the death of their child, without all the rancor from the impending divorce. Bobbie wondered if Sonny and Carly would still be together if Morgan hadn't died. Carly tearfully admitted that it didn't matter because her son was dead, and she and Sonny had reacted the way they had. Carly refused to live in the fantasy of who she wanted Sonny to be -- she had to deal with the cold facts of who he was.

A short time later, Martina walked up. Carly introduced her mother to the West Coast attorney. Bobbie and Martina exchanged pleasantries until Bobbie announced that she had to get back to work on the Nurses Ball. After Bobbie left, Carly mentioned her family's desire for her to compromise with Sonny. Martina seized the opportunity to try to persuade Carly to work with Sonny and Diane, but Carly immediately questioned Martina's motives. Martina claimed that she was obligated to present all options to her clients, but Carly remained adamant that she wanted to keep everything.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina happily greeted her brother. Nathan warmly hugged Nina and admitted that it had been forever since they'd spent any quality time together. Nina grinned as she announced that she had news. Nathan smiled when she mentioned Maxie's name because he had a good idea where the conversation was headed. Nina playfully scolded him because she had hoped to build up the suspense. However, Lulu walked up before Nina had the opportunity to elaborate.

Lulu apologized for interrupting, but she explained that she had a favor to ask of Nina that concerned Charlotte. Lulu suddenly changed her mind and decided to talk to Charlotte's "other -- actual parent." Nina bristled and made it clear that as Charlotte's stepmother, she could consider Lulu's request. Lulu pasted on a smile as she explained that she and Dante wanted to take Charlotte and Rocco to a children's fair in Buffalo. Lulu assured Nina that the court-mandated monitor would accompany them, but Nina objected when Lulu added that it would be an overnight trip. Nina resented Lulu trying to take more than she was entitled to.

Lulu's temper flared, but Nina argued that the judge had made it clear that Lulu could only have weekly one-hour supervised visits with Charlotte. Lulu insisted the judge had been fooled by Valentin and Nina's lies. Nathan quickly stepped between Nina and Lulu as the argument escalated. Laura and Kevin walked up as Lulu accused Nina of always being nasty toward Lulu. Nina claimed that it was because Lulu was rude to Valentin and no good for Charlotte. Nina insisted Lulu treated Charlotte like a doll she wanted to dress up.

Laura was outraged when Nina suggested Lulu didn't care about Charlotte's feelings. "That's enough," Laura warned Nina. Nina ignored Laura as she advised Lulu to consider Charlotte instead of only thinking about herself. "Why don't you back the hell off," Lulu growled. Lulu coldly reminded Nina that Nina was not biologically related to Charlotte. Lulu warned Nina that her days as Charlotte's stepmother were numbered because Valentin would eventually betray Nina.

After Kevin and Laura dragged Lulu to a nearby table, Nina asked how Nathan could be friends with Lulu. Nathan conceded that Lulu had been out of line, but he reminded his sister that Charlotte was a touchy subject. Nina suspected Lulu's trip had been the first step in Lulu's campaign to take Charlotte away from her and Valentin. Nina was determined not to let it happen, but Nathan didn't want to rehash the custody issue. Nina acknowledged that Valentin had his faults, but she refused to allow Lulu to break up their family, because Charlotte and Valentin loved each other deeply. Nathan was disappointed because he hated the way Nina always felt the need to defend her husband.

Nina decided to steer the conversation back to Maxie. She appreciated all that Maxie had done for her, especially in the early days when Nina had first taken over Crimson. Nina was also concerned about the strain Maxie's continued absence had on her brother and sister-in-law's marriage, so she'd emailed Maxie a job offer an hour earlier. Nathan smiled as Nina expressed a desire to start fresh with Maxie. He admitted that he had no idea what to say, but Nina wanted Nathan and Maxie to be as happy as Valentin and Nina were. Nathan was surprised because he recalled that Nina had been concerned about Valentin's relationship with Anna.

Nina told Nathan that she'd had a change of heart because a "stranger" had helped her gain a new perspective. Moments later, Nina's phone chimed. It was a text message from Maxie. Nathan was eager to hear his wife's response, but Nina's smile faded. "Sorry, Nina, at this time I have to turn down your offer. I'm unsure of when -- or if -- I'll be returning to Port Charles at all," Nina read.

Nearby, Lulu thanked her mother and Kevin for getting her away from Nina. Lulu regretted losing her cool because she knew it would return to haunt her. Kevin was curious what had triggered the argument, but Lulu admitted that it didn't matter because everything had gone well with Charlotte. Lulu was confident that she wouldn't need to resort to tricks or enlist Nelle's help to form a bond with Charlotte. Laura was pleased, but she advised Lulu to have a backup plan to deal with Valentin. Lulu agreed, especially since Valentin had kept her from her daughter all of Charlotte's life.

Lulu wanted nothing more than to take Valentin and Nina down, but she recognized that she had to win over her daughter first. Laura reluctantly admitted that it was clear Charlotte loved Valentin -- and Nina. Lulu was confident that, with time, Charlotte would grow to trust and rely on her mother and less on her father. Lulu reminded her mother that children were perceptive, so she was confident that Charlotte would eventually see Valentin for the monster he was. Moments later, Lulu received a text message from Olivia asking Lulu to pick up Rocco and Leo because Olivia had to deal with a crisis at the hotel.

After Lulu left, Kevin noticed that Laura seemed troubled. Laura explained that she didn't trust Valentin. She was certain he would find a way to stop Charlotte from forging a relationship with Lulu. Kevin was curious what she thought Valentin might do. Laura's eyes filled with tears as she reminded Kevin that Valentin had killed Nikolas, which meant he was capable of anything -- including murdering Lulu.

In the park, Valentin was stretching as Anna called out to him. She stopped during her morning run to greet him and suggested the encounter had been a happy coincidence, but he knew better. Anna conceded he was right -- she had sought him out because they had unfinished business. He assured her that he'd put their past behind him, but she clarified that she'd been referring to the Chimera Project. Anna and Valentin sat down on a bench as he reminded her that the secret project was decades old. She assured him that she wanted nothing more than to put it in the past, but she desperately needed to know who he'd sold the information to.

Valentin was tight-lipped, so Anna switched tactics by assuring him that she regretted hurting him because he'd been important to her. Valentin was curious if she expected sympathy from him, but she knew her struggle with guilt was nothing compared to what she'd done to him. Valentin tried not to let her words affect him and suggested they return to living separate lives. He started to leave, but she reached for his arm and stopped him. Anna explained that it was imperative for them to sort things out then asked him who he'd sold the project's secrets to, but he refused to tell her.

Anna worried that the damage from the potential fallout might not be contained, but Valentin became increasingly agitated as he told her that he didn't care. He wished he'd never allowed her to talk him into going near the project because he felt like an idiot for falling for her lies. Anna apologized, but he admitted that her constant apologies made him question her sincerity. Anna assured Valentin that she meant it and added that she wanted to make amends for how she'd wronged him. Valentin asked her to drop it.

Anna acknowledged that she couldn't convince Valentin of something he didn't want to believe, but she reminded him that the Chimera Project had the potential for a lot of harm. Anna implored him to tell her who he'd brokered a deal with. She hoped it was the DVX because they were a known entity. Valentin bragged that he'd found a far higher bidder than the DVX because his numerous surgeries hadn't paid for themselves. He also reminded her that he'd been forced to start a new life and ditch a hit she'd put on him. Anna noticed that Valentin didn't appear concerned about the buyer, so he admitted that he wasn't because it was a long time in the past.

Valentin pointed out that if the buyer had wanted to use "the Chimera" then it would have happened already. "And now, they're dead. They're stone dead," Valentin added as he slowly regained his composure. Valentin assured Anna that the Chimera Project would never see the light of day.

In Greece, Jason was on the phone, complaining that he was stranded at the hotel because he couldn't find a boat to take him to Cassadine Island. Jason quickly ended the call when he caught Franco trying to sneak through the entrance. Jason pinned Franco to the wall and demanded to know what Franco was doing in Greece. Franco revealed that Sam had told him and Elizabeth about Jason's plans, so Franco had decided to help Jason. Jason suspected Franco wanted to look like a hero to Jake and Elizabeth, but Franco promised his sole motivation was to help Jake. Jason wasn't interested in Franco's assistance until Franco revealed that he had a boat.

A short time later, Jason and Franco located the scarecrow on Cassadine Island. Jason studied the scarecrow while Franco found the tree that Jake had drawn. Franco noticed something on the tree and called Jason over. Both men frowned when they saw a silhouette of a chimera etched into the tree. Jason and Franco quickly determined that Jake couldn't have seen the scarecrow from the tree's vantage point because of a rock wall. Jason walked over to take a closer look at the wall. Franco noticed iron shackles hanging from each end of the wall.

Jason had a brief flashback of being chained to the rock wall. Franco noticed Jason's troubled expression and asked him about it. Jason revealed that he was the scarecrow that Jake had drawn.

Jake receives an ominous birthday gift

Jake receives an ominous birthday gift

> Jake receives an ominous birthday gift

Jake receives an ominous birthday gift

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Curtis complained about having to honor a bet he'd made with Jordan. Jordan was unapologetic as she waited for him to hold up his end of the bargain, but he accused her of playing him by feigning a lack of bowling experience. Jordan assured Curtis that it was okay to be afraid, but he argued that he wasn't. He put his bowling shoe on the table then poured Champagne in it. Curtis braced himself before lifting the shoe to take a drink, but Jordan stopped him. She laughed as she assured him that she'd never intended to make him drink from the shoe.

Curtis was relieved. Jordan admitted that she was impressed that he'd been willing to do it. Curtis' smile faded as he quietly warned her that they had an audience. She followed Curtis' gaze and saw Andre seated at the bar, watching them. Andre quickly turned his back on the couple, but Jordan suggested that she and Curtis leave. Curtis assured her that he was okay, but he was worried that she might feel uncomfortable. Jordan appreciated his concern, but she reminded him that they were all adults.

Curtis was curious if it would bother Jordan if Andre had moved on with someone at the police station, but she insisted it wasn't her any of her business. Curtis wondered if it might make a difference if the woman was someone Jordan knew well -- like Valerie. Jordan's gaze shot to the bar as Valerie greeted Andre then took a seat next to him.

At the bar, Valerie noticed Jordan and Curtis watching her and Andre, but Andre didn't care if their exes talked about them. Valerie smiled as she embraced Andre's attitude then made a point of openly flirting with him. Andre caught onto her game and played along by returning her smile. Andre admitted that Curtis had always been a third wheel in Andre and Jordan's relationship, but Valerie reminded him that she had to work with her ex's new girlfriend. Andre paid the tab and advised Valerie to change a situation if she didn't like it. "Maybe I will," Valerie said as he walked away.

At the table, Curtis decided he needed something stronger than Champagne to drink. Jordan wondered if Curtis was upset because Valerie was with Andre, but Curtis promised her that he was happy Valerie had moved on because she was a sweet person. Curtis added that Andre was a lucky guy, but not as lucky as Curtis because Curtis was with Jordan. Curtis' phone rang, so she offered to get their drinks at the bar while he took the call.

Moments later, Jordan placed her order then struck up a conversation with Valerie, but Valerie was standoffish. Jordan assured Valerie that she wouldn't stay long or take Andre's seat, but Valerie told her that Andre had left. Jordan was surprised because she had assumed Valerie and Andre had been on a date. Valerie wondered if Jordan intended to warn her away from Andre too. Jordan was taken aback by the question, but she assured Valerie that Valerie was free to pursue a relationship with Andre. Valerie was skeptical because she suspected Jordan might change her mind if things didn't work out with Curtis.

Jordan promised that she had never meant for things to turn out as they had, but Valerie thought it was interesting that Jordan was dating Curtis after nearly firing Valerie because of her relationship with him. Jordan regretted hurting Valerie, but Valerie cut her off to clarify that she wasn't hurt -- she was grateful that she'd gotten out of a bad situation before it was too late. Valerie hoped Jordan did the same before Curtis jeopardized Jordan's job the way he had Valerie's. Valerie excused herself when Bobbie sent a text message to ask Valerie for a rain check.

After Valerie left, Curtis approached Jordan and apologized for the call, but she assured him that it was fine. Curtis sensed something was troubling Jordan and wondered if Valerie had said something. Jordan claimed they'd been talking "shop" then followed Curtis to the table, but he noticed that she was distracted. Curtis suggested they take a walk through the park then head to his place for drinks, relaxing music, and more, but Jordan declined. Curtis suspected Jordan was upset about Andre and Valerie, but she insisted it was personal, gave him a quick kiss, then rushed to the elevator.

In the park, Valentin assured Anna that the Chimera Project would not see the light of day, but she didn't trust that the deadly toxin was not out in the world, waiting for someone to unleash it. Valentin refused to discuss it and walked away, but Anna followed him because she was desperate for answers. Valentin acknowledged that it was possible "the chimera" hadn't been disabled and might still be usable, prompting Anna to ask if he was at all concerned about the possible ramifications. Valentin reminded Anna that he had a daughter, but he was confident there was nothing to worry about because the buyer had died before using it.

Anna remained uneasy because the buyer could have passed the deadly toxin to someone else. Valentin recalled the transaction when he'd given Helena a metal canister with a chimera emblem imprinted on it in exchange for a briefcase filled with money. Valentin pushed the unsettling memory away as he promised Anna that the buyer had been far too selfish to share. Anna wanted a name, but Valentin refused to tell her. However, he made it clear that he would have hunted down and destroyed the chimera if he'd thought it remained a threat.

Anna was disappointed that Valentin didn't trust her, but he reminded her that she'd given him reason not to. Anna was adamant that she'd been honest with him since her memories had returned, but he remained leery. Anna offered to give Valentin space -- if he truly wanted it -- but he thought they should both want it because their past hadn't reflected well on either of them. Anna claimed that seeing him was a constant reminder of all the ills she'd committed against him, which she deeply regretted because he should have been her friend. She started to say more but stopped herself because she knew he didn't care that she'd been drowning in guilt. Valentine quietly admitted she was wrong.

Anna feigned shame and started to leave, but Valentin stopped her because he thought it was time they got to know each other because neither was the person they'd once been. Anna and Valentin looked deep into each other's eyes, but the moment was shattered when Andre walked up and greeted Anna. Valentin seized the opportunity to leave before Anna could stop him. Andre was curious what he had interrupted, but Anna was evasive. Worried, Andre asked how close Anna intended to get to Valentin because it was dangerous to use Valentin's feelings for her to manipulate him.

Anna explained that Valentin had information vital to the WSB, and she was in a position to get it. She reminded Andre that she was perfectly capable of taking care of herself, but he knew she had missed a few phlebotomy appointments. Anna was not pleased that Griffin had talked to Andre, so she explained that she had moved her treatments to another facility for privacy. Andre refused to apologize for expressing his concerns, but Anna accused him of using her situation as a distraction from the mess he'd made of his relationship with Jordan. Anna immediately regretted her harsh words.

Andre appreciated Anna's apology. He promised to respect her boundaries, but he warned her that she was stuck with him. Shortly after Andre left, Anna's cell phone rang. She reported to the caller that she'd made progress and hoped to resolve everything quickly.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina urged Nathan to call his wife, but Nathan decided to wait until after Maxie's meeting to get to the bottom of Maxie's troubling text messages to Nina. Nina could tell Nathan didn't want to be alone, and she invited him to accompany her back to Spoon Island. Nathan took her up on the offer.

A short time later, Nina and Nathan entered Wyndemere's living room. Nathan complained about the high cost of flying to Portland, so Nina offered to buy him a ticket. Nathan declined. Nina accepted his decision and suggested a beer to help him unwind. After Nina dashed to the pantry to get the beer, Nathan checked online for a plane ticket. He was disgusted when he noticed the prices had gone up. Moments later, Nina returned without the beer.

Nina was upset because Valentin hadn't returned from his run. She was certain her husband was with Anna, but Nathan reminded Nina that she didn't have any reason to jump to that conclusion. He told her there were several innocent reasons Valentin might have been delayed, but Nina suspected Valentin had tracked Anna down -- or the other way around. Nathan thought Nina had put her fears about Anna behind her, but Nina explained that she couldn't because Anna always seemed to be around, and Valentin had been acting "sketchy." Nathan advised Nina to talk to Valentin.

Nina admitted that she had expressed her concerns to her husband, but he hadn't done anything to fix the situation. Instead, things had gotten worse. Nathan advised Nina to ask herself if everything Valentin had offered was worth being with a man she'd lost faith and trust in. Nina refused to settle for how things were, so Nathan urged her to demand more from Valentin or leave him. Nina feared that Valentin might not be able to give her more, but Nathan reminded his sister that she still had concerns about Valentin and Anna despite Valentin's assurances that nothing was going on. Nina explained that she wasn't ready to give up on her husband.

Nathan despised Valentin for numerous reasons, but most of all, he hated how Valentin had made Nina feel insecure and uncertain. Despite his misgivings, Nathan recognized that Nina loved Valentin. He encouraged her to decide if her marriage was worth fixing, and if it was, to prepare herself because it wouldn't be an easy or painless process. Moments later, Valentin entered the living room, looking for Nina. He was surprised when he saw Nathan.

Nathan explained that he had dropped his sister off. Valentin worried that something had happened, but Nina demanded to know if he'd been with Anna. Valentin tried to sidestep the question, but Nina wanted an answer. Reluctantly, Valentin confirmed that he'd seen Anna, but he rushed to assure his wife that it had been a chance encounter. Hurt, Nina tearfully asked what Anna had wanted, but Valentin explained that he couldn't tell her. Nina had had enough because she'd been down a similar road and had ended up the "loser." Nina refused to let history repeat itself.

Valentin implored Nina to give him a chance, but she wanted to know if he'd been having an affair with Anna. "No," he promised. Nina pushed further and asked if he wanted to have an affair with Anna. Valentin hesitated, which was all Nina needed. She asked if she could stay with Nathan. Nathan assured her that she could, so she bolted out of the room. Desperate, Valentin reached for her hand, but Nathan warned Valentin to back off.

Valentin dropped his hand, but he continued to beg Nina to stay and work things out. She ignored him. Nathan told Valentin that Nina had been the best thing to ever happen to Valentin, but Valentin had lost her. Valentin watched helplessly as Nina left with Nathan.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth caught Jake shaking a wrapped birthday gift, hoping to figure out what was under the colorful wrapping. Elizabeth gently scolded him and reminded him that he would have to wait for the birthday party. Jake was disappointed that he couldn't open presents, especially since his birthday had passed, but Elizabeth stood firm. She reminded Jake that he had refused to have a party until his father could attend, but Jake wanted to know when Jason would arrive. Elizabeth urged Jake to have patience then told him to finish up his homework.

Moments later, Kiki arrived with a present for Jake from Franco. Jake asked if he could open the present, but Elizabeth insisted that he had to wait for the party. Disappointed, Jake returned to his homework. Elizabeth explained that Jake had been a bit impatient. Kiki apologized for making things worse, but she'd been following Franco's instructions. Elizabeth frowned because the last text message from Franco had mentioned a mysterious errand. Elizabeth let the matter drop when the doorbell rang.

A deliveryman with a package for Jake was at the door. Elizabeth signed for it as Kiki and Jake looked on. Jake was surprised the package was from Spencer because he had hoped his cousin would attend his birthday party. Elizabeth explained that Spencer was still at school, but she agreed to let Jake open the package. Kiki followed Jake to the living room as the deliveryman wished Jake a happy birthday. Jake tensed when the man pointedly added, "Little man."

Elizabeth and Kiki didn't appear to notice Jake's reaction. Elizabeth closed the door then joined Jake in the living room to watch him open the package. Kiki realized Spencer had unique taste when she saw the ornate box that had an elaborate magic kit inside. Jake smiled when Kiki expressed a genuine interest in magic. Elizabeth noticed a small black box nestled between the various items in the box and urged Jake to open it. The card read, "For magician's eyes only." Elizabeth excused herself to check her phone when she heard it beep in the kitchen.

Jake refused to open the box until Kiki had left the room, so she disappeared into the kitchen. Jake lifted the lid on the small box and saw a note inside, instructing him to "Look underneath" and promising that he'd recognize what he found. Jake noticed a larger box tucked between the items and slowly lifted the lid. Inside was a metal canister with a chimera emblem stamped on it.

In the kitchen, Elizabeth was disappointed that Franco would not be joining them. She showed Kiki the text message he'd sent explaining that he'd been "tied up."

On Cassadine Island, Jason realized he was the scarecrow Jake had feared. Franco was curious what Jason had done to frighten Jake, but Jason couldn't recall. However, Jason was certain that he hadn't physically harmed his son. Jason had a sudden flashback of being chained to the nearby rock wall as one of Helena's henchmen viciously beat him. Franco wondered what Jake had seen that had made Jake fear Jason rather than fear for Jason. Jason remembered the guard telling Jason that the number one rule was that Jason's life was not his own.

Franco thought it made sense that Helena had kept Jason on the island. However, Franco pointed out that they had no idea what Jake had seen. Jason recalled more details of the torture he'd endured. He revealed that Helena had watched the merciless beating and had ordered the guard to continue despite the guard's reservations. Helena had bragged that she had "assets in reserve" like any good investor would. Jason pushed the memory away as he speculated that Helena had been referring to Luke and Jake.

Franco was curious if Jason recalled anything else. Jason thought about the savage beating and how Helena had praised Jason for being an efficient assassin. However, she'd been furious that he'd missed the rendezvous, which had made retrieval nearly impossible. Helena had warned Jason that it had been unacceptable then ordered the guard to resume the beating. "That's interesting," Franco said. He encouraged Jason to keep replaying the memory over in his mind in case it sparked more details.

Moments later, Franco quietly slipped up behind Jason and bashed him on the head. Jason fell unconscious to the ground. Franco shackled Jason to the rock wall then roused him. Jason groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, but he snapped to full alert when he realized he'd been chained to the wall. Franco appeared to delight in Jason's predicament, prompting Jason to accuse Franco of being a "psycho boy." Franco wondered if people like them ever really lost the taste for "this type of work."

Franco decided to finish what he'd started and proceeded to punch Jason in the stomach as Jason had flashbacks of the beating he'd endured at Helena's orders. Jason recalled how Helena had confessed to envying Sonny for having a man with Jason's talents at his disposal, which was why she had jumped at the opportunity to pay Faison handsomely for Jason. Jason suddenly remembered that Helena had caught someone spying on Jason's beating. He was certain it had been a child because of the way she'd greeted him.

"Hello there, little man," Helena had said. Jason hadn't seen the child, but he was certain it had been Jake. Franco eased up on the beating as he conceded that the violent incident would have traumatized a child, but Franco wondered how the chimera fit in. Jason didn't know, but he demanded that Franco release him. Franco agreed, but he wanted to make it clear that he'd tied Jason up to jump-start Jason's memories. Franco knew the method had been crude but effective.

Jason assured Franco that it was fine. Franco moved to unshackle Jason's other hand, providing Jason with an opportunity to smash a rock he'd grabbed from the wall over Franco's head. A short time later, Jason sent a text from Franco's phone then tossed it on the ground. Next, he picked up a bucket of water and threw it on Franco, who'd been shackled to the wall. Jason announced that he was headed to Jake's birthday party, but he promised to send someone for Franco once Franco had had time to reflect on the error of his ways.

Curtis makes a disovery that has Nina fuming

Curtis makes a disovery that has Nina fuming

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Finn nibbled on a slice of cake as he made his way down the hospital hallway. Griffin spied the plate and asked if there was cake in the breakroom, but Finn had had the last piece. Griffin was pleased when Finn mentioned attending a meeting earlier because it meant Finn was focused on his sobriety. Finn preferred to be vindicated and asked if the tests were back. Griffin explained that he expected them later that day. Finn was confident it would prove someone had tampered with his results.

Griffin admitted that he'd been avoiding Monica until he had proof, but he didn't look forward to telling Monica that a staff member had tampered with tests. Finn empathized because he'd attended a gathering for Tracy the previous day and had been worried that Monica might ask questions. However, she'd had other matters on her mind. Griffin and Finn saw Monica at the elevator, so they darted off in opposite directions before she spotted them.

In the park, Curtis bumped into Hayden. They exchanged pleasantries before Curtis asked how things were between Finn and Hayden. She admitted that she had no idea, prompting him to ask if Finn had relapsed. Hayden promised that Finn was clean, but she revealed that someone had tampered with Finn's drug tests. Curtis expressed concern, but Hayden reiterated that Finn was clean. Curtis gave her the benefit of the doubt, but he asked her to be careful. Hayden was touched when he assured her that she could count on him if she needed help.

Hayden thanked Curtis, but she promised him that everything had been handled. Satisfied, Curtis asked where Hayden and Finn stood. She told him they were "in recovery," but things were still awkward because Finn had seen her kiss Curtis. Curtis reminded her that she'd been drunk, but Hayden assured him that she hadn't forgotten. Curtis and Hayden were startled when Finn walked up.

Finn regretted that he hadn't talked to Curtis earlier, but Curtis cut him off to let Finn know that it was water under the bridge. Finn thanked Curtis for everything Curtis had done to help him during the first difficult days of his recovery. Curtis and Finn shook hands. Curtis told Finn to take care of Hayden then left. Hayden explained that Curtis was protective of her, which was why she had regretted kissing him. She recognized that it had been foolish of her, but she'd been hurt and drunk.

Finn assured Hayden that he wasn't in any position to judge. He tactfully changed the subject by showing her a picture of the townhouse he'd bought. Hayden was happy for Finn, but he hoped she'd visit him -- and leave a toothbrush. Hayden smiled as she kissed him.

Elsewhere in the park, Anna listened to Valentin and Nina's conversation through the listening device embedded in Valentin's watch. However, she was forced to answer her phone when Robin called. Anna seemed impatient as she and Robin talked about the Nurses Ball and Emma's performance. Eventually, Anna cut her daughter off by claiming she'd arrived at her phlebotomy appointment. After the call, Anna resumed eavesdropping on Valentin. She was pleased with what she heard until Valentin decided to take off his watch.

Anna shouted in frustration as Griffin rounded a corner during an afternoon run. Concerned, he asked why Anna was upset. Anna pulled the earbud out and told him that she'd been listening to a political podcast then turned the focus back to him. Griffin explained that he'd been training for the General Hospital marathon, but he was worried about Anna because he'd talked to Robin earlier, and she had mentioned Anna's phlebotomy appointment at the hospital. Anna pretended to be surprised that she hadn't told Robin that she'd switched facilities.

Griffin remained worried because it didn't explain why Anna was in the park instead of at her appointment. Frustrated, Anna told him that she'd gotten her days mixed up, and the appointment was for the following day. Griffin admitted that Robin had been concerned because Anna had sounded tense during their conversation, but Anna assured Griffin that she was fine. Griffin didn't believe her -- he suspected it had something to do with Valentin. Anna downplayed things with Valentin then steered the conversation away from Valentin by assuring Griffin that she had been doing the best she could.

Griffin promised Anna that he was there for her. He realized it was a difficult time of year for her because it was approaching the one-year anniversary of her confrontation with Carlos when he'd thrown her in a meat locker. Anna became uncomfortable as Griffin asked about her vision of Duke. He was curious what his father had said to give her the will to live. Anna appeared to be caught off guard, but Griffin didn't notice because his cell phone beeped with a text message. Griffin explained that he had to get back to the hospital, but he asked her to call him when Robin and Emma arrived.

At the hospital, Griffin approached Finn and Hayden. He apologized for keeping them waiting, but Finn and Hayden were eager to hear the results of the drug test. Griffin opened the envelope and reviewed the results, which confirmed there had been opioids in the sample. Finn and Hayden were delighted because it proved that Finn had been set up, since whoever had tampered with the results hadn't realized it had been Hayden's sample. Finn and Hayden were curious when Finn would talk to Monica, but Finn had news -- the results showed that Hayden was pregnant.

At Wyndemere, Nina walked through the living room as she recalled making love with Valentin on the sofa. She remembered how he'd professed his love for her and credited her with transforming his life. He had confessed that he'd been happier than he'd ever thought possible. She pushed the memory away when Valentin appeared in the doorway. He'd been exercising her horse, and he'd seen her getting off the launch. Valentin was relieved that she had returned, but she informed that she was only there to say goodbye because she had decided to leave him.

Valentin begged Nina to reconsider, but Nina wanted him to admit that Anna had been between them the entire time. Valentin promised that he loved Nina because she had been the only person to stand by his side when everyone, including Anna, had been against him. Nina didn't believe him because Anna always seemed to be around -- and he had repeatedly lied to her. Valentin admitted that he'd been an idiot for letting Anna prey on his memories. He promised that he didn't want to lose Nina, but she couldn't understand why he'd risk throwing everything away to chase after a woman who had mistreated him.

Valentin vowed to never see Anna again if Nina gave him a chance to prove that he only wanted Nina. Nina wasn't satisfied because she recalled how he'd hung up on her when she'd called while he'd been at Anna's house and how he'd arrived home, smelling of Champagne and perfume. However, Nina had been most hurt that he'd hesitated when she'd asked him if he wanted to have an affair with Anna. Valentin insisted Anna was just a painful memory who'd only caused him heartache.

Valentin reminded Nina that they had built a family together, and it meant everything to him. He knew he had screwed up, but he promised that he could do better and become the husband she deserved. Nina argued that her ex-husband's affair had pushed her over the edge. She refused to go back to that dark place because she had turned her life around and was a changed person. Valentin assured her that she wouldn't have to worry about him being unfaithful because he'd taken their vows seriously. Nina acknowledged that he might not have been physically unfaithful, but she was certain he'd betrayed her emotionally.

Valentin conceded that he'd shared a connection with Anna a long time before when he'd believed that she'd been the only woman who could love him. However, he was adamant that everything had changed because he loved Nina. Nina scoffed and confronted him about the watch. Valentin was shocked that she had figured out that Anna had given it to him, but he took it off and dropped it in Nina's purse as he invited her to do whatever she liked with it because it didn't mean anything to him. Valentin insisted their marriage had been his salvation because Nina had loved him for who he was. Valentin begged Nina to stay because they owed it to Charlotte to try to make things work.

Nina resented Valentin using Charlotte to manipulate her. She refused to settle for half his heart and explained that she was leaving because she loved Charlotte too much to stay. Nina had hoped to be Charlotte's mother and a strong role model, but she could never be an example to Charlotte if she was jealous and insecure. Valentin watched helplessly as Nina grabbed her bag and fled. Valentin poured himself a drink as he recalled how Nina had loved him. His thoughts drifted to Anna, but he pushed them away and threw the empty glass in the fireplace.

At Kelly's, Anna listened to Nina's conversation as she bumped into Curtis and complained about Valentin. Anna's luck ran out when the feed suddenly went dead. She decided to call Valentin and asked if he was free to pick up where they'd left off.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Nina dropped the watch on the bar as she dug through her purse for a tissue. Curtis was impressed with the pricey watch and asked what Nina intended to do with it. She dropped the watch on the floor then crushed it under her heel. Disappointed, Curtis picked up the shattered pieces. He was surprised when he saw the listening device sticking out of the wristband. Nina was shocked when he showed it to her and suggested that Anna had been spying on Valentin.

Meanwhile, Olivia grumbled to Carly about Lucy's demanding ways. She was frustrated because Lucy had ordered linens from an outside vendor. Carly asked to see the invoice, but Olivia became distracted when she noticed Carly's wedding ring. Carly explained that her attorney wanted the judge to have the impression that Carly refused to give up and was holding on to her marriage until the bitter end. "Aren't you?" Olivia asked. Carly tried to change the subject, but Olivia continued to prod by asking if Sonny intended to reserve a table for the Nurses Ball -- and if Carly would be seated at it.

Olivia was confident that Sonny and Carly could make things work if they got past the anger. Carly didn't believe in fairytale endings, but the conversation took a sudden turn when she noticed Olivia's engagement ring. Carly was thrilled for her friend and reminded Olivia that she'd always believed that Olivia and Ned were perfect for each other. Carly conceded that she'd always hold a grudge against A.J., "may he rest in peace," but she liked Ned because he was the sanest Quartermaine besides Michael.

Olivia confessed that she'd been reluctant to tell Carly because Carly had had a lot on her mind, but Carly insisted she was happy for Olivia. Olivia was less enthusiastic because love left a person vulnerable and exposed, and it guaranteed heartbreak, as well as a complete "loss of self." Olivia admitted that she'd been terrified to marry Ned until she'd almost lost him. She had realized that she'd been more afraid of a life without Ned than sharing her life with him. Carly tried to change the subject, but Olivia knew she'd struck a nerve because it had reminded Carly of all the times she'd nearly lost Sonny.

Carly wanted to focus on Olivia and Ned, but Olivia warned Carly that death was all around them. She wondered if Carly was prepared to never hear Sonny's voice or see his face again. "And for what?" Olivia asked. According to Olivia, Sonny had acted like "an ass," and Carly had retaliated. Olivia urged Carly not to waste the time she and Sonny had because it might run out.

Later, Olivia was frazzled because she'd been juggling too much and had forgotten to put a deposit down for Leo's playgroup. Olivia had no idea what she would do about the wedding, but Carly insisted on taking care of everything. She reminded Olivia that they both had experience planning weddings and promised to give her friend and business partner the perfect wedding. Olivia agreed, so Carly dashed out to see someone about the wedding cake.

At the nurses' station, Andre looked at the lab results on the pills found in Morgan's prescription bottle. Sonny walked up and asked what Andre was looking at. Sonny wondered if it had anything to do with Morgan. Andre pulled Sonny aside to let him know that Carly had filled him in about the test results and had given him a copy of the analysis. Andre admitted that Morgan's case would always stick with him because Morgan had gone from making tremendous progress to inexplicably spiraling, so he promised to keep digging for answers.

Satisfied, Sonny decided to fetch Avery's medical records for her new preschool. Andre smiled because he recalled Morgan talking about his baby sister. Sonny beamed with pride as he bragged that his daughter had the ability to light up a room with just a smile. After Sonny walked away, Andre saw Monica. He approached her and asked for a private word.

A short time later, Monica ushered Andre into her office as he finished filling her in about Morgan's pills and the questions Sonny and Carly had. Monica was surprised when he told her about the dose discrepancy. She wondered if the pharmacy might have given Morgan the lower dosage in error. Andre conceded it was possible, but he warned her that Morgan had had the prescription filled at the hospital. Monica called the head of the department and left a message. Andre and Monica agreed that it would be best to keep things quiet until a full investigation was launched.

Later, Martina met Sonny at Pozzulo's to let him know that she had tried to persuade Carly to settle the divorce amicably, but Carly had dug in her heels and grown suspicious of Martina's motives. Sonny wasn't surprised, but he refused to let his wife force him out of the country. Martina reminded Sonny that Ava would remain a problem until the divorce was settled, so Martina thought it would be best for Sonny to give Carly what she wanted. "You're a piece of work," Sonny said with disgust.

Martina told Sonny that he was, too, which was why they had ended up in the situation they were in. Martina asked Sonny to bend, but Sonny insisted his legal holdings were crucial to his empire. Sonny decided the only option was for Martina to quit the case. Martina realized she would take a hit to her reputation, but she wouldn't be disbarred. Sonny hoped she didn't have any hard feelings. "None," she assured him as she extended her hand to shake his.

Sonny smiled and confessed that he wished Martina could stay awhile longer. Martina returned his smile because she felt the same. Seconds later, Carly walked in. She stopped in her tracks when she saw Sonny and Martina holding hands. "What the hell is this?" Carly demanded.

Hayden is rocked by unexpected news: she's pregnant

Hayden is rocked by unexpected news: she's pregnant

Friday, May 12, 2017

At General Hospital, Griffin announced that the fake drug test for Finn had revealed that Hayden was pregnant. Hayden wondered why a pregnancy test had been run, and Griffin went off to the lab to check on the procedure. Finn was curious that Hayden seemed more concerned with the results of the test rather than the logistics. The couple awkwardly discussed the possibilities, but Hayden was pretty certain that she wasn't pregnant. When Griffin returned, he explained how the blood test had been conducted and, due to certain hormones being present, why a pregnancy test had been run. "Oh, my God," Hayden gasped.

Finn and Hayden were shocked. They agreed that they hadn't had sex in at least two months. Hayden confided that she wasn't maternal, though Finn thought she'd done a good job with his lizard, Roxy. Hayden wasn't sure that she was ready to be a mother. Both of them agreed that they'd thought about having children during a time when they'd been with their former spouses. Hayden wanted time to think, as she had no idea what their life might be like. They admitted their love for each other and hugged, and Finn advised her that he'd be by her side no matter what she decided.

Valentin received a call from Anna, who asked if they could "pick up where we left off." She suggested a picnic in the park with a bottle of wine. "I don't think so," Valentin replied. He told her that he didn't want to see her again.

At the Metro Court, Curtis told Nina about the listening device that they'd discovered in Valentin's watch. Nina realized that Anna had been listening to and targeting Valentin. She briefly explained Valentin's and Anna's background in the WSB. Valentin had assumed that Anna had wanted to make amends to him, but he'd been wrong, Nina concluded. She declared that Anna had been preying on Valentin's vulnerability, and she intended to pursue things further. Curtis warned her to be careful.

Valentin was seated nearby, and he wandered over. Curtis quickly departed. Valentin begged Nina to reconsider leaving him because Anna meant nothing to him, while Nina meant everything. He had been looking for closure, and he had been an idiot, Valentin lamented. He continued to beg, but Nina confessed that she didn't believe him. She advised him that Anna had been using him. She handed him the destroyed watch and the listening device. She wondered why Valentin looked shocked over the gift that Anna had given to herself.

Valentin was confused and admitted that he should have known. Anna had run into him many times and had been calling him whenever Nina hadn't been around. He had let Anna destroy his life twice, and he would never forgive himself. Valentin turned and walked out. Afterwards, Nina sat at the bar, looking at her ring and crying.

Down on the dock, Nelle placed a call to Nina and told her that she couldn't spy on Valentin any longer. She loved Charlotte, but Nina would have to find a new nanny. She turned around and saw Michael standing close by. He confessed that he had overheard her talk about spying on Valentin, and Nelle explained that Nina had threatened her. She'd had no other choice. She added that she'd only followed Valentin once and had lied to Nina about what she'd seen. She had actually protected Valentin, who had looked to be in a "sketchy" situation. Nelle announced that she had quit her job.

Michael assured Nelle that there were other jobs, but Nelle shook her head. Carly would certainly prevent her from finding another job in Port Charles, so she had to leave and start over somewhere else. There was nothing for her in Port Charles unless Michael could give her a reason for staying. Nelle believed that Michael might forgive her someday but not anytime soon. Michael agreed and could not give her the reason to stay that she had hoped for. He wished Nelle luck and walked away.

Nelle remained on the dock, and as she got up to leave, she was accosted by a purse snatcher. They struggled, and he pushed her hard. She hit her head and fell onto the ground, unconscious. The man ran away with her purse.

Carly walked into Pozzulo's and glimpsed Sonny and Martina holding hands before they quickly dropped them. Martina offered to tell Carly everything, and she announced that she was removing herself from Carly's case. "What did you do?" Carly immediately questioned Sonny. Martina confessed that it was for personal reasons. "Me," Sonny added. Martina explained that there had been a conflict of interest, and she had been working for the law firm involved in a previous lawsuit involving Sonny. Carly thought that it sounded more like a professional reason than a personal one, and she wanted to know why Martina hadn't told her before going to Sonny.

Carly began to argue with Martina and kicked her out of the restaurant. Sonny tried to assure Carly that it wasn't what she thought, and he and Martina had not been conspiring against her. Carly told him that he was no longer an honorable person as he had always been, and she wanted a truthful story about Martina.

Sonny changed the subject and asked about the cake that Carly wanted to order for Olivia. Carly accused him of dodging the issue. He tried to convince her that there was no story but Carly wondered when his lies would stop. She thought she had the answer, she retorted as she stormed out.

Martina returned to the restaurant after Carly's departure. She confessed that she'd tried to "spin it" for Carly but Sonny explained that Carly knew him well. Carly was aware that they were hiding something, and she would search for the truth.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly ran into Michael who had some news for her. He advised her that Nelle was leaving town. Carly thought it was "best for all concerned." She told Michael that she'd just had a fight with Sonny, who had been "mixing it up" with her lawyer, and she would prove it.

At Kelly's, Anna spoke to someone on the phone. She told the person that she had been unable to locate the chimera, that she'd lost her contact with Valentin via the listening device, and that he wouldn't see her. She would try again. As she ended her call, Jordan sat down at Anna's table. The women made small talk, though it was mostly Jordan who did the talking as Anna made minimal responses. Anna thought that Andre had regretted breaking up with Jordan, and Jordan wondered if he would pursue Anna. It wasn't the right time to have a complicated relationship, Anna declared.

Jordan mentioned Curtis and her run-in with Valerie. Anna advised her that she had been overthinking things, and she should go for a relationship with Curtis. They shouldn't waste time, Anna concluded. Jordan wondered if Anna had had a change of heart due to her health issues.

Later, Curtis presented Jordan with some flowers and wondered if she'd accompany him to the Nurses Ball. Jordan accepted.

Outside Kelly's, Anna attempted to call Valentin again, but he walked up to her. He advised her that he'd changed his mind and couldn't fight it. She suggested the picnic again, but Valentin declared that he wanted to be alone with her in an intimate setting. Anna was shaken.

In a hospital in London, a nurse walked over to a bedridden patient and assured her that everything would be okay. It was Anna.

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