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Sam shot Sonny and left him bleeding at an abandoned distillery. Sam was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis and slipped into a coma. Liesl met with Hayden's ex-husband. Spencer escaped his captor and returned home. Maxie returned for a brief visit.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 24, 2017 on GH
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Sonny is shot while trying to rescue Spencer Sonny is shot while trying to rescue Spencer

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dante instructed an officer on where to hang the posters of Spencer, and the officer left. Dante turned around and heard Nathan yelling at someone on the phone about sending over security footage immediately. When Nathan slammed the phone down, Dante suggested that Nathan go home and sleep. After some back and forth, Nathan finally agreed and left.

Valerie entered the station with Oscar, who claimed to have information on Spencer. Dante examined the two evidence bags that Valerie gave him. In one was a sticky note with "Frederick Douglass" written on it, and in the other was a sticky note with "Andrew Jackson" written on it. Oscar explained that the day Spencer had vanished, the camp kids had played a game where each kid had had a sticky note with a person's name written on it stuck to their forehead. Each kid had been instructed to ask others questions until they guessed whose name was written on their sticky note.

Oscar remembered that Spencer hadn't wanted to play, and he'd jammed the sticky notes into his pocket. He added that Spencer had definitely had Frederick Douglass. Valerie explained that the notes had been found stuck in the mud in an empty parking lot by the park. Dante thanked Oscar for the information and asked him to leave his contact information with the front desk in case they had further questions.

When Oscar was gone, Dante instructed Valerie to take the two evidence bags to forensics while he went over some camera footage. When she returned, he asked her to make sure some officers sealed off the lot and started interviewing neighbors. When she was done, she returned to Dante and the footage, which was "terrible" quality. They noticed a van parked so that the plates and trunk were blocked from the camera. The driver appeared on-screen, looking around nervously. He got into the van and left.

Dante and Valerie could see what street the van had turned down after it had left the parking lot, so Dante requested surrounding businesses' security footage. A short while later, some footage arrived. It wasn't good enough quality to see the plate number, but they saw that the van had turned down a residential street. After doing some research, Dante wanted to check out a foreclosed house on Poplar Street that had been abandoned for a while. He thanked Valerie for all her help, and he left.

A short while later, Dante and another officer arrived at the foreclosed house. He kicked open the basement door and walked down the steps with his gun drawn. He called out for Spencer, but there was no answer. He spotted Spencer's broken glasses on the floor and picked them up with a handkerchief.

Josslyn stealthily tried to leave the house, but Carly caught her, reminding her daughter that she was still grounded. Carly suggested that Josslyn invite Oscar over so that Carly could meet him, but Josslyn refused. Just then, Josslyn got a text, but Carly picked up the phone. She revealed that the text was from Oscar, who wanted to hang out. Exasperated, Josslyn took the phone and invited Oscar over.

A short while later, the doorbell rang, and Josslyn answered the door to a tie-clad Oscar, who was holding two bouquets of flowers. Carly shook his hand and took the flowers from him to put them into water. She returned with snacks, and the three sat down. Oscar immediately apologized for giving Carly a bad first impression of him because of the party. He wondered if there was any way he could make it up to Carly.

Carly began to give Oscar the third degree about the alcohol at Josslyn's party. He admitted that a cousin of a friend had bought the alcohol for them and that while he'd had alcohol a couple times, he didn't really like it. He continued that he'd mostly done it to fit in, which was "dumb." Carly listed off her problems with the drinking, which included Carly being sued if someone had been injured at her house and Josslyn only having one kidney. A shocked Oscar immediately apologized because he hadn't known that about Josslyn. He promised not to do anything stupid again, especially if it was going to cost his friendship with Josslyn, who he called his only real friend.

Carly asked Oscar more questions, and she found out that he played piano and that he was from Ohio. He told her that his mother had been transferred to Port Charles, but he didn't know much about his father. He also told Carly and Josslyn about his help on Spencer's case. Just then, he got a text message from his mother, and he had to go. He thanked Carly for taking the time to meet him, and he left.

Carly admitted that Oscar had impressed her, so Josslyn could still be friends with him. Josslyn thanked Carly excitedly and ran off to call Oscar. She apologized to him for Carly's questions. He informed her that his mother was taking him out to lunch, and he was excited about it because they didn't get to spend much time together. He wondered what Carly had thought about him. "You passed!" Josslyn told him. They both made suggestions for fun things to do that summer and agreed that it would be the "best summer ever."

Jason threw a bucket of water on an unconscious and tied-up Valentin, which woke him up. Jason demanded to know where Spencer was and clicked open a switchblade as a warning. Valentin insisted that he would never hurt a child, even if Spencer was a "spoiled brat." He refused to sacrifice everything he had and "squander" his freedom from the WSB just to get rid of a civil suit. He continued that he wouldn't jeopardize his custody of Charlotte, even for her "annoying cousin."

"I believe you," Jason said, eyes still narrowed. Valentin asked to be let out, and Jason obliged. He warned that if Valentin made a move against Jason or Sonny, Jason would "put you down." Valentin agreed and suggested that whoever had taken Spencer had done so for money or revenge. When Jason was gone, Valentin picked up his phone and saw a text from Charlotte asking when he would visit her. He called her and left her a message, promising to see her soon.

At the Floating Rib, Mac was cutting his food when he dropped a utensil and knocked over a gift bag that he had sitting on the chair. As he shook out the lingerie that fell out of the bag, Nathan joked that if the lingerie was intended for Felicia, "I should gouge my eyes out." Mac told Nathan that he just wanted to make Felicia feel special, and he was trying to "step up my game." Nathan thought back to the Man Landers interview when he'd given advice about the very same subject.

Nathan cracked that Mac had to have been reading self-help books, but he whispered under the promise of secrecy that he'd written in to an advice column called Man Landers. A few minutes later, Nathan had ordered food. Mac instructed Nathan to get some rest, and he left. Nathan took out his phone and immediately called Amy. He was sure to ask about her brother, who was doing well. He told her that things had gotten "weird." "Yeah, I couldn't agree more," a voice said. He looked up and found Maxie standing in front of him.

Sonny got a text, looked at it, and found a picture of Spencer alone in the basement. "Tell me what you want in exchange for my nephew," Sonny texted back. The kidnapper wrote back for Sonny to meet them at "Black Duck Distillery with $200,000 cash. No cops, no associates. Or the kid dies."

A short while later, Sonny arrived at the distillery with a briefcase. "I'm here," he called out, looking around. He accused the kidnapper of being too afraid to face him. Just then, a man with a gun appeared, and he shot Sonny in the chest. Sonny collapsed and was sprawled out on the floor. The man nudged Sonny with his foot, and Sonny snapped up and shot the man in the arm. Sonny credited his bulletproof vest with saving his life. He recognized the man as Garvey, who he'd thought had been killed in Puerto Rico. Garvey replied that he'd seen his chance to make a break.

Sonny threatened to "finish the job" if Garvey didn't tell Sonny where Spencer was. Sonny kicked Garvey's gun away and demanded to know where Spencer was. Garvey told him about the abandoned house on Poplar Street. "How do I know he's alive?" Sonny questioned. Garvey gave his phone to Sonny, which had a live camera feed of Spencer, complete with a timestamp on the video. Garvey clarified that he didn't kill kids, but he'd used Spencer to get to Sonny. Sonny informed Garvey that he was going to find Spencer and call the cops. Just then, Sam appeared.

Sonny threatened Garvey with death if he made a move then he asked Sam why she was there. "I came for you," she answered. She told him that she'd staked out his house and followed him. Sonny instructed her to call Jason and tell him about Spencer's location. Just then, Garvey grabbed his gun, but Sonny was faster, shooting Garvey in the leg.

Sonny again instructed Sam to call Jason and the cops as he passed her. "No, you're not going anywhere," she said, pulling a gun on him. She pointed the gun at Sonny and demanded that he get rid of his. He dropped his gun on the ground and wondered if Jason knew she was there. "Jason isn't coming to help. Not now, and not ever again. Now you die," she said.

Carly arrived at Sonny's to tell him all about Oscar, but she found Jason. Jason informed Carly that Valentin hadn't been the one to kidnap Spencer. He added that Sonny's guards had told Jason that Sonny had left the house around forty minutes before. Carly wondered where Sonny could be.

Sonny is shot again -- this time by Sam

Sonny is shot again -- this time by Sam

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

At the Floating Rib, Nathan was on the phone as he admitted that he had a problem; things had gotten "really weird" for him. "I couldn't agree more," a familiar voice said. Nathan looked up and was stunned when he saw his wife smiling at him. He abruptly ended the call as Maxie playfully wondered why her husband hadn't swooped her into his arms yet. Nathan jumped out of the chair and wrapped his arms around Maxie as he passionately kissed her.

Maxie was relieved that her husband had missed her as much as she had missed him, but Nathan was curious how she'd found him. Maxie explained that she had called the police station and been told that he'd worked a long shift. She had figured he would stop by the Floating Rib for a bite to eat before heading home. Nathan smiled and asked how long she'd be staying. He was disappointed when she revealed that she was on a three-hour layover before flying to a conference in Paris. Maxie had hoped that she and Nathan could make the most of the time they had, but she worried that he'd been working on a case because she had sensed he was in a serious mood when she had walked up.

Nathan confessed that there was something he had wanted to tell Maxie, but he suggested they leave first. Maxie didn't want to risk running into her mother and Mac, but she was concerned about what Nathan had to tell her. Nathan assured Maxie there was nothing to worry about, but that made her nervous because it usually meant the opposite when a guy said that. Nathan objected, but she told him that she'd recently read an Ask Man Landers column about it. Nathan had no idea that Maxie had been reading the blog, but she revealed that her editor had hoped to poach the advice blogger before he'd snagged a book deal.

Maxie chuckled at the thought. "Good luck with that," she muttered, but Nathan was curious why she thought the book deal had been a bad idea. Maxie acknowledged that Ask Man Landers was popular, but she didn't think a blog could fill an entire book. She also thought the blogger was "overrated." Offended, Nathan defended the column because it offered great advice, but she was surprised that her husband had read the column.

Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia stopped by the restaurant on their date and were elated when they spotted Maxie and Nathan. Felicia squealed with delight as she ran over and hugged Maxie. Mac was close on his wife's heels.

At Perks, Nina paid for a cup of coffee then turned to leave, but she bumped into Anna. Nina promptly defended Valentin and asked Anna to call off the police, but Anna reminded Nina that the police no longer worked for Anna. Nina claimed that Valentin had a lot of people who believed in him, but Anna appeared skeptical. Just then, Valentin rounded the corner and called out to Nina. Nina was alarmed when she saw his bloody lip, but he would only tell her that he'd been "indisposed." Anna warned him that the police would have questions because he was the prime suspect in Spencer's kidnapping.

After Anna left, Nina demanded an answer. She reminded him that he had asked her to trust him, so she wanted the same in return. Resigned, Valentin admitted that Jason had questioned him. Nina was furious that Sonny had sent his "hit man" to "enforce" the truth from Valentin, and encouraged Valentin to report the assault, but Valentin refused because Jason knew Valentin hadn't abducted Spencer. Nina argued that it was necessary to file a report because Anna might mention Valentin's injuries to the authorities, and Valentin's bail would be revoked.

At the Floating Rib, Mac and Felicia sat down to catch up with Maxie. Felicia was eager to see pictures of her granddaughter, so Maxie pulled out her phone to show Felicia and Mac recent pictures of Georgie. Mac and Felicia were amazed how much Georgie had grown. Mac admitted that he couldn't wait for Georgie to be a teenager and give Maxie as much trouble as Robin, Maxie, and Maxie's younger sister, Georgie, had given him. Felicia playfully scolded him, but Mac was unapologetic because the girls had given him grey hair. Felicia smiled and made it clear that she intended to spend every minute with Maxie until Maxie boarded the plane to Paris.

Maxie and Nathan hid their frustration behind brittle smiles, but Mac and Felicia didn't appear to notice. Moments later, Anna arrived. Anna greeted Maxie with a warm hug then announced that Robin had gone into labor and was at the hospital. Everyone celebrated the good news with cheers and congratulations. Anna revealed that she had booked a flight to Berkeley for later that evening because she planned to spend time with Robin and the new baby. Maxie was surprised when she realized that Anna had no idea if Robin was having a boy or a girl, but Anna admitted that Robin had kept it a secret.

Mac seized the opportunity to ask if Maxie and Nathan had an announcement to make, but Maxie admitted that she and Nathan had barely had time to be alone. Mac, Felicia, and Anna were apologetic when they realized that they had kept Maxie and Nathan from spending time alone together. After they shooed the couple out of the restaurant. Mac, Felicia, and Anna toasted to their expanding family.

Meanwhile, Maxie and Nathan returned to their apartment. Nathan acknowledged that they'd been trying to make the best of the situation, but he confessed that he had no idea how much longer they could make it work. Maxie wondered if he had thought about moving to Portland, but Nathan couldn't give up his job -- or leave his sister. Maxie reminded him about his decision to take a hard line with Nina, but he admitted that he had caved in at the end. Maxie smiled because she loved his compassionate nature.

Nathan knew it wasn't fair to expect Maxie to give up her daughter and her job. Maxie admitted that spending time with Georgie had made her realize what she'd been missing, so Nathan wondered where that left them. Maxie had no idea, but she wanted to focus on the present and how much she loved her husband. Nathan smiled and kissed her passionately.

After Nathan and Maxie made love, Nathan helped his wife get dressed. Nathan wanted Maxie to stay, but Maxie reminded him that a car would be arriving soon to pick her up. However, she promised that they would see each other in a few weeks. Maxie suddenly recalled that Nathan had wanted to tell her something, but the car honked for her. Nathan assured Maxie that it wasn't important and could wait.

Across town, Dante entered the squad room and gave a police officer instructions to increase patrol units around a neighborhood that Dante wanted canvased. Nearby, Laura was seated on a bench. She stood up and asked if there had been any news about Spencer. Dante gently asked her to sit, but Laura refused because she knew it was bad news. Dante showed her the evidence bag with Spencer's broken eyeglasses, which she immediately recognized. Her voice was filled with hope as she asked if they had found her grandson, but Dante reluctantly shook his head.

Laura remembered Spencer's recent return from boarding school when he had assured her that it had been safe for him to return home because Valentin was no longer a threat. Laura pushed the memory away and asked where Spencer's eyeglasses had been found. Dante assured her that the police were canvasing the area, but Laura wasn't satisfied. Dante urged her not to jump to conclusions because there hadn't been anything to tie Valentin to Spencer's disappearance, but Laura argued that they both knew what Valentin was capable of if he was backed into a corner. Dante assured Laura that they would find Spencer, but Laura recalled her encounter with Valentin in the park, when Valentin had suggested that Nikolas might be alive, and how he'd vowed to protect what was his.

Later, Dante gave Laura an update that extra units had been dispatched and search dogs had been called in to help, but Laura feared that Valentin had moved Spencer. Her worry turned to anger when Valentin and Nina entered and approached the front desk. Laura marched up to Valentin to ask how he could be so cruel as to take a child. She begged Valentin to tell her where Spencer was because she was certain her grandson was afraid and alone. Laura's frustration mounted when Nina defended Valentin.

Valentin advised Laura to get herself under control, or she would face criminal assault charges for attacking him. Dante decided to separate Valentin and Laura by asking a police officer to take Valentin to the interrogation room to make a statement. After Valentin and Nina walked away, Laura apologized to Dante, but he knew she'd been driven by fear. Laura admitted that she had tried to put the past behind her when Charlotte had entered their lives, but it was impossible because seeing Valentin always reminded her of the last time she'd seen Nikolas. Laura's eyes filled with tears as she told Dante that her last memory of Nikolas was of Valentin dragging her son up the stairs on Cassadine Island.

"Grandmother, I'm free," Spencer announced as he entered the squad room. A policewoman followed close behind. Stunned, Laura ran to Spencer and hugged him tightly as tears of joy streamed down her face. Laura pulled away then asked if Spencer was hurt. Spencer smiled and revealed that he'd escaped from the basement by stacking books against a wall to access a window then climbing out. Spencer bragged that he'd bought himself additional time by closing the window behind him, so his kidnapper wouldn't easily figure out the escape route.

Dante and Laura were impressed with Spencer's ingenuity, but Spencer was disappointed that he'd broken his eyeglasses. Laura pulled out a spare set of eyeglasses from her purse as she reminded him that she always kept a spare set on her. Spencer grinned as he slid his eyeglasses on. Laura hugged him as Valentin and Nina emerged from the interrogation room. Nina was delighted when she saw Spencer, but Valentin wondered if Spencer had been rescued or if he'd turned himself in. Dante advised everyone to remain calm because he would question Spencer and find out who had kidnapped him, but Nina asked Spencer to clear Valentin's name.

At Greystone Manor, Jason put his phone away. He thought it was strange that Sonny had gone off the grid when they'd been looking for Spencer. Carly wondered if she should be worried, but Jason shook his head because he suspected Sonny had been following up on a lead. Carly asked about Valentin, but Jason assured her that Valentin had been a dead end. Jason decided to chase down some other leads, but he asked Carly to let him know if she heard from Sonny. Carly smiled because it felt like old times.

Carly knew it was hypocritical to want Sonny to use his connections to find Spencer when Sonny was trying to retire, but Jason thought Carly was being a realist. Carly appreciated the support, but she knew Sonny would do everything in his power to get Spencer back, which meant that Sonny would owe a lot of people when everything was over. Carly recognized that it might be na´ve of her to think that Sonny could make a clean break from organized crime, but Jason pointed out that he'd successfully gotten out. Carly argued that things were different because Jason had had Sonny's blessing.

Carly knew she wouldn't be able to sway Sonny from changing course because he'd made up his mind, but she worried because he would have a target on his back. Jason was confident that Sonny would find a way to make it work because he loved Carly. Moments later, Diane stormed into the living room, looking for Sonny. She was certain he was avoiding her because he was an "emotional coward." Jason and Carly were startled by the accusation, but Diane was too upset to notice.

Concerned, Carly asked Diane what was going on. Diane revealed that Sonny had promoted Max to "interim manager" of the entire organization until a permanent replacement was found. Jason and Carly were shocked. Diane was hurt because no one had bothered to warn her, and it had put a big target on Max's back. Jason and Carly promised Diane that they hadn't known about Sonny's decision, but Diane was disappointed that Sonny hadn't been a true friend by letting her know about his plans.

Carly wondered if Diane planned to talk Max out of taking the job, but Diane admitted that Max was overjoyed by the honor. Carly empathized with Diane's concerns, but Jason assured Diane that Max was ready. After Jason left, Carly offered Diane a drink. Diane accepted the drink then toasted to Carly because Sonny had finally gotten out of the mob. Carly and Diane sat down on the sofa as Carly admitted that she was grateful to Max.

Diane conceded that she had known what she was getting into with Max because he'd always been honest with her, and she'd been willing to take the good with the bad, but she would give anything for Max to be in a different profession. Diane feared that Max would get shot again, and she envied Carly because Carly and Sonny were at the start of a new life. Diane urged Carly to seize it and not let go because Sonny had left the mob for Carly. Carly wondered how Diane could be certain, but Diane recalled that Sonny would have let the world burn down around him during the divorce proceedings if he couldn't be with Carly. Diane knew that Sonny would stop at nothing to give Carly the world, and she encouraged Carly to make the most of it.

At the Black Duck Distillery, Sam aimed a gun at Sonny as she ordered him to drop his gun. Sonny complied, but he was confused by Sam's odd behavior. He wondered if Jason knew she was there, but Sam's eyes filled with tears as she angrily informed Sonny that Jason would not rescue him again. Sam knew her family would not be safe as long as Sonny was alive, so it was up to her to take Sonny out. Sam cocked the gun as her expression tightened with determination. Sonny assured Sam that he didn't want to hurt her family, but she refused to let Sonny take Jason away from her.

Sam glared at Sonny because she resented how he acted like he always had all the answers, but she warned him that he could not talk his way out of the situation he was in. Sonny decided to call Sam's bluff and walked past her as he invited her to shoot. Sam was furious and kept the gun aimed at him, but she didn't shoot. Sonny stopped to try to reason with Sam, but she made it clear that she would not let her children end up like Morgan. Sonny was hurt, but he promised that he had no desire to harm her children.

Sam scoffed because Sonny never wanted anything to happen to anyone, but it always did. "It ends now," Sam informed him. Sonny had no idea what was going on with Sam, but he assured her that he only wanted to help her. Sonny promised Sam that everything would be fine, but she had to put the gun down. Sam argued that she didn't have a choice, but Sonny disagreed because Sam was like family to him, and he would do anything for her and Jason. He gently reached for the gun then lowered her hand as he continued to talk softly to her.

Seconds later, a gunshot rang out. Sonny was startled when he realized that he'd been shot. He stumbled then fell to his knees as blood ran down his leg from a gunshot wound in his thigh. Sonny looked up at Sam and assured her that he knew she hadn't meant to shoot him, but Sam advanced on him. "Yes, I did," she told him then kicked him in the stomach. Sonny flew backwards and fell down a shaft. Sam looked down the shaft and saw Sonny motionless at the bottom.

Sam backed away from the shaft, wiped the gun clean, and then tossed it into a Dumpster. She made her way home and arrived seconds behind Jason. Jason was alarmed when he noticed that Sam was in distress, but Sam assured him that they were all safe. She started to walk up the stairs, but Jason wanted to know what was going on. Sam promised there was nothing to worry about then collapsed. Jason caught her in his arms.

Sam suffers a seizure

Sam suffers a seizure

> Sam suffers a seizure

Sam suffers a seizure

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

In the squad room, Nina asked Spencer to clear Valentin's name by telling everyone that Valentin hadn't kidnapped him, but Spencer refused because Valentin had thrown Spencer into the trunk of a car then dumped him in a second location. Spencer clung tightly to his grandmother, but Valentin wasn't fooled and accused Spencer of either being mistaken or lying. Valentin warned his great-nephew that liars were always found out, but Dante stepped forward to remind Valentin who was in charge. Dante invited Spencer to sit then asked Spencer to recount everything that had happened.

Spencer became animated as he told a harrowing tale of being kidnapped by someone who had dropped a bag over Spencer's head and dragged him to the trunk of a car. Spencer talked about being locked in a room without any food or water and about using his wits to escape. He demanded that Valentin be locked up and sent up the river, but Dante pointed out that Spencer hadn't heard his kidnapper's voice or seen the person's face. Spencer assured Dante that he had proof of Valentin's guilt then pointed to Valentin's designer shoes. Spencer claimed that he'd caught a glimpse of Valentin's shoes and had recognized them because Valentin was the only person arrogant enough to wear $3,000 shoes to the park.

Valentin conceded that he'd worn the shoes to the park the previous day, and he confirmed that several people had seen him in them, but it wasn't proof. Dante realized it had been counterproductive to question a victim in front of the prime suspect, so he took Spencer to the interrogation room to talk privately. Valentin looked at Nina and asked if she had believed Spencer's lies. He was stunned when she hesitated because the only thing missing from Spencer's sad tale of woe had been the organ music. She conceded that Spencer's story had been dramatic, but she also recalled that Valentin had arrived in Port Charles to get to Spencer.

Valentin wondered why Nina had bailed him out of jail if she'd had doubts about him. Nina explained that she wanted to believe him, but she didn't know if she could trust the man she thought he was -- or if she should just admit that she'd made a mistake about Valentin because he'd been playing her all along. She admitted that he had a way of sounding earnest and honest when he told his version of a story, but they both knew that he wasn't always truthful. Valentin asked if she believed that he loved her. "Yes," she answered. Valentin couldn't understand why Nina didn't believe him, but she pointed out that she had no idea what was in his heart or in his head -- and she doubted that she ever would.

In the interrogation room, Dante questioned Spencer about the kidnapping. Spencer insisted that he had recognized Valentin's shoes and demanded that Dante arrest Valentin. Dante's phone beeped with a text message, so he excused himself to take care of an important matter, but he promised to return shortly. After Dante left, Laura sat down to talk to Spencer about what had happened. She acknowledged that it had been terrible, but she was glad that her grandson was okay.

Laura also assured Spencer that Valentin would one day pay for what he'd done to Nikolas. "Carpe diem, Grandmother," Spencer replied. "Let today be that day," Spencer added. Laura admitted that she would love it -- but only if Valentin was guilty. She carefully explained that if Spencer lied about Valentin's guilt, then Valentin would become a victim. Spencer argued that Valentin deserved to be punished. Laura agreed, but they wanted justice, which was different.

Laura warned Spencer that a lie could put everything they were fighting for in jeopardy because Valentin wouldn't hesitate to use it against them in court. Laura admitted that the worst part would be that Valentin would be right. Spencer explained that it was entirely possible that Valentin had kidnapped him, but Laura reminded Spencer that the police needed to know the truth because the real kidnapper might still pose a threat to others. Laura asked if Spencer was 100 percent certain that Valentin had abducted him. Spencer argued that Valentin had had the means, motive, and opportunity, so Laura asked about the shoes. Spencer sighed because he hadn't "technically" seen the shoes.

Laura assured Spencer that she loved him, but she warned her grandson that he was being as vengeful and spiteful as Valentin. She encouraged Spencer to be honest with Dante. Just then, Dante returned. Spencer confessed that he hadn't seen the kidnapper's shoes and added that he couldn't remember anything that might help to identify his abductor. After Dante left the room, Laura praised Spencer for doing the right thing. Spencer despised Valentin, but Laura assured Spencer that they would not stop fighting for justice for Nikolas.

In the squad room, Dante announced that Valentin was free to go, but he advised Valentin not to leave town. Valentin was curious if Spencer had admitted to lying, but Dante clarified that Spencer had no idea who had kidnapped him. After Dante walked away, Valentin noticed Nina's troubled expression. He took her hand in his as he assured her that she knew his heart better than anyone because it belonged to her. Valentin admitted that he didn't want to give Nina up because he'd never had love until he'd met her. Nina slid her hand out of his as she claimed that she had to get back to work.

After Nina left, Laura and Spencer emerged from the interrogation room. Spencer glared at Valentin and vowed to make Valentin pay for killing Nikolas. Valentin warned Spencer that actions had consequences. Valentin doubted there had been a kidnapper, but Dante returned and told Valentin to leave. Laura offered to take Spencer home, but Spencer reminded her that Valentin had stolen Wyndemere. Spencer didn't know if Valentin had kidnapped him or not, but he had one last warning for Valentin.

"My name is Spencer Cassadine. You killed my father. Prepare to die," Spencer said.

Meanwhile, Hayden stopped by Elizabeth's house to visit with her sister. Elizabeth made tea then handed Hayden a cup as they retreated to the living room to chat. Hayden confessed that she had enjoyed spending time with Cameron the other day, and she had wanted to thank Elizabeth for everything she had done during Hayden's recent scare. Elizabeth reminded Hayden that the baby had been fine, but Hayden argued that they hadn't known that at the time. However, Hayden conceded that despite the embarrassment, the ordeal had been educational. Elizabeth smiled and promised her sister that it was a lesson all pregnant women learned the hard way. Hayden was grateful for her sister's support, but Elizabeth sensed there was another reason for Hayden's visit.

Hayden explained that she had picked up a stack of books about pregnancy and babies. To illustrate her point, she pulled the books out of her bag and set them on the table. Elizabeth was surprised by the numerous books, but Hayden admitted that she'd been raised to believe that wealth and material possessions were paramount. Hayden had decided to raise her child with a better set of values, but she'd felt overwhelmed when she'd read the books. Hayden hoped to get some guidance from Elizabeth because Hayden thought Elizabeth was a wonderful mother. Touched, Elizabeth wondered if Hayden had ever been pregnant before, but Hayden shook her head.

Hayden admitted that she'd only vaguely thought about having children because she'd been a terrible person. Hayden talked about her failed marriage as she revealed that she and her ex-husband had been self-indulgent people who had lived a lavish lifestyle, so their discussions about having children hadn't been serious. Hayden was eager to get some parenting tips from Elizabeth, but Elizabeth was confident that Hayden would be a wonderful mother. Hayden disagreed because she had once blackmailed a classmate for candy in the second grade. Hayden acknowledged that she'd been an awful child, and she hadn't changed much over the years, which was why she had a lot of regrets.

Elizabeth insisted that Hayden was a different person from who she'd been when she'd first arrived in Port Charles. Hayden sensed that Elizabeth intended to follow up the compliment with a harsh truth, but Elizabeth shook her head and reminded her sister that they had made progress from when they had first met. Elizabeth assured Hayden that she would answer any questions that Hayden had about babies, but Elizabeth was certain that Hayden would be an expert by the baby shower. Hayden chuckled because she doubted that anyone would throw her a baby shower. Elizabeth informed her sister that she would.

Hayden hugged her sister then blamed the emotional outburst on hormones. Hayden announced that she had to leave then marched to the door, but Elizabeth called out to her. Hayden had forgotten her purse.

At the Floating Rib, Griffin assured Finn that it hadn't been necessary to buy lunch, but Finn admitted that it had been easier than expressing his gratitude with words. Griffin appreciated the gratitude, but he believed it had been the right thing to do because Liesl had set Finn up. Finn acknowledged that he had been an "ass" to Griffin when Griffin had been assigned to supervise Finn, but Griffin assured Finn that it was water under the bridge and suggested that they get back to being colleagues and friends. Their smiles faded when Liesl walked in and greeted them. She was surprised they were at the restaurant in the middle of their shift, but Griffin explained that he and Finn were there to pick up their lunch.

Liesl made a snide remark about standards lowering everywhere and in every profession then smiled sweetly as she accused Griffin and Finn of following the herd like lemmings. Finn decided it was time to leave and grabbed the bag of food, but Liesl wasn't through. She told Finn that she was confident that he would make an excellent contribution to the hospital, but Finn shot back that it was a shame she hadn't felt that way before she had tried to frame him and derail his career. Liesl claimed that she had wanted what was best for GH, but if the hospital preferred a drug-addicted doctor over her "exceptional skills," then she had to accept it. Finn reminded her that he was clean and sober -- but there was no cure for what ailed her.

After Finn and Griffin left, Liesl vowed that it wasn't over. Moments later, a man approached her and asked if she was Liesl Obrecht. Liesl smiled at Jared Preston, Hayden's ex-husband, as they formally introduced each other. Jared admitted that he'd been intrigued when she had called, but he was curious what she wanted. Liesl knew he was out of his parole officer's jurisdiction, but she assured him that she wanted both her and Jared to get what they "truly" deserved. Jared followed Liesl to a table and agreed to give her five minutes of his time.

Liesl revealed that she knew Jared had been married to Rachel Berlin before he'd gone to jail. She admitted that it had been a very interesting case with many puzzling questions and unresolved issues about the "sad incident." Jared realized that she wasn't talking about the Ponzi scheme that Rachel's father had gone to jail for. Liesl smiled because that would have been predictable and boring. Liesl clarified that she'd been referring to a year earlier, when Jared and Rachel had left the country club during an argument. Jared tensed and asked what Liesl wanted.

Liesl imagined that Jared would be eager to track down his ex-wife, but Jared assured her that he could find Rachel without Liesl's help. Liesl told him that it wasn't necessary because Rachel had changed her name to Hayden and lived in Port Charles. Liesl also revealed that Hayden was pregnant and had moved on with a new love of her life. Jared claimed that it didn't matter because he and Rachel were divorced. Liesl asked about his arrest and Rachel's wealth, but Jared would only acknowledge that his ex-wife had had a talent for making money. Liesl suspected that Jared had gone to jail for Hayden, but he refused to satisfy her curiosity.

Liesl claimed that she wanted to help Jared and told him that what Hayden had done to his personal life, Hayden and her "baby daddy" had done to Liesl's career. Liesl noticed that she'd hit a nerve and seized her advantage by telling him that it was time for them to strike back at Hayden and Finn. Jared suggested that he and Liesl could move on, but she fanned the flames of his anger and encouraged him to join forces with her by promising him "recompense and retribution."

At the Black Duck Distillery, Sonny gasped as he woke up at the bottom of a storage shaft. "What the hell?" he groaned as he sat up then slid to a wall to prop his back against it while he examined the bleeding gunshot wound in his thigh. "Sam," Sonny whispered as the memories of the shooting flooded back. He called out to her for help, but he was met with silence. Sonny decided to take care of his wound and pulled off his shirt and the bulletproof vest under it, leaving him in a thin T-shirt. He found a stick then fashioned a tourniquet with the shirt, which he secured with the stick.

Next, Sonny made his way to a whiskey barrel and climbed up, hoping to scale the wooden wall, but he lost his footing on one of the boards and fell. Frustrated, Sonny hobbled around the area, looking for another way out or something to aid him, but he was trapped. Weak and defeated, Sonny returned to his spot against the wall. His hopes soared when his hand slid over his cell phone, but his spirits plummeted when he was unable to get a cell signal.

At the penthouse, Jason carried Sam to the sofa as she slowly opened her eyes. Concerned, Jason told her to rest as he tried to ascertain what was wrong with her. Sam tearfully muttered that they were safe. Jason was confused and asked what she was talking about. Sam's breathing was erratic as she told him that she had done what she'd had to, but she promised that they were safe. Seconds later, Sam fainted again. Alarmed, Jason picked her up and rushed to the hospital.

In the emergency room, Finn and Griffin finished their lunch as they talked about Liesl. Griffin was surprised that Finn was ready to let things go and move forward, but Finn admitted that he felt content for the first time since his wife, Reiko, had passed away. Finn credited Hayden with his newfound outlook and smiled as he reminisced about meeting Hayden for the first time. They'd been at the Floating Rib, and Hayden had seemed more interested in Roxy than in Finn. He admitted that Hayden had been there for him more than anyone had, except for Reiko.

Finn couldn't believe that he'd been given a second chance at happiness. Seconds later, Jason arrived carrying Sam and pleading for help. Finn and Griffin quickly led Jason to a trauma bay.

Later, Sam rested in a hospital bed with an oxygen mask to help her breathing, but she remained unconscious. Griffin confirmed that Sam's temperature had dropped. Pleased, Finn asked Jason to follow him to fill out some forms while they waited for Sam's test results. Jason whispered to his wife to rest.

After Jason left, Sam's eyes drifted open then rounded with fright when she saw Sonny looming over her with blood on his hands. He asked if she was happy that she had killed him then advised her not to be because killing him hadn't changed anything. The apparition warned Sam that she would never be rid of him. Sam cried out as she sat up. Jason rushed to her side to try to calm her down, but she tearfully begged him to take her home.

In the hallway, Finn and Griffin reviewed Sam's blood work and scans. Finn noticed something on the scan and alerted Griffin that he might know what they were dealing with.

In Sam's trauma bay, Jason held his wife as he whispered assurances to her, but Sam continued to mutter about keeping Jason safe. Jason asked what she had done, but Sam began to convulse. Horrified, Jason cried out for help.

Several lives are in peril

Several lives are in peril

Thursday, July 27, 2017

At the Black Duck Distillery, Sonny languished in an underground storage shaft, bleeding from a gunshot wound in his thigh that he had managed to slow down with a makeshift tourniquet. He looked around for anything that might help him escape, but nothing stood out. Sonny perked up when he heard a noise above him, and he called out for help. Seconds later, Garvey appeared at the opening of the shaft. "Well, well, well. What have we here?" Garvey asked as he clutched his bleeding side.

Garvey assumed that Sonny had ended up at the bottom of the shaft because of the "crazy broad" who had confronted Sonny with a gun. Garvey was curious where she was because he was eager to shake her hand. Sonny invited Garvey to take his best shot then taunted Garvey because Garvey didn't have a gun. "Screw you, Corinthos," Garvey growled. Sonny realized that he wouldn't get out by baiting Garvey, so he switched tactics and suggested that they work together because they both needed medical attention. Sonny pointed out that Garvey couldn't risk going to a hospital, but Garvey wasn't interested in making a deal with Sonny because he didn't trust Sonny to keep his word.

Sonny warned Garvey there would be repercussions, but Garvey told Sonny to "go to hell." Garvey started to leave, but Sonny advised Garvey not to be stupid because Garvey was bleeding out. Garvey made it clear that he wanted Sonny dead, which he judged likely to happen soon based on the shape that Sonny was in. Garvey dragged a pallet over one end of the shaft's opening. Furious, Sonny vowed to make Garvey pay, but Garvey slid another pallet over the other half of the opening, sealing Sonny in. Desperate, Sonny called out for help, but Garvey left.

Eventually, Sonny stood up because he refused to give up, but his strength quickly dwindled, and he slid back to the ground. Sonny promised to return to his family.

In the squad room, Dante was surprised when he saw Jordan walk in because he thought she had gone home. Jordan explained that she'd taken a drive to clear her head then grabbed a cup of coffee. She asked for an update on Spencer's kidnapper, but Dante didn't have anything new to report. Just then, Jordan's phone rang. Dante waited as she had a quick exchange with the caller then ended the call. He was surprised when she announced that she had news concerning his father.

Jordan took Dante to the interrogation room for privacy then told him that Garvey was in the wind. She explained that Garvey had been on parole for a RICO conviction when he'd gone after Sonny. According to Jordan, two US Marshalls had picked Garvey up in Puerto Rico to take him to a federal jail, but they had since gone off the grid, and a man fitting Garvey's description had been seen abandoning a car outside of Delaware then heading north. Dante was certain that Garvey intended to return to Port Charles to kill Sonny, but Jordan reminded Dante there was a possibility that Garvey had been headed to Canada. Dante assured her that he would let Sonny know.

After Dante left, Jordan returned to the squad room. She tensed when she saw her keys on the desk. She picked them up, grabbed her purse, and left.

At the hospital, Elizabeth bought something from the vending machine while Hayden read What To Expect When You're Expecting. Elizabeth smiled as she reminded her sister that Hayden had months to study up, but Hayden explained that she was an overachiever. Hayden expressed her dismay about what she'd read as she followed Elizabeth to the nurses' station, but Elizabeth took the book from Hayden, closed it, then handed it back to her sister. Hayden took the hint and changed the subject by asking why Elizabeth was working on her day off.

Elizabeth explained that she was covering for Felix, who had called in sick. She didn't mind the extra shift because "Back to School" was around the corner, but Hayden wondered what the big deal was about the kids going back to school. Elizabeth looked at Hayden with an expression of disbelief, so Hayden let it drop and steered the conversation to safer waters by thanking Elizabeth for the pep talk earlier. Elizabeth smiled and promised to collect by putting "Dr. and Mrs. Finn" at the top of her babysitting list. Hayden's smile faltered as Elizabeth walked away.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Stella's arm was linked with her nephew's as they slowly made their way down the hallway. Curtis cautioned Stella to take it easy, but he suggested they find her doctor to get her discharge papers. He admitted that he had packed up her things at the hotel and had checked her out because he wanted his "favorite girl" to recuperate under his care. Stella was touched, but she didn't want to put a crimp in things between him and his other "favorite girl" -- or be a third wheel. Curtis confessed that he and Jordan had decided to end things. Stella wondered what had prompted the breakup, but he would only say that things had changed.

Stella was delighted, but Curtis warned her not to badmouth Jordan because he still cared about her. Stella assured Curtis that she had never wished him heartache because she knew what that was like, but she hoped he would finally find someone who truly made him happy. She was surprised there weren't women throwing themselves at her handsome nephew. Seconds later, Hayden called out to Curtis as she ran into his arms and hugged him. Stella watched with interest then smiled when Curtis introduced the beautiful young woman.

Stella's hopes soared when Hayden mentioned that Curtis had told her about his aunt because it indicated that Curtis and Hayden had history. Hayden quickly clarified that she and Curtis were close friends then revealed that she had a boyfriend, and she was pregnant. Disappointed, Stella congratulated Hayden. After Elizabeth fetched Stella for an exam, Curtis admitted that he'd been surprised that Hayden had made her pregnancy public, but she explained that there hadn't been any reason to hide it because she and Finn had put an offer in on a house. Curtis was happy for Hayden and asked when the wedding was, but she became defensive and told him that she and Finn weren't any less committed to each other because they weren't married.

Curtis assured Hayden that she didn't need to convince him, but he thought she might want to try to convince herself. Hayden reluctantly admitted that she had reservations about marriage because of her first marriage. She also felt inadequate compared to Finn's first wife because Reiko had been smart and beautiful, and she had died saving lives. Hayden acknowledged that Reiko would always have a piece of Finn's heart, but Curtis argued that Hayden would be the mother of Finn's child. Curtis added that Finn was in no position to cast judgment on anyone. Hayden thanked Curtis then asked about his relationship with Jordan, but he admitted that they had called it quits.

Hayden apologized for dumping her problems on Curtis, but he promised that he was fine. Curtis decided to check on his aunt, but he encouraged Hayden to talk to Finn about what was troubling her.

In Stella's hospital room, Elizabeth finished up with Stella as Jordan arrived. After Elizabeth left, Jordan closed the door and commented on how well Stella looked, but Stella began to pack and asked why Jordan was there. Jordan explained that she had stopped by to drop off Curtis' apartment keys, so Stella told Jordan to leave them on the table. Jordan tossed them on the table then turned to leave, but Stella cleared her throat and acknowledged that everyone had tried to be civil for T.J.'s sake.

Stella was certain that Curtis had never intended to break Jordan's heart, but Jordan clarified that the breakup had been a mutual decision. Stella was skeptical because Jordan had refused to give up Curtis when Stella had first raised her objections. "Things change," Jordan quietly admitted. Stella recalled that Curtis had said the same thing.

Stella assured Jordan that it hadn't given her any pleasure to give an ultimatum, but it had been necessary because Jordan had hurt Stella's family too many times. Stella acknowledged that it had wounded her pride to be humored, but it had been worth it if Jordan had finally recognized that she was not good for Curtis. Jordan assured Stella that she would not stand in the way of Stella's relationship with T.J. Pleased, Stella admitted that she knew it wasn't easy to do what was best for the family, but she promised that a person got past it. Jordan was curious if it was nice to be right all the time like Stella.

Shortly after Jordan left, Stella sat in a wheelchair as Elizabeth pushed her to the elevator. Stella asked Curtis to grab her bag as she disappeared out the door. Curtis picked up the bag then noticed his apartment keys on the table. His expression clouded with sadness as he realized that Jordan had dropped them off. Curtis straightened his shoulders then joined Stella and Elizabeth at the elevator and offered to take over for Elizabeth, but she declined because she intended to grab a sweater from her car when she dropped Stella off at Curtis' car.

At the police station, Jordan's expression was filled with sadness as she looked at her key ring. She glanced at her phone and saw a picture of her and Curtis at the Nurses Ball, which she reluctantly decided to delete as the background picture.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was on the phone with Laura. She was thrilled that Spencer was home safe and assured Laura that she would let Sonny know when he arrived home. Carly ended the call just as the front door slammed shut. Smiling, she called out to Sonny, but Michael entered the living room and asked her if everything was okay with Sonny. Carly explained that Sonny was still searching for Spencer because she hadn't been able to reach him to share the good news about Spencer's safe return.

Michael revealed that he'd been working with Sonny on a development deal at the Black Duck Distillery and had planned to meet with his father to discuss its demolition to make way for retail and office space. Carly was certain there was an innocent explanation for Sonny's silence, but she decided to call her husband. Her anxiety mounted when the call went to voicemail because she feared that Sonny had turned to one of his associates for a favor. Michael agreed that his father was in a precarious position because Sonny's retirement would create a vacuum, but Carly explained that Sonny had promoted Max to fill in until Sonny named a successor.

Michael was amazed that Sonny's retirement was a reality. Carly agreed, but she assured him that Sonny had done it to safeguard all his loved ones because Sonny didn't want anyone caught in the crossfire the way Morgan had been. Carly explained that it was important that Sonny find someone he could trust because they didn't want to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders, worrying that the cycle of violence would touch their family again. Moments later, Dante arrived looking for Sonny, but Carly told him that Sonny was still out looking for Spencer. Dante thought it was odd that no one had been able to reach Sonny, but Carly believed there was an innocent explanation.

Carly was curious why Dante had wanted to talk to Sonny, so he told her about Garvey's escape from federal custody. Carly was alarmed because she was certain that Garvey would return to try to kill Sonny. Carly called Sonny, but his voicemail was full. Carly's dread mounted because it wasn't like Sonny not to check his messages, and Jason hadn't returned her calls. Dante advised Carly not to jump to conclusions because they had no idea if Garvey was in town.

In the emergency room, Jason was horrified when Sam began to convulse.

At the nurses' station, Finn asked Deanna to get Sam's blood test to the lab and to request "Protocol B-8." After Deanna left, Griffin asked if Finn had a diagnosis, but Jason called out for help before Finn could reply. Finn and Griffin raced to the trauma bay and immediately went to work stabilizing Sam. Jason wanted to know what was going on, but the doctors remained focused on their patient until the seizure eased and Sam began to relax.

Deanna returned with Sam's preliminary test results as Finn and Griffin prepared to explain to Jason what was going on with Sam. Finn reviewed the results then handed them to Griffin as Finn revealed that Sam had a parasitic infection of the brain known as "toxoplasmosis." Stunned, Jason asked if it could be cured. Finn and Griffin exchanged a worried glance, prompting Jason to ask how much trouble his wife was in. Griffin explained that it would be irresponsible to say that Sam was completely out of the woods, but he promised that Sam was stable. Finn added that they would be able to prescribe Sam the correct medication once they had the rest of the test results.

Jason relaxed because it meant that Sam would be okay, but Finn explained that they had no idea how long Sam had been infected, which was important because toxoplasmosis was usually passed to a human through a household pet like a cat or a bird. Jason was puzzled because his mother's dog was the only pet that Sam had had contact with. Griffin thought the dog was an unlikely source, but they were more concerned with how long Sam had been exposed because the illness could be passed in utero to a fetus. Jason tensed when Finn added that Scout would need to be tested. Jason readily agreed, but he wanted to know how toxoplasmosis might affect Scout. Finn admitted that it could cause chronic problems like blindness, seizures, and cognitive disabilities.

Stunned, Jason revealed that Scout was with Alexis, but he was certain that Scout would be fine. Jason gave Griffin permission to call Alexis then stepped away to call Carly, but she beat him to it. Carly explained that Garvey had returned to town, but Jason confessed that he couldn't deal with that because Sam was in the hospital, and their daughter might be very sick. Shocked, Carly assured Jason that she was on her way.

At Greystone Manor, Carly explained that she had to get to the hospital because Jason needed her. Dante and Michael were concerned about her safety, but she told them to have a bodyguard meet her at the hospital. After Carly left, Dante called the police station to request a patrol unit keep an eye on the house. Michael decided to spend the night to monitor things. "So much for a new life, right?" Michael asked. "Tell me about it," Dante answered. Michael worried that Sonny's past would always haunt them.

In the trauma bay, Jason sat at Sam's bedside. He regretted that he hadn't paid better attention to what had been going on with her. Jason couldn't handle the thought of losing her or of their children losing their mother. Jason refused to let it happen and begged Sam to fight. Moments later, her eyes snapped open. However, she remained caught in the grips of her delusions as she saw Sonny standing at the end of her bed with blood on his hands. "You," she said as she stared at Sonny in fright.

At the nurses' station, Hayden noticed that Finn looked tired. He admitted that he'd been working on a serious case. Hayden was startled when he suddenly hugged her tight and told her that he was happy that she and the baby were okay. Finn didn't know what he would do if anything happened to either of them. Touched, Hayden decided to let him get back to work, but she asked him to call her when he was done. She promised to wait up.

In the parking garage, Elizabeth heard someone groan in pain. She called out to the person, but no one replied. She looked around a pillar, but Garvey suddenly slipped up behind her and caught her by surprise as he wrapped his hand tightly around her throat. He threatened to kill her if she made a move. Elizabeth tearfully told him that she had three children who depended on her, so he advised her to follow his instructions -- or her children would end up orphans.

Garvey explained that he needed Elizabeth to patch him up then started to drag her to the hospital to find a private room where she could work. However, they only made it a few steps when Carly rounded the corner and saw them. Carly immediately recognized Garvey.

Jason urges Sam to continue fighting

Jason urges Sam to continue fighting

Friday, July 28, 2017

Oscar showed up at Josslyn's and suggested that they celebrate the good news about Spencer. "That sounds nice," she said happily. He wanted to take her somewhere that he was sure she'd never been. She was skeptical, since she had been born and raised in Port Charles, but she agreed. She warned him that she only had around an hour to be out, since she was grounded. They left the house.

A short while later, Josslyn and Oscar arrived by bike at the old distillery. Oscar was fascinated by the history of the distillery. They looked around, frequently passing by where Sonny was hidden, and she thought it was "super cool." Oscar found a piece of metal on the ground, not recognizing that it was a bullet casing. He told her that he liked to make things out of things he found, so he pocketed it.

Just then, Josslyn thought she heard kids laughing, so she and Oscar left to check on their bikes. They returned a few minutes later, and he teased her for thinking that geese honking sounded like kids laughing. Josslyn figured it was probably around time for her to get back home, so they left. When they returned to Josslyn's, the house still empty, they agreed to "do it again" sometime. They both smiled on opposite sides of the door when she closed it, Oscar taking time to admire his small piece of metal.

Sonny woke up and told himself that he had to stay awake for his kids. He talked about how he saw himself in Dante, even though he hadn't raised his son. He praised Dante's loyalty and courage. He also saw himself in Michael, even though they weren't biologically related. He remarked that, in a different world, he would have had Michael take over the business, but he strove to be more like Michael.

Sonny continued that Morgan had suffered from "the same darkness" as Sonny, but he was very proud of Morgan. He thought that Kristina was most like him with her stubbornness, but she didn't have a cruel bone in her body. He looked at a picture of Avery in his wallet and prayed that he got to see her grow up. "God, please let me be there," he pleaded. He slowly stood and called out to anyone who could hear to get him out of there.

Garvey was instructing Elizabeth to take him "somewhere quiet" in order to treat him when Carly happened upon the two. Elizabeth was shocked that Carly and Garvey knew each other. Carly told Garvey to let Elizabeth go and wondered what he wanted with her. He showed his gunshot wound to her, and she asked if Sonny had shot him. "You should see the other guy," he joked, obviously in pain. Carly demanded to know what he'd done to Sonny and where he was, but he only answered that he needed supplies -- "now." Carly informed him that he wouldn't exactly be inconspicuous in the hospital.

Garvey suggested that he stay with Elizabeth while Carly got what he needed in the hospital. She reminded him that she didn't work there, so she couldn't just grab supplies. "Find a way," he ordered, giving her ten minutes for the errand. Elizabeth slowly got her keys out of her pocket and instructed Carly on which key opened what. Carly warned him not to hurt Elizabeth. "Don't give me a reason to," he shot back, and Carly walked away. As Garvey doubled over, coughing, Carly yelled at Elizabeth to get out of the way, and she tackled Garvey to the ground.

Carly told Elizabeth to go get help as she held Garvey down. Elizabeth reluctantly obeyed. With her arm across him neck and her knee pressing into his wound, Carly demanded that he tell her where Sonny was. "You messed with the wrong family," she advised hm. He laughed, so she slapped him, again asking where Sonny was. "I killed him," Garvey replied.

Alexis and Kristina arrived at the hospital with Scout, and Finn and Griffin introduced Dr. Anderson, the pediatric doctor assigned to make sure Scout was all right. The doctor didn't see any signs of Sam's infection, but she wanted to run tests just to be sure. Kristina went with the doctor and Scout, and she and Alexis promised to keep each other updated. Griffin and Finn began peppering Alexis with questions about Sam and Scout's behavior. Alexis just wanted to see Sam and know what was wrong with her daughter, so the doctors filled her in.

In Sam's room, Jason tried to assure her that she was safe, but she continued to be upset by her hallucination of a bloody Sonny. "Killing me won't end it. Nothing will end it," he told her. Jason frantically asked who she saw, but she passed out. He yelled for help, and Finn, Griffin, and Alexis ran into the room. Finn asked Jason and Alexis to vacate, so they reluctantly left the room.

After hooking Sam up to a couple new machines out of necessity, Finn gently asked Sam to wake up. When she didn't, he promised that he would figure out what was wrong with her. He advised Nurse Deanna to keep an eye on Sam's vital signs, and he left the room.

Outside the room, Griffin asked Jason about Sam's hallucinations, which had caused her to "lose it" until that day. Griffin surmised that Sam had encephalitis, which Alexis recognized as inflammation of the brain, due to the infection. He promised that they were doing everything they could for Sam. Alexis excused herself for a minute. She quickly sent off a text to Julian, telling him to meet her at the hospital, as Sam was there.

Julian met Scott at the Floating Rib and reminded Scott that Julian's time was "running out." Scott informed Julian that he had some good news, and that, for the first time since Julian had been arrested, he believed that they could win the case. Scott told Julian that Alexis was the star witness of the defense. He explained that he could get Alexis to admit that Olivia had been threatening Julian's family, causing the jury to see Julian as a hero. Scott advised Julian not to "blow it" if he got another chance with Alexis. "I don't plan on it," Julian answered, and Scott left. Just then, Julian's phone went off, and he saw Alexis' text about Sam. He immediately ran out of the restaurant.

At the hospital, Kristina returned to Alexis, crying. She assured Jason and Alexis that she was crying happy tears because Scout was "perfect." Kristina left to call and update Molly as Finn approached. He informed Sam's shocked family that Sam was in a coma, most likely because her body needed extra time to heal. He promised that they could see her in a few minutes. Julian burst in, and Alexis told him that Sam was in a coma. Jason said in an accusatory tone that it was due to Sam giving birth out in the cold after Olivia had kicked her off a bridge.

Kristina returned and wondered what Julian was doing there, as Sam wouldn't want him there. Alexis admitted that she'd summoned Julian because she thought he deserved to know about Sam. Kristina warned Julian not to go near anyone in her family. "If you do, I'll stop you. Don't think I can't. My father is a lot more powerful than you," she threatened. Griffin wondered if they wanted him to find a private conference room for the conversation, but Kristina told him that she had nothing left to say. Julian asked if it was Jason's turn to tear into him, but he replied that Kristina had summed it up.

Kristina offered to take Scout back to Sam and Jason's, and she asked him to keep her updated. When she was gone, Deanna exited Sam's room. She instructed the family to visit one at a time only. Jason asked that Alexis let him go first, and she readily agreed. He muttered, "It would be a good idea for Julian not to be here when I get back." When Jason had gone into the room, Alexis asked Julian to go. He apologized for the part his sister had played in Sam's illness, and he dejectedly left.

Jason was stunned to enter Sam's room and see all the machines she was hooked up to. He sat next to Sam and held her hand. He assured her that she could beat the illness. He knew that she was tired, but he urged her not to give up. He continued that he had no life without her. He tearfully promised to stay there with her and wait for her to wake up so that she could tell him that she loved him too.

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