General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 11, 2017 on GH

Ava met a mystery patient at a clinic in Russia. Nina moved back to Wyndemere. Franco turned to his adoptive mother for answers. Jason's hand twitched. Spinelli caught Amy in a lie about Nathan.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 11, 2017 on GH
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Ava takes Valentin's deal Ava takes Valentin's deal

Monday, September 11, 2017

Valentin handed Ava a contract and urged her to sign it if she wanted her old life back. Ava called their possible deal a "devil's bargain." Lulu watched as Ava fidgeted with the pen. Tired of waiting, Valentin reached for the papers. Ava held onto them and signed them as Lulu stormed over, demanding to know what was going on. Valentin informed Lulu that his business with Ava was none of Lulu's. Lulu was shocked that Ava would do business with the man who'd killed Nikolas. Ava admitted that she didn't like it any more than Lulu did.

Ava claimed to have sold a "rare Renaissance tapestry" that she'd thought she'd been stuck with, but Valentin had made her an offer that "took my breath away." She advised Valentin to have his "people" get ready for the arrival of the piece. He assured her that he had a team of experts ready to restore the piece to its "former glory." He shook her hand and left. When he was gone, he made a phone call. He told the person on the other end of the phone that "the woman" was set to arrive the next day. "I trust you'll deal with her as discussed," he added.

"What the hell was that about?" Lulu demanded to know of Ava. She hoped that Ava wouldn't waste the second chance Nikolas had given Ava. Ava vowed to never dishonor Nikolas' memory. She continued that Nikolas would understand what she'd lost in the fire, and how much she needed to be herself again. Lulu thanked Ava for agreeing to testify against Valentin, and she left a conflicted Ava.

Dante was putting up a birthday sign for Rocco when Olivia arrived with Rocco's favorite, baked ziti. Dante remembered how messy the playroom was, so he told Rocco and Charlotte to go clean up before the party. Olivia commented on Dante's "picture-perfect family." He reminded her that Charlotte's father was a "villain," but Olivia rationalized that Charlotte loved him. Dante suggested that it would be the same if Leo was blinded by his love for Julian. Olivia was thankful that Charlotte had Dante, and Leo had Ned.

A short while later, Lulu was home. She asked the kids if the playroom was cleaned up, and they went back to the playroom in response. Dante and Lulu talked about a video game that Rocco wanted that was too "advanced" for Rocco. Dante admitted that they'd "caved" and gotten the game. Olivia reminded them that she would get the questionable gifts so she could be the "cool nonna," getting Dante and Lulu off the hook.

Olivia went to the kitchen to prepare the ziti. Lulu was happy at that moment but worried for the weeks ahead. She told Dante that Valentin and Nina were back together, and she told him about Valentin's odd meeting with Ava. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Rocco ran out, yelling for guests. He opened to door and found Valentin. Valentin handed a wrapped gift to Rocco, who asked permission before opening it. When he tore the paper off, he was delighted to find the video game he'd wanted.

"How did you know?" Rocco wondered excitedly. Valentin admitted that Charlotte had mentioned it. "Now you can have two," Dante said sarcastically, adding that it was good they still had their receipt. Valentin shook Rocco's hand and told the kids to have a good time. Olivia ushered the kids into the kitchen as Valentin mentioned his attorney. He wanted to schedule a court date soon. Dante and Lulu agreed, and Dante abruptly closed the door. Lulu worried about how confident Valentin had sounded, especially after seeing him meeting with Ava.

Franco was looking at the picture of the two little boys when the doorbell rang. He answered the door to Kiki, who showed him the poster for his art exhibition entitled "To Hell and Back -- a Retrospective." He dubbed it false advertising, as he was not yet "back from hell." He admitted that he was going to visit Heather, and he would never be out of hell until she helped him figure out who he was. He asked Kiki how Jason was doing and eventually convinced her to tell him. She divulged that Jason was showing "no signs of recovery."

Franco replied that, regardless, he and Jason would always be connected. Kiki wanted to know what was going on with Franco. He promised to share when he figured it out, and he ushered her out the door.

A short while later, Franco sat in the visiting room at Heather's facility. The door opened and he greeted his mother, but he was surprised to see that it was only a guard. The guard informed Franco that Heather had declined the visit. He asked the guard to deliver to Heather the BLT sandwich that Franco had gotten for her. He also asked the guard to take the picture of the two little boys and ask Heather about it. The guard agreed, took the sandwich and picture, and left the room.

A short while later, the guard reported back that Heather had eaten the sandwich, and she'd said nothing about the picture. "Cute kids," the guard said as he handed the picture back to Franco. When he was gone, Franco regretfully recounted all the time he'd prayed to never see or hear from Heather again. He wondered what she was hiding and why Jason had been in his childhood.

Sam sat with Jason and told him about how Danny had helped feed Scout earlier that day. Just then, Griffin and Elizabeth entered the room. Elizabeth suggested that Sam take a break, and Griffin told her to go for a walk while he examined Jason. Sam refused to leave until Griffin told her that her presence could affect his ability to evaluate Jason.

Outside Jason's room, Sonny gave Max some instructions on the phone. When he was off the phone, he informed Carly that the families were happy that Sonny had decided to stay in the business. Carly told Sonny that she and Josslyn were ready to move back in with him. He refused and said that Josslyn would be happier and safer at Carly's. Carly started to say something about Jason's absence in protecting everyone just as Sam approached.

Sam refused to give up, and Carly insisted that she agreed. Griffin and Elizabeth exited Jason's room and told Sam, Carly, and Sonny that the longer Jason was in a coma, the less likely it was that he would recover. He urged Sam to consider long-term care facilities, but she refused. Sonny asked to talk to Griffin, and the two walked off. Elizabeth tried to comfort Sam, but Sam rejected the effort. She wanted to spend all the time she could with Jason, since every minute could be the last.

Carly tried to back Elizabeth up, but Sam didn't know why she was supposed to listen to the two people who'd tried to keep Jason away from her. Elizabeth left to go back to work. Carly told Sam that she should "stop acting crazy" if she didn't want people to think she was actually crazy. Sam accused Carly of wanting Jason all to herself. "You need to go home," Carly told Sam, threatening to call "your mom, Max, or the National Guard." Sam refused to let Carly take Jason away "again."

Ava carried her bags out of her bedroom as she left a message for Valentin about her boarding passes and itinerary. There was a knock on the door, and Ava was surprised to answer it to Kiki. Kiki saw Ava's packed bags and wondered where she was going. Ava claimed that she was going to a spa in St. Petersburg that catered to clients with conditions such as hers. Assuming that Ava meant Florida, Kiki offered to accompany Ava, but Ava reminded her that she needed to stay focused on medical school.

Kiki wondered what Griffin thought about Ava's trip and was surprised to learn that Ava hadn't told him. Ava beat around the bush, so Kiki asked for the truth. Ava promised to talk to Kiki before she left, and she ushered Kiki out the door. Ava thought back to the nasty things that Carly had said to her, the kind things Griffin and Kiki had said to her, and the offer Valentin had given to her. "When I come back here, I won't be hiding anymore. I'll be living," she said as she walked out the door with her bags.

Sonny and Griffin sat at the Metro Court bar, and Griffin reminded Sonny that he couldn't talk about Jason's condition. Sonny wanted to talk about spirituality, but Griffin suggested the topic of boxing. Sonny wondered why God didn't punish Sonny instead of Jason. Griffin admitted that he didn't feel comfortable speaking for God, and he was more focusing on medicine anyway.

Sonny was grateful to be able to talk to a person who knew him, who could "tell it like it is." He figured that part of it was that Griffin was Duke's son, and Duke was one person who understood leaving the only life he'd known. Griffin revealed that no matter what, it would always feel like leaving was a failed attempt. He was thinking about what it took to leave the life he'd chosen. "Are you thinking about leaving the priesthood?" Sonny wondered.

Sam lashes out at Carly

Sam lashes out at Carly

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny reminded Griffin that Griffin hadn't been a practicing priest since Sonny had met him. Sonny was curious if Griffin had been considering taking the next step to leave the order, but Griffin was spared from having to answer when Kiki walked up. Kiki explained that she needed to speak to Griffin. Sonny thought it was good timing because he had to get back to the hospital, prompting Kiki to ask about Jason. Sonny revealed that Jason remained in a coma.

After Sonny left, Kiki expressed her concern about her mother because Ava had decided to take a trip to visit a spa. Griffin thought it might do Ava some good to get away, but Kiki was worried because the trip had popped up out of nowhere, and Ava had been reluctant to discuss the details. Kiki couldn't understand why Ava would go to St. Petersburg, Florida, when there were plenty of nice spas much closer. Griffin frowned because he agreed that it was odd that Ava would go to Florida, so he suggested that he and Kiki pay Ava a visit.

A short time later, Kiki let herself into her mother's apartment as Griffin followed her. Kiki checked the bedroom, but Ava was not at home. Griffin looked through a stack of papers he'd seen on the coffee table then asked if Kiki was familiar with a Dr. Boronsky. Kiki shook her head. Dismayed, Griffin revealed that Ava might have flown to St. Petersburg, Russia, but Kiki couldn't imagine why her mother would go to Russia. Griffin checked Ava's laptop, but an online search didn't yield any results for Dr. Boronsky.

Next, Griffin looked up Ava's search history and discovered that she'd been checking clinics in Russia and information about burn injuries. Kiki explained that the doctors had told Ava that nothing could be done to minimize the scars, but Griffin suspected that Valentin had convinced Ava to go to Russia. Griffin worried that Ava was in trouble, but Kiki assured him that her mother was a strong and proactive woman. Griffin told Kiki about his conversation with Ava when she had alluded to Valentin making her an offer. Ava hadn't shared the details, but she had mentioned that she wouldn't have to worry about her looks.

Kiki and Griffin agreed that Valentin had preyed on Ava's vulnerability to get Ava out of town, but Kiki had no idea why Valentin would do it. Griffin blamed himself for Ava's decision to fly to Russia. He admitted that he and Ava had grown close after the accident, but he'd been inadvertently careless with Ava's feelings because she had wanted more that he could give. Kiki held up her hands because she didn't want to hear the details; she was too worried about her mother. Griffin conceded that Dr. Boronsky might not exist.

On a flight to Russia, Ava looked out the window as a passenger walked up and informed Ava that Ava was seated in the passenger's seat. Ava acknowledged that the woman was right, but Ava asked if she could remain in the seat for the remainder of the flight. The woman assured Ava that it was fine, but she added that Ava's injuries didn't bother her. Surprised, Ava turned toward the woman as the woman confided that she'd seen worse in her own mirror. Ava looked at that the stunning blonde with disbelief.

"That's right, and look at me now," the woman added. The woman introduced herself as Larisa then added that she'd been a patient at the Boronsky Clinic. Ava and Larisa shook hands as Ava asked if Larisa was her handler. Larisa explained that she'd been sent to accompany Ava to the clinic and to help guide her through all the treatments. Ava would have appreciated a heads-up, but Larisa promised that she was only there to help.

According to Larisa, the experience would be life changing and wonderful. Ava was skeptical, but Larisa assured Ava that Ava was lucky that Valentin had managed to get Ava in. Ava was surprised that Larisa knew Valentin, but Larisa gushed that Valentin was famous at the clinic because he was a success story. Larisa promised that everything would be fine, but Ava feared that some things in life couldn't be restored, no matter how much it was desired. Ava suspected that she had made a terrible mistake and decided to take a return flight home as soon as they landed.

Larisa tried to distract Ava by proposing a toast to Valentin, but Ava declined. Ava explained that all the doctors she'd talked to had told her that nothing could be done about her scars. She regretted not turning Valentin's offer down, but Larisa was curious what had prompted Ava to accept it. Ava insisted that it didn't matter because she had decided to return home. Larisa urged Ava not to give up then showed Ava a picture of the facial injuries that Larisa had sustained from an abusive husband who had beaten Larisa within an inch of her life then viciously slashed her face. Ava was stunned when she saw the picture and Larisa's amazing transformation.

Larisa promised that it was okay to have hope because Dr. Boronsky was a true genius. Ava wanted to believe that more than anything. Ava acknowledged that it was vain, but she wanted to be who she'd been before the fire. Larisa warned Ava that it would never happen because Ava would be left fundamentally changed by Dr. Boronsky's treatment. According to Larisa, Ava would be filled with gratitude and an overwhelming sense of purpose just like all the other patients at the clinic. Ava thought that Larisa had made it sound "positively spiritual," and Larisa assured Ava that she would see for herself. Larisa added that Ava would be herself again -- only much better.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Liesl warmly greeted Franco with a hug, but she quickly realized that he hadn't called her for a social visit. Franco acknowledged that he was troubled because something didn't add up, and it jeopardized everything he believed to be true. Liesl decided to order a bottle of wine because she suspected they were in for a lengthy conversation. After the wine was served, Franco showed her the photograph of him as a child with a blond boy. He was curious if anything stood out about the picture.

Liesl observed that the boys were dressed alike and that the brown-haired boy was Franco, but she didn't recognize the blond boy. Franco revealed that it was Jason then told her about the picture that Jake had shown him of Jason at the same age as the blond boy in the picture. Liesl looked at the second photograph and agreed that the boys looked alike, but she wasn't convinced that Jason was the same boy in the picture with Franco. Franco was incredulous that she didn't see that the blond boys were identical, prompting Liesl to wonder why it mattered.

Franco reminded Liesl that he'd spent most of his life believing that Jason was his twin, but Liesl argued that it had been a lie created by Heather. Franco revealed that Heather had refused to see him when he'd gone to D'Archam to talk to her about the photograph. Liesl didn't think Franco should read into it because Heather was insane, but Franco knew Heather well enough to be certain that her refusal to talk to him was an attempt to hide something. Liesl was certain there was a logical explanation for the similarity between the boys in the photographs and suggested that perhaps it had just been a coincidence that the blond boys looked alike, but Franco dismissed that as unlikely. Liesl pointed out that it was clear the photograph of Jason had been taken when Jason had been in Port Charles, so it would have been impossible for Jason to have known Franco when they were children.

Franco confided to Liesl about his imaginary friend and his recent suspicion that the boy might have been real. However, Franco couldn't understand what had happened to the young boy and what his connection to Jason was. Liesl advised Franco to talk to the person who had likely taken the picture of Franco and the boy -- his adoptive mother. Liesl was certain that Betsy would know more about the photograph than Heather because Heather had given Franco up for adoption at birth. Franco was reluctant to involve Betsy because she'd always been fragile, and he'd caused her enough pain. Liesl admitted that she would want her son to seek her out if he was troubled and had questions.

After Liesl left, Franco called Betsy to invite her to his art show. He was surprised when she accepted. Franco smiled then admitted that they had a lot of catching up to do.

At the hospital, Sam warned Carly that she would not allow Carly to get between Sam and Jason, but Carly promised that she had no desire to. Sam scoffed, but Carly reminded Sam that Sam had invited Carly to be Scout's godmother. Sam revealed that she'd done it for Jason because he had wanted to appease Carly by making Carly feel important. Carly was taken aback by Sam's harsh assessment that Carly was demanding. She reminded Sam that they were friends, but Sam wondered when that had happened. Stunned, Carly assured Sam that they'd been friends for a while, but Sam told Carly to stop lying because Sam knew that Carly gritted her teeth to put up with Sam.

Sam was certain that Carly did it for Jason because Jason had picked Sam, and Carly had realized that she might lose Jason if Carly didn't find a way to accept Sam. Sam accused Carly of pretending to warm up to Sam, but she assured Carly that the pretense wasn't necessary because Jason couldn't see Carly. Carly reminded Sam that Carly was in a unique position to know what Sam was going through with Jason because Carly had experienced the same pain and desperation when Michael had been in a coma. However, Carly warned Sam that Jason would not want Sam shackled to his bed or for their children to see their father hooked up to machines. Sam snidely conceded that Carly would know because Carly was an authority on Jason. Carly promised that she wasn't trying to imply that, but Sam argued that Carly had implied it with every breath.

Carly insisted that she only wanted to help, but Sam knew that Carly had always considered Sam the "acceptable" choice for Jason because deep down inside, Carly believed that Sonny and Jason belonged to Carly. Sam also suspected that Carly tolerated Sam because Sam had been willing to settle for second place behind Carly. Carly denied it, but Sam didn't believe her. Sam conceded that things had changed when Jason had returned because he had put Sam and their children first instead of running around cleaning up Carly's messes. Neither Sam nor Carly noticed when Alexis walked up.

Carly was curious why, if Sam was right, Carly had covered for Sam. Alexis stepped forward before things escalated. Sam immediately apologized to Carly. Carly acknowledged that she hadn't liked Sam at first, but she'd grown to love Sam because she saw what Sam had meant to Jason, Danny, and Scout. Carly knew that as bad as it was for her to see Jason in a coma, it was infinitely worse for Sam. Sam regretted her cruel words and told Carly that she loved her, but Carly walked away.

Alexis didn't want to pry, but she was curious what Carly had been talking about when she had mentioned covering for Sam. Resigned, Sam revealed that her hallucinations had been about Sonny and that she had shot Sonny and had left him to die. Sonny and Jason had decided to cover up the shooting to spare Sam additional trauma while she recovered from the brain infection. "Shocking!" Alexis sarcastically exclaimed. Alexis was furious that Sonny and Jason had persuaded Sam to cover up the shooting because it hadn't been necessary. Alexis explained that Sam had been suffering from toxoplasmosis, so Alexis or Diane could have easily defended Sam against any criminal charges.

Sam assured her mother that she had wanted to confess, but Sonny and Jason had insisted on burying the incident. Alexis warned Sam that they hadn't done Sam any favors, but Sam suggested that she could still confess. Alexis warned Sam that it would be a bad idea because Sonny and Jason's attempt to help had muddied the waters and had complicated Sam's defense. Alexis reminded Sam that she had to think about Danny and Scout, but Sam noticed that Alexis had omitted Jason. Sam realized that Alexis didn't think that Jason would wake up then admitted that Carly didn't either. Sam revealed that Carly had been close to telling Sam to "pull the plug" on Jason, which had infuriated Sam because Sam knew that Carly had been right -- Jason wouldn't want to be kept alive by machines if there wasn't a chance that he would wake up.

At the elevator, Carly ran into Sonny as he arrived for a visit with Jason. Sonny quickly realized that Carly was agitated, so she told him about what had transpired with Sam a few minutes earlier. Carly knew that Sam was afraid for Jason, but she regretted that she had yelled at Sam. Sonny suspected that Sam had lashed out at Carly because Carly was someone safe who wouldn't treat Sam with kid gloves. Carly confessed that she was worried that Sam wouldn't have the strength to take Jason off life support, but Sonny reminded Carly that they weren't there yet.

Sonny promised that neither Sam nor Carly would have to make the decision because he would do what was necessary to honor his friend's wishes. Carly was glad that Sonny was there, but she admitted that she needed some time to clear her head. Carly decided to go to the footbridge, so Sonny suggested they meet up at Metro Court Restaurant later that evening. Carly agreed then kissed her husband and left.

On the footbridge, Michael revealed that it wasn't the first time his family had dealt with a loved one in a coma. Nelle was stunned when he told her that he'd been shot in the head by a ricocheting bullet meant for his father, which had left Michael in a coma for a year. Michael assured her that he had no memory of the shooting, but Nelle was curious if Sonny had ever considered leaving the mob. Michael explained that it wasn't really an option, but Nelle questioned why Sonny had decided he could retire. Michael admitted that his father was lying to himself by thinking that he could leave the mob. Michael blamed himself for not making his father see the truth sooner, but Michael had been caught up in the desire he'd always had to have a "normal" father.

However, Michael knew that leaving the mob was not possible because there was no going back. Michael felt that it had been his responsibility as the eldest son to talk to his father, but Nelle pointed out that Dante was the eldest. Michael clarified that he was the eldest of Sonny's children who had been raised in Sonny's world. Michael also believed that Dante would always be obligated to encourage their father to leave the mob, even if it wasn't feasible, because Dante was a cop. Michael knew that the odds were not in Sonny's favor if he were to step down. Nelle agreed, but Michael wondered if she preferred that he worked at ELQ rather than follow in Sonny's footsteps. Nelle admitted that she would rather Michael be safe, but she was curious if Michael had ever been tempted to join the organization.

Michael admitted that he had tried when he'd been younger, but Sonny had refused to let him. Michael conceded that the idea of being a mobster didn't appeal to him because it would limit him. He explained that he would have to hide three-quarters of his income in offshore accounts, and he'd also be reluctant to raise a family surrounded by violence because it would be impossible to completely safeguard his family from the enemy. Nelle appreciated that Michael had trusted her enough to share his secrets. Moments later, Carly walked up. Michael was surprised to see his mother, but he asked about Jason and Sam.

Carly admitted that Jason remained in a coma and that Sam had not been holding up well. Carly imagined that Nelle knew what that was like because of what had happened to Nelle's fiancé. Nelle was shocked. Carly apologized to Michael and admitted that she had intended to take the high road and let Michael learn the truth about Nelle's fiancé for himself, but Jason's coma had dredged up painful memories of when Michael had been in a coma. Carly told Michael how Nelle's fiancé had died then advised Michael to have a talk with Nelle.

Nelle's eyes filled with tears as Carly walked away. Hurt, Michael asked if it was true. Nelle reminded him that everything she'd told him in the beginning had been a lie, so she'd been terrified to tell him about her fiancé when Michael had forgiven her for what she'd done to Carly and Sonny. Michael understood Nelle's initial hesitation, but he was furious that she had kept quiet even when he'd shared personal things with her. Nelle knew that she'd had plenty of opportunity to tell Michael, but she had been afraid of losing him. Michael wanted to hear her side of things.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly joined Sonny at a table. She told him about what had transpired on the footbridge when she'd seen Michael and Nelle. Carly assured Sonny that she hadn't planned on telling Michael about Nelle's fiancé, but Sonny was pleased that the secret was out. Moments later, Sonny's phone rang. It was Milo calling to report that Carly's house had been broken into.

Bobbie and Monica mourn their losses

Bobbie and Monica mourn their losses

> Bobbie and Monica mourn their losses

Bobbie and Monica mourn their losses

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

On the footbridge, Michael couldn't understand why Nelle hadn't told him about her fiancé or the circumstances of his death. Nelle's eyes filled with tears as she assured him that she had considered it, but she'd been afraid that the scandal would be too much for Michael to handle, especially after everything that had transpired with Carly and Sonny. Michael was frustrated, but Nelle pointed out that Carly had only recently gotten to a place where Carly could tolerate her. Nelle realized that it was no longer the case. Michael didn't blame his mother for having concerns when Nelle had been keeping life-altering secrets -- again. Michael wanted to hear from Nelle what had happened to her fiancé.

Nelle took a deep breath then tearfully told him that she and Zach had picked a date for their wedding, so they'd decided to get away for a few days before the pre-wedding juggernaut kicked in. Nelle explained that she had planned the trip to Maine because she and Zach had gone ocean kayaking numerous times, and they had wanted to go further north. She acknowledged that she and her fiancé had taken their own kayaks as she talked about how she and Zach had been swept up in the scenery until Zach's kayak had taken on water. She conceded that Zach had been a strong swimmer, but both he and Nelle had foolishly neglected to put on their life vests, and the water had been freezing. Nelle claimed that she had tried to help Zach, but her options had been limited because she hadn't been a good swimmer, and she'd left her cell phone on the shore.

Nelle insisted that she had tried to get Zach to grab her oar, but he hadn't been able to reach it. According to Nelle, Zach had quickly succumbed to hypothermia and drowned. She tearfully assured Michael that she'd gone over the tragedy countless times, wishing that she could have done something different to save Zach. Michael was curious why Zach's parents had been suspicious of her. Nelle sniffled then quietly admitted that the plug had been missing from the kayak. She rushed to add that she had no idea if it had been an accident or if someone had taken it, but she promised that she hadn't sabotaged Zach's kayak.

Michael agreed that the missing plug was damaging, but everything else pointed to a tragic accident. Nelle explained that Zach's family hadn't liked her, but Michael pointed out that the parents would have needed more than their personal feelings to get the police involved. Nelle sighed then confessed that shortly before Zach's death, he had changed his will to make her the beneficiary. "That changes things," Michael said in a somber tone. Nelle insisted that it had been Zach's idea and that his wealthy lifestyle had been a new experience for her, but Michael was curious if it had been as new as their trip to Morocco.

Nelle's eyes welled up with fresh tears as she assured Michael that she and Zach had only traveled as far as Maine because they had planned to travel after the wedding. Michael wondered how soon Zach's parents had made the accusations against her. "Almost immediately," Nelle answered. Nelle claimed that the police had believed Zach's parents' accusations because they'd had clout and money to back them. Nelle cried that Zach's parents hadn't even permitted her to attend Zach's funeral, prompting Michael to ask if Nelle had loved Zach. "I-I thought I did," she softly answered.

Nelle admitted that she "didn't know what [she] didn't know about love" at the time. However, she wanted to know if Michael thought she was a murderer. Michael decided it was time to visit Jason and invited Nelle to join him. Nelle was surprised, but she readily agreed. Michael told her that he didn't know if Jason could hear him, but Michael wanted Jason to know how much he had influenced Michael's life. Jason had always been there for Michael with sound advice when Michael had needed it, so he was confident that Jason would urge Michael to trust his instincts.

"No, I don't think you killed your fiancé," Michael assured Nelle. Elated, she threw herself into Michael's arms and hugged him. She admitted that she'd been afraid that she had lost him.

At the hospital, Monica left Jason's hospital room in tears as Bobbie rounded the corner. Alarmed, Bobbie asked about Jason, so Monica tearfully admitted that she feared her son would not return to them. Bobbie hugged Monica and patted her back. Monica pulled herself together then expressed her anger that they couldn't keep their children safe. She pointed out that Bobbie had recently buried a grandson, and Monica had buried several children. Monica insisted that it was not the way things were supposed to be. Bobbie agreed, but she reminded Monica that both she and Monica had learned to carry on.

Monica wasn't satisfied because she couldn't understand where the justice was in burying their children and grandchildren. Bobbie gently assured Monica that Jason was still with them, which meant there was a chance that he would wake up. Bobbie urged Monica not to give up because they had witnessed plenty of miracles and the strength of the human spirit. Monica agreed that Jason was stronger than most. Bobbie had no idea why they'd lost children and grandchildren, but she figured they'd find out when they crossed over to the other side. Monica agreed then added that the best they could do was to live and care for those who'd been left behind. Bobbie reminded Monica that Monica still had Jake, Danny, and Scout, and that she and Monica both had Michael.

Monica smiled because she loved spending time with her grandchildren. She considered each a blessing. Monica had also learned to live and let live with Jason. Bobbie did the same with Carly because of Carly's ties to Sonny. Monica wondered if Jason might have been safer if she'd taken a chance and pushed her son harder to distance himself from Sonny, but Bobbie didn't think it would help for Monica to second-guess herself. Bobbie reminded Monica that they had each made their fair share of mistakes, prompting them to rehash Bobbie's affair with Alan.

Monica blamed herself because she had pushed her husband away, but Bobbie argued that Monica had been dealing with breast cancer. Bobbie pointed out that they were still standing. Monica smiled at her friend.

After Monica walked away, Michael and Nelle arrived. Nelle assured Michael that she would wait. After Michael entered Jason's hospital room, Bobbie approached Nelle to confront her about Zach's "suspicious death." Bobbie warned Nelle that Michael would eventually find out, so Nelle could continue to skate on thin ice or leave town. Nelle snidely suggested that Bobbie was a "bitter, lonely, and miserable woman."

Nelle advised Bobbie to find what was missing in her own life instead of meddling in other people's lives. Bobbie made it clear that she would protect her grandson from a "trailer-trash gold-digger" like Nelle. Nelle smiled with confidence as Michael left Jason's hospital room. Bobbie approached her grandson and started to tell him about Nelle's past, but Michael revealed that he knew about Zach's death, and he believed Nelle. Shocked, Bobbie warned Michael that Nelle was a liar, but Nelle denied killing Zach. Bobbie didn't trust Nelle, but Michael cut his grandmother off and asked Bobbie to trust him to make his own decisions.

Bobbie reluctantly agreed to back off, but she prayed for Michael's sake that they wouldn't regret it. After Bobbie left, Nelle asked if Michael was okay because she knew the last thing he needed on top of everything else was to defend her to his grandmother. Michael promised that he believed Nelle. He recognized that she'd had her fair share of bad times in the past, but he assured her that if she was honest with him, then he would stand by her. Nelle confessed that she hadn't known what love was until she'd met Michael. "I love you, Michael," Nelle admitted. "I love you, Nelle," Michael replied.

At the nurses' station, Monica walked up and handed Bobbie a cup of freshly brewed coffee from Monica's office. Monica apologized for running late and missing their coffee break. Bobbie thanked Monica for the coffee, but Monica noticed that Bobbie was upset. Bobbie revealed that she'd had a run-in with Michael, but the details weren't important. Bobbie was frustrated because she had no idea how they were supposed to watch over their children and grandchildren when they didn't want to be helped. Monica didn't have any answers for Bobbie.

At Carly's house, Sonny and Carly entered the living room and asked Milo about the break-in. Milo glanced at Oscar then explained that he'd seen Oscar approach the front door and turn the knob without knocking. However, the door had been locked, so Oscar had slipped around to the back of the house and had let himself in, even though it had been clear that no one was home. According to Milo, Oscar had claimed that Josslyn had invited Oscar over, but Milo had been skeptical because Josslyn was too young to date. Carly smiled then conceded that Oscar Nero and Josslyn were friends, but Milo remained suspicious because he wondered why Oscar had let himself into the house. Oscar explained that Josslyn had told him to let himself in because she would be studying for her French class and would have headphones on.

Oscar apologized to Sonny, Carly, and Milo, but Milo wasn't satisfied because he pointed out that Josslyn wasn't home. Seconds later, Josslyn arrived, but she stopped in the doorway when she saw everyone gathered in the living room. Alarmed, Josslyn asked what was going on. Milo informed Josslyn that Oscar had claimed that Josslyn had invited Oscar over. Josslyn checked her phone then realized that her text message asking Oscar to meet her at school hadn't been sent. Josslyn apologized for the misunderstanding, but Carly warned Oscar not to let himself into her home again. Oscar apologized, so Sonny suggested that Oscar think before he act.

Josslyn wondered why Milo had been patrolling the grounds. She worried that something had happened to Jason, but Carly assured her daughter that there hadn't been any change in Jason's condition. Relieved, Josslyn explained to Oscar that her godfather, Jason, was in the hospital. Sonny asked for a private word with Josslyn, so Carly dragged Oscar to the foyer while Milo went about his business. Sonny and Josslyn sat down on the sofa as Sonny explained that he'd put something into motion that would require Milo to keep a close eye on Josslyn for a time. Josslyn was curious if it had anything to do with Jason being in the hospital.

Sonny confirmed that Jason had saved his life, but Josslyn wanted to know if Jason would be okay. Sonny admitted that he didn't know, but he promised that he was doing everything in his power to resolve things. Josslyn asked Sonny to be careful then hugged him. Sonny was touched.

In the foyer, Oscar confessed that his mother would be disappointed if she knew what he'd done. Carly offered to call Oscar's mother, but Oscar tensed. Carly's eyes narrowed as she asked if Oscar's mother knew about Josslyn. Oscar admitted that his mother knew that he had a friend who was a girl, but it was clear to Carly that Oscar's mother had no idea who Josslyn's stepfather was.

After Oscar and Josslyn left, Carly joined Sonny in the living room. Carly told Sonny about her conversation with Oscar and her suspicion that Oscar's mother had no idea that Josslyn's stepfather was a "crime lord." Sonny chuckled at the description of him, but he suggested that they call Oscar's mother. Carly wanted to wait, so Sonny told her about his talk with Josslyn. Carly smiled with joy when Sonny confided that Josslyn had been her old self with him.

Eventually, the conversation drifted to Nelle when Carly expressed her concern that Nelle was doing everything in her power to paint herself as an innocent target of unfair accusations, but Sonny reminded Carly that Michael would make his own decisions about Nelle. Sonny conceded that Nelle was a piece of work, but she wasn't a murderer. Carly explained that Bobbie was worried that Nelle would take advantage of the crisis with Jason the same way that Nelle had when Morgan had been killed. Sonny promised that Carly wouldn't lose Michael or Jason, but she wondered if the same could be said for Sonny because he'd been the target. Sonny was confident that no one would make a move against him because he would make them regret it.

On the footbridge, Oscar was eager to show Josslyn the last of the season's fireflies. Josslyn apologized to Oscar for everything that had happened. Oscar assured Josslyn that it was fine then waved to Milo. Milo remained in the shadows, but he acknowledged Oscar. Oscar assured Josslyn that he understood that Milo was a necessary presence because Sonny wanted to keep Josslyn safe, but Oscar was determined not to get on Sonny's bad side. Josslyn gave Oscar the opportunity to break things off with her, but Oscar refused because he enjoyed her company.

Josslyn was caught by surprise when Oscar suddenly kissed her. After the kiss ended, Josslyn smiled breathlessly until she and Oscar glanced at Milo. Milo was not happy. Josslyn warned Oscar that Milo would report the kiss to Sonny. Oscar was dismayed, but Josslyn just wanted some privacy and hoped that Sonny's business wrapped up quickly. Oscar saw a firefly and caught it. He explained that if they made a wish then let the firefly go, their wish would be granted. Oscar and Josslyn made a wish then set the firefly free.

In Finn's suite, Finn read Hayden's letter as Anna knocked on the door. Anna reminded him that she was a spy and knew he was there, but Finn grumbled that he wanted to be left alone. Anna was determined to talk to Finn, so she decided to pick the lock. Finn threatened to call the police, but Anna wasn't concerned. Resigned, Finn threw open the door. He was startled when Anna stumbled into the room and fell.

Anna cried out in pain because she'd injured her wrist. Finn helped her to a chair then promptly examined her injured hand. He determined that it was sprained and ordered her to ice it. Anna appreciated the advice, but she explained that she needed his help. Finn suspected that it had to do with the diamond she had talked to Hayden's father about. Anna confirmed that it was about the diamond then filled him in on what she had uncovered.

Finn wondered what any of it had to do with him. Anna told him about Valentin's accomplice, Cassandra Pierce, who had sold the stolen jewels on the black market for a hefty profit. Anna revealed that Cassandra was a very wealthy woman who lived a reclusive life in Monaco, which meant that Anna had very little hope of getting near the woman. However, Anna had learned that Cassandra was a hypochondriac, which meant that a doctor of Finn's stature had a very good chance of meeting the recluse. Finn refused to get sucked into Anna's investigation because he was trying to pick up the shards of his life.

Finn wished Anna luck as he hustled her to the door. Anna hoped that Finn would change his mind, but he assured her that he wouldn't. After Anna left, Finn apologized to Roxy for letting her down. He promised his pet that he would do everything possible to rebuild his life and get past Hayden. He was confident that his refusal to help Anna was a good start.

At Anna's house, Anna spoke to Robert on the phone. She assured him that she had no intention of giving up on Finn then promised to get Finn to cooperate "one way or another."

Ava encounters a mystery patient

Ava encounters a mystery patient

Thursday, September 14, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie flipped through the pages of Crimson, but she was not impressed with the "cliché" fashion columns and layout. She wondered why Nathan hadn't advised his sister better, but he reminded his wife that Nina never asked him for business advice. He conceded that Nina talked to him about her personal life but never listened to him. Maxie was curious why Nathan didn't seem angrier that Nina and Valentin were back together, so Nathan admitted that he'd accepted that Nina loved Valentin and was happy about the reconciliation. Nathan thought Maxie should take advantage of Nina's good mood by talking to his sister about a job, but Maxie reminded him that Nina had made it clear that she wanted Maxie to do something special for the magazine to get her job back and to earn Nina's forgiveness.

Nathan offered to talk to his sister, but Maxie didn't want Nathan to mend fences with Nina if he wasn't ready. She admitted that she had another idea, but it would mean outing Nathan and Amy. Nathan objected, but Maxie insisted that it was the perfect solution because she would get her job back by exposing Amy for hiding behind a "sexy, suave man's man" to deceive the masses. Maxie was certain that Amy would be instantly forgiven, and book sales would skyrocket when it was revealed that Amy had done it to help her wounded brother. Nathan explained that the male readers would be furious about the deception, and the publisher would demand that Amy return the advance money, which Amy had already spent on Chet's rehabilitation.

Maxie sighed with disappointment, but Nathan had more bad news. He told her about Quinn's demand that Nathan attend a book launch to meet his fans, which meant that he would have to publicly pose as Man Landers. Maxie wondered why she couldn't go ahead with her article, but Nathan admitted that Nina already knew about the ruse. Maxie realized that it was pointless to do the article, so she agreed to keep Nathan and Amy's secret even though Amy would reap the royalties, Nathan would be famous, and Maxie would remain unemployed. Nathan was certain that Nina would remember that Maxie had helped build Crimson and rehire her. Nathan regretted that Maxie couldn't do her exposé, but he was grateful that she had agreed not to.

At the hospital, Kiki exited the elevator as Amy ran up and congratulated Kiki for winning the best gift basket of the day. Kiki smiled then approached the nurses' station, where a large gift basket filled with bottles of tequila, mixers, and limes was waiting for her. The card was addressed to "Dr. Kiki Jerome." Kiki opened the card then smiled when she read Dillon's note warning her that "body shots" were a must for their reunion.

Seconds later, Dr. Bensch walked up and asked about the gift basket, but Kiki ignored his question and told him that she'd arrived early to get a head start on the day. Dr. Bensch was pleased, but he noticed the card on the counter and saw that it had been addressed to "Dr. Kiki Jerome." Embarrassed, Kiki explained that her boyfriend had sent her the gift basket because Dillon had recently returned from Morocco. Dr. Bensch sternly reminded Kiki that they were in a hospital, not a frat house, so the gift had been inappropriate. Kiki followed Dr. Bensch as he started his rounds and explained that patients needed to be assured that their physician was completely focused on them and their needs, not counting down the hours until they could finish the day.

Dr. Bensch acknowledged that it was unfair because doctors were only human, but the biggest challenge they faced was knowing when to show it. He warned Kiki that it wasn't something a doctor learned overnight, so the sooner she figured it out, the better. Kiki promised that it wouldn't happen again. Dr. Bensch believed her because she was smart and never needed to be told something more than once.

Later, Kiki entered the elevator and set the gift basket on the floor. She called Dillon to thank him for the basket, but she admitted that it had been inappropriate. Kiki told him about her talk with Dr. Bensch, but she assured Dillon that she wasn't mad -- she just didn't want Dillon to send another gift to the hospital.

In the Intensive Care Unit, Spinelli was desperate to see Jason, but Amy blocked him from entering Jason's hospital room. Spinelli acknowledged that he wasn't family, but he assured her that he was a close family friend whose visit with Jason would be welcomed. Amy believed Spinelli, but she explained that Jason had been taken for tests. Worried, Spinelli asked how bad it was. "It's bad enough," Amy quietly told him. Spinelli was shaken, so she fetched him some water. He thanked her as she handed him the cup.

Amy was concerned because Spinelli appeared pale, but he blamed it on a long flight and concern for his friend. However, Spinelli was confident that Jason would recover because Jason was strong. Amy smiled in agreement then promised that Spinelli's presence would help both Jason and Jason's family. Spinelli wondered how long Jason would be gone, but Amy had no idea. Spinelli decided to catch up on his reading while he waited. Amy was about to leave, but she froze when she saw Spinelli pull a galley copy of her Man Landers advice book from a leather satchel.

Amy asked Spinelli about the book, so he revealed that he had friends in the publishing world who'd given him an advance copy. Amy was pleasantly surprised when Spinelli mentioned that he was an author then gushed about being a fan of Man Landers' blog. Spinelli credited the blogger with encouraging him to grow a beard. Amy liked it, but Spinelli admitted that he'd been tempted to shave it because not everyone approved. Amy pointed out that it was his face then encouraged him to do what made him happy. Amy's smile vanished when Spinelli expressed remorse that Man Landers would "crash and burn."

Spinelli claimed that he worried about the blogger because he knew from personal experience that critics could be harsh, but Amy was confident that Man Landers had thick skin. Moments later, Spinelli's phone alarm chimed. He excused himself to call his girlfriend and daughter. Amy waited until Spinelli disappeared then picked up the book. Moments later, Nathan walked up and asked about Jason. Amy admitted that there hadn't been a change in Jason's condition then shifted gears because she wanted to tell him about her encounter with a stranger.

Nathan revealed that he had news, too; Maxie was okay with him posing as Man Landers. Delighted, Amy hugged Nathan as Spinelli rounded the corner and saw them.

At Wyndemere, Valentin was unwrapping a large framed picture as Nina entered the living room. She talked excitedly about her horse's reaction to seeing her and their incredible morning ride. Nina admitted that nothing could have made her morning better. Valentin kissed her then asked when she would be finished moving back in. She told him that she only had a few more boxes, so Valentin invited her to help him with a project. He showed her a large framed picture that he wanted help hanging, but she frowned in confusion as she asked what it was.

Valentin explained that he had commissioned someone to put together a Cassadine family tree because Charlotte had spent months being indoctrinated in all things Spencer and Falconeri. Valentin wanted Charlotte to learn about her Cassadine heritage, but only the "clean" version. Nina wondered what Valentin intended to tell Charlotte about the wrongful death lawsuit. Valentin admitted that he hoped it wouldn't get to that then confided that he had taken steps to resolve the situation by neutralizing Ava. Nina recalled that Ava had repeatedly talked about Nikolas' "noble sacrifice" when Ava had accused Valentin of killing Nikolas.

Valentin only cared about what Nina thought of him. She reminded him that he had told her that he could be ruthless. Valentin confirmed that he could be, prompting her to ask how ruthless he'd been with Nikolas. "I was no more ruthless with him than Nikolas was with me," Valentin cryptically answered. Nina wondered why Ava saw things differently, so he suggested that Ava had a tendency for "histrionics." Nina wasn't satisfied; she wanted to know why Ava would retract her statement.

Valentin explained that he'd given Ava the one thing she truly loved -- her beauty. Valentin worried that his actions might bother Nina, but Nina didn't care because she despised Ava. Valentin was pleased that Nina had made a "wise choice." Nina beamed as she told him that she'd made a lot of wise choices lately. Valentin returned her smile as he conceded that things had been going well, and he felt good about the upcoming custody hearing. Valentin kissed Nina, but the picture slipped off the coffee table and shattered. Valentin started to pick up the shards of glass, but he sliced his finger.

Nina ran to fetch a bandage while Valentin looked down at the Cassadine family tree. Drops of blood splattered on Nikolas' name. Nina returned then quickly bandaged Valentin's finger. She excused herself when her phone rang. It was Maxie calling to offer some advice about the photo shoot in Marrakesh, but Nina had already been on top of the issue. Nina reminded Maxie what it would take to get her job back then ended the call.

Nina returned to the sofa and inquired about Valentin's finger. He assured her that he had survived worse, so she asked if anything had happened to the family tree. "No, nothing worth mentioning," he replied.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie was determined to give Nina something "juicy," but it wouldn't be what Maxie had thought it would be.

At Anna's house, Anna reviewed a file on Finn when she heard a knock at the door. It was Griffin. Griffin explained that he needed Anna's help. She invited him inside then offered him tea, but he declined. He became concerned when he saw her bandaged wrist, but she assured him that it was just a mild sprain. Griffin cut to the chase and told her that he had some questions about a clinic in Russia, but he thought her WSB connections might provide more information than he could gather on his own. Griffin explained that the clinic he was interested in did groundbreaking cutting-edge work in facial reconstruction, but he had concerns.

Anna doubted the WSB would be interested in a medical clinic, but Griffin explained that it had ties to Valentin. Anna's interest was piqued. Griffin admitted that he suspected Ava had struck a devil's bargain with Valentin by agreeing to retract her affidavit in exchange for Valentin's promise to restore her beauty. Anna wasn't surprised, but she was curious why it concerned Griffin. Griffin was evasive as he claimed that he was concerned about Ava's health. Anna suspected there was more and pushed until Griffin blurted out that he was the reason that Ava had gone to the clinic.

Anna wanted to know what had happened, but Griffin insisted that it didn't matter. However, he admitted that he and Ava had developed a close friendship. Anna couldn't understand how Griffin could be friends with the sister of the man who had murdered Griffin's father. Griffin recognized that Anna might not care about what happened to Ava, but he did, and he refused to allow Ava to hurt herself because of something he had done. Anna was confused because she thought that Griffin had been helping Ava. Resigned, Griffin confessed that he had inadvertently given Ava the impression there could be more than friendship between them, which had led to a kiss.

Anna was shocked, but Griffin assured her that it hadn't gone beyond a kiss, and he had made it clear to Ava that it couldn't happen again. Griffin added that Ava had been hurt and had put herself into Valentin's hands, but he feared that Ava would regret it. Anna decided that she needed something stronger than tea to drink. Griffin promised that he and Ava were not involved, but Anna couldn't understand why Griffin continued to cling to his vows of celibacy when he hadn't been a practicing priest in a long time. Anna suspected that it was because Griffin wanted to avoid romantic entanglements.

Griffin insisted that "this thing" with Ava had nothing to do with the church, but Anna advised him to figure "this thing" out before he chased after Ava. Anna pointed out that Ava might get the wrong impression if Griffin flew across the globe to rescue her. Griffin realized that Anna was right, but he had to risk it because he didn't want Ava to gamble her life away because of him. Anna reminded Griffin that Ava was far from a shrinking violet, but Griffin was determined to help Ava and threatened to go to Valentin. Anna knew he wouldn't get answers from Valentin, so she called Robert.

After a short exchange with Robert, Anna assured Griffin that Robert would look into it. Griffin was grateful, but Anna had misgivings. She hated the idea of Griffin and Ava, but Griffin assured her that he just wanted to make certain that Ava was safe. Anna admitted that it was the only reason she'd been biting her tongue, but she asked Griffin for one thing. She begged him not to run to Ava if he decided there was no place for him in the church. Anna explained there was another side to Ava, and he needed to know who Ava truly was.

In St. Petersburg, Russia, Ava followed Larisa into a sunroom as Larisa gave Ava a tour of the Boronsky Clinic. Ava wanted to know when she would meet the doctor, but Larisa would only answer, "Soon." Ava was frustrated because the longer she waited, the more time Valentin had to swindle her. Ava threatened to leave, but Larisa warned her that Dr. Boronsky was in high demand and didn't appreciate having his time wasted. Ava didn't care because her time was valuable, too, so Larisa suggested that Ava relax and get herself acclimated while Larisa checked to see if Ava's room was ready. Ava agreed, but she wouldn't wait forever.

Larisa empathized because she knew that Ava was anxious. Larisa promised to do everything possible to help minimize the stress and help Ava through the process, but first she needed Ava's cell phone. Ava balked, but Larisa explained that it was the clinic's policy to protect the privacy of all the patients. According to Larisa, several of the patients didn't want anyone to find out where they were then pointedly added that the clinic preferred minimal government interference. Ava reluctantly relinquished the cell phone, but Larisa was confident that Ava would find the experience "liberating." Larisa advised Ava to take the time to evaluate who in her life was vital to Ava's well-being and who wasn't.

After Larisa left, Ava wandered past some tall plants to look out the window, but she sensed someone behind her. She was startled when she noticed a male patient in a wheelchair, hidden in front of the plants. A hooded sweatshirt covered his head, and his face was hidden behind a dark mask and sunglasses. Ava tried to strike up a conversation with the patient, but he remained silent as he appeared to stare out the window. Ava was unsettled by the sight and made a mental note to talk to the doctor because she didn't want to be "doped into oblivion" like the patient. Ava looked out the window.

Ava didn't notice the patient clench his hand into a fist when she mentioned Port Charles as she talked about the view. Moments later, Larisa entered the sunroom and panicked when she realized that Ava had been talking to the patient. Larisa dragged Ava away from the man then warned Ava never to get near "Patient 6" again because he was a "dangerous psychotic." Larissa claimed that the mask was a safety precaution, but Ava demanded to know why a dangerous patient had been left unattended in the sunroom. Larisa promised that he'd been heavily sedated, so he couldn't stand or leave the chair, but it wasn't safe to get too close to him.

Larisa explained that the patient had been a victim of a "terrible violent crime," but Ava was curious why he was in the clinic. Larisa revealed that the patient's wealthy family had hoped that Dr. Boronsky could rehabilitate him. However, Larisa was skeptical because she thought the patient's problems were beyond Dr. Boronsky's considerable skills. Larisa confided that the patient had been shot then had fallen into open water, which had caused the psychotic break.

At his art show, Franco looks for the truth

At his art show, Franco looks for the truth

Friday, September 15, 2017

At Wyndemere, Valentin was surprised to see that Nina was dressed to go out. She explained that she needed to attend an event for Crimson, though it involved her ex-boyfriend. Valentin suggested that he attend with her to prove that he could put his "petty jealousies" aside.

A nervous Franco was not ready for his art showing at Ava's gallery. Scott tried to reassure him, and Kiki made it known that she had stepped in for a missing Ava to ensure that everything went smoothly. Franco pointed to his painting of the two boys and advised the pair that it wasn't for sale. He wanted to remove it from the showing, but both Kiki and Scott refused to allow it. When the others walked away, Franco pulled the photo of the two boys from his pocket and held it up next to the painting.

Maxie and Nathan arrived at the art show. He couldn't understand why they were there, and Maxie explained how she needed a scoop to get her job back. She planned on writing about her one-night stand with Franco and wanted to call it "Better in Bed than Dead: My Night with a Serial Killer." She reminded him that she had no choice, since she wasn't able to write about Ask Man Landers.

Maxie spotted Franco and whipped out her tape recorder. She asked him about his memories with her. Franco wished Nathan good luck with Maxie and walked away. Nathan thought that Maxie would regret putting out a story like the one she had in mind anyway. He also stated that he couldn't cut Nina from his life because he didn't like her choice in men. Just then, Valentin and Nina arrived and wandered around the gallery.

Franco spotted his mother Betsy and introduced her to Scott. She thanked Franco for inviting her and flying her to Port Charles. Nina saw the painting of the two boys and fled from the room. Maxie informed Nathan that she'd changed her mind about her story, but she still needed to find something perfect to write about.

At the hospital, Sam dreamed that she was calling out to Jason on the dock, but she couldn't get him to respond. She woke up with a start. She was still sitting at his bedside. Elsewhere in the hospital, Finn ran into Sonny and offered him any help that might be needed with Jason. Anna eavesdropped around the corner. Amy spotted Spinelli and offered him the galley proof of her book that he'd left behind. He asked her if she knew Nathan West, and Amy denied knowing him. Spinelli recalled seeing Amy and Nathan hugging, but he covered up and stated that he needed to speak to him. Amy advised him that Jason was back in his room, and Spinelli rushed off.

Elizabeth found Monica and handed her the results of Jason's latest tests. Sonny walked over and offered his help to Monica, but she resisted and blamed him for Jason's fate. Monica continued to yell at Sonny, and Alexis found them standing in the hallway. "Everything is pretty damn dire," Monica told her. Monica advised Sonny that he would have the blood of both of her sons on his hands if Jason died. Alexis suggested the conversation end, and Sonny left. Monica apologized for her outburst. She knew it wasn't totally Sonny's fault, as Jason had made his own choices.

Monica told Alexis that Jason's test results showed no improvement. She thought that he might never emerge from his coma. Alexis offered to accompany Monica to see Sam, who would have to make some decisions.

Anna found Finn and told him she'd been at the hospital for a routine appointment. She wondered if he'd had time to reconsider her proposal about seeing the woman she wanted to investigate in regard to Valentin. She believed that Finn would have an easy way in. Finn advised her that he would not participate, as it went against the oath he'd taken as a doctor.

Finn saw Elizabeth crying, but she told him she was fine. She'd had some bad news. He told her that Curtis had been in touch with Hayden, who had lost the baby. She was not going to return to Port Charles. Elizabeth was sorry and offered to spend time with Finn. He planned on going back to work, as that was best for him, he said.

Spinelli surprised Sam and said hello to the comatose Jason. He suggested that Sam rest because she looked exhausted. Sam explained that she was unable to sleep, and even if she did, she kept having the same dream. Jason was slipping away from her. Spinelli tried to stay positive. They were interrupted when Monica and Alexis arrived.

Monica explained that there had been no change in Jason's brain activity, and Alexis added that it might be time for Jason to go to a long-term care facility. Reluctantly, Monica added that they needed the space for other patients, and he would eventually have to be moved. Sam announced that she had the finances, and she would get the proper equipment and nursing care. She would take him home. Alexis urged her daughter to think about it, and while Monica and Alexis tried to dissuade her, Sam remained adamant.

Amy left a voicemail for Nathan and told him she'd met a fan. She was certain the book would be a bestseller. Sam was alone with Jason, but Spinelli returned. She swore that she was not in denial. She thought that long-term care would mean that there was no room for hope, and it meant that her dream would turn out to be true. Spinelli was certain that Jason would want what was best for his family. Jason began to move his hand.

Elizabeth arrived at the art show and exchanged pleasantries with Betsy as they each believed the other to be a fan. Franco introduced them. Betsy and Elizabeth made amends over the past, but when Franco mentioned that Elizabeth had three sons while Betsy only had one, Betsy ran off to see more of the displayed art.

Franco joked about his social skills that he'd inherited from Betsy. Elizabeth informed him of the bad news she had about Hayden. She was sad that she had lost her sibling.

As the guests milled around, Franco approached Betsy. He explained his painting that was an homage to his imaginary friend. He wondered if Betsy remembered him. He showed her the photo and stated that he knew the other boy was Jason. Betsy agreed that Franco needed to hear the truth.

Jordan and Curtis completed their run at the dock, with Jordan in the lead and Curtis huffing and puffing behind her. Curtis was happy that they were able to hang out together without anything in their way. Jordan thought he meant anyone, as in Stella, who was not happy that Curtis loved Jordan. He wanted to know whether Jordan loved him, but just then, she was paged and had to leave. She enjoyed leaving him waiting for her answer.

Sonny showed up at the dock and found Curtis, who asked about Jason. Sonny thanked Curtis for his help in pursuing Morgan's death investigation and offered his help for whatever might be needed in the future. Curtis replied that he had been just about to offer his help to Sonny and Jason's family. Sonny was happy to take him up on the offer. In the meantime, Jordan had returned but was out of sight. She overheard the men.

Anna returned home and called Robert. She wanted him to put together something on Finn and Sonny and their similar movements. Afterwards, she placed a frantic phone call to Finn. Thinking that Anna had an emergency, Finn rushed to her home. Anna announced that she had a strategy for Finn to meet with Cassandra Pierce, the woman she wanted to investigate. As Finn began to argue, she advised him that he had no choice. She handed him a file.

Nina and Valentin returned to Wyndemere. Valentin asked why she had rushed out of the art show, and Nina claimed that she had a headache. Nina was upset over Franco, but she knew that that relationship had eventually led her to Valentin. She wanted kids, and Franco had said he didn't but was with Elizabeth, who had three sons. She hadn't known he could paint like he did. She couldn't be with someone who lied. Valentin promised that he would never hurt Nina. She didn't care about his past woes. She loved him and had no doubts that he loved her. They shared a kiss.

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