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Betsy Frank claimed that Jason had an identical twin brother named Andrew, but the child had died as a toddler. The masked patient had a familiar face. Michael found incriminating evidence against Nelle. Nathan announced that he was Man Landers.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 25, 2017 on GH
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Jason wakes up Jason wakes up

Monday, September 25, 2017

Outside at Kelly's, Michael disclosed to Nelle that he had purchased her apartment. Nelle was in disbelief, and Michael was disappointed; her reaction wasn't what he had expected. He had thought she would have been excited. Nelle tried to explain that she would feel like a guest and look like Michael's mistress. She wondered what his parents would think. Michael assured her that his finances were his business. Nelle agreed, but she thought that Carly and Sonny would be upset to learn that Michael's finances included Nelle.

Michael suggested that Nelle pay him rent, and he would be her landlord. Nelle was concerned that they might break up in the future, and that would leave her without an apartment, to say the least. "What makes you think we're gonna break up?" Michael asked. Nelle thought that her past and his family endangered their future. She worried that someday her happiness would go away. Michael assured her that he would have a lease drawn up, and she would be able to keep the apartment. Nelle agreed to trust him. She thanked him and wished she could return the favor.

Inside Kelly's, Valentin had some good news for Nina. Charlotte's friend Bailey would be treated for her scoliosis, and Lulu had agreed to joint custody of Charlotte. Just then, Griffin walked by with Elizabeth and demanded to know the details of the custody agreement. Both Nina and Valentin advised him that they didn't owe him any explanations. Griffin accused Valentin of manipulating Ava into changing her testimony. Nina jumped in quickly to defend Valentin as Griffin continued to toss accusations at Valentin. Elizabeth attempted to pull Griffin away.

Valentin advised Griffin that he'd been to the clinic that Griffin was concerned about, and he was certain that Ava was okay. Griffin could ask Ava himself "if she comes back," Valentin taunted. Griffin considered that a threat and went after Valentin, who clarified that Ava had nothing to return to in Port Charles. He wondered why Griffin missed her so much. Nina announced that she would call the police, and Elizabeth and Griffin left. "Are you crazy?" Elizabeth asked Griffin. He worried that Ava might be in trouble.

At Pozzulo's, Carly and Sonny continued to discuss the fact that Michael could be in trouble by staying with Nelle. Carly wondered why their son always trusted everyone, but Sonny explained that Michael always looked for the good in people. He thought that Nelle had real feelings for Michael. Carly told him about hearing from Sharon Grant, the sister of Nelle's ex-fiancÚ, who was supposed to get in touch with her. She wanted to initiate the conversation, but Sonny told her not to contact the woman.

Sonny felt that Nelle's former in-laws would obviously have nothing but bad things to say about Nelle. If there had been any proof of wrongdoing, the Grants would have gone to the police, Sonny continued. Carly was convinced that Nelle was guilty, and Sonny agreed that she was the last person he'd give any benefit of the doubt. He thought she could run a con but didn't believe her to be a killer. He promised that Nelle would be gone if she did anything to Michael. He reminded Carly that they didn't want to push Michael away; they just wanted to keep him safe.

Sonny had to get back to work. After he was gone, Carly received the phone call from Sharon Grant. She was looking forward to hearing everything that Sharon had to say.

At Betsy's place, she explained to Franco that Susan Moore had been on the run from Alan. Betsy had met her through a pregnant Heather. Betsy had discovered that Susan had been pregnant with twins, and Susan was unable to handle two children while on the run. The Quartermaines were not aware that Susan had had twins, and Jason, who was the first-born, went home with Susan. Betsy kept the second son. Franco suddenly recalled that his name had been Drew.

Betsy was impressed that Franco remembered. She had called Franco, who she had named Robert, Bobby, and the second twin had been Andrew or Drew. She had been forced to go along with Heather's plan because Franco had been Heather's child, and Betsy had adopted him illegally. Franco was eager to learn Drew's whereabouts, but Betsy disclosed that the child had died when he'd been three years old. He'd had a heart defect. She had raised Franco and Drew as twins until then. Susan had never returned for Drew, and then she'd passed away.

Franco asked what kind of heart condition Drew had had, but Betsy grew vague. Drew's adoption had been undocumented, she hadn't wanted to answer people's questions, and she had moved. She had wanted to protect Franco. He responded that things suddenly made sense, and it meant a lot to hear the truth.

Franco was disturbed that he couldn't remember the little boy dying, but he comforted a weeping Betsy. He thought that the family should learn of Drew, and he was eager to disclose the details to the Quartermaines and Elizabeth. Betsy begged him to keep it all a secret. The Quartermaines might even put her in jail if they knew what had happened. Betsy wished she had made different choices. Her smile slowly disappeared.

As Sam walked the hallway of the long-term care facility, she heard Jason calling her name. She went into his room just as he began to have a seizure. She yelled for the medical personnel to save him as they rushed into his room. "Don't leave me," she begged her husband. Once Jason was stabilized, the doctor explained the reasons for the seizure and noted that he needed to run some tests. He thought that Jason would be okay.

Jason asked where he was, and Sam gently told him that he'd been unconscious for four weeks. Jason could hardly believe it as they talked about his being shot. He could remember being prepped for his subsequent surgery. "Love really hurts," he joked. Sam reminded him that he had saved her, and she was ecstatic that he had found his way back to her. Jason declared that he had never left, and he would never leave her.

Jason noted that he had always been able to hear Sam's voice over the course of the past few weeks. He was sorry that he hadn't been behind her when she'd been afraid, but Sam reminded him that she had urged him to go to the warehouse to help his friend. Jason suggested that they would no longer put themselves in danger, and they shared a kiss.

After Jason's tests, Sam couldn't wait to tell everyone about Jason's return. She told him that she'd never given up hope.

In St. Petersburg, Ava wondered what to do with the phone number in Port Charles that Patient 6 had given to her. She asked if she should tell someone that a violent, psychotic person with blue eyes wanted them. The patient nodded his head yes. She asked if he really thought that someone would fly to Russia to get him. Again the patient nodded yes. Ava reminded him that she had no phone. She asked for his name and handed the paper back to him.

A nurse walked in followed by Dr. Klein. They learned that the mystery patient had a pen in his hand. "Stupid bitch," the doctor raged at Ava. The patient stood up and removed his headpiece. The doctor ordered him to sit down as orderlies arrived to put the patient in his place. Patient 6 fought all three of the orderlies until the doctor injected him with a drug. The patient sank to the floor.

The doctor ordered his men to take the patient up to his room and double restrain him. They dragged the patient out, and the doctor turned to Ava. He demanded to know how the man had gotten a pen. Ava was sorry, and the doctor reminded her that she'd been ordered to stay away from the man. Ava didn't believe the patient would hurt her, but the doctor thought that she had been lucky to get away from him. He asked if Ava had been trying to communicate with Patient 6. She reluctantly pulled the piece of paper from her pocket and handed it to him.

The doctor looked at the paper and told her that she needed to follow orders if she didn't want to remain deformed for the rest of her life. She was to have no contact with Patient 6.

The doctor arrived to his patient's room and told the orderlies to leave. He looked over the sedated and doubly secured patient. Shortly after, Sonny received a phone call. There seemed to be no one on the other end.

Franco lies to Elizabeth

Franco lies to Elizabeth

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Nathan arrived home and saw Maxie asleep on the sofa. She woke up when she heard the door open and groggily greeted her husband. She realized that she'd been asleep for quite a while when she noticed that the candles scattered throughout the living room had burned down. Nathan felt bad that he'd been stuck at work, but Maxie assured him that she understood. She stood up to kiss him, but Nathan gently pulled away and admitted that he wasn't in the mood. Maxie was disappointed because she had gone out of her way to make the evening special by trying a recipe.

Nathan was shocked that Maxie had cooked, but she admitted that it hadn't gone as planned because she hadn't realized that there had been a bag of giblets inside the chicken when she had put it in the oven. Maxie hoped to change Nathan's mind about making love, but Nathan remained troubled. Maxie realized that he was worried about the book launch the following day because Quinn had promised to reveal Man Landers' identity to the readers. Nathan feared that something would go wrong because he hadn't written the blog -- Amy had -- and he'd lose his job over the duplicity. According to Nathan, it was considered fraud, but Maxie assured him that she had a plan. Maxie pulled out a notebook and showed Nathan her idea.

Maxie was confident that everything would work perfectly and everyone would get to walk away happy. Nathan hoped that Maxie was right, but she smiled and shifted gears by offering to show him how wonderful she thought he was for helping Amy with Chet. Maxie suggested that Nathan could return the favor by showing her his gratitude for her brilliant idea. Nathan grinned as he leaned down and passionately kissed his wife. After Nathan and Maxie made love, they snuggled on the sofa. Maxie assured Nathan that everything would work out at the book launch. She was certain that the fates would align to ensure that everything went smoothly because Nathan had the best of intentions.

At Kelly's, Elizabeth wondered what Griffin intended to do about finding Ava. Griffin worried that Elizabeth thought he'd been overreacting, but she assured him that she didn't. She admitted that Valentin's "non-answers" had sounded ominous. Griffin agreed, especially since Valentin had little regard for the sanctity of life. Griffin was certain that Valentin would do whatever was necessary to keep Ava from changing her mind about retracting her statement. Elizabeth agreed because Ava was the only person who could say for certain that Valentin had shot Nikolas in cold-blood.

Griffin told Elizabeth about Ava's trip to Russia. He had no idea where the clinic was located, and he suspected that it had top-notch security, but he was determined to find a way to get to Ava because he feared that she was in danger. Elizabeth warned Griffin to be careful because Ava was a dangerous woman, but Griffin promised that Ava was not out to hurt anyone. Griffin admitted that he and Ava had gotten close, but he'd inadvertently hurt Ava and it had sent her running to Russia. Elizabeth noticed that Griffin hadn't denied having feelings for Ava.

Elizabeth assured Griffin that he could trust her if he needed someone to talk to. She appreciated that Griffin had never judged her relationship with Franco, so she promised to return the courtesy. Griffin was grateful for Elizabeth's friendship, but he assured her that he had nothing to confess because he and Ava were just friends. Griffin reminded Elizabeth that he was a priest, and he'd taken vows, which he refused to break again. Elizabeth let it drop, but she was curious how he planned to track down the clinic. Griffin revealed that there was someone who might be able to help, but it was a long shot.

At Elizabeth's house, Franco sat in the living room and looked at the photograph of Drew and him as children. Franco acknowledged that Drew hadn't been his twin, but Drew had been like a brother to Franco. He put the photograph down when someone knocked. It was Scott. Scott announced that he had a gift for Franco, but Scott's smile faded when he noticed Franco's expression. Scott was curious why Franco looked like he'd lost his best friend. Franco admitted that, in a way, he had.

Scott had no idea what Franco was talking about, so Franco told his father about Betsy's shocking confession. Scott was stunned that Susan had given birth to twins and that one had been hidden away from Alan Quartermaine. "So, if there's two Jasons, where's the other one now?" Scott asked. Franco revealed that Drew had died from a heart condition when he was three-years old. Scott felt bad for Franco because he knew that Franco had cared about Drew, but Scott wondered why Betsy had been reluctant to tell Franco the truth. Franco explained that Betsy had been afraid that the authorities would find out about the illegal adoption and take Franco away.

Scott conceded that it had been a valid concern, but he couldn't understand why Betsy hadn't told the truth when Franco had initially confronted her about the photograph. Scott suspected that Betsy might be hiding something, but Franco was certain that Betsy had told him everything. The conversation turned to Drew as Franco wondered how thing might have turned out if he'd known the truth about Drew from the beginning. Scott suggested that Franco talk to Elizabeth about it, but Franco explained that Betsy had sworn him to secrecy. Franco had confided to Scott because he was his father and his attorney. Scott urged Franco to reconsider telling Elizabeth, but Franco wondered when Scott had become a champion of the truth.

Scott admitted that he was determined to honor his father by being honest. Scott regretted that Franco hadn't met Lee Baldwin, but Lee had been a "straight-shooter." Scott advised Franco to be honest with Elizabeth or Franco would regret it. Moments later, Elizabeth arrived home. She greeted Franco and Scott then asked Franco about his visit with Betsy. Scott decided that it was his cue to leave, so he handed Franco a check for the paintings that had been sold at the art show. Elizabeth was impressed by how much Franco had made.

Elizabeth was also moved when Franco mentioned that he intended to pay for Kiki's medical school. After Scott left, Elizabeth and Franco sat down to talk about Betsy. Franco claimed that Betsy had told him that the boy in the photograph had been a friend. Elizabeth was curious if Franco knew the boy's name, but Franco insisted that it didn't matter because he was ready to put it behind him and move forward. Elizabeth wondered if that was possible because Franco had been deeply troubled about the photograph and the mystery surrounding the boy, but Franco assured her that his talk with Betsy had helped put things into perspective and he was ready to put the whole thing to rest. Elizabeth relaxed when Franco promised that he was in a good place. She smiled then assured him that he made her and her sons happy. Franco promised that he believed her.

At Pozullo's, Sonny was in his back office when the phone rang. He picked it up, but he was met with silence on the other end. Sonny sensed that someone was listening, so he tried to persuade the caller to speak, but Brick entered the office and called out Sonny's name. Sonny ended the call, but he was concerned about it because the call had been to his private number that only a few people in his inner circle knew. Brick suggested that it might have been the wrong number, but Sonny asked Brick to look into it because Sonny refused to take any chances after what had happened with Petrov.

Later, Griffin entered Sonny's office. Sonny warmly greeted his friend, but Griffin nervously explained that he had a favor to ask. Griffin conceded that it might be awkward for Sonny, but Sonny was a powerful man with extensive resources at his disposal that might help find someone who wished to remain hidden. Sonny was curious who Griffin needed help finding, but Brick entered the office to give Sonny an update on what he'd uncovered about the phone number. Sonny introduced Griffin to Brick then explained that Brick handled Sonny's cybersecurity.

Sonny was curious what Brick had learned about the phone call. Griffin tensed when Brick revealed that the call had originated from St. Petersburg. Sonny had no idea who would be calling him from Russia, but Griffin confessed that he might know who the caller was. Sonny was surprised when Griffin suggested that it might have been Ava because she was in Russia, but Sonny revealed that Ava didn't have his private number. Brick wondered if Ava might be in Russia because she had decided to align herself with the Petrovs, but Griffin defended Ava by explaining that she'd gone to Russia to be healed, not to wound someone else.

Sonny scoffed because it was clear that Griffin didn't know Ava or understand what she was capable of. Griffin insisted that Ava had changed and the trip to Russia had been the result of a misunderstanding. Sonny asked Griffin to elaborate, but Griffin would only reveal that it had been a miscommunication between Griffin and Ava. Griffin promised that Ava was not out to hurt Sonny then admitted that he'd hoped Sonny could help him find the clinic Ava had gone to because Ava might be in danger. Sonny was skeptical, but he asked Brick to look into it. Griffin shared what he knew about the clinic's founder.

After Brick left, Griffin asked if Sonny thought Ava was in danger. Sonny wanted answers first, but he admitted that he didn't care if Ava's life was in peril. Griffin didn't believe Sonny because Griffin was certain that Sonny was a better man than that, but Sonny reminded Griffin that Ava had killed Morgan. Griffin promised that Ava had been filled with remorse for the role she had played in Morgan's death, but Griffin felt guilty too because he feared that he had pushed Ava into a position that might get her hurt. Sonny chuckled because no one made Ava do anything that she didn't want to do. Sonny advised Griffin not to waste his time on Ava because she didn't have a heart or a soul, but Griffin disagreed.

Griffin confided that he and Ava had gotten close since she'd been hurt in the fire, so he was certain that there was a good woman inside Ava who'd been trying to get out. Sonny was curious if Griffin's crisis of faith at the gym the other day had been because of Ava. Griffin was quiet, which answered Sonny's question. Sonny appreciated that Griffin had good intentions, but he warned Griffin that Ava didn't. Sonny urged Griffin to stay far away from Ava or Griffin might end up in hell just like Sonny had when Ava murdered Morgan. Griffin decided not to argue, but he needed information about the clinic.

Sonny refused to share any information with Griffin until Sonny was certain that Ava didn't pose a threat to Sonny or Sonny's family. Frustrated, Griffin vowed to find Ava on his own, but he warned Sonny not to make a move against her. Griffin made it clear that Sonny would have to go through Griffin.

At the Boronsky Clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia, Dr. Klein held the phone receiver to his ear as he listened to Sonny on the other end. After Sonny ended the call, Dr. Klein looked at the unconscious masked patient and wondered who he was to Sonny, and what the masked patient thought Sonny could do for him.

In Ava's suite, Ava paced and contemplated leaving. Ultimately, she decided to stay because she was desperate to have her beauty restored. Ava froze when she heard someone in the hallway. She quietly went to the door then cracked it open as she heard Dr. Klein on the phone talking to someone about the masked mystery patient. Dr. Klein insisted that someone fetch the patient in the morning because the man was too dangerous. Dr. Klein agreed to keep the patient sedated, but he warned the person on the phone that the increased doses of tranquilizer might stop the patient's heart.

After Dr. Klein walked away, Ava sneaked into the mystery patient's room. She was shocked when she saw him handcuffed and shackled to his bed. He appeared to be asleep as she approached him then expressed her regret that she hadn't helped him when she'd had the opportunity. She admitted that she'd given Dr. Klein the piece of paper with the phone number on it then apologized for "ratting" the patient out to the doctor. She wished that she could make it up to the patient. "You can," he quietly said as he opened his eyes.

Ava stunned that the masked patient had been awake and that he could speak, but she wondered why he'd hidden it from her. She realized that it was because he didn't trust her. Ava had no idea who he was, but it was clear that he had a connection to Port Charles. However, she explained that she'd given up a lot to be at the clinic. The masked patient remained silent, but his eyes filled with judgement, prompting Ava to lean close so he could get a close look at how the fire had destroyed her face. She admitted that people were embarrassed by her scars and looked away or became tongue-tied around her. Her voice filled with emotion as she talked about how she needed to be close to someone and feel their gentle touch on her cheek again.

Ava was desperate to be healed, and she refused to let anything jeopardize her recovery. The man asked if she truly wanted to make things up to him. She confirmed that she did -- but not at the risk of her own future. She acknowledged that it was selfish of her, but she wasn't a good person. The man was curious if she wanted to be a good person. "Yeah, I think so," Ava admitted. She revealed that there had been someone who had believed that she could change and be a better person, but she insisted that she was a lost cause. The patient disagreed, she just had to make a choice. He asked her to get him a paperclip, but Ava balked because he intended to use it to unlock his restraints.

The masked patient cut her off when he heard someone approach, so he instructed her to hide in the closet. Ava managed to slip into the closet just as Dr. Klein returned. Ava watched as the masked patient pretended to be asleep. Dr. Klein was pleased, but he gave the man another injection of tranquilizer to make certain that the man remained unconscious until the morning. Dr. Klein was thankful that he'd only have the patient for another 24-hours. He had no idea what "they" intended to do with the patient, but he suspected that they would be disappointed when they realized that the patient had to remain tranquilized. Dr. Klein almost felt sorry for the patient, except the patient was a "pain in the ass."

After Dr. Klein left, Ava quietly approached the bed and whispered to the patient. She was alarmed when she realized that he was unconscious, so she checked for a pulse. Ava relaxed when she felt a weak pulse. She regretted that she hadn't helped him when she'd had the opportunity. She didn't know if he could hear her, but she asked him to hang on because she would return in the morning with a paperclip. After Ava left, the masked patient opened his eyes. He seemed disoriented as he tugged on the wrist and leg restraints.

Nathan announces that he's Man Landers

Nathan announces that he's Man Landers

> Nathan announces that he's Man Landers

Nathan announces that he's Man Landers

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

At Nelle's apartment, Nelle presented Michael with a check for her first month's rent. He smiled and promised to address all of her concerns in a timely fashion. He also teasingly offered to charge her a late fee, but she assured him that she didn't expect him to go that far. Michael thought it was the least he could do, since she'd accepted the apartment he had bought for her. His expression turned serious because he realized that it might make her uncomfortable, but she was only worried that it might be weird sleeping with her landlord. Michael relaxed then kissed Nelle passionately.

After Michael and Nelle made love, they returned to the living room as they finished getting dressed. Michael announced that he'd taken the day off to help her unpack. Nelle appreciated the gesture. She admitted that she had never expected to find love again after Zach had died, but Michael had changed everything. She was determined to put the past behind her and to embrace her future.

Later, Michael told Nelle that Bobbie was being honored at the hospital. Nelle was disappointed that he had to leave. Michael explained that his grandmother had extended the invitation to Nelle, but Nelle decided to pass because she didn't want any problems. She was certain that she would get the blame if anything went wrong, even if it hadn't been her fault. Michael conceded that Nelle might be right, so he decided to skip the party and take Bobbie out to dinner. Surprised, Nelle assured him that it wasn't necessary for him to stay, but Michael insisted that it was for the best because it would send both his mother and his grandmother a strong message that he was serious about Nelle.

At Kelly's, Bobbie and Carly exchanged greetings at the counter. Carly admitted that she'd fled the hotel to avoid an Ask Man Landers event in the restaurant, but she had left things in Olivia's capable hands. The conversation turned to the celebration in Bobbie's honor when Bobbie mentioned that she was there to pick up the cake. Bobbie revealed that she had heard back from everyone she'd invited to the party except for Michael. Carly was surprised that Bobbie had invited Nelle, but Bobbie hoped that Michael would see it as a peace offering. Carly didn't know what to tell her mother, but Carly expected to have some answers about Nelle by the end of the day.

Intrigued, Bobbie asked what was going on. Carly swore Bobbie to secrecy then revealed that Sharon Grant had reached out to talk to Carly. Carly had no idea what Nelle's dead fiancÚ's sister wanted, but Carly was determined to hear what the woman had to say. Carly acknowledged that the timing was a bit strange, but Bobbie pointed out that perhaps Felicia's recent investigation had stirred things up. Bobbie also reminded Carly that Sharon might have seen a picture online of Michael and Nelle in Morocco, but Carly was less concerned about why Sharon had reached out to her than about what Sharon had to say. Bobbie thought the worst that could happen was that Sharon cleared Nelle of wrongdoing, but Carly would welcome the news for Michael's sake.

Bobbie admitted that she would despise Nelle even if Nelle had saved kittens from the rain. Carly worried that her meeting with Sharon would blow up in her face and drive Michael away, but Bobbie urged Carly to remain strong and to not let fear stop her. Moments later, a woman entered the diner. Bobbie and Carly realized that the young woman might be Sharon and approached her. After Sharon introduced herself, Bobbie extended her condolences. Sharon thanked Bobbie, so Bobbie stepped away to give Carly and Sharon some privacy.

After Bobbie walked away, Carly and Sharon sat down at a table. Carly admitted that she'd been surprised to hear from Sharon. Sharon's expression filled with sadness as she assured Carly that Zach had been a wonderful brother. Carly empathized because she knew what it was like to lose a loved one. Sharon was sorry for Carly's loss when Carly mentioned that her son Morgan had died. Sharon explained that she'd become concerned when a private investigator had turned up asking questions about Janelle Benson and Zach.

It had prompted Sharon to hire her own investigator, who had quickly uncovered that Janelle had changed her name to Nelle Hayes and worked for Carly in Port Charles. Carly quickly clarified that Nelle no longer worked for her, but she revealed that Nelle had caused trouble for Carly's family. Sharon was curious if Nelle had been involved with Carly's son before he had died, but Carly explained that Nelle and Morgan had barely known each other. Carly kept the details of Nelle's transgressions to herself because she wanted to hear Sharon's story. However, Bobbie stopped by the table to say goodbye to Carly before returning to the hospital.

After Bobbie left, Carly admitted that Nelle had never taken anything from her. Sharon wondered if Nelle had lied. She wasn't surprised when Carly confirmed that nearly everything Nelle had said had been a lie. According to Sharon, Nelle's most dangerous trait was her talent for deceit. Sharon explained that it wasn't just the lies but also the little tricks that Nelle used to worm her way in before striking. Troubled, Carly asked what had led to Zach's death and how Nelle had managed to get away with murder.

Sharon explained that Nelle had been sweet, self-deprecating, and unassuming in the beginning, but then Nelle had done something so insidious that the family hadn't realized it until it was too late. Sharon revealed that Nelle had always had excuses about why she and Zach hadn't been able to make it to family functions. It had started with a few missed family dinners, but it had picked up with frequency until Zach had stopped showing up to family events and trips. Sharon admitted that toward the end, they had barely seen Zach, and when they had managed to speak to him, he would always be cool and self-defensive. Sharon was saddened that they had stopped hearing Zach's wonderful laugh because Nelle had convinced him that his family didn't think that Nelle had been good enough for him and that they had called her trash behind his back.

Sharon promised that none of it was true, but she and her parents had had no way of proving it. After the engagement, Zach had told his family that they could accept Nelle, or he would cut them out of his life. The Grants hadn't known that Zach had already changed his will to make Nelle his sole beneficiary. Sharon revealed that as soon as the will had been changed, Nelle had dragged Zach to Maine, even though he'd been a "southern boy" through and through, and he had hated the cold and "roughing it." Sharon accused Nelle of arranging the trip to isolate Zach. She became choked up as she started to talk about her brother's death, but Carly felt bad and suggested that Sharon take some time to gather her thoughts.

Sharon explained that she would be in town for another day and offered to meet up with Carly before she left. Carly was grateful and promised to be in touch with Sharon. Sharon was certain that Carly suspected that Nelle was up to something, so she implored Carly not to let Nelle get away with another crime. Shortly after Sharon left, Michael entered the diner. Carly happily greeted him then asked if he intended to go to his grandmother's party. She frowned when he revealed that he and Nelle had decided to skip it.

At Nelle's apartment, Nelle was stunned when she saw Sharon standing on her doorstep. Sharon warned Nelle that changing her name hadn't changed what Nelle had done. Nelle angrily denied doing anything wrong then demanded to know what Sharon wanted.

In Monaco, Finn met Anna at the Brasserie restaurant. Anna was eager to hear about Finn's visit with Cassandra Pierce. He assured Anna that Cassandra was a nice person, and her home was spotless. Anna wanted to know what Finn and Cassandra had discussed. Finn's tone filled with sarcasm as he claimed that Cassandra had touched on an array of topics, including how she'd illegally acquired conflict gems. "Really?" Anna asked, but he was not amused. Finn wondered why Anna thought that Cassandra would talk about her underworld crime syndicate with a doctor she'd just met.

Anna was certain that Cassandra would eventually open up to Finn about her association with Valentin, but Finn disagreed because he was through playing spy for Anna. Anna started to remind him that it wasn't his call to make, but he insisted that there was nothing wrong with Cassandra, except for allergies and full-blown hypochondria. Anna thought that Cassandra's fear of illness would prompt her to contact Finn again, but he explained that Cassandra had mentioned to him that they likely wouldn't meet again. Anna smiled knowingly because Finn underestimated his charm. Finn warned her that it didn't matter because he was tired of her blackmail and her fixation with Valentin.

Anna denied that she was obsessed with Valentin, but Finn didn't care because he intended to fly home the following morning. Finn stood to leave, but Anna conceded that he was right -- her interest in Valentin was personal. However, she promised that her pursuit for answers had nothing to do with the past. Finn sat back down then explained that he was a recovering addict, and it was important for him to be honest with himself. Anna agreed then promised to be honest with him. She admitted that she hadn't been comfortable blackmailing him, especially since he'd diagnosed her with her blood disorder.

Appeased, Finn apologized for letting Anna down, but she was certain that Cassandra would try to get in touch with him. Moments later, Cassandra sent Finn a text message asking to meet him. Anna was delighted and quickly outlined her plan for Finn to take advantage of Cassandra's desire to be diagnosed with an illness. She advised Finn to find the least likely thing that would be the most difficult to prove then run with it -- or he could make something up.

At Nathan and Maxie's apartment, Maxie suggested that Nathan get ready for the book launch, but he worried that something would go wrong. Maxie assured him that her plan was foolproof and promised that everyone would be able to walk away a winner without realizing that Nathan had been in on the deception. After, Nathan went to change into a tuxedo, Maxie sent Amy a text message to let Amy know they'd join Amy shortly. Moments later, there was a knock at the door.

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It was Spinelli. Spinelli explained that he needed to talk to Maxie about Ask Man Landers. Maxie tensed, but Spinelli didn't appear to notice as he apologized for not following through on his investigation. He admitted that he'd been distracted by Jason's situation, but Spinelli felt bad that he hadn't been able to uncover the blogger's identity before the book launch. Maxie assured Spinelli that it was okay, but Spinelli disagreed because he had let Maxie down. Maxie promised that she had moved on, but Spinelli questioned why Maxie seemed oddly calm about it.

Maxie was spared from having to answer when Nathan returned to the living room. Spinelli was surprised that Nathan was wearing a tuxedo, so Maxie admitted that Nathan was escorting her to the book launch. Maxie tried to avoid any further questions by announcing that it was time to leave then hustling Spinelli to the door. Spinelli suggested that they attend the book launch together, but Maxie argued that Spinelli wasn't on the guest list. After she shoved Spinelli out the door, she promised Nathan that everything would be fine provided they kept Spinelli away from the book launch. However, she conceded that it wouldn't have been the worst thing if they had told Spinelli the truth.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Amy and Quinn were setting up for the book launch. Quinn was confident that the event would be a huge success, but she regretted that she had deceived both Amy and Nathan about the contract. Quinn promised that she believed that revealing Man Landers' identity was the right thing to do. Amy acknowledged that she hadn't been pleased with how it had unfolded, but she was happy about the book launch. Quinn was delighted when she saw Nina enter the dining room. Quinn excitedly promised Nina that Nathan West would be the next big thing.

After Quinn walked away, Nina expressed her concern about Nathan because if the event was as big as Quinn predicted, then people would be interested in Nathan's life. Amy was confident that everything would be fine, but Nina pointed out that Nathan was the one who had risked everything. Frustrated, Amy reminded Nina that Nathan had made his decision, and what was done was done, so Nina should "chill." Nina advised Amy to calm down because she appreciated Amy's brother's service to the country, and Nina believed that what Amy had done for Chet was admirable. However, if Nathan was hurt, then Nina would make certain that Amy regretted it.

Later, Spinelli slipped into the dining room and greeted Amy. He was surprised when he realized that she'd been helping to put the finishing touches on the party before the book launch. He was curious why she hadn't mentioned her close connection to Man Landers, but Amy insisted that she was busy then rushed away on the pretext of taking care of something else for the party.

A short time later, Nathan and Maxie arrived. Quinn was relieved that Nathan had made it, but she was annoyed that he'd cut it close. Quinn's irritation mounted when Maxie handed Nathan a black mask that covered the top of his face and tied behind his head. Outraged, Quinn demanded to know what was going on and who Maxie was. Maxie didn't mention that she was married to Nathan as she introduced herself then announced that she was a friend of Amy's, and she worked in public relations. Maxie signaled, and several men dressed exactly like Nathan, including their black masks and black fedora hats, entered the dining room.

Maxie explained that instead of revealing Man Landers' identity, the men would mingle with the guests and talk to them as Man Landers. Maxie was certain that the mystique would be part of the appeal, and each guest would be convinced that they had talked to the real Man Landers. Amy objected, but Nathan admitted that he had approved of the plan. Quinn loved it and agreed to go along with Maxie's idea. As the men spread out, Quinn decided to test one at random. She was impressed with the advice he'd given her.

Meanwhile, Nathan found Amy on the terrace. He assured her that the launch was a success and invited her to join them inside, but Amy was upset that he hadn't cleared the plan with her first. She worried that Quinn would think that she had blown off the non-disclosure agreement, but Nathan promised that everything would be okay.

Nearby, Spinelli lurked out of sight as he spied on Nathan and Amy. Amy grumbled that everything had been fine until Maxie had returned, but Nathan assured Amy that they had nothing to worry about. Amy feared that someone would learn the truth, and they'd lose everything when their secret was exposed. Nathan promised that it wouldn't happen. Amy smiled because she almost believed him. She admitted that she felt like she could trust him with everything.

After Amy entered the restaurant, Spinelli confronted Nathan and accused Nathan of betraying Maxie with Amy. Spinelli was determined to tell Maxie about the infidelity and marched inside. Desperate, Nathan pulled off his mask then asked Spinelli to hear him out, but Spinelli refused. Nathan insisted that he hadn't cheated on Maxie. "I'm Ask Man Landers," Nathan blurted out. All heads turned to Nathan as photographers began to snap pictures of him.

Michael finds damaging evidence against Nelle

Michael finds damaging evidence against Nelle

Thursday, September 28, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Mac and Felicia arrived for the book launch. Mac was eager to meet Man Landers and thank the advice blogger for spicing up their marriage.

Nearby, Maxie was proud of the "aura of mystery" that she had created for the book launch. She pointed out to Nina and Amy that her plan had been a success, and she had protected Nathan's identity.

Meanwhile, Spinelli vowed to tell Maxie that Nathan and Amy had been having an affair. Nathan insisted that Spinelli had the wrong idea, but Spinelli didn't believe him. Desperate, Nathan blurted out that he was Man Landers. All heads turned to look at Nathan as photographers began to snap pictures. Horrified, Maxie ran over and quietly promised to explain everything to Spinelli then she addressed the crowd and assured everyone that Nathan had meant that all the masked men were Man Landers.

Spinelli insisted that Maxie needed to know that Nathan had cheated with Amy. Amy gasped and denied any affair. Concerned, Quinn demanded to know what was going on, so Maxie assured the publisher that Nathan and Amy had not been carrying on an affair. Quinn was curious if Nathan had been cheating with Maxie, prompting Felicia to step forward and inform Quinn that Nathan and Maxie were married. Quinn was stunned that Nathan was married and that he had cheated on his wife. Spinelli berated Nathan for betraying Maxie until Nathan reached his limit. "Stop," Nathan shouted.

Everyone fell silent. Nathan announced that he was the real Man Landers and that Amy was his agent. Nina quietly asked her brother if he was sure about what he'd done, so he nodded. Satisfied, Nina officially introduced Nathan to his fans. Everyone clapped, and Spinelli looked stunned. Maxie pulled Spinelli aside to blast him for ruining her attempt to impress Nina and to protect Nathan's identity. Spinelli was certain there was more to the story, so Maxie conceded that there were things that Spinelli didn't know, but she refused to elaborate.

Moments later, Nathan checked on his wife. Maxie assured him that she was "peachy," but Nathan heard the sarcasm in her tone. He explained that he'd spoken up because he hadn't wanted Maxie to have a moment's doubt about his love for her. Maxie smiled, but Nina walked up to let Nathan know that Quinn had been asking for him. Maxie pasted on a smile then encouraged Nathan to be with his "adoring public." Nathan promised to wrap things up quickly. After Nathan walked away, Mac and Felicia approached Maxie and asked why she hadn't told them that Nathan was Man Landers.

At the bar, Amy looked dejected as she knocked back a drink. Spinelli sidled up to the bar then struck up a conversation with Amy, but she was disappointed that he had rushed to judgment about her and Nathan. Spinelli was curious how a nurse had managed to moonlight as a powerful literary manager, prompting Amy to ramble that she'd been a fan of the blog and that she'd jumped at the opportunity to help Nathan when he had asked. Nathan overheard the exchange and backed up Amy's story, but Spinelli decided to test Nathan by asking what Nathan thought of his beard.

Amy's eyes rounded with panic as Nathan admitted that he wasn't a fan of Spinelli's beard. Spinelli smiled with satisfaction then informed Nathan that Nathan had advised him to grow it when Spinelli had written to Man Landers for advice. Amy pointed out that it would be impossible for Nathan to remember all the letters, while Nathan added that just because he'd advised Spinelli to grow a beard didn't mean that he would know how it would look on a person he'd never met. However, Nathan didn't think it should matter what he thought as long as Spinelli was happy with it.

Spinelli realized that Nathan had said nearly the same exact thing that Amy had when he had talked to Amy about his beard. Spinelli thought it was interesting that Nathan and Amy were so in sync. Moments later, Mac and Felicia approached their son-in-law to steal him away. Mac and Felicia were eager to talk to him about his work as Man Landers, but Maxie ran over and rescued her husband. Nathan warned Maxie that Spinelli was suspicious. Maxie didn't have an opportunity to reply because Nina decided that it was time for Nathan to give Crimson an exclusive interview.

Later, Quinn made a toast. Spinelli and Maxie stood on the sidelines and watched as Nathan smiled at his guests. Spinelli observed that Nathan seemed comfortable in the limelight. Maxie wondered what he was trying to imply, so Spinelli admitted that he had misgivings. Maxie advised Spinelli to keep them to himself because everything had worked out, and the proceeds from the book would be going to a worthy cause, which made it a win-win for everyone. "Including you, Maximista?" Spinelli asked.

At Kelly's, Carly was surprised when Michael revealed that he would not be attending Bobbie's party. She reminded her son that it was an important moment in Bobbie's life because Bobbie was being honored for her years of service at General Hospital. Michael assured his mother that he was proud of his grandmother, and he would take her out to dinner, but Carly argued that Bobbie had made a point of including Nelle in the invitation. Carly wondered if Michael had plans and if he could break them, but Michael admitted that it had nothing to do with a prior engagement. He explained that Nelle wouldn't be comfortable at the party. Carly couldn't believe that Michael would blow off a family celebration for Nelle.

Michael became defensive as he made it clear that it had been his decision, but Carly worried that Nelle had turned Michael's head around so that he could no longer see clearly. Michael warned his mother to back off and let him live his life, but Carly refused because she was concerned. She confronted him about the apartment that he'd bought for Nelle. Carly was certain that Nelle had suggested that Michael move in, but he assured his mother that he wasn't an idiot. He started to defend Nelle, but Carly implored him not to isolate himself from his family. Frustrated, Michael decided to leave.

Carly started to follow her son, but her phone rang. It was Sonny. Carly was delighted when he shared that Jason was awake.

At the hospital, Monica smiled with joy as she spoke to Sam on the phone. Elizabeth walked up as Monica asked Sam to pass a message along to Jason. Surprised, Elizabeth tapped Monica on the shoulder then asked if Jason was awake. Monica happily nodded as she confirmed the good news. Monica let Sam know that she'd told Elizabeth the wonderful news then wrapped up the call. Elizabeth was eager for details, so Monica revealed that Jason had woken up the previous evening, and he was expected to make a full recovery.

Elizabeth was thrilled and decided that it was Monica's lucky day. Elizabeth called Franco over, but he didn't think it was a good time. Elizabeth disagreed then had Franco show Monica the check, which Elizabeth explained was part of the proceeds from Franco's art show. Monica was impressed with the number of zeros, but Franco handed the check to Monica as Elizabeth revealed that Franco wanted Monica to use the money for outpatient services. Monica smiled knowingly as she asked if Franco hoped the art therapy program would be rebooted.

Franco admitted that art was important because there had been a time when it had been his life raft in a sea of insanity. Elizabeth added that Franco wanted a portion of the money to be earmarked for the hospital's Women's Health initiative, especially for victims of violence. Monica asked if Franco hoped to make amends for his crimes. Franco nodded as he admitted that he hoped it would help. Elizabeth gave Monica the postcard flyer for Franco's art show, which featured a photograph of Franco's painting depicting him and Drew as children. Monica agreed to discuss reinstating the art therapy program at the next board meeting, but until then, she intended to clear her schedule then visit her son.

After Monica walked away, Franco suggested that Elizabeth should go with Monica to visit Jason because Jake would expect Elizabeth to check in on his father. Elizabeth asked Franco to go with her because she knew that he had questions for Jason, but Franco declined and reminded her that Betsy had told him that the boy in the photograph had been a neighborhood kid. Elizabeth gave Franco a quick kiss then entered the elevator.

After the doors closed, Andre called out to Franco. Franco was stunned when Andre revealed that he had bought Franco's painting of Franco and Drew. A short time later, Franco and Andre viewed the painting in Andre's office. Andre explained that he invested in art, but Franco admitted that he'd never intended to sell the painting. Franco was curious why Andre had bought the painting, so Andre explained that the painting had offered a glimpse into the artists' imagination. "What if it wasn't imagination?" Franco asked.

Franco made it clear that what he shared with Andre would be bound by doctor/patient confidentiality then he showed Andre the photograph that Betsy had claimed was of Franco and Drew. Franco filled the doctor in on what he'd learned about Jason's twin and how Betsy had convinced Franco that Drew had been an imaginary friend. Andre was stunned that Betsy would do that to a child, but Franco defended his emotionally fragile mother because Betsy had had the best of intentions. However, Franco had always missed his brother, even though he hadn't known that Drew was real. Franco remembered Drew, but he couldn't talk to anyone about it, including Elizabeth, because of the promise he'd made to Betsy.

Andre suspected that Franco had lied because Franco was afraid. Franco explained that it would be a big deal to tell Elizabeth that Jason had had a twin that no one had known about, but Andre wondered if Franco feared that Elizabeth would learn another secret. Franco pulled his gaze away from the painting then put some money on the desk as he announced that he had to go. Andre noticed the cash and explained that it was too much, but he would put the rest toward their next session. Franco doubted that he would return.

At the long-term care facility, Sam ended the call with Monica then looked into Jason's hospital room. Sonny stood at Jason's bedside as the two men chatted. Sam entered the room as Sonny admitted that it was a miracle to see Jason sitting up and talking. Sam agreed, so Jason seized the opportunity to discuss something important. Jason loved Sonny, but Jason refused to put Sam and their children through another scare. Sonny assured Jason that he respected Jason's decision to leave the business, and he appreciated everything that Jason had done for him. Jason was grateful for Sonny's support, but Jason explained that it would be best for him to take a step back from Sonny because Jason needed to focus on being the man that Sam and the children deserved.

Jason didn't want his children pointing to his picture on the mantel and talking about their father who had died. Jason doubted that he could truly break ties unless he put distance between himself and Sonny because Jason always ended up being pulled back in. Jason acknowledged that he had allowed it to happen because it was exciting, but that had to change. Sam explained that she and Jason just wanted a chance to focus on their family. Sonny wished both Sam and Jason all the happiness in the world because they deserved it.

Later, Carly arrived. She smiled as she rushed to Jason's side and hugged him. He assured her that he was done dodging bullets and that his recent brush with death had given him the incentive to change. Carly was pleased, but she sensed that Jason was trying to tell her something. Sonny explained that the only way for Jason to start his new life was to walk away from Sonny and Carly. Carly frowned and started to object, but Jason admitted that he'd been straddling both worlds for quite some time. Jason insisted that it had to end because he wanted to be there for Sam and the children. Jason hoped that Sonny found a way out, but Jason couldn't help him.

Sam assured both Sonny and Carly that Jason had made the decision without any pressure from her. Moments later, Elizabeth and Monica arrived. Monica warmly embraced her son then kissed him. "Don't you dare do something like this again," Monica scolded Jason as Sam and Elizabeth exchanged smiles. Sonny and Carly slipped into the hallway to give Jason time alone with Monica, Sam, and Elizabeth. Carly was sad because she would miss the way things had been with Jason, but she acknowledged that he'd been pulling away from her and Sonny for quite some time.

Carly shifted gears and told Sonny about her talk with Sharon Grant and about Michael's decision to skip Bobbie's party. Carly feared that Nelle had already gotten to Michael, but Sonny assured Carly that Michael was his own man. He acknowledged that Michael was kind and always gave people the benefit of the doubt, but Michael was also practical and smart. Sonny was confident that if Michael were pushed too far, and Nelle showed her true colors, then Michael would break things off with Nelle. "Not if it's too late," Carly worried.

In Jason's hospital room, Jason asked about Jake. Elizabeth smiled because she couldn't wait to see Jake's face when she told him the good news. Jason wondered how Elizabeth had been doing, so she assured him that life was good because he was awake. Her smile faded when he asked if that included Franco. She didn't think it was a good idea to talk about Franco, but Jason assured her that it was fine. Elizabeth admitted that Franco was in a very good place.

Monica announced that it was time to leave, but Monica promised to let Danny know that Sam had a surprise for him. After Monica and Elizabeth left, Sam admitted that she was happy that Jason had talked to Sonny. She knew it had been difficult, but Jason assured her that she and the children were his priority. Sam smiled then excused herself because she wanted to call her mother and sisters. After Sam left, Jason noticed the postcard that Monica had left behind. He picked it up then saw the painting of the two young boys.

At Nelle's apartment, Sharon warned Nelle that Nelle could change her name, but it wouldn't change what Nelle had done. Nelle denied that she'd done anything wrong then demanded to know what Sharon wanted. Sharon asked to be invited inside, but Nelle tried to slam the door shut. Sharon stopped Nelle and asked if Nelle thought she could hide from what she'd done to Zach. Nelle reluctantly let Sharon in. Sharon looked around the apartment then complimented it, but she wasn't surprised that Nelle had found a nice place, since "alley cats" usually landed on their feet.

Sharon was curious if Nelle had found another "mark," but Nelle insisted that she paid her own rent. Sharon was skeptical, but she noticed the boxes and wondered if Nelle had been planning another fast exit. Annoyed, Nelle explained that she'd been unpacking because she liked Port Charles. Sharon snidely told Nelle that she was happy that Nelle had been able to move on and pretend that she hadn't been responsible for Zach's death. Nelle reminded Sharon that both the police and the district attorney had accepted that Nelle hadn't been responsible for Zach's drowning. Nelle advised Sharon to get on the next flight for Florida, if Sharon knew what was good for her, but Sharon asked what Nelle would do if Sharon refused.

"Kill me like you killed my brother?" Sharon wondered. Nelle conceded that she might not have been the woman that Sharon and her parents thought Zach had deserved, but Nelle insisted that she was a survivor, which was something that Sharon and her "precious boarding school" background couldn't begin to comprehend. Nelle claimed that Zach had loved her because she had made it on her own without any handouts. Nelle added that she had fought for everything, but Sharon wasn't impressed with the way Nelle had painted herself as a scrappy girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Sharon accused Nelle of turning Zach against his family so that Zach had believed that it was just Nelle and Zach against the world. Sharon's eyes filled with tears as she asked if Zach had seen the truth -- that his universe had been based on an illusion -- when he had looked into Nelle's cold blue eyes as he'd taken his last breath.

"Get out," Nelle ordered. Sharon refused to leave until she had what she wanted. Nelle warned Sharon that it would be pointless to file a civil suit against her because Nelle didn't have any money or assets. Sharon assured Nelle that she didn't want Nelle's money -- Sharon wanted to take back what rightfully belonged to her family. Nelle denied that she had anything from the Grants because all they'd left her with was bus fare out of town and the clothes on her back. Sharon was unmoved because Nelle might have dodged a murder charge, but she was still a thief.

Michael appeared in the doorway and demanded to know who Sharon was. Nelle was forced to introduce Michael to Zach's sister. "Well done, once again," Sharon coldly congratulated Nelle. Michael was sorry for Sharon's loss, but he asked her to leave. Sharon demanded that Nelle return the ring. Nelle was surprised when she realized that Sharon wanted her engagement ring, but Sharon clarified that the diamond ring had belonged to Sharon's grandmother. Nelle blinked innocently as she claimed that she had lost the ring during one of her many moves.

Sharon was certain that Nelle had stashed the ring in a safe deposit box, but Michael decided that they were done. Sharon warned Michael that his "damsel in distress" was a cold-blooded killer then informed Nelle that the case was still open. Sharon promised that her family would not rest until Nelle was behind bars, but Michael made it clear that he would hire a team of lawyers to defend Nelle. Sharon thought that Michael was gallant for sticking up for Nelle, but she decided to give him the warning that no one had given her brother. "This simpering witch is poison," Sharon told him. She hoped that Michael didn't find out the hard way as Zach had.

After Sharon left, Michael hugged Nelle. Nelle pulled away then started to tear into her boxes as she unpacked, but Michael urged her to calm down. Nelle explained that she was afraid that it was only a matter of time before someone showed up on her doorstep with a warrant or subpoena. She was frustrated because it felt like Zach's death would haunt her forever. Moments later, Nina called. Nina had a last-minute project that she needed Nelle to work on.

After Nelle left, Michael started to unpack the boxes. He lifted a stack of books out of a box, but one of the books fell. He bent down to pick it up and realized that it had a secret compartment that had opened. A diamond ring had spilled out.

Patient 6 escapes

Patient 6 escapes

Friday, September 29, 2017

Outside Kelly's, Franco admitted to Elizabeth and Jake that he was nervous for his first day back at the hospital as an art therapist. Elizabeth and Jake assured him that he would be great. Elizabeth kissed Franco, and she and Jake started on their way to visit Jason.

Sam helped Jason back into bed. Alexis told Sam that it was time to go to her appointment at the hospital. Sam protested but eventually agreed to leave Jason. He kissed her, and she and Alexis left. He looked at the postcard from Franco's art show on his nightstand.

Minutes later, Elizabeth entered the room with Jake, who pounced on Jason. Jason asked Jake about the science fair, and Elizabeth and Jake were shocked to learn that Jason remembered what everyone had said to him when he'd been in the coma. He added that he'd especially liked the song Jake had sung with Danny. Jake realized he hadn't told Jason about the project he'd been working on for Monica, and he raced to get his tablet from Elizabeth's bag.

Elizabeth took the opportunity to tell Jason how strong Jake had been. Jason asked about Franco's art show, and Elizabeth assured him that there had been nothing new at the show. Jake returned and showed Jason some of his slideshow of old pictures he'd scanned for Monica. He admitted that he'd omitted some, like the picture of Jason and Franco when they'd been little. Elizabeth quickly explained that the neighbor in the picture bore a resemblance to Jason at that age.

Jake stumbled upon a picture of a young Jason and remarked how much the little boy looked like the boy from Franco's picture. "Like twins!" Jake exclaimed. Elizabeth had to take Jake to his appointment with Andre, and Jason thanked them for visiting. He promised Jake that he would be at home the next time Jake visited. When they were gone, Jason looked at the postcard for Franco's art show, and he eyed his phone on the nightstand.

Dillon was happy to see Kiki at Kelly's and wondered why she'd ordered two lunches. Just then, Dr. Bensch returned to the table, claiming one of the plates as his. The two men introduced themselves, and Dillon was clearly unenthused. Dr. Bensch paid for the lunch and left. Calling Dillon out for his poor attitude, Kiki asked if Dillon was jealous. "Obviously," Dillon said, because she spent pretty much all day with her mentor. He wished to be as much of a help to Kiki as the doctor was.

Kiki insisted that Dillon helped her in plenty of other ways when she wasn't studying. They shared a kiss, and he offered to walk her back to the hospital. She double-checked that he wasn't actually jealous. Dillon laughed at the thought of being jealous of "a middle-aged guy in blue scrubs." As they exited the restaurant, his face turned serious.

At the hospital, Sam learned that she was too early to be seen by Dr. Bensch, so she wanted to leave. However, Alexis ordered her to wait so that she could get her exam done. She didn't like Jason being alone but figured he needed a little alone time. Alexis wondered if Sam had updated Julian on Jason, but Sam vehemently refused to talk to her father.

Sam thought she knew what Alexis needed. "A lobotomy?" Alexis cracked. Sam thought that her mother needed to start dating again, because the best way to get over someone was to move on. Dr. Bensch approached the women, and Sam introduced him and Alexis. He asked about Jason, and she updated him. To Alexis's surprise, Sam mentioned wanting to throw a welcome home party for Jason, and she extended an invitation to Bensch and his "girlfriend or boyfriend." An amused Bensch informed her that he was "single and straight."

Dr. Bensch told Sam which exam room to go to so that she could change, and she gleefully walked off. Alexis half-heartedly asked a couple questions about Sam's illness, but Dr. Bensch recognized that Alexis already knew the answers. She apologized for seeming like someone who let her daughter try to set her up and promised it wouldn't happen again. Bensch admitted that he could think of worse things than spending his time with a "beautiful, intelligent woman."

In the hospital locker room, Griffin left a message for Anna, asking her to call him back to help him find Ava. He hung up the phone and slammed his locker shut. "Rough morning?" Franco wondered. Griffin wondered if Franco had heard from Ava. Franco answered that he hadn't and asked why that fact stressed Griffin out. He confided that she was "halfway across the globe, alone, and hurting." Franco suggested that Griffin go after her.

Griffin admitted that he only knew that Ava was at a clinic in St. Petersburg, Russia -- he had no name and no address. Franco advised Griffin to "get a Russian-English dictionary, and get on a flight." He continued that Griffin should ask every hospital in the area about clinics. Griffin confessed that the conversation with Franco had been strangely helpful, and Franco left.

When Franco was gone, Griffin called Anna and left a message that he was going after Ava. Kiki overheard the end of his message as she entered and wondered if he was going on a trip. He informed her that he was going after Ava. He wanted her to "hold down the fort" and pray. She asked him to tell Ava that Kiki loved her, and he left.

Elizabeth and Jake arrived at the hospital and told Franco about how Jason had remembered what had been said to him while he'd been in his coma. Elizabeth and Jake went to Jake's appointment with Andre as Franco remembered telling Jason to "wake up if we're connected by blood." He was unsettled until his ringing phone snapped him out of the memory. He answered his phone to Jason, who told Franco that he was "disappointed" that Franco hadn't visited him in the two days he'd been awake. He asked Franco to visit "now."

Kristina entered Parker's classroom and told her the good news about Jason. She also showed Parker her latest bad grade from one of her classes. Kristina admitted to dropping out of school to get more "real-world experience." She clarified that that meant there would be no more obstacles between them.

Parker was unhappy that Kristina had dropped out of school for her and wondered what Kristina's parents would think. Kristina answered that her parents only wanted her to be happy. "And far away from me," Parker added. Kristina believed that her parents would "come around," and even if they didn't, she was an adult who could choose her own friends.

Kristina and Parker admitted their feelings for one another. Kristina commented that she would always choose the possibility of love over an MBA. Parker wondered if Kristina was free for dinner that night, and Kristina confirmed that she was. "Then it's a date," Parker said and smiled.

Ava was asleep in her room at the clinic with bandages over her burns. The door opened, and Ava was shocked to wake up and see Griffin in her room. He removed the bandages from her face and called her beautiful. He held a mirror up in front of her face, and she had no scars. He called her gorgeous on the outside, but he remarked how much harder it would be to heal her soul.

Ava gasped awake with the bandages still on her face. Dr. Klein entered her room and made sure that she was all right. She admitted to having had some bad dreams, and he assured her that he would prescribe a sleep aid for her. He wanted her well rested before her next procedure. When he was gone, she got dressed and told herself that she needed to focus on herself and not meddle in Patient 6's affairs.

Patient 6 was unconscious in bed as a nurse checked his vitals. Dr. Klein thought that the patient was lucky to be alive after all the tranquilizers he'd been given. The doctor set the patient's file down on the bed. Patient 6 stealthily stretched out his fingers and grabbed a paper clip off of the file as Klein expressed how he couldn't wait for the patient to be transferred out. He instructed the nurse to make a copy of the patient's records and make sure to leave no trace that he had ever been there.

When Klein and the nurse were gone, Patient 6 opened his eyes and began to straighten the paper clip out. A short while later, he attempted to pick the lock of the cuff on his wrist. He dropped the paper clip, and someone picked it up off the ground. He looked up and saw Ava holding it. She gave it back, and he thanked her. She couldn't believe that a paper clip could get him out of the cuffs, but she watched as he got the cuffs off from around both wrists and both ankles. He hopped off the bed and demanded that Ava go back to her room, because he was going home.

Ava wondered what he was going to do about money, a passport, or clothes to start. He muttered that he would figure it out. He heard people outside the room and ushered Ava into the bathroom. He hid behind the door as a man entered the room. When the door shut behind the man, the patient attacked the man, and they struggled until the man finally succumbed to the patient.

Ava emerged from the bathroom and found the man on the bed in place of Patient 6. "Who the hell are you?" Ava wondered in disbelief. The patient checked the man's pocket and found that there was no cash and no passport. Ava commented on various things the patient had to worry about while he tried to leave, but the patient wasn't worried. She wished him luck and started toward the door. He stopped her and said, "I owe you." She left the room, and he removed his muzzle.

Back in her room, Ava nervously flipped through a magazine. Dr. Klein entered the room with some pills to help relax her. She initially refused the pills, but she played along and eventually accepted them. He promised to get her back to being her "old self." Just then, his beeper went off, and he had to go see to the transfer of Patient 6.

Dr. Klein and a nurse entered Patient 6's room and saw a strange man in the patient's bed. He demanded that the nurse call security as he dialed a number into his phone. He said into the phone that Patient 6 was on the loose, so everyone needed to be on high alert. He picked up the muzzle from the floor and exclaimed that they couldn't let Patient 6 get outside.

Somewhere in the clinic, Patient 6 ran cautiously through the halls.

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