General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 21, 2018 on GH

Maxie gave birth to a baby boy. Peter's true identity as Henrik was exposed. Anna revealed that she was Henrik's mother. Nina left Valentin. Griffin and Kiki had a drunken sexual encounter. Alexis and Julian shared a kiss.
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Anna meets Henrik

Anna meets Henrik

Monday, May 21, 2018

Cook Two emerged from the kitchen and found Olivia offering her a large bouquet as a thank you for saving the Nurses Ball. Olivia proposed that Cook Two become the house chef at the Metro Court, since she had done such a great job. Cook Two realized that then, Olivia would get the Quartermaines' kitchen to herself, but Olivia claimed to have never thought about that. Cook Two revealed that she'd gotten a job offer in Rome, as the recruiter from the Hotel Elysium had been there that night. Cook Two left to pack as Olivia realized, "Monica is gonna kill me." "Probably," Cook Two added, and she walked away.

After Valentin's performance, everyone at the Nurses Ball stood and clapped until Robert emerged from backstage and punched Valentin right in the face. Nina yelled at Robert to leave her husband alone, but Robert slapped a pair of handcuffs on Valentin and pushed him out of the room. Lucy ran onstage and stammered that everyone should sit and calm down, and she ran back off the stage.

Kiki and Felix noticed that she was having a "wardrobe malfunction" with the strap of her dress, so she figured someone backstage could fix it. As she got up and walked away, Dr. Bensch watched her leave.

Sonny figured that the arrest couldn't have happened to "a nicer guy." Stella asked if Sonny had seen Mike, and Sonny spotted his father on the stage. Mike picked up a microphone. He introduced himself and declared that he had Alzheimer's, but "the show must go on." He gave a nod to the accompanist, who began to play Frank Sinatra's "Summer Wind." There were smiles and tears in the audience, and as Mike sang, a big band appeared behind him.

Suddenly, Mike froze, and the band disappeared. Sonny had to help his father, so he jumped onstage and grabbed another microphone. He nodded to the accompanist, who began to play the song again. Sonny sang the next lyrics until Mike found his place in the song again, and the duo finished the song together. When the song was over, there was a standing ovation.

Ava wondered how she was supposed to follow that act as she got up to get changed. Bobbie hugged Mike and complimented his "wonderful" performance. She thought Mike and Sonny made a great team, and Mike joked that they were taking their act on the road. Drew shook Sonny's hand and commended him on what he'd done for Mike. Stella commended Sonny's performance, as well, but he touted Mike as the star.

Backstage, Kiki thanked Amy profusely as Amy left a dressing room with Kiki's dress to fix. Kiki was standing in the dressing room in just a slip when Dr. Bensch entered the room. "What are you doing here?" she demanded to know as she tried to cover up. Griffin entered and asked if there was a problem. Bensch claimed that he'd gotten turned around on the way to the bathroom, and Griffin pointed him in the right direction. When he was gone, Kiki began to cry, but she blamed in on the stress. She sobbed on Griffin's shoulder as Ava walked by and caught sight of the two.

Robert pushed Valentin into the hall at the Metro Court and pointed a gun at him. As Nina approached, Robert said that he knew all about Valentin's involvement with Henrik. Valentin advised Robert that Anna was about to walk into a trap. Robin emerged from the ballroom and made sure that Robert was all right, because she thought he looked terrible. She informed him that Anna had gotten a message on her phone, and she'd taken off. Robert took off, leaving Valentin and Nina alone.

Nina quietly demanded to know how long Valentin had known about Henrik, and if Nathan would still be alive had Valentin spoken up. Valentin insisted that it was impossible to say if his silence had changed anything, but Faison's appearance had been inevitable. Nina believed him, and he promised to tell her the rest of the story in Morocco. Robert returned to take Valentin away.

Peter told Maxie that he would take her to the hospital, but she screamed that there was no time. Peter called an ambulance as she made herself comfortable on a blanket outside the car. She breathed in between screams of pain and finally asked him to check for the baby. He saw the head and instructed her to push. After a few pushes, she heard the cries of a baby. Peter wrapped the baby up in his jacket and handed Maxie her son.

Peter and Maxie heard sirens, and the ambulance finally pulled up. She wanted him to accompany her to the hospital, but he promised to meet her there. She asked him to call Spinelli, as her parents were out of town. As Maxie was pushed away on a stretcher, Peter advised her to "take care of your beautiful baby. I'll take care of everything else." Peter got into his car and pulled out a gun.

Spinelli sat down at Peter's computer and wondered what he was supposed to be looking for. Jason shared a knowing look with Sam and admitted that he wanted proof that Peter was Henrik. A shocked Spinelli began typing and quickly got into Peter's inbox. He read the emails that were supposedly from Henrik's mother, and Jason realized that Anna had cut him out of her communications.

Just then, Spinelli's phone rang. He answered it, expecting to hear Maxie's voice, but instead heard from Peter. He informed Spinelli that Maxie had asked Peter to call Spinelli, as she'd had the baby and was on the way to the hospital. He told a confused Spinelli that he'd delivered the baby, and Peter hung up. A stunned Spinelli told Jason and Sam that "Nathan's brother just delivered Maxie's baby." Jason asked for one last look before Spinelli went to visit Maxie, and Spinelli found the email about the meeting place and time. Spinelli left for the hospital, and Jason rushed off to the pier.

At the ball, Lucy introduced Ava, and Ava took to the stage. She sang Lesley Gore's "You Don't Own Me," directing most of the lyrics at Sonny. When the song was over, those who didn't consider themselves Ava's enemies stood and clapped. Bobbie kicked Scott out of her table after he gave Ava a standing ovation. Lucy apologized to Sonny for the performance, as it hadn't been what Ava had done in rehearsal. Sonny replied that the night was too important to let Ava ruin it.

Ava returned to her table after the performance, and Griffin wondered what had happened to the song he'd seen her do at rehearsal. She revealed that she'd had a "last-minute inspiration," thanks in part to Griffin and Kiki.

Kim told Drew that she had to get to the hospital after a patient had prematurely given birth, but her ride had left. He offered to give her a ride, and they left.

Lucy got back onstage and thanked Olay, the ball's "generous" sponsor; the performers; the support staff; and the crew. She also thanked everyone who'd donated, as they'd broken the Nurses Ball record for money raised. She revealed that the nurses had one more song, and Bobbie, Deanna, Epiphany, Amy, and Felix took to the stage, eventually being joined by the rest of the nurses.

When the inspirational song was over, there was a standing ovation. Kiki gave Ava a bouquet for her performance. Ava thanked her daughter and took Griffin's arm so they could make their way up to Griffin's room for the night. When they were gone, Bensch approached Kiki and promised to see her "bright and early" the next morning.

In a bed at the hospital, Maxie asked Kim about the baby, and Kim replied that the baby was in "great shape." Maxie wanted to see her son, and Kim revealed that she had an idea. A few minutes later, Kim returned to the room with a tablet. She couldn't take the baby to his mother's room, but there were webcams in the nursery for "virtual visitation." Kim commended Maxie for the great job she'd done. "Except that my water broke all over Peter's car," she joked. Just then, she wondered where Peter was.

Anna arrived at the pier and called out for Henrik. She looked around and paced back and forth while thinking about the various warning-filled conversations about Henrik that she'd had with Robert and Jason. She heard footsteps and called out for Henrik. "Peter?" she asked as she caught sight of him. "You were right the first time, mother," he growled. He accused her of posing as his mother for the WSB in order to flush him out, but she insisted that she had something to tell him. He took out his gun and pointed it right at her.

Henrik meets his mother Anna

Henrik meets his mother Anna

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Kiki, in her sparkly gold gown with a glass of Champagne in her hand, sat down on the stage in the empty ballroom at the Metro Court. She removed her shoes. Michael rushed in and asked if he'd missed the Nurses Ball. Kiki teased him but admitted that she was certain it was "still raging on somewhere." Michael sat down next to Kiki, and she poured him a glass of Champagne, too. He stated that Nelle and the baby were both doing well, and Nelle would be remaining in the hospital overnight for observation.

Michael wondered why Kiki was alone. She confided that she didn't want to go home alone to think about dreading the workday the following morning. Kiki proceeded to tell Michael about the incidents with Dr. Bensch and said that the incidents had happened both at the hospital and out of the hospital. Michael reminded her that he was on the hospital board, so he would be able to handle it. Kiki quickly asked him to forget she'd told him anything because she'd confided in him as a friend. She would just stay away from Bensch.

Ava and Griffin began to get ready for bed in Griffin's room at the Metro Court. Griffin noted that he hadn't been happy with Ava's song selection at the ball, and he accused her of "turning a charity event into a weapon." Ava was not happy. Griffin continued to voice his opinion that her song had not been "sweet and sentimental" as she'd practiced but had instead been a "slap in the face" to Sonny and his family.

Ava angrily replied that she was sorry that she hadn't risen to Griffin's high standards, and Sonny hadn't been on her mind when she'd chosen her song. It had been for Griffin. She wanted him to tell her he loved her, but she believed that he had lost interest in her. She charged Griffin with moving on to Kiki, who needed help as the new "wounded bird." She'd seen Griffin and Kiki together in the dressing room.

Furiously, Griffin responded that he'd been comforting Kiki because she was Ava's daughter. He was appalled at Ava's accusation. Ava confessed that she'd wanted to hear about Griffin's feelings and wanted more than he had been "capable of giving." She further accused him of sending "mixed signals," and she'd had it. "We're incompatible," Ava announced. She didn't think that Griffin would ever be able to make her feel the way she deserved to feel. Ava felt she was "worthy of love," and Griffin couldn't give it to her. She opened the door and left.

Lulu was at home and on the phone with Dante, who was at the police station with Scorpio and Valentin when Nina arrived with Charlotte in tow. Lulu was surprised and happy as Nina sent Charlotte up to bed. Lulu helped Charlotte gather her things to carry to the bedroom and returned to Nina in the living room. Nina revealed that her husband had known the true identity of Henrik all along.

Lulu was shocked. Nina accused Valentin of valuing that relationship more than his marriage or her brother's life. He had planned to take Nina and Charlotte away on an "open-ended" trip to avoid the fallout. He had been taken to the police station, but Nina was certain he'd get himself out of it and make his way to Lulu's.

Spinelli and Sam were at General Hospital in order to hack into a computer to find Maxie's room. "I feel the wrath of Epiphany," Spinelli confided. Sam reminded him that they only needed the room number. Just then, a robed Maxie wandered down the hall and fell into their arms.

Shortly after, Maxie was back in bed. She confessed that she had only wanted to see her son in the NICU, but she had the webcam to show him off to Sam and Spinelli. Maxie told the pair about her evening after leaving the ball and how lucky she'd been to have Peter with her, as things had happened fast. Sam casually asked about Peter's whereabouts, and Maxie admitted that he'd never shown up at the hospital.

After talking to Lulu on the phone, Dante found Scorpio and Valentin in the interrogation room. Scorpio had Valentin up against the wall. Dante and Scorpio stepped out, and Dante accused Scorpio of violating Valentin's rights. Finn arrived as Scorpio declared that he couldn't find Anna, and he believed that she would walk into Henrik's trap. He wanted five minutes alone with Valentin because he was afraid that Anna would get killed.

Dante suggested that maybe a deal could be made. Scorpio gave Finn his phone number and sent him to the hospital to look for Anna. He thought that Finn might find her there with a bullet wound. Dante and Scorpio headed back to the interrogation room, and Scorpio demanded to hear everything about Henrik. Valentin asked Dante about pressing charges against Scorpio for assault, and he vowed to call his attorney.

Scorpio refused to allow Valentin any leeway because Valentin had drugged Scorpio and kept him prisoner. Valentin asked for proof, but he wanted to make a deal. Scorpio agreed under the condition that Anna was safe. He also demanded that Valentin tell him Henrik's identity. Dante stepped out and called Lulu, who updated him on the scene at their place. Dante wanted Nina to remain there.

Later, Valentin advised one of the cops on duty that there had been no proof of him committing a crime, and he had been detained without any cause. He expected to be released.

Back at the hospital, Maxie asked about the remainder of the ball, and she mentioned that she had to call Liesl about the baby. Sam stopped her from calling, and soon after, Maxie was asleep. Sam and Spinelli went out to the hallway, and Sam announced that she would go to the pier. She wanted Spinelli to stay at the hospital. Spinelli refused to allow her to go, and he blocked the elevator. Finn was nearby and eavesdropped before taking off.

Spinelli didn't want Sam to risk her life and firmly told Sam that Jason could take care of himself. After Sam threatened to use the "Vulcan neck pinch," Spinelli relented. Sam got on the elevator.

Nina received a phone call while she was at Lulu's place. It was Spinelli, and he told her to go to the hospital right away. He informed her that Maxie had had her baby. Nina quickly gathered her belongings and ran out.

Anna and Henrik faced each other on the pier. Henrik had his gun drawn, and he accused Anna of setting a trap to "flush" him out. He held his gun on her and told her to say hello to his father. Jason sneaked up behind Henrik and pointed his own gun. "Tell him yourself," Jason snapped. He knocked Henrik on the back of the head, and Henrik fell to his knees. Jason explained that Spinelli had hacked Peter's email, and Sam had had the lighter belonging to Faison. They'd realized that Peter was Henrik.

Anna asked Jason to lower his gun. "I don't think so," Jason replied. Anna reminded Jason that Henrik was unarmed after falling, but Jason was unmoved. He and Anna went back and forth over who would take control of Henrik. Suddenly, Anna pulled a gun on Jason. She threatened to shoot unless he allowed Henrik to go. She was teary as she told Henrik, "I am your real mother."

Henrik didn't believe it and suggested that he was being "played." After thinking it through, Jason admitted that it made sense. Anna insisted that she hadn't been able to tell anyone, and she wanted Jason to let Henrik go because he was her son. She wanted to prove to a disbelieving Henrik that she had told the truth, and she began to spout off various facts about Henrik's life. She told him his birthdate and birth location and cited the fact that he'd been given to a loving couple. She mentioned the Huntington's disease.

The tears rolled down Henrik's face. Finn arrived as Anna recited the facts to Henrik. She admitted that she'd lied to everyone, and she couldn't do it any longer. Jason understood but didn't think that Anna could save Henrik. She asked how Jason would feel if she held a gun on Michael. Finn interceded and suggested that both Anna and Jason drop their guns. He added that Scorpio was on his way.

Sam arrived, and Jason wanted to shoot Henrik before Henrik hurt anyone else. Anna insisted that he was her son, and she would take charge. Henrik spoke up. "No, you're not my mother. You're just the bitch who gave birth to me," he said. Sam urged Jason not to shoot Henrik, as there were too many witnesses. Henrik suggested that Anna kill Jason first, but then he urged Jason to do the deed. Finally, Anna and Jason looked at each other, and both lowered their guns.

Scorpio arrived with a cop who began to read Henrik his rights. Scorpio made him stop and said that the WSB didn't deal with "niceties." He wanted a written statement from Jason and planned on having Henrik extradited to prison. Henrik was taken in cuffs and urged Anna not to take too long. He called her "mommy dearest." Anna didn't want to talk to Jason about anything, and they were both sorry with the way things had turned out.

Everyone left but Anna and Finn. She cried that she had made a mess, and she hadn't wanted anyone to know. Finn wrapped his arms around her. Anna thought that they all could have been dead like a Shakespearean play. She didn't blame Jason, but she was left with nothing but the truth.

Nina got to General Hospital and heard all about Maxie and her new baby. Spinelli sat by Maxie's side. Maxie revealed that Peter had delivered her baby like a "pro," and they joked about all of the birth classes the women had attended in vain. Nina saw the baby on the webcam. Maxie decided that she wanted to honor Peter, who had been a great friend. She thought maybe the baby could have Peter as a middle name.

Dante arrived home and filled Lulu in. She revealed that Nina had gone to the hospital. Dante disclosed Henrik's identity, and Lulu was shocked. She thought that Valentin could be lying. Dante suggested that Faison had gone to Aurora to see Henrik, but the others had gotten in the way. They agreed that Henrik had to have stuck around town for Maxie. Lulu wanted to tell Maxie.

Lulu went to read a book to Charlotte, and Dante received a call from Nina about Maxie and the baby. He revealed Henrik's identity. She was aghast. There was a knock at Dante's door, and it was Valentin. He was there for his family.

Kiki sat at a table in the ballroom and continued to drink the Champagne. Griffin walked in and asked to sit down with her.

Ava returned to Griffin's room and knocked on the door. She was sorry, and she wanted another chance. There was no answer, and she walked away.

Maxie finds out about Peter

Maxie finds out about Peter

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kiki and Griffin arrived in his hotel room, and he offered to get some coffee for her. She declined the offer in favor of more Champagne. As she opened the bottle, she asked if he could dance. "Some," he admitted. She talked about how every woman dreamed of waltzing with a man when they were little, only to grow up and realize that no guys ever learned to dance. "That's life. Even the dreams that come true can be disappointing sometimes," she sighed.

"I don't know if I've ever had Champagne straight from the bottle," Griffin said as he laughed. She clinked her mug to his bottle, and they toasted "to first times." Kiki confided that she'd been forced to go to cotillion when she'd been younger, so she'd learned to waltz. Griffin confessed the same thing. "Prove it," she said, holding a hand out to him, and they waltzed around his room. They moved closer and closer until they shared a kiss. A short while later, they were in bed.

Nina collected herself outside of Maxie's room then entered the room cheerily. She assured Maxie that the nurses had said Maxie's baby had good vitals and was "well developed for his age." Maxie admitted that she felt like Nathan had been there that night, especially to help Peter along. She briefly wondered where Peter was, but she acknowledged how lucky she'd gotten that Peter had done so well. "If nothing else, I'm grateful to him for that," Nina replied.

Maxie wondered what Nina meant, as she'd thought Nina was fine with Peter. Nina blamed the phrase on being "emotional and tired," and she left so that Maxie could rest. When Nina was gone, Maxie was watching her son on the tablet when Drew entered. He congratulated her and asked if there was anything he could do for her. She teased that it wasn't his job to look after her, but he thought it was "good business practice" to look out for his best employee. She promised to keep an eye on Crimson while she was on maternity leave, but he advised her to focus on the baby. He promised to "run interference" between Nina and Peter if he needed to.

From the doorway, Valentin told Dante and Lulu that he was there for Nina and Charlotte. Lulu informed him that Charlotte was asleep and Nina was gone. He needed to find Nina, as he believed she'd "misinterpreted" things she'd overheard. Dante and Lulu threw accusations at Valentin. He decided not to wake Charlotte, but he would pick her up from school the next day. Lulu advised him to figure out where he and Nina stood first. He told Lulu to enjoy talking to her "pen pal," and he stormed out.

Dante asked Lulu what Valentin had meant by "pen pal." She revealed that she'd gotten a lot of emails from people claiming to be Henrik, but one had seemed credible. She admitted that Henrik had wanted to meet to tell his side of the story. She assured him that she'd been working with Anna, but he was still angry that she hadn't told him. He informed her that Peter had been setting her up, and he turned to leave for work.

Lulu thought she and Dante needed to talk, but he didn't agree. He accused her of not learning anything from Nathan's death. He informed her that Peter had probably been arrested, so she could write a story about that. When he was gone, Lulu cried while typing on her computer.

Robert entered the police station with Peter, who was handcuffed. He quickly updated Chase, who followed them into the interrogation room. Jason and Sam entered, and Peter yelled that he wanted to press charges against Jason for trying to kill him. Chase wanted some answers from Jason, who refused to talk without an attorney present. Chase informed Robert that they couldn't hold Peter without pressing charges, but Sam announced that Peter had committed fraud by filling out his Aurora employment papers with a name other than his own. She added that she was willing to press charges.

Chase talked about how Jason might want to press charges for Peter allegedly holding him prisoner, but Peter claimed he'd saved Jason's life. He'd been coerced into participating in the memory-writing procedure, but he'd betrayed his father and risked his life to keep Jason safe. Jason remembered that he'd been drugged and restrained for five years in a Russian clinic.

Peter claimed that he needed medical attention after Jason had hit him in the head. Chase reluctantly agreed and instructed an officer to have a cell ready for when they returned. When Chase and Peter were gone, Jason and Sam speculated on why Peter had requested medical attention -- until she remembered that Maxie was at the hospital. The two booked it out of the police station.

Anna kicked herself for not seeing that Peter was Henrik, but Finn reminded her that no one else had seen it either. She revealed that the existence of her child with Faison was the reason she'd pushed Finn away. He didn't think he had a right to judge. She told him the story of how she'd ended up where she was, and she regretted not keeping track of her child.

Anna's phone rang, and she answered it to Robert. He informed her that Henrik was going to the hospital, and he believed it was a stall. Anna relayed the information to Finn, who promised to go to the hospital and look after Peter. He made sure that she was all right, and he left. Anna told Robert that she would be there, but she had something to take care of first.

Jason and Sam arrived at the hospital, and Jason surmised that Peter would want to tell Maxie his own side of the story. As if on cue, Deanna pushed Maxie, followed by Drew, down the hall in a wheelchair to go see her son. Just then, Peter entered in cuffs, flanked by Chase and Finn. Peter asked for a minute to speak to a shocked Maxie, and it was eventually granted to him. He knelt next to Maxie and told her that he hadn't disclosed his real name. "My father named me Henrik," he said. "No, you're not," Maxie cried. "Maxie, I'm Henrik Faison," he replied.

Peter knew that Maxie would probably question every minute she'd spent with him, but he promised he'd never had an agenda with her. Maxie realized that Peter was why Faison had been at Crimson the night Nathan had died. He confirmed it, and Maxie anxiously asked Deanna to take her back to her room. When she was gone, Finn and Chase accompanied Peter on the elevator to get some tests run. A few minutes later, a doctor checked Peter out.

Sam informed Drew that Peter most likely had the flash drive with Drew's memories on it, but Drew refused to rely on Peter. He divulged that he and Andre were "taking matters into our own hands." He wanted to be Drew Cain, and he didn't want any trace of Jason. When he was gone, Sam told Jason, "he may not want that flash drive, but I sure as hell do." She got into the elevator and motioned for Jason to join her, which he did.

Back in her hospital room, Maxie was curled up in bed, crying. She thought back to Peter helping her deliver her baby, and she cried more.

Nina returned home and found Valentin. She informed him that she was only there to pack, but he asked her to listen to him. He was only asking her for empathy for Peter's circumstances. He explained that he'd been doing freelance work for Faison when he'd met Peter. Peter had been desperate for attention, and he'd asked his father to see him in a school play. While Faison had mocked Peter in front of Valentin, Valentin had decided to attend the play. "And so began our lifelong friendship," he said.

In response to Nina's skepticism, Valentin added that Peter had always tried to escape his father's shadow. The two had lost touch "for years," but Peter had reached out to Valentin one day for help in changing his identity. When Peter had moved to Port Charles, Valentin had protected Peter's secret because he'd owed Peter.

Just then, there was a banging at the door, and Anna called out for Valentin. Valentin offered to make Anna leave, but an unsurprised Nina got up to let Anna in. "You got what you wanted. My son almost shot me tonight," Anna growled at Valentin, shocking Nina. Anna told Nina a brief version of her story, and Valentin's part in it. Valentin admitted to threatening the family that Peter had been given to. He'd taken Peter straight to Faison as revenge on Anna. She agreed that he had every right to hate her, but he'd had no right to use her child to get back at her. She lunged at him.

Valentin knew he'd made a mistake, but Anna shot back that some mistakes couldn't be taken back. Nina stormed out of the room, and Valentin revealed that he'd never told Peter about his mother so that he didn't become Faison's obsession. He added that he was haunted every day by his "terrible mistake." "Go to hell," Anna said, storming out of the house. "I'm already there," he said tearfully. Nina returned with a suitcase as he tipped his drink. When she was gone, he let it spill.

Anna arrived at the police station and shared a knowing look with Dante. She entered the interrogation room and tearfully reached out to Robert. He gave her a hug as she cried in his arms.

Julian tries to comfort Alexis

Julian tries to comfort Alexis

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Kiki and Griffin were asleep in bed when they were awakened by Ava knocking on the door and calling out to Griffin. Kiki carefully gathered her clothes and hid while Griffin put on shorts and opened the door. She saw the empty bottle of Champagne and remarked that he seemed to have had a "rough night." She apologized profusely for her "petty, jealous" words, and she wished she could take them back. She asked for another chance, but he responded that he couldn't just dismiss their "ugly" fight.

Ava admitted that her insecurities had gotten the better of her, but she'd been scared of losing Griffin after seeing him with Kiki earlier in the night. Ava knew that Kiki wouldn't betray her, and she promised not to act like that again. Griffin muttered that there was something Ava needed to know, but a text interrupted him. "Do not tell her!!!" the text from Kiki read. Griffin claimed that he needed to get ready for work, so he ushered Ava toward the door. They shared a kiss, and she left.

Kiki emerged from her hiding spot, dressed in her outfit from the night before. She knew that Griffin hated lying, but she believed that the truth would "destroy" Ava. She begged him to forgive Ava and pretend nothing had happened. A short while later, Kiki was gone, and there was a knock on Griffin's door. He emerged from the shower and opened the door to Ava, who wanted to "finish our conversation without all that talking." She took off the trench coat she was wearing to reveal that she was wearing nothing underneath, and they shared a kiss.

Josslyn and Oscar looked through the tweets about their performance the night before, and she was glad there was a video to show her friends. Oscar thought that Carly would like to see the video, as well. Josslyn feared that her mother had meant to hurt Nelle, so she didn't know what to say to her mother. Oscar promised that she would figure it out.

Michael entered Nelle's hospital room and found her meditating. She explained that the nurses thought it would help with her panic attacks and post-traumatic stress. He offered her a ride home after she was discharged, but she warned him that the paperwork was supposed to take a while. He figured he would use the time doing something that he dreaded doing. Nelle thought that Michael wouldn't be himself if he didn't go see Carly.

A short while later, Michael was gone, and Josslyn entered the hospital room. She handed Nelle a stuffed lamb for the baby to help cheer Nelle up. Josslyn admitted that she'd been on the way to see Carly, but she'd ended up at the hospital instead. She wanted to hear from Nelle what had happened with Carly, and Nelle confirmed that Carly had pushed her down the stairs. Nelle implored a tearful Josslyn not to turn her back on her mother, and Josslyn was surprised at Nelle's words.

Nelle explained that Carly wasn't doing well, as it wasn't her words so much as the look in Carly's eyes when she'd pushed Nelle that had shown how out of control she was. It had seemed to Nelle that Carly had wanted her and the baby "gone forever," but Carly needed to get help for the "breakdown" she was going through. She informed Josslyn that the silver lining was that the whole ordeal was pushing Nelle and Michael closer together, and Josslyn was hopeful.

Drew and Kim sat in Kelly's so that Kim could buy Drew coffee for giving her a ride to the hospital the night before. Drew made a comment about her ride, Julian, leaving her at the ball, and she confessed that she'd encouraged him to go. Drew thought that she deserved better than being a "runner-up." She revealed that he was talking like the "old you," and he confided that the use of that term had its days numbered.

Kim thought that Drew needed the flash drive to regain his memories, but he told her that Andre could wipe away Jason's memories, potentially leaving Drew as himself. She thought that the risks were too enormous, but he wanted to try to get his memories back for his kids. Kim related that Oscar had wanted a father his whole life, and she didn't want him to lose Drew when Oscar finally had a father.

Just then, Oscar entered, and he informed them that he'd won an award for his article. Kim suggested that Oscar get an internship with Aurora at the newspaper, and Drew promised to get him in touch with the human resources department. Oscar wanted to tell Josslyn about the potential internship, so he left. "Don't you want to be here to see him grow up?" Kim wondered.

Outside Kelly's, Oscar was surprised to see that Josslyn was already back from visiting Carly. Josslyn admitted that she'd gone to see Nelle instead.

On the phone with Molly, Alexis insisted that she was fine. The doorbell rang, and she ended the conversation. She opened the door to Julian, who had a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He wanted to make sure she was all right, but she told him that he didn't have to worry about her. He thought that she deserved to be happy, and she replied that it couldn't be with him. He informed her that people were capable of change and that he was trying to be better because of her. He admitted that he didn't think he could live without her.

Alexis and Julian reminisced about the night they'd met, and he told her that he'd fallen in love that night and had never fallen out. He told her to keep the flowers as a reminder of how "beautiful and magnificent" she was, and he kissed her on the cheek. They shared a kiss, but she cut it short. He just wanted to be her friend, but she just wanted him to go. When he finally left, she slammed the door behind him and threw the flowers across the room. She made a phone call and told someone, "I need to come see you. It's an emergency."

Carly and Sonny met up in the interrogation room, and he handed her a cup of her favorite Corinthos Coffee blend. Carly was glad that Sonny and Mike had gone to the Nurses Ball, and he regaled her with the story of him and his father singing. Diane entered with some bad news. She informed Sonny and Carly that there was no proof that the blanket existed, and Carly had been assigned to a tough judge.

Michael entered and asked to speak to Carly alone in order to hear her side of the story, so Sonny and Diane left the room. Michael informed Carly that Jason had updated him on all that had been happening in Carly's life. He wanted to know what had happened at the baby shower, so Carly told her side of the story. She was sure that she'd never touched Nelle and that Spinelli would find the blanket. She insisted that she would never purposely hurt her grandchild. Carly called Michael "the fairest person I know," and she knew that he would look at things with an open mind.

Outside the room, Diane confided that Carly's case was going to be an "uphill battle." She believed that it was doubtful that Carly would get bail, as she would be considered a flight risk. Diane thought that Carly was "way more out of control than she's willing to admit." Michael emerged from the interrogation room and informed Sonny and Diane that he was going back to the hospital. He asked Sonny to take care of Carly, and he left.

Diane and Sonny returned to the interrogation room, and Diane feared for Carly's chances of beating the charges. She listed that Carly had histories of both violence and irrational behavior, and there were witnesses who could testify that Carly was always the aggressor in confrontations with Nelle. Carly didn't believe that Nelle could send her to prison for ten years. "Try 25 years," Diane shot back. Sonny advised Carly to let the "pros" handle things, and Diane informed Carly that a good outcome could require a "compromise."

Diane's phone started ringing, and she left the room to answer the district attorney's call. Carly vowed to get her family away from Nelle and to get her life back. "Watch me," she said.

At the hospital, Nelle asked about Carly, and Michael revealed that it wasn't "looking good." He claimed that his mother's statements about what had happened were "outrageous," and Nelle was sympathetic. She reminded him that he would always have her and the baby. He told her that he would be back after a meeting at ELQ, but from then on, he would be working from home at the Quartermaines'. "From this point on, I won't let you out of my sight," he assured her.

Anna refuses to press charges against her son

Anna refuses to press charges against her son

Friday, May 25, 2018

Anna and Robert sat at a table in Kelly's. Anna admitted that she was feeling overwhelmed about Henrik, and she didn't know how she would tell Robin about her brother. Robert snapped that Anna should have thought about that before she'd said anything to Henrik. Anna didn't expect Robin to forgive her, but she was hopeful that Robin would be accepting. The couple argued over the reason why Anna had said something in the first place. "You wanted to," Robert declared.

At Lulu's place, she and Nina sat on the sofa and talked about Charlotte. Nina was most concerned about the little girl, and Lulu thanked her for allowing Charlotte to stay there. She thought that Nina had acted in the girl's best interest, and Charlotte was lucky to have Nina in her life. Nina was touched. Lulu wondered how they would explain the latest events to Charlotte. When the doorbell rang, Nina rose to answer it. It was Valentin.

Valentin wanted to clear things up, and he announced that Charlotte's shared custody was still in effect. It was his week to have his daughter, and there was nothing that said he couldn't take her on vacation. He added that there were no pending charges against him. Lulu stated that there was a difference between a vacation and hiding, but Valentin explained that they'd already planned a trip to Morocco. As he spoke, Nina rolled her eyes and shook her head. She thought it was best if Charlotte stayed with Lulu.

Mac and Felicia arrived back in town and stopped to see Maxie and their new grandson at the hospital. Maxie disclosed that she'd had the baby by the side of the road with help from Peter, but she had something to tell them. The new grandparents wanted to thank Peter. "No, you don't," Maxie said. She told them that he was Henrik Faison. Maxie had thought that Faison had been at Crimsonfor her when all along it had been for Peter. She had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, and if it hadn't been for her, Nathan wouldn't have been there either.

Felicia didn't want Maxie to blame herself for Nathan's death, and Maxie suggested that Peter could have gone to the police before that time. Maxie wondered if Peter had thought "better you than me" as he had leaned over Nathan. Mac comforted his daughter, and both he and Felicia explained that Nathan was still there in the new baby who was a fierce survivor like Maxie. The women embraced and cried.

Shortly afterward, Mac, Felicia, and Maxie looked in on the baby. Maxie revealed that she'd chosen his name, James Malcolm. James had been Nathan's given name. Mac was pleased and touched that the baby had part of his name, too. He called it a strong name.

Lulu arrived to see Maxie as Felicia bid her daughter farewell. Felicia planned to return with Maxie's previously packed bag. Maxie glared at Lulu, who offered her congratulations for the beautiful baby. She turned to go, but Maxie stopped her. "I heard that Peter delivered the baby," Lulu said. "You mean Henrik," Maxie replied. Lulu declared that she hadn't known about Peter's identity. He had manipulated her and praised her, and she'd wanted to be proud of something. She had enjoyed the attention, and she was sorry.

Maxie replied that everyone had been "collateral damage," and she was sorry that she had allowed Peter into her life. She called Peter, not Lulu, responsible for everything. Lulu wanted to be back in Maxie's life to help with the baby, and Maxie agreed. Lulu offered to do anything. Maxie announced that she wanted Lulu's help to "take down Peter August."

As Nelle waited for Michael to pick her up from the hospital, Brad arrived with flowers. Nelle called her baby a miracle, and Brad asked about Carly. He thought that Carly had had a "psychotic break." "Poor Carly," Nelle agreed. She stated that she and Brad would soon have new lives with their new babies and playdates. Brad didn't mind talking about the baby but admitted that Lucas still felt like he was jinxing things. Nelle admitted that things had worked out as she'd planned.

Brad had to leave and stated that he couldn't believe Carly could do what she'd done. Nelle wondered if he thought she'd thrown herself down the stairs, and Brad replied that no one in their right mind would do that. Nelle hoped that Carly got the help she needed.

Dante sat with Peter in the interrogation room at the police station. He wanted to know why Peter had stayed in town, because he had gotten what he'd been there for in Faison's death. Peter admitted that he'd thought about leaving, but he had made "connections." Dante called him a "selfish son of a bitch," and Peter knowingly stated that Dante really wanted to talk about Lulu.

Dante was angry for Peter sending Lulu to look for Faison, and he accused Peter of manipulating people and "playing" Lulu. Peter declared that Lulu was a good reporter, but Dante replied that Peter had only cared about his own agenda. He wondered who Peter would use next because he had also used Nathan. Dante angrily told Peter not to call Nathan his brother.

Dante was furious and shouted that Nathan never would have done to Peter what Peter had done to Nathan. He said that Peter had no idea what a brother was. Peter wished he could have known Nathan, but Dante called Peter a coward. Dante longed to slam Peter's face into the table, but he knew that Nathan wouldn't have wanted him to do that. Dante added that Nathan had been his brother, and he stormed out of the room and tossed some furniture before sitting down at his desk.

Robert and Anna arrived, and Anna wanted to see Peter. She walked into the interrogation room. "Hello, mother," Peter sneered. Anna didn't blame him for hating her, but she wanted to explain her story. Peter insisted that he already knew everything. Anna replied that she had lost control of a situation, and she had wanted to protect him. Peter reminded her that she had failed. Anna informed him that she hadn't even known he'd been a boy until recently. Peter told her to stop lying. "You left me with a monster," he accused. Anna replied that it hadn't been her but Valentin.

Again, Peter accused Anna of lying. She told him how she and Valentin had been cadets at the WSB and friends but had had a parting of the ways. He'd figured things out, followed her to Brussels, and obtained information on the illegal adoption from the midwife. He'd confronted the parents, and they had given Henrik up. Valentin had handed him over to Faison. She didn't know why Valentin hadn't divulged that she was Henrik's mother. She thought it had been strategy.

Peter nodded knowingly. "Never give up all your leverage. Always keep something in reserve," he whispered. He had learned that from Valentin, his mentor and friend. Anna explained that Valentin had regretted his action and had befriended Henrik to assuage his guilt. "Too little, too late," Peter said. It was the same as Anna's actions, he noted. Anna disagreed and insisted that she'd wanted to keep her child safe.

Peter argued that he hadn't fit into Anna's life plan the way Robin had, but her father had been the "legendary" Robert Scorpio. Anna replied that they had been different times in her life, and she hadn't been able to save Robin from Faison either. Peter accused her of lying again and said that Anna had only wanted to protect herself. Dante returned and announced that it was time for Peter's arraignment. He redid the cuffs and led the prisoner out.

Robert was waiting, and Anna declared that there would be no arraignment. She refused to press charges against her son. Dante and Robert were in disbelief, and Robert reminded her that Peter had tried to kill her. "He's my son," Anna said. She would not cooperate. A tear rolled down Peter's face. Dante advised Anna that Jason had given a statement, but Anna insisted that she had never been in danger. It would be her word against Jason's, and the court would believe a "decorated law enforcement agent" over a well-known criminal.

Robert reminded Anna that Peter was not an innocent, but Anna announced that she would not condemn Peter again. She walked out. Peter offered to make a deal with Robert.

Carly, Sonny, and Diane entered the courtroom prior to Carly's hearing. Carly and Diane argued over Carly's plea. Carly refused to take Diane's advice and plead guilty by reason of insanity because she was not crazy. She insisted that she had not touched Nelle, but Diane advised her that there was more evidence in favor of Nelle. All of the witnesses were on Nelle's side, and they'd all heard Carly "berating" Nelle before the fall.

Diane explained that Carly wouldn't be held responsible if she were to plead insanity, and they didn't want to accuse a "poor pregnant girl" of lying. Carly replied that she had been in control, and she and Nelle had tussled over the baby blanket. Diane reminded her that the blanket had not been found. Carly wanted Sonny's phone to call Jason. She wanted someone present who believed in her, but Sonny insisted that he did. Carly accused Diane of giving up on her.

Diane tried to explain that her best defense would be to prove insanity. Carly countered that she was rational, and Nelle was a "lying snake" who had sabotaged her. Nelle had also continued to turn her children against her. Carly declared that she hadn't been irrational; she'd been angry. The women continued to go back and forth. Diane stated that an insanity plea would have Carly free within a few months. Carly refused to perjure herself, and she thought that claiming insanity would be a lie. Sonny thought it would be better than receiving a 25-year prison sentence.

Diane tried one more tactic. She reminded Carly that she shared Sonny's last name, and as the wife of a known mobster, the D.A. would want to put her in prison. Carly was insistent that Jason would prove her innocence. Diane stated Carly would still look guilty for pushing Nelle after accusing Nelle of sabotaging her. A teary-eyed Carly stated that she hated it. "Sometimes the thing you hate the most is your only option," Sonny said.

Nina and Valentin went to the park. Valentin stated that Nina meant everything to him, but Nina retorted that he had always said that after lying. Her brother was dead, and she thought that Valentin could have warned her about Peter. Valentin insisted that he couldn't betray Peter because the worst thing he'd ever done had been to turn Peter over to his father. He had tried to be Peter's friend and mentor, and he'd had no choice.

Nina shouted that Valentin lied all the time, and she was tired of it. "I am done," she screamed. Valentin just wanted her and Charlotte to be his family, but Nina replied that she saw her dead brother whenever she looked at Valentin. She wanted him to take his ticket to Morocco, go there, and leave Charlotte with Lulu. She suggested he leave Charlotte while the little girl still loved him and before he broke her heart too.

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