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Nelle bumped into an old flame -- Chase. Nina asked Valentin for a divorce. Mike made a surprising confession to Sonny. Carly was sent to Ferncliff for treatment. Jason took a job at Ferncliff. Julian and Kim went camping and had a troubling encounter with Liesl.
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Nelle bumped into an old flame -- Chase
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The judge renders his surprise decision

The judge renders his surprise decision

Monday, June 11, 2018

In the courtroom, Jason's testimony on the stand was concluding. Dawson asked whether he thought that Carly had been insane when she'd assaulted Nelle. Jason replied that he couldn't answer. "Can't or won't?" Dawson asked. Jason recalled Carly's wish to stay with the insanity plea, and he advised Dawson that he couldn't answer because he wasn't a psychiatrist.

Diane rested her case, and Dawson went first with her closing argument. She stated that Nelle had started the conflict, but Carly had kept it up and had tried to kill Nelle and her unborn child. She added that Carly needed to pay for it, and Carly had known what she was doing. Diane rebutted that Carly had snapped after Morgan's death and Nelle's betrayal. Carly needed compassion and help. The judge advised the court that he would render his decision as soon as he could, and he called for a recess.

Diane was happy with the testimony, and Dawson approached her to say that she thought Diane's insanity plea had been brilliant. Sonny ordered Dawson to stay away from his family if her problem was with him, but Dawson retorted that his relatives should stop pushing pregnant women down the stairs. Jason and Sonny went off for a walk. Diane and Dawson each wondered how the other slept at night.

Nelle and Michael sat on the couch at the Quartermaine house. Nelle rattled off the baby's relatives and their titles. "What more could a baby ask for?" a pleased Nelle asked. "A grandmother not in prison," Michael replied. Suddenly, he imagined that Nelle had leaned over to tell him his "bitch mother" was getting what she deserved. He snapped out of it and heard Nelle say that it was out of her hands. She couldn't help Carly.

Michael hoped that Carly would get the help she needed if she were sent away, and then she'd be able to meet her grandchild. Nelle offered to check on Drew, to make sure he was settling in okay, and Michael whipped out his cell phone. He called Spinelli and agreed to meet him. Nelle returned, and Michael ended his call. He informed Nelle that Spinelli had called to inquire about Carly.

Michael received a text message that the judge would make the decision soon, and Nelle thought it best for the baby. Nelle proposed that she and Michael take a walk outside, but she received a phone call from Dawson that Carly's attorney had made a strong case. Dawson promised to protect Nelle and the baby. Nelle lied about the phone call, and she proposed that she and Michael head to the courthouse instead.

Finn and Anna said goodbye in Anna's hotel room in Berkeley, but she suddenly called out and asked Finn if he wanted to stay. It was awkward, and Finn was breathless as he tried to point out all the reasons for them to part. He wondered what would happen if he wanted to leave, and he said he wasn't always a "bright ray of sunshine." He thought the timing was off because they'd both had a bad day, and he assumed that Anna was exhausted. Anna agreed that they had an early flight, and Finn proposed they meet for breakfast. Anna reluctantly agreed, and he left.

Later, Finn and Anna both sat in their own beds in their own rooms and did some reading. Anna read The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming while Finn perused The New England Journal of Medicine. Neither of them really wanted to read, and both tossed their materials onto the beds. Finn called Anna and told her that he'd forgotten to say goodnight. The couple proceeded to flirt on the phone, and Anna giggled and admitted she was feeling hot.

Anna admitted that she'd like to redo her mistakes, and Finn admitted he'd made many, but they were in the past. "Every moment of our lives has led to this one," Anna recited. Finn explained that if his mistakes were redone, he might not have met Anna. She admitted that one mistake she wanted to correct was their New Year's Eve setting. When she received silence and couldn't seem to reach Finn, she threw on her robe and headed to the door.

Finn was standing on the other side with his own phone, and they slowly pulled their phones away from their heads. "Happy New Year," Finn said. They embraced, Anna untied Finn's robe, and they landed in bed.

Nina got to the cabin and heard Peter groaning. She handed Liesl a bouquet of wildflowers and promptly removed Peter's gag. "Make it stop," he pleaded. Liesl shrugged at Nina. She had been playing a recording of "Three Blind Mice." Nina stopped the recording, and Peter begged her to do something because Liesl was crazy. Liesl stuck the flowers on Peter's face and gagged him again. Nina removed the gag again along with the blindfold, told Peter she still hated him, warned him not to say Nathan's name, and dragged her aunt outside.

"What the hell are you doing?" Nina asked. She reminded Liesl that they wanted justice, not vengeance. Liesl insisted that they couldn't risk their family, and Nina should see Maxie to remember their cause. Liesl wanted to be the one to handle things. Nina left, and Liesl returned to the cabin. "I thought she'd never leave," Liesl said. She put the flowers into a vase as Peter began to talk. He mentioned that his father had thought that Liesl was brilliant, but Peter was growing angry. His dad had admired Liesl but had preferred Anna.

A furious Liesl crumbled the flower that was in her hand and threatened to gag Peter again. Peter noted that he would have chosen Liesl to be his mother because she had at least given her son away to people she trusted. He declared that he had set a trap for Faison, but Anna had interfered. He pointed out that Nathan's death had been Anna's fault, and he thought that he and Liesl should work together to make Anna pay.

Peter continued that Anna was merrily spending time with Finn while Liesl had been doing nothing. Liesl exclaimed that she had been happy and could thank Finn for allowing her to live her life and do what she wanted. She accused Peter of making empty promises, and she tossed the vase of flowers into the wall near the bed. Shards of glass rained down on Peter and the bed.

Peter apologized and reminded Liesl that they were on the same side. Liesl denied it and said she was on Nathan's side. She would wait for Peter to answer her questions and confess to his crimes. She strode out the door, and Peter began to reach for one of the shards of glass.

Maxie was surprised to see Detective Chase at her door. He held out the purse she'd left in his car when he'd taken her home from the hospital. He was happy to make her day less crazy. Maxie admitted that she hadn't noticed it was missing. She showed him a picture of James that was on her phone and explained that she didn't know when her baby would be home. She also noted that Peter had helped her to finish up the nursery. She went through the purse and found the necklace that Peter had given her.

Maxie confessed that she had loved the necklace, but Peter had haunted her. She'd believed his friendship to be real. She tossed the necklace into the trash. Chase retrieved it and suggested that Nathan might have wanted it to be donated to help others, and Maxie agreed. Chase offered to take care of it, and he would give Maxie a tax receipt. She laughed and declared that that made it sound official.

Chase told Maxie to not blame herself for befriending Peter. She had been brave to allow someone to get close to her, and anything else that had happened was on Peter. He pointed out that people who lied would get what they deserved. Maxie wondered if he were referring to Peter or a different liar.

There was a knock on the door. It was Nina, and she rushed in and hugged Maxie. Suddenly, Nina saw Chase, and Maxie explained the returned purse. Nina called it "above and beyond the call of duty," but Maxie insisted there had been no hidden agenda. Chase held up the necklace. He thought they might be able to trace Peter through his point of purchase and credit card, and Nina thought that maybe Peter was still close by. Chase wondered why Nina had said that.

Nina babbled that maybe something had happened to Peter before he'd had a chance to go elsewhere. Chase received a text message, and he had to leave. He assured them that Peter would be found. Maxie asked Nina why she had been acting strangely, and they looked at the baby's birth certificate. Nina said she wanted to forget Peter and move on. She cried that the baby would never know his father and stated that Peter "has it coming."

"Nice footwork," Dawson commended Jason on his testimony. Word was received that the judge had made his decision, and Jason, Sonny, Diane, Dawson, Nelle, and Michael headed back into the courtroom. A police officer returned Carly to the courtroom. Sonny hugged and kissed his wife and sat down. The judge entered and announced that he had found Carly guilty by reason of insanity. "It worked!" Sonny said to Jason. Diane announced that arrangements had been made with Shadybrook, but Dawson demanded that Carly get the punishment she deserved.

Diane objected, but Dawson insisted that she wanted to protect the mother and baby. The judge was angry but continued that he still saw Carly as a threat to both herself and others. He sentenced her to Ferncliff, an institution for the criminally insane. Family members were distraught, but Nelle smiled.

Carly begged the judge to place her in Shadybrook, but the judge was insistent that she needed treatment, not a vacation. Carly pleaded with Sonny to keep an eye on Josslyn and Michael, and he promised to take care of Nelle. Carly cried that she would wait for Jason to get her out. Diane explained that the only other option would have been years in prison, but she would challenge the sentence and let the others know if they were needed. Jason refused to wait.

Standing alone in the courtroom, Nelle told her baby that her plan had worked, and she would get everything she wanted. "Jenelle, it's been a long time," a voice rang out. Nelle turned. Detective Chase was standing there.

In a room at Ferncliff, Carly sat on the bed. "Whatever it takes, I'm going home," she told herself.

Nelle bumps into an old friend

Nelle bumps into an old friend

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Jason was playing pool at the Floating Rib when Sam approached with a beer for him. She thought he looked like he needed a drink, and she complimented his bright blue tie. He revealed that he'd worn it for Carly while he'd testified at her trial. He updated her that Carly had been sent to Ferncliff "again." He told Sam about the first time Carly had stayed at the institution, when Carly had shot Tony after he'd kidnapped Michael. She'd thought it would be a good idea to fake her mental illness and ended up trapped in Ferncliff for four months when Michael was a baby.

Jason countered that, this time, Carly had done exactly as she'd been told, and she'd still ended up in Ferncliff, even though it was Nelle who belonged there. He regretted not noticing that Nelle had been setting Carly up until it had been too late. He vowed to prove that Carly hadn't pushed Nelle and that Nelle was a "psycho" and a liar with a grudge. He wished he was with Carly to "talk her down," and Sam forbade him from getting himself checked into Ferncliff. He informed Sam that she'd just given him an idea.

Alone in the courtroom, Nelle smiled and rubbed her belly. "What did Mommy tell you? My plan worked like a charm," she told the baby, assuming that she would soon get "everything I ever wanted," since Carly was gone. "Janelle, it's been a long time," Chase said to a clearly shaken Nelle as he entered the courtroom. Nelle regained her composure and wondered why he was in town. He informed her that he'd been a detective in town since February. He commented that meeting her in a courtroom felt like "karma."

Chase said that he'd been called to testify against Carly, and he'd been surprised to learn that his "good old friend Janelle" had been the victim. "At least you're on the right side this time," she replied breezily. He wondered how she'd been feeling since she'd watched her fiancé drown in a kayak. She reproached him for giving her unnecessary stress, but he continued that he'd tried to provide answers for Zach's family. He remembered that, as soon as the evidence had pointed toward her, he'd fallen in love with her.

Chase continued that someone had reported him for "inappropriate behavior." Nelle had gotten to dodge a murder charge, and he believed that it had been her plan all along. She insisted that she'd cared for him, and his support had meant the world to her. He remarked that she had a "talent for latching onto the elite" in every town she went to. She brushed it off as "good taste," and she accused him of stalking her.

Chase revealed that he'd been left to clean up the mess Nelle had made after she'd left Florida. His career had been "trashed," and he'd started over in Boston then he'd jumped at the offer in Port Charles. She was skeptical that it had just been a coincidence. He leaned in close and said right in her ear that it was a small town, and "I'm sure I'll be seeing you around, Janelle." He left the courtroom, and she looked both relieved and upset.

Spinelli sat with Georgie as Michael thanked him for stopping by before visiting Maxie. Spinelli handed Michael a small device to plug into Nelle's computer. First, it would crack Nelle's password then it would download malware onto the computer so they could monitor her actions "in real time." Georgie wondered when they were going to see Maxie and James. "Right now," Michael told her, and he assured Spinelli that "I got this."

A short while later, Spinelli and Georgie were gone, and Josslyn entered. She asked for news about Carly, and he filled her in on Carly's sentence. Josslyn emotionally babbled about what she could have done in the trial and on the day of the baby shower to prevent Carly's fate, but Michael assured her that there was nothing Josslyn would have been able to do. He advised her to live her life and stay strong, which was what Carly would want. Josslyn cried that she'd been very mean to Carly, and she sobbed into Michael's shoulder.

Kim looked through Oscar's overnight bag to make sure that he had everything he needed for his weekend with Drew at the Quartermaines'. Oscar whined that he didn't need to be "watched" at fifteen years old, but Drew insisted that he'd wanted the company, and he thought that Kim could use a weekend getaway. "Even if it's with Julian?" Oscar wondered, and he left Kim's office to hit up a vending machine.

A puzzled Drew had thought that Oscar liked Julian. Kim revealed that Oscar wasn't so thrilled with Julian since Kim and Julian's relationship was "evolving," and she thought that Josslyn had given Oscar an earful about Julian. Kim added that Julian had been open with her about his past, and he was trying to distance himself from who he had been. She assured Drew that he had nothing to worry about, but she teased that she should worry about Drew, who was dealing with a teenager for the first time.

A short while later, Drew and Oscar arrived at the Quartermaine estate, and Oscar marveled over the "massive" house. He remarked that he liked everything -- except why Kim was away. Drew told Oscar that people could change, but Oscar thought there was someone else out there who could make Kim happier than Julian did. The two entered the house and found Michael and a crying Josslyn. Josslyn made a beeline for Oscar and hugged him.

Later, Michael was alone in the living room, and he cracked the password on Nelle's computer. Spinelli's device downloaded the malware onto her computer, and he'd just unplugged the device when Nelle returned home. As she got herself some water, Michael took the opportunity to hide the device. He wondered if she'd talked to the D.A. like she'd wanted to. Nelle replied that the D.A. had been busy, but she'd only wanted to thank the woman. "For getting my mom sent to Ferncliff?" Michael questioned.

Nelle shot back that she'd wanted to thank the D.A. for protecting her and the baby, and she immediately apologized for snapping at Michael. He observed that she seemed jumpy, but she brushed it off as a "long day." She revealed that she'd run into someone she knew from Florida at the courthouse. Michael replied that it was quite a coincidence.

At home, Chase dug around in his nightstand drawer. He pulled out a picture of him and Nelle and gazed at it.

Julian entered the hospital and bumped into Lucas. He revealed that he was meeting Kim there before their "weekend date," but he handed Lucas a file folder. He'd had a private investigator track down the college roommate of Lucas' biological mother, Cheryl, and she'd answered some questions about the woman. He'd also included some information about his side of the family, just in case Lucas wanted to tell his child about them one day.

Julian commented that he didn't like the one-sided nature of Lucas and Brad's adoption, and he suggested hiring a private investigator. However, Lucas countered that they'd accepted the risk, and they would play by the rules. Kim approached as Lucas thanked Julian for the information and walked away. Julian wondered where they were going for the weekend, and she handed him a bottle of bug spray, excitedly revealing that they were going camping,

Kim's phone went off, and she had to take care of something with a patient, but Julian had a question first. He wondered if a mother anonymously giving her child up for adoption would be in the records system. Kim replied that the woman would remain in the system until she gave birth, as she would still be a patient, and Kim ran off.

As Liesl tried to convince Nina on the phone to continue to help, Peter reached for a piece of broken glass. He finally reached the glass and began to saw at the ropes on his wrist, cutting himself in the process. Liesl was saying that she needed Nina when she heard a crash from inside the cabin. Liesl left Nina hanging as she bolted inside the cabin and took the glass away from Peter.

Moments later, Nina left Liesl a message to stop rejecting Nina's calls, and Maxie wondered if Liesl was all right. Nina replied that Liesl was fine, but Nina was going to check on her anyway. Maxie wanted to tag along, but Nina claimed that Liesl would just unload on Maxie, who needed to take care of herself and her son. She promised that everything was under control, and she left.

Liesl tied the ropes tighter around Peter's wrist as he cried out in pain. She retrieved a baseball bat and aimed for various body parts. He promised to do anything she said, but she swung the bat down, and there was a crunch as she hit him. Nina entered the cabin moments later and demanded to know what Liesl had done to Peter. Liesl justified that Peter had tried to escape. Nina grabbed some bandages and began to wrap Peter's wrist and "bashed" hand. He moaned in pain as he stammered out the question of whether or not Nina would control Liesl before she went "too far."

Nina yelled that Liesl had promised not to hurt Peter, but Liesl reasoned that she wouldn't hurt him only if he cooperated. She added that physical pain was temporary, but the pain he'd caused Nathan's family and friends would "stay forever." Liesl went outside for some air, and Nina took the opportunity to look around in the first aid box. She gave Peter some ibuprofen for the pain, and he sincerely thanked her.

Spinelli and Georgie arrived at Maxie's, and Maxie promised Georgie that they would visit James at the hospital "soon." Georgie wanted to finish the picture she'd been drawing for James, so Maxie set her up on the kitchen table. Spinelli asked how Maxie was holding up. She replied that she was "angry, humiliated, and desperate for revenge," but it was a nice change from being completely miserable. Spinelli advised her that it was all right to miss her friendship with Peter, but she reminded Spinelli that Peter had made a fool of her.

Spinelli thought that being angry at Peter was a waste of her energy, especially with a new baby around. He advised her to "fake it 'til you make it." Maxie believed that Peter was "on the other side of the world by now," so he would probably never pay for what he'd done. He reminded her that nothing could make Nathan return, but she admitted that she would love to watch Peter "grovel in his misery." He told her not to let her revenge fantasies distract her from everything good in her life.

Georgie returned with her finished drawing, and Maxie thought that James would love it. She realized that Spinelli was right, and she vowed to focus on everything good in her life.

Carly gets in trouble

Carly gets in trouble

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

"Stay strong. Stay focused. Go home," Carly repeated to herself as she did sit-ups on the floor of her room at Ferncliff. A woman entered the room, surprised that "Caroline" was up early. She introduced herself as Mary Pat, the supervising nurse at the facility. She related to Carly that "the road to healing is paved with positive thoughts," and Carly was determined to set a good example, since she had a family to get back to. Mary Pat looked at Carly's file and observed that she had a son and a daughter, "not counting your deceased son."

Carly replied that Morgan still counted as one of her children, but Mary Pat thought that that was the "reality you're not facing, or you wouldn't be here." She wanted to discuss the facility's rules and started by informing Carly that the main wing was full, so Carly was in the "super-max wing," which housed the most dangerous patients. She handed Carly a pamphlet that contained the rules and penalties, but Mary Pat summarized that Carly needed to tolerate the other patients and respect the staff at all times, in addition to accepting given treatment.

Mary Pat called out for an orderly named Rupert, and a large man entered the room with a tray. Carly thought there was a mistake, as she wasn't on any medication, but Mary Pat replied that Carly's intake order said otherwise. Carly reluctantly took the pills, and Mary Pat demanded that Carly "open up." She saw the pills under Carly's tongue, and she gestured for Rupert to restrain Carly. Mary Pat held Carly's nose until she opened up then she poured the pills into Carly's mouth and demanded that Carly swallow. Mary Pat advised Carly that she knew all the tricks, and she asked Rupert to watch Carly while Mary Pat went to a meeting. As Rupert glared at Carly, she slowly lowered herself onto her bed.

Nina entered the Floating Rib and met up with Sam and Curtis. Curtis informed her that they needed her help catching Henrik. Sam added that there had been no sign of a struggle when she and Jason had found Valentin in Peter's cell. They figured that Valentin and Peter had conspired together, and they wanted to prove it. Nina wondered what they wanted her to do.

Kiki sat down with Elizabeth and Alexis at the Floating Rib as Alexis got a text from Valentin that said, "I have a gift for you." Alexis ignored the text and got out that day's edition of the Port Charles Press. The front page had a large picture of Kiki with a headline of "#GHToo." Alexis advised Kiki to take the day off, but Kiki had no intention of hiding. "I'm ready for whatever comes my way," she assured her lawyer.

Valentin took a record out of his safe and placed it carefully on the turntable. A short while later, Alexis arrived and asked what the opera music was that he was playing. "You don't recognize your mother's voice?" he wondered. He informed her that it was a one-of-a-kind record, as it had been recorded by Alexis' mother for Mikkos. The song was "When I Am Laid In Earth" from Dido and Aeneas. He was gifting it to her as payment for "the second half of services rendered."

Alexis wanted to discuss Valentin's first payment, as she didn't believe the watch had belonged to Mikkos. Valentin told her that Mikkos had had the watch commissioned for Alexis' mother, and he'd found it on Cassadine Island. She didn't believe him, so he showed her a picture of her mother in which she was wearing the watch.

Just then, Valentin's phone went off, and he urgently answered it to Nina. She asked him to meet her at the Floating Rib, and he promised to be right there. When he was off the phone, Alexis asked to keep the picture, and Valentin agreed. She wondered why Mikkos had given her mother the watch, and Valentin thought that it proved how much he'd cared for her.

A short while later, Alexis played her mother's record as she looked at her mother's photo. She took out the watch and put it on.

Nina told Sam and Curtis that Valentin was on his way, and she slipped them a piece of paper with the security code. Sam hoped that he would be gone long enough so that they could look around, and Nina assured her that she and Valentin had a lot to talk about. As they left, Nina received a text from Liesl advising Nina that "our guest requires more painkillers." A few minutes later, Valentin sat down with Nina, and she informed him that she wanted a divorce. "I would give you the world, but not that," he replied.

Sam and Curtis entered Wyndemere quietly, wearing gloves. Curtis put in the security code, and they made their way to the living room. She showed him the bookcase and helped him open it, advising him to be careful down in the maze of the tunnels. He returned a few minutes later, and she showed him some papers she'd found that could put them on Peter's trail.

As Mike babbled to himself about the Bel Air he had driven in the past, Sonny asked Diane on the phone how soon she could get Carly transferred to Shadybrook. Jason entered as Sonny yelled at Diane to fix things, and he threw his phone. "That's my son, always even-tempered," Mike cracked. Jason wondered where Felix was, and Sonny told him that it was Felix's day off. Jason offered to return later, but Sonny replied that he needed Jason "now." Sonny simply explained Carly's situation to Mike, and Mike wondered how they could help her. Jason revealed that he had an idea, and he left to put it into motion.

Mike thought that Jason was "strange," and he thought that Sonny could have been anything he'd wanted to be instead of "wasting your time with thugs and hoodlums." Sonny thought they had more important things to talk about, and Mike agreed. He began to talk about his Bel Air again and mentioned that a body couldn't be hauled in that car. Sonny asked for clarification, and Mike added that there wasn't enough trunk space in the car.

Jason arrived at the hospital and thanked Elizabeth for her help, and she was glad to do it. She wondered how Carly was, and Jason hoped that the paper Elizabeth was handing him would help him find out. She wished him luck, and he left.

Mary Pat entered her office and apologized to her visitor for keeping him waiting. The man introduced himself at Mr. Nichols, and Mary Pat reached out and shook Jason's hand. Jason handed her a résumé and letter of recommendation, which she found impressive. She wondered why he would leave General Hospital for a place like Ferncliff, and he replied that he'd heard there were more hours available there. She admitted that they'd had a hard time finding and keeping a custodian, as he'd have constant contact with patients. She asked if he had a problem with that. "No, no problem at all," he replied.

Griffin was looking at the newspaper in shock when Ava burst into his office. She demanded to know if he'd known about Kiki, and he swore that he hadn't. She called herself a failure, since her own daughter couldn't talk to her. However, Griffin countered that Ava wasn't a failure because of how gracefully Kiki was handling her situation. Just then, Kiki entered, and Ava wondered why she hadn't talked to her mother about what had been going on. Kiki revealed that she hadn't talked to anyone, but her shift was about to start, so she needed to go.

Ava asked who had been harassing Kiki, because she and Julian would make sure the person kept their distance. Kiki demanded that Ava leave it alone and trust how Kiki was handling things. Kiki ran off, and Ava followed, despite Griffin's warnings not to. Ava wanted to know why Kiki hadn't talked to her, and Kiki admitted that she and her mother had different approaches to the truth and sex. She continued that her mother used sex as a weapon, which is what "Twitter trolls" were accusing Kiki of.

Kiki demanded that Ava let her do things her own way. Ava revealed that, while she'd made mistakes, she'd changed, because Griffin had made her a better person. "I'm sorry you can't accept that," Ava concluded. "Me, too," Kiki said, and she walked away. Ava ran back to Griffin's office and told him what Kiki had said. She was ashamed because she thought that Kiki was right, and she collapsed, sobbing, in his arms.

In the hospital locker room, Franco read the newspaper and screamed out loud. "What's eating you?" Dr. Bensch asked as Franco glared at him. Franco mentioned that there was "always something in the news," and Bensch replied that he didn't follow the news for that reason. Franco thought that, as a chief resident, Bensch probably had a lot of stress, and he placed a hand on Bensch's shoulder. He mentioned that Kiki, who was like a daughter to him, was one of Bensch's students. He kicked the bench out of the way and said that he'd "read between the lines" of Kiki's article.

Franco grabbed Bensch, who claimed not to know what Franco was talking about, by the collar and slammed him into the lockers. When Elizabeth entered the locker room, Bensch threatened to have Franco arrested. She needed to talk to Franco "now," so he reluctantly let Bensch go. He warned Bensch to stay away from Kiki, and Bensch left the room. Franco told Elizabeth that he couldn't let Bensch get away with ruining "someone else's life," and Elizabeth wondered if he was talking about Kiki or himself.

Franco punched a locker and threatened to kill Bensch, but Elizabeth asked him to trust how Kiki was handling things, as she was an adult. Franco wondered why Kiki hadn't talked to him. Elizabeth informed him that it was a hard subject to talk about, and she hugged him. She had to get back to work, so she kissed him and left the locker room. Franco checked his phone and saw that he had an email from Sarah Webber entitled "Congratulations!"

Franco bumped into Elizabeth just as her phone went off. She was surprised to answer the phone to Sarah. She listened for a few moments then wondered who'd told her that Elizabeth was getting married. She looked knowingly at Franco.

Kiki sat in the locker room, collecting herself before her shift. Just then, Dr. Bensch entered.

Sam and Curtis have an idea where Peter is

Sam and Curtis have an idea where Peter is

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Nina knew that she wasn't supposed to make any big life changes while stressed, but she reasoned that she would be stressed all the time if she stayed married to Valentin. Valentin refused to let her divorce him without a fight and threatened to contest it, but she replied that she was tired of fighting. She assured him that she didn't blame him for Nathan's death, but he'd lied to her and made her doubt herself. She refused to give him any more chances, but he offered her a deal.

Valentin proposed that Nina give him thirty days to prove himself. If he succeeded, they'd stay married, but if he failed, he would "sign whatever you want me to sign." She revealed that she'd already hired an attorney, but he wrote out a contract on a napkin. He handed her the napkin and promised to "pull out all the stops." She advised him not to get his hopes up, and he left with a confident smile. "Crap," she spat, picking up her phone as she realized that Sam and Curtis were still at Wyndemere.

Nina was looking at the contract when her phone went off. She saw a text from Charlotte, which read, "I miss u Nina. When are u coming home?" Nina replied, "I love you and miss you. I will see you soon, I promise," complete with a trail of heart and flower emojis. She looked at the contract and thought back to some of her and Valentin's good memories.

Sam found some papers on the coffee table and showed them to Curtis when he emerged from the catacombs. She identified the papers as invoices from Valentin's charter service dated the same day as Peter's escape. Sam called the company, claiming to be Valentin's wife, but Nina wasn't an authorized user on Valentin's account, so Sam got no help from the company. Curtis' phone went off, and he informed Sam that Nina wasn't able to stall Valentin any longer, so they needed to go. "We're not going anywhere," Sam replied.

Valentin entered the house and looked around, noticing that something was amiss. He thought back to his meeting with Nina, and he heard a door creak. "You're not as stealthy as you think," he called out. "Good thing we weren't trying to hide," Sam replied as she and Curtis emerged from the next room. They wanted to know Peter's whereabouts, but Valentin claimed that, while Peter had chartered a jet from Valentin's account, he'd never shown up.

As satisfied as possible, Sam and Curtis left the house and assumed that Valentin was lying. Curtis thought that Peter could have left town by some other mode of transportation, but there had been checkpoints everywhere that night, looking for Peter. "Unless he never left town," Sam suggested. She suggested that he was still in Port Charles.

Inside the house, Valentin looked at his charter service invoice and slammed it down on the coffee table. "Damn it, Peter, where are you?" he wondered.

Kevin asked Alexis if she'd found any answers after opening the envelope Valentin had given her. She showed Kevin the watch and replied that it had told her a lot, "just not in the way that I expected." She told him about the record, the picture, and her interaction with Valentin. She believed that her mother's choices, like staying with Alexis' married father, had shaped her life. "I am my mother," she declared, citing her mother's love for an evil man married to an evil woman trying to "out-evil each other."

Alexis thought that her parents were the reason why she was attracted to bad men, and Kevin agreed that that could be a "layer" of the reason. She wondered how to fix herself and asked if she was just going to "die alone." He wanted to work with her until she could get closure with the people who'd caused her issues, but she reminded him that both of her parents were dead.

Kevin thought it would be helpful for one of Alexis' exes to join some of their sessions. After sarcastically ruling out Jerry, Ric, and Sonny, Kevin suggested Julian. Their time was up, and he urged her to think about it. A flustered Alexis promised to think about it.

Back home, Alexis tossed the watch into a box labeled "for charity" and taped it shut. She caught sight of the picture of her mother. A few minutes later, she was wearing the watch and looking in the mirror at it on her wrist while her mother's recording of "When I Am Laid in Earth" from Dido and Aeneas played.

On the phone with Sarah, Elizabeth wondered who'd told Sarah that Elizabeth was getting married. After listening, she agreed that Franco was amazing, and she and Sarah ended their conversation. Franco wondered if she was upset with him, and she promised that she wasn't. He wanted to know what was going on with her. She reasoned that her family wasn't close, and she had "zero expectations." However, it had been sweet of him to contact Sarah.

Elizabeth continued that there was no room for anything but work in her family's lives, and she was used to it. She felt lucky that she had Franco, her boys, and her many friends. He wondered if her parents showing up at the wedding would make her happy. She said that it would, but she was all right with the fact that her life wasn't a "fairy tale." Her phone went off, and she had to get to the emergency room. She kissed him and left. Franco took his phone out and called Sarah. He wondered if she could put him in touch with her parents.

Kiki was sitting in the locker room when Dr. Bensch entered. He thought that what she'd been through at the hospital was disturbing, and he assured her that he was available to talk if she needed. She got up to leave, but he trapped her with an arm against a locker. He informed her that there were "rumors" around the hospital that he was who Kiki's article was about. "Cut the crap," she spat, stating, "You know that article was about you."

Bensch reminded Kiki that just the suggestion of sexual harassment could "cost a man his career. You want me to lose my job over mixed signals?" She vowed to hold him accountable for his actions and informed him that she was exploring legal options. "Rumors will be the least of your problems," she growled. He called every instance of harassment either a misunderstanding or an "innocent joke." "Big deal," he declared in her face, and he told her to "grow up" and deal with the real world.

Bensch went on about how no male doctor would ever want to work with Kiki, and she was killing her career before it even started. Griffin pounced on Bensch, pinning him against a locker and demanding to know if the article was really about him. Kiki begged Griffin to stop, and he finally let Bensch go. Griffin vowed that Kiki would take Bensch down. "We'll see," Bensch said with a smirk, and he left the room.

Griffin asked if the article had been about Bensch, and Kiki nodded gravely. He kicked himself for not seeing it, and he wished she'd talked to him about it. She thought that he was the last person she'd go to after they'd slept together. She didn't need his help, as she had Elizabeth, Lulu, and Alexis, but she thanked her "good friend" for the offer.

Dr. Bensch walked through the halls and took his phone out. He looked at a picture of Kiki and Griffin hugging and smirked.

Carly sat up as Rupert watched. She woozily fell back down onto the bed. Rupert put her legs on the bed and told her, "I'll be seeing you around, Caroline," and he left the room. "It's Carly. My name is Carly," she said weakly.

Mary Pat wondered why Jason would leave General Hospital, and he admitted that he'd heard there were more available hours at Ferncliff. She wondered if contact with patients would be a problem, and he denied that it would. "A mess is a mess everywhere. It's my job to clean it up," he added. Mary Pat offered to take him on a tour, and they left her office.

Mary Pat showed Jason around the wing with the "violent offenders," who were mostly in solitary. He wondered if that was on doctor's orders, and she proudly divulged that it was on her own orders. From her room, Carly heard Jason's voice as Mary Pat told Jason about what had landed Carly in Ferncliff. "Jason, thank God," Carly muttered as she looked out the window of her door. He saw her and nodded, unseen by Mary Pat, who was replying to a text message.

Rupert approached and caught sight of Carly in the window, and he cursed that Carly's medication hadn't kicked in. Mary Pat introduced Rupert to "Jesse Nichols," and the chief orderly advised Jason to "stick to mopping floors. Leave the patients to the professionals." When he was gone, Mary Pat informed Jason that, as long as his references checked out, he could start later that day. She thought that he would be a good fit for the facility, and he agreed.

A short while later, Carly was sprawled out on her bed when the door to her room opened. "You're here. I knew you'd come," she said. A confused Kevin entered the room and shut the door. He wondered if she'd seen Morgan, but she insisted that she hadn't. He wondered how much medication she was on, but she only asked if he were "here, or am I imagining you?" He promised that he was real, and she grabbed his hand. He promised to do everything he could to help her.

Peter's life is in danger

Peter's life is in danger

Friday, June 15, 2018

Carly woke up from a drug-induced sleep at Ferncliff and saw Kevin in her room. She couldn't believe he was really there. Kevin revealed that he had taken on extra work while Laura had been gone, and he admitted that he hadn't thought that Carly had been ill enough to assault Nelle. Carly replied that Nelle was a liar, and she didn't belong at Ferncliff.

Kevin fetched Carly a glass of water and confessed that he'd "misread" Carly's condition. He offered to find another doctor to replace him, but Carly was adamant that he stick with her. Carly told him that his had been the first friendly face she'd seen. She also described the various medications she'd been given, and Kevin thought it absurd. Carly thought that the nurse had wanted to control her. She wondered if Kevin would be able to help her get out of the hospital.

Kevin agreed to advise the staff that Carly was not to receive any antipsychotics. He thought that someone had "overstepped," but he was there to help Carly to heal. Carly asked when she'd be able to leave, and Kevin explained that he couldn't say, but he'd be there for her "every step of the way." Carly grabbed his hand in appreciation.

Sonny and Mike sat at a table in Pozzulo's. Sonny failed to get in touch with Carly, but he told Mike he'd enjoyed riding in the old Bel Air with him. Mike had loved his old car that had been similar. Sonny mentioned the huge trunk in the car that would have been big enough to hold a body. Mike spoke about old times, when Sonny had been a kid, and how Sonny had thrown his life away working for Scully. Mike added that it had been a good thing he'd been there too.

Sonny told Mike to tell him exactly what he meant, and Mike suggested that Sonny had owed him a favor, which had resulted in their ride in the Bel Air. Sonny grabbed a bottle of liquor and poured them drinks. Mike clarified that Sonny hadn't really owed him because he'd abandoned Sonny and his mother, and that was why he'd tried to watch out for Sonny. Mike had always kept an eye on Sonny, whether he'd realized it or not.

Mike explained that he'd watched Sonny fall in with the "hoods" but had tried to keep him from getting into trouble. Sonny wondered whether Mike was familiar with his first job at Croton, and Mike admitted he'd heard about it. He had known he couldn't prevent Sonny from doing what he'd done, but he'd known he could save him. Sonny slammed his hands against his face and asked why Mike hadn't told him previously.

Mike declared that the ride in the Bel Air had cleared his mind, and Sonny asked exactly what Mike knew. Sonny added that he and Jason had spent much time digging up Croton but had not found a body, only a money clip. Mike admitted that he'd taken the body.

At the cabin in the woods, Peter moaned as he lay on the bed. Liesl agreed that he had a fever, and his hand was infected. She denied that Peter could be helped because he deserved to suffer after Nathan's death. Nina burst in and asked her aunt if she was trying to kill Peter. Liesl was annoyed, but Nina reminded Liesl that she had taken an oath as a doctor.

Peter begged Nina to help him, and she provided him with some aspirin and water. She announced that Curtis and Sam had been looking for Peter, and she'd distracted Valentin while they'd searched Wyndemere. Peter didn't want to die from his infected hand, and he pleaded for Nina's help.

Nina bandaged Peter's hand and told her aunt that he needed antibiotics. She demanded that Liesl get the meds, or Nina would call 9-1-1. Liesl was perturbed, but she agreed to retrieve some medicine; she left. Peter advised Nina that she had been pulled into helping Liesl, and Nina was better than Faison and Liesl. Nina accused him of masquerading as a friend and said he'd gotten Nathan killed.

Peter insisted that he hadn't been responsible for Nathan's death, and he was sorry for what had transpired. He didn't want to see Nina go to prison, and he reminded her of Charlotte, Maxie, and the baby. "Let me go," he pleaded. Nina refused to listen, and the two argued over the details of the day of Nathan's death. Peter declared that he wasn't a monster and had tried to make amends by leaving a note for Maxie as well as having a plan to return the flash drive to Drew. He wondered if Dr. Maddox had performed the procedure on Drew.

Nearby, Kim and Julian camped out and snuggled in their tent. Kim applied ointment to Julian's bug bites, and Julian ran off after a snake appeared under their blanket. Kim teased him and suggested they go skinny-dipping in a nearby pond. She sent him to get the beach towels in the car while she called Oscar. Julian admitted he was having fun.

Oscar and Drew stopped at the Floating Rib for lunch after spending some quality time together. Drew complimented his son on his hard work and advised him that he'd been entitled to their celebration and midnight swim. They talked about Oscar's school paper, and Drew made a comparison between his life and Camus' The Stranger that Oscar had written about. Drew commented that he knew about being a stranger and not knowing himself.

The parallel dawned on Oscar, and he stated that he was not happy with his mother dating Julian, who had been a convict. Drew pointed out that Josslyn's stepfather also had a history, but Oscar didn't hold Josslyn responsible. Oscar admitted that he wanted to see Kim dating Drew, who understood but stressed that families were available in different packages. Oscar wished that Drew could remember his past, and Drew revealed that while he wished the same, he'd turned down a procedure that might have enabled him to do so.

Drew added that he'd turned down the risky procedure due to Oscar and his invitation to his awards ceremony. Drew had realized that he didn't want to be a vegetable if the procedure hadn't worked. Drew assured Oscar that while his memories were someone else's, his future would be his own.

Oscar wanted to cheat on his regular restricted diet, and Drew agreed they could order all the fried foods that Oscar usually didn't eat. Oscar went to the counter to order, and Drew answered Oscar's phone when Kim called. She urged Drew to have Oscar eat a vegetable, and Drew told her that his time with Oscar had made them closer. He wondered if Julian had been eaten by a bear.

Oscar returned, and Drew told him about the flash drive that Peter might have, and he admitted that he'd love to have his memories in order to give Oscar some good advice. He thought they should just move forward. After eating, Oscar revealed that he was meeting Josslyn and doing some work. He'd had a great time, and Drew suggested they not wait for Kim to go camping before they met again.

Anna and Finn clasped hands as they walked through General Hospital. Anna admitted that she felt better not carrying around a "lifetime worth of secrets," and she was flustered that they had gone public with their relationship. She also mentioned that there had been no sign of her son, and she thought that perhaps he wouldn't be found.

Later, Finn found Anna sitting in his office after her phlebotomy appointment and his rounds. He was happy to see her, although she announced that she was heading home to wait for Robert's call and any information on the search for Peter. Finn wanted her to stay, as he only had a "light schedule," and Anna agreed that she didn't want to play games. They shared a kiss, and Anna declared that she wanted to stay.

As Finn and Anna walked in the hospital, she revealed that it was her son's birthday. Liesl sneaked around the hallways of the hospital as she picked up some antibiotics for Peter and overheard Anna. She smirked as she went about her business. Anna stated that it was difficult for her to share information, and Finn imagined that the day had been difficult for Anna over the years.

Anna disclosed that she'd always tried to be alone on the day, but she should have told Robert about it. He had recently told her that he was sorry that he hadn't made her feel safer. Finn replied that he had learned that regrets compounded pain, so there was to be no "if only." They sat at a table and held hands. Finn suggested that she change her life a little at a time, and he had an idea.

Finn left and returned with a stack of waffles piled with a dollop of whipped cream. He noted that the nurses' lounge had everything including party supplies. He placed a candle on top of the waffles. "We're marking your son's birthday," he said. He lit the candle and urged Anna to make a wish. She stated that she was sorry for not giving her son the life he should have had, and she wanted him to be safe. She blew out the candle.

Liesl called Nina and advised her that she had the antibiotics. There were a lot of people in the camping area, and she'd needed to park a distance away. Back at the cabin, Nina related the information to Peter, who pleaded not to let Liesl near him. "Your aunt is lethal," he said.

Peter told Nina about the flash drive and recalled having it in his hand. It had been gone when Liesl had dragged him on the ground. The flash drive contained "everything Drew Cain needs to be the man he used to be," Peter related. Nina left, citing the need to check Peter's story. If it turned out to be true, it would be a "game changer," she said in parting.

Shortly after, Peter heard a hissing sound. "What is that?" he wondered. The sound continued, and suddenly, he spotted a snake lying on top of his bed. He began to scream.

Kim and Julian were nearby, and Julian spotted Liesl. They exchanged taunts, and Julian introduced Kim and Liesl. He wondered why Liesl was there. She replied that she was taking some "me time" away from Port Charles. Kim expressed her sympathy over the loss of Liesl's son, and Julian warned Liesl not to step on any rattlesnakes and get herself killed.

Liesl insisted there were no rattlesnakes around, but Julian disagreed. Suddenly, they all heard a man screaming.

Nina rushed into the Floating Rib. "You're here," she called out when she saw Drew. She believed that she had been destined to run into him.

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