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Dante took a temporary undercover assignment with the WSB. Michael asked Nelle to marry him. Anna decided to go to Berkeley, but Valentin sent a henchman to intercept her. Sam and Spinelli helped Jason uncover proof that Nelle had gaslighted Carly.
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Jason gets caught

Jason gets caught

Monday, June 25, 2018

In Peter's hotel room, Sam directed Curtis toward the air vent. As he reached up to take the vent off, the door opened, and D.A. Dawson entered. As they tried to explain that they were private investigators hired by the police department, Dawson took their picture. She dismissed it as "breaking and entered," and she forwarded the picture to the cops. Sam and Curtis handed their IDs to Dawson, and she wondered why they'd been told to search the district attorney's room.

Curtis explained that the room was actually Peter's "last known whereabouts," and it had to have been an oversight that no one had told her that they would be there. She told them to continue their investigation and sat down to watch. Looking in the air vent, Curtis thought that the dust imprint made it look like there had been a bag in the vent for a "quick getaway." They finished up, and Curtis thanked Dawson for her cooperation. "It was...interesting meeting you," Sam said icily, and she and Curtis left.

Inside her room, Carly heard a man screaming and looked out the window. Outside the room, Jason looked around for the source of the scream as Kevin rounded the corner. Jason asked who the screaming patient was, but Kevin replied that he didn't discuss patients with custodians. Kevin had to let a supervisor know about the patient, so Jason asked for a minute with Carly while Kevin was gone. Kevin reluctantly agreed and locked Jason in Carly's room.

Jason handed Carly his "burner phone" and instructed her to keep it hidden, keep it off, and only use it in emergencies. He believed that Kevin was going to turn him in, but he promised that he was going to get Carly out. They embraced as Kevin returned. Jason left, and Kevin sat down for his session with Carly. She confessed to him that her insanity plea had just been a "defense tactic" to keep her out of prison. He wondered if she'd deliberately pushed Nelle, but she stood by her story about how she and Nelle had struggled over a baby blanket.

Kevin thought that he still needed to talk with Carly, as he believed that her grief over Morgan had left her "open to manipulation" by Nelle. He suggested that there were other ways of honoring Morgan than believing that he was still around. A short while later, Carly grabbed for the cell phone as she heard knocks on her wall. She realized it was Morse Code and called out through the wall.

Jason was mopping the floor when Mary Pat approached. She informed him that his shift had ended ten minutes before, and they didn't pay for overtime. She appreciated his diligence, but she instructed him to clock out immediately.

Jordan found Maxie in a waiting room at the hospital and was pleased to hear that James would be going home. She believed that he was a "fighter," just like both of his parents. She wanted to talk to Maxie "as commissioner," and Maxie spotted the P.K. Sinclair book in Jordan's hand. Jordan revealed that it had seemed like Peter had been trying to "start over" for Maxie and that she'd been his only real friend. "I'm not his friend," Maxie grumbled.

Jordan wondered if Peter had ever talked about a safe haven, but Maxie replied that Peter had only ever given "minimal details" about his life, which might or might not have even been true. Maxie wondered how she was supposed to care for James alone when she and Nathan were supposed to have been a team. Jordan urged her not to worry and embraced her. She assured Maxie that she was only a phone call away anytime Maxie needed, especially for the "single mom stuff."

At the Floating Rib, Sam and Curtis were in disbelief about the outcome of their investigation. Sam added that the D.A. "rubs me the wrong way." Jordan entered and sat with them. She told them about the security footage from the Metro Court, in which Peter was seen entering the hotel but not leaving. Dawson entered, and Jordan introduced her to Curtis and Sam. "We already met," Curtis said sheepishly.

At their own table a few minutes later, Dawson expressed her concern to Jordan about Jordan giving business to her fiancÚ, as well as Sam's affiliation with Sonny and Jason. Jordan understood Dawson's concerns and assured her that Sam and Curtis were the best around at their job. Dawson observed how interesting it was that both sides of the law were so "interwoven" in Port Charles.

Sam and Curtis discussed where Peter could have gone and who could have helped him go. Sam suggested that, instead of looking for someone who would help him, they should start concentrating on those who were looking for revenge.

At the Floating Rib, Anna read an article on her tablet from the Port Charles Press entitled "International Spy Cesar Faison's Son Still Missing." Felicia entered and wondered if Anna had seen Liesl around. "What could be more important than her own grandson?" she wondered. She explained to Anna that she was planning Maxie's baby shower with Liesl, even though Maxie had already had the baby. Anna regretted that she wouldn't be able to attend the shower, as she didn't want drama between her and Liesl to ruin the day. Felicia understood and added that she was grateful that Anna's son had been there to take care of Maxie and James.

Anna wished that Peter wasn't Faison's son, and she took responsibility for the course of Peter's life. She added that Robin was still processing the truth, but she had the support of her family. "Who's comforting you?" Felicia wondered. "Me," Finn said, smiling as he put a hand on Anna's shoulder. Felicia was ecstatic for the couple and thought that their relationship would be "epic." She excused herself to go find Liesl, and she left. Anna informed Finn that she hadn't heard from Robin, and he urged her to "go fix your relationship."

Later, Finn was gone, and Jason entered. Anna wondered if he had any leads on Peter, but he admitted that he was focused on Carly. She told him that she'd told Robin about Henrik, and Jason confessed that he'd talked to Robin. She'd thanked him for saving Anna's life, and Anna apologized that she wouldn't have done anything different that night. Jason admitted that he probably would have acted the same as Anna had if she'd had a gun on Michael.

Jason told Anna that she'd taught Robin about things like kindness and doing the right thing, and Robin had taught Jason all of that after his accident. He didn't think he could even repay them for that. Jason's phone went off, and he announced that he had to go. She wished him luck and told him to be careful with whatever he was doing. He advised her to watch her back, and he left.

Finn returned and informed Anna that he would have to go back to his patient soon. She took the opportunity to say goodbye, as she'd booked herself a flight back out to Robin. He offered to walk her out, and when they were alone, he caught her in a passionate kiss. "I am coming back," she assured him when they broke apart. "I'll be here when you do," he assured her. They shared another kiss.

Jason returned to Ferncliff, where he was greeted by Mary Pat as "Mr. Morgan. I don't like liars." She asked for his badge, and he reluctantly gave it to her. She advised him to follow her out, or she would have Rupert escort him out. She walked away, and Jason followed as Kevin watched from around the corner.

Nina informed Valentin that she was capable of saving herself, but Valentin reminded her of when he'd had to save her after Cassandra had attacked her. She wondered if he was trying to blackmail her, and he vehemently denied it. He promised that no one would ever know about what had happened that night, except for Anna, who'd figured it out for herself. It dawned on Nina that Valentin had only ever protected Peter because he was Anna's son.

Valentin wasn't there to talk about Anna, but Nina told him that they were done talking at all. Just then, Felicia entered and wondered if Nina had seen Liesl, as she wanted to get together with Nina and Liesl to make sure that Maxie had everything she needed before she took James home. Nina claimed not to know where Liesl was but promised to get a message to her for Felicia. Felicia left, and Nina told Valentin that she was concentrating fully on James.

When Nina was gone, Valentin made a phone call. He asked someone if they'd gotten his instructions. "You need to follow them to the letter," he instructed. "I'm doing this for my wife. There's no margin for error," he added.

Liesl finished eating her barbeque, and her tablet chimed. She was delighted to see that the new P.K. Sinclair book had downloaded to her tablet, and she began to read the book out loud. After a section about a fight between the "fictional" father and son, Peter commented that an empty dorm was better than being around Faison for Christmas. Suddenly, Liesl got an idea. She thought that Peter could use his skills to write a sequel to his first book that could be his confession.

Liesl continued that Peter could live if the book was a success. He reminded her that she'd broken his hand, so he couldn't write. She replied that he would dictate, and she would write it. That way, she could add in her own perspective. She thought that after writing about "Anna's destruction," they could write a "testament to Nathan." Peter asked Liesl about Nathan, and she dreamily replied that Nathan had been "too good for this world. Kind, giving, resemblance!"

"Still alive?" Nina questioned when she entered the cabin. Peter answered that he was starving, and Liesl stuffed a leftover French fry in his mouth. Nina updated Liesl on Felicia's search for Liesl, and she informed her aunt that it was very "out of character" for Liesl not to be hovering over her grandson. Liesl understood and left, and Peter took the opportunity to ask about Maxie and James. He related that he only wanted the two to be safe, and he wondered if Nina wanted the man who'd delivered her nephew to be treated as he was. "Nina, please, I'm begging you, save me," he pleaded.

Maxie read the new P.K. Sinclair book out loud. She sarcastically yelled about Peter winning the award for worst childhood, and she threw the book just as Felicia entered. She wondered what was wrong, and Maxie replied that she hated that Peter's childhood was making it hard for her to hate him. Felicia instructed her not to waste any more time on Peter, as whatever fate had in store for him had nothing to do with Maxie. Just then, Liesl entered, and she cheerily told Felicia that they would go ahead with Maxie's baby shower just as she'd planned.

A driver loaded Anna's things into the car as she talked to Finn on the phone. He admitted that he missed her, and she agreed. When she was off the phone, from the backseat, she instructed the driver to take her to Port Charles International Airport. "You got it," he replied, covering up the gun on the passenger seat.

Mary Pat has a surprise for Carly

Mary Pat has a surprise for Carly

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Nelle was crawling on the floor, looking for the bottle of cologne, when Michael entered. He helped her up and informed her that he'd found her perfume. He handed her a bottle of her perfume and told her that she had to have put it in the medicine cabinet by mistake. She blamed her "baby brain" and took the bottle. He had thought she'd be more excited, but she told him that she was stressed with the combination of the baby's due date being so soon and Chase following her to Port Charles.

Michael reminded Nelle that he'd put Chase "on notice," but she was thinking about reporting Chase to Jordan anyway. "Like you did when you slept together?" Michael questioned, adding that the case against her had fallen apart because of it. She went through the alleged harassment she'd suffered thanks to Chase, and Michael wondered why she hadn't told him. She admitted that she was afraid he would leave again, but he promised he'd always be there for her and the baby.

Michael suggested that he make breakfast, but Nelle wanted to go see Josslyn. Michael offered to join, but Nelle thought that Josslyn would open up more if it was just Nelle. She promised to see him later and kissed him. When she was gone, he wiped his mouth.

Outside of Kelly's, Kim gushed over Oscar and his award from the school for "excellence in writing." Kim asked a sad Josslyn to take a picture of her, Oscar, and Drew, and Josslyn obliged. Kim assured Josslyn that she'd gotten plenty of pictures of Josslyn with her award -- a plaque for excellence in athletics -- and she promised to send the pictures to Josslyn's parents. Drew and Kim went into Kelly's to get a table for breakfast.

Josslyn revealed that she'd gotten Oscar a gift, and she handed him a bag. He unwrapped a compass, and she told him that it was so he didn't get lost when he went hiking. She went into her purse and revealed that she'd gotten him something else. She handed him the bottle of cologne. She claimed that she'd accidentally spilled some when she'd tried to see if it still "smelled as good as I remember," and that was why it wasn't completely full.

Oscar thought that the gifts were the second best part of his day, ranked after seeing both of his parents in the audience while he accepted his award. He'd always wished for it growing up, and Josslyn was happy for him. He wondered why Nelle hadn't been at the ceremony, as he'd thought she and Josslyn were close. Josslyn yelled at him to "shut up about the ceremony." She reminded him that her family had more important things going on, and she stormed off.

Jason arrived at Sonny's and assured Sonny that Carly was "hanging in there," but he'd been fired. He explained that Carly was "in trouble," because Mary Pat was a control freak and hated that Carly didn't fear her. Jason feared that if they didn't get Carly out fast enough, she would make a plan on her own to get out.

Josslyn arrived, and Jason wondered what she was holding. She brushed it off as unimportant, but she showed them her award from school. Sonny congratulated her and told her that he would have gone to the ceremony. "No one would be more proud than your mom," Jason added. Sonny offered to have a dinner celebration that night, and she agreed. Sonny had to take care of something, so he left. Josslyn informed Jason that he didn't need to babysit her, but she broke down crying in his arms.

Josslyn cried that she hadn't visited Carly when she'd had the chance, and she feared that Carly would think that Josslyn didn't love her anymore. Jason assured her that Carly would never give up on any of her loved ones, and he promised that Carly would return home. Josslyn believed him because Carly believed in him more than anyone else.

Later, Jason was gone, and Josslyn was trying to write a letter to Carly, starting with telling her mother about her award. The doorbell rang, and Josslyn answered the door to Nelle. She apologized for not giving Josslyn the attention she'd deserved when she'd been upset. She also wanted to ask if Josslyn had found Nelle's bottle of cologne. Josslyn answered that she'd grabbed it by accident, but she'd tossed it in the recycling, since it had been mostly empty.

Nelle had to go run errands, but she promised to see Josslyn soon and left. Josslyn returned to her letter and wondered what she was supposed to write. She went into her bag and took out a bathing suit that still had the tags and security devices on it. She tried to pull off the security devices.

Jason met with Michael to "check in." "I'm still alive," Michael joked, but Jason scolded him for the joke. Michael took the blame for Carly being put in Ferncliff after he'd tried to "save" Nelle, who he'd known was "twisted." Michael observed that his family was "crumbling," and he needed to make it right. Jason promised to help, and he asked if Michael had had any luck with Nelle's computer.

Michael told Jason that he'd found proof of Nelle sending the T-shirt to herself to frame Chase. He added that Nelle believed she had Michael "eating out of her hand." Jason said that Spinelli could follow the lead of the T-shirt, which could possibly lead to the scarf and baby blanket. He advised Michael to back off, but Michael replied, "Hell, no. I'm just getting started."

At Kelly's, Drew teased Kim for how over the top she could be, and he commended her for toning it down for Oscar at the ceremony. She commented that he had "good instincts" with Oscar and asked to pick his brain. She wondered if Oscar had said anything about Julian, but she realized that he probably wanted his parents to be together. Drew figured that Oscar would let it sink in eventually, and Kim told him how glad she was that Oscar had Drew.

Oscar entered, clearly upset, and Kim asked what was wrong. Oscar explained that he'd said something stupid, and Josslyn had blown up and stormed out. "Welcome to the world of relationships," Drew teased. He assured Oscar that people made mistakes, but things would be fine. He added that Josslyn would need Oscar to lean on.

Oscar showed his parents the gifts Josslyn had gotten him, and Kim apprised Oscar of the "one-spritz rule" when she saw the cologne. Oscar spritzed it on, and his parents approved. Kim's phone went off, and she and Drew both realized they had to go. Oscar thanked them for being there for him and hugged them, and they left.

A short while later, Oscar was sitting alone when Nelle entered. He greeted her and asked how she was doing. She started to answer but stopped and asked if he was wearing cologne. "Is it too much?" he wondered, and he informed a suspicious Nelle that Josslyn had given it to him.

Dante got some coffee for Chase, who asked if it was laced. "That's not my style," Dante replied. Chase insisted that he and Dante were on the same side, and he was just trying to help protect Dante's family from Nelle. Chase added that Nelle had "played" him once, and he refused to let it happen again. Chase confided that he'd stayed quiet about his connection to Nelle because they needed an "airtight" case so that Nelle couldn't use both of their biases against them. "Let's get to work," Dante declared.

A short while later, Dante mentioned an interrogation Chase had done of a guy who'd been on the docks around the time of Zach's death. The man had insisted that he'd left the plug in the kayak, but he'd added that Nelle had made a "big show" of leaning over the kayak to kiss Zach, which was when she could have pulled the plug. Chase was glad that Dante had followed up with the man, but he wondered why the man hadn't told Chase that detail. Dante replied that the man had tried to protect Nelle after hearing the story of her stolen kidney. "Something is missing," Chase thought.

Sonny entered the station and asked to talk to Dante about something important. A few minutes later, they concluded their conversation, and Chase took the opportunity to apologize to Sonny about how hard he'd been on Mike. Sonny reasoned that Chase had been doing his job, and Chase replied that he was determined to be better. Sonny thanked Dante for his help. The men embraced, and Sonny left. "Now what?" Chase wondered, and Dante revealed that he had an idea.

Dante made sure that Chase's relationship with Nelle was fake, but Chase informed Dante that he'd actually thought he and Nelle could have had something real "if she hadn't been a psychotic murderer." Dante wondered if she'd trusted Chase, and he replied that he hadn't given her a reason not to trust him. Dante advised Chase to reach out to Nelle and "rattle the cage," and Chase nodded.

Carly closed the book she was reading and looked out the window in her door. She had just gotten the phone out from her mattress when Mary Pat entered the room, wondering what Carly had in her hand. Carly replied that it was a diary that Kevin had suggested Carly keep. Mary Pat wanted to read it, so Carly reluctantly handed her a book. As Mary Pat read about how much better Carly was feeling and how she wanted to be a Ferncliff "all-star," Carly hid the phone in her bed.

Mary Pat wondered about Carly's "change of heart," and Carly answered that the change in her medication had helped. "Too bad you can't share the good news with your friend," Mary Pat said, informing Carly that Jason was gone and wouldn't return. There was a knock on the wall, and Mary Pat screamed for the patient to stop knocking as she banged on the wall. She advised Carly that the patient was dangerous, and Carly shouldn't engage.

When Mary Pat was gone, Carly looked out the window to make sure, and she put the phone back into her mattress. The patient next door knocked out the call for "S.O.S." in Morse code again, which drew Carly to the wall. She talked herself out of it and sat on the floor. She did some sit-ups while repeating, "Stay strong, stay focused, go home."

Mary Pat entered the room of the patient next door to Carly. "I told you what would happen if you didn't stop," she growled. She called herself "a woman of my word," and she pulled out a syringe.

Carly saw Mary Pat walk by again and took the opportunity to go back to the wall. "Hello?" she called out as she knocked on the wall. She went to her mattress to get the phone when Mary Pat returned. Carly demanded to know what Mary Pat had done with the patient next door. Mary Pat replied that she wasn't there to discuss it, even if she was allowed to.

Mary Pat revealed that she had a surprise for Carly, even if she wasn't sure how it had been allowed to happen. "In the meantime," she started, and Sonny entered the room. Sonny and Carly embraced as they talked about how much they missed one another. They shared a kiss.

Michael has a proposition for Nelle

Michael has a proposition for Nelle

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Carly hugged Sonny and wondered how he'd been allowed to visit her. He confided that Dante had "pulled some strings." Rupert entered and observed that Carly was "breaking the rules," but Sonny invited him outside of the room for a "chat." Sonny offered Rupert a "gratuity" for letting him have a few minutes with Carly. He also would make it a "personal favor" if Rupert would look after Carly, and he handed Rupert a bill. Rupert promised to look after Carly, shook Sonny's hand, and said, "Thank you, sir."

"Nice work," Carly commended when Sonny returned. Carly asked Sonny to warn Michael to stay away from Nelle and to assure Josslyn that it wasn't her fault that Carly was in Ferncliff. Sonny promised to prove that Nelle had set Carly up, but Carly wondered if Sonny actually believed that Nelle had set her up. "She did a hell of a job," Sonny said of Nelle. He promised that Nelle would pay once Carly was out and the baby was safe.

There was a knock on the door, and Rupert advised Sonny that "it's time." When he left to give Sonny and Carly another minute, Carly thanked Sonny for "solving my Rupert problem." She wished he could do the same about Mary Pat, and Sonny told her that he'd think of something. He advised her to stay strong, hugged her, and left.

A short while later, Carly heard knocking on the wall again. She went to the wall and yelled that she didn't understand Morse Code. She retrieved the phone from her mattress and figured there had to be an app to figure out what the patient was trying to say. Minutes later, she discovered that the patient was knocking "S.O.S."

Elizabeth and Franco were walking through the hospital when they happened upon a new sign that read, "anyone who experiences or witnesses sexual harassment or intimidation is to report it at once to HR." Elizabeth commented that Kiki had already made a difference, as the signs were all over the hospital, but Franco regretted that it was too late to help Kiki. Franco loudly wondered why Bensch was still at the hospital, and Elizabeth warned him to keep his voice down. She believed that the truth would surface, and justice would be served.

Kiki saw Francesca reading one of the new signs when Michael bumped into her and greeted her. "There's something you should know," she said seriously as Kiki watched. She backpedaled and claimed to have wanted to tell him that there were no hard feelings about how their date had ended. She walked away to get back to work. Kiki approached Michael, and he wondered how she was doing. She revealed that she'd been called everything from "brave to a lying slut."

Michael told Kiki that her article had been the sole purpose of the emergency board meeting he'd just left. He called her brave for telling her story, and he was confident that she would win. When he was gone, Francesca approached Kiki and muttered that Kiki was brave, but not everyone could be. Kiki knew that the choice wasn't easy, and she would understand if Francesca didn't want to speak out.

Griffin sparred with a punching bag as he flashed back to his night with Kiki. Ava entered and knew that he was worried about Kiki, and it meant a lot to her that he cared about her daughter. He had to get changed and get to the hospital, and Ava related that she was headed there, too. She gushed how lucky she was to have him and added that if it had been on her, there was no telling what she would do to avenge her daughter.

Ava and Griffin arrived at the hospital, and she immediately saw the new posters. Elizabeth thought it showed how Kiki was already making a change in the hospital. Franco only hoped that Bensch would "get what's coming." He invited Ava out for coffee, and she accepted, so they left Griffin and Elizabeth to their work. Just then, Elizabeth's phone went off, and she gasped in happy surprise. She revealed to Griffin that she'd gotten a message from someone she thought she would never hear from again.

When Elizabeth was done replying to the message, she assured Griffin that Kiki would be victorious, but she wondered how to help. Griffin responded that they could only support Kiki, and they agreed that they had faith in Alexis. Elizabeth hoped that Kiki was ready for how ugly things would get, and she wondered the same of Griffin. She reminded him that seeing her daughter attacked would cause Ava to "bare her claws." He assured her that Ava knew taking things into her own hands was the worst thing she could do.

At Kelly's, Ava wondered how the doctors and nurses saw Kiki. Franco replied that Kiki was a hero to the nurses, but he said that there were definitely some doctors in the "good-old-boys network." Franco wondered if she ever wished that she were the "old Ava." "Maybe a little," she admitted, and she asked the same of Franco. He admitted that sometimes he did, but he was "happier now" and reasoned that Kiki was doing things the "right way."

Franco wondered what would happen if, "hypothetically," things didn't work out. Ava was willing to wait and see how things worked out. Franco observed that they were just "two peaceful, law-abiding citizens having coffee." He toasted to Kiki getting the justice she deserved. Ava added that, if Kiki didn't, then Bensch would, and the two clinked their cups together.

Julian set down a cortado for Kim, and she remarked on his attentiveness. She related that it was just like the room service he'd proposed for them to enjoy after camping. Alexis entered with something to give Julian after his help at her therapy session, and Kim sat down at a table. Alexis handed him an envelope, and he opened it to find the deed to her house. She reminded him that he'd bought it for her, but he maintained that he'd bought it for her. He apologized that there were so many bad memories for Alexis in the house.

Julian noticed Alexis' watch, and she briefly told him the story behind it. She wanted to get rid of it, but he thought she could keep it as a reminder of "what not to do." He'd convinced her to keep it, but Alexis' phone rang and interrupted them. She answered it to Kiki, who asked to see her. Alexis told Kiki that she was at Charlie's, and Kiki promised to be there soon.

Julian sat with Kim and informed her that Alexis was following up after he'd attended her therapy session. She was surprised that he'd decided to attend and teased that she realized why he'd been so attentive. She wanted to finish the conversation they'd been having before Alexis had entered. He handed her some papers and hinted that he was making good on his offer of room service. She suspiciously looked at the papers and yelled, "Florence?" He wondered if she approved. "I can't wait," she said, and they shared a kiss.

Kiki entered Charlie's and told Alexis that she wanted to go ahead with the lawsuit, because another victim had surfaced. Francesca entered, and the three sat at a table. Francesca explained how her months-long harassment had started with Bensch calling her into his office, claiming to need her help. He would touch her innocently at first, until he'd kissed her and claimed it as a misunderstanding. He'd threatened her career until she'd finally given in and slept with him.

The harassment had stopped once Francesca had slept with Bensch, and she'd been relieved until she'd realized that he'd probably moved on to someone else. Alexis wondered if Francesca was willing to say all of that in court. "Every word," she promised confidently. "Let's do this," Kiki said. Alexis warned them that anything remotely scandalous would be dredged up in order to discredit them, so they needed to be honest with her. "Damn, I'm proud of you girls," Alexis added. She said that she would file the paperwork so they could "sue his sorry ass back to the Stone Age where it belongs."

"Don't leave on my account, Janelle," Chase told Nelle as she walked toward the door at Kelly's. He informed her that he had to talk to her, so they sat down at a table. He caught the scent of cologne and remembered smelling the same scent at the cemetery. He asked Nelle about it, and she claimed that a man wearing "a gallon of it" had just left. "You thought you dodged a bullet. You thought wrong," he warned her.

Nelle got up from the table, citing that the stressful conversation wasn't good for the baby. He revealed that he'd still wanted to prove that Nelle was guilty until he'd bumped into her at the courthouse. He thought that she didn't belong with Michael any more than she'd belonged with Zach. He held her hand and gently told her that he and she were alike. Michael entered, and Nelle suddenly ripped her hand away and yelled at Chase to "let me go!"

Chase explained to Michael that he and Nelle had just been talking about old times, and Michael mentioned the T-shirt Chase had sent to Nelle. Chase hoped that Michael wasn't believing Nelle's lies. Michael threatened Chase with a restraining order, and he escorted her out.

A short while later, Sonny walked into the gym and found Chase beating up a punching bag, and he advised Chase to take it easy. Chase wondered if Sonny had seen Carly, and he admitted that he wanted to help get her out of Ferncliff. "Believe it or not," Chase started, and he told Sonny that they were fighting on the same side. He continued to hit the punching bag.

Back at the Quartermaine estate, Michael advised Nelle to get some rest. She told Michael that Chase had called her crazy for thinking she belonged with people like Michael. Michael took out his phone to call Diane, but she thought Chase was right, and she left the room. Minutes later, Sonny entered, and he informed Michael that Carly had wanted Sonny to warn Michael away from Nelle. Michael thought it was on him to fix things, as he'd ignored everyone's warnings, and because of it, his innocent child had a "psycho for a mom."

Sonny advised Michael to be careful. Michael assured his father that his eyes were open, and he knew what he was doing. "You better," Sonny said, and he left. Nelle returned and wondered who Michael had been talking to. He revealed that it had been Sonny with an update on Carly. Nelle insisted that she hoped Carly was all right.

Nelle worried that Michael would believe all the terrible things Chase had said about her, but Michael insisted that he believed in her. He added that Chase probably wanted to be with her. He reminded her that once the baby was born, things would get better, and they would get closer, "so why wait?" Nelle asked for clarification. "Let's get married," Michael suggested.

Dante says goodbye; Nelle says yes

Dante says goodbye; Nelle says yes

Thursday, June 28, 2018

At Volonino's, Chase held the punching bag for Sam as she worked out. He had to leave for work, but Jason arrived at the same time. Sam agreed to spot Jason because he stated that he really needed to punch something. As Jason punched the bag violently, Sam noted that she was happy to see him. He told her about his brief job at Ferncliff until Dr. Collins had had him fired.

Sam stated that she had thought Kevin to be a "good guy," but Jason explained that Kevin had only been protecting Carly. Sam thought that had been a wise move, but Jason replied that he had wanted to protect Carly himself -- as well as make sure she didn't do anything she shouldn't. He thought that Carly always managed to do the wrong things when she panicked. He added that Mary Pat had it in for Carly as well as all of the other lurking dangers with the other patients. Ferncliff had been designed to "break you down," Jason concluded.

Jason noted that he had a few leads to evidence that would clear Carly. Sam thought it would take time, but Jason insisted that if Kevin couldn't get Carly out and if he didn't have the evidence, then Jason would break Carly out. He had a plan, and he and Carly could head to Canada, Jason declared. Sam pointed out the risks with the plan.

Jason stated that he had been looking for the scarf or proof that Nelle had purchased it, or the bottle of cologne. He mentioned the note on the flyer that had been blank, and he and Sam agreed that it had probably been disappearing ink. Jason needed to know what had happened to the flyer. Sam made a phone call and learned of the official call about vandals that Chase had made at the cemetery. The flyer had been logged in as evidence. Jason wanted to retrieve it in order for Spinelli to make the message reappear. Sam declared that they both would go after it.

At the Quartermaine residence, Nelle was shocked to hear Michael suggest they marry. "Be my wife. Let's become a family," Michael pleaded. He gave her reasons for the decision, but Nelle was suspicious and didn't want to marry just because they were having a child. Those marriages were "doomed," she told him. Michael claimed that Chase had "opened my eyes," and he thought it was a good time to get back what they'd had in the past. He added that they'd gotten closer recently. Nelle wondered if Michael still loved her.

Michael admitted he had been afraid, but he loved her and always had. He and Nelle shared a kiss, and Nelle said yes enthusiastically. She would marry Michael. They embraced. Nelle smiled happily, and Michael looked concerned.

Elizabeth was surprised to see Drew at her door. He told her he'd received an invitation to her wedding, and he wondered if she had meant to invite him or if it had been a mistake. Elizabeth explained that Franco had insisted, and Drew stressed that he wasn't trying to avoid it. He didn't want to be a reminder to Franco of the worst time in Franco's life, and he had wanted to make sure the invitation was legitimate.

Drew admitted that he didn't want to be a "dark cloud" at the wedding. Elizabeth replied that Franco cared about him and considered him a friend but was waiting to see what happened at the wedding. She didn't want Drew to mention the conversation.

Drew revealed that he would not have the procedure to attempt to retrieve his own memories, and Elizabeth was glad to hear it. Drew hated having Jason's memories, but Elizabeth suggested he focus on his own instead. She didn't think that Drew needed to honor Jason's mistakes. Drew revealed that he knew a lot about Jason's past -- enough to get him arrested. Elizabeth knew that Drew wasn't that kind of person.

Dante arrived home and looked around. He flashed back to pulling Lulu from the water as she had been drowning and to giving her CPR to save her life. Lulu showed up, and Dante told her they needed to talk. They sat down, and he disclosed that the WSB had a new lead in locating Raj Patel, the man who had been responsible for almost killing Lulu. Dante would be joining the group as a temporary transfer on their task force. He would be leaving that night.

Lulu was incredulous, but Dante stated that he had asked to join them. The suspect was also involved in arms dealing, and Dante would get a security job as a front to get him close to the weapons "pipeline." Lulu didn't understand, and she was upset that her husband would be leaving. Dante reminded her that he had always been good in undercover work.

Dante didn't want to leave, but he felt that he had to stop the arms dealer. He thought that he could make a change the way Lulu had in her career. He understood her choices finally. He thought they had time for a "proper goodbye."

Later, Chase arrived after Dante called him. Dante told him the news of his special assignment. He wanted Chase to look after Michael. Chase emphasized that he wouldn't go "soft" around Nelle, and he wouldn't allow her to seduce him. He had messed up before, but it wouldn't happen again. They shook hands. "Safe travels, partner," Chase said.

Dante packed up his things and announced that he'd have to call his mother from the car. He was teary and told Lulu to tell the kids he loved them. Lulu advised him that he'd be doing important work. When he received a text message, Dante announced that he had to leave. Lulu cried, and Dante thanked her for believing in him. She admitted that she had only pretended he'd been a jerk when they had first met. They kissed goodbye. Lulu flashed back to their first meeting and cried.

Ava and Franco stood in Franco's office at the hospital and plotted ways to get rid of Dr. Bensch. Franco finally insisted that he wasn't being serious about it, but Ava definitely was. Nearby, Finn left a message for Anna and told her he missed her. As Ava and Franco continued to plot, Finn walked in and called out, "Hey, Franco. You like it bloody, right?" He was about to order takeout burgers at Charlie's, and Epiphany had made him ask Franco to join. Franco declined, and Finn left.

Ava thought that Franco should have ordered a burger and talked to Finn about infectious diseases to consider in the demise of Bensch. Franco stated that he had merely been venting, but Ava declared that she was one to act -- and she couldn't allow Bensch to get away with what he'd done to Kiki. Franco pointed out that Kiki would have her day in court, and he couldn't allow himself to go through hell again. Ava pointed out that the odds were not in Kiki's favor, and Bensch would be back to his misdeeds. She demanded that Franco help her because Griffin wouldn't.

Franco admitted that he was trying to "do right by Elizabeth," and he thought that murder would be "drastic." He suggested they wait until after the trial to see how it panned out. Ava called her way more "expedient," but Franco wanted to be patient.

At Charlie's Pub, Alexis sat with Kiki and planned the next steps in the suit against Bensch. Suddenly, the doctor walked in and headed to the bar. Kiki couldn't help but glare at him. Alexis tried to get Kiki to ignore Bensch, but she decided it was time to let the doctor know about the suit. Alexis headed to the bar and told the doctor what he faced. He thought it ridiculous and "frivolous," but Alexis advised him to "lawyer up."

Alexis walked back to her table and asked Kiki if she were ready because there was no turning back. Kiki left, and Alexis looked at her phone. "One lousy man down and a whole bunch more to go," she said. She looked up and saw Finn standing there. Finn mentioned that he hadn't seen Alexis at their usual meetings. She told Finn that she had had to rearrange her schedule, which was why she hadn't been there. She was also still mad at him. Finn suggested that she was "politely enraged"

The pair joked about Alexis' anger, and she stated that cynicism was her specialty to hide the pain. She had been trying to figure out why she always chose bad men. "You're one of them," she advised Finn.

Finn was surprised to hear that about himself, and he blamed himself for not being honest with her. Alexis disagreed and stated that she had to take full responsibility because she had known he'd been interested in someone else. She thanked him for being a jerk. "You're welcome," Finn said. Alexis had to leave and announced that while she was still angry, it was not at Finn.

Chase sat at his desk at the police station and flashed back to running into Nelle in the courtroom. He pulled out her file to go through when suddenly he heard Michael and Nelle arrive. They were looking for Dante in order to speed up the process of getting a marriage license. Chase couldn't believe it and thought it was rather sudden. Michael stared at Chase intently.

Back at the hospital, Bensch spotted Scott, and he mentioned the "grievous damage" he'd suffered due to Lulu's article. He wanted Scott to represent him to countersue against the newspaper and the hospital. Bensch wanted to be vindicated, and Scott could be rich.

Scott walked in on Ava and Franco and announced that Bensch had approached him. Franco and Ava wanted to hear that Scott had refused to represent the doctor, but Ava berated Scott for accepting. Scott admitted that he had accepted at first because of the money and publicity, but he had then turned the doctor down. He had told Bensch, "Go fly a kite." Ava and Franco looked at each other and then at Scott. Ava smiled. "What?" Scott asked.

Scott slammed the door shut. He couldn't believe that Ava and Franco wanted him to take on Bensch only to follow it up and "tank" the case. Ava thought that if anyone could "tank" a case, it would be Scott. Franco was concerned about future victims. Ava offered to compensate Scott at double his usual rate.

Scott found Bensch on the phone, trying to find an attorney, and announced that he'd found an opening in his schedule. He admitted that he didn't like Bensch, but he didn't need to. Franco and Ava stood close by to watch and listen.

Some unexpected news has Spinelli in his feelings

Some unexpected news has Spinelli in his feelings

Friday, June 29, 2018

Sam and Jason stood at the entrance to the Port Charles Police Station. "This is what I do," Sam assured Jason as she went inside.

At the cabin, Liesl and Nina went back and forth over whether to stay with Peter or attend Maxie's baby shower. Nina felt Peter's head and announced that he was burning up. She asked Liesl about the flash drive that Peter had been murmuring about. Liesl didn't seem concerned about Peter, and she didn't know anything about a flash drive.

The women left, and a delirious Peter saw Maxie standing by his bed. She told him she wanted to watch him suffer and would never forgive him for what he'd done. Peter cried that he should have left town sooner, but she had needed him. He'd never had anyone need him before, and he'd wanted to redeem himself. He'd wanted Maxie's trust. Maxie replied that he had been nothing but a liar. "You're not Peter, you're Henrik," she shouted. Peter shouted out that he was not Henrik.

Maxie wished that he had really been her friend. Peter stated that it had been easy to be with her but he would die instead if it would make things easier for her. Suddenly, they both heard taps being played on a bugle. Maxie disappeared.

At Elizabeth's house, Drew joked that he could go to the police with all of Jason's memories and get him in trouble. Just then, Franco arrived and wondered if Drew was there to talk Elizabeth out of marriage. Franco was aware that he wasn't worthy of Elizabeth, but Elizabeth thought differently. Drew pointed out that Franco had spoken about Elizabeth very much when they'd been trapped together, and he wanted to attend the wedding.

Elizabeth went to the kitchen to pour some tea, and Franco confided that he'd sent the invitation to be polite. He knew that he and Drew weren't really friends. Drew disagreed and exclaimed that after Franco had saved his life when they'd been trapped -- and had stood up for him as a kid -- he would always consider Franco a friend.

Franco was flustered, and he wanted to say something but then decided not to. Elizabeth helped him out and disclosed that Franco wanted to know if Drew would be his best man. Franco stated that he knew they weren't in a "buddy movie," but Drew responded that if they were, he would say yes. Franco was happy to hear it.

Elizabeth received a text message from someone named Terry, and she proceeded to tell Franco and Drew about her best friend when she'd been twelve years old. They'd had a brother and sister relationship, and Terry had had the perfect family. He had called her Biz because she'd always been busy getting into trouble. She had moved to Port Charles, and they'd lost touch, but he was going to be visiting. Franco was jealous and assumed that Terry would be there to "reclaim" Elizabeth's heart.

Drew decided that it was a good time to take Franco out to get a drink. Elizabeth received another text message, and Drew practically dragged Franco out the door.

Jason and Spinelli met at Pozzulo's. Jason updated Spinelli on the cologne and the blank flyer that Carly had not imagined. It was "all Nelle," Jason declared. He added that someone had called to report Carly at the cemetery, and Spinelli suggested it had been Nelle. Just then, Sam returned. "Piece of cake," she professed. She had the mystery flyer in a plastic evidence bag, newly retrieved from the police station.

Sam revealed that she and Curtis had been working with the police department, so it had been easy to obtain. Spinelli was stunned to learn that Sam was in business with Curtis, though he congratulated her. Sam reminded Spinelli that he lived a distance away, but she suggested he freelance for them whenever possible. "Kind of feels like old times," Sam stated as she, Spinelli, and Jason stood to talk.

After Spinelli and Jason were alone, Spinelli admitted that he could understand how Jason felt when he'd seen Sam with Drew. He was sure that Curtis was great, and it wasn't like Curtis was taking his place exactly. He was thrilled that Sam had taken her maiden name and was divorcing Drew because she was more herself with them and Curtis. He hoped she was finished with her self-discovery and would find herself with those she loved -- like Jason.

Spinelli applied a special solution to the back of the blank flyer, and as he and Jason waited to see if it worked, Jason noted that he was sure it would. Spinelli called Nelle a sociopath, and Jason said that he could "read" Nelle, though he wished he'd been able to do so sooner. Jason told Spinelli about his time in Russia and his long-term plan to escape. He stated that Carly was unable to do the same thing, so others had to work it out for her.

Eventually, the message reappeared on the flyer. Spinelli declared that Carly had been right.

Felicia and Maxie headed into Charlie's Pub for Maxie's baby shower. They saw Bobbie and Lucy but wondered where the hostesses, Liesl and Nina, might be. Julian asked Bobbie about Lucas' baby adoption, and she assured him that all had been going smoothly. She hoped that Julian would stick by the agreement to stay out of the way. Jordan and Lulu arrived and declared that they didn't have any information on Peter or Dante.

Lulu filled Felicia and Maxie in on Dante's departure. When Lulu and Maxie ended up alone, Maxie expressed her concern for Lulu, who declared that she was doing okay. She admitted that she hadn't been able to argue with Dante's reasoning, and she had lots of support. Nina and Liesl ran in with decorations and the arts and crafts project. They had everyone seated at a table to decorate onesies. Sam arrived, and Liesl ordered her to the table with everyone else. Nina joked that Liesl might break Sam's hand if she didn't join in.

During the shower, Maxie made an announcement. She'd just learned that baby James would be home in a couple of days. She was also happy that Lulu was there. Sam overheard Nina and Liesl talking about Peter and stuck close by to listen. Felicia made a toast to her daughter. Maxie was grateful for everyone's support, and she knew that Nathan was there in spirit. She added that he said, "thank you, too."

Maxie sauntered over to Liesl and Nina and expressed her surprise that she hadn't seen them as often as she'd thought she would. Both women had excuses, and Maxie told them to visit anytime. Julian asked Liesl if her time in the woods had been helpful, and Liesl assured him it had. Nina panicked and dragged Liesl outside to ask her about it. Liesl confirmed that she'd seen Julian and Kim, and she'd told them the screaming they'd heard had been her primal scream therapy group. Nina thought that someone else might find Peter. Sam continued to hover.

Carly heard knocking again on her neighbor's wall at Ferncliff. She called out that she couldn't help. Kevin walked in, and Carly asked him if he had known about Jason's firing. Kevin admitted that he'd had to tell Mary Pat that Jason had used an alias, and Carly wanted him to leave her room. She refused to listen to Kevin's excuses unless it was mandatory on her part.

Kevin revealed that he'd done it to protect Carly because if Mary Pat had found out he'd known, he'd have been suspended himself. Carly would no longer have him as her doctor. He reminded her that she'd willingly chosen to enter into a conspiracy when she could have gone to Pentonville. Carly understood, but she shouted that she hadn't pushed Nelle -- and Jason had been the only one to believe her.

Kevin thought that the risk of Jason being there was worse, but Carly disagreed. She had always done better when Jason had been around. Kevin asked why, but Carly didn't want him to "go shrinky" on her. Kevin reminded her that it was the perfect opportunity. He had tried to work with Jason in the past, but he hadn't thought that Jason would ever have an emotional attachment to anyone. He'd been wrong, and he was curious about the bond between Jason and Carly.

Carly couldn't explain it, but she had known when she'd first met Jason that he would be very important in her life. No matter what she had done to him, he still loved her, and she loved him. Kevin pulled a chair up to the bed where Carly had sat down. He thought that Carly was "incredibly fortunate," but he thought that Carly would be able to take care of herself.

Carly stated that all she had to do was what Jason had told her to do, like follow the rules and say the right things. She asked about her neighbor, who appeared to know S.O.S. in Morse Code. Kevin advised her not to "engage" with the person. There were violent people and sociopaths in the institution who were able to manipulate others. He would try to get her transferred again. Carly admitted that she didn't forgive him, but she was glad he was her doctor. Once Kevin was gone, the knocking started again.

Drew and Franco got to Charlie's Pub and discovered that it had been closed for a private event. Drew suggested the Floating Rib, but he wanted to chat with Franco first. He said that for their friendship to work, they had to be honest with each other. He wondered if Franco was "freaked out" about Terry. Franco denied it, and Drew reminded him to have faith because Elizabeth loved him.

Peter screamed for help in the cabin as the bugle continued to play. Suddenly, the door opened. "Are you real?" Peter asked.

There was a knock on Elizabeth's door, and she opened it to a pretty young woman who was standing there. It was Terry. They embraced.

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