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Oscar learned that he had an inoperable malignant brain tumor. Margaux suspected that Sonny might have killed her father. Ryan had an encounter with Felicia. Anna was touched when Peter reached out to her.
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Oscar finds out the truth

Oscar finds out the truth

Monday, September 24, 2018

Jordan asked Sonny if the name Vincent Marino was familiar to him, but he claimed that it didn't ring a bell. Margaux chimed it that it meant something to her, as the victim was her father. Sonny offered his condolences, and a surprised Jordan wondered if an emotional Margaux needed a break. Instead of taking a break, Margaux explained that her father had vanished when she'd been two, and he'd worked for the same man, Joe Scully, that Sonny had. Sonny shared that he'd been assistant manager at Joe's nightclub.

Margaux's mother had told her that her father, who had been Joe's lawyer, had wanted out of the business, but there was "no early retirement" in that business. She connected Sonny and Mike to her father through Joe, but Sonny thought it was coincidental. He told Margaux and Jordan that he was leaving if he wasn't under arrest. Jordan warned him not to leave town, and he left. Margaux vowed to get justice for her father, but Jordan wondered why Margaux hadn't mentioned her connection to the victim.

Margaux replied that saying it out loud made it real, and she started to speculate about what had happened. Jordan urged her to let the investigators do their job, and to take care of herself. Margaux suddenly had an epiphany and thought they'd been looking at the case "backwards." She was starting to believe that Sonny had killed her father, and Mike was helping to cover it up.

Sam asked Jason to try to make peace with Drew, as Drew was dealing with things that she couldn't talk about. She asked him to "be present" at the Quartermaines', and he promised to try. She thanked him, hugged him, and left. Mike descended the stairs as Sam left, and he told Jason that he had the feeling that he'd done something wrong that would hurt Sonny, but he couldn't remember what it was. He added that he'd tried to warn Sonny away from Joe Scully, but Sonny hadn't listened.

Sonny returned and asked Mike to tell Sonny everything he remembered about moving the body from Croton to Charlie's. Mike explained that he'd been alone when he'd seen Sonny burying the body. When Sonny had left, Mike had dug it up, loaded it into the trunk of his car, and filled in the hole in the ground. He'd stopped at a pay phone to call Charlie, who'd owed him a favor, and Charlie had offered to put the body in the concrete of his expanding club. Mike had thought that he was helping and apologized for making things worse.

Sonny asked Mike what he'd done with the gun, and Mike replied, "What gun? What are we talking about?" Jason gently summarized the conversation they'd just had, but Mike insisted that he didn't get mixed up in "the rough stuff." He added that his son had gotten mixed up with bad people, but he would find his way. Jason agreed, as he knew that Mike's son was a good man.

A short while later, the nurse had gotten Mike settled in upstairs. Sonny regretted asking Mike about the body, as the memory of his son killing someone always hurt Mike. Sonny revealed that, no matter what, he always would have killed Vincent. He informed Jason that Vincent was Margaux's father, so it was personal for her. He believed that she wouldn't stop until she took Sonny down.

On the phone at the bar of the Metro Court, Curtis was disappointed that his test results still hadn't been read. Sam sat down next to him as he got off the phone, and she wondered if he was getting "too close" to the case. He promised that he had no trouble remaining objective. "Lucky you," Sam replied. Curtis offered to listen if she wanted to talk, but she replied that she couldn't talk about it. Curtis guessed that it had to do with Drew, as he'd "been off lately." He wanted to help Drew, and Sam advised him to just be a friend but not to push Drew to talk if he didn't want to.

Curtis believed that, since he and Sam were partners, whatever affected her affected him, so he wondered what the deal was with her and Jason. She thought that they made good partners and friends, but she had no intention of discussing Jason with him. He figured that he was projecting, as he and Jordan were having problems with not everyone being happy about their engagement. He proposed giving it time, but Sam advised him not to wait, as no one knew how long they had to live. He shot back that she should take her own advice.

Carly bumped into Franco outside the community center, as they were both there to pick up kids. Franco made a joke about picking up Cameron and Josslyn before they stole something, but Carly went into a tirade ripping apart Franco and Elizabeth for being hypocrites. She advised Franco that if Josslyn ever heard either of them say a word against her, Carly would "flatten" them.

Cameron told Oscar that he was being unfair to Josslyn and that she deserved to know that Oscar had cancer. A confused Oscar insisted that he only had hypoglycemia, but Cameron told Oscar about overhearing Franco leaving a voicemail for Drew, and seeing the webpage about childhood brain tumors up on Franco's computer. Oscar reminded Cameron that Franco worked at the hospital, and he "apologized" that he wouldn't be dropping dead so that Cameron could have Josslyn.

Cameron insisted that that wasn't what he wanted, and he explained that it seemed to fit. Elizabeth had suddenly wanted Cameron to be friends with Oscar, and she'd seemed more worried about Oscar than about Cameron when she'd found out about their fight. Oscar excused himself and told Cameron not to tell Josslyn anything.

Carly entered the room, and Josslyn said that she was nowhere near finished her job of organizing the clothing donations. Carly offered to stay and help. Oscar approached and told Josslyn that he had something to take care of, and he left. Josslyn thought it was weird, so she suspiciously asked Cameron if she knew why Oscar had left. He claimed that Oscar had been talking about a hike he wanted to take Josslyn on, but she couldn't tell Oscar that Cameron had blown the secret.

Franco entered, and Cameron quickly excused himself and left with Franco. Josslyn asked Carly to explain boys, because she clearly didn't understand them. She wanted to text Oscar, but Carly urged her not to smother him. Josslyn wondered how to tell if she was in love. Carly replied that there was no way to prove it, but it involved risking one's heart, hoping the other person felt the same, and hoping that it would last.

Drew thought that he and Kim needed to tell Oscar about his prognosis together, but he would do it alone if he had to. Kim cried that Oscar was too young to be thinking about the end of his life, and Drew agreed, but he didn't believe it was right to keep it from Oscar. There was a knock on the door, and Terry entered. Kim introduced the two, and Terry told them they had some decisions to make regarding Oscar.

Terry explained that surgery would kill Oscar, and radiation and chemotherapy had proven ineffectual for Oscar's kind of tumor. She suggested a clinical trial for a different kind of immunotherapy where the treatment was mostly successful with minimal side effects. She stressed that it was a trial, so some patients didn't survive the treatments. Terry believed that Oscar would make a good candidate, and they could change their minds about Oscar's participation at any time.

Terry continued that there was a detailed screening process starting before the end of the year, so she needed to start the paperwork immediately if Drew and Kim wanted Oscar to participate. They concurred that they wanted Oscar to try the trial. Just then, Oscar entered and asked point-blank if he had cancer. Terry promised to be in touch and quickly left the office. Oscar wanted an answer, and Kim replied that he did, in fact, have cancer. Kim related that she'd tried to shield him as long as possible.

Oscar realized that his headaches and fainting were not due to hypoglycemia, and he asked if the cancer was in his brain. Kim explained that he had a malignant tumor in his brain that was growing. He wondered about treatments, and she replied that surgery and chemo were not options for him. He demanded to know if he was going to die.

At home, Franco was surprised at how fast Cameron had hurried out of the community center, and Cameron claimed that he had homework to finish. Franco wanted to talk to Cameron. He said that he understood that Cameron was "the man of the family" and wanted to protect the family, but Franco wanted to prove that he could stick around and be good for the family. He hoped that he and Cameron could have a mutual respect for one another, and maybe even hang out one day. Cameron agreed to try and walked away to do his homework.

Franco's phone went off, and he answered it to Elizabeth. Cameron crept back down the stairs to listen as Franco learned that Elizabeth was out for a drink with Terry. Franco asked if Terry had said anything about Oscar's condition. He urged Elizabeth to hurry home, and he hung up. Cameron appeared in the kitchen to get a drink, and Franco updated Cameron on his mother's whereabouts. Cameron asked what kind of doctor Terry was, and Franco replied that she was a pediatric oncologist.

Curtis wants to fill Nina in on Sasha sooner rather than later

Curtis wants to fill Nina in on Sasha sooner rather than later

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Carly walked down the stairs at the Corinthos house and spotted Jason. She told him that she'd settled Josslyn down but chided him because she believed that guys had it easier than women in relationships. The pair settled on the couch, and Jason told her that Sonny had been questioned about the body that had been found at Charlie's Pub. He added that the cops suspected Mike, and he proceeded to give her the details.

Jason informed Carly that the bullet that had been found with the body matched a bullet that had been used in another hit in 1982. They had both been fired from the same gun. The location of the gun was unknown. Jason explained that Sonny had arrived home and questioned Mike, and the old man had been spot-on with the details on moving the body up to a point. Sonny had believed that it wasn't just the Alzheimer's but the facts that Sonny had joined "the business," and Mike had blamed himself, which had damaged Mike's memory. Mike hadn't been able to accept it.

Carly felt that Sonny would have always traveled the same path, but she couldn't believe that a mistake that he'd made at 18 years of age would have the ability to destroy everything. Jason clarified that Mike couldn't recall what he'd done with the gun. Carly asked if there was anything else to worry about, and Jason told her that the victim had been Margaux's father.

Carly was disbelieving, and she pointed out that Margaux already hated Sonny. She was afraid there would be a war. Jason advised her that she had to be on her best behavior which meant no tickets or jaywalking, and no fights in public. Carly denied she fought in public, but after looking at Jason's face, she agreed that she had done it on occasion.

Carly had news about Wiley's ailment, and she told Jason that it was the same heart condition that Michael had had as a baby. Just then, Michael walked in with a box of freshly made chocolate chip cookies from Kelly's for his grandfather. Carly helped herself to one as Michael asked what they'd been talking about. Carly updated him, and nonchalantly wondered what the odds were that the baby had the exact condition as Michael.

Michael informed Carly that less than one in 200,000 babies had the heart condition. He knew because he'd done research prior to Jonah's birth. Michael was happy to hear that Wiley's condition had been caught. Carly confessed that Jason had made all the decisions for Michael when he'd been a baby because she'd been unable to. Jason revealed that he'd been thankful that he hadn't had to second-guess his decisions though it had been awful trying to imagine surgery on a tiny baby.

Carly admitted that she had been overwhelmed when she'd awoken, and she'd fled Port Charles. She was still glad she'd done that, and she'd never doubted that Jason would take care of baby Michael. Jason flashed back to a younger self talking to baby Michael.

Valentin met with Curtis at the dock, and the private investigator revealed that he did not have the DNA test results for Sasha yet. Curtis acknowledged that he didn't feel good about not telling Nina, but Valentin only wanted to tell her after they had some news. Curtis informed Valentin that if Sasha was not a match for Nina, he was "out."

Valentin couldn't believe that Curtis would just quit, but Curtis stressed that he didn't think it was right to keep Nina in the dark. He believed that Valentin wanted to "orchestrate a reunion" in order to look good so that Nina would be grateful and reconcile with him. Valentin insisted he was waiting for the test results, but Curtis replied that Nina had to be told about the investigation, even if Sasha did not turn out to be her daughter. Valentin thought that was a crueler way to go, and they should just wait for results. Curtis expressed that he was doing everything for Nina, and he wondered if Valentin was, as well.

Brad ran into Charlie's Pub and told Julian that he wanted to speak to him immediately. He pursued Julian from a table to the bar and told him about Wiley's condition. Brad admitted that he was upset that Lucas would learn the truth about Wiley and was certain that he would get caught because the heart condition was hereditary and not on the baby's records. Brad informed Julian that Lucas wanted to reach out to the birth mother, and he had sneaked out of the house after Lucas had fallen asleep. He'd rushed right to the pub.

Julian suggested that the baby could have inherited the condition from his father. Brad emphasized that Lucas wanted more information, and he wanted to involve the lawyers and courts to get it. The truth would appear, and Brad wanted Julian to fix things. Julian wondered how it got to be about him. Brad wanted him to contact the real birth mother and tell her to claim that she'd had the same condition. Julian refused and told Brad that the best thing was for them to "do nothing."

Brad was angry at Julian's advice, but Julian insisted that it would look worse if Brad tried to fight Lucas about getting more information on their son because that wouldn't be normal. Julian declared that Brad should go home, rest, and do nothing. He didn't want Brad to raise suspicion.

Nina and Charlotte sat at a table in the pub. Charlotte was thrilled to have spent the day shopping with Nina but Nina could tell that something was on the little girl's mind. Charlotte admitted that she was concerned that it had been their last day together because she was worried that Nina's divorce would change things. She asked if Nina still loved her.

Nina explained that she and Valentin couldn't agree on things, and instead of fighting, they just wouldn't be married any longer. Charlotte informed Nina that Valentin missed her, but Nina assured Charlotte that things would get easier. Nina pulled some of the new boutique clothes from a shopping bag and commended the little girl on her taste. Charlotte admitted that it was too quiet around the house, and she had hoped for a new baby sibling.

Nina quickly changed the subject and announced that she would order dessert at the bar. When Nina returned with dessert and sat back at the table, Charlotte commented on Nina's half-heart necklace. Just then, Valentin walked in and greeted them in French. Charlotte explained that her date with Nina was a new tradition.

Charlotte ran to the bathroom, and Valentin thanked Nina for spending time with Charlotte. Nina stated that it was important to her, and the little girl understood the divorce. "I wish I did," Valentin replied. He quickly apologized, Nina hugged the returning Charlotte and left the pub. She watched her little family from outside the plate-glass window. Valentin announced that he wanted some dessert.

Jordan met with Stella at Metro Court and apologized for being late. She sat down at the table with the older woman, and Jordan thanked Stella for her time. Stella asked if Curtis was aware of the meeting, and Jordan admitted that he was. She called it "phase two." Jordan added that she had a "sincere desire to make peace," especially after their therapy session. She admitted that the session hadn't been effective, but it had been Curtis' idea.

Jordan declared that she wanted to "forge a new relationship" with Stella. The older woman admitted that she still saw Thomas when she looked at Jordan, who admitted that she knew Stella held her responsible for the past. She thought that she and Stella should "lay it to rest" for both Curtis and T.J. because they had been suffering. They should set aside their differences. Stella loudly responded that she could not do that.

Stella added that she had "searched my soul" and had tried to meet Jordan halfway, but that was impossible. She could still see Thomas on his wedding day, and then there was the grieving for him. Jordan called her a hypocrite because she was a social worker who helped other people but couldn't fix her own problem. Stella insisted that she kept her personal and professional lives separate, and she vowed to work on Jordan's wedding day. Jordan stated that that would hurt Curtis.

Stella emphasized that she didn't approve of the marriage, and she got up to leave. She ran into Curtis, who was headed inside. She told him that she would not attend the wedding, and there was nothing else to discuss. She hugged him and left. Curtis headed over to Jordan's table and asked what had happened. Jordan admitted that it was the "same song, second verse." They had started out civil as usual, apologized, and then had discussed the wedding day.

Jordan had thought the meeting would turn out well, and she wondered what would happen during the holidays. She wondered if Curtis would be able to handle his aunt not being around. Curtis insisted that he loved Jordan, and he believed that Stella might change her mind sometime. Jordan thought that Curtis believed in miracles. They shared a kiss.

At General Hospital, Oscar couldn't believe the news he'd just heard about his condition. Kim explained that it would get worse, although Drew informed him that they were looking at a new treatment option. Oscar was worried that he would die, and Kim agreed. "Your cancer could be fatal," she said gently.

Oscar grew very upset and wouldn't allow his parents to talk. He wanted to know why Kim hadn't told him, and he was livid when she tried to find out about the person who had divulged the secret. Oscar shouted that he was worried, but his parents only wanted to know who had told him. Kim stated that a new treatment and trial was on the horizon. Drew stated that they were there for Oscar, and Oscar declared that it was good he'd learned about his disease sooner rather than later. He asked when it had been discovered, and he assumed it had been when Jason had taken him to the hospital.

Kim admitted that they'd known before that, and Oscar demanded to know how long his mother had known. When he found out, Oscar was furious that Kim had hidden it from him, and he refused to listen to anything else that she had to say. Drew tried to get Oscar to calm down to let Kim explain. Kim declared that she had wanted Oscar to live a normal life, but Oscar accused her of trying to protect herself because she couldn't face the truth.

Oscar proclaimed that he hated his mother, and then he asked how long Drew had known. Drew revealed that he had learned about the cancer after Oscar had been in the hospital, and they had decided to tell him after his birthday. "Happy birthday to me," Oscar said sarcastically. Kim admitted that Drew had wanted to tell him, and she offered to tell Oscar everything.

Oscar wondered if the cancer had been the reason they'd moved to Port Charles. He assumed it was to be near a good hospital. Kim announced that she had done an ancestry search and had learned that Oscar had family there. She hadn't expected to encounter Oscar's father. Drew stated that having Oscar in his life was one of the greatest gifts of his life. Oscar suggested that Drew purchase tickets for Kilimanjaro before it was too late.

Oscar accused Kim and Drew of failing and betraying him, and he called them cruel. He had been living on borrowed time. Kim told him not to give up hope, but Oscar announced that he would no longer trust them. Kim tried to hug him, but Oscar wanted to leave. He couldn't look at his mother. Drew advised Kim to let Oscar leave to process everything. She cried, "What did I do?" Drew tried to comfort her.

Oscar boarded the elevator, and once inside, he pounded on the walls. He screamed, "No!" He sank to the floor and began to cry. "I'm dying," he cried.

Sam urges Alexis to give Kristina some space

Sam urges Alexis to give Kristina some space

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Finn sat on the couch at Anna's house and looked over his father's case file. Anna interrupted him to ask if he'd gotten lost on his way back to the bedroom. He stated that he'd wanted to check on the news, but he pulled her over to him and gave her a kiss.

Later, Finn and Anna reclined on the couch together and talked about enjoying the peace and calmness of their lives. Anna thought there was still some "unfinished" business for both of them. She cited her lack of a relationship with Peter as her problem, while Finn had his father. Finn related that he had agreed to look at Gregory's records and refer him to a specialist. Anna thought that Finn and his father were alike, but she liked Finn's smile on the rare occasions that she saw it.

Finn rose and pulled Anna up alongside him. He kissed her again and suggested they head back to bed. Anna missed a message on her phone from Scorpio asking that she get in touch with him due to an urgent matter.

Once she was dressed, Anna began to straighten up the parlor and found Gregory's file sitting on the table. She told Finn that, apparently, he was more interested in his father than he'd let on, but Finn likened Gregory to any patient. He couldn't be involved, as he was too close. Anna accused him of being too afraid to show he cared.

Finn declared that he didn't get along with his father but cared about his health. He added that he didn't know everything about Anna's work, and he expected the same from her regarding his work. Anna didn't understand his lack of emotion regarding his father.

At Sam's place, Alexis praised the breakfast she'd just enjoyed with Kristina and Sam. She had to leave for a meeting with a nervous and worried Brad and Lucas. She added that she would never stop being nervous as a parent, and she asked Kristina if she would be giving Julian notice that she'd be quitting her bartending job.

Kristina took offense and began to argue with her mother. Alexis believed that Kristina could be doing more with her life than bartending, but Kristina noted that she had to pay the bills. She also informed her mother that she hadn't taken the job because it had anything to do with Alexis' own messed-up life. She thought that next time they met, they could discuss whether Alexis was using her maximum potential. Kristina stormed off to the kitchen.

"So much for not hovering," Sam said to Alexis, who apologized. Sam chided her mother, who admitted to trying to force her own desires onto Kristina; however, she hated the direction that Kristina had been headed. Sam was certain she would do the same to her own children, but she thought that Alexis should allow Kristina to "color outside the lines sometimes." Alexis agreed but thought that the coloring shouldn't go too far outside. Alexis left, and Kristina returned.

"Is the firing squad gone?" Kristina asked. Sam berated Kristina and reminded her that she had given Alexis lots of reasons to worry in the past, although Sam credited Kristina for moving back home. Kristina declared that she was all alone, but Sam replied that Kristina had herself and was the only one who couldn't see it. Kristina received a phone call from Julian, who asked her to get to work early, so she told Sam she had to leave. She admitted she'd been eavesdropping from the kitchen and hadn't done the dishes. Sam urged her to go out after work. She didn't want to see Kristina before midnight.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian continued to leave voicemails for Kim who had not returned any of his calls. "Don't shut me out," he implored. Brad entered the pub and saw Julian. He explained that he had a meeting with Alexis and Lucas, and he'd done nothing, just as Julian had suggested. A young woman wandered in and asked Julian if she could give out postcards about a free concert in the park. Julian gave his okay, and the woman urged him to join in the fun. Julian called Kristina and asked her to arrive at work early. He needed to go to the hospital to find out if everything was okay with Kim.

At a table nearby, Alexis sat with Brad, who explained that Lucas had been called into work. Alexis asked why they were meeting, and Brad revealed that Wiley had been found to have a hereditary heart condition that had not been disclosed prior to his adoption. Alexis understood that Brad and Lucas wanted to know if there was anything else they should know.

Alexis made a phone call to Diane and returned to the table. She advised Brad that Diane had been adamant that there was no history of the heart condition on the mother's side of the family, but they had no information on the father. Apparently, he hadn't even known of the birth, and his relationship with the mother had been "fleeting." Brad understood that it had probably been a one-night stand, but he wondered if the father could show up and demand custody.

Alexis explained that the father had had 31 days to show up and claim his son, although cases were all handled individually. She urged Brad to stop worrying. Kristina walked in and accepted a postcard from the young woman who clarified that Julian had given her permission to give them out. Kristina thought the concert would be one way to get Sam off her back.

Alexis spotted Kristina and invited her to dinner after her shift. Kristina admitted that she had plans but then invited Alexis to attend the concert with her. She showed her mother the card. Alexis smiled and admitted that while she would love to go, she regretfully had to prepare for a case and would have to decline. She kissed Kristina on the cheek and left after securing a rain check for dinner. Kristina went up to the young woman and introduced herself. The young woman replied that her name was Daisy, and Kristina asked her to share details about the concert.

Kim paced her office at the hospital as Drew returned and announced that he hadn't been able to locate Oscar. Kim looked at her phone and saw another voicemail from Julian as Drew assured her that the police would find their son. Kim admitted that she was panicked because Oscar had run off after feeling betrayed, and it had been her fault.

Chase arrived and began to question Kim and Drew about Oscar. Drew told him that Oscar had needed space, although he looked at Kim and stated that they needed to tell Chase everything. Kim explained that they had kept something from Oscar, and he'd gotten upset. Kim added that it had been about his health, and he had felt betrayed. Chase sat down at Kim's desk and continued to ask questions. He was sorry about the situation. Kim replied that they had wanted Oscar to have a normal life. Drew mentioned that Josslyn and Carly hadn't seen Oscar since he'd been at the community center. Kim was concerned that Oscar might have a seizure while alone.

"Please find him," Drew begged Chase. The detective suggested checking with Oscar's friends and classmates, and Kim advised him that Oscar hadn't shown up at school. Chase asked Drew and Kim to keep in touch with him, and he would do the same. He left but received a phone call from Scorpio on his way out. Chase agreed to do something for the WSB agent.

As Chase left, Julian arrived and ran into Kim and Drew as they left her office. He asked what was going on, but Drew suggested that Julian give Kim some space. Julian assumed it was about Oscar, and he continued to try to ask questions. Kim just looked at Julian as Drew urged him to back off.

Oscar stood on the pier and looked at all of the missed phone calls and text messages he'd received. As he was about to toss his phone into the water, Jason called out to stop him. "Are you sure you want to do that?" Jason asked. Oscar wondered if Jason had been looking for him, and a confused Jason confirmed that he had been supervising a coffee shipment while watching the ferry. He admitted that he liked to watch the ferry go back and forth forever. "Forever," Oscar repeated.

Oscar sat down, and Jason joined him. "What's it like to die?" Oscar asked. Jason advised the teen that he didn't know because he was still there. Oscar asked him a series of questions about when Jason had been shot and gone into the water. Jason related his experience and what had happened after Faison had kicked him into the water.

"Was there a white light?" Oscar asked. He wondered if Jason's life had flashed before his eyes. Jason replied that there had been no light, but he hadn't felt scared. He didn't remember much else. Oscar assumed that it hadn't been Jason's time, but he wanted to tell Jason a secret. He made Jason promise not to tell anyone. 'I'm dying," Oscar revealed. He told Jason all he knew about the brain tumor that his mother had kept from him for two years. "I won't be alive much longer," Oscar concluded.

Jason urged the teen not to make assumptions because he needed to have the most accurate information. Oscar sadly replied that he didn't want to know anything, and Jason reached out his arm to touch Oscar's shoulder in comfort. Oscar declared that people died, and it wasn't a big deal, but he had no idea what he should do. He was angry with his parents, who hadn't told him when it had been about his life, and they hadn't had the right to not tell him.

Oscar and Jason moved over to the edge of the pier and dangled their feet by the water. Jason told a story about his own teenaged fight with his parents. He had later realized that parents worried when their child was sick. Oscar asked if he should call his parents, and Jason advised him that they were worried, and it would help them to hear from him. He thought it might also help Oscar to help them.

Cameron spotted Josslyn sitting in the school library as she sent someone a text message. She revealed that she hadn't heard from Oscar, and Cameron replied that Oscar had been weird and sick. Josslyn didn't understand, and Cameron flashed back to his conversation with Oscar at the community center. Cameron suggested that Oscar had pretended to be sick and had been ashamed of his behavior.

Josslyn advised Cameron that he had acted worse than Oscar. She wished she knew what was going on. Cameron suggested that perhaps there was a reason that Oscar hadn't been talking, and she didn't want to see it. Josslyn asked for clarification. "Things happen," Cameron replied. He thought that people who loved each other told each other everything.

Just then, Josslyn received a phone call from Kim, who asked if Josslyn had seen Oscar. Josslyn asked if everything was okay, and Kim responded that there had been a family disagreement, and Oscar had been upset and run off. They agreed to keep in touch with each other. Cameron heard from Elizabeth at the same time, asking if he'd seen Oscar.

Josslyn was certain that something had happened at the community center, but Cameron repeated that Oscar had been weird and "super sensitive." Josslyn accused him of stalling.

Back at the hospital, Julian assured Drew that he didn't want to be involved in the middle of something, and Drew again said to give Kim some space. At that moment, Kim received a phone call from Oscar, and she and Drew ran off. Julian wondered what was going on. He left Kim another voicemail and apologized. He hoped all was okay.

Chase stopped at Anna's house. Finn assured him he was doing what he could for their father. Chase said he'd never had any doubts, but he announced that he was there to see Anna.

Kim and Drew got to the pier and ran up to Oscar. As Kim hugged her son, Jason hid and observed. Oscar declared that things were not okay and never would be. Drew promised his son that things were far from over. "Let's go home," Drew said.

Back at Sam's, a knock on the door revealed Jason. "Do you have a minute?" he asked.

GH did not air due to an ABC News special report

GH did not air due to an ABC News special report

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Due to CBS News coverage of the Ford-Kavanaugh hearings, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. The episode that was to have aired on Thursday, September 27, aired on Friday, September 28. All subsequent episodes were also be pushed back one day.

Ryan further inserts himself into Felicia's life

Ryan further inserts himself into Felicia's life

Friday, September 28, 2018

Chase informed Anna that Robert Scorpio had contacted him to deliver a message to Anna: the WSB had a lead on Liesl Obrecht. Anna was annoyed that she'd missed one phone call and one text message, and suddenly Robert was sending the police out to look for her. Anna asked for the details on Obrecht's whereabouts, but Chase said he had no additional details. Anna sighed and said that she'd reach out to Robert herself to get more information.

After Chase left, Finn knew that Anna was not going to simply let the WSB handle finding Liesl. Anna admitted that Finn was right. She did not want to wait around while someone else tried to find Liesl. With that, Finn grabbed his jacket and said that he would be going with Anna. Anna refused to let Finn accompany him. She asked Finn to stay behind and keep an eye on Peter. Realizing he would not win the argument, Finn reluctantly agreed. The two then shared a kiss.

Jason told Sam that he knew about Oscar having cancer. "Who told you?" Sam asked. She was stunned when Jason told her that it was Oscar that had told him. Sam told Jason that she'd had no idea Oscar knew about his health status because Kim had wanted to keep the truth from Oscar. Jason nodded, saying that Oscar had felt betrayed because no one had told him the truth. Sam sighed slightly and said that she had feared that would happen. "Giving Oscar a safe place to talk about stuff? It's a gift," Sam told Jason.

Jason revealed that Oscar had made him promise not to tell anyone about their conversation. Sam knew that the promise was tearing Jason apart. Sam then worried that Oscar's death would devastate Monica. Jason promised to be present -- especially for Monica. Jason suggested that they do something at the Quartermaine Mansion to get everyone together.

"Why do we keep having to remind ourselves how precious time is?" Sam asked. Jason said they needed to find a balance in life without taking anything for granted. Sam told Jason that she definitely didn't take him for granted. Jason told Sam that he didn't take her for granted, either.

Kiki saw Griffin at the hospital and wondered if his suspension had ended. Griffin shook his head, saying that he was only there to help reassign some of his patients to other doctors. As they talked, Maxie approached with what she said was an exciting proposition. Griffin ducked out to attend an appointment, leaving Kiki alone to hear Maxie's idea.

Maxie announced that she wanted Kiki to appear in a Crimson fashion feature focused on Kiki's sexual harassment lawsuit victory. Kiki said that she was not sure that a glamor pictorial was the right message to send readers. Maxie disagreed, saying that many of the magazine's readers were in similar situations to the one Kiki had been in. What better way, she said, than to show that a woman's beauty was not an invitation to be harassed. Maxie saw Peter out of the corner of her eye and excused herself to go over to talk to him.

Peter approached "Kevin" at the hospital elevator and introduced himself. Ryan smiled and asked what he could do for Peter. Peter explained that he needed Kevin to write him a prescription for something to help him sleep at night. Before Ryan could reply, Maxie showed up and said that she hoped Kevin would give Peter the medicine that he needed. "I had no idea this gentleman was so important to you," Ryan commented. Maxie quickly replied that Peter was not important before correcting herself to say "not unimportant exactly either."

Ryan smiled broadly and said that there was nothing that he would not do for the daughter of his "good friend" Felicia. Ryan told Peter to give his office a call to set up an appointment because he could not prescribe any medication without having had a session with Peter first. Ryan told Maxie that he had a lunch date with Felicia and Mac and needed to hurry off so that he would not be late. Once "Kevin" had left, Maxie asked Peter for the truth about what he wanted from Kevin. Peter declined to answer, stating that it was better for Maxie if he stayed out of her life. He turned and walked away. Maxie found Peter's comments strangely familiar.

Griffin and Kiki reconnected a little later at the hospital, and Kiki filled him in on what Maxie had proposed. She described it as a follow-up to #GHToo about powerful women and powerful clothes. Griffin said it sounded like a great idea. Kiki still felt that it was hypocritical to appear in a fashion spread after having been so vocal about wanting to be taken seriously. Griffin echoed what Maxie had said, saying that Kiki should not have to hide from how beautiful she was. Kiki appeared uneasy and said that she had to leave. Before leaving, though, she asked Griffin to meet her in about 30 minutes at the Floating Rib.

Griffin paid a visit to Anna to tell her that he had to hand off all his patients to other doctors. Anna was shocked to learn that Griffin could no longer receive the sacraments. "Without my occupation or my vocation, I don't know where to go. So, I came here," Griffin said. He lamented, "Sometimes you think you're doing the right thing, and it turns out to be a bigger mistake than you could ever imagine." Griffin asked Anna what to do when it felt like one's moral compass was spinning out of control. Anna told Griffin that she'd committed bigger mistakes than he ever would.

Anna admitted that she'd committed treason and probably should have been put in front of a firing squad. Anna told Griffin that he'd saved far more people than he'd hurt. "Your life isn't over," she said, asking, "Who's to say a seismic shift isn't precisely what you need at this moment?" Griffin wasn't comforted by Anna comparing his life to a natural disaster. Anna noted that she'd been setting limits on love in her life and that it was not her place to set those limits. Anna fought back tears as she praised Griffin's kindness and generosity. She urged him to take time to ask himself what he should be running toward.

Lulu sat down with Felicia, ready to record their interview. Lulu assured Felicia that they could stop at any time. "I'm the sole survivor of Ryan Chamberlain's killing spree," Felicia replied, adding, "I have to speak out for those who no longer can." Felicia then remarked that the dead-and-buried Ryan deserved to be forgotten and that he would have loved all the attention his killing spree was suddenly getting. Lulu said that it was important to get ahead of the story and to present Felicia's story the way she wanted it to appear. Lulu also vowed to do profiles on all of Ryan's victims.

"For the record," Felicia said after learning that Lulu's tape recorder was still recording. "I am not Ryan Chamberlain's victim. He came after me. He didn't get me. He lost. I won. He's dead. I survived. And now I get to see the man I love, and later I'll be seeing my remarkable daughter and grandson. I get to have the life that Ryan tried to take from me, and I will never be his victim again!" Felicia then turned and stomped away.

At General Hospital, Maxie and Lulu crossed paths. Maxie said that she'd been just about to send Lulu a text. Lulu told Maxie that she'd dropped by the hospital to try to look at Ryan's medical records, but they were all archived or sealed. Lulu said that, in order to access them, she would need a signed letter of authorization from the deceased's legal representative, which would be Kevin.

Lulu asked why Maxie had been texting her. Maxie said that she wanted to know more about the "little confab" that she'd walked in on between Lulu and Peter. "You weren't, by chance, telling him to avoid me," Maxie asked. Lulu said that she'd told Peter that his constant presence in Maxie's life was "muddying the waters." Maxie asked Lulu to butt out.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Chase sought out Finn to tell him that he was worried about their father. Chase said that with their father's illness, he felt he had a "small, like the tiniest, window into" what Finn had to have felt when Finn's mother had gotten sick. The topic then changed to Anna and Robert. Finn told Chase that Robert had wanted to divert Anna's attention -- and added that it had worked because Anna was already packing her bags to leave town.

As Chase and Finn talked, Peter entered the corridor. He was surprised to hear that Anna was getting ready to chase after Obrecht. Chase asked Finn to keep him apprised on their dad's condition and then left. Peter, meanwhile, wondered why Anna was taking it upon herself to chase Obrecht. Finn said that Anna was risking her life because she wanted to protect Peter.

Later, Peter called Anna but his call went to voicemail. He left Anna a message and asked her to "stay safe." He hung up the phone and saw Maxie walking toward the elevator. He called out to her, but Maxie was snippy with her response. Peter told Maxie that there was a lead on Obrecht and asked that Maxie warn Nina in case Obrecht decided to throw Nina under the bus for his kidnapping.

Maxie asked Peter if he was safe. Peter wondered if anyone was safe with Liesl on the loose. Maxie was confident that Anna would make sure that Peter was safe. She also noted that Liesl loved James and then commented on a "weird, twisted frenemy bond" going with Anna.

Anna scurried up to Finn and grinned as she shared that Peter had called and left her a message. "He's come a long way from trying to shoot you," Finn replied with a grin. Anna asked Finn what he'd said to Peter to make him call. Finn said he couldn't tell her because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Anna thanked Finn with a kiss.

At the Floating Rib, Franco was stunned by a sizeable check Ava presented him for some of the artwork that she'd sold on his behalf. As Franco's eyes nearly popped out of his head, Ava explained that there had been a "bidding war between two collectors of the macabre." Franco raised a glass and toasted happy endings. Ava nodded and then snarled "and to true love" before gulping down her martini. Franco wondered what Ava was going through. Ava told Franco that she'd tried to make amends with Kiki but that it had all gone south when she'd seen that half-dressed Kiki was in her apartment with an equally half-dressed Griffin.

Across the bar, Lucy told Mac that Kevin needed their support because she'd picked up on a weird "broody vibe" from Kevin. Lucy grumbled that Laura had been away too long and that Kevin had been feeling the effects of Laura's absence. Lucy then turned the subject to a recent commission that she'd made.

As Lucy and Mac talked, Ryan arrived at the Floating Rib. He saw a blonde sitting at the bar and approached slowly from behind. "As beautiful as ever," he said with a smile. His face dropped when Ava turned around and he realized that the woman he'd sweet-talked was not Felicia. Franco's face wrinkled up, and he looked at "Kevin" curiously. Franco introduced Ava to his "shrink." Ryan again apologized. As he did, Felicia raced into the bar and gave him a big hug. "We have so much to catch up on!" Felicia exclaimed. Lucy scurried over and told the pair that she's already gotten them all a table.

When "Kevin," Felicia, and Lucy left, Ava asked Franco what was up with his doctor. "Is he self-medicating or what?" she asked. Ava then announced that she never should have taken advice from Julian. She added that she had made the decision to wash her hands of Kiki. No sooner had she said that than Kiki arrived at the Floating Rib. "Speak of the devil," Ava said softly. Moments later, Griffin arrived. "Well isn't this cozy," Ava said as she grabbed her coat. Griffin suggested that he and Kiki go somewhere else. "I'm done running from mother," Kiki said angrily.

Kiki and Griffin drank beers in a booth. As they did, Ava told Franco that Kiki was trying to humiliate her in public. "You know, I would've thought that you would've figured out by now but this is just how you and Kiki love each other," Franco said of Kiki and Ava's unusual relationship. Ava was devastated that her daughter had slept with the man she had loved. "She knows exactly what she's doing," Ava snapped. "Anybody who hurts me -- they get hurt in return," she added, saying that Kiki had "asked" for whatever retribution she got.

As Mac, Lucy, "Kevin," and Felicia sat down, Mac and Felicia told "Kevin" that Lulu was writing an article about Ryan. "I'd think talking about Ryan would be very difficult for you," Ryan stated. Lucy was annoyed that Lulu would want to dredge up the past. "Apparently, serial killers are all the rage again," Max sassed. Lucy was perplexed when "Kevin" said that in spite of all the bad things he'd done, Ryan had "had a special kind of genius." Lucy called it an "evil, evil genius."

Felicia, however, understood. She said that Kevin was the polar opposite of Ryan -- and that Kevin was as good as Ryan was bad. Ryan, she said, "was a sick, empty shell of a human." Felicia then beamed as she announced that she would never again have to worry about Ryan touching her. With that, Ryan reached out and grabbed Felicia's hand. Lucy told "Kevin" that Felicia had just shown her the cutest picture of James. Ryan couldn't remember who James was, prompting Lucy to think that something was going on -- maybe Kevin was getting sick.

Worried that "Kevin" might really be sick, Max and Felicia decided to call the lunch meeting short because they didn't want to run the risk of carrying some sort of illness to little James. After Mac and Felicia left, Lucy lectured "Kevin" for running himself ragged while Laura was away. Ryan tried to brush off her concerns, but Lucy proclaimed that she knew when Dr. Kevin Collins was not acting like himself.

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