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Drew turned down Margaux's offer. Sonny recognized a picture of Margaux's mother. Nelle was given the maximum sentence for her crimes. Laura grew increasingly suspicious of Kevin. Spencer paid Laura a visit. Josslyn enlisted Cam's help to make Oscar jealous.
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Nelle is sentenced

Nelle is sentenced

Monday, October 15, 2018

Laura lit some candles as Ryan made his way downstairs. He revealed that he'd conquered the bug he'd had, and he felt more like his old self. Laura put some music on, and they smiled, recognizing the song as what was supposed to have been their first dance. She proposed starting their second honeymoon, but he backed away from her. "What have you done with my husband?" she wondered. Ryan told her that, while he wanted to celebrate her homecoming, he had a patient in a "dire state" that he needed to check on. Laura laughed out of relief and admired him for being so dedicated to his patients.

Laura wondered when "Kevin" would be back, and he figured that it would be late. He promised to make it up to her, kissed her, and headed toward the door. When he opened the door, he found Lulu and Charlotte, who were there to visit Laura. When he was gone, Charlotte excitedly ran in and hugged her grandmother. Laura revealed that she'd gotten Charlotte a gift in Paris, and Charlotte opened the package, which contained a doll. Charlotte told Laura that she was too old for dolls, and Lulu was horrified at the reaction. Laura assured Charlotte that she had another gift and handed her a book. Charlotte wanted to start reading it immediately, so Laura allowed her to sit in Laura's reading chair.

When Charlotte was gone, Lulu lamented how much growing up Dante was missing. She felt like Dante had used the undercover assignment as an escape from the tragedy of losing Nathan, but Lulu related that she missed Nathan, too. She wondered if he was using the assignment as an excuse to stay away. Charlotte raced back in, and Lulu realized that it was time to get Rocco so they could get dinner. Lulu was glad that her mother was back. As Lulu and Charlotte were on their way out, Charlotte grabbed the doll, and they left.

A short while later, Laura was cleaning up when there was a knock on the door. She opened the door and was horrified to see someone holding a bouquet of flowers.

Drew was at the docks when Franco arrived with his drawing pad, and Franco observed that Drew looked like he needed a friend. Franco remembered that the dock was where he and Drew had resurfaced after Jim had almost killed them. Drew wished Oscar could resurface, as well. He wished he had his memories, if only for Oscar, and he wondered what Franco would do if he was Drew and there was a possibility that he could get his memories back. Franco didn't think it was worth it if it would threaten the life Drew had.

Drew "hypothetically" continued by asking if Franco's answer would change if he could get the memories back in exchange for giving up information about Sonny and Jason that could put them away for a long time. Franco revealed that he and Jason were on better terms after Franco had helped break Carly out of Ferncliff, but he urged Drew to think of the collateral damage, like Sam.

There was a knock at Sam's door, and she answered it to Elizabeth, who wanted to talk about Drew. She started that Drew needed all the support he could get, but Sam replied that he'd made it clear that he couldn't turn to Sam. Elizabeth suggested that it was because Sam had run right back to Jason. Sam defensively thought that Elizabeth was there to tell her to stay away from Jason for Drew's sake. Elizabeth clarified that Drew would probably have an easier time if he wasn't watching Sam and Jason get back together while his son was dying of cancer.

Elizabeth continued that she just wanted to put her and Sam's pasts aside so they could "work together to make things easier for Drew." Sam recognized that Elizabeth's heart was in the right place, and the two agreed that Drew needed all the support he could get. A short while later, Elizabeth was gone, and there was another knock on Sam's door. She opened the door to Drew.

Elizabeth arrived at the docks and found Franco, who told her that he'd tried to help Drew. Elizabeth replied that she'd been trying to help Sam, but neither was sure if they'd actually done any helping.

At the courthouse, Nelle caught sight of Brad and Wiley, and Brad made a show of introducing her to the baby. She commented on how much he'd grown, which drew Carly's suspicion. Nelle claimed that she'd seen a picture that Brad had posted online. Brad told Nelle that he was there for a passport application for Wiley, and he expressed sympathy for her circumstances. He left, and Carly reminded Nelle that she'd wanted to tell Michael something. Nelle replied that she'd changed her plea to "no contest," so they wouldn't have to relive anything in their testimonies. "You're welcome," she added.

Michael told Nelle that he would have asked for leniency for her in Jonah's memory, but "now I don't need to be here." Nelle knew that Michael would want to forget her, but she reminded him that they would always be connected, "more than you know." A short while later, Nelle, her police escort, and Chase exited the courtroom, and she wondered if Chase had enjoyed watching her lose everything and receive the maximum sentence. "Seems appropriate," he answered.

Nelle thought that Chase had never gotten over her, and she told him that he would never meet anyone like her. "Promise?" he wondered. Brad returned, and Nelle told him the news. She asked why Wiley needed a passport, and he answered that he and Lucas loved to travel. He unenthusiastically said that he'd miss Nelle, but she knew he wouldn't, since he had Lucas and Wiley. "Nothing is stronger than the bond between a parent and child," she said as she smiled. She assured him that she might get out early for good behavior, and the guard led her away.

Jason handed Spinelli's preliminary report on Vincent Marino to Sonny. He explained that Vincent wasn't all that innocent, as it appeared that he'd enjoyed his time with Joe Scully. He'd had a high-profile case lined up, and he'd cosigned on a beach house with Joe. Jason only needed the real reasons why Joe had wanted Vincent dead and why Joe had chosen Sonny to carry out the murder. Sonny revealed that Joe had always had his own hidden objectives. They agreed that they were missing something.

Carly and Michael entered the house and updated Sonny and Jason on Nelle's fate. Michael overthought Nelle's last comment to him, but Sonny assured him that Nelle had just been trying to get under Michael's skin. Michael replied that Nelle had been right that the two would always be connected through their grief. Jason assured Carly that everyone could finally heal from Nelle. Carly admitted that Nelle had almost broken Carly, but Jason reminded Carly's that she'd won, and Nelle would finally be out of their lives forever.

Ryan entered Kevin's cell at Ferncliff, and Kevin spat that he'd tried to help Ryan. Ryan replied that he was only living a normal life like Kevin had wanted. "You're living my life!" Kevin screamed. "Oops," Ryan commented. Ryan went on that he was going to prescribe a new drug regimen for Kevin to keep him there, as there was only room for one of them out in the real world.

Kevin thought that his friends and family, especially Laura, would realize that Ryan wasn't Kevin. "Laura is my wife in every sense," Ryan taunted, informing Kevin that she was back in town. Kevin yelled at Ryan to leave Laura alone, but Ryan promised to "take care of Laura one way or another." Kevin screamed after Ryan as Ryan left the cell.

Laura is surprised to see Spencer

Laura is surprised to see Spencer

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Maxie and Nina found themselves at the local film festival, and Nina was grateful for the distraction. The women chatted until Maxie couldn't believe her eyes when she spotted Lulu and Peter together. Kiki and Griffin were also there but a little disappointed that Griffin had accidentally chosen the wrong film when he'd purchased the tickets. Kiki didn't care, and after discussing the film, Kiki announced that she had a better idea.

Lulu and Peter shared their opinions of the film and joked about the fact that they had walked out after 20 minutes. Nina and Maxie watched them laughing, and Nina suggested that maybe Lulu had to write a review. Maxie didn't think they looked professional. "This is so bad," said Maxie. She was clearly annoyed and noted that Dante was away, and he had left Lulu with a lot of responsibilities. Nina noted that Peter was Lulu's "biggest supporter."

Just then, Lulu and Peter headed over to Nina and Maxie. "Fancy seeing the two of you here," Peter declared. Nina asked to speak to Lulu in private, and the two of them wandered off. Nina revealed that she had seen a very expensive riding coat for Charlotte, and she wanted Lulu's permission to order it. She added that she hadn't known that Lulu and Peter would be going out together.

Lulu insisted it was a "work thing," and she went on about Peter's good qualities. She noted that he was an amazing boss, and she expected to learn a lot from him. She concluded that he was also a super nice person who cared about his employees.

Peter and Maxie made small talk about elevators and the baby, and Peter asked if he could stop by to see James. Maxie agreed that both she and her son would like that. After the group was back together, Peter suggested they all go out for a drink, but all of the women had other obligations. Peter offered to drive Lulu home, and they left together. Nina confessed that she thought Lulu liked Peter more than she realized, but she didn't think that Peter returned those feelings. She also believed that Peter and Maxie would never be close to each other again.

As Laura set the table for dinner, there was a knock at the door. She opened the door to a large bouquet of flowers and was shocked to see Spencer standing behind them. She couldn't believe her eyes and that Spencer "did this again." She thought maybe a new school would work; one where he could be watched. She stooped down to Spencer's level and glared at him. Spencer insisted he loved his school, but Laura thought it was more about the lack of security there.

Laura announced that Spencer could remain at his school only if he stayed there and did not purchase airline tickets on his cell phone again. Spencer promised, and Laura admitted that that was the reason she'd stayed in France for so long. She'd had to keep an eye on him. Spencer insisted it was fall break, and he had felt bad for Josslyn and had to see her. Laura thought Josslyn was just an excuse, and Spencer admitted he had missed Laura, also. Laura hugged him.

"Here's to you, Dr. Kevin Collins," Ryan said as he lifted a glass of red wine at the Metro Court bar. Ava spotted him and asked to join him. She mentioned that she had been thinking about him. Ava wondered why the doctor wasn't with Laura, and he noted that he'd just had a "trying session." Ava ordered herself a martini. She told the doctor how much he'd helped her, and "Kevin" suggested she think about regular sessions.

Ava admitted that she had been thinking about leaving town due to her most recent thoughts, but "Kevin" thought otherwise. "Face it head-on," he urged her. He thought leaving town would be the worst thing she could do. Ava confessed that while she respected his opinion, she thought she should be away from her "emotional triggers" until she stopped thinking about revenge. Kevin thought she would still have those same feelings upon her return, and he thought they might even be stronger.

Kevin thought Ava's thoughts were "healthy impulses." Ava announced that she had to powder her nose, and she got up from the bar. "You really are a remarkable woman, Ava," "Kevin" said to himself. "So different from the others," he added.

"Who do we have here?" "Kevin" asked as he walked through the front door. Laura mentioned Spencer's name, and "Kevin" repeated it. "Kevin" told the boy how lucky he was to have Laura, and how wonderful she was. Laura asked about "Kevin's" patient, and he mentioned that he had stopped for a drink and had also spoken to Ava. Laura found that peculiar. Spencer announced that he'd been in touch with Milo, who was waiting for him, and he left. Laura sent her regards to Sonny.

Laura explained that Spencer had told her it was fall break, but she wanted him to go right back to Paris. "Kevin" didn't think there was any rush. Laura suggested they take advantage of the fact that Spencer was out, and she hugged her husband. "Kevin" declared that he needed to shower first after being at Ferncliff, and they agreed to meet again in ten minutes.

Monica was surprised when Jason paid her a visit at home, but he knew she was upset about Oscar. They shared a hug. Monica told her son how great he'd been when she'd had breast cancer, and Jason recalled not realizing he'd known so much about it until Robin had mentioned it. Monica disclosed that she'd pretended to be strong around others, but she had been herself around Jason -- and she'd been scared. She knew that he always wanted to help the people he loved. They grasped hands. "So how will I take care of you?" Jason asked.

Monica admitted she was terrified, and she couldn't believe that Oscar could be taken from her. Jason thought he was a great kid, and Monica revealed that it seemed as though Oscar had given up. She noted that he would either beat the odds or he wouldn't. She broke down, and Jason comforted her.

Jason gave Monica a glass of water. She knew it was difficult for Drew to be around Jason, but she assured Jason that he was helping. Jason revealed that he felt bad for both Drew and Oscar, and he was sorry for Monica, who had lost so many other people she had loved. "This sucks," Monica said, surprising both Jason and herself. She urged Jason to spend time with Oscar and get to know him so they could both remember him together.

Monica thanked Jason profusely for stopping by. Jason declared that he loved her, and her grandchildren were lucky to have her. He knew that she would "fight to the death" for family. He knew that she had been searching for help for Oscar. "You have never given up," he said. Monica thought that deceased family members would want them to lead "purposeful" lives, and she wanted Oscar to have a chance.

Drew visited with Sam, and he admitted that he wanted to talk to her more than anyone else. They sat on the couch, and Sam announced that she was there for him. Drew explained that he wanted Oscar to live his life in the best way, though he didn't know what that meant. Sam stated that Drew didn't have to be alone.

Drew felt overwhelmed, and he talked about all the people who knew or didn't know about Oscar, but they were all tied together. He mentioned Monica, who had bonded quickly with Oscar and who had already lost so much. He couldn't stand the thought of her losing someone else. He declared that he just wanted to be a good dad, and he couldn't think about only Oscar.

Sam replied that Drew needed to stay focused for Oscar, who would hopefully be around for a long time. Drew recalled that Sam had always said, "Find grace in every day." She added that the "little moments" were everywhere and were all that mattered.

Sam asked to hear three things about Oscar, and Drew stated that Oscar was into boxing, loved music, and crossed his arms when in thought, just like Drew. "Those are the moments that resonate," Sam said. Drew didn't think there had been enough, but Sam said there were "more to come." She thought they would get more eyerolls and love. Just then, Scout began to cry, and Drew asked if he could get her.

Sam sent Drew upstairs, and he returned with Scout in his arms. The parents bonded with the little girl, and Sam insisted that Scout needed to go to sleep. Drew told Scout that her mother gave good advice.

Griffin and Kiki snuggled on the sofa and watched a movie at Kiki's apartment. She admitted that she couldn't recall the waltz they'd shared due to her drinking, so Griffin invited her to get up and dance with him. They waltzed around the apartment, and later, they slow danced though they barely moved. They shared a kiss and eventually ended up on the sofa and made love.

Spencer spotted Ava at the bar at Metro Court and accused her of betraying him for a new face. He recalled that she had promised to help him seek justice for his father. Ava was sorry but insisted that she had been in the hospital, covered with burns, and had had a big decision to make. She had decided she wanted to be whole again. Spencer insisted she had only cared about wanting to be beautiful. He added that the woman in the bed had had a heart.

"Kevin" bounded down the stairs and found Laura waiting with two glasses of red wine. "To us," Laura toasted. "Kevin" responded, "Welcome home." Laura announced that she was glad to be home, and she had missed her husband. She grabbed his glass and put both of the glasses on the table. She suddenly looked at his hand and asked if he'd had a manicure.

"Kevin" made an excuse and claimed that he'd thought he would feel better. Laura went to kiss him, but he pulled away and began to stutter. He was afraid that Spencer would return and that finding them would be traumatic for all of them. He thought it best if they put off their reunion but promised to make it up to her. He declared that he would make it worth her while.

Valentin persuades Sasha to stay

Valentin persuades Sasha to stay

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Spencer paid Sonny a visit and announced that he was back in town, "righting a terrible wrong." He admitted that he was taking a break from avenging his father. Sonny mentioned Mike and the fact that he always talked about Spencer's mother, Courtney. He thought it would be a good idea for Spencer to sit and listen.

Josslyn walked in and spied Spencer. She was thrilled to see him, and she gave him a big hug. Spencer admitted he'd seen news of Josslyn and Oscar's breakup on social media, and he'd had to return to help her to heal her broken heart. Sonny left for a meeting.

Josslyn opened up Spencer's gift of a framed print of a Paris scene. Spencer told her she was taller while Josslyn thought he looked the same. They sat on the sofa, and Spencer grabbed Josslyn's hand. She noted that it was Oscar's birthday. She assumed he was out with his new girlfriend, but she still wanted to send him good wishes. Spencer tried to stop her, but Josslyn sent Oscar a text message. "Giant mistake," Spencer said.

At the Aurora office, Drew left a voicemail for Oscar, wishing him a happy birthday. Peter arrived after Drew had summoned him. Drew wanted to know if he could lose the last five years of his life if he were to have his own memories restored. Peter suggested that Drew contact Andre because he wasn't familiar with it, even though he had been there during the procedure.

Drew and Peter discussed the procedure, and they agreed that logically, Drew's last five years would probably disappear. Drew realized that he would no longer know Sam, Monica, or Oscar. He apologized for rambling, and he advised Peter that he did not have the flash drive. Peter declared there was "no peace in looking backward."

Oscar sat on the ground at the park, deep in thought. He looked at his phone and saw a missed call from Drew. Cameron approached and sat down with him. Oscar revealed that he had been busy thinking about his life. Cameron filled him in on what he had missed at school. Cameron advised him that Oscar's plan to get rid of Josslyn was a failure, since she had spent her time trying to find out about Oscar's fake girlfriend.

Cameron declared that he would not lie for Oscar any further, and he called Oscar a jerk. Oscar grew angry, but Cameron thought that Oscar could turn things around. The boys taunted each other as they walked and sat down on a park bench. Oscar revealed that he didn't know how long he had to live, and that had caused him to look at everything in a different light. He wanted to have less worry.

Maxie saw Nina sitting at the bar at Metro Court, and Nina confessed that her daughter hadn't shown up for breakfast. Maxie tried to reassure her, and she cited a number of possible reasons that might prevent Sasha from showing up. Maxie had to leave for a meeting, but she was certain that Sasha would be there.

Valentin spotted Sasha as she wheeled her suitcase to the exit of Metro Court. He called out to her and declared that he wanted to talk to her about Nina. Sasha was under the impression that Valentin was an employee of Nina's who had been sent to try to stop her from leaving. She wanted Valentin to know that she already had a mother.

Valentin confided that he wasn't an employee, and Nina had not sent him, because she didn't trust him. As Maxie headed to her meeting, she observed the pair and stopped to hide and listen to the conversation. Valentin proceeded to tell Sasha that she had been Nina's whole world when she had been pregnant, and Nina's world had turned upside down more recently. He thought Sasha should allow Nina the time to adjust.

Valentin continued that Sasha shouldn't miss all the love that Nina had to give or allow herself to be deprived of it. Sasha confessed that Nina wanted more from her than she could give to Nina, but Valentin stated that Nina was a generous giver. "It's too much," Sasha complained. Valentin added that Nina had always wanted her own daughter, and while she had Charlotte to love, he had given Nina cause to divorce him.

Valentin declared that Nina had always stood by him, and he had abused her trust. He would always regret his actions and would always love her. He thought that Sasha should give Nina some time.

Laura paid Lulu a visit at the Invader office to talk to her about the photo of Lulu and Peter on page five of the paper. Lulu couldn't believe her mother had dropped by specifically to discuss the photo, but Laura pointed out that Peter wasn't Dante's favorite person. Lulu didn't think that Dante had to like her friends, and she suggested that he return to town to tell her. She noted that Peter tried to lift her spirits, but he knew that she loved her husband.

Laura insisted that the photo sent the wrong message to Dante. Lulu thought that Dante should trust her, and they'd get past it. Laura replied that Dante was still mourning the death of his partner, from a murder in which Peter had been involved, and the photo had rubbed his nose in it. Laura muttered that absence didn't always make the heart grow fonder, and she confessed that Kevin had been avoiding her. Laura disclosed that, on top of that, Spencer had shown up.

Laura added that Kevin had seemed distracted and distant, but Lulu suggested that it had to do with the Ryan Chamberlain anniversary. She thought he'd be back to his old self afterward. Laura wanted to leave to check on Spencer. "Thanks for the tough love," Lulu said. "Life doesn't always go as planned," Laura replied. She thought it important to take care of loved ones.

Nina and Sasha sat at a table in Metro Court. Nina apologized for all of her awful remarks from the previous day and declared that Sasha's mother had been a good mother. Nina had an envelope filled with photos of family members for Sasha to look at and admitted they were "colorful." Nina handed the photos to Sasha and told her a little about Nathan, Maxie, James, and Kiki.

Nina told Sasha that Sasha's father, Silas, hadn't known about her, but Sasha had been conceived in love. Sasha smiled and admitted that meant a lot to her. Nina confessed that Silas' death was a long story, as so many of her stories were. She thanked Sasha for meeting with her again and noted that she'd better leave so as not to miss her plane. Sasha offered to cancel her flight and stick around for a few more days. She revealed that Valentin had convinced her not to leave, and he'd been right. She had never heard anyone talk about someone with so much love.

Nina was thrilled to hear that Sasha would stay and wondered why. Sasha said she wasn't finished yet. She had been shocked, followed by angry, but then she'd had the great conversation with Valentin.

Valentin sat reading a newspaper as Peter walked by in the lobby at Metro Court. Valentin called out to Peter and asked about the page five photo. Peter suggested that it had been a slow news day, and he and Lulu were friends who had gone to the movies. He thought that Valentin was trying to make trouble for Lulu in order to gain more custody of Charlotte.

Peter announced that Maxie, Lulu, and Nina were trusting him again. "Must be nice," Valentin snapped. He didn't think that people in town would be so forgiving. Peter retorted that they had given him a second chance while Valentin had fallen from grace. Valentin emphasized that he only cared about the opinions of Nina, Charlotte, and Peter, but he was unable to right his wrongs. He also believed that he could win Nina back.

Laura passed Peter as she was leaving her meeting with Lulu, and she told him how sorry she was that he had been Faison's son. He told her he was doing better, and she wished him luck. Valentin stood up and joined the conversation. He accused Laura of being full of "unprecedented generosity," but Laura angrily stated that Peter had been a victim of a monster while Valentin was a criminal who had murdered her son, and she owed him nothing. An astonished Peter remained quiet as Laura stormed out.

"Big night last night?" Maxie asked Lulu as she headed into the Invader office. Lulu guessed that Maxie had seen the photo, but Maxie played dumb and denied it. Lulu grabbed her phone and found the photo to show Maxie. She confessed that her mother had been worried. Maxie pumped Lulu on the dinner she had to have had with Peter, but Lulu advised her that there had been no dinner. She realized that Maxie was upset as Maxie reminded Lulu that she was married.

Lulu insisted that Peter was only her boss and her friend, and there hadn't even been any comments on the photo in the paper. She couldn't believe that Maxie thought something was going on, but Maxie accused Lulu of making the same judgment. She knew that Lulu had told Peter to keep his distance from Maxie, but Maxie had advised him that she didn't agree with Lulu.

Sonny met Drew in his office at Aurora, and Drew filled him in on Margaux's attempt to obtain Jason's memories from him. Drew had declared that Jason's memories weren't his to share. The men sat down by Drew's desk. Sonny confirmed that Jason had done whatever had been asked of him for business reasons or to protect those people they cared about.

Sonny stood up. He noted that if he went down, so would Jason, and it would impact a lot of people. Margaux hoped Drew's resentment of Jason would help her, but Sonny knew that Drew would never do that. Drew wondered why Sonny would think that. Sonny reminded Drew that he could have gone to Jordan with everything he knew, but he hadn't. Drew confessed that Margaux had offered him an incentive, but Sonny asked that Drew not allow the district attorney to go after him through Drew.

At the park, Oscar's phone went off, but he told Cameron that his family was only wishing him happy birthday.

Back at Josslyn's house, she couldn't believe that Oscar hadn't responded to her text message. Spencer suggested she be more "strategic." Josslyn admitted she was more upset over Oscar's photo with the girl than anything, and Spencer reminded her that there were other guys, and maybe Oscar should see Josslyn with someone else. Josslyn hugged Spencer excitedly. She knew who could help her. Spencer offered to help but was appalled that Josslyn called Cameron.

Cameron and Oscar continued to taunt each other and joke around. Cameron's phone began to ring, and Oscar asked him not to answer, but he did. "I need you to be my boyfriend," Josslyn said to Cameron.

Josslyn and Cameron make things official

Josslyn and Cameron make things official

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Cameron was on the phone with Josslyn, who asked him to act as her boyfriend. She invited him over, and he agreed. When he hung up, Oscar wanted to know what Josslyn had wanted, and Cameron claimed that she wanted help with studying for a history quiz. Oscar warned him to keep up the story that Oscar had been dating someone new. Cameron sarcastically replied that he would keep lying to Josslyn until she found out the truth and hated them both. Cameron added that he'd gotten a B-minus on Oscar's paper. "I told you to dumb it down, not decimate it!" Oscar cried. Cameron reminded Oscar that he was done with school, so he shouldn't care, and Cameron left.

A reminder popped up on Kim's phone to pick up Oscar's birthday cake. Bobbie approached Kim and asked her a question, but Kim was spaced out. Kim apologized to Bobbie and admitted that she'd been thinking about Oscar as a baby, as it was his birthday. Bobbie figured that Oscar would want to celebrate with his friends, and she assured Kim that Oscar would eventually want to celebrate with his parents again.

Bobbie related that she often thought of all the memories Michael and Jonah would never make, but she knew that he would have a family of his own one day. She added that nothing made up for the loss of a child, as she knew from personal experience with B.J. Kim expressed her condolences and thanked Bobbie for sharing with her.

A short while later, Oscar arrived at the hospital and refused to argue with Kim any more. Kim had only asked him to there to wish him a happy birthday, and she proposed dinner that night, as she and Drew wanted to give Oscar "something special." Oscar thought that, if she meant that, they would let him make his own choices about his life. Kim told him that he needed to start preparing for the drug trial, but he yelled that he refused to take part, and he stormed out.

A smiling Josslyn hung up the phone from her call with Oscar, and Carly asked if her daughter had just gotten good news. "Possibly," Josslyn answered, and Carly thought it was nice to see Josslyn smile. Josslyn revealed that a visit from Spencer had given her an idea. She asked Carly if she wanted to go shopping the next day. Carly agreed but then wondered if Josslyn wanted to go that day and meet Bobbie for lunch. Josslyn replied that she had plans.

Just then, Cameron entered the house with a pizza, and Josslyn explained to Carly that they were working on a history project. A suspicious Carly left to meet Bobbie. Josslyn explained to Cameron that she could get Oscar back if he got jealous thinking she'd moved on with Cameron. Cameron didn't think that Oscar would believe they were dating, but Josslyn believed they could convince Oscar. She realized that a friend would never ask a friend to lie for them and called the idea dumb. "Friends don't let friends feel sad either," he conceded, and she hugged him in thanks. They posed for a picture together to make the "relationship" social media official.

Julian wondered how Charlie's had become Alexis' office for the day, and she explained that there was loud construction going on outside her office. He informed her that Kristina wasn't working until later that night, and she explained that she worried. Julian assured her that he cared about Kristina, and she was a great asset to the bar. He related that it was hard to shut off feelings of being family, and Alexis wondered if he was talking about Kim and Oscar.

Alexis told Julian that Oscar had met with her, supposedly for a school project, about her opinion on limited parental authority. Julian was glad that Oscar had seemingly reconsidered dropping out of school but wondered why Oscar had talked to her about the subject. Alexis's phone went off, and she excused herself to "meet a potential client."

A short while later, an angry Kim entered Charlie's, complaining about Oscar's attitude and her own response to it. She apologized for dumping on Julian, since he was still "in the dark," and she knew that it wasn't fair. He offered her a hug, and she took him up on it. She told him that it was Oscar's birthday, and she couldn't give him the one thing he wanted. Julian guessed that whatever was going on with Oscar was medical, but Kim couldn't talk about it. Julian reasoned that she hadn't said anything, and he'd only guessed. Julian wondered if Oscar was sick, and he offered to do all he could for her, even if it was just holding her hand. She cried in his arms.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived at Aiden's school and introduced themselves to Aiden's teacher, Willow Tait. Willow started by asking about Aiden's home life, and she took notes as Elizabeth explained that things were pretty normal. "As normal as life can be with me," Franco cracked, and Willow acknowledged that she was a fan of Franco's. Getting back to Aiden, Willow assured Elizabeth that Aiden was a good, helpful, and bright child, but she suspected that he was having trouble.

Willow continued that Aiden always found ways to somehow cut himself off from his classmates, and she was hoping that she, Elizabeth, and Franco could try to figure it out together. Franco told her about the incident with the princess pencils, and Elizabeth followed with the story of Aiden's stomachache. Willow instructed the two to observe Aiden at home and to "gently probe" about any problems if they sensed an opening. Elizabeth thanked Willow for reaching out, and Elizabeth and Franco left. Franco proposed having a family discussion, but Elizabeth thought there was "something bigger going on."

At Metro Court, Curtis and Jordan were excited about finalizing the details for their wedding. Olivia approached the couple and admitted that she had bad news for them. They sat down at a table, and Olivia told them that, at the time of the couple's booking, Metro Court had been in the middle of a system update on their scheduling software. She broke it to them that some of their long-standing bookings hadn't transferred, so there was another wedding scheduled in the ballroom on their wedding day.

Olivia apologized profusely to a shocked Jordan and Curtis and offered them a huge discount on whatever date they rescheduled to. Jordan revealed that their save-the-dates had already gone out, and she was set to pick up the invitations from the printers. Olivia suddenly got an idea and made a phone call. A short while later, the three arrived at the docks, and Olivia talked to them about how unique and fun their reception could be. They looked at the Haunted Star in the distance as Olivia explained that Lulu would let them use it as a wedding gift. Curtis was sold, and he wondered how a contemplative Jordan felt about it. "I love it!" she cried, and the two embraced, much to Olivia's delight.

Carly met Bobbie at Metro Court and updated her on what had happened at the courthouse. She believed that Nelle gushing all over Wiley had been like a deliberate twist of the knife to Michael. Bobbie related that she'd talked to Kim about losing B.J., and she thought the story of the loss of a child had struck a personal chord with Kim. Just then, Carly spotted Oscar enter the restaurant with Alexis and watched as they sat down together. Carly wanted to go over and "say hi," but Bobbie warned her not to meddle. Carly begrudgingly agreed to stay away "for now," but she wanted to make sure that nothing was going on that would hurt Josslyn.

Alexis cut right to the chase and asked if Oscar's legal questions about parental authority were about himself. Oscar responded that he was ready to hire her, but she urged him to talk to his parents instead of running to the courts. "I've got cancer," he blurted out, shocking Alexis. He continued that, because his brain tumor was inoperable, his parents were trying to force him into an experimental drug trial that could possibly kill him. Alexis confided that she knew what it was like to get a cancer diagnosis and added that she'd been cancer free for years.

Oscar was sincerely happy for Alexis, but he reminded her that it was his life on the line and not his parents'. He suggested getting emancipated from his parents, but Alexis told him that he would have to prove that his parents weren't acting in his best interest and that he could support himself. She advised him to go to counseling with his parents, but Oscar replied that he would hire Scott if she wouldn't take his case. He told her that the drug trial started soon, so he asked her think about taking his case. She promised to think about it, but she implored him to think, too, as no one could predict how a trial would end.

Sonny reveals news about Margaux's mother

Sonny reveals news about Margaux's mother

Friday, October 19, 2018

Jason and Sonny met at Sonny's place, and Sonny reported that he'd spoken to Drew, who had the power to get Sonny taken away from his loved ones. He thought that Drew had seemed pressured for some reason. Jason declared that Margaux would not take Sonny down.

Jason added that Margaux's vendetta against Sonny made no sense, especially because Sonny had only been 18 years old when he'd been involved with Scully, and Margaux's father had worked for Scully, also. He thought they needed to prove that Marino hadn't been the "sainted victim" that Margaux believed he had been.

Jason revealed that Marino had leased a new office, which had been a big upgrade, and he hadn't appeared to be trying to get loose from the mob like Margaux thought. Sonny thought an alternative could have been that Marino had been working with the cops. Jason agreed that Marino could have been trying to keep up appearances. Sonny stated that Margaux wouldn't believe that Sonny was not the reason for her father's death.

"Once I'm done with her, she'll have to," Sam declared as she walked in. She disclosed that she had done some research on the case at the library. As she pulled some papers out of a large envelope, she revealed that Spinelli had turned the case over to her because he'd been forced to vacation with Ellie. She added that she and Curtis had mutually agreed to take exclusive cases.

Sonny announced that he had to go upstairs to spend some time with Avery. "We're not going anywhere," Jason said. Once Sonny was gone, Jason informed Sam that Sonny wasn't aware of what was going on with Oscar but knew that something was wrong with Drew. Sam revealed that Drew had surprised her by stopping over to see her even though he had expressed a desire to not talk to her. Jason was glad that Sam could help Drew and mentioned that he had visited with a struggling Monica.

Sam couldn't believe that Jason wasn't surprised about Spinelli dumping the case in her lap. She advised Jason that Spinelli only wanted to play matchmaker again. "He believes in us," she said. Jason offered to talk to Spinelli, but Sam didn't think Spinelli would listen. She stated that he had been pushing and acting like a child, and she already had two children. She didn't want Jason to do anything, but she was frustrated. Sam clarified that she and Jason weren't ready to be together.

Sonny returned and asked what Sam and Jason were talking about. Sam spoke about Marino and what she had learned about him. She handed out an old photo of the Marino family, which included a young Margaux. Sonny recognized Marino's wife and wracked his brain. He suddenly recalled that she had been having an affair with Scully and realized that that had been a motive for murder.

Jordan, Curtis, and T.J. sat at a table in Metro Court. Curtis spoke about the decision to have the wedding at the Haunted Star, and everyone was excited. T.J. asked if Stella would be there, and Curtis revealed that she would not. He added that she had accepted the marriage but not respected it, and he wasn't planning on putting his life on hold to wait for her. Jordan and T.J. didn't believe a word.

Jordan mentioned her ill-fated attempt at having dinner with Stella and her suggestion that they start over but revealed it hadn't worked. She wished she could change the past, but she couldn't -- and Stella couldn't get past it. Jordan was sorry for breaking Stella's heart. Curtis and T.J. defended Jordan.

Curtis declared that Stella had been a mother to him and had given up a lot, and he loved her. He also felt he owed her, but her anger and grief had been misplaced. "Life happened," he said. He couldn't recall the last time he'd spoken to her. "It is what it is," Curtis said. He had tried to change Stella's mind, but she wouldn't be at the wedding. T.J. thought he was the only one who had a chance to speak to her and get her to change her mind. He got up from the table.

Peter found Maxie at the bar at Metro Court, waiting for takeout. She had James in her arms, and Peter walked over to fawn over the baby. Peter offered to hold the baby, and they talked about how perfect he was, with all of the statistics that Peter didn't understand. Peter smiled and admitted that he'd missed having a family his entire life.

Peter and Maxie reminisced about the night that Maxie had given birth, and Peter noticed that James looked a lot like Nathan. Suddenly, Maxie noticed something wrong with her baby.

Drew met with Margaux in the Metro Court lobby, and she thought he had reconsidered helping her. Drew told her that the opposite was true and declared that he should have reported her to the cops. He accused her of having stolen property, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice. Margaux replied that it was mere speculation on his part, and he had no proof that she had the flash drive.

Margaux continued that she could also say she'd had no idea what the flash drive had been when she'd found it. Drew asserted that she was also a liar. Margaux talked about her father from memories of her childhood and said that he'd been a good man. She'd heard stories from her mother. Drew countered that Marino had made his choice, but Margaux argued that he'd made a mistake and had wanted out. She wanted Sonny to pay.

Drew stood by an 18-year-old Sonny and suggested that Sonny regretted his past actions. Margaux argued that he had been eager to move up in the organization and to prove himself, and it had worked. She was aware that he would never pay unless the gun was found, and there would be no justice. She needed Drew in order to "nail Sonny to the wall."

Margaux demanded to know why Drew was protecting people like Jason and Sonny, but Drew replied that he was protecting Sam and Danny. Margaux noted that Jason "did things," but Drew told her it wasn't his job to punish anyone. He was sorry about Margaux's father and about the fact that she had been manipulating Drew for months, but he was under no obligation to help her. "How does never knowing who you are benefit you?" Margaux asked.

Drew informed Margaux that if he used the procedure to repossess his memory, he would still lose his last five years. It was not worth it to him, even if Margaux thought it was. Drew stressed that he wasn't about to let go of the current people in his life. Margaux wondered about his childhood and service years. Drew disclosed that he knew who he was, and the life he'd built meant everything to him.

Drew enlightened Margaux that he would not change his mind to help her. She asked what she should do with the flash drive, and Drew didn't care. She decided that she would hold onto it because she was certain he'd want it someday. She turned and got onto the elevator, and once alone, began to cry. "I'm so sorry, Dad," she wept. She flashed back to telling Sonny about her father.

At General Hospital, Michael stood and watched the babies in the nursery. Stella saw him and told him he didn't have to talk. As they linked arms, they agreed the babies were beautiful. Stella reminded him of the conversation they'd had about grief sneaking up, and she admitted that she had found herself in the same trap as he had. She hadn't been able to get rid of her bitterness.

Michael and Stella fussed over the babies. Michael admitted that he hadn't gone to the support group meeting, but Stella thought that as long as he grieved, it didn't matter how it was done. Michael revealed that he frequently went to Jonah's grave and spoke to him and Morgan, and he visited the babies in the nursery often, which helped.

Michael confessed that he thought the best way to take comfort was in moments of peace, and the babies reminded him that there was still joy and love in the world. Sometimes he felt worse. Stella told him that trying was the key. Michael mentioned that seeing and holding Wiley gave him a lift. He thought it was best to not avoid the bad and to focus on the good. Stella laughed and suggested that Michael seek a career in social work. Michael laughed, they hugged, and he left.

Maxie rushed off the elevator with James in her arms and Peter close behind. Maxie was frantic as she spotted Michael. She had seen a rash on the baby, and she was worried. Michael had a doctor paged.

A little later, a sheepish Maxie emerged from an examination room. James didn't have a rash at all. It was discovered that his pants were too small and had been chafing him. Michael and Peter were amused, and Michael admitted that he'd had Avery checked out for something that had turned out to be dirt. Everyone joked. Maxie offered to drive Peter back to Metro Court, but he declined. She thanked him for accompanying her. Maxie and Michael continued to tease each other.

Maxie asked Michael to hold James while she fixed up her diaper bag. They continued joking, and Michael finally handed the baby back. Michael told Maxie she was doing great. "So are you," Maxie replied as she headed out.

Stella continued to look at the babies in the nursery and was surprised when T.J. arrived. They hugged, and he told her about the wedding at the Haunted Star. Stella thought it was fitting. T.J. let on that he'd heard Stella wouldn't be there. "Time to let the anger go," he said. He thought she should try harder.

Stella noted that T.J. was the best part of the entire messy situation, and she was aware that she hadn't been handling things well. T.J. insisted she go to the wedding, or she would regret it. Stella felt she'd regret it if she were there, also. T.J. was certain that Stella would give in to him.

Back at Metro Court, Curtis wondered if T.J. was making any headway with Stella. He and Jordan agreed that he probably wasn't. Jordan announced that she wanted to locate Marcus for Stella.

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