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Finn and Anna flew to Havana to snare Liesl in their trap. Chase recognized similarities in Mary Pat and Kiki's murders. Laura feared there was something very wrong with "Kevin." Mike made a new friend who had a connection to Stella.
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Ava pays Griffin a visit

Ava pays Griffin a visit

Monday, December 3, 2018

Alexis entered Jordan's office, accompanied by Chase, and Alexis demanded that Griffin be arraigned. She informed them that they couldn't hold him indefinitely, and that they had the wrong man. Margaux and Jordan agreed that they would hold Griffin until they knew more. Alexis advised Jordan to get Griffin in front of a judge in a timely manner or to prepare for the consequences, whether they were in court or in the press. When Alexis was gone, Jordan conceded that she didn't believe Griffin was guilty, but Margaux reminded her of the evidence. Just then, Curtis entered with some "relevant intel" for Jordan.

At Metro Court, Valentin insisted that Sasha stay a little longer. He informed her that he and Nina were "close to reconciliation." Sasha replied that she liked Nina, so she hated lying to Nina, but she certainly didn't want to lie to the cops. She worried that her story would "unravel." Nina returned, and Valentin explained that Sasha was worried that the cops would try to pin Kiki's murder on her. Nina told Sasha that she'd hired Diane and added that Sasha shouldn't answer any questions without Diane. Just then, Chase entered and asked Sasha to accompany him to the station for questioning.

A short while later, Nina and Sasha entered Jordan's office, and Nina again advised Sasha to say nothing until Diane got there. Sasha just wanted to get it over with, so Jordan asked Nina and Curtis to wait outside. Nina glared at Curtis as they left, and Curtis explained that he'd had no choice but to point Jordan in Sasha's direction. Nina promised to remember what Curtis had done, and she walked away.

Inside the office, Jordan started a recorder and asked Sasha what had happened between Sasha, Kiki, and Griffin. Sasha started by talking about how she'd "acted on misinformation" by heavily flirting with Griffin. Kiki had asked Sasha to move out, and Sasha had thought it was for the best, as she didn't want any part in what was going on between Kiki, Griffin, and Ava. Jordan asked for elaboration, and Sasha talked about how Ava had drugged her and knocked Griffin out just to plant them naked in bed together. She thought that Kiki and Griffin had reported the incident, as they believed that Ava had wanted payback for Griffin and Kiki getting together.

Jordan expressed her sympathy for what had happened to Sasha, and she thanked Sasha for her cooperation. She advised Sasha to stay in town just in case they had follow-up questions. Jordan's phone began to ring as Chase escorted Sasha out. She saw that it was T.J. Margaux told her to take the call, and she left. Jordan answered the phone.

In the lobby, Curtis appreciated Sasha's cooperation and offered her and Nina a ride. Nina coldly denied the offer and quickly left with Sasha. Margaux approached and assured Curtis that he'd done the right thing. He answered that it hadn't felt very good, and he walked away. He entered Jordan's office, and she told him how hard T.J. and Molly were taking Kiki's death. Curtis believed that Griffin was innocent, and Jordan agreed. She thanked him for the tip and wondered if Nina was mad at him. He figured that Nina would cold shoulder him for a few days and be fine. Jordan thought that Sasha's statement had pointed her in the direction of a new suspect.

Sam took some medicine, and Jason asked if he could get her anything else. She told him that he didn't have to take care of her, but he didn't mind. She wondered what had taken him so long getting her medicine. He answered that he'd run into Drew, who had been there because Oscar had decided to participate in the drug trial. Sam was happy to hear that, and she was also happy to hear that the brothers had been talking. She wished they would act like brothers, but Jason figured things would always be "complicated" between him and Drew.

A few minutes later, Sam and Jason were joking about the Quartermaines' "cursed" Thanksgivings when Alexis entered with soup and Sam's mail. Jason left after Alexis' icy reception. Later, Alexis served Sam the soup and wished that Jason was still there for the news she had. She informed a shocked Sam that Kiki had been murdered. Sam suggested that Bensch had done it, but she was astonished to learn that Griffin had been arrested.

Changing the subject, Alexis asked about Jason, but Sam answered that there was nothing to tell. Sam looked through her mail and was curious about a large envelope with no return address. She opened it and retrieved an obituary cut out of a newspaper for a Leland Powell. Noticing that Sam was shaken, Alexis looked at the obituary and wondered if Sam had known Leland. "He was my husband," she said.

At Metro Court, Sonny listened as Carly told Michael over the phone about Kiki. When she finally hung up, she was amazed that her son's first instinct had been to ask about Avery. Sonny hated it, but he thought that they needed to let Ava decide how to tell Avery about her sister. A few minutes later, Sonny hung up his phone and divulged that Griffin had been arrested for Kiki's murder. They agreed that they didn't think Griffin was guilty.

Jason entered and informed Sonny that no warrants had been issued for Jeanette's arrest, and there had been no indication that she was a suspect in her husband's murder. Carly commented that they had their leverage on Margaux. Sonny didn't think Margaux would be after him for a while, anyway, while looking for Kiki's killer. Jason was shocked at the news about Kiki, and Sonny left to take care of some business.

Carly updated Jason on Kiki and Griffin, and Jason agreed that Griffin didn't seem like a killer, especially after he'd helped Jason out in Russia purely out of kindness. She confided that she'd seen Griffin and Kiki arguing the night before her murder, but she refused to tell the police, since she knew "firsthand" that evidence could be misleading. She commented that it meant the real killer was still out there.

A few minutes later, Carly hung up her phone from leaving a message for Josslyn. She told Jason how hard of a time Josslyn had been having since learning about Oscar's sickness, but Jason admitted that Oscar had told him months before. Carly thought she should be angry at him for keeping the secret, but she was just happy Josslyn had been able to convince Oscar to do the drug trial. She worried that Josslyn and Oscar wouldn't get the happy ending that Josslyn seemed to think they would. Jason assured Carly that Josslyn would be fine because she had Carly. Carly thought that Josslyn was too young for so much death, and she confided that Josslyn hadn't been so confused or afraid since Morgan had died.

Sonny arrived at Morgan's grave and apologized for not visiting more, but he assured Morgan that he thought about his son all the time. He talked about how unfair it was that he and Kiki had died, but he hoped they were in a better place. He tearfully asked for Morgan and Kiki to look after each other. As he turned to leave, Margaux entered the cemetery.

"Kevin" held up a bullet in Ava's room. Julian returned to the bedroom and told "Kevin" that Ava wasn't there. He worried that Ava would do something drastic, as she was capable of murder and unpredictable in her grief. "Kevin" wondered if such an intelligent woman would take the risk, but Julian replied that he knew Ava a lot better than "Kevin" did.

Griffin was still cuffed to the table in the interrogation room when Ava entered. She told him that Kiki had had her whole life ahead of her, but Griffin had taken it. "Now, I'm gonna take yours," she screamed, pulling a gun out of her pocket. She pointed it at him as he wondered how she would feel once the truth surfaced that he hadn't killed Kiki. She called him a "con man," and she growled that she would make him pay. Even if he hadn't actually killed Kiki, she blamed him for destroying Ava and Kiki's relationship. He yelled that, if she was desperate for someone to blame, "go ahead, pull the damn trigger!"

Griffin continued that Ava wasn't the only one grieving. She'd made sure that he'd lost everything in his life that mattered, so he invited her to "take the one thing I've got left, my life." As Ava cocked the gun, Julian and "Kevin" rushed into the room, but Ava demanded that they leave. Julian insisted that "this isn't what Kiki would want," especially since it would end up with Ava in jail and far away from Avery. Ava didn't know what to do, and she asked "Kevin" what to do.

Ava went on about how "Kevin" had told her to own who she was and yelled, "This is who I am! This is how I show the world that you don't cross Ava Jerome!" "Kevin" reminded her that, while she might get temporary relief from shooting Griffin, the grief would overcome her again. She put the gun down and hugged "Kevin." Julian grabbed and hid the gun as Chase burst into the room, demanding to know what was going on.

"Kevin" explained to Chase that Ava had been "overcome with grief," so she'd wanted to face her daughter's killer. Chase asked Griffin if "Kevin" was telling the truth, and Griffin confirmed it. "Kevin" promised to personally get Ava home. A short while later, Julian asked "Kevin" on the phone how Ava was. He advised "Kevin" to let him know if Ava needed anything, and he hung up. He asked Chase if he could leave, since he'd already given his statement. Chase confirmed that Julian could leave, but he warned Julian to keep Ava "on a tighter leash" and away from Griffin, "for her sake. When Julian was gone, Chase looked in on a solemn Griffin.

"Kevin" escorted Ava back into her apartment and asked how she was feeling. She replied that she felt like an idiot, partly for going to see Griffin, but "mostly for not shooting him when I had the chance." She poured a drink as he assured her that she'd done the right thing. She revealed that she'd almost believed Griffin when he'd said that he hadn't killed Kiki, because he was "so good at telling me what I want to hear." Ava wondered, "If he's not responsible, who is?" "I am," "Kevin" replied.

The hunt for Kiki's killer continues

The hunt for Kiki's killer continues

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

As Sonny visited Morgan's gravesite at the cemetery, Margaux showed up to visit her father's grave. After overhearing Sonny talking to his son, Margaux admitted that she understood how much he missed Morgan, and she realized that Sonny really had a heart.

Sonny asked why Margaux hadn't had her mother arrested, and Margaux explained that while she had been angry at Jeanette, she didn't want to punish her. Margaux really felt like she wanted to punish Sonny for her father's death, but she had no evidence. She couldn't sacrifice her mother. Sonny made it known that he'd sought vengeance in the past, and he was happy to hear that Margaux was "off that road."

Margaux admitted that she would still be all over Sonny if he made any wrong moves. Sonny explained that while his own father hadn't been in his life for a different reason than Margaux's, he'd still had a hole in his heart like she had. He said he understood her pain and was sorry. Margaux confessed that she knew Sonny spoke the truth. Sonny stated that he could be ruthless and still have a soul, just like Margaux.

Sonny started to leave but saw Margaux shivering. He returned to her and placed his scarf around her neck. He didn't think she was familiar with the Port Charles winters.

When Margaux was alone, she stooped down to her father's grave. She admitted that she had two choices. She could let the pursuit of her father's killer consume her, or she could let it go. She thought it was time and told her father to rest in peace. She cried that she loved him even though she had never really known him.

Felicia and Mac arrived at Maxie's apartment, and she shouted for them to enter when she heard the knock. Maxie was busy massaging the knots from Peter's shoulders as Felicia and Mac looked on awkwardly. Mac noticed that Peter was in the same clothes from the previous evening, and Maxie quickly disclosed that she'd found him out in the hallway.

Peter admitted that he'd been concerned about Maxie and had wanted keep watch. Peter left for home, and Mac followed him into the hallway with the excuse that he had to retrieve the Christmas decorations. He informed Peter that he hoped Peter's intentions were good, and he warned Peter that he'd make his life a living hell if Peter hurt Maxie.

Mac added that things were complicated, and Peter was really part of the family. He was Anna's son and Robin's half-brother, and Mac could see that things might be romantic with Maxie. Peter insisted that he'd stayed to help Maxie out, and they had been slowly working back to a friendship. Mac pointed out that Maxie was a fair person but still a grieving widow. "Proceed with caution," Mac warned.

Inside the apartment, Maxie admitted that she had been thinking about Kiki and Nathan dying young, and Felicia added that Georgie, too, had been gone too soon. Maxie thought it unfair that she was still around, but Felicia assured her that both she and James were grateful.

Felicia asked how things were with Peter. Maxie admitted that it was a bit "disorienting," and she wasn't sure. Maxie explained how things were easy with Peter, and she didn't believe he had an agenda. She thought he was a great person, but she was still grieving and thought it was too soon for any feelings.

Felicia advised Maxie that she was okay with Peter getting close, and she felt that Nathan would tell Maxie to live her life and to love when she was ready. Felicia didn't express her feelings either way, but she wanted Maxie to know that it wasn't being disloyal to Nathan and that it was okay when it felt right. Mac returned with the decorations.

Anna and Finn descended the stairs at the hospital as they both anticipated catching flights at the airport. Anna suggested that Finn allow Chase to take care of Roxy, but he wasn't sure because Chase had his hands full with the murder investigation. They made small talk about Kiki, and Anna declared that she knew that Griffin wasn't the murderer.

Finn suggested that it wasn't a good time for either of them to travel, but Anna was insistent that she get to Liesl before the woman could disappear again. Finn thought that Hayden could wait or not see him at all, but Anna felt it was important for Finn to meet her. "Are you out of your ever-lovin' mind?" Epiphany shouted from behind the nurses' desk.

Epiphany walked around the desk as Anna politely told the nurse it wasn't her business. "Are you trying to get rid of your man?" Epiphany demanded to know. She advised Anna that it was "My hospital, my rules," just as Finn pointed and said, "Her hospital, her rules." Epiphany thought that Anna should take Finn with her, and she wondered why Anna insisted on sending her man off to see his ex-girlfriend.

Epiphany revealed that she had been keeping an eye on Anna for Robin, and it was tough if Anna didn't like it. Epiphany admitted that she liked Anna and Finn together, and she wanted Anna to admit how she felt about Finn. She also thought that Anna should allow Finn to accompany her to Cuba.

Anna insisted that Finn knew how she felt about him, and Finn declared the same. He watched in amusement as Anna and Epiphany went back and forth. Anna was full of odd examples as she tried to explain that Finn should see Hayden because life was unpredictable. Epiphany finally pulled Anna aside and ordered her to do something before it was too late.

Epiphany admitted that she eavesdropped, and she'd been a witness to Hayden and Finn's relationship. Finn had moved on after Hayden had dropped him, and she thought that Anna should allow him to make his own decisions. Epiphany declared that she had patients, and she walked off. "How'd that go?" Finn asked. Anna advised him to text her when he arrived in Rome, and she stepped onto the elevator.

Chase returned to Griffin in the interrogation room at the police station and demanded Griffin tell him the truth about Ava's visit. Jordan arrived and asked the same, although she also wanted to know about the other crime that Ava had committed at Metro Court. Griffin denied any knowledge until the cops mentioned the drugging incident. Griffin explained that Ava had already been hostile, and he hadn't thought the incident had been related to Kiki's murder.

Jordan suggested that Griffin was not in a good position to protect anyone because he was the prime suspect in Kiki's murder. Griffin relented and related the details of the drugging incident. Jordan confirmed that Griffin's story matched Sasha's, and she asked what Kiki had thought about it. Griffin replied that Kiki had been worried that Ava hadn't been finished with them yet, but he didn't think that Ava would kill Kiki.

Sonny showed up to visit with Griffin, who admitted that he hadn't had time to mourn yet. Sonny lamented the death of a great woman, and he'd been proud to have Kiki as part of the family. He and Carly had decided to allow Ava to determine how and when to give the news to Avery. Sonny declared there was "no greater pain than losing a child."

Sonny was certain that Griffin hadn't killed Kiki, and he was adamant that the cops were only going by the book and would eventually solve the crime. Griffin disclosed that Alexis was his lawyer. He also admitted that he kept forgetting that Kiki was really dead and had died alone and afraid. Sonny was sure that Kiki had put up a good fight.

"Violence won out," Sonny declared. Griffin didn't want to let Kiki go, and Sonny comforted him. Sonny offered to pay expenses, but Griffin said he was okay. He asked Sonny to go to church and light a candle. Sonny vowed to light a thousand candles.

Ava returned home and admitted to "Kevin" that she had believed Griffin when he'd said he hadn't murdered Kiki. She wondered who could have been responsible. "I am," "Kevin" stated. He proceeded to admit to killing Kiki, but Ava insisted that he wasn't making sense. "Kevin" clarified that he hadn't meant literally, but he felt that Ava's guilt was his fault.

Ava maintained that she'd only wanted peace and to feel on top, but her daughter was dead because of her thoughts. "Kevin" assured Ava that it wasn't her fault, but he was sorry. He'd thought he'd helped. Ava stressed that he had been helpful at first, but "Kevin" was apologetic that he hadn't told Ava to reconcile with Kiki.

Ava insisted that "Kevin" couldn't have known what the future would hold. She had wasted time. "Kevin" thought Ava should forgive herself, but Ava declared that she didn't have the strength. "Kevin" vowed to stay, and Ava was thankful for both him and Julian. "Kevin" announced that Ava was his priority.

Jordan and Chase arrived with questions. "Am I a suspect?" Ava asked. She began to scream and shout for the cops to leave. Jordan stated that Ava had had obsessive stalking behavior toward Griffin and Kiki, and she wanted to know about all of Ava's whereabouts during the time in question. Ava retorted that she would have never hurt her daughter, but "Kevin" suggested she talk to the cops in order for them to search for the real killer.

Ava related that she had been at the art gallery with "Kevin," and then she'd been home alone. "Kevin" revealed that he had been with Ava the entire night. He added that Ava hadn't wanted to say anything because of Laura. Jordan asked about the relationship, and "Kevin" replied that they were consenting adults who enjoyed each other. "Kevin" clarified that he hadn't left Ava's side. Chase ordered them not to go anywhere, and the cops left.

Ava demanded to know why "Kevin" had lied, because he hadn't been with her the entire night. "Kevin" replied that he'd lied for Ava because he knew she was innocent, and he was there for her. He gave her a hug.

Anna fastened her seatbelt on the airplane bound for Cuba. She was shocked when Finn took the seat next to hers. He admitted that he had only planned to go to Rome for Anna, but it was over with Hayden. He loved Anna, and she made him happy and scared. Anna admitted the same, and they shared a kiss.

Maxie was going through the decorations but noticed a set of keys on the coffee table. Just then, there was a knock on the door. She opened it and found Peter, who asked about his keys. She thanked him again for staying the night and suggested that she'd like to take him out to dinner one night. Peter agreed happily and figured he'd be free no matter what night it was. Maxie said she'd call or text him, and they could see each other on purpose instead of accidentally.

At the police station, Chase handed Jordan a plastic bag with Kiki's bloodied wallet. He disclosed that only the driver's license was missing. Jordan agreed that the details were similar to the other murder they'd been investigating.

Lulu and Valentin try to talk to Charlotte

Lulu and Valentin try to talk to Charlotte

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Laura approached Elizabeth at the hospital after her board meeting and asked if she could take Aiden to Kelly's. Elizabeth agreed, and Laura wondered if she could try to talk to Aiden about his bullying. "Absolutely," Elizabeth replied, and she added that she and Franco had gotten nowhere with Aiden. Laura asked how Franco was doing after learning about Kiki. Elizabeth said that Franco was dealing with things "the best way he knows how."

Chase was looking at Kiki's case file when Michael entered wondering what the police were doing to find Kiki's killer. In disbelief, he said he'd just talked to her about Morgan and how she deserved happiness. Michael asked if Chase really believed that Griffin was guilty, but Chase only replied that every lead would be followed "by the book." Michael caught sight of Mary Pat's file with Kiki's and asked if there was a connection between the two. Chase assured Michael that the cops were "exploring all options."

At Kelly's, Willow sat down with Lulu and asked if Lulu had gotten a chance to speak with Charlotte about her behavior. Lulu admitted that her and Valentin's schedules hadn't yet lined up, and she hoped that Charlotte's behavior had calmed down. Willow replied that the bullying had only gotten worse, and she was beginning to wonder if Charlotte would do better in a school with "a more traditional approach to discipline." A shocked Lulu preferred not to move Charlotte and promised to do everything she could to put an end to the bullying as soon as possible.

Kim and Drew were waiting at a sleeping Oscar's bedside after his treatment. Oscar slowly opened his eyes and said that he didn't feel well. Kim relayed Terry's message that Oscar had done great. Elizabeth entered and asked about his symptoms, and he answered that he was tired and achy, like he had the flu. As she checked his vitals, she told him that she and Terry had been best friends in high school, and Oscar asked what the doctor had been like.

Elizabeth admitted that Terry had always been in trouble because of Elizabeth, but Oscar couldn't be in better hands. She commented that his vitals were good, so she would call Terry to check in. As she left, Josslyn appeared in the doorway, and Drew told Oscar that he was about to feel a whole lot better. A short while later, Josslyn had made room for herself next to Oscar in bed and went over all the schoolwork he'd missed. She thought that he could get caught up in school by the time he got better if they worked together, just in time to look at colleges in the fall.

Oscar reminded Josslyn that it was a whole year away, and she realized that he was thinking that he could die at any moment. She told him that anyone could die at any moment, and she urged him to live like he was going to get better.

Franco painted in his art therapy room with furious strokes. He sighed as he picked up the red paint and reluctantly started painting with it. Elizabeth entered and wondered how he was doing. He confided that he was operating under the belief that Kiki wasn't gone, "just not here at the moment," and she would enter the room at any minute. Elizabeth admitted that she kept thinking she saw Kiki around the hospital.

Elizabeth told Franco that Cameron was there to see Franco, even though he knew it probably wasn't the best time or place. A few minutes later, Elizabeth was gone, and there was a knock on the door. Cameron cautiously entered and expressed his sympathy for Franco's loss. Franco related that Kiki was the closest he'd been to having his own child. "Except us," Cameron replied, and he assured Franco that Franco still had a family. Franco knew that Cameron didn't like him, but Cameron replied, "You're okay." Franco tearfully thanked him and hugged him.

A short while later, Cameron entered Oscar's room, so Josslyn took the opportunity to go get food for them. When she was gone, Cameron wondered why there were schoolbooks in the room, and Oscar told him about Josslyn's plan. Oscar told Cameron that he was a good friend, and he was glad that Josslyn had Cameron as a friend. Cameron rushed out of the room.

Kim didn't think that she and Drew should have left Oscar alone with the symptoms he had, but Drew reminded her that the symptoms were expected. "Unless it's a sign that something else is wrong," Kim feared. Drew assured her that things had to get worse before they could get better. He added that it could have been worse, because Oscar could have skipped the drug trial altogether, and then there would have been no hope.

Elizabeth approached and assured Drew and Kim that Terry said Oscar's symptoms were normal. Drew thanked her for comforting Oscar, and she said she was just glad to be able to comfort someone after what had happened to Kiki. Kim and Drew reacted with confusion, and Elizabeth informed them that Kiki had been murdered.

Julian was taking a shot of vodka when the door to Charlie's opened. He turned to yell that the restaurant was closed, and he knocked the bottle off the bar in the process, shattering it. He saw that it was Alexis, who explained that she was representing Griffin because she believed that he was innocent, and she thought that Julian agreed. Even if Griffin hadn't killed Kiki, Julian still wanted Griffin to suffer for hurting Ava and causing her estrangement from Kiki. Alexis countered that the only person who'd caused the estrangement had been Ava. "Do you think Kiki would want Griffin to suffer?" she asked.

Julian confided that he and Kiki hadn't been close, but he'd thought he would have time to get to know her better. Alexis got him a cup of coffee and motioned to clean up the shattered bottle, but Julian insisted that he would take care of it. She wondered if he'd called Kim, but he thought that Kim was going through enough with Oscar.

Just then, Kim entered, and Julian made sure that Oscar was all right. Alexis informed Kim that Julian needed Kim, and she excused herself. When Alexis was gone, Kim wondered why Julian hadn't told her about Kiki. He'd felt that it wasn't right to tell her with everything going on with Oscar. "I want my niece back," he said tearfully, and she hugged him. They sat down, and she promised that she would be there for him, no matter what, especially because he would do the same for her.

Drew entered the art therapy room and wished he could offer the right words of comfort to Franco. Franco just wished he could "find the bastard who murdered Kiki and kill him myself." Drew related that he wished he could put a face to "the tumor killing my son" and do the same thing.

A short while later, Elizabeth returned, and Franco told her that Kiki had wanted to be "front and center" at their wedding. He wanted to honor Kiki's last wishes for their wedding, but he didn't feel like he was about to have the happiest day of his life. He didn't want to postpone the wedding again, but Elizabeth told him that they could wait a little longer. She promised that their wedding would celebrate their family, including Kiki and her memory.

Nina arrived at Wyndemere and thanked Valentin for letting her and Sasha stay there until Kiki's killer was caught. He assured her that she was always welcome, as he slept better when they were under the same roof. "Nina, you came home!" Charlotte said happily as she ran toward Nina. Nina clarified that she was just there for a visit, and Valentin asked Charlotte to get the housekeeper to fix up two rooms for Nina and Sasha.

When Charlotte was gone, Lulu entered and told Valentin and Nina about her conversation with Willow. Lulu thought that they needed to sit down "right now" and have a talk with Charlotte. A few minutes later, Nina carried a tray of milk and cookies into the living room, and Lulu reminded her that they were there to point out Charlotte's bad behavior, not reward her. Charlotte entered, and Nina gave her a cookie, assuring Charlotte that she wasn't in trouble.

Valentin wondered how school was going, and Lulu added that she knew the class was talking about how to respect each other's feelings. She wanted to make sure that Charlotte was never unkind on purpose. Valentin talked about his experiences as a bullied child with his spinal condition, and he wanted Charlotte to understand that her words had consequences. Charlotte insisted that she understood. "Can I go now?" she asked, and Nina granted her permission to leave. Lulu told Charlotte that they would talk about it more the next day, and Charlotte ran off.

"Are you kidding me?!" Lulu yelled at Nina. Nina thought that Charlotte was perfect, but Lulu shot back that that was the problem. In Lulu's opinion, constantly telling Charlotte that she was perfect had made her believe that she was better than everyone else and above the rules. Valentin suggested that they talk another time, as he didn't think anything else would be accomplished that night. Lulu told Nina that she needed to trust that Nina could do what was best for Charlotte, but "right now, I can't."

When Lulu was gone, Nina assumed that Valentin's silence had meant that he agreed with Lulu. He replied that he took the blame for Charlotte's behavior because of his unintentional teaching by example. She insisted that he would learn, but he countered that he'd known better. She assured him that he was an amazing father, and "I love you in spite of myself."

At Kelly's, Laura watched as Aiden colored, and she guessed that he'd gotten his artistic talent from his mother. She wondered what he liked to do at school with his friends, and she remembered that he'd been friends with a girl named Bianca. He replied that girls played different games than boys, but he wasn't allowed to play, anyway. Laura thought that Aiden had to have misunderstood the teacher, but Aiden clarified that the teacher "doesn't make the rules in my class." Laura wondered who did, but he revealed that he wasn't allowed to talk about it.

Laura told Aiden that she wasn't in his class, so the rules didn't apply to her. She urged him to tell her who was bothering him. "No, thank you," he replied. She assured him that he could always talk to her about anything. Cameron entered and looked at Aiden's drawing, remarking on how small Aiden had made himself. Lulu entered, and Laura advised the boys to pick out a dozen cookies to take home.

Laura wondered why Lulu seemed upset, and Lulu informed her mother that Charlotte was bullying another kid at school. She continued that she and Valentin were on the same page, but Charlotte seemed unaffected and didn't seem to realize or care that she was being hurtful. Lulu just wished she knew who the other child was.

Cameron arrived in front of the elevators when Josslyn rounded the corner with an armful of food from the vending machine. She revealed that she'd thought a lot of about what had happened between them, and she would understand if he didn't want to talk to her anymore. She just hoped that he could still be friends with Oscar, as Oscar needed all the support he could get. Cameron hoped that Oscar felt better soon and rushed into the elevator.

Josslyn returned to Oscar's room with bags from the vending machine, but he sheepishly admitted that he had a craving for almond or pistachio gelato. Irked, she grabbed her coat and left. Oscar made a phone call and asked someone to visit him at the hospital. "I really need you," he said. A few minutes later, Alexis entered his room. He revealed that he needed to hire her again, this time to write his will.

Josslyn bumped into Michael around the corner and hugged her brother. He asked about Oscar, and she answered that he looked and felt terrible, and he was still convinced that he was going to die, no matter what she said. Michael knew that she was capable of changing Oscar's mind. Josslyn said that while dealing with Oscar, she didn't have a lot of time to mourn Kiki, but every time she wasn't around Oscar, "my heart breaks all over again."

A short while later at the hospital, Willow bumped into Chase, who swore that he'd been meaning to call her. He explained that he was there on official business, but he was allowed to take breaks. He wondered if she was free the next night for dinner, and she accepted. A few minutes later, Willow walked into the room at the hospital where the bereavement group met. Moments later, Michael got off the elevator and entered the room.

Chase asked the medical examiner why there hadn't been more blood at the crime scene if Kiki had been stabbed. The examiner explained that the angle and placement of the wound had caused most of the blood to stay inside her body. Chase assumed that the angle and placement hadn't been an accident, and the examiner agreed. He told Chase that the killer was either lucky or skilled enough to know "where to strike."

Anna and Finn cut a rug while waiting for Liesl

Anna and Finn cut a rug while waiting for Liesl

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Jordan and Curtis lay in bed, and Jordan lamented the fact that they couldn't stay there all day. She informed her new husband that she would probably take him up on his offer to help with her case, although it would be unofficial. Curtis suggested that Jordan look at the evidence again because he felt that things too good to be real often were.

Curtis felt that the killer might have known that statistics showed the husband or the boyfriend was often the suspect. Jordan reminded Curtis that Griffin hadn't had an alibi. She decided she didn't want to spend her morning talking about the murder case, and the couple shared a kiss.

Finn and Anna entered a dance studio in Havana, Cuba, where Liesl had been taking dance lessons. Finn was upset with Anna for not telling him the plan ahead of time. Anna turned on some salsa music and began to dance around. She grabbed Finn and tried to instruct him, but he was awkward and resistant. The couple joked around.

Finn changed the music to a slower tempo, and he and Anna danced as they talked about the horror of Kiki's murder and Griffin's arrest. Anna believed that Griffin was innocent. As they began to kiss, Liesl walked in looking for her instructor. "Care to dance?" Finn asked as Liesl glared at them.

Liesl assured Finn and Anna that they'd wasted time by finding her because she had no plans to leave with them. She thought that Finn should be at home and taking care of Britt, and Anna retorted that Liesl should be in jail. Liesl pointed out that Cuba did not have extradition, and Anna accused her of not caring about her daughter.

Liesl claimed that she had always kept an eye on her children's whereabouts, but Anna couldn't say the same. Finn announced that he had been unable to treat Britt, but Liesl declared that he wouldn't treat her. Finn insisted that he could help Britt if he had more time, but the young woman had contracted a rare disease. He held up a test tube and told Liesl that Britt suffered from Tiber Pox.

Finn urged Liesl to get the tube checked at a lab of her choosing, and Anna added that Liesl would be the only one to formulate an antidote. She added that the WSB had known Liesl's location for a long time, but Anna thought it best for her to meet Liesl as a mother, in order for Liesl to save Britt's life.

Liesl believed that Britt's disease was only a trick and payback to her. She had no way of knowing if the test tube really contained Britt's blood. Anna showed her something on her tablet.

Alexis met with Sam at Kelly's, where Sam announced that she had proof of Griffin's innocence. Sam mentioned someone who had accessed Griffin's phone, and the evidence would set Griffin free. Alexis declared that Sam should thank Spinelli for her.

Michael spotted Willow sitting on a couch at the hospital. He informed her that he'd had a board meeting, and she admitted that she had been working on her students' papers while they were on a class trip. The students were off touring the hospital. Willow revealed that she wanted Michael's help, and she accused him of giving her defective seeds.

Willow quickly admitted that her plants not growing was probably her own fault, and Michael complimented her on growing her students. Willow had a pained look, but Michael went on to talk about his grandmother and her gardening. He also thanked Willow for helping him through the previous group session. He had only spoken because he had seen her face.

Willow insisted that all she had done had been to listen, but Michael stated that he had looked at her when things had gotten difficult because she had looked like she had understood. Willow grew tearful as she expounded on the difficulty of losing a newborn after so many hopes and dreams. She had realized how alone Michael had been, and she asked about Jonah's mother.

Michael revealed that things were complicated, and he was not with the baby's mother. He added that she was not in his life at all and never would be. He realized that he had been talking a lot, but Willow told him it was healthy. Michael asked Willow when she would talk to the group, and she replied that she would talk when she was ready.

"Misery loves company," Michael declared. He told her about his relationship to Kiki but eventually apologized for going on. He asked for one of Willow's smiley face stickers, and she placed one on the back of his hand.

Laura stopped into "Kevin's" office and told him she wanted to talk to a psychiatrist. "Kevin" reminded her that he couldn't treat her, but Laura chuckled. She wanted a child psychiatrist, and she thought that "Kevin" could refer her to someone. He told her to have Elizabeth call him.

Laura expressed compassion and sympathy for Ava, and "Kevin" declared that he knew Laura would make a good mayor because she had heart. Laura replied that she wasn't as concerned about winning the election as she was about having her loved ones around her. As Laura turned to go, "Kevin" handed her a brown envelope.

Laura opened the envelope and read the divorce papers. "Kevin" suggested that because they'd been chatting so civilly, they could discuss it face-to-face. He hadn't wanted Laura to be blindsided. Laura was furious and reminded him that she had only stopped by to ask about the psychiatrist. "Kevin" thought it was easier to just pull off the Band-Aid, and that incited Laura again.

"Kevin" put his jacket on to go to a meeting, but Laura announced that "Kevin" needed his own psychiatrist because the divorce had happened too quickly. It was "Kevin's" turn to grow angry, and he shouted, "Don't you ever say that to me, or that'll be the last thing you ever say to me."

"Are you threatening me?" Laura asked. "Kevin" laughed. "Don't be ridiculous," he said. He thought it best to let their lawyers do the talking because he didn't want to cause her further pain. He walked out and told Laura to take her time.

Chase led Griffin to the interrogation room as Griffin continued to insist that he was not the murderer and that Kiki's killer was still out there somewhere. Chase got Griffin situated and went out to grab him a cup of coffee. He returned and announced that he had more questions, and he proceeded to ask Griffin about the night before Halloween.

Griffin talked about being with Kiki and meeting Sasha at Metro Court, how things had been tense with Ava, and about spending the night with Kiki. Chase asked about Halloween itself, and Chase stated that he had been at the benefit at the Floating Rib. Chase wondered if Griffin had left something for Ava at the art gallery.

Griffin was appalled to think that Chase was accusing him of killing Mary Pat, also. Chase tossed Kiki's bagged and bloody wallet down on the table. He noted that it had been found in Griffin's apartment. Griffin replied that it had been planted along with the bloody knife, and as Chase began to ask a question about Mary Pat, both Jordan and Alexis walked in.

Alexis announced that she had evidence to exonerate Griffin, and she asked for Griffin's phone. Jordan maintained that the police had already looked at Griffin's text messages, but Alexis wanted them to look at his photos. She noted that while a photo of Griffin and Kiki had been deleted, it had remained on the cloud. She thought a picture was worth a thousand words -- as well as a good alibi.

Alexis suggested that Jordan and Chase look at the date and time stamp on the photo. She proceeded to lay out the timeline for Griffin's day from the time of the photo until the time that Griffin had left Jordan's wedding. She concluded that there would have been no time for Griffin to have killed Kiki and taken her body to Jordan's bridal suite.

Shortly after, Chase removed Griffin's cuffs, and Jordan announced that Griffin would be released. Both cops expressed their condolences to Griffin for the loss of Kiki. "It's not over," Griffin said to Alexis.

Jordan received a phone call from "Kevin," who asked about the status of the Mary Pat murder case. He reminded her that he had offered to help. Jordan disclosed that Griffin had been cleared, but the two murder cases had proven to be most likely related. "Kevin" smiled broadly.

Curtis found Sam at a table in Kelly's and sat down after giving her a hug. He was happy for some work, and he was sorry for Sam's loss. Sam declared that the search for Kiki's killer had to be widened. She announced that she had a case for Curtis, and she was the client, much to Curtis' surprise.

Curtis read Leland's obituary, and Sam revealed that she was Leland's widow. Sam noted that the obituary had appeared in a newspaper in Galena, Illinois, where she had met Leland. Curtis noticed that it had been mailed from Port Charles, so in all likelihood, the person who had mailed it lived in town. Sam figured the person had a subscription to the paper as opposed to originally seeing it in Illinois.

Sam stressed that she'd had an alias when married to Leland, and there was no way to tie it to her. She had worked cons and married older rich men in order to support her brother Danny in a group home. It had been a "different time" in her life, and Leland had been one of her "first marks." She had gone after men who'd wanted a trophy wife, but she had left Leland and never looked back.

Sam had no clue as to who might have sent the paper, and she wanted to make sure her past was behind her. She picked up her phone and called the newspaper to ask for the possibility of her subscribing to the paper while living in New York. "Are you kidding me?" Sam asked the person from the circulation department. Curtis began to laugh as he listened to Sam's conversation.

"Small world," Sam told the person in her phony accent. She learned that someone else in Port Charles had a subscription to the Illinois paper.

Back at the hospital, Michael asked Willow if she'd be willing to go out with him for coffee some time. Chase walked by and was surprised to see Willow. He asked if they still had a date that evening. Willow awkwardly agreed that they did.

Griffin grabbed Kiki's box of belongings from another staff person and sat down to go through the box. He pulled out various items and studied a photo of the two of them, along with Kiki's hospital identification.

Alexis found Laura and told her that Griffin had been reinstated. Laura confided that she would be needing a lawyer for a divorce and added that she thought "Kevin" needed help and not a lawyer. She believed there was something wrong with him.

Mike's new friend has an unexpected connection to another Port Charles resident

Mike's new friend has an unexpected connection to another Port Charles resident

Friday, December 7, 2018

At General Hospital, Kim and Drew entered Oscar's room and were taken aback to find Daisy leading Oscar through some sort of meditation exercise. An exuberant Daisy raced over to Oscar's parents and introduced herself. Drew asked what they'd walked in on. Daisy realized that, out of context, what she and Oscar were doing might have looked strange. Daisy professed the importance and the power of the mind/body connection, but Kim argued that, as a doctor, she believed more in the power of medicine. Oscar waved his hand under his chin asking Kim to stop. She saw his gesture and quickly backed down from her strong opposition to holistic healing. Daisy then decided to leave so that Oscar, Drew, and Kim could have time alone.

Once Daisy left, Kim and Drew tried to convince Oscar to eat something, though he said that he wasn't really hungry. Still, Kim and Drew insisted that Oscar at least try to eat something. Drew headed off to Kelly's to get Oscar a BLT. While he was gone, Kim and Oscar had an uncomfortable discussion about Oscar saying that he might "barf" after eating the BLT. Kim became emotional as she told Oscar that she needed to apologize. "I love you so much," Kim sobbed, explaining, "You are the most important person in my life -- you are my whole life."

Kim explained that she only wanted Oscar to be happy, and she had thought that keeping the truth about Oscar's illness had been the only way she could keep him happy. Kim said that she was proud of Oscar but sad that her son was grown and didn't need her anymore. Oscar told his mother that she was wrong. With a big embrace, Oscar told her that he would always need her. Kim was going to leave to let Oscar have some quiet time, but he asked if it would be okay if she stayed.

Sam continued to press for details about "the other Port Charles subscriber." Her face suddenly lit up, and she scribbled something down on the back on an envelope. Sam thanked the person on the other end of the phone call for their help. Once off the phone, Sam told Curtis that the other subscriber lived at the Turning Woods facility.

Outside Charley's, Alexis placed a call to Sam to check in on her and to see if she had recovered from the shock of seeing the obituary clipping.

Inside, Margaux was not happy to see Jason standing before her and went so far as to suggest that he take a seat somewhere else. Despite her suggestion, Jason sat down across from her. Jason told Margaux that he wasn't there to talk about Sonny -- he wanted to talk about Drew. Margaux told Jason that she had not spoken to Drew in "ages." Jason told her to keep that way.

Jason reminded Margaux that she had once made it clear that she would be investigating his past. Margaux said the circumstances had changed, and she no longer had any interested in those old cases. Jason pressed on, reminding Margaux of the things that she'd done that he'd found questionable -- like questioning Mike even though Margaux had known Mike suffered from Alzheimer's. Margaux told Jason that she'd grown tired of the conversation, grabbed her coat, and left.

Alexis entered and immediately struck up a conversation with Kristina about how Molly was upset over Kiki's death. Kristina mentioned that it was sad that someone her own age had died. She then started breathing deeply, which prompted Alexis to ask what Kristina was doing. Kristina explained that she was using her breathing to keep negative thoughts at bay.

Alexis questioned Kristina about the group of people she was living with. Kristina praised the group, saying that they all helped each other out and that they provided a place to talk about "things that are bogging" them down. Alexis likened the group to her Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and said that she looked forward to meeting some of the other people. Almost on cue, Daisy entered the pub.

Alexis, Kristina, and Daisy chatted briefly, but Alexis became uncomfortable when Daisy invited her to a "meet and greet." Alexis got up and walked away. When she did, Daisy asked if Kristina wanted to join her on an outreach mission. Kristina said that she couldn't because she still had a few hours left on her shift and also noted that she was feeling a little out of sorts due to Kiki's murder. Daisy put her hand on Kristina's and reminded her that Kiki had "returned home," the same as they all would one day.

Alexis headed over to the seat formerly occupied by Margaux and told Jason that Oscar had wanted Jason to be the executor of his will. Jason seemed uneasy with the responsibility and didn't think that Oscar should be worrying about which possessions to give to different people. Alexis reminded Jason that Oscar was a Quartermaine and therefore had voting shares of ELQ. Alexis explained that Oscar worried that his family would fight over the ELQ shares if he died; he wanted Jason to oversee it to ensure that did not happen.

At Kelly's, Drew sighed heavily when he ran into Margaux. Drew told Margaux that he had no time to talk because he had to get back to the hospital. Margaux was concerned at the mention of the word "hospital" and asked Drew if everything was okay. "My son has cancer, okay?" Drew snapped. Margaux said that she was sure that Oscar was a fighter like his father, prompting Drew to blast Margaux's "false sympathy." He told Margaux to move out of his way and stormed off.

In the lobby of Turning Woods Long Term Memory Care, with flowers in hand, Mike wanted to make sure that Sonny was not upset that he had cut roses from the rose bush behind Sonny's house. Sonny assured Mike that it was okay, with Carly noting that the rose bush had been a gift from Lila Quartermaine. Sonny told Mike that Lila had once said to him, "What good are flowers if you can't give them to someone?" Stella arrived a short time later and asked what she'd done to deserve such beautiful flowers. Mike smiled broadly and declared that Stella deserved flowers every time -- and twice on Monday. Those flowers, however, were not for her. Mike then walked over to a woman seated on the sofa and introduced her to everyone as "Yvonne."

Carly introduced herself to Yvonne, who then correctly identified the "handsome man" next to her as Sonny. When Yvonne mentioned that she'd heard all about Sonny, he quickly replied, "I hope only the good parts." Yvonne gasped when Mike gave her the flowers. Carly and Stella quietly expressed how happy they were that Mike had found Yvonne.

Marcus entered the facility and was signing in when he saw Stella. Stella was surprised to see Marcus and even more so when Marcus announced that his wife, Yvonne, lived there. Mike was confused when he learned that Marcus was Yvonne's husband. Yvonne handed Marcus the roses and asked him to put them in water.

With Marcus gone, Carly and Sonny stepped in to try to help remove Mike from the awkward situation. Mike turned down their offers to "play hooky" and said that he wanted to stay at the center. Stella told Sonny and Carly that she thought it might be best to let Mike stay because it would not break up his routine. Sonny and Carly said goodbye to Mike and told him that they'd see him later that evening. Once they left, Mike walked over to Yvonne and asked her if there was any good news in the Galena Daily Citizen. Yvonne said that she loved all the community events in Galena.

Sam and Curtis arrived at the Turning Woods facility, and Curtis announced that "espionage in a convalescent home" was a first for him. As they talked, Stella happened upon them. Curtis fumbled for a reason as to why he was at the facility. He said that he was there to see his aunt, which Marcus heard as he returned to the room. He shook his head in disbelief that the "grown man" before him could be Stella's nephew.

Curtis' eyes widened as he realized Marcus was "Marcus... like Marcus Marcus... the Marcus." Stella looked at Curtis sternly and said, "Yes, Curtis. That's the name his parents gave him." As the situation got even more awkward, Curtis decided to ask Marcus why he was in Port Charles. Marcus explained that his wife, Yvonne, was a patient at the facility. Sam looked down at the envelope she was carrying and saw the name she had scribbled earlier: Yvonne Godfrey.

Sam excused herself to go talk to Mike. When she did, Curtis pressed Marcus for a story about Stella. Mike recognized Sam and introduced her to Yvonne. Sam told them that she was actually looking to speak to a woman named Yvonne Godfrey. "Have we met?" Yvonne asked. Sam said that she didn't think they'd met previously, but she had a few questions to ask.

When Sam asked if she was from Galena, Illinois, Yvonne perked up and announced that Galena was the "home of Ulysses S. Grant." Sam produced the obituary and asked if Yvonne had sent it to her. Sam explained that the envelope that she'd received had been postmarked from Port Charles -- and that Yvonne was the only person in Port Charles to receive the Galena newspaper. Yvonne became slightly agitated and told Sam that she could not remember.

Marcus walked over to see what was going on. Mike explained the situation, and Marcus offered to help Yvonne back to her room. "Can he take me?" Yvonne asked as she looked toward Mike. Mike reluctantly agreed, and he and Yvonne left, followed closely by Marcus.

With everyone gone, Stella knew that Curtis' explanation of his wanting to visit her wasn't the truth. Stella told Curtis and Sam to leave. Before they left, Sam used her cell phone to take a picture of the mailing label on Yvonne's newspaper. Curtis appeared uneasy and told Sam that when Stella said to scram, people needed to scram. Sam told Curtis that something wasn't adding up.

Curtis wondered if it was possible that someone had subscribed to the newspaper on Yvonne's behalf to help trigger Yvonne's memories. Sam said that if that were true, it still didn't make sense that Yvonne would send her an obituary. Curtis wondered if someone was using Yvonne's connection to Galena to get to Sam. "That's it!" Sam exclaimed as she raced toward the door. When she was gone, Daisy nervously entered the room, picked up the copy of Yvonne's newspaper, looked around several times, and replaced it with a magazine.

Margaux followed Drew to the hospital, where she told him that she still thought he was a good guy. To prove it, she handed him the flash drive labeled "ANAMNESIS PROJECT."

Anna gave Obrecht a tablet that streamed a live feed of Britt's hospital room. "She looks so weak," Liesl said softly. Finn told Obrecht that the only chance Britt had to survive was if Liesl headed to Port Charles to treat her. "It's your choice. Do you want to save your daughter's life or don't you?" Anna asked. Liesl called the whole thing "a ruse." Anna accused Liesl of having worked with Faison to create the virus, the same virus that had nearly taken the life of Anna's friend Tiffany Hill some thirty years earlier.

Liesl told Anna that if Britt had contracted Tiber Pox, the cure had been developed three decades earlier, and Britt didn't need her help with that. Anna agreed, noting that Tony Jones had made an antidote at the time but that only enough had been made for the patients affected by the disease then. Anna explained that "after the outbreak, he just destroyed his notes, [so] the antidote wouldn't be reverse engineered" into a virus. Liesl then asked why Finn wasn't working on a cure. Anna said that she didn't buy Obrecht's "moral outrage." Finn reminded Obrecht that it had taken him nearly a decade to cure his own Blackwood's Syndrome, and he noted that Britt didn't have that long.

Liesl asked for the vial of Britt's blood. Anna accused Liesl of stalling and demanded that Liesl return to Port Charles. Obrecht refused to leave until she could test the vial of Britt's blood herself. When Anna hemmed and hawed, Liesel sensed that something wasn't right. Obrecht said she refused "to face inevitable arrest and prosecution" until she knew that Britt really was infected with Tiber Pox.

As Anna and Obrecht stared each other down, Finn produced a vial of blood. Obrecht dashed off to run her tests. Anna asked Finn if they were "screwed." Finn reluctantly admitted that they were, because any extensive testing would show that the virus had been introduced into Britt's blood in a lab.

Obrecht sauntered into the room a short time later. She told Anna and Finn that she would not be accompanying them to Port Charles. Instead, she would synthetize an antidote in her lab and give it to Anna and Finn to take back to Port Charles. Finn stepped in and said that as Britt's physician, he might refuse to allow her to receive treatment from "an unauthorized source." Liesl laughed and told Finn that he could "use a few more lessons" from his lover because his "bluffing skills could use some sharpening." Finn countered by asking Obrecht if she was sure enough to risk her daughter's life.

Back at home, Sonny said he felt bad about Mike's encounter with Marcus and worried that Mike would forget that Yvonne was married and have to go through the heartbreak over and over. Sonny found it hard to believe that Yvonne could forget her husband, saying that he could never forget Carly. The two then shared a hug. Sonny received a phone call to alert him to a visitor. He opened the door and saw Marcus Godfrey on the other side.

Marcus barged into the house without saying a word as Carly and Sonny mentioned that it was nice to see him again. "I don't want to mince words," he said when he finally broke his silence, insisting, "You need to keep your father away from my wife."

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