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Shiloh found proof that Willow had given birth to a baby boy. Carly received some troubling news. Ryan vowed vengeance against those who wronged him. Brad's situation went from bad to worse when he paid Nelle a visit.
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Harmony confesses to Shiloh's crimes

Harmony confesses to Shiloh's crimes

Monday, June 10, 2019

Nina informed Ava that she would not only be on the cover of Crimson, but she would also get a full layout and a supporting interview. Ava dared Nina to admit that she wanted Ava to talk about Ryan, and she accused Nina of taking pleasure in Ava's pain. Nina denied it and said that Ava and Kiki did not deserve what had happened, and she wanted to give Ava the opportunity to tell that to the world. Ava mentioned how many tabloids had approached her, but Nina reminded Ava that Crimson wasn't a tabloid. Ava figured the Crimson readers would judge her just as harshly as tabloid readers.

Nina reasoned that, while the details of Ava's situation were different, the pattern of women falling for the wrong men was the same. She thought that Ava could help heal women who'd had hardships -- and herself. Ava wondered if Nina would make her look like "a witch who got what she deserved," but Nina promised that Ava would have final approval. Nina suggested that the story could get the public on Ava's side, which could help Ava at trial. "Just saying," Nina said, and she left.

Jax was on the phone at Crimson when Bobbie entered. When he was off the phone, she hugged him, glad that she could see him before he left. She continued that she was there to see Maxie, and she was glad that he was there for Josslyn. He related that Josslyn was pretending to have it all together, but he knew that she was hurting. He congratulated Bobbie on becoming a grandmother again, and she was relieved that the pregnancy seemed a lot easier than when Carly had been pregnant with Josslyn. Jax just hoped that Carly was taking care of herself.

Bobbie went on about Lucas and Brad and told Jax that Michael was Wiley's godfather. Jax hoped being a godfather would help Michael move on. Bobbie related that Michael was seeing someone new that Carly actually approved of, and it was Nina's daughter. A surprised Jax told her that he was working closely with Nina, since he'd bought half of Aurora. She was happy for him, and she excused herself. She advised him to keep his cool with Sonny, gave him a hug, and left. A few minutes later, Nina entered and excitedly broke it to Jax that Ava had agreed to appear on the cover of Crimson.

Diane arrived at Willow's classroom, and Willow thought it was the only place where Dawn of Day people couldn't keep an eye on her. She updated Diane on her conversation with Harmony, and she figured that Harmony had gone straight to Shiloh. Willow added that the adoption records in Albany had been "replaced," and Diane didn't want to know the details. She promised Willow that Shiloh would never get his hands on her own copy of the adoption records. Willow suggested that Diane "lose them," but Diane replied that she would lose her license to practice law along with them. Willow apologized and reasoned that she was just scared.

Diane assured Willow that there were "several legal hurdles" Shiloh would have to overcome in order to see Diane's records. He'd first have to prove that Willow had had a baby, but her medical records were protected under HIPAA. Because he couldn't get that proof legally, no court would grant a request for a DNA test, so he couldn't biologically connect himself to Wiley. Willow countered that Shiloh didn't care about the law, but Diane listed all the people Willow had on her side, including her, Alexis, and Sonny. She added that the law was also on Willow's side.

Diane continued that there was a precedent that any evidence gathered illegally was inadmissible in court, which meant that Wiley was safe. Willow thanked Diane for her comforting words, and she was blown away by the apparent "fortress" around Wiley. Diane reassured her that, as long as Shiloh couldn't prove that a baby existed, he couldn't touch Wiley, and she left.

Outside of Shiloh's room, Chase was on the phone and promised to move Shiloh as soon as his discharge papers went through. When he was off the phone, Jason entered, looking for an update. He summarized the charges against Shiloh, who was "scared and pissed." He added that Margaux had resigned, but the case was still moving forward. He thanked Jason for not "disappearing" Shiloh, as he'd rather send Shiloh to jail for his crimes than send Jason for killing Shiloh.

A nurse entered Shiloh's room as he pushed his food away, and she told him that he needed to keep up his strength. He was delighted to hear her quote his book, and he proclaimed his innocence. He remarked that he had a child who needed him, and he asked the nurse how to go about tracking down a birth certificate. She explained that he would just need to contact the hospital where the child had been born and ask the records department for a birth certificate with the mother's name. He admitted that he was estranged from the mother, so he didn't know where his child had been born. The nurse offered to get right on putting together a list of hospitals in the area, and he called her an angel.

A short while later, an officer led a handcuffed Shiloh out into the hall, and Chase informed him that his arraignment would be that night. Just then, Harmony burst out of the elevator and insisted that she was the one who'd drugged Kristina and Sam. She explained that she was the one in charge of initiations, and she'd just wanted the new initiates to be calm and happy. Shiloh demanded to know why she'd done it, as he'd trusted her the most. She tearfully apologized for letting him down.

Chase accused Harmony of being an accomplice to Shiloh's attempted rape, but he insisted that things between him and Sam had been consensual. "Sam says otherwise," Chase shot back. Chase reminded Harmony that admitting to a crime she hadn't committed was considered obstruction of justice. She replied that she couldn't let Shiloh take the blame for her mistake. Chase recited her rights as an officer handcuffed her.

Kristina entered Sonny's kitchen with fresh herbs for him as a gift for always being there for her. She was glad that he'd helped her see the truth about Dawn of Day, but she wondered if the police had enough evidence to keep Shiloh locked up. Sonny predicted that Shiloh would grow old in prison. Kristina was happy to hear it, as she dreaded the idea of running into Shiloh around town. She still kicked herself for how she'd treated her family, but Sonny assured her that it was over, and everything was good. She hugged her father and excused herself to go to work. Jason entered, and she hugged him as well. She left.

Jason commented that Kristina seemed like her old self, and Sonny related that everything they'd done to help her had been worth it. They talked about the situation with Wiley, and Sonny shrugged that Shiloh wouldn't be able to get custody from prison. Just then, Chase entered, and he updated them on Harmony's confession. He broke it to them that Shiloh had been let go.

Chase promised that he wasn't yet done building a case against Shiloh, and he was there to ask Sonny and Jason not to take matters into their own hands. He warned them that they would be at the top of the suspect list if anything happened to Shiloh. He related that they'd worked together before, and he hoped to continue to do so. "Whatever you're thinking of doing, don't," Chase requested, and he left. Jason wondered what Sonny wanted to do. "You heard him. Anything that happens can't be traced back to us," Sonny replied.

Carly entered Charlie's and met up with Lucas. She wondered why he'd turned to Julian for help with Wiley instead of to her and Sonny. Julian appeared and stated that he was Lucas' father, and he demanded to know why she was trying to warn his own son away from him. She reminded Julian that his reputation had made it nearly impossible for Lucas and Brad to adopt Wiley in the first place, but Julian thought it was "all hands on deck" to help protect Wiley.

Carly thought that Julian needed to stay out, as he would just make things worse, but Julian replied that it was "your guy" who'd thrown Shiloh down the stairs. Lucas appreciated the help, but he told Carly that he wanted to handle things nonviolently. He continued that Willow was on board, and Wiley was safer with more people protecting him. Carly couldn't believe how many people knew about Wiley's parentage, and she thought that someone would "blow it." She again warned Julian to stay out of it.

Kristina approached Carly, Julian, and Lucas with a tray of her new drink concoctions for them to try, including a non-alcoholic one for Carly. Julian was happy to have her back, and she was happy to be back. She suggested that they toast to Shiloh being arrested and to getting things back to normal. The three clinked their glasses together and drank. Kristina wondered why their heads had been together, but Carly claimed that she'd been talking to Lucas when Julian had butted in. Julian sent Kristina to take the recycling out, so she went.

Julian insisted that Carly let everything play out. Carly instructed Lucas that he needed to get his fear under control and think like a parent. She asked if he was sure that he wanted to deal with Julian, given Julian's track record. Kristina passed by with the recycling and struggled to open the front door. Someone opened it from the other side, and she thanked the person. She was horrified to look up and see Shiloh.

Shiloh smiled and asked Kristina for one of her signature lattes. Carly pulled her away from him as Julian demanded that Shiloh leave Kristina alone. Kristina had thought that he was in jail. He explained that the police had arrested the wrong person, and he'd been cleared of all charges. Julian told Shiloh to leave and got threateningly close to the cult leader. Shiloh thought that Julian could benefit from a Dawn of Day seminar, and he asked Lucas to remind Brad that the courses he'd put a deposit down on were starting soon. "Feel free to join," he said, and he left. Outside, Shiloh called one of the hospitals on his list and asked to speak to someone from the birth records office.

Shiloh learns information about his son's birth

Shiloh learns information about his son's birth

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Chase paid a visit to Willow in her classroom, and she informed him that she was looking for a new job around Port Charles. She revealed that she had spoken to Diane, who had made her realize that she had a lot of people fighting for her and Wiley. She also was happy that Shiloh had no proof of their baby's birth but was in jail. She suddenly noticed the look on Chase's face.

Chase revealed that the charges against Shiloh had been dropped, and he'd been released from jail. Willow was horrified, and she realized that Harmony had been behind it after Chase explained that a woman had owned up to being responsible for Sam's drugging. Willow informed Chase that Harmony was her mother and had been by to annoy her about her baby's birth.

Willow added that they did not have the sacred mother and daughter bond, and Harmony had always chosen Shiloh over her. Chase maintained that Harmony had gone to jail for Shiloh. Willow talked about her mother and Shiloh and how Harmony had always been captivated by the cult leader. She admitted that her father had been a member of the cult, as well, but Harmony had gotten between father and daughter.

Willow's voice cracked as she recalled that Shiloh had taken her away from her father. Her mother had been the first woman in the Trust, and that had broken her dad, who had been kicked out of Dawn of Day. Shortly after, he had passed away, and Willow had been initiated. Chase asked if her mother had been okay with it, and Willow declared that Harmony had wanted to score points with Shiloh, but then she'd grown jealous of Willow.

Willow added that Shiloh had accused Harmony of having a reaction from a "lesser-evolved place," and Harmony had gone along with it. Chase reminded Willow that she'd done everything to protect Wiley, but Willow was insistent that she show no connection to her son.

Willow pulled a baby's hospital bracelet from her purse and admitted that it was the only thing she had that was associated with her son. She didn't think she should risk keeping it. Chase offered to take the bracelet and hold onto it until everything was safe. He embraced Willow, and she appreciated the offer.

In the Crimson office, Peter offered to help Maxie lug furnishings around for an upcoming article and photo shoot. He suggested a weekend to visit Robin. Maxie checked her calendar and, noting Peter's upcoming birthday, stated that she was busy with work. Peter then proposed lunch, but Maxie professed that she was too busy.

Maxie wondered if Peter had had the chance to talk to Anna about Dante's whereabouts, but Peter regretfully told her he hadn't. He thought that Maxie was entirely too focused on Lulu and Dante and work, but Maxie maintained that she was concerned that Dante would not return. Peter thought that Maxie should grant Dante lots of time to recuperate.

Maxie replied that Lulu needed to know that Dante was safe, and she thought that she and Peter had more leeway to follow up on Dante than Lulu did. She thought that Dante needed to know that he was still in Lulu's heart, and she wanted to help them to see how much they loved each other.

At Sonny's house, Jason informed Sonny that he had to leave because Shiloh had been released. Sonny didn't want Jason to do anything, and the men began to disagree. Jason recalled how Franco had drugged Sam and proceeded to assault her, and he hadn't done anything. He just wanted to kill Shiloh. Sonny didn't want Jason to do anything impulsive while he was angry. He didn't want to see Jason go to prison. Jason placed a call to Sam to inform her that Shiloh had been released and to be careful.

Sam took Jason's call as she headed into Charlie's Pub. Shiloh was inside at a table and perusing lists of hospitals. He asked the waitress for coffee, and after giving him a difficult time, she agreed. Shiloh placed a call to a hospital. Sam walked inside and saw Shiloh but headed to the bar. Shiloh packed up his things and followed her.

Shiloh declared that he wanted to tell Sam something to her face. "I'm sorry," he said. He declared that he would never have done anything to hurt Sam, and he hadn't drugged her. Sam asked if he had been the one to carry her elsewhere and fondle her because she hadn't given him consent. Shiloh reminded her that many people had seen them together, and she had been attracted to him.

Shiloh maintained that Harmony would have to pay the price for the drugging, and he and Sam would be able to continue on their journey. Shiloh reminded Sam that she had made promises to him, but Sam retorted that she had been lying the way he always had. She accused him of being in Port Charles because of her, and she indicated that he had run a long-time con.

Shiloh grabbed Sam's arm as she gestured. "Careful," Jason warned as he arrived in time. "Your next move could be your last," Jason told Shiloh. Shiloh asked Sam if she lied to Jason as much as she'd lied to him. Sam indicated that she did not. Shiloh announced that he was a father, and he'd reminded the police that Jason had attacked him previously. He had also let them know that Jason or Sonny might be after him.

Shiloh left the pub, and Jason made sure that Sam was all right. Sam was happy not to have to pretend any longer. She was sorry because she knew that Jason had wanted to do something about Shiloh, and she had ended up with a tattoo and getting drugged. Shiloh had had his hands on her. Jason assured her that Shiloh would never touch her again. "I'm gonna make sure of it," he said.

Sam wondered if Jason ever thought about their experience with Franco, and he admitted that he had nightmares because he hadn't been able to save her. He believed all of Sam's risks were hers to take, and he was afraid something like that could happen again. He wouldn't ask her to change, though. Sam suggested that Jason wake her or call her when he had his nightmares. She admitted that she had them, too.

Jason urged Sam to wake him up, as well, during her bad dreams, and he would remind her that they'd survived. Sam declared that she felt safe with Jason.

Kristina ran into Sonny's kitchen in a state of panic, and Sonny assured her that she didn't have to be afraid. Kristina admitted that she didn't want Shiloh to have to die, even though they all hated him. She felt to blame for being stupid, and she thought she should have learned from her prior mistakes. She had survived other tragedies and was already a widow.

Sonny insisted that he believed in Kristina, but she thought it was nice of him. She wanted him to stop fixing things. Kristina loved her father and was grateful that she could see the truth about Shiloh and Dawn of Day. Sonny promised that she had nothing to worry about, and dads always rescued their daughters.

Kristina suggested that Sonny try something different, and allow her to stand on her own feet. She didn't want her decisions to influence Sonny to lean toward violence, and she didn't want Shiloh's blood on her hands.

Back at the pub, Jason received a phone call from Sonny as he and Sam were kissing and declaring their love. Sonny looked over at Kristina and ordered Jason to put their "project" on hold. He added that it had to be that way for the time being. He and Jason were both sorry.

Jason told Sam about the conversation, and she was okay with it. She told Jason that he would have been the main suspect if anything had happened to Shiloh. Jason thought the whole thing needed to be finished but Sam promised that they would figure things out.

Alexis had a session with Neil in his office. She told him about the Willow and Wiley situation with Shiloh, but Neil wondered how it related to her session. Alexis told him about Julian's involvement and his desire to do "whatever it takes." She revealed that Julian had wanted her to be "morally flexible" with Lucas' problem. Neil agreed that people broke rules but usually for selfish reasons.

Alexis admitted that she'd had a "shift in perspective." She had done plenty of awful things that Neil was familiar with, and he could look up the others, she said. She wondered if Kristina thought that she was more dangerous than Sonny. She stressed that she would not pursue Kristina's pledge about her, but she would always be curious. She wondered how Neil would feel if his daughter learned something about him.

Neil ended the session abruptly. He didn't want to talk about himself, and Alexis' sessions were not about his private life.

At Crimson, Maxie joined Peter on some of the comfortable furnishings she'd dragged inside. She agreed that they should let people know how they felt, and it was important that Peter know her feelings. They kissed, and Peter revealed that Maxie had been the first one to teach him about love. He wasn't sure he knew what to do. Maxie promised that he had been getting "the hang of it."

Alexis left but returned to Neil's office. She apologized for her behavior and assured him that she knew nothing about him except for what she'd looked up online. She was sorry for invading his privacy. Neil accepted her apology and announced that he wanted the patient and doctor boundaries respected. He dismissed her from his office.

Shiloh spoke to a hospital worker and made up a fake story about a sister he'd been looking for. The woman turned out to be a big fan of his and DOD, and she was easily persuaded to look up information for him. They sat at a desk in her office. She confirmed that his sister Willow Tait had been a patient the previous summer.

Shiloh claimed that he wanted no specifics but just hoped that his sister had been okay. The woman disclosed that Willow had given birth to a baby boy. Shiloh jubilantly announced that he couldn't wait to welcome the boy to the family.

Jordan theorizes how Ryan's kidney was stolen

Jordan theorizes how Ryan's kidney was stolen

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

At Crimson, Jax and Josslyn exited the elevator. Josslyn was happy that her father had found a business venture that would keep him in Port Charles. Jax smiled as he hugged his daughter.

In Nina's office, Ava reviewed the contract as Nina thanked Ava for giving Crimson the exclusive rights to Ava's "harrowing story of survival." Ava advised Nina not to get ahead of herself because Ava had not signed the contract yet. Maxie suggested that the three of them brainstorm on a look for Ava's cover feature, but Ava refused to be rushed. Ava insisted on going through everything, including the fine print, prompting Nina to assure Ava that they hadn't planned any dirty tricks.

Nina, Ava, and Maxie were startled when Jax suddenly entered the office. He greeted everyone then asked Maxie to show Josslyn around the office. Maxie was reluctant to leave Nina's side, but Jax made it clear that it had been an order. After Maxie left, Jax reminded Ava that the ball was in her court. Ava smiled then suggested that they all take a seat because she intended to go over each line of the contract.

Later, Nina tried to play hardball by inviting Ava to take her story to another magazine, but she warned Ava that no one would treat Ava as fairly as Nina would. Ava explained that she wanted someone to be evenhanded when they told her story because Ava wanted to maintain her integrity and her voice. Jax thought that was ironic, since Connie Falconeri had neither. "Thanks to you," Jax accused as he glared at Ava. Nina was taken aback by the shift.

Ava warned Nina that Jax's "negotiating tactic" had failed miserably. Nina rushed to apologize, but Jax insisted that he had merely tried to define the parameters of the interview. He reminded Ava that she had wanted readers to have a clear picture of who she was, but he was curious if that included Ava's body count. Jax admitted that he had been close friends with Connie, and he had helped build Crimson from the ground up, so Connie and her legacy were important to him. Nina was startled when Jax pointed out that they were standing in Connie's old office, where Ava had shot Connie.

Nina's eyes nervously darted around the office while Ava assured Jax that she didn't need a reminder of "that horrible night." Sensing that Ava was about to bolt, Nina suggested that they take a time-out to regroup. Nina pulled Ava aside to suggest that they speak privately without Jax because Nina would find a way to address Ava's concerns. Ava wasn't interested because she realized that Nina and Jax intended to do a hatchet job on the story. Ava turned down Nina's offer, but she suggested that the next time Nina intended a bait and switch, Nina should wait until the mark had taken the bait.

"Cheers, mate," Ava added for Jax's benefit as she walked out the door. Nina glared at Jax, but he just shrugged. Nina shut the door then angrily accused Jax of playing her. She feared that it had been his intention from the beginning to shut the magazine down, but Jax assured Nina that she was wrong. Nina ordered him to prove it by going after Ava and doing whatever was necessary to get Ava to sign the contract.

Meanwhile, Josslyn sat in the reception area as she pulled out her phone then gave in to the temptation to send a text message to Oscar, confessing that she missed him. She was surprised when her phone alerted her that the text message had been delivered and read. Moments later, Maxie walked out, and she immediately noticed Josslyn's troubled expression. Josslyn showed Maxie the text message that she had sent to Oscar. Maxie agreed that it was eerie that someone had read Oscar's message. Just then, Josslyn's phone alerted her of a new text message.

"It's his dad," Josslyn said with a sigh as she read a text message from Drew explaining that he had found Oscar's phone in Kim's bag. Drew hadn't realized that Kim had kept Oscar's phone, but he assured Josslyn that he and Kim missed Oscar, too. Drew promised Josslyn that Oscar was at rest and that it had been Oscar's greatest wish for Josslyn to be okay. Overwhelmed, Josslyn handed the phone to Maxie, who picked up reading where Josslyn had left off. The text message concluded with the offer to help Josslyn move forward -- and Josslyn in turn could help them. Maxie hugged Josslyn.

Josslyn confided that she hadn't actually had an opportunity to say goodbye to Oscar. She explained that she'd been in the room, but she'd been asleep when Oscar had passed away. Josslyn was tormented about what might have happened if she had stayed awake and had kept him talking. "Then bring him back," Maxie suggested. Josslyn was stunned when Maxie went to her laptop and pulled up a web page about seances. Maxie also mentioned that Lucy Coe might be able to offer some assistance.

In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Drew chugged water from a bottle in Kim's hotel room as she confessed that she was grateful for air conditioning. Drew agreed that it was one of man's greatest inventions, but he shifted gears when he noticed Kim sit down to catch her breath. He reminded her that they had done it; they had made it all the way to the summit. Their smiles were bittersweet as they looked at Oscar's urn on a nearby table. Drew assured Kim that they had given their son the send-off that Oscar had deserved.

Later, Drew helped Kim pack. She confessed that she felt a bit wiped out, but Drew wasn't surprised because they had just returned from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kim smiled with remembrance as she admitted that there were no words for seeing their son's ashes "floating in the wind." Drew agreed. He suggested that they watch the sunset from the terrace, so Kim decided to freshen up because she felt a little wiped out. She turned to go to the bathroom, but she only took one step before she suddenly collapsed. Drew caught her in his arms.

Kim woke up in bed as Drew applied a cool compress to her forehead. He asked her how she felt then explained that he'd sent for a doctor, who had examined her. Kim had no memory of seeing a doctor, so Drew asked if she knew where she was. Kim shook her head. Drew revealed that they were in Tanzania for Oscar. "Oscar's here?" Kim asked as her face lit with joy. Drew's expression filled with sadness as he gently told Kim to get some rest, but she didn't want to because she didn't want to wake up and remember that Oscar was gone.

A short time later, Drew sat on the foot of Kim's bed as he sent Josslyn a text message. Kim sat behind him; her face was filled with sorrow as she squeezed his shoulder in silent support. After Drew put the phone down, he apologized to Kim. "You never have to apologize for showing your feelings, Oscar," Kim assured her son. Kim's eyes filled with love as she gazed adoringly at her son, unaware that it was really Drew. Drew decided to play along because he knew it was a side effect of the medication for altitude sickness.

Kim warned "Oscar" that she could see right through him, just like she'd been able to see through his father. Kim turned nostalgic as she shared how handsome Drew had been in his Navy uniform and that he'd walked with a swagger. She admitted that she wished she had asked him to stay because they might have had a chance to be a family. Kim wondered if Oscar could imagine having a baby brother or sister, but her tone soon turned to remorse as she tearfully begged her son to forgive her for not giving him a family or a father. Moved by Kim's regret, Drew gently assured Kim there was nothing to forgive because she had been all the family that their son had needed.

Drew also reminded Kim that she had reunited Oscar with his father. Kim smiled as she leaned back against the pillows. Drew tucked her in, but he froze when Kim quietly asked if "Oscar" would still be there when she woke up. Drew assured Kim that Oscar would always be with her. "You promise?" she asked. "I promise," he solemnly replied. Satisfied, Kim closed her eyes.

Sometime later, Kim woke up. She was weak but no longer confused. Drew filled her in on the doctor's diagnosis then asked what she remembered. Kim recalled talking about watching the sunset, but nothing after that. Drew decided not to tell her about her vision of Oscar. After he left to fetch some breakfast for Kim, she decided to rest. She absently murmured to Oscar to imagine if she and Drew had given him a sibling.

In Pentonville's infirmary, Ryan slowly woke up and looked around in an attempt to get his bearings. Confused by the unfamiliar surroundings, he asked Finn and Valerie where he was -- and why he was in pain. Finn fiddled with Ryan's I.V. as Valerie informed Ryan that he'd been transferred to Pentonville prison, where he would spend the rest of his life. Astounded, Ryan demanded to know when he'd been moved because he had no memory of the trip. Ryan also wanted to know why he hurt. Finn checked Ryan's abdominal incision as he reminded Ryan that Ryan's kidney had been removed.

On General Hospital's tenth floor, Kevin exited the elevator. He was immediately greeted by Franco, who was surprised that the doctor was back to work. Franco was curious why Kevin was on the tenth floor, but it was a redundant question because Franco knew Kevin hoped to get an update on Jordan. Franco suggested that Kevin ask Jordan, but Kevin doubted that that Jordan would appreciate seeing him. Franco disagreed then invited the doctor to follow him.

In Jordan's hospital room, Curtis worried that Jordan might injure her new kidney by overexerting herself, but she assured him that Elizabeth knew what she was doing. Elizabeth promised that it was important to get up and moving the day after surgery, which made Jordan wonder if Ryan missed his kidney. Stella entered the room as she suggested that it didn't matter because Ryan wouldn't be getting the organ back. Stella quickly realized that her nephew was in the way when she noticed Curtis nervously hovering over Jordan, so Stella insisted that Curtis owed her a cup of coffee for convincing Ryan to donate a kidney.

After Curtis and Stella left, Jordan admitted that she felt bad, and she wondered if Ryan was in as much pain after his surgery. Surprised, Elizabeth thought it was empathetic of Jordan to worry about Ryan, but Jordan explained that she was still trying to make sense of why a merciless killer like Ryan had chosen to save her life. Just then, Franco and Kevin entered the room. Elizabeth and Franco decided to give Jordan and Kevin some privacy.

Meanwhile, Curtis and Stella returned from the cafeteria with their coffee. They rounded a corner just as Valerie exited the elevator. Curtis greeted the detective then asked for news about Ryan.

In Jordan's hospital room, Jordan admitted that she was happy to be alive, but she wondered if Kevin had talked to Ryan. Kevin explained that he had said everything to his twin when he had asked Ryan to consider donating his kidney to Jordan. Kevin hadn't spoken to Ryan since, but Kevin was grateful that Stella had had better luck with his brother. Jordan confessed that she was eager to know what Stella had said to change Ryan's mind when Kevin hadn't been able to sway Ryan. Kevin didn't have an answer, but he believed that his appeal had been doomed from the start because Ryan would have done anything to spite Kevin. Jordan wanted to talk to Ryan because she needed answers, but Kevin warned her that his twin had slipped into a coma.

Jordan became distracted when she glanced out the window and saw Curtis and Stella talking to Valerie. She enlisted Kevin's help. A few minutes later, Curtis asked Valerie what exactly Ryan remembered, but Valerie was more concerned about what Ryan didn't recall. Jordan and Kevin slowly approached the group. Jordan confronted Curtis about keeping Ryan's condition from her, but Curtis explained that he had wanted more information first. Valerie quickly informed her boss that Ryan was awake, but he'd made some "crazy" claims.

After Jordan was settled back into bed, Valerie shared that Ryan had acted like the kidney donation had been a surprise to him, and he had claimed that he had never consented to the surgery. Furious, Stella reminded Valerie that there had been plenty of witnesses who could attest that Ryan had agreed to the surgery. Jordan noticed that Kevin was conspicuously silent, but Kevin admitted that he'd expected Ryan to pull a stunt, and diminished capacity might be his twin's way of escaping justice. Stella was outraged, but Kevin pointed out that claiming missing time and doing things in a fugue state that Ryan couldn't recall were the perfect foundation for an insanity defense.

Jordan made it clear that "no way in hell" would she let Ryan find his way back through Ferncliff's revolving doors. Curtis decided to look into things because he didn't want his wife to worry. After everyone left, Jordan pulled out her phone then called Chase to ask for a favor.

A short time later, Curtis returned to assure Jordan that the warden at Pentonville had agreed to arrange a meeting with Ryan once Jordan was up to it. Jordan thanked her husband because she needed to talk to Ryan. Curtis sat down as he asked Jordan what was on her mind -- and who she'd been talking to. "Chase," Jordan answered. She explained that she had asked the detective to look into what might have changed Ryan's mind about the kidney donation. She admitted that Ryan's sudden "180" had never added up because Ryan had known that he'd been headed to jail regardless, so he'd had no reason to part with his kidney.

Jordan confided that someone might have forced Ryan. She revealed that medical records indicated that Ryan's seizure had been an isolated incident of "unidentified" origins. Jordan believed that the seizure had been intentional to facilitate a switch with Kevin. Jordan pointed out that Kevin had been posing as his twin throughout his life, and Kevin could easily forge Ryan's signature. She theorized that the switch with Ryan had taken place when Ryan had been moved to ICU. Curtis quietly listened as Jordan spelled out her theory that of a group of people had worked together to ensure that Ryan had donated a kidney.

As Jordan outlined what she believed had happened, Curtis envisioned Valerie standing guard as Finn injected Ryan's I.V. with a seizure-inducing medication. As Jordan had speculated, Franco had taken steps to make the art room off-limits because of a chemical spill, and Finn and Elizabeth had whisked Ryan's bed and monitors there until minutes before the surgery. Curtis conceded that Jordan's theory was quite interesting, but he wondered if she had anything to back up her theory. Jordan admitted that she couldn't prove anything because the person that she suspected had orchestrated the ruse wouldn't have left any evidence behind.

Curtis recalled entering a room where Finn, Valerie, Kevin, Franco, and Elizabeth had assembled because they had each agreed to help him secure Ryan's kidney for Jordan.

At Pentonville, Finn carefully reapplied Ryan's bandage to the surgical incision. He challenged Ryan to prove that Ryan hadn't consented to the kidney transplant because Ryan's signature was on all of the paperwork. Ryan suddenly realized that his twin had helped. "You and my brother conspired to steal my kidney," Ryan angrily accused.

Ryan was apoplectic, but Finn cautioned Ryan to be careful because he didn't want Ryan to "pop a stitch." Ryan vowed that Finn, Kevin, and everyone else who had been in on the scheme would pay. Ryan warned Finn that no prison had ever held Ryan, and one day, Ryan would escape. Ryan promised that he would hunt each and every one of them down then make them pay for what they had done to him. Finn told Ryan that Ryan sounded crazy. Ryan glared in frustration as Finn walked out.

A short time later, someone entered the infirmary. Ryan looked up. "Well, now. Don't I know you?" he asked.

At the nurses' station, Franco handed his wife a rose then asked if she knew what Friday was. Elizabeth had no idea, so he reminded her that it was the four-month anniversary of their jailhouse wedding. Franco wanted to use the anniversary to celebrate their wedding with their friends and family. "Dust off your dancing shoes," he advised her.

Ryan has a visitor

Ryan has a visitor

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Carly entered the Metro Court restaurant and found Jax, who'd asked to see her. He wanted to run a business deal by her that he was working on for Crimson that would "create buzz and raise ad revenue." Carly thought it sounded good already until Jax divulged that Ava was going to be on the cover of Crimson. Carly called Jax crazy, and he told her that it was Nina's idea. Carly thought it was grounds for getting rid of Nina and that he would be better off with Maxie running the magazine. He broke it to her that it had originally been Maxie's idea.

Jax explained that crime and scandal sold well, and Ava had both. Carly tearfully ranted about what Ava had done to Connie and Morgan. Jax couldn't guarantee that Ava would be punished for her crimes, but he promised to "hold her up for the world to judge." He figured that Ava wouldn't trust a deal that he put together unless she had an incentive. He offered Carly a chance to "piss Ava off." He noticed Ava's arrival and instructed Carly to play along.

Jax thanked Ava for meeting with him and expressed that he wanted to make amends. Carly demanded to know why they were meeting, and Ava coolly told her about possibly being on the cover of Crimson. Carly went off about how bad the idea was and how Ava wasn't moral or classy enough for the cover. Carly stormed off, and Ava admitted that she was rethinking Jax's offer. The two got drinks as Ava looked through the contract. Jax assured her that she would have final approval of everything and the chance to tell her story. "Finally, the world will know the real Ava Jerome," she said with relief as she signed the contract.

Carly arrived at her doctor's office, and her doctor informed her that the latest test results showed "a risk of possible birth defects." She explained that a "Level II ultrasound" could give more details, so Carly wanted to schedule one as soon as possible. The doctor promised to set it up and have the office give Carly a call. She advised Carly not to panic, as there was a good chance that the baby was healthy. Carly promised to try, and she left in distress.

Shiloh entered the interrogation room to visit Harmony, and she wondered if there was any progress on a plea deal. Shiloh had "important news" first, and he informed her that he'd confirmed that Willow had had a baby boy in July. She wanted to help him as soon as he got her out of jail, and she asked him to get a lawyer for her. He promised to, "in time," and she angrily reminded him that she was covering for him. His priority was finding his son, and he believed that everything would fall into place once he got the baby.

Shiloh continued that he wanted to hire a custody attorney and go to court so that Willow would tell him where the baby was, as he believed there was no other way. He needed access to their offshore accounts, but Harmony reminded him that the money was for future generations. He replied that his son was the future of Dawn of Day, and he handed her a tablet to sign for the transfer. In exchange, she demanded that they raise the boy together, and he agreed. She signed and asked that he tell her when he found the baby. He promised that she would be the first to know, and he left.

Willow was standing outside the hospital room where the bereavement support group was when Michael approached. When she saw him, she admitted that she felt dishonest attending the meeting. She still feared that Shiloh would find Wiley, so Michael urged her to focus on the facts. He ran through all the facts of the situation and reminded her that there was no legal way for Shiloh to prove a relationship to Wiley. He added that, even in the unlikely event that Shiloh was able to fight for custody, he believed that it wasn't in Wiley's best interest to remove him from a happy, stable home just to give him to a stranger, especially one with fraud and assault allegations against him.

Michael continued that, if the law failed, "there's always my father." Willow admitted that she'd heard stories, but she wondered what Sonny would do. Michael thought it was better not to ask, but Sonny had successfully dealt with enemies more powerful than Shiloh, and Sonny owed Willow for helping Kristina. He proposed that they take a walk in the park and get ice cream, and she agreed. He excused himself to talk to Monica and promised to be right back. As he returned, he watched a woman walk up to Willow and "serve" her. They opened the envelope and read the subpoena summoning Willow to family court. Michael read that the plaintiff was Shiloh, and he looked up and saw Shiloh smirking at them down the hall.

Outside Kelly's, an anxious Brad confided in Julian, who advised him to stop going straight to the worst-case scenarios. Sonny sat down with them and advised Julian to stay out of it and let Sonny handle things. Julian guaranteed that he wouldn't fail, but if Sonny wanted to eliminate Shiloh, "I want in." Sonny replied that he didn't like to discuss his plans, but he remembered that a condition of the adoption was dissociation from Julian. Brad clarified that it had been more of a recommendation.

A few minutes later, Sonny was gone, and Julian made sure that there was no chance that Wiley's actual birth mother would return. "Not a chance," Brad replied. "You better be right," Julian said, as the birth mother had "actual legal grounds for custody." He commented that "No legal maneuver in the world could outweigh a DNA test."

Lulu sat in Kelly's, and a man approached her. She recognized him as Mark, her date, and they each remarked that the other looked exactly like their pictures. Mark told her that he was an associate professor of physics at Port Charles University, and she told him that she was a writer. A few minutes later, she told him a funny story. When she was done, they laughed and made small talk that culminated in him inviting her to a movie. As Sonny entered, she let Mark down easy and admitted that she'd made a fake profile "for a good reason." She was sure that the "great guy" would find someone perfect for him. He hoped that she would be as perfect as Lulu, and he left.

Sonny approached, and Lulu told him about the news story she was working on. He wondered if Peter could have picked someone who wasn't married to write the article. He knew that Dante being away was hard on her, and she replied that she hadn't realized how much she'd missed getting attention from a nice guy. She didn't know what to do about Dante, who hadn't asked her to wait for him and wasn't even sure that he would return. Sonny assured her that, no matter what she did, she would always be family.

Ryan was still in bed when someone wheeled in a laundry cart. "Do I know you?" he asked the person wheeling the cart, noticing a familiar face. "I don't think we've met," Nelle replied. She knew who he was and checked to make sure he was missing a hand. She introduced herself and reached around to shake his remaining hand. "Welcome to Pentonville. It's not as bad as they say. It's worse," she stated.

Ryan asked what Nelle was there for, and she explained that she'd been framed for attempted murder. As she put clean sheets away, she realized that they had someone in common and named Carly. Nelle briefly told Ryan her side of the story of her dealings with Carly. Ryan remembered how much Carly had talked about Nelle when he'd been her neighbor at Ferncliff. She continued that she'd loved Michael. However, the whole family had hated her, and then Ava had turned on her.

Ryan's ears perked up when Nelle mentioned Ava, and he related that Ava had betrayed him, as well. Nelle commented that Ryan had to hate Ava, but he replied that he could never hate Ava. Nelle remarked how terrible it was to be trapped in Pentonville while everyone on the outside was "telling themselves that they won."

Ryan added that he'd "literally" had a piece of him taken away and explained about his unwilling kidney donation. Nelle showed her surgery scar to him and talked about how Carly had no gratitude or loyalty for Nelle's unwilling donation to Josslyn. Ryan thought that his and Nelle's meeting was fate, and he suggested that they were supposed to help each other.

Nelle offers suspect support to Brad

Nelle offers suspect support to Brad

Friday, June 14, 2019

At General Hospital, Michael read a subpoena that Willow had been handed as they'd stood in the hallway. They both turned and saw Shiloh standing behind them. Shiloh grinned and walked off. Willow grabbed the subpoena and announced her intention to follow Shiloh to tell him off, but Michael stopped her and urged her to keep calm. Willow was frantic as they discussed the chances of whether Shiloh might have obtained any information about Wiley's birth legally.

Michael suggested that Willow call Diane, but Willow only managed to leave a message for Diane at her office to call her back. Michael promptly dialed Diane's private number and handed the phone to Willow, who spoke to her attorney. She finished the call and informed Michael that she would have to go to court. Willow was determined to fight Shiloh to keep him from her baby. Michael named all of the people in Willow's corner. Michael sent Lucy a text message that he needed to move on a deal.

Curtis found Jordan sitting in bed with a mountain of paperwork. She was eager to move out of ICU, but he was adamant that she was not supposed to be working. As he started to clear up the papers and files, he glanced at one. "Are these medical bills?" he asked. Curtis was livid that Jordan had them, but she admitted that she'd asked to see them. She thought it was good for her to be working on it but thought they might need to take out a second mortgage.

Curtis wondered how everyday people managed to afford to be sick. Jordan blamed herself for all the bills, but Curtis wouldn't hear of her blaming herself for the accident. He added that he also wouldn't blame Drew for his part in it because he'd had no control over it. Jordan stressed that there would be no honeymoon or vacations, and they could lose their house. She explained that her insurance didn't cover enough of the debt.

Curtis had an idea and kissed Jordan. After he finished teasing her, Jordan told him they'd have to sacrifice. Curtis thought they could actually gain something by making their own dinners or seeing local shows instead of going to Broadway. He thought he could trade his car for a bicycle and save on gym fees or sell their place and purchase a fixer-upper to flip it.

Curtis was full of ideas and thought that he and Jordan would only grow closer by doing everything together. Jordan was ready to make the most out of her second chance at life.

Margaux and Lucy sat at a table in Kelly's and discussed the sale of Margaux's place. Lucy revealed that she had scheduled an open house, and she offered to show Margaux other residences. Margaux looked up uneasily when Shiloh walked in, but she finished up with Lucy, who left after daring a glance at Shiloh herself.

Margaux went over to Shiloh and told him she'd heard that someone had taken the fall for him. "There's one born every minute," she said. Shiloh accused her of selling him out, but Margaux retorted that she'd done it for free. Shiloh snapped that he was just getting warmed up. Margaux pointed out that Dawn of Day had been losing members. Shiloh insisted that she would realize that the group had been her salvation, and they were only growing stronger. He laughed as she walked out.

Outside, Josslyn found Lucy sitting at a table and on the phone. Lucy finished her call, and Josslyn told her that she wanted Lucy's help. She admitted that Maxie had suggested she talk to Lucy about contacting someone who had "passed over." Lucy thought that Josslyn's loss was too new, but Josslyn explained that she'd seen Oscar at the Nurses Ball. She had never told him goodbye.

Michael arrived just as Lucy was comforting Josslyn. Lucy quickly told him they had been talking about Josslyn's performance at the Nurses Ball. Lucy told Michael she'd received his text, and it was a done deal. She added that the person he wanted to see was inside, so Michael headed in. Lucy told Josslyn that she was sympathetic, but she thought that Oscar would want her to live her life and not try to contact him.

Lucy believed that Josslyn had seen Oscar at the Nurses Ball because she'd needed him, but perhaps he was choosing not to see her again. Lucy informed Josslyn that she had to speak to Michael, and she urged Josslyn to be strong. Josslyn looked at an article on her phone about sťances and read about taking the first steps.

Inside, Shiloh grumbled as he looked at a text that advised him he'd need a ten-thousand-dollar retainer fee for a law firm. Michael found him and taunted him for losing followers. Shiloh returned the taunt, saying that he would be gaining a new member soon. He'd seen Michael and Willow together more than once, but Michael informed him that Willow had many friends to help her. Michael called him by his full name, David Henry Archer. "My name is Shiloh," Shiloh growled as he got up and headed to the door.

Michael stopped Shiloh to ask about the house that he had been renting. Michael informed him that he had purchased it and intended to donate it to a group for abused women. He added that he could have purchased the entire block. Just then, Shiloh received a text that fifty thousand dollars had been transferred to him from the Cayman Bank and Trust. Shiloh wished Michael luck in trying to break the lease, and he told Michael to tell Willow he'd see her in court.

Sam and Jason stepped off the elevator and walked into the Metro Court restaurant, holding hands. She was pleased at how they were just like any other couple out in public, but Jason was still consumed with anger that Shiloh was out and about. Sam assured him that Wiley's adoption couldn't be traced, although she was still worried. Carly approached them and urged Sam not to think about the worst-case scenario.

Sam emphasized that she would not allow Shiloh "to get his hands on Wiley." Carly joined Sam and Jason at a table, and Sam updated Carly on how Sam had eliminated the paper trail. Jason mentioned that one of Shiloh's followers had saved Shiloh, although Sam thought that Dawn of Day was both Shiloh's purpose and his Achilles heel. She noted that Shiloh's reputation had taken a hit, and the papers had called DOD the Dawn of Dead.

Jason thought that Shiloh was panicked, and it might lead him to try to grab his child. Carly felt bad for Lucas because she knew how desperate a parent could be. Margaux walked over to the table and asked to talk to Jason privately. He got up, and they walked off. Carly remained to talk to Sam. She mentioned that Josslyn was having a difficult time, and Sam offered to do anything Carly needed or provide a shoulder, even though they hadn't always gotten along. She could tell that something was wrong, and Carly admitted that there might be something wrong with her baby.

Carly told Sam about her high AFP level, which might mean there was an abnormal chromosome and birth defect. Sam said Carly had to stay calm. Sam thought there could be other reasons for the elevation. She asked if Carly had told Sonny about it, and Carly admitted she hadn't. She had many excuses, and Sam was skeptical. Carly thought that Sonny had a lot on his plate, but Sam could tell Carly was upset.

Out in the hallway, Margaux told Jason that she wanted to warn him about Shiloh. She couldn't be involved in any investigation herself, due to her involvement with DOD. She had done some research and had found a DOD member who had died of a drug overdose, and another member had taken the blame for providing the drug, although it had happened after a dispute with Shiloh.

Margaux maintained that she had no pull in Beechers Corners, where the incident had occurred, and they discussed the fact that Shiloh had always had pull with local law enforcement. Margaux thought that maybe Shiloh had been too sure of himself, and there might be undiscovered evidence against him. She thought that someone else might be able to investigate. "Good hunting," she told Jason.

Jason returned to the table, and, when they stopped talking, he asked Sam and Carly what he had missed. Carly rose and told him that she and Sam had had a great conversation, and she was happy they were able to be together in public. After she left, Jason asked Sam what was going on. She told him that Sonny and Carly could handle it. He told her he had to leave for Beechers Corners.

At Pentonville, Nelle was surprised to see a delivery of boxes arrive with Brad as the deliveryman. She was happy to see him, and Brad asked for her help. He noted that he had officially signed in with the medical supplies in case someone was watching him. He admitted he was worried. "Is it the baby?" Nelle asked.

Brad assured her the baby was okay, but he had to make sure his son stayed with him and Lucas. He divulged that the birth mother of his original son had been poking around, and he was about to lose everything if Sonny ever realized that Brad had Michael's son. The biological father was on the scene, too. Nelle realized that Brad needed her "more than ever."

Brad wanted to make sure that he and Nelle were on the same page, and he would be able to keep her baby. She wondered if Michael had moved on, and she wondered who Michael had been with on the red carpet at the Nurses Ball. She didn't think that Michael was over her.

Brad told Nelle to stop thinking about Michael and the past. Nelle looked at a photo of her son and could tell that he was loved. Brad wanted to confirm that she wouldn't interfere with him. "Cross my heart," Nelle said. She thought that she might be up for early parole, though, and she thought Brad might be open to her being a part of her son's life.

Brad suggested they "not get ahead of ourselves." Nelle reminded him that the baby was "our son," and it took a village. The baby would need a strong female role model, and she thought she was Brad's greatest ally. She also needed to make certain that the baby didn't end up with Carly. Brad headed out and assured Nelle that she might have contributed to saving a life. "God help me," he muttered.

Willow paid a visit to Harmony at the Port Charles police station prior to Harmony's transfer. Harmony revealed that she had pleaded guilty and was being sent to Pentonville. Willow said that Harmony was sending herself there. Harmony was glad to see her daughter, but Willow urged her to tell the truth. She asked if Harmony thought that Shiloh would be grateful and put her first.

Harmony thought that Shiloh was a great man, and it was an honor to help him. She thought he was an inspiration, and there was unconditional love. Willow shouted at her to wake up. She reminded Harmony that she would be locked up with dangerous women. Harmony insisted that she would get by with her faith. Willow reminded her mother that she had always been the seeker of truth, and she asked if Shiloh was really the answer. She added that Shiloh would allow Harmony to rot in prison, and he would take her grandchild.

Harmony insisted she was nothing without Shiloh. Willow said that Harmony had Willow, and there was life after Shiloh. They could start over and be a real family like before DOD. The deputy arrived to take Harmony out as Willow pleaded for her to tell the truth. "Goodbye, Willow," Harmony said. Willow thought about her last conversation with Michael. "It's okay. We got this," she said as she looked at her reflection in the window.

At Pentonville, Nelle heard the news that she had a new roommate. It was Harmony.

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