General Hospital Daily Recaps for the week of January 20, 2020

Nikolas reunited with Spencer. Nina set her terms for working with Sasha. Charlotte had an unsettling reaction to Sasha's photo. Laura told Jax about her plans for the waterfront. Marcus Taggert assured Jordan that he would help her investigate the death of their friend. Michael invited Nelle to move into the Quartermaine mansion.
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Nikolas reunited with Spencer, but it didn't go as expected
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Spencer and Nikolas' reunion doesn't go as expected

Spencer and Nikolas' reunion doesn't go as expected

Monday, January 20, 2020

Spencer entered a room at his school and found Ava, who was happy to see Spencer. She expressed how "deeply sorry" she was for betraying Spencer in favor of Valentin. Spencer reminded her that he'd lost everything. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Nikolas. A shocked Spencer hugged his father and explained how he'd always pretended that Nikolas had been away on business. Nikolas talked about how much he'd missed his son and all the things he'd imagined them doing together once he returned.

Spencer wondered where Nikolas had been for the previous three years, and Nikolas explained his plan to get the Cassadine fortune back for himself and Spencer. "You were away for three years because you wanted your money back?" Spencer asked incredulously. Ava explained that Nikolas had only had Spencer's best interests at heart, and Nikolas added that he wanted to get back what was theirs. Spencer tore apart his father for staying away and insisted that all he'd needed had been his father. He continued that he'd hated Valentin for killing Nikolas, but he hated Nikolas for "staying dead." Nikolas left the room to get some air.

Ava assured Spencer that he had every right to be angry, but getting another chance with a loved one made him the "luckiest boy on the planet." She reminded him that parents weren't perfect, and Nikolas had only been trying to keep his family safe. Ava continued that having a loved one back was a miracle that many would give anything for, and she urged him not to waste the chance. Nikolas listened in as Ava talked about how deeply Nikolas loved his son, and she thought that it was time for both to stop hurting.

Nikolas returned and promised Spencer that he would do whatever he could to make up for things with Spencer -- if his son would let him. Spencer growled that he'd been alone every day for the previous three years because of Nikolas, who he deemed as heartless as Valentin. "Stay the hell away from me!" Spencer cried, and he ran from the room.

At Crimson, Nina was helping Charlotte with a collage project for school when Curtis entered. Nina directed Charlotte to Maxie's desk, where there would be more old magazines to cut pictures out of, and Charlotte ran off. He spotted the Deception cover proposal with Sasha on the front, and Nina explained Sasha and Lucy's partnership proposal. Curtis commented that the hardest part of going undercover was developing feelings for the "mark." Nina insisted that she didn't miss Sasha, only the idea of having a daughter. Curtis promised that he would help find out if Nina had actually had a child, but Nina turned down the offer. She commented that she already had a wonderful daughter, and they looked on as Charlotte worked on her project.

Laura met with Jax at Metro Court, and he appreciated the meeting. She was always happy to meet with constituents, "even when they withhold vital information." Jax explained that he'd had a lapse in judgment for working with Nikolas, and he apologized for not putting her in the loop. She accepted his apology, as he hadn't been the one to break her heart.

At Metro Court, Carly explained all of the pampering that she was providing for Gladys that day, and Gladys wondered how she could repay Carly's generosity. Carly urged her to enjoy the splurge while Sonny and Jason took care of Mike. Across the room, Willow told Michael about Brad's situation with Nelle as Sasha and Chase listened. Willow concluded that Nelle thought that she would be Wiley's new nanny, but Michael angrily insisted that Nelle was wrong. He slammed a chair down, and Carly ran over to ask what had happened. Willow repeated the story to Carly, who remarked, "Over my dead body." Carly promised to do whatever she could to help keep Wiley away from Nelle.

Laura had a proposal for Jax, and she told him about her plan to renovate the waterfront. He replied that he'd read an article about it in The Invader, but she commented that the article hadn't been authorized. She explained that she wanted to remove the criminal element from the area and make it safer. She added that she was open to donations and put forth the example of whatever Nikolas had promised to give Jax in order to help Nikolas reclaim Cassadine Industries.

Just then, Gladys interrupted the conversation to greet Jax, as they were "practically family." Jax introduced her and Laura to each other, and Laura commented that she'd known Mike for years. Gladys was amazed that Laura was the mayor and insisted that she would have voted for Laura if she lived in town. Carly ran over to check on the group, and she ushered Gladys away to let Jax and Laura handle their business. Continuing the meeting, Jax told Laura that he would be in on her plan if ELQ was in. She informed Jax that she considered him to be a decent man but warned that no man stayed that way around the Cassadine fortune.

Gladys told Carly that she wasn't up for a spa day, after all, and she proposed getting a tour of Sonny's coffee warehouse, where Dev worked. Carly answered that she had to drop by there, anyway, so Gladys could take a look around. She added that they could leave after she took care of a few work-related things, so Gladys made herself comfortable.

Michael decided that he needed to go get Wiley away from Nelle, and Chase insisted upon going with Michael. Willow and Sasha asked to be kept updated, and the men left. Sasha asked what Nelle was like, and Willow described how Nelle started off as a "sweet, harmless victim," but she could flip and become threatening then flip back like she'd never meant it. Just then, Sasha's phone went off, and she saw that Nina was asking to see her. She quickly updated Willow on her and Lucy's partnership proposal for Deception. Willow offered to accompany Sasha, and Sasha accepted the offer.

Taggert entered Jordan's office and insisted that he'd known that she'd been meant for big things. She was happy to see him, and they quickly caught up. He wondered why he'd had to drop everything to return to Port Charles, and she answered that she wouldn't have called if it hadn't been important. They reminisced about their past until she got to the point and gave him the file on her friend Bob's death. "No way in hell," he said after skimming the report. She thought that there could be something "worse" going on, and he promised to get answers. She warned him to be careful.

Laura entered and greeted Taggert, and she wondered why he was back in town. He claimed that he was just passing through to see an old friend. He had to go, and Jordan urged him not to be a stranger. When he was gone, Laura updated Jordan on Jax's possible involvement in her waterfront renovation plan. Later, Laura was gone, and Curtis arrived. Jordan happily invited him into her office and closed the door -- outside of which Taggert was lurking.

When Sasha and Willow entered Crimson, they found Charlotte looking through some old magazines. Sasha greeted Charlotte, who ignored Sasha. Charlotte excitedly wanted to show Willow what she was working on, so Willow sat with Charlotte. Nina beckoned Sasha into her office as Charlotte explained that she was making a collage of all of her favorite things. She specifically mentioned horses and began talking about the book Black Beauty. She talked about how sad things kept happening to Black Beauty, but everything was "fixed in the end." Willow and Charlotte agreed that they liked happy endings.

In Nina's office, Sasha wondered if Lucy should be there, too, but Nina denied it. She started that the proposal was good, and she wanted to move forward with a Crimson/Deception partnership "conditionally." Nina wanted to do an "in-depth cover story" on Sasha, and Sasha agreed. A surprised Nina said that there would be "nothing left to the imagination." Sasha replied that Michael and his family had already forgiven her, and Nina clearly never would, so Nina could print whatever she wanted. Nina told Sasha that she would have the lawyers draw up a contract, and Sasha left.

When Jax arrived at Crimson, Nina and Charlotte were on the floor, looking for more pictures for Charlotte's collage. Nina got up to get Jax's budget projections, and she told him about her meeting with Sasha. She muttered that revenge was tougher than she'd thought, and Jax replied that it was only tough for good people. As Nina was distracted with Jax, Charlotte picked up Sasha's proposal cover and smiled as she cut it into pieces.

Brad informed Nelle that he couldn't fire Willow as Wiley's nanny and hire her, as Lucas' family would hate him. Nelle shot back that Lucas' family didn't run the world, and all Wiley needed was some "mommy and me time." A few minutes later, Brad entered the living room with Wiley, and he kept thinking of reasons for Nelle to leave. She finally stated that she wanted to hold her son, and she took Wiley from Brad. Nelle marveled over how much he looked like Michael.

There was a knock on the door, and Nelle happily went to answer it. She was happy to see Michael, but less than happy to Chase. As they entered, she related that she and Wiley had been getting to know each other. Michael replied that Wiley didn't need to know her, and he grabbed Wiley from her arms. Chase then got in between them as Nelle accused them of overreacting, and she observed that Willow had wasted no time "snitching."

Nelle explained that Brad was her only friend in town, and she had nowhere else to go. Michael revealed that he had an offer too good for her to refuse. Chase added that one call to social services that Nelle was there with a child would draw lots of scrutiny.

A short while later, Brad returned to the living room to find that Nelle was gone. Brad babbled about how hard Nelle was to refuse when she wanted something, and he had never agreed to anything. Michael reminded Brad that he'd taken an oath to look after Wiley, so he vowed to keep Nelle away from the child. Michael and Chase left, and Chase made sure that Michael was all right with the solution. Michael replied that it was better to keep enemies close. He confided that he would let Nelle think she was winning so she would "never see me coming."

Back at Metro Court, Sasha explained to Willow that she was basically setting herself up for a public shaming, and she told her friend about Nina's offer. A supportive Willow said that it was her past, and if people didn't approve, "oh, well." Just then, they bumped into Nelle, and she introduced herself to Sasha. Sasha refused to shake Nelle's outstretched hand and disclosed that she already knew who Nelle was. Nelle advised Sasha not to believe everything she heard about Nelle.

Nelle continued that she and Sasha had plenty of time to get to know each other, even though the Quartermaine mansion was big. She figured they would run into each other eventually, and she revealed that Michael had asked her to move in. Carly appeared and accused Nelle of lying, as Michael didn't want Nelle anywhere near him. Nelle dared Carly to call Michael and ask him.

General Hospital did not air

General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Due to ABC News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, General Hospital did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule. 

General Hospital did not air

General Hospital did not air

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Due to ABC News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, General Hospital did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule. 

General Hospital did not air

General Hospital did not air

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Due to ABC News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, General Hospital did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule. 

General Hospital did not air

General Hospital did not air

Friday, January 24, 2020

Due to ABC News coverage of the impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump, General Hospital did not air. This was not a planned preemption, but there were no "lost" episodes as a result of this change to the broadcast schedule. 

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