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Julian cut a deal with Cyrus to silence Ryan. Ryan was rushed to the hospital with a knife in his back. Franco asked Jason for a favor. Anna and Valentin escaped Alex's deadly clutches. Alex shot Finn, and she kidnapped Maxie. Sam gave Alexis an ultimatum. Ava discovered that Taggart was alive.
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Julian cut a deal with Cyrus, and Alex shot Finn and kidnapped Maxie
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Josslyn and Trina get a close look at history

Josslyn and Trina get a close look at history

Monday, November 2, 2020

Josslyn descended the stairs at home, and Carly and Bobbie yelled, "Happy birthday!" Carly couldn't believe that Josslyn was 18, and her mother and grandmother hugged her. Josslyn said that she was going to meet Trina at Ava's gallery for the Historical Society's exhibit on women's suffrage, as they would get extra credit in class for doing a report about it. Carly asked if Josslyn was planning to vote in her first election, and Josslyn replied, "Sure, if I have time." Carly and Bobbie were surprised, as Josslyn had always been so "civic-minded," but Josslyn didn't think her one vote would matter.

Carly scolded Josslyn and told her that every vote mattered, and she walked off to get Josslyn her voter information. Bobbie was shocked, and she told Josslyn about her great-great-grandmother Beatrice Eckert, who'd fought in New York to win and keep the right to vote for women. Carly returned and gave Josslyn their polling information as Bobbie wondered what Beatrice would think about Josslyn being too busy to vote. Josslyn agreed to find the time, and she left. Bobbie feared that a lot of young people felt the same as Josslyn, and Carly hoped they'd gotten through to her.

At the gallery, Lucy unpacked a box for the exhibit, but Monica assured her that everything was fine. Lucy insisted upon having real candles so that the exhibit was more historically accurate, but Monica didn't think that Ava would appreciate her gallery burning down. Lucy placed candles around the room and lit one that read "time" on the bottom.

Trina was looking through the exhibit, which celebrated one hundred years of women's suffrage, when Portia entered. Jordan arrived moments later and mentioned that she'd seen Ava at the polls. She remembered how excited T.J. had been to vote for the first time and asked how Trina was feeling. Trina replied that she was voting down ballot, as it was important for local officials to appoint competent professionals like the police commissioner. She glared at Jordan and walked away.

As Trina walked around the exhibit more, Josslyn found her. Trina pointed out that a woman in a picture of a group of suffragists from 1920 Port Charles looked a lot like Carly. Josslyn told Trina about her great-great-grandmother Beatrice. Trina related that she had a great-great-aunt who had fought for the voting rights of African-American women with her sorority. Trina refused to let the suffragists down by not exercising their right to vote. Josslyn was surprised at how political her friend sounded, as it always seemed like nothing changed. Trina reminded Josslyn that not voting would guarantee that nothing changed. They entered a mock voting booth together and pulled the lever to cast a vote together. They left the booth and didn't recognize where they were.

Josslyn and Trina were dressed in 1920s-era dresses and vaguely recognized that they were in the town square. A woman who looked like Carly entered and sensed the girls' confusion. She asked if she could help them in any way, and Josslyn admitted that they had no idea where they were. She caught sight of a sign that read the date, the second of November of 1920. The woman thought the girls could benefit from a doctor, so she called over Dr. Priscilla Johnson, who looked like Portia.

As Priscilla checked Josslyn and Trina out, Josslyn realized that the woman who looked like her mother was Beatrice. When Priscilla deduced that nothing was physically wrong with the girls, Beatrice pulled Priscilla away for a minute. Josslyn took the opportunity to inform Trina that Beatrice was her great-great-grandmother. Trina warned Josslyn that they had to be careful so they didn't mess up the future.

A few minutes later, Trina asked Priscilla if she was excited to vote for the first time. Priscilla informed Trina that women in New York had gained the right to vote three years before the rest of the country, so she'd already voted. Trina figured that African-American women would have had problems, and Priscilla told Trina about her sister, who'd fought for the right to vote with her sorority. Priscilla continued that they'd marched in Washington for the right, and many had been attacked, which the police had just let happen. She added that many couldn't vote, anyway, without money for the registration fee. Trina called that voter suppression. Priscilla talked about the women's voting center and explained that the state thought it was more "seemly" to have separate polling places for men and women.

Josslyn talked with Beatrice, who dreamed of there one day being a female president. "Wouldn't that be something?" Josslyn commented. A woman who looked like Anna entered, and Beatrice identified her as Alice. Josslyn was confused how Alice could vote, as she was British. Alice explained that she was there to support her American sisters, as British women already had the right to vote. She announced that she was off to open the women's voting center. Two women, Eliza and Josephine, who resembled Elizabeth and Jordan, arrived and informed Alice that the women's voting center appeared to be closed. Beatrice thought it was a ploy to obstruct the vote, and she wondered who would do that. "I would!" Bertha, a woman resembling Britt, announced.

Bertha explained that the mortgage for the building had been overdue, so she'd told the bank, who'd foreclosed the building. Josslyn wondered why Bertha wouldn't help, as the right to vote was also Bertha's. Ada, a woman resembling Ava, entered, and she was happy to hear the news. Beatrice accused Ada of standing in the way of progress and equality for women. Ada thought that Beatrice should be ashamed for "slumming it" in politics. Beatrice shot back that Ada's loveless marriage was no reason to punish everyone, and Ada ran at Beatrice. The two pushed each other, and Ada ended up on the ground. "You'll pay for this!" Ada yelled. "Take your best shot," Beatrice told her.

A short while later, Mrs. Oberle, a woman resembling Liesl, locked Beatrice up in jail. She informed Beatrice that the court was backed up, so Beatrice wouldn't be voting that day. Back in the square, Josslyn and Trina wondered what they were going to do about Beatrice. Lexy, a woman resembling Alexis, approached the two and asked them what was wrong. They explained Beatrice's situation, and Lexy thought she knew someone who could help. She pointed out an assemblywoman named Mary, and the three approached.

Tillie, Mary's secretary who looked like Terry, informed Trina, Josslyn, and Lexy that Mary had no time to talk to constituents. Mary, who resembled Monica, emerged from the crowd in front of her and insisted that she listen to Josslyn and Trina's problem. They told her what was going on, and she was glad they'd gone to her. She explained that she was well-known at the jail, thanks to her former husband, so she would talk to the commissioner.

Josslyn, Trina, and Mary arrived at the jail, and Beatrice feared that they'd gotten arrested, too. Josslyn assured Beatrice that they were there to get her out of jail, and Mrs. Oberle commented that powerful people always got the last say. Ada arrived, wanting to see Beatrice in jail for herself. Trina reminded Ada that her fall had been an accident, but Ada replied that she had a reputation to consider. Trina shot back that Election Day was more important than a squabble, and Ada scoffed at Trina's belief in "that voting nonsense."

Ada said that her husband voted for both of them, but Trina wondered if Ada trusted him completely. She didn't think a strong, smart woman like Ada should let someone else run her life. "No one runs my life," Ada stated. "Then why are you throwing away your vote?" Trina asked. Ada approached Beatrice, who'd been let out of the jail cell. She said that some things were more important than a squabble. She told Trina that she expected great things from the girl, and she left.

At the women's voting center, Bertha was hammering a foreclosed sign on the building as she urged the women grouped in front of the building to go home to their families. Alice cried out that she would open the building for voting if they had to storm it themselves. Just then, Beatrice stood on a box and called out that the women had an opportunity that their mothers and grandmothers had never had, and they needed to be an example to their daughters. She wanted everyone to be included in the promise that America had to offer, and the crowd of women broke out in applause. "You can't vote if you can't get in," Bertha said haughtily, and she left. Alice tried to pick the lock, but Josephine grabbed a hammer and broke the lock off.

Ada arrived, and Trina was surprised to see her. She divulged that she'd wanted to see if Beatrice could "pull it off, but while I'm here, I might as well vote." She was thankful to meet Trina, and she went inside. Josslyn praised Beatrice for making sacrifices and suffering persecution in order to help women vote. Beatrice thought it was all worth it if the next generations of women reaped the benefits. Josslyn understood that voting was a privilege, and that it was "the least and most I can do as a citizen." "So true, fellow suffragist," Beatrice smiled.

The women filed into the voting center, and Josslyn and Trina gawked in surprise as Mrs. Oberle went into a booth to vote. Josslyn didn't understand why they were still in 1920, since they'd fixed things, but she realized that they'd been in a booth when they'd been transported back in time in the first place. Beatrice emerged from a booth, proud to have voted. The girls informed her that Mrs. Oberle was there voting, and Josslyn feared that the woman would vote "wrong." Beatrice replied that there was no wrong way, as all citizens should vote. Josslyn was honored to have met Beatrice, and she promised to try to follow Beatrice's example. Beatrice saw a bright future for Josslyn, and she ran off to help Alice.

Josslyn realized that she and Trina finally had a chance to go into a booth with no one noticing. They went into one and pulled the lever together. They exited the booth to find that they were back in the gallery. Lucy found that the candle she'd lit had been blown out, and she noticed "time" written on the bottom. She was very concerned about Josslyn and Trina and asked how they were feeling.

Josslyn admitted that something strange had happened, and Lucy blamed herself for lighting the wrong candle. She quickly took the candle into the back, and Josslyn wondered if her and Trina's last few minutes had been a "psychedelic trip because of Lucy's wacky candle." Trina thought it made more sense than time travel. Josslyn figured that the election had just gotten in their heads, but she thought that they would "slay" their history project. Josslyn thought they first needed to make time to go vote, so they left the exhibit.

Jordan, Terry, and Elizabeth joined Portia outside of their polling place as Britt walked by and glared. Carly and Bobbie approached the polling place, and Carly wondered if she should text Josslyn to remind her to vote. Just then, Josslyn emerged from the building, and Carly and Bobbie applauded for her. Trina saw Ava, and she was glad that Ava had voted. "Did you think I wouldn't?" Ava inquired. Trina replied that she knew Ava would vote, as she knew what kind of woman Ava was.

Carly wondered how it felt for Josslyn to be voting for the first time. "Gratifying, empowering, and humbling," Josslyn replied. She continued that she'd thought about Beatrice and all the women who'd done so much for voting rights, and she hadn't wanted to let them down. Carly congratulated Josslyn on doing what the women in their family had been doing for one hundred years. "One hundred-three," Josslyn corrected her, and she informed her mother that women in New York had gotten the right to vote three years before the rest of the country. Carly remarked that Josslyn had really done her research for her project. "You have no idea," Josslyn answered.

Inside the exhibit, Lucy was straightening up when her eyes fell on the picture of the group of suffragists from 1920 Port Charles. She was perplexed, but she shrugged and walked away. In the picture were two girls that looked exactly like Josslyn and Trina.

Peter catches on to Spinelli and threatens him

Peter catches on to Spinelli and threatens him

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

As Portia descended the stairs at General Hospital, Cyrus caught a glimpse of her and stopped to ask how Trina was doing. Portia replied that her daughter was none of his business, but Cyrus began to talk about Taggert being his business after having been imprisoned wrongly. Portia didn't want to discuss her ex-husband with Cyrus, either.

Elizabeth and Franco arrived at the hospital and walked hand in hand through the halls. Elizabeth thanked her husband for walking her to work, and he revealed that he would check on his art therapy room. They stepped onto the elevator and stepped off on another floor. The first thing they saw and heard was Portia and Cyrus.

"Oh, looks like Uncle Cyrus is on another PR run," Franco remarked. He wanted to make himself scarce; he didn't think Cyrus was a fan of his after he'd witnessed Franco falling over at the Floating Rib. He walked off as Portia declared that she wasn't responsible for Taggert's actions.

Cyrus exclaimed that he only wanted Portia to be happy, but Portia informed him that she wanted as little interaction with him as "humanly possible." He thought that he and his staff should all get to know each other. Portia retorted that she wouldn't allow him to intimidate her, and he could go ahead and fire her for insubordination.

Cyrus assured Portia that he had no intention of firing her because she was a "valuable asset." Portia ordered him to never mention Trina or Taggert again. Cyrus smiled as Portia stepped onto the elevator, and he followed and stepped on behind her.

On another floor, Jordan ran into T.J., who revealed that he wanted his mother's help. He mentioned Cyrus and his staff moves, the fact that hospital morale was low, and the lack of trust. T.J. thought the public needed to know, and he had applied for a permit for a peaceful protest. He'd been turned down, and he was hopeful that he could enlist Jordan's aid. He wanted a protest for change.

Jordan confessed that she'd been the one to deny the permit. She attempted to explain that it was a fact of life that workers would always disagree with their superiors. T.J. was angry, even as Jordan noted that she respected his passion. She had denied him for the "greater good" because the board would always "push back." She believed that Monica and Bobbie had been fired for good reason.

Cyrus and Portia stepped off the elevator as T.J. shouted, "Cyrus Renault is subverting General Hospital," and T.J. was convinced that the chairman would "undermine everything" the hospital stood for. He couldn't understand why he couldn't have a peaceful protest. Portia chimed in and asked the same. Jordan snapped that it was a private conversation, but Cyrus spoke up and noted that it sounded like a "public indictment" of him.

T.J. didn't agree with Cyrus' policies, and Cyrus assured T.J. that he was aware of T.J.'s feelings. Cyrus began to shout about his wrongful imprisonment that had actually been an injustice, while his running of the hospital was merely a misunderstanding. He raised his voice even more as he proclaimed that T.J. and Portia were not in management but were there to save lives. He and his board would deal with business. He thanked Jordan and walked off as Portia asked the police commissioner if she was still protecting Cyrus.

Jordan told Portia it was none of her business, but T.J. stated that it was his. He asked why Jordan was siding with Cyrus and not supporting T.J.'s protest for change. Jordan insisted that no one would hire a troublemaker, and she was looking out for her son. T.J. suggested she worry about her own self. "Blocking constitutional rights to protest. Really?" T.J. asked. He stormed off. Portia wondered if Jordan would deny her a permit, too, and Jordan replied that it wasn't a good idea.

Portia noted that Jordan hadn't wanted the attack on Brando investigated, and there was still no information on Taggert's killer. She thought that Jordan had hated that Cyrus was free, but it no longer seemed to be the case. Jordan insisted she was trying to protect Portia and T.J., and she didn't think they should antagonize their boss. Portia believed she knew what was really going on.

Franco knocked and barged into Kevin's office. He announced that his brain tumor was back and was inoperable. Kevin asked Franco if he had discussed treatment options, but Franco admitted he had stopped listening to Terry. Kevin pointed out that there could be non-surgical treatment. He spoke calmly and reassured Franco, who admitted that while he would miss his family, he was more concerned about the return of a personality change.

Kevin stated that it wasn't a certainty, but Franco went on to explain that he'd had no joy in life during the time of his previous tumor. He had learned how to love and to be a friend; he could be a father or a husband. Kevin wondered if Franco had experienced any strange side effects, and Franco wasn't certain. Kevin promised to support Franco and believed that he should tell his loved ones. Franco suggested he tell someone who hated him instead.

At Charlie's Pub, Julian made several attempts to reach Ava via cell phone but was unsuccessful. Peter sat at a table with Valentin and told him that he'd received a "phone call from hell." Valentin guessed that it had been Liesl. "It was the mother from hell," Peter clarified. Again, Valentin was incorrect and assumed that it had been Alex, although Peter thought he meant Anna. Peter revealed that it had been Helena Cassadine.

Valentin emphasized that Helena was dead, and Peter couldn't have heard from her. Peter insisted it had been her voice, and she wanted to expose him for his involvement with Drew. Valentin explained that someone had been "messing" with Peter, and he guessed it would have been Spinelli, who would do anything to save Maxie from Peter. Valentin added that Spinelli was a "computer expert," and he urged Peter not to meet with "Helena."

Anna called for help from her basement as she remained secured in her chair. Alex made her way down the stairs. "You bitch!" Anna shouted. Alex wondered how Anna had managed to remove her gag, and Anna pointed out that Alex had always done "shoddy work." Alex announced that she had been working on her plan, and Finn would be at the hospital all night so wouldn't notice that Anna was missing.

"You have been playing mother to my son. Peter is mine," Alex declared. She had plans to take Anna's place, and she began to taunt Anna. She called it inconvenient that Anna had searched for her. She also noted that Faison had been obsessed with Anna, and Alex had wanted his secrets. It had been "just my luck" that she had gotten pregnant, but Alex wanted to take her "rightful place."

Anna was certain that Alex didn't really want to be a mother or grandmother, and she asked why Alex was even there. She didn't think that Alex wanted to reconnect. Alex admitted that she was in trouble, and there were many people after her. Her only choice had been to be Anna. "There can't be two of us," Alex added.

Anna told Alex she was a fool because they weren't alike. She was certain that Valentin, Finn, and Robert would see through Alex. Alex asserted that Peter wouldn't know because he didn't know the truth. They were interrupted when the doorbell sounded, and Anna screamed. Alex wrapped duct tape around Anna's mouth before heading upstairs to answer the door.

Alex opened the door, and Valentin rushed inside. He asked Anna where she'd been because Alex had been tracked to Paris. He was afraid she could show up in Port Charles at any time, and she was being pursued. Alex, as Anna, professed to be on "full alert." Valentin mentioned that he'd been with Peter, who had to be told the truth about his mother. Valentin thought that he and Anna should tell Peter together.

"Anna" stated that she could tell Peter herself, and Valentin urged her to do it right away. He was afraid that Alex would turn Peter against them if she got to her son first. He stated that Alex had always manipulated Anna, and they had to stop her. "Anna" exclaimed that she always tried to do what was best for her son, and Valentin caught it.

"Anna" quickly covered and clarified that Alex was Peter's mother. "Anna" had treated him as her own, and she couldn't just drop her feelings. Valentin replied that his throat was scratchy, and he asked for a glass of water. "Anna" went to retrieve it, and Valentin began to look around.

Downstairs, the real Anna struggled to get free, and she finally managed to free her hands. She ripped off the duct tape and her other bindings and yelled loudly for help. Valentin heard her, and he called out. "Anna, I'm coming!" he cried out. Before he could open the basement door, Alex crept up behind him with a syringe in her hand.

At the Corinthos house, Sonny finished up a phone call to confirm that Taggert was settled. He ordered the person to stay with Taggert in order to make certain he didn't leave. The doorbell sounded, and Sonny opened the door to reveal Ava. He indicated that he had asked her by to show her Avery's artwork. Ava was sure there was another reason, and Sonny admitted that he had questions about Ryan.

Sonny divulged that Ryan wanted to see him, and he wanted to know why. Ava related that Ryan was "sick and twisted," and Sonny surmised that he was still obsessed with Ava, who admitted she'd seen Ryan. Ava said that Ryan only wanted to play games and see her squirm, and Ava was afraid that because Sonny was Avery's father, Ryan would go through Sonny to get to Ava. She didn't want Sonny to go, and she did her best to try to talk him out of it.

"Nothing good can come of it," she said. Sonny thought that Ava knew the real reason, but Ava claimed she didn't. She thought that Ryan wanted to get under Sonny's skin, and if Sonny went to Pentonville, he'd be playing into Ryan's hands. Sonny said he'd think about it, and Ava hoped he would make the right decision. As she headed to the door, Sonny reminded her to take Avery's art.

Spinelli arrived at the pub after receiving Peter's text message to see him. He asked if something was wrong with Maxie or the baby, and Peter sat down. He admitted that he had known that mention of Maxie would get Spinelli there. He continued that his future was all about Maxie and their baby. Spinelli sat down, too, and claimed that Peter had won him over. He'd had a good time with Maxie and Peter previously.

Peter declared that it had been a perfect evening until he'd received a phone call from Helena Cassadine. Spinelli laughed uneasily and noted that Helena was dead, but Peter insisted he'd recognized her voice. She had warned him to meet her, or he would suffer the consequences. Spinelli declared that it didn't make sense, and Peter pointed out that it was just like Spinelli's "change of heart" toward him. Peter had put things together.

Peter accused Spinelli of "cooking up" a scheme, but Spinelli denied it. Peter pointed out that Spinelli was a "computer expert." Spinelli reminded Peter that they had been together when the call had been received, but Peter was sure that Spinelli would have an accomplice. "Back the hell off," Peter growled. He further accused Spinelli of extending a "phony olive branch." Peter demanded that Spinelli stay out of his life, or he would "crush" Spinelli if pushed. Peter confirmed it was a threat.

Peter was aware that he had not been an angel in his past life, but he had a new one. He promised to revert to his old ways to protect himself. "Do we understand each other?" Peter asked. Spinelli nodded wordlessly. "Good," Peter said.

Ava walked inside, and Julian spotted her immediately. "What the hell, Ava?" he asked. He had been trying to reach her. Ava revealed she'd been with Sonny, who had heard from Ryan. She'd tried to convince Sonny that Ryan only wanted to play mind games. Julian was adamant that Ava should have divorced Nikolas for real in order to appease Ryan. He was afraid that Ryan would give Sonny the letter from Nelle, and Julian would be a "dead man."

Ava didn't want to divorce Nikolas and lose everything, and she suggested that Julian take Nikolas up on his offer to help Julian disappear. She reminded him that he'd been in the witness protection program in the past. Julian didn't want to return to the program, but Ava didn't want to fight Julian's battles. Julian said that he would call Nikolas and ask him to find Julian a new life. Ava admitted she didn't want Julian to disappear. She thought she needed to get to Ryan before Sonny did.

Sonny met with Ryan at Pentonville. They each sat on opposite sides of the glass and spoke to each other via the red telephones. Ryan called it an "honor and privilege" that Sonny had paid him a visit. Ryan declared that he didn't want anything from Sonny but had something that Sonny wanted. Ryan told Sonny that he had some information that would "rock your world."

Cyrus entered the pub as Julian cleaned up. He greeted Cyrus cheerfully, and Cyrus took note of it. Julian declared that he was ready to make a deal.

Anna and Valentin are left for dead

Anna and Valentin are left for dead

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Chase grumbled as his phone began to ring while he was in the shower. He draped a towel around himself and stepped out. It was a call from work, and he spoke to someone briefly.

At General Hospital, Portia called Jordan a dirty cop. She'd realized that Jordan had denied the protest permit because she had been protecting Cyrus while working for him. Portia noted that Jordan always seemed to defend Cyrus and had been helping him. Jordan insisted that she had been protecting the city and the hospital.

Portia called out Jordan on the press conference she'd had in order to vouch for Cyrus, and she accused Jordan of "rolling out the red carpet" for the man. Portia's voice continued to get louder as she berated Jordan; the police commissioner warned Portia to watch her voice, or people would get hurt.

Jordan announced that she wanted Portia's trust, but Portia wanted to report that Jordan was working for a drug-trafficker. Suddenly, Jordan grabbed Portia's arm and pulled her into an empty room as the shouting continued. Jordan revealed that Portia was right, but Jordan's son's life was "on the line." It dawned on Portia that Cyrus had used T.J. against Jordan.

Jordan told Portia all about Cyrus' kidnapping of T.J. and of having to see photos of her son, who had been beaten. Jordan was afraid that Cyrus would target her son again. Portia admitted that she would have done the same for Trina, and she apologized. She understood that Jordan had been on Cyrus' radar after Taggert had framed Cyrus. Jordan told Portia the entire story about working undercover and the fact that Taggert hadn't worked alone.

Jordan explained that her group of four had fabricated evidence against Cyrus after seeing firsthand all of the damage he'd done to so many people. Jordan added that the others in her group had been killed, and Portia comprehended that Cyrus had used Trina in order to lure Taggert. Jordan admitted that the evidence fabrication had had to be pinned on Taggert in order for her not to lose T.J.

Portia was grateful that Trina was alive and doing well, and Jordan confessed that she was still trying to work against Cyrus. She had to find a weakness. Portia wanted to help and assured Jordan that she was already an accessory after hearing the truth. She didn't want Jordan to underestimate her.

Peter arrived late to Maxie's appointment and was upset that he'd missed the sonogram. Maxie whipped her phone from her purse in order to play him a recording of their baby's heartbeat. She assured Peter that the baby was strong, and she tried to reassure him that it was okay to have missed the appointment. He was adamant that the baby not be made to feel small like he had when he'd been a child.

Peter vowed that the baby would change his life and make him the man he'd always wanted to be. He took photos of the sonogram in order to send them to Anna. Maxie teased him and called him sweet, but Peter insisted it was his redemption and "do-over." Maxie related how she'd felt the same about James, but it hadn't worked that way. Peter would still be the same person. He disagreed and noted that he had a "new lease on life."

At Charlie's Pub, Julian welcomed Cyrus and told him that he wanted to make a deal. Cyrus was skeptical about Julian's sudden change of heart but assumed that Julian had realized he needed Cyrus. Julian wanted to make an immediate deal because Ryan had information and needed to be stopped. Cyrus wanted full details, and Julian told him the backstory about Brad and Wiley. "Now, things just got interesting," Cyrus remarked.

Cyrus seemed to enjoy the gory details, including the fact that Julian had rigged Brad's car. Julian explained that Nelle had known everything and had forced him to marry her. He had helped her to kidnap Wiley, although he'd changed his mind at the last minute. Ryan had threatened to tell Sonny all about it, and Julian needed it to be kept secret.

Nearby, Jackie sat at a table with Finn as they waited for Chase and Anna. Finn nervously tapped his fingers on the table until Chase finally arrived. He hugged his mother and sat down. Finn asked Chase about trick-or-treating with Violet, and Chase proceeded to show photos to Jackie, who fawned over the little girl. Jackie hoped to meet her someday, and Finn agreed.

Finn was perturbed that Anna hadn't shown up and assumed she was tied up. Cyrus ordered Julian to answer the phone when he called, and he glanced at the table as he walked to the door. Jackie and Chase talked about old times, and Chase admitted that when Finn played with Violet, they reminded him of "horsing around" with his father. After Finn called Anna, Chase thought that Finn was worried and told him to go home. Finn admitted he wanted to get together again. Julian continued in his attempts to reach Ava to tell her about his plan.

After Finn had gone, Chase admitted that he thought things had gone well. "Better than expected," Jackie said. She received a message, and Chase was aware that she had to leave for a "breaking story." He explained how he'd gone through that many times with his mother when he had been younger. She revealed that she had to leave that night and would return as quickly as she could.

Jackie made a work call, and Chase suggested she stop to pick up his father on her return to Port Charles. Jackie disclosed that while she knew that Chase had planned a family reunion for a long time, she and her husband had been planning a divorce.

At Pentonville, as Sonny and Ryan spoke on the red telephones, Ryan insisted he had something important to reveal. Sonny snapped that he didn't play games, and Ryan was disappointed that Sonny hadn't reacted as he'd expected. He insisted he was serious, and he wasn't playing a game.

Angrily, Sonny proclaimed that his family could not be in Ryan's sights, and he threatened Ryan. The prisoner was adamant that it was important, and he had proof. As the men spoke, Ava arrived and demanded that she be allowed to see Ryan because she had been denied. The guard told her he could not let her through and that Ryan already had a last-minute visitor.

Ava began to argue loudly with the guard, and Sonny and Ryan could hear her. Ryan noted that Ava was desperate. Sonny finally stood up and went out to where Ava stood. She was almost in a state of panic, and she declared that she had known that Sonny wouldn't listen to her. She insisted that no good would develop from Sonny's talk with Ryan, who would only mess with Sonny's mind.

Ava continued that Ryan had always been the one to "pull the strings," and Sonny wouldn't be able to trust anything in his world after Ryan was done. She wanted Sonny to leave with her. Sonny made it clear that Ava's extreme behavior only made him want to talk to Ryan more. He turned and walked back to the prisoner, with Ava close behind.

Suddenly, Ryan fell over onto the table where he sat in the visitor's area. There was a knife protruding from his back. Sonny banged on the window, and the guard quickly made a call. Ava smiled hopefully.

Anna broke free from her bindings and gag in the basement of her house and called for help. Before Valentin could get to her, Alex thrust a syringe into Valentin's neck. "Ooh, that looks like it stings," she said cheerfully. Valentin realized it was Alex, and he keeled over. Alex told him that the drugs would be "kicking in," and she noted that Anna clearly wasn't dead, since they could hear her shouting.

Alex taunted Valentin. "Screw you for what you did to my son," she said as she grabbed a knife and held it to Valentin's throat. Valentin was upset with himself for not acting first to get rid of Alex when he'd been able to. She insisted she was there for Peter, but Valentin called her a liar. He declared that Alex was a parasite who only wanted to take over Anna's life, but people would notice.

Alex was prepared to cut Valentin's throat, but Anna's phone went off in the other room. She rose to answer it. It was Finn, who had wondered why she hadn't shown up. She told him to "carry on without me." Finn asked if she'd received the test results that could determine if she was Peter's mother, but Alex told him they were not available yet. They professed their love, although Alex was disgusted.

"What is it about my sister that brings about such ridiculous adoration?" Alex asked as she headed back to Valentin. "A soul," Valentin replied. She told him to shut up because the question had been rhetorical. Valentin stated that he had known that only Alex would sleep with Faison and conceal a pregnancy. He insisted that he'd been trying to make amends to Peter while Alex had abandoned him and made Anna feel guilty. He thought Alex was lethal.

Before Alex could slit Valentin's throat, Anna appeared from the basement with a gun in her hands and pointed at Alex. Alex ordered Anna to drop the gun and put on the handcuffs that she tossed over, or Valentin would die. Valentin urged Anna to shoot, but she did as Alex had asked. Alex slugged Anna in the face with the gun and knocked her out. Anna fell to the stairs. "Everybody okay?" Alex called out as she raised her arms in ecstasy.

Later, Finn arrived home and called out for Anna, but the house was empty.

Anna awoke and realized that she was tied up back to back with Valentin. She didn't know where she was, but it appeared to be a warehouse. Alex announced that there would be a terrible accident, although Anna felt that Alex was too connected to her to kill her. Alex turned on a pressure cooker, and released the valve on a gas pipe.

Alex was elated that people would think that she was the one who had actually died. She removed Anna's ring as Anna protested that Finn would realize that Alex wasn't Anna. Alex received a text message from Peter on Anna's phone that showed the sonogram. "Looks like me," Alex gloated. She would meet Peter and Maxie at the hospital to begin her new life as Anna's would be ending. "It had to be like this," she said as she left.

Anna attempted to wake up Valentin, and they both began to cough. Anna insisted that they would not die like that.

Ava and Sonny arrived at the hospital. Ava exclaimed that Ryan was a liar, but Sonny insisted that Ryan had had something important to tell him. He didn't think it was a coincidence that Ryan had been stabbed. Ava stepped aside to call Julian, and she gave him the news. She thought it was a miracle that Ryan had been stabbed, but she didn't know if he was dead. Julian didn't consider it a miracle yet.

Alex, as Anna, arrived to see Peter and Maxie. She stepped off the elevator and immediately asked to see the actual photo of the sonogram. She gushed over it and promised to spoil her grandchild rotten.

Cyrus spotted Jordan and told her she looked tired. He was angry that Jordan had summoned him. Jordan explained that she wanted Cyrus to manage the hospital staff differently because the protest had been picking up steam. Cyrus ordered her to stop it, but she replied that she couldn't control everything. All of a sudden, Cyrus caught her as she fainted. He called for help, and Portia arrived.

Franco has a request for Jason

Franco has a request for Jason

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Peter, Maxie, and Alex, who was pretending to be Anna, arrived at Charlie's, and Alex wanted to buy the two dinner. Peter wondered if he should invite Finn so it could be a family dinner, but Alex quickly said that he was busy. Alex was happy that it would be just the three of them, and she assured them that nothing would ever tear them apart. Maxie excused herself to go to the bathroom, so Alex scooted over next to Peter. She remembered what it had been like being pregnant with him, and he'd always assumed that it had been a painful subject for her. He wondered what had changed.

Alex explained that all the choices she'd made in her life had led her to sitting with her son, who had made it all worthwhile. She believed that they were stronger together, and Peter admitted that he'd always wanted to hear his mother say those things. Alex advised him that they were "extraordinary people" to whom "normal rules" didn't apply. If he trusted her, she promised to help him become the man he was destined to be. Maxie returned, and Alex excused herself to get home to Finn. She urged Peter to take care of his family, and he promised. When Alex was gone, Maxie asked if Anna had seemed "different" to him. "She did," he replied in awe.

Franco was getting his coat on, and Elizabeth asked where he was going. He claimed that he was meeting someone about a possible commission, and he left quickly. A short while later, Epiphany and Terry arrived, and Epiphany made her way into the kitchen to get the wine glasses. Terry remarked on how hard Epiphany was taking her breakup, so Elizabeth went to get a bottle of wine.

A few minutes later, Terry was opening the bottle of wine as she asked about Franco. Elizabeth explained that he had a business meeting, and he would be busy for the next year if he got all the work he was soliciting. Terry suddenly got awkward, and Elizabeth noticed. Terry claimed that she'd just had a long day with patients. Terry got the bottle open and poured the wine into the three glasses in front of her.

Epiphany blamed herself for Milo leaving, but Elizabeth countered that Epiphany had been supportive and encouraging. Epiphany added that Milo had stopped giving the relationship the attention and care that it deserved, and she'd been too busy to notice. Terry urged her to "get back out there" when she was ready. "To new beginnings," Terry toasted, and the three took their drinks. Later, Terry and Epiphany's ride had arrived. Elizabeth assured Epiphany that there would be "life after Milo," and the two left Elizabeth's. Outside, Epiphany wondered what was going on with Terry and Elizabeth. "Shoptalk," Terry replied, and she walked away from a skeptical Epiphany.

Jason arrived at the Floating Rib, and Robert wanted to talk to him about Spinelli while Jason was waiting for his meeting. Robert divulged that Spinelli was a bad liar, especially with Maxie. Robert commented that once Maxie saw Peter for who he was, she would need every friend she could find, especially Spinelli.

A short while later, Franco arrived and thanked Jason for meeting him. Jason demanded that Franco cut to the chase, so Franco said, "I want you to kill me." He figured that it would be "the do-over you always wanted," but Jason accused Franco of setting him up just to go down for murder. Franco explained to Jason about his inoperable brain tumor, and he begged Jason to "do what needs to be done" for Elizabeth and the boys, just in case his behavior started to revert. Jason, still suspicious, agreed to do whatever it took to protect Franco's family. "I knew I could count on you," Franco said gratefully.

Lulu sat down in the Floating Rib with a man, and she thanked him for meeting her. She promised the concerned man that she wasn't allowed to give up her source. She asked the man how he'd first become acquainted with Cyrus. However, the man thought it was a better idea to do the interview in private, and he invited her back to his place. Dante stormed over and informed the man that Lulu was taken. Lulu assured the man that they could safely continue in the restaurant, and she growled at Dante that she hadn't needed to be rescued.

Suddenly, the man recognized Dante, who assumed that he'd arrested the man before. Lulu suggested that Dante start studying up for his new job, so Dante sat down at a nearby table and glared at the man. Lulu again asked the man how he'd first become acquainted with Cyrus. "Never heard of the guy," the man replied, and he got up and left. Dante approached and observed that the man probably wasn't a reliable source, anyway. She yelled about how hard she'd worked to get the source and said he should know that investigating a crime boss didn't produce the best people. Dante remembered that investigating a crime boss was how they'd met. "Look how that turned out," she snapped.

Lulu immediately apologized for her remark, but Dante understood. He apologized for attempting a rescue, as he knew that she could take care of herself, but he wanted her to know that he would never stop wanting the best for her, even if he wasn't a part of it. Lulu reminded him of how Rocco had lost his dad when Dante had left, and she demanded that he stay for Rocco's best interest. Dante promised that he wasn't going anywhere.

Lulu's phone went off, and Dante correctly guessed that it was Dustin. She responded that he was checking up on how her interview had gone. Dante apologized again for messing her interview up, and she figured that she'd just find another source. He decided to leave, as he knew the "firsthand risks of leaving someone waiting." When he was gone, she burst into tears. Outside, Dante's phone went off, and he saw a text from Dr. Kirk that read, "Complete the mission." Dante took one of his pills, and he walked away.

Curtis found Portia at the hospital and asked how Jordan was doing. He spotted Cyrus and demanded to know what Cyrus had done to make Jordan collapse. Cyrus informed Curtis that Cyrus was the reason she'd gotten medical attention so quickly. He continued that he'd never wish harm on such a valuable member of their community. Portia promised to explain inside Jordan's room, and they headed toward the door. Cyrus wanted a word with Portia, so Curtis went in alone. Cyrus instructed Portia to treat Jordan as a "VIP." Portia promised to make sure that Jordan got everything she needed.

In Jordan's room, Curtis hovered over his unconscious wife, asking what had happened and if she was all right. Jordan awoke and beckoned him closer. "I've never been better," she said with a grin. She was telling him the entire story when Portia entered the room. "So, we have a new teammate," Curtis observed. Portia explained that she was claiming that there were complications with Jordan's transplant, so she could give Jordan time to regroup with orders to not work at all. Jordan figured that the 40-year-old homicide case file was the best place for her and Curtis to start.

Cyrus burst into the room, and he was happy to see Jordan awake. Portia told him that Jordan needed to see the doctor who'd done her transplant. Curtis chimed in that the doctor had been a casualty of Cyrus' cost-cutting measures. Portia offered to arrange an appointment. Cyrus wondered if there was anything he could do. "You've done enough," Curtis said, and he demanded that Cyrus leave, which he did. Portia assured them that she'd arranged for an appointment that night, and Jordan was ready to be discharged. Once she was out, Curtis suggested that they catch a plane out west to see who Cyrus had stashed away.

Portia assured Curtis and Jordan that things were "ironclad" on her end. Curtis was grateful to have another ally, and Jordan thought that Trina would be proud. Portia left, and Curtis said that after they were done with Cyrus, they would take the "best vacation ever." Jordan agreed and went into the bathroom to get changed. Outside the room, Cyrus made sure that Portia was set with arrangements for Jordan. Portia replied that all of the arrangements had been made. She stonily wished him a good night and walked away.

Anna and Valentin coughed as they sat restrained in the warehouse. Valentin wondered how much time they had left before the explosion, and Anna guessed about 30 minutes. "Any last words?" Valentin gasped. Anna scolded him for quitting on her. He apologized for not taking Alex out as soon as he'd heard her call Peter her son. He promised to kill Alex with no hesitation as soon as they got out, and he wanted Anna to promise the same thing. However, she refused to promise to kill her sister. Valentin tried to get out of his handcuffs, but the drugs Alex had used were still affecting him. Anna was able to slip out of her cuffs. She cut the tape on her legs, and unrestrained Valentin. She helped him up and out of the building as it exploded. "Nice job," he commended when he realized that they were both all right.

Finn arrived home and left a voicemail for Anna. He wondered where she was, and he urged her to return home, as he missed her. Just then, he noticed the envelope from her test results in the trash, but he picked it up to find that it was empty. He took his phone out and made a call. "How soon can you get here?" he asked someone.

A short while later, Robert arrived, and Finn asked if he'd talked to Anna lately. Finn explained that he hadn't seen Anna since the day before, she'd canceled on dinner plans, and she'd lied about having some test results she'd requested. He told a curious Robert about the test Anna had had run on Faison's DNA. Finn didn't think it was a coincidence that Anna was missing as she and Valentin were putting a plan into motion to lure Alex to town. Just then, Robert's phone went off. He listened for a few moments and told the caller that he was on his way. He told Finn about the gas explosion, and he assumed that it wasn't a coincidence.

Elizabeth was cleaning up from her girls' night when her phone went off. Finn asked if Violet was up, and Elizabeth answered that Violet had been asleep for hours. She wondered what was wrong, and Finn promised to explain when he got there. In the meantime, he instructed her to lock the door and not open it for anyone.

Outside the smoldering warehouse, Anna informed a firefighter that it had been just her and Valentin inside. The firefighter assured her that the paramedics were on their way for Anna and Valentin. Robert arrived, and he'd known that he would find Anna there. Anna informed him that Alex had done it. Robert instructed the firefighters to control the fire from outside, as he didn't want anyone in the building. He informed them that the woman who'd started the fire was dangerous, and he didn't know what other "surprises" would be waiting inside.

Anna requested Robert's phone, and he handed it over. She called Finn, and she told him that he was in danger and needed to leave the house. Just then, the front door of the house opened, and Finn fell silent. As Anna frantically questioned what was going on, Alex appeared in the doorway.

 Finn is shot; Maxie is taken hostage

Finn is shot; Maxie is taken hostage

Friday, November 6, 2020

At the Floating Rib, Jason complimented Britt on her pool playing, which took her by surprise. Jason noted that he was surprised to see that Britt had time to play, because Monica had never had free time as chief of staff. Britt replied that she was taking a break from her unpopularity at the hospital, and she enjoyed playing alone. Jason declared that she hadn't found the proper partner, and the two began a new game together.

Jason and Britt discussed the finer points of pool, and Britt wondered if she was in Jason's "crosshairs." She assured him that she wasn't taking sides between Sonny and Cyrus. Jason asked how Cyrus had hired her in the first place, and Britt claimed that Cyrus had made her an offer that had been "too good to pass up." Jason guessed that something had happened.

Nearby, Peter met with Lulu and asked her about the source she'd met with. Lulu admitted he'd been more interested in "hitting" on her, but she and Jackie had written a draft for an article. It was about Cyrus using the hospital to launder his drug money. She handed Peter her tablet so that he could read the draft.

Peter announced that he couldn't publish it because no proof had been shown. Lulu argued that she and Jackie had discussed it, but Jackie had had to leave town. Lulu apologized that she wasn't "on my game" due to Dante's return to Port Charles. Peter stressed that he needed legitimate facts, and Lulu was concerned that he wanted to wait until Cyrus burned down the city.

"Did I say that?" Peter asked. He suggested she write a human interest story on all of the overdose cases instead. Lulu agreed that it would be less accusatory. Peter had to leave for a meeting, and Lulu wondered if her new story would be enough to put Cyrus in prison.

Lulu wandered over to Britt and Jason and asked to join them. Lulu confessed that she had a "score to settle with Britt." Lulu exclaimed that Britt had made a mess of the hospital since she had taken over as chief of staff. Britt admitted she was waiting for the lecture, but she decided to return to work instead.

Lulu maintained that "Britch" was the perfect nickname for Britt, and Lulu planned on doing an exposé. She explained that Britt wasn't a good person, but Jason advised Lulu to be careful because Britt worked for Cyrus. He added that people close to him and Sonny had been fired or reassigned.

Lulu wondered if Britt was Jason's "in" at the hospital, but Jason repeated that Lulu should not attack Britt. It would draw Cyrus' attention, and Lulu could be a target. He ordered her to take a step back.

Sonny sat by the fireplace in his home. He heard a noise and opened the patio doors to admit Taggert. "Howdy, neighbor!" Taggert said. Sonny explained that Taggert could visit for a couple of hours because Josslyn and Carly were out. Taggert couldn't believe that Sonny had been protecting him, but Sonny made it clear that he was protecting Trina.

Taggert was sorry to hear about Sonny's father, and he asked about Sonny's ownership of the house next door. Sonny revealed that he had purchased it to keep Jax from buying it, and it had previously belonged to his ex-fiancée, who had been murdered. He told Taggert about Ava murdering Connie and how complicated it had all been.

Taggert was surprised that Sonny had a relationship with Ava, but Sonny told him it was because of Avery. He had new insight into Ava. Taggert thought that Ava belonged in jail. Sonny stated that he would have to tell Carly that Taggert was alive, but Taggert didn't like the idea. He noted that too many people already knew.

Taggert confessed that he had been following Trina and her friends on Halloween, and he'd had a run-in with the man at the bar who had appeared to be the owner. His mask had been ripped off, and he was certain it was the same man he'd seen at the pier when he'd been shot.

Sonny sighed. After confirming that the tussle had happened at Charlie's, he revealed that it was Ava's brother. He showed Taggert an article and photo from the Invader about Nelle kidnapping Wiley. Taggert wondered what he'd gotten himself involved with.

Sonny thought it was time for Taggert to leave. Taggert explained that he had only wanted to see his daughter. Sonny phoned Jason and said there was something he wanted Jason to do. He realized that pieces of the puzzle were "coming together."

As Alexis sat in her house, drinking, Sam began to knock on the front door and call out for her mother. Alexis quickly hid her bottle and glass and opened the door. Sam walked in and admitted she was checking up on Alexis. She wondered if her mother was sober enough to get help. She added that Molly and Kristina had noticed that Alexis never seemed to be available.

Sam informed Alexis that she hadn't told her sisters about Alexis' relapse. She revealed that Olivia had seen a bottle in Alexis' purse, and Alexis flipped out. She wanted to know if Olivia had told Ned. The two women began to argue, and they grew progressively louder and angrier. Alexis called Sam a nag, and Sam opened the closet door to her mother's hiding spot. She removed the bottle and almost empty glass.

Sam recalled that Julian had taken Alexis to a meeting during her last relapse, and she asked if Alexis no longer cared. Alexis admitted that she only wanted to feel good, and she wanted to be left alone. Sam suggested that Neil wouldn't have wanted Alexis to drink, but Alexis shouted that Alexis hadn't known Neil and didn't know what he would want. Sam asked if Alexis would burn down her house with Sam's kids inside.

Alexis thought that Sam was making too big a deal of her previous mistake, but Sam called her a risk. Alexis pointed out that Sam slept with a hit man, and she didn't look like a mother of the year. Sam looked as though her face had been slapped, and she demanded to know why Alexis always talked about Jason when she wanted to hurt Sam.

Alexis went off about all the people who had been hurt due to Jason and Sonny and the fact that individuals would get threatened by their enemies. Sam insisted that their issue had nothing to do with Sonny and Jason, and Alexis had chosen to drink. She didn't trust Alexis, and she would not allow Alexis to see Danny and Scout if she didn't get help.

Alexis was upset and swore that she would never hurt her grandchildren. Sam knew they all loved each other, but if the glass was more important to Alexis, Sam couldn't stand by. Sam made it clear that she would do anything to protect her children. "Except leave Jason," Alexis muttered.

Sam stated that it had nothing to do with Jason, and Alexis replied that the ultimatum was supposed to follow the intervention. She accused Sam of forgetting all the steps, and she suggested they book for the following week. Sam told Alexis to live with her decision. She planned on telling Molly and Kristina the truth. She had tried to help. After she left, Alexis picked up her glass and took a sip.

Julian spotted Ava at General Hospital and anxiously asked for any updates on Ryan's condition. Ava told him that Ryan was out of surgery and unconscious, and he had lost a lot of blood. Julian suggested he could die, and Ava warned that there was a guard stationed outside of Ryan's room. They went into an empty room to talk.

Ava explained that Ryan's brain had been depleted of oxygen, and he could end up a vegetable. Julian wanted to go to the chapel to pray for that, and Ava informed him that there had been no letter in Ryan's belongings. She had seen the guard hand in Ryan's things. "They got the job done," Julian proclaimed. "They? Julian, what have you done?" Ava asked.

Julian confessed that he'd made a deal with someone to take care of their Ryan problem because he'd been desperate. Ava snapped that Julian was always desperate and always digging a hole that only got deeper. Julian thought it had been worth it, but Ava doubted it. She accused Julian of selling his soul to the devil.

Julian thought it was good if the letter had disappeared. He also told Ava about the man he'd seen who was some kind of relation to Trina. He showed Ava the photo on Trina's phone, and Ava gasped. "Oh, my God," she said. She asked if Julian was certain it had been the same man. He said it was and asked if he was Trina's uncle "or something." "Or something," Ava replied. She told him it was Trina's father, and everyone had thought he was dead.

Ava couldn't believe that Taggert was alive while Trina had been grieving, and she suspected that others would see him, too. Julian informed her that Taggert had denied being the man that Julian had seen at the pier with Nelle. He was afraid Taggert would say something about seeing Julian, and Ava was afraid that he'd tell Sonny, who would figure things out, or that Ryan would recover. She ordered Julian to disappear while he could.

Julian didn't want to disappear; he had been after Ryan in order to not have to leave town. "We can't always get what we want," Ava stated. Julian wanted her to check on Ryan and make it safe. Ava retorted that she didn't take orders from Julian, and she was tempted to tell Sonny the truth. She walked away, and Jason arrived. Jason announced that Sonny wanted to see Julian, and after some difficulty, he forced Julian to leave with him. Ava saw them. "Oh, God -- he knows," she said in horror.

As Finn looked around for Anna at home, he received a phone call from her. She and Robert were still at the warehouse. She told him that he had to leave the house immediately because he was in danger. Just then, Alex arrived with Maxie. "Hi, sweetheart," Alex said. She announced that Maxie was going to help with wedding plans.

Finn was speechless as Anna called out to him on the phone. He pretended to be talking to Peter, and Anna understood. She told Finn to try to keep Alex there, and she told Robert that Alex was at the house. They made a plan, and Anna reminded Robert that Alex didn't know that Anna was still alive.

At the house, Maxie thanked Finn for making Peter a groomsman. She and "Anna" sat down, and Finn announced that he wanted Maxie to help him pick out gifts. He asked "Anna" to make a pot of tea. "Anna" reluctantly agreed, and as soon as she went to the kitchen, Finn did his best to get Maxie to leave the house. She argued with him, and he finally told her that "Anna" was really Alex. It was too late, and Alex emerged with a gun pointed in Finn and Maxie's direction.

Maxie asked Alex why she was doing it. Finn said it was because Alex was a narcissist with a borderline personality disorder. Alex assured Maxie that while she wouldn't hurt her because she was carrying Peter's baby, they would be going on a trip. Maxie replied that she wasn't going, and she noted that Robert would get to Alex. Suddenly, Finn jumped at Alex, and they wrestled with the gun. It went off, and Maxie yelled, "No!"

Shortly after, Anna and Robert arrived with their guns drawn. They began to search the house, and Anna quickly found Finn on the living room floor. He'd been shot in the chest. The medics finally arrived. Finn murmured Maxie's name, and he managed to say harbor and open water.

Robert put out an APB on Alex, and Anna told the medics that Robert would ride with them. She left the house. The medics began to wheel Finn out, and one informed Robert that the woman had said he would ride with them. "Damn that woman!" Robert exclaimed.

Maxie found herself on a boat with Alex. She mentioned that she had other kids who would be looking for her and upset, and Alex promised that she would never hurt Maxie. She related that they would be meeting up with a helicopter and some friends, but Maxie was not a hostage. Maxie couldn't understand Alex's behavior and asked why she was so family oriented. Peter was only Alex's nephew. Alex replied that Peter had lots of secrets, but Maxie shouted that she wasn't interested because they were all lies.

Suddenly, something hit the boat, and Maxie and Alex fell to the floor. Anna stormed in with her gun pointed in Alex's direction.

At the Floating Rib, Lulu wondered about a different angle that Peter might like. She sat down at her laptop and began to type. When she was finished, she read it out loud. It talked about the differences at the hospital that had been created because Sonny and Cyrus were rivals. She went on to say that Cyrus, as a philanthropist, had demoted and fired long-time staff with connections to Sonny. She hit send.

Finn was wheeled into the hospital, and Peter rushed in and asked Robert about Maxie. Robert went off to call Chase. Peter ran into Finn's cubicle and asked if Maxie had been hurt. Finn slightly opened his eyes and said, "Anna wants too much to be your mother."

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