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Carly discovered that she might not be able to buy back her half of Metro Court. Esme made an appeal to Nikolas. Ava changed her mind about the divorce. Willow learned that she was pregnant. Trina's trial date was set. Anna agreed to go on another date with Valentin. Chase was suspended without pay, pending a review. Sasha succumbed to temptation.
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Willow learned she was pregnant, and Carly realized she might not be able to buy back her half of the Metro Court
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Ned's decision has his family reeling

Ned's decision has his family reeling

Monday, June 27, 2022

Sonny showed up at Brando's garage and asked Brando to take a look at his vintage 1961 Corvette. Brando reminded Sonny that it would take a longer amount of time than a newer car. Sonny summoned Dex inside and told him that his car would purr after Brando looked it over. "If you say so," Dex replied. Brando demanded to know what Dex meant. Sonny quickly intervened and noted that he knew the two guys didn't like each other. Sonny tried to smooth things over and sent Dex back outside to look for Sonny's sunglasses in the car.

Brando informed Sonny that he didn't trust Dex, and he wondered if Sonny did. Sonny declared that he'd had a talk with Dex and had informed him that he would not tolerate anyone going after any of his family members. He told Brando that things had gotten worse with Michael, who appeared to be undermining Sonny's coffee business. Brando offered to talk to Michael, but Sonny said that Michael wanted nothing to do with Sonny.

Dex returned with Sonny's sunglasses, which had fallen between the seats of the car. Sonny announced that he had a lunch date and a car to take him. He wanted Dex to remain behind to talk car repairs with Brando before finding his own way home. Sonny left, and Dex admitted that things had gotten off to a bad start. Dex said he had learned his lesson, Brando had saved him, and he wanted to shake hands on it. Brando agreed that it took time for new people to learn the ropes, and the men shook hands.

Brook Lynn and Chase shared a table at Kelly's. Brook Lynn begged a silent Chase to talk to her. She grabbed his hand and told him he wasn't alone. Finally, Chase admitted to being extremely disappointed because he had let Jordan down again. He added that Linc had agreed not to press charges, but Chase's suspension had been extended indefinitely and without pay. He would have to face a review board that would determine if he was fit to keep his job. He added that he was thinking of resigning.

Brook Lynn was aghast and reminded Chase that he had defended her both of the times that he'd punched someone. She offered to go to Linc in order for him to testify at the hearing on Chase's behalf. She said she would sign a contract with Linc and do whatever it took in order to help. Chase declined the offer, and he stressed that Brook Lynn couldn't give Linc more music. Brook Lynn knew how much the job meant to Chase, but he replied that something else meant more. They looked into each other's eyes, but Chase recalled that Brook Lynn had a family meeting to attend.

Brook Lynn declared that she had no vote, but Chase insisted that she leave. Outside, Brook Lynn looked through the window at Chase and made a phone call asking for help. Soon after, Chase was hit with a paper airplane, and Violet and Gregory appeared. Chase guessed that Brook Lynn had called Gregory, although he deemed it unnecessary.

Violet asked to sit on Chase's lap, and she stated that Gregory had mentioned that Chase needed cheering up. Chase explained that he had let some people down, and there had been a right way and a wrong way for it to have been handled. Violet suggested doughnuts, and Chase asked her to get him two. He told Gregory that it wouldn't make him feel better.

In the study at the Quartermaine mansion, Valentin announced that the ELQ and Aurora merger would not be happening. He asked for a show of hands. "Don't push it, Valentin," Drew exclaimed. Willow and Lucy tried to intercede in order to stop the argument between Ned, Drew, Michael, and Valentin. Lucy insisted it was just business, but Michael declared that it was about blood.

Michael lashed out and shouted that it was the second time that Valentin had turned the family against each other. Valentin named Ned as the new chairman of the board, and Lucy seconded the motion. Valentin, Ned, and Lucy raised their hands in agreement. Valentin and Ned shook hands, and Lucy took their photo. "To the dawning of an era of new cooperation and prosperity," Valentin declared. He adjourned the meeting.

Willow suggested that Michael phone Diane, but he urged her to go to the pool to relax. Lucy offered her a ride, but Willow stormed out. Lucy attempted to defend her move. "Quit while you're ahead," Drew suggested. Lucy left. Ned closed the study doors while Valentin headed out and phoned Martin to give him the news. He wanted an announcement made that the merger was dead.

"Wow, chairman of the board. That's impressive!" Michael said sarcastically. Ned acknowledged that he wouldn't be making any apologies because ELQ had done well under Valentin. Michael intimated that Ned didn't care about family, but Ned thought that Michael's motives had been purely selfish. Drew proclaimed that the merger had been his idea, and he reminded Ned how often Ned had urged Drew to reclaim ELQ from Valentin. He accused Ned of screwing him over. The three Quartermaine men continued to argue.

Drew accused Ned of wanting to regain control, and Michael added that Ned had walked away numerous times to leave Michael handling the job. Drew was certain that Valentin would double-cross Ned eventually.

At the Metro Court pool, Nina was grateful to a waiter for setting up chaise lounges for her. Olivia appeared and asked the waiter to show Nina out instead. Nina suggested that Olivia take a lesson from the nice waiter, and Olivia sent him away. She wanted to know why Nina would go somewhere that she wasn't wanted, and Nina reminded Olivia that Nina's office was in the building. She said she also often ran up a tab in the restaurant.

Nina insisted that she wasn't at the pool to make trouble, but Olivia retorted that trouble always had a way of finding Nina. Just then, Sasha arrived and made it clear that she had invited Nina to meet her there. She sent Olivia off for iced teas. Sasha and Nina sat down on the chaises and expressed concern for each other.

Nina revealed that Willow had refused to make any room for her in Wiley's life in the future, but Sonny had been part of the reason that she had not left town. She told Sasha about seeing him after he'd retrieved her half heart necklace. She said he had convinced her not to leave because of Wiley. Sasha agreed that Sonny had known the right things to say to her after she'd lost Liam. Just then, Willow rushed in and told Olivia to call Ned for details on the meeting. The waiter informed Willow that there were no chaises available.

Sasha spotted Willow and remarked on Willow's lackluster appearance. Nina offered her chair and asked the waiter for a drink for Willow. Willow noted that the meeting had gone badly for Michael, and she guessed that the news made Nina's day. Sasha wanted Willow to sit down, as Willow continued to berate Nina, who stated that she would ask Valentin about the meeting. Sonny arrived and wanted to know what was going on. Willow suggested he contact Michael. Sasha wanted Willow to allow her to take Willow to the hospital or home. Willow fainted into Sonny's arms.

Olivia and Brook Lynn rushed into the Quartermaine study. Olivia was ecstatic when Ned announced his new position. Drew drily stated that Ned would be Valentin's "right-hand man." Olivia and Brook Lynn were shocked, but Ned insisted that Valentin had been good for ELQ. Drew received a message that news of the non-merger had gone out, and Aurora stock was beginning to dive. He said he needed to handle it, and he rushed out.

Brook Lynn was extremely angry with Ned and shouted that she had done everything to get their stock back from Valentin. She stormed off. Olivia wanted the facts first, and Ned thanked her for her support. "What in the hell did you do?" she asked.

Carly, Bobbie, and Josslyn shared a table at the Metro Court Gardens. Carly was bubbly as she announced that Michael and Drew were busy making sure that the family's future was "brighter than ever." She added that Valentin would be voted out, and Drew and Michael would be co-CEOs. The women discussed Carly's investment, and Carly maintained how happy she was that Drew and Michael had been working together. She was proud and hopeful for the future.

Next up was discussion of the hearing and Scott's attack on Michael. Carly said that Michael was just like Jason and Drew, while Josslyn noted that Drew was more accessible than Jason had been. Bobbie recalled the past and how she and Carly had finally met. The older women hoped that Josslyn would have more common sense. Josslyn mentioned the current state of affairs with Trina and Title IX. Carly received a phone call from her broker, but she disregarded it. "Good news can always wait!" she exclaimed.

Once Bobbie had departed, Carly and Josslyn continued to chat. Carly declared that she was right where she was supposed to be in life. Josslyn spoke about Carly being her role model who had given her the courage to hold her head high after the video had gone out. Just then, a pleased-looking Valentin stopped at their table. He informed Carly that he wanted to reserve a table for that evening, complete with certain drinks and foods. Carly and Josslyn were confused about his demeanor.

Valentin stepped aside and phoned Martin again. He said he wanted to meet for dinner, and he wanted Martin to bring Lucy along. Drew found Josslyn and Carly. Josslyn received a message to meet Trina at the park, and Carly urged her to go. Carly noted that Valentin had seemed happy, and Drew revealed that his news wasn't good.

Back at Brando's garage, Dex received a phone call from "the boss." Brando went to look at Sonny's car while Dex took the call. It was Michael, who informed Dex that there had been a setback. "Now you have my full attention," Michael said as Dex smiled.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Due to ABC News coverage of the House Select Committee hearing, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change. Regular programming resumed on Wednesday, June 29, and picked up where the Monday, June 27, episode concluded.

Willow is shocked to learn that she is pregnant

Willow is shocked to learn that she is pregnant

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

At Kelly's, Felicia called Anna out for being more focused on Anna's cell phone than what Felicia had said. Anna assured Felicia that she'd heard every word about Felicia's confrontation with Ryan Chamberlain -- three times. Felicia apologized, but the encounter had left her with residual adrenaline. Felicia asked about Anna's date with Valentin, but Victor entered in time to hear his son's name mentioned. Victor was curious what the ladies had been talking about, but Anna coldly pointed out that it been a private conversation.

Outside, Valentin scowled when he saw his father talking to Anna and Felicia. He quickly entered the diner to drag his father away, but Victor surprised everyone by suggesting that Victor and Valentin join the ladies for coffee. Felicia told Victor that three was company, but four was a "nightmare." Victor took the hint, and he offered to reschedule his business meeting with Valentin so Valentin could spend time with Anna. After Victor left, Anna admitted that she was eager to hear more about Victor and Valentin's business meeting. Valentin claimed that Victor was on a mission to keep the Cassadines close, and Valentin had taken Anna's advice by pretending to go along with it in order to keep tabs on Victor.

After Felicia excused herself to fetch a cup of coffee, Valentin confessed that he hadn't been able to stop thinking about Anna since their date. Anna admitted that Valentin had been on her mind, too. Pleased, Valentin suggested a second date, and Anna happily agreed. However, Felicia returned before Valentin and Anna finalized their plans. Felicia wondered what she had missed, prompting Anna to ask about the ELQ shareholders meeting. Valentin revealed that he had prevailed.

Anna congratulated Valentin, but Felicia imagined the Quartermaines weren't happy. Valentin was confident that the Quartermaines would eventually have a change of heart. Anna noticed that Valentin had continually checked his cell phone, so she asked if everything was okay. To Anna and Felicia's surprise, Valentin announced that he had to attend to business and fled, but not before promising to call Anna about their second date.

Felicia was taken aback by Valentin's abrupt departure. Anna agreed that it had been odd. The conversation quickly returned to Anna's date with Valentin. Anna confided that Valentin had acted strangely that night, too. Anna's gut told her that something else was going on besides the trouble at ELQ. Felicia encouraged Anna to trust her intuition, but Felicia was also certain that Valentin's feelings for Anna were genuine.

Anna admitted that the feeling was mutual, but Anna couldn't ignore the fact that Valentin brought a lot of complications with him; as long as Valentin was in Anna's life, Victor would be, too. Anna had a problem with that because Anna was certain that Victor had murdered Luke. Felicia agreed, but she reminded her friend that Valentin was not his father. Anna conceded that Felicia was right, but family ties were hard to break.

At Metro Court's gardens, Carly was eager to hear about the ELQ shareholders meeting. Drew explained that everyone had voted against Valentin except Ned because Ned hadn't been happy with the offer that Drew and Michael had made. Carly was surprised by the move, but she pointed out that even if Ned had voted to keep Valentin as CEO, it wouldn't have been enough to secure Valentin's position. Drew conceded that Carly was right; the vote had been a tie. Stunned, Carly asked who had turned against the Quartermaines. She was furious when she realized that it had been Lucy.

Drew broke the news that the merger had also failed. Drew blamed himself for underestimating the situation and not taking steps to secure Ned's vote, but Carly reminded Drew that no one could have foreseen how things would play out. Drew disagreed -- Valentin had. Drew revealed that word about the failed merger had gotten out quickly, and Aurora Media's stock had plummeted. Carly nervously asked about the shares that she had bought, and Drew gently explained that she had likely taken a big hit.

Drew assured Carly that he would help her in any way possible, but Carly explained that it wouldn't be that easy. "I sold my half of Metro Court," Carly said. Drew was stunned. Carly placed a call to her financial advisor and arranged a meeting to discuss her options. After the call, Carly explained that she had a contract to buy back her half of the hotel -- plus three percent -- which wouldn't have been an issue if the merger had gone through. Drew promised Carly that they would figure things out, but she insisted that it was her problem to deal with.

A short time later, Reggie arrived to discuss Carly's financial situation. Drew offered to leave, but Carly wanted him to stay. Reggie revealed that Stillwater Venture Group would be exercising their option to sell Carly's half of the hotel, but Carly reminded Reggie that she had a contract that gave her 30 days to buy back her half of the hotel. Reggie explained that selling off all her investments wouldn't be enough. According to Reggie, the contract was void because Carly didn't have the capital to demonstrate solvency. Carly was devastated when she realized that she had lost her half of the hotel.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned asked Olivia to give him an opportunity to explain things. Frustrated, Olivia demanded to know what had caused Ned to throw away his family's legacy. Ned insisted that siding with Valentin had been the only way to stay in a position of power because Drew and Michael would have sidelined Ned if the merger had succeeded. Olivia argued that Ned could have found a compromise, but he insisted that Drew and Michael hadn't been interested in making concessions. Ned assured his wife that he had thought things through, and he had done what he believed was best for Olivia, Brook Lynn, and Leo.

Olivia didn't care about ELQ, but she was concerned about Ned's relationship with his family. She reminded him how rare it was for the Quartermaines to unite for a common purpose and that his defection would cost him. Olivia was certain that the family would rally against Ned, and she wondered if he was okay with that. Ned argued that he hadn't been given a choice, but Olivia disagreed. She pointed out that he had made a choice -- the wrong one. Olivia didn't think Ned appreciated how bad things might get for him.

Olivia asked if Ned had considered how his standing in the family might affect Leo. Ned seemed surprised by the question, but he assured his wife that he would never do anything to hurt Leo or Olivia. Olivia disagreed because Ned had broken a promise to her by not confiding to her about Valentin's offer. Ned explained that he hadn't made a decision until the meeting, but Olivia didn't care. She was hurt that he had kept her out of the loop, even though he had promised her that they were a team. Ned assured Olivia that he trusted her, and he would have told her if he had realized how it would make her feel. Olivia was troubled that it had never occurred to Ned that she would be hurt.

Outside on the patio, Michael wrapped up a phone call arranging a meeting to discuss the next move against Sonny. Michael was startled when Leo appeared out of nowhere and asked what Michael had planned for Uncle Sonny. Michael explained that it was a surprise. Satisfied, Leo mentioned overhearing Brook Lynn on the phone with Granny Tracy, and it was clear that Brook Lynn had been mad at Ned. Michael advised Leo against referring to Tracy as Granny because it might make Tracy feel old. Leo decided to go inside, but he stopped short when he saw his parents arguing.

Michael gently suggested that Leo wait to enter, prompting Leo to admit that he had been hoping to cut some apples for his horse. Michael offered to help Leo, and the two went to the stables.

A short time later, Leo entered the living room. His hair was mussed, and he had pieces of straw sticking out of it. Concerned, Olivia and Ned asked if Leo was okay. Leo confessed that he had taken it upon himself to brush Comet, but Leo had taken a spill from the stool. Ned vowed to find a new stable manager. Olivia was curious why Leo hadn't fetched Olivia or Ned, and Leo explained that he hadn't wanted to bother them because they had been arguing. Olivia and Ned assured their son that they were always available to him because they were family, and family stuck together, even when they were mad.

At Metro Court's pool, Sonny asked Willow about the ELQ shareholders meeting. Willow wasn't comfortable acting as a go-between, so he told Sonny to reach out to Michael directly. Sonny started to make another appeal for information, but Nina explained that Willow was unwell. Sasha added that she wanted to take Willow to the hospital, but Willow insisted that she was fine. Annoyed, Willow turned to leave, but she began to sway on her feet. Sonny managed to catch Willow when she suddenly went limp.

Liesl arrived in time to direct Sonny to lay Willow down and elevate Willow's feet. Sonny followed Liesl's orders. After a quick examination, Liesl sent Nina to fetch a glass of juice. Sasha was on the phone with 9-1-1, but Liesl told Sasha to cancel the ambulance because it wasn't an emergency. Just then, Willow's eyes fluttered open. Nina handed the glass of juice to Liesl, who in turn held the glass to Willow's lips.

Willow tried to assure everyone that she was fine, but Liesl insisted that Sasha take Willow to the hospital to be checked out. Willow reluctantly agreed when Sonny decided to accompany Sasha and Willow to the hospital. After the trio left, Nina remained concerned about Willow; Liesl pointed out that Willow was Wiley's adoptive mother, and Willow had denied Nina a relationship with Nina's grandson. Nina explained that Sonny had reminded Nina that Wiley would one day be old enough to make his own decisions, and Wiley would get to choose who he spent time with. Nina hoped that Michael and Willow didn't completely "brainwash" Wiley into hating Nina.

Liesl wondered what Nina intended to do until then. Nina insisted that she had a full life and plenty to keep her busy. Liesl asked if that included a certain "dimpled mafioso." Nina smiled because it sounded as if Liesl approved. Liesl clarified that she approved of Nina being happy, even if it was with the man who hated Liesl's love. Nina took the opportunity to question her aunt about Liesl's decision to turn down Scott's proposal of marriage. Liesl admitted that Scott had made the offer of marriage on a whim as part of an apology, but Liesl had wanted more.

Nina asked if Liesl would give Scott a different answer if Scott proposed under the right circumstances. Liesl conceded that her relationship with Scott was vastly different than each of her relationships with Faison and Victor had been. Nina suggested that it was because Scott was not deranged. Liesl acknowledged that her previous relationships had been wars of wills, but Nina disagreed. Nina reminded Liesl that Liesl had been obsessed with Faison, and Victor had been obsessed with Liesl.

Nina insisted that obsession was not love. Liesl smiled because with Scott, things had been easy and fun. Nina realized it was a first for her aunt. Liesl agreed, and Liesl suggested that the same was true for Sonny and Nina. Liesl said she had never seen Nina lose her heart so completely. Nina explained that she and Sonny had decided to take things slow, but Liesl argued that if it were any slower, both Nina and Sonny would be standing still.

Nina confided that falling in love with "Mike" had been unexpected, but things had changed with Sonny. Liesl acknowledged that Sonny had had baggage, but he had shed it. Liesl advised her niece not to make things more complicated than they had to be, but Nina remained uneasy because of her past relationships. Liesl admitted that Scott had shown Liesl that not all relationships were difficult. Liesl was certain the same was true for Nina and Sonny. Liesl was grateful that she had taken a chance on Scott because Liesl might have been stuck with a "narcistic megalomaniac."

Nina glanced behind Liesl and quickly tried to silently warn her aunt. Liesl followed Nina's gaze and frowned when she saw Victor. Liesl was surprised to see him because Liesl thought vampires burst into flames when touched by daylight. Victor chuckled because he appreciated Liesl's sense of humor. Victor explained that he had arrived early for a business meeting, so he had decided to take some time to relax poolside. After Nina stepped away to get an update on Willow, Victor asked why Liesl had turned down "the ambulance chaser's" proposal of marriage.

Liesl didn't think it concerned Victor, but he disagreed because her decision not to marry Scott had signaled to Victor that there was reason for him to hope for a future with Liesl. Liesl asked how many stars there were in the universe because it was the same odds as them getting back together. Victor insisted that Liesl was a woman of the world, and she had turned Scott down because she was leagues ahead of Scott. Liesl advised Victor to leave before she tossed him off the roof, but Victor was certain that Liesl would always carry a torch for him just as he would for her because they belonged together.

A short time later, Victor knocked on a hotel room door. Valentin answered. Victor apologized for changing the location of their meeting, but they couldn't risk discussing business near Anna and Felicia. Valentin agreed.

At the nurses' station, T.J. asked Epiphany about her Juneteenth. Epiphany admitted that she had spent most of the time studying, but she had managed to squeeze in a prayer service and a barbeque. T.J. revealed that he had gift for Epiphany. He presented her with the medical textbooks he had used when he had studied for his MCATs. Epiphany was touched by the thoughtful gift and T.J.'s words of encouragement.

Moments later, Sasha, Willow, and Sonny arrived. Sasha called out for help, and both T.J. and Epiphany sprang into action. Willow continued to downplay her fainting spell, but T.J. and Epiphany whisked Willow to an exam room. Sasha feared that something was seriously wrong with Willow, but Sonny urged Sasha to calm down. Sasha reminded Sonny that her last few trips to the hospital had ended in tragedy when her son had died and when Willow's mother had died.

Just then, Michael arrived. He thanked Sasha for calling him and asked for an update on Willow. Sasha told Michael about Willow's fainting spell, but she assured him that Willow was being examined. Sonny added that Willow had walked in under her own power, but Michael demanded to know how Sonny had gotten involved. Michael didn't bother to wait for an answer as he marched over to the exam room that Sasha had pointed to.

In the exam room, Epiphany revealed that Willow's blood pressure was 80/50, which Willow agreed was low. However, Willow promised that she had eaten, and she blamed the fainting spell on stress. T.J. asked if Willow had had any other fainting spells besides the two that he knew of. Willow assured T.J. that she hadn't, but she reluctantly acknowledged that she'd had a few "brief" episodes of lightheadedness. T.J. sensed that Willow wasn't being entirely truthful.

Willow continued to blame her fainting spell on the stress of juggling motherhood and nursing school, but T.J. insisted on running a battery of tests. He explained that stress might trigger the episodes, but it might not be the root cause. Shortly after Willow changed into a hospital gown, Michael entered. Willow was quick to assure Michael that she was fine, but Michael heard the concern in T.J.'s voice. Once they were alone, Michael told Willow that he had noticed that her energy had been unusually low.

Willow assured Michael there was nothing to worry about, but he remained uneasy. Willow confessed that she had lied to T.J. about eating breakfast. Willow admitted that she couldn't remember eating that morning, and she had forgotten to eat a few times in recent weeks. Willow promised that she would tell T.J. Satisfied, Michael gave Willow an update about the ELQ shareholders meeting, but he assured her that he and Drew would devise a new strategy to deal with Valentin.

At the nurses' station, Sasha asked Epiphany for an update on Willow, but Epiphany could only advise Sasha to keep thinking good thoughts. Sonny offered to fetch Sasha some water, but Sasha declined. She appreciated Sonny's help, and everything that Sonny had done for Brando. Sasha knew that things were rocky between Sonny and Michael, but she knew that Sonny was good to his family. The conversation turned to Liam's death, and Sonny acknowledged there was no greater pain than the loss of a child. Sasha said she had learned that she could lose a loved one in an instant, so she tried to focus on being grateful for what she had.

Sonny decided to leave to avoid further upsetting Michael. Sasha assured Sonny that despite the tension, Michael knew that Willow had been in good hands with Sonny. After Sonny left, Sasha saw Michael emerge from the exam room. Michael reported that Willow claimed to be fine, but Michael had his doubts. Sasha told Michael about what had transpired at the pool, and she made a point of crediting Sonny with catching Willow. Michael confided that he was trying not to have dark thoughts about Willow's health.

Meanwhile, Sonny returned to Metro Court's pool. He updated Nina, and he told her about his encounter with Michael. Nina thought Michael should be grateful that Sonny had caught Willow because Willow might have been seriously injured. Sonny admitted that he wanted to talk about something else. Nina asked what was on his mind, and he answered her with a kiss.

At the hospital, T.J. told Willow that he had the results of one of her tests. Willow was shocked when T.J. revealed that she was pregnant.

Esme tries to flirt her way into circumventing Kevin's restrictions at Spring Ridge

Esme tries to flirt her way into circumventing Kevin's restrictions at Spring Ridge

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Dante and Sam sat down at the Metro Court restaurant, and Dante said he wanted Cody to see the good things about Port Charles. Cody arrived, and he painfully assured them that his ribs were getting better every day. Sam suggested that he see another doctor, but he replied that there was only one doctor he wouldn't mind seeing again. Just then, Spinelli approached the table, but his demeanor darkened when he noticed Cody there. Spinelli quickly excused himself, citing a work obligation, and he ran off.

Just then, Cody's phone went off, and he revealed that he'd lost the gig he'd lined up. Dante urged Cody to stick around longer, and, thinking about Britt, Cody agreed. He wanted to "sit in the sun and let my body heal," but he lamented that he couldn't afford a pass for the pool. Sam offered her guest pass, and he eagerly took her up on it. When he was gone, Sam and Dante hoped that Cody could settle down and make a good life for himself in Port Charles.

Outside the restaurant, Spinelli was on the phone with Zelda. He wanted a way to get rid of Cody, as he was causing trouble again. Just then, Cody approached Spinelli. He advised Spinelli to hang up, and he would tell Spinelli how to get rid of him. Spinelli complied. Cody suggested an investment in him. After Cody explained what he wanted, Spinelli refused, as he didn't want to see anyone hurt. Cody assured him that once it was done, "everyone will come out ahead."

Britt and Brad were sitting at the Metro Court bar when Spencer entered. Britt asked Brad to get rid of him, so Brad approached Spencer. Spencer clarified that he was actually looking for Brad, and he offered to pay Brad for his help. Britt approached, and Spencer commented that he could use her help, too. She threatened to throw him out, so Spencer asked Brad for a moment with Britt.

Spencer profusely and sincerely apologized for all the cruel things he'd said to Britt and acknowledged that he'd been out of line. He insisted that there was more to the story than she knew. He asked for a second chance, but Britt refused, as she couldn't trust him as long as he was tied to Esme. However, she agreed to hear him out as long as he left Brad out of it. Spencer told Britt about his search for Esme's biological parents. A few minutes later, Britt returned to Brad at the bar, and he asked if she'd turned Spencer down. She revealed that, against her better judgement, she'd agreed to help Spencer.

At the hospital, T.J. informed Willow that she was pregnant, and he was glad to be giving someone some good news. She asked how far along the pregnancy was, and he replied that she was a few weeks along. She wondered about her fainting episode a few months prior, and T.J. answered that there could be many causes, so he was eager to see the rest of her tests. She asked to see Michael.

Out in the hall, Sasha told Michael how Willow had ended up at the hospital, and he thanked her for helping Willow. He blamed himself for all the stress he'd caused in their lives, and he bet that Sasha didn't miss the Corinthos drama. She replied that they'd both gotten lucky. He talked about Deception and how proud he was of Sasha.

T.J. approached Michael and Sasha, and he informed Michael that Willow was asking to see him. Michael went off to Willow's room, and Sasha asked T.J. if she should stick around. He thought that Willow would enjoy her company after Willow and Michael had a chance to talk, and he advised that Willow was in room 1001. T.J. walked off and asked Deanna to send an OB consultant to room 1001. Deanna got on the phone to order the consult, and Sasha overheard the request. Upset, she got in the elevator and left.

Michael arrived in Willow's room and babbled on about how they would get a second and third opinion if they had to. He promised that they would get through whatever it was together. "I hope so," Willow replied, and she told him that she was pregnant. He immediately hugged her, and she questioned if it was something he wanted, even though it wasn't in the plan. "Hell, yes," he insisted, and he hugged her again. He asked her the same question, and she answered that she'd never wanted anything more in her life.

At home, Trina grabbed her bag, and Curtis wondered where she was off to. She assured him that she wasn't going to look for the guy who'd sold Esme the untraceable phone, and he said he trusted her. However, she informed him that she needed to do something as soon as possible, as her court date had been set. Curtis promised to help. Marshall appeared and offered his help, as well.

A short while later, T.J. arrived to check on Marshall. Marshall told T.J. about helping to prove Trina's innocence, as she needed all the help she could get. Marshall decided to call his friend Jack, puzzling Curtis and T.J. They listened in amazement as Marshall talked to Jack, and when he got off the phone, he had the name and number of a guy who dealt in black market phones. Curtis was impressed, and he asked for the information. "Nice try," Marshall replied, and he insisted on going with Curtis. The three agreed, "Anything for Trina."

Rory was at the pool when Esme arrived and began hitting on him. She ordered drinks for them and sat on the chair next to him. She asked him for a favor, and he realized that the lemonade "comes with strings attached." She explained about her psychology studies at PCU and her internship at Spring Ridge, helping Ryan. She revealed that Kevin had barred her from Spring Ridge, but she wanted someone with a "better grasp of the law" to help her form a workaround. He advised her to consult with a lawyer and not a rookie cop who had no power. She suggestively countered that cops got things done.

Just then, Rory thought back to his conversation with Trina about Esme framing her. He told Esme that he couldn't help, but he had a friend who could. He asked for her phone so he could put the number in, but she wouldn't give it to him. He called her on asking for his help but not trusting him. Just then, Trina arrived and wondered what was going on. Rory explained the situation, ending with the fact that Esme didn't trust him with her phone. Esme decided that she'd had enough sun and walked away.

Trina wondered what she'd walked in on, and Rory revealed that he'd put Esme on notice. Trina warned Rory that Esme was smart, and he really shouldn't get involved. "It's too late for that," he replied with a smile.

Across the room, Spencer arrived, and Esme jumped into his arms. He noticed Trina and Rory talking, and Esme noticed his distraction. She suggested that Trina had moved on from obsessing over Spencer.

Brando was at the garage when Gladys arrived. She talked about how Brando could do anything he wanted since the success of Deception, but he insisted that working on cars was what he loved. They talked about her living situation, and he reminded her that it wasn't permanent. Sasha arrived outside the garage and heard Gladys say that it could be time for her to move out. Sasha composed herself and entered, assuring Gladys that no one wanted her to move out.

Noticing that she looked upset, Brando asked Sasha how Willow was doing. Sasha claimed not to know but said T.J. had implied that it was nothing serious. Gladys thought it was time to go home. Just then, Sasha's phone rang. She told them to go ahead, as she needed to take the call.

When Brando and Gladys were gone, she answered and demanded to know why the person was calling. "Is that any way to talk to an old friend?" Felty asked. The paparazzo said he wanted her help with getting credentials in order to cover her appearance on the Home and Heart shopping network. She thought back to Liam's death and her past conversation with Felty about his "connections." She proposed that she help him for his help in return.

Spencer concocts a plan to catch Esme

Spencer concocts a plan to catch Esme

Friday, July 1, 2022

At Sasha and Brando's place, Felty asked if Sasha had brought the press credentials that would make Felty the official Deception photographer for the company's appearance on the Home & Heart Channel. Felty tried to push more drugs on Sasha, who didn't recognize the pills and initially showed no interest in them. Sasha reluctantly accepted the pills from Felty.

At the Deception office, Sasha joined Maxie and Lucy. Maxie said that people at the Home & Heart Channel had made changes to Sasha's on-air script. As Maxie and Lucy rambled on with instructions and advice, Sasha became confused and irritated. "Oh, my God. Just stop it!" Sasha shouted.

Sasha apologized for having snapped, and she said that she was only nervous. Lucy and Maxie offered their support, and the three shared a group hug. After Lucy and Maxie left the Deception office, Sasha returned and swallowed a pill Felty had given her.

Outdoors in the picnic area, Brook Lynn asked Sonny to have a talk with Linc. Sonny refused to help and said that if word got out that he'd done Chase a favor, it could make Chase seem like a dirty cop. Sonny encouraged Brook Lynn to stand by Chase during the civilian review and to hope for the best.

Sonny told Brook Lynn that he had to cut their meeting short because he had a date with Nina at the Metro Court. Sonny was happily surprised when Brook Lynn gave her blessing for Sonny to find happiness with Nina. Sonny told Brook Lynn that he was sorry he couldn't make Linc "sing like a canary" in front of the review board. Just then, Brook Lynn had an idea and rushed to hug Sonny. "Uncle Sonny, you're a genius," Brook Lynn exclaimed.

At the Metro Court gardens, Carly told Olivia about Carly's sudden financial loss after the Aurora merger with ELQ had fallen through. Olivia confided that she didn't want to lose Carly as a joint owner and business partner. Carly said she couldn't imagine not coming to work every day.

Olivia offered to buy Carly's half of the hotel outright so that Carly could pay Olivia back slowly. Carly thanked Olivia for her offer, but she refused it on the spot when she learned that Ned would be involved as Olivia's husband. Carly said that Ned had double-crossed Michael and Drew by siding with Valentin.

Olivia asked what Carly's next move would be, and Carly said she didn't know. Olivia then spotted Sonny, who had just entered the Metro Court gardens. "What about your ex-husband? I'd say he owes you a favor, or 500," Olivia quipped.

Also at the Metro Court gardens, Scott presented Nikolas and Ava with divorce papers. Esme hid in the background and flashed back to her and Nikolas having sex at Wyndemere. Scott started to explain the divorce proceedings when Esme jumped out from where she'd been hiding. "Divorce? But Mr. Cassadine, I thought you weren't gonna tell her," Esme said.

Nikolas cut Esme off, but Ava wanted to know what Esme had been about to say. Esme said that she'd known Nikolas had contemplated a divorce because his and Ava's struggles had taken their toll on him. Esme went to leave, but she first asked to speak with Nikolas in private. Behind the gardens, Esme told Nikolas that she needed his help because Kevin had terminated her internship at Spring Ridge. Nikolas wasn't sure that he was the right person to help. Esme tried to say that her losing her internship was "punishment" for having sex with Nikolas, who believed that Esme felt as guilty as Nikolas did. Nikolas said that he would help Esme get her internship back, and Esme threw her arms around Nikolas.

Nikolas rejoined Scott and Ava at their table. Nikolas started to sign the documents, but Ava stopped him. Scott grew frustrated and demanded to know if Nikolas and Ava were going to sign the divorce copies or not. "Not. Let's go home," Ava said, and she and Nikolas stood up together.

At the Metro Court pool, Chase joined Finn and Gregory at a table. Chase shared that his absence from the police force had been extended because he'd punched Linc. Gregory wanted to know if punching Linc had been worth Chase potentially getting kicked off the force for good. Chase recalled that Linc had said crude and hurtful things to Brook Lynn, and Chase added that he hadn't thought about the consequences.

Gregory noted that Chase had repeatedly gone above and beyond to help Brook Lynn. Gregory added that he'd been impressed by Brook Lynn's heart when she'd reached out to him to cheer up Chase. Chase worried that he couldn't control his temper, but Finn and Gregory disagreed with Chase's notion that he had an anger problem. Finn said he would support Chase no matter what path he took going forward. Gregory encouraged Chase to fight for his job. Finn and Gregory noticed that Brook Lynn had entered the pool area, and both made a hasty exit to give Chase some time alone with Brook Lynn.

At Kelly's Diner, Spencer told Cameron that he'd found out who Esme's birth mother was. Cameron didn't think Esme's biological mother was important, but Spencer said that Esme had searched for years to find out who her mother was. Spencer said his plan was to record Esme confessing to having framed Trina, and to give Esme enough time to skip town before Spencer handed the recording over to the police.

Spencer said that Victor's people had located a nun who remembered that Esme had been abandoned. Spencer said that Victor's people had "convinced" the nun to share the name of the mother who'd abandoned her child. Spencer added that Victor had also gotten the DNA to prove who Esme's mother was and that the mother lived in Portugal.

Cameron was impressed with Spencer's plan, and he praised Spencer for having found a way to save Trina. Spencer said he hoped that Esme would fall for the plan as easily as Cameron had. Cameron was confused and asked Spencer what he'd meant. "It's a lie, Cam. I made the whole story up," Spencer said.

Spencer felt he only had one shot to get Esme to confess because Esme would know once and for all that Spencer believed Trina instead of Esme. Cameron said he thought the story was convincing. Cameron asked if Victor could really fake a DNA test, and Spencer said that he couldn't. "That's where you come in," Spencer told Cameron.

Spencer told Cameron to get DNA samples from Josslyn and Carly for a legitimate mother-daughter test result. That way, Spencer said, Esme could check for herself the results of the fake DNA test to "prove" to Esme that her biological mother had been found. Cameron said that if he was going to follow through with Spencer's plan, Spencer would have to join him. Spencer said he couldn't go near Josslyn or Trina because they both hated him. Cameron thought they could use that to their advantage and told Spencer that he had an idea.

Later, Spencer and Cameron arrived at the Metro Court. Cameron's plan was for Spencer to create a diversion at the pool so that Cameron could get the DNA samples from Josslyn and Carly. Cameron approached the pool. Josslyn remarked that Cameron seemed off. Spencer went to head to the pool but encountered Esme. "What are you doing here?" Esme asked.

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