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Cameron Webber
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Actor History
Ashwyn Baga
2004 to 2006
Braeden Walkes
2006 to 2012
Anthony Saliba
Michael Leone
February 15, 2013 to 2018
Cade McWatt
July 2, 2018 to July 25, 2018
August 10, 2018 to Present

Born offscreen on May 11, 2004; introduced onscreen on June 18, 2004

Other Names

Townie (Spencer Cassadine's nickname for Cameron)



Camp counselor at Lila's Kids


458 Lexington Avenue, Port Charles, NY

Formerly at 24 Royal Street, Port Charles, NY

Formerly Audrey Hardy's house

Marital Status

Single/Never Been Married

Past Marriages



Zander Smith (father; deceased)

Elizabeth Webber (mother)

Jacob Martin Spencer (maternal half-brother)

Aiden Nikolas Spencer (maternal half-brother)

Cameron Lewis (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Jeff Webber (maternal grandfather)

Peter Lewis (paternal uncle; deceased)

Sarah Webber (maternal aunt)

Steven Lars Webber (maternal uncle)

Hayden Barnes (maternal aunt)

Steve Hardy (maternal great-grandfather; deceased)

Audrey March Hardy (maternal step-great-grandmother)

Helene Webber (maternal great-grandmother; deceased)

Tom Hardy Sr. (maternal great-uncle)

Terri Webber (maternal great-aunt)

Rick Webber (maternal great-uncle)

Tom Hardy Jr. (maternal cousin once removed; via adoption)

Mike Webber (maternal cousin once removed; via adoption)

Rick Webber Jr. (maternal cousin once removed)



Flings & Affairs

Emma Scorpio Drake (dated, while in elementary school)

Josslyn Jacks (crush/kissed)

Trina (flirted)

Crimes Committed

Shoplifted earbuds [Aug 10, 2018]

Arrested for purchasing marijuana [Dec 18, 2018]

Suspended from school for assault [Apr 16, 2019]

Health and Vitals

Treated for smoke inhalation after a house fire [Aug 2005]

Endangered by armed thugs hired by Sam McCall [Aug 2007]

Treated for minor injuries after being involved in a bus crash [Jan 2011]

Suffers from asthma [Nov 2011]

Minor head injury [Oct 2015]

Assaulted by Oscar Nero [Sep 12, 2018]

Assaulted by group of teens [Feb 12, 2019]

Abducted and roughed up by David Henry "Shiloh" Archer [Aug 7 to 9, 2019]

Brief Character History

Cameron Steven Webber was the son of Elizabeth Webber and Zander Smith, an ex-boyfriend that she'd had a one-night-stand with following a breakup with her husband, Ric Lansing. Cameron was named after Zander's late father, Dr. Cameron Lewis, and Liz's beloved brother, Steven Lars Webber. Cameron was born offscreen on May 11, 2004 when Liz left town to have her baby. She returned on June 18, and she introduced Ric to her son.

Liz was determined to raise her son as a single mother, and with the help of her grandmother, Audrey Hardy, she entered nursing school. In time, Liz reconnected with her first love, Lucky Spencer. Lucky had joined the police force, so he and Liz had moved into together, and Lucky took an active role in raising Cameron. After Liz and Lucky were married, money remained tight. Further adding to the marital strain was Lucky's growing addiction to pills. Liz reached her breaking point when she caught Lucky cheating on her, and she had found his pills on the floor where Cameron crawled around.

Liz turned to ex-flame Jason Morgan for comfort. A few weeks later, she learned that she was pregnant. Lucky had cleaned up his act, so Liz decided that it would be best for her and her children if she tried to make things work with Lucky because she still loved him. But she also loved Jason. Liz gave birth to Jacob Martin Webber on May 4, 2007. Cameron adored his baby brother, but Liz's marriage to Lucky didn't last once he learned that he was not Jake's father.

Liz and Jason tried to make things work, but Jason's dangerous lifestyle continued to intrude. Jason's jealous ex-girlfriend also proved to be an obstacle when she hired two armed goons to terrorize Liz and her children in the park. Eventually, Liz accepted that her children would always be in danger if she stayed with Jason, so she decided to move on. To Cameron's delight, Liz and Lucky reconciled for a short time, but the relationship wouldn't last.

On January 11, 2008, Cameron was caught playing with matches. His mother scolded him, but Cameron remained fascinated with fire. Later that evening, Liz once again had caught Cameron playing with matches. Startled that he'd been caught, Cameron ran out the door, so Liz gave chase. She was unaware that Cameron had thrown a lit match into the trashcan. The front door had jammed shut, and Jake was trapped inside as the house had caught fire. Liz broke a window to get back inside, and she saved her son. After Liz rushed Jake to the hospital, she collapsed from a deep gash to the thigh.

Cameron was filled with remorse for what he'd done. Lucky and Liz appreciated that it had been an accident. Lucky and Liz reconciled again, but it ended in disaster when Liz discovered that she was pregnant -- and the baby might be Lucky's brother's. Despite Lucky's love for Cameron, he had never adopted him, so when things fell apart with Liz for the final time, Lucky had no legal claim to Cameron or Jake. However, Liz recognized the role that Lucky had played in the boys' life, so Lucky had generous visitation with them.

On September 9, 2009, Cameron nearly lost his brother Jake when Edward Quartermaine suffered a heart attack then drove into the carnival at the hospital. Jake suffered a head trauma, but he recovered from the injuries.

On July 19, 2010, Liz gave birth to Cameron's second brother, Aiden Alexi Nikolosovich Cassadine. A paternity test would later reveal that Lucky was Aiden's biological father. However, the damage of Liz's betrayal had been done. Lucky moved on.

In March 2011, Cameron was heartbroken when his middle brother Jake was killed by a hit-and-run driver. The driver was revealed to be Lucky's father, Luke Spencer, who had been drunk. Jake's kidney had been donated to save Josslyn Jacks' life, and from that point on Cameron and Josslyn had remained close friends.

In May 2011, Lucky remarried, but his wife Siobhan was killed a few months later. Heartbroken, Lucky left town. For a time, he had remained in contact with Cameron and Aiden through video calls and letters.

As Cameron grew older, he was shown to be artistic like his mother. He was also protective of Aiden and his mother. In grade school, he had developed a crush on Emma Scorpio-Drake, which caused problems because Spencer Cassadine had also had a crush on her. Cameron's mother was very close friends with Nikolas Cassadine, so their sons had been raised as cousins. The boys had been very close but once Emma had entered the picture the boys had seen each other as rivals.

Josslyn became part of the feud when Spencer enlisted Josslyn's help to make Emma jealous. Josslyn had agreed because she had an unrequited crush on Cameron. On February 23, 2015, Spencer hosted a birthday party in his honor, but the goal had been to impress Emma. Cameron was hurt when he realized that Emma liked Spencer, but Josslyn was there to help Cameron pick up the pieces. As Cameron left the party, he grabbed his gift bag and unwittingly knocked over a candle.

Cameron went home and told his mother about his broken heart. Meanwhile, the candle had ignited an inferno, and Spencer was badly burned on the face. Cameron was filled with guilt when Spencer was transferred to Shriners Hospital in Boston for treatment, but Cameron had been assured that the fire had been an accident. In time, Spencer fully recovered, but he remained hostile toward Cameron.

In early July 2015, Cameron was elated to learn that his brother Jake hadn't died in the crash. Cameron happily reunited with his middle brother, but things didn't go smoothly. Jake had been traumatized by his captivity on Cassadine Island, and he exhibited antisocial behavior. He lashed out at Cameron, shoving him against a shelf. Cameron banged his head, but he was more shaken up by his brother's outburst.

Despite Jake's behavioral issues, Cameron remained protective of Jake, and he tried to introduce Jake to life as a normal boy. In September 2016, Cameron gained another family member when it was revealed that his grandfather, Jeff Webber, had had a love child named Hayden Barnes. Hayden quickly bonded with her nephews, and she became especially close to Cameron. Cameron was also close to his great-grandmother Audrey who had remained a constant presence throughout his life.

As Cameron entered high school in the fall of 2018, his relationship with Josslyn had shifted. He had a crush on her, but she had been dating a boy named Oscar Nero. She had also been acting out because of a scandal involving her mother and a woman named Nelle Hayes. Josslyn began to shoplift, and Cameron followed suit. In August, Detective Chase had caught Cameron with a pair of stolen earbuds. Liz was furious at her son, while Josslyn had been filled with remorse for leading Cameron down the wrong path. She promised Cameron that she would stop stealing then made a full confession to her mother.

Josslyn's relationship with Oscar remained strong until one day Oscar broke up with Josslyn without warning. Cameron was furious at Oscar for breaking Josslyn's heart until he learned that Oscar had ended things with Josslyn because Oscar had been diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor. Oscar had hoped that Josslyn would move on and find new love before the cancer had claimed him.

Cameron respected Oscar's decision to spare Josslyn heartache, but Cameron soon found himself caught in the middle when Josslyn enlisted Cameron to help her make Oscar jealous. However, as the year drew to a close, Oscar's condition had deteriorated, and he was no longer able to hide the truth. Josslyn had vowed to stay by Oscar's side.

In December, Cameron wanted to help alleviate some of the side effects of Oscar's cancer, so he arranged to buy some marijuana. Josslyn's best friend, Trina, had put Cameron in touch with someone, but Cameron had changed his mind at the last minute. The dealer was insistent, and when Cameron went to tell the dealer in person that he didn't want the drugs, the police were waiting. Cameron was arrested for trying to buy marijuana. Liz was livid, even when Cameron explained why he had done it. Cameron was sentenced to probation and community service.

In February 2019, Cameron, Josslyn, Oscar, and Trina decided to check off a few things of Oscar's bucket list, so they piled into Oscar's car, and Cameron drove to Niagara Falls for an unauthorized adventure. Unfortunately, the trip ended abruptly when Oscar suffered a seizure and had to be rushed to the local hospital. Cameron knew that the extended stay meant that he would miss his scheduled community service.

Cameron was also unhappy with his mother who had decided to marry her boyfriend -- and ex-serial killer -- Franco Baldwin. Franco had helped Jake recover from his ordeal on Cassadine Island through art therapy, and Franco had grown close to Aiden, but Cameron had remained distrustful of Franco despite assurances that a brain tumor had driven Franco to kill.

On February 12, Cameron got into a fight with a group of kids from school because his stepfather had confessed to killing several people. It had been a ruse to catch the real killer, Ryan Chamberlain, but no one knew that, especially Liz and her sons. Cameron paid the price, and his resentment for Franco grew. Franco regretted that Cameron had been hurt because of him, and he tried to be there for his stepson when Cameron faced the judge about missing community service.

Franco was also on hand on April 16 when Cameron was suspended from school for getting into a fight with a classmate. Cameron revealed that the boy had implied that young Aiden was "gay."

Cameron's life took a sad turn in May when Oscar passed away. Cameron and Trina focused on Josslyn as Josslyn mourned the loss of her first love. Franco sensed Cameron's sadness, and he tried to be there for his stepson. In July, Franco and Elizabeth hosted a reception to celebrate their marriage with friends and family. Cameron was reluctant to attend until his grandmother Laura had a talk with him.

A few weeks later, Cameron was serving his community service in the park when he saw a man in distress. The man turned out to be ex-cult leader, Shiloh. After Shiloh abducted Cameron, he stole Cameron's car, then took the teen to a warehouse where Cameron was strapped to a chair. Shiloh intended to implant Drew Cain's memories prior to 2012 from a flash drive that Shiloh had stolen from Drew's office. Dr. Arthur Cabot had agreed to do the procedure, but he balked at performing it on a teenage boy. Luckily for Cameron, Franco had tracked his wayward stepson down when Cameron's car was found illegally parked.

Franco was horrified when he realized what Shiloh had planned for Cameron, so Franco demanded that Shiloh allow Franco to trade places with his stepson. Dr. Cabot insisted that the procedure would have a better chance of success if an adult received Drew's memory mapping. Shiloh was desperate to get his hands on some money that Drew had hidden, so he agreed to let Franco take Cameron's place. Cameron was stunned by Franco's selfless gesture, and he begged his stepfather to reconsider, but Franco refused. He asked Cameron to tell Elizabeth that he would find a way back to her just as Dr. Cabot injected him.

When Drew and Curtis arrived, the procedure had been done. Shiloh and Dr. Cabot were arrested, and Franco was taken to the hospital, but the damage had been done. Franco woke up believing that he was the real Drew Cain. Cameron was filled with remorse and blamed himself because Franco had sacrificed himself for Cameron. Cameron tried to be strong for his family, especially when Elizabeth took the drastic step of having Franco committed in the hopes of Dr. Andre Maddox reverse the procedure.

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