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Elizabeth Imogene Webber-Baldwin
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Actor History
August 1, 1997 to Present

Other Names

Biz (childhood nickname given by Terry Randolph)

Uma Thurman [1997 when she met Lucky Spencer]

"The heart of General Hospital" (nickname given by Epiphany Johnson)


Born November 3, 1982

Said to be 14 months younger than her older sister, Sarah Webber [1997]

Revised to November 1, 1981 [celebrated her 18th birthday onscreen on Nov 1, 1999; medical records confirmed the date on Jul 16, 2010]


Surgical nurse at General Hospital

Former waitress at Kelly's Diner

Former artist

Former Face of Deception

Former part-time employee of Chloe Morgan


44 Elm Street, Port Charles, NY, 16543

Formerly 1424 Elm Street #12, Port Charles, NY

Formerly 458 Lexington Avenue, Port Charles, NY

Formerly 24 Royal Street, Port Charles, NY

Formerly an apartment with Lucky Spencer

Formerly 453 Maple Avenue, Port Charles, NY (Audrey's house)

Formerly an apartment with Ric Lansing

Formerly 55 Cherry Lane, Port Charles, NY (house with panic room)

Formerly 453 Maple Avenue, Port Charles, NY (Audrey's house)

Formerly the Johnson residence, Boulder, CO [prior to Aug 1, 1997]

Formerly, Carson City, Nevada

Marital Status

Singled/Widowed (Franco Baldwin [Feb 14, 2019])

Past Marriages

Richard Lansing [Married: May 22, 2003; Divorced: Sep 2003]

Richard Lansing [Married: Dec 19, 2003; Divorced: May 2004]

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. [Married: Oct 21, 2005; Divorced: Jan 18, 2007]

Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. [Married: Mar 22, 2007; Divorced: Nov 27, 2007]


Jeff Webber (father)

Carolyn Webber (mother; revealed in Nov 1982)

Steve Hardy (paternal grandfather; deceased)

Audrey March Hardy (paternal step-grandmother)

Helene Webber (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Martin (maternal grandfather; last name unknown; deceased)

Sarah Webber (sister)

Steven Lars Webber (paternal brother)

Hayden Barnes (paternal sister)

Tom Hardy Sr. (uncle; via adoption)

Terri Webber (aunt)

Rick Webber (uncle)

Unnamed child (niece/nephew; presumed deceased; Hayden Barnes)

Tom Hardy Jr. (cousin; via adoption)

Laura Webber (cousin; via adoption)

Mike Webber (cousin; via adoption)

Rick Webber Jr. (cousin)

Tommy Hardy (cousin; via adoption)

Lulu Falconeri (second cousin; via adoption)

Lucky Spencer (second cousin; via adoption)

Nikolas Cassadine (second cousin; via adoption)

Spencer Cassadine (third cousin; via adoption)

Charlotte Cassadine (third cousin; via adoption)

Rocco Falconeri (third cousin; via adoption)


Unnamed child (miscarriage; with Ric Lansing) [May 23, 2003]

Cameron Webber (son; with Zander Smith) [Born: June 18, 2004]

Unnamed child (miscarriage; Elizabeth donated the egg and volunteered to be the surrogate for Courtney Matthews) [Sep 2005]

Jacob Martin Spencer (son; with Jason Morgan) [Born: May 4, 2007; presumed deceased: March 18, 2011; revealed to be alive: Jul 8, 2015]

Aiden Nikolas Spencer (son; with Lucky Spencer) [Born: Jul 19, 2010]

Flings & Affairs

Lucky Spencer (engaged)

Zander Smith (lovers)

Jason Morgan (dated)

Ric Lansing (lovers)

Zander Smith(one-night stand)

Jason Morgan (one-night stand)

Jason Morgan [Engaged: Apr 7, 2008]

Lucky Spencer (engaged)

Nikolas Cassadine [affair]

Matt Hunter (kissed)

Ewen Keenan (dated)

A.J. Quartermaine (lovers)

Nikolas Cassadine (kissed)

Ric Lansing (lovers)

Jake Doe (Drew Cain believed to be Jason Morgan) [Engaged: Aug 11, 2015]

Crimes Committed

Underage drinking and tobacco use [Jul 1997; prior to arrival in Port Charles]

Ran away from guardians, Jessica and Kenny Johnson [Aug 1, 1997]

Stole Sarah Webber's lucky pen and planted it in the teachers' lounge; stole test answers and planted them in Sarah's backpack so it would look like her sister had stolen the answers [Oct 1, 1997]

Put a box of condoms in Nikolas Cassadine's sweater for Sarah to find [Oct 29, 1997]

Stole the Ice Princess from Helena Cassadine [Aug 31, 2001]

Assault; slapped Courtney Matthews [Jan 9, 2003]

Assault; slapped Courtney Matthews [May 14, 2003]

Arrested and released for assisting in illegal surgery on Sam McCall [May 15-16, 2006]

Helped Jason Morgan escape from jail [Jul 3, 2006]

Stole a police file to protect Jason Morgan and shredded it [Jul 24, 2006]

Assault; slapped Maxie Jones [Aug 9, 2006]

Aiding and abetting fugitives Jason and Sam as they evaded the police [Nov 8, 2006]

Helped Sam escape police custody [Nov 10, 2006]

Hid Jason from the police as he recovered from gunshot wound [Nov 17, 2006 to Dec 1, 2006]

Impersonated a police officer [Jul 13, 2007]

Perjury; lied about Jake's true paternity during Jason Morgan's murder trial [Aug 3, 2007]

Drove while under the influence of pain killers [Feb 1, 2008]

Malpractice; suspended for three months for giving Siobhan Spencer the wrong medication [Jun 20, 2011]

Stole a drug to counter the effects of a hallucinogen that a drug dealer injected into Lucky Spencer [Aug 9, 2011]

Changed the results on Danny Morgan's maternity test to rule him out as Sam's biological son [Sep 26, 2012]

Ran an unauthorized maternity test on the child that Britt Westbourne claimed as her own [Feb 2014]

Assault; slapped Britt Westbourne [Feb 14, 2014]

Assault; slapped Nikolas Cassadine [Aug 29, 2014]

Assault; slapped Ric Lansing [May 1, 2015]

Assault; slapped Nikolas Cassadine [May 4, 2015]

Hid the truth about Jake Doe's identity [May 1, 2015 to Nov 6, 2015]

Obstruction of justice; failed to report that Nikolas Cassadine arranged for Hayden Barnes to be shot [Aug 7, 2015]

Assault; slapped Hayden Barnes [Mar 28-29, 2016]

Assault; slapped Franco Baldwin [May 17, 2016]

Conspiracy; along with Franco Baldwin, Valerie Spencer, Curtis Ashford, Dr. Hamilton Finn, Kevin Collins, and Laura Collins carried out a plan to donate Ryan Chamberlain's kidney without Ryan's consent to save Jordan Ashford's life [revealed Jun 12, 2019]

Health and Vitals

Raped by Tom Yergin [Feb 13, 1998 (Feb 14, 1998 on the show)]

Accidentally cut her hand with a box cutter, and needed stitches [May 23, 2000]

Injured lung in a car accident [Feb 1, 2002]

Accidentally shot in the shoulder by Zander Smith during a struggle with Jason Morgan for a gun [Aug 5, 2002]

Bitten by a snake that Faith Roscoe put in Liz's studio [May 2003]

Miscarriage; pushed down a flight of stairs by Faith Rosco [May 23, 2003]

Suffered chest pains from poisoned lemonade [Jun 25, 2003]

Suffered embolism from overuse of birth control pills [Jul 14, 2003]

Suffered blindness when struck by a car driven by Courtney Matthews [Sep 5, 2003]

Knocked unconscious during car accident [Mar 8-9, 2004]

Minor smoke inhalation from house fire [Aug 3, 2005]

Cramping during early stages of pregnancy [Aug 24-25, 2005]

Knocked unconscious and suffered a miscarriage after car accident caused by Carly Corinthos [Sep 29, 2005]

Sustained minor injuries in a train crash [Nov 4, 2005]

Fainted from inhaling leaking gas [Nov 8, 2005]

Fell and had wind knocked out of her during argument with Lucky Spencer; Liz was pregnant at the time [Sep 15, 2006]

Took a tumble and was nearly shot by Lucky; Liz was pregnant at the time [Sep 26, 2006]

Fainted when she learned that Jason was in danger [Nov 17, 2006]

Collapsed on the side of the road during a snowstorm after her car skidded off the road; suffered hypothermia and a cut to the head [Jan 2, 2007]

Braxton Hicks contractions from dehydration during Metro Court hostage crisis [Feb 9, 2007 (Jan 29, 2007 on the show)]

Trapped in an elevator following the Metro Court explosion; stayed overnight in hospital to monitor her pregnancy [Feb 16, 2007 and Feb 19, 2007 (Jan 29, 2007 on the show)]

Premature labor; given medication to stop contractions [Apr 13, 2007]

Coma following emergency c-section and complications giving birth to her second son, Jake [May 4, 2007]

Smoke inhalation/minor burns when Cameron Webber accidentally set fire to house [Jan 11, 2018 and Jan 14, 2008]

Knocked unconscious with chloroform by serial killer, Diego Alcazar [Feb 28, 2008]

Knocked unconscious during car accident [Feb 28, 2008]

Ended up in critical condition when exposed to deadly biotoxin [Jan 29, 2009 (Jan 26, 2009 on the show)]

Suffered from hypothermia [Feb 12, 2010]

Suffered breakdown and contemplated suicide [Feb 16, 2010]

Checked into Shadybrook for in-patient treatment [Feb 18, 2010]

Type A+ blood [revealed Jul 16, 2010]

Visions of her dead son Jake Webber [Jun 20, 2011]

Shock and minor injuries following a car accident [Aug 5, 2011 and Aug 8, 2011]

Chloroformed by Darryl Hayes (henchman for Anthony Zacchara) [Sep 19, 2011]

Cut to forehead during rescue [Sep 19, 2011]

Hospitalized for hypothermia after being chloroformed and thrown into cold water by Dr. Lisa Niles [Oct 21, 2011]

Suffered hallucinations; diagnosed with pneumonia [Nov 1, 2011 to Nov 7, 2011]

Checked into Shadybrook for 24-hour treatment [Dec 13, 2011]

Experienced a fever after being exposed to a toxin placed in the town's water supply by Jerry Jacks [Sep 7, 2012]

Became violently ill from tainted pickle relish [May 2013]

Slapped by Britt Westbourne [Feb 14, 2014]

Held at gunpoint and later shot in the shoulder by Liesl Obrecht [Mar 28, 2014 to Apr 8, 2014]

Manhandled by Nikolas Cassadine's goon [Nov 19, 2015]

Twisted ankle [May 24, 2016]

Slapped by Hayden Barnes [Aug 29, 2016]

Pushed down a flight of steps by Paul Hornsby; suffered internal injuries, mild concussion, cuts, and lacerations her arms and face [Aug 31, 2016]

Emergency surgery to repair ruptured spleen; portion of spleen removed [Sep 7, 2016 to Sep 13, 2016]

Revealed to have RH-null blood [Sep 8, 2016]

Received life-saving blood transfusion from Hayden Barnes [Sep 9, 2016]

Shot in abdomen [Oct 27, 2017]

Brief Character History

Daughter of Dr. Jeff Webber, 15-year-old Elizabeth was a troubled teenager when she ran away from her guardians Jessica and Kenny Johnson. Elizabeth had been living with the Johnsons in Boulder, Colorado, while her parents volunteered for Doctors without Borders in war-torn Sarajevo. The Johnsons had had their hands full trying to rein in the rebellious teenager. When Elizabeth failed to feed the family pet, they grounded her to her room for the night, but Elizabeth had managed to slip out and drink the night away. Fed up, the Johnsons had given the teen an ultimatum - shape up or ship out.

In August 1997, Elizabeth took the money that her parents had given her for the school year, and she bought herself a first-class ticket to Port Charles to live with her grandmother, Audrey Hardy, and sister, Sarah. Though naturally antagonistic towards her more amenable sister, Elizabeth had a specific axe to grind with Sarah -- Sarah was the object of Lucky Spencer's affections, whom Elizabeth herself had become enamored of. Despite the fact that Sarah was in love with Nikolas Cassadine, Elizabeth made several attempts to discredit Sarah both in school and in her personal life, to no avail. Elizabeth grew frustrated.

In 1998, Elizabeth's life changed forever on the night of the school Valentine's Day dance. Walking through the park on her way home, Elizabeth was attacked from behind by a stranger and violently raped. It was Lucky who had found a badly traumatized and beaten Elizabeth, and he became a pillar of support as he helped in her quest to find the identity of her rapist. At one point she tracked down the wrong man and accidentally stabbed Lucky in her attempt to seek justice. Lucky forgave her and he teamed up with Nikolas to rescue both Elizabeth and Emily after the man that had raped Elizabeth held both young women at gunpoint.

By this time Elizabeth and Lucky realized that they were deeply in love with each other, and they set their sights on a future together. Elizabeth was surprised when Lucky suggested that she attend an art school in New York City. She was hesitant, until Lucky promised that he would go to New York with her. Lucky surprised Elizabeth when he bought her a new dress and hinted at a big Valentine's Day surprise. When Valentine's Day arrived, Lucky took Elizabeth to a romantic empty church and they vowed to love each other forever, but their love met an untimely end on April 23, 1999 when a devastated Elizabeth learned that Lucky had been killed in a fire.

As Elizabeth continued to grieve, she went to Jake's and found trouble in the form of a male patron who wouldn't take no for an answer. Jason Morgan rushed to her rescue, and she ended up confiding her troubles to him. Jason also found it easy to talk to Elizabeth and both were comfortable with their easy rapport. Elizabeth assisted Jason after he was shot and she took Jason to her studio. She arranged for his care and allowed him to stay until he recovered. A close friendship developed between them until Jason realized that he had placed Elizabeth in danger when a bomb had been placed in Elizabeth's studio. It was defused in time but Jason refused to allow harm to come to her, and he left Port Charles.

In February 2000, Elizabeth's life took another unexpected turn when Nikolas gave her the shocking news that Lucky was in fact alive. The fire had been staged and Helena Cassadine and Cesar Faison had taken steps to ensure the DNA test showed that Lucky had been trapped in the inferno. When an overjoyed Elizabeth finally was face-to-face with Lucky, he wasn't the same person that he had been before the fire. Every time Elizabeth reached out to him, he would push her away, but Elizabeth felt in her heart that Lucky still loved her.

In time, Lucky realized something was wrong with his mind, but he had no idea that Helena had brainwashed him. Elizabeth witnessed Helena using her trigger phrase on Lucky, and she realized that he was under Helena's spell. Lucky started seeing Kevin Collins in an effort to break the hold that Helena had over him. With Lucky seemingly out from under Helena's spell, he and Elizabeth were free to express their real feelings for one another. Around the same time, Lucky talked Elizabeth into becoming a model for his mother's company, Deception Cosmetics. Elizabeth battled Gia Campbell for the position of "Face of Deception," but Gia prevailed.

When Jason Morgan returned to town, Elizabeth couldn't seem to stay away from him, much to Lucky's dismay. Eventually, Elizabeth did refocus on Lucky but he was under Helena's control once more. This time, Helena proved too powerful, and she was able to successfully erase all of Lucky's memories of loving Elizabeth. Helena feared that Elizabeth's love for Lucky would be too strong and she planned to have Elizabeth killed. However, Elizabeth learned of the plans and took a drug which simulated death. Sonny helped her leave town undetected. When it was safe for her to return, she reunited with Lucky and they planned an impromptu wedding. Her dreams were dashed when she realized at the altar that Lucky had never regained his feelings of love for her. Lucky again convinced Elizabeth to try to start over.

Soon after, Sarah returned to Port Charles, and Elizabeth was involved in a car accident that threatened had her life. Gia, who was involved with Nikolas, was at fault but Elizabeth had no memory of it. Nikolas and Gia moved Elizabeth into Wyndemere to recover, while trying to ensure Elizabeth never remembered Gia's role in the accident. Meanwhile Lucky and Sarah continued to grow closer, and developed feelings for one another. Elizabeth remembered the truth about the accident and was devastated that Nikolas and Gia had conspired to keep the truth from her in an effort to protect Gia. To make matters worse, Elizabeth walked in on Lucky making love to Sarah.

Elizabeth felt betrayed by everyone in her life and became reckless. Around this time, Zander Smith had a falling out with his employer, Sonny Corinthos. As a lesson, Zander was given a harsh beating by Sonny's enforcer Jason. Elizabeth found Zander and took him back to her loft to recuperate. Soon after, Elizabeth was kidnapped by Sonny's enemies, and Zander was captured as well during his attempt to rescue her. They bonded and remained close after they were rescued, and Zander's feelings toward her turned romantic. They spent one night together but afterwards Elizabeth realized that her heart belonged to Jason.

Jason was hurt when he found Elizabeth and Zander together, but Jason helped Zander escape Sonny's wrath. At Elizabeth's request, Jason got Zander out of town. Afterwards Elizabeth and Jason tried to make a relationship work, but Elizabeth couldn't trust Jason after he had lied to her by letting her believe that Sonny had killed when in fact Sonny had faked his death. Adding to Elizabeth's hurt, Jason quickly moved on with Sonny's half-sister Courtney.

Things started to look up when Sonny's half-brother, Ric Lansing started flirting with her. Ric secretly resented that his mother had chosen to raise Sonny, while Ric had been left with his uncaring and demanding father, Trevor. Ric had an agenda and Elizabeth wondered if she was part of his plan for revenge. He swore that his feelings for her were the one genuine part of his life.

Elizabeth chose to believe Ric, but she was unaware of his involvement with mobster Faith Roscoe. Faith and Ric had shared a desire to take Sonny down, and they became lovers. Ric's heart remained with Elizabeth but Faith wanted Ric for herself, and she was willing to do whatever it took to remove Elizabeth from his life. Faith set a snake loose in Elizabeth's studio, and Elizabeth was bitten.

After Elizabeth recovered, she learned that she was pregnant. Ric and Elizabeth were closer than ever, and with a baby on the way, they married on May 22, 2003. Determined to rid herself of her rival, Faith shoved Elizabeth down a staircase, causing Elizabeth to miscarry her child. Faith had made certain to make it appear that Sonny had done the deed, prompting Ric to blame Sonny for the loss of their child. Ric bought a house to share with his new bride, but it held a secret. The house had a hidden panic room.

As Elizabeth grieved for her unborn child, Ric secretly made plans to give Elizabeth the child that Sonny's wife Carly was carrying. He kidnapped Carly and kept her in the panic room. To ensure that Elizabeth did not become pregnant again, he secretly gave her birth control pills. Monitors inside the panic room allowed Carly to view what went on in the house and she believed she was going to be rescued after Elizabeth discovered the secret button for the panic room door. Elizabeth was stunned to discover Ric's shocking secret, but Elizabeth suffered an embolism from the birth control pills before she could notify anyone.

Ric returned home in time to lock Carly up once again and take Elizabeth to the hospital. Elizabeth remembered seeing Carly and told the police about what Ric had done, but by then, Lorenzo Alcazar had found and moved Carly. Ric tried desperately to prove his love to Elizabeth, but she refused to believe him, and she filed for divorce in September.

During the aftermath of Elizabeth's marriage to Ric, her closest friend, Emily Quartermaine, battled cancer. Jason and Elizabeth supported one another which evoked jealousy from Jason's new wife Courtney. While high on painkillers, Courtney got behind the wheel of a char, and she ran Elizabeth down without realizing what she had done. Elizabeth was temporarily blinded, and Ric tried to win her back. He vowed to prove to her that he had changed and took a position as the Assistant District Attorney. Elizabeth was determined to move on from Ric, and she ended up in a bar where she ran into Zander. He had been dealing with his own breakup with Emily, so he and Elizabeth had taken comfort in each other's arms for the night.

Ric and Elizabeth eventually worked their way back to each other, and they married for a second time on December 19, but their reunion was marred by the news that Elizabeth was pregnant with Zander's child. Ric intended to raise the child as his own, but they decided to tell Zander to deal with any problems prior to the baby's birth. Zander had gone to work for Faith Roscoe, so he agreed to let Ric and Elizabeth raise the child. He was later presumed killed in the Port Charles Hotel fire but he had faked his death. Later, Zander kidnapped Emily in an effort to persuade her to run away with him, but the police had caught up with Zander. Zander decided that he had nothing left to live for, so he committed suicide by cop.

By May 2004, Elizabeth realized that Ric still harbored an obsession to see Sonny punished. She decided they could never be happy and she divorced Ric. Elizabeth left town to have her baby. She returned a few months later with a son named Cameron and a plan to become a nurse. She also reconnected with Lucky and they fell in love again. Their romance was not all bliss as Lucky had been gravely injured trying to save Emily from Helena Cassadine's homicidal intents. He lingered in a coma for some time but eventually woke up and made a full recovery. Elizabeth and Lucky decided to move in together, but they faced financial difficulties because of Lucky's hospital bills and Liz's student fees. Lucky joined the police force , while Elizabeth worked as a student nurse.

When Elizabeth learned that Jax and Courtney were looking for a surrogate to carry their child, she decided that it was the solution to her and Lucky's financial woes. Lucky was initially reluctant. He didn't like the idea of Liz carrying another man's child but eventually he agreed. They moved forward with their plans but hit a snag when Courtney learned that her eggs were not viable. Elizabeth agreed to donate her own egg for the in vitro-fertilization procedure. Lucky was even more uncomfortable with the idea, but he supported Elizabeth's decision.

Elizabeth conceived, and all were happy until Courtney started feeling left out by the process. She turned to Nikolas Cassadine whose own marriage was under strain. As Courtney and Jax grew further apart, Jax began paying more and more attention to Elizabeth. Lucky resented Jax throwing his money around and showering Elizabeth and Cam with gifts. Things became worse after Courtney and Nikolas gave into their feelings and began an affair. Elizabeth balked at the idea of handing her child over to a broken home.

Unfortunately tragedy struck in September 2005 when Elizabeth was involved in a car accident and suffered a miscarriage. Elizabeth was devastated over the loss of her child. Lucky was a source of strength for her, and they fell deeper in love. When Elizabeth and Lucky decided to get married, Emily and Nikolas stepped in to throw the couple a lavish wedding.

On October 21, Lucky and Elizabeth were married in a beautiful ceremony at Wyndemere. Their marriage would be a happy one for a short time, but Lucky would not live up to his name. He was injured in the line of duty several times and hospitalized. Lucky and Elizabeth soon found themselves drowning in debt once again.

After suffering a debilitating spinal injury, Lucky began depending on his morphine more than he should. Within a short time, he became addicted to the drug. He hid his dependency, but those close to him began to suspect something was wrong. Lucky became paranoid, and he believed that Elizabeth was having an affair with Dr. Patrick Drake. She wasn't. Patrick had found Elizabeth a part-time job as a private nurse so that she could earn more money to pay down their debt. Patrick was also helping Elizabeth study to become a surgical nurse so that she could make more money within the nursing field.

As Lucky's addiction grew, his jealousy grew as well. He resented Elizabeth working additional jobs behind his back, and he starting using hydrocodone once he was released from the hospital. Maxie Jones, the girlfriend of Lucky's recently murdered partner, Jesse Bodine, recognized Lucky's addiction. She'd always had a crush on Lucky, so she used Lucky's addiction as a way to get closer to him. She began to steal drugs for him, pretending that she knew it was for his pain. Soon, Maxie had Lucky where she wanted him, and she began withholding them for sex.

Elizabeth was blind to what had been going on, and she unknowingly did more harm than good in her desire to help her husband. In an effort to salvage Lucky's pride and protect him from harm, she asked Jason to help Lucky make a good bust. She was convinced that all Lucky needed was an opportunity to feel successful again. Jason agreed, but things didn't go as planned. Lucky was high on drugs, and he nearly got himself killed during the stakeout. Jason saved Lucky's life and shot the suspect, who was rushed to General Hospital. Lucky had been so high that he had had no idea that Jason had been there, and Lucky believed that he had shot the suspect himself.

Lucky received a commendation for his big arrest, but he missed the party thrown in his honor because he'd been having sex with Maxie. Later, Elizabeth Lucky and Maxie in bed together, and she confronted her husband. He promised to clean up his act but Maxie made sure that Elizabeth found them together again.

Heartbroken over Lucky's betrayal, Elizabeth turned to Jason, who had just discovered his girlfriend Sam McCall in the arms of Ric. As they talked, Elizabeth and Jason began to revisit the past and their feelings. Jason reached out to Elizabeth, and they ended up giving in to the attraction that had always simmered between them. They made love several times that night, but the following morning, Elizabeth told Jason that she couldn't be with him again. She had her son to think about, and she didn't want Cameron exposed to Jason's life.

Jason understood and respected Elizabeth's decision. She went home to pack her things and found a note from Lucky. He had decided to go to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting. Elizabeth realized that Lucky deserved another chance. She told Jason that she intended to stay with Lucky, but she felt it was best that it was best for everyone that no one learned about Jason and Elizabeth's night together. She wanted Lucky to focus on his recovery.

Sadly, Lucky's recovery would be short-lived. Learning that his baby sister, Lulu, was pregnant and intent on having an abortion sent him back to Maxie, who was waiting for him with pills. Things went from bad to worse when Elizabeth found some pills on the living room floor. Realizing that Cameron might have found the pills and taken them, Elizabeth knew she could no longer stay with Lucky. She told Nikolas that she was leaving Lucky. Nikolas raced over to Maxie's apartment at Kelly's to pull Lucky out of her bed and let him know what was going on. Lucky went home to stop Elizabeth from leaving, and they ended up in a terrible fight. Elizabeth was knocked to the floor when Lucky tried to physically keep her from leaving. Nikolas walked in just at that moment and raced to her aid.

Elizabeth moved in with Audrey and filed for divorce. It was around that time that Elizabeth learned that Lulu had gotten pregnant from defective Enduro condoms manufactured by ELQ. She took a pregnancy test after she realized that she and Jason had also used the defective condoms. The test confirmed that she was pregnant, and she realized that Jason could be the father. Before she could decide what to do, Elizabeth ended up being nearly shot when Lucky stole drugs from the police lockup and tried to frame Jason. Furious with Lucky's recklessness, Elizabeth let it slip that she was pregnant. Lucky immediately assumed the child was his. He vowed to get clean for the baby and checked himself into rehab.

Jason quickly realized that he could be the father of the baby. Elizabeth admitted that there was a possibility. Jason offered to marry her regardless of whether the baby was his or not, but Elizabeth pointed out that he was in love with Sam, and he would not be happy tied to Elizabeth and the children. They decided to put off making any plans until they knew for certain the paternity of the baby.

While Elizabeth awaited the results of the test, Jason reconciled with Sam and she accused Elizabeth of using the baby to get Jason. Sonny and Carly learned of the pregnancy as well, and Sonny was present when Elizabeth received the test results. He misread her reaction and incorrectly assumed that Lucky was the father. Elizabeth decided it was best for everyone if she allowed them to believe that Lucky was the child's father.

Elizabeth kept her secret until the Metro Court hostage crisis. When the police stormed the building with smoke bombs and the gunmen detonated explosives, Jason was on hand to sweep Elizabeth up in his arms and whisk her to safety. They ended up in an elevator, where they were trapped for a period of time. Elizabeth decided to tell Jason the truth; that the baby she was carrying was his. Jason was thrilled. He'd never been able to look at her advancing pregnancy without feeling pangs of regret that he wasn't the child's father.

Both Elizabeth and Jason decided it would be best to tell Lucky and Sam the truth about the paternity but neither could find the words. Eventually they decided the let Lucky raise the child as his. Elizabeth and Jason agreed it would be safer for the baby and cause less pain to those that they loved.

On March 22, 2007, Elizabeth married Lucky for the second time. Meanwhile, Jason tried to make it work with Sam, but she became determined to have a child of her own despite having been told that she would not be able to bear a child. Fearing that she would lose Jason without a family, Sam began to look into other options.

In early May, Elizabeth went into labor while she was alone at home. Luckily, Jason had stopped by, so he rushed her to the hospital. She underwent emergency surgery and asked Jason to step forward and claim his child if anything happened to her. Then she slipped into a coma. Just as Jason prepared to claim his son, Elizabeth woke up. She named the baby Jacob Martin as a silent tribute to Jason Morgan, and to honor her maternal grandfather who had had a special place in her heart. Unbeknownst to Jason and Elizabeth, Sam overheard their conversation about their son's name.

Sam's pain and fury grew as each day passed. Her resentment of Elizabeth consumed her until one day Sam happened upon Elizabeth and her children in the park. Sam watched a bereaved mother - whom Sam had recently interviewed for Sam's television show Everyday Heroes -- snatch Jake out of his stroller, while Elizabeth tied Cameron's shoe. Sam allowed it to happen, but another woman named Amelia Joffee who had her own vendetta against Sam, let Jason know that Sam knew that he was Jake's father. Jason realized that Sam might know something about his son's kidnapping, and he worked with Amelia to track Jake down to the grieving mother.

After Jason returned Jake to his mother's arms, the distance between Lucky and Elizabeth grew. During the crisis, Lucky had lashed out by questioning Elizabeth's competency as a mother, and afterwards he was jealous that Jason had rescued Lucky's son. Against Lucky's wishes, Elizabeth visited Jason in jail. When Jason was on trial for the murder of Lorenzo Alcazar, Elizabeth was called to testify. Under oath, she was forced to admit that she and Jason had slept together but she insisted under oath that Lucky was her child's father.

It was the beginning of the end for Lucky and Elizabeth's marriage. She could no longer lie to herself about her feelings for Jason, but she was determined to stay in her marriage. Soon, Lucky sensed that her heart wasn't in it, and his resentment toward her grew. Meanwhile, Sam was determined to make Elizabeth pay for stealing Jason's heart -- and getting away with her paternity lie. Sam cozied up to Lucky, showering him with praise and attention. Lucky soaked it up like a sponge, and before long, he was fighting his attraction to Sam. Sam was overjoyed. Her plans to destroy Elizabeth's marriage had succeeded.

When Elizabeth learned of the affair, she was forced to admit that she was in love with Jason and that her marriage to Lucky was over. Jason, too, admitted that he was in love with Elizabeth. Despite their feelings, they realized that they faced the same obstacles. Being together meant exposing both Cam and Jake to the dangers of Jason's violent lifestyle. With Emily's help, Elizabeth found a small house to raise her sons as a single mother. She was awarded custody of her children in the divorce, but she allowed Lucky to visit the children as he wished.

Sam was not satisfied. She was frustrated that Elizabeth had managed to get her way. When Nikolas and Emily hosted a Black and White Ball, Sam had several ugly confrontations with Elizabeth, and one that turned physical. She was determined that Lucky should learn the truth about Jake. While a homicidal maniac terrorized the guests on Spoon Island who were stranded there in a blackout during a violent storm, Sam forced the issue. She insisted that Elizabeth tell Lucky the truth, but Elizabeth confronted Sam about witnessing Jake's kidnapping and hiring armed goons to terrorize Elizabeth and the boys in the park. Lucky was stunned by the exchange. Moments later, Jason arrived, and he decided to reveal to Lucky that Jake was not Lucky's biological child.

Lucky was furious, but a heartbreaking tragedy would eclipse the revelation about Jake when it was revealed that Emily had been murdered. Elizabeth and Jason had to be called on to help Nikolas let go of Emily's body. At the funeral, Elizabeth gave her best friend a touching eulogy then went home to an empty house -- or so she thought. Jason had been waiting for her in the dark. Instead of talking, they held each other then went upstairs to the bedroom and made love. Jason and Elizabeth talked about their deep love, but both realized that they faced an uphill battle starting with Lucky. Lucky had insisted on remaining Jake's father, claiming that if Elizabeth really cared for her children, she would agree to keep the secret in order to keep Jake safe. He had also stipulated that she stay away from Jason.

Elizabeth admitted that she was in love with Jason, but she also believed that Lucky's way was the safer choice. She had reluctantly agreed to Lucky's terms, but she lacked faith in its success because too many people knew the truth about Jake's paternity. Despite their best intentions, Elizabeth and Jason couldn't stay apart. They continued to meet in secret until they realized that they wanted a full life together.

On April 7, 2008, Elizabeth happily accepted Jason's proposal of marriage. They had decided to go public with their relationship, but within hours tragedy struck when Jason learned that Michael had been shot in the head by a stray bullet meant for Sonny. As Michael lingered in a coma, Jason realized that he needed to end things with Elizabeth for the sake of the children. After Michael was moved to a long term care facility, Elizabeth and Jason struggled with their decision to stay apart but the arrival of the Russian mob changed everything when they targeted Elizabeth and the children. Elizabeth and Sam found themselves trapped in a cabin surrounded by a hail of gunfire, and when the smoke cleared Jake had been abducted. Sam worked with Jason to rescue Jake, but when Jason returned his son to Elizabeth it was clear that any future the star-crossed lovers had had ended.

As Elizabeth settled into life without Jason, she and Lucky began to grow close again. They forgave each other for the things that they had done and started to repair their relationship. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Lucky, and Nikolas were shocked when a woman named Rebecca Shaw suddenly entered their lives. Rebecca bore an uncanny resemblance to Emily, and she quickly wormed her way into Nikolas' heart. However, Rebecca had a secret -- she was Emily's long-lost identical twin. Rebecca had targeted Emily's loved ones to scam them out of money, but Elizabeth was the only person whom Rebecca hadn't won over. Nikolas was crushed when he learned the truth.

Nikolas turned to Elizabeth for comfort. The two friends found themselves drawn to each other, despite Elizabeth's recent engagement to Lucky. The more that she and Nikolas fought their attraction, the stronger it grew. One night, Nikolas and Elizabeth succumbed to temptation, and they made love. The affair was over quickly when both Rebecca and Lucky found out. Rebecca left town, while Lucky broke off his engagement to Elizabeth and severed ties with his brother. The affair became public knowledge, and fodder for gossip. Elizabeth was subjected to public ridicule and scorn, and as the weeks wore on it began to take a toll on her.

One frigid night, Lucky found Elizabeth unconscious in the church where they had once exchange vows. Alarmed, he rushed her to the hospital where he was treated for hypothermia. Elizabeth was also informed that she was three months pregnant. Nikolas and Lucky quickly realized that either one of them could be the father, but Elizabeth had barely reacted to the news. Instead, she made her way to the hospital rooftop where she contemplated suicide.

After a brief stint in Shadybrook, Elizabeth decided to have a paternity test. She prayed that the baby was Lucky's. However, Helena had other ideas. Helena hatched a scheme to make certain that Nikolas raised Lucky's child, in the hopes of driving a permanent rift between the brothers. Nikolas desperately wanted to work things out with Elizabeth because he had fallen in love with her, but Elizabeth was determined to repair her shattered relationship with Lucky. Lucky made it clear that they were over for good, and he continued to push her away throughout the pregnancy.

During this time, Elizabeth met a terminally ill patient named Shirley. As the pregnancy progressed, Shirley never hesitated to let Elizabeth know that Nikolas would be a wonderful father and catch. Elizabeth kept Nikolas at arm's length until she went into premature labor. As Elizabeth and Nikolas anxiously awaited the birth of their son, they made peace. After Aiden's birth, Nikolas invited Elizabeth to move to Wyndemere with Cam and Jake, so that Spencer could get to know Aiden. Elizabeth agreed, but Nikolas could see that she was unhappy. Hoping to lift Elizabeth's spirits, Nikolas secretly arranged a visit with Sarah.

While Elizabeth and the children flew to California to spend time with Sarah, Nikolas discovered that Brook Lynn had been kicked out of her apartment. Nikolas offered Brook a job as his escort to business and charity events. Brook quickly accepted the job and then moved to Wyndemere. Elizabeth returned from her visit with a new perspective, and a renewed desire to explore a relationship with Nikolas, but she quickly realized that Brook posed an obstacle. To Elizabeth's disappointment, Nikolas decided that he wanted a future with Brook Lynn.

By March 2011, Lucky had also moved on with a woman named Siobhan McKenna, but Elizabeth had reason to believe that Lucky might be Aiden's father when several remarked how much Aiden looked like Lucky as a child. Elizabeth ordered another paternity test just as Lucky announced his engagement to Siobhan. Elizabeth received the test results, but she didn't get a chance to read them until she had arrived home. As she read the results that confirmed that Lucky was Aiden's father, Jake dashed out the front door and was struck by a car that had sped away.

Lucky's wedding to Siobhan was interrupted by a call when Elizabeth told him to meet her at the hospital. Despite heroic efforts, Jake was declared brain dead. Elizabeth and Lucky made the heartbreaking decision to take him off life support, but Jason had a request. He wanted his son's kidney to go to Josslyn Jacks who had been diagnosed with kidney cancer. Furious at Jason's timing, Elizabeth slapped him and angrily lashed out at him for not being a father to their son. However, she and Lucky did consent to donate Jake's organs.

In the weeks following Jake's death, Elizabeth struggled through her grief. Lucky's father Luke was revealed to be the driver who had been driving drunk when he had struck Jake, but Elizabeth blamed herself for not keeping a closer eye on her son. Elizabeth was reluctant to share the results of Aiden's paternity test because she feared that Lucky and Nikolas' newfound peace would be destroyed by the news that Lucky was Aiden's father. Lucky had also married Siobhan.

Elizabeth eventually returned to work, but her brother worried that it might have been too soon. Steve had returned to Port Charles, and he'd recently taken the position as Chief of Staff at the hospital. Elizabeth explained that working would help because it would provide her with a distraction from the grief. What Steve didn't know was that Elizabeth had been having visions of her son, and the visions had led to several mistakes at work.

Lucky floundered too, and in his grief, he burned down his childhood home. Unfortunately, Siobhan had been inside. Siobhan survived, but she was rushed into surgery. Elizabeth scrubbed in on the operation, but a vision of Jake made Elizabeth reach for the wrong medication. Siobhan nearly died. Lucky was tempted to turn to alcohol to ease his guilt, but it was Elizabeth who had stopped him, and with Nikolas' support, Elizabeth revealed that Lucky was Aiden's father.

Meanwhile, Siobhan was convinced that Elizabeth had given her the wrong medication intentionally because Elizabeth wanted a clear path to Lucky. Several hospital staff members were aware of the mistake Elizabeth had made, and she was suspended for three months without pay. Siobhan was not satisfied with the punishment and threatened to file a malpractice lawsuit against Elizabeth until Lucky had talked her out of it.

The two women tried to be civil in front of Lucky but when he was not around, they argued. Siobhan accused Elizabeth of using Jake's death as an excuse whenever she wanted Lucky's attention or needed sympathy. Siobhan was further infuriated when Elizabeth supported Lucky's decision to investigate an illegal drug ring. Elizabeth agreed to search for information at the hospital to aid Lucky's case.

Siobhan was opposed to Lucky's involvement in the drug case because she feared it would compromise his sobriety. Both Elizabeth and Siobhan worried when Lucky went missing after he had been injected with drugs. The women argued about who was to blame for Lucky's predicament and Siobhan slipped then fell down a flight of stairs. Elizabeth rushed Siobhan to the hospital fearing that she had a concussion, but a storm raged and the roads were slick. Elizabeth careened into Jason's car.

After everyone was taken to the hospital, Elizabeth set out to find Lucky. She eventually tracked him down to the abandoned church that had played such a pivotal role in their lives. Elizabeth stayed with Lucky until he recovered and then broke the news that Siobhan had been hospitalized.

During her stay at the hospital, Siobhan was murdered. Lucky spiraled into drugs, so Elizabeth tried to help him solve his case because she wanted him to get clean. She ended up locked inside Luzetta's bakery with Maxie. The women put their differences aside and devised a plan to escape. Their plan partially worked when Maxie made it out. Soon after, Elizabeth was rescued by Lucky, and she mistakenly assumed that it was their first step toward reconciliation until Lucky announced that he intended to take his wife's ashes to Ireland - and stay.

Elizabeth picked up the pieces, and she developed a friendship with Dr. Matt Hunter, Patrick's younger brother. In October, Matt invited Elizabeth to be his date for a party to celebrate his work being published. The party was held on a chartered boat, and Matt flirted with Elizabeth. They shared a kiss, but Elizabeth questioned his intentions. After she rejected his advances, Elizabeth went to the deck for fresh air where she ran into homicidal Lisa Niles. Lisa had secretly boarded the boat to seek revenge on two of the party guests. Lisa chloroformed Elizabeth and threw her overboard.

Spinelli found Elizabeth on Spoon Island and took her to the hospital. She was treated for hypothermia and struggled to make sense of where she was. She claimed a mysterious man had rescued her and she revealed that she had experienced visions of Jake. As she recovered, she continued to have visions of her rescuer and insisted that he was real. At the same time, Lucky had returned from Ireland because he had concerns about Aiden's health. Elizabeth was shocked to learn that Aiden had been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, but her youngest was given a blood transfusion and a clean bill of health.

After the health scare with their son, Elizabeth hoped that Lucky had had a change of heart, but he was adamant that it was over. Elizabeth checked herself into Shadybrook for help to accept that her life with Lucky was over. At the sanitarium, Elizabeth met a doctor named Ewen Keenan who had posed as a patient. Something about him was familiar, but she couldn't place it. When Lucky questioned if Elizabeth had had a breakdown, she conceded that she had hoped to get his attention.

Ewen was revealed to be a psychiatrist, and he offered to counsel Elizabeth, but she declined until Lucky said goodbye to the boys and departed for Ireland again. Ewen apologized for his initial deception at Shadybrook. He explained that his methods were often unorthodox, but he promised that they were effective. In time, Elizabeth was able to let go of Lucky, but she soon found herself drawn to Ewen on a romantic level. Ewen was equally attracted to Elizabeth, and the two went on a date. However, Matt had reservations about the charming doctor, but they fell on deaf ears when he expressed them to Elizabeth.

Matt's girlfriend, Maxie, became concerned with the way that Matt monitored Elizabeth's personal life. Maxie's jealousy deepened even though both Matt and Elizabeth promised that they were just friends. Maxie didn't believe them, and she revealed to Monica that Elizabeth had stolen drugs from the hospital months earlier to treat Lucky when he had overdosed. Elizabeth was suspended, but rather than drive a wedge between the friends it made them closer. Later, Matt convinced Maxie to retract her statement to Monica and Elizabeth was reinstated.

The tension between Maxie and Elizabeth was set aside when Robin was presumed killed in an explosion inside the hospital lab. Both women were devastated by the loss of their close friend, and Elizabeth stepped in to help Patrick plan the funeral. Elizabeth also assisted Patrick with caring for his daughter Emma. Elizabeth made an effort to check on Robin's mother Anna Devane, and the women commiserated over what it was like to lose a child. Robin's funeral coincided with the one-year anniversary of Jake's death, so Elizabeth decided to make peace with Luke. She was touched when Luke revealed that he had set up a memorial fund in Jake's honor.

Elizabeth continued to talk with Ewen about her grief over Jake and her relationship with Lucky. He encouraged her to let go of the guilt that she felt whenever she started to enjoy life. The two grew closer. Meanwhile, Jason and Sam had rekindled things, and Jason began to confide to Elizabeth, much to Sam's dismay. Tensions mounted when Sam and Jason learned the child that Sam was carrying was not fathered by Jason but rather by his twin brother, Franco when Franco had drugged and raped Sam during her honeymoon with Jason. Jason was unable to accept Franco's child, and a rift formed between Jason and Sam. Sam turned to John McBain for emotional support, while Jason leaned on Elizabeth. Jason and Sam's marriage deteriorated even further after Sam's baby died shortly after his birth.

Elizabeth and Jason grew closer, while Jason and Sam drifted apart. Jason and Elizabeth shared a kiss, but Elizabeth chose to pursue a relationship with Ewen --even when Jason and Sam announced their decision to divorce. Elizabeth remained drawn to Jason, but she resented his suspicions that Ewen had somehow been linked to a mysterious illness that had infected both Josslyn Jacks and Alexis Davis. They had each been hospitalized after they had received a mysterious injection during a visit to Wyndemere where Ewen had briefly resided.

Elizabeth dismissed Jason's concerns because she believed that Ewen was a good man, but she would soon discover that she had been wrong when she saw Ewen's reaction to Jerry Jack's announcement that Jerry had put a deadly biotoxin in the town's water supply. To Elizabeth's horror, Ewen revealed that he had worked with Jerry but he had not been aware of what Jerry had had in store for Port Charles. Their conversation was interrupted by Patrick, and Ewen realized that he could no longer hide his connection to Jerry. Ewen clobbered Patrick over the head then kidnapped Elizabeth and took her to his farmhouse residence outside of the city.

Both Elizabeth and Ewen began to show signs of a fever caused by the biotoxin. Ewen insisted that he would be the one to save Elizabeth, not Jason, since he was in love with her. Instead, Elizabeth became Ewen's human shield when Jason arrived at the farmhouse to rescue Elizabeth. Ewen fired a shot into Jason's leg, but Jason managed to shoot Ewen in the chest. Both Ewen and Jason were taken to the hospital but Ewen did not survive.

Elizabeth thanked Jason for saving her from Ewen, and she admitted that she had always sensed that something was off with Ewen but she had stubbornly chosen to ignore it. She leaned on Jason after Ewen's death, but Jason had decided that he wanted a future with Sam. Elizabeth feared that Sam would take Jason back, especially when Jason uncovered that Sam's son might have been switched with another baby. Jason found Sam's son, and Elizabeth realized there was a chance that the child might be Jason's, so she took steps to change the DNA results on the paternity test that Sam and Jason had been waiting to run since they found out that Franco might be the child's father.

Elizabeth's interference in Jason's relationship with Sam worked but Elizabeth was unable to live with the guilt. She came clean to Jason, but his joy at learning that Danny was his son did not last. Jason was shot and killed the day he and Sam took their son home. Elizabeth was saddened by Jason's death and regretted the time that Jason and Sam had lost together because of her.

After Jason's death in October 2012, Elizabeth focused her attention on her children and helping to resurrect the Nurses Ball with new friend and fellow nurse, Sabrina Santiago. She also befriended A.J. Quartermaine who had been revealed to be alive when he returned to town. She agreed to be A.J.'s date to the Nurses Ball. Afterwards, Nikolas returned to town and required surgery for a gunshot wound. Elizabeth tended to Nikolas and A.J. accused her of falling back into bed with her ex-lover. Offended, Elizabeth ended her relationship with A.J. Afterwards, Nikolas declared his feelings for her and they kissed. Following the kiss, Elizabeth explained that she wanted to explore what she could have with A.J. instead of going back to a relationship that had caused Lucky so much pain.

Although Elizabeth had chosen A.J. over Nikolas, things with A.J. ended after he lost control of ELQ and turned to alcohol. A.J. died months later when Sonny shot him.

Meanwhile, Nikolas started to date Britt Westbourne even though she had turned obsessive and manipulative during her relationship with Patrick Drake. Elizabeth cautioned Nikolas to be wary of Britt, but he ignored her warnings. In time, Nikolas and Britt became engaged. Elizabeth made one last attempt to win Nikolas back by admitted that she was in love with him, but Nikolas was determined to move forward with Britt.

Ric Lansing had recently re-entered Elizabeth's life, and he was delighted by Nikolas' rejection. Ric and Elizabeth began to date, but Elizabeth remained distrustful of Britt. Elizabeth felt vindicated when she discovered a letter in which Britt had confessed that the son she had once claimed was Patrick's was in reality Dante and Lulu Falconeri's frozen embryo that Britt had implanted to manipulate Patrick into marriage.

Elizabeth exposed Britt's dastardly deeds during Nikolas and Britt's engagement party. Afterwards, Britt's mother Liesl Obrecht kidnapped Dante and Lulu's child then made her way to Elizabeth's home. Liesl threatened Elizabeth at gunpoint then made arrangements for Britt to leave the country with the baby. When Nikolas paid Elizabeth a visit, he was also captive. The authorities arrived but Elizabeth was shot in the shoulder during Liesl's attempt to escape. Both Ric and Nikolas offered to care for Elizabeth during her recovery, so she decided to recuperate at Wyndemere.

Elizabeth realized a part of Nikolas' heart still belonged to his former fiancée whereas she was the only woman in Ric's eyes. Elizabeth dated Ric, but he was soon accused of being involved in mob related activities. She was devastated when Ric was killed during his attempt to escape police custody. In her grief, she focused on her work at the hospital and bonded with an amnesia patient. The patient chose the name Jake after Elizabeth told him about her children and she invited Jake to live with her after he was released from the hospital.

In late December 2014, Ric was reunited with Elizabeth and his daughter Molly when it was revealed that he had been working with the police and living in the witness protection program until the Johnny Zacchara's men had tracked Ric down. Ric had been used as a pawn in Sonny and Jonny's war until he'd been rescued.

Jake was disappointed when he saw Ric and Elizabeth kiss because he had developed feelings for her. Elizabeth had feelings for Jake too, but she was determined to move forward with Ric. Ric wasn't blind to what had been simmering between Jake and Elizabeth, but he chose to ignore it. Around this time, Jake began to have periods where he lost track of time. Unbeknownst to anyone, Jake had been under Helena's control, and Helena would order Jake to carry out missions then wipe the memory from his mind.

As time progressed, Ric's jealousy toward Jake began to take its toll on Ric's relationship with Elizabeth, prompting her to wonder if Ric really was the right man for her. Elizabeth had also admitted to Jake that she had feelings for him. By then, Jake's crimes during his blackouts had caught up with him, so Jake had agreed to work undercover with police commissioner Kyle Sloane in exchange for his freedom.

In March 2015, Elizabeth ended things with Ric because her feelings for Jake continued to grow. Jake had cleared his name, and Elizabeth and Jake were finally free to be together, but just as they were about to take things to the bedroom a woman turned up on Elizabeth's doorstep looking for her husband - Jacob Barnes. Hayden produced a photograph of a man with the same eye and hair color as Jake and a marriage license to support her claim.

It was all a lie. Ric had hired Hayden to pose as Jake's long lost wife whose husband had mysteriously vanished around the time that Jake had been struck by a car and turned up at General Hospital. It had been a desperate attempt to drive Elizabeth and Jake apart. In an ironic twist, Elizabeth and Hayden would later be revealed to have a far more shocking connection.

Meanwhile, Ric's lies weren't the only secrets that had rocked Elizabeth's world. After she had fled Ric's disastrous proposal during the Nurses Ball, Nikolas had found her and shared a devastating secret. Jake Doe was really Jason Morgan! Elizabeth was stunned that Nikolas had known the truth for months without telling Jason because Jason had a right to know, but Nikolas claimed that he had kept quiet to give Elizabeth and "Jason" a chance at happiness. Nikolas assured her that he would not stop her from telling Jake the truth, so Elizabeth decided to find "Jason." Elizabeth had been on the verge of making an announcement to everyone at the Nurses Ball, but she changed her mind because she realized that she couldn't give up a chance at happiness with "Jason."

Nikolas urged Elizabeth to reconsider because he feared that Elizabeth would pay a dear price for her decision, but she forged ahead. For a time, Elizabeth and "Jake" were happy, and Elizabeth's prayers were answered when against all odds, her son Jake was revealed to be alive. Helena had kidnapped a badly injured Jake then taken the child to Cassadine Island in Greece, while another child had been found to take Jake's place at the hospital.

In July, Lucky received some help from Luke and Laura, and together they rescued Jake from Helena's clutches. Lucky stayed in Port Charles long enough to enjoy a short reunion with Cam and Aiden, and several loved ones then returned to his life abroad. It soon became apparent that Jake had been traumatized by his time with Helena. He had no memory of his mother or siblings, but he instantly bonded with "Jake." Elizabeth was grateful for the connection because it had helped her son Jake transition to his new life in Port Charles growing up with two brothers.

Despite her happiness with "Jake," Elizabeth remained plagued with guilt because their relationship had been built on a lie. Her fears mounted when Laura revealed that Nikolas had told her about "Jake's" true identity. Laura loved Elizabeth, and she saw the effect that "Jake" had on his son, so she agreed to keep quiet, but she urged Elizabeth to tell "Jake" the truth. Adding to Elizabeth's anxiety was Sam's natural desire for Danny to get to know his older brother, which meant that Danny and Sam were in "Jake's" orbit far more often.

On August 10, "Jake" surprised Elizabeth by asking her to marry him. Initially, she panicked and balked, but she quickly changed her mind and accepted his proposal. They decided to make it a short engagement, but it spurred "Jake" to hunt for answers about his past. He enlisted Sam's help. As their wedding day approached, Elizabeth and "Jake" made plans for him to adopt Cameron and Jake after the wedding.

On November 6, Elizabeth arrived at the church to get ready for the wedding, but the it would never take place. Carly had enlisted Spinelli's help, and together they had uncovered that "Jake" was really Jason Morgan. A DNA test confirmed their suspicions. Carly told "Jason" the truth, and he went to the church to call off the wedding until he could make sense of what he had learned. Initially, "Jason" had no idea that Elizabeth had known the truth for months, but Sam had her suspicions. Eventually, "Jason" confronted Elizabeth, and she admitted that it was true.

"Jason" ended things with Elizabeth. As Elizabeth had feared, "Jason" went straight into Sam's waiting arms. In a short time, "Jason's" memories of his life as Jason Morgan had returned, but another chapter to "Jason's" saga waited to unfold. Around this time, Elizabeth had befriended Franco. Franco had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that had driven his murderous intentions. Once the brain tumor had been removed, Franco's desire to kill had vanished, which had prompted a judge to find that Franco had been insane during his reign of terror.

Franco had picked up the pieces of his life by working as the hospital's art therapist. To everyone's surprise, Franco had been able to connect with patients through art. One of the patients that Franco had befriended was Elizabeth's son, Jake. Jake had been attending therapy sessions, but he seemed to respond more to Franco's art classes. "Jason" was not pleased that Jake had connected with the ex-serial killer, but Elizabeth insisted that Jake's needs were more important.

Franco had a crush on the single mother, and he escorted Elizabeth to the Nurses Ball. The ball ended in heartbreak when Nikolas was presumed killed during an altercation at Wyndemere. Elizabeth was heartbroken, especially since she had suspected Hayden of killing Nikolas because Elizabeth had uncovered that Hayden was really Rachel Berlin -- the disgraced daughter of a man who had bilked people out of millions in a Ponzi scheme. Hayden and Nikolas had become involved after Nikolas had made an attempt on Hayden's life, so their relationship had been complicated and volatile.

However, "Jason" had been accused of the nefarious deed, so he and Sam worked together to prove that Nikolas had actually faked his death, but a twist of fate would claim Nikolas' life when the Cassadine prince crossed paths with his black sheep uncle -- the infamous Valentin Cassadine. Elizabeth mourned her best friend, but Franco was there for her. Against all odds, Elizabeth was able to make peace with their past history and Franco's crimes because she had seen a genuine change in Franco, but she was unsure if she wanted a romantic relationship.

On August 31, 2016, Elizabeth fell victim to a serial killer who had been stalking the halls of GH. She survived her brush with death, but she had been left in critical condition and in desperate need of a blood transfusion. Adding to the crisis, Elizabeth had a rare blood type. Luckily for Elizabeth, a secret sister was in town. Franco had put the pieces together when he'd discovered a connection between Hayden's mother, Naomi Dreyfus, and his mother, Heather Webber. It was revealed that Naomi had had an affair with Dr. Jeff Webber years earlier that had resulted in a secret child. Franco's mother, Heather Webber had been blackmailing Naomi for years until Franco had uncovered that Hayden Barnes was Elizabeth's paternal sister.

After Hayden gave her sister a lifesaving blood donation, Hayden and Elizabeth started to get to know each other as sisters. The sisters quickly bonded, and Hayden grew close to her nephews.

Hayden took a job as the hospital's chief financial officer, and she discovered that she was pregnant with Dr. Hamilton Finn's baby. Hayden and the doctor were in love, so they made plans to get married and buy a house. Unfortunately for Hayden, her past caught up with her when Hayden's ex-husband showed up in town looking for a big payout. Hayden fled town then sent Finn a letter claiming that she had gone into premature labor and their baby had been stillborn. Hayden had lied. She was still pregnant when she had written the letter and disappeared overseas.

Elizabeth remained in contact with Hayden, but she was unaware that Hayden had carried the baby to term. Elizabeth had her hands full with Jake who had started to act out and create alarming paintings that the adults around him had difficulty explaining. As the Nurses Ball approached, it became clear that Jake had been programed by Helena to carry out one final act of revenge against the people of Port Charles by having Jake unleash a deadly biotoxin known as the Chimera during a magic act. Several residents, including Valentin Cassadine and Anna Devane worked to avert disaster and save Jake. To Elizabeth's relief, Jake had little memory of what had transpired, but she made certain that Jake remained in therapy.

Jake's relationship with Franco had helped Jake tremendously. "Jason" and Franco had reached an understanding, as "Jason" and Sam planned their wedding and prepared to welcome a second child. Meanwhile, Franco made an unsettling discovery that his childhood imaginary friend had been a real child. To Franco's surprise the child that he had known as "Andy" had looked exactly like Jason Morgan as a child.

In November 2017, a man known as Patient 6 appeared in Port Charles claiming to be the real Jason Morgan. He made a compelling argument because he looked just like Jason Morgan had when he'd been presumed killed a few years earlier. Andre Maddox would provide the answers to the mystery. The man known as Jake Doe/Jason Morgan had in fact been Jason Morgan's long-lost identical twin brother who had been given to Betsy Frank to raise alongside his cousin, Robert "Franco" Frank. Franco and Andy had been raised as brothers until one night when Andy had vanished.

Andy had grown up to become Andrew Cain, a Navy S.E.A.L. who had been abducted by Helena to become her perfect soldier by having Jason's memories transferred to Drew in a memory mapping experiment that had been perfected by Andre. Patient 6 was revealed to be the true Jason Morgan, and the man who had appeared in Port Charles a few years earlier was his twin. Franco had sensed that there had been more to the story than his adoptive mother hadn't told him, and he was right. In time, Franco would learn that he'd been sexually abused by one of Betsy's boyfriends who had turned his twisted sights on Andy. Franco had tried to hide his brother from Jim Harvey, but Andy had tumbled down a flight of stairs, which had prompted Betsy to take Andy to an orphanage in Port Charles to safeguard Andy from Jim.

Elizabeth helped Franco make peace with the sexual abuse that he had experienced. Incredibly, Drew and Franco had forged a friendship, which had made it easier for Jake to adjust to the news that Drew was his uncle. Franco was also instrumental in helping Jake get to know Jason, but Jason balked at Franco's role in his son's life. Elizabeth made it clear to Jason that Franco was a part of her life, and Jason needed to accept it.

However, Elizabeth was not pleased with Franco's habit of keeping important things from her. His inability to trust her with the truth out of fear of losing her nearly cost him their relationship, so Franco worked hard to get past his trust issues because he was completely committed to Elizabeth and the boys. Eventually, they decided to get married, but their first wedding was put on hold because of an earthquake. Their second attempt down the aisle was waylaid when Franco was framed by serial killer Ryan Chamberlain for Kiki Jerome's murder. Elizabeth knew that Franco would never harm Kiki because he had loved her as a daughter, so Elizabeth decided to marry Franco while he was incarcerated at the Port Charles jail.

On February 14, 2019, Drew officiated as Franco and Elizabeth exchanged vows. After Franco was taken to Ferncliff, Elizabeth leaned on her support system. A few months earlier, her childhood friend Terry Randolph -- who had transitioned from man to woman -- moved to Port Charles and had taken a job at the hospital. Elizabeth had been elated to be reunited with Terry who had been her first crush and first kiss. After Ryan was exposed and Franco's name had been cleared, Franco and Elizabeth settled down to married life, but trouble had been brewing with Aiden and with Cameron.

Cameron knew about Franco's past, and he had objected to his mother marrying an ex-serial killer. Cameron had endured taunting because of Franco's infamous history, and he worried about Aiden because Aiden had been the object of intense bullying both online and at school. Kids had made fun of Aiden by calling him names like "Gayden" because Aiden liked to bake and was different than the other boys. Franco embraced Aiden's uniqueness, and he encouraged Aiden to pursue whatever made Aiden happy. Cameron began to see a different side of Franco, which had made it easier for Aiden because Aiden looked up to his big brother.

Elizabeth was shocked when Laura uncovered that the student who had been tormenting Aiden at school the most had been Aiden's own cousin, Charlotte Cassadine. Charlotte claimed that her critiques were intended to help Aiden fit in better. Lulu and Laura sat down to explain that Charlotte had hurt Aiden, and they encouraged Charlotte to help the other kids accept that Aiden was simply different.

In July, Elizabeth was delighted when her sister Hayden returned to Port Charles. A few weeks later, Cameron was abducted by a cult leader named Shiloh who had turned desperate when his world had crumbled. Eager to get his hands on some money, Shiloh had concocted a twisted plot to access Drew Cain's memories of their days in Afghanistan together by downloading the flash drive with Drew's memories into Cameron's mind. Unaware of the danger lurking, Franco had set out to find his wayward stepson by using the tracking app on Cameron's phone.

Franco had arrived at the warehouse in time to stop Shiloh from using Cameron as a lab rat by volunteering to take Cameron's place. Cameron was stunned by Franco's selfless offer, and he begged his stepfather not to do it, but Franco refused to allow Cameron to be experimented on. He told Cameron to tell Elizabeth that he would find his way back to her. Cameron watched in horror as Franco underwent the procedure to have Drew's memories transferred to Franco. Drew and Curtis Ashford arrived to rescue Cameron, but they were too late to save Franco.

Elizabeth was heartbroken when her husband opened his eyes and he didn't recognize her. Franco believed that he was Drew. Drew and Elizabeth explained to Franco about Shiloh's attempt to use Cameron as a host for Drew's memories, but Franco wasn't interested in having the procedure reversed because he believed that he was the real Drew Cain. Drew promised both Elizabeth and Cameron that he would find a way to help Franco. At the end of August, Drew headed to Afghanistan to complete a mission that Franco as Drew had insisted on carrying out, but Drew diverted to Ethiopia at the last minute to track down Andre Maddox.

Elizabeth refused to give up on her husband. Franco, believing that he was Drew, explained that he did not return her love. On August 28, he stopped by Elizabeth's house to return his wedding ring. Elizabeth held out hope that she could get through to Franco, but her time was limited. Franco had been arrested for assaulting a police officer, and he'd been released on bail with an ankle monitor and instructions to remain in Port Charles. However, Elizabeth knew that Franco would leave town once his legal problems had been settled, so she turned to Scott to enlist his help to have her appointed Franco's guardian because her husband was not in his right mind -- literally.

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