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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on GH
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Monday February9, 1998

Mac and James are face to face and struggle with each other.

Felicia and V. talk about Mac not really being Mac and Felicia wants to know where the real Mac is. She tells V. about how she should have known, especially when they were putting up the New Years Eve decorations, he was acting really strange. She wishes she would have realized this sooner, who knows what could have happened to Mac by now. Felicia says she plans to string James along. Robin walks in and congratulates Felicia on her engagement. She asks why she changed her mind and Felicia tells her Mac has changed and that he's not the same guy they know and love. Robin leaves to go and look for Uncle Mac while Felicia lets V. know Robin can't know the truth until they figure this all out.

Tony tells Lorraine she can leave. He calls her despicable and tells her she is not going to be getting a job at GH. Lorraine doesn't know what Carly ever say in him; he's just an old man old enough to be her father. Carly must have been desperate she says. When she leaves Tony asks out loud, "Carly, why me".

Carly tells Bobbie it is true, she's Caroline. Bobbie asks Jason to take the baby out of the room; all eyes are on them. Bobbie wants to know if the walk in the snow to see her baby was all just an act and she believes Carly is just trying to use all she told her against her. When she thinks Carly can't sink any lower she does and believes Carly likes to throw the fact she gave her daughter away in her face. Carly says she is her daughter and wasn't going to tell her but when she saw how much she loves Michael she felt she should know it's her grandson. Bobbie believes she is relentless and just keeps on destroying their lives.

Mac walks into the grill and everyone is congratulating him. He walks over to Felicia and tells her what's going on. He says Tess kept him drugged and tied up and that James is alive and well. She seems a bit leery and he catches on that she doesn't' think it's him. Felicia asks why should she believe he's not James since he is wearing the clothes James had on. Mac has told her that him and James struggled and that he switched their clothes so no-one would be suspicious.

V. runs into Jax and he asks if she needs to stay at the penthouse. She lets him know she has a room but that she needs to go up there for a minute. She notices Ashley waiting for him and tells him that although they almost had something last summer they didn't because of Brenda and he lets her know him and Brenda now have a warm friendship. She thinks he's just passing time with Ashley until Brenda is better but he claims that's not true.

Brenda runs into Ashley who comments on how Brenda is looking tired and it's a good thing she doesn't have a booking the next morning. Brenda lets her know she just happens to have one.

Robin steps into Jason's limo where he's sitting with the baby. She tells him things aren't going to well inside and Jason says he already knows. Robin asks if it's true and he tells her it is. She urges Jason to tell AJ that Michael is his son or what's going on with Carly and Bobbie could happen to them down the rode.

Carly tells Bobbie she's telling the truth and is not crazy. She says she came to PC to find her and see what she looked like. Bobbie claims there was another version-Carly came to town, saw her life and liked it, then learned about her daughter and decided she wanted to be her. Carly says she was angry at her for giving her up and wants to apologize. She says that she really needed to hear those things Bobbie said. Bobbie tells her the little girl she gave up is dead. Carly says she is not the only one who lied to her. AJ jumps in and says to Bobbie not to believe Carly because she's lying. Carly tells him to butt out. She tries to walk away but Carly grabs her hand. This makes Bobbie think of the one and only time her baby held onto her hand. Tony walks in and Bobbie goes over to him and tells him to listen to Carly's new one. She urges her to tell Tony what she just told her.

V. finds James tied up and is confused because she just saw him in different clothes. He says he's the real Mac and gives her the same story Mac gave Felicia. He tells her James might try to kidnap Felicia if he doesn't get to her and then V. spills all to him about her and Felicia being onto James and their whole plan. She unties him and when he says he's going to go to Felicia in the grill she realizes it's James and hits him over the head with the fire extinguisher.

Mac tells Felicia only something she would know and she says he could have learned that from Mac. He tells her this can still be dangerous and will bring her to the stairwell and show her where he left James.

Jason lets Robin know he doesn't want to make things worse for Carly. He knows what the Q's are like and what they are capable of. Jason offers to drive Robin home and she accepts.

Edward thinks if Carly's whole story is true than his great-grandson is part Spencer.

Carly begs Bobbie not to do this and so Bobbie turns to Tony and tells him. He asks what would make her think she's wrong.

Robin keeps on Jason and questions him if he wants to keep the baby, he says you can't keep a person. He does say he loves Michael and will protect him as long as he's with him.

Ashley tells Jax goodnight and says she's going up to her room. Brenda watches from a table and Jax walks over to asks if she's found a room. She says they're all booked and she's just waiting until she can leave and go home.

Bobbie wants to know why he believes her and Tony says it's now coming together and it answers a lot of questions. He recalls all their times together, when she was around and how she warmed her way into their lives. How she pumped him for information on Bobbie and the daughter she gave away. He says she just wanted to get back at Bobbie by sleeping with her stepdaddy. He now knows what he saw in her, Bobbie.

Mac and Felicia find James in the stairwell. The two men bicker on who's really Mac and she tells them to stop. She says she can settle it with a kiss. James kisses her first and then Mac. She's able to tell right away. James admits he's crazy about her and Mac says he only did this for the money. He was a cab driver with a resemblance to him and that's how he got involved. James tells Felicia he knows how to make her happy and Mac tells him he's going to jail. James says maybe he can turn states evidence.

Jax says he's going up and Brenda doesn't want him to keep anyone waiting . After he gets up Brenda notices he left his envelope on the table and she goes to bring it to him.

Jason's driver walks into the grill to let Carly know Jason took the baby home and he's there to pick her up.

Alan is seen by Brenda trying to get into the hotel pharmacy and he makes up an excuse as to what he's doing there.

Carly says she has no intention of forcing herself or her son on Bobbie and if she wants a daughter, even a horrible one, she knows where to find her. As she turns, Carly sees Virginia walk in.

Mac wants to know why she agreed to marry James if she didn't believe it was him and she says her ulterior motive was to find out where he really was. James tells her he will treat her like a queen. Mac wants to know where Tess is and James doesn't know. Mac tells Felicia they will keep up their "engagement" for appearances. Felicia wants to know what they're going to do with James.

Jax walks into his penthouse and there's Ashley with two glasses of champagne. Brenda is walking right behind him and he slams the door in her face without realizing it.

Virginia walks over to Bobbie and tells her she came to PC to see her. It is a surprise because she figured she might object if she told her. She turns around and does a bit of a double take when she sees Carly. When she does realize it's her she says her name, Caroline, and the two embrace. Bobbie and Tony both realize it's true.

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

Mac, Felicia, and V. figure out what to do with James. Mac doesn't want to go to the police because they still don't know Tess' motives. They all agree for now no police.

Ned shows up at Alexis' hotel room with room service, chocolate covered strawberries.

Alan gains access to the hotel pharmacy and looks for his painkillers. Unfortunately they are locked in a cabinet which he has trouble opening.

Virginia asks Caroline where she knew to find her birth mother. She tells her it is Barbara Jones, not realizing that she already knows. Virginia makes introductions and Bobbie calls her a little bitch. Bobbie asks Virginia why she's here, did Carly send for her. Bobbie wants Carly to explain all to Virginia. She tells Virginia she has known Carly for two years and asks who the real Carly Roberts is. Carly, a.k.a. Caroline, says she's dead and she was her best friend. Virginia is all confused and wants someone to tell her what is going on. Bobbie gives her one last chance to explain or she will. Carly starts to tell Virginia everything that happened from the beginning. How an investigator came to her and told her that her birthmother was looking for her and she then went to PC to see Bobbie. She thought Bobbie would recognize her immediately just be looking into her eyes, but she didn't. This upset her, especially that her mother was living so well and had even adopted a little boy. Carly really felt her mother never wanted her. She says she tried to make her a friend and even thought about telling her but then after a while she figured Bobbie wouldn't even care and then she didn't want to tell her. Virginia asks why not and Tony jumps in telling her that by then she had decided to steal her mother's husband.

Ned still wants Alexis to come work at ELQ. She asks if he minds if they both stay out of each other's personal business. She can't work for ELQ until she knows her private life will be left alone when necessary. He asks if she'll do anything to hurt his family and she lets him know if there's conflict of interest at any time she will resign. They toast ELQ.

Mac checks James' wallet, looking for some clues. Mac questions Felicia on what took her so long to realize James was not him. She tells him it was strange, he wasn't completely different just a bit unbearable. She really knew something was up when she saw the way he acted towards Robin. Mac asks if he hurt her and she says no, it's just the way he handled her about Jason, she thinks Robin's falling in love with him again. This upsets Mac and he wants to know why she didn't interfere. They argue over this and V. intervenes, reminding them they have to move James before they get caught.

Alan has no luck picking the cabinet lock so he puts his fist through the glass. (This guy is really desperate). The alarm is set off and he grabs what he needs.

Monica tells Edward they should leave the room but he wants to stay and see if Carly will slip with something they can use against her.

Tony says Carly seduced him and she says it took him all of 5 minutes to loose interest in his wife and son. Carly admits she ruined Bobbie's life. Bobbie brings up Michael and Carly says she'd like to at least tell her mother something in private. Virginia tells Bobbie she raised Carly better than this and Bobbie thinks it's not their fault. She does ask Virginia if the real Carly died by the hands of a drunk driver and she tells her yes. Bobbie is teary and wishes Virginia good luck before leaving the walking away. Monica stops her on her way out and asks if she'd like to stay in one of the rooms. Bobbie declines, there's someone she needs to go and see.

Virginia tells Caroline that Bobbie is a good woman and she passes a nasty comment. Virginia doesn't want to hear another word out of her. She tells her how Bobbie came to see her in Florida and wanted to know all about her daughter. She listened to everything about her childhood. Virginia wants to know how come she set out to ruin Bobbie's life. Carly really doesn't think Bobbie lost anything except her husband who was just as judgmental of his wife as he was of her. Tony calls her a liar and Virginia tells him to stop it. She thinks he should take some blame as well, going to bed with a girl half his age. She also wants to know who this Michael is, another married man. Tony says he's Carly's son, her grandson. Carly is pissed at him for telling and Virginia is shocked. She wants to know when Caroline was going to tell her and she swears she was going to bring him to see her in Florida. Virginia asks Tony if he's the father and he says Carly only lived with him but conceived the baby with another man. Virginia still doesn't believe Caroline would have brought the baby to see her.

Monica comments to Edward how she never knew Bobbie had a daughter. Edward thinks they need to offer her something that Jason can't give her, respectability.

Alan swallows his pills and then tries to wipe away his prints before leaving.

Ned tells Alexis she is beautiful and intelligent and one of the most capable attorneys. But he doesn't like to mix business with pleasure, neither does she. They must make a choice about which relationship they want and they prefer both.

Bobbie goes to see Stefan at Wyndemere. She asks him if he knew Carly was her daughter and he did. She wants to know why he didn't tell her and he says it would have hurt her when they were married and then when they were divorced it was a weapon he didn't need. She thinks he held it in reserve and he lets her know her daughter's death was greatly exaggerated by her brother. She says he has no idea what Luke knows and he lets her know he had Luke followed to Florida and he stayed for several hours and then left with a yearbook. She recalls the events of the evening and thinks he is enjoying seeing her upset. He claims that is not true. Before she leaves she must ask one more question, did he set her up to find Tony with Carly that first night at the cabin? He tells her he uses situations to his advantage which she takes as a yes to her question.

Alan returns and Monica wants to know where he's been. He claims he was dealing with a problem at the hospital. Tony walks over and tells him Carly is his stepdaughter, Alan already knows.

Carly wants to go home now and Virginia asks where that is. She tells her that she's now living in a penthouse and that Michael is a beautiful and healthy baby. Virginia wants to know if she takes any responsibility for what she's done.

V. ties up James and Mac and Felicia are at Tess' cabin. Mac is wrecking the place and it is all part of their plan. Felicia gives Mac a punch to the face, for appearances, and then leaves him there.

Alexis accepts his offer and before he leaves they share a kiss.

Carly admits what she did was wrong and Virginia can't believe she thinks it's all fixed by telling the truth. Tony butts in and tells her how Carly left her son right after he was born with his gangster father. Carly tells him off and he calls her a tramp; she tells him he is a pathetic loser. Virginia tries to jump in and Carly thinks she's taking his side. She tells her mother not to be nice to them because they never treated her any good. They argue and Carly tells her she can just leave. Virginia gets up and collapses on her way out. Carly and Tony rush to her side.

Bobbie goes to Luke's homeRecap --->

Wednesday, February11, 1998

Stefan looks at an old portrait of Laura. One of his men tell him Laura is in North Carolina now. He says out loud that he ordered her never to return or did she forget the penalty, maybe she's willing to pay it. Katherine knocks on the cellar door, she wants to know what he's doing in there.

Carly spent the night on the hospital couch. Monica tells her to come now if she wants to see her mother. Monica and the other doctor try to tell her what happened but before they can she runs in the room and sees her mother is covered by a sheet.

Luke walks into his house and calls out to Bobbie. He sees her sitting on the couch and asks what's wrong. She tells him Lucky is dead and then asks how it feels. She hits him and asks him if it hurts. Luke asks her when she found out, did Jason tell her. She says no, surprised Jason also knew, and he swears he was going to tell her. She tells him no he wouldn't have, Virginia would have because she came to PC to see her. Bobbie tells him everything that happened the night before at the Port Charles Grill. She says she should have realized something when he wouldn't let her open her mail from Virginia and realizes now why he had those pictures of Carly in his safe. She says his lying was the last things she ever expected, although with him it always happens. Luke tells her when he found out and felt it was better she was dead and he doesn't regret what he did. He did this for and she wants to know what he was protecting her from. She tells Luke she is not looking for an apology.

Virginia never stabilized from the blood clot to her brain and Monica tells her that her mother was not in good condition from her last stroke. Carly cries by her side and promises to be good. She recounts how good her mother was to her and she never got a chance to thank her. Now there is no one else in the world who loves her.

Katherine wants to know what Stefan was looking for. He tells her a storybook which he plans to give to Nikolas to read; maybe he will speak some words again. She questions when this happened and he tells her last week. Katherine wants to know why she's just finding out about this now and he doesn't see why he was obliged to tell her. She feels she is part of their relationship and he lets her know that Nikolas would like some things kept private. Katherine suggests the speech therapist again but he isn't going for it but suggests they celebrate at the gatehouse.

Robin serves breakfast and Brenda is preparing for her appearance. She wants to call Jax but feels she can't expect him to be waiting for her call. She figures he'll be eating breakfast with that model. Robin asks about her job and Brenda says she can't really explain it.

Katherine and Stefan go up to the main house where Nikolas is waiting. Stefan is taking him to the hospital for his follow up visit.

Bobbie tells Luke she has to leave for work. Luke asks her what she would have done had he told her the day he found out. Bobbie doesn't answer but believes he had a hand in all of this and questions him if she would have went through life not knowing Michael was her grandson. Luke says he was going to tell her if Carly didn't come back within a month. She lets him know that there is nothing he can do that will make a difference and the day will come when they are all sitting around the table and he will think they are past this, that they're all right now, but she won't be, ever.

Luke replays his messages and hears the one from Virginia. In the middle of this Amy calls looking for Bobbie. She tells him that Virginia has died.

Carly walks out of the room and Keesha is standing there; Carly finds this a joke that she is the social worker. Keesha wants to offer her help but Carly would rather wait for someone else who has not called her scum for the last few months.

Nikolas asks Stefan why Bobbie was over last night; he gives him an answer but nothing like we heard. Stefan leaves him and goes off to find the doctor.

Robin shows up at GH to pick up some medicine and she asks Amy about Nikolas. After Amy is called away Robin finds a pamphlet for the auto show in Brenda's coat pocket.

Brenda is modeling at a car show wearing a genie outfit. The man running the show has her go over her lines with him. He obviously thinks she might have trouble reading them.

Keesha chases Carly down and would like them to put their differences aside for now and she tries to give her the pamphlet. Carly tells her to burn in hell.

Carly sees Tony talking about Virginia and she tells him to cut the phony sympathy act since he's the one who killed her. He is surprised she's blaming him. She says he kept pushing her and made her say all those things to her mother which she did not want to. He tells her she always needs to be the victim in situations and she is not the victim here. He says some really mean things to her and she walks away. As she goes to get into the elevator Luke walks out.

Robin walks over to Nikolas and introduces herself, saying that she's glad he's recovering and so is Jason. When she leaves Stefan comes back over and wants to know what she wanted. Nikolas turns around and there is Sarah; they look at each other but she walks away.

Brenda is giving a speech to the crowd and someone asks if she is the girl from those cosmetics ads. She gives a quick answer to throw the woman off her back. The crowd disperses and Robin shows up.

Luke tells Carly he heard about last night and she wants to know if he's going to kill her. He tells her no, he thinks she did the right thing.

Monica tells Bobbie about Virginia and suggests she go home and get some rest. Bobbie sees Tony and by him looking at her answers her question, will they ever be able to look each other in the face again. She says "heh, what's a little incest among family."

Luke tells Carly he also heard about Virginia and questions her about the arrangements. He asks if she needs any help and she says she has it covered. He figured she would say good riddance. They fight a little and then she walks away from him.

Thursday, February 12, 1998

Edward talks to AJ and tries to get him to join him in trying to get Michael from Carly. Edward suggests the family pay for Virginia Benson's funeral. AJ tells him he thought Jason would have that covered since he has so much experience with funerals. Edward tells AJ he needs his help since he is an expert on Carly. AJ refuses saying he has had enough of Carly in the past year. Edward tells him his past problems were personal, but now it is family business. AJ says he will still have to bow out. Edward starts in again when Monica walks in and she isn't happy about Edward using AJ for his benefit.

Carly tells Jason about Virginia's death. She is obviously upset and tells him how she never appreciated Virginia while she was alive. Carly then tells Jason he has been very kind, but it is time for she and Michael to leave. Jason tells her he doesn't want her to leave because Bobbie is there in town.

Lucky walks into Ruby's and sits down with Bobbie. She seems cold. Lucky asks her what is wrong, and as she starts to tell him, Luke walks in and she tells Lucky to ask his father and walks out. Luke then proceeds to tell Lucky about his lying to Bobbie and the truth of Carly's parentage. Lucky is surprised by Luke's news and tells him he doesn't agree with Luke's silence because they are all family and this was a family secret. Lucky asks Luke what other secrets Luke has that he is keeping from him and Luke tells him the same number as Lucky has kept from him. Lucky tells him he has got him there and Luke leaves.

Tony stares at himself in the bathroom mirror and has a strange look on his face. He then picks up his electric razor and starts to shave his head with a psychotic look on his face. Tony then shows up at Ruby's in time to see Luke leave and starts to follow him. Luke becomes aware someone is following him and turns around to see Tony. Tony confronts Luke about why he didn't tell him he was sleeping with his stepdaughter. Luke tells him, "with all the misery in the world why rain on someone's sex life".

Liz walks up to Audrey in the hospital and is upset about life. Audrey asks her what is wrong and Liz finally admits it is because she doesn't have a date for the Valentine's Day dance. Audrey asks what about Lucky and Liz tells her Lucky would never ask her and everyone really wants Sarah and not her. Audrey then begins to give her reasons why people would like Liz. Audrey then talks Liz into asking Lucky to the dance.

Bobbie arrives at the penthouse while Carly is upstairs. Bobbie yells at Jason because he didn't tell her Michael was her grandson. Bobbie also tells Jason she will have nothing to do with him, Carly, or Michael anymore. Jason asks her why she came to the penthouse then and Bobbie tells him it is to resign as nurse for Michael. She gives Jason everything she had concerning Michael, records and formula, as Carly walks downstairs with Michael. Carly asks what she is doing there and Bobbie tells her she is washing her hands of Carly.

Monica continues to ride Edward for trying to use AJ. Edward tells Monica someone has to reel Carly into the family and if AJ won't do it she has to. Monica refuses to help. Edward reveals his plan to her which involves taking advantage of the rift between Carly and Bobbie and showing Carly they are the friendly side of the family. Monica refuses to help and tells Edward he should approach Carly because they both would have a lot in common. Monica leaves the room and Edward decides he will indeed approach Carly himself.

Liz shows up at Ruby's and after some small talk asks Lucky if he is going to the Valentine's Day dance. When Lucky says he is, she asks him if they could meet there and hang out together. Lucky tells her okay that it sounds cool. Liz leaves and goes back to the hospital to tell Audrey the great news. She then realizes she doesn't have a dress and asks Audrey to go shopping with her because she values Audrey's opinion. Audrey agrees and is glad Liz is coming to her for help.

In the meantime, Sarah arrives at Ruby's and asks Lucky if he would like to take her to the dance. Lucky asks about Nikolas and Sarah says she and Nikolas aren't talking. Lucky says he would like to take her, but asks if it is a real date. Sarah tells him it is and asks if that is okay with him. Lucky says yes that all he was going to do was meet some friends there.

Back at the penthouse, Carly tells Bobbie Virginia is dead and instead of being upset, Bobbie tells Carly she should feel bad for lying about Virginia dying before. Bobbie accuses Carly of shedding crocodile tears for Virginia and tells her she treated Virginia poorly. Bobbie then gives her congratulations because Virginia has done what no one else has been able to do for the past two years; Virginia's death has proved Carly honest. Jason takes the baby from Carly and Carly starts to yell at Bobbie. After they both voice their opinions, they both agree neither one wants to have anything to do with the other.

Luke tells Tony he told him everything he needed to hear about Carly. Tony disagrees and Luke tells him he knew who Carly was and loved all she was. Luke also tells Tony that even if he had told Tony about Carly's lineage, it would have stopped Tony from being with Carly. He is just glad the baby wasn't Tony's and Carly had enough sense to stop the wedding between she and Tony. Tony begins to shove Luke trying to pick a fight with him, but Luke punches Tony in the stomach telling him to stop fighting with him and go back to his job of healing people.

Friday, February 13, 1998

Felicia calls Mac at the cabin to make sure he is still okay. Mac tells her he is fine and as he is saying good-bye to Felicia, Tess walks in. She assumes Mac is Jimmy and asks why the cabin is in such disarray. Mac, pretending to be Jimmy, tells her he caught Mac trying to escape and in the struggle, Mac fell and hit his head. The blow was fatal and he threw Mac's body into the lake. Tess doesn't seem to be very upset at Mac's passing and tells Jimmy (Mac) to go back to his playing Mac and enjoy it as long as he can, she will clean up the cabin.

Jax and Ned discuss delays in the waterfront project and Jax accuses Ned of stalling the project for Jason. Ned tells him he is being ridiculous and he is trying to make everyone happy and not cause any bloodshed. Brenda walks in as the two as talking. Brenda tells them about her job at the auto show and how it may turn into a job doing a commercial for the same company. She asks Ned if anyone would insure her considering her past problems and the pending lawsuits.

Audrey and Liz arrive home after buying a dress for the dance. Liz is excited and Audrey goes upstairs to get something for her to wear with the dress. While Audrey is upstairs, Lucky arrives and asks Liz if it would be okay for him to bring someone to the dance seeing as how their plan to meet at the dance wasn't a true date. Lucky then reveals to Liz his date is with Sarah. He also tells Liz she can tag along with them unless she has better plans. Liz hides her disappointment and tells Lucky she can't go with them because a basketball player at school just called and asked her to go to the dance with him. Lucky tells her that is great and he and Sarah will see Liz and her date at the dance.

Robin shows up at Ruby's and sits down with Felicia who is waiting for Mac to return from his meeting with Tess. They discuss Valentine's Day watching a couple celebrate together. Felicia brings up the subject of Jason and Robin changes the subject to Mac and Felicia's engagement. Felicia doesn't give it away that she and Mac aren't truly engaged and changes the subject back to Jason. Robin admits that it is hard not to think about Jason because she still cares for him so much.

Audrey comes downstairs with her "gift" for Liz and Liz tells her she has changed her mind about the dance and doesn't want to go and thinks she is coming down with the flu. Audrey dismisses her objections to the dance telling Liz it is just her nerves getting to her. Audrey then shows Liz what she brought downstairs for her to wear. It is a bracelet Steve had given Audrey when they first started dating seriously. Audrey puts the bracelet on Liz and tells her it is for good luck. Liz goes upstairs to get ready, but doesn't finish until the dance is half over. Audrey gets suspicious wondering why Liz is so late and Liz tells her it is because Lucky called and told her he would be late.

Brenda discovers that even though she found a company to insure her, any money she made from a job would go towards her lawsuits. Ned suggests she come back to work at L&B, but Brenda says she can't because it would be too easy and safe and she needs to learn to survive on her own. Ned then gets a phone call from Alexis and leaves the room to talk to her. While Ned is away, Brenda asks Jax if she can take him to dinner tonight. Jax apologizes, but says he can't because he has other plans.

Robin goes to the bridge and looks out onto the water. She takes out a Valentine and throws it into the water. She begins to remember back to a time when she and Jason met at the bridge. Suddenly she hears something behind her and turns around. She sees Jason. Robin asks him why he is there and he tells her it is because he was thinking of her. He asks her what she threw into the water and Robin tells him it was a wish she wrote down on paper. Jason tells her he hopes her wish comes true and Robin tells him it won't because nothing will change. Robin then tells him how much she misses him and kisses him.

Tess calls her boss and informs him or her that Mac is dead. When the person expresses concern, she tells them it is okay because Jimmy will be around to continue to portray Mac because he has fallen for Felicia. She also says it doesn't matter, someone will still be there to be the fall guy. She takes out a manila envelope and tells the person on the other end of the line she has been looking over the information on the intended target. The target turns out to be... Jax!

In the meantime, Mac arrives at Ruby's and tells Felicia what happened with Tess. He tells her he was unable to get any information out of Tess, but says she didn't seem upset to hear of Mac's demise. He also tells Felicia he gets the impression that when all this is over, no one will want to be Mac Scorpio.

Sarah, Lucky, and her friend Deanne, arrive at Ruby's after the dance. Lucky wonders where Liz was and Sarah tells him she probably decided to go off with her date. Sarah goes to play a song on the jukebox and Lucky asks Deanne if he imagined Sarah talking about Nikolas all evening. Deanne says no that Sarah is still hung up on Nikolas. Liz's date shows up at Ruby's with a group of friends and Lucky goes over to ask him where Liz is. The "date" tells Lucky he doesn't know who Liz is and has a girlfriend anyway. Lucky gets concerned about Liz, but Sarah tells him nothing is wrong that Liz is just concocting a plan to get the basketball player. Lucky doesn't agree with Sarah and tells her he is leaving to go look for Liz. Sarah stops him saying she thought this was a real date. Lucky tells her no that it is obvious she is still hung up on Nikolas and he is leaving.

Liz walks alone in the park going home from a movie. She sits down on a park bench to reflect on things with Lucky and as she is sitting there, someone puts his hand on her mouth. Liz screams and struggles to free herself, but the attacker drags her off to the woods.

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