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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on GL
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Monday, February 9, 1998

Vanessa has fallen into a coma, and Rick is unable to tell when she might come out of it... if ever. Bill comes to her side and begs for her to come back, as also does Matt.

Vanessa meets up with Maureen in what appears to be Heaven. She tries to convince Vanessa that it is not her time to die, and too many people need her, namely her new daughter, Maureen. Vanessa argues that it would be so much easier for her death to come now, rather than her whole family having to suffer through a long, sickly death. So, Maureen says that she will show Vanessa her future, without her existence. She "takes" her to a church, where she sees Matt in a tux at the alter waiting for his bride-to-be.

Frank brings the bad news to Josh and Reva that Annie cannot be found. She was last seen at a dock, whizzing away in a boat. Cassie is hesitant on going on her vacation with Hart, and doesn't want to leave Tammy. Reva assures her that Tammy will be very safe, especially since police will be surrounding the house 24hrs/day.

Dinah comes to the halfway house and finds Rob Layne, (who is amazingly good-looking and very flirtatious). She tells him that she knows his ex-wife, Cassie, and shows him a picture of Cassie, Tammy and Hart. He is not pleased to hear that Hart is getting close to Tammy, but says that he can't do anything about it; he has a few more months before getting released. Dinah tells him that she knows the system, and can get him released. She then receives an alarming phone call concerning her mother, and leaves quickly.

Ross hears Blake tell Ben that "this won't be like getting me into bed" and demands some answers. Blake stutters around and tries to say that she was just trying to help find the tape. Ben interrupts and says that he can tell Ross exactly what has happened between them. A panic-stricken Blake listens as Ben describes "putting his best moves on her", and getting rejected. Ross says that he believes none of it, and makes Blake promise to keep out of his work, and let him fight his own battles. As Ross goes to get the car, Blake returns to Ben's office to get her purse that she left behind. Ben comments that she seems to leave something every time she is around; Blake says that it is definitely not on purpose.

Tuesday, February 10

Vanessa asked Maureen to show her the future, if she decided not make the choice to live. Maureen took her to a church where she saw Matt marrying Dinah. Bill walked in, looking awful, talking about their upcoming "farce" of a marriage. Vanessa questioned what he meant. Maureen said just to be silent and watch. Dinah told Matt that she knew that he was marrying her out of pity. He replied "I want to take care of you, it is what Vanessa would want". Dinah started scoffing "Saint Vanessa" and said it was all her fault she was in this situation, not to mention what's become of little Maureen. Then the minister the declared it was time for the ceremony to begin. Vanessa then realized what Dinah had been talking about, as Dinah rolled down the isle in a wheelchair. She questioned Maureen about it and asked about little Maureen. Maureen stated that the events leading up to this would be painful for Vanessa to watch but Vanessa took her hand ready to go on.

While Vanessa was seeing the future, her heart monitor went off and she was put on a respirator. Ed called Michelle and told her that Vanessa was hanging on by a thread. Michelle decided to put on a disguise, and go to the hospital for a brief visit. She told Dan that the chances of running into Jessie there would be slim so she would risk it to visit Vanessa and the baby. Dan assured her that he would shield her from Jessie if the need arose.

Drew called Jessie to tell him to pick her up at the hospital, where she was trying to sell blood. Jessie arrived and Drew collapsed against him, being weak from the donation. She was trying to cheer him up about Michelle and made him say that he was over her. Meanwhile Michelle, who had heard his voice and was hiding in the hallway, overheard him say that "I am over Michelle and it wasn't that hard". Dan told her he was holding Drew in his arms and now Michelle is devastated.

Lillian is worried about Beth. She refuses to admit that she intentionally let that car hit her, now claiming it was an accident. Lillian told Beth that she needed therapy. She reminded her that when Bradley abused her, she referred to that as an accident also. Beth said that she was just accident-prone and all she needed was Phillip. She has mistakenly taken his concern for a sign that he still loves her.

Harley and Phillip bumped into one another in the hallway of the hospital. They decided that it was silly not to see each other and have made plans to get together after Phillip takes Beth home.

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Wednesday, February 11, 1998

by Susan Hutcherson

Vanessa is growing weaker. Matt, Dinah and Bill are standing vigil by her side. Maureen takes Vanessa back in the future to show her the effect her death will have on everyone, should she choose to die. They see Matt & Dinah, in Cassie's bar, getting drunk. It is second year anniversary of Vanessa's death and Dinah is saying "She chose to leave me yet again". Then she and Matt get in the car to drive off and the accident happens causing Dinah's paralysis.

Beth came "home" to Phillips today. Lizzie throws a temper tantrum trying to convince Phillip not to go to his and Harley's home to live, but to stay with Beth. He agrees to do so for a short period of time. After he leaves, Lizzie tells Beth that she is sure Phillip still loves the both of them. Meanwhile, Lillian is still trying to convince Beth to seek counciling. Beth gets mad at her. Lillian is told by Beth "I am not crazy and if you keep saying I am, you know where the door is".

Michelle has a heart to heart with Abbey and finds that Jessie still loves her. Michelle explains to Abbey that she doesn't want Jessie to be tied down by her blindness. Abbey tells Michelle that she is making the same mistakes she did. She reminds her how she almost left Rick for his own good - or so she thought. When she walks off, Michelle tells Dan that she is still feeling sorry for herself and Dan holds her in comfort. Jessie walks into the corridor, sees them in each other's arms, and walks off.

Reva has Harley help her at the shooting range. She wants to practice her aim for when Annie shows up again. Harley leaves to go set up her special evening with Phillip. Josh comes in and asks Reva what she thinks she is doing.

Phillip and Harley meet at their house and have a romantic evening.

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Thursday, February 12, 1998

by Angela Vogel

Cassie discovers that she has been severely sunburned during her tropical vacation with Hart. Her skin is blistering and painful, causing them to have to further delay their long-awaited lovemaking.

Josh finds Reva at the shooting range and takes her to the hospital to see Vanessa, who is dying. He lets Reva know that he disapproves of her wanting to protect herself with a gun. At the hospital, they run into Dinah who gives Reva a hard time for being there. Dinah finally pushes Reva into revealing that Cassie and Hart are out of town together. Dinah goes nuts. "Did anyone bother to tell Hart that my mother took a turn for the worse?" she says. "Of course not, cause if they did, he'd be here instead of off on an island with your trampy sister!" Matt tells Dinah to leave the hospital room for a few minutes to calm down.

Vanessa continues watching Dinah and Matt from her spiritual realm with the help of her deceased friend, Maureen Bauer. Maureen tells her she's running out of time and must decide whether to fight her way back to the world of the living or succumb to death.

Phillip tells Harley to move into their new place immediately, but tells her it will take longer for him to move in because he has to stay at the mansion a while longer for Lizzie's sake. Harley realizes that Phillip is stalling about moving in with her and tells him so. They get into a huge argument over Phillip's way of handling things with Beth and Lizzie. After an extended conversation/blow-out over this, Phillip tells Harley he can't abandon his daughter; to Harley it appears that he's choosing to abandon HER instead. She rips up their lease and tells him, "When you're really ready to move in with me, let me know, but I can't promise I'll be waiting."

Josh learns from Frank that a woman fitting Annie's description was spotted in Chicago, and that police are staking out Annie's old house. He assures Reva that she is safe, and tells her "no more guns."

Hart and Cassie decide to talk rather than have sex, and the conversation turns towards Cassie's ex-husband, Rob Layne. Hart promises Cassie that Rob will never come between Cassie and her daughter Tammy again. At the same time, Dinah is calling Rob Layne from Springfield to say that their little deal is still on --she will get him out of the halfway house soon! He says he looks forward to seeing Cassie again.

The doctors tell Josh to prepare Matt for Vanessa's passing. Matt refuses to acknowledge how sick she is. Reva thinks she should call Hart to give him the opportunity to say goodbye to Vanessa. Josh calls Hart, who agrees to take the first flight home.

Vanessa learns from watching the future that after her death Dinah will drive drunk and be involved in a devastating accident, while Matt will lose everything (friends, house, and money). She asks Maureen why they keep referring to Matt as "alone" and don't mention their baby daughter.

At show's end:

  • A woman spies on Reva from the bushes outside of Cedars Hospital as she says a prayer for Vanessa.
  • Maureen takes Vanessa to the gravesite where Matt grieves for his dead wife and child, and Vanessa realizes that if she dies, so will her daughter.
  • A priest enters Vanessa's hospital room to read her last rites.

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