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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 16, 1998 on PC
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Monday, February 16, 1998

Rex, was hiding in the shadows and listening to Kevin, who was trying to convince Lucy of Rex's guilt in kidnapping Serena. Lucy said that she only believed that Danielle was alive, but it didn't prove that Rex was guilty. She wouldn't believe it until Danielle told her. Lucy agreed to not tell Rex until she could speak to Danielle and told them to call her when she awoke from the coma.

After everyone left, Rex entered the room and told "Danielle" that she had been a constant thorn in his side since the beginning. He told her that the plan could have been easy but that she'd let "love" get in the way of a million dollars. As he pulled out a hypodermic needle and told her that he would put her out of her -- or rather his -- misery, Scotty and Jake watched on video monitors.

Grace bumped into Chris on her way to Matt's, and she told him she had chicken soup for Matt. She accidentally dropped the bag to reveal all the medical supplies, and Chris immediately questioned why she needed those supplies. She tried to cover, but Chris didn't believe her and followed her to Matt's. Ellen reluctantly opened the door, and Chris demanded to know what was going on with his friend. He said that Matt needed to be hospitalized, but Ellen said she had given Matt her word that she wouldn't take him to the hospital. Ellen then decided to move Matt to the hospital for treatment.

Just as Rex was ready to give "Danielle" the poison, Scotty appeared. He showed Rex the video cameras and introduced Eve as Danielle. Rex grabbed Eve and threatened her with the needle. He let her go, and he and Scotty struggled before he was captured. Afterward, Eve and Scotty shared a passionate hug.

Chris questioned how Matt had gotten hurt. He didn't buy the story of turpentine blowing up in the garage. Matt woke up and realized where he was and was not happy with Ellen for breaking her promise. She told him that he would have died had she not taken him to the hospital, and he told her that he was already a dead man. Meanwhile, someone was calling all the hospitals in the area, looking for a bomb blast victim.

Lucy and Kevin arrived at the police station because Rex was asking for Lucy. She went to see him, and he told her that he'd never fully trusted her. So, he had put slow-acting poison in her tea that morning as an insurance policy. Had she been on the up and up, he would have given her the antidote later. But he wasn't going to be doing that. He told her that he was the one and only person that could have done it, and he would meet her in hell.

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Scotty's verdict was overturned, and Lee congratulated him on being a free man. Judge Harrington was able to contact the family services people, and Scotty was awarded sole custody of Serena. After a warm reunion with Serena, Scotty promised her that no one would ever take her away again. Scotty thanked his parents for taking such good care of Serena. Lucy and Kevin went to the hospital to check out Rex's claim that he had poisoned her.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

Kevin went to see Rex to try to find out about the antidote for Lucy. Rex told him that if he wanted to find it, "a captured soul will lead the way." Kevin realized that Lucy's life might depend upon the answer to a riddle.

Ellen found out that Matt was not really who he had appeared to be. He told her that someone was trying to kill him. He admitted that his injuries were the result of a bomb. Chris let himself into Matt's place to do some investigating. He found a receipt that placed Matt in Philadelphia on February 16.

Rex was reluctant to give any more information to Kevin about the riddle. Meanwhile, everyone was frantically trying to analyze the toxin racing through Lucy. Lucy, Kevin, Scotty, and Eve tried to figure out what Rex's ultimate plan was after he obtained Serena's money. Rex gave Kevin another small clue. He told Kevin to start at the scene of the crime. Lucy figured out that the "crime" was her marrying him under false pretenses and that the marriage had taken place at Rex's mansion, so they should start there.

Matt told Ellen a little more about how and why he'd received the bullet that had caused his paralysis. He told her of a previous life of being involved with the wrong people and seeing something he shouldn't have, and when he'd tried to get out with the promise that he would keep his mouth shut, they'd tried to kill him.

While the foursome scoured Rex's mansion for the answer to the riddle, Lucy stumbled upon a picture of Serena on Rex's desk that hadn't been there before. Eve remembered that in some cultures, they did not allow a picture to be taken because they believed that the camera "captures the soul." Inside the frame was a note -- the U.S. Congress ruled "this place we call by another name." Since her birth had been unique, the same might be said for the soul held in the frame.

Chris found an article on Matt's computer about the mob being on trial in Philadelphia and a witness turning state's evidence. Chris figured out that it was Matt. Matt had needed to re-testify the previous week. The mob had found out he was there, and they had tried to kill him with the bomb. Since that hadn't worked, they were looking for him.

Thursday, February 19, 19th">

Despite long hours of research and lab tests, the interns continued to be frustrated in their desperate hunt for answers about Lucy's illness. Meanwhile, Lucy, Scotty, Eve and Kevin puzzled over the latest clue to Rex's riddle and finally realized that their search had to lead them back to Dominique's birthplace.

Ellen told Grace she'd changed the date on Matt's admission file in order to save her colleague some grief with his insurance company. Unconvinced by Ellen's story, Grace decided to ask Matt directly why he wanted his medical records altered.

Chris continued to dig for information about the bombing in Philadelphia. At Serenity, Lucy and her pals met face-to-face with one more of Rex's tricks but wound up at another dead end. A troubled Grace confided to Mike how withdrawn Matt had become in recent weeks.

Chris was fascinated by the possibility that his mild-mannered coworker might in reality be a wise guy on the run from the mob. Mike let Matt know that he had many underworld connections who could prove handy if he needed some help getting himself untangled from a sticky situation.

Kevin promised Rex he'd kill him with his bare hands if Lucy should die. Later, Lucy began to feel the first effects of the poison.

Friday, February 20, 1998

Joe took a sample of Lucy's blood and told her that the poison was causing her myelin sheaths to lose their elasticity, which was why she was losing the feeling in her extremities. Joe also said that the poison would spread to her internal organs and that she would stop breathing. Kevin then suggested that Lucy speak directly with Rex. Lucy asked Rex to spare her life, but he refused to reveal the antidote to the poison.

Katherine Bell and Scott arrived at the police station in the hopes that Katherine could shed some light on Rex that could help Lucy's predicament. Lucy and Katherine traded insults to mask their true feelings, and Katherine remembered that Rex was afraid of spiders. Armed with that information, Kevin later went into the interrogation room with a jar of poisonous spiders and threatened to release them.

Meanwhile, Lucy lost the feeling in her legs, and Scott called for an ambulance to take her to the hospital. Chris secretly slipped the threatening note he had pasted together in Matt's locker. Matt found the note and quickly left the hospital. Later, Matt arrived at Ellen's and told her that the people he had been hiding from had found him.

Karen made a breakthrough in the lab and narrowed the poison down to a specific plant family.

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