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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on PC
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Monday, February 9, 1998

Kevin confronted Lucy and Rex just moments after they were married. Kevin begged Lucy to end her plan, but she told him to leave and not come back. Later, Lucy panicked when she realized that Rex expected to make love on their wedding night. Lucy briefly considered going ahead and sleeping with Rex, but soon came to the conclusion that she could not cross that line. Lucy then remembered having once had an allergic reaction to Marsala wine and she began to drink it by the glassful. When Rex returned, he was repulsed by the sight of Lucy covered with blotches and she successfully avoided sleeping with him. Meanwhile, Kevin went to the Recovery Room to drown his sorrows. Kevin spoke with Jake and they both wished that Rex was dead. Later, Kevin came up with a plan to trap Rex by making him believe that Danielle was still alive. Scott and Eve made it to the hospital and Eve claimed that Scott needed to be quarantined. Frank rescued Gail, Serena and Karen, who wasn't seriously injured in her car accident. Frank then took everyone to General Hospital and Gail's plan to go on the run with Serena was thwarted.

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

A badly injured Matt returned home, but called in sick to the hospital claiming he had the flu. Grace decided to surprise Matt by bringing him some soup. When Grace arrived at Matt's door, however, he refused to let her in as he didn't want her to learn about his injuries. Rex reminded Lucy that Serena would be moving in that day. Lucy convinced Rex to let her handle Serena's arrival and planned to have Serena's bedroom set moved to Rex's. Later, Serena arrived at Rex's and was clearly unhappy to be there. Serena became upset when Lucy told her that she had married Rex. Lucy explained that marrying Rex was the only way she could live with Serena and Lucy promised Serena that she would never leave her. Eve continued with her scheme to help Scott escape from the hospital. Joe went over Scott's blood work and realized that he was not seriously ill. Joe then confronted Eve and figured out what she was really up to. Joe wanted to help and he took Scott's place in his hospital bed while Eve sneaked Scott out of the hospital inside a cart. Before Scott left the hospital, however, he and Eve shared a passionate kiss. Later, Conklin arrived outside Scott's door and was intent on questioning him. Kevin and Jake worked out the details of their plan to make Rex think that Danielle was still alive.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

After successfully escaping from the hospital, Scott called Lucy at Rex's and asked her to pick up a bag of hidden gold coins at the firehouse and to bring Serena to him at the plane hanger so that he could flee the country with Serena. Meanwhile, Rex, Lucy and Serena had lunch together and Serena took great delight in misbehaving when she dumped pepper all over Rex's pasta. Lucy then made an excuse and left with Serena and went to the firehouse, where they ran into Kevin. Lucy and Kevin embraced and Lucy explained how she had avoided intimacy with Rex by drinking Marsala wine. Kevin then told Lucy about his and Jake's plan to make Rex believe that Danielle was still alive and willing to testify against him. Lucy left Serena with Kevin and then went to meet Scott. Scott was furious when he realized Serena wasn't with Lucy, who then begged Scott to give Kevin's plan a chance. Meanwhile, Conklin discovered that Scott had escaped from the hospital. Joe and Karen pleaded with Conklin not to report Scott's disappearance. Conklin warned Joe and Karen that they needed to get Scott back to the hospital as soon as possible or risk going to jail themselves. Conklin, however, didn't tell the guard about Scott's escape and went along with the charade. Grace visited Matt and refused to leave until he let her into his apartment. Grace then realized that Matt was seriously wounded and needed a doctor. Later, Grace told Ellen that Matt was very ill and asked her to go and see him.

Thursday, February 12, 12th">

Lucy convinces Scotty to return to town and hear Kevin out before he attempts to disappear with Serena. Meanwhile, Rex has another run-in with Serena, who chomps down on her uncle's finger when he tries to pat her on the head. A worried Grace brought Ellen back to Matt's apartment to deal with their friend's deteriorating condition. Appalled by the looks of the infected wound, Ellen insists on taking Matt to General Hospital but he vehemently refuses to comply. Rex suggests to Lucy that they send Serena away to a European boarding school to instill a sense of discipline into the unruly child. Kevin and Jake explain to Scotty how they plan to bait a trap for Rex using parts of a phone message Danielle left on the answering machine at the lighthouse months ago. Unable to persuade Matt to go to the hospital, Ellen reluctantly agrees to treat his injuries herself. Although she pressures him to disclose how he became wounded, Matt reminds the chief resident that everyone has a few secrets they need to keep to themselves. Lucy fakes exhaustion to postpone yet again the roll in the hay that Rex has been so eagerly anticipating. Scotty asks Eve to double for the late Danielle but warns that the deception could put her life in jeopardy. Ellen receives another shock when she discovers that Matt is carrying a gun. Rex eavesdrops on Kevin's call to Lucy and is startled to hear a familiar voice speaking from the grave.

Friday, February 13, 13th">

After seeing the results of the latest lab tests, Ellen warns Grace that Matt's condition is even worse than they thought. Serena again expresses her distaste for her uncle by stomping on Rex's foot when he wishes her a good morning. Later, Rex surreptitiously places an electronic bug in Lucy's purse. Nervous about the plan to resurrect Danielle, Eve reminds Scotty that Friday the thirteenth may prove to be very bad luck for all of them. At the Recovery Room, Mike proudly shows off his new fortune telling machine to several of his regular customers. Julie coaxes Joe to be the first brave soul to try his luck, then is surprised when the fortune seems to come true almost immediately. Well aware that Rex is monitoring their conversation, Kevin told Lucy how Joe and Karen helped Jake fake Danielle's death and bury a Jane Doe's corpse in her stead. Ellen starts Matt on a broad-spectrum antibiotic in an attempt to fight back the infection that has seeped into his bloodstream. Though she again urges him to go to the hospital, Matt forces his friend to swear that she won't take him in no matter what happens. Lark angrily objects when Julie suggests that she accompany the girl and Frank on a visit to Mrs. Madison. After another of "Bernadette's" predictions comes true, Mike admits to the interns that he got the machine for practically nothing because its last owner believed it was haunted.

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