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Phyllis told Paul that Christine and Danny had spent a lot of time together. Victor told Grace not to send Cassie to the ranch anymore. Alice reported that Cassie had been kidnapped.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday February9, 1998

NIKKI tells Victor that Sharon has not been unfaithful to their son. Sharon spends most of her time at the ranch and Nikki knows for certain that she is not having men out there. Who is she going to have an affair with? Miguel? Well, something is going on; what is she hiding from everyone if she isn't having an affair? It has to be another reason, Nikki insists. She reminds Victor of how she was when she was pregnant with Victoria; she was so moody---up one minute and down the next. Suddenly, the two look at each other and they both come up with the same question. Could Sharon be pregnant? If so, it could be the answer, especially since everyone knows that Nicholas doesn't want another child!

SHARON visits Paul again and tells him that she has decided to let him handle that little matter that they spoke of earlier. She just came from Grace's office and she is more convinced than ever that she is going to do something rash with her "property."

The private investigator, Dave, arrives and Sharon gives him a picture of Grace. Dave thinks that Sharon suspects Grace of fooling around with her husband, but Sharon is quickly set him straight. Nick wouldn't do something like that. She only wants to be sure that this woman doesn't leave town; she wants to know immediately if it even looks like Grace is leaving. After Sharon leaves, Paul says that he knows her and she is really upset about something. Maybe they will be able to figure out what is going on after they have followed Grace for a while.

NICK tells Grace that he needs to talk to her. He closes the office door before he begins.

"I feel that you need to make a few changes where Cassie is concerned. She has been spending too much time out at the ranch. I know you are having problems, but you are relying on Sharon too much."

"I have not asked Sharon for a thing!" cries Grace. "I suggest that if you don't want Cassie out at the ranch, you talk to your wife. Keep me out of this!"

Nick doesn't know where this is coming from. He tries to get Grace to confide in him, but she refuses; nobody understands what is going through my mind, she tells him. "But," she tells him, "I can see that you really care about me. You are the only person who has offered me any support through all of this, and it means so much to me." She puts her arms around him and leans against his shoulder.

Nick tells her that he will always be on her side. He then invites her to go out for some coffee with him. Then after she is relaxed, if she feels the need, she can talk to him.

NEIL and Dru feel that they have worked out the immediate problems in their marriage. They both agree that honesty is the most important thing they can do for each other. Dru gives her word that from now on, she will be honest with him---and her word does mean something! She will prove that to him.

She goes to the phone and calls Olivia. She wants them to come up; she and Neil have something to talk to them about.

In their apartment, Olivia tells Malcolm that things sound bad. Sometimes things happen and love cannot survive. She sees a world of difference in those two people up there.

Back in Dru's apartment, Neil tells Dru that she really laid it on thick. As the doorbell rings, Dru tells him to play along and look grim.

Katherine visits Danny. She tells him that now that he is free of Phyllis, he should go after Christine. When he tells her that he is taking the "wait-and-see" approach as far as Chris is concerned, she tells him that he can't just sit around and wait for things to happen. He admits that he still loves Christine and he is sure she is still in love with him, but what can he do? Katherine tells him that the marriage with Paul is doomed to fail if Chris is still in love with Danny. So go after her before it is too late, she strongly advises.

MARY arrives at Paul's office looking for Christine. Lynn informs her that Paul is out, but Christine is in his office. Going into the office, Mary and Chris exchange a few pleasant words. Suddenly, Mary asks Christine when she is going to get pregnant. "What are you afraid of, childbirth? It can't be your career. There is no reason you can't be a lawyer and a mother too."

Chris is completely incensed that Mary would interfere with her marriage like this. She tells her in no uncertain terms that it is none of her business.

Mary tells Christine that she is worried about Danny. How much of the problem involves her ex-husband? Are her feelings for Danny the reason she won't commit to a baby with Paul?

"Are you implying that I'm not sure if my future is with Paul or Danny?" Christine asks.

"I never would have put it the way you just did," Mary concedes, "but, now that you mention it, that is what I am asking."

Just then, Paul arrives in the office. Neither of the women will talk to him about what is going on.

VICTOR arrives at Sharon's door just as she is leaving to pick up Noah. He thinks it is important that they talk. He tries to get her to open up to him, but she wants to handle her problem on her own. To her amazement, he suggests that she see a therapist. It's just a little problem, she insists. One that she is hoping will not go on for much longer. He then asks her if she is pregnant. If so, he will talk to his son and help him accept the situation. When she assures him that she isn't pregnant, he wonders if her feelings have lessened for Nicholas. Sharon promises him that her feelings for his son are the same. She loves him as much or more as she ever has.

ONCE Olivia and Malcolm are in the room, Dru begins to tell them, very slowly, that after talking for a while, she and Neil have decided that they need to give their marriage one last try. Immediately, Olivia goes to Dru and says she is sorry, but Malcolm has heard correctly and he is elated. There are hugs all around.

Amid all the joy, the babysitter comes home with Lily. She is happy to see her daddy, but wants him to play with him a while before he leaves. Picking her up in his arms, Neil informs her that he is not going anywhere.

"I missed you so much, Daddy," Lily tells him.

"I missed you too, Baby," Neil says, as he puts his arm around Dru. "I got my girls back!" he adds.

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

GRACE AND NICK arrive at a restaurant, followed by the detective Paul hired. After sitting, Nick asks what Tony did to her. Grace only gives him a look that says, "Don't go there." As they wait for their drinks, Grace studies the menu, but decides she doesn't need anything to eat.

Grace asks if Sharon is still acting weird. This gets Nick to repeating all his fears and worries again. He then tells Grace that having Cassie out at the ranch so much is overloading Sharon; taking care of two kids can be real work. Grace agrees that Sharon doesn't need to have all that work and responsibility on her shoulders; she and Tony are perfectly capable of taking care of Cassie without Sharon's help. Sharon isn't doing her a favor; she likes having Cassie around. She wishes him lots of luck convincing her that she can't see the child any more. About that time, Grace notices the man at the bar looking at her.

Nick says he is just looking at the most gorgeous woman in the place, but Grace doesn't think that is it. There is something odd about him looking at her.

Later, when they have finished their drinks, they get up and leave. The man at the bar gets up and follows them.

TRICIA AND RYAN are going at it hot and heavy in his office. When Ryan breaks it off, Tricia wishes they could disappear to a desert island. She then offers to make dinner for him at his apartment tonight, but Ryan feels that it would be awkward. Tricia is disappointed, but she wonders when Neil will be leaving. She wants to move in with him; think about it, she tells Ryan before leaving.

PHYLLIS wants revenge on Christine and Danny in the worst way and she is furious at Michael when he refuses to help her. He tells her that she needs to forget revenge and move on with her life. She says she knows him and she can't believe that he doesn't want revenge also. She thinks he has something up his sleeve. Michael tells her that he is working on getting his license to practice law restored. Phyllis laughs at him. Why does that hinder him from helping her?

Later, Phyllis goes to Paul's office. She bursts into the office with Lynn trying to stop her. "I'm sorry, Boss," Lynn tells Paul.

"I can handle the former Mrs. Romalotti," Paul tells Lynn.

"That is one thing that your wife and I have in common," Phyllis retorts. "We are both former Mrs. Romalottis. Did you ever wonder how long it would take before Danny and Christine find their way back to each other?"

Paul threatens to throw her out of his office. When she calls his bluff, he begins to follow up on his threat. Seeing that he means business, she leaves.

ALEC AND MEGAN are at Crimson Lights when Tricia arrives. Joining them, she complains that she wanted to fix dinner for Ryan, but couldn't because Neil is in the way. She really wants to take that next obvious step: moving in with him. Megan thinks that she should take things slowly, but Alec says that the best way to get to know someone is to live with them. He wishes Tricia luck.

Tricia wonders what they are up to today besides hiding out at Crimson Lights. Alec shows her the want-ad page of the newspaper. Megan tells Tricia that Alec graduates after this semester. He needs a part time job that will, hopefully, lead to something more permanent after graduation. Tricia thinks they are lucky since they are sharing the table with someone who has an "in" at Jabot (what about their Dad and Jill?). She immediately goes to the phone and calls Ryan. When she returns, she tells Alec that Ryan will see him now. He jumps up and hurries out of the coffee bar.

CHRISTINE isn't happy to see Michael when he shows up at her office. In answer to her question of why he is there, Michael tells her that he is reminding himself that there are people doing a good job without making money the bottom line. He also congratulates her on her handling of the divorce case. He is proud of her, he says. And what would Michael know about doing good works? Christine queries. Michael tells her that he has been thinking about all the pro bono work he used to do and how he felt fulfilled. Christine tells him that she will do everything she can to keep him away from Legal Aid. Michael can't believe she hates him so much that she would turn down his offer of help.

"You are one handsome guy," Vicki tells Ryan, as she enters his office and perches sexily on his desk. When he returns the compliment, she says she knew this was the place to go for a nice word. She wonders if he regrets their divorce and wonders what it would be like to be with her now. She suggests that they both dump their "main squeezes" and run off to a desert island. Ryan is just happy to remain friends, even though this is his second offer of the day.

"Whatever you have with this child can't be more than a short term fling," she tells him, not knowing that Alec has just come up to the office door and overhears. "What else could it be? She is just a teenybopper. Get rid of her. You know you will be bored in no time. Remember all the good times we had?"

Ryan warns her not to insult Tricia. He is very fond of Tricia and he won't hear another word. He would hate to cut all his ties with her.

Laughing, Victoria tells him goodbye and leaves. Outside the office, she runs into Alec.

"Just who the hell do you think your are?" Alec shouts at her. "I overheard what you said about Tricia and you are way off base about her."

"Oh, another member of her little fan club," taunts Vicki.

"Tricia loves Ryan," Alec tells her. "Don't you mess this thing up for her!"

"Oh, I won't have to," Vicki tells him, as she leaves. "She will mess it up with no help from me."

Going into Ryan's office, Alec thanks him for any help he can give him. Ryan says that he has made some inquiries and they will be in need of someone at Brash and Sassy. He should go immediately to Brash and Sassy and speak with Victoria Newman personally.

Finding his way to Brash and Sassy, Alec sees Vicki on the phone and realizes that he may have messed up.

SARA AND MIGUEL return from their drive and Nikki is there to welcome them home. After Sara leaves, Nikki asks Miguel if he is getting to know Sara any better. She wonders if he finds her secretive, but Miguel says she is vulnerable, in his opinion. But then, he is only just beginning to get to know her.

Upstairs, Sara removes her wig and takes out her satchel. Meanwhile, she is talking to herself about Nikki and how she hates her. He is the only man I ever loved, she mumbles, and he thinks I am dead. You are not his wife, I AM. He is going to be thrilled to find that I am still alive. She takes out the empty pill bottle and says that she is feeling better every day.

She begins to daydream about telling Josh who she really is. He is so happy to see her and to know that she is alive. He kisses her passionately. That is the way it will be, she decides. The only problem is Nikki. It is time to do something about her; Nikki has to be removed from the picture.

TONY is summoned to Victor's office. He arrives looking nervous. Victor doesn't look up from the reports he is doing and keeps him waiting. Tony wonders why he is there; is this about Victoria? Victor admits that he isn't thrilled by his relationship with Victoria, but he thinks it is more his daughter's idea than Tony's. He is only a dalliance---a temporary diversion---for his daughter.

When Tony says he is really nervous about why he is there, Victor wonders if he has any reason to be nervous. When Victor continues to "beat around the bush" by talking about the closeness that Tony and Grace have with Sharon and Nick, Tony tells him that where he is from, people speak plainly. Why doesn't he just spit it out and they can deal with it.

"What are your feelings for Sharon," Victor asks.

"Sharon?" responds Tony. "She is terrific. I love that lady."

Victor is taken aback. He didn't expect it to be this easy!

"Both of them are the sweetest people," Tony continues, not noticing the look on Victor's face. "I guess I am a little jealous."

"Why is that?" Victor asks.

"I see the two of them together and I want the same thing for me and Grace," Tony answers. "I don't know if we will ever have it, even though I try. Maybe you could advise me, Mr. Newman."

"Just tell her often that you love her," Victor answers in a more friendly tone. "Tell her every day if you have to." He then dismisses Tony, who thanks him and leaves.

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

SHARON, who is once again entertaining Cassie, calls Nick at Newman Enterprises. Nick is in Victor's office waiting for him when she reaches him. She wants him to come home a little early and spend some time with her and Cassie, but Nick tells her he is busy. He will see what he can do, he says as he hangs up, not knowing that his father is standing in the doorway listening.

VICTOR enters the office and talks business with Nick. Afterward, he tells Nick that he is concerned about him and everything that is going on in his marriage. He knows that Sharon is still having ups and downs. Nick admits that he has a lot on his mind, most of which is Sharon, but he wants to handle it on his own. He mentions that Cassie is at the ranch and Sharon wants him to drop everything and go home. Why should I get to know this little girl? He asks his father. I can't drop everything and go home and bake cookies!

Nick guesses from something Victor says that he has talked to Sharon. He isn't too thrilled with this, but Victor tells him that he is concerned about Nick's family since the situation is not improving. Now, he says, what are we going to do about it?

Nick says he doesn't want to push Sharon, but Victor disagrees. I would not let this fEsther, he tells his son. If you do, it will make things more difficult to deal with in the future.

"Now you listen, my boy," Victor pontificates. "We are Newmans and we do not give into problems; we find solutions. That is exactly what I expect you to do."

NIKKI asks Miguel if he has seen Sharon; she was supposed to go to town with her, but hasn't shown up yet. Miguel informs her that Sharon is busy with other plans, namely Cassie. Nikki states that Sharon has a child of her own to take care of; she can't be babysitting for Cassie, too. Miguel politely excuses himself from the room, while Nikki decides to take some action.

CHRIS appears angry as Nina arrives in her office. Was that Michael Baldwin I saw leaving? She inquires. Chris tells her that Michael came on the pretense of doing volunteer work for Legal Aid, but she turned him down, naturally. His real reason was to see if he was lowering her guard, Chris supposes.

She then tells Nina that she and Paul are wonderful, but his mother is another story altogether. "She is like a dog with a bone. She actually accused me of having feelings for Danny. Ridiculous!"

Nina hands her a letter, which Chris reads. She is delighted that Nina has sold her short story! "Doesn't it feel good to set goals for yourself and accomplish them?" she asks her friend. Nina thanks her profusely for being there for her, for all the encouragement she gave when Nina wasn't feeling all that confident.

ALEC arrives at Brash and Sassy to see the woman he just recently had a run-in with making an appointment for someone on the phone. When Vicki looks up and sees him, she wants to know what he is doing here----taking another shot at her about maligning his friend? Thinking she is the receptionist, he tells her he is there to see Victoria Newman. Vicki tells him that no one talks to Victoria Newman without talking to her first. Alec then tells her that he is there to interview for an entry-level position.

"You expect to walk right in and get an interview without going through personnel first?" Vicki asks, incredulously.

Alec explains that he just talked to Ryan McNeil and assumed he had called ahead about him.

"Well, he didn't," Vicki informs Alec. "And you have just had your interview. "

Alec suddenly realizes who he has been talking too. He apologizes for talking to her the way he did in the corridor, but she was taking some cheap shots at a friend of his. Vicki tells him that she puts a high value on loyalty, but in his case, it was misplaced.

"I don't handle entry-level positions," she tells him coldly. "I have more important things to do. However, I hear there is a position open in the mail room, so I suggest you see personnel."

DANNY tells Katherine that all he can think about is Christine. "Then don't just stand aside and let the love of your life slip away," Katherine advises. Danny has an idea that just might work.

MARY visits Paul at his office and tells him that she is worried for him and his marriage. She thinks Christine is stalling about having a baby because of her feelings for Danny. Paul asks her to leave.

DANNY calls Legal Aid and invites Christine to come spend time with him and Daniel. As she hesitates, he reminds her that it is Daniel's birthday and they want her to celebrate with them. They can't have a party without the Godmother! Christine tells him that she will try. On the other end of the phone, Danny hangs up with a self-satisfied little smile.

NIKKI pours tea for Doris as Doris thanks her for sending Miguel for her. However, Doris suspects that Nikki has more than tea in mind. Nikki admits that she is worried about Sharon. She doesn't understand why Cassie spends so much time at the ranch with Sharon. At first she didn't mind, because Cassie is a lovely child, but they both know how a baby can demand so much of your time and strength. Sharon has a heart of gold and of course she wants to help her friend, but this is putting too much stress on her and the marriage.

Doris quietly, but firmly, assures Nikki that she has talked to her daughter and everything is perfectly fine.

Nikki turns away. "But there is more to this, isn't there, Doris?" she says to herself.

CHRIS stops by Paul's office and Lynn tells her that he has had quite a day. Going in, she asks him what has been happening. He tells her that his mother was there chomping at the bit. This was just after he had to throw Phyllis out of the office.

Chris doesn't think that it is a coincidence that Phyllis made a visit to him on the very same day that Michael visited her. Paul is upset that Michael came to see her, but she tells him that Michael found out that she wasn't going to let her guard down, so don't worry about it. She then tells him about the invitation to Daniel's party.

At first, Paul says he can't make it because of a prior commitment, but later, he changes his mind. It is important that both Daniel's Godparents be there to celebrate with him.

GRACE is home alone just looking out the window when Tony comes home. "It is about time," she tells him. "Where have you been?" Tony shows her the note he left for her. Where is Cassie, she wants to know. Tony explains that he had to go see someone and couldn't reach her, so he took her to Sharon's.

"Nothing is more important than Cassie!" Grace explodes.

Tony explains that Victor Newman wanted to talk to him, and, once again, Grace explodes. Why did he want to see you?

Tony tells her that Mr. Newman is worried about Sharon. Grace says they don't need him snooping around. She can't just sit around and wait for Sharon and her father-in-law to show up at the door and take her child away. Cassie needs me, she exclaims.

"You are fighting a losing battle," Tony tells her, matter-of-factly. "It is just a matter of time before Cassie goes to live with her real mother."

"GET OUT!" Grace screams at Tony. "Get the hell out of here!"

"What are you saying, Grace?" Tony asks, bewildered. "Are you crazy?"

"Yes, I am crazy for trusting you," Grace says. "You constantly tear me down. I am tired of it. You are not my friend; you are my enemy. I won't listen to you any more. NOW GET OUT OF MY LIFE!"

"You can kick me out if you want to," Tony tells her. "But, you will never have her. She is not your child. You have to face it."

Walking to the closet, Tony takes out his already packed suitcase and walks out the door leaving Grace in tears.

DANNY is waiting for Christine. The room is decorated with balloons everywhere. "My son and I are going to be alone with Christine," he says to himself. "This could be the most important day of our lives.

Daniel calls out for some help just as there is a knock at the door. "It's open, Christine," Danny yells as he heads for Daniel's room.

Christine and Paul enter the apartment with gifts. Paul has something that needs to be put in the refrigerator. While he is out of the room, Daniel and his Daddy come in. Daniel rushes to Chris, who gathers him up in her arms. Danny stands there smiling broadly at the two of them, while Paul watches from the doorway.

Thursday, February 12, 1998

As DANIEL rushes into Christine's arms, Danny stands there with a goofy, lovesick smile on his face. "You look great, Chris," he says as he approaches her. "You know how I feel about you---how I'll always feel about you."

Paul stands in the doorway trying not to listen.

There is a lot of picture taking and playing with the gifts. When Daniel raves over his new dump truck, Danny tells him to thank his Aunt Christine. As he does so, Christine tells him it was Uncle Paul who bought the dump truck. Danny looks uncomfortable, but covers it by telling Christine that he has been thinking of this day the whole time he was in court. "You put in 1000%, Chris," he tells her. She reminds him that it wasn't just her putting out the effort for him and Daniel.

Danny brings out the birthday cake with five candles on it. After Daniel blows out the candles, he passes the knife to Chris, asking her to do the honors. As she reaches for the knife, he makes sure that their hands touch. They stare into each other's eyes for what seems a long time. This isn't lost on Paul either.

After Daniel picks up his large slice of cake with his hands and begin to eat, Chris takes him away to wash him up. Left alone with Paul, Danny remarks that Chris sure has a way with his son. He gives Paul a smile that suggests that he is saying more than Paul is hearing.

While Danny is putting his son to bed, Chris is feeding cake to Paul. Danny enters and doesn't look too pleased at this picture of a happy couple. However, he swallows his disappointment and goes to Chris. "I am so happy you could make it," he tells her. "It wouldn't have been much of a party without you."

"That didn't go as I had planned," Danny says, after Chris and Paul leave. "How could it with Paul here? I wonder whose bright idea it was to have him here."

JACK speaks to Nick about a report that is past due. He realizes it isn't Nick's fault. It is Grace who isn't putting out much work these days and it isn't just the report. Nick assures Jack that Grace will pull it all together; she is just having some personal problems right now. He will see to it that she gets back up to speed.

VICTOR is delighted to see Nikki's beautiful face at his door, but he knows it isn't just a casual visit. She wants to discuss Sharon. She was disappointed to learn that Sharon has Cassie again today. Cassie is becoming an obsession for her son's wife and she doesn't understand it. They decide that the last thing Sharon needs these days is the stress of a new child to care for. They agree that it would be best if Grace wouldn't bring Cassie over so much.

Nikki offers to speak to Grace, but Victor says that he will do it. "Isn't it amazing how the kids pull us together?" Victor asks, as Nikki is ready to leave.

"Watch it," Nikki warns. "Remember, you are a married man and I am a married woman."

CASSIE is making a picture for Sharon. When she finishes, she wants to make one for Nicholas. As she colors, Sharon looks on and wonders how long she has to wait to tell her precious daughter the truth. What am I waiting for? She wonders.

Cassie tells Sharon that she likes taking care of Noah; sometimes, she feels like he is her little brother.

"What if I told you . . ." Sharon begins, but is interrupted by Nicholas coming home. She runs to him and thanks him for coming home early.

Why are you thanking me? Nick wants to know. Sharon tells him that she is glad he came home to see her and Cassie. Cassie goes to check on Noah, leaving Sharon and Nick alone. Nick begins to rant about finding Cassie there. Noah is almost a year old and demands a lot of attention. Now he comes home and finds her waiting on Cassie. This is too stressful for her!

Sharon explains to him that she is happiest when Cassie is around. She is like a big sister to Noah. "But she isn't Noah's sister and I don't want you to get burned out. Why do you want Cassie around so much? What is so special about her?"

Sharon is telling him that Cassie is special, when Cassie returns to tell them that Noah was awake, but when she gave him his panda bear, he went right back to sleep. Sharon suggests that they go heat up the cider for Nick.

Once alone, Nick what this kid means to Sharon. Why has she suddenly become the center of her life. "This has to stop!" he says aloud. "I want my wife back!"

"Did you say something, honey?" Sharon says from the doorway.

JACK AND ASHLEY have called Jill into the conference room to warn her that John is about to go after full custody of Billy. They hope Jill can come up with a compromise rather than have another long, drawn-out court battle. Jill tells them that when it comes to her son, she does not compromise. Jill concedes her mistake in sending Billy to boarding school, but she has rectified that mistake; she doesn't know what all the fuss is about. Jack throws it in her face that she is keeping Billy in a house where she is living with a man she is not married to; Jill reminds them that John is still an older man with a lot of medical problems. Ashley suggests equal time for John, but Jill refuses. Ashley tells her she needs to try to work this out amicably, because time is running out.

Back in her office, Jill finds a strange man at her door. He has a summons for her---a petition to change custody. So much for working things out amicably, she says as she goes to the phone to call John Silva. She wants to know if this could actually happen. "Oh, my God," she exclaims, when John tells her it was a real possibility.

Jill goes to John's office. After a few barbs are thrown in both directions, they settle down to talk about this problem. John wants to have Billy half the time. He wants to work out a reasonable arrangement that will work for both of them. He admits that he is getting older, but that is to his advantage. He can kick back and spend a lot more time with Billy. He thinks they can keep Billy their top priority. They have made the lawyers rich enough. They need to settle this between themselves. Jill tells John that she needs some time to think. He warns her not to take too much time or he will move forward with his suit. Jill leaves telling him that she will let him know soon.

GRACE approaches Victor's office with a concerned look on her face. What could he want with her? First he talks to Tony, now her. After knocking, Victor tells her to come in and kindly close the door. Grace begins to apologize for not doing her best at work. She has some personal problems, but she will do better, she promises.

He tells her it isn't her work he wants to talk to her about. It is this personal problem she mentioned. Since she is a close friend of someone in his family, he wants to make her problem his own. He begins to talk about Sharon's problem, then tells her that Cassie is adding to that problem. She should not take Cassie to the ranch any more. If she is having childcare problems, she should tell him and he will handle it for her.

Grace is quick to tell him that she has no problem with Cassie's care. She won't send Cassie to the ranch any more. She can and will handle this. She believes that things work out the way they are supposed to. She leaves. Outside, she takes a deep breath and smiles a happy, relieved smile.

IN MADISON, Millie looks at Cassie's picture. It has been almost a year since you went to live with your real mother, she says. It is so quiet and lonely here, but you are better off where you are. Besides, I am so old and sick, I wasn't doing a very good job taking care of you. If only . . . well, what's done is done. No use thinking about what if.

While sitting in the semi-dark, she hears a key in the door lock and someone comes in. Who is there? She calls out, frightened.

"It's me, Mom," someone says. "I'm home."

"Alice?" cries Millie. "What are you doing here?"

"Don't look like you are seeing a ghost," Alice tells her mother. "This is my home. Did you think I would never come back? I wanted to see my mother and my sweet little girl. When will Cassie be back from school?"

"She won't," answers Millie. "Cassie is gone."

"Gone!" Alice shouts.

Millie tells her that about a year ago, some friends of the birth mother came and she let Cassie go with them. When Millie begins to insult her mother, Millie tells her not to take that tone with her. "I never expected to see you again. You ran off with that lowlife and abandoned her. I did what I thought was best for Cassie. I felt it was my decision to make, so I made it. If I had thought for one minute that you cared one little bit for that child, I never would have done it."

"You stupid old woman," Alice sneers at her. "This isn't right. I have to do something."

Friday, February 13, 1998

SHARON returns from the kitchen to hear Nick say he wants his wife back. He then tells her that he has been thinking of their wedding anniversary. They have been married for almost TWO years. He remembers how simple life used to be and he wants all that back.

Cassie comes in with Nick's cup of cider. Nick is impressed with her, especially when she tells him that she got to put in the cinnamon stick and the orange slice. Doesn't it smell so good? She asks. It smells so spicy. Nick takes a sip and tells her it is just as he likes it.

Noah wakes up and begins crying. When Cassie offers to go see to him, Sharon tells her to stay and talk to Nick while she goes to the baby. However, Nick suddenly remembers that he has to be somewhere, so Sharon and Cassie, hand in hand, go to take care of Noah.

AFTER THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, CHRIS returns to Legal Aid. As she is on the phone, Danny silently comes into the office. He surprises her by his presence, but he explains that he just wanted to thank her for making Daniel's birthday party so special for his son and himself. By the way, he says, he was surprised to see Paul there. Any special reason for him to come? Chris explains that Paul just wanted to join her at their Godson's party.

Danny also came by to give Chris a Valentine's Day present. He knows he is a few hours early, but he remembers how special the day has always been for them. He encourages her to open the gift, which turns out to be a beautiful scarf. She tries it on; she loves it! How does she look? Danny tells her that she looks incredibly beautiful.

The phone rings and Paul tells Chris that he has special plans for them tonight. Just meet him at home and they will take it from there. He has a lovely surprise for her Valentine's Day celebration, even if it isn't quite Valentine's Day yet.

So Paul is making big plans? Danny guesses. Valentine's Day was always our day, wasn't it? Danny reminds her. I cannot help thinking about all the Valentine's Days we spent together, especially our first as man and wife. Do you remember?

"When I walked through the door, the first thing I saw was long stemmed roses," Christine remembers. "And when I walked into the room, there were hundreds of roses. There were long stemmed roses everywhere. Vases and vases of roses all over the room."

"And we had dinner by the fire," Danny says. "Then I surprised you with that special song I had wrote just for you, My One and Only Valentine. Chris, you are my one true love, and you will always be my only love. You can never say there is nothing left for me, because I know there is." They kiss, then they kiss again and it seems that Chris responds. "We had it once and God willing, we will have it again."

JILL is working when there is a knock at the door. A handsome, elderly, white-haired gentleman stands there. He apologizes for interrupting, but he is passing through town and wanted to see her. You don't recognize me, do you? He says, when she looks puzzled at him. Look closely, he tells her.

"Oh, my God," Jill exclaims. "You are . . ."

"Yes," he continues. "I am the man who received William Foster's corneas. I am looking at you through your father's eyes."

Jill is in tears, overcome with emotion. Victor enters the office but is on the verge of leaving when Jill asks him to stay. She introduces Ben Allen, the man who got her father's corneas so long ago. Because of my father, he has been able to see the world for the last twenty years.

Her father gave me a whole new life, Ben explains. I will always be indebted to him and his family. He tells them both goodbye and leaves.

Jill remains in tears. Jill tells Victor that her father was a complicated man with a heart of gold. When he learned that he had a terminal illness, he called his family together and told them he wanted to be a tissue and organ donor. "More people should do that," Jill continues. "Think of all the people who need transplants, but there aren't enough available."

Victor has an idea. Why don't they do that here at Newman Enterprises? They could raise awareness of this need and Jill could be the spokesperson. "You can spearhead the effort," he tells her.

"It could be a living testament to the life of William Foster," Jill smiles.

TONY is writing a note for Grace when there is a knock at the door. It is Nick. Some things are getting out of control, he tells Tony, and I need your help.

"I am talking about Grace," Nick continues, as he pushes his way into the apartment. "Something is messing her up big time and it is you. I have been trying to help Grace the best I can. Her job performance is terrible and I don't know how much longer I can keep covering for her. Then there is Cassie. Do you have any idea how many times she has been at the ranch lately?"

"All of this has nothing to do with me," Tony tells him. "Grace's problems---even Cassie---are all within Grace's control and I can do nothing about them."

Nick sees the suitcase. "So you are out of here!" he accuses. "You are just walking out on them? Is it for good? How could you? Don't you know how important you are to her and to Cassie? You are family. You may not be married, but you are still family. Grace is still in love with you. What kind of man are you?"

"You think you have it all figured out, don't you?" Tony tells him. "Well, you are wrong. The last thing Grace said to me was that I am her enemy. She doesn't want me here."

"You are so wrong," declares Nick. "She needs you support, now more than ever in her life. She needs support and that is all I am going to say."

CASSIE is holding Noah and feeding him. "You have him all calmed down now," Sharon tells her daughter. "I don't think it was me," Cassie says. "He was just hungry."

Sharon tells her that babies have good instincts. They know when someone is caring for them that they can trust---like family. Cassie wishes she had a baby brother and Sharon tells her that someday she will have a family. "Thank you for letting me come to the ranch," she tells Sharon.

They leave to put Noah back to bed. There is a knock at the door.

Grace is standing there. Sharon tells her that she was to have Cassie for two more hours. Grace says that she was finished with work so she came to pick up her daughter.

She is not your daughter, Sharon tells her. Why didn't you call me? Are you checking up on me? That is it, isn't it? You think I can't take care of my daughter! Well, we are in the middle of something and you can't stay.

Grace pushes her way into the room and tells Sharon that Cassie is going with her. Cassie has been there long enough. Sharon is just lucky that she let Cassie come at all. She then tells Sharon that her father-in-law paid her a visit today. He is concerned that Sharon is becoming a nervous wreck. He doesn't think she should let Cassie come to the ranch any more.

"What did you say to him?" Sharon asks. "Because, I am warning you . . ."

"You are warning me?" laughs Grace. "You are in no position to warn me about anything."

Grace then tells Sharon that she didn't tell Victor who Cassie was. But she wonders why Sharon hasn't told anyone herself. Why hasn't she told the one person she has promised to share everything with? Tell me why you haven't told Nick that Cassie is your daughter! "Well, I'll tell you why. You know that Nick doesn't want his life complicated by another child---especially one who isn't even his. His career is what is important now and you know it. You know he doesn't want another child, don't you, Sharon?"

"What do you do all day, sit around and hold my husband's hand while he pours his heart out about our personal life?"

Once again, Grace calls Cassie "my daughter." Stop calling her that! She is MY daughter, Sharon tells her.

They are interrupted when Cassie comes into the room and wonders why they are arguing. They play it down and Sharon dresses her to leave.

ALICE answers the knock at the door. A policeman stands there. It is about time you got here! Alice shouts at him. She tells him that her little girl has been kidnapped. They have taken my daughter.

After asking a few questions, the policeman understands that the child has been "missing" for a year. And you are just now reporting it? He asks, incredulously.

I have been out of town, she explains. She was in the care of my mother. I guess she just went soft in the head.

Millie speaks up and tells Officer Joyner that Cassie was not kidnapped. She sent her to her real mother with some real nice people.

She is my daughter, cries Alice.

"You were gone for FOUR YEARS," Millie tells her daughter. "I could not take proper care of her. I didn't know if I would ever see you again."

The policeman decides that the two of them need to work these things out. Get your story straight before involving the police again, he tells Alice as he leaves.

"Thanks for nothing, Mother," Alice sneers. "I trusted you."

IN THE PRIVIATE DINING ROOM, Paul instructs the musicians to begin playing. He hands Chris a long stemmed rose. You know how to impress a girl, she tells her husband. Paul pours champagne and Chris makes a toast: To the most wonderful husband. Being here means more than you could possibly know.

Katherine stops by Danny's to find out how the party went. Danny is angry. Yes, Chris made it to the party, but she didn't come alone. Paul came with her!

"Paul came?" exclaims Katherine. "I was under the impression he wasn't going to be here."

"So was I," answers Danny. "And the way Paul acted at the party! He was checking me out out of the corner of his eye every chance he got. There was so much I wanted to say, but with Paul here, it was impossible."

"You aren't giving up on this, are you?" Katherine asks, aghast.

"No!" agrees Danny. He then tells her about seeing her at Legal Aid. He isn't going to give up. She will be my wife again! He insists. No matter how long it takes, we will be man and wife again!

PAUL declares he is the luckiest man alive. This is the perfect evening and there is more to come. They dance. While leaning on Paul's shoulder, Chris remembers that first Valentine's Day with Danny. Then she remembers his words of today: I love you so much, now and always.

GRACE AND CASSIE return home. Cassie is still wondering why Grace and Sharon were arguing. Grace holds her and tells her that they weren't arguing. Cassie suddenly announces that she doesn't want to go to the ranch any more.

Grace finds the note from Tony. After reading it, Grace crumbles onto the couch. Where is Tony? Cassie asks.

"He had to go somewhere," Grace explains. "I'm not sure when he will be back."

"Don't be sad, Mommy. I'll stay with you. We will always be together."

ALICE questions her mother once again. "Who were those "nice people" who stole my daughter? Where do they live? What is their phone number?"

She accuses Millie of lying when she says she doesn't know how to reach these people. "That little girl is mine!" Alice says. "I WILL find her if it is the last thing I do!"

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