One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on OLTL

Todd allowed Blair to have a visit with Starr. Dorian collapsed. Joey, Kevin, and Kelly headed to Canton. Todd was accused of raping Nurse Graham. Dorian called her mother a murderer. Ian was killed. Stonecliff sat with Sonya as the house caught fire.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday February 9, 1998

Téa and Todd argued at the hospital, but Nurse Graham came between them. The nurse told Téa that Starr had a viral infection and sent her in to see Starr. Todd and Téa argued again and Todd told her to go back to Andrew and get out. Todd was furious when Blair showed up and turned on Nurse Graham for calling her. Todd got in Nurse Graham's face and threatened her when she said she would call security if he didn't calm down. Blair eventually calmed Todd and was able to talk the doctor into releasing Starr. Todd gave in to Blair's pleading and allowed her an unsupervised visit with Starr. Téa showed up at the Community Center and went right to Andrew. Andrew pleaded with Téa to give up her charade with Todd. Andrew gave Téa something to think about when he whispered to Téa that he loved her. Kelly couldn't reach Ian and called Joey to ask a favor. Determined, Kelly convinced Joey to take her to Canton to be with Dorian. Later, Viki was upset that Joey was also on his way to Canton. Dorian knew that Miss Stonecliff would never physically hurt her and she demanded some answers. Miss Stonecliff made a deal with Dorian and said she would give her answers, but she wanted Dorian to get a good night's sleep first. Miss Stonecliff put a heavy dose of sedative in Dorian's water. Mel and Cassie finally found Dorian and she lied to them about what was in the locked wing. Dorian mentioned her mother's piano and favorite possessions, but never mentioned her mother was still alive. Unbelieving, Mel asked if Dorian was telling the truth, just as Dorian collapsed!

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

The Community Center

Andrew tells Téa that he loves her, but Téa is reluctant to hear it. She's confused as Andrew tells her that leaving Todd would be a good example for Starr, so that she would see that no man should treat a woman the way Todd treats Téa. Téa tells Andrew that although she is flattered, touched, grateful and confused, she is unable to deal with Andrew's feelings until she leaves Todd. Unfortunately, leaving Todd means leaving Starr and makes her lose her conviction. Ian walks in on Andrew and Téa and asks Andrew what is going on between the two of them. Andrew evades the question, but says that Téa is ready to make some big changes. Renee shows up to help out at the community center, which is being converted into an emergency shelter, and informs Ian that Kelly was searching for him desperately earlier in the evening. When Ian realizes that cell phone has been off all night, he begins trying to track Kelly down by calling Blair. Blair tells Ian that Kelly has taken off for Canton with Joey Buchanan. Ian is frantic when he realizes that Kelly has gone into the heart of the storm...with Joey! He rushes out to find the woman he loves. Andrew, Renee and Téa try to talk him out of going on the road, but Ian says that's why God made airplanes!

Nora and Bo's:

Nora is already awake and staring out the window when Fiori makes a late night phone call to Bo to inform him of a "nasty" crime. The daughter of Congressman Graham has been found beaten and raped in the hospital parking garage, so Bo has got to head out into the snowy night. "Are we better?" asks Nora. Yes, says Bo, all things considered they are. They did a good job of holding on to each other tonight, says Bo. For a little while things seem alright between the two of them as Bo walks out the door and Nora says "I love you"... after the door closes.

The Manning Penthouse:

Todd and Blair are sharing a civil and almost nice moment as they bring Starr home from the hospital and put her to bed. Todd is visibly moved by Blair's presence, but he is still reluctant to let Blair take her daughter upstairs. In the living room, Blair gets a phone call from Kelly on her cell phone. Kelly informs her that she is on her way to Canton with Joey. Blair is angry that Kelly left without her and is bringing Joey to Canton. The two hang up after trading barbs. Todd observes that Blair did her best to upset Ian, so the rumors about her trying to trap him must be true. What is so attractive to Blair, wonders Todd. Ian's height? His accent? It must be his money. Surprisingly, Blair admits to everything. She's after Ian for his money. Ian's money will help her get Starr back and she won't rest until she has full custody. Ian just levels the playing field. Although if Todd keeps acting the way he did at the hospital, she won't need Ian's money. Blair gets ready to leave, but Todd asks her to stay "in case Shorty wakes up." Todd then begins to interrogate Blair about Dorian, Kelly and what is happening in Canton.


Mel and Cassie are frantic as they try to assess Dorian's condition as she lies unconscious on the bed. Dorian's pulse is slow but strong and steady and her eyes are dilated. Stonecliff admits to drugging Dorian, but claims that it was a harmless sedative. She lashes out at Mel and Cassie for stirring up trouble. Cassie demands the truth. But Ms. Stonecliff becomes even more evasive and suggests that everyone gets some sleep. Mel and Cassie decide that as soon as Dorian wakes up they will give Ms. Stonecliff one more chance to tell the truth. If that doesn't work, Cassie will take Dorian home and he will go to the police. No matter what happens, they will get to the bottom of this. Cassie goes to her room to get some rest while Mel watches over Dorian. Upstairs, Ms. Stonecliff tucks crazy Sonya into bed and assures her that she will be safe. Climbing into bed next to Dorian, Mel swears that he will take care of her. As Mel falls asleep, Dorian opens her eyes.

Llanview Airport:

Ian desperately tries to get his pilot to take the plane to Canton. When the pilot refuses on safety grounds. Ian tells him to get out of the plane, he will fly to Canton himself!

The police station:

Congressman Graham is riding Bo to find out who attacked his daughter Barbara (the nurse that Todd had the fight with earlier). Bo tries to let the Congressman know that they will do everything possible to find Barbara's rapist. But the politician, who has an obviously dislike for Bo and the department, demands that Bo find and lock up Barbara's attacker within 24 hours or he will tear the department apart. Bo and the Congressman head to the hospital to question Barbara.

Joey's car:

Kelly is frustrated with Blair's behavior. Joey tells her to forget about Blair and proceeds to grill her about her relationship with Ian. Kelly tells Joey that Ian says he loves her and she believes him. "What about all that stuff with Blair?" asks Joey. Kelly makes it clear that she trusts Ian and he can handle Blair. Joey then proceeds to ask Kelly if she is sleeping with Ian and she tells him that they are taking that part of their relationship slowly and that it is possible to be in love and not have sex. When Joey asks her if she loves Ian she breaks the news that she plans to marry him. This news stuns Joey so much that he stares at Kelly instead of the road. At that moment, Kelly screams and the car swerves.

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

Penthouse- Blair and Todd

Todd has allowed Blair to stay with him a while after Starr has fallen asleep, but it is not a pleasant visit. He asks his ex if he is a sideshow and tells Blair if she wants to gawk, she has to pay for admission. Information is the price for the freak show. He asks her about Dorian's secret and then about Ian, but Blair will not play the game. She shoots back with questions of her own about Téa and where she is. Todd replies that he should toss her out in the snow, too. Blair now knows he threw Téa out. He is in a woman hating mood. Women can't mind their business, especially that Nurse Graham who informed Blair Starr was in hospital. She thinks Todd has an attitude problem. Nosey people just tick him off.

Blair says that his cozy little pseudo family blew sky high. She could almost feel sorry for Téa if she didn't hate her so much. Throwing Téa out almost cancels her throwing Téa out the window. She will use it in court, she threatens. Todd replies that she should not play her psychological card now that Auntie Dorian is coming unglued and foaming at the mouth. Blair reminds him that when Starr almost died, he would not have found facetious comments about aplastic anemia funny. He used to have a heart. Todd says she changed that. Blair replies they could have had it all. He accuses her of being egotistical. She remarks that they both had ego. That is why they understood each other. Blair wants Todd to know she is not his worst enemy and neither was Patrick and before he goes on blaming Téa, he should look no further for someone to hate than himself.

Homeless Shelter- Téa, Andrew and Renee

Andrew tells Téa that Todd knows she will always come back. Téa confesses she would do anything for Starr. Andrew is convinced that her step daughter would be a lot healthier if Téa is gone rather than see her emotionally battered. Téa says she is not going back this time and asks Renee if she could get a room at the Palace Hotel. Renee says there is no room at the inn. Téa tells Andrew since she is homeless she qualifies for the shelter. Andrew suggests she makes use of his spare room at the rectory. It will give her time to think things over. Téa accepts and Andrew thinks she should get someone to pick up her clothes from the penthouse. But Téa is sure Todd is still at the hospital. He promises to send sled dogs if she is not back in an hour. He repeats for her to be careful.

Renee calls Andrew to the phone.

Llanview Hospital-Bo, Fiori, Congressman Graham and his daughter Nurse Graham

Bo offers to bring in a woman or a rape counselor, but Barbara is willing to speak to the commissioner. Her father also suggests her minister, Andrew Carpenter, and goes off to call him.

Barbara apologizes for her father's over-protectiveness. Bo says he understands, he also wants to know who did this to her. Barbara tells him that it was so dark in the parking garage she couldn't see the man at first. It was snowing hard and she was anxious to get home. The man had on a ski mask. It seemed normal given the weather. She thought he just wanted to ask her a question, but then he grabbed her. He was about 6 feet tall and very strong. He had a long coat, blue and the ski mask was navy blue and white. He whispered her first name. She is not sure if she could recognize the voice. He had no weapon, but he was enraged, like he wanted to hurt her. She kicked him and went for his eyes. Bo says in a public place and without the rapist having a weapon, she did right to fight back and may even have saved her life. He hit and kicked her and then when he got on top of her, Barbara bit him. He hit her again and then raped her. She can't identify him, but he knew her name. Bo reminds her that she wears a name tag and anyone would know her name. So did she remember any confrontation she might have had with anyone that evening. Yes, with Todd Manning, Barbara says and then goes on to explain that he had brought Starr in and they had the virus under control, but Todd, on the other hand, was not under control. Barbara had met Blair during Starr's recovery from aplastic anemia and she had called her when Starr was brought in to LH. Todd was very angry about her informing his ex wife and she almost had to call security when Blair dragged Todd away. Barbara recalled how he held up his hand and said he would push back if pushed. Barbara avoided him after that.

Congressman Graham returns and tells them that reverend Carpenter is on his way over. He is just wrapping things up at the shelter. Bo remarks to the Congressman that he has a gutsy daughter and when he has anything concrete he will get back to them. He doesn't have a suspect yet but he does have a hunch.

Andrew is very sorry for what happened to Barbara. She replies that she is still alive and this is lousy weather for pastoral calls. She wishes her father wouldn't throw around his weight and send in the Commissioner to question her. Andrew says that Bo is a good man and he will get a quick arrest on this. Barbara confesses that she did not exactly tell Bo who did this to her but she suspects it was Todd Manning.

Penthouse-Blair, Todd, Téa, Bo and Fiori

Blair tells Todd that marrying Téa was a smart thing for him to do. It was always Téa who dug him out. So did he dump her or drive her away. Blair bets the second Mrs. Manning will take a quick plane to the Caribbean and get a divorce. At least Téa got severance pay, which is more than Blair got. She is convinced that without Téa, Todd will lose custody of Star. Todd swears the crazy Cramers will not raise his daughter. Blair calls him a paranoid manic depressive who is determined to pull the world around his ears. When he has pushed the world away, she will feel sorry for him. He throws his paper on the floor in a tantrum and then he takes a slug of liquor. Just then, Téa shows up and Blair tells her that her timing is perfect and invites her to join the party.

Blair says that Starr is sleeping soundly and that Téa and Todd will have time to settle things. To Todd, she remarks that tonight has brought back a lot of memories for her.

Once alone, Todd assumes everything is back to normal. Téa wants to know what normal is. Todd figures she got tired of wandering in snow drifts and now she is back and this is just her normal pattern of leave and then come back. Téa informs him that her usual pattern is out the window and she is there to pack her bag and move out. "Got your attention", she says "Adios, Todd. That is Spanish for Goodbye". Todd tries to play Arnold Schwartzenegger and counters "hasta la vista baby", but Téa does not find it amusing. She tells him that once she is gone, she is gone. He should take care of Starr. He may not be able to love anyone else, including himself. Téa tried to work it out for Starr's sake. Todd replies that she pulled a bait and switch. She wrote the contract and then came up with a new deal- communication, building a family, all that. Téa says she cannot do this any more. Her self respect can't take any more of this. Todd grabs her. He tells her he tried to protect her. She wanted him to open himself up and he fought her. She needed to be scared of him. So now she runs away and cries abuse. He grabs her face and tells her to look at him. "Look at this face. This is me being me". He pulls away from her and she asks if it was different with Blair. He doesn't answer except to say that Blair is plotting and Téa is making it easy for her. It is too bad she is walking out on Shorty. Yes, Téa replies, it is too bad for Starr because this could have been very good for all of them. He tells her not to go there. Téa just wants to watch Starr asleep peacefully, clutching her teddy bear. She is a sweet little girl. Todd asks what he should tell that sweet little girl when she finds Téa gone. Téa replies to just says she loves her and begins to head up the stairs when the bell rings. Todd thinks Blair is back, but is surprised to see it is Bo and his officer, Fiori. He makes a lame joke about Llanview's finest collecting for a snow mobile. Bo is not amused. He wants Todd to come in for questioning. A nurse was beaten and raped. "And naturally, you came to see me. Are you going to take me in leg irons every time something like this happens?" Todd knows he cannot be forced to go, but Bo is in no mood to be put off since it took 40 minutes for him to plow his way from the police station to the penthouse and he is not about to make a second trip.

Todd says he is going no where without his attorney. He looks at Téa's tear stained face. She is standing stock still on the staircase with a shocked expression. "Del Gado", he says at first matter of factly and then pleading like the scared boy he has locked inside, he pleads,"Oh, come on."

On the road with Kevin, Joey and Kelly

Joey had become so perturbed when Kelly had said she was marrying Ian that he ran the car off he road and into a ditch. They are miles from any town. Totally stranded. Joey checks the tail pipe to see that it is not blocked. He would try to dig them out, but they are in a ditch and will need a tow. They will be Ok, but Kelly is not sure Aunt Dorian will be. He promises her he will get her to Canton.

Just when it seems they will be stuck for a long time, a pair of head lights stops nearby. Kelly is sure it is a serial killer. They are frightened at first when a flash light temporarily blinds them, then surprised to see it is Kevin who left long before them. He explains that he stopped at a rest stop, hoping the storm would let up. He asks the two wacky kids if the want a ride. They hop in Kevin's car. He is surprised Blair is not with them. Kelly tells him about Starr. Joey tells Kevin that Viki is at war with Clint about this trip. Kelly is impatient to get to Canton. She has a feeling Dorian is in trouble.

Canton- Sonya and Dorian

Dorian awakens and goes back to her mother's room on the third floor. Charlotte had told Sonya Dorian would be leaving. Dorian replies that she just wanted to tell her mother she loves her and that she is beautiful and that her music is a gift to us all and she means it. She asks her mother if she can stay a few moments and Sonya agrees.

Sonya comments that she looks messy. Dorian says she got out of bed, she was busy thinking. Sonya replies that she could always hear her thinking. She was such a trial and still is. Charlotte understood her need for Dorian and her sisters to be out of the way. Dorian asks if it was he idea to turn the sisters against each other. Sonya says it worked with Addie and would have worked with Melinda if it wasn't for Dorian. She demanded her father's time. Sonya needed him as an audience. Charlotte helped her when she couldn't hear her teacher. Dorian wants to know if her mother ever loved them. Sonya set the metronome back and forth. Dorian remembers listening on the front porch as her mother played and being proud of Sonya. All she ever wanted is for all of them to be on that front porch listening to her play. Sonya says she could not play with them in the way. Dorian is beginning to understand a lot, but there is one more thing she needs to know. She needs to remember the night of Melinda's accident. Sonya is afraid Dorian will tell. Dorian assures her mother that she promised Miss Stonecliff she would not. Dorian starts at the point she can remember. Miss Stonecliff took her in the parlor. Her mother and father were back from the hospital. She told her father that Sonya had cut the girth and her mother got so angry that Papa had to protect her. That is all she could remember. Then Dorian stares at the bust on Sonya's piano. Sonya tells her not to touch it. Suddenly Dorian remembers. She has a flash back of her mother picking up the statue and lifting it over her head. She crashed it over Papa's head. He was lying there dead. "You did it. You killed Papa", Dorian says.

Thursday, February 12, 1998

Bo began to question Todd about the rape. Todd didn't want to wait for Téa and waived his right to counsel.

Viki grew upset as she watched the weather reports. Clint walked into her office and Viki started yelling at him for encouraging Kevin to go to Ohio. Clint thought there was nothing wrong with what he did, besides, he let Kevin make the decision. Viki told Clint that Joey had taken Kelly there also. Clint smiled because he didn't think Joey had it in him. That infuriated Viki even more because he was so easy going about the whole thing. If they survived the snowstorm, would they be able to survive the hell that was Dorian's life?

Kevin, Joey and Kelly rode silently to Canton.

Ian began to experience turbulence.

Dorian called her mother a murderer. She remembered that her mother had killed her father by hitting him in the head with a bronze statue that was still on Sonya's piano. Dorian left her mother, but left the door unlocked. She hollered for Mel, Cassie, and Ms. Stonecliff and then told them what she remembered.

Clint thought Viki was making a big deal over nothing and trying to be a controlling mother hen. He accused her of trying to use the situation to create a gap between them because they had been getting closer. Viki was stunned how he turned it around. Her concern was genuine. Being involved in Dorian's life was dangerous and she had the scars to prove it.

Todd denied raping the nurse. Bo insinuated that Todd had attacked the nurse because she was the one who had called Blair. Bo claimed the pressure from Starr being sick, the fight with Téa and Blair showing up had caused him to lose it. Todd claimed he was being setup. Téa walked in and stopped the questioning. Bo explained he was trying to establish Todd's state of mind. Téa claimed that was irrelevant. Todd had plenty of witnesses that could account for his whereabouts at the hospital. Todd's only alibi is Blair.

Viki was upset about Todd being brought in for questioning. Clint offered to go down to the police station and see what he could find out. He would cover the story himself. On his way out he reminded her he loved Kevin even though he wasn't his real son.

Mel and Cassie were amazed. Dorian told them if they didn't believe her to go upstairs and look for themselves.

Kevin thought they were lost and got out of the car to go and look at a sign. Joey begged Kelly to give them another chance.

Ian's plane descends into the storm.

Ms. Stonecliff explained how she had locked Dorian into closet with food and water to protect her from the sight of her father lying dead on the floor. She arranged it to look like a plane accident had killed Dorian's parents and put Sonya upstairs because she figured they were just going to lock her away anyway. Ms. Stonecliff broke down in tears saying she did it for the music.

Jessie showed up at the Banner. Viki was shocked to see her because of the storm but was touched because Jessie had skied over on her cross-country skis to see if she had needed help. Viki filled Jessie in on everything going on.

Clint tried to get something off the record from Bo to tell Viki, but Bo couldn't. He flashed Clint the name on the folder and Clint understood. As Todd and Téa left the questioning room they were mobbed by the press who had already decided that Todd was guilty. A reporter asked Todd what Todd was going to do when his daughter found out that Todd was a rapist. Todd attacked the reporter.

Dorian reassured Ms. Stonecliff. She told her she didn't blame her for anything that happened. She explained to Mel how Ms. Stonecliff had been a victim too. Cassie snuck off. Kelly, Joey and Kevin arrived. Cassie went upstairs to see her grandmother.

Bo arrested Todd for assaulting the reporter. He said Todd was uncontrollable and needed to be locked up. Téa got a minute alone with Todd. Todd admitted to her that he needed her more then he thought he did. Téa asked him if he raped the nurse.

The de-icers on Ian's plane quit working. Ian watched as the altimeter spun rapidly to zero.

Kevin asked where Cassie was and Mel realized she had gone upstairs.

Sonya thought Cassie was Dorian at first and started screaming for her to get out. Cassie explained who she was. Sonya grabbed her by her face and smiled looking her over, then scratched Cassie's face and pushed her down. Sonya grabbed the poker from the fireplace.

Friday, February 13, 1998

Todd, Téa, Viki and Clint

As the show opens, music is playing(does anyone know what the song was or who it's by?). Todd is shown taking off his belt, watch and wedding ring and putting them in a envelope, having his picture taken and then is locked in his cell. The music fades away as Téa is let into his cell to see him. "Locked up like a dog, so do you think this is where I belong?", Todd asks. Téa reprimands him for acting guilty, if he's going to beat this, he needs to deny the accusations loudly and often, even to his lawyer. Todd thinks that he's in big trouble if he has to convince his lawyer. You are in big trouble, Téa agrees, but we've been in trouble before and we will find a way out of it. "Do you think I raped that nurse....(no reply), well....I'm not asking my lawyer, I'm asking my wife". Téa doesn't answer, instead asking him if Blair pushed his buttons at the hospital, making him so mad that he took it out on someone else? You sound like you're building my defense case, Todd say, whether I did it or not. "And I did not".

"I believe you", Téa assures him. Todd is silent for a moment, as if surprised someone actually believes him, and then thanks her. Téa warns him that the deck is stacked against him, he's a convicted rapist, he was in the hospital at the time of the attack, and he had an argument with Barbara Graham, he was verbally abusive to her. "I'm verbally abusive to everybody, you know that", Todd says. And verbal abuse can lead to physical abuse, as it did early with that reporter, Téa continues. "I never throttled anybody that didn't deserve it", Todd jokes. That's the kind of remark that Todd's going to have to stifle, Téa warns him. It's bad enough that the pool of prospective jurors is going to see him "going ape" on the evening news. What Todd needs is an alibi. Unfortunately, it looks like the only one that can get him out of this mess is Blair.

Todd was in the office alone, but Blair was only gone for 10 minutes, probably less. Is there anyone else who could corroborate his story Téa wonders. It's possible someone else saw them go in there, but Todd doesn't know. Téa's worried, if Blair has a sudden "memory lapse", there goes Todd's alibi. Blair wouldn't even have to perjure herself to do it. Todd's worried that Blair will try to go and pick up Starr. Téa promises to make sure that Judith is there full-time, but Todd doesn't think that will be enough to stop Blair, especially now that Téa won't be there. Are you still moving out, Todd asks. Téa doesn't get a chance to answer since Viki arrives just then. Téa leaves and Viki joins Todd in his cell. She doesn't say anything at all and finally Todd tells her to go ahead, he knows she's dying to ask. Viki doesn't ask the expected question, though, she asks if Todd needs anything. That's not the question, and no, he didn't rape her, Todd says. Viki believes him. Viki's watched Todd battle his dark side and grow into a very good and loving father. Starr is happy, secure, and perfectly safe with him. She does not believe that he would ever resort to violence against a woman again.

"The karma in our family really sucks", Todd complains. Viki tries to reassure him they'll get everything straightened out. Todd isn't so hopeful, there's a congressman who wants him locked up for raping his daughter, Blair is his only alibi, and Téa just walked out on him, at least as his wife. Todd's worried that Téa won't be around for Starr. You can't count on anyone, Todd says. Wrong, Viki replies, you can count on me.

Viki promises to stop by Todd's penthouse. If Téa isn't there, she'll wait for Starr to wake up and take Starr and Judith back to her house. Oh, and Moose too. We're your family, as much as you hate to admit it, Viki says. Todd's worried that Blair will still get Starr. Viki tells Todd she won't keep Blair from visiting Starr, but she will not let Blair take her. "Blair is sneaky", Todd warns her. "I'm not a pushover", Viki assures him. The guard comes to tell Viki her time is up. Viki leaves, promising to do what she can, don't despair, she tells him. Outside, Viki runs into Clint. Viki asks him if they can downplay the story a bit. Clint doesn't think it'll be a problem, there's bigger front page news to print. Ian Armitage was killed in a plane crash tonight, he tells her. Where was he going in this weather, Viki wonders. Canton.

Blair and Max

Blair and Max are at Dorian's house discussing Todd. Blair will never understand Todd, he was ranting and raving at that nurse, but yet he was so soft with Starr. Some of that softness was even directed at Blair when Starr was around, he let her come back to the penthouse with him for an unsupervised visit. Téa stopped by later and Blair's convinced that their marriage is almost over, that's the reason Todd was so upset. Max suggests that Blair take advantage of the opportunity, she should snare Ian quickly and be ready to get Starr back. "If you want your kid, Ian's the key", he tells her. We next see Ian slumped over in the cockpit of his crashed plane, blood on his face and hand. The tower is trying to contact him, but Ian isn't responding.

Blair promises Max that she's not going soft on Todd, Todd's brought this all on himself. Blair wants her life and her little girl back. Blair starts talking about how she felt complete again, being together with Starr that night. She's missed the little things like brushing her hair, feeling her sweet little arms around her neck. Blair goes on and on, completely oblivious to the fact she's hurting Max, who's thinking about the twins. Max finally stops her and says she's going to have to hard, be ruthless and do *whatever* it takes to get Starr back. The doorbell rings, it's Bo and Nick Fiori, they've come to talk to Blair. Bo tells her that Barbara was raped in the parking lot and they hope that she can help them figure out who did it.

Blair is very upset to hear what happened to Barbara and would like to help any way she can. She last saw Barbara a few hours ago, she had even called Blair to let her know that Starr was in the hospital, "Todd was ready to kill her". Bo asks if that's a figure of speech. Todd wasn't pleased and told her in no uncertain terms, Blair clarifies, the only thing you can do when Todd gets abusive is to disengage. Blair explains that she pulled Todd away and they went into an office to talk. She left Todd there while she went to see about getting Starr released. And about how long did you leave Todd there alone, Bo asks. Blair refuses to be specific, she can't really remember how long Todd was gone she says, with a quick look at Max. Bo tries to get her to pin it down, but she insists she was so upset about Starr and so much was going on that she really can't say for sure. Bo and Nick finally leave. "Gotcha, Todd", Blair says with an evil smile.

Blair is thrilled to learn that she's probably the only thing that stands between Todd and prison. Max wonders if there's any chance Todd really did it, but Blair's sure he wouldn't have had enough time, she only left him alone for about 8 minutes. Whoever attacked Barbara, it wasn't Todd, "but I'm the only one who can prove it".

Max, getting ready to leave, tells Blair to concentrate on her daughter. When he can't sleep at night, which is often, he thinks about the night of the kidnapping, what he could have done, what he should have done. When life gives you a chance, take it, he advises, otherwise all she'll have is a bunch of "what if's". Blair thanks Max for everything and gives him a hug. The doorbell rings and Blair answers it. It's Téa. Max leaves. "I think you know why I'm here", Téa says. "Do I?", Blair replies.

Canton, OH

Kelly wants to go find Cassie, but Dorian orders her to wait downstairs and runs to go find Cassie herself. Miss Stonecliff is struggling to leave the room, trying to get to Sonya, but Mel is holding her back. Joey wonders what they've gotten themselves into. Kevin doesn't know, but he wants to get Cassie far away from it as soon as possible. Kelly runs after Dorian. Upstairs, Sonya raises a poker over her head, ready to hit Cassie. Dorian arrives to late to stop her and can only watch in horror as Sonya brings the poker down hard.

Sonya's about to hit Cassie again when Dorian grabs the poker and stops her. Dorian rushes over to see how Cassie's doing. While her back is turned, Sonya picks up the bust off the piano and prepares to hit Dorian with it. Cassie warns Dorian just in time and the two women struggle for control of it. Just as Mel and Kelly arrive in the doorway, Sonya is hit in the head with the bust and falls to the floor, motionless.

"She killed my father, I couldn't let her kill you", Dorian says to Cassie. She goes over to Cassie, who's on the floor with some blood on her forehead and an apparently injured right arm. Cassie is crying as Dorian hugs her. Mel and Kelly go over to them. Cassie goes with Kelly, but only after Mel promises not to leave Dorian alone up there with Sonya. Dorian kneels down beside her mother and touches her hair and then her hand. She feels for a pulse and sighs, but it's unclear (at least to me) whether Sonya is alive or dead. Dorian lays down on the floor near her mother and reaches out to touch her hand.

I didn't mean to hurt you, Dorian says to an unconscious(or dead)Sonya, I understand that you didn't mean to hurt Papa either. It just hurt Sonya so much, having him angry at her and saying those terrible things, you just had to stop him. Dorian wonders if it's been easier for her, being locked away all these years. Dorian asks her mother to stay with her, she'll take care of her and she's learned to be quiet, she promises.

Downstairs, Kelly and Cassie go back to Dorian's bedroom, where Joey, Kevin and Miss Stonecliff are waiting. Kevin immediately goes to Cassie and helps her to the bed. Kelly explains that Dorian hit Sonya and she may be dead. Upon hearing this, Miss Stonecliff quickly leaves the room.

Dorian again says she's sorry for hurting Sonya. Sonya starts to move and opens her eyes. She says Dorian's name. Dorian strokes her hair and promises to be quiet if she can stay with Sonya. Dorian's always with Sonya, she tells her, Dorian was the one Sonya could never silence. Miss Stonecliff arrives, but Mel holds her back from going to Sonya. Sonya notices Dorian crying and comments that Dorian never cries, she always thought that that was what made Dorian strong. "You were the one my teacher hid from. You were the one with the power. You were the one who would not break". "Don't break now, Dorian. You've given me something no one else has, peace. Nothing, between me and my music". Sonya tells Dorian to listen, can't she hear Brahms's Requiem, so beautiful. Sonya dies and Dorian gathers her into her arms. Miss Stonecliff and Mel go over and join them on the floor. Dorian doesn't want leave Sonya, she wants to take her out of there, but Mel convinces her they need to go and get some help. As if her mother was still alive, Dorian tells her they're just going for help and will be right back. Dorian and Mel go downstairs, leaving Miss Stonecliff alone with Sonya's body. "I won't let them take you away, dear. You need me, you always have. And I'll take care of you", Miss Stonecliff says to Sonya's body. She slowly gets up and locks the door. Dorian and Mel bang on the door and holler, but Miss Stonecliff ignores them and goes back to Sonya's body. "We'll always be together, I'll never leave you", she says, then throws a lamp across the room and starts a fire.

Kevin is looking at Cassie with a flashlight, trying to check that she is OK. He gives her a kiss. Cassie's certain that she would be dead right now if Dorian hadn't walked in when she did. Out in the hall, Kelly is telling Joey that she's glad he's there. She wants them to be friends, but she can't do what he wants and go back to a point where there was no Ian. She's changed so much in this past year. If Joey had been there instead of Ian, things might have been different, but he wasn't. She's not saying this to hurt him, she still wants Joey in her life hopes that he wants her in his life too. They are interrupted by Kevin, who smells smoke.

Upstairs, parts of the room are now catching on fire, but Miss Stonecliff just sits there, holding Sonya's body in her lap. We hear Brahms's Requiem as they sit there and Mel desperately tries to break open the door. Dorian yells for Miss Stonecliff to open the door. Miss Stonecliff continues to sit there with Sonya's body as the music plays louder and the fire spreads...

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