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Monday February9, 1998

Peter tracked Jack and Jennifer down to the Salem Circus through Laura's bugged earrings and kidnapped Jennifer, nearly strangling her in his madness. Jack was recaptured by the FBI. Stefano went to the jungle to get a cure for Peter's madness, while Kristen watched over Peter in the townhouse. Vivian and Jonesy were married, with zany Edmund and Susan standing up for them. Marlena went away by herself to think about her situation. Roman gave her her space, but remained optimistic about his chances to win her back. John was hurt that she didn't choose him immediately. Eric and Sami realized all was not lost between their parents, even though Roman discovered the truth. Eric and Roman had heated confrontations with Kristen, who was left without a friend or ally in Salem. Franco aroused Lucas and Austin's suspicions by continuing to court Sami's favor, but Kate was happy to see her plan working. Sami doubted Franco's motives, but was flattered by his attention. Carrie was unable to confront Mike about his feelings for her. Bo saved Hope from a maniacal Peter, whose attack landed her in the hospital.

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

At the pub in England, Jonsey is ready to consummate his relationship with Vivian, who isn't as energetic as Jonsey is. In private, Ivan asks Vivian if she will sleep with Jonsey. Vivian tells him she will if she has to, but not until Jonsey signs his will. Jonsey then shocks Vivian by saying how he'd like to live here in England. Vivian wants to go back to Salem to his townhouse, but Jonsey recalls Stefano ordering him to leave. Jonsey asks Violet to call the solicitor.

Meanwhile, Susan tells Edmund all about her friends Dr. Marlena Evans and John Black. Edmund feels for Ivan because he is in love with someone who can't love him back. Susan says that she knows what it is like loving someone who doesn't love her back because of her previous marriage. Edmund is shocked and asks why Susan didn't tell him she had been married before. Susan explains the circumstances of her marriage to John, which confuses him. Edmund is still angry and he asks her to step outside so they can further discuss the issue. Edmund asks Susan if she is still in love with John and Susan says maybe just a tiny bit because of what he's done for her. Susan tells Edmund that the love she felt for Elvis and John are nothing like what she feels for him.

Edmund tells Susan he knows just what she means and he takes her hand.

At the Inn, Roman sees John in the room with Marlena and assumes they were together. Marlena points out that she was not with John, he just found her there. Roman says that the fact that she came to this inn on their anniversary alone means that she may prefer to be with him instead of John. John and Roman begin to argue, Marlena tells them she came here because of the memories she had of the place, so both Roman and John apologize.

Marlena tells them that she has feelings for both of them and she came here to sort them out. John asks her if she has done that and Marlena yells at them for rushing her to make a decision.

Roman says he only came here to check on her safety and he accuses John of coming to force Marlena to choose him. They argue once again. Marlena once again yells at them and tells them they are doing it again! Roman and John realize that they are acting like kids fighting over the prettiest girl on the playground. John gives Marlena a kiss and tell her he loves her and then leaves.

Roman is about to open his mouth, but Marlena tells him not to . Roman decides to leave and Marlena says there is no point for her to stay, so she accepts a ride home with Roman because he offers to drive in this weather because he has a four wheel drive car. Outside the inn, John is kicking himself over the situation that is developing.

At Jonsey's place, Kristen accidentally stabs Celeste with the antidote. Celeste thinks Kristen just scratched her and she calls Kristen crazy. Kristen yells at Celeste to leave, which she does. Kristen recalls Stefano's warning about antidote causing Jungle Madness and panics. Stefano returns and Kristen plays it cool so Stefano doesn't suspect what she has done. Stefano then begins to yell at Kristen that if Peter is caught it will be her fault. Kristen has her own problems when she sees that the syringe is now empty. Stefano notices the syringe is missing and Kristen says Celeste kinda knocked it off the table and the cure got ruined. Kristen also tells Stefano that during a fight with Celeste the serum got injected into Celeste's arm. Stefano says that Kristen has not only given Celeste the Jungle Madness, but she's also killed her own brother. Stefano says she has failed him time and time again. Stefano then warns Kristen that she will never get near his son because he can't trust her at all. When Stefano tells her she will NEVER take care of his child, Kristen's eyes grow wide with anger. Kristen starts crying about how none of this was her fault. Stefano tells Kristen that he's no longer going to yell at her and thanks god that she is not a blood relative. Kristen cries about how she's lost everything she loves, especially her baby. Stefano tells her yet again that it is not her baby and he will never trust her with his son. Kristen is in tears and Stefano tells her to get out of his sight, out of his house, just plain go away. After Kristen leaves, Stefano makes a phone call to Bart

Outside the townhouse, Celeste begins to feel some pains where Kristen injected her. As she tries to walk home she begins to see fire, tarot cards, and the DiMera's laughing at her. Kristen sees Celeste stumbling home and she feels bad about what happened, but she insists it wasn't her fault. Suddenly Kristen realizes how she can find Elvis.

At jail, Laura decides to get revenge on the DiMera's with her handgun. Jack tells Laura she can't do this, but Laura feels responsible for leading Peter to Jen. Laura stays with Jack and they both wait news on Jen and Peter. FBI Agent Buyers shows up and forces Laura to leave.

Out on the highway, Peter has lost sight of Jen, and Bo and Abe have lost sight of Peter. We then see Jen's car go over an embankment and explode! . Peter thinks that he has somehow past Jen and decides to double-back. Back in Bo and Abe's car, Bo and Abe are wondering about Peter and how he gained such superhuman strength. Bo and Abe get word of a car fire and head off. Peter sees the sirens and the smoke and is also wondering what has happened. The vehicle is totally destroyed and there were no survivors. Abe calls for a forensic team to come out and is then contacted by Jasper Ward. However, before Jasper can say anything he is grabbed by Peter, who demands to know where Jen is. Jasper tells Peter he doesn't know and Peter begins to beat him to a pulp. Meanwhile, Abe has traced Jasper's call to a pay-phone down the road and he and Bo head over there. Bo and Abe arrive and see what Peter did to poor Jasper, who is barely alive, and they worry about Peter .

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

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Thursday, February 12, 1998

Marlena comes down the stairs at Alice's house and sees John asleep on the sofa. As she watches him lovingly, he wakes up and they start to discuss their predicament. John says he realizes that he hasn't been patient, and that unlike Roman, he has not given Marlena the space she needs to decide. Marlena says it's understandable that he's losing patience, considering all they've been through together, but she still can't decide what to do - she loves John, but has strong feelings for Roman as well. John tells Marlena that she can take her time to figure out her feelings; he won't bother her any more. Marlena steps outside with John and they stare at the house that Roman and Marlena used to live in, the one that Roman bought Marlena for Christmas. Marlena remembers that she and John had happy memories there, too. John says that she fell in love with him because she thought he was Roman. Marlena admits that's true, but says that she stayed in love with him because of who John turned out to be.

Lexie and Abe sit at Salem Place, discussing Jennifer's disappearance. Abe notices that Lexie looks more troubled and distracted than she should be, and asks her what is wrong. Lexie admits that she is worried about her mother, Celeste, because she couldn't get in touch with her. Abe assures her that Celeste probably stayed overnight with friends. Abe says he has to get back on the case and they part ways. As soon as Abe leaves, Stefano, who has been eavesdropping, appears. Lexie is startled and obviously none too pleased to see him. Stefano asks her what is wrong, and Lexie begs him to tell the police what he knows about Peter, because Jennifer's life is at stake and her family is suffering. Stefano claims he knows no more than Lexie does. Lexie stares at him and says, "I don't believe you," and walks away. Stefano stares after her, startled that his hold on her is starting to fade.

Celeste has spent the night on a park bench, consumed with horrible nightmares caused by the jungle madness serum she unknowingly received. In her dreams, Stefano and Kristen are shown as demons, laughing at her. Celeste wakes up and is terrified to discover where she is and what is happening to her mind. She is convinced that Kristen did something to her while they were fighting. While she's trying to get her bearings, Sister Mary Moira comes along and asks her what is wrong. Celeste claims that it's nothing, but the nun clearly doesn't believe her. Sister Mary asks Celeste to come to the convent, but she refuses. The nun leaves and Celeste has more scary visions of Kristen and Stefano. When she is starting to recover, Lexie discovers her and asks her where she's been. Celeste lies, saying she has been with friends. Lexie notices how bad she looks, and tells her she should spend some time resting at the spa. Celeste claims she is merely worried about Laura and Jennifer, but agrees to go to the spa. She tells Lexie she will make her own arrangements and Lexie leaves, but Celeste is feeling far from well.

Kristen is back at her mansion, gloating over the fax she received while spying at Marlena's, showing Susan and Edmund at Vivian and Jonesy's wedding in rural England. She knows that now she can get her baby back, but she decides to plan it carefully. She tells herself that she can't just go barging over to England and demanding the child - somehow, she has to get Susan and Elvis to come back to Salem. Suddenly, she is hit with a brilliant idea. She is on her way out when she runs into Stefano. Stefano is still furious with her for what happened to Celeste and what might happen to Peter. Kristen realizes she left the fax of Susan lying on the desk, and quietly hides it while Stefano's back is turned. She tells Stefano she's sick of the guilt trip, and that none of it was her fault. Stefano keeps railing at her, but Kristen says she has more important things to do. Stefano yells, "What could be more important than your brother?" Kristen just leaves, and Stefano wonders what she is up to. Kristen heads over to Salem Place and watches Sister Mary Moira, who is collecting donations with two other nuns. When the other nuns leave, Kristen creeps up behind Sister Mary and tells her to do exactly as she is told - Kristen has a gun at her back. Sister Mary is stunned to realize it is Kristen, but she obeys and starts walking.

In England, a woman sits looking at the society page of the village newspaper. We can't see her face, but her fingers run over the picture of Edmund and she expresses surprise. The woman calls Susan on the phone. Susan is daydreaming about Edmund and telling Elvis what a great daddy he would be, if only he would propose to her. The woman says she saw Susan's picture in the paper and would love to meet her. Susan asks who she is, but the woman will only say that she and Susan have a lot in common. Edmund is down at the shop with Violet, daydreaming about Susan. Violet says she is so glad her son has found love at last. Edmund says he's crazy about Susan and wants to marry her, but he hasn't found a ring unique and beautiful enough for her in the village. Violet tells him he must go to London to find a ring. Edmund says that's a great idea and runs up to Susan's cottage. When she opens the door, they are so overwhelmed with passion that they seize each other and begin making out clumsily. They are interrupted by little Elvis' cries, and Edmund apologizes for getting carried away. Susan says it's all right, she was carried away too. Edmund tells her he is going to London for the day, but wants to see Susan for dinner tonight for "a surprise." Susan gets excited, but Edmund won't tell her what it is. She tells him to be careful in London, and he assures her he will - right before he trips over a cobblestone and is sent sprawling. As he leaves, Susan remembers that she forgot to mention the strange woman on the phone to him.

Bo is at Alice's house talking to Mrs. Horton. He tells her what's going on with Jennifer and what happened with Hope. Alice says that Bo spent a lot of time with Hope, acting as if he were still in love with her. Bo says that's because he is, but it would take a miracle to get Hope to take him back. Alice says that where true love is concerned, miracles do happen. Bo says he hopes she is right. Bo heads out to follow up on Jennifer's case with Abe. The forensics team is examining the wreckage of the burned out car, and they find one item of evidence, which they give to Bo and Abe. Bo and Abe head over to see Laura, who is beside herself with worry for Jennifer and anger at Peter, Kristen, and Stefano. Abe and Bo show Laura the evidence and she looks at it reluctantly. Suddenly, she smiles in relief and reports that she has never seen it before in her life, so it must not be Jennifer who was in the car that went over the cliff. Laura feels enormously reassured and allows herself to hope for the first time. Abe and Bo decide to take the evidence to Jack.

Jack has spent all day in his prison cell, raging at his inability to get out and help look for Jennifer. While he's pacing, he sees his old friend Herbie, the trustee who helped him escape. Herbie tells Jack he lost all his privileges when his role in Jack's escape was discovered, and he can't help him any more, but they're glad to see each other anyway. Jack is restless and has the horrible feeling he'll never see Jennifer again. Abe and Bo come to his cell and ask to be let in. He asks if there is any news on Jennifer, and they give Jack the piece of evidence from the crash site and ask if it belonged to Jenn. Jack takes it out of the bag and examines it closely. It turns out to be an elaborate sapphire necklace, and Jack laughs in relief, sure that it did not belong to Jennifer. Abe and Bo heave sighs of relief, but as Jack is examining the necklace, he notices an inscription plate covered in carbon. He scrapes away the grime to discover an inscription that chills his heart. Abe and Bo ask what is wrong, and Jack tells them that the inscription reads, "To Jen: all my love, Peter." Jack says numbly that Peter must have given it to Jen before she escaped him in Jasper's car. He is certain suddenly that the reason Jasper was calling Abe was to tell him that Jennifer took his car. "Oh my god," Jack gasps. "Jen's dead!"

Friday, February 13, 1998

Susan sits in her cottage fantasizing about Edmund and having nightmares about Kristen, who is dressed as a witch and coming to claim baby Elvis. In her dreams, Edmund, dressed in a superhero's outfit, comes to her rescue. Susan is so excited about their upcoming dinner that she rolls her hair up in soda cans and covers her face with cold cream to get ready. Edmund calls from London and they have a mushy conversation. Violet comes knocking and offers to take baby Elvis for the night so Susan and Edmund can have a romantic evening.

But while Susan is happily daydreaming, Kristen's evil plans are coming to fruition. She drags poor Sister Mary Moira to a secret room in the DiMera mansion (not the one in the wine cellar this time) and locks her up. Sister Mary prays for guidance and is inspired to use her ruler to untie the knots on her wrists. She waits for Kristen's return, ruler in hand. Kristen comes back with lunch and easily disarms the nun and tells her she might as well get used to her confinement - she's going to be there for a long time. Then Kristen goes out and makes a phone call to some mysterious person (probably the woman in England who called Susan). She tells the person that she has a mutually beneficial proposal for her. Then she makes another phone call, this one to Susan. When Susan picks up the phone, Kristen insanely yells, "Surprise!" and Susan drops the phone, screaming, "Kristen!"

Meanwhile, everyone else in Salem is waiting for news of Jennifer. At the hospital, Sami watches Franco cozying up to Hope in her private room, and begins to believe that Lucas was right about Franco not really desiring her. Billie comes up to schedule a sonogram and runs into Sami, with whom she is lately quite friendly. Sami tells Billie about Hope's accident and tells her she'd better go in there and let Hope know that Bo is committed to his unborn child. Billie takes Sami's advice and goes into the room. Franco leaves them alone and Hope bluntly asks Billie what she's doing there. Billie tries to be friendly, but it quickly turns into a war of words between them. Before it gets really nasty, Mike comes in to check on Hope and Billie leaves. Hope commiserates with Mike about Jennifer.

Out in the lobby, Billie and Sami watch with interest while Carrie and Mike talk about the circus fundraiser. The feeling between them is getting more and more obvious, even to Billie, who asks Carrie where her handsome brother is. Carrie tells Billie how excited Austin is to be an uncle, and Billie wishes Bo were so excited to be a father again. Sami and Carrie exchange unpleasantries. Franco takes Sami to Salem Place for an espresso and tells her they need to continue to work on her image as a sophisticated businesswoman. He cancels her order of hot chocolate with "lots of whipped cream" and tells her she will learn to like espresso. They go shopping together and Sami is charmed by his attention, thinking that he must have some attraction to her. When she tries on a sexy silver crushed velvet dress, Franco tells her it needs something and places a beautiful necklace around her neck. He tells her she is beautiful and begins kissing her passionately.

In Jack's jail cell, Jack throws the sapphire necklace with rage, refusing to believe that Jennifer is dead. He tells Abe and Bo to leave no stone unturned until they are sure there is no hope. Abe goes to the Horton house to break the news about the necklace to Laura, Marlena, and John, while Bo takes a new piece of evidence to Jack - a scorched purse found near the crash site. Jack immediately recognizes it as Jennifer's and nearly breaks down at the sight of one of Abby's toys inside it. Meanwhile, Abe goes to the hospital to tell Hope and Mike the sad news about the necklace. While he is there, a man from the circus comes to thank Mike for all he did for Jasper. He mentions to Abe that he knows Jennifer drove away alone in Jasper's car. The news is devastating to Mike and Hope, who are beginning to believe that Jennifer is dead. Meanwhile, Bo calls Abe from Alice's house, where everyone is waiting for confirmation about the body in the car wreck. They compare information and come up with compelling evidence: Jack identified the necklace and the purse as Jenn's, a video of Peter busting through a road block shows that he was alone, Bonkers the Clown say Jennifer drive off alone in Jasper's car, a woman's body was found burned to death in the crash, and forensics evidence identifies blood and hair samples around the crash site as Jennifer's. They come to the grim conclusion that Jennifer was the woman in the car. Bo says he wants to tell Hope himself, but Abe tells him she already knows. Bo breaks the news to Laura, Marlena, and John. Mike comes home to grieve with the family and Laura disappears "for fresh air." Carrie promises to do anything she can to console Mike. Mike starts to worry about Laura, but Marlena and John tell him she probably needs time and that she's stronger than they think.

Laura drives grimly to the jail, vowing to get revenge on all the DiMeras for what they did to Jennifer. She gets in to see Jack (apparently, once again, with a loaded weapon; don't these people at the jail check women's handbags?), who is beside himself with grief and guilt, feeling that it's his fault that Jennifer died. He collapses to the floor when Laura arrives and says she must hate him. Laura says she could never hate Jack, but she does hate the DiMeras, and she will make them suffer the way Jennifer must have suffered.

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