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Brooke informed the family of her miscarriage, but Stephanie claimed there had never been a baby. Ridge ordered his mother to accept Brooke or lose him. Maggie dug into Sheila's past and homed in on the widow of Sheila's last therapist. Macy proposed to Grant.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, February 9, 1998

Ridge demands to know why Taylor left town so suddenly after giving birth. Thorne says he will know soon enough. He doesn't want Ridge to pressure Taylor. Ridge thinks Thorne did something to make Taylor leave town.

Lauren stops by Eric's office and both note that each other is back to their old self. Eric is back in control of his life and living in the present. He thinks it is odd that a near death experience had to open his eyes to enjoy life more. Lauren fills in Eric on her dinner date with Rush's brother Jonny. Eric and Lauren conclude that if Rush were not dead, they would be.

At a remote cabin in Greenland, an Eskimo woman named Amor, nurses a very much alive Rush back to health. She says she found him days ago. The police came to her cabin and asked if she had seen a man with a scar in his chest. Amor said she knew of no such man. Amor says Rush kept saying "Lau-ren" in his sleep and asks him what that means.

Lauren tells Eric she is unsure if she will see Jonny again and asks how things are with Stephanie. Eric and Stephanie would have been married in Greenland if her boat had not broken down, and now months after they have returned home, they still are not married. Is Eric waiting for Lauren to get involved with someone else? Eric admits he will always care for Lauren, but anything beyond that... Lauren knows it is time for her to move on. She kisses Eric goodbye.

Ridge blasts Thorne by saying he never would have let Taylor leave if she had just had a child. Ridge is sure Taylor would have wanted to stay in town. That's where you are wrong, Thorne says. Tension mounts and Ridge and Thorne almost come to blows, but Eric breaks up their argument. Thorne leaves and Ridge informs Eric they were arguing over Taylor. When Ridge was married to her, what Taylor wanted most in life was a family. Now that she had a child, she left the hospital right after giving birth. It doesn't make sense, Ridge says. Ridge also feels someone else is involved. Thorne and Taylor are hiding something and Ridge intends to find out what it is.

Rush tells Amor that "Lauren" is the name of a woman who was taken away from him. Rush looks at Amor and for a minute, thinks she is Lauren. They kiss and Rush vows to find Lauren.

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

Rick plans to put his mother's tennis bracelet back in the safe so she will not accuse Amber of stealing it. Brooke walks into her bedroom and questions what Rick is doing in there. He says he can't find his calculator and thought maybe she or Ridge were using it for bills. Brooke hasn't seen the calculator but that reminds her about her bracelet. She asks her son what are his impressions of Amber because someone took her bracelet and she thinks it was Amber. Rick suggests that Brooke check her safe again. Maybe she overlooked it. Brooke doubts that but checks the safe again.

Amber confides in Clarke that she stole Brooke's bracelet but Rick helped her get it back. Clarke warns her to be careful of Rick's mommy and daddy. If Rick spills the beans that Amber stole the bracelet, she is looking at jail time. Amber realizes Clarke is right. She concludes she has to get out of town before they find out she did it!

Rick has C.J. ring the doorbell to distract Brooke. While Brooke answers the door, Rick slips her tennis bracelet into the safe. Brooke comes back and mentions C.J. is here to see him. Rick tells his mother he is sure Amber didn't take the bracelet and suggests she look into the safe again. She does and finds the bracelet. Brooke changes her tune about Amber. Amber didn't deserve to be accused of stealing the bracelet, Brooke says.

Clarke tells Amber if she runs, that will be admitting her guilt. Clarke suggests Amber tell Brooke and Ridge the truth and beg for mercy.

C.J. suggests since Rick saved Amber's skin, it is time to cash in. C.J. feels Rick should be able to score because he helped her. He has some moves that work on the ladies and shares them with Rick. C.J. acts just like his father, like he is worldly and knows it all when it comes to women.

Brooke has a word with Amber when she comes home. Brooke mentions she had suspicions about her since there is so little they know about each other. Now she knows she was wrong. Brooke admits she thought Amber stole her bracelet but says that was a mistake. Amber is elated. She's off the hook.

Brooke informs Ridge of the news with Amber. Brooke wants Ridge to take her out for dinner but Ridge has made other plans. It's Stephanie's birthday and he has invited his mother and father over for dinner. Brooke isn't thrilled with the idea of dining with the Queen, and reminds Ridge not to say anything about her miscarriage.

Amber pays Rick a visit and is thankful for getting her off the hook regarding the bracelet. Amber didn't realize he was so committed to helping her. Rick says he knows a way she can repay him. They embrace...

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

Stephanie looks at a picture of Ridge and Taylor and notes how happy they once were. It's a tragedy their marriage didn't work out. It didn't work because Brooke took advantage of Ridge. Stephanie does not want to dine with Brooke but Eric suggests she go for Ridge's sake.

The Spectra crew, Sally, Macy, Clarke, C.J., and Darla prepare for one of Darla's home cooked dishes. Sally reminds her son not to hurt Darla's feelings regarding her cooking. C.J. mentions he would rather be at the Forresters tonight since Rick's mother is having her in-laws over for dinner. Sally is amused Brooke is entertaining the Queen and wonders how that dinner will go over.

Rick hopes to score tonight with Amber. With his mother and Ridge busy entertaining his grandparents, tonight is the perfect opportunity. Amber agrees to help Rick with his homework. Rick wants to start with sex education.

Brooke worries that if Stephanie finds out she is not pregnant, Steph will think she never was pregnant. Ridge promises not even to bring the subject up. Eric and Stephanie arrive. Ridge gives his mother a birthday present that Brooke picked out. Stephanie thinks she bought it for herself.

Amber slows down Rick. She wants to talk first. Amber thanks him for Bailing her out with his mother. Rick reiterates he would do anything for Amber. Anything? Amber needs someone she can trust and manage her career. Rick wants to help anyway he can. The first thing the sneaky Amber needs is a manager, one with lots of money. Count me in, the young Forrester says.

At the Forrester dinner, Stephanie says she is not hungry (for Brooke's cooking). Eric wonders where Brooke gets her energy. She's raising two kids, working, and pregnant. Brooke dodges the question. Brooke asks Stephanie if she is excited about her pregnancy. Steph replies she is fine with it, because that is one thing she is good at, having babies. Steph reminds everyone that Brooke had two kids while married to Eric and now she is pregnant again. Ridge gets uncomfortable with the growing tension between the ladies. Stephanie can't hold back any longer. She let's Brooke have it. Steph implies that the only reason Brooke is pregnant is a way to hold onto Ridge. Brooke can't stand her mother in law any longer either. She gives Stephanie a birthday present she soon won't forget. Brooke announces to a gloating Stephanie that she is not pregnant and she does not need to be to hold onto Ridge!

Thursday, February 12, 1998

"Brooke is good at making babies," Stephanie tells Eric at the dinner table. "She made two to hold on to you and now she has made one to hold on to Ridge."

"That's enough!" Brooke protests, as she jumps up from the table. Standing behind Ridge, she tells the family that she isn't pregnant. She doesn't need a baby to hold on to Ridge.

Stephanie says that she never was pregnant, but Ridge stands up and, holding his wife in his arms, tells everyone that Brooke suffered a miscarriage while they were in Italy.

Sally, Macy and Darla discuss the current status of Macy and Grant. She says that they are enjoying spending time together.

Grant enters and wonders if he was the topic of conversation. Macy tells him that she just wanted to invite him to her house for a quiet evening while they went over some new menus.

Grant tells her that he has plans. He ran into an old friend who is throwing together an impromptu party. You would rather go to a party with people you don't even know than spend a quiet evening at home with me? Asks Macy.

Amber and Rick are kissing. Amber pulls back and tells him that things are moving too fast. Just two months ago, she was a nobody and now she has a chance to be somebody----if Rick is really serious about being her manager. It wouldn't be the first time someone vulnerable hears only what she wants to hear.

"I believe in you and your music," Rick tells her. They begin kissing again and slowly his hand slides up under her blouse.

"What are you doing?" she shrieks as she pulls back.

"I thought you wouldn't mind," Rick tells her.

"Your parents are downstairs," she protests. "Maybe you should go check on what they are doing." Rick slips out the door while Amber paces the room.

"How do I get myself out of this one?" she wonders. "I don't have a lot of options here. It's no big deal. He is just a kid who wants to cop a feel---and that is all he gets! Just a little thrill and I get my career."

Eric is so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Ridge explains that it happened on their last day in Italy. Stephanie wonders if he was with her when this "miscarriage" happened; in the same room as the miscarriage? Did he take her to the hospital?

Ridge admits that he wasn't in the same room, but they are both devastated about the loss. Stephanie says that what he is going through makes what Brooke did more despicable.

Does Thorne know, Stephanie asks. Ridge says no, but at the same time, Brooke admits that she told him. Ridge looks at her and wonders why she told him. Stephanie says it is because Brooke and Thorne have a secret between them and she is sure it involves Taylor. She bets that Taylor doesn't know about the "miscarriage." Eric doesn't understand why it would matter if Taylor knows, and Stephanie tells him it matters because there never was a pregnancy---never a baby.

Rick returns, telling Amber that his folks are involved in some deep discussion. His mouth drops open as he sees her shaking her bra at him before tossing it to the floor. She crawls upon the bed and beckons to him. He joins her on the bed and begins kissing her. His foot kicks something off the nightstand. It makes a terrible noise---one that is heard downstairs.

What could that be? Wonders Eric. He offers to go up and see what is going on. Brooke tells Ridge to go with him; she wants to talk to Stephanie.

After they are gone, Stephanie tells her that she can talk 'til she is blue in the face, but she knows what she has done and soon enough, Ridge will figure it out, too.

"Let's see," ponders Grant. "A quiet evening at home or a party at Rod Stewart's house?"

Carla can't believe it! THE Rod Stewart? Her greatest idol, Rod Stewart? At his house? Will he be there? Will you get me an autograph?

Grant asks her to go with him---to be his date. Carla steps back. I can't do that, she tells him. She says he should ask Macy. Grant says he can't ask Macy; she just said she was looking forward to a quiet evening at home. He gives Carla one last chance before leaving the room.

Now what was that all about? Questions Darla.

"He was sending Macy a message," Sally says, and Macy tells her mother that she heard it loud and clear.

"I guess I was wrong about him being satisfied with things the way they are," she says. "I guess I need to commit or let go."

Rick and Amber are panicked when they realize that the adults are coming up the stairs. He hustles Amber into the closet and stations himself in front of the computer. When Eric and Ridge come into the room asking about the noise, he explains that he bumped into the nightstand and dropped the radio and lamp. Everything is okay.

As they are about to leave, Eric sees the bra. What is this, he asks as he picks it up and shows it to Ridge.

Rick says that it must be Mom's. The laundry is always getting mixed up. Well, be sure and put it in your Mom's room, Eric tells him as they leave.

Coming out of the closet, Amber says that was close. She is going back to her room before anything else happens.

I am not using you, Rick assures Amber as she leaves. I really like you.

"Ridge is not your little boy any longer," Brooke tells Stephanie. "Let him live his life or be prepared to be kicked out of it."

"I know why you are always playing these games," Stephanie tells her. "You don't feel you are good enough for Ridge. That is why you are always lying and manipulating my family."

"Mother, stop that!" Ridge shouts. "We invited you into our home and this is how you act?"

"Ridge," Stephanie insists, "there never was a baby. When will you get it?"

"Leave now!" Ridge shouts, as he gathers his wife in his arms.

Friday, February 13, 1998

Ridge bursts in on Stephanie. Coldly, she informs him that she doesn't want to be rude, but she has a meeting and can't stay and talk. He tells her that she will have to miss her meeting; he wants to talk to her and finalize this thing once and for all!

"Well, I hope you are proud of yourself," Grant tells himself. "You really blew it this time. All it took was one stupid, selfish mood; now she will never let you back in. You just kissed off the best thing that ever happened to you."

"So he didn't invite her to the party, so what?" Clarke says.

"It was obvious he was sending her a message," Sally says. "But, I feel it was a mistake to push for a stronger relationship at this time.

Clarke and C.J. feel that it isn't such a big loss. Sally tells them they are wrong. Macy needs Grant. She leans on him more than she realizes.

Macy comes into the office. She tells them that she spent the night making a decision. She now realizes that she and Grant cannot go on as before. It isn't fair to Grant. He has been nothing but loving and supportive, but he needs more than what she has been able to give him. Now she realizes that she needs to take this risk and she needs all their support.

"We are always in your corner," Sally tells her, as all the others chime in.

Maggie gets off the elevator in a strange office and approaches the receptionist. It is the widow of the psychiatrist who died while caring for Sheila. This is hard on me, she says, but if it will bring down Sheila Carter, then I can bear up. She killed him---I know she did.

She tells Maggie that for weeks prior to his death, her husband had something on his mind and couldn't sleep. All he would tell her was that there was trouble with a patient. When he died, she didn't know what could have happened until the night she watched television and heard that Sheila Carter had held the Forresters captive at gunpoint. Then they told of all her other crimes. That is when I knew she had killed my husband, she said. He found out about her killing that man and he would have turned her in. It has been three years, but I cannot stop imagining his last moments.

The woman now relates what she feels happened on that day when he died. There was a terrible quarrel with Sheila. She murdered my husband, she repeats.

"Be careful how you speak to me," Stephanie warns her son.

Ridge tells his mother that he was with Brooke when she lost their child; not in the same room, perhaps, but he saw the pain in her eyes when she told him about the miscarriage.

"This is what makes it so heartless," Stephanie tells him. "She has you grieving over a child who never existed. Don't you get it, Ridge? There was no pregnancy; there was no baby."

"Are you insane?" Ridge shouts.

"Don't you find it peculiar that she chose the exact moment to announce her pregnancy when Taylor was about to tell you something important? And then she changed the hour of the wedding and never called Taylor."

"What has that to do with anything?" Ridge asks, totally perplexed.

"Because Brooke needs to keep the two of you from talking. She knows that Taylor has something important to tell you. I have been telling you for months that Taylor needs to tell you something. And your brother and your wife know what that is and they don't want you to know."

"I don't know anything about Taylor having to tell me anything," Ridge goes on. "But, I demand that you show some respect to Brooke. I don't understand your obsession with Brooke. It is making you paranoid and cruel. Now you have two choices: learn to live with Brooke or learn to live without me."

Maggie tells Maureen that she has given her more than enough to go on. She is determined to bring Sheila to justice. That is all I want, Maureen say.

Maggie notices some tapes on the desk and asks what they are. Maureen tells her that they are old home movies of her family. When she cannot sleep, she puts them in the VCR and tries to remember the happy times. She is trying to break the habit, so she brought them to the office. Maggie borrows them for a few days.

"Talk to Taylor," Stephanie pleads with her son. "You still love her and she loves you."

"I don't want to talk to Taylor," Ridge insists. "No secret, nothing she could say to me would matter. I am committed to Brooke and our marriage. Nothing can change that."

"And if your marriage is based on lies?" Stephanie wants to know.

"Lies? You want to know about lies?" Ridge shouts. "Taylor isn't the woman I thought she was. What about sleeping with Thorne and lying about it for months?"

"You wouldn't be so upset if you didn't still love her," Stephanie tells him.

"Brooke is my wife," Ridge declares. "I will fight anything and anyone that stands in my way, even you, Mother."

Macy is waiting for Grant. When he comes into her office, she begins to tell him about last night. He interrupts and says he was such a jerk. He is so sorry. She needs patience and time and that is just what he will give her if she will forgive him for last night. Forget last night, he pleads. I love you and I know I will never find anyone as perfect for me as you are, so we will wait until you are ready.

Macy says she can't forget last night. She realizes she has been holding back. Neither of them are happy with that arrangement so they need to make a change.

So you aren't going to accept my proposal, Grant asks resignedly.

No, but I hope you will accept mine, Macy says. "I am not afraid any longer. You are an incredible man. You are wonderful and loving and supportive---and you believe in me! I love you so much. Will you be my husband?"

YES, YES, of course I will! Shouts Grant as he gathers her up in his arms. We are going to be so happy.

"Stop these attacks on Brooke!" demands Ridge.

"So you expect me to act like I do not know what is going on?" Stephanie asks.

"I expect you to call Brooke and apologize," Ridge tells her.

"It will be a cold day in Hell when I apologize to her," declares Stephanie. "Unlike your wife, I believe in honesty."

"This isn't honesty, it is cruelty," Ridge tells her. "If you could have seen Brooke after she lost our baby, you would have been ashamed of yourself. You act like this is just a phase I am going through. It is not. I made a commitment to Brooke and I intend to honor it with or without your support. Now will you call Brooke?"

No! Stephanie tells him.

"Then your hatred for her is more important to you than I am," Ridge states calmly. "I guess I know where I stand. Goodbye Mother." He turns and slowly walks out of the house.

"Damn you, Brooke," Stephanie says. "Damn you!"

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