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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, February 9, 1998

As LUCINDA and BEN look at a dead Teague, CARLY tells JACK not to die on her. Ben comes over to attend to him. He sends the two women to find some cloth and scissors and tells Jack he needs surgery fast. They hear a helicopter and in comes the Oakdale P.D. Carly tells HAL what happened. They tell Ben they can get a MedEvac helicopter up there in five minutes. Carly gives Hal Teague's shirt and they bag it as evidence. Hal tells Carly he thought she left town because of him. She tells him the story of their three days. The helicopter arrives and as they get ready to wheel Jack out, his breathing goes bad. Hal watches Carly talking to Jack. She has a flashback of a close moment between her and Jack. Then Hal reassures Carly that Jack will be OK. Margo tells them about the verdict.

KIRK's P.I. is telling him (on the phone) that he is sure SAM married James which makes her a bigamist. Later a casino worker comes in and hands Kirk a gold disk he found in a box of chips when he emptied it. It is engraved -- "To Samantha on our wedding day--1/21/97." Kirk realizes that is the same day as the date on the marriage certificate.

Matt (in a security guard's uniform) is guarding JAMES at the courthouse until the other guard comes back. The judge pronounces Holden guilty and says that his sentence will be 25 to life; therefore no bail. LILY jumps up and nearly faints. The judge allows Holden to sit with her and hold her. TOM tells Jessica that the law is a joke. A guard handcuffs Holden and takes him out of the courtroom. He and James are standing side by side as chains are being put on their ankles and then the guard chains them together at the waist. NIKKI comes in and takes pictures of the prisoners and guards. Matt slips a key and a container of chloroform to James just before he, Holden and the guards (including Matt) get on the elevator. As they are getting ready to get in the van, James unlocks his handcuffs and grabs one guard, putting a chloroformed handkerchief over his mouth and grabbing his gun. He makes the other guard take off the ankle chains and the chain around their waists. He then chloroforms the second guard. He makes Holden unlock his handcuffs and tells him to put on the guard's jacket and cap and stuff the guards in the van. James makes Holden drive the van to a secluded area far from Oakdale, then makes him get out. James chloroforms Holden and Matt appears out of nowhere. James orders him to put Holden in the van.

CAL arranges to fly to New York to tell Emma about Holden's conviction. Tom comes in and says he just had a call from Margo and briefs Lily and company on what has happened concerning Teague and that they are bringing back some evidence that may clear Holden. Later at the hospital Lily, etc. wait for the MedEvac helicopter. Tom complains to Bob that the DA's job is to find the truth. In comes Jack on the gurney and they rush him off to the operating room Lucinda bursts in and tells about the shirt. Carly tells Hal that she has never been so scared in her life as she is right now with Jack hurt. She tells Hal that it was her fault that they got in that situation. He gets a call that the van carrying James and Holden never got there.

DAVID and EMILY are dining. He is very disturbed and says he wonders how much of James Stenbeck is inside him. Emily tells him to always be honest with her. A waitress tells them about James' escape and Emily says she is not surprised--it is typical Stenbeck.

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

JOHN and BARBARA and the kids are vacationing in Tahiti. They tell each other that they hope they can work things out while they are there. She says there is a part of her that can't respond to him right now. She says she has forgotten how to be herself. A part of her still thinks that if he hadn't made the decision he did, the baby might still be alive. John tells her he doesn't think he has loved her more than he does at this moment. With honesty and time, the memory will become not so painful.

LISA rushes in to the hospital to see CARLY who is waiting for news about JACK. Carly says Jack got stabbed because he had been protecting her. BEN comes out and says Jack suffered a lot of damage to the lower abdomen and the next 48 hours are critical. Lisa asks an upset Carly, "What is really going on here?" She suspects that Carly is in love with Jack. Carly says that they started being nice to each other in the cabin and she discovered her feelings for him. Lisa tells her that she must let Hal down gently. Later Carly is standing beside Jack when he wakes up. She tells him what happened to Teague and she says that Jack is her brand new hero. He remembers the nice things she said to him in the cabin. He falls asleep and doesn't hear her tell him about her feelings for him.

At the station HAL is asking if anyone knows where Molly is. LUCINDA and LILY come in looking for news about Holden. Hal asks if Holden had ever mentioned the possibility of escaping if convicted. Lily says that Holden would not go anywhere willingly with James. A call comes in that the van with the two guards has been found. The Feds are now in charge and have an 8-state bulletin out for armed and dangerous escapees. An expensive perfume atomizer that had been filled with chloroform was found in the van. Margo is going to try and find out where it came from. David has been called to the station for questioning and when he and Emily arrive, Lily asks him where he was when James escaped. David says he is in more danger than anyone. When Hal questions him, he denies knowing anything about it. He hears Hal tell Margo that Carly won't leave the hospital because of Jack, so he tells Emily there is something he has to do and he will meet her later. Hal has asked Kim to come to the station and when she gets there Margo asks her if she knows where Molly is. Kim says she hasn't seen her since she got off the witness stand. Margo gets some information about the atomizer.

KIRK is looking at the gold disk but puts it away when SAM comes in. He has taken the day off from WorldWide and she thinks he is afraid that James will come after her. Kirk tries to get her to tell him if she has made some mistakes; he says he will forgive her. She gets a call from Margo asking her to come down to the station.

David finds Carly as she is leaving Jack's room and asks her what is going on between her and Jack. He hassles her about her plan to marry Hal and have his baby and she says that she has had a slight change in plans. Lisa observes their argument from a distance and then Hal comes up and asks her if David is bothering her. She says no and David says he was just checking to see if she was OK and leaves. Hal tells her that they need to get a sample of Molly's blood but they can't find her. Carly tells Hal that she needs to tell him about everything that happened in the cabin.

At home Emily looks through the mail and opens David's charge card bill by mistake. She sees a charge from Carbondale Pharmaceutical and questions it. She pretends to be his secretary and puts in a call to inquire about the charge and finds that it was for chloroform. She remembers hearing Hal say that chloroform was used in James' escape.

Wednesday, December 11, 1998

MARGO is holding the atomizer when SAM and KIRK come in. Sam says it is the same perfume she uses. Margo tells her it was found in the van and asks Sam if she has hers with her. When she looks in her purse, it is not there. She thinks she may have put it in a drawer at home. When Margo quizzes her more about it, she thinks Margo is accusing her of helping Stenbeck escape. Kirk asks her why she is so angry if she hasn't done anything wrong. She angrily rushes out and Margo tells Kirk that she is overreacting.

BEN tells CAMILLE that Jack is stable and he needs to go to the station to make a statement. He tells her what happened that caused Teague's death and she tells him that he had to do it or they all might have died. She offers to go to the station with him.

CARLY tells HAL that she needs to tell him about the time spent in the cabin and he guesses that something happened between her and Jack while they were there. He says in a way, he is kind of happy about it. He thinks they just mended fences and now it will be more peaceful around the station. His beeper rings just as she says she thinks maybe he is not understanding. LUCINDA and LILY come in and go in Jack's room. Hal comes back and says he got a call from the feds about a tip that Stenbeck was out at Stony Point. He is going out there in a helicopter and will be lowered in a harness to investigate. He tells Carly that whatever happened between Jack and her is OK. He is still putting his money on himself and her, kisses her quickly and leaves. LISA comes up and says to Carly, "You didn't tell Hal everything, did you?" Carly tells her that she tried to tell him but he didn't listen. She says she doesn't know what to do. Lisa tells her about her own past and how she lost both Bob and Bruce Elliot by trying to have both of them. She quizzes Carly about her relationship with David Allen and asks Carly if he has something on her that she doesn't want Hal to know about. Carly tells her about Rosanna's 50 million dollar offer and that she never meant to hurt Hal. Then she tells how David is blackmailing her. Lisa reminds her that she only has 4 - 6 weeks and Carly doesn't seem too worried.

JACK wakes up to find Lucinda and Lily there. He asks about Holden and they tell him about the trial and about Molly's disappearance. Then he pushes until they tell about James' escape and that he has taken Holden hostage. He thinks he has to get to the station and starts to get out of bed; Lucinda calls Carly in and tells Lisa to get a nurse. Carly gets him to stay in bed. He asks her if Hal knows what "went down" with them at the cabin. Before she can answer, he cries out in pain and she rushes for help.

Nikki is talking to Hal who is in the helicopter. Andy comes in and she tells him about how they are going to drop Hal in a harness at Stony Point. In walks Matt who talks about having lunch with her and she tells him where her dad is. Then he says he has to pass on lunch but tells her to call him at the Mona Lisa. Andy says he thinks Matt knows a lot more than he lets on.

At the Falcon Club Sam comes in and tells Kirk that she can't find the atomizer anywhere. They argue about James.

At the station, acting d.a. Carter comes in to take Ben's statement. He asks Ben if he shot Teague and why. Ben says the d.a. is trying to make him out as a cold-blooded killer. He says that killing Teague is something he is going to have to live with all of his life but he would do it again if ahe had to. Then the d.a. congratulates Ben and tells him the community owes him a debt of gratitude. Ben gets beeped for an emergency at the hospital. When he gets there, he goes in Jack's room and they wheel him out because he is hemorrhaging and needs to have surgery again. Carly thinks he is going to die and it is her fault. After the surgery, Ben tells Carly that they had to repair Jack's abdominal wall with mesh and he will have to remain totally immobile because any movement at all will jeopardize his recovery.

Lucinda and Lily go to the station to find out about the tip on Stenbeck. Margo tells them about the atomizer. Lucinda tells her that James is obsessed with Sam and has been sending her gifts. Lily listens to this and gets an idea and rushes out. She goes to see Sam and tells her that Stenbeck has taken Holden hostage to get something he wants and they have to give him what he wants--Sam.

Matt talks to Stenbeck on the phone and tells him that "it" worked--Munson is off to Stony Point.

Thursday, February 12, 1998

JOHN and BARBARA return to their room after spending a wonderful day on the beach with the kids. Barbara seems happy and relaxed. John reminisces about their last trip to Tahiti and how he fell in love with her. They kiss. When John makes a move to become more intimate, Barbara pulls away. She explains that she loves him, but she's not ready to make love. John tells her its okay, the important thing is that they are together and she can take all the time she needs.

JACK is wheeled back to his room from the second surgery. LISA and CARLY have been discussing Carly's dilemma and her "small window of opportunity" to fulfill Rosebud's contract. Carly wants Jack to get better quickly, but BOB warns Carly that in order for Jack to recover, he will need a long time to heal. If they rush things and the mesh tears again, he could die. Frantic, Carly goes in search of Jessica to try to get an extension on the contract.

JESSICA and MARGO are at the police station discussing how important the new evidence is to Holden's appeal and more importantly the need to match the blood on Teague's shirt to Molly's DNA. LUCINDA continues to berate the police department's handling of the Stenbeck situation and has hired her own private investigators to search for James and Molly. Margo warns her not to get involved. KIM echoes her concerns when she reports that Lucinda's investigators have already upset Abigail's parents and would certainly scare Molly off if they located her and tried to bring her back to Oakdale unwillingly.

LILY and SAM are at the Falcon Club. Lily tries to convince Sam that because of James' fascination with her, she is the only one who can help Holden. When Sam realizes that Lily wants to use her as bait, she's against the idea, but Lily persists. Meanwhile, LUCINDA has arrived at the Club looking for Lily. KIRK pulls her aside to discuss Sam's involvement with James, the police investigation and the newspaper's coverage of the escape. Lucinda has little time for him and informs him that he is no longer acting Editor of the City Times. At their table, Sam comes around to the idea of setting a trap for James. They tell their plan to LUCINDA who is totally against the idea. When Sam convinces Lucinda this is a con that will work, Lucinda agrees only if they promise Margo will be a part of the plan and that they will be no where around when the trap is set.

KIM meets BOB at the Falcon Club. She tells him that she has a clue that Molly may have gone to Chicago seeking help from one of her former employers. She wants to follow up on the lead because she feels she is the only one who can convince Molly to come back and clear Holden. Bob agrees with her, but tells Kim he'll be accompanying her to Chicago.

CARLY arrives at the police station to ask JESSICA to ask Rosanna for more time. When Jessica calls Rosanna, the answer is no. Dejected, Carly returns to the hospital where LISA continue to counsel Carly about her predicament. "If you choose Jack, you lose the money. If you choose the money, you lose Jack. Is the money worth it?"

SAM, LUCINDA and LILY are at the police station presenting their idea to MARGO. She thinks it will work and the ladies hatch their plan to bring down James Stenbeck. Back at the Falcon Club, as his last act as editor of the City Times, KIRK orders the announcement of his and Sam's wedding renewal be made the front page story as a message to James once and for all to stay away from his wife.

Friday, February 13, 1998

SAM calls James' attorney to set up a meeting as planned. Later, BALDWIN arrives at the Falcon Club where Sam urges him to contact James and let him know she needs his help because the police suspect her as an accomplice to the prison escape. KIRK arrives in time to hear Sam making arrangements to meet James. Kirk gives Sam a pair of diamond heart earrings as a peace offering for doubting her over the past couple of days. He asks her why she was talking to James' attorney, but Sam lies and tells him she wasn't.

LILY has gone to the stables to feel close to Holden. LUCINDA finds her and urges her to go back to the house and get some sleep, but Lily insists on staying. Lucinda tries to calm Lily by assuring her that Holden is okay and, in accordance with Holden's wishes, Lucinda gives Lily their wedding rings to wear until they can be together again. Lily falls asleep in Lucinda's arms. She has a dream about Holden. When she awakens, she knows the dream was a message that Holden is still alive.

JACK gives CARLY a single rose for Valentine's Day. When Carly tells him she likes roses, Jack calls the nurse who brings in a bouquet of roses and a box of chocolates for Carly. Carly is caught off guard by Jack's unexpected gestures. Jack confess his feelings to Carly and gives her a ring box. When Carly opens it she finds a small candy heart inside that says "Be Mine." Jack tells her he wants an answer to his question. They are interrupted when BEN comes in to examine Jack. Outside the room, Carly tells LISA she can have both Jack and the money. MARGO comes to see Jack. They talk about the investigation, but Margo is more interested in what happened between Jack and Carly at the cabin. She expresses her concerns that Carly is not being totally honest about how serious her relationship is with Hal. Later, Carly returns to Jack's room to give him an answer to his question. Jack tells her they need to talk, but Carly leans forward and gives Jack a passionate kiss.

NIKKI is developing some photographs in the darkroom while ANDY looks on. She shows Andy a picture she took of Matt at the Mona which annoys a suspicious Andy. Later, Nikki discovers she has accidentally taken a picture of Stenbeck and the guards right before the escape. Andy insists on enlarging the photo in hopes it may contain some valuable clues.

EMILY is watching DAVID while he sleeps, playing back in her head several conversations which have gnawed at her suspicions about David and his involvement with James. David awakens and gives Emily a diamond heart pendant for a Valentine's gift. When David goes to get ready for work, Emily calls one of her newspaper sources to find out what connection, if any, James has to David's new employer, Thornapple Industries. After David leaves for work, Emily's source calls back and confirms that James is a major investor in the company. Furious, Emily rips the necklace from her throat and packs her bags. Later, David returns to find Emily gone.

MATT is burning his guard uniform in an incinerator. While going through the pockets of Holden's suit before burning it, he retrieves a photograph of Lily and Holden from one of the pockets. Instead of burning it, he puts it in his pocket.

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