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Due to Cindy's lies, Joe didn't believe Paulina was sober and threatened to take custody of their son. Sophia and Nick celebrated their upcoming wedding. Michael's car crashed into Shane's as Shane was driving Vicky home.
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Another World Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on AW
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Monday, February 9, 1998

Vicki gives Shane the key to Donna's lodge, and told him he can go there to finish his research undisturbed. Jake arrives home and sees Shane and Vicki standing in the rain holding hands. Enraged to find his rival on the premises yet again, Jake flies towards Shane and decks him with one punch. As the two go at it, Vicki tries to explain why Shane was really there but Jake won't have it. He asks Shane are they not speaking the same language, because he thought he told him to stay away from Vicki. Vicki then told Jake that Shane didn't come over for personal reasons, he came over about his research. Shane tells her to tell Jake the truth, as Vicki turns to look at him astonished and ask what was he talking about. Shane adds, " I have been messing with your marriage Jake and it was a mistake for me to come over here. I should have locked myself up some where until you were gone, I know that you are leaving because of me." Jake told him to get over his ego. Vicki was not leaving because of him, she's leaving for us. Shane then told Jake to keep telling himself that if it makes him feel better. This remark sets Jake off again and the two men go at it again until Vicki some how manages to break it up.......

At the Cory's, Paulina feels betrayed when Cindy told Joe and Sofia that she can't say Paulina wasn't on something that night. Which leaves Paulina feeling even more humiliated, especially when Joe and Sofia take Cindy's word over hers. Joe ask Cindy to leave, but not before Paulina has a few words with her alone. Paulina then asks Cindy what was she doing in there? Cindy tells her she's sorry but she had to tell Joe the truth. Paulina then tells her Cindy wasn't telling the truth and questions if Grant has anything to do with it. Cindy stands by her word and told Paulina that Joe will forgive her because he loves her and they can work it out. Paulina then adds, "I want his trust not forgiveness, and I want you to get out." Once outside Cindy calls Grant crying on the phone and told him thanks to her Joe now believes Paulina was high the night of the fire. In the other room Sofia told Joe that not even Cindy could cover for Paulina and she needs to get some professional help. Joe told Sofia to calm down and stay out of this he'll handle Paulina. On her way out Sofia told Paulina to get some help. Paulina went into talk to Joe who told her he doesn't believe her and thinks she needs rehab........

Over at the Harbor Club, Michael and Nick are discussing Sofia's growing attachment to Joe and Paulina's marital problems. Nick told Michael that Sofia's becoming so involved with Joe and Paulina's problems she can't even concentrate on their own wedding plans. Michael told him maybe it's just pre-wedding jitters and he should cut Sofia some slack, but Nick doesn't think so. He further adds that maybe him and Sofia don't have what it takes to make their marriage work, judging by the examples he's always around (Michael & Donna, Joe and Paulina, Jake and Vicki). When Michael questions him about Jake and Vicki, Nick told him he saw Shane over Vicki's house earlier and they seemed real close. Upset, Michael blames himself for getting Shane involved with the committee. Nick adds. "If Vicki wants to be with Shane that's her problem not Michael's." Just then Donna walks up to find out what all the chitchat was about, as Nick excuses himself to call Sofia again. Michael explains that Nick was just having a few pre-wedding doubts, but he'll be okay. Meanwhile, Sofia shows up to explain how she's not in the mood to plan their wedding, but she's plenty in the mood to discuss Joe and Paulina. Nick tells her after she explains what has just happened that he feels she was judging Paulina too harshly. Sofia can't believe Nick was taking Paulina's side. Nick tells her he's not taking sides, he just knows what it's like to not have any one believe you when you're telling the truth. Nick then assures Sofia that their marriage will survive and they seal their faith with a kiss.

Back at home, Grant keeps asking Cindy to give him a play by play of what happened over at the Cory's. Cindy then told him she stabbed her best friend in the back but admits to Grant she never flat out said Paulina was taking drugs. As Grant decides to plant their stories about the drugs, Cindy warns him if he told any one Paulina was using drugs the night of the fire she'll make sure everyone knows the truth about what really happened.

Over at the Cory's, As Joe and Paulina continue to argue over Joe's mistrust of her. Paulina told Joe she's going upstairs to do something. Joe follows her upstairs to find her packing her things. He mistakes this as Paulina packing for rehab and told her she doesn't have to go until the morning. Paulina informs him she's not packing for rehab, she's leaving to try to gain some control of her life. She then told him from the time they've gotten married he has taking control over her life, her career, and even the time she spends with her son. He told her that was not true as she adds "you even believe Cindy over me, but you weren't willing to believe her any other time." Joe continues to deny it, but adds he was scared every time she was alone with Dante. To test Joe's faith Paulina admits to taking the drugs the night of the fire. Joe fails incredibly as he told her he has been waiting on her to admit to her drug problem for along time, and now that she has they can move on. Paulina informs Joe as she throws her clothes out of the suitcase and starts putting his things in there, that she wants him out of there. He would rather believe her lie about taking drugs, then to believe the truth that she wasn't; She can't live with a man who doesn't trust her and her integrity means more to her than her marriage.

Back at Jake and Vicki's, Vicki once again gives Shane the key to the lodge and ask him to leave. Shane told them they won't see him anymore which if just fine with Jake. After Shane was gone, Jake turns his attentions toward Vicki and flat out ask her what was really going on between her and Shane. Vicki tries to explain that Shane was frustrated over his research and just came to her because he needed a friend, but Shane was out of their lives and once they move to New York everything will be different. Jake then told Vicki they aren't going to New York for them are they, they are going to get away from Shane. Vicki tries to assure him that was not true or the reason. Then Jake told her she was being to generous and allowing herself to be drawn into Shane's manipulations. As Vicki tries to tell Jake that Shane won't come between them anymore, because she'll handle him. Jake cuts her off saying " Your right, Shane won't come between us again. I'll never let anyone come between me and the people I love ever again." Vicki was speechless as the two of them go into the house.

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

Worried about her missing ex-husband, Lila warns Jake that Shane and Vicky are undoubtedly together again. Sofia's constant obsession with the unraveling of her brother's marriage continues to grate on Nick, who urges his fiancée to focus on preparations for their own nuptials instead. Though Jake confidently assures her his wife was in Chicago for the day, Lila remains certain that Vicky was actually en route to a rendezvous with Dr. Roberts. Sofia told an exasperated Nick she wants to postpone the wedding until Joe and Paulina have worked out some of their problems. Meanwhile, at the Cory mansion, Paulina explains to her husband why she can't live with him knowing he doesn't believe she's been clean and sober. Donna convinces Sofia that allowing her brother and sister-in-law to share in the joy of her marriage will do the quarreling Carlinos more good than months of counseling. Later, Michael suggests to his son that he and his future bride consider honeymooning at Donna's secluded and highly romantic lodge. As their argument escalates, Joe threatens Paulina with a custody battle and reminds his outraged wife that no court in the land will award Dante to a mother who's hooked on pills and booze. When Donna comes by to pick up the key to her lodge, Jake realizes in dismay where he last saw the object in question. Terrified of losing her son, Paulina agrees to take a weekly drug test and swears to Joe she'll never be alone with Dante from now on.

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

Michael arrives at the lodge and was severely annoyed to find Shane already in residence. Vicky returns to Bay City and heads over to the hospital, where she spies Lila sneaking into Shane's office. Paulina comes to see Jake, hoping to lean on a sympathetic shoulder following her fight with Joe. Eavesdropping on Lila as she phones Matt, Vicky realizes that Shane's ex-wife has tampered with the doctor's research. Paulina tearfully explains to Jake why she kicked Joe out. Michael orders Shane to stay away from Vicky. Felicia refuses to believe that Wally was responsible for stealing her first edition of Embers In The Snow. Overruling Cass' groaning objections, Felicia elects to read the novel aloud to a small group of friends in hopes that they'll be able to uncover clues to the next part of the mystery. Vicky decides to rush the "misplaced" data to Shane to prove to him that his research was right on track all along. Meanwhile, Matt threatens to expose Lila's deception if she doesn't produce the missing file. Upset by Jake's angry words about wanting to kill Shane, Paulina attempts to talk her old friend out of going up to Donna's lodge to confront his rival.

Thursday, February 12, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Deborah Mcelreath

Nick was writing his vows to Sophia and Michael comes in. They have a long talk about love. They say how lucky they are to have found each other, and Michael hints at still loving Donna.

Lila breaks into Jake and Vicki's place looking for the missing documents that she put in Shane's office. Jake walks in on Lila and wants to know what she was up to now. Lila told Jake to find Vicki that she is probably with Shane, and plants doubts in Jake's mind. Lila leaves and Jake leaves in a storm of emotions to look for Vicki. Lila went back in to Vicki's house looking for documents , as she was leaving Donna shows up. They have words, Donna calls Lila mean spirited. They leave .

Cass, Felicia, Tony, Etta Mae and Chris still have their heads together on the mystery based upon one of Felicia's books. Etta May wants to know if she bases her characters on live people Felicia knows. Felicia says not really. Etta Mae finds a character in the book called Winthrop Crass, what a coincidence. Everyone calls it a night when Felicia stops Tony and told her that Winthrop was murdered in the book.

Donna finds Michael and Michael ask her to help Nick with his writing his vows. They have a tender moment of thought with each other about their feelings at their marriage. Donna agrees to help Nick and told Michael that she thinks the missing Vicki was with Shane. Michael, having found Shane at Donna's hunting cabin, leaves in a hurry.

Vicki rushes into the cabin as Shane starts to burn his research papers in the fireplace. She was frantic and says he was right all along. To this Shane says it's about time she admitted it, thinking that she was professing her love for him. Vicki explains she found the missing papers in his office and that Lila had them all the time. This makes Shane very mad at Lila. Shane professes his love for Vicki again. Vicki says she has to be real and honest that she came only to give Shane the missing papers. Shane told her to get out of her wet clothes, which she does. In the mean time Jake was on his way to the cabin in a bad storm and stopped by a patrolman to warn him of the road being closed due to the bad weather. Jake takes off to the cabin anyway he gets stuck one mile from the cabin and starts to walk to the cabin. Vicki was undressed when Shane pours then a brandy to warm her. Shane was affected by Vicki and gets closer to her, they began to kiss and get on the floor.

Lila, at home, swears Vicki will get what she deserves not knowing for sure she was with Shane, and also that she will win Shane's love. What will happen? Jake and Michael both are on their way to the cabin while Vicki and Shane start kissing.

Friday, February 13, 1998

Coming from her appointment at the clinic, Paulina stops by Bay City's Finest to visit Joe with her drug test results. Upon entering Joe was sneezing and doesn't notice Paulina was standing there until she says "bless you." The two discuss Dante, Nick and Sofia's wedding and their recent separation. Paulina suggest that they keep their separation from Dante for the meantime. Joe agrees adding that he only wants what's best for everybody. Paulina wonders if Joe was still going to help out with preparations for Nick and Sofia's wedding. Joe confirms he'll help out but adds that he's going to hold off on telling Sofia about their separation so it doesn't ruin their wedding.

At Carlino's, Sofia was upset to learn her maid of honor was stranded by the storm and can't make it for the wedding. Nick suggest asking Paulina, but Sofia's not ready to forgive Paulina for what she believes happened the night of the Carlino fire. The two also wonder where everyone was at. Nick wonders where Michael is, knowing he should have been at Carlino's by now........ Michael was on the road driving up to Stony Point Lodge hoping he'll beat Jake up there to stop him from finding Victoria and Shane together.

Meanwhile at Stony Point Lodge, Vicki succumbs to Shane's kisses. As the two lie together in front of the fire caught up in the moment, Jake was just a mile away as he abandon's his car and struggles through the storm towards Stony Point Lodge on foot. Back inside Vicki and Shane continue to make out by the fire, as Vicki sees her wedding ring on her finger and pushes Shane away. She explains to Shane that she's sorry but she just can't do this to Jake. Shane told her he only wants her happiness and if this doesn't make her happy then they're not going to do it. Vicki told him that she couldn't go through the rest of her life knowing that she betrayed Jake. Shane responds by telling her he's the lucky one, because he gets to live the rest of his life knowing that for one instant moment; Vicki wanted him. He then told her he's gonna go fix some coffee and when he returns it might be best if they stay on opposite sides of the room for the night and plan to go their separate ways as strangers in the morning. As Shane exits to go make the coffee, Vicki cries to herself about what she's done and what she almost did. Grabbing her clothes, she then runs to change. Just then Jake burst in the door staring at Shane.....

Lila calls a old doctor friend of Shane's she knows and told him she's pregnant. He told her he'll be glad to take her on as a patient and she should come to the hospital so they can check her out to confirm the pregnancy. Pleased, Lila prepares to get ready when Gary shows up to wish her a Happy Valentines by bringing her some candy. Gary lets Lila know he's concerned about her calling in sick and wonders if Shane has anything to do with her illness. Lila laughs it off telling Gary she's fine, but Gary tells her he thinks she maybe pregnant and should go get herself checked out. Lila lets him know she will as she sees him to the door so he can go and pick up Josie from the Airport.

Back at Carlino's, Donna asks Nick if anyone's seen Michael. Nick hasn't seen him as he tries to keep Sofia calm, who thinks the storm will ruin all of their wedding plans. Nick cheerfully reminds her that it doesn't matter if nobody else shows up everything will be fine. Donna intervenes by adding, that she's been through this many times with Michael and everything will be fine. Out loud, Donna wonders where Michael was in this terrible storm.

Back at the lodge, Jake lets Shane know he's looking for Vicki. Shane tells Jake to go home as Jake searches the cabin for himself. Meanwhile, Vicki is hiding outside the lodge looking in as Jake searches for her. Jake ask Shane what he was doing at the lodge, since Jake knows that Vicki gave Shane the keys. Shane admits it, but informs Jake that Vicki only gave him the keys so he could come up here and work on his research undisturbed. Jake prepares to leave but gives Shane one final warning before leaving "Stay away from Vicki or I promise you I'll kill you. As Jake exits, Vicki comes in determined to reach Jake before he gets home. Shane told her the roads are probably out and she'll never make it. Vicki told him she walked up by foot and she'll walk back by foot. Shane told her he'll drive her down the hill. As Jake approaches his car, he's stopped by a Police Officer who informs him the main road was out and he can't drive on it. When asked if the person in the lodge knows of this, Jake told the Officer, he's been warned. Alone in his car, Jake telephones Vicki and told her he just needed to hear her voice an make sure she's safe and warm. Jake thinks Vicki was still in the hotel at Chicago, so she leads him to believe that she's stranded in Chicago. Eventually their phone call gets broken up, but not before Jake told Vicki that he loves and trusts her. Vicki hates herself for lying, but Shane says it's the last lie she'll ever have to tell. Jake calls Shane again and Vicki thinks he knows she's with him. Jake tries to warn Shane about the dangerous roads, but Shane hangs up on Jake. Vicki begs Shane to please drive her home, so he went to warm up the car.

Gary went to the airport to wait for Josie. As he stands at the exit gate he is approached by a man who told him they need to talk. At Bay City General, Lila see's the doctor and learns that she could have been pregnant weeks ago, even though the test she took came out negative. The doctor returns later and tells Lila that she was pregnant. However, we don't know who it was that got her pregnant. The doctor then informs Lila that she can take a blood test to determine just when her child was conceived. Lila agrees, but ask the doctor if they could keep the information just between them. There was no need for Shane to know until she was for sure this was what he wants she explains.

Joe and Paulina finally show up at Carlino's and Nick and Sofia think that Joe and Paulina are becoming close again. While talking A familiar song starts playing and Sofia ask Paulina how did she know this was her favorite song? Paulina told her to ask the groom, as Nick asks Sofia would she like to dance. As Nick and Sofia dance Joe and Paulina are reminded of their own wedding night and start to kiss, but pull away suddenly. Sofia and Nick say their vows to each other as they continue to dance. Donna on the other hand, looks out the window sadly wondering where Michael was and decides to call Jake and Vicki's to see if they have heard from him. Jake makes it home as Donna calls to see if Michael was there. Jake says no and he told Donna that Vicki was fine and in Chicago. Donna wonders where Michael could be and Jake says he's probably stranded in some road side cafe.

Ignoring the warning on the radio telling anyone who was driving to pull off the road and seek shelter, Michael determined to make it up to the Stony Point Lodge was still driving up to see if he can prevent a confrontation between Jake and Shane. In the opposite direction out on the mountain road, Shane is driving Vicki home Vicki thanks Shane for driving her home to Jake and ask him to please not follow her to New York. Shane told Vicki, he's glad he saw her and got a chance to know her in his life. He then told Vicki that he loves her and he'll love her for all eternity. Michael, still driving and blinded by the snow, suddenly collides and crashes into Shane's car!

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