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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of February 9, 1998 on SB
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Monday, February 9, 1998


Annie is able to change Caitlin's mind about telling Cole she isn't pregnant, but not before Sean overhears that Caitlin isn't pregnant. Annie (grasping at straws) told Caitlin that she will have the baby tomorrow. Cole demands to see Caitlin, but Sean tries to stop him, saying it's bad to see the bride before the wedding. They then see the Father who told Sean and Cole that if he needs to talk to Caitlin, he should. Cole throws out Annie while he and Caitlin talk. Cole gives Caitlin a Deschanel Jewels bracelet that Elaine and Paula sent since they couldn't be there. Cole prepares to tell Caitlin the truth...

Olivia confesses to the Father that she had an affair with her soon to be son- in-law. Gregory gives Olivia a nice bouquet. Father Antonio told Olivia that it is clear she loves Gregory, and he loves her, so she should follow her heart. They both go to look for Caitlin and Cole.

Ben confesses to Tim that he murdered Mark and the others on the island. When Meg shows up, she says she knows exactly what they were talking about, Tim's accusations again. Ben told Meg he has to run an errand and will return.

Tim told Ricardo that Ben confessed. Ricardo told him that there were no other witnesses and that it seems he's just a jealous ex-boyfriend. Ricardo then told Tim that the case is closed, but if Tim comes up with hard evidence, he can reopen it again.

Gabi runs into Ricardo, she asks him if the argument that Ricardo and Eddie had was about her. She told him he doesn't need to defend her, after all, she hurt him a lot. He responds that he doesn't do anything he doesn't want to do.

Many of the Surf Central Crew light candles for Mark. BEN'S
Ben looks around for something, he finds Meg's shawl and wraps it around his hands as if he could use it to strangle someone. Ben daydreams that he strangles Meg with her shawl.

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

The Mission
Tim confronts Ben, who confesses to the murders. He says that he would have killed all of the Surf Centralites, if Tim hadn't shown up and ruined his plans. He told Tim that Mark shouldn't have been the one to die, it should have been Tim. Ben leaves and Tim tries to tell Meg about Ben's confession, but she won't listen. Tim told Ricardo that Ben confessed, but Ricardo can't allow himself to believe it.

In the confessional, Olivia says Cole may be her baby's father. Antonio counsels Olivia to tell Caitlin the truth, but Olivia flatly refuses.

Olivia bumps into Gregory, who gives her a bouquet that looks just like the one that she carried on their wedding day. Gregory once again asks Olivia to come back to him. When Gregory leaves, Olivia thinks that maybe he wouldn't be so desperate for her to come back to him if she told him the truth about her baby.

Caitlin told Annie that she can't marry Cole unless she tells him the truth. Annie tries to convince Caitlin not to tell Cole, to no avail. Finally, when Caitlin starts to leave the room to find Cole and tell him the truth, Annie told Caitlin that the baby's biological mother will be having a c-section the next day.

Cole asks Sean if he knows where Caitlin is because he has to talk to her immediately. Sean, knowing that Caitlin and Annie are discussing Caitlin's miscarriage, asks if Cole can talk to Caitlin later. Cole told him that if he doesn't speak to Caitlin now, there won't be a wedding. When Sean appeals to Antonio for help, Antonio says that he's sure that Cole must have a good reason for needing to talk to Caitlin. Despite Sean's objections, Cole went into the dressing room.

Antonio told Ricardo that he lights a candle for Maria every day, because it helps him find peace regarding her death. Ricardo says that he won't find peace until he's brought Maria's killer to justice. Later, Ricardo finds Tim and asks him to dig up some concrete evidence on Ben, so that Ricardo can reopen the investigation into the Terror Island killings.

Concerned about the delay, Gregory and Olivia leave to see what's holding up Caitlin and Cole.

Sean begins to suspect that Annie is behind Caitlin's charade of continued pregnancy. Just as Sean confronts Annie about Caitlin's faked pregnancy, Gregory and Olivia come around the corner.

Annie and Caitlin are surprised when Cole enters the room, but not half as surprised as Sean is when he sees that Caitlin is wearing the pregnancy pad again. Annie tries to kick Cole out, but Cole kicks her out, instead. Cole gives Caitlin a bracelet that AJ gave to Elaine and says that he has to tell her the truth and that he hopes that she can forgive him.

Ben's House
While Ben is standing in the middle of their bedroom fondling Meg's scarf, he has a very realistic dream of strangling Meg with it.

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

Cedar Oaks Hospital
Virginia sneaked into Vanessa's mother's room to take pictures of her. Before she could get a picture she heard Vanessa's voice on the other side of the door and quickly hid in the closet. Vanessa wanted to see her mother despite being forewarned about what she would see. When Vanessa started to pull the curtain back, Lena (her mother) started screaming for her to leave even though Vanessa tried to tell who she was. Vanessa was devastated and had to leave the room without seeing her mother. While the other nurses were trying to control Lena, Virginia left the room unnoticed by them. However, Vanessa was in the hallway when Virginia came out. Vanessa saw the back of a disguised Virginia and asked how her mother was doing. Virginia mumbled something about getting a doctor and left before Vanessa could recognize her. Virginia was worried that Vanessa would figure out that she had been impersonating her when a nurse that saw Virginia as Vanessa wanted to talk to Vanessa.

The Church
(The Sanctuary) Tim got a mysterious phone call and made plans to meet someone. He was disgusted to see Meg and Ben getting cozy.

Casey assured Gabi that she wasn't to blame for Paula and Ricardo's breakup. He explained that there had always been something to come between Paula and Ricardo even before Gabi came along. He told Gabi that it would be her turn to walk down the aisle one day.

When the wedding had yet to start, Eddie speculated that Caitlin had changed her mind. He was thinking about the tape of Jade, but he told Bette that he just meant that Gregory was enough reason for them not to marry.

Meg and Ben were sentimental about the wedding. Meg stated that she would never leave Ben waiting that long for her on their wedding day.

(The Hallway) Annie created a diversion by knocking Olivia's bouquet into some candles, catching it on fire. This gave Caitlin the time she needed to slip her pregnancy pad back on without being noticed.

Olivia told Gregory that her bouquet was like their marriage...It had been burned around the edges, but had survived. They both separately share an emotional moment with Caitlin before the ceremony started.

(The Sanctuary) The wedding started. Gregory walked Caitlin down the aisle. Antonio started off the ceremony by giving a message on the importance of honesty in a marriage. Cole gave his heartfelt vows telling Caitlin how much she had changed his life. When Caitlin's turn to say her vows came she declared that her vows weren't right and that she had to tell everyone the truth.

Thursday, February 12, 1998

After hearing a baby cry in the church, Caitlin opted not to tell Cole and everyone the truth. They were finally married. At the reception, Sean confronted Annie about Caitlin not being pregnant. Cole felt Olivia's baby kick again, and felt bad that he had never felt Caitlin's kick. Cole and Caitlin danced their first dance, then Gregory interrupted. Cole and Olivia danced as well. Caitlin can't believe how lucky she is.

Vanessa left after learning her mom was being sedated, she was told to return another time. Virginia got the "head nurse" suspended in order to see Lena without her interfering. Virginia saw Lena's disfigured face, and was about to take a picture.

Michael put candles around Vanessa's apartment to put the romance in the air. When she came home, she was happy to see Michael after a hard day. They made love, when she was sleeping, she had a dream about her mom and woke up in hysterics. Michael calmed her down.

Ben said he had a migraine and wanted to sleep. Meg was going to leave him alone, but he said he wouldn't let go of her. When Meg woke up, Ben was no where to be found.

Meg looked for Ben, but ran into Madame Carmen who warned her she was in danger.

Ben thought to himself that it was time to kill Meg, and he knew how. Tim followed Ben.

Tim continued to follow Ben. When he entered the warehouse, he seen a "shrine" of pictures of Meg. As he was about to leave, Ben locked the door and said it was a big mistake for him to be there, and it would be his last.

Friday, February 13, 1998

Virginia takes pictures of Lena. Lena gets agitated when the other nurse comes in, and she acts clueless in why Lena keeps repeating "no pictures."

Virginia went to get her film developed in 1 hour, but the machine is broke, so she has to go back in the morning.

Madame Carmen warns Meg that the terror is not yet over, and she feels it occuring at that moment. Meg leaves saying that is false.

Ben attacks Tim, but Tim gets away. They struggle on a nearby construction site. Tim thinks he knocked Ben over the edge, but when he looks over the edge, Ben is still hanging on the scaffolding and pulls Tim over the side...and it's a LONG drop...

Michael comforts Vanessa, when she is about to tell him about her mother, he gets paged and has to go back to work.

Bette gets everyone to do the "Hokey Pokey." Gregory gives Olivia a baby spoon with the baby's names inscribed in it..."Thomas Blake Richards" named after her father. Annie catches the bouquet when it is thrown. Then the garter is thrown towards Gregory, Annie takes this as a sign. When Annie mentions that he'll be the next groom, he told her he's married and intends to stay that way. Olivia and Annie have a small confrontation, where Olivia spills Orange Juice on Olivia, purposely of course. Olivia thinks she's going into labor. Annie hopes she's not because she needs to get Olivia alone to steal her baby...

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