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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on PC
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Monday, February 2, 1998

Gail, Karen, Kevin and Conklin spoke on Scott's behalf before the judge ruled on Scott's sentencing. Despite the appeals of Scott's friends and family, he was sentenced to ten years in jail. Later, Karen and Scott shared a warm moment together and Karen said that she would petition for custody of Serena herself if Lee and Gail weren't able to keep her. Lucy interrupted and Karen blasted her for what she had done to Scott. Scott then told Karen the truth about Lucy and Karen gave Lucy her heartfelt apology. After Karen left, Kevin and Eve arrived. Kevin and Lucy began arguing when Kevin heard Scott say that Lucy might have to marry Rex in order to protect Serena. Kevin accused Lucy of enjoying her seduction of Rex and a hurt Lucy left. Scott then gave Kevin advice on how to handle Lucy. Eve gave Scott a basket of apples and admitted that she was scared for him. Before Scott was taken to jail, he and Eve shared an intense kiss. Matt lied and told Chris that his x-ray had been destroyed. Later, Chris called the resort where Matt claimed to have sustained his injury and learned that the resort was closed at the time Matt said he had been there.

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Rex and Lucy prepared for the arrival of their guests at their engagement party. Before the party started, Rex surprised Lucy when he told her that he had arranged to have Serena's custody hearing scheduled for the next day. Lucy tried to convince Rex to let Serena stay with Lee and Gail until after they were married, but Rex was adamant about moving ahead with his plans. At the party, a vulnerable Lucy was rebuffed by nearly all of her old friends, who were still upset about her testimony against Scott. Kevin and Rex traded thinly veiled insults as Eve warned Lucy that Kevin was ready to explode. The party then ended in a wild melee after Kevin gave Rex and Lucy a live skunk as an engagement present. Kevin and Rex then got into a physical fight when Kevin told Rex that he would never let him have Lucy. Mary watched from a distance as Joe apologized to the orderly he had previously yelled at. Later, Mary told Joe that she was glad he had apologized and Joe began asking questions about his father's abusive nature. Joe recounted a story from his childhood of his father violently destroying a toboggan on Christmas Eve. Mary defended Joe's father but Joe remained firm that his father's behavior was unacceptable. Later, Joe spoke with Karen and admitted that he sometimes saw parts of his father in himself and that it scared him. Karen was supportive and assured Joe that he had the power to change and wouldn't necessarily follow in his father's footsteps. Matt received a mysterious phone call and then lied to Ellen and said that there had been a death in his family. Matt then told Ellen that he needed a week off, but Ellen couldn't promise to give him that much time. Later, Ellen was surprised to find that Matt's name had disappeared from the new work schedule

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Lucy and Sigmund Kevin and Lucy managed to steal a private moment in the elevator together. Meanwhile, Rex abducted Sigmund and made it appear that duck was dead. Later, while talking to Rex, Lucy mentioned that Kevin was once a stalker. Kevin returned home and found Sigmund missing and went to confront Rex, who then produced Sigmund unharmed. Rex gave Sigmund to Lucy and she unleashed her "anger" at Kevin. Lucy, however, was privately torn about having to seemingly side with Rex against Kevin. Ellen learned that Dr. Alan Quartermaine had authorized Matt's leave. Ellen told Chris that Matt had been called away on personal business, but Chris wondered if Matt's time off was linked to his recent x-ray. Later, Chris asked the radiologist out on a date in an effort to learn more about Matt's x-ray.

Thursday, February 5, 1998

In Philadelphia, Matt's armed companions advise the irritated doctor to try and make the best of a bad situation. During the custody hearing, Lee is astounded to hear himself accused of engaging in drunken binges at a place called the Zebra Lounge. Faced with piles of depositions from bartenders and waitresses, an outraged Lee told the judge he's been completely sober for more than twenty years and demands to see the witnesses who have accused him. Claiming to be annoyed by Lee's outburst, the judge grants full custody of Serena to her great-uncle, Rex Stanton. With a snowstorm bearing down upon Port Charles, Mike fulfills a longstanding promise to Ellen and comes to General Hospital to donate a pint of his rare blood type to the blood bank. After the hearing, a devastated Gail rails at Lucy for ruining Serena's life. Meanwhile, Rex privately reassures the judge he'll return the materials with which he was blackmailing her now that she's kept up her end of the bargain. Determined to prevent her little granddaughter from falling into Rex's clutches, Gail told Lee she's contacted an organization that will help her and Serena go underground. Chris presses Marla for details about the results of Matt's latest X-rays. Scotty asks a startled Eve to help him break out of jail. With Serena due to arrive at the Stanton mansion in the morning, Lucy told Rex she wants to be married that very night. An explosion rocks Matt's hotel room in Philly.

Friday, February 6, 1998

At the jail, Eve told Scotty she can give him a drug that will produce such severe symptoms that he'll have to be transported to General Hospital, where Karen will be waiting in the ER to administer the antidote. Passing the capsule to her friend through a kiss, Eve cautions Scott that the drug only lasts for a few hours so they'll have to act fast. Lee reluctantly gives Gail his blessing for her plan to take Serena underground through the assistance of an organization designed to aid women and children in jeopardy. As he speeds towards the Stanton mansion, Kevin calls Lucy from his car phone and orders her not to go through with her idiotic plan to marry Rex. Hanging up on her sputtering fiancÚ, Lucy told her other husband-to-be that she wants them to be wed right away. Driving through the blizzard, Gail explains to Serena why they have to go for a ride on such a dark and stormy night. As Scotty groans in pain, Eve convinces the guard to summon an ambulance. In Philadelphia, Matt is treated for shrapnel wounds caused by the bomb that killed his two guards. After her car gets stuck in the snow, Gail phones the hospital and pleads with Karen to come rescue her and Serena. Kevin finally arrives at the Stanton place but is appalled to learn that Lucy has already become Rex's wife. Watching Karen's car approach, Gail is horrified to see the vehicle suddenly slide off the road and plummet down a snow bank.

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