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Monday February23, 1998

Billie is questioning Kate about what she meant about keeping Bo & Hope apart. Kate says that Billie must've just misunderstood her, but Billie isn't buying it. She questions Kate further and she finally admits that she may have given the Bo/Billie relationship a few "nudges" But that's not good enough for Billie...she keeps on and wants to know why she lied to Bo about Hope & Franco. She says she didn't want Bo to walk out on her again. Billie is touched by her mother's actions, but at the same time upset as well, because once they got back to Salem...Bo rushed to Hope. Kate urges her to use the baby to hold onto Bo now. Billie says she doesn't want Bo out of obligation, but Kate pleads her case. Kate says she just wishes that Hope would give up on Bo and that they have to find a way to get her out of Bo's life for good. Billie is taken aback by this statement, but Kate assures her that she means Hope no physical harm. Kate goes on to talk about Hope's "obsession" with Bo , but Billie politely tells her to butt out...she will handle it all herself.

Bo has given Hope a ride home from the pub. He acts all giddy just being around her. He takes her by the hand and tries to kiss it, but Hope pulls away, smiling at him. Over coffee they talk and you can see that Bo is trying oh-so-hard to get back in her good graces. At the same time, Hope is trying to hold him at arm's length. She comments how easy it would be to fall back into their "old patterns". He tells her that there is no way he will ever give up on her, so there is no use trying. He asks if there is a chance for them and she just looks at him, half smiling. He says he is lost without her and she admits to the same, but what can they do...turn back time? As she brings up the baby, Bo says he will never abandon Billie and the baby and Hope says he is the one true love of her life and cannot share him with another woman. He apologizes for everything he has done to hurt her and tells her about what Kate did and wonders why she told him about Hope and Franco. Hope is curious as well. They talk about this and they give Kate the benefit of the doubt and think that maybe Franco led her to believe that there was more between him and Hope. Bo says his biggest mistake was to believe Kate in the first place. He says he will always love his Fancy Face. He tries to kiss her, but again, she stops him.

At Stefano's house, he proceeds to chew Bart out for letting Celeste leave Bart tries to explain but Stefano is still upset with him. Bart tells him about seeing on the news that Jennifer is alive. Stefano seems to be in shock as Bart tells him the story. Stefano comments that Jennifer is just as troublesome as her mother...but not NEAR as much trouble as Kristen has become. He gets a call and takes off and instructs Bart to get out there and find Celeste.

Peter is in jail looking at a picture of Jen, reminiscing. He asks how he could have killed her. Jen appears from around the corner and says she would like to know the same thing. Peter is shocked to see her alive. She lights into him and asks him how it feels to be the one who is fooled in a sting operation. She explains what happened and how she pulled off her "death". He tries to explain, but she wants none of it and continues to let him have it with both barrels. He says he will get out someday and they can be together. She makes it clear that it is JACK she loves as Jack joins her outside the cell as Peter seethes. Peter vows to return to Salem soon...even without Stefano's help. He seems sure that he can redeem himself someday. Jen tells him that he was once a good person but he fell under the DiMera curse, just like Kristen. With that, she and Jack leave. Later, Stefano shows up to offer Peter some help. Peter thinks that Big Daddy is going to get him out of jail. . Stefano does offer help, but not the kind Peter was expecting. He has talked to a judge and says if Peter pleads guilty to all charges, he will get a lesser sentence. He will serve his time in a federal penitentiary outside of Omaha. Peter finally agrees, conceding that he does intend to pay for his crimes. When they open the door to take him away, Stefano hugs him and wishes him the best as they take him off. Saddened, Stefano says that he truly feels for Peter.

Mike returns home from the pub and picks up Laura and swings her around. Both are truly excited about Jen being alive. But, when Mike begins to question her about where she was during all of it, she becomes very evasive and tells him that she couldn't handle everything and had to go out and get some fresh air. They talk about Peter's arrest and Mike is puzzled as to why Kristen never showed up at the church...since she and Jen were so close at one time. Laura launches into a speech about how evil Kristen is and about her getting her "just rewards". She states that the DiMera's will never harm their family again...justice has been served. Later, J&J return home from the jail and Mike decides to give them some time alone and goes on to bed. Laura is also getting into bed and comments that now she can sleep like a baby. J&J talk about how they can finally be together and sure that no one is after them. Jack says he is blessed as they make a toast to their future. He moves in for a kiss and Jen tells him to "go for it".

At the airport, Roman and Abe call for Susan(?) and she tries to ignore them and get on the plane, but the catch up with her and she looks pretty worried. They question her but she just plays dumb and won't let on that she knows anything. She finally admits that she had no choice but to return to Salem with Kristen holding her Sissy. She explains how Kristen found her (the fax) and tells them that she left Elvis in England and that Kristen will NEVER get him. Abe asks her if she saw Kristen, but is interrupted when John calls and tells them that Jen is alive. Susan makes a face at this news and comments that she didn't even know she was dead. John says that he and Marlena are at the Blake sign of Kristen...but are looking for clues. Later, Susan tries to leave when she hears her boarding call, but Abe stops her and won't let her leave until she answers their question...Did she see Kristen earlier?

At the Blake house, Marlena calls Susan's number. Realizing who Marlena is tells Marlena that she is truly worried about Susan as well and how she went back to Salem to "take care" of that mean Kristen. (Cut to a shot of the body in the pool). Marlena questions her further but realizing she may have said too much already, Violet clams up. She finally admits that she knows about Sissy's kidnapping and tells her that SHE has the baby and he is safe and sound. Marlena warns her that Kristen might show up in England but Violet assures her that she will NOT let Kristen near that baby. She tells Marlena that she spoke to Susan earlier from the airport and Susan told her that Kristen would never hurt anyone again. Marlena thanks Violet for her help and for being such a kind friend to Susan. She promises to keep her updated. Marlena and John are puzzled by all this and have a lot of unanswered questions. As they snoop around, they find the fax and empty liquor bottles. They realized that Susan had faxed the photo to Marlena and that Kristen must have broken into the penthouse and stolen it. Marlena comments that Kristen has REALLY gone off the deep end this time !As they talk, the doors blow open and Marlena walks out onto the terrace and John joins her. They turn and see the body floating face down in the pool and Marlena lets out a blood curdling scream. At the same time, Laura is jolted out of her sleep screaming as well.

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

At Austin and Carrie's, they arrived home still in shock that Jen is alive. Austin looks at Carrie and remembers her hugging Mike but just kind of brushes it off. Then he talks about their future - he says it includes a house with a white fence and sees himself cutting the grass and Carrie walking out on the porch with something in her arms - it' a baby he says. He says he is ready to have a child but Carrie says they should spend time together as a couple and she is also working on reorganizing the PR at Titan. She says she wants one too but not right now. He says that he is ready. She can tell he wants a baby and he just says that he knows how great it was with Will and knowing how much he loves Carrie that it would be a wonderful thing to have a baby with her. He says it' OK that they wait but they can practice and head to the bed. However Carrie can't seem to get her mind off Mike and wonders if she is the woman he loves. After Austin has gone to sleep Carrie gets up and goes in the den still wondering why she is thinking about Mike so much.

At Jen's, everyone rushes to Laura' room after hearing her scream. She is sitting up and looking just fine. She says she guesses she just hasn't have time for it all to sink in that Jen is alive. Jen apologizes that she put them through the pain and that Jasper was not able to let them know she was alive. She says that doesn't matter and that she is just fine and for her and Jack to go and spend time together.. Everyone heads back downstairs for tea but Laura takes hers back to her room. Jack also leaves to check on Abby so Jen is alone to talk to Mike. He mentions the chief of staff has announced his resignation and Jen encourages him to apply for the position. He says he just might do that as it will keep him mind occupied. Jen mentions Carrie and that he still has feelings for her. He mentions how she was there for him when he thought Jen was dead and how great it felt to hold her in his arms. He tells Jen to go be with her husband and he has a vision of coming home from work to be great by Carrie in a negligee. He says he has to get her off his mind. Upstairs Jen and Jack are in bed and so happy that they don't have to look over their shoulder anymore and can be together forever

At the Blake house, John jumps it the pool and pulls Kristen out while Marlena calls 911. John tries to administer CPR but realizes it is too late. Marlena comes back but John tells her "it's too late she's dead." You can tell he is in shock and visibly shaken by the event. Marlena grabs a blanket and wraps it around him as they both stand there waiting for the ambulance. John calls Abe on the cellphone who is still at the airport questioning Susan. She is doing a good job of avoiding their questions but keeps remembering in her head the events of the night. John tells Abe to stop looking for Kristen they found her and she is dead. Abe repeats this to Roman and Susan and Susan appears to be in total shock too. You get the impression that she had no idea Kristen was dead.

They notice that Kristen was not alone after seeing the ice bucket. They question Susan one more time if she saw Kristen and this time she lies and says no. She asks to go to the bathroom and while she is gone Marlena calls Stefano and asks him to come to the Blake house. He says to himself "what has Kristen done this time" as he heads out the door. When he arrives he asks Marlena why all the cops? what did Kristen do? Marlena tries to break it gently but all she can say is that she doesn't know how or why but that Kristen is dead. Dead he asks? Yes she repeats she is dead. He just looks at her and then turns and walks out the door slamming it as he leaves. Abe tells John that he wants Roman to head up the investigation and he says yes that Roman is the best. Roman thanks John and says he will get to the bottom of this. Stefano arrives back home and turn on the stereo and start crying his eyes out. He is in shock and just continues to cry uncontrollably.

Marlena, John and Susan head back to the penthouse as Abe and Roman begin their investigation at the Blake house. At Marlena's; she hugs John as she can see he is upset by Kristen' death. She says that even though they all hated Kristen they did not want her dead.

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Sami recalls her discussion with Austin where he was warning her not to get hurt by another guy, feeling encouraged. Lucas tells her she's in denial, she calls it determination. He tells her that Austin loves Carrie, so give up on him. He figures that Franco is one of her pawns like he use to be and for her to pack up and leave. She said ok, say goodbye to Will. He tells her she's not taking his son out of the house. She withheld the fact that Will's his son for a long time and she's not taking him now. The phone rings and it's Austin calling asking to come see Will. She tells him fine and after hanging up, tells Lucas Austin is coming over to see her. Austin arrives and makes a point of coming to see Will. Lucas smiles and goes to get Will. Sami offers some rolls to Austin, but he told her he had breakfast with his wife. Sami comments that she usually has breakfast with Franco, but he had an early morning photo shoot. He comments about them seeing a lot of each other. He's happy she's getting over the fantasy of them being together again. Lucas rubs in her face about Austin's reaction to her and Franco. After Lucas has left, Austin and Sami talk. He tells her that he loves Carrie and that they're thinking of having a child real soon. While Austin plays with Will, Sami tells Lucas that Carrie and Austin are planning on having a baby.

Carrie knocks on Jen's door and Mike answers, shirtless no less. She asks him point blank if she's the married woman he's in love with. He tells her there's no use in lying anymore and yes, he loves her and has for a long time now. She confirms it by asking him if he's in love with her. He admits not being able to hide his feelings and gives her a kiss. Yeah, we should have guessed, it's a Carrie dream. She's got to find out the truth she tells herself. Austin walks in the room with coffee for her, telling her last night was wonderful. He says their love just keeps getting stronger. She unemotionally, tells him she does love him and he hugs her. Later, they talk about holding off on having a baby. She heads out to have a jog to clear her head. He's going to go over and see Will. While jogging, Carrie stops to stretch and remembers her and Mike in Los Angeles and the red corvette in Salem. She realizes that her and Mike have become close, but could she be the married woman? Mike is running nearby and they collide into each other. Mike said jogging helps relieve tension and she asks if he's tense about something. Mike said he had just run 8 miles and is out of breath. Carrie tells him Austin went to see Will and they're talking about a baby of their own. Mike tells her that she'll make a great mom.

Alice shows up at Jen's and encourages Mike to apply for the Chief of Staff position. She tells him it's always been one of his dreams to follow in Tom's footsteps. Would the extra work be too much she asks. No, it would keep his mind off "other things". Not being fooled, Alice says, Carrie you mean. He smiles at her. He tells her he wouldn't do anything to break up her and Austin. They agree he has to keep busy and she encourages him to consider following in Tom's footsteps. He wants to get a run in before going to the hospital and heads out the door.

In England, Edmond finally comes back to the pub and Violet tells him that Susan called from America that morning. He asks if she got that Kristan woman and she tells him she was going to catch the next flight. They're worried as she's not back yet. He knew she shouldn't have gone and is worried about her. Violet said she had no choice, she had to protect her sister. Violet asks Edmond where he was last night and when he doesn't answer, she tells him she figures he was working on his plane. Shocked that she knew, she admits having known about it for years. He tells her it was the only thing to help distract him from being worried about Susan. Looking at the ring he bought for Susan, he hopes she'll say yes when he proposes. The telly rings and it's Susan. Edmond asks if she's ok and she tells him she's staying at Dr. Marlena's penthouse. Her sister is fine, but Kristen is dead. She tells him Dr. Evan's found her floating in the pool last night. She's relieved that Kristen won t be coming after her little Elvis again. By the way, how is he? Edmond tells her that he ate all his mashed carrots last night and he misses her. Edmond suggests he come to Salem, but Susan said she thinks she'll be back real soon. She doesn't want to run up the phone bill and has to go. Edmond can tell something's wrong. Susan tells herself that if Edmond only knew that things are everything but fine. Edmond and Violet talk about Susan and she tells him to call Susan back. Remembering his promise to watch over her, he tells himself he won't let her down and heads upstairs (to pack?). He comes downstairs and tells Violet he can't shake that bad feeling about Susan and has booked the first flight to Salem to be with Susan.

Susan remembers her conversation about Edmond with Kristen and her denying being there to John and Roman. It's the morning and Susan's in a robe with her hair down with a daisy headband, trying to decide what to do.

John's sleeping on Marlena's couch, having a dream that she told him she chose him. Marlena wakes him up fully dressed in a leather jacket, turtleneck and brown jeans. John goes to give Marlena a kiss and she withdrawals telling him no, there's too many people in the house. They see Kristen's picture in the paper and wonder what happened. Was it an accident or murder? Abe and Roman wonder the same thing while walking around the pool. Roman's gut says it's homicide, but he's waiting for the coroners' report. Abe trusts Roman's "gut". Roman feels that Susan's lying about seeing Kristen. Susan hesitated a second too long when asked if she was there earlier the night before. Roman wonders why Susan was going to leave to go back to England not knowing if Sissy was safe, unless she knew Kristen wasn't a threat. Remember they told her Sissy had been rescued when John called. Commander Abe said, Susan was going back to England as she was afraid Kristen was going to go there and take Elvis, she had tried to kidnap the baby before. Good point Roman said, but why would she think that unless she had talked to Kristen? The lab guys are finished collecting their evidence and Roman wants their report as soon as it's done. Hold the phone. Roman looks down and finds the letter opener on the cement near the pool It was under what looked like a lot of dust for fingerprinting). Gee, Frank the evidence man wonders, how did I miss that last night? Gee, Roman says, it was dark (it's 2 ft. from the lighted pool) and I almost missed it myself if I hadn't of kicked it! "Bag it up and ticket it," Roman says. Abe comments it was a little cold to be opening letters by the pool. Roman comments there were no noticeable stab wounds on the body, they'll have to wait for the Medical Examiners report. Abe and Roman can't believe they're talking about Kristen. No one deserves to die like that. Roman claims it's the DiMera curse. Abe feels for Stefano as Kristen's dead and Peter's in prison. Roman can't choke up that much emotion about Stefano. He's still trying to figure out who Marlena will choose, John or him. Not knowing enough to go in the warm house, Abe and Roman are still shivering standing around the pool. Abe answers his phone. The lab report is in. Susan's prints are all over the letter opener, she was there last night

John tells Marlena that Susan was smart to leave the baby in England. They wonder why Kristen wasn't at Jen's funeral and Marlena remember Laura was missing from most of the service too. Hmmm. Marlena's happy that Kristen never got her hands on Susan's baby and he's safe in England. Susan comes downstairs to join Marlena and John, still in her robe. They tell her there's no news on Kristen. She tells them she called England, and the baby is fine. She tells Marlena she didn't want to run up the bill and talk too long, Marlena told her no problem. They're glad she has friends in England she can trust. They talk about how Kristen would have been alive if she had accepted Elvis being Susan's baby. They tell her Stefano will find out she's in town and she worries about that vampire getting her sweet pea. Marlena tells her not to worry. Marlena offers Susan breakfast, but Susan said she's going back upstairs to get some sleep. John promises that Stefano won't get near her baby. Marlena is worried that now that Stefano has lost Kristen and Peter, he's going to fight even harder to get Elvis. He's ruined so many lives. . When John says, yes, like ours, she asks him to hold her. Of course he does and stage right, Roman and Abe walk in. Roman suggests he should have knocked. They tell John and Marlena about Susan's prints on the letter opener they found. Marlena said Susan said she didn't see Kristen before she died, why would she lie? At the top of the stairs, Susan is standing fully dressed listening in on their conversation. They say they're going to take her down to the station to find out once and for all what happened last night.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

Jennifer and Jack settle in to enjoy a normal family life at last. Abby and Laura are with them in the house eating Alice's doughnuts. Laura keeps remarking that the DiMeras finally got what they deserved and will never bother the family again. She says she will plan the biggest wedding Salem ever saw for Jack and Jenn, and Jack says he can't remarry Jennifer yet. Laura and Jennifer are stunned by his remark and wonder what he could mean, until he reappears with Jennifer's wedding ring and drops to one knee to propose to her again, saying that this time he knows it's forever. Jennifer tearfully accepts his proposal and Abby and Laura are ecstatic. They get the morning paper and Jack is stunned to read that Kristen Blake is dead and was found in her swimming pool. Jennifer is shocked and upset, but Laura only smiles to herself. She tells Jennifer and Jack that Kristen only got what she deserved, and at least she won't be bothering anyone now. Jack and Jennifer are somewhat surprised at how calmly Laura is taking it.

Edmund catches the first flight to Salem, determined to come to Susan's rescue. Back in England, Vivian summons the solicitor to Violet's shop and finally gets Jonesy to sign over his worldly possessions to her. While they are waiting, Violet tells Vivian of Kristen's death and is stunned to hear Vivian say that Susan probably did it, and Kristen probably deserved it. Violet hears from Edmund and tells him that Susan may be in trouble, and Edmund says he will put a stop to it and won't let anyone harm his "sweet, sweet Susan." After the will is signed, Jonesy insists that Vivian consummate their marriage, but Vivian tries to put him off again by saying that they will fly back to Salem first so she can find out what happened with Kristen. Jonesy, remembering that Stefano sent him away, emphatically replies that they are not going to Salem again--ever.

Susan is terrified to hear John and Abe discussing the letter opener with her fingerprints. She goes out to Marlena's terrace, but sees that there is no safe way down, and decides not to risk leaving Elvis motherless. Marlena is concerned to hear that Susan lied about her whereabouts and goes upstairs to find her. She is alarmed when she doesn't see her right away, but Susan soon reappears and agrees to go for questioning of John and Marlena come with her. At the station, Roman and Abe get a stenographer to take Susan's statement. Marlena tells her that she can't go wrong if she tells the truth. Roman tells Susan they know she lied about being with Kristen that night, and that although they are not accusing her of anything, it is very important that she tell them exactly what happened, since she may be the last person to have seen Kristen alive. Just as Susan is getting ready to talk, Edmund bursts in and declares that she shouldn't say a word and that he will protect her, while everyone looks on in amazement.

At Salem Place, Carrie finally gets up the nerve to ask Mike about his feelings for her. In a panic, Mike says he made up the story about the married woman just so that Carrie wouldn't set him up with someone. Carrie is embarrassed and confesses that she thought maybe Mike was in love with her. Mike tells her he loves her only as a special friend (liar!). Then he tells her he is thinking of applying for the position of Chief of Staff at University Hospital. Carrie encourages him to go for what he wants, despite the competition. Mike can't help thinking he should apply the same rule to his love for her. With Carrie's encouragement, Mike decides to apply for the position.

At Kate's mansion, Sami watches Austin playing with Will and remembers what Franco said about making herself seem less available. She tells Austin that she and Franco are closer than ever. Austin sets Will down and frankly tells Sami that he doesn't believe her, and that he knows she's trying to make him jealous. Austin tells Sami that she is totally ridiculous, because the only thing he would feel for a man who loved Sami was pity. Sami tries to convince Austin that she is changing for the better, but Austin says he knows the only reason Sami got the job at Titan is that she is blackmailing Kate, and that if she wants to prove she has changed, she should give up her blackmail information. Sami plays dumb, but Austin isn't buying it and tells her she's the same manipulative witch she's always been. The final blow to Sami's ego is when Austin tells her that he can't stand her raising Will, and that if it weren't for Lucas, he would stop at nothing to get Will away from her and this house. He says that if it weren't for Will, he would be perfectly happy never to see her face again. Sami looks shocked and hurt by Austin's cruel words, and kisses Will and leaves without a word. Franco comes in a few minutes later asking for Sami - he has a gift for her to keep her off-balance about his feelings. Austin takes him aside and tells him that Sami is gone and good riddance. Franco defends her and says she is really trying to turn around. Austin says that if he is so fond of her, maybe he can be the man to reform her. Franco says he wants to try, and leaves. Meanwhile, Sami wanders down to Salem place, disconsolate that her plan has not worked--until she sees Carrie embracing Mike after he agrees to try for Chief of Staff. Sami starts wondering if maybe her plan isn't working after all. riddance. Franco defends her and says she is really trying to turn around. Austin says that if he is so fond of her, maybe he can be the man to reform her. Franco says he wants to try, and leaves. Meanwhile, Sami wanders down to Salem place, disconsolate that her plan has not worked--until she sees Carrie embracing Mike after he agrees to try for Chief of Staff. Sami starts wondering if maybe her plan isn't working after all.

Friday, February 27, 1998

Franco finds Sami in Salem Place. She's defensive and expects him to attack her again, but Franco apologizes and gives her a present - a box of business cards with Sami's name and title. He tells her what a bright future she has. Sami tells Franco that she realizes that Austin will never be jealous of her now, and that even if Carrie does love Mike, she'll never admit it, so Franco doesn't have to hang around with her any more. Franco tells her if she starts to appreciate what she has instead of obsessing about what she doesn't have, people will find her more attractive. Carrie continues to encourage Mike about applying for Chief of Staff. Mike finally agrees, and Carrie decides to go with him to get some power clothes, since Mike doesn't have a clue what he should buy. Carrie and Mike have a great time shopping together. Mike obviously loves being pampered by Carrie and she loves doing it. Carrie even sneaks a red tie into the bottom of Mike's pile of clothes, thinking he's maybe a bit too conservative. Mike says he wishes he had gotten his MBA so that he would be more familiar with the business end of the Chief of Staff position--he's not even sure how to write his resume to highlight his strengths. Carrie says that public relations is her job, and she will gladly help him. Mike is obviously touched and grateful, but is afraid it's too pretentious for him to have a PR person. Carrie says nonsense, times are changing. Mike tells her she's hired.

Eric, still being trailed by the mystery person (probably a lady), has a cup of coffee and meets a new waitress named Nicole. While he's drinking his espresso, Eric reads in the newspaper that Kristen is dead. He and the waitress start discussing Kristen. The waitress, Nicole, says Kristen was always a moody customer. Austin soon arrives to join Eric and they start talking about Kristen, too. Eric says the list of people who wanted to kill Kristen must be a mile long. Austin mentions that he and Carrie are considering having a baby, but it might be a while. Austin asks Eric what his life ambitions are, and Eric says he has never been able to make up his mind. Austin talks about his many career moves, and thinks how odd it is that he ended up a corporate executive. Eric says he remembers Carrie telling him about that at the time when they were dating. Eric asks Austin how he likes the corporate world. Austin says it's fine, but not what he expected; as long as he has Carrie, though, life is wonderful.

Lexie calls the spa to see if Celeste has checked in yet, and is worried to learn that she hasn't. She calls Abe to tell him she's worried. Abe tells her that the coroner still hasn't turned Kristen's body over to Stefano. Lexie decides to pay her respects and goes to Stefano's house. Stefano is in mourning for Kristen, but he is also worried about what Lexie would do if she found out what happened to Celeste. Stefano is furious when Bart lets someone in the room, but when he sees Lexie, he is immediately calmed down. Lexie says she came to offer condolences, and even if she didn't like what Kristen had become, she liked her at one time. Stefano is touched by her visit. He asks her how Celeste is, and Lexie remarks that she's worried about her. Lexie asks Stefano if he knows something about Celeste, and he denies it. Stefano tells Lexie how grateful he is to her that she didn't allow John and Marlena to alienate them, as they have alienated everyone else from Stefano. Lexie says that if Stefano would give up his obsession for control, the good in him could come out. But if she ever learns that he hurt someone she loved, she would never forgive him. Stefano says he understands, and inside, he's sweating what happened to Celeste more than ever.

Celeste, as it turns out, has awakened outside in the snow. She sees blood on the pile of newspapers she was sleeping on and realizes her forehead is bleeding. She begins to get scared again, wondering what is happening to her. Celeste starts getting the nightmare visions of Kristen and Susan screaming again, and decides to go home. On the way, she stops at Sister Mary's convent to get help.

Edmund introduces himself to an amazed crowd at the police station. When Susan introduces John Black, Edmund puts his arm around her a little jealously. Edmund asks why there isn't a solicitor present, and Marlena says it's because Susan isn't being questioned as a suspect. Edmond asks for a moment alone with Susan. Edmund asks Susan if her sister is all right, and Susan realizes she hasn't called Sister Mary yet. Marlena offers to make the call and leaves them alone. Edmund tells Susan how worried he has been, and she immediately confesses that she lied to the police - she did see Kristen the night she died. Edmund tells Susan that she should tell the truth; he will protect her. Edmund tells Susan that he often drives by her cottage at night to make sure she is safe. Susan is touched by his love for her. Edmund tells her that Violet has known all along about his restored WW2 plane and he wishes he had told his mother the truth in the first place - and maybe Susan should just come clean with the police. Once Roman starts questioning Susan, she finally admits that she did see Kristen, but she didn't kill her. She tells them the whole story, about getting Kristen's phone call and leaving baby Elvis with Violet and coming to Salem. She says that Kristen drugged her with a can of soda that appeared to be closed, and that she remembers getting woozy and threatening Kristen with a letter opener. Susan says she fought with Kristen and she dropped the letter opener, got scared, ran to her car, and drove away. She then called the police about Sister Mary and wanted to get back to Edmund and England as soon as possible. Finally, Susan asks Roman if he thinks she killed Kristen.

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