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Bianca's doctor recommended a radical new treatment. Gillian learned that she could be deported. The mystery woman jumped off of the roof of Chandler Enterprises. Trevor learned that Axel was really an actor. Adam lost his temper after learning that Stuart had slept with Marian.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, March 2, 1998

At WRCW, Liza and Scott met briefly to discuss the secret location of the copies of David's confession. Liza noticed that Scott looked extremely tired and asked him if he'd gotten enough sleep. Instead of supplying a direct answer, Scott used Liza's display of concern as a way to ask for help---relationship help. He told Liza that he and Gillian had had sex, but he wondered if the days of "meaningless, casual sex" were over. Scott informed Liza that he had no feelings for Gillian, but that Gillian claimed to love him. Liza advised him to "say sayonara and run like hell" if he wanted to get Gillian out of his hair.

Across town at Holidays, Edmund met with Miles to discuss the findings of Miles' probe. Miles handed Edmund a manila envelope containing an analysis of the plastic explosives that had been used to bring down Flight 149. The plastiques are known as SK-417 and are manufactured only at four plants in New Jersey. One of the plants is only a few minutes' drive from Manhattan. The proximity to Jim's old stomping grounds sent off a wave of anger for Edmund. He excused himself, saying that he had someone he needed to see.

Gillian took Eugenia to Holidays for a bite to eat. Gillian smiled proudly as she told her grandmother that their days of "poverty" would soon be over. Eugenia didn't approve of the way Gillian planned to use Scott to end their financial crisis. She stated that a loveless relationship would crumble. Gillian insisted that she was doing what was necessary to return them to the good life and couldn't understand why her grandmother wasn't being supportive. Eugenia explained that Gillian's attitude would change when she found true love. That day would never come, Gillian replied softly. Behind the two women, Ryan entered the restaurant and walked directly towards Gillian's chair. He crouched down and planted a kiss squarely on Gillian's lips. He broke off the kiss a few minutes later and apologized to Eugenia for his abruptness. Gillian struggled with an urge to wipe Ryan's kiss off, but she decided that the best course of action was to ask Ryan to leave. Eugenia instructed her granddaughter to be civil to the "nice young man" and invited Ryan to join them. Ryan smiled slightly and told Eugenia that he had to meet someone. Eugenia was definitely disappointed and pleaded with Ryan to come back soon. After Ryan walked away, Gillian informed Eugenia that she'd just met her first American snake oil salesman. Eugenia took Gillian's statement literally---she believed that Ryan actually peddled snake oil. No matter what his line of work, Eugenia smiled sassily and told Gillian that she'd take two of whatever Ryan was selling. She turned and gently stroked Gillian's hair, noting that Gillian had already bought into Ryan. Gillian denied having any sort of attraction to Ryan. Gillian was saved from dealing with her feelings thanks to Scott's arrival. Gillian leapt out of her seat and gave Scott a big hug. She looked at her watch and told Scott that he was late and that she was beginning to get worried about him.

Across the restaurant, Kelsey and Kevin talked about Kelsey's wannabe relationship with Scott. Kevin saw two possible options for Kelsey: She either tells Scott that she loves him or lets Gillian win Scott's heart. Kelsey grinned and announced that she had a third plan---to "strip Gillian's gears and send her back to shop." Kevin worried that Kelsey was contemplating violence and admonished her. Kelsey assured Kevin that she wasn't going to get physical. She explained that she'd contacted Immigration and told them that Gillian should be deported. Kevin put his hands over his face and shook his head slowly from side to side. He reminded Kelsey that she doesn't have a good track record with her schemes---he attempt to win back Bobby failed as did her plan to return her Crystal Ball dress. Kelsey's past embarrassed her slightly and she realized that she might have made another terrible mistake. She decided that she would contact Immigration and tell them that she'd made a mistake.

Eugenia wandered over to Ryan and caught him staring at Gillian. She asked him why he was attracted to her granddaughter. Ryan's face came alive. He likened himself to the prince that hacked his way through a forest of thorns to see the Sleeping Beauty, who, in this case, was Gillian. Eugenia patted him on the back and told him that Gillian is not inaccessible---she just needs the right man to come along and break through her hardened outer shell.

Things were quickly going from bad to worse for Gillian. She babbled on and on to Scott about her plans for their future. Scott looked at her and told her that he doesn't think their relationship is going "to fly." Gillian chuckled giddily at Scott's "color expression." She hadn't yet realized that he meant that he wanted to break of their relationship. When she did figured it out, she begged Scott to reconsider. Scott refused to back down. Suddenly, Mr. Pinkerton, an agent from Immigration and Naturalization Services, appeared at the table and asked Gillian to follow him to his office. Gillian cocked her head to the side and asked him why he was bothering her. Without a twinge of emotion, he offered his one-word reply, "Deportation."

Joe informed David that he'd picked the wrong time to bring up hospital business. He had, after all, just confessed to a serious error. Palmer asked Joe to remain quiet long enough for David to say what he had to say. David started his speech by praising the hospital's desire to strive for perfection. Sometimes, he said as he lowered his head, oversights are made. He touted Allie's excellent performance as an example. Allie jumped to her feet and told David that she'd like to be the one to tell the board about the oversight in question. Jake also rose from his chair and tried to get into the mess. Enid groused that Allie and Jake needed to learn that they should not speak with other's are talking. Joe even jumped into the fray and asked David to stop talking. David was given permission to finish his speech. He told the board that he wanted to recommend Allie to become the new Chief Resident in charge of Emergency Services. A few weeks prior, Joe had asked him to make a recommendation. Again Joe stated that David's timing was not appropriate. Allie declined the nomination. Both Enid and Palmer were moved by David's compassion and thoughtfulness and Allie's modesty. Enid moved that the board approve David's recommendation on the spot. Jake, Allie, and David were asked to leave the room while the board discussed sanctions against David. The trio filed out one at a time and headed to the break room. There Allie worried that David's martyr routine would create a smokescreen, a smokescreen that would cause the board to be lenient on him. Jake assured her that they'd accomplished what they'd set out. Back in the Joe told the board that he wanted David out of his hospital immediately. Palmer argued that Joe's recommendation was too harsh. Enid agreed, commenting that Joe was only angry because Jake had been blamed for the mix-up. Joe argued that the mix-up could happen again as long as David remained on staff. One of the other women on the board agreed, but she too defended David. She reminded everyone that David's error came after working forty hours straight. She recommended that the hospital change its work policies. Joe saw that he was getting nowhere and informed the board that he would quit if David wasn't given his walking papers.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Brooke decided to pay Mateo and Hayley a visit. When she entered the room, she found Hayley hovering over Mateo. Hayley carried on a conversation with Mateo as she stroked his hair. Hayley didn't hear or see Brooke enter the room and felt sort of awkward when she turned around and realized that Brooke had overheard her discussion. Brooke offered to sit with Mateo so that Hayley could go and stretch her legs. Hayley was touched that Brooke would sit with Matt and said that she'd be back in a few minutes. Brooke sat beside Mateo and told him that she'd make Jim pay if he was responsible for harming him. A nurse entered the room and announced that she needed to change Mateo's bedsheets. Brooke left the room and waited in the hallway. When Hayley returned and saw Brooke in the hall, she feared that something had happened to Mateo. Brooke assured her that everything was okay. Hayley announced that Mateo had to be fine because they had a "bad man" to go after. Brooke swallowed hard asked who the "bad man" was. Hayley was referring to the landlord, the man she felt was responsible for Mateo's brush with death. Hayley watched Brooke closely as she fidgeted in her chair. She wondered if Brooke thought that the "accident" was anything but accidental. She asked if Jim was involved in tampering with the furnace. Brooke shook her head and did her best to convince Hayley that she knew nothing about what had gone wrong. Hayley returned to her hospital room while Edmund, who had listened to Brooke and Hayley's discussion from the background, tried to comfort Brooke. Brooke claimed that she was responsible for Mateo's injuries. Edmund gave Brooke a hug, unaware that Jim had walked up behind him. Jim asked what was going on and told Brooke that he'd drive her home so that she could rest. Brooke went to say goodbye to Hayley. While she was gone, Jim ordered Edmund to stay away from Brooke. Edmund refused to back off. Jim spotted the manila envelope and snatched it from Edmund. He asked Edmund what secrets he was hiding in the envelope. Edmund said that it was Tempo business and demanded that Jim give him back the envelope. Jim smiled arrogantly and reminded Edmund that any Tempo business was also his business.

Back in the hearing room, Joe asked Jake to help him dig up more dirt on David. Jake refused to help, saying that innocent people would be hurt if he told his father what he knew about David. Joe knew that the videotape contained some kind of evidence that would incriminate David. Joe had but one additional question; He wanted to know if David administered the wrong medication on purpose. Jake nodded his head. He insisted, however, that David was not a cold-blodded killer.

The board reconvened and decided that David would be given a reprimand and a warning that any additional mistakes would result in his termination. That wasn't good enough for Joe. He told the board that he had "unimpeachable" evidence that proved that David had purposely given Adam the wrong medication.
In the break room, Allie told David that she would not accept the Chief Resident position because it would mean that David had more leverage of her. David claimed that "the game" was over and that Allie had won. Allie couldn't believe that David considering toying with people's lives and careers as a game. David told Allie that he believes that she should get the Chief Resident slot because she's worked hard.
David was told that the board had reached a verdict. Jointly, Palmer and Joe announced that they would accept his resignation. David nodded and told them that they'd receive it in the morning.

Liza worked on some paperwork at WRCW. As she sat at her desk, the door to her office swung open. David stepped inside and closed the doors behind him.

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

Edmund snatched the envelope back from Jim and told him that it contained confidential biographical information. Brooke exited the hospital room and walked over to Edmund. She confirmed his statement, saying that she had Edmund write Mateo's obituary just in case he didn't pull through. Jim felt it was premature to declare Mateo dead, and argued that only celebrities have their death notices written in advance. Brooke informed Jim that the doctors had told her that the longer Mateo remains comatose, the more slim his chances are of ever waking up. Jim wanted to see Mateo with his own eyes---and did he get an eyeful. As soon as Jim approached Mateo's bed, Mateo sprung forward. There with his eyes open, Mateo peered deep into Jim's soul.

Things continued to get worse for Bianca. When Dimitri paid his young friend a visit, he had to fight to remain upbeat. Bianca's doctors ordered her confined to her bed. Her hands had been put in restraints so that she wouldn't remove her feeding tube. Bianca claimed that she had an itch on her nose and needed her hand untied so that she could scratch it. Dimitri, of course, was wise to Bianca's tactics and offered to scratch it for her. Bianca became upset and demanded that the feeding tube be removed immediately. The girl abhorred the idea of being force-fed. Dimitri compared her situation to that of a horse she once rode. At one time Bianca worried that putting horseshoes on a horse hurt it. Dimitri assured her that the horse felt no pain and that shoeing the horse was important to protect the horse from injuries. Dimitri didn't notice it, but Jack entered the room and, after seeing Dimitri struggling to win Bianca over, came to Dimitri's rescue. Both men gently pressured Bianca into giving up her demands. It didn't work. Bianca struggled to tear her arms free of their restraints and accused Dimitri and Jack of being in cahoots. She said that it was obvious that the two men hated each other and that they were teaming up against her to make her eat. Dr. Wyman overhead the fuss and entered the room. She asked the men to allow her some privacy so that she could examine Bianca. Outside the room, Jack noted that Bianca's powers of observation were still astute. Dimitri agreed. Even though they'd gone out of their way to convince Bianca that they were best of friends, she saw right through them. That left them to wonder what else Bianca had picked up on. Dr. Wyman exited the room and asked Jack if she'd join her for a discussion on Bianca's condition. Edmund tracked Dimitri down and told him that he needed his help. He handed over the report he'd received from Miles. Dimitri read the report and wondered how Edmund had gotten his hands on the confidential information. Edmund wouldn't divulge his sources. Dimitri asked Edmund if he had any feelings as to who might have blown up the plane. Edmund hesitated slightly before uttering Jim's name. Dimitri was stunned, but he promised to help Edmund dig up more information on Jim, the explosives, and any ties between them.

Scott rose from his chair and took a step towards the INS agent. He called Pinkerton's quest to deport Gillian a "waste of taxpayers' money." Gillian insisted that she'd been attending all of her classes, but her lie didn't hold water once the agent told her that he'd contacted all of her professors and learned that she'd stopped attending classes. Gillian moved on to the next lie, arguing that she suffers from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Pinkerton didn't show any signs of concern nor did he flash any expressions of doubt. Instead he asked Gillian to supply him with documentation from the physician who diagnosed her condition. Ryan tried his best to rescue Gillian, dropping word that he was affiliated with WRCW and that he'd get the station to do a special report on harassment by Immigration. Pinkerton ordered Ryan and Scott to step aside or risk facing obstruction of justice charges. Pinkerton and Gillian headed to a less populated area of the restaurant to discuss the situation. Ryan grabbed Kelsey by the arm and implied that she was somehow involved in the INS plot. Kelsey didn't disavow her involvement. Instead she touted her decision as a foolproof way to get rid of Gillian. She never thought that Gillian's deportation would be permanent. Gillian demanded that she be allowed to face her accuser. Upon hearing the princess' raised voice, Kelsey bowed her head and hid behind Ryan. Mr. Pinkerton told Gillian that the INS keeps their sources anonymous since revealing their names would likely prevent people from reporting immigration violations. Pinkerton told Gillian that she'd have a hearing in a few days and suggested that she hire the best attorney she can find. Scott and Gillian worked to concoct ideas that would keep Gillian in the country. Suddenly it hit Gillian. If Scott were to marry her, she'd be allowed to stay in the country!

Erica entered the conference room to prepare for her meeting with Dr. Wyman. When she entered the room, she stopped dead in her tracks. Travis had waited patiently for Erica to arrive so that he could give her a piece of his mind. He reminded her that she'd once claimed that allowing Bianca to stay in Pine Valley would bring about her recovery. That hadn't happened. In fact, Bianca had gotten worse. The two took turns blaming each other for Bianca's condition. Neither could agreed upon when Bianca's health started to decline and who was responsible for it. Travis recalled how concerned he was for Erica when she was pregnant with their child. At the time, the doctors feared that neither Erica nor her unborn child would survive because of a condition known as toxemia. Travis was moved by the fact that Erica had been willing to risk her own life for that of Bianca's. Erica sobbed as she stated that she'd still give her life to save her daughter's. The shared an embrace, one that brought some raised eyebrows when Barbara and Jack entered the room. Dr. Wyman arrived a short time later and told the group that there appeared to be only one course of action they could take in order to save Bianca's life. She called this drastic action a "modality." Instead of having Bianca endure the pains of having her loved ones tell her how they feel, they would pressure Bianca into venting her feelings about her loved ones. The sessions would be grueling and uncomfortable and Dr. Wyman wasn't sure that the adults could handle hearing Bianca voice her anger and concerns. Unanimously, they all agreed that they had to go forward with the therapy.

Liza tried to mask her fear as David slowly walked towards her. David praised Liza's convincing performance at Chandler Mansion. Liza accepted his compliment, but told the doctor that she was too busty to meet with her fans. David wasn't about to leave until he'd gotten a chance to "even the score." Using a voice that expressed her forced fear, Liza asked David what he planned to do. "Ooh, what are you going to do? Inject my with a hypodermic full of poison?," she sassed. David took Liza by the hand and told her that he never thought he'd find a woman who could match him lie-for-lie. Liza was momentarily hypnotized by David's smoothness. She eventually yanked her hand away and insisted that she was nothing like him. Unlike David, she noted, she'd never tried to kill her husband. David smiled confidently and told Liza that they were more alike than she'd ever know. He regretted tendering his resignation at Pine Valley Hospital because it meant that he wouldn't have the opportunity to spend more time with Liza and get to know her better. Liza's eyes widened as she listened to David continue his speech. He insinuated that Liza would one day call upon him. With a final smile he assured her that he'd contact her when he settled into a new town.

Hayley rejoiced that her husband had come back to her. She called for help as Jim stood paralyzed at the foot of the bed. Ruth raced into the room and examined Mateo. She had to break the news that Mateo hadn't woken from his coma. His sudden motion was an involuntary movement that occasionally occurred in comatose persons. Brooke and Jim went into the hall and prepared to go home. Brooke noted that Mateo appeared to be looking right at Jim. Jim corrected her, saying that he was staring right through him. He called the incident "freaky." Ruth asked Brooke if she could sit with Hayley and help calm her down. Jim allowed Brooke to visit with Hayley for a while. Hayley apologized to Brooke for scaring her with her outbursts. Brooke admitted that she'd probably have reacted the same way. Jim returned a short time later with a plant for Hayley's room. Hayley forced a smile and thanked Jim for the gift. Once Jim and Brooke left, Hayley promptly tossed the flowers in the trashcan. Hayley returned to her husband's side and tired to will him back to consciousness. Mateo's mind still continued function. He had a vision of someone snapping pictures. The subject of the photos was a gun. The visions flashed in and out of focus until Mateo could see the gun being cocked and fired.

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

When Kevin reminded Kelsey that her plans to land a man never seem to work, he had no way of knowing how prophetic his admonition would turn out to be. Gillian's desperation to remain in the country led her to the age-old immigration foil---marrying an American citizen. Like Kevin before him, Ryan knew that Kelsey was involved in calling Immigration. Ryan grabbed Kelsey by the arm and pulled her to a corner of the restaurant. There he read her the riot act for calling the Immigration Department. Her stunt to get Gillian booted out of the country backfired; If Scott and Gillian got married it would mean that the objects of their desire would be permanently out of reach. Luckily for the two schemers, Scott turned Gillian down. Gillian got a vibe that Kelsey was somehow involved in getting Immigration on her back. Kelsey denied Gillian's allegations. Scott came to Kelsey's aid and asked her to tell him the truth. Kelsey insisted that she hadn't squealed. Gillian was devastated that her supposed friend had turned her in. Kelsey's stunt did, however, provided Gillian with a little more leverage. Gillian voiced a sense of urgency and begged Scott to help her remain in the country. Still Scott refused to marry the princess, but he pledged to help her hire the best attorneys in the country. Gillian still believed that Kelsey had called the INS and privately issued her a stern warning, saying that Scott would hate her once he learned the truth.

Mateo's lips continued to quiver for a little while longer, but they abruptly stooped and the machines monitoring his brain activity became eerily inactive. Stuart dropped by to pay the couple a visit and found himself having to comfort Hayley's newest fears. Hayley worried that the sudden cessation of activity meant that Mateo's condition had gotten worse. Citing that doctors know little about the comatose state, Joe warned Hayley that she shouldn't jump to any conclusions about Mateo's health. He then gave her the good news that she'd been discharged from the hospital. The news was anything but good in Hayley's mind and she adamantly refused to leave Mateo's bedside. She wanted to be by her husband's side so that she would be the first thing that he sees when he wakes. Joe advised her against it and tried to get her to leave, but being a Chandler, Hayley wasn't about to cave. Stuart bumped into Liza on his way out and cryptically commented that he had something he needed to tell her about Marian---but added that he had to tell Adam first. Liza tried her best to decide Stuart's comments, but she couldn't make heads or tails out of what he was saying. She wondered why he was so interested in her mother, but shrugged it off. Hayley bowed to pressure to leave the hospital. On her way out, she spoke to Liza and told her how Adam had arranged for her to stay in the same room as Mateo. Hayley truly believed that Adam had changed for the better. She begged Liza to look past all of the hurt and admit her true feelings for Adam. While Hayley did leave the hospital, it was only for a short time---she returned a short time later with some of her things: She was moving in.

Still unaware that she'd slept with Stuart and not Adam, Marian prepared to drop a bomb on her billionaire son-in-law. With the black and white photographs that Dirk had snapped off, Marian headed to Adam's office and ordered him to grant Liza a divorce. Adam refused to bow to Marian's demands and implied that she'd fallen off her rocker. Marian made vague references to what she believed was their affair and at one point asked Adam if he was "ready for round two." Adam, of course, had no idea what she was hinting at and further believed that Marian was crazy. Marian virtually threw herself at Adam, but he ignored her sexual innuendoes. Since Adam was oblivious to her advances, Marian's plan went back on track and she threatened to damage Adam's reputation with the photographs. But as Marian closes in on finally telling Adam what had gone down, Stuart arrived and thwarted her plans. Adam threw Marian out of his house. While Marian and his brother were gone, Stuart took a peek at the photos that Marian left behind. When Adam returned to his office, Stuart felt obliged to show him the pictures. Adam wondered how Marian could have forged the pictures. Softly and somewhat reluctantly, Stuart confessed that he was the one in the photos with Marian!

Marian headed to WRCW to show Liza a duplicate set of prints. She beamed proudly as she realized that she could free her daughter from a loveless marriage and give her financial security. She was horrified to hear Liza tell her that she didn't love Jake and that she was only pretending to be in love with Jake to get even with David. Marian's face dropped as she realized what a horrible mistake she'd made.

Thursday, March 5, 1998

To date, the mystery woman's plan to get Adam to confess had failed. She'd seemingly done everything in her power to accomplish her goal, but it wasn't enough. She broke into a Chandler Enterprises storage area and stole the blueprints to the Chandler Enterprises building, giving particular attention to Adam's office. She also recorded an additional warning for Adam on her tape recorder, warning him that he will only get one more chance to confess. After she finished recording the message, Joy packed up her belongings and readied for her next mission. As she left the storage facilities, she warned Adam that "only one of us will be left standing" after she's done.

Trevor dropped by the hospital and found Hayley reading a romance-like novel to Mateo. Rosa had given Hayley the book, claiming that Mateo would enjoy it. Trevor could see that Hayley's eyes were tired and offered to read the book for her. Trevor was barely a few words into the reading when Janet entered the room. She wanted to leave once she saw Trevor sitting in the corner of the room, but Hayley insisted that she stay. The further Trevor got into the sensual theme of the novel, the more he felt that Mateo needed to be read a more macho type of book. Hayley liked the idea and asked her uncle if he minded bringing in another book. The hour grew later and Hayley hadn't eaten. Both Trevor and Hayley tried to get Hayley to grab a bite to eat at Holidays, but she didn't want to leave Matt's side. She suggested that her aunt and uncle go to Holidays themselves and even offered to give them their meal on the house. Janet insisted that she couldn't go because she had other plans. Trevor was miffed and went along without her. Hayley wondered why Janet had turned down a chance to dine with Trevor. She went as far as to ask Janet why she and Trevor weren't married yet! Janet managed to dodge the question thanks to a spark in Mateo's brain activity. Janet hoped that it was a sign that Mateo was coming out of the coma, but Hayley told her that he was just dreaming. And what a dream it was. Mateo's mind conjured up an image of Mateo attending someone's wedding. He was there by himself until Hayley suddenly appeared and commented that the wedding was beautiful. Then as mysteriously as she'd appeared, Hayley faded into nothingness. Out in the hallway, Trevor had waited for Janet to leave the room. He pulled her aside and expressed his worry that Hayley was acting strangely. It was true as Hayley was carrying on like Mateo was just taking a nap. He insisted that someone had to break the news to Hayley that Mateo might never wake up. Janet shook her head and pointed out that Mateo could wake up at any time.

Adam was stunned. Stuart smiled proudly as he announced that he slept with Marian. Adam still couldn't believe it. "I did," Stuart beamed, "and it was so... so... so..." Stuart couldn't find a word to express how he felt. Adam was infuriated that Marian had unleashed her "legendary" appetite for sex on his brother. Even though Stuart insisted that he wasn't hurt in the ordeal, Adam vowed vengeance for the way that Marian took advantage of his brother. Stuart finally confessed that the event unfolded because of his involvement in Jake and Liza's scheme. Adam never allowed him the opportunity to explain what scheme it was. In addition to being angry with Marian, Adam was now furious with Liza for allowing her mother to sleep with Stuart. Stuart wanted to explain that it was a case of mistaken identities, but Adam cut him off every time he tried to explain that Marian thought she was sleeping with Adam. Adam thanked his brother for opening his eyes to the type of person that Liza was and stormed out of the office. Stuart knew that Adam was going to track down Liza and that there was nothing he could do to stop him. Stuart hung around the office for a little while longer. He heard a noise on the outside patio and raced to investigate. A few seconds later he dragged Tad into the office by his ear! He accused Tad of spying on Adam, but Tad denied it. He came up with the weak excuse that he was washing the windows. Tad finally admitted that he was trying to listen in on Adam's calls---but only to find out more about Joy. He pried Stuart for more information on Joy, but Stuart said that he'd made a promise to Adam never to say anything about Joy. Stuart ran out of the room, crying that he'd already ruined Adam's life and that he wasn't going to do it again.

Marian was likewise stunned to learn that her daughter still loved Adam. The way Marian talked, you'd think that Liza had some kind plague. Marian now had to come up with an excuse to hide the photos that she'd been ready to give to Liza. Liza knew that her mother was up to no good and asked to see the photos. Marian refused and clutched the envelope close to her chest. Liza blocked the exit and demanded that her mother come clean. Marian started to lose her composure and touted her new desire to stop meddling in Liza's business. Liza rolled her eyes and told Marian that it was a little late for a New Year's Resolution. Marian "remembered" that she double-parked and ran out of the office.

At Holidays, Marian drowned her sorrows in a few martinis. Opal joined her new gal pal on the couch and they talked about their problems. After both had down more alcohol than they probably should have, Marian told Opal that her plan to help Liza had gone terribly wrong. She explained that Liza wasn't in love Jake---it was just an act. Opal instantly saw the serious nature of what had gone down. Marian shook her head in shame as she blasted herself for sleeping with Liza's man. Opal quickly added that it wasn't the first time that Marian had stolen her daughter's lover. Marian couldn't believe that Liza had forgiven her for sleeping with Tad. Even more incredible was the fact that Marian and Liza had gotten close. Opal assured Marian that she wasn't the only mother who'd made mistakes. Opal advised Marian to keep her fingers crossed and to hope that Liza never learned about what had gone on in Adam's bedroom.

Back at WRCW, Adam showed up at Liza's office and gave her a tongue-lashing. He told Liza that Stuart had told him all about the plot in his bedroom---of course he really hadn't. Liza couldn't figure out why Adam was so mad at her considering that she had gone to extreme lengths to get rid of the man that had nErley killed him. Adam told her that he didn't approve of the way she and Marian had treated Stuart. Liza praised herself for getting Stuart involved. She didn't understand why Adam thought that Marian was involved. Adam couldn't believe that Liza was trying to convince him that Marian wasn't involved in the plan. One day, he snapped, both Liza and Marian would regret what they'd done. Adam turned and walked to the door. He turned around and raced back to Liza, planting a big kiss on her lips. Liza surrendered to her passion and returned the kiss. Adam pulled away and looked at her coldly. Claiming that there were no feelings attached to the kiss, he asked her how it felt to be used and then walked away. Liza called her mother's house, but got the answer machine. She wiped tears from her eyes as she left a message on the machine asking her mother what she'd done.

Back at Holidays, Trevor downed a glass of beer at the bar. He watched on as Janet and Axel put on yet another performance for his benefit. Kevin told Trevor that he recognized Axel from somewhere. After a great deal of thought, Kevin realized that he'd seen Axel in a B-movie. Trevor realized that Janet had hired an actor to play her ex-husband, but he wasn't about to let on. He decided that he'd have a little fun first. He asked Janet if she'd spoken to her mother about getting back together with Axel. Janet told him that Wilma was on a cruise in Barbados and that she couldn't be reached. After Janet and Axel left, Trevor placed a call to a cruise agency and asked if he could get in touch with Wilma Marlowe, Janet's mom.

At The Chandler Building, Tad poked around Adam's office for information on Joy, but he couldn't find anything. He decided to call it a night and left through the balcony doors. Something lured him back to the office. He looked through the windows and watched as the mystery woman set up some type of apparatus in the office. When Adam returned a short time later, the woman was gone, but her presence was still known. An image of Joy appeared on the wall and her voice called out to Adam and demanded that he confess. Adam knew that Joy wasn't a ghost and hollered at the top of his lungs for the woman to make herself known. From the doorway, a voice replied to him. "You really want to know?" the mystery woman asked. "I'll tell you exactly who I am."

Friday, March 6, 1998

First, I'd like to thank all of you who have sent me birthday greetings. I appreciate each and every one of them. Thank you for making this a very special birthday.

Seeing her frail daughter sleeping in her hospital bed was too much for Erica to handle. She told Myrtle that she'd failed Bianca as a mother. Myrtle mentioned that Mona often felt that she left Erica down especially when she was unable to mend her daughter's broken heart. The thought of her mother thinking that she'd done a poor parenting job hurt Erica deeply. She insisted that Mona had done an incredible job raising her. Myrtle didn't understand why Erica would accuse herself of being a bad mother when she'd just gotten done saying how absurd it was for her mother to think the same thing. Myrtle groused that she was tired of hearing mothers take the blame for bad things happening to their children---it does no good, she said. Bianca woke up and complained of a sore throat. She asked if the doctors could remove the feeding tube, but Erica told her that it wasn't the right time to remove the tube. Erica asked Bianca why she'd gotten angry at Dimitri and Jack Erleier in the day. Bianca had no particular reason for her outburst, but hinted that she thought one of the men might remove her feeding tube if they thought she was really mad. Bianca claimed that she was tired and asked to be left alone.

In the hallway, Jack and Travis got into a fight over his engagement to Erica. Travis claimed to be looking out for his younger brother, but Jack didn't see it that way. Travis referred to Erica as a "one woman wrecking crew." Jack professed his love for Erica, but Travis was sure that Erica would toss Jack aside in the near future. Jack decided that it was best for him to leave the scene before he and Travis came to blows. Before he left, he said that Bianca reminded him of Christina, their younger sister who had died years Erleier. Travis refused to accept the comparison, saying that he would not let Bianca die. When Erica exited the room, it was her turn to feel Travis' wrath. Travis told Erica that she'd picked a horrible time to get engaged to Jack. He felt that Erica's engagement proved that she thought only of herself. While Erica was parading around picking out china patterns and arranging her honeymoon, Travis snapped, Bianca would be left out in the cold. Erica didn't allow Travis to push all the blame for Bianca's condition onto her. She blasted Travis' perfectionist attitude. She claimed that the world could be spinning out of orbit, but that Travis would claim that he was still in perfect alignment. She told him that as long as he thinks he's perfect, there will be problems in his life. Travis didn't like Erica's comments and asked her if she'd learned those "pErles of wisdom" during her stint at Betty Ford. Erica hauled off and slapped Travis hard against the face. He told her that slapping him wouldn't change the fact that she was responsible for Bianca's health crisis. Jack returned to the scene and ordered Travis to back off. Things calmed down and the trio looked forward to the next day's therapy session.

Janet and Axel returned to her hotel room and got quite a surprise. Amanda, donned in her Sunday best with makeup splattered all over her face, had somehow gained access to her mother's room and started a "dress up" party. Axel didn't expect to see someone in the room and nErley fainted dead away when Amanda popped out of the bathroom. Janet scolded her daughter for showing up without permission and asked her if her father knew where she was. Amanda shook her head. Axel left the room to get Amanda some ice water from the vending machine. While he was gone, Amanda had nothing but bad things to say about Mr. Green. She implied that he was a weakling and that Trevor could "take him in one round." She also ridiculed Axel's toupee. Janet reminded her daughter that if she can't say something nice about someone, then she shouldn't say anything at all. Thanks to a little help from Carrie's mom, Trevor managed to locate his errant daughter. He apologized to Janet and Axel for ruining their evening and told Amanda that she'd be punished for leaving home without permission. Amanda tried to butter her daddy up with compliments, but he didn't back down from his plans to punish her. Trevor and Amanda left, but not before Trevor gave Janet and Axel a peculiar glance. Later, Axel told Janet that Trevor doesn't believe that their in love. The glance Trevor had given them, he said, was like the sneer of a disapproving theatre reviewer. He suggested that they turn up the heat so that Trevor truly believes they're lovers. Axel got caught up in the romance and sex talk and tried to steal a kiss from Janet. She pushed him away and slugged him! She told him to leave at once. He agreed and Janet sat alone in her room thinking of Trevor. A knock sounded on her door. She thought that Axel had return for more abuse, but she was wrong---it was Trevor.

Adam asked the mystery woman how she could still be alive. The woman told him that all of his questions would be answer---but only if he followed her. Before Adam followed Joy out of the office, Tad burst into the room and demanded some answers. Adam was furious that Tad had interrupted and the woman shook her head back and forth slightly as if trying to tell Tad to leave them alone. As Tad and Adam bickered back and forth over his right to get answers, "Joy" pulled off yet another disappearing act. A bright flash erupted in the middle of the room and when the smoke cleared Tad and Adam were forced to split up and find the enigmatic interloper. Adam headed to the basement and found Joy's hidden stash of food. He poked around further and found a roll of duct tape and a bottle of chloroform. On the roof, the woman tripped over a flowerpot. When Tad walked onto the roof, he instantly saw the broken flowerpot. He knew that "Joy" was on the roof and promised to protect her if only she'd tell him who she was and what she was doing. Adam appeared a few minutes later and told Tad what he'd found in the basement. It was evident that the woman had planned to hold him hostage. Tad told Adam to go back down to the basement and continue searching. Adam didn't see the logic in it, but he agreed. He noticed the broken flowerpot and asked Tad what had happened. Tad responded that he'd fallen over it. Adam returned to the basement and found another interesting artifact---Joy's wedding picture. Back on the roof, Joy came out of her hiding spot and asked Tad why he's always there every time she turns around. Tad offered to give the woman her necklace back, but demanded that he be given some information in return. He was told that she didn't (or couldn't) give him the answers to his questions. She did, however, apologize for hitting him with the board in the Chandler Mansion passageways. Joy took the necklace and hopped up on the ledge. She gave Tad a final glance before jumping off the ledge. Tad raced over to prevent the woman from falling, but he was too late. The woman had jumped onto a window washer's scaffolding and was out cold. Tad raced down the steps and crawled out of an office window and onto the building's ledge. He carefully tiptoed over to the rope on which the scaffolding was attached. He took hold of the rope, but lost his footing---leaving him dangling several hundred feet above the busy streets below.



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