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Monday March 2, 1998

Vivian is trying to convince Jonsey to return to Salem. She assumes that maybe he has a castle in England and that's why he wants to stay there, but he says it is his homeland and he wants to stay there. She presses onward, but Jonsey will not give in...maybe someday, but for now he wants to remain in England. She says she wants to go home to her family and friends in the wake of Kristen's death Well, she says John needs her...and so does Susan. Violet comments that she is so outgoing and wants to know why she has no friends. Ivan starts to explain, but Viv tells him to shut up. Vivian turns back to Jonsey and asks him not to disappoint her. But Jonsey has other things on his mind. He wants his honeymoon...NOW! Ivan tries to talk her out of it and Vivian looks like a trapped animal. Jonsey wants to know what the problem is as she tries to stall. Jonsey has lost all signs of patience and picks her up and carries her out the door. Later, Ivan has Violet setting them up and he is knocking them down, well on his way to getting snockered. She tries to comfort him, but he says his dreams for him and his "madame" are over. In the room, Jonsey is exhausted from carrying Viv and she suggests he rest. But Jonsey is rip-roaring to go. He says he'll give her passion she will never forget and moves in for a kiss.

At the Java Cafe, Austin and Eric are still talking, and the conversation turns toward Nicole (the new waitress) and they comment how pretty she is. (Someone is still watching them) Carrie shows up and tells them about her "new client" (Mike). She explains the new job and how she is going to help promote him. Austin comments that Mike is a lucky guy. She points out his qualities and why he is so perfect for the job. Eric comments that he wishes he knew what HE wanted to do. A few feet away, Sami and Franco continue their conversation and he tells her to focus on her new life as a career woman, since all her other tricks and schemes haven't worked. He says once she is strong and successful, Austin won't be able to resist her. They go over and get a table next to the trio, but Eric suggests they join them and they do. Sami shows them Franco's gift Austin promises to get her a holder for her business cards too. They start to talk about the Kristen tragedy, but Carrie and Sami don't know and are shocked as Eric shows them the paper. Carrie says she feels sorry for John, because he did once love her and Sami comments that there must be a long list of suspects (if it was murder). Carrie says she has to go get started on Mike's campaign (which peaks Sami's interest). Sami says she has a new assignment as well, to look for new talent, with Franco's help of course. Eric leaves as well (and is being followed). Feeling this, he stops and turns around...but no one is there. Back at the table, Sami thanks Franco for his help and says that they make a great team.

At the convent, Celeste has showered and has on a bathrobe. She examines the cut on her forehead and tries to remember the night before but can't. Sister Mary brings her some tea and questions her. She offers to get her a doctor, but Celeste refuses. She then offers to call Lexie, but again Celeste refuses. Celeste explains what all has happened to her and Sister confirms that there is EVIL in Salem and tells her about the kidnapping. Celeste tells her about her visions of Kristen, Susan and Sister and the feeling of terrible danger. Then Sister tells her about Kristen's body being found dead in the pool. With terror in her eyes, Celeste says "Oh, my God...I saw it!" Celeste explains further and tells Sister about her blackout and the missing time. She feels like there is a battle raging inside of her for her soul. Sister tells her that she needs help and that SHE can help her, but she must believe and be sincere. Celeste says she will do ANYTHING...before it destroys her. Sister tells her that the power of prayer can heal her and Celeste agrees. She tells her that she must have faith and they kneel together to pray.

Stefano returns to the townhouse hoping that maybe Celeste went there. He tells Bart to check everywhere, but there is no sign of her. Stefano says he wants her found at any cost because if anything happens to her, Lexie will never forgive him. Stefano talks about how glad no one ever found this place or the secrets it contains. Bart asks him if the disease will affect Celeste the same way it did Peter but Stefano says Rolf told him it will affect different people in different ways. Stefano comment that the townhouse is so important to all his future plans, yet it is the same place where everything is falling apart. With that, he retreats to the basement to check on his "secret". When he returns he tells Bart that all is well. He then says that Jonsey had better not return there and if he does, he will not be responsible for what happens.

At the police station, Susan again asks if they think she killed Kristen. They all just stand there like statues and stare at her. Edmund comes to her defense and says that anyone who believes that she is guilty will have to deal with him. He goes to slam his fist on the desk, but misses and falls to the floor. After they help him up,Marlena says that they are just in shock that Susan lied to them earlier. She explains that she lied because she was afraid they would suspect her. She starts crying that she doesn't want to go to jail. John tries to comfort her, but Edmund gets a bit jealous and puts his arm around her and snatches her back. Roman assures her that she won't go to jail...they just want the truth. Edmund wants to talk to Susan alone, so they agree and leave the room. Edmund tells her not to worry, he will protect her. He tells her that he is SURE she is innocent. Outside, Marlena asks Roman and John what they think of Edmund. John says she has found herself quite a protector and Marlena says she is happy for her.

Lexie shows up and tells him about visiting Stefano. He is worried about her, but she tells him how pitiful Stefano was over losing Kristen. He warns her of the DiMera curse and reminds her of what happened to Peter and Kristen. She tells him not to worry about her, it will NEVER happen to her. Roman is still puzzled over why Susan would rush to save Sissy, then leave before knowing she was safe and as to how Susan would know that Kristen was no longer a threat.. They get a call from the Medical Examiner that the preliminary report is in and they all take off to the hospital (leaving Susan and Edmund behind). In the office, Edmund confesses his love for Susan. She smiles and asks him why he told everyone she was his fiancée..."Am I, Edmund?" He explains to her his plans, but when he returned, she was already gone. He pulls out the ring and drops to his knee and proposes to her

At the hospital, Marlena, John, Roman, Abe and Lexie all head for the morgue, only to be greeted by Stefano (who explains he has the RIGHT to be there).Stefano goes in to see the body as they are putting it away, followed by Lexie. They pull back the plastic to reveal her face and Stefano breaks down. He brushes her hair (as Lexie tries to comfort him). The rest of the gang file into the room and all just stare on Brian tells them that the body was gunshot wounds, no stabs, bruising or signs of signs of struggle at all. He tells them that she went into the water alive and that the cause of death was drowning. Stefano suggests that it was accidental. But Brian tells them that because of the high levels of alcohol and narcotics that he feels that it could have been suicide and all are shocked. Stefano says that Kristen would NEVER commit suicide. The doctor says that the mixture of drugs and alcohol alone could have killed's almost as if she had a death wish. John flashes back to her threatening suicide and him telling her she didn't have the guts. He tells everyone the doctor is right...Kristen DID commit suicide. We see Stefano beginning to cry again.

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

In England, Ivan is still feeling sorry for himself and Violet is trying to help him cope. He says that he loves Viv so much and tells Violet that Viv knows how much he cares for her but because he doesn't have money he is not attractive to her. He says he can't the thought of them together and he is going to do something about it. Viv resisted Jonesy very much. She tries to talk him into catching a train to London and taking in the shops but he says they have plenty of time for that - tonight is their honeymoon. He remembers that he has a gift for her and leaves to get it. He returns with a box and Viv opens it to find a robe lined with fur. She is so happy and thinks to herself that diamonds can't be far behind. She is surprised at herself for the way she is feeling now - impressed with his taste and finding him a little desirable. Viv comes out of the bathroom in the robe and Jonesy takes her in his arms and kisses her. She responds back and he gently lays her on the bed as they kiss more.

Hope comes into the kitchen to join Gran for fresh made doughnuts. They talk about when she was a child and how all the neighborhood kids would come for them including Bo. Gran says he was trying to impress her even then. They talk about the situation now and Hope mentions that Kate may have lied to Bo about her whereabouts. Hope says she still loves Bo and she knows he loves her. Gran says she believes things will work out. While Gran is upstairs Kate drops by to visit Hope. Hope tries to ask her about lying to Bo but Kate says she is there for her unborn grandchild.. She says that if Hope would not encourage Bo and give him the impression that it's over for them then he would commit to Billie again. She says that she is worried about the baby's health being Billie has had such a rough time lately. Hope says she can't tell Bo what to do - that he will do what he wants for himself. Kate says something about illusions and Hope comments that she is the queen of illusions and ask again about lying to Bo. Kate denies lying saying that she thought Hope was with Franco. Kate says she was not in Rome and did not get Bo to sleep with Billie. Hope says why should she just step aside and Kate indicates that she is a strong woman and can handle all this better than Billie can. She leaves and Hope wonders just what has Kate done to keep her and Bo apart.

At the pub, Bo and Eric are talking as Eric is trying to find what he wants to do for himself. Bo tells him that he didn't know what he wanted either until he got serious with Hope. Caroline comments to Shawn about how miserable Bo looks. The mystery person is outside the pub looking in watching Eric. He comments to Bo that he keeps thinking he is seeing something out of the corner of his eye. The phone rings (Eric answers it) one time and it's someone asking for directions and then it rings again a little later and Shawn answers but no one speaks. He thinks it must have been a wrong number as we see the mystery person hang up a pay phone.

At the morgue, they can't believe that Kristen killed herself but John remembers the conversation they had again and he says if anyone is to blame it is himself. Marlena says no that is and it is common for people to think they are responsible but no one is to blame but Kristen. Stefano says he was to blame but Roman says it was a last minute decision by Kristen. When Susan showed up without the baby and then Susan left she feared that she would spend time in jail for kidnapping and decided to take her life. John agrees with Roman's thinking. They all accept the fact that Kristen killed herself and head back to see Susan.

She has not accepted Edmund's proposal yet and he says he's sorry for the way he asked her - he wanted it to be a better setting. She just says that right now she just wants to get back to her little Elvis. She is not very receptive to Edmund as she should be. Before she can give him any kind of answer everyone returns. They ask if they are interrupting but both say no. Susan asks if they found out who killed Kristen and Roman says the Kristen committed suicide. Susan seems a bit shocked by this and says she can't believe that. Outside Stefano is being comforted by Lexie but then Abe shows up and asks to speak to her alone. He tells Lexie that he will NEVER allow Stefano to pull her into his world. Back inside Susan she says if they are done with her she wants to return to England and Elvis and before she sees Stefano as he is the only one that can cause her problems - is that because he will realize she is really Kristen?? Next we hears a door open and Stefano saying "hello Susan."

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

Poor Ivan is stumbling drunk. Violet tells him it's unseemly to break into Vivian's and Jonesy's bridal parlor. He doesn't care and staggers out the door. Meanwhile, Jonesy promises Viv from the bathroom that the fun has just begun. Ivan pounds on the door and she lets him in. She's in the robe and hugging a pillow. Ivan promises to take care of Jonesy for her, but she gets this cat that ate the canary look on her face and tells him she's not going anywhere. Jonesy calls from the bathroom to come in as he has a big surprise for her and she tells Ivan she wants to stay with Jonesy..he's extraordinary, she's in paradise. She tells him no man she has EVER known comes close to Jonesy's talents, he must have taken lessons from Don Juan.

Ivan's got to get hold of Dr. Wu to get some magic potion to keep Jonesy alive. She's in Heaven and goes into the bathroom. In a huge bubble bath, Viv is marveling how long Jonesy can hold his breath and we see Jonesy's head pop out of the bubbles. She thanks him for the most wonderful wedding night ever and they blow bubbles at each other. Hearing them laughing in the bathroom, Ivan realizes he's lost his madam and leaves. Later, they're both on the same side of the tub hugging and sipping champagne. He tells her she makes him feel like a man of his age. Ivan returned to the pub and Violet asks him if he was too late. Ivan tells her he's never seen Vivian happier.

Kate returns home to find Billie reading a book on pregnancy. She tells Billie that she went to see Hope. When Billie asks WHY?, she told her to help her get Bo. When Billie said she doesn't need her help, she asks Billie where Bo is then. Billie didn't know, but Kate reassures her he's not with Hope. Billie asks Kate what she said to Hope and she just said she tried to discourage Hope from breaking up her and Bo due to her pregnancy. Billie tells her it was her doing by lying to Bo that Hope was with Franco. Kate doesn't feel remorse as it was Billie's happiest time in her life. Billie admits wanting that feeling back, but how? Kate finds a picture of Billie and Bo in a book and is determined to keep them together.

At the pub, Kim had volunteered to put family photos in an album. Bo finds pictures of Hope, one with him and one with Franco. Kim and Bo decide if they should burn Franco's picture with Hope. He thought Franco was sweet when he first came to town, but realizes now that Franco had a lot to do with his and Hope's being apart. His cellphone rings and it's Abe. He learns that Kristen's death was ruled a suicide. The phone rings again and it's Billie. She can't stop thinking about Kristen and the good times they shared. She asks if he's at the station and when he tells her he's at the pub, she asks if she can come over. He realizes he has to tell her about the suicide and Kim agrees it's good he didn't tell her on the phone. She asks if he's really going to stand by Billie and the baby and he tells her yes. Later Billie joins them and they tell her about the suicide. Billie said she understands what it's like to hit rock bottom. Kim tells her she has family and friends where Kristen didn't and more stable. Kristen was sick and alone. Grabbing Bo's arm she said if it weren't for Bo, she doesn't know what she might have done, she might have checked out too. If Bo hadn't come along she doesn't know if she'd be there and carrying their child.

Sitting at the Java Cafe trying to wash down those donuts, Hope looks at a magazine with her and Franco's picture in it. Sami wants an espresso. She's developed a taste for them, thanks to her. He sees Hope sitting there and asks if they can join her. Hope says sure, much to Sami's dismay. Franco tries to convince Sami to keep Hope on as a model and Sami asks her why she's not interested. Kate calls Franco and he steps away from the table to talk. He tells her not to worry about anyone finding out she lied to Bo or Sami and hangs up. Sami asks Hope is it having to deal with Billie she doesn't want to renew her contract? Hope said partly, but also having to deal with Kate. Sami tells Hope that she knows Franco is still in love with her. Hope tells him that Franco knows she ll never be in love with anyone but Bo. Sami realizes that Hope would hate Franco if she knew about his part in keeping her and Bo apart. She asks Hope if she tells her something, will she promise not to tell anyone where she heard it.

John tells Stefano not to start any trouble. Edmund asks who he is and when they tell him, he tells him that Susan has spoken of him and not in very complementary manner I might add. Marlena then tells Stefano who Edmund is and he tells Stefano's he's Susan's fiancé and asks to speak with Stefano alone. Susan (?) is surprised at that. Susan said she really doesn't think he wants to do that and he said he does. She stays in the room with them. John touches cheek and tells her he'll be right outside if they need him. As Abe, Marlena and Roman go outside, the smart mouth cop tells them it's a waste Kristen killed herself as she was rich, beautiful, rich, what a waste. John feels guilty for ignoring her. Seeing Marlena has her full attention on John, Roman goes to join Abe. John tells her he doesn't know if he can trust his judgment ever again after leaving Kristen when she threatened to kill herself. Marlena tells him she's a professional and she'd didn't notice suicidal tendencies in Kristen. Marlena said Kristen was obsessed with John, just like Stefano was with her. He wished he'd have had a little bit of understanding for Kristen and maybe she'd still be alive. John hopes that Kristen didn't accomplish in death what she didn't do in life, keeping them apart. He hugs her and in the background, Roman is there.

Edmund tells Stefano about his man coming into their pub looking for Susan. He asks if he had any part in helping Kristen's kidnapping attempt to get Elvis and Stefano denies it. Stefano reminds Susan he was the one who helped her get Elvis back when Kristen forged those papers for her to have custody. She tells him that he drugged her too though and Edmund asks why and when. She tells him it had to do with her baby and Stefano calmly said it was the best thing to do at the time. Susan tells Stefano he's never going to get her baby and Edmund puts his arm around her and tells Stefano he'll have to deal with him now if he tries. Stefano says he's not going to take Elvis. The child has endured too much hardship already. Edmund tells him that's good as he loves that boy like he was his own son and he'll be the father to that boy that he's never had. With hands on his hips, Stefano asks Edmund his intentions. Edmund said if Susan will marry him, he'll do right by him. Getting a little emotional, Stefano hopes he gives the love and security to Elvis like he did to Kristen and Peter. Susan said he doesn't have to apologize for loving his children. Stefano said he did everything he could to make sure Kristen couldn't raise the child. Her mother Rachel had a long history of emotional problems and he knew Kristen would never make a good mother. That's why he did everything he could to ensure Susan and the baby were safe. He shakes Edmund's hand and tells him to take good care of Susan and Elvis. Edmund can't understand why Susan is so worried still. It was Kristen who wanted to take the baby, not Stefano, but she keeps walking away from him. He asks her what her answer is to his proposal. She shines him off and asks for some ice water. Roman shows Edmund where the ice machine is. Roman tells Marlena he's envious of Susan and Edmund's uncomplicated life. He tells Marlena he won' t pressure her as it's not the time, but every minute he's with her, he loves her more. He knows that Kristen only brought him back to break her and John up. He has some confusing feelings about Kristen right now. Marlena hopes that John can deal with his.

Outside the police station, Stefano said never considered Susan getting married and another man raising his child. It wasn't part of his plan. Now is not the time to claim his son, but one day he will and he'll take the name DiMera with great pride.

Roman apologizes for interrupting John and Marlena. John said it's ok, he's going back to the Inn to get cleaned up. As he starts to leave, Stefano walks out and John gets in his face about not trying to hurt Susan or the baby. Stefano quietly tells him he has better things to do now, like burying his daughter. Kristen killed herself because of him as she couldn't live without his so called love. Stefano leaves and John looks like he was slapped in the face and leaves. Roman and Marlena talk about what's going on. John returns to his room at Salem Inn and pulls a shirt from the laundry out of a box.. He flashes back to times with Kristen and wonders how it all went so wrong. He remembers Kristen's threat to killing herself and his telling her she doesn't have the guts. He takes off his shirt and checks his answering machine. It says "John, it's Kristen." Backing away from the machine, Kristen tells him she's sure she s the last person he wants to hear from now. She knows he hates her and every action she did was for him. Her love was not a lie and she knows that he's moved on with his life. She can't bear to go on living knowing she destroyed every bit of love for her and all he feels is hatred. She apologizes for all the pain she's caused and one day he can forgive her and what they shared. She'll never bother him again. He rips the machine out of the wall and throws it, saying he let her kill herself.

We hear Susan, or shall is say KRISTEN talking saying what went wrong, Susan wasn't suppose to die. It wasn't suppose to be this way..

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Kate warns Franco that they must contain Sami who she fears is a loose cannon. Eric begins to have a strange feeling that someone is following him. Marlena confides to Eric her concern over the death of Kristen and claims that she would not have killed herself because that would have meant giving up. Hope explains to Sami that Franco is a good friend. Franco returns before Sami can reveal that Franco's been working for Kate. Lucas finds Kate searching Sami's room and offers his help to his mother. She announces that she is ready to tell all. Roman talks with Billie while Bo calls the station house. Roman boasts to Billie that he will not give up on Marlena. Kristen remembers pushing Susan into the pool but did not expect anyone to die or get hurt. The man with the turban was supposed to take Susan. Edmund learns that John loves Susan but only as a friend. John mentions in front of Edmund and Kristen that he loved Kristen before she changed. He insists that he never loved her afterwards but felt sadness and pity for her. Posing as Susan, Kristen accepts Edmund's engagement ring. The turbaned man is revealed to have Susan in custody.

Friday, March 6, 1998

Roman admits to Stefano that he is not happy with the fact that Kristen killed herself. Stefano sadly states that he only has Lexie left in his life now but Roman warns him to stay away from her. Stefano offers his advice Roman about Marlena, urging him not to be predictable with her. Roman laughs at the advice until Stefano reminds him that he trained John to act just like Roman and knows what he is talking about. When Marlena explains that Kristen was responsible for her own drowning, Laura admits that she thinks Kristen got what she deserved. Laura then remembers going to the Blake house and seeing Kristen by the pool. Laura boasts to Stefano that she could not be more pleased that the House of DiMera is falling apart around him. Kate realizes she cannot tell Lucas the problem that keeps Sami controlling her. He announces that he is going to sue Sami for custody of Will and kick her out of the house but Kate asks him not to do it. While having coffee with Eric, Sami spots him eyeing Nicole the waitress. Roman admits to Sami that he still thinks he has a chance to be with Marlena and adds that he is taking her out to dinner tonight. Sami approaches Nicole about doing some modeling. Eric finally grabs the mystery person following him and asks them why they have been on his tail.

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