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Taylor finally informed Ridge that he was Thomas' father. Ridge blasted Taylor and Brooke for their lies, and he fled to Big Bear to think. Stephanie tracked him down so she could plead Taylor's case. Brooke also pursued Ridge to the cabin. After arriving in Los Angeles, Rush located Lauren's house.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on B&B
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Monday, March 2, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Ken R.

Sally and Macy have an argument over the way Thorne has dragged her into the entire Taylor mess after giving her so much grief. During the argument, Sally mentions that the Forresters are a strange bunch and sarcastically comments that probably Ridge will turn out to be Thomas' father. Macy surprises her by telling her that she's actually right: Thomas is Ridge's son. Later, Thorne talks to Macy and tells her that Sally is angry with him because of he hid Thomas' paternity. He claims that it was the right thing to do.

Taylor and Ridge talk about Thomas and how close Ridge already feels to him. Meanwhile, Ridge tells Taylor to go ahead and marry Thorne! She knows that's not what he wants her to do. However, Ridge tells her that Thorne truly loves her; he would give her tranquility and a stable home for Thomas, who needs his parents together. Frustrated, Taylor tells Ridge that she named Thomas after St. Thomas (Ridge and Taylor's special place.) Ridge then tells Taylor that that's probably the reason Thorne is angry and tells her to change the child's name to something that would honor Thorne, not Ridge. "No Ridge, the name Thomas is perfect; Thorne is not the father of Thomas, you are." He asks her if this is some sort of joke. Amidst tears, Taylor assures him it isn't. She explains to him that when she found out about the baby, she'd seen him in bed with Brooke and that's why she had lied about his parentage. Soon after, James comes into the office with Thomas and gives him to Taylor. She asks Ridge to hold his son, and he emotionally does. He is finally a father.

Brooke and Stephanie argue about the Thomas conspiracy. Brooke says that everyone should continue believing Thomas is Thorne's son. Brooke claims that the idea to hide his parentage was just Thorne and Taylor's; Brooke only found out after she overheard a phone conversation between the two while they were in Italy. Finally, Brooke tells Stephanie that Taylor only did this because she knew that Ridge loved Brooke. This doesn't matter to Stephanie though. Stephanie comments that Brooke's reign of terror in the Forrester family is finally over. She proceeds to mention all the horrible things she has done (i.e. pursuing Ridge despite his love for Caroline, then marrying Eric while having an affair with Ridge, and now causing a terrible rivalry between Ridge and Thorne.) Stephanie then tells Brooke that Taylor is Ridge's office at this very moment telling him that Thomas is his son. Brooke is horrified and tries to leave the office. However, Stephanie prevents her. A slight scuffle ensues, and Stephanie proclaims that it's the end for Brooke.

Tuesday, March 3


Stephanie stuns Eric with the news that Ridge is the father of Thorne's baby. He fumes when she adds that it was Thorne's idea to lie to everyone about who made Taylor pregnant. She also boasts that Brooke knew the truth and moved up the wedding time by an hour to keep Taylor from telling Ridge the truth. Though Eric is disgusted by her news, he warns Stephanie that he doesn't think this automatically means that Ridge's marriage is over. Stephanie disagrees and wishes she could be there when Ridge tosses her out on her ear. Eric reminds her that Rick and Bridget are a factor to be considered but Stephanie stands firm in her desire to see Brooke gone from their lives. As Ridge calls Thomas his son for the first time, James comments that Ridge will enjoy being a father. Brooke arrives and sadly sees that Ridge knows the truth. Asking James to take Thomas out, Ridge forces Brooke to confess that she has known the truth about the pregnancy since they were in Italy. Ridge finds it hard to believe when she claims that she kept this secret for everyone's sake. He reminds her that this child is his son and he deserved to know it. When he calls her a liar, she insists that she didn't lie to him. Ridge then confronts Taylor about why she kept this from him. She explains that she tried to tell him but was stressed out and confused. Ridge yells at both of them for what they have done and then walks out.

Wednesday, March 4


Sally advises Grant on the right way to treat her daughter. When she finally reveals that Thorne paid Macy another visit, Grant assures her that he is not concerned since Thorne dumped Macy. He also reminds her that Macy is going to marry him, not Thorne. Later, Macy and Grant go to the Insomnia for dinner but the two spot Thorne there. Grant tries to talk with her but realizes that she is thinking about Thorne. James finds Sheila reading a book about hallucinations and she admits that she was frightened during the storm the other night. He checks out the new room with her and assures her that everything seems normal. When he suggests that she might want to see a psychiatrist for help, Sheila resents it and tells him that she has recovered fully. As they wait for Nick to arrive, Lauren boasts to Maggie about her date with Jonny. When Nick finally arrives, he turns on the equipment and they see Sheila asleep in the living room, suffering from a nightmare. Sheila dreams of her evil twin coming to life and pointing out to her all of the terrible things that she has done in her lifetime. The twin then takes her baby from her. Sheila awakens crying out for Mary.

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Jane comes into the hold of the freighter to say goodbye to Rush. She is dressed up, ready to go ashore. He gives her a few compliments and thanks her for all of her help. He gallantly kisses her hand. As she is heading back above, he stops her and asks if he can borrow some money from her.

Jane tells him that she will not lend nor give him any money and it is obvious that Rush doesn't like what he hears.

Macy and Grant watch as Thorne comes into Insomnia. Grant offer to let Macy go over to talk to him, but Macy assures him that tonight, Grant has all of her.

Maggie and Lauren are having tea. Maggie assures her that the plan is working. Nick has informed her that Sheila is having trouble sleeping; she is also very jittery. Lauren remarks that at least they are giving her a conscious, but Maggie wouldn't go that far. At any rate, Nick will not let up on her.

Sheila is comforting the baby. Mommy is sorry, she croons, Mommy was just having a bad dream. She settles the baby down and places her in the crib. "When I saw Judy and Dr. Gavin, that was no dream," she tells herself. "I don't know about all the other noises, but that was real. I don't know what is happening to me. I just hope James doesn't find out. Everything was so perfect."

A baby's crying interrupts Sheila's reverie. She rushes to the crib, but her baby is happily sucking on her pacifier. Nick watches, satisfied, on his monitor.

Macy has a surprise for Grant. She leaves the table and in a moment, he hears the music begin. She is singing a song, When I Fall In Love, and she is looking directly at him all during the song. Thorne looks on and by the look on his face, he is being reminded of what he has lost.

Rush smiles at Jane. I don't blame you for not trusting me, he says. I am just thankful that you didn't turn me in as a stowaway. He wants to have dinner with her, but she reminds him that he has a woman in LA waiting for him. He tells her that she is irresistible. He draws her close and kisses her. At the end of the kiss, he pulls her roughly to him and puts the knife to her throat. He tells her to reach into her pocket and take out the wallet. Once he has the wallet, he forces her into one of the dog cages and locks the door.

As Jane screams on the East Coast, Lauren has a chill. What is wrong, Maggie asks. Lauren admits that she has had several chills the last few days, but she is feeling fine. Maybe it is the excitement now that Sheila is on the run. Maggie says that Sheila isn't on the run yet.

Sheila calls her mother and it is obvious to her that Sheila is upset. "Would you like some company?" Sheila asks. "You are welcome anytime, he mother responds, but if you and James are having problems, it would be best to stay and work them out." Sheila assures her mother that she and James are fine; she is just tired and needs some rest. She will see her tonight.

James comes home and finds Sheila in a state. He is worried about her, especially when she says she is going to visit Molly for a few days. He begs her not to go; he even says he will get a housekeeper to stay with her and help her out. Sheila doesn't want more strangers around Mary; she just has to get away for a while. Please, have faith in me, she pleads. I don't mean to scare you, but I promise I won't let anything come between us. No matter what, I won't let you down. I promise.

Grant tells Macy that the song was great, but was it all for him? Or was she sending a message to Forrester that said he had his chance but blew it? Macy tells him that she does not play games. She has no interest in making Thorne feel worse than he already does. She sang the song to Grant as her way of saying thank you.

Macy wants to ask him a question and she wants an honest answer. Does it bother him that she is spending time with Thorne? He tells her that he wants to always be honest with her. It is okay with him that she spends time with Thorne. They kiss, but Thorne interrupts them. He tells Macy that he liked the song. He apologizes to Grant for interrupting them the other day and he congratulation Grant for being engaged to Macy. He shakes his hand, then turns to Macy. He shakes her hand and says goodbye. As he walks away, Grant gets a phone call. When Grant goes to answer the phone, Macy opens the note that Thorne has put in her hand during the handshake. It is new phone number. From across the room, Thorne watches as Macy folds the note and puts it into her pocket.

Lauren asks Maggie how she wants this thing with Sheila to end up. Maggie sweetly tells her that she hopes Sheila ends up in a mental institution. I would be happy if she just left LA, Lauren says. Maggie tells her that as long as she is here in LA, no one is safe.

Rush walks aboard the plane and finds his seat. "I am in the home stretch, now, Lauren. One more day and I will have you again."

Friday, March 6, 1998

Brooke tells Megan that she needs to talk to Ridge, NOW! She needs to talk to him before Taylor gets to him. Finding where Ridge is at is TOP PRIORITY! Megan says she will get right on it.

Lauren has cooked a wonderful meal for Johnny, something he can hardly believe. He is impressed, but what's for dessert? Come to the couch and you will find out, she tells him, seductively.

Rush is in the LA airport. Picking up a phone book, he looks up the number for Forrester Creations and call them. "Surprise, Lauren," he says as he waits for the phone to be answered.

There is a knock on the door. Thinking it might be Ridge, Taylor rushes to the door, but it is Brooke instead. We need to talk, she tells Taylor. Taylor says she has nothing to say to her and she isn't interested in listening to anything she has to say. However, Brooke pushes her way in and tells her she will listen to her.

"Why? Why did you do it? You just had to tell your precious secret and it blew up in both our faces."

"I have a baby to take care of," answers Taylor. "Ridge had a right to know that he has a son, and my son deserves to know who his father is."

Stephanie arrives at Big Bear. I was sure you would be here, she tells her son. Congratulations on being a father. They hug.

"I know you are confused," she tells Ridge. "You are married to one woman and have a child by another. I thought you could use a little guidance. You have a right to be upset with both Taylor and Brooke, but remember that Taylor was desperate! I am not trying to defend what she has done, but maybe I see things more clearly."

"Thomas is my son. I had every right to know about him. Why would she keep this from me?"

"You are right. You did have a right to know. But she tried to tell you on several occasions and Brooke was always standing in her way."

Brooke tells Taylor that she can understand her concern about her son; she is a mother herself. But she can't accept her reason for telling Ridge. She led everyone on about herself and Thorne; she was going to marry him. They lived together for months. If it weren't for Thorne, the baby wouldn't have made it.

Taylor reminds her that she was scared to death for her baby. When the danger was over, she tried to tell Ridge, but every time she tried, there was Brooke or Thorne standing in her way.

Megan answers when Rush calls. She tells him that Lauren Fenmore does not work at Forrester. Rush says he is a delivery man and can't make out the address; the numbers are all smudged. He rattles off some number and Megan corrects him. She tells him the street and house number; then she tells him that Lauren lives in the penthouse suite.

Sitting close together on the couch, Lauren and Johnny talk. He says that opposites attract, but she doesn't think they are all that opposite. He compares her penthouse to his Topanga Canyon bungalow. Lauren says that she feels so safe with him. She still thinks about Rush; if he were alive, he would come after her. But he isn't alive, Johnny reminds her. But, because of his brother, one good thing came about, he met her. Lauren says she gets chills every time she thinks about Rush. Then think of me, Rush says as he pulls her into his lap and kisses her.

In the front of the apartment building, Rush hides in the shrubbery. Yes, this is the right address. "Ready or not, Lauren, baby, here I come!"

"What Taylor did was wrong," Stephanie continues. "But what Brooke did was unforgivable. Taylor did ask her to keep the secret, but later she changed her mind. Every time she tried to tell you, something happened. At Christmas, I called you and Taylor over early so the two of you would have some time alone to talk. Before Taylor could tell you, in rushes Thorne and Brooke. Later, just as she was telling you, Brooke interrupted with her announcement that she was pregnant. Then there was the wedding. Brooke deliberately moved it up an hour. She called everyone but Taylor, because she knew that Taylor was coming to the wedding to tell you about the baby before you married Brooke. Yes, Taylor lied. She lied to protect the baby, but Brooke lied so that she could get you. Ridge, you have a baby. There is a woman who loves you with her whole heart and soul. All you have to do is reach out and pull her to you. There is nothing more important than that."

"You had to drop your little bomb no matter the consequences to everyone else," Brooke continues.

"You accuse me of lying," Taylor answers. "How about you? You looked Ridge in the eye on your wedding day and told him that he could trust you. All the time, you knew about his son and didn't tell him. Well, I am going to remind him every chance I get."

"STAY AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND," Brooke demands. "I am sorry I stuck my neck out and helped you out!"

"Helped me out? Has it ever occurred to you that we all have to take responsibility for our actions?"

"What you did could cost me my marriage and the well-being of my children."

"What about my child? You knew I was carrying Ridge's baby. I tried to tell him over and over and you know it."

Thomas begins to cry. While Taylor is caring for him, Brooke's beeper sounds. Looking at the message, Brooke sees a 909 area code. "Big Bear!" she says. "Of course. That is where he would go to think. I'll be there, Ridge. You will understand----you have to."

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