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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on PC
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Monday, March 2, 1998

Serena overhears Dr. Boardman talking about removing the ventilator from Lucy and worries that Lucy is going to die. Scotty told her that they just need to figure out what to do. Serena went in to spend some time with Lucy and told her that she doesn't want her to die like her mommy. Outside the room, Kevin told Dr. Boardman that he doesn't care about the court order, no one is removing Lucy from the ventilator. Meanwhile, Lucy begins to awaken from the coma. Grace finds Matt at Ellen's apartment and insists that he quit telling lies and tell her why he is there. Matt told Grace the whole story and she told him how glad she is to see him and they share a kiss as Ellen looks on. He told them both that he doesn't believe that the Mancusi family is the one that sent the note. Serena told everyone that Lucy is waking up. Dr. Boardman discovers that she is breathing on her own and weans her off the ventilator. Dr. May commends Chris on his quick thinking with a pediatric patient. Dr. Boardman assures Lucy that she is getting better. Karen and Joe visit Lucy and she expresses her gratitude for them saving her life. Dr. Boardman told them that they did an excellent job. Joe gives the credit to Karen for coming up with the proper dosage. Matt continues with his story about leaving the witness protection program. He insists that someone else is threatening him. The Mancusi's would have left him something more lethal than a note if they were the ones that found him. He doesn't know who sent the note but vows to find out. Dr. May again commends Chris on another patient and told him that she doesn't understand why Dr. Devlin and she disagree so greatly on Chris's ability as a Dr. She told him to keep up the great work and he will get her vote for the Quartermaine residency. Karen and Joe are excited about their success in finding the antidote. They end their 36-hour shift to go home for a private celebration. As Chris and Eve discuss their ability to each get the Quartermaine residency, Matt returns to the hospital. He told them he had some business to attend to but is back and ready to work harder than ever. Eve told Chris to say "bye-bye" to the Quartermaine residency. Chris appears rather shocked to see Matt. Karen told Joe discuss their research while in bed. Kevin told Lucy that he is never going to let her go and she apologizes for what she has put him through. Kevin told her how much he loves her. He asks her to marry him and they share a kiss. Matt went to see Keith. They discuss Keith's first rehab session. Matt told him that he will get stronger soon. He reassures Keith that he will be around. Chris takes a picture of Matt and writes down Port Charles, New York on the back and puts in into an envelope addressed to Salvatore Mancusi.

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

Matt dreams about Bobby Mancusi coming to Port Charles and trying to shoot him. Grace is there to comfort him and asks if he is really safe by coming back to the hospital. Matt says he is certain that it was just a dream. He knows that they don't know who he is or where he's at but the note in his locker spooked him. Karen told Lucy what a remarkable recovery she is making and tries to get Lucy to walk. Lucy is wobbly and is afraid that her legs aren't working. Lucy is worried about permanent damage. Karen is optimistic that they will find out what is wrong. She plans to run more tests. Matt has trouble logging onto the computer terminal and Chris helps him with his password. All the interns notice how edgy Matt has become since his return from his "quickie" leave. Chris takes up for him and tells the others to cut him some slack. Scotty questions Karen about Lucy's condition. Karen discovers that Lucy has a low potassium level and says they will give her a supplement. Ellen and Matt discuss his living arrangements. He makes it clear to her that he would like to spend some time with her, and she becomes very agitated and told him that she has no intentions of having a relationship with anyone and does not want to have the conversation again. Matt looks confused. Lucy takes the supplement and Karen told her that if it doesn't work, they will try something else. Lucy and Kevin have a conversation about who put her on the life support after she had specifically requested that it not be done in her advance directive. He told her that he is the one that defied her wishes and was not about to let her leave him. She gives him permission to always do whatever is necessary to save her life. Kevin relaxes Lucy and has her visualize walking and then Scotty appears and she tries it again. This time she is able to stand and take a few steps. Kevin and Lucy share a very passionate kiss while Scotty looks on. Gail comes to visit Lucy and thanks her for saving Scotty and Serena. She apologizes for the horrible things that she said to Lucy before. Serena and Eve come with Scotty to see Lucy. They have a toast to the interns. Lucy agrees to marry Kevin soon. Grace tries to get Matt to a movie and he turns her down and told her they need to cool it. She accuses him of being hung up over Ellen and told him that it is a waste of time. She told him that she enjoys being with him and asks for half a chance to be with him. Bobby Mancusi is arguing with someone on the phone about finding Matt. They have a picture of him that is 10 years old and they are aware that he is in a wheelchair. Bobby vows to find him and get revenge. Chris sends Matt an e-mail with another threat. "Get out of town while you still can." He looks extremely pleased that he is causing Matt so much stress.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

Scotty went to pick up Eve for their first "official" date. He told her that they will be dining at Mario's. Joe and Karen discuss their plans for the evening, and Joe told her that he got a table at Mario's for them, and that he intends to make the night very special for them. Matt went and checks his e-mail, and is very shocked to discover the message to Get out of town while you still can. Ellen comes in and Matt told her that he just received another threat, this time from Chris Ramsey. They discuss the possibility of someone having Chris's password that would enable someone other than Chris to send the e-mail. Matt is still convinced that the threats are not from the Mancusi's, and plans to have a conversation with Chris. Scotty and Eve arrive at Mario's for their dinner. Scotty told her that he has already ordered for her and arranged everything. He was able to order all her favorites, including her favorite desert which he had flown in from Key West. Eve was impressed. Joe told his brother that Karen is his dream girl, and shows him the necklace that he plans to give her. Karen meets Jake in the lab, and they discover a sample that is contaminated and needs to have another experiment run on it. Matt runs into Chris and told him that he received his e-mail. Chris denied sending the strange message. He was a very good actor, and even seemed upset that Matt would think that he would send the message. Chris told him to call the police, and Matt lets him know that he can handle the problem alone, and fully intends to find out who is playing games with him. Scotty and Eve discuss him reviving his law career. She tells him why she became a doctor. It was to give herself something for the first time in her life. They thank each other for the other's help with Serena. Joe waits for his no-show date, while she is in the lab with Jake working on the experiment. Eve told Scotty that she would like to go to a hockey game, and he produces 2 front row tickets. They rush out of Mario's. Joe calls home to see if Karen has called - he hasn't been able to reach her anywhere. He doesn't look happy. Meanwhile, Karen is hard at work in the lab. Joe worries that something may have happened to her. Scotty asks Eve out on another date, and she accepts. The waitresses at Mario's discuss Scotty's financial status. Joe arrives at the lab and questions Karen, she told him she forgot about the date. As Joe is screaming at her, she is apologizing, and he throws the necklace at her and tells her happy anniversary. Grace stops by to see Matt and told him she knows about the latest threat. He told her that he will try to find justice for the 2 U.S. Marshals that died trying to protect him, so he calls the police.

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Federal Marshall Singleton comes to the hospital to question Chris about the E-mail that was sent under his account. Joe apologizes to Karen for overreacting after she stood him up. Expressing thanks for the silver bracelet, Karen bestows a kiss on Joe and suggests that they retire to his room to continue making up. As she looks around at all his high school mementos, Joe sheepishly admits he has never before had a girl in the room where he grew up. Claiming he didn't write the threatening note which appeared on Matt's computer, Chris told the federal agents that many of the other interns knew his password. Kevin brought Lucy home for a happy reunion with the squawking Sigmund. Feigning outrage at falling under suspicion, Chris is pleased to see how paranoid Matt has become. Meanwhile, Singleton interrogates several other hospital staffers about their use of the computer system. After making love, Karen explains to an amused Joe how she completely loses track of time when she is working in the lab. Chris drops some hints to his colleagues about the secret Matt is hiding. Lucy decides to confront Rex.

Friday, March 6, 1998

A seething Matt orders Chris to stop repeating his pathetic denials and just admit that he sent the threatening E-mail. At the jail, Lucy informs Rex that his plot to eliminate her has failed miserably. When Rex suggests that she misses him, Lucy haughtily claims that her skin crawled every time he touched her. As Eve prepares for another date with Scott, Lark quizzes the intern about her interest in Port Charles' most eligible billionaire. Rex hints to Lucy that their war has just begun. After witnessing an ugly scene between Chris and Matt, Ellen reminds her favorite intern that his troubled personal life cannot interfere with the hospital's operation. Lark slyly attempts to make Eve look bad in Scott's eyes. Matt's fellow interns discuss the possibility that their friend is on the run from the mob. Eve warns Lark she'll mop the floor with her if the girl dares to mess with her again. Lucy is astonished to discover that her entire Jax bank account has been emptied, rendering her company insolvent.

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