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Someone was reenacting one of Felicia's books, and Felicia warned Cass that the character based on Cass died in the book. Josie worried Gary didn't want to have a family. Marley was unable to forgive Vicky after learning the truth about the crash.
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Another World Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on AW
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Monday, March 2, 1998

At the Cory's, Rachel receives the package from Denver for Carl. Carl comes downstairs and Rachel gives him the package. Carl accepts the package and then casually walks back into the living room where Felicia was waiting. Rachel joins Carl in the living room with Felicia, as Felicia ask her friends if Cory Publishing has any copies of her first novel Embers In The Snow. She then explains to them that everything in the novel has been reenacted into the present day and she's very worried about Cass. Felicia told them the character she modeled after Cass, (Winthrop Crass) gets killed in Embers in The Snow but she can't remember how. Carl told her that Embers In the Snow was out of print, but Cory Publishing has a copy of it on their database. Carl went into the study to retrieve the file on database. Felicia tries to find out more about the Matthew situation, but Rachel told her she isn't up to discussing Matthew right now. Carl returns and told her that Embers In the Snow was no longer in their database. Rachel says it must be an accident, they have a lot of new staff and someone might have misplaced it. Felicia told her she doesn't believe in accidents then rushes off to warn Cass. Carl and Rachel then turn their attentions onto the package. As Carl opens it, he finds out it's his appointment book he's been looking for. Rachel questions him about how it ended up in Denver where Chris Chapin died.

At the Airport, Jake ask Marley what happened at the funeral to cause her to leave and flee town like she's doing. Marley told Jake she doesn't want to talk about it. But Jake's constant nagging ends up making Marley tell Jake that Vicky was the one he needs to talk to. When Jake ask Marley if she was mad at Vicky, Marley denies it. Jake then speculates that she couldn't handle saying farewell to Michael. Marley elects to let her brother-in-law believe that instead of revealing the terrible truth.

Cass brought Donna home from the funeral and lends her some moral support remembering what it was like when he lost Frankie. Donna starts to feel a little better and told Cass he doesn't have to babysit her anymore and he can leave. Upon Cass exiting, Donna checks her answering service and receives a message from Jake. He told her he was going to stop Marley from leaving town. Donna then calls Vicky to warn her that Jake has gone to the airport to catch up to Marley.

At Vicky and Jake's Place, Grant tries to discuss Kirkland's welfare to an unsettling Vicky. Grant told Vicky he thinks with all the emotional turmoil going on, maybe it would be best if Kirkland spent the night with him. Aware of what angle Grant was coming from, Vicky told him he was not going to use this situation to get Kirkland from her. Grant told her that's not what he's trying to do and adds that Kirkland see's his place as a safe and secure place and that was why he ran away. Vicky told him she doesn't want Kirkland growing up sheltered the way Grant was. She says Kirkland was going to grow up learning how to express his feelings not suppress them like Grant's been taught. Grant told her Spencer supplied him with a lot of love and affection. Vicky cuts him off saying that was why Grant was so selfish and self-centered. Grant then told her he's not accusing her of anything and he thinks she just needs a break. Grant ask her to let Kirkland stay with him for tonight, but Vicky yells back "Over My Dead Body." Just then the phone rings, it's Donna calling to tell Vicky about Jake going to the airport after Marley. Panicked, Vicky told Kirkland to grab was coat so they can go. Grant told Vicky he'll stay there until her and Jake return. Taking Grant up on his offer, Vicky leaves for the airport.

Back at the Airport, Marley doesn't want to talk about the funeral or Vicky. Jake suspects she knows more than she's saying. Jake then ask Marley if he's mad at Vicky because she spent more time with Michael than Marley did. Marley told him that was not the reason and she chose to leave Bay City years ago. Jake tries to comfort Marley by saying how proud of Michael was of her, and Marley realizes just how much Jake has changed. She then told him that Vicky was lucky to have a man like him in her life. Feeling unworthy of Marley's kind words, Jake feels ashamed of himself. Sensing that something was wrong Marley ask Jake if she said something wrong. Jake then told her he knows who was responsible for the accident. Jake then told Marley about how he wanted Shane out of their lives so badly he wished him dead. He then told her back when everyone was praying for a miracle cure for Shane, he was practically standing over Shane's grave with a shovel. Marley told Jake it wasn't his fault and he's not to blame then adds that it's time for her to go. Jake tries to convince her to stay and tell him what happened between her and Vicky that would make her leave. Marley refuses to tell Jake anything. Just then, Vicky shows up and she told Marley to go on and tell Jake the truth. Marley covers by telling Jake that she can't stand to look at Vicky. She adds, looking at Vicky was like looking at a reflection of herself in the mirror and seeing the pain her eyes reflecting back on her. Marley told Jake it's like that with all of them, him, the boys, and Donna included. Marley then told them she has to go. Vicky ask Jake to give them a moment alone. Vicky told Marley she would have understood if she told Jake the truth. Marley told her it's not up to her to clear Vicky's conscience for her. Marley then told her if she had never married Jake and stayed on Shane's boat that day, Michael and Shane would have still been alive. Then she adds that Vicky chose to go up to the cabin in one of the worst storms possible to make love to Shane. Vicky told Marley that she never slept with Shane that night. She knew when she was alone with Shane that it was Jake who she really loved and that's why they were on the road that night. She was frantic to get back home to Jake. Marley congratulates Vicky, and then told her she can never be happy because she has lost her father and she lost a part of herself too, her sister. Marley then told Vicky if she would have told Jake the truth tonight and ruined her marriage, she would always wonder was she really did it because she wanted Jake for herself. With those last words, Marley walks off and boards the plane. Vicky watches with sadness as her twin leaves, then she and Jake leave to go home.

Back at Jake and Vicky's, Grant and Kirkland are playing games and Grant ask his son if he would like to be able to do this all the time. Kirkland told his dad yes, when his mommy gets over her nightmares. Grant ask Kirkland about Vicky's nightmares she's been having. Kirkland responds by saying, mommy keeps having nightmares about Shane. As Grant delights upon hearing this juicy piece of tidbits.

Over at Carlino's, Felicia catches up to Cass and told him she has to tell him something. Still angry about being the villain in Felicia's book, Cass gives Felicia a chilly welcome. Ignoring Cass's mood towards her, Felicia sits down to explain that something terrible happens to Winthrop Crass in Embers In the Snow. Cass casually wonders if his character loses his money or something like that, but Felicia informs him that Winthrop Crass gets murdered in Embers In the Snow.

Back at home, Jake and Vicky think about all that Marley said to them and Vicky excuses herself to go outside. Once outside, Vicky stares up at the sky and counts the stars. Above her was Marley's plane and Marley told her sister a tearful goodbye. Feeling Marley's presence and sensing her, Vicky stares up into the sky at the plane passing by and told Marley goodbye as well.

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

It was late in the evening and Gary was sitting at Toni's desk in the police department waiting for Josie to get through with her shift. Gary was looking on Toni" desk and finds a paper; he picks it up. Toni jumps on him about looking at her open cases she was working on and Gary says it was not snooping when the case isn't open at the present time. Josie was talking with Joe about the file Joe was holding ---it's the file on the fire at his house. Josie wants to know if he was going to open it again for investigation. Joe says no and throws it in the trash. Josie says Paulina may have been telling truth all along, Joe says no and brought up the lab work at the hospital showed drugs in Paulina' blood test. Josie says "Don't let circumstantial evidence keep them apart."

Josie told Gary that she was about ready to leave. This sidetracks Toni and Gary from snooping around her desk. Joe told Gary he needs to talk to him. He ask Gary what he thinks about the fire and Gary told him he was a fool to let his always following the book rules destroy his and Paulina's marriage. Gary brought up the fact that not only he believes Paulina was telling the truth but Jake and her family and Josie all believe Paulina, why can't Joe? This gets Joe to thinking about the file and the fire.

In the meantime, Carl and Rachel open the box that came in the mail earlier in the day. It was the appointment book that Carl has been looking for all day. It came from the same hotel that Chris Chapin had committed suicide at. Carl told Rachel and Amanda about being in Denver the day of Chapin's death. He insisted that Chapin had died during the day and not at night. Carl asked if Rachel believed him. She said that she did. Amanda did not answer and walked away. Carl left to go to talk to Felicia.

Felicia was at Carlino's talking to Cass. She has bad news about the character in her book that Cass was supposed to be like in the mystery surrounding them of late. Felicia told Cass that Crass (the character in the book) is killed---but the her book was missing and she can't remember how he dies. This does not thrill Cass at all. In fact he was real upset that he was even considered this character. He told Felicia again that he feels that Wally was the one behind the break-in, the getaway hotel set up and the book being missing. Carl arrives and told Felicia he has two leads to check up on and that he will get to the bottom of the missing book. Carl leaves and a man in camouflage clothing was peeking into Carlino's at Cass and Felicia, it was Wally. Both Cass and Felicia see him and Cass runs out after him. He does not catch him and returned to tell Felicia that he was going to the police. They leave the restaurant and Wally was skulking around behind them.

Paulina and Jake are talking at Jakes and Vicky's house, she is about to leave and Jake ask her to stay and talk. They discuss the problems she and Joe are having and that Joe never was going to believe her about the fire. Jake says he knows that he will come around but Paulina says she misses him so much that she was going to tell Joe that yes she did start the fire. Jake told her not to lie that love can't be based on a lie. Paulina says that Jake and Vicky have a marriage where they both don't lie, Jake agrees.

Back at the police station Joe was having second thought about the file, the fire and Toni comes in telling him about a case she just closed and the evidence that pointed to someone was not the real cause of the case. This gets Joe thinking some more, he gets the file out of the trash and starts looking at it.

Gary and Josie get home and Gary wants to know what her and Toni had been talking about. Josie told him that they talked about having a family. Gary said in time they will, but that he needed time. Josie went to get ready for a shower and Gary takes out the paper he was looking at while at the police department. It was about J.C. Sinclair being arrested and that the case against him was still pending Josie returned in and Gary puts the paper away.

At the Cory estate Rachel was waiting up for Carl and Amanda comes in. They discuss the trust and love that they have for each other and the fact that Carl no longer trusts Amanda. Amanda was tempted to look in Carl's appointment book. She calls Allie at school and visits with her, she needs to look up some dates Allie gives her and she opens Carl's book. After the call Amanda tries to show Rachel something. Rachel takes the book and closes it, making sure that Amanda understands she trust Carl. Carl comes home and they head upstairs.

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

Its morning in BC and Sophia awakes to find a shirtless Nick staring out a window. She asks if he wants to talk and he says no. She then says she'll leave him alone but he replies he doesn't want that either. What he does want, Nick says, was her and they proceed to kiss passionately. Meanwhile, Lila was awaken by persistent knocking on her door. Irritated, she answers it to find Matt who wants to hurry her along to the doctor's office for a paternity test.

The scene opens to Jake and Joe having some type of confrontation in Joe's new apartment while Paulina tries to mediate. Before Jake leaves, he warns Joe not to hurt Paulina, the best friend he has right now (gee -- I thought Vicky was supposed to be his best friend). Paulina comments on the apartment and Joe says that it least Dante likes it. Paulina replies that it doesn't take much to make Dante happy -- he's just like his mom.

Things get hot and heavy between Sophia and Nick but she suddenly pulls away. He asks what's wrong -- isn't this what she wants? Sophia hems and haws and says she definitely wants him and has been imagining it for so long and how beautiful it will be...BUT. That definitely breaks the moment and Nick jumps up saying he won't force her. Sophia tries to bring him back and pleads they continue but he blows up at her to leave him alone. Matt happens to be lurking outside the apartment and busts in when he hears Nick yelling. A furious Nick demands to know what he was doing there and then storms out, saying he needs to get away from there. Matt asks a tearful Sophia what happened she says it was nothing, that Nick needs someone to take care of him because of his dad but Matt asks who will take care of her (the end of this scene made me gag -- Sophia and Matt are wearing on my last nerve).

At Josie and Gary's apartment, Josie confides in Toni how now Gary suddenly doesn't want a family and she thinks it might have to do with his reluctance to talk about his family. Toni advises her not to push but both the women's curiosity are piqued when a registered letter arrives for Gary from a federal prison in California. Josie ponders whether to open it when Nick arrives for a heart to heart.

Gary comes by to see Lila and comforts her as she rants about how Vicky is still coming between her and Shane. She told him about Shane's will and how Vicky was in charge of all his research. Lila confesses that Shane never knew about the baby and that his last words were Shane. She laments how Shane always took care of them and that he was her family. Gary hugs her and says that he and Josie help take care of her and that family isn't always what it was cracked up to be.

Thursday, March 5

At Joe's apartment he and Paulina are kissing, Joe wants to get back together, Paulina gets excited until Joe said he opened the investigation. Paulina says "You still don't trust me!" She gets mad and told Joe that she was going to admit to starting the fire but she just could not do it. Joe wants to get a house and new furniture but Paulina was adamant about trust, she leaves.

Tyrone went to Etta Mae's house looking for Toni: he has tickets to a concert she wanted to go to, Etta Mae told him to make it right for Toni and leave her alone that Chris was the one for Toni. Toni comes in and Tyrone sees Etta Mae's point. He calls Chris to come over there while Toni talks with her Mom. When Chris arrives Toni was getting dressed in her nicest dress as directed by her mother and thinks she is needed at the club of her mothers. Tyrone gives the tickets to Chris and he (not trusting Tyrone) says something was rotten here. He does not know what was going on, Toni comes down and sees Chris and told him she has to work but her mom says no she doesn't and Chris says he was there to take her to the concert, Toni thinks Chris got the tickets not Tyrone. Tyrone had wanted to take her but Etta Mae changed his mind.

Rachel and Carl are alone and Rachel has the chance to ask why Chapin's name was in his address book that Amanda had seen it and showed it to her. Carl says he didn't mention it cause of Matt saying Chapin was an enemy of Carls. He had looked up the address and had put it in the book. Paulina comes in all upset at losing Dante's favorite truck, and the fact she was upset at Joe too. Carl leaves and Rachel and Paulina have a chance to talk. Rachel told Paulina that Joe will come around but Paulina told her about her trip to Joe' place and that she was upset over Joe still not trusting her.

Carl went to the restaurant to talk to Joe. Joe had found the truck and gave it to Carl to give to Paulina when he heard what Carl had to say about Paulina being so upset about it, and the fact that she did not have any self esteem now cause of Joe. Carl told Joe he was a self righteous stubborn headed person and Joe gets real mad and told Carl to mind his own business. Tyrone comes in just in time says Joe. He was about to do something he would regret. Joe and Tyrone talk about the law and the fact that Joe had left Paulina and it would look bad if Joe wanted custody of Dante or be able to see him.. All this time Carl overhears the conversation . Tyrone told Joe to get back with Paulina that it would be hard to ever convince a court to let Joe see Dante since he left them. Carl leaves quietly. Joe says that he trusts Paulina and she would not do that to him.( Carl did not hear this)

Back at the Cory mansion Rachel has convinced Paulina to go see Joe and get the truck from his place if it was there. Paulina was about to go when Carl comes in with the truck. This spoils her reason to go see Joe and she runs upstairs. Rachel wants to go see Joe herself and calls for the driver to take her to town. Carl speaks up and told her he fired the driver. Rachel looks stunned and says the driver had been in her service for years and ask why? Carl says there were problems and Rachel ask why she wasn't consulted?

Lila arrives at Vicky's house and was having words with Jake. He tells Lila to leave he doesn't believe her about the Vicky being with Shane the night he died. Vicky hears the noise and comes outdoors. They get into the same old fight and Vicky asks her to leave. Lila drops the bombshell that she was pregnant and about the will being left in Vickys charge. Jake was surprised about the will, Vicky says that Tyrone had called her. Jake asked why she hadn't mentioned it. Vicky asked to talk to Lila alone. Lila says Shane said the night he was dying that he wanted to change the will back when he heard about the baby, Lila of course was lying to Vicky about what Shane's last word were. Vicky says she doubts Lila was going to have a baby that Lila just wants the money. Lila says she and Shane had been sleeping together ever since they were divorced. Vicky of course does not believe this. She told Lila to leave and leave Jake alone because she loves him like Lila had loved Shane and that she(Vicky) would die before she would let Lila hurt him. Vicky also says there was no way in hell Lila will ever get charge of Shanes research. She says to Lila also that since Lila believed that Vicky had slept with Shane the night of the accident that she (Vicky) could be pregnant too. Lila gets mad and stunned also, She leaves in a hurry. Back at her apartment she thinks of what Vicky had said about dying before anyone could hurt Jake like Lila was trying to do. Lila says out loud that if that was the way Vicky wants it, so be it.!!!!

Friday, March 6, 1998

At Carlino's, Cass was reading up about what happens to the character he is based on in Embers In The Snow. Felicia shows up waving the Winthrop signature white scarf as a truce symbol. Cass surrenders knowing he can't stay mad at his best friend for long and invites Felicia to sit. Felicia starts by telling Cass he looks awful and wonders if he's been getting enough sleep. Cass told her that she would look awful too if she shared a pillow with a bat last night. Felicia ask Cass was he was referring to a baseball bat and Cass shows her the dead bat he found on his pillow. Panicked Cass ask Felicia if this was how Winthrop Crass dies, then told Felicia to look at his neck for teeth marks. Felicia assures him that the character dies in Chapter 13 and what he just experienced happened in Chapter 4. Cass immediately accuses Wally as Felicia hands him some folders he needs to take a look at. Felicia tell Cass that she's been doing some investigating and it seems that Wally inquired about renting an apartment over a pet shop. Which was exactly what the killer in Embers In The Snow did.

At the Cory Mansion, Rachel was annoyed to learn that Carl dismissed Darren the Chauffeur one of her most trusted employee's without even letting her know about it. Carl, explains that he can't be trusted. He then told Rachel he saw the limo driver having a deep conversation with Matt. Rachel told Carl that the Chauffeur has known Matt since he was a little boy and she can't see any problem in them having a conversation. Carl told her he feels the limo driver was passing information about them to Matt. Rachel told Carl that's absurd and asked him if he spoke to the limo driver. Carl told Rachel when he questioned Darren about it, the Chauffeur wouldn't discuss the conversation he and Matt had, so he dismissed him. Rachel told him she will not leave a man who has been their Chauffeur for years jobless. She elects that Carl and she find Darren a new job with someone else. Carl went along with that idea.

At Lila's Place, while on the phone with her credit company, Lila was upset to learn she's been cut-off. Just then Matt shows up and Lila ask him to come back later. Matt won't leave because he's brought her some groceries. Once inside, Matt tries to make a call, but the phone was dead. Lila told him it can't be she just used it, but sure enough when she picks it up, it's dead. Lila complains to Matt about how she can't pay any of her bills and it's all Vicky's fault. Matt offers to help Lila with anything she needs until the paternity of her unborn baby was determined. Lila turns him down stating that she wouldn't dare let him cover the bills for Vicky. Matt then told her that there are more important things than getting back at Vicky, like having a roof over your head. Lila assures him that she intends on getting everything Shane promised to her. Matt and Lila sit down and Matt told Lila that some states don't recognize quickie divorces like the one she and Shane got in San Dominica, which mans that the will could be invalid. Lila was thrilled to hear about this juicy bit of information and sets off to follow up on this lead by learning more about Shane's Will from Tyrone. Before she went to talk to Tyrone, Matt gives her some money and his cellular phone so she can keep in touch. Lila thanks him and went on her way.

Over at Jake and Vicky's Place, Jake pressures Vicky to reveal what's really going on between her and Lila. Vicky explains that Lila was upset because Shane put Vicky in charge of the foundation. Jake adds and you're upset because Lila was pregnant with Shane's baby. Vicky denies it and told Jake she was upset by Lila constantly insinuating herself in their lives. Jake tells Vicky that he could hear her and Lila arguing yesterday while he was outside on the porch. Jake then told Vicky once and for all, to stop protecting him and tell him what she said to Lila. As Vicky rambles on and on about Lila, Jake stays silent. Vicky then ask him why he hasn't said anything? Jake replies by telling her he can't understand why they are even talking about Lila and not you. Jake then told Vicky that he has known her all of his life and has always known what she's thinking. Now that they are married; he can see that she was hurting, but he can't help her because for the first time he can't tell what she's thinking. Jake says he knows there is something Vicky was keeping from him and no matter what it was he can handle it. As Vicky stares at Jake nervously, Jake told her his worst fear was not that you use to love Shane, but that you still do and now realize that marrying him was a mistake. He then ask Vicky was this the reason why Marley walked out of Michael's funeral and why Donna has been acting so weird lately. If so she should tell him because anything was better than feeling like he has let her down....

Over at Winthrop Law Offices, Lila shows up to talk with Tyrone or Cass but no one was there. Desperate to see Shane's files, Lila breaks in. Back at Carlino's, Felicia continues to fill Cass in on what Carl and she learned about Wally. Suddenly, Cass was alerted by an alarm box he's carrying that someone has broken into his office. Convinced that it's Wally, Cass and Felicia dash off to his office to catch the criminal. As Cass and Felicia quietly enter his office, Cass sneaks up on the culprit ready to attack, unaware that it was Lila. Once they both realize it's Lila, Cass ask Lila what is he doing there. Lila covers by telling Cass she was waiting for Tyrone. Cass told her he locked the door, so there was no way she could have gotten in. Lila tries to lie her way out of this, but Cass suspects Lila of being the one who broke into his office before. Cass notices the files she has in her hands and snatches them out, telling her they belong to Shane Roberts. Cass then told Lila she's not going any where and summons Felicia to call the police. Upon hearing this, Lila faints. As she comes out of it Lila starts to cry and told Cass to please give her a chance to explain. Cass agrees and he tells Felicia to call off the cops. Felicia leaves to go get food for a pregnant Lila and Cass told her to start talking. Once again Lila blames all of her problems on Vicky as Cass adds he knows all about her and the trouble she has caused the Hudson's. Lila told Cass that Vicky seduced Shane into leaving his money to her and now she wants to overturn the divorce if possible. Cass told her Vicky doesn't need Shane's money she's rich and Lila went to a lot of trouble for nothing because this state accepts Caribbean divorces. Lila then ask if Shane and she made love, could the divorce be overturned? Cass told her yes, but she would have to prove it. He then gives her some names of very reputable attorneys, but warns her not to seek counseling from Elliot Hampton. Felicia returns with Lila's food and walks in on her hugging Cass gratefully. Delighted to learn of this new information too, Lila prepares to leave. Once outside Cass's office, Lila calls information and ask for the number of an Elliot Hampton. Cass and Felicia have a good laugh about suspecting Lila, then head out to continue their investigation on Wally. Upon leaving, someone looms up behind Cass and Felicia and starts following them.

Back at the Cory's, Matt shows up and told Rachel he wants to talk to her. Rachel assumes it's because Matt found out that Carl fired Darren the Chauffeur. Matt wonders why Rachel would let Carl fire someone who has worked for the family for years. Rachel told him that Carl suspected that Matt was using Darren to find out information on them. This angers Matt, who says this is just another reason why Carl was a bad person that can't be trusted. Rachel informs him that no matter what Matt will always see Carl as a threat. Matt tells her she was being just like Mac Cory was with Janice Frame. Rachel tells her son she know's he's not trying to compare Carl to Janice Frame. They continue to argue over Carl and Rachel shows Matthew Carl's appointment book. Rachel told Matt that Carl was in Denver the day Chris Chapin died. Matt ask her why was she telling him this when he has suspected Carl all along. Rachel says she was just trying to be honest with him, like Carl was honest to her. Matt still doesn't buy it and insist that Carl was using her and he won't stop until she see's Carl for the person he is. Angered, Rachel ask Matt why did he come over here? Matt told Rachel he can't confide in her anymore and leaves.

Back at Jake and Vicky's, Vicky reassures Jake that she loves him and that he is the reason that she wakes up and was able to go on with her life. She tells that Jake that she won't ever let anyone get in the way of their love and it will be Jake and Vicky forever. Touched by her words, Jake and Vicky renew their feelings for one another and head upstairs to make love. In the aftermath, Jake told Vicky that he has never really trusted any one completely in his life. Vicky told him to trust in her love for him, like she trust in his for her. She then adds that this was the first time she's felt any peace since Michael and Shane died and it's all because of you. As the two find love and comfort in holding each other, Lila was busy gathering information to use against Vicky. While trying to reach the hotel that her and Shane stayed in, Lila finds her call can't go through because of the weather. This sparks and idea about how to prove that Vicky wasn't in Chicago the night of the car accident. Lila then calls Bay City's cellular phone company to find out about calls Vicky made on her phone that night.....

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