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Keith asked Jill to marry him. Christine told Paul that she had feelings for Danny. Dru and Neil had problems in the bedroom. Victor and Diane planned a trip around the world. Grace and Cassie headed out of town.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday March 2, 1998

NOTICE: Starting next Monday, I will have my one-year-old great granddaughter with me for the month. I may not be as fast at getting the updates out as I generally am. Be patient, depending on her sleeping schedule, I may have to do the updates at night after she has gone to bed. Thanks for understanding.

VICTOR stops by the ranch to see the new Arabians. While talking to Nikki, he spots an article that she has cut out of a magazine. Its title is Pregnancy Past Forty.

GRACE is pacing the floor and crying. Tony tries to cheer her up; he invites her to a fancy restaurant for dinner tonight, but she can't think of that. All she can think about is Cassie and how she made a mistake by sending her to the ranch. Tony reminds her that it is only for a few days, but Grace tells him that those few days are the beginning of the end for her. Sharon will get through to Cassie and win her over. She wishes she had never told Sharon the truth.

CASSIE wakes up and comes quietly into the living room. Sharon has made her pancakes but Cassie isn't hungry. All she wants to know is whether or not her "Mommy" called. When Noah wakes up, she isn't even interested in helping Sharon take care of him. After Sharon leaves the room, she looks at the phone and asks, "Why haven't you called, Mommy. I miss you so much."

Sharon brings Noah in, but Cassie doesn't feel like holding him. Maybe she will help feed him his breakfast later, if Sharon really wants her to. Sharon tells Cassie that she knows she is confused, but if she wants to talk about anything, she will listen. I am here for you, Cassie, Sharon promises.

S/V awakes to find Dr. Kendall at the foot of her bed writing in her chart. She demands to know where Dr. Landers is. He never came to see me, she says. I insist on seeing Dr. Landers. Dr. Kendall reminds her that he is her doctor; he told her that yesterday. Doesn't she remember? He tries to determine more about her condition, but S/V won't give him any information; she simply demands again and again to see Dr. Landers. She is so rude to Dr. Landers that he finally leaves the room. After he is gone, she says that she will NOT have some stranger poking around her. She will scream and complain until Joshua finally gives in and sees her.

She remembers a time when they were in bed together and Joshua tells her that he loves her and always will.

DR. RANDALL meets Joshua at the nurse's station and begs him to take back his patient. She is a real handful. "I can see why you would want to dump her on me," he laughs.

JOSH goes into S/V's room. He tells her that he asked Dr. Randall to take care of her, but she pleads with him to take over her case. He finally agrees and says she will need a pelvic examination. As he goes to get the nurse, S/V tells him that they don't need a nurse; she trusts him.

After the exam, Josh tells her that he can't find anything to cause the pain. He gives her a prescription for the pain then discharges her to home where she can stay in bed for a while until she is feeling better.

NICK and Vicki are talking business, but Vicki is wondering why he is looking so glum. He tells her that when he got home last night he found a surprise houseguest. He is ticked off, but doesn't want to say anything since Cassie makes his wife's eyes light up. Vicki tells him that if this little girl is getting in the way of his marriage, he should put a stop to it.

What Vicki thinks, however, is that this is Sharon's not so subtle way of telling Nick that she wants another baby. Do you think so? Nick asks.

CHRISTINE pays a visit to Nina because she has something on her mind and is hesitant to go home right away. Nina guesses that she is thinking of Danny. Christine is surprised that Nina would guess the truth, but Nina tells her that she hasn't been the same since the custody case.

Christine admits that the case stirred up feelings that she thought had been resolved. Paul is a wonderful husband, she says, but I cannot forget about Danny. I can't help but think about what might have been. Today, when he showed me a picture of Daniel and me, he reminded me that the two of us could have had children by now had it not been for Phyllis.

He is laying a trip on you, Nina tells Chris. That is so unfair of him! But, Chris says that he isn't; he really means it. He told her today that no man could love her the way that he does.

"I am happily married to Paul; he is a terrific guy," she says. "But, I can't stop thinking of Danny. I have a huge decision to make." Nina advises her not to decide too quickly. Take your time to figure everything out and decide whom you want to be with.

Katherine visits Paul on the pretext of hiring him for security for a charity event she is planning for April. After Paul agrees and thanks her for remembering him, she asks how he and his beautiful wife are doing. Guess you must be glad that custody case is in the past? She asks. Your wife is so talented. I'm sure you are happy she has more time for you now. Paul guesses that Katherine is "fishing" for Danny and tells her in no uncertain terms that he and Christine are happy and secure in their relationship. Enough said? He asks. Now give my best to Danny; I am going home to my beautiful wife. He slams out of the office leaving Katherine with a "me thinks he protests too much" look on her face.

DORIS visits Sharon and is glad to see Cassie there. Sharon sends Cassie out to play while she talks to her mother. Doris reminds her that she has Grace to thank for having her daughter back. How are you going to handle your husband and his family? Doris asks. Sharon tells her that she is only worried about Nick's reaction. As soon as he gets to know and love Cassie, he will understand.

VICTOR is still curious about why Nikki cut this particular article out of the magazine. Are you considering having another child? Nikki tells him that she hasn't decided, but her husband would welcome a son or daughter.

"You have two grown children," Victor reminds her. "You are too old!"

"I am not too old!" Nikki exclaims. "Many women my age have babies. I am in perfect health. Why shouldn't I think about giving my husband a child of his own?"

"I can't understand you. Why would you want to burden your life with another child. By the time he is twenty years old, you will be sixty, for God's sake! I am shocked that you would even consider this, especially after the number you pulled on me!"

"The number I pulled on you?" Nikki asks, shocked.

"Don't try to pretend you don't know what I am talking about. You came to me and convinced me how ridiculous it was for me to have another child at my age. It was because of what you said that I had the damned vasectomy. You are a damned hypocrite!" He shouts.

"You are so rude! Get out! And don't ever come back!"

"I will get out!" Victor shouts at her. "And I don't give a damn if I ever see you again. I will come to the ranch only to see my children and grandson, but that is all!"

"Good!" screams Nikki as Victor slams the door as he leaves.

LATER, Nikki answers the door to find S/V at the door. S/V tells her that Dr. Landers released her. He is such a wonderful doctor. Nikki says that she was under the assumption that Josh was turning her case over to an associate. S/V says that she wasn't comfortable with anyone else, so he was kind enough to take care of her. She leaves to go to her room.

CHRIS arrives home to find Paul making a wonderful dinner for her. There is nothing for her to do but relax and enjoy. She leaves to get more comfortable while he finishes dinner. In her bedroom, she picks up a picture of Paul and says that he is her knight in shining armor. He was there when she needed him, but she loved Danny so much---he was her whole world. "I have got to talk to you Paul, tonight. I need you to know what I am feeling."

Paul calls her to dinner.

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

JACK AND VICTOR are discussing business; Victor is not in a good mood and he is taking it out on Jack. As Jack is leaving the office, Victor calls him back and apologizes for his behavior. He has been in a foul mood since returning from the ranch where he had a run-in with Nikki. Victor says that his ex-wife is thinking of having a baby with the man she is married to; this is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard of.

Jack doesn't find it shocking at all. The man has no children of his own, so why shouldn't he have children with the woman to whom he is married?

Victor then tells Jack that not long ago, Nikki came to him and convinced him to have a vasectomy. Now she is doing the very same thing she talked him out of. Why the hill should she burden herself with another baby? Besides she is too old and he told her so.

"I'll bet that went over good!" Jack surmises. "I think that what is sticking in your craw is the fact that Joshua can give Nikki something that you can not give your own wife. Tell me something, if I am not taking my life in my hands. If you had it to do over again, would you still have the vasectomy done?"

"Facts are facts," Victor tells Jack. "End of subject."

"So you would want to have a child with your wife?"

"Make no mistake about it, Jack, if I could, I would love to have a child with Diane." Victor leaves the office while Jack stands there looking sick.

VICTORIA is on the phone acting like TGVN. Nikki comes into the office and after a little small talk, asks Victoria how she and her brother would feel about her and Joshua having a baby. Vicki is completely taken by surprise. If she is asking about Nick, Vicki is sure that he would love having a little brother or sister younger than his son! Just be sure to have the smelling salts handy when she tells him. As for herself, she will need a little time to think about this. But she would love to be a fly on the wall when she told Nick---better yet, when she tells her dad.

NINA is typing away when the door bell rings and Danny announces his presence. Once inside, they talk a little about Daniel, but it isn't long before Danny asks her opinion about him and Chris. There are times when he feels Chris still has feelings for him. Does he stand a chance or should he quit knocking his head against a brick wall?

Nina can only tell him that right now Chris is really confused. Then I do have a chance! Danny says, excitedly. Nina tells him that she is going to tell Chris about this conversation and he says he hopes she does.

Later, Nina calls Ryan's office, not realizing that she is interrupting a little office smooching between him and Tricia. She tells him that she has heard from her lawyer and their hearing is in two weeks. She wants this to be the friendliest and most amiable divorce ever and he agrees.

After he hangs up and tells Tricia that he will be free two weeks from today, Tricia again tempts him with the suggestion that she move in with him. Ryan says that it is important not to do anything that will upset Nina when they are this close. She agrees, but she is obviously upset. He says that he will leave right now and talk to Nina about it.

VICTORIA gives Alec many things to do. Alec wonders why she is being so businesslike; he thought they were friends. They did get into some personal matters the last time they talked.

"You caught me at a vulnerable moment," Vicki tells him, coldly. "I am your boss. That is all you need to be concerned about. Understand?"

DIANE enters the office to find Victor staring out the window. He tells her how much she means to him and how important she is in his life. Diane wonders what is wrong since he doesn't seem to be acting himself. Victor tells her that he has been to the ranch. He adds that Nikki has interfered in their lives for the last time. If he never sees her again it will be too soon.

"My former wife is considering having a child with her doctor husband," Victor tells Diane. He is sure that Joshua is pressing her to have his child. "Do you know how much this galls me?" he continues to rant. "She was the one who persuaded me not to start another family because of my age. I would never have gone to the lengths I did had she not persuaded me."

Diane can't deny that it still hurts. There was nothing she wanted more than to have his child. "I will never forgive Nikki for this!" Cries Diane. Victor gathers her in his arms. "I will never forgive her as long as I live. Maybe I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I know I should try to forgive, but I cannot." Diane continues to say that Nikki has had it in for her since she began seeing Victor. Nikki never thought this marriage would last, she says. She apparently did not want you saddled with a child when you would inevitably dump me.

"That is never going to happen!" Victor tells her. "I don't want you to ever feel insecure in our marriage again."

RYAN arrives at Nina's apartment and asks her how she would feel if he and Tricia moved in together. Nina tells him that she doesn't care one way or the other, but what about Phillip? Things are starting to look up as far as their relationship goes. Does he really want to take a chance when he and Phillip are finally getting along?

PAUL calls Chris to dinner, but she wants to talk to him first. She can't put it off any longer. Paul looks worried. Is it me? Us? He wants to know.

"No," Chris cries out. "It is me. It is something I have had on my mind for a while. I thought I could ignore it, but I can't. It is really weighing on me a lot. I am going through a lot of turmoil and for some reason I can' get beyond it.""

Now Paul is really worried about Chris by this time. He wonders what kind of turmoil she is under. He observes that she seems to be having a lot of trouble talking.

"Paul, you know I love you, don't ever doubt that, but I can't deny that I am having feelings for Danny."

"What in the hell has Danny said to you?" Paul demands.

"It isn't him; it is me!" Chris says. "It is about me down deep in my heart and soul. My emotions are all over the place and I can't help it. My life is a mess." She tells him that these feelings resurfaced during the divorce hearing and later after they unraveled all of Phyllis' manipulations. Danny was never unfaithful to her; he never stopped loving her.

"In spit of all the pain this man put you through, you are still in love with him? Chris doesn't know. She knows she loves Paul, but she also has feelings for Danny. He was her first love; they lived a fantasy life until Phyllis entered the picture. She admits that she has been going to see Danny and Daniel for some time now. She and Danny have been discussing the past; Danny wants to rectify the past."

"So he does have something to do with this. He is manipulating you, Chris!"

"No, it is about me. As much as I love you, I cannot deny my feelings for Danny. I know I am hurting you, but it is how I feel.

They look deeply at each other. Both have tears streaming down their faces.

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

CHRISTINE begs Paul to say something. "I love you."

"What am I supposed to say, Chris?" Paul implores. "I love you, too, but now you tell me you love Danny too. What am I supposed to do now? Do you have any idea how it makes me feel? I saw it coming all through the trial. I could see that Danny was still in love with you, but I thought the issue was our marriage, not Danny. I had faith in my wife and our marriage; we had a strong marriage---or so I thought."

"You don't know the HELL I am going through!" Chris tells him.

"What do you expect of me?" Paul once again asks. "Did you think I would be your pillar of support? Sorry, but I am fighting for my marriage. Can't you see that Danny is trying to manipulate your feelings? You have been there for him time after time; he runs to you when anything goes wrong and your give him a shoulder to cry on. He has taken advantage of you and it has got to stop. You can not forget what that man did to you! He could have been open and honest with you; he could have told you what was going on. Instead he slammed the door in your face! He nearly destroyed you, Christine! Are you in complete denial?"

"I remember all that," Chris tells Paul. "But Danny was a victim here. It wasn't until I realized how Phyllis manipulated him and how destructive she was that I saw the situation for what it really was. He was never unfaithful to me; he never meant to hurt me. He was hurt as much or more than I. He is the victim here."

"So everything we have counts for nothing?" Paul asks. "I treasure our marriage, but Danny is pursuing you. He is disregarding our marriage and our commitment. He wants you?"

"Yes!" Christine says.

"Then you have to decide which way you want to go," Paul tells her.

"I can't," Chris cries. "I haven't forgotten our marriage. I love you, but I am still thinking of Danny and all we had together. But I do love you, Paul."

NICK is angry with Grace. He reminds her that he has told her he doesn't want Cassie at the ranch. It would be different if she was Sharon's daughter, but she is Grace's daughter. He wants her to do something about it.

JACK wonders if he should get involved or stay out of it. But, he doesn't have a choice in the matter since he knows what this means to Diane. He tries to call Dr. Reilly, the urologist, but the doctor is on vacation. He then sends his secretary out to the bookstore for a medical textbook. Once he gets it, he reads that in many cases, the vasectomy can be reversed.

MICHAEL is going over his law books trying to keep on his toes. Phyllis says he is crazy to be spending so much time on something that will never be. Michael tells her that he has to get his license back. He is a seasoned trial attorney working as a paralegal. "Don't you see what it did to me when they took my license away? I have to get it back and there is only one person who can make the difference. Chris still doesn't trust me, but I have to make her see that I have changed."

"Have you really changed?" Phyllis asks. She knows he cannot have forgiven Christine for what she did, so how can he even think of making peace with her?

Michael insists that he has moved on. It is something that Phyllis should try. She insists that she cannot forgive and forget so easily. She is thinking about going to see her son, but it really kills her to have to call and beg Danny for permission. She cannot forget what that man did to her life.

"To your life?" Michael asks. "What about what you did to his life?" When she asks him whose side he is on, he replies that he is on the side of justice and she is guilty as charged.

PHYLLIS goes to Danny's to see her son but he isn't home. Danny tells her he is adjusting well even though she may not want to hear that. She tells him that she loves her son and wants him to be happy no matter where he is. Danny says she doesn't know the meaning of love; she is too selfish. Love to her means control, domination and lies. Until she learns that love is trusting and making sacrifices, she is destined to be alone. Phyllis tells him that they should get along since she is going to be in Danny's life as long as Daniel is there. Danny can't be civil because of the hell she put him through. It could have all been so different if not for her.

Daniel comes home and is overjoyed to see his mother. They embrace, but before long Phyllis has to leave. Daniel begs her to stay, but she can't. She tells him that she will come back soon but it is up to his daddy now when she can come. "Promise me something," she tells him. "No matter what anyone says, always remember that I love you and always will love you."

DIANE drops by to see Jack and sees the medical textbook. She hopes he isn't sick. She then tells him about taking her husband on a fantasy flight last night. Jack tells her he is glad things are going so well.

SHARON is still having trouble bringing Cassie out of her shell. Cassie wonders if she can go home, but Sharon tells her that she will get used to the ranch soon and will enjoy herself. "Then if I can't go home, can my Mommy come here to stay?" Sharon tells her it will be okay to ask her.

After Cassie goes to the stables with Miguel, there is a knock on the door. Sharon answers to find Grace standing there. This is a surprise, Sharon says. Why are you here?

I am here to take my daughter home, Grace tells her.

"Over my dead body," Sharon tells her. "If you try to take Cassie, I will call the police."

"But then they will take her away from both of us," Grace objects.

"If I have to call the authorities, you will not stand a chance," Sharon threatens. "I have more of a claim than you do. Next time, call before you come."

"Nick tells me that Cassie is having a hard time adjusting," Grace goes on. "She isn't happy here and neither is Nick. He doesn't want another child and he isn't thrilled to have Cassie here He has made his position clear."

Cassie comes in and when she sees Grace, she rushes into her arms. "I am so glad to see you, Mommy! Take me home, please Mommy; I want to go home."

I can't take you home right now, Grace explains. She has to leave now.

"No!" Cassie screams and grabs onto Grace. "Don't leave me, Mommy. Don't make me stay here. I want to be with you. Please take me home!"

Grace rushes out the door while Sharon pulls her daughter into her arms.

PHYLLIS slams back into the apartment. She tells Michael that she did what he told her to do and it didn't make a bit of difference. Danny is too busy thinking about his darling Cricket. She bets he is pulling out all the stops to get her back. Michael wonders if she is still vulnerable to Danny, and Phyllis says that she thinks Chris would leave Paul for Danny in a second. Christine never got over Danny, that much she knows!

In her office, Grace paces as she remembers how Cassie begged her to take her away from the ranch. She goes to the phone and calls a travel agent. She wants to book reservations for two. She will go anywhere as long as it is far, far away. Maybe the Caribbean. It is for her daughter and herself. She wants to leave tomorrow.

Thursday, March 5, 1998

GRACE is planning her get-away. "Every step has to fall into place for this to work," she says. The secretary enters with an envelope brought over by messenger. It is the tickets for her and Cassie. "Step one," she says.

JILL and Victor discuss the organ and tissue donor project. Jill has it already underway. The first step will be to educate the employees of how easy it is to become a donor. It has been a gratifying project for her.

"Is your personal life also gratifying?" Victor asks her. "You are living with this man, Dennison. Are you going t marry him?"

Jill tells him that she is satisfied with her personal life right now. As to marriage, she doesn't know if she would want to marry again. She is satisfied at the moment just living with Keith, but she doesn't know if he is the man for her. It is all a moot point anyway, since he hasn't asked her to marry him.

TRICIA interrupts Ryan at work and asks what Nina had to say. He tells her that Nina surprised him. She said that nothing he did would cause her to make waves as far as the divorce is concerned. This makes Tricia very happy, but he adds that Nina did remind him of something that won't make her so happy. He tells her that he is finally making some progress with Phillip. It is so important that he regain the boy's trust and love. They have to be careful that what they do won't upset his progress. Tricia tells him that she understands.

Ryan surprises her by saying that when his divorce is final, he is going to her father and talk to him about the two of them. It is important for him to be up-front with her dad.

PHYLLIS makes breakfast for Michael. She tells him that she loves having him around the house; they are beginning to act like an old married couple. Michael reminds her that their relationship works well for both of them---for now.

After breakfast, Michael prepares to go out; he says he has an appointment. Phyllis guesses that today is the day he is going to see Christine. Michael says he is about to plead the most important case of his career. There is nothing like being a lawyer and taking a case from the start to the finish. To become a lawyer again, he needs Christine's help.

DRU, wearing sexy granny glasses and looking good, visits Olivia and invites her to lunch. Olivia can't leave, but she has a few minutes for her sister. She asks how things are going and Dru tells her that they are going great. Great, if you compare them to just a few weeks ago; not so great, if you compare them to the beginning. What is wrong? Olivia asks.

"It is embarrassing," Dru begins. She eventually tells Olivia about Neil's inability to make love to her the other night. It was not because he didn't want her; something happened, and he couldn't perform. Olivia tells her sister that this happens sometimes; it is nothing to worry about. Just don't put any pressure on Neil to perform. She then suggests that Dru get her man home early any way that she could. She should dress in sexy lingerie, light candles and give Neil a massage with scented oils. This is just the prescription Dru is looking for.

NEIL is working at home when Malcolm drops by. He reminds Neil that he has stayed away for some time now to give Neil and Dru time together, but he is curious about how things are going. He is sure that there have been fireworks; that happens to be the best thing about fighting with your woman---you get to kiss and make up. Malcolm keep talking about all the good lovemaking that must have been going on, while Neil is uncomfortable and trying to change the subject. Finally, Malcolm talks Neil into going out for lunch.

MICHAEL arrives in LA just in time to hear Chris arguing over the phone about the same old plumbing problem. When she hangs up, he compliments her on how she handled it. "Now my day is really getting off to a bad start!" she comments. "What are you doing here, Michael?"

Michael tells her that he has something to talk to her about. When she argues that she has clients, he tells her to consider him a client. Chris wonders why he keeps coming back; she doesn't trust him, she doesn't like him, yet he keeps dropping by with his hat in hand. Please listen, Michael begs. Chris tells him he has three minutes.

Michael tells her that he is stagnating both professionally and personally and will for the rest of his life if the bar doesn't let him practice law again. He could do some good; she holds the key. My fate is in your hands, he says.

"How ironic," Chris says flatly.

"You are doing very well," Michael tells her. "I am happy for you."

"It took me a long time to get over what you did to me," Chris tells him.

"I am begging for a second chance," Michael says. "I have admitted that I did wrong. I have spent my time in prison. I know you believe there is some good in everyone. The good in me has grown and I am determined that the bad won't be seen again."

Chris tells him that he is too persuasive, but she can't believe him. He tells her just to think about it. In the meantime, he has a list of people that she can call about him, including a woman he is dating.

"I thought you were living with Phyllis!" Chris exclaims.

"I am," he admits. "It is only an arrangement. Phyllis is a needy woman and I am a lousy housekeeper. We tried the love thing, but it didn't work out. There is only one person Phyllis has ever loved."

Later, Chris looks at the list. She makes a call to Debbie Thompson, the woman Michael says he is dating. She introduces herself and says that Michael gave her permission to call. Are you dating Michael? The woman tells Christine that yes, she is dating Michael; she loves him but isn't sure how he feels about her. He has been nothing but a gentleman with her. He has told her everything about his past, prison, the charges, everything. Chris tells her that it was not just sexual harassment; he was abusive to her. "I know that," Debbie tells her. "I am not the kind of woman who will take abuse from anyone! I believe that he has changed."

Hanging up, Christine says that she would really like to believe that was real. But how could she be sure?

GRACE walks toward Nick's office. "Now for step two," she mumbles to herself. "Nick is out of the building and will be out for most of the afternoon. Now is the time to make my move." She walks up to Nick's secretary, Sherry and tells her that Nick wants her to call his wife. He needs his wife to come to the building this evening for something special. It is very important. Sherry suggests that Grace call Sharon, but Grace says that Nick asked her to tell Sherry to do it. When Sherry agrees, Grace leaves. "This has got to work!" she says. "Everything depends on it."

NEIL is blown away when he steps back into his apartment. Dru is standing in the candlelight wearing a white transparent shortie. She tells him that she is going to make all his dreams come true. Forget about what happened the other night; the two of them are going to work through this. "Now go into our bedroom and take off all your clothes and lay down on the bed. Call me when you are ready."

In the bedroom, Dru straddles Neil and begins to give him a massage. This feels great, Neil tells her.

Soon, the two of them are making love, but Neil abruptly turns away from her. It has happened again.

"Relax," she tells him softly. "We have all the time in the world. There is no pressure here."

"Don't bother," he snarls as he gets out of the bed. "Don't you know what a humiliating experience this is for me? You don't understand!"

"Don't get discouraged," Dru pleads. "Everything will be fine." But Neil leaves the room; Dru is left alone and in pain.

JILL is staring out the window. "Caught you daydreaming," Keith says as he enters the room. "Thinking about a big business deal?" Jill answers that she is only thinking about herself. She is feeling a little down. The reason? Just the clock and calendar.

"Let me cheer you up," Keith says, as he pulls a box from his pocket. He opens it and there is an engagement ring. "Let's get married," he proposes.

Jill doesn't know what to say, but Keith has a lot to say. He tells her that he loves her and he loves her spirit. He loves the devotion and dedication to her son and his daughters. "You are an exceptional man," Jill tells him. "Exceptional enough to marry?" Keith wants to know. He doesn't expect an answer now, he tells her as he slides the ring onto her finger.

SHERRY places the call to Sharon who is showing a more relaxed and happy Cassie how to do a jigsaw puzzle. Sherry tells her that Nick would like for her to come to the office this afternoon, but she is unable to answer all the questions that Sharon has. She finally tells Sharon that she will transfer her to someone who can answer those questions.

Sherry calls Grace and tells her that she will have to talk to Mrs. Newman. She is hesitating about coming into the office and has a lot of questions. Grace doesn't want to talk to Sharon, but Sherry insists.

When the call has been transferred to Grace, she tells Sharon that Nick wanted her to be called. He is out of the building on a very important meeting at the moment. She doesn't know when he will be back, but he said that it was important that Sharon come into town. There is an important client in town; he brought his wife along and the couple needs to be entertained tonight.

Sharon remarks that Nick seldom asks anything of her, so maybe she should do this for him. Grace emphasizes that Nick will be pretty upset if she doesn't join him. "I will be there as soon as I can," Grace says, and hangs up.

"Step two completed," Grace says with a determined look on her face.

Friday, March 6, 1998

JACK is debating on what he should do with the information he has on reversing vasectomies. He wants Diane to be happy for the long term, but is Victor capable of the long term?

Speak of the devil, Victor walks into the office and begins discussing business with Jack. After finishing business, Victor wonders if there is something on Jack's mind. Actually there is, Jack says. He has been thinking about Diane and wonders if this is a real marriage. Is Victor really committed to his wife and what kind of future can Diane expect from him?

"You have a lot of gall!" Victor yells at Jack. "Make no mistake, I love Diane and intend to stay with Diane for the rest of my life. And I am warning you, Jack, do not poison Diane's mind with your self-serving crap. Now STAY AWAY FROM HER! Don't you come anywhere near her or you are OUT OF HERE! GOT THAT?"

After Victor storms out of the office, Jack says, "As much as I hate to say it, Victor, I think I have got it."

Sarah/Veronica is daydreaming about Josh while she is dusting. "Nikki is gone, Josh. We will have the house all to ourselves," she whispers. Josh comes in calling out to his "sweetheart," whom S/V says is visiting her son. "Can I get you a martini?" she asks. Josh says that would be good, thank you. As S/V goes to make the martini, she turns back to Josh. "Would you mind if I made one for myself?"

NIKKI shows up at Sharon's to babysit. Sharon is a rush to get into town and really appreciates Nikki sitting with the children. If it were up to her, she wouldn't go into town, but this seems to be so important. Nikki doesn't mind staying with Noah and Cassie has never been any trouble. She encourages Sharon to stay as long as she likes.

As Nikki is flipping through some magazines, Nick comes into the house and is surprised to see his mother there. He is puzzled about where Sharon could be going this late in the day. He is puzzled about his wife, period, these days. He never knows what he is going to come home to. She is preoccupied, nervous and distracted. But on the other hand, there are days when she is her warm loving self. Nikki suggests that maybe they should take Jack's advice and seek professional help. When Nick assures her that he can take care of the kids himself, she leaves.

GRACE opens the door to the cab driver and tells him she will be down in a few minutes. He takes her bag and leaves while Grace wanders the apartment. She had hoped Tony would be home before she left, but she can't wait any longer. As she is going out the door, Tony does arrive. "Going somewhere?" he asks.

Grace tells him that she has a meeting out of the office so she came home to change her clothes. Tony tells her she is acting really mysterious. Grace tells him that it has been so great knowing him and having him for a friend. "You act like you are never going to see me again," Tony says. After Grace leaves, Tony has a real mystified look on his face.

NEIL and Dru are dressed. She offers to cook for him, but he tells her that he had lunch earlier with Malcolm. She wonders if he told Malcolm about his problem. Neil explodes! He doesn't want anyone to know what is going on. Don't you dare tell, he warns her. The look on her face tells him that she already has.

"You told your sister?" Neil shouts. "How could you? She may be a doctor, but she is also my sister-in-law. I don't want the family knowing about this."

Dru tells him that she is sorry. She tells him that this problem won't go on forever, she is sure of it. We still have time. Do you want to give it another shot? NO! Neil shouts. We can't make things work. Stop pressuring me.

"So you blame me, don't you?" Dru says. "You do! You think this is all my fault!"

"Dru, don't force me to say something I don't want to say. It will not help to have you hammering away at me."

"Well, if you don't want me around, then I am out of here," Dru says as she slams out of the apartment.

MALCOLM bounces into Olivia's office and tells her that he just had lunch with Neil and things are going great. Olivia says there is that one little problem, to which, Malcolm wonders what little problem? Olivia can't believe Neil didn't say anything; maybe she shouldn't say anything either. However, Malcolm says that he is her husband and Neil is his brother; he has to know what is going on. When Olivia tells him the "little problem," he can't believe it. He is going to see Malcolm right now and get to the bottom of this.

NICK is going over some papers when Cassie walks quietly into the room. She doesn't want to interrupt Nick's work; she just wants to tell him that Noah is awake and she put him in the playpen. Nick tells her that is a nice thing to do. Cassie says she is going to do some schoolwork just as the doorbell rings. Nick goes to the door and is surprised to find Grace standing there. But, Nick isn't half as surprised as Grace is to see Nick at home.

JOSH is speechless at what S/V has suggested. He tells her he hopes she was joking. Before she can say one way or the other, Nikki comes in and is excited to see her husband home early. She rushes into his arms. "You can go, Sara," she says. "You aren't needed any longer."

In the other room, S/V is fuming at her dismissal. Why did you have to come home just when we were getting close? He is my husband. You are not going to keep him, you bitch!

DIANE visits Jack in his office. He makes sure she leaves the door open for his job's sake. Diane guesses that Victor has been there, so Jack admits that they got into it again. Oddly enough, he tells her, I finally believe that he really loves you and plans to spend the rest of his life with you. He is committed to you in a way I have never seen him committed to any of his former wives. He adamantly told me that you are his one and only! But, if he didn't like our friendship before, you can bet he will hate it now. Diane is happy to know how Victor feels about her and rushes out for home.

NEIL is staring out the window and having a drink when the doorbell rings. He ignores it even after it rings again and again. Malcolm opens the door and bursts in. I have to talk to you, brother.

"What is wrong with you?" Neil shouts at him. "What right do you have to walk right in. I don't feel like talking so I want you to leave me alone."

Malcolm isn't leaving until he gets some answers. Neil admits that he has a problem, but he doesn't want the family sticking their nose into this private matter between him and his wife. "So, back off and leave me alone!" he says.

NIKKI and Josh cuddle. She tells him she has had a terrible day, starting with Victor stopping by and becoming his arrogant self. He left telling her he didn't ever want to see her again. Josh says nothing, so Nikki admits that this is probably good news for him.

Victor arrives home; he and Diane have a long smooch. He tells her that he wants to give her something special. If she can clear her desk, he wants to take her on Phase Two of their honeymoon---a trip around the world, first class.

S/V goes to her room, ranting about Nikki. She keeps hearing Nikki's words as she was dismissed. She can't stand seeing Josh with that woman. Her patience is wearing thin. She takes her satchel out of the closet and unlocks it. She pulls out a gun. "Time is running out for you, Nikki!"

CASSOE runs into Grace's arms and they hug. Grace tells her that she has come to take her home. Cassie is delirious with joy and rushes to pack her things and say goodbye to Noah. Grace tells Nick that she has been thinking about what he said to her earlier. She talked it over with Sharon and they both feel that it is time for Cassie to be with Grace and Tony. Nick is happy at the outcome and remarks that Cassie is one happy kid!

When they walk out the door, Grace tells Cassie that they are going on a trip and they are leaving right now!

"Let's go!" squeals Cassie.

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