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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on SB
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Monday, March 9, 1998

Today's recapwas written by Melissa

Michael buys a dress for Vanessa, and she is relieved to know the spot on her arm has disappeared. Gregory told Caitlin and Cole about Olivia's baby being stillborn. Dr. Brock assures Annie that the drug used on Olivia will work. Annie went to visit Gregory and Olivia, but is shocked when Olivia remembers the truth.

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Ben is at the private room he designed for Meg tearing up pictures of her. He's mad because her mother has shown up in Sunset Beach and he must devise a new way to execute his plan's for Meg. Ben vows nothing is going to stop him from carrying out his plans for Meg.

Over at Ben and Meg's Place, Gabi and Meg have just returned from jogging and Gabi ask Meg if she is still upset about Ricardo accusing Ben of having something to do with Tim's accident. Meg told her don't be silly and she's not mad at all about Ricardo's silly suspicions. As the two continue talking, Meg's mom Joan enters the room just as Gabi is saying that Ricardo thinks Ben may have something to do with all of this. Meg notices her mom and Gabi takes this opportunity to leave and told Meg she'll catch up with her later. Joan wonders if it was such a good idea her coming for this unexpected visit and tells Meg that she senses that Ben isn't too thrilled to have her here. Meg assures her mom that Ben loves having her stay with them, but Joan is still a little skeptical. Meg ask her mother if she would like to go to the hospital to visit Tim as they prepare to leave for the hospital.

Over at the Richard's. Annie shows up to see what kind of damage she has done to Olivia's psyche. Upon seeing Annie, Olivia starts ranting and raving at Annie telling her she knows what she's done. Annie is sure Olivia remembers the whole baby caper when Olivia points an accusatory finger at her, but instead Olivia reprimands Annie for coming over to gloat about Olivia's losing the baby. She accuses Annie of coming over to offer Gregory a sympathetic shoulder to cry on and told everybody in the room she doesn't want their pity, she wants her baby. During her raging fit, Olivia knocks the music box over . Upon hearing the music box play, Olivia flashes back to listening to the music just before Annie called and ordered her to the cabin. However, Olivia doesn't remember who was on the other end of the phone or what was said. Gregory told Annie he thinks it would be best if she left, as Cole and Caitlin stand there speechless digesting the news that the baby is gone. Once outside the Richard's home, Annie phones Dr. Brock who finally admits that the memory suppressant drug doesn't work in a small percentage of cases. He then warns Annie that any emotional reaction could trigger Olivia's memory and advises her to keep Olivia away from anything that could trigger her memory. Upset by the lose of the baby that might have been his, Cole's heart went out to Olivia. Caitlin is touched at the thought of Cole caring so much, but still wonders if there is more to it than that. Cole covers by telling her, that they all thought their baby's would be just find and he couldn't imagine the hurt he would feel if they had lost their own baby. Feeling a twinge of guilt, Caitlin told her husband they should leave, seeing as their joy has been a sad reminder of Gregory and Olivia's lost.

At the hospital, Ben shows up for his appointment with Dr. Robbins. In an effort to determine the cause of his patients debilitating headaches, Dr. Robbins ask Ben if he's been under any kind of emotional stress. Ben thinks of his failed plans for Meg, but says nothing. Dr. Robbins gives Ben some Medication and instructs him to undergo medical testing. Later after Dr. Tyus Robbins finishes his research, he notices that periods of murderous rage are associated with Ben's ty[e of headaches. In another part of the hospital, Meg and Joan are visiting Tim and trying to decide what to do about his medical condition. The subject reverts back to Ben and Tim's accusations against Ben. Meg mentions that Tim accused Ben of being responsible for the island deaths and now that he's been hurt, Ricardo has been suspicious of Ben. Meg still defends Ben, telling her Mom that "those are just vicious rumors and suspicions" that Tim spread and Ricardo is now starting to believe, but Ben would never hurt any one. As Joan acknowledges that she believes Meg she also told her that Tim thought he was protecting Meg from Ben. Ben then enters Tim's hospital room and accuses his future mother-in-law of doubting him. Joan and Meg are taken aback by his attitude. Upset by what he perceives to be a betrayal of mistrust, (What A Joke) Ben leaves Tim's room leaving Meg and Joan speechless. Meg apologizes for Ben's behavior, then leaves to find Ben. Joan calls her husband from and told him about Tim's condition. They both agree that now is not the time for Meg to know what is going on back home, as they also have a secret. Meanwhile, Ben is back at home and thinks of the perfect plan to get Meg all to himself. As Meg arrives home, Ben apologizes for the way he acted and told Meg he has planned a big surprise for her.......

Back at the Richard's, Sean shows up wondering how his parents reacted meeting their first Grandchild. Gregory is solemn and doesn't say much. Sean takes this as his father being upset that Caitlin is married to Cole and blasts his father for not being happy about Cole and Caitlin's baby because he can't stand Cole. Just then Olivia enters the room and Sean notices that she's not pregnant anymore. Gregory told Sean about how they lost the baby. Learining about the stillbirth, Sean regrets his behavior toward his parents. As Sean struggles to deal with his parents terrible news, Gregory suggests that they all try to put their recent hard feelings behind them for Olivia's sake. Sean agrees and told his father that not only did he just lose a son, but Sean also lost a brother as well. Sean then went and comforts his mother, as Olivia cries in her sons arms.

Over at the Beach Grill, Gabi shows up and runs into Father Antonio. As the two sit down and share breakfast, Antonio wants to know all about Gabi. Gabi answers by saying " you mean you want to know all about the woman who accused your brother Ricardo of rape." Antonio, told her that's not what he meant at all and told Gabi that she needs to give herself a break. Gabi still feeling very guilty about what she done to Ricardo and Paula thinks that it would be best if she left Sunset Beach. Father Antonio told her that one day when she gets past all of this, she will be able to believe that she is a good person. Gabi told him that even if she does get past it she'll never forget because every time someone new finds out about her, it's always back their in her face. This is the reason why she wants to leave Sunset Beach. Father Antonio advises Gabi to stop being so hard on herself and stay in town, he also ask her to work with him at the mission. Gabi accepts his offer and Father Antonio excuses himself to go get them something to drink. Cole and Caitlin also show up at the restaurant. As Cole went to order them something to eat, Caitlin thinks of her mother's loss. Father Antonio stops by their table and ask Caitlin if there is anything wrong. Caitlin told him about her mother's baby. Sensing that Caitlin is upset about losing her own baby, Antonio tells her that Cole loves her very much. Wondering what he means, Caitlin ask Father Antonio what does Cole have to do with her mother losing her baby, just as Cole walks up to hear them. Cole intervenes by telling Caitlin that Father Antonio meant by Olivia losing her baby, Caitlin can look to Cole to lean on for moral support. Father Antonio collaborates Cole's story telling Caitlin that he's so sorry for Olivia losing her baby. Caitlin is touched but wonders how did Father Antonio know about her mother's loss. Cole covers again by telling Caitlin that he ran into Father Antonio at the counter and told him what happened because he thought he might be able to help Olivia and Gregory get through this ordeal. Touched again, Caitlin told Cole that it's very sweet of him to be so concerned about her mother. Cole and Father Antonio have feelings of guilt over the secret they both share. Gabi told them how happy she is that they had their baby and leaves. Caitlin told Cole again how touched she is that he thought of consulting Father Antonio for her mother. She adds that Olivia's gonna need a lot of support to help her cope with the lost of the baby. Feeling like he lost his own son, Cole just sits their in a solemn state. Caitlin excuses herself to go an nurse the baby. While she's gone, Father Antonio comes by to talk to Cole about his feelings on the loss of the baby. Cole thanks Father Antonio for not blowing it in front of Caitlin. Father Antonio responds by telling Cole it's not his place to reveal his secrets. Cole then told Father Antonio that he knows what he's thinking. He told him that Antonio thinks he's relieved that the baby died. Father Antonio told him that isn't what he's thinking at all. Cole told him that Olivia's baby's death is killing him on the inside because the baby could have been his. As he told this to Father Antonio, Caitlin overhears Cole say that Olivia's baby could have been his own.....

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

When Meg asks for a hint about the surprise he's been planning, Ben suggests that she just remember to live each day as if it were her last. Gregory explains to Sean that Olivia seems to have no memory of how or why she was in San Francisco when she went into labor. Meanwhile, Brock warns Annie that certain sights and sounds could trigger Olivia's recollection about her child's birth. Cole confides to Father Antonio how broken up he is about the death of Olivia's baby. Meg agrees to meet Ben at Smugglers' Cove but privately decides to try to learn what secret he's hiding before heading to their scheduled rendezvous. Gregory admits to Sean he's never before seen his wife in such emotional distress, not even when they lost their first child years ago. Tyus lets it slip to Meg that her intended has suffered headaches in the past. Irked to discover that her scheme is on the verge of backfiring, Annie steps up her plan to split up the Richards. Gregory went on a rampage and rips apart the entire nursery. Cursing God for taking his son, Gregory vows to vent his unholy wrath on anyone who dares to get in his way from now on.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Virginia shows up at Mrs. Moreau's complaining about her potion not lasting long enough. Tiring of Virginia's constant showing up unannounced, Mrs. Moreau instructs Virginia to put the mixture into her rivals lotion so that Vanessa will receive continuous blast of the potion's effects. Meanwhile Vanessa is at the beach wondering why all of a sudden the blisters on her arm vanished just as quickly as they appeared. Michael suddenly shows up and tells Vanessa he's got something special planned for them tonight. He then instructs her to wear the sexy black dress he bought her then leaves to return to his post. Once alone, Vanessa calls Dr. Tyus Robbins and told him she needs to discuss a medical research story she's doing.

Gabi shows up at Madame Carmen's for a reading and is alarmed when the psychic foresees danger for another friend. Madame Carmen warns Gabi that the same person responsible for the massacre on the island is still stalking victims and will soon claim Meg's life if he isn't caught in time. Distraught, Gabi leaves to go find Meg so she can tell her of what she's learned. Gabi shows back up at Elaine's Waffle Shop and runs into the Torres brothers. Father Antonio ask Gabi is she is still considering leaving Sunset Beach. Gabi tells Father Antonio and Ricardo that she decided to stay in Sunset Beach and thanks both Torres brothers for convincing her to stay. Caitlin is also at the Waffle Shop picking up something to eat, so she can go visit Tim in the hospital. Father Antonio excuses himself to go and say a few words to Caitlin. Caitlin carries on about how happy she, Cole and the baby are, but Father Antonio gently reminds Caitlin that lying to Cole about the baby could very well backfire on her at the worst possible moment. Meanwhile back at the table, Ricardo spots Madame Carmen's business card as it falls out of Gabi's purse. He questions her about spending time with a psychic. Gabi told him that Madam Carmen is for real and the last predictions she gave to her, Meg and Vanessa all came true. Ricardo is some what skeptical, but listens curiously when Gabi told him about Madame Carmen predicting that there would be danger on the island. Still not ready to believe in psychics, Ricardo tells Gabi it would be best if she didn't return to the psychic anymore. This all falls on deaf ears as Gabi excuses herself to go find Meg to tell her what she has learned. Father Antonio returns back from his talk with Caitlin and ask Ricardo where Gabi has gone. Ricardo shows his brother Madame Carmen's card Gabi had and told him that she is doing it again.

Ben and Meg picnic by a cliff at the ocean. Later, Ben lures Meg onto the edge of the rocky cliff overlooking the ocean and frightens her with talk about how he's often thought of suicide in the month's following Maria's death. Sympathetic, Meg told Ben he must have been feeling awfully lonely back then to want to commit suicide. Before Ben can answer her, he gets a pounding headache and yanks his arm away from Meg. Meg almost slips off the cliff, but catches her balance. Ben apologizes to Meg, who questions Ben again about his headaches. As they are discussing Ben's constant headaches, Joan shows up with news for Ben. Joan's arrival on the cliff interrupts Ben's plans for Meg again. Joan told Ben his pager kept going off and he received urgent messages for the Liberty Corporation. Ben wonders why Gregory couldn't have handled this himself, as Joan informs both of them about Gregory and Olivia losing the baby. Ben gets ready to leave to go take care of the Liberty business and Meg told her mother that she's headed to the hospital to go and visit Tim.

Over at the hospital, Vanessa shows up to talk with Tyus about her skin disorder. She told she's working on a story about stress and ask him what are some of the symptoms that can be associated with stress. After Vanessa hears Tyus's stories of what kinds of symptoms stress can cause, she feels relieved and leaves to go meet Michael. In another part of the hospital, Caitlin is visiting Tim and introduces him to her son Armando Deschanel Jr. also known as Trey. She told Tim she wishes he would open his eyes so he can meet her son. Meg shows up also to visit Tim and runs into Caitlin and her baby. As the two discuss Tim's condition, Caitlin told Meg its hard for her to believe that Tim was drinking the night of his accident. She then adds that of all the time she has know Tim, he has never been drunk once. Meg leaves and returns home with Caitlin's words ringing in her head. She also thinks about what her mother said about Tim not ever being drunk. Joan shows up and told Meg that she thinks she made Ben mad at her again. Startled to find that Ben is in the house already sitting in the dark, Ben ask Joan about what she thinks he is mad at her about. Meg question's Ben about why he was sitting in the dark all this time, Ben covers by telling Meg he must have had one of his headaches and dozed off. He then told Meg that he has a surprise for them and ask her to go to Venice with him.....

Friday, March 13, 1998

Though Antonio urges his brother to put the past behind him, Ricardo continues to bitterly insist that their sister would still be alive if she hadn't married Ben Evans. Ben suggests to a thrilled Meg that they move the locale of their wedding to Venice and then throw a big party for all their friends upon their return to Sunset Beach. Grimly determined to prevent Vanessa and Michael from moving in together, Virginia makes plans to dose her rival's skin lotion that very night. Meanwhile, Jimmy grows tired of being constantly ignored by his once attentive mother. After Meg happily confides how she and Ben are eloping to Italy, Gabi warns her friend that Madame Carmen said she would be the next to die. Virginia agrees to take her neglected son to the movies as promised but decides to make a quick stop on the way. Vanessa tries to work up enough courage to finally tell Michael the truth about her mother. Meg confronts Madame Carmen, who entreats the young woman to take her dire predicaments seriously before it's too late. Vanessa returns home with Michael and is startled to find Virginia skulking round her apartment. Carmen puts Meg into a hypnotic trance in order to connect to the spirit of her late friend, Mark.

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