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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on GH
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Monday March 2, 1998

Luke seems a little spacy when talking to Lucky about Liz. He tries to talk to him and wishes he could make things easier for his son. Lucky knows the same thing happened to Laura.

Jason asks Sam if he's being replaced by him. Sam tells him he's only lasted this long because of Sonny, he's nothing more than a soldier. Benny tries to jump in but Jason is OK. Sam brings up Jax's name and tells him he's willing to pay them more money. He wants Jason removed.

Robin believes AJ has a right to know, he'll find out eventually. Carly defends Jason and Robin accuses her of being a liar and a blackmailer. Robin brings up how Carly slept with him behind her back, while all the time she was being nice to Robin when she saw her. Robin believes Jason will understand that AJ needs to know. Carly informs her that she ripped Jason's heart out once and assumes she's back to do it again.

Brenda asks Jax what's wrong. She wants them to leave right now, they can go wherever he wants as long as they get married. Jax is flattered and tempted but he can't marry her, it's far too late. Brenda wants to know too late for what; he says it's too late as lovers or husband and wife. She can't believe he could mean that. Jax tells her they had their shot but it didn't work; he's simply not the right man for her. He has had to get on with his life without her. Brenda tries to explain things to him but he stops her and lets her know that hearts do not lie. He believes they will always have their friendship, that will never be taken away, but where she is trying to lead he can not follow.

Luke asks Lucky what he means. He explains how the Cassadines are like that man who attacked Liz, he knows what they did to his mother on that island. He believes that Nikolas is a product of that treatment and can not understand how his mother can look at him.

Carly yells at Robin, telling her she's their to protect herself. She's jealous that Jason's happy with her and the baby. Carly guesses why Robin left him, because she doesn't approve of his lifestyle yet she knows he'll always love her. Now there's a chance that he might move on and she so she's really there to re

stake her claim. Robin says that's a lie.

Jason talks about what Sonny did, how he took money when he left, which was rightfully his, and how Jason brought them out of the deficit. Sam thinks they should be involved with the drug trafficking but Jason doesn't see things his way, neither did Sonny. He informs them that he doesn't plan on spending the next 20 years in the state penitentiary and can't believe they would want to either. Sam tells him he is a brain damaged kid. Jason lets Sam know that if he takes him down and thinks he's going to take over he's wrong, because someone will take him out as well. Justus walks in and according to Jason he's right on time. Sam tries to object but Justus sits down. Jason calls in Rinaldo who escorts him out. Jason continues to discuss the dock renovation and says the strike will begin April 3rd.

Robin thinks Carly is twisting things around but Carly claims to see him as he really is. She asks Robin if she ever had sex with him, she doesn't think so, and she has. That's why she's jealous of her. Robin informs her that she is finished. Carly lets her know that whether she lives in the penthouse or not, her and Michael will always be taken care of by Jason. Robin realizes this was a mistake and it is really between her and Jason.

Bobbie stops by Luke's for a drink. She was with Liz today and when she was there she realized all this stuff. She never got to be there for her daughter and seeing how young Liz really is brought back memories of when she got pregnant by a john. Luke thinks she should stay out of the past but Bobbie believes their pasts are lurking around. Luke lets her know he will never hurt his son with ancient history.

Jason calls Mike to let him know it's over and he's OK.

Brenda wants to know why he kissed her. Jax says he reacted and admits he's attracted to her but asks her not to do that again, it muddies things up for them. She doesn't understand why love can't be enough. He reminds her it wasn't enough the first time around. She promises things will be different this time. She thinks their timing is perfect and wants him to snap out of this. Brenda asks him the problem and he tells her she chose someone else and that hurt. He doesn't want to rush into the same mistake. Brenda opens up to him with her true feelings and swears she will not lose him again. Jax tells her she's not hearing him.

Robin gets to the bridge and Jason shows up. She tells him she thought he was a stranger. She swore she would know him anywhere but this time she didn't. Robin ask if something happened and it did but he can't tell her about it. She tells Jason she realizes she can't tell him what to do but still thinks AJ should know. He's not going to tell him. Jason tells Robin that thinking of Michael is like thinking of her. He never thought he could love anyone the way he loves her. Robin asks if he's happy and he says yes but not when he thinks about not being with her.

Luke tells Bobbie that Lucky is having a terrible time with this and is looking for sense in all of it. He's drawn a parallel between the man who raped his mother and the man who raped Liz. Bobbie thinks he's one of two people who could tell Lucky that it was different. Bobbie leaves, unable to convince Luke to talk to Lucky.

Carly rocks Michael and reassures him that they will be OK. Jason comes home and she tells him that Robin stopped by and is going to tell AJ. He says he saw her and she's not saying a word and neither will he. He wants to know if they had a fight and she just tells him that Robin was so sure he would agree with her on what's right. Jason tells her she must have said something to change her mind.

Robin goes back to the bridge and it looks like she was hoping Jason would still be there.

Brenda admits to Jax she will adapt and someday she will convince him they belong together. She will win and he will fall in love with her again.

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

Robin and Nikolas go to Café Matisse and she thinks it's about time he start speaking with every day people. Robin has him order, out loud, for the both of them. He does so in French. After doing a good job of speaking, he asks Robin to tell him something about herself no

one else knows.

Tony is up at the cabin, drinking, and drowning his sorrows in vodka. He looks at a picture of him, Bobbie and BJ, which brings back memories of the three of them through the years. Sitting on the table is an invitation to Mac and Felicia's engagement party.

Felicia wonders why Tony has not yet responded to the party. Mac notes that he did take a leave of absence from the hospital. Both agree that they have to fool Tess into believing this is for real. V. walks in and lets them know that she's got James tied up very well, he's not going anywhere. Just then Tess walks in.

Edward, Alan, Ned, and AJ are all at the Port Charles Grill talking about their new chief of council

Edward wants to look at other candidates. Alexis shows up and Ned catches an attitude with her. They speak in private and he asks why she was so anxious to help out ELQ. Alexis doesn't like his tone and he doesn't like hers. Ned is speaking so loud that his family is able to hear him. He informs her that he knows she's planning on stealing ELQ Ja.k.arta back for Stefan. Meanwhile, Alan is trying to pop some pills. Ned tells Alexis she is a Cassadine through and through. He tells her there is a paper trail regarding ELQ Ja.k.arta that leads right back to her.

Taggert and Garcia walk in and have a seat at the bar.

Robin really doesn't know what to say. She's lived in PC all her life so people know mostly everything about her. There is one thing though, she can shoot. Her parents taught her so she'd be able to protect herself.

Tess comments on the engagement party and Felicia hopes she'll come. She declines, claiming she's still not over James. Felicia hopes she'll be coming to the wedding. Tess asks to steal Mac away for just a second. She tells him that he can not take a one-month honeymoon, it is out of the question. He tries to probe her for information as to what is going to take place but she will not budge. He doesn't need to know anything right now. Tess does tell him that he needs to keep the surprises to a minimum because her people don't like them.

Robin tells Nikolas her family has a long and complicated history. She remembers hearing his family's name around her house but was told to be careful of them. He has been given the same advice he says. But he informs her they are two separate people.

Tony's phone rings but he just lets the machine answer it. The call is from Felicia who is just checking to see if he'll be attending the party. Tony then sits down at the desk and begins to write a letter to his family. In it he reflects on his past and asks them that when they think of him, think of the man he used to be, not the broken man he has become. That man they will never see again.

Mac reports back to Felicia that Tess was shaken up. Meanwhile, Tess is on the payphone reporting to someone that "James" is getting married and taking an extended honeymoon which falls right in the middle of their plan of execution. All the while, V. is tracing the number of Tess' call. The man on the other end of Tess' phone suggests they have "James" take the fall.

Ned returns to his table and Alexis sits alone. AJ doesn't think Alexis got a fair hearing but Ned cares little about why AJ thinks. The two detectives come over to the table and would like to speak to Alan about the key he borrowed from the hotel manager the night the drugs were stolen. They ask him a few questions and Alan claims he needed to get some Tylenol for that woman, Virginia Bensen. Garcia finds it strange she would go to him for this, woman usually carry Tylenol in their purse. Alan agrees it was a bit strange but he never thought of it. Taggert asks him if he "accidentally" broke into the locked case while he was in there.

Tess really likes this new plan and wishes she would have thought of it sooner.

Felicia tells Mac she's worried about Maxie and Georgie finding out about the engagement. How would they explain it to them. They would be thrilled if Mac was going to be their daddy. Tess comes over and tells them she can't wait for the party.

Robin and Nikolas have left the Café and are now down at the dock. He thanks her for seeing him off and asks if she'd like to come with him. She doesn't think they should push things, they did a lot today. Sarah appears on the dock and calls out his name. She is so happy to hear his voice, she thought she'd never hear it again. She asks him to say something else but he doesn't and Robin tells her he can't. He walks away and Sarah says she just heard him talk and Robin tells her they've been working on it all day. Sarah thought Emily was working with him (that's a lie because she was the one who arranged that Emily not be allowed to go to Spoon Island) and Robin says she was but is not allowed anymore. Robin tries to explain the situation to her and asks her to be patient with him. He'll be talking with her soon. Sarah tries again to speak to Nikolas but he won't look at her so she says goodbye and hurries off. He thanks Robin.

Alan asks why would he break in and plays stupid when they asked how he could not have seen the broken glass. Alan's releaved when they end their questions. Taggert calls him a junkie and Garcia is surprised by his accusation. He can't see it and thinks Taggert is so tanked on getting Jason he'll even go after his daddy. He won't be a part of that.

The family disperses and AJ goes over to Alexis. Ned walks by and just looks at her in disgust. She tells AJ she is going to prove Ned wrong.

Nikolas tells Robin he hurt her but Robin believes things will go back to normal for him and Sarah. She still cares for him and who could blame her. Sarah watches the two and then leaves, still upset.

Tess tells Mac he's out of the doghouse and him and Felicia can get married. Mac asks what's going to happen now but she won't give him the information he wants. Mac tells Felicia things are going to be moving faster. V. comes up with the number.

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

In an effort to spite Ned, AJ convinced the ELQ board to accept Alexis as its head legal counsel to replace Justus. Ned hotly protested the appointment, but it became apparent that Ned's "animosity" towards Alexis was a scam when Ned secretly celebrated Alexis's appointment with her. Standing by Jason, Justus was a thorn in Edward's side. Alan and Monica realized how committed Jason was to the mob. Jason butted heads with the board about the dock project and pondered what price Jax would exact from him for the warning about Sam. Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia held their mock engagement party and were surprised by the high level of warmth, enthusiasm and approval that their friends gave them on their impending marriage. This lead them both to feel guilty and they agreed to break up as soon as Tess's scheme was foiled. V gave Mac and Felicia more detailed information on her trace of Tess's call and Mac initially believed that Jason was Tess's target. However, after talking with Tess, Mac soon concluded that Tess had another target in mind. At the party, Tony told Bobbie and Luke that he was leaving town and Luke wondered if Tony was in the right state of mind. Liz was relieved that she did not test positive for HIV or any other diseases and Lucky took her out to distract her from her trauma. Lucky wound up telling Liz that his mother had been raped as well and how Liz's experience made it easier for him to understand what his mother had gone through.

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Lucky calls Liz and asks her if she would like to go to a movie, but she tells him no that she doesn't feel like being a dark theater. When Lucky wants to bring over a movie for them to watch she agrees. As Liz is hanging up the phone, Audrey asks her if she thinks it is such a good idea to have company since she obviously looks so tired. Liz explains to Audrey that all she sees when she closes her eyes is that night so she would rather stay awake. Audrey tells her she needs to rest and to try some tea and think positive thoughts. Liz turns to Audrey and tells her that she doesn't need to think positive thoughts that she was raped. Liz starts to explain her feelings about the rape, but Audrey isn't any comfort. Lucky arrives and Audrey leaves to run some errands.

Carly interrupts Jason while he is working and tells him about Michael smiling at her. She tells him she realizes she made him smile. Tony arrives as Carly and Jason talk about how good a mother she is. He brings Carly some letters she had hidden in the apartment that were from Virginia. Tony then tells Carly he is leaving town. He also tells her he would have thrown the letters out but he figured that if she went so far as to hide them from him, they must be important to her. Tony leaves after telling Carly what a horrible mother she is and Carly starts to read the letters. Jason comes up and tells her not to believe Tony. Carly says she doesn't that the birth of Michael has given her a new perspective on life. She tells Jason she isn't afraid anymore and all she can see is a bright future ahead for her and Michael.

Monica visits Bobbie and they discuss Mac and Felicia's engagement party. Bobbie tells Monica about Tony leaving town and Lucas overhears them. Bobbie sits Lucas down and explains to him how things will be when Tony leaves. Lucas is surprisingly okay with Tony leaving. Monica prepares to leave and Tony arrives. Tony tells Bobbie he has to leave town to break the destructive cycle he has been in since BJ died. Tony then talks to Lucas about why he is leaving and tells him he is moving to San Francisco.

Liz falls asleep during the movie she and Lucky are watching. She starts to dream about the attack. When Lucky tries to awaken her, she starts to fight with him saying, "get way from me!", thinking he is her attacker. Liz finally wakes up and she tells Lucky about her dream. She gets upset and tells Lucky it is her fault because she didn't fight back hard enough and she is so ashamed of herself. Lucky tells her it isn't her fault and he knows her enough to know she probably put up a good fight. Liz then notices the scratch she left on Lucky's face during the scuffle. Lucky tells her it is okay that he has had worse from shaving. Liz tells Lucky she misses her mother and how her mother would always stay with her after a bad dream until she fell asleep. Lucky offers to stay with Liz until she falls asleep, but then says he shouldn't press her because she has Audrey and Sarah to comfort her and Liz tells him about Audrey's lack of concern.

Robin visits Nikolas who is sitting on a bench on the property. Robin notices he has a letter in his hand and asks him to read it to her. Nikolas refuses telling her the letter is from Laura. Robin finally convinces Nikolas to open it and it contains a picture of Lesley Lu. Robin then offers to read the letter to him telling him he may not be as angry hearing it if it came from her voice instead of him thinking it is Laura. Nikolas agrees and when she is finished, Robin tries to console Nikolas who is still angry with Laura. Robin tells him how she was angry with her parents for leaving her, but she realized they were only protecting her and she couldn't stay mad at them; it was only hurting herself. Nikolas tells Robin he doesn't hate Laura, he has tried, but he doesn't. They talk some more and then Nikolas realizes the whole discussion they have had came out easily. Nikolas is so grateful and he tells Robin it is because of her and would never have happened without her.

Upstairs, Liz gets into bed and Lucky pulls up a chair beside her. He tells her about his sister, Lesley Lu. As she is starting to fall asleep, Lucky wishes Liz dreams of gold and gets up to leave. Unnoticed by either one, Audrey looks around the corner at them both. She leaves as Lucky gets up to leave.

Friday, March 6, 1998

At breakfast, Lucky tells Luke he called Laura. Luke then notices the cut on Lucky's face left by Liz. Lucky tells Luke about what happened with Liz yesterday while they were watching the movie and says this is the reason for his calling Laura. He tells Luke that Liz can't get over the attack and the way she feels must have been the way Laura felt when she was raped by Stavros. He tells Luke he called Laura to see how she got through the ordeal and by knowing how Laura did, he could help Liz. Unfortunately, they never got to talk about what happened to Laura, because she started telling Lucky about Lulu. Luke tells Lucky that it was a good thing he didn't press the issue with Laura.

Nikolas joins Katherine and Stefan for breakfast and stuns them by being able to speak. Nikolas tells them it is all due to Robin's help. Katherine is curious as to what Robin did, and Nikolas tells her how Robin read to him. Nikolas then apologizes for being so nasty to the both of them and says he is going to burn all of his notepads and go see Sarah who he has been mean to also. Nikolas leaves and Katherine and Stefan rejoice over Nikolas' acheivement. Katherine asks him if he would like to thank Robin for all of her help, but Stefan takes the credit saying he knew all along Nikolas would heal himself and Robin was just a distraction.

Robin talks to Brenda about Nikolas' recovery and Brenda tells her about visiting him in the hospital. Brenda then changes the subject and tells Robin she is going to get Jax back whether he likes it or not. As they are talking, a package arrives for Brenda containing a genie costume and a contract for another six months. Brenda takes this as a sign that she is correct in pursuing Jax because she needs the money to properly "wine and dine" him.

Carly and Jason talk about Michael at the penthouse. Carly decides she wants to redecorate the penthouse and tells Jason she is going to have a decorator over. Michael's nanny has the day off so Jason offers to take Michael for the day, but Carly tells him she can handle it and she needs to starts acting like his mother. She tells Jason she is thankful and that he is the reason she has love for her child. Jason tells her he has a meeting at the docks and Carly asks if he wants to have lunch at the Port Charles Grill. Jason accepts her invitation and tells Carly to promise to call him if she needs anything before they meet. Jason then leaves for his meeting.

Lucky asks Luke if he was wrong in wanting to ask Laura about her rape. Luke tells him that he needs to wait until he is face-to-face with her instead of trying to talk to her over the phone. Lucky tells Luke that his opinion of Laura changed when this happened to Liz. He tells Luke he used to think that Laura didn't do enough to prevent her attack. Lucky remembers Laura telling him she had no choice because her life was on the line and he feels now that her death would have been better than the alternative. Luke tries to make Lucky feel better and tells him that Lucky is a blessing and a living symbol of his and Laura's love.

Brenda writes up a budget for herself, but she doesn't include very much money for food. Instead, she decides she will eat with Jax. After some more figuring, she decides she has enough money to go after Jax. Robin questions her spending so much money on Jax when he already has so much, but Brenda tells her Jax is worth it and she will get him back. Brenda then asks Robin if she thinks she is crazy and Robin tells her no that she knows who she loves. Brenda goes upstairs to try-on her genie outfit and Robin makes a call to Jason. At the penthouse, Carly is holding Michael, telling him what a great friend Jason is. Carly hears the phone ring, but doesn't pick it up because it is Jason's phone. Robin gets the answering machine and leaves a message for Jason telling him she needs to tell him something about someone he knows, but doesn't want to leave a message. Carly hears Robin's voice on the machine and almost drops Michael trying to disconnect it so Jason won't get Robin's message.

Back at the Spencers, Lucky asks Luke how he got over his anger over Laura's rape. He tells Luke he wants to avenge Liz, but he doesn't know how because the rapist is a coward and won't show his face. Lucky is also upset because the rapist could be anyone and at least Laura's rapist is dead. Luke tells Lucky that what is done is done and pain is a teacher. You may not like what happens, but you learn from it. Luke also tells Lucky that only time will help the situation. Luke leaves and then Lucky tells Foster to stay there that he has an errand to run.

Jason meets Justus at the docks and they discuss the water front project. Jason tells Justus that the dock will be renovated as he wants because he has someone working for him in the architect's office. Taggert shows up as they are talking and begins to harass Jason about Alan. Jason tells Taggert he doesn't care about Alan and as they are arguing, Taggert gets a phone call from Dara who has been watching him. Dara tells Taggert to lay off and Justus and Taggert start to go at it. Dara threatens Taggert and makes him leave. Luke arrives and talks to Jason about the docks.

Lucky goes to the park and sees Nikolas. Nikolas tells Lucky he received a letter from Laura, but Lucky doesn't want to hear Nikolas mention Laura's name. When Nikolas asks him what is wrong with him, Lucky tells him it has to do with what Nikolas' father did to their mother. Lucky tells Nikolas his father forced Laura to the island and to have sex and Nikolas punches Lucky telling him to get his facts straight that Luke raped their mother, not his father.

Stefan visits Robin and tells her he is thankful for her help with Nikolas, but her help is no longer needed and she won't be seeing Nikolas anymore. Robin doesn't agree. Stefan then tries to pay Robin off, but Robin refuses his check and tells Stefan she and Nikolas are friends and will stay that way.

Carly arrives at the Grill early and she and Michael wait for Jason. A call comes from someone who says they are Edward Quartermaine. Carly leaves Michael alone out of her sight while she goes to the front desk to get the call. She has been put on hold, so she waits while discussing with a hotel employee about how she has to have the same wallpaper they have in her home. Carly finally decided she needs to get back to Michael, but when she returns, she sees Michael is missing.

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