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Max suspected a connection between R.J. and Claude. Todd apologized for interrupting Ian's memorial service. Téa and Andrew kissed, and River saw them. Barbara apologized to Todd for accusing him of rape. Todd admitted his feelings for Téa.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, March 2, 1998

Rachel and R.J. are in his office working, but Rachel is still furious with her mother and can hardly concentrate. They are interrupted by a messenger. When R.J. reads the message, he leaves immediately, he has something to take care of. After R.J. leaves, Max and Blair sneak into his office to try to find some evidence he was involved in the twin's kidnapping. Max finds the message in the desk, which is signed only with the letter C, and the two of them quickly leave. R.J. meets with Claude Charbonneau, who is back from his trip to Canada. He has no more information on the twins whereabouts, but R.J. insists that he keep on trying. Bring me some proof that the kids are alive, he orders Claude. Max and Blair arrive to hear the very end of the conversation, that Claude is heading back to Canada. Bo is right, Max tells Blair, there is a connection between R.J. and Charbonneau and Max is determined to make R.J. pay.

Nora visits Bo at the police station, where he is waiting to give a press conference about the rape. He asks how it went with Rachel and Nora tells him not well. Bo feels badly, but Nora insists she's not doing it for him, she's doing it for "us". She decides to go back and see Rachel and take another try at it. When she arrives at Club Indigo, Georgie is there, which doesn't help matters. Georgie scurries away, leaving her purse behind. Nora once again tries to explain that her quitting has nothing to do with Rachel working for R.J. or control, Nora's trying to do what's best for her marriage. Rachel doesn't believe her any more this time than she did the last. The argument is interrupted when Georgie returns to pick up her purse. Nora leaves. Georgie pretends to be hesitant, she shouldn't say anything, but she's convinced that Bo *made* Nora quit. Nora goes back to see Bo and tells him things are worse than before with Rachel. Nora is worried that Rachel and Georgie are becoming friends. Bo tells Nora the press conference was canceled, apparently thanks to Congressman Graham, who doesn't want to see good things about the police department. Despite the fact that Bo caught his daughter's rapist, Graham still wants Bo gone from the police commissioner's job.

At the memorial service, Todd rants about Andrew breaking the sixth Commandment and committing adultery with his wife. Andrew says nothing in reply. Even Viki can't stop Todd's rampage, River is the one that does that, asking why that man is yelling at his father. Todd shuts up and goes outside with Viki. Viki asks him why he does things like this. Todd lists his recent problems, being jailed for a crime he didn't commit, Téa, Briggs and Judith all leaving him, worrying about Blair taking Starr from him. Viki wasn't sympathetic, Todd has brought all these problems upon himself. Téa and Andrew then came out of the church and started yelling at Todd. To everyone's surprise (including mine), Todd fell to his knees and begged for their forgiveness. With everything that has happened lately, he snapped and he is very sorry it happened, he tells them, practically with tears in his eyes. His outburst was a cry for help, he insists, then quickly leaves. Téa doesn't believe Todd at all, but Andrew is torn, it's his job to help souls in need and he's uncertain if Todd was really calling out for help. After Viki leaves, Andrew and Téa talk for awhile, Téa thinks that they should be very discreet. Andrew kisses Téa's hands and they walk off together. Todd appears from behind the bushes, where he has been lurking. "Cry for help? Ha!", Todd says coldly as he watches them leave.

Back at the Cramer house after the ceremony, Kelly is still having a hard time believing Ian is gone. The doorbell rings and Dorian goes to answer it. It's Mel. Dorian thought she told him she doesn't want to see him. Then turn your back and don't look, he didn't come to see her, he came to see Kelly, Mel says. Mel sits and talks with Kelly for awhile. She invites him to come to the funeral in New Orleans with herself and Dorian, but Mel refuses, he doesn't think he's welcome. When Mel leaves, he walks right past Dorian without saying goodbye. Later, Cassie tries to explain to River why Todd was yelling at Andrew. River is worried that Todd might hurt Andrew, but Cassie assures him that that will not happen, Todd was just upset that Téa doesn't love him anymore. Like she and Andrew don't love each other anymore, River asks. Cassie still thinks Andrew is a wonderful man, she tells River, and she and Andrew will always love him, no matter what happens.

Tuesday, March 3, 1998

Dorian's Bedroom:

Dorian awakens from sleep to the sound of Mel's voice. She sees Mel standing at the foot of her bed, begging forgiveness. "You are the reason I wake up in the morning, you're who I write for, you're how I stay sober." Dorian tells him that he is still in her heart and reaches out to him. Just then, the vision of Mel turns into an image of Sonya telling Dorian that she is a wicked child and Dorian wakes up for real. Cassie pays her mother a visit and Dorian tells her that she will be leaving town for a little while to clear her head. Cassie tells Dorian to face up to her feelings for Mel. Later, Dorian has another vision of Mel and her mother and screams. Cassie rushes into the room and tells Dorian to face up to her feelings for Mel. Cassie says that what has happened to Ian and Kevin has made her realize that life and love are precious and Dorian should reach for it while she can. At Cassie's urging, Dorian calls Mel at the Banner and arranges to meet him there immediately.

Llanview Hospital:

Mel and Joey are giving Kevin books on tape when Viki and Clint arrive for a visit. Kevin informs them that he has scored an interview with Barbara Graham. Joey steps out into the hallway and bumps into Kelly. Joey tries to connect with Kelly, who is obviously uncomfortable with his efforts. When Mel appears, Kelly desperately jumps at the opportunity to get away from Joey and goes in to to visit Kevin. Clint, Viki, Kelly and Kevin are discussing his interview with the "rape victim" when Barbara informs them of who she is. Viki thanks Barbara for telling the truth about Todd, who says that it is all a part of her healing process and maybe it helped Kevin with his healing process. Kelly apologizes for everything that happened in Canton and Joey tells her not to blame herself. Joey's attention makes Kelly so uncomfortable that she leaves. Kevin takes that opportunity to tell Joey to let go, his relationship with Kelly "is over." Joey is angry that Kevin would bring that up in front of Barbara, who leaves, saying that she needs to take the next step in the healing process. Joey rips into Kevin, but Kevin states once again that Joey has got to let go of Kelly.

The Banner:

Téa is desperate to see Viki, who is at the hospital. When the receptionist asks her name, Téa replies "Mrs. Mann-er, uh Delgado, Téa Delgado....There is no Mrs. Manning." Téa jumps on Viki as soon as she appears the Banner. Téa is desperate to free herself from Todd and she wants Viki's advice on how to do that. Viki advises Téa to ease up on the divorce and give Todd a chance to absorb it all. She also advises Téa to put her "new relationship" with Andrew on hold. "How dare you?!!" screams Téa. (Thanks for the gratitude, Senora Manning.) She is incensed the Viki believes that she and Andrew are having an affair. Téa asked for her advice and I gave it, says Viki. Téa is terrified that if she doesn't act quickly, she will lose herself in all of this. In the press room, Mel is excited that Dorian has contacted him and has his hopes high. Cassie tells Mel that Dorian left right behind her and should be there any minute. When Dorian appears, she proceeds to dump several shopping bags full of his possessions on his desk, in front of his co-workers, including Clint, Viki and Cassie.

Todd's office at the Sun:

Todd rips up Briggs letter of resignation and informs him that because of his contract, if Briggs tries to leave Todd will ruin him. Briggs says that he will find some way to free himself of Todd. As Todd screams at Charlie that he will "see what happens to people who walk out on Todd Manning," Andrew appears in the doorway. Todd slips back into his nice guy act and tells Andrew that this is just a game he and Briggs play. Andrew tells Todd that he doesn't believe that Todd is truly sorry for what he did at Ian's memorial service. Briggs interrupts Todd and Andrew and Todd pretends to reconsider Briggs's resignation after he's finished his business with Andrew. Briggs is really excited that Todd seems reasonable (poor Briggs!) After Briggs leaves, Todd asks the reverend if he believes in atonement. Andrew says that he does, but needs to see more from Todd and leaves. After Andrew leaves and Todd no longer needs to look like the nice guy, Briggs returns to discuss his contract and Todd throws him out. Someone else then shows up at Todd's office...Barbara Graham and she wants to talk.

The Rectory:

Téa arrives in a state of rage. Why are they bothering to be discreet?! Everyone thinks they are having an affair anyway, she yells. After Téa releases her anger, she and Andrew kiss passionately.

Wednesday, March 4, 1998

St. James Rectory- Andrew, Téa and Renee

Despite all their good intentions, Téa and Andrew give in to their basic instincts and begin to kiss passionately and they allow themselves to be taken over by their urge to merge. The fire is roaring and things are heating up when Andrew asks Téa if she is alright. She tells him she wants this and he replies that he wants it more than she can realize. If she has any doubts, he wants to know. She has no doubts. His shirt is off and her clothes are disarrayed, with her blouse out of place, jacket off and shoes not on when Renee calls through the closed door. They hurriedly dress and Andrew goes to the door and tells Renee that he and Téa are just finishing up. Renee asks if he is counseling Mrs. Manning on the break up of her marriage. The situation is plainly awkward and Ms. Divine, having served as a Madame in one of the finest "Houses" in Nevada, is not to be fooled. She explains that when she advised him to be careful, it was not her way of saying to act upon it. Todd has put him in the cross hairs of a flashlight. He nearly lost his job over Cassie's sudden departure from the rectory and into the arms of Kevin before an official divorce, she reminds him. Téa cuts into the conversation to say that Andrew is an honorable man. Renee knows that but...Andrew asks Renee to direct her concerns to him not Téa. Renee replies that she thinks she has. She hands him the tally of last month's pledges and says she will do what ever she can. Andrew believes her.

After she leaves, Téa worries about the trouble she has caused him. He doesn't want to talk about it, but she reminds him that she is just coming out of a relationship where she was shut out. He admits that the vestry and powers that be would frown upon their relationship and he could be thrown out as pastor of his congregation. Téa thought because her marriage to Todd was not real, it would not be considered adultery. Andrew says that ministers are supposed to steer away from gray areas. Now Téa can see the wisdom of Renee's cautioning them. Andrew says that Renee is on their side. But what about the rest of the vestry, Téa asks. Andrew admits that if worse comes to worse and he was asked to leave, he could after a time perhaps find a new parish. She begs him to steer clear of her until the divorce. Andrew says he is unable to do that. So Téa realizes she must get Todd to sign divorce papers as soon as possible. She will go to The Sun immediately. He wants to go with her, but she says that is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. She must handle Todd alone.

The Sun-Barbara Graham, Todd, Téa

Barbara has come to apologize to Todd and he is frankly surprised. She tells him that when Commissioner Buchanan questioned her, she was in pain and scared and needed to put a face on her nightmare. She just wanted her attacker locked up so that she could regain control. Then she remember Todd from earlier that day. He had humiliated her, yes, but the man in the ski mask didn't see her as a person. He looked at her as a thing he could use like a piece of meat. She couldn't breath or move. He was bigger and stronger and she was powerless. He really got a charge out of her helplessness. She tried to fight, but it was useless. She can remember his breath- the smell of coffee and cigarettes. Barbara pauses as a light goes off over her head. "Wait, you don't smoke!", she says. She bemoans the fact that if she had just said that, this could all have been avoided. He would not have had to go to jail. Todd replies that he earned the right to be one of the usual suspects and that most of Llanview wants him in jail except for her. Barbara is really sorry because she was angry at him and when someone is angry they should be twice as sure. She admits she wanted him to be guilty. Todd admires her for the fact she doesn't pull any punches. She attributes it to an adverse reaction to the dirty dishonest world of politics her Congressman father inhabits. Todd thanks her for her honesty and then says enough of this sweetness and light and asks if there is a place that helps women who...(have been raped). He goes to his desk and pulls out his checkbook. It is a generous amount. He tells her to give it to whoever she thinks it should go to. Today he is a misanthrope philanthropist. She suggest he give the check to Andrew and Todd thinks that is a brilliant idea.

After Barbara leaves, Téa arrives ready to do battle. She tells Todd she wants what she is entitled to. She wants her divorce and she wants it now. Todd takes a sip of coffee and refuses to respond to her demand. She asks that he ends the marriage in the civilized fashion in which they began it. Todd replies, "no can do". Téa can't figure why he would refuse. His attitude to her is at best subdued contempt. He agrees, but says that compares favorably with his attitude toward everyone else. "For months I tried to create an opportunity for something real to happen between us, but you put up wall after wall between us. You made it clear that nothing could ever happen. You threw me out", she reminds him. "Naked, snowstorm, I remember", he replies. Téa is still puzzled as to the motive behind his behavior. Was he hanging onto her the way he held onto poor Briggs. He likes to own people. Or is just because he has come to rely on her to run interference between him and Blair, because she is not going to do that anymore, whether he signs the divorce papers or not. She is not going back. He killed all her feelings. He won. Is that what his game was, to hold power over her? Todd tells her she is complicating things. He wants her to stay because he wants her to stay. He does not want her to go anywhere. Then he says the words she has waited for. "I love you Téa" but her reaction is not what it would have been just a few weeks ago. She is shocked and angry. NO, NO, YOU DON'T, she shrieks. Todd goes back to the recognizable Todd and says that he just said that cause he thought that is what she wanted to hear. Téa replies not now and not like this. "Like how", Todd questions. She tells him it is not going to work. He will not change her mind like this. "You go to hell, Todd Manning", she yells as she storms out the door.

Todd shuffles through his rolodex. He is visibly upset and needy. He makes a call and tells the party on the other end that "This is Todd Manning...yeah, it has...I really need you".

Llanview Hospital-Kevin, Joey and Barbara

Barbara is attending to Kevin and he shows her the article and asks if she wants any changes. She replies that he has a way with words, clear and concise, very honest. He tells so is his subject. He admires her courage. Barbara admits she is not the same person as before the rape and she cannot pretend to be or she will never like herself. Rape robbed her of her true self. Kevin replies that sounds like courage to him. Joey comes in and asks Barbara how she is doing. She just says fine and leaves the room. Kevin smiles and says in his best big brother fashion, "Before we go there, have you seen Cassie, Today?"

Meanwhile, at ...

The Banner-Viki, Mel, Dorian, Cassie, Clint and the city room staff

Dorian is putting on a floor show, trying her darndest to push Mel away forever. She wants her old life back, her life before him. She is rededicating herself to her girls. Mel begs her to take the show somewhere else. But Dorian accuses him of exposing peoples' lives. The whole staff is a bunch of voyeurs. This is the perfect place for a discussion. She is certain that he will use her life as an impetus to write the book he has never started. Mel tries to say that now she knows the truth, life will be better. Dorian replies that this is not like a cold, you don't feel better after killing your mother. And all the other casualties, Mrs. Stonecliff, Ian, not to mention Kevin's injury, Cassie almost killed and Kelly who will never get over Ian's death. Mel orchestrated this from beginning to end. He should be proud. Mel will not be guilty for feeling concerned about her. Dorian replies his interest is in moving on to more important things like enabling him. Now thanks to him everyone knows about her mad family. Well, now she will tell the staff how she met him at a bar, a drunk who was insulting a Senator and fell off his stool on the floor. Viki wants to stop this now, but Clint who is standing with her and Cassie says "She has bloodied his nose. Give him a chance to get in a few licks". But all Mel wants is her to see things through with him. He tells her she is shutting out the world and asks her to have courage. She asks him what he would know of courage. He says he knows plenty from looking at her. She replies that his kind of help cost three lives. He wants her to deal with this. She adamantly replies that this is the last time he will tell her what to do and stomps away. Mel looks around and tells his colleagues that the show is over. Cassie immediately goes after her mother, but not before telling Mel to hang in there. Clint calls his workers back to their jobs and Viki asks Mel to her office for a one to one.

Viki worries about Mel. Despite her feelings for Dorian, which are not positive, she doesn't think Dorian really wants to end things with him. He replies that he misses Dorian more than ever. He doesn't just want her, he needs her because the numbness is coming back. Soon he will lose the passion for the work and when that goes, it will all just be posturing. He will become a recluse and check into Hotel Oblivion. He will be just another lush at the hotel cocktail lounge. He knows that everything Viki tells him is true, but she makes him feel alive and he needs that now. Viki advises him to work things out with Dorian right now, quickly, before Viki changes her mind.

Dorian's- Cassie, Dorian and Mel

Dorian just wants to be alone to pack it up and get out of town and be free of Mel. Cassie says it is obvious she is angry and desperate. But Mel has been dead on right about a lot of things. Dorian replies that Cassie is never on her side. Cassie is not about to take the bait. Things are different now than they ever were before, but her mother should remember that the one thing that did not escape from Pandora's box was hope. "Spare me the violin", Dorian says. Cassie tells her that things went horribly wrong and they are all suffering the consequences, but Dorian loves and needs Mel. And if she spent half the energy she is spending getting rid of him on keeping him, she would find that they have a decent relationship. Dorian is certain that she was a mere diversion to Mel. Cassie agrees that Mel may have been avoiding his own problems, but they got under each other's skins and worked hard to get through to each other. Dorian can't throw that away. "Watch Me". Cassie says she will be throwing away her future. Dorian differs and replies that Mel has become the ringmaster of my pain. Cassie reminds her that her pain came from Mrs. Stonecliff and her mother. She shouldn't punish Mel and she shouldn't punish Mel for what she had to do in Canton to save Cassie. Dorian just wants to be left alone.

Mel shows up and tells her to get up because he cannot talk to a woman who is posing like Rita Hayworth on the bed. Dorian comments that she has too many clothes on to be Rita. Mel can still see the outline (of her body). She wants to be left in peace. He refuses and she threatens to call the police. He says go ahead, but he will say something. Dorian replies that she said all she had to say at the Banner. Mel pins her against the wall and says, she does not know how wrong she is.

The Rectory- Andrew, Cassie, Todd

Cassie comes to Andrew to speak about her mother. She is about to sit by the fire, close to where just a little while earlier Andrew and Téa almost made love. He guides her over to the window, where the sun is coming throw the curtains. Cassie tells him that her mother is in the dark night of her soul. She wants to forget Canton and go back to the way it was, so Mel has to go. Andrew replies that is too bad because Mel was good for Dorian. Cassie replies her mother was happy and now she is throwing it away. Andrew advises his ex wife that she has a full plate. She can support her mother, but she does have work and Kevin and River to deal with. Cassie says she is still so furious that Todd made accusations in front of their son. Andrew assures her that no one listens to Todd. Cassie replies that he puts ideas in people's heads, even River's. She wants to know if River has mentioned the service again. Andrew says she did a fine job explaining, but River did mention it and he was able to reassure him. Cassie remarks that Andrew should not have to explain himself to River because of wild accusation, but something in Andrew's demeanor causes her to ask if he and Téa are having an affair. Andrew replies that Todd was full of hot air and he told him so after the service. Cassie hopes the vestry is relieved because they can cause a lot of trouble. The sun is coming through the curtain and Cassie says it is a beautiful day and Andrew agrees.

After Cassie leaves, Todd shows up at Andrew's office and asks if he is alone. Todd takes one slow giant step and breaths a mock sigh of relief that he made it over the threshold without being struck by lightning. Andrew curtly asks what Todd wants. Todd comments sarcastically that the reverend is oh so friendly, he guesses his bedside manner is only for the bed side. Then he holds out his hand and says he has something for Andrew. It is the check he was going to give Barbara. Andrew wants to know what is his game. Funny, Todd replies, he is the second person to say that today (Téa was the first). Andrew asks what the check is for. Todd says that is because he does things for women. Well, Andrew knows what he means. So, Andrew tries to follow, this is for the Women's Center in Barbara Graham's name. Yes, well Todd says he did not expect a brass band. Andrew replies that's good. Todd tells him that he accepts that Andrew and Téa aren't involved. He jumped the gun and he apologizes, but he thought Andrew was boffing his wife right under his nose. Andrew couldn't imagine how he felt about that. But wait, that's right, he would know about that. "Makes you want to take a long, hard look at yourself, huh, Reverend", Todd gloats.

Thursday, March 5, 1998

Mel pleaded with Dorian not to leave by telling her how much he loved her and needed her. Mel was afraid that if Dorian went with Kelly and Blair to New Orleans, it would be the end of their relationship. Dorian almost gave in, but constant visions of Sonya whenever Mel was around forced her to send Mel away. Kelly and Blair were concerned about Dorian's frazzled state and amidst a frenzy, they all left on their trip. River walked in on Andrew and Téa kissing and Téa left. Andrew tried to talk to River about what he had seen, but River only wanted Cassie. In the car, River tried to tell Cassie that he was upset because he left his game behind and Cassie said she would take him back to get it. Cassie and River's unexpected return interrupted another close moment between Andrew and Téa. Viki and Renee met to discuss Andrew and Téa's situation. Viki thought that there was nothing happening between them, but Renee disagreed. Viki tried to convince the Bishop that the relationship between Andrew and Téa was a figment of Todd's imagination. The Bishop hoped that to be true, but wasn't convinced. Todd met with an old friend, Sam Rappaport. Viki recognized him as a layer from Chicago and wondered why he was with Todd. Todd asked Sam for help in getting Téa back and Sam was shocked to learn that Todd paid her to marry him. Sam wasn't sure if he could help Todd, but Todd tried to appeal to him as a friend. Sam saw how interested Todd was in the conversation that Viki and Renee were having with the Bishop and realized that Todd really did love Téa.

Friday, March 6, 1998

Kevin, Barbara, Cassie and River

Kevin is struggling to type, one key at a time, when he knocks all of his papers to the floor. Barbara comes in and picks them up, scolding him for not taking more morphine when he's in such obvious pain. Kevin tell her he doesn't like to take the medication, it makes him feel weird. He can't even remember what he just wrote. Barbara offers to help him out and starts reading the story back to him.

When Barbara stops reading, Kevin is asleep. She wipes off Kevin's forehead with a damp cloth while Cassie watches from the doorway. Cassie goes over to Kevin and says hello, he's barely awake, but manages to thank River, who gives Kevin his video game. Barbara takes River to the play area while Cassie stays with Kevin. He can immediately tell something is wrong. She claims that she's upset about Dorian yelling at Mel, but Kevin can tell there's something else bothering her.

What could I possibly be hiding from you, Cassie asks, trying to avoid the question. She then tells Kevin that it's about Andrew...and Téa...they're lovers. But when Cassie told him about the scene at Ian's memorial service, she said it was all paranoia, Kevin reminds her. But River saw Andrew kiss Téa tonight, Cassie says, and Téa was over at the rectory "borrowing books". Cassie can understand why Andrew and Téa have been trying to keep things secret, she and Kevin did the same thing for River's sake. Then why are you so upset by what's going on between Andrew and Téa, Kevin asks, getting a little bit upset himself.

Cassie agrees that she is obsessing about it too much, but it's not about Andrew and Téa, it's about how all of this will affect River. River is already starting to brood and what if it gets worse. Andrew might get transferred to another parish and she wouldn't get to see River every day. Kevin tells her to hold on and relax, Andrew won't do anything that would hurt River. Kevin's wondering if it's really River that Cassie is so upset about. Barbara enters the room, ending their conversation. River's been asking to see Cassie, she says. Cassie kisses Kevin goodbye and leaves. Kevin asks Barbara to get rid of the morphine drip. He can't do anything to help Cassie when he's "half wacked out on morphine" and right now, Cassie needs his help. Kevin convinces Barbara to turn off the morphine drip.

Mel and Zach

Mel is at the Banner sitting in the dark, typing on his computer. Zach walks by and calls Mel's name, but there's no response from Mel at all, he just keeps on typing. Zach walks over and peers curiously at what Mel's typing and says Mel's name again, but again Mel doesn't respond, it's almost like he's catatonic, but he's still typing.

We now see what Mel's typing - All work and no play makes Mel a dull Boy. Over and over again. He does talk to Zach now, who asks if there's anything Mel wants to talk about. Mel doesn't feel like sharing today, he tells Zach. After Zach walks away, Mel does stop typing and makes a phone call to Dorothy. He has to leave a message, he remembers that Dorothy is in California with her brother Roger, who has a broken leg. Just ignore this message, he tells her.

Mel is sitting at his desk, just staring at his computer. He tries to call Roger, but no one's there and he leaves a message. He then tries to call Frank, but gets an answering machine there too. Three kids and three answering machines, Mel grumbles to himself. He eyes his desk drawer, then opens it, pulls out a bottle of liquor, grabs his coat and leaves.

Viki, the Bishop, Renee, Todd and Sam

Viki reassures the Bishop once again that there has been no impropriety between Andrew and Téa. What happened at the church had little to do with Andrew and a lot to do with her brother's problems, she adds. It's a result of Todd's upcoming divorce and his paranoia and vindictiveness. A note is brought over to Viki. There's an emergency at the Banner and she needs to call right away. Renee offers to take her to use the phone in her office. Renee doesn't want to be alone with the bishop for fear she'll say something to get Andrew in trouble. She admires Viki's confidence in Andrew, but Renee is convinced there is some sort of affair going on between Andrew and Téa.

"Are you in love with your wife?", Sam asks again. Todd refuses to answer, it doesn't matter how he feels. Todd is convinced that Téa is sleeping with Andrew and thinks that that fact might be of interest to the bishop over there. Sam tells Todd that if he's going to represent him, Todd can't keep going off half cocked. Thinking is not Todd's strong point, leave the thinking to me, Sam insists. Todd replies that he doesn't take orders from anyone. You will from me or I'm out that door, Sam says. Todd complains that Sam still sounds like a coach. But now I own the team, Todd tells him, it doesn't matter if I play well with others. Todd finally agrees to let Sam call the shots and hires him. Sam heads off to call the Chicago office to tell them he'll be staying in Llanview for awhile.

Todd takes the opportunity of Sam, Viki and Renee being gone to approach the Bishop. He sits down and tells the Bishop he needs to speak with him about Andrew. No one knowing Todd at all would believe it for a second, but Todd tells the Bishop how sorry he is for his outburst and how he would *hate* to think that Andrew would get into any trouble because of it. The whole scene was caused by his paranoia and he's so sorry for it. It was just that Téa and Andrew were together *all* the time, that Todd thought the worst. "But if they swear that they're not involved then I have to believe them no matter what I think. You know, have faith.", Todd says, having firmly planted a seed of doubt in the Bishop's mind about Andrew while pretending to defend him. Viki rushes back to the table when she notices Todd there, but it's too late. The Bishop excuses himself, he's going to pay Andrew a visit. Todd goes back to join Sam, leaving Viki worrying about what he said to the Bishop. Todd is thrilled with himself, but Sam is annoyed that Todd ignored his order not to speak to the Bishop. I'm leaving, Sam tells him and walks out.

Cassie, Andrew, Téa, Bishop McBain and River

When Cassie and River return to the rectory to pick up his video game, they find Téa there. "I thought you went away, how come you came back?", River asks rather rudely. Téa makes up some lame excuse that she came over to borrow some books from Andrew and heads up the stairs to get them. Andrew goes to the kitchen to get the video game. Cassie tries again to get River to tell her what's bothering him, but he says nothing. Andrew brings back the video game and Cassie has to practically force River to say thank you to his father. They are about to leave when River turns around and asks "Daddy, why did you kiss Téa?"

Cassie leaves Andrew to answer the question. I kissed Téa because she's a friend, he says. Do you kiss all your friends, River asks, not letting Andrew off the hook. She's a good friend, Andrew replies. Téa comes down the stairs with the books. Cassie takes a look at the titles and finds it strange Téa would be interested in them. "I'm just tryng to broaden my horizons", Téa claims. "Looks like you already have", Cassie replies jealously. Cassie and River leave.

Andrew isn't upset about Cassie learning about them, but he is upset about River. Téa suggests that maybe they just shouldn't see each other at all, Téa doesn't want River to suffer. She was so worried about Starr being hurt by her unconventional marriage to Todd and here she is, hurting River. Andrew gives her a hug and reassures her that River will be fine. "When he sees how much I love you, and when he feels that love, he'll understand", Andrew insists. Andrew hates the secrecy, he wants to run through the streets telling everyone how much he loves Téa Delgado. Téa decides the only thing she can do is get a divorce from Todd as quickly as possible.

Téa is putting on her coat to leave. Andrew doesn't want her to go, he tells her he's beautiful and hugs and kisses her. The doorbell rings and Andrew opens the door (Téa is standing to the side, out of view), it's the Bishop. The Bishop says he just had a discussion with Todd Manning and would like to speak to Andrew about it. Andrew invites him in and introduces him to Téa. Téa picks up her books and quickly leaves. Before they get started discussing anything, Andrew wants to make two things clear. One, Todd is a complex man and two, he's even more tormented than he is complicated. The Bishop tells Andrew that Todd told him about the troubles that he's been having and how his accusations might be the result of a fevered imagination. Andrew is surprised. And Viki Carpenter shares his opinion that his "affair" with Mrs. Manning is all in Todd's head, the Bishop continues. "Was it? You're the only one who really knows", the Bishop asks.

I've done nothing wrong, Andrew insists. The Bishop tells Andrew that for as long as he's known him, Andrew has been an exemplary minister, but not without scandals. Andrew must realize the high standards his congregation holds him to. If the latest accusations turn out to be true, there won't be anything I can do to help you, the Bishop warns him. Andrew understands that and says he doesn't intend to do anything to jeopardize his position at St. James.

So what does Andrew do after saying this, he goes over to the Palace Hotel, finds Téa in the lobby and greets her, "hello beautiful". Andrew reassures her that everything went fine with the Bishop. Téa is still worried, she's still a married woman, at least in the eyes of the law. She has to get a divorce soon and once she's just Téa Delgado again, she and Andrew will be free to be together. She'll never be *just* Téa Delgado to him, he loves her too much.

Todd and Téa

Téa goes to confront Todd in his office at The Sun. "You never miss a chance to stick in the knife and give it a twist, do you?", Téa asks. Téa knows that he went to talk to Bishop McBain. Do you know why I went and spoke to the Bishop, Todd asks? He went to tell the Bishop that all those things he said weren't true and he felt really rotten about saying them, Todd claims. Téa's not fooled, she's sure that Todd managed to tweak his apology in such a way as to make the Bishop more suspicious than before. "I'm really sorry if you can't find it in your heart to trust me", Todd replies. Téa just laughs in disbelief. "Everything you do comes from a place of fear and suspicion. You live and breathe negativity", Téa accuses. Andrew's not like that and neither is she. Téa needs openness and warmth and compassion and Todd has none of those things. No matter what Todd tries to do to keep her from leaving, it only pushes her further away, she tells him. Todd doesn't answer her and Téa walks out. After she leaves, Todd chokes back his emotions.

Todd and Sam

Todd catches up with Sam at the airport. "Hey, you stop right there, nobody walks out on me", Todd tells Sam. "You're wife did", is Sam's reply, "but if you were this gracious trying to get her to stay, I understand why". Todd apologizes for screwing up... maybe, he promises to play by Sam's rules. He doesn't want this thing with him and Téa to get messed up. This "thing" is your marriage, Sam says, when did Todd learn such contempt for everybody and everything. "Don't know", Todd mumbles, "came out of the factory like that". If Todd can admit his feelings for Téa, that it's much more than a business deal, Sam might stay. Todd says he feels he should finish what he started, for Starr's sake. Sam turns and starts to walk away. Todd runs after him. "OK fine, I care about her, OK, are you happy? I love her... I guess...I don't know, we have similar hair. I don't want to lose her, Sam, I'll tell you that much." "Well then, I will see that you don't", Sam says.

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