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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 2, 1998 on GL
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Monday, March 2

Josh gets drunker while discussing the prospect of cloning Reva. He decides that there is no possible way that he can again tell him children that their mother is dead, and asks Michael to bring her back. Alan barges in, and is distressed to find both Josh and Michael in the lab, and orders them out. Josh nearly blows their cover when Alan starts calling Reva "an old hag", and he rushes at him, yelling that Annie killed Reva. He then corrects himself, and says that Annie killed her soul.

Later, Alan brings out the cages containing the identical cats, and says aloud that he will find out what is going on.

Vanessa and Matt wait to hear the progress of the kidney transplant from Holly to baby Maureen. Dinah tells one of the WSPR employees (who comes to get her signature on some documents) that she just can't cough up any tears for her sick sister, when she herself was neglected when Vanessa put her up for adoption.

Hart somewhat overhears Dinah and can tell that she is not really sympathetic to Maureen. He says that he is going to call Cassie; Dinah laughs softly to herself, and says that he can go ahead and try to call her, but she will be busy with Rob!

As Blake worries for Holly, Ben tries to comfort her. Blake shows no interest and begs him to leave her alone. He says that someday, she will realize that he has everything that she needs. Blake tells him to go to hell, and Ben says "only if you come with me"!!

Jesse saw Michelle walking down the hall with a cane, obviously blind. Jesse watched in awe, as she walked past him, up the stairs to her room. Michelle's doctor stopped Jesse from following her, telling him that she no longer wanted to see him. He also let Jesse know that he and Michelle came to see him, and saw him with Drew. Jesse is upset by this, especially since he didn't sleep with Drew.

He found Michelle's room, and sees a picture of the two of them in the trash. Michelle comes out of the adjoining bathroom, and can feel Jesse's presence, and demands to know who's there. Jesse thinks quickly, and poses as a Spanish-speaking janitor. Later, he stops an employee on the way out, and asks how he can get a job there.

Tuesday, March 3

Dinah continues her plot to break up Hart and Cassie. She is still playing "good sister" at the hospital and trying to be the "sweet girl" Hart wants, even though she is neither of those things. Rob is at Cross Creek trying to win Cassie back. He told her to give him a chance. Dinah called Rob when Hart left the hospital and told him to get everything in place. When Hart arrived, he found Rob and Cassie curled up together by the fire (Cassie had fallen asleep earlier when Rob was out with the kids). Josh had second thoughts about the cloning of Reva. He called to tell Michael to call off the project but Michael told him he was busy at the moment and the phone was hung up. What actually was happening was Alan was there with a tape that Michael had used to record his notes on. Alan was threatening to find out about the secret project. Alan said that it was his lab, and he had the right to know. He claimed that everything in there, including the cats, belonged to Spaulding. While Alan was looking at one of the cats, it scratched him. Michael acted all concerned, while pouring liquid on a cloth, and then told Alan he needed to look at the scratch. When he got close enough, he put the cloth over Alan's face and Alan went down. Michael gathered his equipment and hurried out of the lab. Meanwhile, Josh , who had come to talk in person to Michael, found Alan laying there (dead or unconscious) and said "Michael, what have you done?"

Fletcher walked in Holly's room to discover Roger at her bedside. He was very upset and when Roger left, he asked Holly to move to Toronto just as soon as she got out of the hospital. Vanessa and Matt interrupted their conversation to request Holly be Maureen's Godmother. Holly said she would be honored and when they and Roger left the room, Fletcher and Holly resumed their conversation. He told her he wanted some honesty and would hate to lose her. Holly just looked at him dumbfounded.

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Wednesday, March 4

Cassie explained, to Hart, that there was nothing going on between her and Rob. Hart believed her and asked Rob to leave. After his departure, Cassie and Hart shared a romantic moment.

Fletcher and Holly decided to go their own separate ways for awhile. After Fletcher left, Roger came to Holly's bedside. She was pretending to be asleep and Roger told her that he had always loved her. He said that Amanda meant nothing to him and through all the years it was only her. He admitted being jealous of Fletcher because he didn't know how to give her the security she desired. She turned over and grabbed his hand and said "I know, I have always known." He told her to just say the word and he would give up Amanda and they could be together. He told her to tell him now and if she didn't want him, he would walk away and she would never see him again. She didn't answer so he left, running into Amanda. They kissed and went off together.

Alan woke up and began threatening Josh. He told him he would find out what was going on. Amanda interrupted this argument and Josh left. He called Michael and left a message that the cloning deal was off, then went to Cross Creek where he sat outside talking to Harlan. He asked his daddy, up in heaven, to give him the right words to tell the kids about Reva's death. Then he asked him to take care of their Reva.

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Thursday, March 5, 1998

by Angela Vogel

Jesse gets a job at Michelle's school and introduces himself to her as Carlos, the Spanish-speaking employee. As "Carlos", Jesse talks to Michelle and she reveals how she was "kind of married once" to someone whom she misses very much. She cries to Carlos, and when she explains her reasons for leaving Jesse, Carlos yells to her, "No sense! Makes no sense!" Michelle's teacher spots him just then, and pulling him aside, threatens to tell Michelle the truth. Jesse bets him to keep the secret just for a little while. He agrees. When "Carlos" returns to talk to Michelle, she tells him that sometimes his voice sounds like Jesse's -- that her blindness makes her imagine things. When she asks him if he is married, he says he was once, but that the woman left him.

Dinah and Vanessa talk about baby Maureen and Dinah is reminded how her mother abandoned her.

Rob Layne shows up at Cedars Hospital to ask Dinah for compensation. He tells her he has started dismantling the wheel that is Cassie and Hart. Dinah calls him a liar and tells him to stop contacting her in public. He tells her she's not much better (in the truth department) because he sees through her act with her baby sister. Then he grabs and kisses her! When she tries to cancel their scheme, Rob threatens to blow it sky high. When Vanessa catches them talking, Rob introduces himself as "Father Rob" the priest!

Dinah tells Rob he's too unpredictable and doesn't follow orders and she doesn't want to continue their plan. He tries to convince her that she needs him to get Cassie away from Hart. He asks Dinah if she's willing to do anything to get what she wants!

Meanwhile, Vanessa phones Matt and checks to see if there is a Father Rob at their church. When Matt says no, she figures out that Dinah is up to something.

Josh prays to her father to take care of Reva in heaven. He decides it's time to tell the kids the truth, but keeps getting interrupted -- first by their fun, then by Tammy.

Michael gets a message from Josh telling him to call off the plan to clone Reva. Frantic, he calls a woman who used to work at the Spaulding lab and hires her to help with the project. He tells her to rush right over, then he leaves for the cabin to stop Josh from telling anyone about Reva's death.

Meanwhile, as Josh tries to tell Cassie and Hart what's going on, the kids put on a family show that stops him in his tracks -- complete with family slides of the Reva as a baby and of Josh and Reva's wedding. The final slide is of Reva right before her accident. At this point, Josh freaks out and yells at the kids to turn it off. Maura thinks it's because of that last slide. Josh storms out of the cabin and Cassie goes after him to get to the bottom of things. She doesn't learn anything, however.

At show's end: Josh goes back inside to apologize to the kids for his reaction and to tell them the truth. Michael shows up at the cabin and stops Josh from making the announcement.

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Friday, March 6

by Soap Central

During their father/daughter dinner at the diner, Phillip is upset when Beth arrives and uses Lizzie to invite her to join them. Phillip is curious when Lizzie lets slip about her mommy's boyfriend back in Phoenix and Beth quickly changes subject. When he asks Beth why she refuses to talk about him and again won't say a word, Phillip's curiosity becomes even stronger and forces her to admit his name was Carl. Meanwhile, meeting with a helpful police detective in Arizona, Harley continues to track down someone from Beth's past. Michael takes Josh outside the cabin at Cross Creek and demands that he not tell anyone about Reva. Josh is angry with him and reminds him that he has to tell his children that their mother is dead. Michael tries to convince him that he knows what he is going through but when Josh won't listen, Michael sucker punches him and places him in his car to take him back to Springfield. Hart and Cassie are suspicious about Josh's sudden decision to leave. Jesse continues to pose as Carlos and tells Michelle that he has his own romance problems. He stonewalls when she asks him why he can't get back together with his girlfriend. Dan takes Jesse aside and urges him to stay away from Michelle for the sake of her rehabilitation. Jesse is suspicious but agrees to back off. However, when Dan states that he'll tell personnel why he had to quit, Jesse refuses to leave his job or Michelle. Later, Jesse's upset to see them hugging when Dan asks Michelle if he can be her doctor again.

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