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Sonny suspected that Ric was bankrolling Julian's organization. Alexis fetched Molly from the hotel before Molly and T.J. made love. Ava enlisted Carlos' help to kill A.J. A.J. realized that Ava had killed Connie.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 24, 2014 on GH
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Monday, February 24, 2014

At the Drake residence, Robin entered the bedroom and told Patrick that Emma had fallen asleep. She admitted that she had tried to explain repeatedly why it was necessary for her to leave town, but Emma had refused to listen because Emma didn't want Robin to leave. "That makes two of us," Patrick confessed. Patrick realized that he had to let Robin go, but he wasn't happy about it. Robin insisted that it was necessary because she couldn't allow Danny to grow up without his father, Jason.

Frustrated, Patrick offered to help Robin pack, but he admitted that he didn't know what to throw into the suitcase because they had no idea where Victor intended to take Robin. Patrick also realized that it was unlikely that Victor would allow Robin to Skype or call her family. Robin asked Patrick to stop pulling clothes out of a drawer because she didn't want to spend their last evening together packing. She explained that she would rather focus on her husband because she might not see him for a long time. Patrick was curious if Robin expected them to make love and go to sleep as if the following day would be like any other day.

Robin insisted that she just wanted to make the most of the time that she and Patrick had together before her departure. Patrick's eyes filled with tears as he confessed that he still woke up in the middle of the night to assure himself that she was alive and next to him in bed. He pointed out that once she left, he would be forced to spend endless nights, wondering where she was and if she was safe, so he couldn't pretend that everything was fine. Robin assured Patrick that she didn't expect him to, but she needed to be close to him because she loved him. "You still love me too, don't you?" Robin asked with trepidation.

Patrick insisted that it was an unfair question, but Robin admitted that she needed to know the answer. He assured her that he loved her and that it would take everything in his power to let her go the following day because he didn't know what he would do without her. Robin promised that she felt the same way, so she wanted their last night together to be an affirmation of their love because the memories would get her through the days ahead. Patrick reminded Robin that she didn't have to leave, but Robin didn't want to waste what little time they had left together, listing the reasons why she had to help Jason. She knew that Patrick hated her decision, but she wanted to show him how much she loved him.

Robin stepped into Patrick's arms, kissed him, and then made love to her husband. Later, Patrick held his wife tightly and confessed that he couldn't believe that he didn't know when she would get to sleep in his arms again. Robin promised Patrick that she would return home to him as soon as possible.

At the cemetery, A.J. was swilling vodka and calling out for Connie to return. Connie suddenly appeared and ordered him to keep it down because his drunken ramblings would "wake the dead." A.J. was happy to see Connie because he was eager for answers about what had happened on the night of her murder. Connie reminded him that she was just a figment of his imagination, so she couldn't give him any answers that weren't already locked up in his alcohol-addled brain. A.J. confessed that he only knew what Ava had told him and the few snippets of memory that had returned.

"I see," Connie said in a tone that suggested that she knew more. A.J. begged her to tell him what she was holding back, so she explained that the subconscious mind was a funny thing. "It sees how everything is connected, even the connections we don't let ourselves see with our conscious mind," Connie explained. She suggested that if A.J. had believed everything that Ava had told him then he wouldn't have conjured Connie. A.J. was frustrated because he couldn't figure out what part of Ava's story hadn't added up.

Connie advised A.J. to backtrack to where everything had started, but A.J. argued that he couldn't go to Metro Court because he couldn't trust Sonny to honor the promise to Michael not to kill A.J. Connie revealed that it hadn't started at Metro Court.

At the Floating Rib, Ava greeted Carlos and thanked him for meeting her. Carlos sat down as Ava asked where he had been. He explained that he had laid low after he had been shot because he had been afraid that Sonny would try to finish the job. Carlos glanced around nervously and then admitted that he had also been concerned about Julian because even though Julian had assured Carlos that everything was fine, Julian had been known the change his mind. Carlos asked Ava to be honest and tell him if he had walked into a trap.

Ava was disappointed because she thought that Carlos had known her better than that. She then cryptically explained that what Julian didn't know wouldn't hurt Julian. "Yet," Ava added. She revealed that Julian had been keeping secrets, so she wanted to know if Carlos was aware that someone else had been bankrolling the Jerome organization. Carlos didn't know anything about it, but he realized that there was tension between the Jerome siblings. Ava didn't go into detail, but she assured Carlos that he wouldn't have to "duck and cover" from Julian much longer because Julian's days as the head of the Jerome organization were numbered.

Surprised, Carlos wondered if Ava intended to make a move against her own brother. Ava explained that Julian's priorities had shifted, so it might be prudent of her to respond accordingly. Carlos recognized her evasiveness as a sign that he was onto something and repeated his question. Before she could respond, A.J. stumbled into the bar and approached Ava.

A.J. demanded that Ava answer his questions about the night of Connie's murder, but Carlos jumped up and tried to pull A.J. away from Ava. Ava assured Carlos that it was fine, so Carlos agreed to wait at the bar, but he made it clear that he would be watching A.J. After Carlos walked away, A.J. sat down across from Ava. Ava accused A.J. of reeking of vodka, but A.J. ignored the remark and demanded that she tell him the truth about Connie's murder.

Ava assured A.J. that she had told him the truth and suggested that he learn to live with it. She pointed out that he had been acquitted, so he couldn't be charged with the murder a second time. "Let it go," Ava told A.J. She threatened to tell Michael what she had seen on the security tapes if A.J. refused to drop it. Infuriated, A.J. warned Ava to stay away from Michael. Carlos heard A.J.'s raised voice and quickly sprang into action to toss A.J. out of the bar.

Afterwards, Carlos returned to check on Ava and ask why A.J. had bothered Ava about Connie. He pointed out that it wasn't as if Ava had killed Connie. Ava thought about the night of Connie's murder when she had been concerned that A.J. might have hurt Julian. Ava had called out Julian's name as she had entered his office, but had stopped short when she saw Connie on the phone behind Julian's desk. "Did you just say 'Julian'?" Connie had asked. "Maybe you did," Carlos realized as he noticed Ava's expression.

At Metro Court, Molly and T.J. kissed while they waited for the elevator. T.J. pulled away when he saw Rafe approach and immediately demanded to know what Rafe was doing there. Rafe looked pointedly at Molly's bag and suggested that the better question was what T.J. and Molly were doing at the hotel. Molly claimed that she and T.J. had decided to grab a bite to eat and study for the Standard Achievement Tests. Rafe knew that it was a lie because he had noticed the hotel room keycard in T.J.'s hand, but T.J. barked that it didn't concern Rafe and suggested that Rafe get a life.

Later, T.J. and Molly settled in their hotel room. Molly thought that it had been bizarre that they had run into Rafe in the lobby. "That's one word for it," T.J. replied with irritation. Molly appreciated that T.J. didn't like Rafe, but T.J. quickly reminded her that the feeling was mutual. Molly admitted that she wished that things hadn't gotten weird between the three of them, but T.J. didn't want to talk about Rafe because the night was about T.J. and Molly.

A short time later, T.J. and Molly finished a romantic dinner. Molly was touched that T.J. had taken the time to confirm that the hotel had a vegan menu to select from. Their conversation then turned to what happened next. T.J. assured Molly that they didn't have to do anything right away and suggested that they watch a movie. Molly smiled and announced that she wanted to change, so she grabbed her bag and then slipped into the bathroom.

In the hotel lobby, Kiki explained to Michael that she had to meet her cousin in the restaurant, but Michael asked her to wait because he wanted to know about the charges that she faced in connection to Franco's escape. Kiki admitted that Franco's innocence might work to her advantage. Michael was pleased, but he wished that she had told him the truth about Franco because they might have been able to figure things out. Kiki wondered if Michael could in all honesty say that he wouldn't have turned Franco in even if it had meant going behind her back.

Kiki had her answer when Michael looked away. She pointed out that he clearly hadn't trusted her, so Michael reminded her that she hadn't trusted him either. "So, where does that leave us?" Kiki asked. Before Michael could reply, Rafe walked up and told Kiki that he had changed his mind about having dinner. Rafe claimed that he intended to go home to study, so Kiki asked him to wait because she would go with him. Rafe admitted that he wanted to be alone for a while. Kiki nodded, but promised to be home shortly.

After Rafe left, Kiki confided that her cousin had likely been upset about a girl and remarked that she wouldn't want to be a teenager again for anything. Michael pointed out that things didn't get easier when they reached their twenties. Kiki agreed and then returned to their earlier conversation about trust. Michael explained that he wanted to move forward, but he felt that she owed him an apology. Shocked, Kiki countered that he should apologize to her. Michael insisted that in order for their relationship to work, he needed to know that there wouldn't be any more secrets between them.

Kiki agreed and conceded that they had a lot to work on. Michael seemed to relax and asked her if she would return home with him. Kiki explained that she had promised to keep an eye on Rafe while Silas was out of town. Michael wondered what would happen when Silas returned, so Kiki admitted that she didn't know if it was a good idea to resume their living arrangements because she realized that they had jumped into their relationship too quickly.

Michael admitted that he had thought the same thing, but he worried that she wanted to break up. Kiki assured him that she still loved him and wanted to continue their relationship, but at a slower pace. She promised that she would call him, so Michael smiled softly and assured her that he would be waiting. Kiki gave him a quick kiss and then left.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny wanted to know if Shawn had discovered the identity of Julian's moneyman. Shawn advised Sonny to brace himself because Sonny wouldn't like what Shawn had uncovered. Sonny was shocked when Shawn revealed that the money trail had traced back to Barrett Enterprises. Sonny immediately recognized the name of Brenda father's company. Shawn knew that Harlan Barrett had had a reputation as a shady guy. Sonny conceded that Harlan had had a lot of enemies and that one of them had succeeded in killing Harlan.

Sonny explained that Harlan had disinherited Brenda and had left the company to her sister, Julia. Julia had offered Brenda shares of Barrett Enterprises, but Brenda hadn't been interested in the corporate world. Shawn revealed that the company hadn't gone public, so Shawn hadn't been able to determine who was in charge of the company. Shawn suggested that Sonny reach out to Brenda to find out if Julia still ran Barrett Enterprises.

Sonny admitted that things had gotten complicated with Brenda when she had last been in town. He quickly filled Shawn in about the animosity between Brenda and Carly that had been compounded when Carly had found Brenda and Michael in bed together. Shawn appreciated that it wouldn't be easy, but he pointed out that it was important to find out who was funneling the money to Julian. Sonny agreed, so Shawn stepped out of the room to give Sonny privacy.

A short time later, Shawn returned to Sonny's office. Sonny revealed that Brenda had told him that Julia had sold the majority stakes of Barrett Enterprises years before. Shawn realized that the buyer was likely the one who had been bankrolling Julian. Sonny agreed and added that whoever it was had a vested interest in helping Julian take Sonny down.

At the lake house, Julian and Alexis sat on the floor and played with their grandson. Julian admitted that Lucas, Sam, and Danny were the most important people to him. Alexis noticed that Julian hadn't mentioned Ava, but Julian didn't reply.

Later, Alexis observed that Julian was good with Danny. Julian confessed that he regretted that he hadn't spent time with Lucas and Sam when they had been children. He thought that he might have been a positive influence on his children because they would have had a positive impact on his life. Julian thought that things might have turned out different for him, but then he realized that his family was pretty toxic. Alexis broached the subject of Julian and Ava's relationship. Julian downplayed the recent tension between him and Ava by claiming that it was a case of sibling rivalry.

Julian decided to leave, but he only took a few steps towards the door before turning back and kissing Alexis. She responded by throwing her arms around him and kissing him with equal passion. Julian pulled away to suggest that they take it to the bedroom. Alexis answered by kissing him. Julian picked her up with the intention of carrying her to the bedroom, but someone knocked on the door. Alexis pulled away and took several deep breaths before heading to the door.

Alexis was surprised when she saw Rafe on her doorstep, so she quickly explained that Molly was spending the night at Carson's house. Rafe explained that Molly was at Metro Court with T.J. and that T.J. had gotten a hotel room. Stunned, Alexis immediately tried to call Molly, but the call went to voicemail. Alexis grabbed her coat and started to leave, but Julian suggested that she wait because Molly was a teenager. Alexis reminded Julian that she had been a teenager when she had gotten pregnant with their daughter.

Julian realized that Alexis had a good point, so he decided to go with Alexis. Alexis argued that someone had to stay with Danny. Rafe quickly volunteered.

At the hotel, T.J. took off his shirt and then pulled condoms out of his overnight bag and set them on the nightstand. He looked up when he heard Molly return from the bathroom, wearing a red negligee. T.J.'s smiled and confessed that Molly looked beautiful. She returned his smile as he walked up and kissed her. T.J. asked if she was sure about sleeping with him, so Molly promised T.J. that she loved him and was ready.

The teens made their way to the bed and kissed. T.J. started to undress Molly, but she jumped when someone suddenly knocked on the door. T.J. suggested that someone simply had the wrong room, but the knocking continued. T.J. got out of bed with the intention of sending the person away. He opened the door and was stunned when he saw Alexis and Julian glaring at him.

At the lake house, Rafe picked up a framed photograph of Molly and T.J. "Sorry, Molly, but you'll thank me one day when you realize T.J. isn't the right guy for you," Rafe quietly said. Rafe put the picture down when someone knocked on the door. Rafe opened the door but didn't recognize Molly's father, Ric Lansing.

This episode included the song: "Like You Do" by Danni Rosner

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the hotel room, T.J. and Molly kissed, but Molly became distracted when someone repeatedly knocked on the door. T.J. decided to send the person away, so he jumped out of bed and went to the door. He was stunned when he saw Alexis and Julian on the doorstep. T.J. stepped in the hallway and tried to close the door behind him as Alexis demanded to know where Molly was. T.J. nervously explained that Molly had spent the night at Carson's house to study for the Standard Achievement Tests, but Alexis ordered T.J. to stop talking and step aside.

Alexis marched into the hotel room with Julian trailing behind her and stopped at the foot of the bed to order Molly to get dressed. Molly defiantly refused. Alexis realized that Molly was under the mistaken impression that they were having a conversation, so Alexis warned Molly not to push and then repeated the order. Molly demanded to know how Alexis had known where Molly was, but Alexis insisted that it didn't matter. Molly's temper flared as she denied that she and T.J. had been doing anything wrong, but Alexis disagreed.

Alexis pointed out that they were standing in a hotel room, T.J. was shirtless, Molly was dressed in a negligee, and there were condoms on the nightstand, which were all indications that Molly and T.J. had been about to have sex. Molly countered that at least she and T.J. had intended to have safe sex, unlike Alexis, who had gotten pregnant in the backseat of a car by Julian. Molly demanded to know where Alexis got off judging Molly when Molly had been far more responsible than Alexis ever had been at the same age.

Furious, Alexis made it clear that Molly was never to speak to her mother in such a disrespectful tone again because Alexis was the parent and Molly was the child. Alexis insisted that Molly had been the one who had screwed up because Molly had lied about studying when in reality Molly had gone to a hotel to have sex. Molly resented that her mother had made it sound cheap and then reminded Alexis that Alexis had told Molly to have more fun. Alexis clarified that she had meant for Molly to go to the movies or out on a date to a well-lit area. "I certainly didn't mean this," Alexis added.

T.J. tried to interject to smooth things over with Alexis, but Julian warned T.J. to stay out of it. Alexis reminded Molly that Molly was sixteen and still lived under Alexis' roof, so she once again ordered Molly to get dressed because they would be leaving. "Now!" Alexis shouted.

Later, T.J. took full responsibility for what had happened and begged Alexis not to be mad at Molly, but Alexis had nothing to say to T.J. Molly returned from the bathroom, dressed in the clothes that she had arrived in. She apologized to T.J. and told him that she loved him and then followed her mother out the door. Julian stayed behind to have a chat with T.J. about the warehouse shooting. T.J. promised that he hadn't talked to the police, so Julian assured T.J. that he believed T.J.

However, Julian thought that it was time for Sonny and Morgan to be face justice. T.J. was curious what Julian planned to do if T.J. refused to cooperate. "Kill me?" T.J. asked. Julian smiled as he revealed that he simply wanted T.J. to go to the police and tell the truth about what had transpired at the warehouse because it was the right thing to do. At the door, Julian expressed regret for messing up T.J.'s special night with Molly but suggested that T.J. could have another chance in a few of years if T.J. played his cards right. T.J. didn't reply as he watched Julian leave.

At the lake house, Ric Lansing introduced himself to Rafe. Rafe was reluctant to invite Ric inside, so Ric clarified that he was Molly's father. Rafe relaxed because he suddenly recalled Molly showing him a picture of her father. Ric was curious if Rafe was Molly's boyfriend, so Rafe shook his head.

Ric wondered where Alexis and Molly were, but Rafe would only reveal that Alexis had gone to pick Molly up. According to Rafe, he was just Danny's babysitter. Ric recognized the name of Sam's son, prompting Rafe to ask if Ric knew Sam. Ric carefully explained that Sam had been his stepdaughter and that he and Sam had once been "very close." Ric then shifted gears to ask if Alexis and Molly would be home soon.

Rather than answer, Rafe wondered if Alexis and Molly had been expecting Ric. Ric admitted that it had been years since he had last been in Port Charles, so the visit would be a surprise for everyone. Rafe quickly excused himself when he heard Danny cry, leaving Ric alone in the living room. Moments later, Ric heard Alexis and Molly arrive home. Alexis and Molly's argument quickly died on their lips when they entered the house and saw Ric.

Shocked, Alexis demanded to know what Ric was doing there. Ric claimed that he was in town to visit his daughter, but Alexis was skeptical. Ric ignored his ex-wife and asked his daughter for a hug. Molly ran into Ric's waiting arms and hugged him tightly. Ric was amazed how much Molly had grown and conceded that she was no longer a little girl. Molly asked Ric to remind her mother of that because Alexis continued to treat Molly like a child. Ric was curious if that was the reason that Alexis and Molly had been arguing.

"Ask her," Molly replied as she glared at her mother. Alexis carefully explained that it had been a bad day for Ric to show up unannounced. Ric was surprised that Alexis and Molly had been arguing because mother and daughter had always seemed "tight." Ric admitted that he couldn't imagine why Alexis would be upset with Molly because Molly had always been a good girl. Alexis explained that Molly had lied and gone to a hotel to have sex with Molly's boyfriend. "God only knows how many other times she's done that," Alexis added with irritation.

"Never," Molly angrily barked at her mother. Molly insisted that it had been the first time and that T.J. had gone out of his way to make certain that everything had been perfect. Molly added that she and T.J. were in love and had intended to practice safe sex. Alexis turned to Ric for support, but he shocked her by siding with Molly. Molly felt vindicated and accused Alexis of being irrational.

Alexis sarcastically conceded that perhaps all of the years that Alexis had spent providing Molly with food, clothing, shelter, and an education had clouded Alexis' judgment. "By all means, listen to the parent who's raising you on Skype," Alexis added. Ric defended his support of Molly by pointing out that Molly was in love and that it was clear that Molly and T.J. had been responsible. Alexis countered that Molly had lied, which hadn't been the act of a responsible person.

Ric argued that Molly had been forced to lie because Molly had known that Alexis would object. Alexis and Ric argued about Molly until Molly stepped in and demanded to know who had told Alexis that Molly and T.J. had been at the hotel. Molly's question was answered when Rafe entered the living room. Molly was livid and began to berate Rafe, so he decided to leave. Molly followed him to the door, accusing him of being a weasel and a snake.

Alexis suggested that she and Molly talk, but Molly insisted that she had nothing to say to Alexis and then stormed off to her bedroom. Alexis glared at Ric and once again asked why Ric was in town. Ric maintained that he was there to visit his daughter.

At Corinthos Coffee, Olivia entered Sonny's office, pushing a dinner cart. Sonny greeted her with a smile as she explained that she had a few of Sonny's favorite Italian dishes and a bottle of red wine because she thought that Sonny might enjoy unwinding with a touch of the old neighborhood. Sonny appreciated that she always knew what he needed.

Olivia wandered over to Sonny's desk and spotted the report on Barrett Enterprises, so she asked him about it. Sonny assured her that it was nothing, but Olivia recognized Sonny's ex-wife's maiden name. Sonny revealed that he had been trying to track down the identity of Julian's secret banker and then filled her in about the mystery person's connection to Barrett Enterprises. Olivia questioned if Brenda could be trusted to tell Sonny the truth about who was in charge of Barrett Enterprises, but Sonny explained that Brenda wouldn't have any reason to lie about Julia selling off the majority shares of the company.

Olivia was curious if Sonny had any ideas who might be funneling money to Julian, so Sonny admitted that he intended to question Ava again. Olivia didn't think that it was a good idea, but Sonny disagreed. Sonny revealed that he had walked in on Ava and A.J. in his office, prompting Olivia to question why A.J. had been in Sonny's office. Sonny explained that A.J. had been there to ask Julian for a job because A.J. hadn't realized that Julian had been evicted. Olivia questioned that claim because it was hard to miss the big Corinthos Coffee sign in the reception area.

Olivia was furious that A.J. had decided to seek a job with Sonny's enemy after getting away with her cousin's murder. Sonny agreed and admitted that it hadn't sat right with him either. He then confided that Ava had told him that A.J. hadn't expressed any remorse for taking Connie's life. Olivia wondered why A.J. would have even discussed Connie with Ava, but Sonny brushed it off and admitted that he wanted to make A.J. pay regardless of the promise that Sonny had made to Michael. Olivia cautioned Sonny not to do anything because, despite everything, Michael loved A.J., and it would break Michael's heart if A.J. were to die.

Sonny insisted that he was Michael's father and that he would be doing his son a favor by killing Michael's biological father because A.J. would always be a burden to Michael. Sonny explained that A.J. needed to be taken out, or Connie's death would mean nothing.

At the Floating Rib, Ava changed her mind about confiding to Carlos about the night of Connie's murder, but Carlos pointed out that she had already practically confessed to plotting against her own brother. Carlos was curious why A.J. had questioned Ava about Connie's murder, so Ava agreed to tell Carlos everything if he bought them another round of drinks.

After Carlos fetched the drinks, Ava revealed that she had gone to Julian's office to talk to her brother, but she had bumped into A.J. in the reception area. She explained that A.J. had been drunk and had dropped a gun as he had stumbled to the elevator, so she had feared the worst because A.J. had lost ELQ because of an article that Julian had printed in the Port Charles Press. Ava had called out to Julian as she had raced into his office, but Connie had greeted her instead of Julian.

Ava revealed that Connie had heard Ava use Julian's name and had quickly put the pieces together because Connie had overheard "Derek Wells" refer to himself as Julian earlier that evening. Ava had warned Connie to drop it, but Connie had threatened to tell Sonny and had reached for the phone. Ava confided that she had returned to the reception area to retrieve the gun that A.J. had dropped and then had returned to the office to confront Connie.

According to Ava, Connie had initially refused to believe that Ava would pull the trigger, but Ava had confessed to inadvertently shooting Olivia when Ava had tried to kill Franco. Realizing that Ava was capable of murder, Connie had pleaded for her life and had promised to keep quiet about Ava and Julian's secret, but it had been too late. Ava had shot Connie to protect the Jerome organization.

Carlos was stunned that Ava had murdered Sonny's fiancée and realized that the initials that Connie had scrawled in her own blood had been for Ava Jerome, not A.J. Ava assured Carlos that she had taken steps to keep anyone from discovering that she had been in Julian's office on that fateful night by destroying the security tapes and then had gone to the Quartermaine mansion, where she had found A.J. passed out and Michael trying to help his father.

Ava revealed that she had sent Michael to make some coffee for A.J., so she could wipe her prints from the gun and then put the gun in A.J.'s hand to ensure that A.J.'s fingerprints would be found on the gun. Afterwards, Ava had thrown the gun in the bushes to make certain that it would be discovered. Carlos was impressed that she had thought of everything, but Ava admitted that plan had not been foolproof because A.J. had started to remember.

Ava told Carlos about the lies that she had told A.J. to explain her presence in Julian's office on the night of Connie's murder and that she had assured A.J. that she had tried to cover up A.J.'s role in the murder, but A.J. had started to question Ava's claims. She was frustrated that A.J. refused to let the matter drop, so she had tried to get Sonny to kill A.J. by exploiting Sonny's hatred for A.J. However, Sonny had made a promise to Michael and had refused to act, which meant that Ava had to find someone trustworthy and efficient to kill A.J. Carlos realized that she wanted him to do the deed.

At Ryan's bar in New York City, Delia warmly greeted Silas and Sam. Delia confessed that she had hoped that she would see them again because there was something about Silas' face that reminded her of her son, Johnny. Silas explained that they needed Delia's help because he had been accused of attempted murder. Delia was shocked when she learned that Silas had a wife and outraged that Silas and Sam had not only betrayed Silas' wife but had tried to kill the woman. Silas quickly assured Delia that he had not tried to kill his wife and then explained that his wife had been in a coma for over two decades.

Delia was stunned when Silas and Sam revealed that they suspected that Ava had committed the crime and then had tried to frame Silas when the police had recently re-opened the investigation. Sam insisted that they needed to prove it before an obsessed cop succeeded in putting Silas behind bars for good. Delia was surprised that two people that she barely knew expected her to help them pin a crime on her daughter. Sam realized that it was a lot to ask, but Delia readily agreed to help.

Delia explained that she had barely had contact with Ava and that Ava had disappeared once Ava had learned that Ava's father was Victor Jerome because Ava had been all about the money and power. Silas and Sam weren't surprised. Delia revealed that she had tried to reach out to her daughter when Delia had learned about Kiki because Delia had wanted pictures of her granddaughter. However, Ava had ignored Delia's requests. Silas assured Delia that he would talk to Kiki to arrange for Kiki to send the pictures and visit Delia.

Delia thanked Silas and asked what Silas and Sam wanted Delia to do. Sam opened her laptop and explained that they needed Delia to get the pharmacist who had falsely accused Silas to admit that Ava had framed Silas. Silas revealed that Mr. Nakamura had a weakness for beautiful blonde women and was a member of a dating website, so Sam had set up a profile for Delia. Delia objected because she was a married woman.

Silas and Sam explained that they just needed Delia to charm the information out of Nakamura and that Delia would be wearing a wire. Sam promised that Delia would be safe, so Delia relaxed. Sam sent a message to Mr. Nakamura's profile to get the ball rolling and then went to the bar to wait for a response. Delia seized the opportunity to talk to Silas about his wife. Silas confessed that Nina's parents had taken Nina to a private facility and had blocked him from seeing his wife. Delia was curious why Silas hadn't divorced Nina, but Sam returned before Silas could answer.

Sam revealed that Mr. Nakamura had taken the bait. Sam quickly arranged for Mr. Nakamura to meet Delia at the bar. Afterwards, Sam promised to take care of the wire before Mr. Nakamura arrived. Delia insisted that if Ava was guilty then Ava belonged in prison.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Carly limped into Franco's hospital room on crutches. Franco was happy to see that she was smiling, so Carly reminded him that they had every reason to smile because the worst was over, and they were free to move on with their lives. Franco sobered because Carly had been through a terrible ordeal, and he was concerned about how she had been holding up. Carly assured him that she had a strong support system with her mother, brother, and sons by her side. She also revealed that Lulu and Sonny had stopped by to visit her.

Carly admitted that she and Sonny had argued, but she quickly added that it was normal for them. Franco wanted to know what exactly Sonny had been upset about, but Carly ignored the question and talked about Morgan and Michael's visits. Franco revealed that both of Carly's sons had been frantic with worry. Carly felt bad that Michael had accused Franco of kidnapping her, so she wanted Michael to spend time with Franco to get to know him. Franco objected to the idea of Carly forcing Michael to be around him because he believed that Michael was entitled to his feelings.

Carly explained that Michael refused to believe that Franco had changed. Franco pointed out that Michael hated him because of what had happened with Carter and because of the terrible things that Franco had done to Michael's loved ones. Carly argued that Franco was no longer that person, so Franco was curious if Carly would stop hating Heather if a doctor were to reveal that Heather had been driven to do terrible things because of a brain tumor. Carly's eyes filled with unshed tears as she shook her head. Franco pointed out that if Heather didn't deserve forgiveness then neither did Franco.

Carly explained that she wanted Michael to see the man that she saw, but Franco didn't want to cause problems for Carly and Michael. Carly reminded Franco that it was her choice to love him, even if no one else forgave him. Franco admitted that he was selfish and didn't want to let her go, but he also didn't want to be the reason that she was hurt again. Carly reminded Franco that he had promised her in the tunnels that they would make it. "Now I'm saying it to you. Franco, we're going to make it," Cary told him.

Franco smiled but argued that Carly should tell her family that she was through with him. Carly insisted that Franco was her hero and had saved her, but Franco countered that the police had been the ones to stop Heather and cart Heather away. Carly was curious what Franco recalled about the moments following Heather's arrest. He admitted that he remembered bits and pieces including declaring his love for her. However, he didn't recall her responding to his heartfelt confession.

Franco hoped that he hadn't made Carly uncomfortable by revealing that he loved her, but he vowed to work hard to be the man she deserved and could trust. Carly assured Franco that she loved him and that she had told him so in the tunnel. Franco smiled as Carly leaned forward and kissed him.

In Nathan's apartment, Nathan finished his workout in the living room and then glanced at a police file on Silas that had been sitting out. Nathan vowed that Silas was not off the hook and then remarked that Silas should enjoy his freedom while he could.

After Nathan showered, someone knocked on the door, so Nathan went to the door, wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. Kiki was startled when Nathan opened the door. Nathan made a sarcastic comment about Kiki recovering from her recent fainting spell and then informed her that he couldn't help her if she was there to ask him to drop the charges. Kiki explained that she had seen an ad in the newspaper for a sublet, but she made it clear that she wasn't interested in the apartment if it meant living with the police officer who had arrested her.

Kiki started to leave, but Nathan asked her to wait because he wanted to talk to her about Silas. Kiki insisted that she believed that her father was innocent of attempting to murder Nina. Nathan pointed out that she had just met Silas, so she didn't have any reason to trust her father, but Kiki argued that she was a good judge of character and reminded Nathan that she had been right about Franco. Nathan countered that Franco had stabbed Heather and then had dumped her into an unmarked grave.

Kiki was adamant that Silas hadn't tried to kill Nina, so Nathan asked Kiki to at least look at the police file. Kiki agreed and entered the apartment. Nathan handed her the file and then went to his bedroom to get dressed. A short time later, Nathan returned and asked if Kiki had changed her mind about Silas. Kiki insisted that nothing in the file proved that her father had tried to kill Nina. Nathan was disappointed and advised Kiki to be careful around Silas.

Kiki blurted out that Nathan would soon have to apologize to Silas because Silas was in New York City, attempting to clear his name. Kiki suddenly realized that she had said too much, so she quickly left. Nathan picked up the phone and called someone in New York City.

In a New York City hotel, Sam wrapped up a phone call with Alexis and then returned to the bed where Silas was lounging. Silas confessed that he looked forward to proving that Ava had set him up, but he admitted that he had been surprised that Delia had agreed to help them. Sam conceded that they had been lucky that Silas was a dead-ringer for Delia's son, Johnny. However, Sam questioned if they could fully trust Delia because Ava was Delia's daughter.

Silas was confident that Delia had been sincere in part because Delia and Ava weren't on good terms. Sam suggested that they get dressed and head to Ryan's bar, but Silas assured her that they had time and then kissed Sam. They were unaware that Delia had called until after they had made love when Sam saw that Delia had left a message.

In Ryan's bar, Ava spoke to Carlos on the phone. Carlos reported that he had A.J. in his sights, so all he had to do was take the shot. He wanted to make certain that Ava wanted him to kill A.J. Ava assured Carlos that it didn't give her any pleasure to have A.J. killed, but she didn't have a choice because A.J. had become a liability. She needed A.J. taken out before he remembered that he hadn't fired the fatal shot at Connie. She instructed Carlos to make it look like a robbery gone wrong, while she worked on her alibi.

A short time later, Delia approached the table with a carafe of coffee. She was stunned when the customer lowered the menu, and Delia saw Ava. "Hello, Mother," Ava greeted Delia. Delia dropped the carafe of coffee.

Delia quickly fetched a dustpan and broom to clean up the mess as Ava feigned regret and apologized for startling her mother. Delia demanded to know what Ava was doing in New York City, so Ava claimed that she had simply wanted to spend time with her mother. Delia was skeptical, but Ava insisted that they were family and invited her mother to sit. However, Ava's phone rang, so Delia seized the opportunity to dash to the bar to call Sam. Delia was frustrated when the call went to voicemail, but she left a message warning Sam that Ava was at the bar.

Moments later, Delia returned to the table to talk to her daughter. Delia pointed out that Ava hadn't expressed any interest in having a relationship with Delia because Ava had ignored Delia's phone calls and requests for a picture of Kiki. Ava promised that she would get a picture of Kiki to Delia, but then noticed that Delia kept glancing at the door. Delia explained that she was simply keeping an eye on incoming customers because it was busy.

Ava followed her mother to the bar to ask if Delia had ever followed through on Delia's desire to open a nightclub. Delia insisted that she didn't have time to chat, so she suggested that Ava take in the sights of the city. Ava was curious if Delia was trying to get rid of her, so Delia defensively asked why she would want to do that. Delia's anxiety mounted when she looked up and saw Sam enter the bar.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carlos was lurking on the patio. He was dressed in black and sported a black ski mask to hide his face. Inside, A.J. poured himself a cup coffee and then sat down to read the morning newspaper until Michael suddenly entered the parlor.

Carlos called Ava to report that Michael was with A.J. Ava ordered Carlos to wait until Michael left because she didn't want Michael to witness his father's murder.

In the parlor, Michael greeted A.J. and admitted that he had stopped by to check on him. A.J. appreciated Michael's concern, but he assured Michael that it hadn't been necessary. A.J. shifted gears to ask how things were between Michael and Kiki, so Michael revealed that Kiki had decided to move out. Michael then began to talk about Morgan and how Michael and Morgan had started to work things out. A.J. was happy for Michael because A.J. had never had the chance to repair his relationship with Jason.

Michael confessed that it had helped that Morgan had fallen in love with Ava and then confided that Morgan might know Ava better than Michael had ever known Kiki. Michael explained that he and Kiki were at odds because Kiki had expected Michael to trust her, while Michael had felt betrayed because Kiki had lied to him. A.J. was confident that Michael and Kiki would work things out. A.J. believed that Kiki simply needed time to understand that Michael had been frantic with worry about Carly.

Michael appreciated A.J.'s support, so A.J. conceded that he wasn't a font of wisdom, but there was something to be said for making every mistake in the book. Michael was curious if A.J. had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. A.J. claimed that he had been but then clarified that he was not perfect. Michael realized that he couldn't force A.J. to get sober, but he wanted his father to get a handle on the disease because A.J. had been out of control the previous summer. Michael explained that when A.J. drank, the booze took over and A.J. was nothing like the person that Michael had gotten to know.

Michael explained that A.J. became angry, destructive, and incoherent under the influence of alcohol. Michael talked about the night that Connie was killed and how he had found A.J. passed out on the sofa. A.J. was surprised when Michael mentioned that Ava had helped Michael by sending Michael to make some coffee to help wake A.J. up long enough for Michael to get A.J. to bed. A.J. realized that Ava had been alone with him, while he had been passed out.

Michael sensed a change in A.J., so he asked if A.J. was okay. A.J. recalled his conversation with Ava when Ava had warned him that Michael and Monica would be deeply disappointed if they ever learned that A.J. had killed Connie in cold blood. Michael invited A.J. to open up about what was troubling A.J., but A.J. assured his son that it was nothing. Michael promised A.J. that he would always be available if A.J. changed his mind. A.J. thanked Michael.

"I love you, son," A.J. said. "I love you too, dad," Michael replied. Moments later, Michael left. Outside, Carlos prepared to enter the parlor.

At Kelly's, T.J. sent Molly a text message to find out how she was holding up, but he became distracted when Sonny entered the diner. Sonny was curious where Shawn was, so T.J. sent Sonny to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Sonny greeted Shawn and then asked if Shawn had made any progress identifying the man who had taken over Barrett Enterprises. Shawn explained that whoever it was had taken great care to shield their identity and had been working overtime to stay hidden. Sonny suspected that it was because Sonny would recognize the person's name.

Moments later, T.J. entered the kitchen and asked to talk to Sonny and Shawn about Julian. T.J. explained that Julian had "sort of" threatened T.J. Sonny and Shawn tensed as T.J. told them about Julian's demand for T.J. to go to the police and report what had transpired at Sonny's warehouse when Max had been shot. Sonny made it clear that T.J. was to stay away from the police and then promised T.J. that Sonny and Shawn would handle Julian.

After Sonny left, Olivia called to ask Sonny to meet her at the hotel because she had news for him.

Meanwhile, Shawn questioned T.J. about the encounter with Julian. T.J. was forced to tell Shawn about the special evening that T.J. had planned for Molly. T.J. thought that it had been unfair of Alexis to drag Molly away because T.J. and Molly had been responsible by making certain that they had condoms. Shawn agreed and promised to talk to Alexis.

At the lake house, Alexis called out to Molly to warn Molly that Molly would be late to school. Moments later, Julian stopped by to check on Alexis. Alexis invited Julian inside as she grumbled about having caught their daughter in a hotel about to have sex with a boyfriend. Julian felt bad for Alexis. Alexis was relieved that she had someone on her side.

Julian was curious if things had improved after Alexis and Molly had left the hotel, so Alexis sarcastically confessed that the car ride home had been a barrel of laughs because Molly had accused Alexis of being a controlling prude who didn't want Molly to be happy. Alexis revealed that things hadn't improved when they had arrived home because Molly's long-lost father, Ric Lansing, had been waiting and had promptly taken Molly's side. Julian tensed and asked why Ric was in town. Alexis revealed that Ric had shown up unannounced claiming to want to spend time with Molly. However, Alexis was skeptical because Ric always had another agenda.

Later, Alexis returned from Molly's bedroom to announce that Molly still hated her. Julian phone rang, but he let it go to voicemail so he could focus on Alexis. Julian suggested that perhaps Molly had been mortified that Alexis had caught Molly and T.J. together. Alexis worried that she had overreacted, but Julian assured her that she had been trying to protect her daughter. Alexis wasn't satisfied with the answer, so Julian admitted that teenagers would have sex and reminded Alexis that she had slept with him when Alexis had been Molly's age.

Alexis insisted that it had been a mistake because she hadn't known what she was doing and had ended up pregnant. Julian was curious if perhaps Alexis' reaction to Molly and T.J. had been more about Julian and Alexis rather than the teens. Alexis was stunned by the suggestion that she might have been jealous that Molly and T.J. had been about to have sex, so she refused to dignify the question with an answer. Alexis shifted gears to explain that she had to get her daughter to school, but she didn't want to wake Danny. Julian agreed to watch their grandson, so Alexis called out to Molly to meet her at the car and then left.

A short time later, Julian returned the call that he had received earlier. He apologized for not answering his phone and explained that he had been tied up. The conversation was cut short when someone knocked on the door. Julian ended the call with a promise to call back and then went to the door. It was Shawn.

At Metro Court, Ric was about to accept a video call when someone knocked on the door. It was Olivia requesting to see the guest's identification because the bill had been paid in cash and the signature hadn't been legible. Ric opened the door and greeted Olivia. He explained that he hadn't provided identification because he had feared that he would be turned away.

Olivia recovered from her shock and admitted that everyone had breathed a collective sigh of relief when Ric had left town five years earlier. She demanded to know what he was doing back in town. Ric claimed that he was visiting his daughter, but Olivia didn't believe him because he hadn't spent any time with Molly since he had left town. Olivia reminded Ric that he had tried to get Connie thrown in jail, had held Carly captive in a panic room to steal her unborn child, had been involved with the Zaccharas -- including "that bastion of mental stability, Claudia" -- and had caused endless trouble for his brother, Sonny.

Ric was curious how Sonny was doing, but Olivia doubted that Ric cared. Ric reminded Olivia that there had been many times that Ric had tried to help his brother, but Olivia wasn't moved. Olivia suggested that Ric return to California, but Ric reminded her that it was a free country and that he had a right to be in Port Charles. Olivia informed him that she and Carly co-owned the hotel together, so Ric was curious if she intended to throw him out.

Olivia admitted that she had recently evicted Julian. She suddenly recalled her conversation with Sonny the previous evening about a mystery person who had bought Barrett Enterprises and had been funneling money to Julian. Ric noticed Olivia tense, so he asked if something was wrong. Olivia claimed that she had just remembered something. She agreed to let Ric stay and then left.

A short time later, Sonny arrived. Olivia told him about Ric and her theory that Ric might be in cahoots with Julian. Sonny thanked her for calling him and then accepted the keycard that she had handed to him. Moments later, Sonny let himself into Ric's suite.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

At the hospital, Tracy pushed Luke's wheelchair to the elevator. She was eager to leave the hospital but changed her mind when she noticed how quiet Luke was. Tracy wondered if perhaps they should get a second opinion, but Luke promised Tracy that he was fine and simply needed to go home to some peace and quiet. Tracy appreciated that Luke was antsy to leave, but she wanted a doctor to tell her that Luke was okay. Luke reminded her that one already had, but Tracy amended that she wanted to hear it from a second doctor.

Tracy made it clear that she would not hire a buxom blonde nurse to care for Luke, but Luke became distracted when he saw Carly hobble towards him on crutches. "Oh, ye of patchy memory," Tracy said by way of greeting. Carly ignored Tracy and asked how Luke was doing, so he told her that he was being discharged from the hospital. Carly was happy for her uncle but regretted that he had been caught up in the mess with Heather.

Tracy resented that Carly had forgotten that Luke had tried to help Carly, but Carly pointed out that being buried alive had scattered Carly's wits for a while. Tracy wasn't satisfied, but Luke asked Tracy to leave Carly alone because Carly had been through a terrible ordeal. Tracy frowned as she wondered when Luke had started to defend Carly. Luke insisted that he always honored family, prompting Tracy to suspect that the drugs that Luke had been given at Miscavige were still coursing through his system. Luke assured Tracy that he was fine and then demanded to be taken home.

In the hospital's elevator, Patrick asked Robin if she had talked to Nikolas about her impending departure. Robin admitted that she had and that Nikolas had been his usual polite self, but it was clear to Robin that Nikolas had been confused about her decision to leave her family behind. Moments later, the elevator door opened. The Drakes tensed when they saw Sabrina waiting. Patrick and Robin exited the elevator and exchanged stilted greetings with Sabrina.

Sabrina mentioned her recent prenatal appointment that Patrick had missed, so Patrick quickly apologized for forgetting and explained that something had cropped up. Sabrina assured him that she understood and revealed that the baby's growth was on track. Uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, Robin excused herself and explained that she had to get to her doctor's appointment. After Robin left, Sabrina asked Patrick if everything was okay with Robin. "Far from it," Patrick admitted.

Sabrina was shocked when Patrick revealed that Robin had accepted a job with AMFAR and would be leaving town without him and Emma. Patrick explained that it was a good opportunity for his wife, but Sabrina admitted that it didn't make sense that Robin would leave town after having been recently reunited with Patrick and Emma. Sabrina feared that Robin's decision to leave had something to do with Sabrina and the baby, but Patrick promised Sabrina that it didn't. Patrick then shifted gears to assure Sabrina that he would be at the next prenatal appointment because he cared about both Sabrina and the baby.

Sabrina beamed as she talked about what it had been like to hear the baby's heartbeat. Patrick smiled and admitted that he looked forward to hearing the heartbeat at the next appointment.

Meanwhile, Robin bumped into Carly at the nurses' station. Robin admitted that she was glad that Carly was okay, but Carly conceded that her own nightmare had been nothing compared to what Robin had endured for two years. Carly realized that she and Robin had never been friends because, according to Carly, Robin had never been able to keep her nose out of other people's business. However, Carly was grateful that Robin had risked her life to save Jason. Robin admitted that she was glad that Jason had gotten a chance to meet Danny, even if Jason hadn't known that Danny was his son.

Carly explained that for Jason's sake she wanted to try to coexist with Robin, but Robin revealed that it wouldn't be possible because Robin wouldn't be in Port Charles much longer. Carly was stunned that Robin would abandon her family after being away from Patrick and Emma for two years. Robin explained that there were people who needed her and that it hadn't been a decision that Robin had made lightly, but Carly wasn't satisfied because Carly believed that Patrick and Emma needed Robin more than anyone else. Robin started to walk away because she realized that she wouldn't be able to make Carly understand.

Carly followed Robin and accused her of making it all about Robin. Robin thought that it was ironic that the "self-proclaimed center of the universe," would accuse Robin of being selfish. Carly decided that she didn't want to be friends with Robin because Robin was still the same "self-absorbed, self-important martyr" that Robin had always been. Robin's temper flared, so she blurted out that if Carly knew why Robin was leaving, Carly would bow down and worship Robin. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Carly asked.

Robin realized that she had said too much, so she told Carly to forget about it. Carly demanded an explanation, but Patrick walked up and ordered Carly to back off. Carly was stunned that Patrick would defend the woman who had decided to leave him high and dry. Patrick was curious if Carly liked it when people judged her relationships, whether it was with Franco, Sonny, or even Jason. "No," Carly admitted. Patrick suspected that it was because the people who were judging didn't know the situation or what they were talking about.

Patrick was certain that Carly didn't like people butting into her personal life. "Well, guess what? That goes for everybody," Patrick explained. Patrick made it clear that Robin's decision to leave town was between him and his wife. Carly assured Patrick that she understood, but she added that Patrick deserved better and always had. After Carly left, Patrick wondered how Carly would feel if she knew that Robin was leaving to save Jason.

Robin thanked Patrick for having her back because Carly had pushed her buttons until Robin had almost revealed the real reason that she had decided to leave town. Patrick warned Robin that it would have defeated the purpose of her trip. Robin agreed and tried to talk to him about it in further detail, but he cut her off with a reminder of her doctor's appointment.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carlos confronted A.J. with a gun. A.J. raised his hands into the air and invited the masked intruder to take whatever he wanted and leave. A.J. was startled with the would-be thief ordered A.J. to get down on his knees. A.J. assured the gunman that there wasn't any reason to kill him because the gunman was welcome to whatever was in the house. Carlos repeated his order, so A.J. reluctantly complied but begged for his life to be spared.

Carlos prepared to shoot A.J., but Tracy suddenly appeared and bashed Carlos over the head with a heavy vase. Carlos dropped the gun as he fell to the floor. Tracy ordered the masked intruder to leave, so Carlos reached for the gun. Luke sprang into action and managed to kick the gun away and then pick it up. Carlos panicked and ran. Luke gave chase despite Tracy's objections. Tracy then turned to her nephew to ask if A.J. was okay. A.J. nodded and thanked his aunt for intervening.

Tracy wondered if the masked gunman had been trying to rob the place, so A.J. admitted that the man had been intent on killing him. Tracy quickly called the police to report the incident. Moments later, Luke returned and revealed that the intruder had gotten away. Tracy was furious that Luke had gone after the masked man because Luke had just gotten out of the hospital. Luke argued that he had needed to take action because the man might return to hurt someone that Luke cared about.

Tracy smiled when she realized that Luke had been referring to her. A.J. appreciated the touching scene, but A.J. pointed out that the only person who had been in danger had been A.J. A.J. was certain that the intruder had waited until Michael had left and then had entered the parlor with the intention of killing A.J. Tracy was skeptical, but A.J. explained that if the masked gunman had wanted to rob the place then he could have waited until A.J. had left. A.J. pointed out that it hadn't been necessary to kill him because the intruder had worn a mask, making it impossible for A.J. to describe the man.

Luke was curious who would want A.J. dead. A.J. revealed that Sonny was at the top of the list because of Connie's murder. A.J. insisted that the only reason that he was alive was because of Michael. Tracy cleared her throat to remind him that she had also saved his life, so A.J. once again thanked his aunt. A.J. explained that Sonny had promised Michael not to kill A.J., but A.J. wouldn't put it past Sonny to send a henchman to do the deed, so Sonny could have plausible deniability.

Luke decided to have a word with Sonny, so he handed the gun to A.J. with instructions for A.J. to let the police know that it had belonged to the gunman. Tracy didn't want Luke to leave, but Luke ignored her and walked out. Tracy wondered if there was anyone else besides Sonny who would want A.J. dead.

At Ryan's bar, Ava suspected that Delia was eager to get rid of her. Delia feigned innocence and asked why she would want to do that. Ava invited her mother to enlighten her, but Delia became momentarily distracted when she saw Sam enter the bar. Sam immediately spotted Ava at the bar, so she quickly backed out and spied on Ava and Delia through the window.

Meanwhile, Ava picked up the menu and looked over the various selections, but none of the traditional Irish dishes appealed to her, so Ava ordered an Irish coffee. Ava's brow furrowed with confusion when she lowered he menu and noticed Delia's arms flailing about, unaware that Delia was trying to signal Sam to leave. Ava was curious was Delia had been doing and then started to turn around to see what Delia had been looking at, so Delia pretended to accidentally knock a glass of orange juice over. Ava jumped when the juice splattered down the front of her.

Delia suggested that Ava go to the bathroom to clean up. After Ava disappeared into the bathroom, Delia dashed outside to ask if Sam had received Delia's voicemail message. Sam admitted that she hadn't listened to it because she hadn't thought that it was important. Sam was curious what Ava was doing at the bar, so Delia revealed that Ava had shown up out of the blue, wanting to catch up, which Delia thought was odd. Delia wondered where Silas was.

Sam explained that Silas had been delayed by a phone call with a patient and then returned to the dilemma of what to do about Ava. Delia had an idea and quickly returned to the bar. Moments later, Silas walked up. He was stunned when he saw Ava inside the bar. Sam quickly filled him in on what Delia had told her.

Inside, Ava returned from the bathroom and sat down at the bar. Delia was curious if Ava could float a loan of a few thousand dollars for a vintage Russian sable fur that Delia had seen.

Outside, Silas and Sam quickly ducked into a corner and kissed as Ava marched out of the bar. Silas and Sam waited until the coast was clear and then entered Ryan's. Delia, Silas, and Sam discussed Ava's visit and agreed that it was unlikely that Ava knew about the plan to trick Mr. Nakamura into revealing that he was Ava's patsy, so they decided to proceed with their plan. Sam handed Delia a cell phone and showed her how to make it record a conversation with a simple swipe of Delia's finger.

Silas assured Delia that he and Sam would be nearby in case anything went wrong, but Delia was confident that her beauty and wit would dazzle the shady pharmacist. Delia sat down at a nearby table to wait for Mr. Nakamura to arrive. Moments later, Delia's phone rang. She spoke to someone briefly and then ended the call. Silas and Sam realized that Delia had been left shaken by the phone call, so they approached the table to find out what had happened. Delia revealed that Mr. Nakamura was dead.

At the hospital, Sabrina entered an examination room to put medical supplies away. She was startled when Carlos quietly greeted her. Sabrina could tell that Carlos had been injured, so she quickly closed the blinds and asked him what had happened. Carlos claimed that he had injured his head, climbing out of the car, but Sabrina knew that it was a lie when she examined the wound and determined that it needed stitches. She offered to admit him to the hospital, but Carlos objected.

Sabrina realized that it was because Carlos didn't want the police to get wind of the injury. Carlos begged Sabrina to patch him up, so she reluctantly agreed to fetch a doctor and a suture kit. After Sabrina left, Ava called to find out if Carlos had carried out the hit. Carlos admitted that he had hit a snag.

At the lake house, Shawn asked where Alexis was. Julian explained that Alexis had taken Molly to school and then started to close the door, but Shawn pushed it back open. "Then I guess we got the place to ourselves," Shawn said as he glared at Julian. Julian advised Shawn to save the threats for a lesser man because it was embarrassing. Shawn was curious if it was more embarrassing than a man hiding behind his grandson or threatening a teenager.

Julian claimed that he had no idea what Shawn was talking about. Shawn accused Julian of going after T.J. after Shawn had explicitly warned Julian to stay away from T.J. Julian assured Shawn that it had just been a little talk, but Shawn shoved Julian against the wall and warned Julian to leave T.J. alone. Julian pointed out that Shawn wasn't in a position to carry out any threats because Sonny would not be pleased if Shawn endangered Danny.

Shawn pointed out that Julian could donate bone marrow from a wheelchair and then took a swing at Julian. Shawn pulled back on the punch at the last second when Alexis suddenly appeared in the doorway and demanded to know what was going on. Alexis was furious that Shawn had been about to attack Julian when Danny was asleep in the next room. Shawn assured Alexis that he hadn't known that Danny was in the house, so Julian claimed that he had tried to alert Shawn of Danny's presence, but Shawn had shoved Julian against the wall.

Shawn countered by accusing Julian of threatening T.J. Julian admitted that he had talked to T.J. after Alexis and Molly had left, but he denied threatening T.J. Julian explained that he had asked T.J. to tell the police what had really transpired at Sonny's warehouse when Max had been shot. Julian insisted that Sonny and Shawn had been the ones to ask T.J. to cover up the crime because Sonny and Shawn hadn't wanted the police to know that T.J. had witnessed Sonny and Shawn about to execute Julian's associate.

Julian revealed that Sonny and Shawn had also tried to kill Julian when Julian had intervened on his associate's behalf. Julian also revealed that Sonny and Shawn had forced Julian's associate to dig his own grave and had kept the man tied up for days. Julian invited Shawn to interject if anything that Julian had said was untrue. Shawn glared at Julian but remained silent, so Alexis ordered Shawn to leave. Shawn asked Alexis not to hold Shawn's mistakes against T.J. because T.J. was a good kid who loved Molly.

Shawn wondered if the same could be said for Julian, but Alexis didn't respond. After Shawn left, Alexis confessed that she suspected that the real truth of what had transpired at the warehouse would make Julian appear far less innocent than his version of events. Julian promised Alexis that he had told the truth and admitted that he couldn't stand it if she thought the worst of him. Julian insisted that Sonny and Shawn were the bad guys, not Julian, but Alexis thought that it would be best for Julian to leave.

Julian thanked Alexis for letting him watch Danny and assured her that he would gladly do it again anytime. On the porch, Julian called a mystery person and informed the person that it was time for them to meet face-to-face.

In Ric's hotel suite, Sonny sarcastically apologized for barging into Ric's room, so he invited his brother to get back to the phone call that Ric had been about to make. Ric claimed that he had intended to call Molly because Ric wanted to spend time with his daughter. Sonny pointed out that it was the middle of the week and that Molly was in school, so Ric admitted that he had hoped to persuade Molly to play hooky. Ric reminded Sonny that it had been years since Ric had seen Molly, but Sonny wanted to know the real reason that Ric was in town.

Ric accused his brother of being paranoid, but Sonny countered that it wasn't paranoia if it was true. Ric promised that he wasn't Sonny's enemy anymore, but Sonny reminded Ric of all the ways that Ric had wronged Sonny through the years. Ric assured Sonny that those days were over and that Ric was trying to be a better person. Ric extended his hand to shake his brother's hand, but Sonny ignored it because he was leery of Ric's intentions. Ric insisted that things were different because being away from Molly had made Ric realize what truly mattered.

Ric promised that he was on the level and wanted an opportunity to prove it. Sonny warned Ric that it wasn't a good idea to get close to him because there were people who were after Sonny's loved ones. Ric was surprised because he had heard that the Zaccharas had been put out of commission. Sonny revealed that there was a new "game" in town by the name of Julian Jerome. Ric conceded that Molly had mentioned Sam's long-lost father during their phone calls, but she hadn't gone into detail.

Ric couldn't understand why Alexis had gotten involved with a criminal like Julian. "Probably gearing up for you," Sonny replied with a smirk. Ric countered that Julian was on a completely different level than Ric. Sonny told Ric about Julian's threat to hurt those close to Sonny and how Morgan had been pulled in to organized crime. Ric assured Sonny that he wasn't concerned about being targeted by Julian because Ric hadn't even rated a handshake from Sonny.

Ric reminded Sonny that Ric had faced some formidable adversaries in the past and had lived to tell about it. Sonny suggested that Ric had simply been lucky, but Ric disagreed that he was lucky, since he had been kept from Molly for five years. Sonny received a text message, so he announced that he had to leave. Sonny stopped at the door and asked how long Ric would be in town. Ric admitted that he hadn't decided, but he suggested that he might stay long enough for Sonny to shake his hand. Sonny chuckled and left.

Later, Sonny met Shawn at Kelly's. Shawn told Sonny about the encounter with Julian at the lake house and accused Julian of twisting things around to make Alexis believe that Julian was the good guy. Sonny appreciated that Shawn was frustrated, but he warned Shawn that they needed to proceed with caution because Sonny suspected that Ric was bankrolling Julian.

At the hotel, Ric put his phone away and then left his suite.

Friday, February 28, 2014

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth greeted Robin and joked that she had seen more of Robin lately than when Robin had worked at the hospital. Robin explained that she'd had a checkup and then asked if Elizabeth had talked to Nikolas. Elizabeth confirmed that she had told Nikolas that she loved him, but nothing had changed because Nikolas intended to marry Britt. Robin felt bad and wished that she had kept her advice to herself because she feared that she had made a bad situation worse for her friend. Elizabeth conceded that she hoped that things had turned out different, but she was glad that she had said her piece to Nikolas.

Elizabeth shifted gears and invited Robin to attend the planning meeting for the 2014 Nurses Ball, but Robin explained that she had to go home to pack because Robin intended to leave town later that evening. Elizabeth was shocked when her friend revealed that Patrick and Emma would not be joining Robin. Elizabeth couldn't understand why Robin would leave Patrick and Emma after recently being reunited with them, so Robin confessed that it was difficult to explain because there were a lot of things that Robin wasn't at liberty to discuss. However, Robin assured Elizabeth that Elizabeth would support and be thrilled with Robin's decision if Elizabeth knew the details.

Elizabeth trusted Robin to know what Robin was doing but confessed that she couldn't be thrilled that Robin was leaving. Elizabeth was curious when Robin would be returning, but Robin didn't have an answer. Elizabeth promised to have Robin's back and then hugged her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Anna and Dante arrived to talk to A.J. about the attempted burglary. A.J. quickly corrected Anna and Dante by explaining that the masked intruder had tried to kill him. A.J. revealed that he had invited the masked gunman to take everything in the mansion and had even offered to open the safe, but the gunman had ordered A.J. to his knees and then had aimed a gun at A.J.'s head. Dante suggested that it was normal for a burglary, but A.J. pointed out that it hadn't been necessary to kill A.J. because the man had worn a mask, so A.J. couldn't have identified the intruder. Anna agreed and wondered if A.J. had any suspects in mind, but A.J. admitted that he hadn't recognized the intruder's voice.

Moments later, Anna's phone rang, so she stepped aside to take the call. After a brief conversation, Anna announced that she had to leave to take care of a personal matter. A.J. was frustrated that Anna hadn't seemed concerned that someone had tried to kill him, but Anna apologized and left. Dante assured A.J. that they had taken the incident seriously and admitted that it was understandable that someone would want to kill A.J. A.J. informed Dante that even though A.J. didn't know who the intruder had been, A.J. was certain that Sonny had sent the man.

Dante wondered if A.J. had any proof, so A.J. reminded Dante that Sonny had tried to kill A.J. the night that Connie had died. Dante became defensive as he argued that Connie hadn't simply died; A.J. had murdered her. Dante recalled that fateful night better than A.J. because Dante had been sober. Dante insisted that Sonny had backed off because of Michael and then had made a promise to Michael not to kill A.J. A.J. argued that Sonny had clearly gone back on his word because there was only one other explanation.

A.J. suddenly tensed as something occurred to him. Dante was curious what the other explanation was, but A.J. refused to discuss it and instead ordered Dante to talk to Sonny because A.J. was certain that Sonny had been responsible for the attempt on A.J.'s life. Dante refused to take orders from A.J., so A.J. suggested that Sonny didn't need a cop on Sonny's payroll when Sonny's son worked for the police department.

After Dante left, A.J. picked up a drink and guzzled it as his thoughts returned to the night that he had confronted Connie with a gun. A.J. recalled threatening to kill Connie and then changing his mind because he realized that both Michael and Elizabeth had deserved better. A.J.'s eyes rounded with shock as he remembered that Connie had been alive when he had left her office. Moments later, A.J. realized that Ava had killed Connie.

At the hospital, Anna approached Robin and Elizabeth and then tearfully asked if Robin was leaving town. Elizabeth quickly slipped away to give Anna and Robin privacy. Robin confirmed that it was true, so Anna wanted to know why Robin had told everyone except Anna. Robin admitted that she had been afraid to say goodbye to her mother because Robin had known that it would be difficult.

Anna demanded to know why Robin was leaving. Robin explained that she couldn't go into detail, so she needed Anna to trust that Anna, Robert, and Mac had raised Robin to do the right thing even when it was difficult. Anna assured Robin that she did, but she couldn't understand why Robin refused to explain why Robin was leaving. Robin recalled being young and not knowing why Anna and Robert would disappear for long periods of time, but she had always had faith that her parents would return. Robin asked Anna to have the same faith in Robin.

Anna could see that Robin's mind was set and that Robin believed that it was the right thing to do, so Anna asked for assurance that Robin wasn't being forced and that Patrick and Emma weren't in danger. Robin promised her mother that Patrick and Emma were safe and that it had been Robin's decision. Anna's eyes filled with fresh tears as she begged Robin to promise to find a way back home to Anna. Anna held her daughter tightly and thought about a poignant reunion that she'd had with Robin when Robin had been a young girl. Robin hated letting go as much as her mother, but Robin explained that her flight would depart later that evening.

At Corinthos Coffee, Sonny was surprised when he saw Lulu standing in his office. Lulu hoped that that Sonny didn't mind the intrusion, but Sonny reminded her that she was family. He also appreciated that the office held a lot of memories for Lulu because of her days as Connie's assistant. Lulu confessed that she had learned a lot from Connie, who had been an amazing woman. Sonny agreed and then switched gears to express his delight that Lulu and Dante had worked things out because Lulu made his son happy.

Lulu smiled and then handed Sonny a gift bag. Sonny grinned when he saw the "World's Greatest Grandpa" mug. Lulu explained that she and Dante had picked it up as a Christmas gift for Sonny, but then their daughter had been taken away. Sonny confessed that he and Olivia were excited about their grandson, Ben, but he was curious how Lulu had been holding up. Lulu assured Sonny that she was thrilled for Dante and then started to talk about how Dante and Ben were together. Sonny clarified that he had wanted to know how Lulu felt about Dante having a son with another woman.

Lulu conceded that it was awkward and that a part of her wished that she and Dante were Ben's parents. Lulu explained that she barely knew Britt but revealed that it would soon change because Nikolas had proposed to Britt. Sonny realized that he didn't know Britt, but he had heard enough about the woman to know that Britt wasn't the best role model for his grandson. However, Sonny was thankful that Lulu would be there to help raise Ben. Sonny talked about Michael and how he loved Michael as his own.

Sonny hoped that Lulu would eventually grow to love Ben in the same way. Lulu confided that a part of her already did. Moments later, Dante entered. Lulu hadn't expected to see her husband, so Dante revealed that he needed to talk to Sonny about police business. Lulu quickly said her goodbyes and then left. Sonny wondered if he should be worried, prompting Dante to reveal that someone had tried to kill A.J.

Sonny denied any involvement, but he was disappointed that the hit had been botched. Sonny asked Dante to let him know when the would-be assassin was found because Sonny wanted to send the man a token of Sonny's appreciation.

At Kelly's, Britt was excited that Ben had eaten two fries and confessed that she was amazed how quickly Ben had grown. Nikolas smiled and recalled when Britt had questioned if she could be a mother to Ben shortly after Ben's birth. Nikolas then changed the subject by suggesting that they throw an engagement party at Wyndemere. Britt confessed that she had seen pictures of Nikolas' past parties, so she loved the idea of a fancy old-fashioned engagement party. Nikolas was pleased because he looked forward to celebrating their engagement with their friends and family.

Britt sobered as she pointed out that she lacked both, so Nikolas promised her that once they were married, his friends and family would be hers as well. Britt was curious if that included Elizabeth. Nikolas quietly assured Britt that Elizabeth would eventually warm to Britt, but Britt doubted it because she was certain that Elizabeth hated her. Britt reminded Nikolas that Elizabeth had gone behind Britt's back to run the DNA test on Ben in an attempt to prove that Britt had been part of an elaborate conspiracy to keep Dante away from his son.

Nikolas conceded that it had been wrong of Elizabeth, but he promised Britt that he knew that Britt hadn't known whose sperm sample Liesl had used to impregnate Britt. Nikolas assured Britt that Elizabeth did, too, and had agreed to put it in the past and move on. Britt was skeptical because Victor had mentioned that Elizabeth had been at Wyndemere the previous day. Nikolas tensed when Britt asked what Elizabeth had wanted. Nikolas assured Britt that nothing inappropriate had happened, so Britt admitted that she knew that.

However, Britt feared that Elizabeth had tried to badmouth Britt to Nikolas. Nikolas recalled Elizabeth's declaration of love, but he decided not to tell Britt. Moments later, Elizabeth entered the diner, so Britt greeted Elizabeth and then asked her directly. Nikolas quickly intervened and explained that Elizabeth had stopped by to congratulate Nikolas and Britt on their engagement. Elizabeth confessed that she had seen Nikolas propose to Britt.

Elizabeth congratulated Britt, so Britt thanked Elizabeth and admitted that it had meant a lot to hear Elizabeth say it. Britt gathered Ben and announced that she had to drop him off at Lesley's on her way to work. After assuring Nikolas that she loved the idea of an engagement party, Britt left. Outside, Britt's smile faded until Lulu walked up and exchanged brief pleasantries with her.

Inside the diner, Elizabeth thanked Nikolas for covering for her because Elizabeth had been embarrassed that she had told Nikolas how she felt. Nikolas assured Elizabeth that she needn't be embarrassed because it hadn't been long before when their roles had been reversed. Nikolas insisted that Elizabeth would always be family to him and his best friend, and he reminded her that they were the two remaining musketeers. He admitted that he didn't want to lose her.

Nikolas reached for Elizabeth's hand but then quickly pulled it away as he conceded that it would likely be awkward for a while. However, she would always be stuck with him.

At Ryan's bar in New York City, Delia ended a call and then revealed that Mr. Nakamura was dead. Silas and Sam were stunned and questioned how it was possible for someone to call Delia with the news. Delia didn't have an answer, but she assured them that a man had called her to tell her that Mr. Nakamura was dead. "Who?" Sam asked.

"That would be me," Nathan answered as he entered the bar. Nathan introduced himself to Delia and then revealed that he had followed Sam and Silas to New York City. According to Nathan, Mr. Nakamura had taken an overdose of medication and rushed to the hospital, where he had died. Nathan pointed out that Silas' wife had ended up in a coma under similar circumstances, so Nathan found it interesting that "a lot" of people connected to Silas abruptly felt the need to end it all.

"You're still here," Silas muttered and then cut to the chase by asking what Nathan was suggesting. Nathan pointed out that Mr. Nakamura had been the key to putting Silas away, so Silas had had motive to kill Mr. Nakamura. Sam informed Nathan that Silas couldn't have killed Mr. Nakamura because Silas had been with her the entire time. Nathan's interest was piqued when Delia interjected to remind Sam that Silas had been tied up with a patient earlier.

Nathan was curious who the patient was, but Silas refused to provide Nathan with any information without a warrant because of doctor/patient confidentiality. Silas insisted that he was not Nathan's guy and suggested that Nathan do his job by looking at Ava Jerome. Nathan was disgusted that Silas would throw an ex-mistress under the bus, but Sam informed Nathan that Ava had been in town. Delia confirmed Sam's claim and added that the visit had been unusual because Delia and her daughter had been estranged.

Sam insisted that it was more than mere coincidence that Ava had been in the city at the same time that Mr. Nakamura had died. Silas suggested that Nathan takes notes because Sam knew how to properly conduct an investigation. Nathan reluctantly agreed to question Ava, but he couldn't understand how Sam could continue to defend Silas. Sam didn't hesitate to explain that Silas was innocent. Nathan wondered why an innocent man would lie about having a wife and never visit her.

Silas reminded Nathan that Nina's parents had barred Silas from visiting Nina and had obtained a court order and hired armed security to make certain that Silas didn't get near Nina. Nathan thought that it was a convenient excuse that Silas used to stay away. Disgusted, Silas informed Nathan that Silas had gone every day for months to the facility where Nina had been transferred but had been blocked from entering each time. Eventually, Silas had given up and had decided to dedicate his time and energy to his patients.

Nathan claimed that nothing would have kept him from his wife. Silas changed the subject by demanding to know if Nathan intended to charge him. Nathan admitted that he couldn't, but he vowed to help the NYPD prove that Silas had been responsible for Mr. Nakamura's overdose.

After Nathan left, Delia apologized for mentioning that Silas had been with a patient. Silas assured her that it was fine because she had told the truth. However, he wanted to know if Sam believed that he was innocent. Sam assured him that she did. Relieved, Silas admitted that Sam's faith in him meant the world to him. He then conceded that Nathan had been right about one thing; it was time for Silas to pay Nina a visit.

Meanwhile, Ava arrived home and poured herself a drink. She jumped when Carlos stepped out of the shadows and greeted her. He quickly apologized for startling her, but Ava demanded to know what had gone wrong at the Quartermaine mansion. Carlos filled her in on Luke and Tracy's arrival and his escape after Tracy had bashed him over the head. Ava was not pleased when he admitted that he had dropped his gun, but Carlos assured her that he had worn gloves, and the gun couldn't be traced back to him.

Carlos apologized for screwing up, but Ava was more concerned that the attempt on A.J.'s life would be tracked back to her. Carlos promised her that she didn't have anything to worry about. Ava poured each of them a drink and then handed one to Carlos. Carlos was curious if she wanted him to try again, but Ava pointed out that it would be too dangerous because the police would be watching A.J. Carlos wondered if she still wanted A.J. dead, so Ava reminded Carlos that she couldn't risk A.J. remembering what had happened on the night of Connie's murder.

Ava assured Carlos that she would think of something, but first she needed to find another alibi. Carlos suggested that she return to New York City, but Ava confessed that things had gotten complicated in the city. Ava walked Carlos to the door and then advised him to keep a low profile for a while. After Carlos left, Ava reminded herself that she always found a way to cover her tracks.

A short time later, Ava answered a knock at her door. It was A.J.

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